Bad News for Sudds.


Apparently, Sudds did not hold enough golf tournaments at Short Beach last year. After only generating $363,000 in revenue, Short Beach Golf Course is seeking an $0.75 increase in green fees.

“We have had to increase the price of the coffee to $1. In addition, we have requested a rate increase for all greens fees of $.75. Once approved by the Town Council the new fees will go into effect.”

So where did $363,000 go? Why, the same place as the revenue of $294,000 from the railroad station!

One thing we know, it sure didn’t go to fixing up the train station or cleaning up Short Beach.


10 Responses to “Bad News for Sudds.”

  1. 1 sudds

    It takes me about 75 strokes to complete that little nine hole course (no one can say that I don’t get my money’s worth)… so that’s only a $0.01 increase per stroke for me!!!

    PS… only $363,000? Isn’t this course one of the many services that the town provides to us in exchange (LOL) for our tax dollars? If you ask me… they should raise the rate for out of towners by $3 and lower in town rates!!!

    PPS… based on the 54 golfers we’ll have… this increase is going to reduce the “Sperling for Mayor” coffers by $40.50!!!

  2. 2 1george1

    I asked to sit in on the Financial Review interviews.
    Tom Moore allowed it.
    I was NOT seeking advantage as I assumed, if I could do it,
    any other applicant could too?
    However, dutifully, they sat outside in the corridor, awaiting
    their turns. (They think inside the box)

    Bob Sammis made several substantive points about the value of
    his time and of others volunteering for the F. R.
    > PENSIONS are out of control & will bankrupt Stratford.
    > Stratford Programs need to be self sustaining, like the Greens Fees.
    (Miron will no doubt take credit for the Sammis idea.)
    Bob is a Golfer. He asked why others should subsidize his fun and the
    fun of other Golfers? It is enough to have the facilities, by the Town,
    but should the upkeep be borne by taxpayers.

    Stratford does have the BEST basket of services around, which must
    be paid for. (Like Garbage pick up – 1 less Bill.)
    > Bob pointed out the Softball field LIGHTS cost money. As do the
    upkeep of the fields.
    I wonder? With rosters of 25 people per team and 12- 15 regulars using
    the fields / facilities, wouldn’t $ 2 – 4 per game, per person be a fair price
    to pay per workout?
    – Less than a movie & about the same amount of time?
    – Less than a Beer (most Restaurants)
    – Less than a Starbuck coffee?

    Hey if some Bunnel parents want Astro turf > Why don’t they pay for it?

    Years ago, the parents of Band members raised money for the Band to
    travel to places like the Rose Parade.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    If they charged per stroke, Short Beach may be your only option.

    Sadly, Short Beach Golf Course is the primary recreational activity for many of our Town’s seniors on a fixed income. $0.75 doesn’t seem like a like unless you live on Social Security benefits and still have to pay property tax.

    As the commuters who stand in the snow, rain and wind at the train station will attest, no matter what you pay you still get to stand in the rain, snow and wind.

  4. 4 1george1

    Who blogged there has to be an increase, without regard to income?

    If a fixed income senior can document “need / income,” why not issue a
    Discount or FREE Golfing card, for $ 1 processing fee?

    The game of golf is not without cost of TEES, Golfballs, bent clubs 8) , &
    necessities of the 19th hole?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Short Beach Golf Course does issue slight discounts for seniors. But that will go up too.

    As long as Sudds keeps playing at Short Beach, there will be no need to purchase golf balls.

    The POINT is, where does the $363,000 go?

  6. 6 1george1

    Maybe the $ 363,000 went to the BOGEY-man? 8) (groan)

  7. 7 jezebel282


  8. 8 sudds

    “Bob is a Golfer. He asked why others should subsidize his fun and the fun of other Golfers? It is enough to have the facilities, by the Town, but should the upkeep be borne by taxpayers.”

    George… please tell this… this… (I’ll be nice and just call him a…) rocket scientist that (exhibit 1 of MANY) I have no children, yet my tax dollars go to the upkeep of the schools… so how does his statement even come close to holding water?

    If this is the level of intelligence on the FRC then this town is @#$ed!!!

    Jez… where does the $363k go? I have two words for ya sweetheart… Ashley & Heather!!! :oP

  9. 9 1george1


    Should everyone get everything for FREE?

    I am unsure if I quoted Bob Sammis verbatim, but I did get in the gist.
    > Sudds, what do you suspect it cost to maintain the Golf course and
    pay the personnel and other overhead (pro rated)?
    > Sudds, if it runs at a deficit, should it be subsidized by Town Taxes
    or USER FEES?
    Please pick only one of the 2 choices and I will take your survey (Carrot)

    I have never been married and have “no known” children.
    Some of my Town taxes go to the Board of Ed.
    I go to Budget Hearings about the priorities and quantity of spending.
    Uniform Education is in the Constitution.
    > It cost $ 10,000 a year, per pupil to Educate
    > It cost $ 50,000 a year, per prisoned to Jail people.
    > Free people can contribute constructively (except lawyers) to society.
    (Even (most) Lawyers pay (some) taxes)

    The Fire Dept, helped me unlock my cars twice in 30 years.

    Most Police have been respectful, courteous, and even gave / showed
    flexibility, in past occurances, which I shall not elaborate on, so as not
    to allow tracing the issue and causing problems for them.
    > We have a couple of noted exceptions!

    Hurricane Gloria saw Public Works come and cut down a tree, that was
    ready to crush my home, only being restrained by Telephone wires/poles.

    I have confidence in EMS.

    Town Hall has mostly competent, decent, and helpful people working there.
    As Mayor, they would work a 40 hour, not 37 1/2 hour week.

    Library is mostly superb, except for a little politics.

    Public Health was superlative under Elaine O’Keefe.
    They have done good things, even, under Miron.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    It looks like you will not get that cushy no-show job with Jon Best if he wins the election in November.

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