No Child Left With A Dime


It’s that time again! Time to play Seniors versus Schoolkids!

I hope someone remembers to ask Mayor Moron why he needs close to $500,000 to run his office. Oh…and there’s that $1 MILLION for Rich Buturla.

Parvulus pessum, Mayor Moron?

You read it in the Post:
Mayor: Budget to yield ‘modest’ tax increase
Article Last Updated: 04/21/2008 12:00:45 AM EDT

STRATFORD — Mayor James R. Miron earlier this month unveiled a proposed 2008-09 budget of $175.5 million, a spending plan he says would require one of the town’s lowest tax-rate hikes in recent years.With an overall 2.25 percent proposed budget increase, the town’s tax rate would rise three-quarters of a mill to 30.87 mills, the mayor said.

The budget would mean a “very modest” $139 increase for the typical homeowner, based on an average assessed home value of $185,000, according to Finance Director John Norko.

But the mayor’s proposed $1.1 million reduction to the $89 million requested by the school board has been lambasted by education officials as a figure that would “devastate” the school system and result in its failure to meet state and federal mandates.

Residents will have the chance to comment on the mayor’s proposed budget for the new fiscal year at a two-part budget hearing that begins at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Stratford High School and continues at the same time Wednesday in Wooster Middle School.

The mayor last year proposed a budget with a 2-mill increase in taxes, prompting a $2.7 million cut by the Town Council. Last year, he also proposed a nearly $1 million reduction to the Board of Education’s request, but the council restored $230,000 of that amount.

In his 2008-09 budget, the mayor is recommending the growth in the school board’s budget be reduced from 5.93 percent to 4.52 percent.

“We’re going to have to listen to the public and go over the budget very carefully,” said Town Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2. “It’s possible we could restore some of that education funding again, but this is a particularly rough year economically and we have to make sure we keep the tax increase very low so people can still afford to live in their homes,” he said.But Supt. of Schools Irene Cornish said recently she was “shocked” by the mayor’s proposal, which she noted is at the same level “when we had to close Center School in 2005.

“It would set the school system back at least two years,” she said.

Cornish said the mayor’s recommendation would not enable the school system to meet “increasingly stringent mandates” imposed by the federal “No Child Left Behind” law or other state programs.

Miron, however, said several new teaching positions and courses could be eliminated, including a new high school Latin course, to make savings.

“In these kinds of economic times I don’t think we can afford the luxury of a new class in Latin,” he said.

The council has to approve a final budget by the end of May.

Editor’s Note: Out of fairness, I am providing a link to the BOE’s published ’07-’08 Budget. It is a bit more explicit than the one that appears on the Town website. Sadly, Mr. Branyan has not published the proposed budget yet.


77 Responses to “No Child Left With A Dime”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Seniors vs Schoolkids….What’s the over/under?

    As I’ve said before, I have two kids in Stratford schools. One who receives extra services.

    However, I’m with the mayor on this one. Make do. Its going to be a rough year. Get over it.

    Mrs. Cornish is becoming the boy who cried wolf. Every year she says the same thing. Eventually, her wails of pain are going fall on more and more deaf ears.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    I think the spread will be $1/2 Million.

    Yes, I agree. Most of the Ed budget request is for salary increases.

    But $ 1/2 million to run the Mayor’s office? And shouldn’t Ashley Heydu’s salary be considered as part of the Education Budget? After all, we reimburse her tuition expense, books, and pay her to attend class.

  3. 3 1george1

    If one goes to past Budgets, one would find prior Town Managers made do,
    with $ 200,000 for their office. $ 500,000 for the Mayor’s Budget? Austerity?
    > I guess ROCKI will get to use the paper from the Budgets….

    Since NO ONE shows up for Town Council Meetings and propose Budget
    Workshops will be AFTER Public Hearings on the BUDGET….

    I prefer Cornish to O’Connell. She cut 3 assistant superintendents for over 1 year
    sending savings to kids. Now added 1 assistant super and upped Branyan’s pay as
    C.O.O. Still a net savings. However the (LACK) COMPETITIVE SALARIES in EDUCATION
    in CORRUPT-icut, makes it too easy to justify higher pay.
    > Plus Cornish is an Attorney. I believe her when she claimed she saved some of
    the Town Attorney costs from Board of Ed. However…..

    I had the Board of Ed 2007 approved Budget for over a month, but not the 2008 proposed Budget. So I have to limit my comments.

  4. 4 mikereynolds

    I know you harp on this point all the time. But if its such a big deal, why is no one crying about it as much as you do? I’m not disagreeing with you per se, but no one seems to be up in arms over it. If it was such an outrage I think we’d see more of an outcry. How about bringing it to light in a Letter to the Editor?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Beats me. I think the idea of TWO mayoral “aides” with no job descriptions, work schedule or qualifications for $110,000/year PLUS benefits is absolute thievery. That’s in addition to secretaries and “assistants” to do the work they don’t do.

    It’s almost as bad as giving that Town of Stratford ATM card to Berchem Moses & Devlin.

  6. 6 1george1


    I guess Jeze either has not yet seen Burturla’s earnings, which I posted 1/2 hour ago, or has not yet compose her/himself to comment, YET……

  7. 7 sudds


    I think that the reason no one cares as much as Jez is that most people are just resigned to the fact that our town gov’t is 100% Dems vs Repubs, and there is NOTHING that a non-elected official can do about anything! (personal note: to all those lurkers out there… I would like to add the the preceeding seems to NOT to Mr. Forrester, who at several times this year has surprised me by actually practicing non-partisan politics)

    Jez on the other hand is actually making an effort to inform people of what’s going on in this town… hopefully more people will get involved because of/like her!!!

    As a 30-something taxpayer with no children I would like to add to a third party to the “Students vs Seniors” debate… what about the third S… those of use who are Scr*wed!?!?! Not that I want to abandon seniors or students, but what about those us who don’t fall into either of these?

    Of that’s right… I get a $139 tax icrease AND a $0.75 increase for the “fun” of golfing at a taxpayer’s dollars maintained course!

    Oh yeah… Happy Monday all! :oP

  8. 8 jezebel282


    For years the only game that has been played in this town is Seniors Versus Schoolkids. It’s an annual event.

    PTA members on one side, Seniors on the other. Everyone else just gets to watch. Although Miron tried to mix it up a little last year by suggesting that Cornish was racist.

    Except for salary increases, the BOE is sort of between a rock & hard place. On the one hand, they can’t antagonize the State too much or the trickle of ECS money may dry up completely. Our State Representatives don’t seem to be able to figure out how to work the spigot. The Feds just don’t care, it’s their way or the highway.

    And Sudds? You just keep running that play over and over until you get it right, dammit!
    Eventually you’ll have school kids.

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    Well, Jez is making an effort to inform people HERE. I’m willing to bet most people in Stratford don’t know about this blog.

  10. 10 lauradobosz

    Hello all.

    I had to weigh in on this one, to prove that I do not always agree with decisions at Town Hall. lol

    I took Latin when I went to Bunnell and it was instrumental in helping me grow my vocabulary, which in turn helped raise my SAT scores. All of the kids who took that class felt the same. I don’t doubt that we need to make cuts. I almost fainted, just this morning when I saw what my grocery bill for simple salad and sandwich supplies cost. I don’t even want to talk about gas prices. I will be growing my own garden this year, just to help cut produce costs. Tough times indeed.

    I will have to look further into it, but I would think there are other areas that we can cut, rather than removing valuable electives. Getting into college is more competitive than ever and the good schools look to electives and extra-curricular activities when evaluating students. I know for me, those additions to my high school ‘profile’ were extremely important on my applications. It was one of the things that helped me get into NYU.

    I don’t envy the Mayor in having to develop a budget in these times, but I still hope we can find some other area to make our cuts.

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    As a high school grad with 4 years of Latin…….Our high school students can do without it if it means money spent in more valuable areas.

    Aren’t Ashley and Heather due for raises? (That one’s for your Jeze!)

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Hello Ms. Dobosz,

    Welcome back. Maybe a couple of less “aides” and restricting the Town Attorney’s hours? That’s almost a million dollars right there.


    5,000 views in the last 10 days, comments from Jon Best and Gavin Forrester and Ms. Dobosz, Referrals from Google and Yahoo, LOTS of people see this.

  13. 13 lauradobosz

    Dang. I can’t win here, can I? lol No matter which side of the fance I am on, y’all disagree. lol

  14. 14 lauradobosz


  15. 15 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    I believe I agreed with you. (Go figure).

  16. 16 sudds

    As a three year survivor of high school Latin I can honestly say that I wish the subject never existed! However, as a member of society I am extremely glad that young people today (god that makes me feel OLD) have the opportunity to take it… I agree with Ms. Dobosz that it probably helped with my other grades.

    Mike… 4,000 hits provides a LOT of talking points for people… I can only imagine that Jez’s efforts are going to have a very positive effect on out town! (if I’ve never said it before… THANKS JEZ!!!)

    But please tell Ms. Cornish not to worry… the $0.75 fee hike at the town golf course should help her staff get a raise!!! (can you tell that I am a little bitter about the golf course thing… and I truth be told I only golf there like 2 maybe 3 times a year!?!?)

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    Yeah but how many unique page hits? Is that hit counter counting all the times the usual suspects visit this blog? If this blog is getting so many hits that means blog posts per unique visitor ratio is very low.

    Please don’t take this as a criticism Jeze. Its not. I respect you for running this site.

  18. 18 lauradobosz

    I have to agree with you sudds, I was sad to see that I would have to pay even more to sink a dozen balls per day in those water holes on the course. lol

  19. 19 jezebel282


    It a free service. The reporting functions are nice, but….

    Even Rocki’s site and Jon Best’s site got referral hits from here.

    5,000 hits are a lot from the 5 or 6 people you think are reading this site. That and I get asked and told about it in gas stations, supermarkets, delis…..

  20. 20 mikereynolds

    Ok so be it. No one that I know in Stratford knows about this blog so that’s what I’m basing my comments on.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Go tell them!

  22. 22 mikereynolds


  23. 23 sudds

    “I have to agree with you sudds, I was sad to see that I would have to pay even more to sink a dozen balls per day in those water holes on the course. lol”

    THAT’S WATER??? Ewwwwwwwwww!!!

  24. 24 lauradobosz

    well, I do have some pride in what the town has developed at short beach, I don’t want to be too critical. lol

  25. 25 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    Golfer secret: When you stand on the tee at #3, #6, #7 and #9 just think “What water?”.

  26. 26 lauradobosz

    lmao. I’ll try that. When they let the reeds get too high, that throws me off too. Hey, at least I get my money’s worth if I hit a perfect “7” on each hole, right?

  27. 27 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    I’ve seen people pick up their ball because they thought that, being a par 3, that three was all you were allowed.

    Short Beach is a truly unique place. People learn to golf, seniors connect with each other and recreate, golfers moan and groan (but go anyway) and parents have a great time with their children.

    See? We CAN agree on something!

  28. 28 jezebel282



    I guess Jeze either has not yet seen Burturla’s earnings, which I posted 1/2 hour ago, or has not yet compose her/himself to comment, YET……”

    While Buturla may not be ethical, he manages to stay just within the boundaries of “legal”.

    Ashley Heydu and Heather Habelka on the other hand have essentially what amounts to “No-Show” jobs. I believe that may be illegal.

  29. 29 lauradobosz

    Oh dear. Can you imagine picking up your ball after only 3 shots? I was a beginner last year, on some holes I would barely have gotten off the tee and would have to pick up my ball! lol

  30. 30 jezebel282


    I pick up my ball after two shots sometimes (if the wind is working with me). And it’s fun to watch the men grumble.

  31. 31 sudds

    I often pick up my ball after just one shot!!!

    Then I throw it back into play when no one is looking and continue the hole!!! :oP

  32. 33 1george1

    Amo, Amas, Amat >

    3 years ago a letter to the editor supporting school budget referred
    to a grouchy old man. The next Town Council meeting, the “Witch”
    (spelled with a capital B) was a glarin at me! 😉

    Yet, Irene Cornish has implemented many of the suggestions I made and
    addressed many of my criticisms about the O’Connell pyramid.

    Given a choice of Cornish being able to run the Town, or Miron being
    able to run the Board of Education….. 8)
    (SOFTBALL LOB alert) 🙂

    Are you findin all this stuff yourself?
    Or do you have a STAFF?
    Maybe ya needs a publicist, to EXPAND viewers?
    Maybe the POLICE & FIRE Depts are among the Viewers?
    > POLICE deserve COMPETENT & HONEST people.
    (Many are contemptuous of Loschiavo’s kids, before C. M. – and
    at least other prior nepotism / patronage candidates seem to
    have fewer objectionable qualities, from what I heard?)

    You are gettin 7s at the PAR 3.
    What are you, some sort of PRO?
    I bet you would still have to give SUDDS strokes?

    You blog that you disagree with TOWN HALL about the Board of Ed Budget
    and we should be surprized?
    Wait a minute?
    You favor the Board of Ed increase? Right?
    You are a Democrat? Right?
    It is a surprize that you want to increase speding on Edukation? SURPRIZED?

    $ 50,000 a year for to JAIL / IMPRISON 1 person
    $ 10,000 A year fo Educate 1 person
    > Unaffiliated Taxpayers might favor the LATER.
    > D & R party bosses favor the FORMER, since they have to find jobs for the
    SONS (& Daughters) of the party faithful.

    I am crushed to have lost your vote and not gettin any props for takin
    positions I believe are PUBLIC INTEREST.
    > I make NOT claim to speak for anyone but myself.

  33. 34 jezebel282


    Are you findin all this stuff yourself?”

    Anyone can find it. You just have to look.

    Think of it like a golfball, if I don’t find it someone else will. I have a ton of ’em that say “Sudds” and “L.Dobosz” on them.

  34. 35 sudds

    Only a ton? You’re not looking hard enough!

    Don’t worry Georgie… I still love ya… it’s just that Mr. Forrester is in a better place (i.e. on the Council) to have influence with his decisions!

  35. 36 1george1

    I agree with your # 35 position about Gavin

  36. 37 sudds

    LOL… Miron unveils his budget then skips out on, err I mean has unavoidable scheduling conflicts for his open door sessions (I wonder if Ashley and/or Heather will be filling in?).

    MISTER MAYOR… what can be more important than meeting with people who have already made plans to be there???

    STRATFORD The town’s ‘open door’ meetings with the mayor will go on this week but without the mayor. Mayor James R. Miron announced that because of “unavoidable scheduling conflicts,” all of his open door meetings for this week will be conducted by his assistants.

    The meetings take place Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m.; Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. and on Thursdays from 8 to 9 a.m. At these meetings, residents are given about 5-10 minutes to chat with the mayor or his assistance, as is the case this week.

    The mayor’s office noted that Miron can be contacted by e-mail at, by phone at 385-4001 or with a letter addressed to him at Town Hall, 2725 Main Street, Stratford, CT 06615.

  37. 38 sudds

    As per Jez’s message #32 above… do you think Miron is skipping the meetings because he can’t explain those things either???

  38. 39 jezebel282



    I think there must be a deal on hotels rooms in Myrtle Beach. After all, it’s not his money. Besides he will be pandering to the Senior Citizens at his State of the Town “sessions” soon.

    “Only a ton? You’re not looking hard enough!”

    As I’ve said, Sudds; It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way you do.

  39. 40 lauradobosz

    George, I am confused. Why would it be a surprise that a democrat would not necessarily be in favor of cutting school programs, if it could be avoided? Democrats typically go in favor of social services and community development. I am not 100% sure that the BoE cuts can be avoided, I have honestly not scoured the whole budget yet. I was just commenting that I feel electives in our schools are very important and should be maintained as a top priority. Especially now that this joke of NCLB is making education more ‘standardized and test driven’ and is taking away the creative, thought provoking aspects in education that truly make children learn.

    Oh and I HAVE been known to get a 4 or a 5 on the course and one time even got a 3!! 🙂

  40. 41 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    Congrats on the 3!

    You should see how much compliance with NCLB costs the the BOE. It will make you sick. I’m not even going to mention CMT’s, CAPT’s and Sheff v O’Neil. All of which unfunded.

    Oh wait, maybe I will mention those.

    Perhaps you can look at the budget for the Mayor’s Office and CAO’s office and justify those expenses?

  41. 42 lauradobosz

    I hate NCLB with every cell in me.

    As for the rest, I will try to get on that. 😉

  42. 43 1george1


    I believe the Mayor will make a 20 minute presentation Tuesday at the
    BUDGET HEARING and will attend the Wednesday one as well.

    I suspect he will comment on Thursday @ the C. R. C. Predicated on LONG
    DAYS Tues, Wed, & probably Thursday, even a detractor would (should?)
    allow for PREP time and the long DAY.

    Conversely, PROPS to GAVIN and the Town Councilors for LONG DAYS of unpaid
    and unappreciated Volunteer work (can we keep it that way), after working
    their real jobs?

    PROPS to the C. R. C., except the Lawyers, for whom the C. R. C. is either
    directly paid or indirectly paid (favors DONE or to be DONE?)

    It is NO SURPRIZE that a DEMOCRAT ever, REPEAT ever, wants to SPEND TAX
    PAYER MONEY, especially on Depts like TEACHERS, POLICE, FIRES, etc.
    > Usually they work there or have family working there.

    You know the things the Republicans are against.
    Conversely, REPUBLICANS love money for WAR or people who don’t need it,
    and will try to continue OPPRESSION and STRATIFICATION.

    > As previously blogged, neither party wants COCAINE, METH, or ALCOHOL
    to unclog the POLITICAL INJUSTICE SYSTEM, since those are CASH COWS
    for the LAWYERS and other PARASITES.


    Good to see you are on the same page on UNFUNDED MANDATES, which I
    suggested the LAWYERS file WRITS of MANDAMUS to have the FEDS & CT
    assume the UNFUNDED MANDATED and causal costs.

    unfunded MANDATES
    writ of … MANDAMUS

    Hint, the WORDS even LOOK a lot alike.
    However, will ANY LAWYER ever, REPEAT EVER, do the right thing and challenge
    the STATE & FEDERAL PARTY BOSSES, whose boots they lick?

    Instead of redundant and insipid opinions which add BILLING OPPORTUNITIES

  43. 44 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    See? Again we agree.

    Did you feel the Earth move?

  44. 45 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobsz,

    I am looking forward with interest to your justification of $500,000 for something that used to cost $150,000.

  45. 46 lauradobosz

    “It is NO SURPRIZE that a DEMOCRAT ever, REPEAT ever, wants to SPEND TAX
    PAYER MONEY, especially on Depts like TEACHERS, POLICE, FIRES, etc.
    > Usually they work there or have family working there.”

    I have family that works for the Town. They are distant family however. My point being, that there is no “nepotism” in the Dobosz family. To be blunt, half of my family is very republican and half is very democratic. At no point in my race for Council did I try to bring any of my family into the campaign. That was my fight, not theirs.

    I guess my point is that your above statement is one that I would have to disagree with.
    Profoundly, actually.

  46. 47 lauradobosz

    Ms. Dobsz,

    I am looking forward with interest to your justification of $500,000 for something that used to cost $150,000.
    It’s Dobosz actually, but I would prefer Laura, as I have stated in the past.

    I am not going to touch that subject, on this site. For several reasons but the primary one being that no matter what my opinions might be on the budget, there will be an attack here. I just don’t think that my opinions are worth that kind of battle. I can agree with posters here, but still be challenged. I can agree with Town Hall and be even more challenged. I have said this before. I appreciate the open forum that you run here, but it is by far not unbiased and people who express opinions that contradict the ‘clique’ that seems to run this site are lambasted and ridiculed. That is a fact. It is. I can appreciate your opinions and I can respect the negative thoughts that you believe are true about our current town government, but I will not engage in the debate of those topics on this site.

    I obviously, disagree with many of you here when it comes to our Mayor and the town government as a whole. I hope that you would all respect my right to disagree with you as much as I respect your right to believe the things that you do.

    Best Regards and Goodnight!

  47. 48 1george1


    My statement was an intentional overstatement.
    I believe very few of certain types of generalities have 100 % coverage as true.

    I have blogged there are good & bad
    Non involved.

    Bottom line, I agree with your profound disagreement with my position,
    since (as I have blogged in the past) I sometimes use probes, for reaction.

    Is that a surprize?


    Further, Laura, I agree with you that no matter what you post, you will
    probably be attacked by rabid republican kool aid tossers or tin foil fetish
    mongers, on this website.. Or by me, in some situations. 😉

    The NCLB is not necessarily a bad concept.
    However, like most Administration policies, it has been abused for political

    Which leads me to LOSE FOCUS: 😉 8)
    > I just saw a Cheney clip on the Jay Leno show, where he stated that his
    wife claims that his being called Darth Vader “humanizes him.”

    Darth Vader was the guy would sold his soul to the dark side and had his
    organs artificially enhanced, something like whatever they are using for
    Cheney’s heart, when they took out his soul?

    > I wonder how many people in the Nixon / Carter / Reagan / Bush / Clinton
    / Bush White House actually care about the American people, Constitution,
    and other people’s children?
    > I wonder if Cheney & Rumsfeld would be able to withstand a legitimate
    Grand jury investigation into OIL PRICING & 9/11, causal to WAR & OIL?

  48. 49 jezebel282


    “It’s Dobosz actually, but I would prefer Laura, as I have stated in the past.”

    I apologize. In most cases, I managed to type it correctly. Typing is not teh best thing I do.

    “I just don’t think that my opinions are worth that kind of battle.”

    That is unfortunate. We value your opinion a great deal. Most Mironistas simply revert to name calling. We have a great interest in what would lead a thoughtful person to support this mayor.

    “but it is by far not unbiased and people who express opinions that contradict the ‘clique’ that seems to run this site are lambasted and ridiculed.”

    Clique? I’m a clique? No one helps me administer this site. No one. To be honest, I am mildly shocked that most of the ridiculous things you may see posted here (OK, except for George occasionally) come from Mayor Moron.

    “but I will not engage in the debate of those topics on this site.”

    This is even more unfortunate. No one seems to be able to defend any of the actions of this mayor. Not by force of reason and logic anyway. We had high hopes in your ability to do so. Is it a truly indefensible position? Miron himself mostly uses the argument “I’m the F%$&*#G Mayor! I can do whatever the F***K I want!” Is that the basic platform?

    “I hope that you would all respect my right to disagree with you”

    We would probably respect it more if you could explain it in some rational way.

    Nonetheless we hope to meet you someday where the links have water hazards instead of URL’s.

  49. 50 pcsperling

    I read something very interesting this morning. Apparently there are dead Stratford citizens still voting in Town elections.

    While driving to the train station, listing to WPLR, it was noted that it’s up to the Town Clerk to update the Republic and Democratic Registrars of the deaths of Town voters so that they can be removed from the lists. I doubt very much that our past Town Clerk wasn’t doing her job.

    I read, on another blog, that the number in Stratford was significant, although this morning’s Post only listed the number at 18. Just a little bit curious whether that number is rally correct.

    By the way….I guess I’m probably considered one of the malicious members of the clique, but that’s OK, I speak my mind.

  50. 51 pcsperling

    Correction, maybe not still voting, but still listed on the registrars’ lists of voters. Not sure if any awoke and voted.

  51. 52 sudds

    “I am not going to touch that subject, on this site. For several reasons but the primary one being that no matter what my opinions might be on the budget, there will be an attack here.”

    Don’t worry Jez… she’s probably referring to me! (can we be a clique when we have no idea who each other is?)

    Anyway Laura… if you look closely I don’t attack people’s thoughts/beliefs/stances/etc… but I DO attack their lack there of! If you are going to respond with with politcal mumbo-jumbo just dancing around the issue and not actually answering the question (while being arrogant enough to think that we don’t know the difference)… he YES… I will attack you as a fraud. f you state a clear opinion and take a stance on an issue (whatever it may be) then you’re OK with me! (hence my respect for Mr Forrester over Mr. Best at this point)

    Well… I hope that I truly didn’t scare you off… our town needs smart people like yourself to give us their opinions so that we can base our decisions on somethign other than the BS flowing out of Town Hall!!!

  52. 53 lauradobosz

    Ok. Fair enough. lol

    I will speak my mind then, when warrented. Lord knows everyone on both sides of the fence know that I am comfortable doing that. 😉 Sometimes to a fault though..

    Just know that my life is a bit chaotic right now, my business is having some turn overs in staffing and it is driving me mad. So don’t mistake my lack of response as my ignoring you. I just have to limit my ‘blog time’ for a bit.

  53. 54 jezebel282


    Are you being investigated by the State Attorney too?

    Playwright was worried about “some turnovers in staffing” as well.

  54. 55 lauradobosz

    lol. No. Thankfully I am not. I just have to deal with college student turn overs and summer vacations.

  55. 56 jezebel282


    I have a college student I’d like to turn over!

    What’s the address?

  56. 57 1george1

    Good to see your blog. I was worried about you.

    It is good to see you have work priorities. In talking to you after the debates,
    you have a very strong opinionated view point. You did not seem open to a
    different perspective. Most people hate objections. I love them. I learn more
    from people who disagree with me than agree, so sometimes …..
    I occasionally will credit Miron people when they are right or do right.
    You can take comfort in that I challenge everyone, even PCS, who I like the
    most of all the bloggers
    (sorry others – I met her. She has sense of humor & is very nice)
    I like many of the people in both camps > I get in trouble when I name names. 🙂

    I admire Jon & Gavin for EMS & other stuff. I like them too. (Surprize)
    But we have room to agree and disagree. Politics does not have to be a personal
    perspective, just judging priorities?
    I intentionally shot out a challenge to Freedomofspeach, Jon, & Gavin on my
    position that BURTURLA’S opinions and his position as Town Attorney are what
    > None came back to challenge that!!!
    > None came back that Burturla’s opinion on last year’s petition is unchallenged
    and sits as precedent.
    > No one has giving ANY ACCOUNTING about C. R. C. cost to Stratford and what
    it has done for BURTURLA’S FIRM?
    > Eric, Jeze, & Florek all claimed Florek would recuse himself when talking about
    the Town Attorney position. I have yet to see that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> If Jon became Mayor, isn’t it likely Proto would become Town Attorney?
    What about recusal there?
    >> And if Berchem, Moses, etc were sending business directly or indirectly to
    Proto, August, and O’Neill of Florek & O’Neille, could a reasonable person
    construe there was QUID PRO QUO in ASKING for SO MANY OPINIONS, in a C.R.C.
    which was GIVEN NO BUDGET by the TOWN COUNCIL and which there are many
    prior OPINIONS given to the prior C. R. C.?
    > Why the DESIRE – Why the NEED – for OPINIONS from Esq. Burturla

    These are direct questions to Gavin, Jon, & Freedom of Speach (who appeared
    be be both a Lawyer (who writes good) and a Best backer, based on his anti
    “stay at home Mom” comment, about Jon being busy? – Oh Jeze – was he taking
    a WITCH SLAP at ????) 😉 8)

    Jeze & Sudds,
    I enjoy debate. Yet when I blog something some feel are absurd, they simply
    call it absurd and don’t state why?
    You blog other people don’t argue their pro-Miron positions.
    So why not specifically state what you find objectionable or absurd? 😦

    When you try to prove me wrong in my EXTRA-STRATFORD of VIEWS of HISTORY,
    I am willing to back them with FACTS. We can still differ about conclusions &
    whether there are DOTS which deserve connecting?
    Will you accept my challenge?
    Mikereynolds, I accept you don’t believe my credibility on some of those, but
    would you accept my challenge to pick a specific to challenge me?
    (Oh, I reserve the right to point out, like I did with Laura, Gavin, & Jon, when
    I am blogging to fish for reactions, rather than taking a serious position) 😉

    I have to give credit to Jeze as being THE MOST OPINIONATED & RESPONSIVE
    blogger (except maybe the obnoxious me = living down to the Play writes

  57. 58 lauradobosz

    George, I am open to other perspectives. Just not the ones I think are wrong. 🙂

  58. 59 jezebel282


    “since (as I have blogged in the past) I sometimes use probes, for reaction.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case…..

  59. 60 1george1


    I acknowledge which blogs are probatary.
    I also acknowledge there is an “outside” audience, for whom I blog.
    Lastly, I try to connect a Stratford issue with non stratford issues, as causal
    or antedotal.

    When singing to the choir, is there as need to rest your case?

    Isn’t debate about finding truth or at least exposing error?
    I am willing to bet, you will admit that at least once in your life, you were wrong?
    (I have admitted such, & even blogged corrections)

  60. 61 jezebel282


    If I hoist you on a pittard, it might as well be yours.

  61. 62 sudds

    “since (as I have blogged in the past) I sometimes use probes, for reaction.”…

    please remind me NOT to go to George’s campaign meetings!!!

  62. 63 pcsperling

    George ~

    Don’t worry, I’m here, just watching and reading. A little exhausted from a busy weekend with Elmo and friends at the Arena….LOL

  63. 64 1george1


    Google can’t find pittard.
    Ya got me on that one.

    Not campaign meetings

    Did you know that Bert & Ernie were also names of Characters
    in “It’s a wonderful life”

    Which has more cedibility?
    Sesame street?
    Stratford’s SAYS A ME?

    You have “morning line,” for candidate survey.
    How about “mourning line” for the expected low turn outs to the
    BUDGET & C. R. C. Public hearings?

  64. 65 pcsperling


    Why Sesame Street, of course! At least the monsters are right out in front.

  65. 66 1george1

    Now I have an urge for a COOKIE!

    The Sesame street characters are fuzzy, loveable, and colorful.

    When it comes to colorful, Alvin has some VERY bright suits. 8)
    Tom Moore and Mr. Dempsey have bright ties and colorful shirts.
    Every one has varied opinions on loveability factors? 🙂
    And one meeting that Gavin chaired, I had to ask him to switch off his
    BRIGHT RED shirt! Truth is, I was deeply envious, since it outshown my
    RED WW II Memorial shirt, which has gotten pretty faded! 8)

    As for FUZZY?

    Have you done the Math in the Mayor’s “BUDGET” 😦
    or seen Town Attorney’s “BILLING” ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY? 😉

  66. 67 jezebel282


    Sorry. I don’t get to use “Pittard” very often. It is actually “Petard”.

    Hoist by or with one’s own petard, hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another.
    It’s nice also to have a definitive source – no less than Shakespeare, who gives the line to Hamlet (1603):

    “For tis the sport to have the enginer Hoist with his owne petard”.

  67. 68 pcsperling

    George ~

    No doubt there’s lots of “fuzzi”ness in the proposed budget.

    I don’t even want to ask about the location of Rubber Ducky!

  68. 69 1george1


    Great word.
    Even properly spelled, it would have stumped me.
    Great job. Manter (?) hall would have been proud!

    However, now I am hurt.
    Petard, looks too much like


    Why did you do that?
    I can not unwind the mental video tape caused by rubber ducky
    ducky, looks like….
    On NO. Self censor button!

    I enjoyed that you voted for Rocki.
    Your sense of humor does not come out often.
    John Miranda was the only T C who smiled,

  69. 70 freedomofspeach


    Thank you for some of your complements (that I am a good writer, I am the product of a very good public school, way back when) but your statement regarding me being a Best backer is unfounded. I am not a voter in Stratford, nor do I plan to be. I am not even in the state anymore. But thanks for your concern.

    My comment about being a “stay at home mom” is simply that. You gave Gavin a pass when he did not seem to make it (and I asked if that was correct) to any CRC meetings. Mr. Best, although from what I understand is someone who works just like Mr. Gavin, but still seems to make the meetings according to the posts. I am just reiterating the information from this blog, and call it as I see it.

    In addition I have the highest regards for “stay at home moms” (and dads) as without them, our society as we know it would not exist. I think they need to be paid more. Idea lets cut the Mayors salary and send money home to the moms.

  70. 71 1george1

    F. O. S.

    I believe your quote was “What is Best, a stay at home mom?”
    was a product of a Gavin vs. Jon comment.

    Yet you identified ONLY “BEST” when you had a world of others to mention.
    Ergo, my guess is that you are a Jon backer.

    F. O. S., my deduction is that you must be a Lawyer to have gotten PCS to
    yield to your superior knowledge of the law, VERY quickly, in the Chris Miron
    mess. PCS is a paralegal, who does her homework, and appears to be THE
    most accurate of the regular blogger on a “CONSISTENT” basis.

    Jeze, Kane, Cyclops, myself, Sudds and On-Target of the past have their moments.
    Of course, I must give due to Gavin, Jon, & Mr. Fahan, 🙂

    And I deduce that you are Republican, by virtue (or lack of) you content’s tilt. 😉

    Further, all of us have favorite sayings, like my “no good deed goes unpunished,”
    or “be careful what you (ask) wish for…” I and sources have heard a couple of
    things said by a certain (local) person which also showed up in your blog.
    Ergo, I deduce you are local….

    Of course, my deductions and conclusions often do not square with opinions of
    the bloggers, certain authorities, and certain others. And I make NO claim of
    infallability…. 8)

    While your post to cut the Mayor’s salary will please readers, I believe the Mayor’s
    proposed low TAX increase is OVER DUE and praise worthy.
    However, I also believe the Stratford Tax payers have been burdoned with over
    20 % in extra Taxation, since and even before the appearance of Burturla/Miron
    in the mid 1980s, as surrogates for the FAGAN KNIGHTS.

    If you truly want the ability of a nuclear family to live on a single income with
    excellent benefits, it is capable of being done.
    However, THAT can not be done at a LOCAL LEVEL, except BRIBING the CHOSEN

    Anybody figure out NOTA?

  71. 72 freedomofspeach

    The stay at home in context was a comment in reply that you understood Gavin was too busy to make CRC meetings. Yet one of his opponents was making the meetings and working too. Its like “what is he chop liver?” Boy that will date me.

    The Miron brother mess really got me going, as I have family members who have been in law enforcement, and I know how hard, even as a legacy, it was to get into the police academy in Connecticut, but that was when it was one of the best in the country, and before it merged with the municipal academy. I started blogging after reading SPT while following up on the many years of Bridgeport scandals, and what I feel is the ongoing loss by PW of his right of free speech, which I have in the past been sworn to protect and defend.

    I enjoy and understand politics. I hate corruption and greed. Public Service is a calling.

    A little bio for you since your asking probative questions. I am not a republican, I am an unaffiliated voter, fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I have lived and worked in Connecticut but no long, haven’t lived there for about 10 years. I have never lived in Stratford, but have worked there.

    I have a little education. I write well because of spell-check and have access to a lot of research on different subjects. I am lucky enough to teach in some forums, and depart some of my knowledge to the masses.

    My age gives me lots of slogans to use so the people you know must be in the same age range.

    I do remember Stratford as a beautiful place, a jewel in Fairfield County, with some of the best opportunities to work (Avco, Sikorsky) in the state, but remember I go back to Ben Deleto and Ella T Grasso time.

    About tax cuts, yes it’s about time. But at what costs to the services of the town? Over the past years there was a lot that the politicians could have done to prevent the runaway tax increases. Economic development is the key to quality of life in towns. You must have a diverse tax base and companies must want to come to your town and pay taxes, not run the first chance they get. The engine plant only was sold, in less than a year, because they got the hands of the hand picked “preferred” developer out of it. I am wondering who preferred it. I do know that a lot of people made a lot of money (millions) while the plant sat empty, rotting away, and taking millions in taxes out of the town coffers. My guess there was 2-3 mil right there.

    I can’t believe that Jim Miron was elected to the first Mayors term in your town, I have found him eccentric, and I would never be disrespectful of his service to our country, but he has made himself in the position, a laughing stock of the state. Showing Tattoos to news people? Is that something a stable, member of the bar, first Mayor (one who will be remembered in the towns history books) should do? How about the gun toting? Should the whole state know your pirate tattooed Mayor carries a concealed weapon around with him and in his town car? You had other choices and others who seemed more qualified, had better grounding, and good ideas, but my guess did not play the game. Lets see what the next term, CRC, and a better educated electorate does this next time.

  72. 73 pcsperling

    FOS ~

    You seem to have a better grasp, as an outsider looking in, than some of the Stratford resident bloggers here have. You’re input here is much appreciated and enlightening.

    All ~

    So, a good friend of mine found a $19,000 discrepancy on the railroad portion of the budget. A typo? Who knows. It just gives more need to the going over – extremely carefully. If there’s one error, which doesn’t seem like a great deal in the grand scheme, there’s probably more, which could add up to potentially a great deal. I certainly urge those with a financial background to go over the proposed budget. We need involvement of those with that financial knowledge and background.

  73. 74 1george1

    F. O. S.

    Your blog deserves review.
    > family members who have been in law enforcement;
    > following up on the many years of Bridgeport scandals;
    > I enjoy and understand politics. = I hate corruption and greed.
    > “Public Service is a calling”
    > have access to a lot of research on different subjects.
    > teach in some forums, and depart some of my knowledge to the masses.
    > unaffiliated voter, fiscally conservative and socially moderate
    > best opportunities to work (Avco, Sikorsky) in the state
    > Ben Deleto and Ella T Grasso time.

    > tax cuts, yes it’s about time
    > prevent the runaway tax increases.
    CENTRAL TO MY CRITIQUE of the BUDGETS Economic development is the key to quality of life
    CENTRAL TO MY CRITIQUE of the the PARTIES’ BOSSES I am wondering who preferred it. I do know … people made … money (millions)
    > My guess there was 2-3 mil right there.
    CENTRAL TO MY CRITIQUE of past BUDGETS & cuntatation for political changes in the Town Charter, Ethics Commission oversite, Police oversite, and STEERING of the “preferrence process.” IF, IF, IF you are what your words portray!
    > This guy (or lady) is STRONG (Intellectually) & KNOWLEDGEABLE! I would settle for being allowed to supply both questions and suggestions
    for each of the11 + Workshops, including Board of Education.
    > I would ask for the Public to be able to e-mail specific questions to their
    District Councilors, the F. R. C., the C. A. O. / F. D. / Mayor, and for those
    to be transparently displayed.

    Central need is for REAL TIME WEB CAST of all TREASURY RELATED MEETINGs,
    despite the way the various CASTING can be PORTRAYED.
    > ISSUES, ISSUES, ISSUES, & ISSUES would at least be PUBLIC
    > Once PUBLIC and TRANSPARENT,…….

    I concur.
    Tip of the Iceberg is not quite as cold as the Base, of which is 90 % of the mass.

  74. 75 1george1

    Part of my blog was cut because I retraced my steps to cover F. O. S.

    I believe the BUDGET has been inflated by 20 % for 20 years.

    Having a Finance Director and “REAL” C. A. O. allows the ability to use
    “money chasing money” and arranging fiscal realities to put expenses
    in the beginning of a 4 year Mayor term, and ….

    As an alternate to the Finance Review Commission:
    I would like the FRC to be active in the Budget Workshops.
    > Allow the PUBLIC to e-mail to
    Mayor / C.A.O. / F. D. / Dept Heads / Town Councilors / F. R. C.
    In advance
    In real time
    After the facts, before the BUDGET VOTES

    This is part of what I blogged, prior to going back to address F. O. S.
    I do have to start work, but I felt it important, to reblog, part of my ideas.

  75. 76 jezebel282

    This is something we rarely, if ever, see in Stratford. I felt it was worth a mention. Here is an example of two opposing sides bargaining in good faith. A creative solution on one side that benefits both sides. Who could imagine?

    And NOBODY got fired!

    Note to Council and Charter Revision Commission: This is what we mean when we say “effective leadership”. It does not come from hiring your friends and firing your opponents. And look, no lawyers!

    Stratford, teachers extend contract
    Article Last Updated: 06/03/2008 12:56:57 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — The local teachers’ union has agreed to a one-year contract extension beyond the current three-year pact that would have expired June 30, 2009.

    In a “nearly unanimous” vote the 600-member Stratford Education Association recently ratified a proposal by the school administration to extend the current contract, said union Vice President Regina Kinsman.

    Under the extension, union members will receive a 2.65 percent salary hike taking effect July 1, 2009.

    In the final year of the current contract teachers are scheduled to receive a 3 percent pay increase on July 1 of this year.

    Beginning July 1, newly hired teachers with a bachelor’s degree will be paid about $42,000, which will jump to $44,261 next July, and teachers at the top of the scale with a sixth-year degree will be paid $87,700 July 1, which will rise to $91,681 in 2009, said Ben Branyan, the chief operating officer for the school system.

    Branyan said the contract extension means the union and school board can avoid lengthy and potentially contentious contract negotiations and costly legal fees next year.

    “This kind of contract extension is rare, but it is in everyone’s best interest and we are very pleased the SEA overwhelmingly ratified our proposal,” said Supt. of Schools Irene Cornish.

    Branyan agreed the one-year extension is “fair and beneficial for both sides.”

    Kinsman, a member of the SEA executive board and negotiating team, said both panels unanimously recommended approval of the extension to union membership.

    “We felt it was a fair offer considering the current state of the economy and the town’s efforts to control spending and taxes,” said Kinsman, the former union president. “We wanted to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation as well.”

    Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, praised both the school administration and the union for working together to avoid costly negotiations next year, and for agreeing last week to reduce its original $89 million budget proposal by $1.5 million with a “creative” new health plan.

    Cornish and Branyan worked the past few weeks with union leadership to develop the concept of a Health Savings Account that will be fully funded by the Board of Education to greatly lower the cost of health insurance for its employees. Instead of a 19 percent increase that would have been charged by Oxford Health Insurance, health costs will not rise at all under the savings account plan. Branyan said the concept allows a high deductible plan of $1,100 for single employees, and $2,200 for couples and families to greatly lower the premiums that had been paid by the school district.

    “I would hope this cooperative effort by the school board and teachers’ union will serve as a model for other unions in town,” Henrick said. (Not likely, Mike. How much credibility do you think Miron has with Town unions nowadays? Maybe ask Sean Farmer, Diane Toolan, Pat Naylor……)

  76. 77 1george1


    Now to ruin your day.

    I was sent a court caledar about a certain dead beat.
    Next court date 12/12/2012.

    Only 4 years and 6 months from now? 😦

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