Park it, Buddy!


Railroad Station Parking 2009 Proposed Budget

29929-6003 Payroll – Regular $ 30,325
This account provides 37.5 hours per week of clerical help to maintain and update permit and daily parking records as well as process parking violation tickets. In addition, this staff person will be located at the Stratford Railroad Station, in a newly built customer service center, to handle the numerous and complex customer service concerns.
29929-6004 Payroll – Part Time $ 22,403
This account provides approximately 19.5 hours to oversee the operation by maintaining electronic, multi-space parking meters, arrange contractual services, review leases and lease payments, order repairs and maintenance, and supervise enforcement of parking rules and regulations.

This is going to get Pat Sperling to to finally sign those campaign papers. Especially when the entire Railroad Budget used to be Judy Heigl who made a whopping $234/week with no benefits. (Yes, that’s $12,168/year).

Have at it, Ms. Sperling:

22 Responses to “Park it, Buddy!”

  1. 1 1george1

    It is a terrible shame losing another person on the RR Tracks.

    Despite none of these being at the RR Station, it seems as though
    the State and the Town are negligent?
    While the Feds, State, & Town are not responsible for the minds or
    ignorance of people walking across RR Tracks, could reasonable care
    have prevented these deaths?

    My grandfather’s father also died that way over a century ago.
    However, the circumstances were deemed suspicious?

    Could PCS get a few of her fellow commuters, especially stratford residents
    to blog about the RR Station?
    > The Mayor and allied bloggers could not claim PCS is a lone malcontent on
    this issue, although I attended a meeting where there were other happy-go-
    lucky, good humored malcontents, on the RR Station issue, to the Mayor and
    to Harkins / DiBicella!

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    No No No… can’t start fencing in every mile of track. At some point, people have to use what little common sense they have and STAY OFF THE DAMN TRACKS!

    Morons…one and all. Especially those idiots who crossed the tracks, got killed, and then their families wailed to the media that the city and the state are responsible because there’s no fence.

    The public has NO business being on the tracks. Stay off of them and you won’t get clipped by an 80mph train.

  3. 3 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    Of course I’m fired up about this. This additional person – who is going to be working in the former security shack, is totally unnecessary. There is no contact information – other than listed on the Stratford Town website.

    I’ve looked at the Human Resources portion and no job listing for the newly created “customer service” position.

    I’m definitely going to bring this up tomorrow at the commuter advisory meeting. It’s an absolute waste of taxpayer money!

    There are so many holes and just an overall “weirdness” in this portion of his proposed budget that there’s got to be other abuse of taxpayer money elsewhere as well.

    What’s even more comical ~ I looked at the list of Town employees, by department. There’s no listing for anyone associated with the Railroad Station. If there’s been an employee (part-time) who “oversees” the operations….why isn’t that person listed? I would think there would be “Railroad Station” or something identifying that person, right?

  4. 4 pcsperling

    Sorry, it’s I forgot to fix before I submitted.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I know you have a passing interest in the Railroad.

    This is my personal favorite;

    Office of the mayor: Proposed payroll: $236,003
    Chief Administrator’s Office: Proposed Payroll: $212, 781

    Total: $448,784.

  6. 6 pcsperling

    Now let’s add in the bennies.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    No, no…I think their names are “Haether” and “Ashley”.

  8. 8 sudds

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! :oP

  9. 9 1george1

    Hey PCS,

    I am posting on your favorite blog, as quid for this pro quo.

    I was told by Gail, that all of the Town Attorney opinions to the C. R. C.
    were posted on the Town Website, under Commission, within the minutes
    of each meeting.

    Gail does NOT have a breakdown of the cost of each opinion or how much
    the generation of each opinion cost the Town.

    PCS – You know where I am going………

    I suspect, IF YOU HAD TIME / INTEREST, you could briefly (pun) look at
    the Town Attorney OPINIONS, and render an estimate as to the COST
    of each / all, BASED on YOUR EXPERIENCE, as a Paralegal / 98 WPM Typist.

    Further, IF YOU HAD TIME / INTEREST, you could identify those OPINIONS
    you find to be:

    Oh, PCS, you raised an ISSUE of the 2 HEATHERS > Siano & Habelka (?)
    Do any of the bloggers, definitely know if there are 2 different Heathers?
    I suspect Pat Blumstein, Ben Branyan, and Pat Naylor would know, but
    they don’t travel in my circle, but some of the bloggers appear to know
    them and could ask them > Are there 2 separate hEATher s?

  10. 10 jezebel282

    What! A THIRD Train Station? With a canopy and parking too? How is it that Fairfield gets a third train station and we can’t have ONE that’s decent?

    You think maybe their council doesn’t siphon the funds from parking fees the way ours does?

    You read it in the Post:

    Good work by all on train station
    Article Last Updated: 06/05/2008 11:17:44 AM EDT

    I commend the Fairfield’s first selectman, Ken Flatto, for his strong leadership on the third train station project. The Fairfield town attorney explained that the town administration’s decision to have a third train station is valid under the town charter and the Conservation Commission is in agreement with the approach to build the new station.

    After months of unnecessary delay, the first selectman and town administration took the right course of action to ensure the train station moves forward, preventing its collapse in this fragile economy. So what is the problem? Unfortunately, a small group of citizens has an uninformed fear that the land might not be cleaned properly.

    Those living in this uninformed fear should know that the site will be cleaned properly.

    The Conservation Department hand-picked the environmental firm that is now monitoring this cleanup. All cleanup reports issued by this independent firm are on file for the public to see. The firm has reported diligently to the Conservation Commission.

    In addition, the first selectman, as a staunch environmentalist and former controller for a nationally respected environmental organization, the National Resources Defense Council, is doing everything necessary to be sure the cleanup is proper.

    Fortunately, things are moving along and the cleanup is getting done.

    Joseph P. Rigoglioso

  11. 11 1george1

    Maybe Fairfield has better

    1. Political Fund Raiser DONATION Base

    2. Congressional Representation

    3. (R) Connection to the White House and Senate

    4. Leadership in Town Hall

    5. People in the Town Committees and RTM who want action and are
    not trying to suck dry Town Assets.

    6. More responsible pensioning, like a CAP, which kept there plan FULLY
    FUNDED without the Tax Payers having to kick in 3 – 4 Mils per Year like
    in Stratford.
    6a. Pension investors who are competent, and can get better than the
    lowest quartile in investing over the last 5 years.

  12. Jeze ~

    Trying to ruffle my feathers, eh?

    Someone asked me yesterday how long the wait list is for parking. I chuckled and said it’s probably well over 1,500 – an estimate of about 7 years. If there’s any readers here with middle-school aged children, better to put their name on the list now. Perhaps by the time they get out of college, they’ll be up for a permit!

    This just reminded me that I never did get a response to my email around the last renewal asking where I was on the list. In the fall, I was #602, you’d think maybe I moved up a name or two, but I have yet to get a response. I just forwarded my e-mail of 4/22 again, with a cc to the Mayor. This is probably one of those complex issues that will have to wait for that 37.5 hour customer service representative to be located at the train station. Poor thing, I don’t think there’s even a rest room in that small shack!

    Something’s got to give though. It looks like two more bike racks are being added, so now there will be two each side and before long, they’ll need to add a couple more. We’ll probably have more bicycle parking than car parking.

    Well, this is certainly not a problem that’s going to be fixed during this Mayor’s administration.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Moi? Ruffle your feathers?

    Je suis innocent!

  14. Oui, J├ęzabel, quelque chose faire avec la station de train h├ęrisse mes plumes.


  15. 15 sudds

    Babes speaking French… am I the only one getting “excited”!!!

  16. Sudds ~ if only I could speak French as effortlessly as I can type a sentence into an online English-French translator translator….LOL I can do it in Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and other languages too…..

    Well, I’ve moved up 54 names since January 2008. I’m now #548 on the wait list for a parking permit. We’ll see where I stand after the August 2008 renewal. LOL

  17. 17 jezebel282


    Look at it this way, by the time you can pay money and park legally there may be a canopy over the station too.

  18. 18 sudds

    “if only I could speak French as effortlessly as I can type a sentence into an online English-French translator translator”

    There goes that fantasy!

    “I can do it in Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese…”

    And another begins!!! LOL!!! ­čśŤ

  19. Jeze ~

    Wanna buy a bridge?

  20. 20 1george1

    Sudds has OUTED his IDENTIDY!

    By proclaiming his ARDOR when PCS blogs in FRENCH,
    could it be that SUDDS is GOMEZ ADAMS, of the Adams Family.

    Has anyone else seen the PUNishing film “EVIL ROY SLADE?”
    it has line after line of bad puns, which make the AIRPLANE
    movies look stylishly complicated? Love em!

    Ooops, movie crtique is not a Stratford Issue, unless SUDDS is John Astin?

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Yes, it has been THAT long.

    ‘Village’ plan evolving for area around Stratford RR Station
    Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 11:59 p.m., Sunday, April 18, 2010

    STRATFORD — While a proposed 640-space parking garage at the town’s Metro-North Railroad station is on hold for lack of funding, that hasn’t stopped officials, local businesses and others from moving ahead with plans for an ambitious “village” concept with the rail station as its centerpiece.

    In a single compound sentence we lose a sorely needed parking garage and get a fairytale village in return. How cool is that?

  22. 22 1george1

    While at one of the development center forums, they claimed the
    parking garage was 299 spaces.

    Yet in the newspaper, it is 640 spaces.

    Sorry PCS – I raised issue about the 50 % lower slots.
    Someone lied?
    I was not me.

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