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You read it in the Post: Panel’s proposals will help Stratford Article Last Updated: 05/30/2008 06:50:42 PM EDT Stratford’s Charter Revision Commission last week finished its work and recommended a list of charter changes that, if eventually adopted, will strengthen the town’s fledgling strong mayor/town council form of government. The recommendations now go to the […]

Charter panel sends proposal to council RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 05/30/2008 05:04:43 AM EDT STRATFORD — The Charter Revision Commission Thursday completed its four-month task to recommend changes to what Town Council leaders have called a “flawed charter document” and ensure greater checks and balances in the mayoral form of government and eliminate glaring […]

Budget Games


The Town Council has until Sunday to approve the FY 2009 budget. It is time for the hard bargaining to begin, but as taxpayers we will only get to see our mortgage payments go up. Things to watch: *Almost $500,000 to run the mayor’s office. *Another $1.2 Million for Rich Buturla and Berchem Devlin & […]

You read it in the Post (Maybe in the’s pretty self serving for Miron) Stratford picks new animal shelter site RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 05/21/2008 12:34:05 AM EDT STRATFORD — A newly discovered, one-acre town-owned property on Access Road has been chosen as the site for the town’s new animal-control shelter under a […]

Th CRC has posted it revisions to date. They have still left Town employees “at-will” and have not created an independent Town Attorney. They have given the Council the power to block transfers between departments and the right of advice and consent of the Town Attorney. The important thing to remember, unlike the last time, […]

Charter panel gives council veto on attorney RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 05/19/2008 12:44:08 AM EDT STRATFORD — A week after the Charter Revision Commission narrowly rejected a proposal to give the Town Council veto power over top mayoral appointments, the panel has approved empowering the council to veto the mayor’s choice for town attorney. […]

This game never stops. “However, in order for Burke’s plan to work, he said the town would have to engage in a long-term lease with his company, something which again was met with a lot of resistance from the council.” What this means is to give Louie free collateral so he can take loans and […]

It must be the drugs…. You read it in the Post (Never in the Star) Miron suggests sterner nepotism measure By RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 05/15/2008 11:21:51 PM EDT STRATFORD — While questioning the need for an anti-nepotism ordinance on town hiring, Mayor James R. Miron suggests that if a restriction on hiring is […]

George’s Page


This page is reserved for George and anyone else who wants to post Non-Stratford comments. But, mostly it’s for George.

A VERY good and reliable source has just informed me that a warrant for Richard Miron’s arrest has been issued by the City of Bridgeport. If I were Rich Weizel, I’d get my butt over to the PD with a photographer today. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Larceny in the third degree […]