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It’s amazing how you can get so much use out of the same list of names. If you look at and these people are sure busy founding things. Now why Louie is claiming that he is developing SAEP/Point Stratford when, according to the GSA, Hollywood East/Area 51 has won the bidding is a […]

The problem with Public hearings is determining if anyone is listening. So far, all we can see is that there is an elected stand-in for the mayor and he can’t veto resolutions. There is simply no sense of whether this commission will tackle the major problems in this Charter or simply leave the spoils system […]

In this corner, wearing knapsacks and carrying cell phones, are the Moms and schoolkids. In the other corner, wearing reading glasses and carry SSI stubs, are the Seniors. Round 1 goes to the Moms with a right to the pocketbook with a nasty “it’s for the children!” . The Seniors were on the ropes at […]

Whenever I see a great idea, I try to steal it as quickly as possible. Thank you, Sudds (by the way, nice watch.) I am posting this survey as a public service. As with most surveys, it only works if you go there and answer the question. I thought maybe we could save ourselves a […]

It’s that time again! Time to play Seniors versus Schoolkids! I hope someone remembers to ask Mayor Moron why he needs close to $500,000 to run his office. Oh…and there’s that $1 MILLION for Rich Buturla. Parvulus pessum, Mayor Moron? You read it in the Post: Mayor: Budget to yield ‘modest’ tax increase RICHARD WEIZEL […]

I am putting this here in hopes of providing an interactive forum for candidates, almost candidates, and what-me-run candidates. This site has received close to 4,000 views this week alone. It is doubtful any candidate can say that about his/her own site. This time around, it is of utmost importance that the voters have a […]

Apparently, Sudds did not hold enough golf tournaments at Short Beach last year. After only generating $363,000 in revenue, Short Beach Golf Course is seeking an $0.75 increase in green fees. “We have had to increase the price of the coffee to $1. In addition, we have requested a rate increase for all greens fees […]

I’m getting to really like this paper. County Fair: The Week in Miron Comments (1) Thursday, April 17, 2008 By FCW Editorial As proof that a hotter plate is never a day away from the feet of the Miron family, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has sued the Lakeview Monument Company, and its owner, Richard Miron, […]

You always like to see someone who was arrested for interfering with a police officer complain about trying to keep unqualified candidates off the Police force. I wonder what Miron will do now for Ms. Brooks and Mr. O’Neal? Another plywood “Honor Roll”? Maybe this time with pictures? While the legalities remain unsettled, there is […]

Did you ever wonder why Charlie Brown kept trying to kick the football Lucy held for him? Louie Burke is holding the football for us one more time. Will we try to kick it again? Of course we will! Theater developers pared to 5 finalists RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 04/15/2008 11:12:16 PM EDT STRATFORD […]