No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Stratford!


You always like to see someone who was arrested for interfering with a police officer complain about trying to keep unqualified candidates off the Police force. I wonder what Miron will do now for Ms. Brooks and Mr. O’Neal? Another plywood “Honor Roll”? Maybe this time with pictures?

While the legalities remain unsettled, there is simply no doubt that Mr. Henrick did the right thing for the citizens of Stratford. Let us hope that this does not distract us from the other antics of the mayor as well. The Democratic Town Committee will be nominating a Registrar soon. Registered Democrats should attend this meeting on May 5th at the Baldwin center at 8PM and demand a new Registrar of Voters. As we like to say, “Anyone but MIRON!”

Council chair scolded for supporting leak
Article Last Updated: 04/15/2008 11:14:22 PM EDT

STRATFORD — The recent leak of personnel information for police officer job applicant Christian Miron — brother of Mayor James R. Miron — sparked debate during Monday night’s Town Council meeting.

Council members and residents laced into council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, for commending those who leaked Christian Miron’s confidential personnel information, including a background check, polygraph test and physical status.

Henrick, meanwhile, called Monday on the Police Department to “ensure this kind of release of information that puts the town at great risk of liability never happens again.”

After the personnel data was released to the media and some council members nearly three weeks ago, Henrick told the Connecticut Post whoever leaked the information “should be commended.” Both an internal probe within he department and investigation by the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office have been launched to determine who illegally released the documents, which also raised questions about Miron’s ability to be a police officer.

But during a council meeting Monday after Henrick asked Town Attorney Richard Buturla what was being done to prevent such leaks in the future, two council members reminded the chairman he had previously defended those who released the files.

Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, and Councilwoman Emma Brooks, D-4, told Henrick he can’t have it both ways.

“Help me understand this. In one breath you said you commended the people who did it, and in the other breath you said we have to find the people who did this and make sure it never happens again,” O’Neal said. “How can you say both?” Brooks said Henrick was being “hypocritical.”

“You can’t applaud someone for breaking the law and seriously breaching security, and then want to ensure the people who did it are caught and punished,” Brooks said. “Mr. Henrick is talking out of both sides of his mouth.”

James Sinnott, former chairman of the Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Committee, also criticized Henrick for his earlier remarks.

“The issue is that the recognized leader of this council, Michael Henrick, made in my opinion statements that should have been challenged by many of you sitting on this council,” Sinnott said.

But Henrick countered there was no conflict in his comments.

If other council members “knew what I know, and read what I read in the report, they would understand why I said what I did,” Henrick said. “But I’m not going to retract my statements.

“It’s a bad situation on both sides, and I believe it is a shame it had to come to this where people felt they had to go to such extremes to expose a situation involving nepotism and the inevitable hiring of an applicant not qualified for the position,” Henrick said Tuesday. “I’m sure the people who released this information didn’t do it with malice.”

Miron, 29, was issued a conditional offer of employment despite a detailed, nine-page background investigation that raised questions about whether he is fit for police work.

Police Chief John Buturla has said if and when those responsible for the leak are identified, “they will receive the full extent of discipline, up to and including dismissal.”


31 Responses to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Stratford!”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Let’s all remember the real losers and winners in this sordid little episode.

    Winners: Christian Miron, Jim Miron, Dick Miron, John Buturla, Richard Buturla.

    Losers: The Stratford Police Department, The Citizens.

  2. 2 pcsperling

    What’s really encouraging is that there are people within the police department who are disgusted and discouraged too.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that police officers are just as disgusted with Jim Miron and the games he plays. He’s not on the top of their list either.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    You are correct, as usual. I doubt very much that James R. Miron will be getting a Christmas card from Sean Farmer (Police union president).

    But here is something that’s bothering me. We have 3 announced candidates for mayor already (you haven’t announced yet). James R. Miron, Domenic Costello and Jon Best.

    The same three that got us here. Costello is a former cop and Jon Best is a self-proclaimed expert on Public Safety. Not a WORD about appointing an unqualified candidate to the Stratford PD.

    My question: Isn’t there SOMEBODY in Stratford that can stand up for citizens?

  4. 4 pcsperling

    Jeze ~

    Don’t hold your breath on me. Council maybe, but I’d never go right into the fire from the freezer. LOL

    My continued fear is that the next election will again be “flooded” with candidates and the voting will AGAIN be watered down and the worst candidate will again win, simply because he got the most votes. I bet Jim Miron is banking on that. My hope is that the minority who voted for him have taken off the rose-colored glasses and are just as disgusted as the majority who didn’t vote for him.

    Anyone know how much the billboard at near the railroad tracks on Main Street (and even East Main Street) costs to rent? Maybe a billboard sized bumper sticker can be put on both sides. It doesn’t have to be about the candidate we want to win, it’s all about the one candidate who hasn’t and will never do this Town any good.

    It’s sickening that

    * we have a registrar of voters who has obviously participated in illegal activity – still on the Town’s payroll;

    * we have positions created and employees hired on the Town’s payroll simply because, as Mayor, Jim Miron could do it. We did without them before, why are we wasting the money on them now?

    * Heather’s marketing company -HBH Marketing – which she probably operates out of Town Hall – lists as one of her specialties “letters to the editor” and “op-eds.” So, we’ve been paying her to make Miron sound smart? Does that fall under her job description or is she paid through HBH for that service? Have we been paying her or her company to write the letters to the editor, praising Miron, that were submitted by Miron “supporters.” Is there a little double-dipping going on since she’s still listed on the Town Employee list as Heather Siano, as a government and community liason and also listed as Heather Habelka, assistant to the Mayor. Are we paying her two salaries or is that just a clerical oversight?

    I’ve talked to several commuters about the new position that Miron has created at the train station. Each and every time the laughter couldn’t be contained. They were also unaware of the part-time employee who “oversees the operation.”

    One of our great governmental agencies really needs to start investigating the activities of Town Hall – starting with the Office of the Mayor.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Now THAT was a great speech, Madam Mayor.

  6. 6 1george1


    Didn’t I blog that I intend to run for Mayor?
    NEED DUCKS lined up & getting close.
    Don’t I “waddle up” for the Citizens?


    Didn’t I raise the question about who was GHOSTING the
    Letters to the Editor?
    PCS found that a certain person specializes in OP-ED (for Miron?)
    and Letters to the Editor (Jason Santi & others?)
    PCS, you are the legal eagle.
    Is what you found called a smoking gun?


    Christian approached me Monday nite.
    I raised the possibility at Public Forum that some people on the street
    thought this whole issue might be a scam to sue to Town, get a settlement
    under seal, and then use part of the settlement to buy part interest in a
    failing business, and then use proceed to pay off debt, to keep a certain
    person FREE from incareration.

    Christian saw it on the blog.

    Christian told me he appreciated my stance on his sister not a public figure.
    I asked how she is feeling, since she is due to have a baby in June?
    She is doing OK.

    My next door neighbors OWN the OUTBACK, where she worked.
    All I will blog is that I took positions because she is not a public figure,
    and I know things, I can not reveal.
    But, I ask that people lay off attacking Brook and also show a little feeling
    for Christian, who has supported his father and brother, but he has NOT
    done to others, what his father and brother have done.
    In the CONSTITUTION, “corruption of the blood” is noted and not appropriate.

    Christian had some redness in his right eye, that strongly suggest signs of
    pain, not drug use.

    I think it was NOT wise to apply to Stratford Police Dept.
    Yet, is there anyone on the blog, who can honestly write the Police Dept
    has EVER been free of POLITICS and NEPOTISM.

    I can NAME several FAMILIES, if we go there?

    Bottom lines:
    1) Christian’s personnel, civil, & probable criminal rights were violated.
    2) Because of the Miron / Burturla ethical VOID, which we believe exists,
    there may have been limited alternatives?
    Two wrongs don’t make a RIGHT.
    In Stratford, we are lucky if we keep the wrongs on ANY ISSUE to TWO?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    1. It remains to be seen if anyone’s rights were violated, especially Christian Miron’s. At least it didn’t cost the taxpayers as much as we spent on Blum Shapiro to investigate Pat Naylor and make those results public. Or write threatening letters to Naylor’s supervisor.
    Where is that audit of Haddad anyway?

    2. It just proves the point that there is nothing a lawyer won’t do.

  8. 8 mmooose

    I’ll chip in on the billboard! Hi PCS!

  9. 9 sudds

    Ut oh… sounds like George is starting to sip the Miron Kool-aid!!!

  10. 10 pcsperling

    George ~

    The police department, fire department, post office, railroad, etc. are the types of jobs that tend to be followed by family members. I’ve known several police officers whose sons and daughters have followed suit. I also see the same on the railroad. It does seem like a family affair in these types of jobs; however, in the police department, there are standards that we, as citizens, expect. If someone is not qualified – for whatever reason – than they should not be hired. If “issues” arrise during the psych evaluation, polygraph, agility, etc. that question the candidate’s ability, then that candidate should be bypassed. It’s not fair to the citizens of the Town. Preferential treatment should not be given because of a person’s name or who he or she is related to.

    There is another instance I have heard about an officer hired because of a lawsuit being threatened. The officer in question apparently has a medical condition which could put fellow officers in danger at some point. Despite being controlled by medicine – nothing is foolproof. Another instance of preferential treatment?

  11. 11 1george1

    I was also told, by 2 people in elected & party positions where they would know,
    that ex-Police Chief Mossman had a pre-existing condition, and that document
    disappeared from his file.

    I am NO fan of the Mirons, specifically Dick and to a slightly lesser degree Jim.
    Further, I am not a fan of Burturla.

    However, I just spoke to someone in the CT. POST, not in the normal channels,
    who points out the need for FOCUS, which I lack when frustrated.

    Just because there are dots, does not mean they are connected.
    Yet, it also does not mean they can’t be connected.

    Just because of family relationships, one can not LINK them all.
    Unfortunately, it is difficult to prove when there are INVESTIGATOR & LAW
    ENFORCEMENT and LAWYERS, who can INFLUENCE or END the process, with
    a BLUE WALL to protect the GUILTY while the good ones have to OBEY

    Is Christian fair game for public criticism and a public figure?
    I would say yes?

    of the TREE…..

    Were Christian’s rights violated?
    I believe a fair minded person would say yes?

    Could it be done by his own people?
    Again, local history would say yes?

    Is it better NOT to have BAD COPS?

    Would Christian become a BAD COP?
    > Subjective, where Miron backers would say NO.
    Most others, would probably at least have significant doubts.
    At least he appears to be in better physical shape than certain other
    recent applicants, and certain in better physical condition than I!
    > Under that aspect, he might be more qualified than others.

  12. 12 sudds

    Wipe your mouth George… you’re starting to get a “Kool-Aid Mustache”!!!

    As for Christian being a good/bad cop… I honestly don’t doubt that he could be a good cop… how difficult can it be to talk on your cellphone, eat donuts & flirt with teenage girls???

    My point is that because of (apparent) political connections… he’s most likely going to get the job even though he may not be the best candidate in the field! We taxpayers put a lot of trust/responsibility in the hands of these men/women… personally… I want the BEST officer coming to my door when needed (god forbid)… not the best connected one!!!

    YOU OF ALL PEOPLE should understand/be offended by this George!!! (can I get my vote back???)

    I just wish that I had applied to be in the training program with him… 5 minutes after receiving my rejection notice I’d be sitting in an attorney’s office!!!

  13. 13 jezebel282


    I can smell raspberry on George’s breath.

    Christian Miron fair game? You mean the Democratic Campaign Coordinator? That Christian Miron?

    I certainly would not want to be his FTO (Field Training Officer). Let’s hope he becomes very familiar directing traffic around construction sites ( in the rain) or perhaps his brother’s personal guard.

  14. 14 1george1

    I understand your various points.
    I have strong reasons to agree.

    Yet, I try to be fair minded, despite the allusions to delusions and hallucigens.

  15. 15 jezebel282

    Nonetheless, pending that outcome of this expensive investigation by the State Attorney (gee, I hope they don’t bill us), Mike Henrick did the only thing a responsible elected official could do. He informed the voters.

    In fact, it is the only thing he COULD do. Under this Charter, all Town hiring/firing is done by James R. Miron. And we see how that it working out.

    I hope somebody on the CRC is reading this.

  16. 16 sudds

    My guess is they’re all reading it, but no one will act on it… because each side is salivating at the opportunity for it to be “their turn”!!!

    Taxpayers? Who are those? Oh you mean those peons that don’t donate to/attend the meetings of our politcal party!!!

  17. 17 jezebel282


    If that is true, then we may have to support an independent candidate. And it won’t be Dom Costello.

  18. 18 sudds

    Let’s face it sister(?)… the best we taxpayers in this town can do right now is pray for at least a kiss before these idiots ______ us!!!

  19. 19 jezebel282

    I still have hope, Sudds.

    Your buddy Booth is on the CRC (should I STILL have hope?).

    And they did get Ganim, Fabrizi, Rowland, Santopietro, Giordano..could Miron and Buturla be far behind?

    Do you really think they won’t respect us in the morning either?

  20. 20 sudds


    1) one man is powerless against “the machines”

    2) they don’t respect us now… you think they’ll respect us in the am?

    3) the sad part of this whole mess is that our esteemed (LOL) mayor actually isn’t doing anything illegal! Granted he’s exploited every weakness of our current charter that he spoke about in his minority report of it… but alas nothing that we can send him away for (yet). How about if we all go do some free yard work at his house and hope that it gets him sent away like Rowland!?!?!?! :o}

  21. 21 jezebel282


    1) How about one woman?
    2) Maybe in November?
    3) The DPW already does his yardwork. Maybe we can get Fabrizi’s coke dealer to give him better prices?

  22. 22 1george1

    Sudds & Jeze,

    Your exchange echo’s positions I tried to affect and situation about which
    I have B… GRIPED about since 1998 and in the past blogs.

    Perhaps, the reading of these blogs, S L O W L Y improves the readers’ minds? 😉

    And, the underestimated opponents do use loopholes and borderline legal tactics,
    since they are lawyers whose worth and self worth depend on those they can BUY! 😦

  23. 23 jezebel282


    I am not going to abandon hope and faith in the voters here. Not with examples like Pat Sperling, Sue Sullier, David Blumstein, Sylvia Guberman (except for that unfortunate Costello period), whoever the hell Sudds is, and yes…you, George.

    We have an OPPORTUNITY to make things right by having a Charter Revision Commission. It may be our last chance for 6 years, but it is a chance. It is up to the voters not to squander it.

  24. 24 sudds

    Sudds = me! :o}

    A resourceful person like you hasn’t figured out who I am yet… tisk tisk Miss(?) Jez!!! :oP

    PS… my bet is that whatever the CRC comes up with will be passed by the voters as it can’t possibly have as many “loopholes” as the current one does (unless of course the chooses to close none of them until after “their turn”)… so…

    …assume the position everyone… this is probably gonna hurt!!!

  25. 25 1george1


    Anyone who believes in the C. R. C. is a fool, as they were hand picked.
    They have dead aim to eliminate the possibility of another 1991 petition
    and referendum. And they will BUY or BURY anyone who is a serious…

    I partially agree with SUDDS. Especially about assuming the position, for
    what the end product of the C. R. C. shall be.

    Be careful what you ask for…

  26. 26 jezebel282


    Hand picked though they may be (who the hell picked Booth?), I STILL have faith in the process until proven wrong.

    I have faith in John Florek, Karen Rodia and (gulp) Eric Booth. The others carry a LOT of baggage.

    If the only thing the CRC can to is protect us from the abuses we’ve lived through, then their work is a success.

    We need an independent Town Attorney, Council oversight of expenditures, Established and enforceable hiring practices and removal of “at will” employee status. If they can only accomplish this much….

  27. 27 sudds

    “who the hell picked Booth?”

    God knows it wasn’t me! LOL!!!

  28. 28 jezebel282

    The “word” I get is that Tina Burgett just couldn’t stomach the whole Christian Miron scandal. All that testifying she will have to do in the upcoming arbitration and CHRO hearings just added to it.

    Bye Tina.

  29. 29 1george1

    I have faith in John Florek,


    Karen Rodia and


    (gulp) Eric Booth.


    The others carry a LOT of baggage.


    If the only thing the CRC can to is protect us from the abuses
    we’ve lived through, then their work is a success.


    We need an independent Town Attorney,


    Council oversight of expenditures,


    Established and enforceable hiring practices


    and removal of “at will” employee status.


    If they can only accomplish this much….


  30. 30 jezebel282

    Two months have passed since this “investigation” began. Other than intimidating a few police officers, nothing has happen. Oh wait, the Police Officer’s Union president has left and so has the HR Director.

    I suppose Christian Miron will quietly slip on a Stratford PD uniform and begin scouring the town for criminals. Might I suggest the next family dinner, Christian?

  31. 31 1george1

    I wonder if Town Hall will have “piped in music?”
    When the music stops, it can be a signal to remove a chair?

    Jeze, I hate to admit it, but “family dinner” got a LOL.

    And, I do like christian and brook (whose baby is due soon)

    I don’t understand how people like dick sleep at night.

    As far as Jim goes, there are times I thought he thought he
    was doing the right things. However, after trying to help on
    meet the mayor in his first 6 months and ambiant issues, I
    just could not accept the bad with the good….

    Gavin has been the only one of the D to actually point out
    a Jim achievement. And that was Senior citizen relief.
    But it was only for an extra $ 150,000 or a POLICE CAPT PENSION
    and it raised the threshhold to over $ 40,000, which is not poverty,
    where people with $ 10 – $ 20,000 REALLY need the help!

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