“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”


You read it in the Post:

Film Company Selected for Engine Plant
STRATFORD — In the town where the once thriving Shakespeare theater put Stratford on the map as an entertainment showcase, a New Haven film and multi-media production company is planning to do it again by creating “one of the largest studio complexes in the United States” at the former Army Engine Plant site on Main Street..Hollywood East/Area 51 was unveiled Monday by the U.S. Army and General Services Administration as the company that submitted the winning online bid last month of $9.6 million for the 78-acre contaminated waterfront property now known as Point Stratford, and the company formally selected to redevelop the site.
Christopher said. “Our plan calls for approximately 30 soundstages ranging [up to] 45,000 square feet, with support services, production offices and commissary all located within the same facility,” he said. “Point Stratford will be one of the largest studio complexes in the United States and we believe it will act as a magnet for significant new revenue and the creation of thousands of jobs.”

Miron said Monday he plans to meet with Christopher Wednesday and to hold a “major press conference” at the former plant next week to reveal further details.
(Ahh! I knew it was there somewhere!)

“This is what we’ve been waiting for all these years,” Miron said Monday.

Councilman Michael Julian, R-1, whose district includes the site, said he now realizes the Army takeover of the property last year was a smart move.
“We didn’t want the town to lose control of the property, but in the end it’s clear the Army’s decision was the right one and we can look forward to something very special to spur economic development at the site,” Julian said.

(You mean once the Army booted us out of the process, Mike?)

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Once this property is back on the Grand List I’m sure we can all expect our taxes to be lower.

  2. 2 pcsperling

    Ya think?

    Isn’t there another part of Town Hall that needs remodeling?

    Oh wait, maybe the train station will finally get an overhaul and it’s parking garage.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    I’m sure of it. IF you run for mayor!

  4. 4 sudds

    What do you mean by “if”???

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Did you get her drunk? Did she sign the papers?

  6. 6 sudds

    Unfortunately I had a meeting for a charity golf tourney that I co-chair (no… not another Booth one), so I couldn’t make it… BUT… Cinco de Mayo is only 19 days away!!!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    That’s what I mean….”IF”.

  8. 8 sudds

    But souldn’t that be a “when”???

  9. 9 pcsperling

    Sorry ~ I’d have to give up my values, morals and probably sell my soul….. it hardly seems worth it.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    You supported Booth, right?

    And she hasn’t signed the papers yet. (Your task was to liquor her up and get her to sign).

    Your track record is…spotty.

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    I hate to be a kill joy but nothing is definate here. Wait until Hollywood East/Area 51 starts getting accurate estimates of what it will take for the environmental cleanup. That $9.6 million they bid will seem like chump change.

    Our resident conspiracy theorist must be salivating over the idea of “Area 51” coming to Stratford. Fire away George!

    I was not surprised that our glory hound mayor stepped up and made it sound like he had anything to do with this.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I think they are aware. The estimate in the full article was quoted by Allen Christopher as between $50 and $80 Million. Sounds about right, give or take $10 million. It will never be remediated to residential. If he complains, we can throw in a really nice theater.

    (OK… it needs a little work)

    In the 25+ years I’ve been here, this is the very first chance I’ve seen that our property taxes could go down. Now all we need is a council and mayor…..

    Oh, wait for the press conference. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had Bunnell or Stratford High supply a marching band. They are all jumping to take credit. Someone in the Post even said it was all Amy Wanamaker’s doing. (It must have been Sudds)

  13. 13 sudds

    Wellllllllll… she DOES have her Master you know!!!

    PS… Jez.. “You supported Booth, right? And she hasn’t signed the papers yet. (Your task was to liquor her up and get her to sign). Your track record is…spotty”

    If these are the only items spotting up my track record… I’ll take that as progress!!!

  14. 14 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    Just a marching band? I think the parade route is being planned as I type.

  15. 15 sudds

    Parade Route? I hope it goes from the Police Station to Lakeview Monument!!!

  16. 16 sudds


    Do not read any further if you have a weak stomach!!!

    Someone jsut posted this on the ConnPost Blog:

    “Common knowledge in town hall is Moron is tagging Wanamaker. Most thought she was….”

    (I actually removed the last word because… even at my low standards… it is just uncalled for)

  17. 17 jezebel282

    Jealous, Sudds?

    By the way, did you know that Pat Sperling only needs 1% of the voters who voted in the last election to petition to be on the ballot for mayor?

    There were 15,384 voters who got off their butts and voted. That’s only 154 signatures on the petition, Sudds.

  18. 18 sudds

    Lastly… who thinks that this will actually happen???

    Personally… I’m HIGHLY doubtful (although secretly praying) that this will come to fruition!!! I mean does a rag-tag film company actually have the $50mill necessary to clean-up the site?

    How about a survey (Jez, anyway you can make this a topic… and I’ll try to update the standings on a regular basis?):


  19. 19 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    I’m not ready, I’m not ready….. I have friends and I’d like to keep it that way….. LOL

  20. 20 sudds

    Jez… where do I get information on how to get the petition started???

    I can probably double-dip for Pat and Rocki (just in case Pat backs out) at the same time!!!

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Sudds and I can get rid of your friends…we have 18 months to work on it. Right, Sudds?

  22. 22 pcsperling

    I don’t recall agreeing, so I can’t back out.

  23. 23 pcsperling

    But I like having friends. It makes my world a very nice place to be.

  24. 24 sudds

    18 months… I can do that in 18 minutes!!!

  25. 25 sudds

    PS… maybe Ashley and Heather can be your friends once your elected???

  26. 27 jezebel282


    “Common knowledge in town hall is Moron is tagging Wanamaker. Most thought she was….”

    Lesbo?? That’s just crazy talk. Everyone knows Amy Wanamaker is in love with Amy Wanamaker. Wait a minute! Does that count?

  27. 28 pcsperling

    LOL ~ you two are killing me.

    P.S. I hope everyone has their bumper sticker displayed proudly! I purchased mine and it’ll be visible at the train station every day!

  28. 29 jezebel282

    Good girl!

    I was thinking about parking my car at Town Hall and walking down to Roly Poly for lunch.

    Sudds, did you get your sticker yet?

  29. 30 starlooker

    WEll I did better…. I went to Donut Inn for a coffee and parked my car in front of Mirons law office sign. A lady read my bumper sticker and started laughing and laughed even more when she saw where my car is parked. I have people beeping their horns giving me the thumbs up sign. Some beep and just laugh.

  30. 31 1george1

    April 15

    I want to thank Tom Moore, Gavin, and Kubek for arranging for me to get on
    to the Finance Review Board…. as an alternate.
    > Tom asked if I not longer consider him a rubber stamp?
    Tom said he stuck his neck out for me. I do excellent research.
    I have working knowledge for the last 10 years of the later.

    I really could NOT hear most of what the Council / Mayor / Attorney were
    saying (Not, necessarily, a bad thing? 8) )
    I heard Alvin invoke my name, along with some sort of quota about 2/3rd
    maximum for any one party (I think it helps my availablity, to move up from
    alternate to regular voting member?)

    I believe it is monthly and up to 2 years (concurrent with the Council.)?

    During Public Hearing I presented about 25 pages of copies of past Budgets.
    I pointed out
    1. Since 1998/1999 (to 2007), the FEES paid to TOWN ATTORNEY(s) TRIPLED!
    $ 221,xxx + to $ 666,965 + (from the Mayor’s proposed Budget.

    2. 1998/1999 TOWN ATTORNEY BUDGET was $ 567,yyy
    ACTUAL in FY 2004 was $ 1,442,262 (up about 250 %)

    3. PENSIONS have DOUBLED from TWO 3 year periods in the 1990s.

    4. The Town TURNED DOWN $ 40,000,000 for LBW and favors $ 10 m?

    5. The assessed value of AVCO in 2001 was $ 80,000,000.
    That included the buildings.
    Appraised Value would normally be 2 1/2 time that or $ 200 m

    (In 2001 Diane Toolan (remember her?) told me AVCO was projected to be
    a $ 500,000,000 ($ 1/2 billion) Development, without the land given to the
    Helicopter Museum (they actually thought the graft would pass them?) and
    the Green Way.
    Conservatively, that means the Development, should, repeat should be valued
    at $ 1 billion.
    Since assessment is 70 % of a very conservative number, we can probably
    expect a TAX RELIEF VALUE of about 1 MIL.

    TAXES going down?
    as Sudds would blog

    Only way taxes are going to stabilize will involve PENSIONS.

    An unverified source claims people from Harbor side have a piece of the
    AVCO deal. Same source claims FBI is waiting closely.
    Maybe to get their piece?

    Dot connecting:
    Harbor side > Proto > Best > Bucci > Willinger > Norm > Army Judge Advocate
    > Berchem > Burturla

    Explaining possible dot connections?
    – Proto is Harborside Attorney and Best Campaign Manager.
    – Best worked for Mayor Bucci, partner to Steal Point Willinger, whose
    Stenographer was working the NORM/Monty Python Posilico presentation
    by ex-Army Judge Advocate to the Feehan Town Council.
    – The Westport Law firm, which merged with Berchem, has an ex-Army Judge
    Advocate among it’s (partner?) staff.
    – In 1998 a Norm Aldrich appeared in D.C. Federal Court.
    – In 1998, the Town Attorney fees were 1/3rd what they were in 2007
    – In 1998, the Town of Stratford BONDED for $ 95,000,000.
    – In 1998, the Town Council voted 5 to 4 to award PREFERRED VENDER to TEAM
    – In 1998, the TOTAL PENSION was perhaps 10 % of the existing Obligation.

  31. 32 jezebel282


    You left out Debbie Rose?

  32. 33 sudds

    An alternate???

    This is an outrage!!! How many people on the Committee (or whetever the @#$% Ms. Wanamaker wants to call it) cared about this town enough to run for Council!

    An outrage I tell ya!!!

  33. 34 sudds

    PS… in an effort to remain anonyous I’ll have Booth get my sticker when he gets back from vaca next week!

    Mine will be displayed at the train station too… but it won’t be on a vehicle!!! :oP

  34. 35 jezebel282


    Click on the email. You get to remain anonymous amongst the dozens who have ordered. Sheesh!

  35. 36 notjimin2009

    Sudds, your identity is safe with me. I promise! notjimin2009@gmail.com.

  36. 37 notjimin2009

    By the way, I heard the cops really loved the bumper stickers, so much so that visible copies were riding along with them today. Way cool!

  37. 38 1george1

    You mean Debbie Rose, elected as a Republican?
    Became unaffiliated and entangled in a Town Council relationship,
    doing there what the Town Council does to the Town?

    Became a Demoncrat Dec 1998, to appoint Burturla Town Attorney,
    with Steve Cleary @ Public Forum pointing out Mossman was in the
    Audience, and who I approached, about NOT INVESTIGATING DEATHS?

    And who had me arrested the NEXT DAY with NO WARRANT?
    And Burturla’s firm could NOT find any WITNESSES for the DISORDERLY
    CONDUCT CHARGE, but had
    Barnhart, LoSchiavo, Dick Miron, & Tony Schirillo lined up as witnesses,
    while JOE MERLY joined my firm, in Aug 2004 to represent me so well
    that I tried to go PRO SE, when he refused to call my Witnesses and
    tried to have DEBBIE ROSE as a witness.

    Merly would not allow my ample evidence spread across our table to
    be introduced for foundation for minor things like witnesses, timing,
    motive, animus, PROPER POLICE PROCEDURES….

    He also would not allow me IMPREACHMENT EVIDENCE vs BARNHART
    or LoSchiavo, who testified and when I tried to go PRO SE, Burturla’s
    surrogate and MY OWN lawyer, closed my case?

    Two days later I found Joe Merly uncle Larry Merly
    1. graduated Fairfield Univ one year before Berchump
    2. was Bpt City Attorney 1986-1986 while
    A) Burturla was Town Council chair 1987-1989
    B) I was unmercifully harassed and top 9 of 13 SENIOR WORKERS were
    forced from CAREERS (sound familiar – without HIGH Pensions)
    C) Burturla’s father retired in 1985
    > New FBI Bridgeport c0-head Comer’s dad is fAIRFIELD Police Capt & worked
    in Stratfor police 1980 – 1985
    > CT. State’s Atorney Joe Harry, is ex- Stratford Police

    I believe U. S. Attorney christopher Droney (Now Hartford Federal Judge)
    protected FBI & political people, who are Murderers.
    Ditto > Bob Appleton, ?? Manning, Stanley Twardy, Kari Dooley, & Kevin O’Connor

    You know O’Connor?
    Now Bush’s # 3 man in the entire USA Justice Department, in D. C.
    Other Stellar Bush appointments?
    > Ashcroft – Justice
    > Gonzalez – Justice
    > Mike Brown – Fema
    > Cheney > war monger
    > Rumsfeld > war monger
    > Rice > token

  38. 39 sudds

    I was thinking about this entire Point Stratford thing last night, and it got me wondering…

    Didn’t the government give the town control of the land/property for numerous years… before they realized our elected officials are incompetant and pulled the whole thing back under their control? And if so, then didn’t the town lose $9.6 million that we could have gotten had they just put the project out to bid (versus our esteemed leaders trying to micromanage the entire thing)???

    Anyone else think our Council needs a complete overhaul of members???

    I’d vote for all MBA’s… but I don’t think that the waterfront commission has room for 10 members! LOL!!!

  39. 40 jezebel282


    Yes, that Debbie Rose.


    Under the BRAC Commission (Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission) http://www.brac.gov/ Stratford had nearly complete control over the recommendations for usage. The Town was even given a grant and formed the LRA (Land Reuse Authority) under Colonel Jim Neale (ret). He actually came up with a decent proposal until it was submitted to the Town Council and it’s Chairman ….wait for it….Debbie Rose.

    At that Council Meeting it suddenly was given to Team Stratford and Norm Aldrich. The story just gets depressing after that. Mr. Neale (one of the last honest people in Town Hall) quit and moved to Virginia. Team Stratford had no contact person, no phone number, no office……

  40. 41 jezebel282

    Here it comes…and the only mug on camera is Miron’s of course.

    You saw it on WFSB

    Production Co. Wins Stratford Bid
    Former Army Factory Could Become Film Studio

    POSTED: 8:05 pm EDT April 15, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:52 pm EDT April 15, 2008

    STRATFORD, Conn. — One of the largest film production studios in the country could soon be built in southern Connecticut.

    Production company Hollywood East of Meriden submitted the winning bid on a 78-acre site in Stratford, formerly used by the Army to build aircraft engines.

    The winning bid on the waterfront property was $9.6 million.

    The site, adjacent to Sikorsky Airport, was abandoned 12 years ago.

    “That Startford Army engine plant that had been known by many names: Allied Signal, Textron, Lycoming — was in essence an Army factory. It was our No. 2 taxpayer — somewhere close to 10,000 jobs both for Stratford and the region,” said Stratford Mayor James Miron.

    The hope is that plans to create a major film and multimedia production center with dozens of sound stages and support facilities will revitalize both the city and the region.

    “This has the real opportunity to, depending on their business plan and how it’s implemented, to make the state of Connecticut a player in the entertainment business … to be a rival for New York City,” Miron said.

    Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Dan Kain reported that the state has had some success with its efforts to lure film production to Connecticut with tax credits.

    Hollywood East has been given 180 days to present a cleanup plan for the property. The company will be required to cover the cost of cleanup, which could cost more than 10 times the purchase price.

    If the remediation and re-use plans for the site are passed by the state, the governor would have to approve the plan

  41. 42 1george1


    When you google Norm Aldrich, what do you find?
    Was there a D. C. Federal Court in March 1998?
    What were the representative firms?
    Who were on staff (at the time)?

    What month in 1998 was the AVCO SAEP PREFERRED VENDER awarded?

    What months in 1998 was the $ 95,000,000 pension bond, stated & completed?

    What firm(s) handled the bonding?
    What firm(s) selected the bonding firm?

    What firm(s) applied to become Pension Adminstrator?
    What firm was selected to be the Pension Administrator?

    Are there finders fees related to Pension Bonding and/or Administration?

    In 1998 the total fees paid to the Town Side in the Town Attorney budget
    of $ 567,000, was $ 221,000+ “paid to various Attorneys!”
    In 2007 fees paid to Attorneys were $ 666,000+ paid to various Attorneys!
    > 300 % increase of money to Attorneys in 9 years.

    In 2 sets of 3 separate years, in the 1990s, PENSIONS AVERAGED $ 15 – 17,000.
    In the 2000s the PENSIONS DOUBLED.
    $ 29 – $ 34,000 RANGE
    2007 > PENSIONS AVERAGED $ 42,000
    2008 > 10 PENSIONS AVERAGED $ 84,000 in just January

    Of the top 100 PENSION only a few started working in stratford after 1985,
    when Burturla’s father was a Stratford Police Captain, retiring in 1985.

    Bridgeport FBI co-head Comers, father is Fairfield Police Capt.
    FBI Comers was Stratford Police officer under Joe Burturla 1980 -1985
    To my knowledge All ranking Stfd police officers with extraordinary PENSIONS
    worked under Joe Burturla

    What years were JOE HARRY, CT. STATE PROSECUTOR a Stratford Police …?

    Can anyone connect any of these DOTS?

    What if some people wanted to BRIBE PEOPLE to control the property where
    the second largest Taxpayer was domociled and there EXISTS and even larger
    property across the street, which is also (intentionally) mismananged & run
    down by a CITY, who is listed as a client, like Stratford, on a certain Website?

    Follow the money?
    Connect the dots?
    What would MOTIVE BE?
    Do people have POSITION, FOREKNOWLEDGE, MENS RHEA (Mental State),
    DISPARATE TREATMENT (situations – like LBW sold for 1/4th value?)?
    Are there appropriate JURISDICTIONAL ISSUES and / or Violations of
    U. S. CODE

    Could people who control LAW ENFORCEMENT and LEGAL OPINIONS,
    COLOR the LAW, making LOCAL ACT “appear” legal?

    Did I answer Diane Buda?

    Oh if you go to the Town Of Stratford’s appraiser of AVCO, you will find
    the Assess and Appraised Values of the

    Oh, and if they and Sikorsky got friendly assessments, lowering Taxes,

  42. 43 jezebel282


    Answers please. No one drills as deep as you in Google.

  43. 44 sudds

    Leave him be for now Jez… there must be a hallucinogenic in the Miron Kool-Aid! LOL!!! :oP

  44. 45 1george1

    Are there SUDDS on Kool Aid?

    Let me K. I. S. S.

    Go to 1998 for the fermenting of a PLAN to BRIBE those that needed
    to be bought. Even an L. S. D. tripper comes down to a reality, in order
    to be able to get back to the hall.

  45. 46 jezebel282


    Let me have a sip of that.

    “When you google Norm Aldrich, what do you find?
    Was there a D. C. Federal Court in March 1998?
    What were the representative firms?
    Who were on staff (at the time)?

    What month in 1998 was the AVCO SAEP PREFERRED VENDER awarded?”

    Short answers?

  46. 47 freedomofspeach

    I think he is referring to the below action, and associated appeals including a Writ of Mandamus. This is all public record, and if I remember the final outcome he was cleared due to the inability of the Federal Agency to clearly define certain parts of their regulation. So before I end up with a subpoena or worse, please take the public information that is available, and those of you who have PACER as well as Google, and enjoy. As for the “SAEP vendor” I would assume he means the preferred developer agreement that was awarded to his client, Team Stratford, although it has been my understanding not the best choice over who submitted.

    Washington, D.C.

    Rel. No. 38183 / January 21, 1997

    Rel. No. 871 / January 21, 1997

    Admin. Proc. File No. 3-6776
    In the Matter of :
    and :



    Ground for Remedial Action

    Improper Professional Conduct by Accountants

  47. 48 jezebel282

    Freedom, George,

    I guess you have to take smaller sips. I am totally lost why Aldrich’s “work” on Savin/Ricoh (stop, George, not R.I.C.O) has anything to do with anything other than confirming generally held opinions about Norm Aldrich.

    But I LOVE the thought of using a Writ of Mandamus to send a note to the State attorney….

  48. 49 1george1

    Jeze, & Freedom,

    What about MANDAMUS on MANDATED REVENUE to support / reimburse:

    1) ECS (artificially created shortfalls = $ 54 m)

    2) No Child left Behind

    3) State Mandates

    4) Federal Mandates

    If the State assumed $ 54 m DEBT from ECS and other DEBT caused by the
    other unpaid mandates, perhaps the Town Debt of $ 150 m+, could be cut
    in 1/2?
    And if the STATE & FEDS repaid interest on caused INTEREST on Borrowing
    And if the FEDS did the same on their UNPAID MANDATES & COSTS caused,
    perhaps our DEBT could be 1/3rd what it is PRESENTLY?

    And if the UNIONS accepted responsibility for the PENSION BOND, that would
    take about $ 70 m total debt & $ 9.1 m per year off Stratford’s books?

    And if the PENSION DEPOSITS / computations, were realistic, we would have

    > Social Security is about $ 10,000 a year.

    > Sikorsky 30 year retirement is about $ 20,000 a year.

    > If there was a CAP of $ 25,000 Stratford PENSIONS, with 2 % COLA, it would
    be solvent and better than Social Security AND SIKORSKY PENSIONS.
    >> IF it could be solvent at $ 30,000, then I have no issue.
    I am not looking to harm anyone.
    However, I am not interested in subsidizing the plans of BURTURLAS and friends
    who I believe LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, & MURDER, much like Teapot Dome Cheney &
    the ROBBER BARON GANGSTERS, who allowed and profit from OPIATED AMERICA
    & their spOILS System! 😦

    They were all issues I was trying to raise in my run for MAYOR, where I had
    20 % more than the minimum signatures, yet Patty U. disallowed 25 % & Lou
    DeCilio promised & then held back info for me to confirm signatures.

    But then, too many politically connected people in the political / injustice
    / intelligence communities are ALL EGO & NO SELF RESPECT.

    I wonder if Burturla & Berchem (both Catholic, I believe) understand
    RAT ZINGER’S suggestions about MORALITY in AMERICA?

  49. 50 jezebel282


    “They were all issues I was trying to raise in my run for MAYOR, where I had
    20 % more than the minimum signatures, yet Patty U. disallowed 25 % ”

    Not everybody you meet at the Frog Pond or Mr. P’s is a registered voter in Stratford. It was Pat Ulatowski’s job to disallow invalid signatures.

  50. 51 sudds

    “Not everybody you meet at the Frog Pond or Mr. P’s is a registered voter in Stratford”

    Hopefully they’re not even Stratford residents! LOL!!! ;oP

  51. 52 1george1

    Guys & Dolls,

    I got most of my signatures at the RR Station.
    (Sorry PCS)

    I came down with HEAT prostration and BAD SUNBURN, which kept me
    from getting more signatures, before the deadline, because my 2 -3 hours
    at the summer mornings, at the RR Station, provided no shade and limited
    hydration, if the coffee shop was not open.
    > Ergo, I can relate to the legitmacy of PCS gripes.
    > Sameway I can relate to Jeze’s gripes about forced removal from careers,
    since the same thing happened to me and to my USPS Coworkers.
    > Since there were NO WITNESSES for MOSSMAN’S Diorderly Charge, which was
    NOLLE, and since BARNFART, LowSchiavo, Dick mIRON, & SchirILLo, were the
    lined up witnesses for BURTURLA’S (Malicious Prosecution / Civil defense) with
    the nephew of a Lawyer friend/associate/accompliss of his & Berchem, was put
    onto my case and did such a job I tried to go PRO SE…
    What is your conclusion about my view of the Democratic Party in the Town,
    area, state, & Federal levels, related to the BERCHEM BLUE WALL?

    > Oh, if you NOTE, I have never given a FREE PASS to the SCUM infesting the
    NIXON / REAGUN / BUSH WHACKERS perpetuation of political perfidity, plunder,
    and piracy…

    And U. S. Attorney low lifes, like Kevin O’Conner, Bob Appleton, Kari Dooley,
    Chris Droney, Manning, Stanley Twardy, & the FBI synchophantic parasites….

    I do NOT have a problem with PATTY & the 25 % disallowed.

    I DO have a problem with LOU DECILIO promising me the information and
    then sending it the DAY AFTER the DEADLINE 6 – 8 weeks after PROMISED
    and in PDF format… set up by Voter ID, not by Street or Alphabet. 😦

  52. 53 jezebel282

    This deserves a Repost:

    From freedomofspeach:

    Seems like the Avco plant is plagued with developers who have failed before. Louis Burke apparently is marketing himself as one of the developers. Can it be? A guy who…..well its bizarre.


    Point Stratford, the new International Theater/Film Festival and Entertainment Resort Destination – will be modeled by Festival Enterprises on the proven profitability of six other successful Festival Theater complexes throughout the world.
    • 79-acre waterfront property just over an hour from New York City and within a three hour drive of 1/5 of the U.S. population.
    Stratford is a strange place.

    I did not know he won the bid.

  53. 54 gforrester

    Jez thanks for the re-post of this and the link to the website. To my knowledge Mr. Burke has no affiliation with the successful bidders to the SAEP and this will be a direct question that I ask him at our special town council meeting on May 7th in which we will be interviewing the “finalists” once again for about an hour each. When last I heard from the EPA/DEP cleaning up the SAEP to be used for a “resort & spa” would be extreemly costly but we’ll see what comes to light.

  54. 55 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    You are welcome.

    “To my knowledge Mr. Burke has no affiliation with the successful bidders”

    I hope to Warren Christopher’s knowledge he has no affiliation either. If he does, I am very pessimistic that Hollywood East/Area 51 will succeed in any way.

    If he doesn’t, I hope Warren Christopher has an attorney. And I hope this blatant (and detailed) fabrication weighs heavily against Mr. Burke in his latest attempt to steal…err, bid on the Shakespeare theater.

    Help us, Obie Wan Kanobe. You are are only hope.

  55. 56 1george1

    I believe the Obie wan translates to

    O. B. E. one ken (knows) O. B. E.

    O. Order
    B. British
    E. Empire

    Other terms:
    Jedi Knights
    JEDBURG Castle = USA Home of O. S. S. in Britain
    (See Biography) of CIA Head William Colby, body found in a river, on
    (purported) anniversary of William Casey’s death
    (See Frank Church Committee findings on CIA Family Jewels &
    FBI domestic abuses.

    JEDburgh > named as P.O.R. for J EDgar

    Roman / British Military = Political connection
    “Order of the Bath.”

  56. 57 1george1

    Today I logged on to the Town of Stratforged (Ooops Stratford) website.
    There were 1600 + votes about LBW, with over 1300 favoring the sale?

    I didn’t know 1600 people in Stratford know there is a Town Website? 🙂
    I’d guess 1600 different people have NEVER visited?

    How many computers are in Town Hall?
    How many computers are owned by the Town and Bored of Edukation? 😉

    Maybe a certain aid or 2 could get OT padding the vote?
    I wonder how many of the deceased voted?

  57. 58 jezebel282

    It just never stops in this Town. What makes this place so attractive to con men, thieves and lawyers?

    (Does anyone think this sounds a lot like Louie Burke being removed as CEO of the Festival Theater Group?)

    Case Link (click here)

    Lawsuit dividing engine plant team
    Article Last Updated: 06/04/2008 11:16:20 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Development of the long-vacant former Army engine plant on Main Street, considered a linchpin of the town’s future economic revitalization, may be in trouble.

    An “internal dispute” has erupted between leaders of the development team chosen in March by the federal General Services Administration to develop the 79-acre site bordering the Housatonic River.

    The falling out has prompted the team to file a strongly worded lawsuit against the man who was its president and CEO.

    Allen Christopher, who the remaining partners say has been ousted as president and CEO of the development team, Hollywood East/Area 51, is the target of the lawsuit filed last Thursday in Bridgeport Superior Court.

    Hollywood East’s suit contends Christopher “misrepresented” the group and that his actions have jeopardized the project.

    Christopher “failed to fulfill his responsibilities, misrepresented and fabricated the status of his dealings with government officials, and made false, disparaging and detrimental remarks via both written and verbal communications to third parties” regarding Hollywood East and its members, the lawsuit contends.

    The suit adds that the result of Christopher’s actions could impede and jeopardize completion of the project, envisioned as multi-faceted production facilities for a range of media. The suit also contends that his actions also could cause the team to lose its $1 million deposit with the GSA, which managed the recent bidding for the property.

    Following Christopher’s termination May 23, according to the suit, the developers “demanded that he immediately cease and desist from any and all further conduct pertaining to the plaintiff and project.”

    Christopher’s dismissal followed by a week the abrupt cancellation of a press conference at which he and the development team were supposed to provide details about the project.

    Ed Natera, founder of the New Haven company N-Tech Systems, said Wednesday that as managing member of Hollywood East/Area 51, he is now running the LLC.

    While both Natera and the lawsuit minimize Christopher’s contributions, Mayor James R. Miron had stated previously that he met with Christopher regarding the project over the past year.

    Christopher “was given the nominal titles of president and chief executive officer to promote the project to the general public, potential investors, tenants and government officials,” the lawsuit states. Christopher, however, “is no longer the president or CEO. He has been released of those duties and we are trying to resolve other issues pertaining to him,” Natera said, while declining to elaborate. “The more important issue is that this project and the acquisition of the Army engine plant is the single top priority for Hollywood East at this time,” he said. “It’s an amazing piece of waterfront property that is vital to Stratford’s future.”

    Natera also said his brother, Hector, came up with the “entire concept” for the Hollywood East group and its bid on the redevelopment project. The team won an on-line bidding war conducted by the GSA with a bid of $9.6 million. Christopher’s New Haven lawyer, John Williams, dismissed the lawsuit’s validity and insists his client is still president and CEO of Hollywood East.

    “The lawsuit uses some very strong language, which I don’t think reflects the actual feelings of the plaintiffs,” Williams said.

    “I’m frankly surprised this has even ended up in court and believe it can be arbitrated. Everybody involved on both sides of this disagreement is very committed to this project and to the future of Stratford.

    “In the end, I think that will be the overriding factor in having this resolved without a protracted court battle.”

    Williams said while the two sides have had “some strong and legitimate disagreements, I don’t think it should have ever resulted in legal action.”

    Six weeks ago after the bid was awarded to Hollywood East/Area 51, Christopher talked of his “life-long dream” to make movies and television shows, and how excited he was to be getting the chance to do that in Stratford.

    Christopher, 57, came to Stratford to meet with the mayor to tell him of plans to transform the former defense manufacturing plant into “one of the largest studio complexes in the United States.”

    Miron, who did not return calls Wednesday (It’s not like he works, you know.), said at the time he had been meeting with Christopher for about a year.

    Army officials said Wednesday they were surprised by the lawsuit, but hope it would not derail the project.

    “We’re continuing to deal with Hollywood East, and I don’t think it [the lawsuit] should impact our dealings with the group or jeopardize the final agreement,” said Bill Birney, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for installations and housing.

    “But until I can read the lawsuit and understand the possible ramifications, I can’t really say much,” he added.

    A major factor in the property’s future use is the severe contamination by industrial pollutants in the soil and more than 50 buildings, with estimates that cleanup costs could run between $50 million and $80 million.

  58. 59 sudds

    Hmmm… didn’t someone predict that this would never come to fruition??? 😛


  59. 60 jezebel282

    Maybe Hollywood East should partner with someone who has experience?

    Like Team Stratford or Louie Burke?

  60. 61 1george1

    Could Esq. Williams be getting a BIG PAYDAY for other & past ACTIONS?

    Nothing surprizes me when it comes to Stratford delays on Economic Development.

    Could there be a quadruple cross, after a triple cross, after a double cross,
    after all of the dealings from the bottom of the deck?

    Could the Miron faction be getting frozen out, by the real group behind a certain
    law firm and law firms?

    Another episode in the political soap opera

    “As Stratford turns… and turns … and turns … (into what?)”

  61. 62 freedomofspeach

    It seems that Mayor Miron has been working with the person who apears not to have been in charge of the operation. Spent over a year meeting with him, and now this guys out. Great job Jimmy. Guess that shows your management experience.

  62. 63 jezebel282


    Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why would anyone bother to meet with Mayor Moron after the entire CT delegation told him to butt out?

    Tax deal? An infinite abatement?

    I sure hope their check for the $1 Million deposit clears….

  63. 64 freedomofspeach

    It required a cash deposit. I cant see anyone putting up that kind of money, as its gone if they dont close the sale for any reason. No excuses.

    Not sure how Mayor Miron got involved, but guess that his involvement with the wrong guy for so long, just shows how disconnected he is with the real business world. really need to talk to the person with the company and the money.

    And then this guy hires John Williams, what a waste of a retainer. If Williams cant cry civil rights or chase an ambulance, then hes totaly lost. Makes me wonder if Christifer really has a clue either.

    Guess that someone took a million dollar bet and lost. Maybe banking on Miron was a bad bet.

  64. 65 1george1

    Hey Freedom,

    Williams was the only Lawyer in CT. who would take my “Disorderly Conduct”
    case about Mossman.

    But then his surrogate Joe Merly was so good, I tried to go Pro Se.

    Since you were the one to call Williams the ambulance chaser, and since
    others have claimed he was one of the top Civil Liberties lawyers…. 😦

    However, I do have the Trial Transcript, where under oath I raised issues
    about DEATHS and FEDERAL / STATE / LOCAL politicos, which combined
    with my Website and the constant blogging here, has SLOWED DOWN the
    REPRISALS and deadly ACTS.

  65. 66 sudds

    Here’s a question…

    Why did Miron spend a year dealing with the guys BEFORE they won the bid??? What if they didn’t win the bid? Or, oh I don’t know, won the bid then failed to come through fully?

    Isn’t that wee bit of a waste of time which is being paid for by we serf-like taxpayers??? Can our esteemed (LOL) mayor not think of more productive uses of his time??? I mean there has GOT to be someone left tot fire, no???

  66. 67 freedomofspeach

    I wonder who else he was talking to, and if this might have been a quid pro quo to see who would cut the deal with him for his support.

  67. I would say, Houston, we have a problem – a very BIG problem!

  68. 69 freedomofspeach

    Lets think about this. He cant think he is going to be reelected, so maybe hes looking for life after next year, and looking who will pay him the most, now or later.

  69. 70 1george1

    My information is that certain due diligence was not done on certain
    economic investigation for potential people to bid.

    By limiting certan information and by industry knowledge, several potential
    bidders chose not to get involved.

    As projected, it appears we now have Team Stratford # 3.

    Lurking in the SHADOWS …………

  70. 71 jezebel282

    Something occurs when you cross into Stratford territory. Strange things happen and none of them are good. The Army thought they would just let the GSA handle everything. A simple bid process and off we go. They forgot that this is STRATFORD. There is something in the environment that attracts gypsies, liars and thieves. And look who’s back, Willinger! When is Norm Aldrich going to show up? If the graduates of Team Stratford are still hanging around, can Rich Buturla be far behind?

    And let’s not forget Mayor Moron…who cares who he backs? He’s already been kicked out of the deal. Stratford has zero involvement in this process. So shut up, Jimmy. Note to Allen Christopher: find someone with credibility and ethics to be on your side. When this guy opens his mouth we know something is not right.

    You read it in the Post:

    Stratford’s Hollywood East under scrutiny
    Article Last Updated: 06/13/2008 12:16:35 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — Plans to redevelop the former Army engine plant on Main Street into an international film/entertainment production complex may be in jeopardy due to growing concerns about who is running the group.

    Separate probes have been launched by state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and the FBI into companies associated with Ed Natera, managing member of Hollywood East/Area 51, the development team selected for the project, and his brother Hector Natera, a consultant.

    Hollywood East/Area 51 was selected in April by the Army and General Services Administration as the developer to transform the 78-acre former defense manufacturing site into what it envisioned as “one of the largest studio complexes in the United States.”

    Hector Natera said he formulated the group’s plans for the long-closed engine plant property along the Housatonic River.

    But others, including Mayor James R. Miron and former state Film, Video and Media Commission Chairman Douglas McAward, say Hollywood East President and CEO Allen Christopher came up with the idea for the project. Both also say the Nateras’ appear to be attempting a “power grab” after a lawsuit was recently filed by the Nateras against Christopher.

    Ed Natera, on behalf of Hollywood East/Area 51, filed the suit May 29 in Bridgeport Superior Court, claiming to have ousted Christopher and asking for an injunction to stop him from speaking on behalf of the group. The state and federal investigations come on the heels of a bitter power struggle within the development team.

    The strongly worded legal action against Christopher states he has been ousted after he “misrepresented” the group. But Blumenthal said, “We have an ongoing investigation concerning various claims about activities of companies associated with Ed and Hector Natera,” including Hollywood East/Area 51.

    Blumenthal, however, said Ed Natera is “not personally being investigated” at the present time.

    “Some consumers have claimed Hector Natera persuaded them to invest thousands of dollars in Hollywood East/Area 51 and were told the money would be used to buy and develop new housing sites, retail space and other features throughout Bridgeport,” Blumenthal said.

    Blumenthal also said his office is investigating a group Hector Natera is part of called “The Apprentice Program” that provides training in real estate and investment techniques. The Apprentice Program has an office at the same address — 1944 Boston Ave. in Bridgeport — where the offices of Invernat LLC and Buyer’s Capital were raided by the FBI in March.

    He said while “there may be” a connection between Invernat and the Apprentice Program, “we cannot confirm that.”

    FBI spokeswoman Marybeth Miklos in New Haven confirmed the FBI did raid Invernat and other offices in the building in March, and that an investigation is under way. She declined to elaborate. Both Ed and Hector Natera said they are not aware of any investigation launched by the attorney general, and declined to comment on the FBI raid.

    Meanwhile, Miron said he’s backing Christopher.

    “If the Army wants the cooperation of Stratford on this project it had better ensure the Nateras are not running the group,” Miron said. “I recognize Allen Christopher as the legitimate president and CEO of Hollywood East/Area 51.”

    McAward, who said he and Christopher helped to write legislation two years ago giving the movie industry added tax incentives to film in Connecticut, accused the Nateras of trying to “illegally” force Christopher out of the Hollywood East team.

    McAward, who owns an independent film production company in Brookfield, said he is also a partner with Christopher at Channel 51, a digital television channel in New Haven scheduled to start broadcasting in November.

    “This is a stunt by the Natera brothers to hijack the entire project, and they don’t have the authority and know nothing about the film industry,” McAward said. “It will be a black eye on the film industry if this is allowed to happen.”

    He said the Nateras’ lawsuit is “an obvious effort to mask the FBI and attorney general investigations.”

    Hector Natera said the FBI did take documents from his offices during the March raid, and Ed Natera conceded some money is “in the process of being returned” to Hollywood East investors who changed their minds.

    Ed Natera warned critics to be careful about what they say publicly and cautioned the mayor not to “interfere” in a private business deal.

    He also insisted the legal action to oust Christopher will be upheld in court. A hearing on the case is scheduled Monday morning in Bridgeport Superior Court.

    New Haven lawyer John Williams, representing Christopher, said the investigations by the attorney general and FBI confirm what he has already determined to be an offensive by the Nateras to divert attention from the probes, and added that a counter-suit will be filed.

    “Allen Christopher became suspicious of the Nateras and when he started questioning them they took the offensive and filed legal action against him,” Williams said. “But I think we caught it in time.”

    Bridgeport lawyer Charles Willinger, representing Hollywood East on all local matters, including the lawsuit, said he doesn’t believe the internal problems will derail the project.

    Willinger also defended his role as a lawyer for Hollywood East despite having been the lawyer for two previous potential developers of the property — Team Stratford headed by Aaron Hochman, and then the Monti-Posillico group of Long Island. Neither effort came to fruition.

    Army officials said Thursday they are prepared to let the lawsuit play out to determine who is running Hollywood East.

    Bill Birney, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for installations and housing, said he doesn’t expect the state and federal probes or the pending lawsuits to have an impact on the redevelopment project.

    But the deal, subject to an in-depth vetting process by the Army, still has to be formalized within the next four months.

    When asked what would happen if the Hollywood East project fails, Birney said, “We’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.”

  71. 72 freedomofspeach

    “Meanwhile, Miron said he’s backing Christopher.
    “If the Army wants the cooperation of Stratford on this project it had better ensure the Nateras are not running the group,” Miron said. “I recognize Allen Christopher as the legitimate president and CEO of Hollywood East/Area 51.”

    And you went to law school Mr. Mayor? The Army does not need cooperation from Stratford, you lost that when you lost the early transfer and the $12 million Mr. Mayor. You have no say in the sale, only political input on what happens in development. The Governor, who is not your friend, is the one who approves the transfer with the Army, not you.

    Look at the Secretary of the States web page and you will see that Christopher’s name is not on the documents Mr. Mayor, oh, and it was filed in 2007, so it’s not anything new. Where’s Christopher’s name and proof he really owns anything and was not a straw man or a figurehead for PR purposes. Interesting that as a lawyer you don’t seem to understand that unless Christopher can come forward showing he has a majority membership interest in this company, he owns nothing. This will be in court for years.

    Sad, Miron is backing a guy who does not even have his name on the company. Hollywood East/Area 51 appears to have been formed in 2007, before the bid went in and the only name on it is Natera. The sad thing now is that Willinger is the new lawyer for the group, and everything he is involved in always has something dirty going on. So much for economic development in Stratford.

    Maybe Miron thinks that if he pulls this off with Christopher he has a job in the movie business. Maybe it’s a power play for BM&D and the Miron gang for some of the action. You think he would know to watch what he does and who he supports, because making a statement like that in the news, is clearly irresponsible for a public official, when its clear that Natera owns and has owned the company from the beginning, and might get him and the town in trouble. He’s setting the town up to be sued by the real owners.

    Ok Christopher put your money where your mouth is, show up with the documents showing you’re an owner, and a majority one at that, unless you can, the majority owner can throw you out of managing the company. And Jimmy, I don’t think you will be cutting any ribbon at the Avco property during your term, you see, you have to back the project owners, not some guy.

    The worse part is that this will never be transfered, never be built, on a tax role, or cleaned up.

  72. 73 jezebel282

    And you’ll never guess who didn’t take his site down!


    Never a dull moment in Stratford.

    And by the way, Freedom, they didn’t cover commercial law in Ambulance Chasing 101 at Mayor Moron’s law school.

  73. 74 gforrester

    Just goes to show you that the Federal Government/GSA and the Army is no better at acquiring a preferred developer than the Town Council of the 90’s that selected Team Stratford and gave than a golden goose contract with no get out clauses for the Town.

    I’m disturbed by the comments attributed to the Mayor.

    “If the Army wants the cooperation of Stratford on this project it had better ensure the Nateras are not running the group,” Miron said. “I recognize Allen Christopher as the legitimate president and CEO of Hollywood East/Area 51.”

    Mr. Mayor I believe that the Town Council might have an oppinion on the subject and I would be shocked if you were quoted accurately threatening to withhold the Town’s cooperation on such an important project as the SAEP while they resolve their internal corporate disputes. Seems ironic that published reports have the Mayor “dealing” with Mr. Allen for “about a year”, which is just about the time that the Council was going to vote to approve Monti-Posillico who were proposing a mixed residential and commercial usage of he property, just as the rug will pulled out by the Army by withdrawing the Town from the mix.

    I am not going to be holding my breath that the SAEP site will be developed any time soon. I have to agree with Freedom in so much as we now have the successful bidder with internal squables, the terms of the deal has still not been settled with the GSA, the clean up remediation has still not been developed that we know of, and the cost of that cleanup + the cost to develope the property has not yet been determined.

    We have to keep from having tunnell vision and look at other economic development opportunities throughout Stratford and not just put all of our hopes, dreams and ambishions on the SAEP & Shakespeare.


  74. 75 1george1


    I like this post on your part, more for just taking a position on this mess.

    I am curious if the ex-Army Judge Advocate who made the presentation to the
    last Town Council, is the same Attorney in the Westport Law Firm which merged
    with Berchem, Moses, Devilin, & Burtula.

    You can check the Website and the Biographies.

    Gavin, do you remember where chairman Feehan threatened the U. S. ARMY in that
    I believe Jim’s quote was to the effect: “the ARMY did not realize who they were dealing with!”

    What if Norm, Burturla, Willinger, John Williams, Miron, and others were all or in part on both sides of the issues and parties? The can drag things out until I – 95 Bridge and
    added lanes are finished in Stratford / Milford, run up legal bills, and then all be near
    retirement age, wandering off in the sunset dragging proceeds of AVCO / AIRPORT /
    SHAKESPEARE / STEAL POINT / GE BOSTON AV / East side of Brdigeport.

    If you notice all of I – 95 Bridgeport is DONE and all of the revitization near the down
    town, is attracting interest.

    I KNOW you know more about the AIRPORT than you can tell, due to EXECUTIVE
    SESSION, but I strongly suspect you aren’t Greedy like certain other people and
    you have done much in Town, like Jon (with whom you have an issue) for the
    average person, whether on EMS or all the years of all the other elected and
    appointed positions.

    As I have pointed out to our various PAST TOWN ATTORNEYS >

    The first one who goes STATE’S EVIDENCE get the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD!

    I also expect you would not like to be remembered as the leader of C. R. C. #1,
    which started the loss of GRAND FATHERED RIGHTS, IF – IF – IF – IF BURTURLA’S
    OPINION is CORRECT, and IF – IF – IF – IF – there was some “legal” maneuvering

    You and others depended on the myriad of ATTORNEYS to advised you!

  75. 76 jezebel282

    What we have to do now is find whatever the substance is in Stratford that attracts these types of “business” people and ship it to some other toxic landfill…..like Washington.

    And let’s not forget our own Mayor Moron who seems to be made of this stuff. Now he’s denying he ever spoke to anyone.

    You read it in the Post:

    Suit against Hollywood East partner in court
    Article Last Updated: 06/17/2008 01:20:32 AM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — A partner in the development team chosen to transform the former Army engine plant in Stratford into a multi-media production complex admitted Monday in Superior Court that documents seized in a March FBI raid at his Boston Avenue office included materials and a computer with data about the project.

    Hector Natera, already the subject of separate probes by the FBI and state Attorney General’s Office, also said in court Monday he was aware that a federal grand jury had been investigating the Hollywood East/Area 51 project proposed for the engine plant property. He added, however, that he was under the impression that investigation had ended.

    After insisting earlier that he was a consultant to the development team, Natera on Monday said for the first time publicly that he has been the sole owner of Hollywood East/Area 51, designated in March by the federal General Services Administration as the winner of an on-line bidding process. It submitted a bid of $9.6 million for the 78-acre property off South Main Street, bordering the Housatonic River.

    Natera faced intense cross-examination by New Haven lawyer John Williams, representing Hollywood East President and CEO Allen Christopher, who is being sued by Natera and his brother Ed Natera in an effort to oust him.

    Hector Natera said he stepped down as managing partner and named his brother to the post after the FBI raid in March.

    “We first talked about making Ed managing member on March 11 when a [Connecticut Post] newspaper article named me in the FBI raid,” he said in response to a question by Williams.

    “Why?” Williams asked.

    “Because we thought the negative publicity could hurt the project and discourage possible investors,” Natera said. “We thought it would be better from a public relations standpoint for me to continue as owner, but for Ed to be running the operation. It seemed better as far as public relations.”

    Williams shot back, “Then your brother was just a straw man? He was a front and you were still really running the group? Wasn’t he just a puppet with you pulling the strings?”

    Natera, speaking at times in a soft, nearly inaudible voice, denied that characterization and said his brother was “very competent and the person I trusted most” to make the day-to-day decisions involving the project, envisioned as a large complex housing production facilities for movies and television, as well as other entertainment ventures.

    But Williams kept up his aggressive questioning of Natera, suggesting the Nateras do not have the authority to oust Christopher under a contract agreement. As owner and operator of Digital Channel 51 in New Haven, which is supposed to begin broadcasting in the fall, Williams said the television station was discussed as a possible element of Hollywood East/Area 51.

    Williams also submitted into evidence numerous e-mails and communications between his client, Natera, and others as evidence to support Christopher’s “extensive involvement” as president and CEO for the project, and as “proof” he took part in both strategy during the bidding process and helping to create plans for Hollywood East.

    In one of those communications dated Jan. 8, 2008, Christopher states in an e-mail to group members, including Hector Natera, that the contract agreement includes language suggesting:

    “For day-to-day decisions, Hector and I will have the leeway to conduct business decisions in the best interests of the operation as we see fit with full disclosure.”

    The e-mail also states, “It’s fairly simple. I will be the president of Area 51 Studios, LLC, which will be the managing member of the Hollywood East/Area 51 LLC, through which Hector is raising capital.”

    However, under questioning by Paul A. De Genaro, the lawyer representing Natera along with Charles Willinger, Natera insisted that was a “draft contract” that was never signed.

    “As far as I understood the final agreement I was the sole owner. Allen [Christopher] and I were partners in Channel 51 and Allen was subsequently named president and CEO of Hollywood East to handle public relations and be the face for the company. He is an actor and that seemed to be a perfect role for him.”

    But, according to the lawsuit filed by Ed Natera on behalf of Hollywood East, Christopher “failed to fulfill his responsibilities, misrepresented and fabricated the status of his dealings with government officials, and made false, disparaging and detrimental remarks via both written and verbal communications to third parties” regarding Hollywood East and its partners.

    The suit adds that the result of Christopher’s actions could impede and jeopardize completion of the project, envisioned as multi-faceted production facilities for a range of media. The suit also contends that his actions could cause the team to lose its $1 million deposit with the GSA, which managed the recent bidding for the Army-owned property.

    Numerous times throughout the hearing, Superior Court Judge John Blawie over-ruled objections by De Genaro to both questions by Williams and evidence he submitted. When forced to answer, Natera said he either “didn’t recall” receiving an e-mail from Christopher, or may have received it, but didn’t read it.

    “Why would you not read it?” Williams asked.

    “I’m very busy, I receive more than 50 e-mails a day and I don’t always get to them right away,” he said.

    While Hector Natera said he formulated the group’s plans for the long-closed engine plant property, Williams maintained that Christopher also had “a major and vital role as well, which we will continue to prove with further evidence.”

    A major factor in the property’s future use is the severe contamination by industrial pollutants in the soil and more than 50 buildings, with estimates that cleanup costs could run between $50 million and $80 million.

    Stratford Mayor James R. Miron and former state Film, Video and Media Commission Chairman Douglas McAward said last week Christopher came up with the idea for the project.

    Miron, however, contacted Ed Natera and has publicly denied last week’s comments.

    “We believe we accurately quoted the mayor,” said Post Editor James H. Smith.

    Prior to Monday’s court hearing, Ed Natera said, “We don’t believe the mayor should be getting involved in a private business deal or taking sides in a dispute within the group.”

    Blawie continued the case until 2 p.m. today. Williams said he expects Christopher to testify either today or “at some time before the court proceedings end.”

  76. 77 jezebel282

    It’s just downright discouraging. But, is anyone surprised? Anyone at all?

    Dispute threatens Army plant deadline
    Article Last Updated: 08/20/2008 11:22:05 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — A Hollywood-style happy ending now looks unlikely for the developers with dramatic plans to renovate the former Army engine plant into an international film and multi-media production studio complex.

    This must be the most profitable town in Connecticut….if you’re a lawyer.

  77. Did we really think this was going to happen?

    Unfortunately, Stratford is a Town of wannabee politicians with lots of hot air blowing out their blowholes and no vision or follow-through. Can anyone think of or name a project that has been completed before it’s been tossed from one council to another, then another (each with their own agenda when they’re voted in)?

    Nothing gets completed in a timely fashion in this Town and at every turn, each new council dumps more taxpayer money in these neverending projects. Can we get a tally of the money spent on each of the incomplete projects around town by each council over the last 10-15 years? I think we’d be sick!

    There, that’s my posting of the day to the blog that a poster at the Stratford Observer blog is calling “The National Enquirer blog” of Stratford. But, I love it here….. LOL, guess we’re too passionately opinionated…..

    P.S…… I’M BACK….. LOL

  78. 79 jezebel282


    Welcome back, Ms. Mayor.

  79. 80 1george1

    Team Stratford # 3, also a failure?
    Who could have predicted this?

    Oh…I almost forgot….I predicted it.

    Every failure insures new need for Town Attorney Actions, doesn’t it?

    Kevin Kelly could have taken out Burturla and the FBI could have taken
    out Burturla, with the information provided by TIPS in 2001 by Lauren
    and Faye Arlio (OIL RA spelled backwards?)

    Lauren and Faye were friendly with R+M and S, who seemed to not
    be impressed with the Mirons / Burturla.

    Kevin Kelly? I wonder how much he is rackin up with the newest
    adventures in Avalon?

    Doesn’t Kelly serve at the pleasure of Burturla, who serves at the
    pleasure of Miron?

    Isn’t Kelly the bro-in-law to Kevin Williams, one of the 3 Lawyers
    (Miron + Kubic) on C. R. C. # 1, Chaired by Gavin.

    Is it in Town Lawyers best interest to limit Public Oversight?

    Is it in Town Lawyers best interest to limit Public Recourse, like
    Referendums, and Rights?

    Why do the blogger’s support the C. R. C., when both C. R. C.s
    help the Town Lawyers, of whom the bloggers type?

    100 % about Stratford issues. I did not enven use the “C” word! 8)

  80. 81 mikereynolds

    George take it easy….don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back…a lot of other people didn’t think this would work either.

  81. 82 mikereynolds

    I will be the first to say that this is not Mayor Miron’s fault. As much as he wrongly stepped up to claim credit for being involved in the sale process he had nothing to do with this collapse.

    However, while it may not be his fault, I question his credibility by his proclamation that “Stratford will not do business with anyone other than Allen Christopher”.(paraphrase)

    Well Mayor it looks like we’re not doing business with anyone at the moment.

  82. 83 jezebel282


    You are absolutely right. Miron was just spinning the PR wheel to see if he can gain some mileage out of this.

    If blame is to be ladled out, the bowls you’re looking for has the names “Debbie Rose” and “Norm Aldrich” on them.

  83. Fellow Stratfordites,

    We must begin the march to unseat Mayor Moron. The meetings must begin NOW!

  84. 85 1george1

    Your earliest blogs were one liners, without much thought.
    You have improved with both thought and parenting / sport tidbits.
    Regardless of my criticisms.

    Blaming someone other than “just Miron?”
    100 % agree with criticism of Norm.
    Somewhat surprized at no mention of Burturla?
    Really curious as to why Debbie Rose’s name was added?

    If you insist on being anonymous, will you skip:
    1) The Parade
    2) The Meetings to unseat Miron
    3) Town Council Public Forum
    4) Letters to the Editor
    5) Mass mailings
    6) Advertisments
    7) Electronic Media

    I love your Avatar of the Harryhausen cyclops.
    I have a few figuines like it.

  85. 86 jezebel282


    “Really curious as to why Debbie Rose’s name was added?”

    You have to have a long memory. Debbie Rose was Council Chairperson back in the day. The LRA (Local Reuse Authority, a totally Stratford effort) had selected three potential developers. One of them even had a successful history and a real bank account. They were the preferred developer.

    Debbie Rose eliminated two of them and selected “Team Stratford” which was Norm Aldrich and a couple of lawyers and bottom feeders. They didn’t even have a phone number.

  86. 87 mikereynolds


    Thanks I guess….coming from you it means so little.

  87. Mike ~

    I partially agree; however, Miron’s e-mails and discussions with Allen Christopher before and after the close of the auction could have something to do with the initial disagreement to some extent. I guess it’ll all come out in discovery.

    There seems to be a great deal of “seediness” to SOME of the parties involved and while it would have been an exciting thing for Stratford, we’re probably going to end up with something else about 20 years from now.

  88. 89 1george1

    An extremely substantive answer!

    On 12/98, Debbie Rose became a Demoncrat, after switching from RepubliConnArtist.

    Same date GiLardi was replaced by U R BRUTAL as Town Attorney.
    Same Date Steve Cleary pointed out Mossman was in audience.
    Same date as the first time I met Mossman face to face and they used
    pretext for the Disorderly Conduct arrest without:
    1. Exigence
    2. Warrant

    You are welcomed, acknowledgement that I praise your improvement is sufficient.

    If Criminal, Discovery is FREE, but controlled by the States / Feds & defense.
    If Civil, more big bucks for burturla / berchem…. is that part of the paln?

  89. 90 jezebel282

    Now here is a surprising development:

    Script turns sour for Hollywood East
    Article Last Updated: 09/03/2008 11:46:34 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Another twist in the court battle over control of Hollywood East/Area 51 could be the death knell for the company’s efforts to renovate the former Army engine plant into an international film and multimedia production studio.

    After two months of trying to negotiate a resolution to the bitter dispute between the warring partners of Hollywood East, chosen in March by the General Services Administration to redevelop the highly contaminated, 78-acre Main Street property, the two factions recently said talks had “completely collapsed.”

    As bad as this news is for Stratford there is still some humor to be found:

    “If they [the two sides] cannot find a way to resolve their differences by the end of the week, I will call on the halls of Congress and the U.S. Army to go in a different direction,” said Mayor James R. Miron.

    The halls of Congress? Do I hear “road trip”? There must be some really nice golf courses around Washington DC. I suppose he’s right, if I were a Congressman or Senator I wouldn’t let him in my office either. Let’s see if Mayor Moron can even get past security at the Pentagon.

    I certainly hope the $1 Million deposit check has cleared….

  90. 91 officersean

    I for one thank God Jezebel is an avatar hiding behind the scenes.

    You are a one line song Jezebel.

    Here is my question: is that all you got?

    I mean other than sarcasm and ridicule?

    Seriously, what would you do if Miron was re-elected?

  91. 92 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    I would do what the other 67% will do. Move!

    But let me ask you, Officer Sean, I mean seriously….

    “By the end of the week”? “The halls of Congress”?

    He is threatening both parties with…his influence in Congress. How can that not be funny?

  92. 93 officersean

    Oh David, please.

    When you can set aside your bias and give the man credit when he deserves it I may take you seriously and respond.

    I am bored this morning so I thought I woudl slum over here a little bit.

    EVERY thing listed as a Miron accomplishment is knocked by you.

    I will give you an easy example.

    The golf chairity. Rather than give the man a nod for a good deed, that, lets face it, is not gonna be what he runs for re electionon, you ridicule it and find a way to pick at it.

    Maybe you ought to run for Council…you seem to have the mindset that most of them do….

    But you would have to recuse yourself from any executive session on your wife or town employees….

  93. 94 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    “The golf chairity. Rather than give the man a nod for a good deed, that, lets face it, is not gonna be what he runs for re electionon, you ridicule it and find a way to pick at it.”

    Just show us a simple spreadsheet of the total taken in and the amounts dispersed and on what date. Then I will be happy to give him (you) tons of credit.

  94. 95 officersean

    I am not Jim so I cannot do that for you.

    If you really want to know why don’t YOU ask him.

  95. 96 officersean


    It is funny how you think anyone who defends him must be him or someone close to him.

    You really are that blinded by your hatred that you believe no one else in the community supports him.

    Here is a hint as to who I am. My screen name here is half correct.

    In the meantime, let me get you the name of a good real estate broker. I have a feeling you might be moving next year.


    Officer Sean

  96. 97 1george1

    Officer Sean:

    Was the Golf tournament created from scratch by Mayor Miron?
    If so, that is a comparative handicap, then to simply take credit
    and rename an existing golf tournament.

    The pre-existing gold tournament never showed big numbers
    raised for charity, if I recall. If you did post verifyavle records
    about the FUNDS RAISED for CHARITY, from past to present, it
    could be a HUGE BOOST for the MAYOR.
    Even I would add to my listed praise of his deeds.

    I didn’t think any Miron worked for the Police?

    If you are police, you aren’t doing a very good job investigating the
    identities of the Mayor’s critics, which Home Land Security could
    surely get from NSC, via Bridgeport FBI co-head Comers, who started
    his Law Enforcement career in the Stratford PD in 1980, while Joe
    Burturla was a ranking Stratford police office and who may have hired
    FBI Comers?

    Then again, the FBI political leadership has history of being cowardly and
    act with criminals (Whitey Bolger/C.R.E.E.P./CoIntel), unlike the FAIRY TALES
    put out by Hollywood “assets.”

  97. 98 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    My apologies to my readers and Ms. Sheppard.

    I just couldn’t resist.

  98. 99 1george1


    I do not understand the reference to post # 98?

    In looking at the picture at the top of the blog, I am guessing
    there was a reference to that?

    if one looks at the woman behind the Mayor and the attractive
    blond with the flowers and umbrella, we see the affect of Jim
    Miron’s oratory on one of his Constituents in the back ground.

    – – –

    With the FBI investigation, LBW mess, Pleasure Beach gaming,
    Airport machinations, and Shakespeare mess, I wonder if Mike
    Julian feels the same was as posted?

    ” Councilman Michael Julian, R-1, whose district includes the site,
    said he now realizes the Army takeover of the property last year
    was a smart move.
    “We didn’t want the town to lose control of the property, but in
    the end it’s clear the Army’s decision was the right one and we
    can look forward to something very special to spur economic
    development at the site,” Julian said. ”

    “(You mean once the Army booted us out of the process, Mike?)”

    TOWN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE and the affilated (BRIBERY?) Transfer
    of money from the Town Treasury to their allies!

  99. 100 jezebel282


    Yes, you have to scroll up to see the picture. If your stomach is strong enough…

    I was actually thinking the snowball is on the right and Hell is on the left….

  100. 101 jezebel282

    Actually the funny part of this little bit of pandering was the sign on the mayor’s door yesterday.

    It was closed for “Staff Development”.

    ( OK, Sudds…there’s a softball lobbed right at you.)

  101. 102 1george1

    I got today’s paper, after I read the blog.

    I tend to glance through Rich’s stories.
    I prefer Tris DeRoma as a reporter.

    Staff Development?
    Come with certain types of “pads?”

  102. 103 jezebel282


    I’m not sure. But since Sudds is absent today I will pose the question instead:

    How much developing to you think Miron’s staff needs? Is his staff not firm enough?

  103. 104 jezebel282

    No wonder Mayor Moron liked this guy!

    You read it in the Post (never in the Star):

    More legal woes for Army plant developer
    Staff writers
    Article Last Updated: 09/22/2008 10:11:46 PM EDT

    If a movie were made of Hollywood East owner Hector Natera’s day on Monday, “Jail Break” or “Busting Loose” might be good working titles….

    …Natera was arrested late Friday afternoon when his former wife and a sheriff caught up to him in Bridgeport after Superior Court Judge John Turner issued a warrant for his arrest.

    When Turner granted Bonito and Natera a divorce Dec. 11, 2007, he upheld the prenuptial agreement the childless couple signed, and declined to award Bonito alimony or attorneys fees.

    But in lawsuits arising from Natera’s “various business interests,” according to the court file, the judge ordered Natera to immediately repay the total of $289,810 in loans that Bonito had given him, with interest. By Aug. 26, that amount had risen to $310,000.

    When Natera failed to show up for the Sept. 15 hearing he was found in contempt of court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. His $50,000 bond was reduced during a brief hearing Monday…

    But wait! There’s more! Mayor Moron has to contribute his two cents to the defense fund.

    …”Hector Netara is also still under investigation by the FBI and state attorney general’s office involving Hollywood East files that were confiscated during a raid at his Bridgeport office in March.

    Christopher and his lawyer, John Williams, questioned Monday if Natera can’t pay a court-ordered personal monetary settlement whether he can still come up with millions of dollars to complete the Hollywood East deal.

    Stratford Mayor James R. Miron said he is “greatly and deeply concerned” over the Hollywood East dispute and more bad financial news surfacing about Hector Netara.

    “The situation has obviously taken another turn for the worse,” Miron said Monday. “Allen Christopher and his attorney raise some very good points. This is a man [Hector Netara] who has many legal judgments against him, and demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to honor business agreements that is very alarming. I’m sure the Army will take all this into consideration….”

    We are sure too, Jimmy. They will be considering when they deposit the $1 million in the Treasury and start from the beginning. Again.

  104. 105 jezebel282

    October 14 2008 is the deadline for the GSA to finalize the sale of the SAEP to Hollywood East/Area51. Hey! That’s today!

    New lawsuit in Army engine plant feud
    Staff writer
    Article Launched: 10/12/2008 09:44:30 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — The Hollywood East plot thickens as Tuesday’s deadline looms for the developer to reach agreement with the U.S. Army on a deal to transform the former 78-acre Army engine plant on Main Street into an entertainment, film and production complex.

    On the same day the $9.6 million sales agreement must be finalized — or the developers stand to lose a $1 million advance payment — a new lawsuit was filed last week by a faction of Hollywood East/Area 51 that had itself been targeted in an earlier suit by the other partners.

    Does anyone think that Hollywood East/Area 51 will come up with $8.6 million today? How about you, Mayor Moron?

  105. 106 freedomofspeach

    Does not matter if they have it or not.

    I think that the injunction filed by the Christopher/Anastasio cabal, with Miron backing has stopped any chance of closing this deal today. I might be wrong, but if you have a court date specifically on the day of a closing for a Injunction, there are not a lot of people who will go to close.

    Thanks again Jimmy for screwing the taxpayers with your crooked friends.

  106. 107 1george1

    FOS –
    Did you ever honestly think this would go forward?
    Miron has some plausible deniability.
    The ARMY – GAO did the BID
    The FBI never interferred with the QUALIFICATIONS / situation.
    FAA is an AGENDA nearby.
    EPA / DEP are intimately involved in the PROJECT.
    DODD & LIEBERMAN are conspicuously absent, unlike New London
    Never see DeLauro in Stratford. Rell rarely in Town.
    CHENEY yet to visit Dresser / Ashcroft, in town which he was C.E.O.
    when Haliburton.
    REAGAN visited GE / Fairfield in 1984.
    “W” never visited company’s Town whose former CEO was the person
    his brother “Neil Mallon Bush” was named after…..
    AVCO seed money would pay for itself in all kinds of Taxes to Feds,
    CT., & locally. Logic?

    Name of JON’S firm and the motto of Stratford politics?

    The longer this fiasco drags on:

    1. More Billing for Burturla

    2. More toxins leach out of AVCO (cut remediation cost) inth Housatonic
    (who cares about Public Safety now that E. O’Keefe is gone? –
    Health Director du jour?)

    3. More vulnerable Town Tax Base becomes, so that when the TRUST
    fails to BUY LBW, Burturla / Miron, can use the excuse to TRADE LBW
    for the AIRPORT – and the TRUE developer will beome known.

    4. Notice how many Lawyers have had fingers in the Town Pie?
    Notice which people get involved with political leaders?
    Crooked friends?
    In CT?
    In corrupt-my-cut


    Hey Jeze – I noticed you CUT & PASTE! 🙂

    I agree with you. 😉

    CUT & PASTE is more obvious and better than a LINK! 8)

  107. 108 jezebel282


    I’m allowed. You’re not. Get over it.

  108. 109 freedomofspeach

    Funny how much pull Miron does not have.

    May 2, 2007

    The Honorable James R. Miron


    Town of Stratford

    2725 Main Street

    Stratford, CT 06616

    Dear Mayor Miron:

    Thank you for your letter dated March 19, 2007, in which you informed us of the Stratford Town Council Resolution passed on March 12, 2007, regarding the Stratford Army Engine Plant (SAEP).

    As you are aware, a great deal of time and effort has been expended on the SAEP over the past twelve years. We have worked diligently with the Town, Army and the community at large to develop a sensible plan for the reuse of the property. We committed to this course of action at the beginning and will stay committed for as long as is necessary to bring this matter to a successful conclusion.

    However, we must regretfully decline the Town Council’s request for legislation which would restrict the Army from seeking buyers for the surplus lands surrounding the plant and obligate the government to spend $150 million in remediation efforts without being able to seek a private firm willing to assume the financial burden of cleaning the site pursuant to developing the land for reuse. The reasons are twofold. First, the financial subsidy requested for the remediation of the SAEP property is simply unattainable in any reasonable amount of time given the current budgetary limitations in Washington. Commencing a new process would potentially take years to conclude and would not be in the best interests of either the Town of Stratford or any of the involved parties. We have all waited far too long. Second, the current process, put in place by the Army and the General Services Administration (GSA), is an open and transparent bidding process which will result in the determination of the rights to develop the property in a manner that can uphold public scrutiny. The legislative language which you have proposed does not assume a similar open public process. At this late date, we cannot, and should not, interfere with the decision made by the Army to follow its announced regulatory process.

    Although arriving at this decision was difficult, we believe it is right. We remain hopeful that the auction will yield a responsible developer who will voluntarily assume the duty to remediate the property, removing the burden from the taxpayers, and ultimately generate much needed economic development for both Stratford and the region at large. The bidding process, which is contingent on public and Town participation, will ensure that all recommendations, development proposals, and public concerns are vetted and addressed. In fact, we know through staff attendance at a meeting earlier this week that the firm contracted to facilitate the auction has made public input a priority. We are confident that proceeding with the present course of action, along with a renewed commitment by the Town of Stratford and the public to participate positively in the process, will yield a new use of the property which will satisfy both the Town’s desire for site control and the community’s wishes for a clean, revitalized development.

    We will continue to work as hard as possible to ensure, whatever the outcome of the approved proposal, it will support the Town’s economic development priorities.



    United States Senator United States Senator


    Member of Congress Member of Congress


    Member of Congress Member of Congress


    Member of Congress

  109. 110 freedomofspeach

    “The legislative language which you have proposed does not assume a similar open public process.”

    Even back then he was trying to back door something. Interesting.

  110. 111 jezebel282


    That letter was published on this site when Miron attempted to take credit for his “effort” in having the GSA open bidding for the property. It was a lie then and it is a lie now.

    When the ENTIRE Congressional delegation from Connecticut tells you to go pound sand, you certainly have limited influence.

  111. 112 genericscreename

    I suspect, after reading that letter, and listening quietly to those I suspect actually know what is going on, that the letter was in fact as the mayor may have wanted. I truly do not believe that the mayor nor the council chair at the time actually wanted team stratford to succeed.

    This is only speculation on my part, but when watching from the outside, and truly listening to what actually occurred, speaking to a few councilmen, both current and past, it makes no sense to me, inclusive of the timing of the original letter which i have referenced in prior posts, that the govt would tell the council to pound sand the same day they were voting to move ahead.

    Believe what one wants, but I believe that the fix was in from the begining and the decisions made by the council were moot long before the vote.

  112. 113 jezebel282


    The council had eliminated “Team Stratford” (whoever they were) and was about to select Monti-Possilico. That’s when the Army had enough. Miron gave it a half hearted attempt, but you read the results.

    The Army was no buddy during lo these 20 years. They caused more than their fair share of delay as well. They NEVER wanted to be stuck with the cost of cleaning up their mess. The LRA under Diane Toolan and Jim Neale actually developed a workable plan. In the long run (20 years counts as a long run, right?) the property would have been remediated and turned over to Stratford AND the Army would have saved money. It cost the Army more to maintain the place for 20 years than it would have cost to remediate the property 20 years ago.

    It was known then, and it is known now.

  113. 114 genericscreename


    Not to be controversial, however I must point out that the council did not eliminate team stratford, in fact what occurred is the following:

    Aron Hockman, ran out of money after dumping close to three million into team stratford, he working via chuck willinger located Don Monti and the Possilico brothers and brought them on board with hockman taking a backseat, turning over control to MP and promising to stay in the background. I was present that evening and listened intently to the discussions, spoke with hockman and mr. Monti, that is what they both told me that evening of the vote.

  114. 115 1george1

    Jeze 108 = LOL
    Your poor kids.
    You are a practicioner of


    Generic & Jeze,

    I always content, everything is on a timetable and following a plan.
    I do not believe you will see who the developer is until the LBW
    is traded for the AIRPORT.

    Simultaneously the newest AVCO / AIRPORT developer will also have
    dibs on Pleasure Beach and the entire east side of Bridgeport, from
    STEAL (steel) POINT to GE Boston Avene, including most of East Main
    and Remington Office Park.

    With a RECESSION and Town Budget / assets being run into the ground,
    a Vote to sell LBW to the F & W, thru the Trust, will will NEVER happen,
    the pretext will exist for the Trade of the Airport for LBW.

    Succeeding Town Councils & C. R. C. s will have changed various rules,
    charter, and intentionally flawed processes, that the rubber stamp has
    been long since prepared for various rulings by Judges.

    They will calim it necessary to save Stratford because of onerous debt,
    streaming costs, and stagnated revenue.

    Logic suggests they are blowing income opportunity?

    Not really, with the huge turn over of homes benefiting
    Attorneys (Burtula / Kelly)
    Financial (Norm)
    Appraisers (Harkins)
    Real Estate (fill in blank)
    Insurance fill in blank)

    Town Attorney fees and money from Town Bids, Change Orders,
    Hiring, and Appointment.

    Steering Business from Stratford and Bridgeport to surrounding towns
    and getting kickbacks from their netword of business people.

    Generic – it is Hochman, but he went into hock – man!

    There are people who use people and then flush them away.

    Oh, I read nothing about Dick Miron.
    Is it true, he will walk after the election?

  115. 116 jezebel282

    Stratford Army engine plant deal delayed again
    Staff writer
    Article Launched: 10/14/2008 06:31:00 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — After more than a decade of wrangling and delays, town officials may have to wait until next year to learn the fate of plans to transform the former Army engine plant into a massive entertainment, film and production complex.

    With another lawsuit filed last week in Bridgeport Superior Court by one of the feuding Hollywood East/Area 51 partners against the others, a long-awaited Tuesday deadline has been extended by the Army for the developer to reach a deal at the 78-acre Main Street site on the Housatonic River.

    I’m actually amazed at this. The Army had at least two other bidders that were very close to the “winning” bid. The logical (I know, I’m being silly) thing would be to cash the $1 million deposit and start the bidding over.

    “Mayor James R. Miron, who is among those subpoenaed to testify in the case, said, “It’s in the Army’s hands, but I want to be sure that all the issues being raised are explored that need to be.””

    Can this guy even speak English? HE wants to be sure? Who cares what he wants?

    “Charles Willinger, also representing the Nateras, said Tuesday “on a deal of this magnitude there are a lot of closing details. The Army has some details they haven’t finished, and we have issues we haven’t finished.”

    Willinger, Willinger…where have we heard that name before? Oh right! Thanks, Generic! #114 “Aron Hockman, ran out of money after dumping close to three million into team stratford, he working via chuck willinger located Don Monti and the Possilico brothers and brought them on board with hockman taking a backseat,”

    Do I need to quote Yogi here?

    “It’s like Deja Vu all over again.”

  116. 117 1george1

    Except in baseball
    Three strikes and you are out

    Team Stratford # 1
    Team Stratford # 2
    Team Stratford # 3

    I guess # 3 is a FOUL BALL?

    Is that spelled
    Charles willinger
    Charle SWILLinger?

    a little e.e.cummings humor there

    if george carlin were alive could he have made a
    palin-drone out of the political parties platforms?

    Sarah Palin
    Look up

    Mike I miss the insults,
    gotta stir ya up!

    Actually I enjoy the soothing golf strokes, ehr .. jokes ehr … folks

  117. 118 jezebel282


    We’d still like to know why Mayor Moron is named in the Natera’s suit as a defendant.

    Plans for Army plant remain in limbo
    Latest deadline passes with no clue on entertainment complex plan
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 01/02/2009 08:30:19 AM EST

    STRATFORD — Now that the U.S. Army’s year-end deadline has passed, town officials are going to have to wait until at least mid-January to learn if long sought plans to transform the former 78-acre Army engine plant into a massive entertainment, film and production complex on the Housatonic River will move forward any time soon.

    Or, after more than a decade of wrangling and delays, whether it’s back to the drawing board with a new bidding process on the Main Street property that is considered the key to Stratford’s future economic development.

    When Army officials in October extended an original six-month deadline to reach a contract with Hollywood East, officials said they expected to close a deal with the developer — still in a court battle over who is running the company — by the end of 2008.

    But both Mayor James R. Miron and U.S. Army spokesman Dave Foster said this week an agreement won’t be reached until at least mid-January.

    “The U.S. Army and Hollywood East are still engaged in efforts to close on the property before the end of [2008],” Foster said Tuesday, the day before New Year’s Eve. “If for some reason that is not possible, we will review all our options to include an additional extension at that time.”

    Miron said when he spoke to Bill Birney, a top U.S. Army official this week, he was advised the Army doesn’t expect anything to be finalized until mid-January at the earliest.

    “The extension was until the end of the year, or beginning of the new year,” Miron said Birney told him in the phone conversation. “Birney said the Army is on track to close in mid-January with Hollywood East.”

    Would anyone believe anything Mayor Moron relays? On track to close? With whom?

    Miron also said Birney, assistant for real property in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Housing, advised him an ongoing court case between two feuding factions of Hollywood East “will not have a bearing on the closing.”

    If the management of Hollywood East/Area 51 is the subject of a lawsuit, how can it not have a bearing…and how can someone who is supposed to have passed the CT Bar not know that?

    Lawyers for both Allen Christopher, who still claims to be president of the partnership, and for brothers Hector and Ed Natera, who insist that as managing members they had the right to oust Christopher in June, said after a pretrial conference with Superior Court Judge Richard Arnold in October that issues still need to be resolved on both sides before a new closing date can be set.

    While the Nateras originally filed two lawsuit to oust Christopher but withdrew them, Christopher filed his own lawsuit in October in Bridgeport Superior Court, claiming to be one of the Hollywood East/Area 51 partners.

    The lawsuit had been scheduled to get under way in Superior Court last month, but attorneys for Christopher and the Nateras could not be reached for comment about when the case will begin.

    The lawsuit seeks a temporary injunction against Hector Natera, the self-proclaimed owner of Hollywood East and Hector Natera Development LLC, to prevent them from “transferring any interest to any third party” until the court determines who owns and has a membership interest in Hollywood East.

    Is this like not having a bearing?

    Christopher also wants a temporary injunction enjoining the defendants from “transferring the property known as Point Stratford to a third party until a declaratory action can be determined by this court as to the interest the plaintiffs have in Hollywood East.”

    Bridgeport lawyer Charles Willinger, representing the Nateras, insists Hector Natera — under investigation by the FBI and state attorney general’s office over files confiscated during a raid at his Bridgeport office in March — is no longer an owner or managing member of the LLC.

    But Christopher contends he met in October with Hector Natera, who indicated he had “lined up 65 percent of the tenants at the site.”

    Lawyer Nicholas Mingione, representing Christopher, said: “If Hector Natera is not involved, why is he still lining up tenants at the site and seeking money from investors? That’s one of the issues we want to have resolved in this case.”

    If a deal is not reached with Hollywood East, the developer stands to lose a $1 million advance payment of its total $9.6 million winning bid.

    Has the $1 million cleared a U.S. bank yet?

  118. 119 nnanerak

    Maybe you should look into the financials of the mayor….he is the weakest link.

  119. 120 1george1

    Has the $1 million cleared a U.S. bank yet?

    Any WHITE POWDER on the MONEY?

    he is the weakest link.

    Duh? Who / where are the missing links? 😉

    Hey how do I find George’s Page? 😦

  120. 122 1george1

    Regardless of all the insults you deserve 😉
    you are EXCEPTIONALLY responsive! 🙂

  121. 123 jezebel282


    Miron: Army plant deal near
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 02/18/2009 06:57:11 PM EST

    STRATFORD — A few weeks after Mayor James R. Miron told the U.S. Army it was time to scrap its nearly year-long effort to forge a development deal to transform the 78-acre former Army engine plant into a multi-media production complex, the mayor said Wednesday a contract with the developers “appears imminent.”

    Miron said that after a teleconference call late Tuesday with top Army officials, the federal General Services Administration, Charles Willinger, the lawyer for the Hollywood East development team, and general partner Ed Natera, the transaction may be a few weeks away from closing.

    “It looks now like it’s really going to happen and the contract will close by the end of March,” Miron said Wednesday.

    Miron told the army to scrap the deal? I’ll bet they got right on that.

    So what do we really have here? Has the check for the $1 million deposit cleared? Will the $8.6 million be paid? Then what? Will Hollywood East/Area 51 (or whatever) start pumping in the $70-$100 million necessary to remediate the property? Or will it just sit there, but this time without the maintenance that the Army has provided? How soon will the buildings start to deteriorate and maybe burn down like the cottages? Except this time they will be releasing dangerous asbestos and or chemical into our air.

    Oh wait, I know! Maybe Mayor Moron will take credit for gittin ‘er dun. Even though he had no position at all in the negotiations.

  122. 124 jezebel282


    Final deadline looms for Stratford project
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 03/01/2009 09:39:55 PM EST

    STRATFORD — After more than 11 years of failed attempts to sell and develop the 78-acre former Army engine plant, a deal to transform the property into a multi-media and film production complex is expected to be final by the end of this month, according to Army officials and Mayor James R. Miron.

    The officials, however, warn that after five extended deadlines to reach a deal on the Main Street property, this is the final one — or the deal is dead.

    “It’s now or never on this agreement,” Miron said of the development, which is considered a linchpin for future economic development in town.

    Last Wednesday, the Army and development team, Hollywood East, entered into a final-extension agreement that requires a closing on or before March 27, Army public affairs spokesman David Foster said in a statement. “Both the Army and Hollywood East are very pleased to be so near to the conveyance of this exceptional property.”


  123. 125 sudds

    And you all poo-poo’d me when I said this thing would NEVER see the light of day!!!

    Apologies accepted below…

  124. 126 jezebel282


    “Apologies accepted below…”

    Yeah, yeah….thanks a whole f*****g bunch.

  125. 127 nnanerak

    I won’t believe it until the ink is dry, and the project is complete. My guess is that even if the property is transferred it will sit there for another decade before any actual clean up begins. I love to be wrong on this but I don’t think so…..

  126. 128 jezebel282

    Has Miron cut some sort of deal with Willinger on the engine plant. And has Berchem Moses & Devlin and the former mayor of Bridgeport set it up.

    Problem is that Mayor Moron by fighting against these guys for so long who were trying to get the plant deal funding done have had investors walk away. Could it be they don’t want to deal in the Stratford nuthouse?

    The million deposit was in cash, and was from Natera and two other investors, and the army gets to keep it, they had over $25 million pledged by investors and lenders to buy and start clean up, but when the Anastasios who are partners with Allen C (Brothers Six LLC) tried to shake them all down without putting any money in, that started the fall, and since Miron is in Harborsides pocket…well….

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  127. 129 nnanerak

    All you need to do is look at the “type” of clients Chuck represents and that alone should tell you about the type of deal this is and has been since day one.
    With regard to the investors walking, I have heard from the financial community that the current economic climate is making investors want a faster and more secure return on their investment, though most believe that the location would be perfect for the proposed project. Many of the financial people have also stated that there are extreme concerns over the infrastructure in that area and the ability to handle the project.
    You are right that inquiring minds want to know how deep in the pocket “he” has reached………..only time will tell.

  128. 130 weluvmom

    Jezebel, it sounds like you know a lot of players personally. Has Pat Palmieri been paid off now too? What’s the consensus here? Will this deal close?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  129. 131 sudds


    if you had been following along… you know that Lord Sudds called this thing a FLOP before the deadline even passed!!!

    Hmm… maybe Wanamaker is onto something with the MBA thing!!! :LOL:

  130. 132 jezebel282


    Your screen name sounds familiar. I think I saw it on the GSA site for the bidding. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    “Jezebel, it sounds like you know a lot of players personally.”

    All you need in Stratford/Bridgeport is a good memory. It’s the same names over and over again. But it gives you a good idea why Mayor Moron was named in the suit between the Nateras and Christopher.

    “Will this deal close?”

    What difference will it make? The Nateras need to come up with $8.6 million or they lose $1 Million in cash. After that….who knows? They can flip it for $11 million and walk away with a $1.4 Million profit. Nearly 10%, not bad nowadays. Will they ever remediate the property? You might have a better chance if you took a bit of contaminated dirt from the site and put it under your pillow.

    Either way Mayor Moron will take credit for it.

  131. 133 jezebel282

    The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!


    Final deadline looms for Stratford project
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 03/01/2009 09:39:55 PM EST

    STRATFORD — After more than 11 years of failed attempts to sell and develop the 78-acre former Army engine plant, a deal to transform the property into a multi-media and film production complex is expected to be final by the end of this month, according to Army officials and Mayor James R. Miron.

    The officials, however, warn that after five extended deadlines to reach a deal on the Main Street property, this is the final one — or the deal is dead.

    “It’s now or never on this agreement,” Miron said of the development, which is considered a linchpin for future economic development in town.

    Last Wednesday, the Army and development team, Hollywood East, entered into a final-extension agreement that requires a closing on or before March 27, Army public affairs spokesman David Foster said in a statement. “Both the Army and Hollywood East are very pleased to be so near to the conveyance of this exceptional property.”

  132. 134 jezebel282

    And then all we have to do is wait for the Nateras to do something. Chuck Willinger is going to be busy, busy, busy!

  133. 135 1george1

    The million deposit was in cash, and was from Natera and two other investors, and the army gets to keep it, they had over $25 million pledged by investors and lenders to buy and start clean up, but when the Anastasios who are partners with Allen C (Brothers Six LLC) tried to shake them all down without putting any money in, that started the fall, and since Miron is in Harborsides pocket…well….

    What is the name of Harborside’s Attorney?
    What major Commission did that Attorney recently serve?
    Who worked for the parter of a certain Attorney repping certain parties
    of Team Stratford # 1, # 2, and area 51, and whose campain manager also
    is Attorney of record for a certain WATEFRONT DISCO CONDO?
    Awwwww…. probably another cowinkiedinkie …..

  134. 136 1george1

    I think some of the newer bloggers would appreciate seeing some
    april 2008 to march 2009 of the above posts in relationship to the
    recent posts of March 2010?

  135. 137 jezebel282


    Surprise, surprise!

    Stock fraud alleged in Hollywood East bid for Engine Plant

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 14 December 2011 14:36

    The state Banking Department has issued a cease and desist order and imposed a fine of up to $100,000 against a former bidder on the Stratford Army Engine Plant, alleging illegal stock sales.

    The order was issued by Banking Commissioner Howard F. Pitkin against Hector Natera, whose last known address was on Boston Avenue in Bridgeport, and Yvette Cuccaro of New Haven. Natera was among the principals in Hollywood East/Area 51, which bid on the Army Engine Plant when it was last put up for sale, before the bidding that closed last month. Click here to read the order: http://www.ct.gov/dob/cwp/view.asp?a=2246&q=492522

  136. 138 1george1

    Today it was reported our troops have pulled out if IRAQ.
    My thanks and appreciation to our soldiers.

    Regardless of my feelings about causes of 9/11 and the WMD
    questions, courageous Military, Police, Fire, and EMS lost their
    lives and quality of life running, NOT WALKING toward danger.

    The above post about NATERA / FBI appears to finally clear
    the way for the REAL DEVELOPERS to become VISIBLE.

  137. 139 jezebel282


    Seriously? 9/11, WMD, Iraq, the Stratford Army Engine Plant and illegal stock sales all in one post?

    In our humble opinion, it is Stratford’s involvement with parties like the Nateras, Team Stratford, Louie Burke, Hanney and the usual group of attorneys that demonstrate the utter lack of due diligence and ethics once our elected officials are involved.

  138. 140 1george1

    “In our humble opinion, it is Stratford’s involvement with parties like the Nateras, Team Stratford, Louie Burke, Hanney and the usual group of attorneys that demonstrate the utter lack of due diligence and ethics once our elected officials are involved.”

    My opinion is exactly the opposite of Jeze’s idea that there was a lack
    of due diligence on the part of the Law Firms, Business People, and
    Government officials.

    All of them have successful histories of being competent to build their
    academic and career resumes.

    Logically from their perspective, if they sabotage all of the alternatives,
    then set forward their no so desireable PLANS with the promis of lower
    TAXES & ECONOMIC GROWTH, they get rewarded for cheating the
    PUBLIC for the last 30 years …

  139. 141 jezebel282


    “My opinion is exactly the opposite of Jeze’s ”

    You know, in a way, that makes me feel better.


  140. 142 1george1


  141. 143 jezebel282


    DeLauro, senators announce new process for Engine Plant sale

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 25 January 2012 15:43

    A new process will be used to attempt to revitalize the former Stratford Army Engine Plant.

    U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-3rd District), Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (U) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) joined Mayor John A. Harkins in announcing the process after a meeting last week.

    “After years of fits and starts, this office stands ready to work in partnership with our federal delegation, the Army, GSA, and the governor’s office to bring a successful redevelopment project to the Stratford Army Engine Plant site,” Harkins said. “I’d like to especially thank Rep. Rosa DeLauro for facilitating a productive meeting last week in her Washington office with all of the various stakeholders on this project. I look forward to working with the group on a successful redevelopment that will result in much-needed jobs for Stratford, and our state.”

    DeLauro and Connecticut’s Senators sent a letter to the U.S. Army and the General Services Administration (GSA) establishing the new process, which will include a 30-day period during which developers can submit proposals and a 30- to 60-day period for the Army and GSA to determine if they have received a feasible plan, at which point they would be empowered to negotiate a deal with an identified suitable developer.

    “This new process seeks to bring about a solution that satisfies the concerns of all parties involved and brings to an end 17 years of disagreements and failed attempts to redevelop the Stratford Army Engine Plant site,” according to a release sent through DeLauro’s office.

    The letter reads: “We believe that we are in agreement in recognizing that the bidding process pursued in recent years has not achieved the desired result: Sale of the property to a developer that takes over ownership of the property from the Federal government and, most importantly, develops the property in a manner that benefits the people and Town of Stratford,” the letter states. “In addition, we are in agreement on the best way forward to meet that goal in a timely fashion.”

    “Ultimately, all involved parties must work together with a viable developer to ensure the resources are available to remediate and develop the site. We look forward to continuing our work with you to ensure this process is successful and that our shared goals are met,” the letter concludes.

    Really? They all got together and wrote a letter? Did the Army agree to pay for decades of polluting the property? “Has not achieved the desired result”? Yah think?

  142. 144 1george1


    Highly political State of the Union.

    Remarkable coincidence about Military Property & involvement.

    How many dozens posts and Letters to the Editor noting GI BILL
    and POST WW II reconstruction by Marshall Plan.

    BAMA mentioned GI BILL and post WW II Construction as a model.


    Conditioning the PUBLIC


    For my buddy Mike:

    DOPPLEGANGER: Senators LIEberman & PALpaTINE

    It is all a game to the political dregs, and all of us are for
    them to abuse ….


    Those moving the pieces and pulling the strings are also
    being moved.

  143. 145 jezebel282


    “TIME TABLES all relate to MONEY & ELECTIONS”

    Is there a PDF or link to this time table so that we can all read along with you?

  144. 146 1george1

    I see and hear exactly the same way you do.

    Touch is an American procedural and science fiction
    television series written and created by Tim Kring and
    starring Kiefer Sutherland.

    The series premiere is scheduled for Monday, March 19, 2012,
    with a preview on January 25.

    In the fiction, the younger connects events in the future.
    The accuracy is made real by the writers.

    I connect events from the past. In general, it becomes obvious
    there have been time tables, which can be projected.
    Others control the Time Tables, including making adjustments.


    Another fiction with themes confluent to my experience,
    whereas I am not a Sherlock Holmes, however there are
    those whose collective pretends to be Moriarty:

    Sherlock Holmes has always been the smartest man in the room
    … until now. There is a new criminal mastermind at large
    – Professor Moriarty – and not only is he Holmes’ intellectual equal,
    but his capacity for evil, coupled with a complete lack of conscience,
    may actually give him an advantage over the renowned detective.

    Holmes’ investigation into Moriarty’s plot becomes ever more
    dangerous as it leads him and Watson out of London and across
    Europe, to France, Germany and finally to Switzerland.

    But the cunning Moriarty is always one step ahead as he spins
    a web of death and destruction – all part of a greater plan that,
    if he succeeds, will change the course of history.

    Sherlock Holmes has always been the smartest man in the room
    … until now.

    In the movies, the good guys tended to win.

    There are no super heroes.
    The smartest guys in the room tend to have SOLD OUT.

    Analogous to the Plato’s Republic “Ring of Gyges”
    WIKIPEDIA: The Ring of Gyges is a mythical magical artifact
    mentioned by the philosopher Plato in book 2 of his Republic
    It granted its owner the power to become invisible at will.
    Through the story of the ring, Republic discusses whether a
    typical person would be moral if he did not have to fear the
    consequences of his actions.


    It is more like the SYMBOLIC INVISIBILITY like Adam Smith’s

    The Invisible College has been described as a precursor
    group to the Royal Society of London,
    consisting of a number of natural philosophers around
    Robert Boyle.
    It has been suggested that other members included prominent
    figures later closely concerned with the Royal Society;
    but several groups preceded the formation of the Royal Society,
    and who the other members of this one were is still debated by

    In letters in 1646 and 1647, Boyle refers to
    “our invisible college” or “our philosophical college”.
    The society’s common theme was to acquire knowledge
    through experimental investigation.

    In fiction, it is mentioned in the novels The Lost Symbol
    by Dan Brown and
    Masks of the Illuminati by Robert Anton Wilson,
    and was the inspiration for
    the Unseen University in the works of Terry Pratchett.


  145. 147 jezebel282

    Just asking.

  146. 148 1george1

    I answered in a way that tells you:
    1 – I know there is a Time Table.
    2 – I don’t have a copy of it
    3 – Maybe it is SET and maybe it is fluid.

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