Finally, A Win for Stratford Residents!


Rell gets bill to restrict Raymark cleanup
Article Last Updated: 05/06/2008 11:02:32 PM EDT

HARTFORD — A bill that would prevent the federal Environmental Protection Agency from digging up hazardous waste and disposing of it within residential neighborhoods of Stratford has been unanimously approved in the Senate.The bill, which previously passed the House and now goes to Gov. M. Jodi Rell for final action, would help Stratford neighborhoods that are battling the EPA over former asbestos-tainted sites scattered throughout the town by Raymark Industries.

“Basically it’s going to prohibit the EPA from consolidating the Raymark waste in or next to residential neighborhoods, which is what they originally proposed last August,” said Sen. Dan Debicella, R-Shelton, whose district includes Stratford. “It’s something we’ve been working on with the residents for months,” Rep. John A. Harkins, R-Stratford, said in an interview Tuesday night. “If you ask anyone about toxic waste in a neighborhood, most people think it’s a bad thing. It’s common sense.”

Harkins said the state Department of Environmental Protection has sent mixed signals about the legislation, but it’s the kind of help the town needs. Under the legislation, Ansonia, Bridgeport, Derby, Stamford, Danbury, Fairfield, Norwalk and Shelton would be included in the bill.


6 Responses to “Finally, A Win for Stratford Residents!”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    That’s AWESOME!!!! Kudos to the SaveStratford team for all their hard work!

  2. 2 jezebel282


    They deserve it!

  3. 3 sudds

    “If you ask anyone about toxic waste in a neighborhood, most people think it’s a bad thing. It’s common sense.”

    MOST people? Who are the one’s that think it’s a good idea? And more importantly… how do we prevent them from wasting any more of our prescious oxygen by breathing???

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Remember, politicians (especially in Stratford) are not familiar with “common sense”. Now we know what Anne Sullivan must have felt like when she taught Helen Keller to communicate.

  5. 5 1george1

    Tom Smith and his band of Save Stratford activists were able to effect
    changes after Paul Rohaly, Charlie Perez, Ron Massey, and others on the
    Raymark advisory board worked long and hard to hold back the EPA.

    My former across the Street neighbor was involved in this issue in the
    1980s, and she had a group which also included Lawyers and activists.
    > Back then, they tried telling the EPA that this was a SUPERFUND site.
    > They were told “LADIES” we know more than you, why not go back
    to home making words to that effect.

    This battle has been long fought by citizens, and so far, is a partial
    victory, knowing the EPA has yet to finish the job…. properly.

    Savestratford learned from the others.
    They used technology.
    They used political pressure.
    Great job.

    Due to what I learned from Charlie and Paul, I raised issues about the
    TOXIC water under the RAYMARK property and the possibility of a high
    barometeric pressure causing TOXIC FOG, going around the impermeable
    This was based on what I was told about AQUIFERS from LONG BROOK
    and around Stratford causing RR crossings to FLOOD with combination
    of HEAVY RAIN & HIGH TIDES, as water had no where to go! ??
    > When I raised these issues during Public Forums of the Town Council,
    they looked at me like I was a Martian with a TIN FOIL CAP.
    > The third month, I asked if anyone saw the NEW MOVIE “Erin Brockovich?”
    It had HUGE ISSUES of LIABILITY and people covering up SAFETY CONCERNS!
    > Within 1 month, the EPA made an announcement about V. O. C. s
    (Volitile Organic Compounds)
    > Within 2 years the E. P. A. installed FREE ALARMS and VENTS to me and 106
    of my neighbors, because people like Paul Rohaley, Charlie Perez, Ron Massey
    and others on the RAC were there to help the E. P. A. do the right thing!

    > Somewhere after my questions and the E. P. A. VOC announcements, James
    Mihaley proved there was PROBABLE CAUSE to consider the necessity to tear
    down all/most of the AVCO Buildings due to V. O. C.s. The E. P. A. investigated,
    found DANGER and CAUSE, validating those concerns.

    > The E. P. A. had a Hearing at Birdseye. Thanks to Save Stratford and RAC there
    were about 200 + people there. Because I had gone to some informational meetings, I knew there was a booklet showing all of the DUMPSITES in MAP / LEGEND format.
    A key insert was a 250 acre underground water plume, STARTING at RAYMARK field, in PAUL ROHALY’s back yard, a block from TOM SMITH.
    >> That former ball field is where the EPA wanted to CONSOLIDATE all TOXINS.

    Move several hudred thousand truck loads of TOXIC SOIL to a SITE which is in
    PAUL & TOM’S back yard and has created a 250 acre underground water plume
    UPSTREAM from:
    My back yard
    Gavin’s back yard
    Ron Massey’s back yard
    Back yards of well over 2000 residents.

    Thanks EPA.
    Endanger the health of thousands and their property values, by CONSOLIDATING
    upstream? And possibly create a huge LIABILITY ISSUE, which would KILL the

    I had a tiny part and involvement.
    Yet, being and thinking outside the box, sounding the Klaxon, and helping
    people realize cause and EFFECT, is a CIVIC duty.
    ARCHIMEDES > Give me LEVERAGE, I shall move the World.

    Kudos and deepest appreciation to
    Tom Smith and Save Stratford;
    Paul, Charlie, Ron and RAC
    The hundreds of people who have fought the EPA for 30 years.
    This is proof there is hope for Stratford and wackie bloggers like found
    here, including myself, “MAY” help cause good changes?

    When all is said and done….
    There will still be more to say and do.

  6. 6 sudds

    Would anyone else like to be able to purchase Cliff’s Notes versions of George’s postings??? 😆

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