A PROTOtypical Loss for the Citizens. Again.


Panel quashes council veto on mayor’s choices
Article Last Updated: 05/07/2008 11:37:52 PM EDT

STRATFORD — Members of the Charter Revision Commission on Wednesday heatedly debated whether the Town Council should have the authority to reject mayoral appointments of top town officials — including the police and fire chiefs, public works director and chief administrative officer.But the commission voted 5-4 to reject the motion by commissioner John Fahan that would have allowed the council — with a super-majority vote — to reject mayoral appointments of more than a half-dozen town directors.

Some of the other posts involved would have also included health director, human resources director and finance director.

Currently, the mayor has the sole authority to hire and fire town directors.

Those on the panel who supported the motion indicated their belief that the council should at least be able to negate what it believes is a questionable appointment, while opponents said in a strong mayoral system the mayor should be able to solely appoint his own staff.

“I believe we need a checks and balances system in Stratford of these top mayoral appointments to ensure that the council can stop a potentially unqualified candidate or one being appointed for apparent political purposes,” Fahan said. “I believe the people of this town want this and support it.

“But I don’t want to take away the mayor’s ability to appoint his own staff, so the onus should be on the council to reject a mayoral appointment with a super-majority vote within 30 days of the appointment,” Fahan said.Commission Chairman John Florek agreed with Fahan, saying that “the past few years has shown us there can be instances when, had the council been able to scrutinize a mayoral appointment, it could have helped prevent a debacle.”

Florek cited the appointment by Mayor James R. Miron of former CAO Mark Haddad, who resigned last October after less than 10 months on the job after being dogged by allegations of sexual harassment and fiscal mismanagement in two earlier municipal posts.

But commission member Benjamin Proto strongly spoke out against the motion.

“All this would accomplish is to create gridlock and open the door for more political fighting,” Proto said. “In all but that one instance, and even in that one, the council would have likely approved all the mayor’s appointments anyway. “I don’t see the point in having the council involved in top mayoral appointments,” Proto said. “I would be concerned about what would happen if the council were divided, or there were a 6-4 vote to reject an appointee that would still be one vote short of a super-majority. “The person would come into the position knowing the council had serious doubts about them, and I don’t think that would be a good way to start out,” Proto said.

Proto and other opponents also argued that under the former town manager system, the town manager had the sole authority to hire and fire directors.

But Florek pointed out “that was different because the town manager was a hired professional, the mayor is elected.”

Commission Vice Chairman Richard Fredette said both sides made “excellent points,” but that as a former councilman he believes the council is already too overburdened to have to deal with another layer of bureaucracy.

“I don’t think this is something most council members even want to have thrown in their lap, and I can see how it could create more politics in the process,” Fredette said. “The people voted for a strong mayoral system and we’re not here to make this kind of change.”

Commission member Karen Rodia, however, said it was important for the council to have some way of questioning the mayor’s top-level appointments.

“I believe this is a flawed process because under the current system one person can appoint these top town officials with absolutely no way for the people of the town to have any input,” Rodia said. “At least if the council had some input it would provide a much-needed checks and balances.”

Voting in favor of the motion were Florek, Fahan, Rodia and Eric Booth; voting against were Fredette, Proto, Beth McMellan, James Orlowe and Jon August.

The commission has until June 2 to present a final report to the council in order for its recommendations to make it onto the November ballot.

Happy now, Mr. Best? Are we looking at four years of Ben Proto as Town Attorney?

35 Responses to “A PROTOtypical Loss for the Citizens. Again.”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    I’ll stick my neck out on this one.

    Despite the obvious mis-managment by King Miron and his hiring of nearly every family member and friend I am opposed to the proposed oversight by the Town Council.

    My question to the experts on this blog is, do other towns allow their town councils or selectmen or board of aldermen to veto mayoral appointments? If not, then why isn’t what they do good enough for us?

    I like to think that down the road, we’ll actually have a mayor who know what he or she is doing. (Pipedream, maybe, but I’m an optimist)

    Remember, not everyone will be like King Miron. And actually, he might actually be helping Stratford. By showing the residents of Stratford what a bad mayor is, the voters might be much more careful when selecting the next mayor. When that happens, I think adding another level of oversight and political fighting will be detrimental, not beneficial, for this town.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “My question to the experts on this blog is, do other towns allow their town councils or selectmen or board of aldermen to veto mayoral appointments?”

    The President may appoint a Secretary of Defense, State, Treasury, Transportation etc. as well as Federal judges. ALL must be approved with the advice and consent of Congress. How’s that for an example?

    “I like to think that down the road, we’ll actually have a mayor who know what he or she is doing. (Pipedream, maybe, but I’m an optimist)”

    I’d like to think that too. Sadly, it will probably never happen. That is why we need to be protected.

    “I think adding another level of oversight and political fighting will be detrimental, not beneficial, for this town”

    The alternative being subservient, unqualified employees who have to actually do the work? I’d rather have political infighting at first.

    Enough is enough. If we don’t learn the lesson now, we deserve whatever we get. It’s not like we haven’t had enough examples already.

  3. 3 mikereynolds

    “The President may appoint a Secretary of Defense, State, Treasury, Transportation etc. as well as Federal judges. ALL must be approved with the advice and consent of Congress. How’s that for an example?”

    Right, there’s never been any partisan bickering or infighting or spectacular headlines when our all knowing Congress has provided their advice and consent to the President.

    This is Stratford, not the federal government.

    Again, if its good enough for other town and cities, its good enough for us. Just because one wanna be King makes a mockery of the rules doesn’t mean the whole process is wrong.

  4. 4 sudds

    Thank God Booth voted in fovor of the motion… or else I would have had to kick his _____!!!

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Nice! You go, Sylvia!

    Sylvia Guberman
    Stratford, CT

    I am in full agreement with Stratford C.R.C. Commissioners, John Florek, John Fahan, Karen Rodia and Eric Booth views on giving the Council the authority to disapprove the hiring of Town Directors. I feel the Council must be allowed input in this process, via the right of disapproval. After all, the Council members represent their constituents and they must look out for the welfare of the Town and its citizens. I feel the Mayor, or any one person, should not have sole power in the process of hiring and firing key department heads/directors. Yes, the Mayor should be allowed to appoint people to work with him or her, who are qualified, but the way the Charter is written now, is very dangerous, by giving one sole person far too much power and authority over hiring and firing practices of key Town personnel. The Council should put their party affiliation aside and vote for what is best for our Town. Our current Mayor let some of our Town’s top employees go, either by golden hand shakes, which will cost us taxpayers dearly for years or by flatly firing them, etc. This cannot be allowed to continue; therefore the Charter must be revised to carefully address a solution to this issue. The way our Charter is now, it belongs in a 3rd world nation. As I stated before, I am in full support of John Florek, John Fahan, Karen Rodia and Eric Booth. I believe the other Charter Revision Commissioners need to listen to the will of the people, put politics and/or the power hungry people they are listening to aside and revise the Charter to allow for Council input on the hiring and firing practices of key Town directors.

  6. 6 miker1

    If you are reading this….I have been reborn due to the evil spam filter.

  7. 7 sudds

    “Commission Vice Chairman Richard Fredette said both sides made “excellent points,” but that as a former councilman he believes the council is already too overburdened to have to deal with another layer of bureaucracy.”

    Mr. Forrester (or any other Council member lurking out there but to much of a coward to join our happy little group)… as a current Councilman what are your thoughts? I mean obviously your overworked for the salary you’re getting… lol… but do you think that this is a valid rationale?

  8. 8 jezebel282


    If you don’t change your username or something your posts will have to wait until I’m at the keyboard.

  9. 9 sudds

    “As I stated before, I am in full support of John Florek, John Fahan, Karen Rodia and ERIC BOOTH.”

    Are you sure? I have pictures from college that could change your opinion!!! 😯

    LOL… just kidding! 😛

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “Again, if its good enough for other town and cities, its good enough for us.”

    Good enough? That’s your standard?

    I must disagree. For my tax money I want the best qualified and the most dedicated. That does not come from political appointments of contributors, family members and business associates. I want a qualified Health director, Town Clerk, Finance Director….not one who the mayor thinks needs a job.

  11. 11 miker1

    I’m not saying the people are good enough. I’m saying if the rules of governement, of hiring and firing, and everything else, is good enough for other towns, why not for Stratford? Why do we have to re-invent the wheel or legislate the hell out of everything.

    By the way, if this doesn’t get caught in your spam filter I think I have a pretty good idea why.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    It got caught. Your idea?

  13. 13 1george1

    I know Esq. Florek has made money from the Town of Stratford,
    at the pleasure of the Town Attorney,
    at the pleasure of the Mayor.

    Have Esq. Proto and Esquire August gotten business directly or indirectly
    from the Town and/or Berchem, Moses NET WORKING and FEEDER SYSTEM?

    Ben Proto repped Rich Fredette in an ETHICS COMPLAINT about PENSIONS
    from one of GAVIN’S EMS people.
    (NO – I do not claim GAVIN was involved, but this person has supported
    GAVIN & CALZONE – JON is also an EMS guy, but there appear to be
    significant differences among JON vs. Gavin & Calzone)
    There was then a counter ETHICS COMPLAINT vs BURTURLA, by FREDETTE &
    PROTO, who recently had headed the REPUBLICAN PARTY, while RICH was a

    BURTURLA’s entire family attended the complaint.
    CHALOUX had to RECUSE himself, since Burturla’s daughter worked for his
    WIFE’S Day Care Center, in which is was & may still be an OFFICER?
    > CHALOUX now heads the Ethics Commission and I wonder if Berchem does
    their legal work, or Norm does the finances? Just wonderin? (La -hore?)

    Wouldn’t it be consistent with BMD to BUY OFF potential problems or to
    BUY potential assets?

    Wether Rich & Ben are with Burturla or against Burturla…..


    Mike – Excellent post.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “I’m saying if the rules of governement, of hiring and firing, and everything else, is good enough for other towns, why not for Stratford?”

    To be honest…I don’t know. For some reason for the last 10-15 years, Stratford has attracted the sleaze of Connecticut. Louie Burke, Team Stratford, Miron, Buturla, Aldrich, LoSchiavo the list just goes on and on.

    For the first time we have a chance to protect ourselves from more sleaze. Hoping for an honorable and ethical mayor just doesn’t cut it here. Do you need an example?

  15. 15 1george1

    There were several posts, since I started my above blog.
    I only referred to Mike’s first post.
    However he had several subsequent post which had good points and
    are causal for considering either side of the issue.

    There appears to be a letter from Sylvia, who I like and respect.
    I don’t know if it was the POST, STAR, BARD, or to the BLOG?
    > Sylvia, although NOW a Republican, considers herself as LIBERAL
    as Diane Buda considers herself a CONSERVATIVE.

    I like and respect both, yet have much room to disagree on Ways
    and Means, yet often (not always) agree with ENDS.

    I complete agree with SYLVIA’s position on checks and balances,
    regardless of who favors what on the C. R. C., so as it is not a
    partisan issue or personality issue.

    I am glad I am not close friends with you, predicated on the inSINuated
    DIRT, you claim to have on Eric Booth! 8)

    I am starting to wonder IF YOU (not ROCKI) should RUN for MAYOR?
    Hey, Stratford is already a LAUGHING STOCK! 😦

    We have a Mayor and political Parties that are LAUGHED AT, while our
    pockets get picked! 😦

    If SUDDS were MAYOR, the people might LAUGH “WITH” US, not “AT” us?
    Heck with a nickname like SUDDS, you have a HEAD start on CLEANING UP
    the Town, since some people could misread it and project it a LAUNDRY

    As ususal made excellent points about the benefit of having PARTY people
    ORGANIZATION and ALL the money needed to run for MAYOR, vs. the idea
    of an UNAFFILATED being successful!

    Yet in making the very valid point, also hit upon the cause of problems of
    getting “good government” since strings attached to “party money”….

  16. 16 mikereynolds


  17. 17 mikereynolds

    WordPress must be identifying my company’s IP address as a spammer. I sent this from an outside IP address.

  18. 18 jezebel282

    Seems to work, Mike. I’m sorry about that. I’d hate to have your posts delayed.

  19. 19 gforrester

    “but that as a former councilman he believes the council is already too overburdened to have to deal with another layer of bureaucracy.”

    Not the best choice of words because I certainly don’t feel overburdened. The key point is to make sure we get the most qualified people and quite honestly the Council would more than likely let whomever the mayor appoints pass without a fight. It would just be another check and balance just to make sure that to the winner in 2009 does not get too many spoils.

    PS – Jez – now who made that motion – could it have been Mr. Fahan lol. (teasing)

  20. 20 sudds


    “It would just be another check and balance just to make sure that to the winner in 2009 does not get too many spoils.”

    The “spoils” mentioned above are OUR (FYI… this includes YOU) tax dollars!!!

  21. 21 1george1


    GAVIN, did I miss anything?

    GAVIN, since you mentioned your camp pain manager… 🙂 Mr. Fahan…
    Perhaps you could use your influence with Mr. Fahan and the Town Council
    along these lines

    Nothing in the Town Charter shall preclude the Town Council shall create,
    by ordinance:

    1. Creation of Budget Referendum, which may be multipartite, such as Town
    Budget Referendum, Education Referendum, Bonding Referendum with a
    provision that once each was passed, it would not be readdressed for that
    calendar / fiscal year, even if other parts needed revote
    A) subsection to allow voters to express: More money, Less money.
    B) subsection to allow voters to direct certain expenditures, such as certain
    groups of repairs or purchases, or such.
    This would be a derivation of 2 % Budget Cap as proscribed by 1991 Referendum mandate.

    2. Reduce the Mayor’s term to 2 years OR mandate any 4 year term has a

    3. Mandate Term limits, such as proscribed by 1991 Referendum mandate,
    without allowance for circumvention by filling other’s terms, such as done
    by Feehan.

    of FINANCIAL SELF INTEREST, as proscribed by 1991 Referendum mandate.

    5. Mandate the RIGHT of PETITION and PROCESS to be forever SACRED and
    set for the PLEBESCITE.

    LEGISLATION, such as NOTA (none of the above) or whatever a MAJORITY
    of REGISTERED VOTERS deem appropriate as a Check & Balance against
    possible abuse by controllers of Party Treasuries and assets, including
    the Registrar office and emollments of the aforesaid.
    > A majority of Registered Voters is analogous to a supermajority, since
    less than 30 even voted in the District elections,

    I have more.
    You know what they are.

    I am bothered by the lack of Public knowledge and participation.
    Some of the Town Councilors do not all understand all of the issues and
    they have far more access and proven interest in local civic (regardless
    of motivation). I just believe people have a right to be ABLE to CONTROL
    their own FUNDING, if they choose to do so.

    I am not favoring anarchy or automatic veto of any spending or decisions.

    I advocate leaving the doors OPEN for the RIGHT to PROTECT RIGHTS from
    being USURPED.


    Hey, who had done more good and more damage in the last 40 years?
    1. democratic & republican party leaderships, regardless of level?
    2. The five MAFIA families are:

    Unlike Kevin O’Connor, Kari Dooley, Chris Droney, Stan Twardy and others,
    who I believe are criminal hypocrites, devoid of Honor, I believe there was
    less damage to the fabric of America, when the 1950s mafia was against the
    DRUG / Opiating of America & break down of the basic family,

  22. 22 freedomofspeach

    “2. Reduce the Mayor’s term to 2 years OR mandate any 4 year term has a

    There is no, absolutely no, legal way to have a recall or a run off. Period. The Charter when change from a Special Act was changed apparently to a Home Rule Charter. Information is that in 1969 or so the ability to keep a Special Act Charter was killed by the legislature. So no right of recall exists. None

    Sorry non debatable, unless you can change State Statutes, and its been tried, the TC, cannot make this a charter amendment do this by law. It’s a waste of time to try and the battle is lost, move on to the next one.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Freedom is right. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to get politicians to vote for recalls and run-off elections. Or so I heard.

  24. 24 gforrester

    Freedom is right. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to get politicians to vote for recalls and run-off elections. Or so I heard.

    Jez I don’t believe in recalls unless the signature level is significant. I don’t want to see any recall abused for political gain such as one party getting their members in a particular district to sign a recall petition just to try and run an election again to gain a majority.

    As far as run-offs – I don’t fear them and if it was every allowed by law I would vote for it. Like I say it works in many states quite well.

  25. 25 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    I agree about recalls. The signature level should be very high. In this Town I think the signature level could have been set at around 90% and we’d still have no problem triggering a recall. During my petition walking from August through November I remember only two people out of 300+ that thought he was doing his job. And one of them was an appointed commissioner.

    Err….you were one of the 300, Mr. Forrester.

    I agree about the runoffs too.

  26. 26 1george1

    I think you need to change your nom de blog.

    Just because Burturla makes and opinion and you back it with your
    opinion, that the Town Charter was changed despite the Commissions
    being called REVISION and the VOTE being called REVISION, does not,
    necessarity make it ETHICAL, MORAL, LEGAL, or RIGHT!

    they belong in JAIL.

    Anyone who STEALS RIGHTS of PEOPLE, belongs to be ARRESTED, INDICTED,

    If all of the PARTY BOSSES & major Political Appointees were in jail instead
    of ignorant kids who are victimized by the political injustice system, the
    USA would probably have LESS CRIME and be more CONSTRUCTIVE.

    They build NOTHING. They are parasites, steering assets to themselves!

    The right to RECALL has NOT been ABUSED or USED. Has it?
    Name one person who has been RECALLED?

    If the RIGHT has NEVER been USED or ABUSED, what is the FEAR by the bloggers who support eliminating PEOPLES’ RIGHTS, and CHECKS and BALANCES?

    Gavin? Freedumb? Jeze? others?
    Why do you FEAR RECALL?
    Why do you support TREACHERY, DECEIT. and FRAUD of changing the RULES,
    and then MISREPRESENTING it to the VOTERS to gain CONCURRANCE?

    To me, it is FAR more, egregariously more, pernicious and deliberately, wilfully
    and maliciously WORSE to ABUSE the TRUST of the ELECTORATE than many of
    the PETTY NAGS, I read here!

    Regardless of the PRETEXT about political abuse, the LEVEL of MALFEASANCE,
    MISFEASANCE, or NON FEASANCE would have to be far beyond outrageous in
    order to be a serious threat.

    Unless there was SIGNIFICANT CAUSE, the people would NOT BOTHER to VOTE,
    to recall a Volunteer person, short of criminality (eliminating need to recall,
    if convicted).

    Without a MAJORITY of REGISTERED VOTERS’ concurrance, it would be as bad
    or worse for the petitioners, than the recalled.

    Remember, these are all volunteers, so what do they lose, except freeing up
    their time to enjoy life and not being in the Public View, which “if recalled”
    would mean they were vilified worse then Debbie Rose was, and far more widely
    than the bloggers do here!

    What harm is done to a recalled volunteer, except ego?

    The forum caused, would give platform to make any such figure sympathetic!

    I considered starting a recall petition, which Mayor Miron excorciated, with
    the Miron faithful of the Democratic Town Committee, dutifully filing in the
    back of the Town Council and applauding on cue.
    So, I BOOOOOOed.
    They applauded.
    I BOOOOOed.
    They applauded.
    I BOOOOOed.

    They were cowed and surprized by my BOOOOs (sorry Sudds-Not Booze) ,
    such as any BULLIES are cowards and when faced or challenged, will back

    Those people are like the U. S. Attorneys and State Prosecutors and Judges
    who are emboldened by the ARMY which protects them in contemptuous
    courts, where law mandates that Judges are called “your Honor” while the
    political truth is that HONOR is vacuuous in the political justice system!
    V A C U U O U S > I don’t know if I spelled it right or if there is such a word?
    However there is NO HONOR among the COURT HOUSE GANG, except to each
    other within the “BLUE WALL.”
    Just like the FAGAN (lex) pickpockets, which they emulate! 😦

  27. 27 gbcheddarheader

    Ben, Ben, Ben,
    You hopeless pathetic little man. Do you think making decisions that would be in favor of the mayor will get you through the door to the governers mansion? Come on think about it especially with your shady history do you really want to embark on this journey? Why on earth would you even begin to think that being the mayor’s pawn will help you climb back up the political ladder, it certainly won’t get you any where, especially into the governors mansion. Can’t you see the domino’s are beginning to fall, first big daddy dick, next …….little jimmy. Please you need to make better decisions and think with your big head.

    So please remind all of us future voters for governer why it was that you were canned
    when you were an attorney for the state of CT? I guess you didn’t realize that going into questionable chat rooms and downloading questionable material could be traced back to the computer user did you? I’m sure that was an embarassing situation for you and your poor wife. It was a good thing she stood by you through he “unemployment” period. Especially when no one would hire you. Poor pitiful Ben. Didn’t get that appointment to the Town Attorney’s position so now you’re a member of the CRC and the only agenda you have in mind is not what’s in the best interest of the residents of Stratford, but what’s in your own best interest and nothing less. You think that you’ll clear your name of past “indescretions” and no one will be the wiser. Think again little man, STOP making bad decisions and do what’s best for the residents not you, besides do you honestly think that you’d ever be elected governor? Come on be serious, your dirty little secret is bound to come out in the wash

  28. 28 1george1

    Gee GB,
    I don’t know what BEN did or what you think he did, but for an Attorney
    to be “canned” by the State of CORRUPT-icut, as you claim
    and to be so unemployable that NOT EVEN, Berchem, Moses, & Devil
    would look to hire an Attorney with “issues?”

    When one looks at several Berchem hires and disbarred among the
    Berchem alumni, whatever you claim Ben did….

    I hope someone tells Ben, so he can blog on and REBUT the above,
    the same way GAVIN absolutely J U M P E D – A L L O V E R the smear
    attempt by officersean.

    Perhaps FREEDOMOFSPEACH will come to BEN’S defense?

    Afterall, I did ask for just one exceptional Lawyer in CT., didn’t I from

    Remember.. Silence is Consent!
    So if no one rebuts GB’s assertions …..

    The above is BAD NEWS for the BEST backers, IF true, and IF serious,
    since BEN & JON are perceived as close as Dicks Miron & Burturla.

    I like JON, however I have had reservations about some of the people
    or entities which BEN seemed to represent. (BEN is ok, too.)
    Ergo = no support.
    Personally I have no problems with any people on the C. R. C.

    > NO WAY will I SUPPORT the C. R. C., because of the CONTENT or
    LACK of things I strongly believe in having for the PEOPLE, which both
    C. R. C. claim is for STRONG GOVERNMENT and I feel is for THEFT and
    have placed a possible LOSS of RIGHTS, with WILFULL MALFEASANCE
    under the COLOR of the LAW and less than FULL DISCLOSURE!

    Since I could not hear what was being said during the C. R. C.,
    and since the damage appears to be done, all I can do is wait
    until the FINAL DRAFT, and blast that.

    When the Town Council RUBBER STAMPS the end RESULT, things will

    Then there will be factual basis for ADDED political differenciation.

    As Dick Miron always said …”They do it to themselves…” 😉

  29. 29 jezebel282

    Obviously someone thinks that something is up between Jon Best and Ben Proto. Would anyone be surprised?


    Stratford, CT

    Mr. Best, isn’t it true that if you were elected Mayor last time around, your campaign manager Benjamin proto would have been hired by you as the town attorney? Is he going to be your campaign manager or involved at all in your campaign this time around, and if so, what role will he play in your administration, if any? Quid Pro Quo? Is the true reason you have a problem with the town attorney’s office issue as Stratford Mayor because you can’t get elected without Mr. Proto telling you what to say, how to dress, how to act and what to eat? Are we to believe that Mr. Proto wants nothing in return for his services to your candidacy then and now? Are you kidding me? Are you really any different than the Miron-Burturla in this regard? Can you unequivocally state that Benjamin Proto will not be on the Stratford Town payroll if you are elected Mayor next year? Is it really you on here as “JON BEST” or is it Proto speaking for you already? Is your middle name hypocrite? If Mr. Proto is going to play a role in your campaign, isn’t it unethical for him to serve as a charter revision commissioner, where he outrageously advocated mayoral issues that would benefit you as mayor, including this salary issue that you are attempting to take the high road on? If you are elected mayor, will you take this inflated salary? Isn’t it true that without Proto, you couldn’t get elected Town Hall Santa? Sorry about that last comment, please answer the question as you claim total transparency and the voters are listening!

  30. 30 1george1

    As previously blogged, I could support Jon, IF, IF, some of the people he has
    associated with him, were not part of his inner circle.

    I agree with some of Ironside’s points, especially about Esq. Proto being on the
    C.R.C. and the extremely outside chance at becoming THE Town Attorney.
    I believe Esq. Proto is already an effectual assistant Town Attorney!!

    I do not agree with many other points of ironsides about Jon being a virtual
    puppet to Esq, Proto. I suspect that is a mirror image position of the author,
    if I am correct the author is a Miron or Norm person?

  31. 31 jezebel282


    As I also have previously blogged, both the RTC and DTC have a chokehold on Stratford citizens. As Jon Best has learned the hard way, you just don’t get elected in Stratford to anything if you are an independent. His biggest advantages in the next race is that he’s NOT Jim Miron or Dom Costello and will have an “R” after his name.

    What allows this to happen is that Stratford voters just don’t pay attention. Every November they go into the voting booth and select a “D” or “R”. Usually they have never heard of these people. For some reason they think that these committees are somehow connected to the national parties.

  32. 32 1george1


    Unlike Jon or Dom, I have always been an Independent.

    And I learned the hard way about dirty tricks of the parties to keep me
    off the ballot. That kept me out of the Debates.

    Unlike those who care about winning or drawing away votes to get Miron
    elected, I can be particularly venomous to election possibilities those who
    have done harm to the Town, in a manner that the Voters can understand.
    > If you do not believe me, turn on the Town Council Public forums and listen
    to the fact that they use lack of audibility to censor my remarks.
    > There are good people in both parties, locally, in CT., in USA. They are
    even in the Majority. they are NOT the ones who control MONEY-SELECTIONS!

    I hope the voters continue to relate local parties to the national parties,
    where the Congress actually has a worse approval record than W BUSH.

    I suspect CHENEY’S approval rating is lower than Osama Bin Laden?
    Except in TX, LA, AK, PA, WV, OH & WY – Those are OIL / COAL states.

    Oh darn. I will be chastised for not posting on George’s.
    I guess I can’t ever color inside the box or the crayon picture books. 🙂

  33. 33 jezebel282


    How many elections have you won? Can anyone remember an independent being elected to anything in Stratford?

    I rest my case.

  34. 34 1george1


    Diane Buda makes the same argument.
    She has video tapes and documentation about Voter issues in 1991.

    Different Technology exists.
    Different national / state / local confluence exists.
    See the blog site posted.

    I do NOT care about winning an election.
    I care about winning hearts and minds towards Good Government and
    exposing BAD Government.

    As your people post – ANYONE BUT MIRON!

    My motto is – ANYONE but people who back people, who are like Miron.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    It is depressing to think about. The only avenue to progress that I can reasonably see is to elect an independent candidate. However, the reality of the circumstances are that electing an independent candidate is impossible.

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