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  1. 1 1george1

    What if there are non-stratford items related to Stratford?

    Like Bridgeport has a court house.

  2. 2 gbcheddarheader


  3. 3 1george1

    I see you are the same charming, sensitive, and positive blogger.

    While your feelings about Mirons may have basis from what they
    have done to you, your family or your friends, the only gripe you
    might have about me is what I blog.

    Unless you are a MURDERING, SCUM, COWARDLY, LOW LIFE which
    you claim my extrajurisdictional positions lack merit or credibility.
    But then people like you do nothing for anyone else, and care for
    no one else except your blind myopia, do you?

  4. 4 gbcheddarheader


    Yes I am the same charming, sensitive, and positive blogger, except where the Miron family is concerned.
    You have to agree they simply rival the likes of the Sheriff of Nottingham, they rob the poor to line their own pockets starting with Big Daddy Dick himself.

    Should I be positive about the Miron’s who by the way seem to have a history of thievery. It’s just a matter of time before the Hell Candidate himself gets knocked off his pedestal. Bullet proof vest, gun and all. Hopefully the padding in the vest will cushion his fall.

    Murdering scum, nope wouldn’t even think of it, cowardly no I don’t think so, and I never claimed your extra……. lacked merit or credibility, I have however in the very distant past claimed your blogs are very hard to follow, which by the way they still are and even you can’t deny that.

    My views may be myopic, but who’s aren’t when one of your goals is to undo the nasty damage done by the Jumbo and his band of merry men & women.

    So don’t get so defensive George.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    GB and Cyclops in one week?

    OK, who brought the beer?

  6. 6 gbcheddarheader

    Screw the beer, I could go for a nice rum punch down on one of those tropical islands right about now!!!

    Hmmm maybe if I was mayor the town might pay for it, ya think????

  7. 7 1george1

    Darn GB,

    I was gonna make cracks about Brett Favre, Vince Lombardi. curdled
    cheese, cut the cheese and other wisecracks.
    However, I have to lower the “defensive” defcom colors.
    And I like Brett, Vince, and cheese.

    I lost another elder and long time family friend last week, so I am
    more than a little touchy. Again is was after another attempt to
    get redress of grievance. That gets old … really quickly,,,

    Again, I have empathy for people who were forced out of careers
    they liked, were good at doing, and were innocent.
    (Not all of the departed fit the criteria. Yet, more than enough.)

    Some find my writing involved and/or hard to follow, granted.
    Conversely, I do write for some out of the area, who pay very close
    attention to me since at least the mid – 1980s, and others well before
    those years. Hopefully most of those SUPER GRADERS and their flunkies
    are long since dead.

    The Mirons / Burturlas are a mess.
    Other factions in town are a mess.
    People in surrounding Towns, Hartford, NY, D.C., CA. & elsewhere
    impact things / people in town, helping to cause many problems.


    As I have asked others, IF you have a specific question or questions,
    I will explain.

    If you have specific questions about the explanations, I will explain.

    To write that I am hard to follow, gives me > “no beginning place”

    to put a thing or things into context,
    which can lead to helping you understand.

  8. 8 1george1

    Over the weekend, a blog reader asked me if my questions about
    WHERE’S BURTURLA, concerning the DICK MIRON and MIRON family
    mess was “just playing with the heads of Jim and Dick Miron, since
    either Jim or a supporter reads the blog and/or posts?

    Actually, I am really curious about where has Dick Burturla been
    in helping prevent the adverse publicity and cost to Dick & Jim

    Any reader of this blog knows that Burturla, Miron, & Norm, among
    others tries to make sure every avenue is covered & controlled?

    (my critics would claim I am using CONSPIRACY.)
    (Miron critics would tend to agree with the M. O.)

    So where is Dick Burturla and his resources?

    1. Is he a failure and/or incompetent?

    2. Is he incapable and/or impotent?

    3. Are he and Dick Miron not as close as believed or as in the past?

    4. Is his intent to DOUBLE CROSS Dick & Jim, to throw them to the
    wolves as FALL GUYS and PATSIES, so the PRESS and PUBLIC would
    blame them and not the NORM / DB Axis of Evil?

    On Saturday Police Chief John Burturla was courteous with me, with
    Joe LoSchiavo and a few other officers present and quiet, except
    MO who is outgoing and says hi to everyone.

    A few times Richard has extended friendly greetings. I politely but
    firmly let him know that I am not his friend. (However he is NOT the
    biggest threat to Stratford. Just among the biggest known threat in
    the opinion of multiple people.)

  9. 9 jezebel282


    Listen carefully:

    You were right and I was wrong.

    You said nothing would come of the CRC because of the politics involved. You said Buturla had no business advising the CRC.

    I had faith in the process. I was wrong. Nothing significant has come out of the CRC.

  10. 10 1george1


    The more they screw thing up and the more evident things become ….

    However, they are not stupid. They have their selfish agenda and they
    use your money and assets against you.

    Jeze, when you ceased insulting and concetrated on facts, you improved!
    Now, you understand the realities and know the problem.

    The Jeze I know and love, is not going to roll over and bend over.

    Remember John Paul Jones…and McCarthur… and the Terminator…

  11. 11 jezebel282


    I have to ponder that.

    You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

  12. 12 1george1


    What if your past approach was GI GO?

    If you basic concept is flawed … 😦

    How long will a building stand if the foundation is on sand, rather than bedrock?

    When the entire system is wilfully being broken, where do you go?

    No one wants to believe me when I write that I have cause to believe family &
    friends were wilfully murdered from within the political justice system.
    They / you could related to:
    Rednecks / KKK vs. Blacks (Catholics & Jews)
    Arab radicals vs. Israeli radicals
    English & protestant Irish vs. Irish Catholic
    Nazi vs. Ashkenazi

    In a Civil Trial vs. Mossman, under oath, i told of my beliefs about the murders
    as causal to false arrest. Using that as foundation, you can see all of the people
    who protect each other in

    Imbro, Burturla, & Williams had an Excel with over 40 deaths over 38 years,
    and it included timing elements, including me appealing to Mossman and
    U. S. ATTORNEY Chris Droney (became Fed Judge in Hartford in next chamber)

    Imbro, Burturla, & Williams protected whom and whose Constitutional rights?

    When Judges, Police, Attorneys cover things up, one would expect the loser
    (george) to slink away with tail behind his legs.
    But when the deaths (very discreetly) continue ….
    And when the people who chose to protect political patrons, still are in place,
    despite slings and arrows….

    So far, their patrons have not killed your family ….

    But what stops a serial killer who is COVERED?

    But what stops the political and legal flunkies from getting bolder?

  13. 13 1george1

    To make Jeze happy, I am posting this on George’s page.
    However it is a Steve Winters CT. POST Editorial from last Sunday

    Citizens must keep an eye on budgets
    Article Last Updated: 06/13/2008 08:57:32 PM EDT

    It’s been a slowly evolving trend this decade, but taxpayers in more and more municipalities across Connecticut are exerting greater pressure on their elected officials to reduce the growth of local spending.

    This spring that evolution began to accelerate, given our “New World Order” of higher costs for energy, food and consumer products.

    Where town wide votes were conducted, proposed municipal and regional school budgets bit the dust in greater numbers this spring on the first go-round. In other communities, outspoken citizen pressure — and more restricted state and federal funding because of revenue declines — elicited smaller budget increases.

    Even at the state level, General Assembly leaders and Gov. M. Jodi Rell faced fiscal reality in late April and decided not to adjust the state budget for the coming fiscal year that was adopted in 2007.

    The agreement brought a chorus of howls from a large and diverse crowd — including these opinion columns on certain specific issues. However, whether on the local or state level, few can deny that in the years ahead the bywords will be fiscal restraint and prudence. There’s going to be a lot less money to go around.

    We can only hope that public employee unions possess the foresight and capacity to buy into those bywords. Early evidence shows they are not.

    The majority of spending in an average municipal budget is devoted to personnel salaries and benefits, but trying to reduce those costs can be harrowing.
    for elected officials. A good part of the problem is that in recent decades public employee unions have held the upper hand in collective bargaining with towns and cities.

    Not to begrudge anyone what’s fairly won through negotiations, but it’s unfortunately also the one area of municipal government that taxpayers pay the least amount of attention to unless they or relatives have a municipal job. It’s led to high salaries and generous benefit packages that far outpace those of workers employed in the private sector.

    Try to get concessions to that taxpayer generosity in precarious economic times and the door slams swiftly.

    Look at the recent experience in Bridgeport.

    Mayor Bill Finch valiantly faced fiscal reality after he assumed office and was staring at projected budget deficits for this year and the coming fiscal year. One of his solutions: He asked for union givebacks and concessions.

    Likewise, the Bridgeport Board of Education, looking at a $10 million-plus budget shortfall, is still seeking union concessions, including lopping off three days from the school year which would save $1.8 million. The answer: No way.

    The likely result on both sides of the Bridgeport budget picture will be more layoffs than already slated — while taxes are still going to increase!

    It’s not only Bridgeport. In Stratford, for example, town government watchers and gadflies for years have been raising red flags about the high cost of town pensions under labor contracts. For some Stratford workers, the annual pensions are considerably higher than the employee’s base salary at the time of retirement.

    Interestingly, Lewis M. Andrews, executive director of the conservative Yankee Institute for Public Policy, last week issued a new research paper entitled “The Coming Showdown With Public Labor.” I haven’t had time to digest the entire paper, which takes a more national and state view, but Andrews’ research reaffirms the trends we’re beginning to witness at the local level.

    He notes that when budget pressures “have occasionally forced politicians to make modest demands for increased productivity, the response from public employees has been less than generous.”

    Just ask former Gov. John G. Rowland about that.

    Andrews offers an ominous warning: “Although politicians are afraid to discuss it, most know that a raucous showdown between government workers and taxpayers is but a few years away — and that economics dictates only the taxpayers can win.”

    Taxpayers can play an enhanced role in holding down local spending beyond annual voting on budgets or in elections.

    Cast a more careful eye on the operations of your local government. In this Internet era of greater information and government transparency, much more municipal information — including detailed budgets — is posted on city and town Web pages.

    In addition, public access stations on cable in this region carry a multitude of town meetings that offer valuable insights into municipal operations and decision-making.

    It’s not enough to wail and complain about the local tax rate. Find out what makes it so high and work to do something about it.

    Stephen J. Winters is editorial page editor of the Connecticut Post. You can reach him at 203-330-6203 or via e-mail at

    Quotes of interest:

    “New World Order” of higher costs for energy, food and consumer products.

    (George: Google / Wikipedia: Standard Oil Trust & the biographies of the key
    slimies of the spoils systems, sinc the Nixon years.) 😦

    “majority of spending in an average municipal budget is devoted to personnel salaries and benefits.”

    “good part of the problem…”
    “employee unions have held the upper hand in collective bargaining…”
    “not begrudge … fairly won through negotiations…”
    “they or relatives have a municipal job…”
    (or Town Attorney/Labor Negotiator)
    (Right JEZE? – Are “some” of your friends.. RIGGERS, liars and cheats?)

    “high salaries and generous benefit packages that far outpace …
    the private sector…”

    In Stratford gadflies for years have been raising red flags about the high
    cost of town pensions under labor contracts.
    For some Stratford workers, the annual pensions are considerably higher
    than the employee’s base salary at the time of retirement.

    Cast a more careful eye on the operations of your local government.
    In this Internet era of greater information and government transparency,
    much more municipal information — including detailed budgets —
    is posted on city and town Web pages.

    (George “REQUESTED of C. A. O. McCauley 3 months ago”) 😦

    In addition, public access stations on cable in this region carry a
    multitude of town meetings that offer valuable insights into municipal
    operations and decision-making.

    (George: Is Steve referring to the editted Public Hearings where
    no one can hear what is being said?
    George: For 2 years has requested UNEDITTED REAL TIME WEB
    CASTING which can be captured and reproduced.) 😦

  14. 14 jonbest

    Interesting George…


  15. 15 jezebel282

    Mr. Best?

    Would you still happen to have those pdf’s of campaign contributions you used to have posted on your site?

  16. 16 jonbest

    Yes I do

  17. 17 jezebel282

    Mr. Best,

    Would you be so kind as to repost them on your website or email them to me?

  18. 18 sudds

    This canNOT lead to good things Mr. Best! LOL!!! 😛

  19. 19 jezebel282


    You are correct. But only if your name is “Miron”.

  20. 20 sudds


    You are correct.”

    Is there anyway you can teach my wife those words??? 😆

  21. 21 jezebel282


    I think the problem is that she has no need to use them on a regular basis.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    This article just seems absolutely perfect for you.

    Does anybody NOT think it was about oil?

    You read it in the NY Times

    U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

    Published: June 30, 2008

    A group of American advisers led by a small State Department team played an integral part in drawing up contracts between the Iraqi government and five major Western oil companies to develop some of the largest fields in Iraq, American officials say.

    The disclosure, coming on the eve of the contracts’ announcement, is the first confirmation of direct involvement by the Bush administration in deals to open Iraq’s oil to commercial development and is likely to stoke criticism.

  23. 23 1george1

    you are correct about my interest in the topic.

    Last week I sent e-mails to the Nader people and many others
    asking why/where the 4,000,000 Barrels of Oil a Day went and
    was taken off the Market that Saddam Hussein was peddling.

    Could those missing 4,000,000 Barrel a day be the real cause
    of LOWER Barrels available to the world Market, causing 1400%
    increase in price from 1999 and 400 % increase from 2002?

  24. 24 1george1

    What the heck?
    From Wikipedia:

    Despite having apparently nothing but disdain for Plato and his abstract philosophy,

    Diogenes bears striking resemblance to the character of Socrates. He shared Socrates’ belief that he could function as doctor to men’s souls and improve them morally, while at the same time holding contempt for their obtuseness.

    Plato once described Diogenes as “a Socrates gone mad.”

    In Athens
    One of the most important anecdotes about Diogenes suggests that he was
    exiled from Sinope for “adulterating the coinage”.

    In his new home, Athens, Diogenes’ mission became the metaphorical adulterating/ debasing of the “coinage” of custom.

    Custom, he alleged, was the false coin of human morality.

    Instead of being troubled by what is really evil, people make a big fuss over
    what is merely conventionally evil.

    This distinction between nature (“physis”) and custom (“nomos”) is a favorite
    theme of ancient Greek philosophy, and one that Plato takes up in
    The Republic, in the legend of the Ring of Gyges.

  25. 25 1george1

    What if Ralph Nader moved to Stratford?

    What if he ran for Mayor?

    What if someone else he wanted ran for Mayor and Ralph became
    the Town Attorney?


  26. 26 jonbest

    I am sorry
    I was away on a family vacation.
    I am back and yes I still have the reports and will forward them to you Jeze.

    Seems like I missed a lot in a week.

    Jonathan Best

  27. 27 jezebel282

    Mr. Best,

    Sometimes you miss things in this Town even if you are sitting right there and watching carefully.

    Welcome home.

  28. 28 1george1

    Hey Jon,
    Welcome home.

    I had missed that you found an above posting of the Steve Winters
    story and/or break downs and comments to be … “interesting.”

    In a different string, I gave your props in the Mayor Race for doing
    the best in the debates and best qualified.

    Unfortunately, considering the competition and the fact I was not
    on the ballot and in the debates, 😉
    I wouldn’t have taken a lot of votes, but I believe I could have caused
    some people to look differently at different candidates.


    Jeze is right about the slight o hand… smoke and mirrors…

  29. 29 1george1

    Happy July 4th.

  30. 30 1george1

    July 4, 2008

    What if Eisehhower was RIGHT about the internal take over / usurpation of the American Government by the Military (Oil/Finance) Industrial Complex with
    UNWARRANTED POWER and the Scientific Technological elite which controls
    > See Texas RR Commission set domestic Oil Pricing in Eisenhower’s Day.
    > See creation of O.P.E.C. to set world Oil Pricing, just before Eisenhower’s
    1961 farewell warning.
    What if the Rockefellers, Schultz, Gates, Harriman/Bush/Cheney/McCain,
    Carter/Clinton/Obama/Kerry/Lieberman, etc all work for the ORDER of the

    What if they work for Europe’s Royal families, who created MASSIVE WORLD
    CRIMES during and after Colonization of Wars, Crimes, and exploitation,
    which include Trade in Weapons, Munnitions, Oil, Slaves and Narcotics?

    Standard Oil’s Harriman was FDR’s Embassador to Stalin’s SO. VIET Union and
    married Winston Churchill’s confidant and daughter-in-law.
    Harriman was partner to Prescott Bush, D-NY Governor (helped become
    elected by NY-Tammany DeSapio-alleged MOB) prior to R-NY N. Rockefeller
    becoming Governor, and unelectec V. P. to unelected President Ford.
    Harriman was Vietnam War negotiator. Long Wars help increase Oil prices!

    What if Nixon exposed the real criminal element among the D.O.D., C.I.A.,
    F.B.I./Justice, and Cabinet controlled Industries?

    Eisenhower led fights against Empires, Dictators, War Lords, former colonial
    powers, and others! Why why was his warning against internal usurpation?

    What happened since his warning?
    JFK, MLK, RFK killed. Johnson / McNamara walked away. Nixon’s entire crew
    jailed or disgraced. Trilateralism created and controlled every successive
    presidency and dominated World Trade, including off shoring of Industries
    like Auto, Oil, War needs, Manual Manufacturing, Finance, Gambling / Vice,
    and maybe DRUG Trafficking which completely dominated a now thoroughly
    corrupt political justice system.

    Oil was $ 17 a barrel in 1995 and bottomed Dec 1998 at $ 10.58.

    With Oil/Coal men heading the White House and Intelligence Community
    and Oil at $ 142 ($ 100 a barrel higher than the 1981 high of $ 42) and
    Coal/Natural Gas also high, BIG OIL, O.P.E.C Dictators, Russia, British
    (empire) Commonwealth have gained from the greatest transfer of Wealth
    in World History from the USA’s: Greatest Generation; small businesses (to
    Multinationals) and working men and women.

    What has happened in the U. S. A. has followed the MARXIST / Fabian
    Society plans of gradual world domination. Yet, the ruthless ways and
    means have the sadistic and schadenfreude finger prints of War College
    professional murderers and DeGREED fraternal and sororal puppets,
    working under direction, to destroy the U.S. Constitution and every
    aspect of protections of Good Government and Free Market, which
    insures true a Democratic Republic and a non monopolistic Capitalism.

    Thomas Paine: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil;
    in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
    “He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and
    opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.”
    “War involves in its progress such a train of unforeseen circumstances that
    no human wisdom can calculate the end; it has but one thing certain, and
    that is to increase taxes (and MONOPOLY of POWER).”
    “The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance.”
    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo
    the fatigue of supporting it.”

    Lord Acton: “All it takes for Treason to PROFIT, is none dare call it Treason.

    Hitler: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a
    people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will
    believe it.”
    “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination.
    This is the war of the future.”
    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

    Pastor Martin Niemoller:
    “In Germany they first came for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

    Then they came for me —
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.

    John Donne: “any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved
    in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
    it tolls for thee.”

  31. 31 1george1

    Federalist Papers # 26:

    Schemes to subvert the liberties of a great community REQUIRE TIME to
    mature them for execution.

    An army, so large as seriously to menace those liberties, could only be
    formed by progressive augmentations;

    which would suppose, not merely a temporary combination between the
    legislature and executive, but a continued conspiracy for a series of time.

    Is it probable that such a combination would exist at all?
    Is it probable that it would be persevered in, and transmitted along
    through all the successive variations in a representative body, which
    biennial elections would naturally produce in both houses?
    Is it presumable, that every man, the instant he took his seat in the
    national Senate or House of Representatives, would commence a traitor
    to his constituents and to his country?
    Can it be supposed that there would not be found one man, discerning
    enough to detect so atrocious a conspiracy, or bold or honest enough
    to apprise his constituents of their danger?
    If such presumptions can fairly be made, there ought at once to be an end
    of all delegated authority.
    The people should resolve to recall all the powers they have heretofore
    parted with out of their own hands, and to divide themselves into as many
    States as there are counties, in order that they may be able to manage
    their own concerns in person.

    If such suppositions could even be reasonably made, still the concealment
    of the design, for any duration, would be impracticable.
    It would be announced, by the very circumstance of augmenting the army
    to so great an extent in time of profound peace. What colorable reason
    could be assigned, in a country so situated, for such vast augmentations
    of the military force? It is impossible that the people could be long deceived;
    and the destruction of the project, and of the projectors, would quickly
    follow the discovery.


    Federalist Papers # 4: How to create the above scheme.

    One government can collect and avail itself of the talents and experience
    of the ablest men, in whatever part of the Union they may be found.
    It can move on uniform principles of policy. It can harmonize, assimilate,
    and protect the several parts and members, and extend the benefit of
    its foresight and precautions to each.

    In the formation of treaties, it will regard the interest of the whole, and
    the particular interests of the parts as connected with that of the whole.
    It can apply the resources and power of the whole to the defense of any
    particular part, and that more easily and expeditiously than State govern-
    ments or separate confederacies can possibly do, for want of concert
    and unity of system.
    It can place the militia under one plan of discipline, and, by putting their
    officers in a proper line of subordination to the Chief Magistrate, will,
    as it were, consolidate them into one corps, and thereby render them
    more efficient than if divided into thirteen or into three or four distinct
    independent companies.


    Federalist Papers # 79: How to create the above scheme.

    In the general course of human nature, A POWER OVER A MAN’s SUBSISTENCE AMOUNTS TO A POWER OVER HIS WILL.


    Federalist Papers # 10: How to create the above scheme.

    AMONG the numerous advantages promised by a well constructed
    Union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its
    tendency to break and control the violence of faction….

    The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public
    councils, have, in truth, been the mortal diseases under which popular
    governments have everywhere perished;
    as they continue to be the favorite and fruitful topics from which the
    adversaries to liberty derive their most specious declamations….

    Complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and
    virtuous citizens, equally the friends of public and private faith, and
    of public and personal liberty, that our governments are too unstable,
    that the public good is disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties,
    and that measures are too often decided, not according to the
    rules of justice and the rights of the minor party,
    but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority….
    By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to
    a majority or a minority of the whole, who are
    > united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens,
    or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community. <


    SEEMS to me that these apply to STRATFORD, CT, and the USA

  32. 32 1george1

    The U. S. Constitution is build like a MAN of WAR, in that it is heavily
    compartmentalized. Many times there are duplications of efforts and
    there are competing factions, not just neutralizing actions, but also
    subverting actions.

    Further, the U. S. Constitution makes itself the SUPEME LAW of the LAND.
    Contained within are LOOPHOLES, such as the RIGHT of the GOVERNMENT
    to keep things SECRET from the people.

    This can be contrary to INALIENABLE RIGHTS and invite LONG TRAINS of
    ABUSES, noted in the Declaration of Independence.

    Further, it can be contrary to the purview of the Constitutional Preamble,
    specifically relating to the “Just Conscent of the Governed.”

    Lastly, it can be contrary and suborning or subversional to the
    BILL OF RIGHTS and AMENDMENTS of the Constitution.
    Specifically the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th 10th & 13th Amendsments, among others.

    While Lincoln’s statement about “Government of the people, by the people,
    and for the people….” has no Constitutional standing, it is a perception
    which I believe most americans view, in being willing to give:

    2 weeks ago I sent a letter to the Editor with a cc to the Nader people
    about the fact that Saddam Hussein was trading over 4,000,000 Barrels of
    Oil a Day through the UN for FOOD.

    Cheney / Bush have appeared to take that 4,000,000 Barrels of Oil off the
    World Market of about 5 % of total world export and an analygous amount
    of natural gas.

    I wonder if that is the reason the price of oil is over $ 100 a Barrel higher
    than the 1982 highest prior price and the $ 17 a barrel of 1997 or the
    $ 10.58 a barrel of 12/1998.

    After 9/11, the use of OIL went down dramatically due to cuts in aurline
    traffic. EVERYTHING about OIL is as big a LIE as about STRATFORD PAY and

    Why? Ignorant sluts have a price to sell their CONSTITUTIONAL and FIDUCIARY
    DUTY, for unenlighted selfish interest and they are too stupid to understand
    that what is given by LIARS and THEIVES can be taken away, by the changing
    of the guards, since they are no longer useful, and their patrons died or are
    also out of power.

    When the future becomes this reality, please understand I was trying to
    protect your best interests and those of others.

    But the monkey does not open his fist, to let go of the cookie, which
    would let him/her escape by pulling his now open fist from the jar!

  33. 33 1george1

    July 6 > 9:36 pm

    Rumor has it that the Mayor has a new Secretary.
    If the rumor is correct about the name of the person and
    her last job, it should raise eyebrows.
    Excellent source. However, the rumor is not confirmed.

    A year or more ago, I spoke with Rich Weisel who told me Mayor
    Miron offered him a part time gig, when Rich was not full time.
    Rich told me that he considered the offer.

    Then Rich told me that he had a Jimmy Stewart / Mr. Potter moment.
    You know the scene where a Banker similar to the Rockefellers makes
    a BIG MONEY OFFER to the Jimmy Stewart character in the movie:
    “It’s a wonderfull life”

  34. 34 1george1

    July 6 > 9:46 pm

    Condolences to the family of Denise Dougiello of Fairfield.
    She was # 2 to Fairfield’s 1st selectman.
    Her father Ed, owned a funeral home, was Police Commissioner and ranking
    member of the Democratic Town Party during the 1980s.
    They owned the Southport Bar at the base of I – 95 Exit 19 before U. S. # 1,
    during the 1980s.
    At the time I was under seige from the Republican 1st Selectperson Jackie
    Durell, who later hired Jon Best for the Fire Dept.
    > I graduated HS with Piper Durell, daughter of Jackie and her husband who
    created People Magazine, and who died this past year.

    The 1980s were the Reagan years when “Going Postal” was coined.

    Tough recent year(s) for local politicians:

    In Stratford:
    Ray V. passed away less than 2 years ago.

    Jim Miron is under seige.
    Dick Miron is in complete disgrace.
    Christian and Brook were dragged through the papers.

    Dick Miron’s HS Councilor, Mrs. DeRose (formerly of Fairfield) who was
    on Stratford’s Ethics Commission lost her husband last year.
    Former Ethics Commissioner James O’Sullivan lost his wife this year.

    Burturla & Norm have Team Stratford # 1, 2, & 3, now witht the F.B.I.
    watching Willinger & Bucci, linking them to Fairfield’s Lenoci and to
    Steele Point.

    The Town Council created another merry go round in Shakespeare
    with S.F.T., > K.K.P. > and column A column B

    In Bridgeport:
    Ganim is in jail.
    Newton ditto.
    Who was the one who died? They named a street for him.
    Fabrizi is out.
    Kevin O’Connor is # 3 in Bush Justice Dept, a sure sign of incompetence
    or corruption?
    Just a matter of time for Judges Chatigney, Droney, Dooley, who were also
    Bridgeport U. S. Attorneys. Twardy didn’t even make Judge?

    In Milford
    Police Commissioner got a ride home instead of D.U.I. or Disorderly Conduct,
    but then had to resign….


    Reminds me of pre GE Fairfield.

    The alleged Mafia had to move out of all of the Restaurants like
    Villa Pompey in Black Rock,
    Rustic Grotto in Fairfield (Inn)
    Center Restaurant in Fairfield
    Surfside and Acropolis in Fairfield.

    Certain politically active people died young
    Electrician James Spall Sr. (dad to my friend)
    Esq. Pierce Gerety of Southport
    Congressman McKinney of Southport
    Bar owner Hugh Neary of Southport, owner of Stratford’s Lavery’s and others

    I hung around Circle Lanes Bowling alleys.
    It was amazing how many of my friends had a parent who died before
    reaching 50 years old.
    – My mom
    – Roger / his sisters
    – Pete / Joe
    – Marie / John / Phil
    – Marie / Joe / Larry
    – Mike
    – Joe
    – Jim
    many more. many

    On the world stage, some players from the Reagan years met their demize.

    For some, they do not believe in judgement day.
    Who knows.

    Old man river, jus keeps arollin ..

  35. 35 jezebel282

    And now for something completely off topic.

    Maybe the internet isn’t like a bunch of tubes?

    WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) – Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest serving U.S. Republican senator ever, was charged on Tuesday with seven counts of making false statements, according to a federal grand jury indictment.

    I hope he didn’t make any false statements with one of those internets.


  36. 36 1george1

    Hi Jeze,

    I used my new page instead of the old one,
    because it is faster and easier to find for now.

    PAY for the MAYOR?


    July 30, 2008
    George Mulligan, Stratford

    Ed Hargus was the voice, heart and soul of Senior citizens in Town.
    Ed did more for this Town than all of the Town Committee people
    combined. Ed passed away. Ed took no PAY. It cost him time and
    money to be a Great Citizen, for the NEEDY.

    Marcia Stewart of PYE is the Steward of the Marsh.
    Marcia gets no pay. It cost Marcia and her PYE helpers
    time and money, to be your Environmental Protection
    conscious of the Town against the GREEDY.

    Diane Buda and Eleanor Burke, among others created
    the 1991 initiatives for Referendums on:
    .. 1) 2 % Budget Cap = control spending
    .. 2) Term Limits = limit professional plutocrates
    .. 3) Prohibit Financial Self Interest

    …….= Evidentially this never took hold in Stratford.

    Diane and Eleanor did not get paid. It cost them time and
    money to TRY to protect the RIGHTS and WALLETS of the
    PUBLIC, against the GREEDY.

    Paul Rohaly, Charlie Perez and others were part of RAC
    (Raymark Advisisory Committee) who picked up the Torch
    from other Citizens to hold the EPA to be accountable on
    the Dump sites.

    Tom Smith and Save Stratford, became politically active and
    there actually may become better solutions for the RAYMARK
    TOXINS than to consolidate them UP STREAM from 250 acres
    of Ground Water plume which goes under hundreds of homes.

    > They all work full time JOBS and put in tireless efforts without
    pay to protect our families, from the SEEDY!

    The WW II Memorial was done by Bob Mastroni and his merry
    band, with contributions from across the Town. None of the
    Committee were paid and each gave Time, Money, and effort
    to remember our fallen HEROES.

    Where ever people look they will find not dozens, not hundred, but
    Thousands of Stratford Citizens donation thier Time, Efforts, and
    Money to make for a better Town.

    Instead, we have professional political lawyers, politicians, and
    bureaucrats who shame the town with their antics to manipulate
    the rules for self gain, because they are all ZEROES!

    Personally, I would like Ralph Nader to be the next
    Mayor or Town Attorney of Stratford.

    We could pay twice the salary and save perhaps
    30 % on the Steered Budget, if we had honesty and
    integrity, while improving services and education.

    The press reports much of what is created for them
    by people who care more about POWER and GREED
    than about their REPUTATIONS or the PEOPLE who
    TRUST them.

  37. 37 jezebel282


    If you would like to know how some (well, at least one) of the police pensions ballooned exponentially you can find it here:

  38. Ballooned to $135,000 per year – and oh by the way, Buturla and Loschiavo were both in charge of the department during this one year blitz to increase his pension – and he authorized it all on his own – and despite union grievances which brought it to the attention of the Chief – it was allowed to continue – all at our expense!

  39. 39 1george1

    Jeze & Cyclops

    I have the excel of all pensions as of FEB 2008 and AUG 2008.
    The former has the top 48 of 50 Pensioner’s Base pay.

    Based on information I can not share, as well as previously known
    information, cyclop’s ascertation is about 1/2 correct, about a time
    frame & pension buildup.

    I have NO DOUBT about union grievance aspect of cyclops.
    Many, many good Stratford police who I respect. Many!
    I am pro union.
    Other people will use the abuse to hurt legit union benefits.
    In stratford even legit benefits are hugely inflated. Sorry, but true.
    Bulls make money
    Bears make money
    Pigs get taken to the slaughter house

    I do not want to get into specific names or specific blame, because
    there are enough to go around. Stratford is worse than most places
    in certain pension issues, but it is a NATIONAL ISSUES where PENSIONS
    are in COURT, and there are attempts at REPUDIATION, which I have
    warned about for over 2 years.
    > I am just the messenger.
    > The issue becomes more obvious and worse.
    > The older union people are outraged even more then public, because
    greed is going to cost everyone … it is coming. see blog pensiontsunami

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “Interesting > 60 days before the election, OIL gets under $ 100
    a barrel from a peak of near $ 150.
    They were talking $ 65. Now they are talking $ 50.
    If it is over $ 30 this winter, people will DIE from CREDIT MAXED OUT.

    Once the lection is over, who believes it will not shoot straight up?”

    The cost of a barrel of oil is dropping because we are using LESS of it. We are driving less, flying less, and spending less on non-essentials. Just go down to Short Beach on any given weekend. The Housatonic is an empty river. Not so long ago it looked like I95 because of all the boats.

    Hopefully, we will not repeat the same mistakes over and over. If anyone is old enough to remember gas lines, rationing and 55 MPH speed limits you will also remember the sudden onslaught of Toyotas and Datsuns. But we did forgot what it was like and we bought Ford 150’s, Hummers, and SUV’s that if they were painted yellow might as well be school buses.

    At some point, somebody will realize that you can’t transfer wealth out of this country just so someone can make a commission on a commodity trade. As we look around at the job losses and increased price of…everything we should realize this particular commodity is essential to our economy (until we can replace it) and national defense. $4/gallon gas and $4.50/gallon heating oil is a matter of national security. It is the greatest threat the nation faces. Maybe more so than 9/11. Millions will be out of work, out of their homes, out of health insurance and out of luck.

    Can we just merrily go along and let commodity traders determine the fate of our country?

    The sub prime “crisis” will take care of itself. Eventually regulations will be passed requiring a substantial down payment and a good credit rating for a mortgage. People will buy homes and prices will stabilize and go up. Perhaps not explosively, but up. These banks have done it too themselves. The same way the stock market did it to itself in 1929. You can’t buy stock on ridiculous margin accounts. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 saved the stock market. There were now rules. There were no rules in the mortgage business and whatever rules existed on paper were broken regularly.

    Unfortunately, it is going to take leadership, vision and will to work through this. It’s not going to come from elected politicians either. It is going to come from us. We can’t be distracted by lipstick issues or some fuzzy commission that is going to study the “economy” problem.

    You want someone who is strong on national defense and effective against terrorists? Then work for something that will save us from this oil addiction. We are the addicts, but it is the pushers that have us and our economy down.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    See? Not one word about Stratford and it’s posted in the right place.

  42. 42 jezebel282


    You are right. The market goes up and the market goes down. The past three days have been extremely lucrative for those who have been calling their brokers and selling short.

    Quick tutorial:
    When you short sell a stock, your broker will lend it to you. The stock will come from the brokerage’s own inventory, from another one of the firm’s customers, or from another brokerage firm. The shares are sold and the proceeds are credited to your account. Sooner or later you must “close” the short by buying back the same number of shares (called covering) and returning them to your broker. If the price drops, you can buy back the stock at the lower price and make a profit on the difference. If the price of the stock rises, you have to buy it back at the higher price, and you lose money.

    There is money to be made both ways. When the market goes up or the market goes down.

    Unfortunately shortselling is illegal with retirement funds. So if you are young and can afford to wait…leave your money alone and wait. Nothing happens to a company if it’s stock goes down. It still does whatever it has been doing. It got all the money it’s ever going to get when it went public. Sara Lee (go figure) dropped 1% yesterday, but you can still buy a cake and you will be able to buy that cake next year too.

    If you are older, your money should have been in Triple A rated bonds or Treasury notes anyway. If you are older and you had your money in stocks, get used to having much less for a while.

  43. 43 1george1

    Good Tutorial.
    Might want to rent 1987 movie “Wall Street”
    It came out 2 weeks before the Oct 1987 Crash.

    To get a handle on the OIL SHELL GAME …
    Books: “The Robber Barons” “Rockefeller Syndrome”
    Movies: “3 Days of the Condor” “All the President’s men”
    “Pelican Brief”

    To get an idea about computer science / poli-sci / economics
    note the OLD Movie “War Games” & newer “Live free, die Hard.”

    If you combine the first 2 Die Hard movies, the synthesis is much
    like what happened on 9/11.
    Or as certain consultants called it:

    Before – After 9/11, where would it lead, if you

    Beyond selling short and selling long is INSIDER TRADING.
    Beyond insider trading is rigging the market.

    Who rules the world and the USA?
    The people who make the rules and can make or break anyone,
    or as Mario Puza wrote about what history teaches us …

  44. 44 jezebel282


    See how easy it is to post non-Stratford stuff here?

  45. 45 1george1

    I could not find the “moved” information, of another poster.
    I appreciate the equal application of the relevancy.
    But I prefer NO editting of actual information.

    Spamming and no verifiable facts are one thing.
    Posting outside geopolitical factors affecting Stratford are another.

    PCS. Thanks for the FYI. Please post about furture meetings about
    24 hours in advance to see if I or others can attend?

  46. 46 1george1

    Number letter substitution code:
    1 = A / 2 = B / 3 = C


    police union = 407
    nader votes = 257

    4 = D
    0 = O
    7 = G
    In Plato’s Republic, Soldiers (& Police) are referred to much like DOGS.
    Their LOYALTY goes to who FEEDS THEM.

    2 = B
    5 = E
    7 = G

    Not looking good for the good guys, when the bad guys control the count.

    Very interesting
    Reversing 2001 (9/11 year)
    10 = J
    0 = O
    2 = B

    JOB Comforters have a field day?

    – –

    Obama is the 44th President
    4 = D
    4 = D

    DD in Navy nomenclature is the abbreviation for DESTROYER

    – –
    Fun thought for JEZE before erasing for relevance.

  47. 47 1george1

    Jeze told me to Bookmark my page, which I have now done.

    Open letter to Senator Barack Obama

    Dear Senator Obama:

    In your nearly two-year presidential campaign, the words “hope and change,” “change and hope” have been your trademark declarations. Yet there is an asymmetry between those objectives and your political character that succumbs to contrary centers of power that want not “hope and change” but the continuation of the power-entrenched status quo.

    Far more than Senator McCain, you have received enormous, unprecedented contributions from corporate interests, Wall Street interests and, most interestingly, big corporate law firm attorneys. Never before has a Democratic nominee for President achieved this supremacy over his Republican counterpart. Why, apart from your unconditional vote for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, are these large corporate interests investing so much in Senator Obama? Could it be that in your state Senate record, your U.S. Senate record and your presidential campaign record (favoring nuclear power, coal plants, offshore oil drilling, corporate subsidies including the 1872 Mining Act and avoiding any comprehensive program to crack down on the corporate crime wave and the bloated, wasteful military budget, for example) you have shown that you are their man?

    To advance change and hope, the presidential persona requires character, courage, integrity– not expediency, accommodation and short-range opportunism. Take, for example, your transformation from an articulate defender of Palestinian rights in Chicago before your run for the U.S. Senate to an acolyte, a dittoman for the hard-line AIPAC lobby, which bolsters the militaristic oppression, occupation, blockage, colonization and land-water seizures over the years of the Palestinian peoples and their shrunken territories in the West Bank and Gaza. Eric Alterman summarized numerous polls in a December 2007 issue of The Nation magazine showing that AIPAC policies are opposed by a majority of Jewish-Americans.

    You know quite well that only when the U.S. Government supports the Israeli and Palestinian peace movements, that years ago worked out a detailed two-state solution (which is supported by a majority of Israelis and Palestinians), will there be a chance for a peaceful resolution of this 60-year plus conflict. Yet you align yourself with the hard-liners, so much so that in your infamous, demeaning speech to the AIPAC convention right after you gained the nomination of the Democratic Party, you supported an “undivided Jerusalem,” and opposed negotiations with Hamas– the elected government in Gaza. Once again, you ignored the will of the Israeli people who, in a March 1, 2008 poll by the respected newspaper Haaretz, showed that 64% of Israelis favored “direct negotiations with Hamas.” Siding with the AIPAC hard-liners is what one of the many leading Palestinians advocating dialogue and peace with the Israeli people was describing when he wrote “Anti-semitism today is the persecution of Palestinian society by the Israeli state.”

    During your visit to Israel this summer, you scheduled a mere 45 minutes of your time for Palestinians with no news conference, and no visit to Palestinian refugee camps that would have focused the media on the brutalization of the Palestinians. Your trip supported the illegal, cruel blockade of Gaza in defiance of international law and the United Nations charter. You focused on southern Israeli casualties which during the past year have totaled one civilian casualty to every 400 Palestinian casualties on the Gaza side. Instead of a statesmanship that decried all violence and its replacement with acceptance of the Arab League’s 2002 proposal to permit a viable Palestinian state within the 1967 borders in return for full economic and diplomatic relations between Arab countries and Israel, you played the role of a cheap politician, leaving the area and Palestinians with the feeling of much shock and little awe.

    David Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator, described your trip succinctly: “There was almost a willful display of indifference to the fact that there are two narratives here. This could serve him well as a candidate, but not as a President.”

    Palestinian American commentator, Ali Abunimah, noted that Obama did not utter a single criticism of Israel, “of its relentless settlement and wall construction, of the closures that make life unlivable for millions of Palestinians. …Even the Bush administration recently criticized Israeli’s use of cluster bombs against Lebanese civilians [see for elaboration]. But Obama defended Israeli’s assault on Lebanon as an exercise of its ‘legitimate right to defend itself.'”

    In numerous columns Gideon Levy, writing in Haaretz, strongly criticized the Israeli government’s assault on civilians in Gaza, including attacks on “the heart of a crowded refugee camp… with horrible bloodshed” in early 2008.

    Israeli writer and peace advocate– Uri Avnery– described Obama’s appearance before AIPAC as one that “broke all records for obsequiousness and fawning, adding that Obama “is prepared to sacrifice the most basic American interests. After all, the US has a vital interest in achieving an Israeli-Palestinian peace that will allow it to find ways to the hearts of the Arab masses from Iraq to Morocco. Obama has harmed his image in the Muslim world and mortgaged his future– if and when he is elected president.,” he said, adding, “Of one thing I am certain: Obama’s declarations at the AIPAC conference are very, very bad for peace. And what is bad for peace is bad for Israel, bad for the world and bad for the Palestinian people.”

    A further illustration of your deficiency of character is the way you turned your back on the Muslim-Americans in this country. You refused to send surrogates to speak to voters at their events. Having visited numerous churches and synagogues, you refused to visit a single Mosque in America. Even George W. Bush visited the Grand Mosque in Washington D.C. after 9/11 to express proper sentiments of tolerance before a frightened major religious group of innocents.

    Although the New York Times published a major article on June 24, 2008 titled “Muslim Voters Detect a Snub from Obama” (by Andrea Elliott), citing examples of your aversion to these Americans who come from all walks of life, who serve in the armed forces and who work to live the American dream. Three days earlier the International Herald Tribune published an article by Roger Cohen titled “Why Obama Should Visit a Mosque.” None of these comments and reports change your political bigotry against Muslim-Americans– even though your father was a Muslim from Kenya.

    Perhaps nothing illustrated your utter lack of political courage or even the mildest version of this trait than your surrendering to demands of the hard-liners to prohibit former president Jimmy Carter from speaking at the Democratic National Convention. This is a tradition for former presidents and one accorded in prime time to Bill Clinton this year.

    Here was a President who negotiated peace between Israel and Egypt, but his recent book pressing the dominant Israeli superpower to avoid Apartheid of the Palestinians and make peace was all that it took to sideline him. Instead of an important address to the nation by Jimmy Carter on this critical international problem, he was relegated to a stroll across the stage to “tumultuous applause,” following a showing of a film about the Carter Center’s post-Katrina work. Shame on you, Barack Obama!

    But then your shameful behavior has extended to many other areas of American life. (See the factual analysis by my running mate, Matt Gonzalez, on You have turned your back on the 100-million poor Americans composed of poor whites, African-Americans, and Latinos. You always mention helping the “middle class” but you omit, repeatedly, mention of the “poor” in America.

    Should you be elected President, it must be more than an unprecedented upward career move following a brilliantly unprincipled campaign that spoke “change” yet demonstrated actual obeisance to the concentration power of the “corporate supremacists.” It must be about shifting the power from the few to the many. It must be a White House presided over by a black man who does not turn his back on the downtrodden here and abroad but challenges the forces of greed, dictatorial control of labor, consumers and taxpayers, and the militarization of foreign policy. It must be a White House that is transforming of American politics– opening it up to the public funding of elections (through voluntary approaches)– and allowing smaller candidates to have a chance to be heard on debates and in the fullness of their now restricted civil liberties. Call it a competitive democracy.

    Your presidential campaign again and again has demonstrated cowardly stands. “Hope” some say springs eternal.” But not when “reality” consumes it daily.

    Ralph Nader

  48. 48 sudds


  49. 49 1george1

    G-D asked me to pass along his words:

    “You are welcomed!’

    He is blog shy.
    Too many sinners – on each side? 😉

  50. 50 jezebel282

    Just a quick note to all of my friends who wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama because he was somehow anti-Israel:

    Obama’s new Chief of Staff (the 2nd most powerful job after Obama’s new job) is Rahm Emanuel.

    Emanuel belongs to an orthodox Jewish congregation in Chicago and worked as a volunteer in Israel during the first Gulf War. His father was a pediatrician who grew up in Israel and worked for the Israeli underground before independence.

    Don’t you just love Republicans?

  51. 51 mikereynolds

    I also heard that he’s a tremendous a**hole and totally partisan.

    Not offering an opinion just relaying what I heard.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    I suppose if you’re a Republican….

    But honestly, could he be as bad as Dick Cheney or Karl Rove?

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    I don’t know the guy so I have no opinion. Just repeating what I heard.

  54. 54 jezebel282


    I’ve only seen him on TV a couple of times (as close as I’ll ever get). He is EXTREMELY intelligent and articulate.

    I think Republicans just can’t stand people who can read & write.

  55. 55 sudds

    It’s apparently not just the Republicans who dislike this guy…

    …says Democratic strategist Paul Begala, who describes Emanuel’s aggressive style as a “cross between a hemorrhoid and a toothache.”

  56. 56 1george1

    Mike – Sudds – Jeze,

    Rahm and his brothers were on PBS Charlie Rose, who interviews about
    everyone except Ralph Nader.

    The brothers and father are exceptionally bright. They have done many
    good things for their respective causes.

    Several Jewish friends of mine e-mailed me about the supposed anti-jewish
    bent of the Obama people. They sent Republican e-mails I reply that:

    1 – David Axelrod is Obama’s campaign manager

    2 – Rahm is from Obama’s Chicago area in the D. C. House, while Obama is in the
    D. C. Senate, so it is not like they don’t know each other and haven’t worked
    the same circles. Rahm worked in the Clinton White House. Rahm backed Obama.

    3 – Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Rubin backed Obama and gives Economic

    4 – Rockefellers are the people behind CHICAGO UNIVERSITY – where ALLEN
    BLOOM’S Neo-Cons, who have been screwing up things since Reagan.

    5 – Charlie Rose interviewed Josh Brolin and Oliver Stone about the movie “W.”
    Stone happened to mention that Dick cheney is far more friendly than “W.”
    Also that Cheney is 1/2 Jewish.
    I am on record of not liking W or Cheney regardless of background!

    6. Charlie Rose interviewed 5 or 6 of the Saturday Night Live crew. The guy
    who imitates Cheney was also very complimentary about Cheney’s personality.
    He also surprized the others when he state he had been a house guest a few
    times and the Cheneys are very gracious.

    I am on record that I do NOT like the direction of this country since the 1960s,
    not that their weren’t problems well before that.
    We do not need change we can believe, nor reform.
    We need a political enema.
    As far as I am concerned, we can start at each Town Hall, Court, State House,
    and National House.

    This is the greatest country in the world, and the worst government that
    money can buy!
    Freapin Cocaine Republic.

    At least NO ONE can blame NADER!
    His Lawyers are ALMOST the ONLY LAWYERS I (almost) TRUST. 😦

  57. 57 jezebel282


    Maybe you haven’t heard….Nader lost….AGAIN.

    My experience in business has told me that the nicer the executive the more nasty the secretary is.

    Sounds like Rahm will be the bad “cop”.

  58. 58 1george1

    Nader’s people sent an e-mail where Nader ripped Rahm Emmanual.
    I was hopin to find it, so Mike Reynolds could read where he and
    Ralph Nader share some opinions.

    Meanwhile, here are topics of interest on the internet, where you
    can go to Nader’s Website – just for kicks and giggles.

    Nader’s people put out a weird rockin night of the zombies for halloween.
    It is the 4th one down. I suspect you can google to find it?


    Ralph Nader, a Government for the People (2:13)
    Special Announcement: 2008 Is Just the Beginning (3:30)
    The Obama Nuts (10:50)
    Election Night of the Living Dead (1:17)
    Third-Party-Independent Climb (1:27)


    Ralph Nader on Wall Street (3:32)
    Wall Street Bailout Bill (12:35)
    Open Letter to Secretary Paulson (3:28)
    Nader on Health Insurance Companies (3:32)
    The Drug War (2:32)
    Helping America’s Homeless (2:47)
    Nader’s Tax Proposal Poem (1:06)
    Nader on Obama/Israel (3:56)
    Better Way/Vice President Plastic (0:50)
    1984 Knocking on Your Door/FISA (1:57)
    7 Things You Can’t Say in ’08 (0:15)


    Three-Way Presidential Debate (2:27)
    Three-Way Vice-Presidential Debate (2:22)
    Matt Gonzalez on VP Debates (6:46)


    Why I Support Nader (8:47)
    I’m Voting Nader (1:13)
    I Voted for Nader Already (0:51)
    Ralph (0:04)

    Thanks for giving your mouse a workout on this one!

    The Nader Team

  59. 59 1george1

    DONATION for NADER – Why?

    Ralph won’t back down.

    Ralph will stand his ground.

    You’ll be making an historic contribution in 2008 to a man who never gives up.

    You will help us reach our goal of raising $4 million by tomorrow midnight.

    And you will be supporting the only 2008 Presidential campaign that is
    right on the issues, as Chris Hedges dramatically points out this morning.

    Forty-two years ago, a young attorney named Ralph Nader wrote
    a book titled Unsafe At Any Speed. (MIKE – CUT & RUN?)

    In the book, Nader exposed how cars were unsafe and how they
    could be made safer. (ANYONE drive a car with Seatbelts+Airbag?)

    What was the auto industry’s response?

    They hired spies to tail Ralph.

    They hired beautiful women to seduce him.

    Faced with this intimidation and seduction from a powerful industry,
    Ralph did not succumb.

    He went on to sue General Motors for invasion of privacy.

    And used the proceeds of the settlement to launch the modern
    consumer movement.
    (Would certain LAWYERS use it to BUY COKE (for use and resale)?

    And you think Ralph will ever stop fighting the corporate state?

    He never has.

    And he never will.

    The first person to report on General Motors spying on Ralph Nader was a young reporter named James Ridgeway. Ridgeway wrote an article titled “The Dick.”

    The article was published on March 12, 1966 in the New Republic.

    It was the first piece ever written about Ralph Nader’s battle with General Motors.

    (Excerpt: “Sunday evening, February 20, Nader left his room in northwest Washington and went up the street a couple of blocks to a drugstore. He was standing at the magazine rack when a young attractive brunette he had never seen before approached and said “Pardon me. I know this sounds a little forward. I hope you don’t mind, but can I talk to you?” She said a few of her friends often got together to discuss various problems of foreign affairs. They wanted to get all viewpoints. Would he join them? Nader was dumbfounded. Trying to get rid of her politely, he said he was from out of town. But the girl persisted. Oh, she said, that’s alright. There was a meeting that night. Nader said he wasn’t interested and turned his back. The girl left.”)

    The Dick” is a classic in citizen journalism.

    If you donate $8, or $18, or $28, or or $108 now — any donation with the
    number 8 in it by midnight tonight — then tomorrow, we will e-mail to you
    a replica of James Ridgeway’s March 12, 1966 historic article — “The Dick.”

    And if you donate $100 or more to Nader/Gonzalez before midnight tomorrow,
    we will ship to to you the hard cover 40th Anniversary edition of
    Unsafe at Any Speed —
    Ralph’s classic expose of the American automobile industry —
    autographed by the man himself.

    It was the book that launched the American consumer movement and
    saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

    This autographed edition is bound to become a rare collector’s item
    after the election. (NOT HOLDING MY BREATH – Next to the Miron Mouse?)

    So, get it now.

    Only a limited number left. (This book offer ends November 4, 2008 at 11:59 p.m.)
    (Oooops – little late)

    Onward to Election Day and Beyond < (SHADES of BUZZ LIGHTYEAR)

    The Nader Team

    PS: Not only does Ralph never give up. Jim Ridgeway never gives up. Yesterday, Ridgeway was at the University of Maryland interviewing Ralph on the current
    state of politics for The Guardian of London.

  60. 60 1george1

    Three is the number of principled journalists who this week recognized the long term benefit behind Ralph’s run for President. (That’s a big number for the week before the election — trust us.)

    Before we get to the three, check out one Norman Solomon, who again this week makes the tired old argument that Obama is the least worst of the two major party candidates.

    And therefore educated citizens should not risk a vote for Nader/Gonzalez.

    Compare this lily-livered Norman Solomon approach to the three principled ones who weighed in on the Nader/Obama/McCain contest.

    Number one, we have Alexander Cockburn, writing in this week’s issue of The Nation magazine.

    Cockburn has been looking this month for one positive reason to vote for Obama. He’s still looking.

    In an article titled “Against Obama,” Cockburn makes the point that:

    “Abroad, Obama stands for imperial renaissance. He has groveled before the Israel lobby and pandered to the sourest reflexes of the cold war era. At home he has crooked the knee to bankers and Wall Street, to the oil companies, the coal companies, the nuclear lobby, the big agricultural combines. He has been fearless in offending progressives, constant in appeasing the powerful.”

    Number two, we have William Greider.

    Greider wrote an article, also in The Nation this week, titled “Nader’s Stubborn Idealism.”

    In it, Greider argues that Ralph is “a man of political substance trapped in an era of easy lies.”

    Greider quotes Ralph as saying “So long as progressives are willing to settle for the least worst alternative, they will remain ignored and excluded from power.”

    And number three, we have Allison Kilkenny who makes a similar point in the Huffington Post this week, in an article titled “The Least Worst Trap.”

    So, you have your three principled journalists.

    And your Norman Solomon style unprincipled ones.

    The principled ones will join with us — the Nader/Gonzalez campaign and you, our loyal supporters — on the winning side of history.

    With the end of corrupt political party domination of our society.

    When Obama/Biden engage in another risky foreign war.

    When a Democratic Congress rubber stamps their rightward drift.

    But to build toward victory, we need your help now.

    To drive upward our vote totals.

    And to send a message to corporate Washington — we’re here, we’re organized, we’re not going away.

    So, donate your $3 today. Join Nader/Gonzalez on the winning side of history.

    Onward to November – The Nader Team

    This stuff reads like they dislike the FATCATS more than bloggers dislike

  61. 61 nnanerak

    With regard to your last sentence, George, I’m not sure that it is possible. Equally maybe but not more.

  62. 62 1george1

    Nnanerak – I conceed to your position.

    Yo, today I got a dose of my own medicine with a blasting in the Stratford
    Star, letter to the Editor. I have no problem with the characterization of
    political issues, and hyperbole, exaggeration, and parody of political issues.

    In fact I have started a retort which make fun of my viewpoints

    However the letter contains a short series of out right lies of a personal nature.

    It is one thing to put words into someone’s mouth. It is quite another to create
    a situation, which is NOT documented, damaging to one’s personal reputation,

  63. 63 jezebel282


    See? You can post anything you want on your page and no editing. Easy, huh?

  64. 64 jezebel282


    “Yo, today I got a dose of my own medicine with a blasting in the Stratford
    Star, letter to the Editor.”

    Some of us have been so disgusted with the heavy-handed reporting of the Star that we have canceled our subscriptions. How bad was it?

  65. 65 1george1

    This was the opinion of my opinion by a letter to the editor writer.

    I use poetic license, so I have no problem with that.
    I express opinion. I have no problem with that.
    I was called more names in 500 word letter than Mike or FOS have combined.
    I have no problem with that. Mike will get a kick out of it.

    Some of my positions were misrepresented and words put into my mouth
    about what I was supposed to have said.
    Irritating, but communications depends on the prejudice of the reader or

    However, the writer made a very specific claim that I stated town councilors
    were involved in a cover of murders.

    I am very careful in this area, where there have been a series of
    “apparently natural deaths” which are over a protacted period of time,
    in multi-jurisdictions, and MAY have political causation.

    I believe the writer overstepped attacking me politically, by attacking
    me personally and lied about what he claimed I said.

    I make it a point to FOCUS on POLITICAL ISSUES and NOT PERSONAL.

    Often the lines are close. Very close. Yet there are boundries.

    I have no problem having my opinions called inane conspiracy theory,
    among other things.

    I have a problem with people putting words in my mouth that I did not
    say, nor did I write, about specific individuals or situations, which is
    especially true, if it is NOT a POLITICAL ISSUE.

  66. 66 1george1

    Berchem is a southern district of the municipality and city of Antwerp in the Flemish Region of Belgium. Berchem is located along the old Great Stone Road (‘Grote Steenweg’ in Dutch) that has connected Brussels to Antwerp for several centuries; the town borders the districts of Deurne, Borgerhout, Wilrijk and Antwerp and the municipality of Mortsel. Berchem itself consists of three quarters, Oud Berchem, Groenenhoek and Nieuw Kwartier.

    Berchem’s total surface is over 1,500 acres, and it is inhabited by more than 40,000 citizens. (Stratford has 50,000)

    After the decentralization of Antwerp in 2000, Berchem became a semi-independent district with its own legislative body, the so-called Districtsraad (District Council), and its own executive college. The District Council includes 23 members, directly elected for six-year terms by popular vote. The executive college comprises five Aldermen (Districtsschepenen), including a District Mayor (Districtsburgemeester), who are installed by the District Council.

    The District Council currently consists out of seven members of SP.a-SPIRIT, six members of Vlaams Belang-VLOTT, four members of Open Vld, four members of CD&V-N-VA and two members of Groen!. The DEFUSIE party of former District Mayor Pros Slachmuylders did not win any seat in the District Council in the last elections of October 2006.

    The current District Mayor is Peter Raats, a member of the SP.a, and the four other Aldermen are Fatiha Azzaoui (SP.a), Luc Thiessen (CD&V), Ann Bakelants (Open Vld) and Axel Polis (Open Vld). Fons Borginon (Open Vld) is the Speaker of the District Council.

    The Zurenborg area hosts a high concentration of Art Nouveau and other fin-de-siècle style townhouses, many built between 1894 and 1906. The main streets of interest are Cogels-Osylei, Transvaalstraat, and Waterloostraat.


    William was ‘Stadtholder’ of the Netherlands and in 1688-1689 became King of England in the ‘Glorious Revolution’, ruling jointly with his wife, Mary.

    William was born on 4 November 1650 in The Hague, Netherlands. His father, William II of Orange, died just before his birth. His mother Mary was English, the daughter of Charles I.

    Although the Orange family were the most powerful in the Netherlands, they were not hereditary sovereigns. For the first two decades of William’s life, the family were out of office. In 1672, Louis XVI of France invaded the country and William was invited to be ‘Stadtholder’ of the Netherlands and its military commander. He subsequently succeeded in driving the French out of the Netherlands and became a champion of Protestantism in Europe.

    In 1677, William married his cousin Mary, the elder daughter of James, Duke of York, heir to the English throne. This, William hoped, would cement an Anglo-Dutch alliance against the French.

    James, Duke of York, succeeded to the throne in 1685, becoming James II. He was Catholic and many in England feared a Catholic king. In the summer of 1688, after James’ wife had given birth to a son, guaranteeing the Catholic succession, some of James’ Protestant opponents secretly invited William to England. In November, he landed with an army in Devon. Most of the nobility supported him and James was forced to flee to France.

    Early in 1689, the English parliament formally offered William and Mary the throne as joint monarchs. They accepted a ‘Declaration of Rights’ (later ‘Bill of Rights’) which outlined grievances against James, limited the power of the monarchy and affirmed important rights relating to the powers of parliament.

    Predominantly Catholic Ireland remained mostly loyal to James, who landed there with French troops in March 1689. In July 1690, William defeated James and routed his forces at the Battle of the Boyne.

    Fighting the French remained William’s main concern. In 1689, he had brought Britain into the ‘Grand Alliance’ against France. For the next eight years he was often away fighting, first in Ireland and then on the Continent, leaving his wife to rule in his absence. William managed to hold the Grand Alliance together and in 1697, under the terms of the Treaty of Ryswick, Louis XIV surrendered much of the territory he had won by conquest and recognised William as England’s king.

    Mary died of smallpox in 1694 leaving William to rule alone. He died on 19 March 1702, after falling from his horse at Hampton Court. At the time of his death he was constructing a new grand alliance against France.

    As William and Mary had no children, Mary’s sister Anne succeeded to the throne.


    After may years, I find it absurd that people still fight about 2,000 year old or
    400 year old issues that are really NOT RELEVANT any longer?

  67. 67 sudds

    Happy Monday all!!!

    I’m not sure where to post this, so I thought I’d post it here (sorry George for stealing your limelight)…

    George/Mr. Forrester/anyone…

    I read in the spring that the pond in Longbrook Park was supposed to be “dredge” (is that the proper spelling) this fall… well it’s now mid-ish November, and as of my walk yesterday afternoon… it does not appear to have been dredged. Can any Commissionmember, Councilmember, Mayor, Councilmember-wannabe, Mayoral-wannabe, etc please give a status update as to what is going on at the park??? (yes… this WILL be a BIG issue when it’s time for me to vote)


    PS… Jez, please feel free to move and/or tell me where to move this if you think there is a better location!

  68. 68 1george1

    Please join me and this string any time you choose.
    Good issue / topic for the 3rd District.

    It was a campaign point for Gavin.
    Paul Joy also made it issue when he ran.
    I flunked on this issue.

    However, sudds, now that you raised the issue …………. 🙂

  69. 70 sudds

    Good thoughts Jez… but (with all due respect sir…) until Mr. Forrester decides to throw his hat in the ring for Mayor, he’s sort of a lame duck, no? I guess I was hoping/praying that a Council wannabe would step up!!!

    And the Mayor… LOL!!!!!!

  70. 71 jezebel282


    Thank you, Ma’am.

    I thought the mayor was a good buddy of yours? He got rid of your little stump, didn’t he?

    I think Mr. Forrester’s “hat” will stay firmly on his head. As for the rest of the Council…there is Ms. Wanamaker. She has an MBA, you know.

  71. 72 sudds

    “thank you ma’am”??? Wat am I missing here???

    You’re probably right about a certain hat… as his hands are tied unless the mayor decides (LOL) to NOT seek re-election!

    Hmm… my buddy the mayor did help me with my (rather large if I do say so myself) stump… but this request will take a little more than telling the boys at Park & Rec to get it done! but on the other hand… he does seem to be in full re-election mode!!

    PS… I thought about Wanamaker, BUT she is already working so hard for the residents of her (or at least her parent’s) district by serving on the Waterfront Harbor Management Commission… and I would never want to interfer with her protecting all of those waterfront homes in the 6th!!!

  72. 73 jezebel282


    “I thought about Wanamaker, BUT she is already working so hard for the residents of her (or at least her parent’s) district”

    Just use your irresistible charm and caring for others.

  73. 74 1george1

    For any readers, the relevant stuff is about 10 blogs higher! 🙂 8) 😉

  74. 75 sudds


    Ummm… George… don’t you live in/plan on running in the 3rd??? And where is Longbrook Park located???

    SUDDSy’s Political Consulting would like it to be known that we are in NO way, shape or form connected to (or voting for) any of George’s future campaigns!!!

  75. 76 jezebel282


    Relax. If you run for mayor and promise him a no show job, he’ll do anything you want.

  76. 77 sudds


    But ONLY if he is leading in the polls!!!

  77. 78 jezebel282


    If you want Sudds on your team, maybe you can dye your hair blonde and claim you have an MBA. He seems to have a weakness….

  78. 79 1george1


    Please see # 68 in that I acknowledge the Long Brook Park thang
    in the 3rd district. My subsequest post about relevance was teasing
    Jeze about the exchanges between the two of you.

    as far as degrees go …
    I know what B. S. means.
    I understand that M. S. means More of the Same.
    and P H D means Piled Higher & Deeper?

    Not sure about MBA?

  79. 80 freedomofspeach

    MBA=Much Bull Sh*t Around

  80. 81 jezebel282


    Sorry. Are we distracting you or diluting your message with our irrelevant posts?

  81. 82 genericscreename

    3 degrees below zero

    having a couple of them myself I understand and can joke about it too

  82. 83 1george1

    There is plenty of room for irrelevant and irrevelant postings,

    I rather enjoyed FOS’s and Generic’s musings.

    Sudds likes to “mug” with “heady” jokes.

    Sometimes even Jeze can loosen up with some frivolity.

    Especially now that Stratford has gone from Bedford Falls to become

    I didn’t bother to do Public Forum tonight, because I knew the ghouls
    would unmask themselves tonight, during the regular meeting.

    Everything went went according to plan and the timetable is getting
    more clear and more full. For awhile Burturla could even smile at me
    returning my stare.

    Yet if it went all so perfectly and things are beneficial why could our
    beloved town attorney have to look away?

    He and Gavin played make believe on the Recall opinion. Yet Gavin was
    clearly uncomfortable when I sought his eyes.

    Same is true of Julian.

    Alvin and Emma had an agenda on a single house. A tiny victory. It is
    not like massive jobs and hurculean benefits to their Districts. But
    they took their crumbs for their District.

    Mr Dempsey’s eyes conveyed a bit of confusion and wondering.

    Amy watched what was going on with Burturla.

    Jimbo took the wide road and never the high road. He looked briefly,
    and quickly looked away.

    Kubic almost always looks straight ahead when passing me.

    Stroomer seems comfortable looking me in the eye.

    Tom always tries to be straight up, but always seems nervous.

    Henrick is such a contradiction in that sometimes he is too honest
    and too obvious. Some times he seems to honestly want to do the
    right thing.

    A certain blogger attended the McNeil fund raiser and town council
    meetings sought out my eyes, apparently wondering if I knew???
    > Yes – I have know for several months.
    > I have also know about certain other people for months as well.

    But I also know that my preference is not always the best way and
    by actively debating, i could learn priorities, and learn potential ways
    to improve on my ideas and perceptions.

    But everytime I seem Henrick and Bob Camillo and I can think of Ed
    Hargus and Norm. Ed would shuffle up to the podium once a year
    and bellow “this town council is the worst ever.”

    The first couple of times I heard it, I was embarassed. But then, I came
    to realize that since everything has been on a timetable with mostly
    the same group of hacks and schemers, that each succeeding year Ed
    Hargus would have been correct.

    If the parties are as connected as they think they are and if the plans
    come through, then Stratford will get economic development and the
    overdue will come to be. Maybe they and their propaganda will convince
    people about the fairy tales.

    But at what cost?

    Will a sleepy, quiet, old fashion town become CONDOVILLE or YUPPIEDUMB?

    They already screwed up the ground water, brownfields, and air. Will we
    have airport expansion and the first ever commuter air crash into a row of
    Lordship homes?

    Or, will the economic down turn drag things out and new leaders decide
    to double cross the old guard, taking all the goodies for themselves?

    Orange – Green – or Red?

    When you look at the tactics people used in the USA to get US to the
    position we are in, it is foolish for ANYONE ot believe they wil NOT be
    double crossed.

    Dr. Fanslow mentioned something about a manual and certain rights and
    priviledges were given, solely for the purposes of gradually taking them
    away. I keep forgetting to call him.

    A quote from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean,”
    “You can always count on dishonest people to do dishonest things.”

    I find it very, very, very interesting to look into the eyes and souls of
    people who know they are doing wrong, yet choose to go along.

    At one time I wondered how the USA could have been over run by Drugs?
    Sadly, I can understand.

    Worse, there is a far better way than the paths taken.

    But that would require people who were brave and free, and believed
    in liberty and justice for ALL and not in “TRUTH, JUSTICE, – or THE

    Sad. So so soooo sad and pathetic

  83. 84 1george1

    Corrections which I believe to be true:

    GAVIN had asked for an opinion on TERM LIMITS, which Burturla delayed
    giving until after the election / referendum.

    Burturla mentioned the “new” Town Charter takes affect Dec 5.

    Burturla said he would have information next meeting on:
    1) Opinion on Long Beach West referendum
    2) Airport Purchase.

    I believe:
    Burturla staged certain cases bragging that Esq. Florek worked
    for free and said something to the effect that a certain person signed
    an affadavit or sworn testimoney that a complaint against Councilor
    Camillo was frivilous. Great job.

    Burturla staged certain information about a summary judgement I
    interpret as mirror imaging some issues and personnel related to my
    suit vs Mossman. (What a Daniel?)

    Burtula helped set up 2 certain Democratic Town Councilors to claim
    credit for Habitat to Humanities, on a situation for Kurmay who Burturla
    supports. The Republicans acted out some pretntious objections and
    then magnanimously conceeded, to a councilor who shows up about as
    often as the District’s predecessor.
    – Some people are desPirate (intentional misspell) for crumbs.
    Others for “appearances.”

    The old firehouse for EMS site was on the AGENDA.
    Victory for GAVIN – JON – CALZONE
    Unlike the normal 30 pieces of silver to hacks, this benefits the community,
    although badly tainted both by the way it was backdoored and the cost
    over runs on the new fire house.

    (I wonder if there are kickbacks on $ 172,000 for L & B Appraisal
    for Shakespeare and White House – which could be built for $ 172k?)

    Miron had little to report about AVCO.
    Except that it has to “play out.”

    A highly appropriate choice of words.

  84. 85 genericscreename


    A clarification for you. Buturla stated that summary judgement was issued by judge Nevas regarding the litigation over the towing contract in town, that the town prevailed in court. This was litigation having something to do with Ortiz vs the TOS and several police officers and an apparent arrest. I do not know any more of the facts.

    With respect to the other thing about Councilor Camillo, Buturla stated something to the effect that Mrs. Guberman admitted in sworn testimony to Atty. Florek (in her deposition or something like that) that her lawsuit was frivolous and that there was no settlement cost for the town.

    As far as the fire house I think you may have gotten that wrong, but the cost overuns are for real. I agree the architectural design contract was definitly back door action.

  85. 86 1george1

    Thank you for the FYI on the Summary Judgement.
    Esq Williams was the representative for Ortiz.
    Represented (supposely) me vs. Mossman
    Has a piece of the Area 51 vs. Willinger.
    I suspect he could make more on the other 2 than if I won?

    As far as Camillo, I did not want to mention specific name
    out of respect for a certain person, since there was a recent
    settlement from the Town related to a deply personal nature.
    People had made statements I found disgusting.
    The framing of the situation was transparent.
    Camillo sitting where I normally sit and then moving in front of
    where I moved, apparently KNOWING IN ADVANCE what Burturla
    was going to COVER is in my opinion – SLIMEY.
    > Camillo could have left when his situation was covered.
    > Camillo waited for Burturla to turn over all of his cards, including
    Airport, Long Beach West, NEW Charter, SHAKESPEARE and other
    things that related directly and indirectly to AVCO “playing out.”

    Silhavy did due diligence on the fire house, yet was out voted
    to pay more for a local firm.
    DeCilio, before he went “Registrar,” was a re-elected town council,
    raised issue of how the higher priced fire house went up close to
    a million in a couple months since it was voted on?
    There was a time I respected little Dick Weber Jr.
    Silhavey was beaten by Blake so Silhavey was no longer watching the
    money the Firehouse would cost.
    Just last year Chairman Feehan asked:
    1 – How a $ 2 million Firehouse became a $ 9 million?
    2 – If the old Firehouse was useable for EMS, why did they buy
    the land and build a new Fire House?

    I have never been a fan of Feehan or Henrich, but occasional
    I agree with things they say and questions they rasied.

    Conversely, I even agree with Jim Miron and Burturla occasionally.

    Far too many things point back to Kevin Kelly and Kevin Williams
    who seem to work with Miron / Burturla / Florek.
    Kubec was a 1991 Town Councilor when Williams was Town Chair
    & Florek was Town Attorney.
    ESQ: Miron – Williams – Kubek = CRC # 1
    ESQ: Florek – Proto (Best) – August = CRC # 2
    August appears to be a relative new comer to screwing up Stfd.

    Kelly & Burturla flip flopped roles.

    I wonder if any role my publicity about the Town Charter played in
    the Term Limit issue, since it “APPEARS” to go against what I claimed
    would be the AIMS?
    Burturla gave a balanced presentation.
    Yet, he also laid foundation for challenge, if they choose.
    If someone challenges, who would do the BILLING to REP the Town
    in COURT and or on APPEAL?
    From a selfish point of view, Burturla would be better off taking a
    position contrary to his probable desired position, which also sets
    him up to have deniability once he loses in court and loses on appeal.

    FYI – I was being sarcastic with (good Job!)

    L & B was paid $ 172,000 for their report on repairs for Shakespeare
    and for the white house?

    Two thoughts.

    1 – Could the White House be completely rebuilt or built for $ 172,000

    2 – How much scratch does a certain person owe for taking money and
    not delivering products?

  86. 87 genericscreename


    With due respect, I think you are a little bit “off” on the firehouse, but this is what I know.

    1. There were several design firms which bid on the project.
    2. Silver Pettrucelli & Antinozzi Architects were short listed.
    3. Silver had at the time of review of credentials approximately 13 or 14 design projects behind them from all over the state from Fire Houses to EMS facilities.
    4. The only facility of that nature which Antinozzi had in their portfolio was the fire headquarters in Bridgeport on Congress street ( hope I got the street correct). And that was designed by them in the early 70’s.
    5. Antinozzi Architects overall design fee was a little over 200K higher than S & P from what I have been told.
    6. Antinozzi was “handed” the project by a committee of uninformed democrats who did as they obviously were instructed to do.

    The growth of the project scope was not Antinozzi’s fault, they designed a facility based on the needs, expansion and long term projections. The increases in project cost were the fault of an individual who no longer works for the town, who had no true estimating experience and only provided what “he” thought was a conceptual estimate. At the time the sitting council was not presented with viable information which could have been used to establish a realistic bonding package. The final estimates were close to that provided by the architect and then ultimately by the low bidders contract.

    It should be noted that if one were to do some digging they will discover that the contractor who was awarded the entire package to build the fire house, in fact was not the low bidder. There were several alternates included in the bid package, and the individual who no longer works for the town, moved the numbers around ( legally), and chose only those alternates which made Secondino and Sons the “apparent low bidder”. This is a common practice in the industry, when calculating the low bidder, “choose those alternate bids when possible, and then award to who ever, other than the low bidder”, and take the position that the low bid was based on the aggregate amount of the alternates chosen.

    As far as Camillo, he left as soon as the town atty report was over, I suspect he already knew the conclusion, as it would only make sense. As far as Mrs. Guberman, she has had numerous lawsuits against this town, most have settled out of court.

  87. 88 1george1


    I was present for each town council meeting.
    You information is fairly accurate.
    Silhavey was the point man in the search for someone to build the firehouse.
    He suggested a company in MA, which had a portfolio of Firehouses built.

    Antinozzi was a higher bidder, local, and did not have a comparable portfolio.
    I believe the Republicans had a majority when the vote was taken and when
    Silhavey made the recommendation. Can pin it all on the D.

    I believe Miron’s “FUTURE” Mayor campaign HQ was in an Antinozzi rental.

    Any suggestions of
    1 – why lawsuits settled out of court?
    2 – specific issues?
    3 – amount of settlements?
    4 – why the town “chooses” to settle?

    Any other people who purportedly have similar track records?

    Any suggestions as to why Camillo chose to sit where he sat
    AND why he moved to sit in front of me?

    Even speculation?

  88. 89 genericscreename


    With all due respect, I suspect that Camillo sat in front of you vs behind you so he could see the daiz and the council.

  89. 90 genericscreename


    I didn’t mean to be sarcastic, but you are not a small guy, if Camillo sat sat behind you he would need a periscope to see around you. ok back to your other questions:

    Lawsuits settle out of court all the time, typically when one side decides it is in their best interest to make a settlement then suffer the conclusions of a judge or jury verdict and the additional expense to litigate.

    Specific issues? if you mean in the context of the Guberman V. Camillo, what Buturla said was pretty clear, she had a frivolous lawsuit, one that had no bases of fact etc. From what I am told it was classified as a typcial harrassment suit that someone brings on just to piss the other person off. In this case, it appears as if it backfired on the woman. Rumor has it that Camillo was about to slam her with a seven figure vexatious litigation suit, and most likely would have won, but who knows and who really cares.

    From what I am told she has sued the town several times over numerous issues and filed a bunch of claims too over the years. It is said she is a Costello-Mihaley puppet.

    As far as amounts of settlements, I have spoken to several council members and they have told me that often when there are financial settlements, the amount is not disclosed to the public as a matter of policy to protect the town in future cases where the amounts can be used as precedent.

    And again, when the town chooses to settle litigation cases etc, they only due when it is in their best interest to do so, whether financial or other. Why would the town fight a case which they are wrong in fighting? I remember reading a couple years ago about a case where a town snow plow blew through a red light in a snow storm, crippled a guy for life etc. the town went to court because the plaintiff did not want to settle out of court, which the town attempted to do, and in the end it cost the town huge dollars over a ten year period. That is a prime example of why the town would settle out of court when ever possible.

  90. 91 1george1


    You got a LOL and smile from me.
    Thank you.
    Been a very tough couple of months.

    But many people have it far rougher than I.

    Whereas many people related to Bob Dylan,
    I find Rudyard Kipling still appropriate …
    even from opposing political positions.

    > Charge of the Light Brigade – Ours is NOT to reason WHY… (Not me bro..)

    > IF – Classic (If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you … )

    > White man’s burdon – (the judgement of your peers) some view this
    as philanthropic rather than racist and pro-imperialistic

    > Gunga Din – (… You are a better man than I….)

    and although he favored imperialism and I am against do-my-nation, there are
    quotes and postions where the weapon can be used as a tool.

  91. 92 1george1

    > At least no one can blame Nader for the MESS this country is in, and the
    fact is that many of his nusance ideas simply save lives and are farther sighted
    than most people. Would he be a good president?
    Has anybody been since Lincoln? (and he had his detractors)

    To staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, and voters

    Authoritative public sentiments have always been there, have they not? From the Declaration of Independence’s majestic prose to the preamble of our Constitution which begins with “We the People of the United States …” to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address “toward a new birth of freedom … for a government of the people, by the people and for the people” to the last words of the pledge of allegiance — “with liberty and justice for all.”

    Sentiments remain mere words; heralding hopes, wishes and poignant nods. Unless they are grounded in reality, behavior, respect, attitude, and renewal, they become the words of controlling processes, pacifying the resigned, fortifying the concentrators of abusive power, and ever manipulating the trusting populace by the latest politicians climbing up the electoral hills.

    The Nader/Gonzalez independent ticket set standards for presidential campaigns that were authentic, honest, factual, far-seeing, and committed to a deliberate, deep democracy that creates high expectations and dedicated actions from the people themselves. Democracy is revered all over the world because it brings the best out of people. But the people have to want it, to work for it, and to use it daily in its many splendid varieties.

    Elections are a temptation for abstraction, soaring rhetoric without roots in the daily experience of those who are impoverished, ailing, defrauded, and indebted. The vast majority of citizens are marginalized and excluded from the freedom to participate in power — to paraphrase Marcus Cicero.

    Our campaign started with the realities of our country on the ground where the people live, work, and raise their families. Politics must never be an abstraction. For if allowed to be such, it will be a mirage that stokes the hopeful emotions while detaching people from a critical recognition that they and only they — individually and organized — can make their representatives truly their representatives, dutifully producing more leaders. Leaders who cannot betray the trust of the people, and that of their children and grandchildren, know from whence they came.

    It is with these thoughts that all of us at the Nader/Gonzalez campaign headquarters tender our gratitude to all who stood with us. We thank your enlightened self-interest, your awareness of the necessity for enlightened communities from the neighborhoods and workplaces all the way to our national government. We must make this government a tribune of peace, justice and freedom throughout this tormented world of ours.

    While I was campaigning in Syracuse, New York this October in a city beset with hard times, a middle-aged blue-collar worker with calloused hands approached me after our discussion and said, “I’m voting for myself, which is why I’m voting for you.” I took that declaration as a serious trusteeship and later on the campaign trail turned it into a basic question: “Isn’t it about time that we all voted for ourselves?” Isn’t it about time that we planned our futures rather than ceding that essential function of citizenship to giant rootless corporations?

    What follows is a summary of what we achieved together through the Presidential campaign of 2008, despite being obstructed by the Democrats’ and Republicans’ ballot access hurdles and traps, despite being excluded from speaking to tens of millions of Americans through the Presidential debates (polls repeatedly showed the people wanted us — by name — included), and despite being willfully ignored by the national television and national newspaper/magazine media. These achievements represent persistence, stamina, and the willpower to penetrate this political bigotry so as to give choice to those voters who knew we were running.

    We believe history will treat the Nader/Gonzalez initiative kindly in part because its reading of the necessities of the American people was accurate as was its condemnation of the concentrated powers that have for so long denied them livelihoods of decency, security and voice.

    We thank you who made all this possible. Looking forward, we thank all who will make the campaign’s legacy proliferate through all seasons at all times wherever human beings seek the fulfillment of their human possibilities.


    Moving a Progressive Agenda Forward in the Electoral Arena.

    Nurturing anew the survival seeds and sprouts for a functioning democracy, so that someday the fruits of this campaign will be traced back to the political pioneers of 2008 who carried forward the torch of conscience and justice high across the land.

    We followed the model of Presidential candidates Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas; if they had not run within the electoral arena many people would not know key elements of the progressive agenda. As Thomas Paine once said, “a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of right.”

    In 2008, without third party and independent candidates there would have been no opposition to the bailout, no discussion of single-payer, no opposition to nuclear power plants, no support of living wage, no peace advocacy over blow-back militarism, no advocacy of electoral reforms, no crackdown on corporate crimes, etc.

    Civil Liberties for Independent and Third Party Candidates

    Working to break down unfair ballot access laws that shred the rights of minor party candidates to run for office.

    Example: Victory in Arizona, declaring in-state petitioning law unconstitutional at the 9th circuit court of appeals.

    Example: Victory in Ohio case at the 6th circuit, declaring Secretary of State Blackwell was wrong to throw Nader/Camejo off the ballot in 2004 and that the Ohio law requiring in-state petition circulators was unconstitutional.

    Bringing in New People to the Political Process

    We will be over 700,000 votes in 2008 as absentee ballots and write-ins are counted over the coming days and weeks. Many of those voters would have stayed home and not voted if Nader/Gonzalez had not been on the ballot.

    60% of Nader/Gonzalez donors have never contributed to any other political candidate before.

    Thousands of citizens developed skills in clean politics and many will run for office where they live in coming years.

    Documenting the Multi-faceted Oppressiveness of the Two-Party Controlled Dictatorship of Our Country

    The exclusion from the debates and the media blackout helped deflate the myth of a competitive electoral democracy. Exposing myths is the first step toward reforms.

    International Solidarity

    The Nader/Gonzalez campaign helped show the rest of the world that there are voices inside the Presidential campaign who speak vigorously to the United States becoming a humanitarian superpower that knows how to wage peace, advance justice and enhance the security of all peoples, as envisioned by the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    Ballot Access & Voting Success

    Bronze Medal: Nader/Gonzalez got more votes than any other Presidential third party or independent candidate.

    45 State Ballot Lines and the District of Columbia: We got on more state ballots than in any previous Ralph Nader Presidential campaign (including the state of Idaho for the first time).

    Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez were on the ballot as Independents in 36 of those states, and in the District of Columbia.

    The Nader/Gonzalez campaign was nominated by the Independent Parties of Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland and New Mexico. Nader/Gonzalez was also nominated by California’s Peace and Freedom Party, Florida’s Ecology Party, Michigan’s Natural Law Party, and Oregon’s Peace Party.

    Nader/Gonzalez qualified as write-in candidates in Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas.

    Only Oklahoma voters did not have an opportunity to vote for Nader/Gonzalez.

    Former Nader 2000 & 2004 campaign manager Theresa Amato will be coming out in 2009 with a devastating indictment of the political duopoly that crushes diversity and dissent in American elections. Her forthcoming book is titled Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny (New Press).

    Party formation was more active than in 2004, and Nader/Gonzalez achieved several notable ballot access accomplishments.

    Independent Party of Maryland. Obtained ballot status and the party will be able to field candidates in 2010 without petitioning.

    Independent Party of New Mexico. Obtained ballot status and achieved .5% vote threshold allowing 2010 candidates without petitioning.

    Independent Party of Hawaii. Obtained ballot status. Because of low vote totals the party must petition candidates for two more elections to obtain a 10 year ballot access status. Chairman Shaun Stenshol pledges to keep party alive and field candidates in 2010.

    Peace Party of Oregon. Obtained ballot status by securing 1% of the statewide vote total and the party will be able to field candidates in 2010 without petitioning.

    Connecticut Independent Party. Obtained ballot status by securing 1% of the statewide vote total and the party will be able to field candidates in 2010 without petitioning.

    Preserved ballot status of the Natural Law Party in Michigan.

    Ballot status of Delaware Independent Party, California Peace and Freedom Party, and Florida Ecology Party continues because of criteria other than vote totals.

    Some Memorable Campaign Accomplishments

    Our Vice Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez was the first Mexican-American VP Candidate in American History.

    Debates: We participated in three third-party Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates:

    Thursday, October 23, in Washington, D.C. at the Mayflower Hotel between Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin — sponsored by Free and Equal — covered by CSPAN.

    Thursday, October 30, in Cleveland, Ohio between Ralph Nader, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin — sponsored and hosted by the Cleveland City Club — covered by CSPAN.

    Sunday, November 2nd, Vice Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada — sponsored by Free and Equal — which included Libertarian Party VP candidate, Wayne Allyn Root, Constitution Party VP candidate, Darrell Castle, and Independent Ralph Nader running mate, Matt Gonzalez.

    Wall Street Rally: Thursday, October 16, 2008. Thousands of people gathered in front of the New York Stock Exchange to join Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez in protesting the bailout of Wall Street and to demand a crackdown on corporate crime.

    Massachusetts Marathon: Saturday, October 25, 2008. Dozens of organizers helped Ralph Nader set the Guinness Book of World Records for most campaign speeches in a single 24-hour period. We made 21 campaign stops in 21 different Massachusetts towns in a single day.

    Uplifting Facts

    When issues, not party mattered, Nader won: In a local Brooklyn High School on Oct. 28, 2008, students were allowed to vote for five Presidential candidates but were told only what the candidates stood for, not their names. Nader/Gonzalez handily won the election with 46%. Read about it at

    One of the eldest voters in 2008 cast a vote for Nader/Gonzalez. She is Geneva Garner, a 108 year-old lifelong Republican from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Read about it at

  92. 93 1george1

    I intentionally stayed away from reading the Nader e-mails.

    I voted based on resume of accomplishments.

    In the above e-mail, I found dozens of words and phrases which I used
    for years. many could be are are used by everyone. However in the
    combinations used, I could identify with the priorities.

    Each Town Council Meeting has the pledge of allegiance.
    At the end of the pledge, I await a second or two and state “for A L L!”

    Just a minor reminder for the Country Club and Tammany Gangsters

  93. 94 1george1

    Generic screen name accurately reported what Burturla stated
    in the Camillo case.

    Generic screen name appears to have accurately reported certain facts
    about the fire house.

    However, Generic appears to be relating un-named sources including town
    councilors on positions I either out right do not believe or find a stretch
    or believe there are politcal bent behind some of those positions.

    I would think Generic is more accurate reporter than Linda, Rich, and
    perhaps Fred, and posts the bias of the sources.

    I prefer Tris as the most balanced reporter.

    The guy who covered the Town Charted for the Star was very accurate,
    while the Charter Revision is one BIG LIE!

    John, the new Star reporter has been exceptionally generous in
    printing things you will NEVER SEE in the CT. POST.
    His reporting seems to be good.

    For all of FRED’S faults, I felt he was the hardest working reporter, as far
    as putting in time and effort to get facts and opinions for his work.
    FRED is almost as obnoxious as I am, which I admire.

  94. 95 jezebel282


    “it appears as if it backfired on the woman. Rumor has it that Camillo was about to slam her with a seven figure vexatious litigation suit, and most likely would have won, but who knows and who really cares.

    From what I am told she has sued the town several times over numerous issues and filed a bunch of claims too over the years. It is said she is a Costello-Mihaley puppet.”

    Pretty harsh words for Ms. Guberman. Don’t you think? It is my understanding that she simply withdrew the suit against Camillo. I also believe she filed it just after the death of her husband, which undoubtedly was extremely stressful and traumatic. As they say, courts only exist because reasonable people cannot sit in a room and come to an agreement. If I were Camillo I would practice the phrase “I’m sorry, Ma’am, I shouldn’t have said that.” over and over again. It may come in handy in the future.

    As for your claim of suing the Town over numerous issues, that is plainly a lie. I am shocked you would say that. If you check court records you will find exactly one suit since the court has maintained a database. One cannot be stretched to “numerous”.

    Having met Ms. Guberman and spoken to her on several occasions I cannot imagine any circumstance she would act as somebody’s “puppet”. It is true she supported Costello in the last election, but so did many mature women. They have seen the error of their ways. As I have seen my error in voting for Miron.



  95. 96 1george1

    I agree with your sentiments about Mrs. Guberman.

    NADER never had a chance to win the Presidency.
    But why vote for the LESSER of 2 EVILS, when both PARTIES are EVIL?

    NADER’S people have done more good for the average American than
    either party combined, since Eisenhower warned about internal

    OBAMA & MCCAIN may be fine men.
    Sam NUNN is a GREAT choice for Sec DOD.
    Warren CHRISTOPHER for State is another of the same group, as is Nunn
    as the others shall be.

    Change we can believe in? HARDLY.

    1987 The USSR had to throw in the towel because they had all their
    planning tied in to HIGH OIL PRICES and other things.
    The pricing and revenues fell apart – they needed co-operation.

    Since then the D kited values and people had no reason to worry
    about a Cold War.
    Stocks went up. People & Businesses leveraged.
    Home Values / Real Estate went up. People & Businesses leveraged.

    Now ALL OF US are paying the price and may see the entire STOCK

    Unlikely. But that is a worse case scenario, where all stock holders
    would be wiped out of value
    – all debtors would have to take pennies on the dollar.
    – all pensions and obligation would be wiped clean.

    If that happened EVERY PENSION FUND would be WIPED OUT and every
    the VALUE of ENRON / UNITED AIRLINES / K-MART and others.

    Every contract would be voided and repudiated.

    Those $ 90,000 a year pensions would be in the Social Security range.

    The good news is that it is likely Social Security would have to be
    raised for $ 12,000 to $ 20,000 a year, to afford the basics.

    Having written that, the USA has huge assets off the books, and the
    debt is relatively minimal compared to those assets.
    USA prints it’s own money.
    USA can get 35 – 40 % of income of all Business & people.
    USA owns 90 % of the land West of the Mississippi.
    USA set up Japan & Western Europe after WW II.
    USA set up O.P.E.C. countries after WW II.
    USA has troops in over 100 countries protecting USA imperial interest
    for mostly raw materials, and comodities, including OIL / GAS / COAL.
    USA has off the shelf technology to completely eliminate the internal
    combustion engine, those eliminating carbon foot print sourcing, for
    100 % of Trasportation needs. Demand Side Economics.
    USA has huge demand side Economic needs in self contained Energy
    in Housing, Business, and Government Buildings.
    USA has huge demand side Economic needs in infrastructure of Roads,
    Bridges, etc.
    USA has huge supply side Economic needs for people to work in heath
    care for an aging population, and for medication and paying for technology.
    USA has huge demand side Economic needs in controlling FLOODING in
    various parts of the Mississippi River and other Rivers.
    USA has huge demand side Economic needs in creating water reserves
    where farming has needs and where forrest fires cost make solving those
    problems to be cost effective.
    USA has huge demand side Economic needs from countries around the
    world, which live in poverty, and has success stories in india, china, the
    pacific rim, western europe, and elsewhere.

    USA has huge supply side Economic needs of untrained and trained labor
    which needs good jobs and benefits.
    USA has huge supply side Economic needs for
    > affordable housing with low utility cost
    > affordable transportation with low fuel cost
    > affordable health care, medication, etc
    USA has huge supply side Economic needs for new technology to create
    to products for pentup demand, once there is disposable income.

  96. 97 genericscreename


    …Deleted by request of poster…..

  97. 98 1george1

    I had an issue with Camillo, whereas I defended him to someone else,
    and what he got was contrary to what I stated and/or wrote. Kinda
    like his “joke” situation.

    Camillo confronted me man to man.

    Man to man, I showed him whatever. End of situation.
    I forgot the issue.

    Having written that Camillo is an ally of Norm and Burturla.
    I believe both are harmful to my interest as a Stratford Citizen and are
    in large part responsible for many economic delays, unnecessary costs,
    and significant town problems.
    However, the real enemy of Stratford people are unknown people in
    the State and Federal Governments and/or Political Parties and/or
    private sector with interests in either. Why?
    > AVCO could have been remediated and transitioned in 1992 with good
    businesses, jobs, and feeder situation.
    > SIKORSKY and DRESSER did not have to downsize to the degrees they did,
    costing property tax and feeder revenues.
    > RAYMARK & dumps could have been wholley remediated and toxin issues
    would not depress real estate values in 5 % of Stratford.
    > AVCO and RAYMARK have an unknown level of Public Endangerment.
    > Pensions, Benefits, and political largess pad the expenses / budget by 10 %

    MOBIL CHEMICAL was a TOP 10 TAX PAYER, EMPLOYING 300 ? – It moved.
    They paid the HIGHEST comparable taxes of any MOBIL site in the WORLD.
    I was told this by the head of HR.

    DIANON is in process of moving to SHELTON by month end.

    BARGAIN NEWS had been the sponsor for many things, including FIREWORKS.
    They employed over 200 people. They moved to Trumbull.
    Internet killed them and they down sized, to unknown level

    4,000 RAYMARK factory jobs and benefits replaced by 800 low benefit low
    paying jobs in HOME DEPOT / SHAWS (non union) / WALMART
    > contract plating close 20 years.
    > tilo
    > american frozen food moved to milford & downsized.
    > coke moved out – pepsi moved in
    > stratford town fair empty for years. jobs & pay about a wash.
    > stratford town fair lanes

    SHAKESPEARE closed 20 years – It is the IDENTIDY of STRATFORD being
    unique for Branding, Marketing, Tourism, Economic Engine. Wasted.

    2000 DICTAPHONE employees replaced by 500 – 600 SIKORSKY.

    In WW II Chance vought employed 12,000 people 24/7 where AVCO was.
    I believe AVCO’s peak was 7 – 8,000
    SIKORSKY peaked about 14,000 during Vietnam War. Got down to 5,000
    a few years ago, and may be 8 – 9,000 in the area, in different sites/towns.
    DRESSER peaked about 1,400 and got down to 500. I think it is about 800?


  98. 99 1george1

    FYI – CREDIT where due

    CAMILLO did good things for
    1 – Booth Park
    2 – Town Council Building needs Committee
    3 – Maybe other stuff.

    He in is Norm’s camp and Burturla’s camp.
    I am not.

    My issues go to much higher levels than local YOKE-als.
    Yet, the locals are used in a vertical organization.
    There doesn’t seem to be any limit …

  99. 100 sudds

    OK, so getting back on track…

    Longbrook Pond… Dredging… WTF???

  100. 101 1george1


    Gavin made Long Brook an issue for the election.

    Paul Joy made it an issue in his run.

    My solution for part of the problem is to Gather
    Off course, it has other sources of HOT AIR!

    Maybe if the pensions / insurance were a couple million
    lower there would be funds for maintenance?

    Maybe there are Federal / State / Private Grants to be had?

    Maybe if there are $ 5 million in unfunded mandates on
    the Town and Education, and if they were funded, there
    would be infrastructure funds.

    Maybe if 20 years of unfunded mandates were paid, there
    would be no Town Debt and 10 – 15 % lower Mil Rate.
    Then we could borrow to dredge.

    Maybe if we had people that didn’t delay things for political
    purposes ….

    Let’s see. ANIMAL SHELTER will take a couple months to start
    and 6 months to build. I wonder if the grand opening will be
    about OCTOBER 2009?
    What is election day for the Mayor’s re-election?

    New Town Charter Dec 5

    Burturla will have opinions on Long Beach West and Airport Dec 8.
    Miron waiting for AVCO to play out.
    Shakespeare got more money for the hand picked developer.

    Can anyone define: T I M E – T A B L E ?


    Sudds, if it does get dredged are you going swimming?

  101. 102 1george1

    BUMPER STICKERS available:


  102. 103 1george1

    Is anybody sensing a pattern?
    Could it be that Pat Naylor was organizing the Charter revision Petition?
    Or could it be that Joe McNeil was uncovering pension abuses, fraud,
    theft and nepotism?

    Why not throw in the stuff I and others raise?
    Anyone see a pattern.
    FBI – DC has pattern analysis.
    I suspect they are not the only ones?

  103. 104 sudds

    OK George… seriously… instead of your lame puns and conspiracy theories… how about if we let someone with actual knowledge of the situation (Mr. Forrester? Mr. Best? Mr. Mayor? Etc?) answer the question???

    So again I ask…

    Longbrook Pond… Dredging… update???

    Jez… is there anywhere better than “George’s Page” I can post this? (shutting him up over here will be impossible now… lol!!!)

  104. 105 citizenkane1

    Reading “George’s Page” top to bottom reminds me of that Nick Nolte movie “AFFLICTION”, it has been on cable lately.

    George, you should watch it. It would be like looking in a mirror.

    See ya at Mr. P’s!

  105. 106 jezebel282


    “Jez… is there anywhere better than “George’s Page” I can post this?”

    Let me see if I understand this. YOU want help with a problem that concerns you?

    How would Sudds answer this?

    Longbrook Pond is not in my district. How would it effect me? Why should I care? My tax dollars were already used to remove your stump. Do I get a no show job for helping you? Are you leading in the polls? Maybe you deserve to be ignored? Is Longbrook Pond cute with big breasts?

  106. 107 sudds

    How about if I word it this way…

    I heard a rumor that the funds for Longbrook Park were diverted into the account to pay for the witch-hunt into who blew the whistle on the mayor trying to steamroll his brother into a position with the Stratford police department. Can anyone out there validate and/or comment on this?

    Jez… does this spark your interest now? 😛

  107. 108 sudds

    “Is Longbrook Pond cute with big breasts?”

    I’m missing the metaphor on this one… who’s got the big “guns”???

  108. 109 jezebel282


    “I’m missing the metaphor on this one… who’s got the big “guns”???”

    Never mind…anything above your belt is over your head.

  109. 110 1george1


    Here are a couple e-mail addresses to get your answer to
    Long Brook Park.

    Gavin Forrester ,
    jim miron ,

    At least NOW, Sudds is blogging mostly hetero.

    Someone who take a blogname homonym to Cane who killed
    Able, who appear to have a mental “AFFLICTION.”

    I will look it up in Wikipedia. I suspect it is some sado-homo,
    cross-dressed as a cop movie, which would reflect YOUR posts.

    Mr. P’s has had a reputation for many years. The clientel is
    still far too high class for someone like you.

    I doubt you would ever go where your mommy or anonyminity
    would expose you to the real world.

    Lastly, unlike you, I can see myself in a (extra wide) mirror. You
    may see your facade, but Vampires can not see their real selves,
    since they have NO SOUL.

  110. 111 1george1

    The e-mail addresses did not post

    The addresses are on the Town Website.

    Most addresses are name @ town of stratford . com.

    (I left spaces to try to fool the blog gods.)

  111. 112 1george1


    How will Miron be defeated, after years of delays, the time table is kicking in:

    1 – Animal Shelter due to open in 6 – 9 months.

    2 – Shakespeare is finally funded

    3 – DiBicella, Harkins, and Rell waited until their was a mayor to cease the
    $ 5 million a year ECS held back. That $ 55 million over 12 + years was 2 Mils
    in early years to 1 Mil recently.

    4, John Burturla cut O. T. It will affect PENSIONS, now their scummy buddies
    got their (sorry Jeze) bribes to help cover up a bundch of stuff.

    5. Long Beach West will be traded for the Airport.

    6. Airport will be expanded.

    7. Expanded Airport and NEW (real) Developer will create big growth in jobs
    in the next 5 years of construction and subsequent tennants.

    8. Brakettes will get deal with ESPN and become a beacon for the USA to
    know Stratford in a positive light. I e-mailed ESPN (Broadcast), SUBWAY
    (sports sponsor) & Brakettes. Florek is related to one of the top 2, yet
    has done nothing of substance for them to my knowledge.

    9. Raymark dumpsites are likely to find funding, under Obama / Dodd /
    DeLauro / Lieberman, who have been invisible in Stratford for 20 years.
    (Add governor Amman)

    10. Town Hall will be named the Dick Miron Memorial Town Hall.
    (I do not wish anyone ill. I would like to see the victims made whole.)

    “In politics, there are no co-incidences
    “Organized money is more dangerous than organized crime.”

    SHAKESPEARE: (The Tempest)
    “Whereof what’s past is prologue.”

  112. 113 1george1


    It appears your FILES on me are too close to my past.
    And it appears you are threatening my life, based on the plot line.

    Affliction is a 1998 film written and directed by Paul Schrader from the
    novel by Russell Banks. It stars Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, James Coburn,
    Willem Dafoe, Mary Beth Hurt and Jim True.

    It tells the story of Wade Whitehouse (Nolte), a small-town policeman
    in New Hampshire, whose investigation of an apparent hunting accident
    is influenced by his relationship with a violent, alcoholic father (Coburn),

    (MY WW II Combat Vet Father liked BEER, too much.)

    his increasing obsession with his past,

    (The past is prologue.)

    his fraught relationship with his ex-wife (Mary Beth Hurt)
    and daughter (Brigid Tierney),

    (NEVER MARRIED – NO KIDS. = Missed on this one.)

    and the death of his mother.


    All of these issues precipitate a personal crisis for Wade
    as the investigation proceeds.

    KANE threatened to MURDER ME, via insinuation in plot line?
    Quick Jeze call the police! 😉

  113. 114 jezebel282


    “KANE threatened to MURDER ME, via insinuation in plot line?”
    Whatever are you talking about?

    “How will Miron be defeated, after years of delays, the time table is kicking in”

    That is easy. He will be defeated in one of 2 ways:

    A real Democrat (not one in the DTC) collects signatures and forces a primary.
    This might be the actual vote for mayor. If Miron is defeated in a primary, the winner should have no trouble at all in a general election for mayor.
    (Don’t get excited Carroll, Goodrich or Calzone. Not you guys either.)

    An Independent (not Costello) collects signatures and runs in the general election.
    This would be an ideal solution for the citizens. This candidate would be untainted by the filth collected over the last 20+ years by the RTC and DTC. It would be wonderful to see someone not burdened by decades of backdoor deals and payoffs.

    It will be an interesting season. It would be nice if the Unions would get off their hands and participate as well. They certainly have the ability. The question is do they have the will? From what I have seen with Local 407 they do not.

  114. 115 1george1

    Jeze – read the plot line of the movie Kane referred.
    Oh I forgot, Kane is one of your blue babies.

    Why should 407 or the unions go against their patrons?
    I have heard talk. But….

    Jeze … I would love to see your idea of an untainted candidate? 😉

    Real Democrat? Most are dead or moved.

  115. 116 1george1

    Decades of Time tabled delays and abuses, ready for implementation and correction?

    Nov 14th CT. POST Mark Dumas letter praised Town Attorney Richard Burturla’s Term Limits opinion. I believe appearances can be deceiving since Esq. Burturla opined “Recall is no longer legal;” and that Stratford has a NEW, not revised Town Charter, placing Stratford under the “Home Rule Act” and no longer under the “Special Act Charter,” which allowed grandfathered rights. (NO LONGER)

    To quote FDR: “In politics, there are no co-incidences.”
    “Organized money is more dangerous than organized crime.”

    I believe the all of the following to be true: Since the mid 1980s, the Burturla law firm of Berchem, Moses, and Devlin have taken control of both Town and area Political parties (as a surrogate for the state or Political Parties)) and caused or assisted delays in State and Federal Funding; management of steered economic development; and extreme budget largess; among other issues towards the goal and objectives of recently enacted changes in Town Charter and Stratford government form, so they can become the heroes, despite causing problems, and enrich their patrons and clients.

    Before the November 2009 Stratford Mayor Election, I predict the following “progress:”
    * Unfunded Town/Education Mandates of 2 Mils a year may be paid
    * Reimbursed unfunded mandates of $ 55-$ 150 Million may relieve Stratford’s $ 160 Million
    * Animal Shelter due to open in 6 – 9 months.
    (Years delayed)
    * Shakespeare is finally funded to open.
    (Decades delayed)
    * EMS building will open in the old Firehouse.
    (Years delayed)
    * Police O. T. was finally, recently, cut affecting 1987 and 1998 recomputed Pension.
    * Town Unions will see dramatic cuts in Pensions / Insurance
    * Brakettes – ESPN – SUBWAY may become a reality after my inquiry
    * Long Beach West will be traded for the airport
    * Airport will be expanded. East Haven Judicial ruling and raising Main Street (flood) will be pretext.
    * Expanded Airport + NEW (delayed) $ 3 Billion AVCO Developer will create construction job growth.
    * Subsequent AVCO tennants (if commercial) will contribute to Tax Base, Property Values, & Jobs.
    * Subsequent AVCO tennants (if condos) contribute Higher Education Budget offsetting Tax gain.
    * Raymark dumpsites are likely to find funding. (Decades delayed)

    SHAKESPEARE: (The Tempest)
    “What’s past is prologue

    1982 Shakespeare closed:
    1983 Toll crash; 1987 Mini Budget=Pensions;
    1991 Town REFERENDUMS;
    1992 AVCO closed;
    1998 Pension Bond & Pension recalculation –
    1998 preferred Developer awarded for AVCO SAEP

    For over 20 years many of the same people have been on: Town Councils, Town Commissions, Town Attorneys, or Assistants and Managements. I believe parasitic, incestuous business is done by them.

    I believe during these 20 years time members of America’s greatest generation have died or been forced to move from Stratford from OVER TAXATION, because political people manipulated the system “for gain.”

    Seems to be a systemic theme of these generations’ leaders, doesn’t it?

  116. 117 1george1


  117. 118 1george1

    I must be using the wrong bait? 🙂

    I mostly insulted Berchump, who I believe is just another hire,
    but representative of many politicos

  118. 119 1george1

    Sorry Jeze, I forgot I was not on George’s Page when I playfully
    replied to Generic as I do below.
    If this post completely (I will advise if it doesn’t)
    Please feel free to edit the other – yet please refer to George’s page #118
    for response to Generic, when typing editted for relevance.

    Much of the information comes from Wikipedia.
    Direct Quotes come from the Federalist Papers for specific quotes.
    Simply linking would not give specific context.
    Anyone is free to criticise and argue any parts of my beliefs.


    November 16, 2008 stratfordcharter,
    Response to Genericscreenname attempt with the usual belittling
    and showing off his decent knowledge of varieties of surveillance.
    This one was fun to partially take apart.


    You are right on 100 % of the techiques. You even told me about a few
    I didn’t even know existed? “A Daniel comes to Judgement.”

    However, your comments almost hurt my feelings. Since I understand
    (generally) your bias and similar bloggers, I was not expecting a different
    treatment. I may be crazy – but not “that” stupid.

    Homing devices have long ago been inplanted in many Auto Computers
    and/or embedded in Auto electrical (sleep mode) systems, since they
    are mostly built offshore. Then they found people would PAY to be tracked!
    You may even have a GPS.

    I do not worry about people going through my trash. I have mostly boring
    stuff and much ODD STUFF, mostly in package form. (softball alert) 😉
    Stratford garbagemen do a fine job taking my weekly garbage. I prefer them
    than the private sector. Public Works, Library, and a few other Department
    have even given me Value for taxes. I prefer full time professional Police,
    Fire, Education, and others than “Volunteers.” Even with Patronage there
    is superior training and capability, that I believe is worth slightly (reasonable)
    higher taxes than towns with “volunteer” services. To bad Scheiskopf run ….
    > Yet, town & political people set themselves and others up for failure.

    No need for nearby dewy foot prints, due to Techology.
    No need for cars parked outside.
    Infrared ultra sensitive audio / video hooked up to phone transformers for
    unobtrusive surveillance are so 1970s – 1980s. Despite the 4th, 3rd, 9th, 10th
    and 13th Amendments, 3rd rate minds of criminal justice and intelligence feel
    “a need to know” and “hey it keeps subordinants busy.”

    Only voices I hear at home are from TV, Radio, Phone, or Computer,
    with occasional visitor. Sorry on that one.

    A couple weeks ago, my phone line / DSL went down. I went to the Library
    to call in a repair. I came across a line man who told me he was directed to
    test certain phone lines. He (supposedly) was unsure if he got mine. He told
    me if I went home, my line should be on. It was.
    Was I worried? NAH.
    Just the local morons, who need local access. NSC has Satellite Technology
    since EVERY phone call / data can be monitored and Wireless is even easier.
    FYI – Every call, even to a neighbor goes to a relay which sends it someplace
    and gets to the Satellite and back to Telecom main frames, which reroutes
    back to Satellite and back to destination. (close not exactly)
    FYI – I worked for a Voice Data company. A friend is a QC Engineer for Raytheon,
    studied QC under DR. Deming, who create Japanese QC, and designed rerouters
    when there is signal interuption. I have multiple friends and family, as well as the
    fact for years I interfaced with people who are or have been Corporate I. T. Directors, Programmers, Systems Architechs, I. T. Security, and more.
    My PC Club former officer ran WTC Communications from 9/11. He accidently
    bowled over President W Bush at the WTC Comm Trailer. Bush said hello by name
    as he walked by the following week when he was briefing people at the White
    House, which IMPRESSED the junior senior people he was briefing.

    Paranoia can be healthy or unhealthy. Amazing the people on this blog
    think DRUGS are the solution for everything and advocate sight unseen
    that someone who uses little more than ASPIRIN should go slippery slope.
    NO DRUGS – NO ALCOHOL – Sorry, since I doubt you care anything FOR ME,
    and are as SENSITIVE as other bloggers, I respectfylly decline your suggestion.
    Although you are intelligent. Hitler, Kings, & Governments had intelligent
    people doing sadistic things for psychic gratification.
    Generic, I truly wonder how cannibalistic you are with everyone?
    (FYI – I decided NOT to go PERSONAL & keep this political)

    I was twice followed by same police officer for a few miles. I spoke to
    Imbro. Didn’t happen again.

    If I feared future prosecution, would I type in this blog?
    I only have one semi supporter = sudds.
    Since you brought up monitoring, categorizing, and more, you and I
    know N.S.C. monitors 100 % of telecom voice + data, and computers
    can be programmed to do almost anything.
    YET – the information stream for space exploration contains so much
    information that even the computers which store and process the data,
    (so far) lack the ability to completely understand “all” interrelationships.

    As for being worried about death, what was it Mario Puza wrote about
    “The one thing History has taught us….?”
    Anybody can be killed.

    I had 5 full grown trees in the planting strip, 30 years ago and the largest
    River Birch in the area. Everyone of the rotted. Two had help from a
    hurricane. I thought it was the Raymark ground water that caused the
    branches to dry, rot, and then fall, threatening cars and pedestrians?
    > Microwave Beams – A revelation! You are a genius.
    > Not that I never considered the possibilies since I did discover in 1987
    the USA Military and State created O.P.E.C. and my thesis laid out the
    foundation for the restructuring of the USA economy using Nietzschean
    perversites of Joseph Schumpeter creative distruction and Alfred Marshall’s
    views of supply and demand, upon which much of Keynesian money supply
    is based.
    University of Chicago’s Leo Strauss is the father of neo-con economics and
    whose followers are believers in Allan Bloom’s “counter intuitive” readings of
    Hi-Story, whereas they purportedly believe the Scribes pretend to PRAISE
    the DEEDS of HI-STORY’S LEADERS, when infact they are PARTICULARS about
    the HOBBSIAN like crimes of KINGS, EMPERORS, CAESARS, ETC.
    Schumpeter’s “creative distruction,” is not unlike nor inconsistant with Karl
    Marx’s “dialectical materialism,” in that there is a “dialectical dynamic” which
    superceeds and makes irrlevant Supply and Demand or Keynesian Money Supply
    >> WIKIPEDIA – There are numerous types of innovation-generating
    creative destruction in an industry or a sundered country analygous
    to ADAM SMITH’S Clean Slate:

    New markets or products
    New equipment
    New sources of labor and raw materials
    New methods of organization or management
    New methods of inventory management
    New methods of transportation
    New methods of communication (e.g., the Internet)
    New methods of advertising and marketing
    New financial instruments
    New ways to lobby politicians or new legal strategies (though many economists would argue that this last is not a genuine example of creative destruction, so much as an example of using force of government to prevent more innovative or lower cost competitors from selling to one’s customers)

    Conversely these are definitely CAPITALISTIC and MARKET ECONOMY aspects
    which have dominant advantages/features/benefits, which are cost-efficient,
    more productive, and more desireable than COMMAND ECONOMY subjective
    whim and fiat.

    (The terms fiat currency and fiat money relate to types of currency or
    money whose usefulness results not from any intrinsic value or guarantee
    that it can be converted into gold or another currency, but instead from
    a government’s order (fiat) that it must be accepted as a means of payment)

    While Physiocrats were oriented towards Agricultural Wealth, they were like
    Adam Smith’s subsequent view in that they believed in SELF INTEREST as a
    MARKET MANAGEMENT tool. LAND to be developed was their thesis.
    I forgot who postulated about it being more profitable to develope the under
    developed lands and countries than developed countries, because much of
    what was needed for foundation had an extra cost than clearing unused land.
    Yet there is an associative cost for each.
    Obviously the cheaper the labor, the easier it is to both profit and raise the
    comparable standards of living.
    While certain Anglo – American Industrial / Financial / Political / Intellectual
    complex deserves Trial for crimes against humanity, the MARSHALL PLAN set up
    Western Europe; Pacific Rim; Levant; North (coastal/oil) and South Africa;
    SE Asia (India through Indo China / Indonesia / Australia – New Zealand and
    the Pacific Islands.
    The TRILATERAL COMMISSION has made the highly populated Brazil, Russia,
    India, and China to have larger economies that of few of the G – 7, among the
    G – 20, which contains 75 % of the World Population and 90 % of the World
    Wealth. England and USA were G – 2 in 1944, at the time of Brenton Woods.
    (G2 = USA Military Intelligence. G = Hebrew word PE or the number 17.
    Mason’s Grand Lodge was founded in 1717 or “PE PE.”
    While Masonry loves the concept of the ILLUMINATI “All seeing Eye,”
    Genes – similar to GENESIS = GEN ISIS or IS IS = Tribe of who dat?) originally
    created the ILLUMINATI and MASONRY under the DIVIDE and CONQUOR.

    What is the difference between
    speaking Papal ex-CatHEDRra OR the Ancient Jewish Council SanHEDRin
    Roman Senate (senex = council of elders) = Roman Catholic Curia
    Curia = to Courts of Kings or U. S. Senate.
    The embedded icons of various cultures of the Levant in alphabets to the
    constructed english alphabets and pseudo classical fonts physchological
    identification and bonding.

    If you review the Table of Content for Adam Smith’s 1776 Wealth of Nations,
    and passages, while reviewing Table of Content passages from the Federalist
    Papers (italicizes key phrases), you may discover the Blue Print for the creation
    of USA Economic and Political theory and ways to subvert same.

    Federalist # 26 > And examples of progressive schemes:

    Schemes to subvert the liberties of a great community REQUIRE TIME to
    mature them for execution. An army, so large as seriously to menace those
    liberties, could only be formed by progressive augmentations; which would
    suppose, not merely a temporary combination between the legislature and
    executive, but a continued conspiracy for a series of time. ….
    (could it be) transmitted along through all the successive variations in a representative body, which biennial elections would naturally produce in both houses? Is it presumable, that every man, the instant he took his seat in the
    national Senate or House of Representatives, would (IGNORANTLY / IN-HARNESS) commence a becoming traitor to his constituents and to his country?
    Can it be supposed that there would not be found one (NATIONALLY CREDIBLE)
    man, discerning enough to detect so atrocious a conspiracy, or bold or honest enough to apprise his constituents of their danger?

    – ENRON Failure = Sabotage to take the compendium on Energy Trading, which
    will be useful, after “who killed the electric car” kited OIL PRICING.

    – MCI – Worldcom = Sabotage to take control of Long Distance

    – (W. Buffet’s best friend) LEVEL 3 = Buy up gas pipelines for voice/data cable
    and have programers like Bill Gate’s people decipher all targeted Business
    communications for the Gordon (GEICO) Gekko for insider Trading
    Level 3 is the leader, by far, in cable transmission.

    – 9 / 11 > FEDERALIST PAPERS # 25
    1) the people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights
    are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.
    2) We must expose our property and liberty to the mercy of foreign invaders,
    and invite them by our weakness to seize the naked and defenseless prey.

    IRAQ WAR – According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA),
    “Iraq holds more than 112 billion barrels of oil – the world’s
    second largest proven reserves.
    Iraq also contains 110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas,
    and is a focal point for regional and international security issues.”

    * Different factors contribute to each oil spike. ppeculative investment playing
    a much larger role in the 2008 price rise.
    The 1979 crisis was largely triggered by supply cuts and panic-buying resulting
    from the Iranian Revolution and the ensuing Iran-Iraq war;
    * Iraq produced 34.3% less oil in 2007 than it did in 1979, owing in large part to
    the ongoing conflict which began in 2003; (KEPT OFF MARKET=PRICE INCREASE)



    + REDUCE LENDING OVERSIDE, loosening Regulations = partisan Regulators.

    MERRILL LYNCH – “gold man sacks (sachem)”

    – Back to focus

    I have a 40 – 50 foot ham radio pole next to my home for prior technology.

    The night our mother passed away, my sister and grandmother were visiting
    the owners of this house, who were the parents of my sister’s best friends.
    > I know certain bloggers knew that family and my gram / sister.
    > I found there are Hobson choices to get people to buy homes or do things
    other people want them to buy, through experience & retrospection.

    All these years, I though walking outside and getting warmer was from the sun?
    Wrong again?

    I have had several people of the last 20 years, very discreetly
    admit they were paid or asked to get close to me.
    A couple died a short time later.

    I wonder if you used your MD to work for the government to follow up
    on former NAZI & USSR studies.

    There is a rerelease of the movie the day the earth stood still. In the old
    movie it is mentioned all of the aliens are monitored. That stuck with me?
    There does seem to be small town ways to know everything about everyone,
    and the court house gang knows everything that goes on in geographic area,
    from leverage and conversations among “officers of the court.”
    > Knowledge has always been bartered for results.
    > Favors are traded.
    > People with value are treated differently than others.
    > Compromised people are valued to be used to not step out of line.
    > Turf, Ideology, Money, Ego are traded for T. I. M. E., which is almost as
    precious to Attorneys and Knowledge and Connections.

    Generic, as you know, Judges are a political appointment and a culmination
    of a career for many attorneys. Soft schedule, minimal work, great pay and
    benefits, prestige, influence, access to discreet perks, NEVER CHASE MONEY
    from clients, NO OVERHEAD, exceptional security, POWER of GOD, being called
    “YOUR HONOR” even though they lost it decades earlier…

    Would you agree or disagree despite the potential towards a more perfect
    union and superiority (for many/not nearly ALL (to most comparatives):

    REPUBLIC = Too many bad laws
    DEMOCRACY = Too many RIGGED elections
    Courts = Now contemptable.
    Many JUDGES and LAWS = dishonorable
    EDUCATION = Now perpetuates much ignorance.
    CIA = Mensa Morons
    MILITARY Intelligence = Oxymons
    MILITARY & LAW Leadership = “effectual Traitors to Constitution”
    TRANSPORTATION & ENERGY = Needs modernization by existing Technology
    LABOR = subtle slavery
    FOOD = has steered contaminated nourishment
    HOUSING = Parts of the USA are worse than parts of 3rd world
    URBAN DEVELOPMENT = Increase slums / foreclousers / poverty
    TREASURY = Part of intential steering of wealth
    COMMERCE = Disaster by design due to Energy / War / Treasury
    STATE = counter intuitive and unnecessary failures
    HOME LAND SECURITY = Katrina + 9/11 = disgrace
    INTERIOR = TEA POT DOME was petty theft by comparison


    Please read between the lines. 8)
    That which was accidently posted on “the next guy” page.

  119. 120 genericscreename

    ok George, I did it in fun with out an attempt to hurt, sorry

  120. 121 starlooker


    I have spent many months with what you have written…I need to clarify 2 things…..

    #1…Kevin Kelly was NEVER an attoryney under Blumenthal….. while he was at law School he was working for the State as “Welfare Fraud”. while he was in this position he ran for office as State Rep and lost. He was NEVER an attorney while working Welfare fraud. Once he graduated and passed the bar he worked for a group in Bpt…Never under Blumenstal…DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I know this as a fact

    Second…Robyn Proto was NEVER on the Stratford Board of Ed. she is an asst. Principal at a Interdistrict Multiculutal school in Bpt BUT she is on the Stratford Library Boad…. NEVER on the Stratford Board of Education…KNOW YOUR FACTS>

    Your are a smart man but when you give flase information it does not become you. I respect you as a person but if you are gonna state a claim make sure you know the facts.

  121. 122 1george1


    1) I never EVER mentioned Robin Proto.
    I ONLY BLOG about Esq. PROTO,
    YOU are 100% incorrect there.

    2) If you read what I wrote, is that KEVIN KELLY WORKED FOR BLUMENTHAL.
    I NEVER, EVER wrote that Kelly was an Attorney for BLUMENTHAL.
    I knew Kelly was an INVESTIGATOR for BLUMENTHAL from his resume.

    So IF you choose to MIS READ what I write, or IF I failed to make myself
    100 % clear – we can agree that YOUR INFORMATION ABOUT

    I NEVER – wrote anything in this blog to my memory about Mrs Proto
    and I never WROTE that KEVIN KELLY was an ATTORNEY for BLUMENTHAL,
    yet I have repeatedly writen that KELLY worked for BLUMENTHAL.

    Please direct me to ANY BLOG string and number where you found otherwise.

    Star, thank you for the compliments about being smart and giving me respect,
    as a person. I have writen similar before, but not as directly.
    STAR: You are the kindest and most sensitive person on this blog,
    including me.

    I hope you accept my request to show me where I wrote about Mrs. Proto
    or that I wrote that Kevin was an Attorney, which he was not, when he
    worked for Blumenthal?

    A disadvantage in blogging instead of face to face debate is that unless
    one uses the icons, we can never know the context of the verbage as
    it related to teasing each other or being really ticked.

    I spent about 3 hours in reply to you early this am, because you are an
    intelligent and sensitive blogger. You will understand what I wrote and I
    admit to rambling, since my prosaic transitions are weak, compared to the
    “mental” dot connecting.
    (Retraction and correction on Mrs. G was proof about personal sensitivity
    and integrity.)
    You also make excellent points about local political people who frustrate
    me for their political decision, compared to their personalities.

    They are NOT EVIL like some in Government and private sector.
    (Greedy and shortsighted?)
    They are NOT TRAITORS nor “intentional” CRIMINALS.
    (Who knows what the future brings?)

    WILL ROGER stated contradictions:
    About leaders and others: “I never met a man I didn’t like.”
    Joke? “We have only one native criminal class, and that is Congress.”

    This blog is about bad vs. good government, and the Charter.

    I have an entirely different view than most of you writers and readers do.
    I am not trying to hurt anyone.
    “sticks and stones”
    I am not going to me scarred by anything I have seen posted
    and I pray I never scar anyone.

    While I don’t HATE the Mirons / Burturlas / Norms etc, I don’t like what
    they have done to Stratford, including sc–w people on the Charter.

    There are DANGEROUS PEOPLE in the world, where the entire USA
    structure and population is “in play.”
    We are their fodder for War, Drugs, Labor, and psychic gratification.

    Some have chosen me and my circle for special consideration which
    NO ONE deserves. I can only related it as a ritual and a need for the
    victim to feed back to the TOR-MENTORS, because of things missing
    or added within their makeup, much like the crowd watching LIONS

    Human nature has some constants in the under 10,000 years of written
    History. Yet look at the QUALITY of LIFE changes from the days of
    MacAbees – Prophets – Pharoah – Moses – Prophets
    Plato – Socrates – Aristotle – Euclid – Diogenes – Archemedes
    Christ – Caesar – Peter – Paul
    ST. Augustine – ST. Thomas Acquinas – Maimonides – Muhammed
    Newton – Shakespeare – Milton – Hune – Locke – Smith
    Thomas Edison – Henry Ford – Fulton

    Folks, humans have been to the MOON.
    We can travel farther in an hour than could be done in Months, just
    hundreds of years ago.

    Once hunter gatherers, we now shop.

    Once barely clothed, we have closers filled with designer “brands”

    TV / RADIO / INTERNET / PHONE travels around the world in seconds
    even going out into space, compared to “smoke signals or drums.”

    They can take away all of my possessions, and I will still be better off
    than most humans living today and certainly in history.

    Dec 5 – new town charter

    Dec 8 – dick miron court
    Dec 8 – town council meeting
    town attorney opinions on long beach west and airport
    news expected on the airport
    much more.

    I want success for the town.
    I wish no harm to anyone,

    Others should be careful for what they ask for…..
    I know myself.
    I found what I sought.
    I could not possible win what I tried to do.
    Yet, I made things better, no one will know or care.
    except me.

  122. So ~ sometime between late last night and early this morning, a thief rifled through my car (which my husband inadvertently forgot to lock) and stole my husband’s IPOD (which he stupidly left in the glovebox). I’m going to borrow Fredette’s line:

    “Hey this is Stratford!” (anything can happen).

    I’m thinking I was targeted because I’m so vocal…. but why my husband’s IPOD….. Didn’t know where else to post this, George’s Page seemed as good as any……

    It was three years old though, and probably on it’s way out (since once the battery dies, it’s pretty much worthless), so, as long as the thief likes the sounds of The Beatles, The Monkees, Neil Diamond and a bunch of other ’70s music, they’ll be very happy for a short period of time.

  123. 124 jezebel282


    I’m sorry to hear that.

    And Ipod in the car you say? Is that like an 8 track tape player?

  124. Unfortunately not as obsolete. I’m thinking the punk wouldn’t know where to stick an 8-track, but I could certainly show him!

    I was thinking about having a couple triple espressoes from Starbucks at about 8:00 p.m. tonight and just sitting on my sunporch with my…….. camera!

    I’m going to make a report, give the serial number, etc., you know, do the right thing, but boy, would I love to have my hands on the punk a** [expletive, expletive, expletive] that violated my personal property!

  125. 126 genericscreename

    Having experienced a similar incidents , the most frustrating thing is the feeling of being violated, knowing that some crackhead or whatever has just cost me hundreds of dollars in repairs to steel an item which they sold for 1/10th of its value so they can either smoke or inject their fix.

    I feel for you PCS, and the sad part is, back when I was growing up, if a TOS cop caught a kid doing something like this, he would not have wasted his time arresting the dirtbag, they would have kicked the SXXX out of them, taught them a lesson, dragged both the kid and parents to your house, made the parents make good on the damage etc. Today they get arrested, go to court, say I am sorry your honor, can I please have accellerated rehabilitation and the court says yes dear, now go away and behave, and after the nth time they might get jail time where they come out even more screwed up than when they went in.

  126. 127 mikereynolds


    My goodness someone stole your husband’s iPod from your car?

    A stolen iPod could have cost people their lives,including my family.

    Would you consider a STOLEN IPOD as a THREAT on YOUR LIFE?

    Would you consider a STOLEN IPOD as a THREAT on YOUR Family’s LIFE?

    Please be careful Pat. This is Stratford after all. 🙂

    Have you inquired as to the whereabouts of Laura Dobosz at the time of the alleged theft? Or for that matter the whereabouts of Jim Miron?

    Are you sure that your husband didn’t stage this just to get a new iPod? After all Christmas is just around the corner. 🙂

  127. 128 1george1


    I am sorry for your loss. A number of years ago we had a crack head
    as a neighbor who broke into vehicles to steal things to hock. So I
    can empathize with your situation. Although small tools are not as
    personal as an ipod.
    Since your was 3 years old, I understand the newer ones are a huge
    improvement in storage, quality, and other factors. I never had one.

    It appears generic showed genuine empathy, anger, and concern.

    Jeze express a surprizing lack of outrage and just sorry and here is
    my wisecrack. I would have thought Jeze would be really ticked?

    My buddy Mike showed his level of sensitivity and sense of humor.

    However, Mike is correct (even sarcastically) that Christmas is around
    the corner. Better yet, Thanksgiving Sales of badly hurting retailers
    can give you an excuse to splurge a little bit to get the upgrade you
    probaly want but would probably not break out the busks to spend on
    your self.
    The situation is a lemon.
    Why not turn it into sweet, sweet lemonade?

    Instead of blogging on the train or RR Station or during a break, you can
    be playing with a new toy. Instead of venting frustration and negative on
    the zany inanity of the politically retarded, you can swing n sway while
    search away. You can choose the same old/same old and add from a
    dramatically increased selection for downloading.
    > I bet the sound and sensations of a new Ipod will be a big improvement!
    > I bet an new Ipod would be FUN for you! GO FOR IT!

    PCS, Having an Ipod swiped is a pain. But neither you not your family
    were hurt, which could have ahppened if you were robbed rather than
    you car broken into. Please think of the situation in that context.

    People matter. Especially loved ones and good people.
    Things are easily replaced.

    Mike to put PCS’ situation into terms you can understand and relate?
    What if someone stole your golf clubs and you cell phone?

  128. 129 mikereynolds

    Sweet….new phone and clubs for Mike! Woot!!

  129. You are all right – it’s a violation and an inconvenience. My problem with the whole thing – they rifled through every nook of my vehicle. I was angry at my husband – he should’ve known better than to leave an expensive piece of electonics in the car and to make sure the car was locked – no matter what!

    To me, it’s personal. It hits home for me in a lot of respects that I won’t get into. Having grown up in the Hollow section of Bridgeport, through the ’60s and ’70s, I can write a book. There’s a reason that Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians – cuz’ I’ve seen the needle and the damage done, and much more.

    I’m angry because I’m the type of parent who will make sure my daughter apologizes when she’s mean or hurtful to her friends or anyone for that matter. When I heard she was mean to one of her friends, she and I walked down to that friends house and I made her apologize and I explained why she had to apologize. I just don’t see that kind of discipline with a majority these days. Am I strict – you bet, and that’s not going to change. I am proud of the person I grew up to be and I want my daughter to feel the same way.

    Do any of the parents of these punks walking the streets late have any interest in what or where their kids are? WTF? That’s what bothers me even more.

    I reported the theft, that’s all I can do. The officer who came was extremely helpful and said that it should be reported – doesn’t matter how big or small the crime, they need to know because it’s the only way they can be aware of areas where problems like this are increasing and patrol better. He didn’t make me feel like I was inconveniencing him with a minor incident. He also said the rookies are starting to come in and it’ll definitely help with patrolling.

    I was trying to be a little humerous when I stated that perhaps I was being targeted because of my vocal nature. :>D

  130. Putting it in writing is also very therapeutic, and having George’s Page – the page for anything and everything – was very helpful….. :>D

  131. 132 1george1

    This & playwrite’s blog can have a cathargic or therepeutic affect.
    Such is said about the act of writing/typing.

    In composing thoughts, it also helps to organize beliefs.
    In having beliefs attacked, questioned, reinfoced, it helps to assess
    those beliefs and reorganize them if necessary and the added info
    can be useful in understanding relationships of WWWWWH.

    While Star is the nicest and most sensitive blogger, I think readers
    can see why PCS is my favorite blogger. PCS – well writen, good
    values, and I suspect your daughter will benefit from your experience.

    I also picked up on your sarcastic suggestions as to causation.

    Mike – if new golf clubs and phone are your G-d > go for it!

    I wish almost everyone happiness. As long as it involves not harming
    others. There are people who get a kick outta “stompin on dreams.”

  132. Thanks George….

  133. 134 1george1

    PCS You are Welcomed.
    Some things become self evident.
    Your legitimate concerns.
    Star’s niceness.
    Generic’s openmindedness.
    Freedom’s Legal knowledge.
    Jeze’s extreme responsiveness and priorities. Jeze very cold, but passionate
    and loyal to her circle.
    (first time I ever saw words “kids and seniors,” in her blog – relate Flu shots –
    I knew she had it in her, but it took a stock crash to make aware)
    Gavin’s knowledge, intelligence, and candor priority. Gavin a bit cold.
    Jon’s sensitivity with both postutring and /or caring.
    Pearly White’s insecurity and narcissism.
    Laura’s view of politics. (Nice person > disagree with some she likes/dislikes,
    but I agree with many of her criticisms of certain people)
    Insider knowledge of Cyclops and Kane
    Mike’s scope of knowledge, priorities, and humor.

    Stupidity and meanness of some bloggers, mentioned and unmentioned. 🙂
    > I can write mean stuff and stupid stuff.

  134. 135 1george1

    Quick – someone call Marcia Stewart
    A blogger’s friend e-mailed this to me from CT. POST Topix

    15 hrs ago | | Joe DeCaro

    Title: “Looking for answers about airport”

    The Sikorsky Memorial Airport Advisory Committee has completed its third and final meeting regarding the expansion of the airport runways. I attended the meeting and it was an eye-opener, to say the least.

    The advisory committee won’t use the word “expansion” because members feel “safety areas” is more appropriate. Whatever terminology is used, the idea is to extend and pave the runways to put the safety material on top. The committee cannot guarantee that the safety areas will remain and never be changed to accommodate larger aircraft …
    1 comment

    Hey Jeze – You praised Marcia Stewart many times in the past.
    Could you contact Joe DeCaro for a fuller story and give it a “POST” of
    it’s own, so bloggers and viewers could comment?

  135. 136 jezebel282


    “Jeze very cold, but passionate and loyal to her circle.”

    Cold, Moi?

    I can be hot and passionate too. But, you have to earn that.

  136. 137 1george1


    The opposite of hate is not love.
    It is apathy.

    Some relationships work.
    Some relationships do not work.
    Does not mean people or good or bad, just have different priorities.

    I wish you well with your hot and passionate nature with certain
    other people, who have earned that.

    We disagree. But we have certain respect for certain viewpoints
    and passion for other people’s benefit.

    I suspect I have impacted your view of life, a little bit, as you have
    done to and for me. We are also stubborn. 🙂

    I think everyone would agree with the last point! 8)

  137. 138 jezebel282


    “As some may note, I predicted Oil to be $ 50 by election day.
    Everyone called me nuts. (Not that I am not)
    It made it to $ 60s. Wednesday it hit $ 55s.

    I predicted a huge issue with Pension Portfolio & DOW, which
    is off 50 %, with secondary stocks down 95 %

    There appears no reason for a bounce, yet it is before 8:00 am
    and I am predicting TODAY will either be the LOW or if it gets
    past 7,770 – It may go PAST 5,000”

    This issue is a bit more complex. It mixes the price of a barrel of oil, unregulated commodity trading, exotic and complex investment instruments and, most importantly, wanton greed.

    As we learned yesterday during the housing and banking committee testimony, banks do not own mortgages. They merely service them. Fannie & Freddie own them. The banks have more financial incentive to foreclose than they do to modify the mortgage. They are paid a fee AND a commission on a foreclosure. They are paid nothing on a loan modification. If they foreclose, they make their fee and commission and they lose NOTHING. Fannie, Freddie (you & me) and anyone who bought a mortgage backed security are the only ones who lose. That pretty much answers the question of why there are so many foreclosures.

    The important thing to remember is that the market goes up AND the market goes down. It is the tail wagging the dog. If you watch the market with any regularity, you will notice that the wildest swings occur between 3:30 to 4:00PM. It’s kind of like a basketball ball game; only the last 10 minutes count. That is when the programmed trading takes place. The software is driven by the technical moves of the market. It has no relationship at all to the fundamental working of the economy.

    For us humans, the worth of the market is driven by psychology. It is the perception of worth that causes people to invest. As long as people believe the economy is bad they will not take risks (except for short selling).

  138. 139 1george1

    The stock market is just paper and electrons.

    It represents blood, sweat, tears, thoughts, words, and deeds.

    With the Bear Raid, the stocks are deflated to fractions of a dollar in value,
    where the liquidation price is more than the stock price (Movie wall street)

    However, one can own all of the assets in the world, but if you can not sell
    them, you get the King Midas effect. GOLD tastes worse than Mill Rivee CC

    Jeze, you are very, very, very cold as a person.

    The stock market helps to create capital which funds jobs and has every
    or many relationships with the fundamental working of the economy.

    Without the a healthy PRIVATE Sector of Corporate Securities, do you honestly
    think there shall be NO AFFECT on the PUBLIC SECTOR (FED/CT/STFD) or those
    PRIVATELY HELD BUSINESSES, in a consumer driven economy?

  139. 140 jezebel282


    “Jeze, you are very, very, very cold as a person.”


    There is nothing colder than an investment banker. I’m not even close. These are facts. They are not hot nor cold. But understanding them reduces fear.

    Corporations get all the capital they are ever going to get once they issue stock. After that, it is the perceived value of the stock (you know, when the broker calls you and says he has a “hot” one just for you?). Brokers make their commission when they buy or sell a stock for you. Up or down affects them not.

    Remember, corporations are STILL paying dividends. AT&T is still making money and paying dividends, but the price of their stock has tanked. That price on the markets does not effect their business. They, unlike the car companies, changed their business model. Cable was eating their lunch with flat fees. AT&T now relies on flat fees and wireless.

    Also, keep in mind that MOST of the companies that exist in this country are privately held and are not traded on the market.

    The real pain comes to retirees that put their faith (and money) in the mutual funds that invested heavily in the Market. Trillions of dollars of perceived value have evaporated in 60 days. Employees who can work another 5+ years will see their portfolio recover.

  140. 141 jezebel282

    One note I simply cannot resist:

    Instead of passing an unemployment benefits extension or actually doing something about Detroit, the Senate spent 3 HOURS saying goodbye to Sen Ted Stevens (convicted of 7 felony counts). Stevens, of course, lost the election in Alaska. Stevens yielded the floor for the final time today.

    I would like to say Bye Bye, Ted! Don’t worry! I hear Prison is like a series of tubes.

  141. 142 1george1

    You actually do understand the market.

    While “most” companies are privately held, those that are publicly traded
    are by far “mostly” the bigger companies who have economy to scale to
    move the markets and affect the privately held companies.

    Then the really big companies create “foundations” like Rockefeller, Gates,
    and Buffet.
    Further Yale and all of the other Universities have endowments.
    More big bucks are the Pension Funds, where States like CA. PA. TX. FL.
    and others have State, County, and Town abilities to move markets with
    investments, where money makes money.


    Some of those have kept the price of HEATING OIL and DIESEL FUEL upside
    down. It cost less to refine DIESEL and HEATING OIL.

    1998 – I paid 50 to 60 Cents a Gallon for Heating Oil, when Gasoline was
    $ 1.10 – $ 1.20
    Diesel was a bit above Heating Oil – Taxes maybe?

    2 weeks ago, Cash price for Heating Oil was $ 2.70,
    while Gasoline was $ 2.30

    With Gasoline about $ 2.00 a gallon – Heating Oil should be under $ 1.50?

    The month before TV story claimed OIL was 40 % high against the price
    of Natural Gas?

    But then, we have a free market keeping prices down, right?

    —– MAGIC NUMBER 7,773.71 was the OCT 10 Low
    —– DOW LOW this am 7,774.58
    — 1:50 pm DOW was in the plus — 2:17 DOW – 7,951 > – 45.

    If the DOW does NOT BREAK 7773.71 that is a very BULLISH SIGN
    according to the CHARTS and the DOW should bounce = bottom.

    However – Everything is contrived and you can throw the charts
    out the window, and if the DOW closes at 7777.77


    I bet the DOW closes today between 7,774 and 7,800

  142. 143 1george1

    At 340 pm – with 15 min lag time DOW was 6616.

    If it does not bounce above 7,773 – who knows where it will go?

  143. 144 jezebel282


    There is no telling. Unless you are selling you are sitting on your money. When GM, Chrysler, Ford and CitiGroup can’t say they will be in business by Dec 31 it kind of shakes confidence. When the Senate spends the day kissing Ted Stevens goodbye* instead of passing the unemployment extension or crafting a plan to save American jobs…where does the confidence come from to buy ANYTHING?

    *The only “Democrat” to speak the praises of the convicted Sen Stevens? Joe Lieberman, of course.

  144. 145 jezebel282


    “I bet the DOW closes today between 7,774 and 7,800”

    I hope you didn’t bet real money. 7,553

  145. 146 1george1

    Jeze – ref # 145
    I did buy a few shares.
    Still holding reserve cash.

    ref # 144
    I agree with you.

    Oct 16 Stratford Star, I wrote about the BEAR RAID.

    Now it looks like they intend to break the MARKET and the SYSTEM.

    Where I believed they believed in supply & demand Keynesian theory
    postulated by Alfred Marshall. It appears they prefer Schumpeter’s
    “creative destruction,” which is not unlike nor inconsistent with Karl Marx’s “dialectical materialism,” in that there is a “dialectical dynamic.”

    This supersedes and makes irrelevant Supply and Demand or Keynesian
    Money Supply factors.

    Who has CASH to BUY the MARKET:
    Rockefellers – Big Oil
    Gates – Buffet
    Drug Pushers
    Same 1 % who owned 70 % of the USA.
    Oil Companies.

    2 weeks ago I was nailed in the Star, about my Oct 16 Letter to Editor.
    Looks like I understated the situation.

  146. 147 jezebel282


    I was following you right up to your last post. I didn’t see the cliff…..

    In any event, sometimes (not often) the government actually does the right thing. They did pass the unemployment extension.

    “Economists put the positive impact at $1.64 for every dollar spent on jobless benefits because the money helps sustain other jobs and restores consumer confidence.”

    A $0.64 return on a dollar is huge! It sure beats the Hell out of pouring $250 BILLION (so far) into the endless black hole of banks. It will do more to prevent foreclosures and boost retail sales than the entire $700 BILLION Congress gave to Paulson.

  147. 148 jezebel282

    Oh…one other thing:

    When you pull up to the pump next week and see gas very very close to $2/gallon or lower don’t get all giddy. Home heating oil and natural gas do not track oil that closely.

    The demand for natural gas is rising and home heating oil is driven by the thermometer. The price of a barrel of oil is tracking the price of equities. As the Dow drops….

    That will change. Oil will go back up again.

    “The International Energy Agency released its World Energy Outlook 2008 – a 578-page book full of future supply, demand, and price estimates which this year also included an eagerly-awaited study of 800 of the world’s largest oil fields.
    The report estimates that energy demand will grow 1.6% a year on average through 2030, for a total increase of 45%. To meet that demand, daily oil production will need to rise from today’s level of 85 million barrels to 106 million barrels. The study found high and rising depletion rates at existing oil fields that will make it increasingly hard for new supplies to keep pace. So, the IEA says, the world needs to invest some $26 trillion over the next couple of decades in infrastructure and exploration.

    “Given what we know about the decline rates, just to stay flat [in global oil production] we’d have to add the equivalent of four Saudi Arabias between now and 2030,” said Matt Simmons, chairman of Houston energy investment bank Simmons & Co. International”

    As long as oil is traded as a commodity without the requirement to actually possess it, we will be subject to huge swings that are not connected to reality. Like the mortgage and derivatives markets.

  148. 149 1george1

    Agreed about unemployment as a partial safety net.
    The decent thing to do, “to help.”
    Short term and longer term things will get worse as Housing / Construction
    looken barren this Winter.
    About 40 % of the Economy is somehow related to Transportation. Esp the

    Dec 1998 > Barrel OIL bottomed $ 10.58
    That Winter Heating Oil started @ 50 Cents & as Winter progressed 60 Cents.
    Diesel was slightly higher.
    Gasoline was $ 1.10 – $ 1.20

    IRAQ is # 2 in WORLD OIL RESERVES behind the Saudi’s and ahead of Russia.
    RUSSIA # 1 in Natural Gas above Saudi & IRAQ.
    IRAN is behind IRAQ.

    June 30, 2008 IRAQ gave Big 6 USA OIL exclusive rights to Develop VIRGIN
    OIL FIELDS as IRAQ has put out under 1,000,000 in years between IRAN
    WAR in 1980 & USA. 2004 IRAQ put out less OIL than 1979!

    IRAQ has 500 % of USA OIL
    USA produces 500 % OIL more than IRAQ.

    IRAQ just pledged to triple OIL in 3 – 5 YEARS
    Now around 2.5 mm bbls a day.

    Huge OIL FIELDS announced in BRAZIL who is willing to play BALL with BIG OIL.
    Top Countries in population and GDP include BRIC
    Those 4 Countries economies have grown more than some of G – 8.
    They were in the G – 20 Conference, with 75 % of World Population & 90 % of
    World’s measured Wealth. If news reports are accurate.

    SAKHALIN 1 + 2 off Russia Coast above Japan will replace OIL from Alaska Pipeline.

    Huge OIL FIELDS off Coast of VIETNAM & above Indonesia.

    In 2001 or 2002, the CEO of EXXON MOBIL stated there is NO SHORTAGE of OIL.
    However, the SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES in the Southern Continents control those
    fields, and BIG OIL did NOT have access (yet) to it.

    Then there will the HUGE CHANGES in the TRANSPORTATION and other industries including ALL ELECTRIC Vehicles and increased self contained ELECTRIC BUILDINGS. TRANSPORTATION in the USA has 67 % use of OIL.

    Try googling >
    GOOGLE 2030 Plan
    “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

    The Market may (hopefully) bounce.
    Then Dec 5 when Congress rejects Auto Industry initial plan, we may see the next test. Then people will sell off for Tax reasons, with others sittting with Cash.
    Gates – Buffet – Big Oil – OPEC – Russia – Iran
    China + India have problems but balance of trade for cheap labor = cash.

    Most of multinationals, were set up after WW II, by GUESS WHO?
    Just like the Constitutions of Germany & Japan, two major economies.
    Stratford needs the Peter Sellers strategy like “The Mouse that Roared!”

    After thought

    LIEBERMAN – Head of Senate Homeland Security
    JOHN BURTURLA – CT Director of Homeland Security

    to what the did for NEW LONDON.

  149. 150 1george1

    Saw Montana’s D – Governor BRIAN SWEITZER (?) on DISH TV.
    He claimed the reason for higher DIESEL FUEL (Heating Oil) was because
    they changed the imports to be more GASOLINE ORIENTED.

    He also mentioned on MONTANA with 40 % increase and N. DAKOTA 29 %
    increase were the ONLY 2 of the TOP 10 OIL producing U. S. States which
    saw increases in OIL PRODUCTION.

    If he is the same guy I saw before, he worked in the Far East in the
    OIL INDUSTRY with Geologist background and speaks ARABIC.

    He is a proponent of the T – BOONE PLAN for WIND FIELDS and converting
    BUS, TRUCKS, and big Vehicles to NATURAL GAS.

    Montana and Western States would just happen to Benefit from those and
    the expanded use of Ethanol (to keep FARM PRICES HIGH).

    OIL HEAT is about 40 % premium over GASOLINE.

    In 1998, HEATING OIL was 50 to 60 CENTS.
    DIESEL was about 70 CENTS.
    GAS was about $ 1.10 to $ 1.20.

    Because of political reasons where politicians can skim money and direct
    what they think they desire.

    Readers of the blog might read or google:

    W. W. JACOB short story – “The MONKEY’S PAWS”
    Turned 3 WISHES into a CURSE.
    It supposedly is the origin of the term “be careful what you wish for.”

    – To Goggle:


  150. 151 jezebel282

    Relocated By Jezebel:

    Mike, FOS, Nnanerak, Jeze

    I want to thank you for the relentless attacks on me in this anti-Miron blog.
    I have had several people lend me verbal support.

    If any of you was willing to meet in person, maybe I would have evidence,
    that would not be editted for relevance. Jeze is obviously Police related.
    My evidence points to local and area police being complicit in cover ups
    and might be related to the $ 89,000 average January Pensions on $ 71,000
    Base Pay.

    I suspect you would deny the Holocaust existed and things some people did to
    my family and friends were analogous to what happened to Jewish people
    and to many different peoples, especially in eastern europe?
    > We know people did not kill people because of their religion or country, right?

    I suspect you would deny Slavery existed and the rise of the KKK to repress
    Black and did things some people did to my family and friends were analogous
    to what happened to Black people and to many different peoples, especially
    in former Confederate States and political repression even elsewhere?
    > We know people did not kill people because of their religion, skin color,
    or country, right?

    And maybe, if any of you were decent human beings, you would ….

    I can exclude Mike & FOS.
    One is stupid and insensitive.
    The other is ignorant and insensitive.
    Jeze appears to be in me-no-pause!

    Nnanerak .. Meet me in person.
    Debate me about facts.
    Give me your specific objections, to allow me to understand what you
    need for evidence.
    I find it interesting that you mention deaths were on a Spread Sheet.
    Please remind me where I mentioned the excel, and tell me what details
    and facts were on the Spread sheet?
    If you have not seen the spread sheet, how could you know what was or
    was not on it, in order to be so certain that it has no cause for police
    Since when does a victim have to prove a crime existed, to generate an
    Which comes first?
    The investigation or the determination of the outcome?

    The 2 C.R.C.s allowed for changes in the Government and for the
    “appearance” of a whole new Town Charter.
    The cast of characters on both were players in 1991, when there
    were Referendums, which limit their powers.
    > Burturla had recently be Town Council Chair.
    > Florek was Town Attorney
    > K. Williams was Council Chair & CT STATE employee/attorney.
    > Bro-in-Law K Kelly may have had family connections to Mossman.
    > Dick (Jim) Miron were party bosses
    > Kubec was Councilor in 1991.
    > Karen’s husband was Stratford Police and retired at $ 98,000 or so
    (only $ 90 k retiree) on a $ 81,000 Base.
    > Orlowe was GM for a company that is a Burturla/Berchem client.
    > Proto was a CT. STATE employee/attorney and ex-Republican Town
    Committee Chair.
    > Sue Collyer has brotherw who are attorneys and was on the 1998
    Town Council when the was PENSION BONDING / PENSION recalculations
    / Team Stratford award
    > Hoydic worked at the Windmill for Rudy Weiss, RTC Chair, and Laura’s..
    > M. Youngquist was Sikorsky & wife a Board of Ed – on Town Committee.
    – Town Council almost always has a Sikorsky employee or contractor on it.
    > Sylhavey & Fredette, have been on virtually every elected Town position.
    They pretend to be for or against something, which is mute.
    > Fahan was Gavin’s boy and a “party animal.”
    > August works for police union people for Pensions and has relations with
    Berchem’s crew.
    > Dapont is Florek neighbor and I believe BoE.
    > Joy was RTC Chair and interesting relationships.
    > How much do the ULAWTOWSKI’S collect in PENSIONS from the TOWN,
    compared to a couple (who both worked) on social security?
    > Booth ran for Council and works for a local Insurance company ….
    Was he on the CRC because he would hurt the parties interests?
    I am missing one from each CRC.
    While each person is relatively decent and a “pillar” of the community,
    which ones ARE for the PUBLIC INTERESTS (Bucking party desires) and
    which ones are the same old / same old …causal to the problems?

    The real objective of the CRC # 1 & # 1 was to open the door for legal
    opinion (Burturla) by the person who is regarded by the offices of
    Bysiewitz and Blumenthals as SOLE INTERPRETER of the Town Charter.

    > Nnanerak was it a co-incidence that the 2001 REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED
    TOWN COUNCIL voted $ 26,000 pay for the REGISTRARS with $ 20,000 in
    BENEFITS for a 20 hour work week?
    (DERBY paid $ 6,000 and recently went to $ 10,000)

    > DICK MIRON “happened” to be appointed REGISTRAR then! The next Town
    (Council woul create a C. R. C. which would create a MAYOR Office, with
    Jim Miron “appearing” to be against the Mayor position.)

    > KEVIN KELLY “happened” to allow a Town Attorney FEE RAISE from $ 60 to
    $ 125 an HOUR, letting BURTURLA off the HOOK from Voccola’s T.I.P.S.

    > KELLY & BURTURLA allowed Carol Cabrol to keep the Town Council Clerk
    job, while placing Bill Cabrol as Council Chairman, against Town Charter
    compensation rules, with NO ETHICS COMMISSION in place.

    I have posted communications from Bysiewitz office and from Blumenthal,
    through Harkin’s office, to the above effect.

    On Nov 3, I sought 3 petitions from Town Clerk Pawluk.
    She has answered me in that she is awaiting response from Burturla.
    I saw Burturla Monday.
    He said he was going to issue opinions.
    I asked for petitions for referendums.
    I am going to get opinions instead.

    Hey Jeze, FOS, Mike, Nnanerak – Why don’t you pick ANY SUBJECT and
    ask the Town Clerk for petitions to have Referendum.
    EVERYONE, every person on each Charter Revision Commission was hand
    picked by the Republican and Democratic parties.

    You know the same people who
    1 – missed the 1990s Stock Market surge, before they Bonded
    2 – missed transitioning the 2nd largest Tax payer and job creator.
    3 – missed finding ways to kep the Shakespeare Theater open. It is THE
    4 – gave PENSIONS away like drunken sailors spend money, since they
    were giving it to people who were relatives, neighbors, customers,
    patrons, supporters, and allies.

    Nnanerak – come back and tell me there is NO VALIDITY to my points
    and my facts are all wrong …. and your INTEGRITY will be self evident.

    come back and agree that my facts are accurate and many of my points
    “MAY, MAY, MAY have some validity … and MAYBE evidence adduced from
    FIND “MURDERS” were COMMITTED and a reasonable person might deduce
    POLICE and ATTORNEY PATRONS were likely causal?

  151. 152 jezebel282


    “I want to thank you for the relentless attacks on me in this anti-Miron blog.

    Like I said, if you start slinging mud you are bound to get some on you.

    “Jeze is obviously Police related.”

    Jeze is merely law abiding. Not related to a cop, don’t know a cop, don’t live near a cop. No conspiracy here, George. I simply feel that someone who pulls over a car in the middle of the night on a deserted road deserves a little credit.

  152. 153 jezebel282

    Just a quick thought:

    If Congress bails out GM, Ford and Chrysler with $34,000,000,000 (looks big, huh?) that is 1 $40,000 brand new car for 850,000 taxpayers or 1 brand new $20,000 (shouldn’t we get it wholesale?) for 1,700,000 taxpayers.

    A little perspective.

    Next time: AIG and Citigroup…..

  153. 154 1george1

    I have no problem with mud slinging or being slung back.

    However, I keep my focus on political, whereas you and others
    attack personally.

    Why not attack my political positions?

    Oh, I forgot You have started to adopt them…. 🙂

    The author of “The Black Swaw” was on Charlie Rose.
    He likened the economic melt down to Turkeys being fed by the farmer.
    At the height of Trust …off with their heads.

    He also claimed economist were using ostrict facts, just going along
    with each others’ conventional wisdom. Sound familiar?

    On that I dis agree.
    There is ample precedent for what has been happening.

    Ida Tarbell: “The Robber Barons.”

    They were also the Railroad titans who hired the Pinkertons, forerunners

    Every head of Police, FBI, Military, is a POLITICAL APPOINTMENT.
    Just like the KGB.

    See the Knapp Commission
    See the Frank Church Commission on
    See Watergate on over a dozen federal agencies who ignore the

    It is not that EVERY LAWYER or ENFORCEMENT PERSON is a scum bag,
    traitorous, criminal. In fact most are not. However, all one has to do
    is look around to see what is illegal for the unaffiliated petty thieves
    is legal for the politically connected.

    Bush – Cheney and those in both parties have devastated this country.
    They did in intentionally.

    Based on your list about Town Employees and Police, it is pretty
    cleat that you roll in the MUD to live off the Public troigh, just
    like Mirons / Burturlas, and other PE nuts or DEVIL Worshipers.

  154. 155 jezebel282


    “Based on your list about Town Employees and Police, it is pretty cleat that you roll in the MUD to live off the Public troigh, just like Mirons / Burturlas, and other PE nuts or DEVIL Worshipers.”

    Now, now. You see? There you go slinging it at me. I am not a Town employee, I am not a government employee. I have never been one, it is extremely doubtful I ever will be one. I do not collect disability and have always paid my taxes.

    But one cannot sit for three years and watch talented, dedicated and hardworking people lose their careers and benefits for no rational reason. These people have wives, husbands and children who depend upon them. How many children went without health benefits because Mayor Moron fired their mother or father? It has a destructive impact on every citizen.

    It is simply amazing to me that the only protests are coming from those outside Miron’s reach. Not even a whimper from any Stratford union. Local 407 (does it still exist?) has been silenced, the Supervisor’s union (what union?), Clerical workers, Teachers, Firemen..down the list. Nothing. You have to wonder what those dues are for? Christmas parties?

    “However, I keep my focus on political, whereas you and others attack personally.”

    Yet again, George….I have only chastised you for posting in the wrong place. But I am glad to see this example of you keeping your focus.

  155. 156 1george1

    Pronunciation: \(ˌ)chas-ˈtīz\
    Function: transitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): chas·tised; chas·tis·ing
    Etymology: Middle English chastisen, alteration of chasten
    Date: 14th century
    1: to inflict punishment on (as by whipping)
    2: to censure severely : castigate

    A dominatrix (from the Latin dominatrix, meaning a female ruler
    or Mistress; plural dominatrices or dominatrixes) or Mistress is a
    woman who takes the dominant role in bondage and discipline,
    dominance and submission or BDSM.

    The counterpart term for a male dominant is “Master”.

    SAME COIN????:

  156. 157 jezebel282


    More “focus”?

  157. 158 1george1

    Less hocus and hokem?

    Focused thoughts for the day on George’s page:

    Phony political controversies?

    I believe the Long Beach West, Mayor Miron photo op vs. Chairman Henrick’s uninvited Town Council is another in a string of headline eating phony controversies, smoke screens diversions, obscuring collusive real issues:
    Stratford is supposed to have $ 202 Million for a fully funded pension portfolio. The portfolio had $ 85.5 Million on Oct 31, 2008.
    2007 – 2008 tax payers paid 12 % of their Tax Bill (3.2 Mils) to 573 defined benefit retirees, with $ 5,450,000
    shortfall payment and $ 9,100,000 repayment of the 1998 Bond. This excludes $ 12,000 annual Health Benefits.
    410 more people in that plan, still to retire, like:
    January 2008 had 9 retirees’ pensions averaged $ 89,000. Their Base Pay averaged $ 71,000.
    2007, under Mayor Miron, and this Town Council’s Republican dominated pension board approved 36 retirees pensions, averaging $ 42,990.
    The 2007 Mayor/Council Fire Department Budget included $ 5,500,000 straight pay and $ 1,500,00 overtime.
    Prior Town Charter had no mechanism for creating a raise, according to ex-Chairman Feehan’s presentation to Charter Revision Commission #2. The next month Mayor Miron asked them to revise the Charter to include a raise. Those facts didn’t stop Henrick, Miron, Best, and Costello from positions on a high $ 135,000 Mayoral pay, proposed by Henrick.
    Who chaired Charter Revision Commission # 2? A Republican lawyer, serving at the Democratic Mayor and Town Attorney’s pleasure on paid position of Housing Authority Attorney. Also, he was the Republican Town Council Town Attorney in 1991, when 26,000 voters signed petitions for referendums on 2 % Budget Cap; Prohibit financial self interest; and Term Limits.
    Our Town Attorney opined Recall is lost (maybe Referendums) and we have a NEW, not revised Town Charter. Legal interpretation might prove him correct, through stealth of 2 Town Councils and 2 Revision Commissions. Two other Republican Attorneys, both on the 1991 Town Council and the now Mayor Miron, a Democrat opposed to the Mayoral form of government, “happened” to be on Charter Revision Commission #1.
    Meanwhile: AVCO and Shakespeare were shuttered for 16 and 26 years, each with 3 pretender champions; Pensions skyrocket; changes to Ethics Commission qualifications and Ordinance were implemented, and our Town Charter’s grand father rights appear sneakily retired.
    A coordinated assault on prosperity of Stratford citizens and USA citizens “happens” to play into the objectives of the local, state, and federal parties. They can now claim economic necessity as justification for devious intentions; pick pocket Faganomics; fascist police state power grab; incestuous planning and operations; and continuous lies.
    We are like Turkeys fattened for Thanksgiving, tactics straight from the book “The Robber Barons,” transferred
    wealth from the aspiring, unsuspecting, trusting, and working poor and middle class to the insider traders of the plutocratic political parties and their appointees in Bureaucracies, bribed with pay, benefits, and pensions which no private sector working person or smaller business owner will get.
    Those causing problems, will happily solve problems, once they consolidate control. (And eliminate useful idiots!)

  158. George ~

    Figured I’d post it here….. Not sure “skank” would fit with anything politically, but “political sock puppet” certainly would. I’ve captured the following directly from the “urban dictionary” you referred to online:

    “Political Sock Puppet”

    “Used to describe a person who has no original thoughts, opinions, or ideas of his/her own. Instead they regurgitate the “party-line” or talking points of others; usually of their particular political party.”

    “Sock puppets can be seen on FauxNews and on Talk Radio. The GOP will put out its talking points and you can pick out the sock puppets because they will repeat the talking points; usually words for word.”

    “Sock puppets can be seen among the Democrats and Left as well typically among young liberals who have adopted liberal bias without actually thinking. These specimens exist but are far more uncommon than amoung the Republicans, conservatives, christians and other right-wingers. Whose sock puppets cover the entire spectrum, as right-wingers are more likely to accept things on faith alone. Because if their leaders say its true, then it has to be true.”

    I particularly like the sentence: “Whose sock puppets cover the entire spectrum, as right-wingers are more likely to accept things on faith alone. Because if their leaders say its true, then it has to be true.”

  159. 160 1george1

    I would appreciate it if FOS / Nnanerak / PCS commented on above issues
    with questions or positions on my facts and opinions.

    I expect negatives from others, except Star, who is far nicer than most of us!
    I am NOT writing any of us are BAD.
    Just that Star has been exceptionally nice to almost everyone.

    Nnanerak has thoughtful and fairly balanced positions.
    I can understand and relate to that which he believes and doesn’t believe.

    FOS knows the Law & Politics
    Regardless of what he thinks of my mental stability, he recognizes facts and
    can separate the wheat from the chaff.

    PCS knows Law, local politics, local people, position of town employees
    general tax payers, and especially commuters and neighbors in a circle
    of politically connected (and other) friends

    I am Pro – Union.

    I am anti abuse and anti posturing / pretext of the political animals,
    especially those who are overpaid / over benefitted / over pensioned
    and under achievers. Know anyone who YOU believe fits the description>

  160. 161 1george1

    Insightful PCS discovers PSP.

    I deleted a portion of PCS’s post, only because I desire to “REFOCUS”
    the position to cover Miron-istas and Economy Stupid disciples, too.

    “Whose sock puppets cover the entire spectrum,
    ………………………………….. accept things on faith alone.
    Because if their leaders say its true, then it has to be true.”

    This is not to be confused with editting for relevance or censorship,
    because one can simply go up a couple posts and see the entire post.

    People in all areas of the spectrum, are motivated by factors
    other than “faith alone.”
    Germany’s Martin Luther believed in Faith Alone.”
    D.C. Comics created a character “LEX LUTHER”
    (Translates: Law of LuTHOR)

    But then their motto is




    “The American Way.”

    I understand Miron may use this to replace the 6 pillars in SHS? 😉
    (Teasing – I just made this rumor up.) 🙂

  161. George ~

    When I can, I will “digest” your questions and try and respond. With the holidays, daughter’s dance classes, fiscal year end for most, yada, yada, yada – things are very, very crazy for me……

  162. 163 jezebel282


    Things are always crazy for George.

  163. 164 1george1

    More personal attacks from Jeze, but I also dished a few = OK.

    PCS – Unlike Jeze and I, you have a life beyond the blog. 😉

  164. 165 nnanerak

    George- post #158 was fairly focused, though there are a couple of points we will have to continue to disagree on. Unfortunately, I will have to respond to your questions at a later date, as I am only one person and have much to accomplish this weekend-holiday lights, holiday parties(I am the DD), and the final round of yard work before I stow the mower(secretly I am hoping for snow, a winning lotto-) for the winter.
    PCS-sock puppet—I have some old sweat socks I can give to you if you want to make gifts for council……Enjoy dancing class, kids grow up so quick, you will actually miss all this craziness someday.

    Oh, by the way George-Jimmy wouldn’t know a pillar of character if it came down and knocked him on the head….pretty sad.

  165. 166 1george1


    Disagreement is Healthy and desired, especially debated with decorum.

    Somethings I post, knowing/believing to be true.
    I also know is almost impossible for most reasonable people to believe.
    I also know there are unreasonable people and bad people.

    (Mytholgoical Cassandra’s prophecies came true.
    She was cursed by Apollo, so that NO ONE would believe her.)

    Jimmy is not as DUMB as bloggers post, nor as smart as he thinks he is.

    His character is similar to Plato’s Republic and the RING for INVISIBILITY.
    (Those in power, protected by organizations, can become abusive, until
    they are NO LONGER USEFUL, or there is a CHANGE in POWER.)

    So far the bad guys are winning:
    Jim / Burturla DEMONcrats, bUTTER NUTS, Shamrock Gang, Fagan Knights,
    RepubliCONNartist, Disciples of the PLANTageNET, Chamelion Pretenders,
    Court House Gangsters, Apparachik/NomenKlatura, CryptoNazis, Oilgarchs,
    Oligarchs, Plutocrats, etc.

    However, something massively bad is coming. Masses of people will be
    completely overwhelmed, including people who think they have control.

    There are some people who are completely insulated from the economy.
    Their sadism and schadenfreude make others look like (bear) cub scouts.

  166. 167 starlooker

    What upsets me the most is that two men, right before the Holidays had things happen to them. McNeil who has young children and now the Fire Chief. When this Fire Chief was given the position he moved to Stratford…. Out on comp. and this happens to him? It is truly heartbreaking that our Mayor has no heart. I do not believe for one minute he did not have a say in McNeil. What did this Chief do to have this happen to him? Did he stand up to the Mayor? There has never been anything negative about him at all. I am also wondering how the other firemen feel. We have not heard a thing as we did with the Police with McNeil….. Just today I bumped into someone I have not seen in ages and they went “Are you still living in Stratford?, I went yes, they went why with all the problems going on between Mayor, police and schools. How do you explain to a person that you have lived here your whole life, raised a family there and love the Town but dislikes very much what has happened to this Town in 3 years. I feel that when one is mean and unkind it will come back to haunt them. I would even accept the mayor having enough guts to come out and say “I Made many bad choices and mistakes” but alas we know we shall never hear those words. I just hope that someday he is driving his smart car up academy hill and realizes the injustice he has done and the car goes backwards only to have him gather strength and heart and undo all the wrong he has done . Yep it is the Grinch Miron who stole Christmas. Also I wish someone would come foward on a letter their received about his 375.00 a plate fundraiser right before Christmas, that they have to attend…. who has that kind of money right before the holidays…. The ones who have the primo new jobs at great pay? If I received one I would only send back the reply with a lump of coal. I see before me so many lives that have been hurt and changed and for what reason? For doing their jobs and not bowing down? He had a well running Town, Once he leaves office (which I feel he will NEVER get re-elected) he will be long gone but Stratford will have to deal with the many lawsuits. I just hope that they each do a personal one to him. I just hope that on Christmas Day he truly realizes what he has caused with many families. I know of a few who were the initial 38 and some still do not have jobs. some made out well and others are making less. Yes these were people when you called up you got answers. Call now and see what you get…… NADA or they do not know or I am on my cell phone I will call you back, to which you never get a call back. How about over paying your taxes, you get a letter informing you did. you ask for the money back,,,there are two forms you need to fill out and the second one is from the Mayor who gives the final okay,. You do not get the final okay so you decide to take it further and WOW 6 months later wham you finally get a check that has to be cashed within 60 days. They received interest on my over payment did I get that? NO……. I am just stating here and now to the Mayor of Stratford, if you are thinking of running again after all the people you hurt, all the things you have done and the Public is becoming more aware do us a favor and use your brain for once and give it up. This Town needs to heal, to have faith again….. We need a Mayor who loves this Town and has raised a family in this Town and believes in the employees in this Town who will give 100%…. not all they can get. to all the bloggers (I do not post that often) I wish you a blessed holiday with peace, health and happiness……

  167. 168 nnanerak

    Star- this mayor cannot undo what he has done. His screw ups will be costing the taxpayers for years to come with all the lawsuits coming down the pike. His bad decisions and wasteful spending will be effecting this town for years. Stratford’s property values plummeted after the mayor took office-it had not a lot to do with the economy at that point, now we have people who can’t sell their houses without taking a larger hit than the rest of the county—guess who we can thank for that…the mayor and “his staff”.
    I can’t afford to leave right now-if I could I would have-because the mayor’s actions disgust me, I am no longer proud to tell people where I live, especially now that I know we are the primary example for small town corruption being discussed on campuses across the country. 4 years is a very long time to have to wait for relief. Something definately needs to be done about that and I was informed in town hall we need to get on the state legislators to be able to impeach or recall a mayor or chief elected official. If we can impeach a president we should be able to do it to a mayor. Though I would hope that we would never need to again like we do now.

  168. 169 1george1

    What has happened with MIRON and TOWN HALL WORKERS is EXTREMELY
    ANALOGOUS to what happened to me and my co-workers in Southport USPS.

    PCS knows a former coworker who can confirm everything I wrote about
    what was happening INSIDE the Southport USPS.

    MIRON’S actions are CO-ORDINATED by the same people who co-ordinated
    attacks on me. These creatures are NOT JUDEO / CHRISTIAN.

    They delight in firing / laying off people in DECEMBER to inflict emotional
    distress, which is compounded by the financial situations of Christmas & Winter.

    Was it natural or intentional that my father “happened” to die in the V. A.
    on December 22, 1976? (last day of Fall / First day of Winter(

    Was it intentional or co-incidental that I was suspended on claims without
    witnesses on December 22, 1984?

    I rarely post predictions with specific dates and specific predictions.

    However I believe about Dec 22, 2008 there may be a massive computer
    cascading failure, wreaking havoc on the USA financial and other systems.

    I base this on past experiences of seeing events “happen” within 10 to
    20 days after preparatory clandestine / covert mass media “events.”
    > In 2007, a certain archtypical “villian” with analogous Modus Operendi
    was seen in mass media.
    > Summer 2008 a duplicate villian using similar theme embedded to masses
    collective memory. It will get “big play” during Christmas, as a gift.
    > Next week, another analogos event will hit the mass psyche.

    It will NOT bother me to be WRONG.

    I was caught in a WEB VIRUS this week, to a relatively harmess look up.

    Since I worked in Search Engine Optimization, I know the difficulty in
    getting PAGE 1 on a GOOGLE SEARCH.
    The more common and general the KEY WORD(S) for the GOOGLE SEARCH,
    the more difficult the ability to get PAGE 1.

    Not only did I get this Website on PAGE 1.
    The site turned out to be from MOSCOW.
    “Cure Soft.”

    Plausible Deniability foundation will be laid in advance or subsequently
    for rouge elements for cause of what I believe will happen.

    My PC expert had to take my PC to physically remove the virus, after
    removing the visible affects on my desktop and embedded programs,
    which can be eliminated with 3 finger salute. Control/Alt/Delete.
    My PC expert normally gets “maybe 1 Web Virus month.”
    He had over 15 Web Virus in just about 1 week.

    My PC guy is as experienced as a professional friend and also former
    PC CLUB President, who ran the 9/11 internet Communications.

    My PC guy does not believe in conspiracies. However, he and the other
    gentleman know nuances used in ultra sophisticated operations used
    by the government and major industry.

    I am inactive in the PC Club. However, questions I raised in 1997 – 1998,
    which gathered significant doubt analogous to conspiracy theories,
    became common knowledge by 2002 – 2003, as having been in place
    for over a decade.
    This includes the ability to track what ever an individual types, just
    by the electric impulses, detected from targeted electrical plugs,
    even with surge protectors.

    In ancient mythology, Cassandra rebuked advances by Apollo.
    Cassandra had the gift of prophecy.
    Apollo placed a curse on her that no one would believe her.

    How doe that relate to Stratford past and future (present)?

    A couple years ago, I called Mike Imbro, with a couple of specific
    dates in a specific month. I had never called Imbro before or after.

    I repeat: I had never called Imbro before or after, with a specific
    date / limited dates within a specific month.
    A few weeks later …. Ronald Reagan died.
    Reagan “happened” to be buried on one of the very few dates which
    I gave Imbro, about a month in advance.

    I know friends of Imbro are on this blog.
    I don’t doubt Imbro would confirm it.
    Nor do I doubt Imbro would laugh it off as co-incidence, as he does.

    Only one of a couple specific dates in ONLY ONE MONTH …
    RONALD REAGAN – “the” symbol of the Republican party ….
    Not just a USA President, but symbolically very important ….

    “Happened” to die and then be buried on a SPECIFIC date,
    which until NOW, I have NOT duplicated a prediction, based
    on simply PATTERN ANALYSIS.

    I expect the Tin foil hat commments.
    I pray to be wrong.

  169. 170 1george1

    If you talk to Imbro, you can also ask him if he once told me
    that “I never lied to him.”

    Based on my complaint about being followed a couple of times
    by a specific police office, Imbro put a stop to ANY and ALL
    police retailiation.

    Further, I was treated well by at least 3 members of the force
    in 3 separate subsequent situations, which is partially attributable
    to Imbro and partially attributed tot he fact Mossman was well
    dislike by many in the Police Force.
    And partially the result that I fought Mossman’s charges by the
    book and with not 1 but 7 Police Citizen complaints.

    Subsequent to those complaints, Mossman could never look me
    in the eye again.

    Rich Burturla, Tony Schirillo, and to a lesser degree Dick Miron
    and Warren Holcomb can’t look me in the eye either.

    DC is simply too dumb to understand ………………….

  170. 171 1george1

    He told be to Google: GARDEN PLOT.
    Here is a small portion of the U. S. Government plan for NON CONFORMISTS

    Operation Garden Plot
    [Acquired via a circuitous route from the Internet. Sources have been deleted to protect their identity. Thanks to the tireless work of you guys out there. If the guy(s) who gathered this great scoop wish to be identified, please email me. Forest ]


    The United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2

    The following information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The original printing was of June 1, 1984. The information herein is UNCLASSIFIED and does not come within the scope of directions governing the protection of information affecting the national security.

    It took a little more than three years to obtain a full copy of Operation Garden Plot from the U.S. Government, and was done so under the freedom of information act for unclassified documents. The implications within the full context of this document should make the hair on the back of your head stand on end!!!!!

    In this document signed by the Secretary of the Army, is hereby assigned as DOD Executive Agent for civil disturbance control operations. Under Plan 55-2 he is to use airlift and logistical support, in assisting appropriate military commanders in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and US possessions and territories, or any political subdivision thereof.

    The official name of this project is called “Operation Garden Plot.”

    Under this plan for the deployment of Operation Garden Plot, the use of CIDCON-1 will be mandatory. This direct support of civil disturbance control operations is to be used by the Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine Corp. with an airlift force to be comprised of MAC Organic Airlift Resources, airlift capable aircraft of all other USAF major commands, and all other aerial reconnaissance and Airborne Psychological Operations. This is to include control communications systems, aeromedical evacuation, helicopter and Weather Support Systems.

    If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters.

    Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and general anti-government dissenters as Disruptive Elements. This calls for the deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder.

    Under section D, a Presidential Executive Order will authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense to use the Armed Forces of the United States to restore order.


    Hey JEZE, you support POLICE STATE POLICIES….

    If they cart you away, suspending the CONSTITUTION and your Rights….?

  171. 172 1george1

    EXACT QUOTES adding quotation marks and CAPITALIZATION,
    breaking the sentence down to components:

    1) –

    If “ANY” civil disturbance by a resistance group,
    religious organization,
    or other persons considered to be
    takes place

    2) – defines
    tax protesters,
    militia groups,
    religious cults, and
    general anti-government dissenters
    as Disruptive Elements.

    This calls for the “DEADLY FORCE” to be used against
    ANY extremist or DISSIDENT
    ANY and ALL forms of

    Maybe I should send a cc to Mirons / Burturlas.
    After all, John Burturla was head of CT. STATE TROOPERS’

    He appears to have the backing of LIP LOCK LIEBERMAN,
    lover of BUSH / CHENEY
    and Senate Committee Head of the “HOMELAND SECURITY.”

    for the entire site.

    FOS – PCS – Nnanerak – Is this your America.

    Kane / Cyclops / Mike will probably like it.
    Unless they had deadly force used against them and families
    for dissent and non conformity ….

    Wait I, like that German minister am for dissent and non conformity.

    He was against the NAZIS.
    I am against the people who FINANCED, SET UP, and SOLD ARMS to NAZIS

  172. Star,
    The fire chief refused to purchase tickets or to attend any of the numerous requests made by the mayor’s staff to contribute to his fundraisers for re-election. That is one of the reasons for his dismissal – among others.

  173. 174 1george1

    I liked Mike Hudzak, DPW.

    One of Hudzak’s sins was to create charts showing the rates of growth of expensitures of DPW, FIRE, POLICE, & BoE.
    DPW did more with less and stay reasonably close to the 2 % CAP LAW.

    The other end of the spectrum was O’Connell’s Board of Ed, which to me,
    appeared to have political feather bedding. O’Connell is an expert self
    promoter who did good for the school, but built an empire with extra
    people draining resources from spending on “KIDS FIRST.”

    I have to give props to O’Connell for his BoE support of Bob Mastroni’s
    old timers and work that created the WW II Memorial. Something ALL of
    Stratford can be proud of. O’Connell also helped with Minorities and
    the Community. So, while I far prefer Cornish & Branyan …

    The FIRE Dept expenditure growth was substancially above DPW.
    The POLICE Dept expenditure growth was above FIRE Dept.
    Education, like the Pension spiralled out of control.

    I favor GOOD (not ABUSIVE)
    Soooooooooo many people should be ashamed of themselves.
    However, to do that, they would have to have a sense fo SHAME.
    Toooo many are ALL EGO & NO SELF RESPECT.

    Below will be a BONUS for BLOG readers.
    Posting my Town Council comments / positions for Public Forum.
    Drum roll please ………. 😉

  174. 175 starlooker


    If this is it then I an totally disgusted that a mayor would let someone go due to the fact they did not buy tickets or give money. Lets look at reality. At the Tai Rest. he only had 7 show up and I heard that only a few showed up at Colliers house. If he refused to give money in this Economy he has his rights. If he was doing his job then this is uncalled for….. I can’t even imagine what will come next….. I thank God I do not work for the MAYOR or connections to him….. Why little I have I am giving to Toys for Tots…. I would MUCH rather have a happy child then a spoiled brat of a mayor.

  175. 176 1george1

    repost from earlier today.

    December 8, 2008 Stratford Town Council Public Forum: Season’s wishes; Petition request; Law fees?

    > I would like to wish everyone the Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas,
    Nice Kwanza, Great New Year, and well wishes for believers of any
    religion or creed, for those with good will. I find most political people
    are pretty nice, outside of political decisions they make.
    I wish everyone to live long and prosper, which accentuates happiness!

    > November 3, 2008 – I requested 2 petitions from Town Clerk Pawluk, adding a third on November 16th. Mrs. Pawluk referred my requests to Town Attorney Burturla. They replied to me Dec 4, 2008-cc Mayor & Council

    > I did NOT get my requested petitions, although Esq. Burturla opined
    “revision process….or by a petition signed by not less than ten percent
    of the electors of the Town. Conn. Gen. Statute SS. 7-188”
    > Based on how I read that, I should be entitled to petition forms to
    seek the old form of Government? However, what I really want to achieve,
    is to protect all of Stratford’s Grandfathered Rights.

    > Truthfully, I don’t believe many Town Councilors, past or present,
    Mayor or past Town Manager, Town Attorney Staff, and other political
    people in Stratford or outside of Stratford, want the people to retain
    the right to cause direct legislation and further, I believe most of you
    want to rule unfettered by transparent oversight.

    > I believe the Pension Program is outright theft and bribery, as a
    form of quid pro quo. (Right Jeze?)
    I believe past Attorneys, Town Committee people and allies, including
    those on Charter Revision Commissions had an Agenda to create a NEW,
    not REVISED CHARTER, using Statutes of Limitations and legal trickery to
    put a time table in place, for financial self interest, including willfully
    delaying economic development. Meanwhile, as long as problems existed,
    fees could be billed, pensions granted, contracts awarded, and
    beneficiaries just might do business with people who made it possible
    for super-duper superannuation and steered compensation?

    > Personnel is policy. There are interesting precedents in law, relating
    to people working towards common goals.

    > However those issues can wait until political races for Mayor,
    Town Council, Board of Ed, Zoning, and more.

    > I created a bit of entertaining information, with copies of pictures
    of: Town Hall; Berchem Castle; Stratford and Bunnell High schools;
    and symbols of the schools’ mascots; and symbols of Liberty; Justice;
    Equality; & Freedom.

    > I included some “very curious facts” about the Town Attorney Office?

    > The 1099s Revenue of Esquire Burturla went UP 2005 to 2006 to 2007.
    HOWEVER, Court Cost trended DOWN?

    > Esquire Burturla’s opinion sent to me & those created for the Charter
    Revision Commission are on Berchem, not Town Hall LETTER HEAD?
    Yet his payroll in Town Hall increased from $ 35,447 to $ 53,896 to $ 58,808.
    If this work was done in Town Hall by salaried employee, in the new office,
    wouldn’t it help reduce legal salaries & fees?

    > What work is done justifying $ 58,808?

    > Since the Town Council is “supposed to control the Town Budget,”
    but appeared circumvented according to Vote on closing the year
    end Budget, perhaps the Town Council should demand a 50 %
    decrease from 2006 to 2008 averages of the Town Attorney, who
    appears as Law above the Law?

    > Who stores STRATFORD LEGAL work done on Berchem computers?
    Why not do it in Town Hall?

    > Maybe the Town Council should reopen the Town Charter to have
    a “SALARIED Town Attorney, analogous to STIPEND?”

    > Lastly, for years the STIPEND for Town Attorney was $ “666” a month,
    changed to $ 675 about 2005?

    > Amazing coincidence, is Stratford Town Legal Salaries and Fees
    for 2007 was $ “666,”965.

    > We all know the Stratford High School Mascot is the Red Devil and
    the Biblical sign of the Devil is 666. Is somebody branding lawyers’ INTENT?

    > Since the Catholic Church, Jewish Religion, and Christian religions all
    recognize the Devil (by various names), I am concerned IF the Town
    Attorney’s office is practicing some sort of religion, which the First
    Amendment states, there is supposed to be separation between
    Church and State (local Government)?

    > I am unbothered by Graven Images.

    > Yet, sociologists and psychiatrists find linkage between words & deeds?

    > A majority among voters and in government, might be bothered
    by these appearnaces, and Stratford’s History may be reflective of

  176. 177 1george1

    Drum roll please for e-mail sent today to key Stratford people.
    Sometime after Februrary I expect to announce for mayor.
    I could change my mind if certain things happen?

    December 9, 2008

    To: Susan Pawluk, Stratford Town Clerk
    cc: James Miron, Stratford Mayor
    Richard Burturla, Stratford Town Attorney
    Gavin Forrester, Stratford Town Council District 3

    This shall be cc to interested parties and to the Press.
    Further, it shall be saved for my political Website – TBA

    Hi Susan,

    I do NOT, repeat do NOT want the below referred for Town Attorney opinion.
    Please answer what you can, within your purview.

    If it is not within your purview, simply acknowledge that fact for me to reconfigure
    my questions.

    1) I expect my Petition(s) will be in a couple months, but before summer.
    A) I found things I could NOT place (so far) for petition.
    B) Is there a list of what I can and can NOT place for Petition?
    1 – Can one petition for mandating certain processes or procedures
    or general Hardware/softare within
    A – Administration
    B – Town Council
    C – Board of Ed
    D – Zoning
    E – other elected or Appointed positions

    2 – Can Initiative for Petitions for Referendum relate to
    A – Transparency
    1 – Mandate Web cast of Town Meetings w Public Treasury
    2 – Mandate Monthly Expenses / Savings posted on Internet
    3 – Mandate Departmental justifications
    4 – Slightly reorganize the Budget format, especially as it relates
    to having all Police O. T. on 1 page, while allowing diferenciation
    per Department and O. T. classification like Call Backs.
    B – Town / Education Revenue – Budget
    C – Town / Education Budget – Cost Savings
    D – Giving Direction / Placing limits on
    1 – Mayor
    2 – Council
    3 – Town Attorney – Department heads/Departments
    4 – Zoning
    5 – Education
    6 – Appointed Commissions and Contractors
    E – Voter Rights as related to Home Rule Act vs. Special Act Charter

    General Question: Do the Initiative / Petition / Referendum / Right to Recall / Right
    to generate specifically worded legislation, fall under the Constitution’s 1st, 9th, 10th,
    and 13th Amendments and under CT. Constitution?

    Are both superior to CT. General Statutes and Town ordinances and resolutions.
    I do not believe legal opinion is necessary, as I believe it is part of Town Clerk
    certification process.

    2) What forms will I need to get my name on the 2009 ballot for
    > Mayor
    > Town Council
    > TP & Z
    > Board of Ed

    3) If I were to file an Ethics Complaint(s), do I download that Form
    from the Website, and File Ethic(s) with you.
    The Website lists a need for 7 copies.

    Can I use 7 hard copies and refer to attachments, rather than hard copies,
    allowing the Ethics Commission to have actual computer access?
    Would they need to be in PDF. Format?

    Can you check with Susan Burge about the computer attachments?
    I am not interested in having Esq Burturla’s billing machine working O. T.

    How many times have the Ethics Ordinance, including qualfications, been
    changed since 1998?

    I know the NEWEST Ordinance has lines through the prior Ordinance,
    yet I believe even that Ordinance was a Revision to pre-2001 Ordinance.

    4) Are all Town Ordinances on line?
    If so, where can I find them?

    5) Where are copies of PAST UNION Contracts kept?
    Are they On-line?

    Because some people are collecting Pensions from the 1960s, I believe
    it is mandated by law, that copies of applicable Contracts be available
    for consultation and compliance.

    6) Finance Director Norko told me his office can NOT find the 1099 for
    Esquire Burturla for 2003.

    Since you are the guardians of the records, and there is are IRS statutes
    relating to 7 years records maintenance, how would you / Finance /
    Esq. Burturla retrive those records, perhaps from IRS or Revenue Services?

    7) With so many levels of governments going on line with transparency information,
    are there any laws relating to posting Departmental Monthly Expenditures?

    8) I may have future questions and realize you have other duties, and with the
    Holidays, you will undoubtedly be short staffed. Further, please consider this as
    a “game” to test your Town Clerk knowledge and resources, rather than a chore.

    9) Questions about Town Attorney’s office, which I ask my Councilman Forrester to support:
    1 – Opinions are generated for Berchem’s/Burturla’s Milford Castle.
    A) Why are the Opinons not done in full or in part by the $ 58,000 secretary in Town Hall?
    B) Are Town attorney Opinions delivered to Town Clerks office in Hard Copy
    and in e-storage?
    C) Does the Town Attorneys’ Town Hall office have Hard Copies and Computer
    stored information, within Town Hall, supplemental to the Law Library?
    D) Office supply expenses for the Town Hall office are about $ 500 a year, or
    $ 45 a month or $ 10 a week. Yet moneys paid to Berchem offsite must include
    Secretarial work, because past payments to Berchems office have been about
    $ 171,000 in FY 2005
    $ 530,000 in FY 2006
    $ 580,000 in FY 2007
    $ 712,000 in FY 2008
    Conversely Court costs went down (approx)
    $ 203,000 in FY 2005
    $ 150,000 in FY 2006
    $ 130,000 in FY 2007
    Realizing the Town Charter gives the Mayor total control of Administration and
    Departments Heads total control in House – Budgeting is a Town Council purview.
    and I discussed this with Councilman Forrested as the USA is in a severe Budget
    Crisis. I wonder if we may be able to reduce Town Attorney Budget by 6 figures,
    (preferably in 1/2) at a fraction of the cost by using Town Hall existing personnel.
    > I guarentee – IT SHALL BE A MAYORAL – COUNCIL election campaign issue.
    E) Does there exist a reporting system to report Attorney expenditures by Case and various
    other subdivisions, like Liability Payments, Court Costs?
    1 – Does Stratford own such a system?
    F) Are monthly Expenditures posted on the Website (in PDF.) for the Town Attorney’s
    office and all other Department’s? If not, why not?

    I can WAIT for and answer in early JANUARY, preferably by January 7 – 8,
    to give me time to prepare for the Next Town Council Meeting.

    If that is insufficient time, so as a complete response, as within your jurisdiction,
    please advise me and Councilman Forrester, with a (reasonable) projected time frame

    I do NOT want this to Cost the Tax Payers or myself any money.

    1) No TOWN ATTORNEY opinions

    2) No O. T. from anyone in your office

    3) No extensive photo copies.

    A) Hard copy Mailing of Reply is Requested with Town Hall Letter Head.
    1 – I request for e-answer / attachment as supplement.

    B) A couple stamps, oversized envelope, some ink/wear on printer, & some
    paper, will NOT cost Stratford’s Budget very much.

    4) I am sending cc: to Esq. Burturla & Town Councilor Forrester who I would
    ask to sponsor answers for my request, as a Town Council infomational situation
    which allows you to assign personnel to work within normal business hours to
    answer these question, without COST to me or EXTRA COST to Tax payers

    George Mulligan
    Stratford, CT. 06615

  177. 178 1george1

    I would welcome additional suggestions for follow up requests to different
    departments, with the intent to cause Burturlas / Mirons and others to be
    proactive in blunting their weaknesses which I intend to exploit in political

    The more areas I can get them to address and improve, it benefits them and
    more importantly benefits the Town of Stratford.

    Jeze should not worry her pretty lil head, as I have an almost unlimited supply
    of targets of beneficial opportunities.

    I would rather have boss tweedle dumb and boss tweedle dumber taking
    credit for actual accomplishments than for the political science fiction,
    coordinated with Henrick, who with Crudo had Ed Hargus arrested for a
    stupid off hand remark, NO ONE took seriously.

    It broke the heart of Ed Hargus, who was declining after years of service
    to seniors.

    I would NEVER be elected MAYOR.

    However, IF I was elected MAYOR, my first ACT would be to proclaim
    that every Feb 22, Town Hall would be known as the “Ed Hargus Memorial
    Town Hall.” It would be a preliminary move to finding out how to name Town
    Hall for the late, great, Ed “Beefy” Hargus.

    I would wonder if we could rename part of the Great Salt Marsh in honor
    of Marcia Stewart, while she is still around.

    I wonder if we could name something for Diane Buda?

  178. 179 jezebel282


    “Jeze should not worry her pretty lil head, as I have an almost unlimited supply
    of targets of beneficial opportunities.”

    Go for it.

    (psst…see if you can get the greens fees lowered at Short Beach too)

  179. 180 1george1

    Actually, I favor increasing the Greens fees, except for Seniors. 🙂

  180. 181 jezebel282


    Bite…. oh, never mind.

  181. 182 1george1

    If you strike the ball correctly, it “bites” the green
    and can roll backwards … 8)

    Writing about biting the green ….
    interesting that “alledgedly” Miron pulled the rug from Feehan’s boy
    on a Fire Truck ….

    And after Feehan begged the Charter Revision Commission to create
    a “mechanism” for Mayoral Pay raise ….

    Then the next month, Miron stated at the CRC he had lunch with
    Feehan, and then “mentioned” he was in favor of a pay raise for the
    Mayor position …

    Yet when Henrick created a 50 % pay raise to $ 135,000 for the Mayor,
    Miron – Best – Costello – Carroll all got lathered up about the pretend
    pay raise as far too high.
    HENRICK proposes a 50 % pay raise, without legal right to do so,
    The mayoral candidates get lathered up about TOO HIGH a RAISE.

    Did Central Casting put out a call for Goldie locks and the 3 bears
    to stage the PAY TOO HIGH compared to pouridge TOO HOT routine?

    – –

    I wonder if the Fire Truck issue disappears if a 10 seat table is bought
    at a FUND RAISER with part of $ 41,000 legal fees ….

    Hmmm $ 41,000 – $ 3750 = $ 37,250 or only a 10 % commission on a
    Town attorney recommended payment, who serves at the pleasure
    of whom?

    IL are petty pikers ….

    Weisel gets close and then he misses the real story behind the story.
    Maybe that is why they waited to call in Feehan toward the end of
    the Town Council Meeting… ? 8)

  182. 183 1george1

    I would like to wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah.
    I sent the below to a couple of jewish friends, with best intent:

    From what I understand, Hanukkah is a celebration
    of being free to believe what a person chooses and
    the menorah is showcased when there is no fear of
    religious prosecution.

    The miracle of the lights, with specially prepared
    olive oil, may be more of a tribute to the quality
    control of tradition and kosher oversight which
    may be the predecessor of FDA, than to devine

    However, if G-d os responsible for everything,
    than maybe the “miracle of lights” is appropriate?

    Enjoy the season my friends,


    I got a cute e-mail about some twists on Catholic beliefs.
    No offense intended. Meant in fun:

    A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak.

    After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done.

    The monsignor replied, ‘When I am worried about getting nervous on the
    pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to
    get nervous, I take a sip.’

    So next Sunday he took the Monsignor’s advice.

    At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink.

    He proceeded to talk up a storm.

    Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following
    note on the door:

    1) Sip the vodka, don’t gulp.

    2) There are 10 commandments, not 12.

    3) There are 12 disciples, not 10.

    4) Jesus was consecrated, not constipated.

    5) Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his @ss.

    6) We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C.

    7) The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Big Daddy,
    Junior and the spook.

    8) David slew Goliath; he did not kick the sh*t out of him.

    9) When David was hit by a rock and was knocked off his donkey, don’t
    say he was stoned off his @ss.

    10)We do not refer to the cross as the ‘Big T.’

    11)When Jesus broke the bread at the last supper he said, ‘Take this and
    eat it for it is my body.’ He did not say ‘Eat me’.

    12)The Virgin Mary is not called ‘Mary with the Cherry’..

    13)The recommended grace before a meal is not: Rub-A-Dub-Dub thanks for
    the grub, Yeah God.

    14)Next Sunday there will be a taffy pulling contest at St. Peter’s not
    a peter pulling contest at St. Taffy’s.

  183. 184 jezebel282


    “I would like to wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah.”

    You are just a tad early, George. Hannukah begins at sundown on Dec 21st. Hmmm?…What’s that?…oh… Sorry, I am told that it is just after the Jets play Seattle and just before the Giants play Carolina.

    On the other hand:

    Roses are reddish
    Violets are bluish
    If it wasn’t for Christmas
    We’d all be Jewish

  184. 185 1george1

    Looks like I misread Wikipedia.
    I thought it read as Dec 11 to 19?
    I normally remember it as a little before Christmas, by a week or two.
    Yet better late than never.

    Since Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were Jewish and practiced their religion,
    aren’t all christians already jewish?

    And it is precisely because we celebrate Christ mas,

    Although, in this country, Christmas seems to be revered by retailers?

    Hannukah spelled by Jeze, but web spelled it Hanukkah …
    I am sooooooooo confused, by trying to be nice.

    And describing Hanukkah as beginning between Jets and Giants games,
    makes me wonder about the symbolism of worshipping PIG SKINS?

    Jeze, you are one blogger what can turn Kosher into K. O. CHER!

  185. 186 jezebel282


    “I thought it read as Dec 11 to 19?”

    Easy mistake. It actually begins on the 25th day of the month of Kislev every year. Simple. But since that is a Lunar calendar and not a Solar calendar…never mind.

    “And describing Hanukkah as beginning between Jets and Giants games,
    makes me wonder about the symbolism of worshipping PIG SKINS?”

    That information was passed onto me. Just like scheduling Thanksgiving dinner during halftime….

    “Hannukah spelled by Jeze, but web spelled it Hanukkah …”

    חנוכה you do the best you can with it.

  186. 187 1george1

    My guess it is closer to DEVIL WORSHIP than MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    If it is nice or nice nice, some of your peers will know.
    Your personality and nature will be evident to them, wouldn’t it?

  187. 188 jezebel282


    “My guess it is closer to DEVIL WORSHIP than MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

    How is it you can live so close to New York and not know that it is Hebrew? Both the Old and New Testaments were written in Hebrew, you know.

    חנוכה = Hannukah

    Google it….just like I did.

  188. 189 mikereynolds


    I will violate my own rule of addressing you. Paying any attention to you here always winds up with conspiracy theories and tin foil hats…but I digress.

    I read your editorial to the Stratford Star. I thought your first few paragraphs were well written and lucid. I thought you raised some interesting points and backed them up with eye opening facts.

    Of course after those first few paragraphs you spun out of control and absolutely blew out of the water whatever point you were trying to make and weakened any credibility you built up in those opening paragraphs.

    It was a good try. Next time keep it short and you might actually get people to believe you.

  189. 190 1george1


    Thank you for the praise and constructive criticism.

    Please address my logic in my construction of the Startford Star Letter.

    pp = Paragraph

    pp – 1 – Statement of Theme > Phony controversies – collusion – facts

    pp – 2 – Facts on Pension Fully Funding vs. Actual

    pp – 3 – Facts on most of Loschiavo’s retirees (Burturla / Imbro) Pension v Base

    pp – 4 – Facts on Miron / Town Council Budget – approval of 36 Retirees

    pp – 5 – Fact on Miron / Town Council “planned + approved Fire Dept Budget

    pp – 6 – Fact the CRC # 1 Town Charter had no mechanism for Mayor Pay Raise.

    Jim Feehan went to CRC # 2 – He asked to create Mayor pay raise mechanism.

    Jim Miron went to CRC # 2 – He asked for pay raise for Mayor office. 😦

    Henrick – Miron – Best – Costello – All blathered about $ 135 k mayor pay,
    which the Town Council could not implement, until new Charter passed.

    > (Wanna bet this year they pass pay raises of $ 100, $ 105, $ 110, & $ 115 for
    the Mayor elect?) 8)

    pp – 7 – Town Attorney & Mayor are Democrats.
    A Republican Attorney serves at their pleasure on paid Housing Authority.
    Same R Attorney was 1991 Town Attorney under K Williams / J Kubec.
    Under their watch there were 3 Referendums with 26,000 petition signatures.
    Same R Attorney headed CRC # 2. (Remarkable co-incidence)

    pp – 8 – Town Attorney Burturla opined we lost RECALL, because we have a
    NEW (not revised) Town Charter, putting us under CT. GENERAL STATUTES
    Home Rule Act
    Special Act Charter.

    Special Act Charter allows for Grandfathered rights like:

    Home Rule Act does not allow for Grandfathered Rights

    are still legal within the Town Charter, BECASUE there are NO COURT
    RULINGS ( S O – F A R )

    Burturla and I know that IF we are, IN FACT, unde the HOME RULE ACT,


    Mike & readers – this is known as having your cake and eating it.
    Burturla can posture about TERM LIMITS – INITIATIVE – PETITION –
    REFERENDUM all stil being legal.
    However, by placing the Town under HOME RULE ACT, he has LAID
    FOUNDATION for a JUDGE and ADVERSARIAL LAWYER to overturn those.

    Same pp mentions Mayor Miron, by name, and that he was against
    the Mayor form of Government, yet became the Mayor.

    Same pp mentions K Williams & J Kubec (not named) were also on the
    same CRC # 1 as Miron and were Town Councilors when Florek was
    Kevin William’s Town Attorney, just a couple years after Burturla was
    Kevin William’s Town Council Chairman predecessor.

    pp – 9 – I hit the 2 Biggest Stratford issues, AVCO & SHAKESPEARE, which
    in my opinion, have been intentionally dragged out until they could change
    1) the Ethics Commission qualifications for personnel, oversight rules/limits,
    process and standing
    2) Town Charter, basic rules which govern the Town
    (sneaky retire Grandfather Rights – see my scenario above on the unsaid
    mechanism of what the Republicans and Democrats did to the people).

    The Town Charter and Ethics are the 2 local oversight mechanisms.

    Unsaid is control of Police Chief, Town Attorney, and Mayor is control
    of the investigatory and defense/prosecutory preperation personnel.

    pp – 10 – Mike – Here is where I intentionally go off the deep end.

    Things have happened since 1987 locally, statewide, nationally, and
    internationally that did not need to happen.

    I claim from local to international
    1 – coordinated assault on prosperity
    2 – “happens” to play into the objectives of the political parties power grab
    3 – parties can claim economic necessity to steer / redirect wealth
    4 – parties can claim security needs for added police powers
    5 – parties use / reward family members and party loyalist – WHO PAYS?
    6 – parties’ personnel in executive & legislative have planning personnel,
    and they have operations personnel. First there was the idea, then the
    plan, then review until final plan, then the assault takes out identified
    targets of opportunity, necessary to facilitate the plan’s success.
    7 – continuous lies – If they told the truth, would they be in jail or dead?

    pp – 11 – These things the parties have done to the unsuspecting people
    are not in the working man / woman – small business owner’s best interest.

    If you read the Book “The Robber Barons” (in the Library / any bookstore)
    you will see how the Rockefellers and others manipulated Stock Markets;
    Energy Prices; Rail Roads (Trnasportation) / Land Grants; Financing; Labor;
    Pinkertons (became FBI) private security before Halliburton & Blackwater;

    pp – 12 – Miron / Burturla will be schedued to revitalize Stratford, and have
    built in fall guys in the Republican Party, Democration Party, Police, Fire,
    PW, Town Hall, etc.

    The people who created Osama and Obama, will undo the mess blamed on
    Bush Cheney.

    Useful idiots will be scapegoated.
    The truth will be sugar coated.
    New Debt and Liabilities will be floated.
    The scum bags successes will showboated.
    The wrong people will be promoted.
    About all the get away with, they intend to be gloated.



    I could walk you through what they did locally
    what they did nationally

    to put themselves into positions they are now in.

    yet follow the money.
    personnel is policy.



    Thank you for the praise.

    Thank you for the constructive criticism.

    I welcome your criticism of my opinions,
    as long as neither of us resorts to name calling.

    FOS – Nnanerak? > Any feed back or requests.

    Jeze – I expect 1 or 2 lines, but please no compliments.
    My heart could not take the surprize. (baiting for compliment)

  190. 191 1george1

    Why would Jim Miron “out” Jim Feehan’s employee on the Fire Truck
    selection process about Jim Miron’s personally selected Fire Chief?

    Did anyone see anything about Jim Feehan’s request for $ 41,000 legal fees,
    which the Town Council went into Executive session about Monday night?

    Do Jim Miron’s actions give him some distance and “apparent” plausible
    deniability in anything related to FEEhan’s

    1 – Going to CRC # 2 for Mayor Pay Raise to be added to CRC.

    2 – Town Council vote on Bonding Fire Truck

    3 – Selection / Bid process for Fire Truck

    4 – $ 3,750 kickback for a table of 10 @ $ 375, from $ 41,000 would mean
    $ 37,250 for FEEhan from the Town for Legal expenses (Kited?) TAX FREE.
    + $ 3,750 for mIRON CURTAIN re-election campaign. (roughly 10 % – CASH?)

    5 – Kicking his OWN appointment of FIRE CHIEF to the CURB, showing Jim
    will NOT stand for CORRUPTION in his Administration


    I really, really, really wich Jeze put the whole Weisel article with
    quotes from Jim Miron and John Burtural about LoSchavio…!!!

    I suspect Mike Reynolds, myself and others would have similar comments
    about those words about INTEGRITY, HONOR, SERVICE, GOOD JOB, by DC?!

  191. 192 nnanerak

    Regarding last post question #1-Miron did it to first remove Feehan from a pool of potential republican candidates that have expressed interest in running. 2nd he did it to begin to try to discredit the republican party. It has absolutely nothing to do with the bidding process. If that were the case he would have had to fire himself as soon as he took office(ie: the slogan and branding change and related paper and signage that did not pass go and went directly to Heather’s people for starters..) He has 11 months to discredit that party worse than he and his family/friends have discredited the democratic party, so you see he has a lot of work to do.
    Cybart is absolutely a sacrificial lamb, on that you are correct. Anyone with a 1/4 of a brain knows that Miron is up to his eyeballs in the “alleged” corruption. His grandstanding with Cybart is not going to change anyone’s mind. He is delusional if that is what he thinks.
    You are correct that Feehan went to crc and stated that the mayor wasn’t paid enough. Though Miron said it was a sustainable wage he never said he would not accept a raise, according to the minutes.
    The council bonding I believe came before the biddding process for the fire truck, so I believe that you can take Feehan’s name of that one. That would be like saying that Julian and Hendrick have a personal financial stake in every project the town does that involves construction. Before you ask, Yes, I am very aware of Feehan’s history with regard to the Kronenberg issue. Do I believe that the taxpayers should reimburse him? I think the taxpayers should have been able to hear the whole case and point and then decide. This a case of a blurry line where the town may not have to bear the responsibility of Feehan’s actions-or Kronenberg’s for that matter.
    With regard to the Loschiavo comment-just the quotes in the paper reinforce the fact that there is not an ounce of integrity,honor or a job well done by these people which reinforces my above statement. All I can say is that I hope that where ever Loschiavo is trying to get hired I hope they contact the people who he had to work with that voted no confidence in him—they will give an honest reference. All I can say is Joey the door is gonna hit you on the way out….don’t be looking for any honors from the public or the people you “stole” from….though they have said they would be honored to be part of the team that gets to tar and feather you or burn you at the stake!

  192. 193 1george1

    I agree with and am inpressed with you post,
    except for the condoning of violence at the end.

    > I agree with general assessments about Feehan and Cybart
    being discredited and scapegoated. Jim also needs to put some
    distance between perception of a deal for Feehan to ask for
    the Mayor Pay Raise, and Feehan to get Tax Free legal fees.
    > Could there have been conditions attached to the Prosecutors
    dropping charges in the Kronenberg other Bid case, and things
    Feehan has do on almost 9 years on the Town Council, with Kevin
    Williams being his campaign manager, majority leader on CRC #1,
    former Town Council Chair in 1991 (to Florek’s Town Attorney/Kubek
    on same Council.) and Kevin Williams work as Public Defender / State
    Delegate / Bro – in Law of Kevin Kelly, whose mom was apparently
    Mossman’s secretary and worked as investigator for Blumental who is
    (Yale) LIEbeman’s political boy toy, like DeLauro was Dodd’s chief of

    I am glad you comented up on my post about the “quotes.”

    For the second time in a week, plans to harm me
    fell through, thanks to non local guardian angels.

    Eventually, however ….

    What ever does happen, will be known by unseen people.

    The locals believe they can control the local and state scenario.
    They really really have no clue of what is going on in the world stage.

    Just as I have blogged there is a local / state timetable,
    there is also an international timetable which cares nothing
    about local / state / federal peoples agendas.

    The ultimate irony …
    Those who have committed harm, have me as someone who can
    mitigate causal circumstances ….

  193. 194 1george1

    Certain people harmed in the Madoff case may have benefitted from
    insider trading in Oct 1987 and other times, with major connections
    to Judges, U. S. Atttorneys, Prosecutors, NYC Gold Shields from the
    people who took over Tammany Hall after the days of Lindsey and
    Serpico / Knapp Commission.

    My dad was harassed in Fairfield USPS. He was a WW II Combat Vet.
    I was harassed in Southport USPS, which is part of Fairfield.
    There were certain groups of people who celebrated my ignorance
    and pain. It seems they have suffered financial loss, too?

    Potentially a rare event: What goes around ….

    > All of a sudden:

    1 – Fairfield Pensions took a bigger hit than the General Stock Market.

    2 – Stratford Pensions pay $ 1.4 m a month. If the DOW dips near 7400
    Dec 31, the Pension may have under $ 80 m, in the Jan 23 Pension
    Board Meeting.

    3 – People in certain areas who invested with Madoff, took a big hit,
    and saw their portfolios wiped out. Interesting that as the Prosecutors
    forensic audit teams unwind the paper trail,,,,,.
    > They may be turning to the IRS to ask about where the CASH came from?
    > They may find patterns of insider trading….?

    This IL Governor may be suicided?

    Just as EISENHOWER identified the existance if a
    Military Industrial Congressional Complex …. 1
    Scientific Technlogical Elite’…. 2

    influence every home, office government agency 1
    control public opinion 2

    NIXON proved it EXISTED

    They allowed the world to see certain things they wanted seen.
    Then they wnet back into the SHADOWS.

    Now this IL Governor BLAGOJEVICH is a creature of the IL machine,
    even more show than Governors Rowland / McGrievey / Spitzer

    The things he knows about IL politics and the Dem party ……

    I got a kick out of all the Senators, Judges, Prosecutors, Attorneys,
    and other members of both parties jumping all over this guy.

    Just like NIXON, he was PLAYING the GAME the WAY everyone else does!
    Anyone think he didn’t know EXACTLY what he was doing?
    Anyone think he let anyone else know what he was really doing?

    This IL Governor BLAGOJEVICH knew his phones were tapped and he
    was being recorded.
    If he was guilty anyway, he did the same things Aldridge Ames and Robert
    Hanssen did, which made sure he had a walk out of jail free card, because
    NONE o fthem would ever be allowed to testify in court! Would they?

    Any slip by prosecutors … a political pandora’s box gets opened …
    His defense attorney …. (same thing)

    The other scenario ….?
    Each of these was / is staged for political reasons.

    As Bartlett’s book of quotations states …

    Every once in a while the British kill off an Admiral….
    It keeps the others in line. …


    Rule one: when given the option, always kill the assassin first. …
    They have eyes and ears everywhere
    and yet no one has ever heard of them

  194. 195 nnanerak

    George, in my humble opinion that is not violence it is justice. It actually is much less than what is deserved that I promise you-this guy has caused agony to many on a daily basis-it’s not even close to and eye for an eye………………………………..
    Thank you for the compliment, by the way.

  195. 196 1george1

    1. You are welcomed for the compliment.
    Your writing s normally:
    Thoughtful. Well writen. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

    2. I agree about verdict, but not the suggested sentence.
    There is no need for violence or suggestion thereof.
    It bring people to other peoples level.
    It creates dehumanizing cycles.
    It will not change the past.
    Discipline is supposed to be corrective in nature, not punative.

    3. DC / Burturlas / mIRON Curtain / Berchump / b UTTER Nuts /
    Clover SHAMrocks / FAGAN Knights / Court House Gang /
    DEMONcrats / RepubliCONNartists / HeARTlessford /
    District of Columbia Drug (dependency) Cartel /
    Fuzzy Math / Who- do? VooDoo Economics / Economy stupigs /
    unHOLYwood / WALL Street crumble bums / Pain enablers

    They are all PAWNS in an international game.

    4. Movies take most a year or two years or more to shoot once
    it has financing, which is a whole cycle in itself.

    > The book “Dictionary of ESPioNage” defines covert & clandestine.
    – Ways to prepare the Masses are with “Cover Stories” disseminated
    by assets within Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Movies, & Music.
    – I could list movies timed to the release of certain events and certain
    Presidential or other nominations.

    > J. K. Galbraith’s 1960s – 1970s books define a “Planning System”
    and their ability to control of POOLS of PERSONNEL –
    – That ability to identify and control, increased with:
    A. Technological & communications innovations
    B. Massive Cash Cows: Pot > Cocaine > War & factory contracts
    > Oil / Gas / Coal > manipulating cycles of business, raising Cash
    and Value of “controlled” companies, allowing them and their
    major investors (Book: Rockefeller Syndrome) to sit on sidelines
    until prices are rediculously under valued.
    (turning CASH hoarders to WARREN BUFFET – J D ROCKEFELLER Buyers)
    (Book: The Robber Barons)
    C. Using CASH to support political assets in each state and then towns
    / cities they desire to control. They inturn steer contracts, fees, pay,
    PERSONNEL APPOINTMENTS / PROMOTIONS, benefits, & pensions, thus
    extending the control from the international to national to state to
    local levels, which reifies Federalist Papers and Eisenhower warning.

    Eisenhower identified two concurrent usurpacious groups.
    Nixon proved they existed.
    This IL Govenor, like NIXON played the GAME they ways everyone else
    plays the GAME and he too KNEW he was being TAPED.

    The people who control the FBI / JUSTICE absolutely must know all
    about everything that happens in Stratford, since SIKORSKY HELICOPTERS
    are used by the President & V. P. / Military
    (Army’s SO VIETnam Helicopter fleet was world’s largest Air Force)

    I contend they BAD guys do the Bidding of the WORSE GUYS.
    Blogger contend the local guys are the DEVIL.
    Are they?
    Or are they just pawns and devil’s advocates?

    Can the DEVIL be TRUSTED?

    TIME will TELL.

    Like ancient Cassandra, my warnings went unheeded – mostly came true.

    Dec 8th & before I predicted something VERY BIG & VERY BAD is COMING.

    Maybe it was that $ 50 Billion pyramid game. 3 times what Car companies want.
    Same Ball park as moneys each to Goldmen Sacks / AIG & other BUSH/PAULSON
    political donators.


    Wouldn’t it be Justice, if Executives’ bonus money from BAIL OUT was given
    to MANOFF and then the necessary FORENSIC AUDIT turned up PATTERNS
    of INSIDER TRADING and CASH INFLUX from DRUG MONEY from certain people

    Apparently TRUMP has properties where many of these people live.
    TRUMP was in the OCT 1987 MOVIE “WALL STREET.”
    It was released about 10 days prior to OCT 15, 1987 beginning of Stock
    Market crash of epic proportions.
    The Movie praised the Book: SUN TSU – The Art of War.
    TRUMP and others claimed to be long time practicioners of the SUN TSU.
    If TRUMP was wiped out financially, it would not bother me.
    He could survive.

    During Reagan years, FEDERAL RESERVE identifed certain areas in FL & CA
    as FLUSH with CASH, whereas there were FLASH RECESSIONS in areas
    depleted of CASH DUE to Drug Traffic.
    I am sure most of Manoff’s victims were innocent, I feel for them.
    I hope those who financed Drugs, invested with him.

    Because Fairfield political parties harassed my Dad in Fairfield USPS
    and me / others in Fairfield’s Southport USPS many years ago and
    the post masters were political appointees.
    > If certain people in Fairfield / Westport / Norwalk / Stratford / Milford /
    / Bridgeport / New Haven / Hartford / NYC – others invested in MANOFF
    and if patterns of INSIDER TRADING and IRS TAX EVASION from CASH ….

    Nnanerak – Taking money (via R. I. C. O. Act) from ILL GOTTEN GAINS
    ABUSE of DISCRETION (Disbarment or suspension)


    However, the ultimate IRONY.

    I can lay foundation for them and others being ENTRAPPED / MANIPULATED.

    But then those laying FOUNDATION were appealing to the TRUE NATURE …

  196. 197 1george1

    What is in the CARDS for the future?

    GOOGLE: 2009 MOVIE “The International” or

    What is in the CARDS for my predictions SOMETHING VERY BIG and
    VERY, VERY BAD is coming:

    RENT / BUY Movies:

    See new Release: “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
    A “nobel award winning character’s movie name: “BARNHARDT”
    We had a political appointee named BARNHART, as Town
    Manager, who now works in FAIRFIELD.
    MOVIE RELEASED: DEC 10, 2008

    PAST: The BATMAN movie which had Michael Keaton.
    Tom Febraio, new 1980s owner of several Fairfield Rest = dead ringer.

    The BATMAN “Movie” which introduce the BAT SIGNAL –
    LOOKED very much like the profile of the STEALTH BOMBER, kept secret
    until weeks before BATMAN Release.

    AUTO “Movie:” TUCKER, man & his Dreams, released before BUSH choose
    QUAYLE as V. P. – QUAYLE son’s name – TUCKER

    “Movie” EXORCIST main possessed Charter was named REGAN
    (Linda Blair for Westport)
    Check the release date, as prior to the RON REAGAN campaign elected.

    If you go back and rewatch certain movies, and prokect them to the
    events at time of Release, any REASONABLE PERSON might Wonder?


    007 Movie with Wayne Newton – Massive COCAINE imported INSIDE OIL
    and Re-refined. Not how CRACK is made. CRACK is also OIL Term.

    9 / 11 attacks had elements of combining a couple of DIE HARD MOVIES
    1 – BLEW UP a “TOWER”
    2 – Had “AIR PLANES CRASHING” (into Airport runways)
    3 – In 9 / 11 “AIR PLANES CRASHED” into “TOWERS” & PEN tag ON.
    4 – Iran contra (Dr. strangelove type) figurehead ADMIRAL POINDEXTER,
    subsequently worked in INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY which turned to
    unHOLYwood writers for potential ANTI-TERRORISM ideas

    TOM CLANCY movies (Oliver North’s family = Clancy.)
    (USPS Carrier Union NALC is CLAN reversed = much like KKKlan)

    PREdaTOR Movies & TERMinaTOR Movies gave more fame to KENNEDY
    HUSBAND, who became Governor of KALifornia.

    WW II Pearl Harbor Movie – Tora, Tora, Tora – looks / sounds like Jewish
    Sacred Book, binding religious people with Military.

    The INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY studies each culture and their ICONS
    which that CULTURE or RELIGION or LANGUAGE believes ….

    IRISH have certain ICONS
    Various PROtestANTS

    The object of certain RULERS is to capture the MINDS of MASSES.

    SUN TSU – Military Science
    SCIENTIFIC studies of peoples and their minds

    It turns out CLASSIC LEBERAL ARTS educations by the RULING CLASS
    was to maintain human Stratfication and Dependencies, despite ….

  197. 198 nnanerak

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one–our current criminal justice set up affords the criminals more rights than the victims. All the current documentation demonstrates that the bulk of offenders are not rehabilitated and do in fact become repeat offenders. In the circumstance in which we were discussing it is a life long pattern of behavior that this individual has demonstrated. I honestly don’t beleive he is rehabilitable because he actually believes he is entitled and correct–thus demonstrating a HUGE personality defect. He has already sucked the life out of many financially therefore I can’t justify spending one cent on him. The form of public humiliation he has caused so many as well as the pain deserves equal time. I was just using old time parallels of punishment that accomplished this–we could put him in the old fashioned stocks in the town square and just leave him there, forever and that would be fine with me–though there are others that feel that is getting off too easy.
    Without a doubt the punishment should not cost the taxpayers one red cent, and there definately needs to be punishment.

  198. 199 1george1

    Nnanerak –
    Punishment should fit the crime.
    There are worse things to do to people than

    Just as I am against the DEATH PENALTY and ABORTION, there are times and
    reasons for exceptions, which are appropriate:

    Under the R. I. C. O. ACT, aimed at the Mafia, but I believe more applicable
    to miscreants of the Bar Association / Political Party Hardy Hoodlums, their
    ill gotten gains can be recovered by the state and recompensat victims.

    Wouldn’t it be Justice if Berchem’s firm, which has tons of Insurance companies,
    Boards of Ed, Towns, & Housing Authority – had to have their MALPRACTICE
    INSURANCE PAY $ 250,000,000 to the PENSION FUND and $ 500,000,000 to the
    people of Stratford.

    Who are the bigger criminals
    Ignorant 20 year olds, whose only experience with capitalism is the influcts of
    cocaine into inner cites, which can’t get organic produce …
    Goldman Sachs / politically connected banks – Exxon Oil Profits – Buffet
    Gates insider Trading

    Building Russia / Iran / Iraq / Saudi / Khaddafy / Chavez / Nigeria / Mexico
    SO. VIETnam / Indonesia / Brazil Economy
    by OIL / GAS pice Kiting, along with
    BIG OIL / BP / North Sea / Canada / Australia / New Zealand

    Using exported USA jobs to build up:
    Ireland / India / China / Japan / Korea / Israe;
    Trilateral > West Europe / Pacific Rim / North America
    Post Cold War > East Europe & Middle East.

    BALZAK: “All great fortunes come from Great Crimes.”

    Simple facts are why waste peoples lives behind bars, when you can
    harness and redirect their energy to be constructive?

    What constructive things do the following do?
    Lawyers? Judges? Court House people? Rehab? Politicians?

    Police & Fire protect lives and property – they do NOT build.
    PW does limited building, but mostly MAINT.
    Education builds minds – and does a bad job to too many,
    truning the dumb into fodder for War & Drugs,
    while turning some of the intelligent into parasites.

    As flawed as the Public Sector it, the Public Sector is the Constructive
    level of Society.

    This country is marginally a MARKET ECONOMY.
    From the DEPRESSIONS – WW II – it had been a COMMAND ECONOMY
    which started to devolve about the time of EISNEHOWER SPEACH into

    The American Enterprise institute from the time of the BORK mess has
    know the danger to local economies of ECONOMY to SCALE BIG BOX
    (Rockefeller WAL-MART > GE led companies like AUTO & CONSTRUCTION)

    During the post W W II, most factory jobs were directed by WW II Military
    carry overs and included PAID BENEFITS, now too expensive to BIG AUTO
    and ALL Govenment Employees.

    Simple fact is EVERYONE could have AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE –

    However, the Government is run by deviant decendants of the GREATEST
    GENERATION, and the CORRUPTION has been systemitized.

    NIXON accurately described the POLITICAL GAME, just as BLAGOJEVICH
    has accurately personified MACHINE POLITICS and the GREED of PEOPLE


    They spend $ 500,000,000 for a $ 500,000 annual paying jobs.
    They spent $ 25,000,000 for $ 200,000 annual paying jobs.

    away poorer after being in PUBLIC OFFICE, with BLIND TRUSTS?

    Nnanerak – who are the TRUE CRIMINAL CLASS.

    People addicted to alcohol and drugs, knowing nothing except knuckle
    dragging violence with dead end opportunities, or the creatures who
    work like DR. FRANKENSTEIN, creating the PERFECT MONSTERS who can
    HIDE in PLAIN SIGHT and their imperfect relatives who will be fodder for
    keeping police / military / rehap / politicians / courts occupied?

    $ 60000 a year to jail a person
    $ 11,000 a year to educate a stratford kid

    Nnanerak – I agree to disagree, per your above post.

    I do conceed this point to you:
    knuckledraggers and knuckleheads
    pose a local danger, also in area & state & fed levels.


  199. 200 nnanerak

    I never said anything about death-you did. I was more or less inferring inflicting a form of emotional humiliation and torture as he has done to so many. I didn’t even address the money issues and equipment issues, if I did his family would be homeless. If they are as guilty as he is then maybe that’s something to consider. I mean the wife gets a miniscule bit of credit for trying to literally beat some sense into him at the beach….too bad it didn’t work. He is still at it and then some.
    You are correct about the knuckledraggers and knuckleheads they are making a huge contribution to ruining this town.

  200. 201 1george1

    I had no intent of putting words into your mouth…
    or misinterpreting your intent.

    It looks like we agree on certain other things / people ….

    Imagine people capable of making Miron look honest (less dishonest)
    and competent (less incompent)?
    What are these people thinkin?

    Homeless is also very harsh.
    However, actions of many people have caused other people to be homeless.

    If the “SHOE FITS …..” 8)

    The other day, it looked like “W” had practiced in case Cheney thought he
    would quail hunt ….. 🙂 Or is is QUALYE or QU-YALE?


    Pension issue:
    FAIRFIELD had $ 280 million.
    They invested with Madoff, losing 15 % (may recover some) or $ 42 million.
    They still have about $ 238 million.


    If Stratford had $ 238 million, we would be more than fully funded.

    Waiting for numbers from June 30, where we HAD a Pension Obligation
    of $ 202 million. (expected to be around $ 210.

    Oct 31 – portfolio had $ 85.5 million
    Monthly Pension Obligation = $ 1.4 million – so subtract $ 2.5 from $ 85.5

    Stock Market has been down from Oct 31.
    Do we have $ 82 million left, while Fairfield has $ 240 million?


    What would you deduce about our political parties’ financial and legal people
    if they were the ones responsible for overseeing Stratford’s Treasury and the
    Pension Plan?

    This is NOT a question about them personally, but about their political
    decisions, competency & integrity in politics, etc….

    Such is a matter for this blog as a political dialog.

  201. 202 jezebel282


    8-16″ of new snow forecast for Vermont! With heavy snow predicted on Sunday too!


  202. 203 1george1


    Were you excited about the SNOW?


    Were you excited about 8 to 16 INCHES?

    – –

    Stratford Library now owns, and I have then checked out til Monday:
    Sinbad 7th Voyage
    (Cyclops, Genie & lamp, more)

    Jason & Argonauts
    (Talos – Golden Fleece – Dragon – Skeleton Men – Posiden – Harpies – more)

    Clash of the Titans (Perseus – Calibos – Pegasus – Medusa – more)

    I finished watching the latter 2 movies on our snowey nights.
    I should finish Sinbad tonight.

    Depending on the weather, I should have them back to Library
    by Monday 6:00 pm? (I can renew to avoid later charges, if I can not…)

  203. 204 1george1

    I did not have to go looking for George’s post, so I got lucky and I can repost
    what started as an answer to Jeze in the other column.

    As I write, I find other things which (TO ME) appear related. This drives Jeze
    and other readers crazy. especially the GUILTY ONES, who know the TRUTH! 😦
    Sometimes the dots are not connectable ….
    Sometimes dots can be connected by others ….
    Sometimes dots are connected, but others want them disabused ….
    Sometimes people agree dots are connected …

    If O’Meara is the officer who applied about 1 year ago for Disability,
    then there will be a special meeting MON JAN 5, because the Doctor
    raised an issue that Burturla has to research and said might take 1 week.

    Burturla said it was a unique issue. He gave a HYPOTHETICAL:
    Suppose Jeze broke her arm on duty and applied for a Disability Pension?
    The Doctor felt that if the arm was set and HEALED, then the Disability
    would be INAPPLICABLE.
    However, Jeze told the Doctor that she did NOT WANT to have the ARM
    SET. So the Doctor could not render a decision on Disability or NOT?

    Soooo, Esq. Burturla went into his office across the hall, turned on the
    Billing Machine, which looks oddly like a Devil shaped slot machine, and
    came back giggling that he might / should have an answer next week.
    Except about an answer next week, for the Police Disability person.
    Gavin & the Fire / PW guys were pushing to get this done.
    I am unsure which Union guy is which?

    Winterbottom sits there with a REALLY SMUG look on his face and every’
    answer drips with sleeze, from my unjaded perspective. He made it sound
    as though the DC was doing the TOWN a FAVOR and was costing the Town
    LESS, by going to the 403 C.
    Julian raised questions about that.
    I have to give HENRICK props that he didn’t drink the KOOL AID and NAILED
    exactly what was happening (in a question form). Gavin was watching me
    shake my head NO when Winterbottom was shoveling the …. And then
    when HENRICK started his position, until HENRICK switched gears and then
    NAILED IT. I pulled my ARM down, like I was pulling a SLOT Machine and
    GAVIN nodded that the DC is … (not doing this for charity)

    One of my most interesting sources raised an issue about (COMP TIME)
    ability to VERIFY or CHALLENGE?

    JEZE = Potential GRIEVANCE by Sargeant McNeil?


    If O’Meara was another Disability pension issue, I believe that one was

    I did not remember the names, nor do I want to get into personalities,
    nor bring in certain issues


    In the pony was an EXCEL of all of the PENSIONERS on DISABILTY.
    I believe it was about 35 % of the 573 in the Defined Benefit Plan.


    I found it very interesting that while Burturla and Winterbottom were
    obdurious and unempathetic to the police officer without pension for
    1 year, they both pointed out that what the DC is doing, has been done
    many times in the past. Three of the various union people cited the 1999
    contract allowing (mostly ranking) people to FREEZE there Defined Benefit
    Plan and get into a 403 B PROGRAM, where UNLIKE a NEW EMPLOYEE, the
    SENIOR PERSON did NOT have to put in 5 YEARS in Order to be VESTED.

    Let’s see.
    1997-1999, Debbie Rose, was Town Council Chairperson.
    She was elected as a Republican, turned Unaffiliated, and December 1998
    became a Democrat replacing GI – LARD – I with
    Burturla (amagram: U R Brutal) as Town Attorney.

    January 1998, I started going to Town Council Meetings.
    1998 – Team Stratford awarded preferred developer.
    1998 – Pension Bonded $ 95,000,000

    1999 – Police & Fire Contract renegotiated with giveaways.
    1999 – Senior personnel could get 403 C, added to Defined Benefit

    Who was Town Attorney?
    Same guy who made $ 530,000 – $ 581,000 – $ 712,000 in 2006/7/8?

    But wait, it was the Republicans who dominated CRC # 1.

    Kevin Kelly’s Brother in law was Majority Leader on CRC, to Gavin’s
    CRC Chairmanship.
    Kevin Kelly is protege of Blumenthal.
    Kevin Kelly’s mommy was the Secretary to & imbroG-LIO.

    I actually spoke to her hours before Mossman had me arrested, when
    I called looking to place nice and for help.

    IT was Schirillo who was behind Kevin Kelly’s appointment.
    Yet Councilman Schirillo was a CT STATE TROOPER, as was JOHN BURTURLA,
    and apparent protege of LIP LOCK LIEberman (Homeland inSecurity)
    Schirillo became Dick Miron’s replacement as Dem Town Committee chair.
    Schirillo picks up $ 40,000 a year extra as Stratford’s liaison to CT. STATE

    Wasn’t one of the 1991 Referendum (became a town ordinance)

    No wonder the ETHICS COMMISSION was left VACANT.
    No wonder the Democrats and Republicans
    filled the ETHICS COMMISSION with
    * employer of Burturla’s Daughter,
    * Relative of Goodrich/friend of Berchem,
    * former member of State Dept + C. I. A.
    * STERLING HOUSE worker – resume mostly politcal places for jobs
    * head of a CHURCH / STATE combine
    * 3/4th of lifetime friend of Dick Miron = his HS Councilor
    * Assistant State Prosecutor = Political appointment.
    * former creater / head = Fairfield Chamber Commerce = political
    son teaches at West Point. (I hope it is not ETHICS) 😦

    As Fredette says:
    “HEY! This IS Stratford!”

    INCREASINGLY Stratford politicians look less like the ONION FIELDS
    of Southport, whereas peeling back layers causes tearing / crying,
    the key players look more like what is found in a ROLL of USED

    If the SHOE FITS ….

    And the people in positions of Trust and Profit do not go Public, yet
    they or allies or surrogates seek me out with information because they
    tell me they want change and are sick of status quo ….

    Stratford’s abuses are NOT union actual workers.
    The abuses are political, much like the KGB.
    They make Detroit Pensions look conservative.
    They wheel & deal like MADOFF & BLAGOJEVICH.

    I am going to have to move this to George’s

    Sometimes the dots are not connectable ….
    Sometimes dots can be connected by others ….
    Sometimes dots are connected, but others want them disabused ….
    Sometimes people agree dots are connected …

  204. 205 jezebel282


    Obviously you are too lazy to click on this link.

    “JEZE – I achieved my desired result of putting you on the defensive, and having you feel what you inflict on others.”

    You have achieved nothing. I am not in any “defensive” position. I have only asked you to post your opinions in the appropriate places.

    Not everyone is interested in everything. That is why there are subjects here and links to them. You may think it important to reinforce “facts” for your secret timetable of events. But I doubt it is important to Officer O’Meara, Chief Cybart, Sam Dupuis or Capt McNeil. Yet, you believe that your opinions about Trilateral Commissions and the CIA are so much more important that the readers have no right to concentrate on an individual issue and must read the Word of George instead.

  205. 206 1george1

    “Word of George”
    Interesting phrase.

    Hypothetical – What if there is a control agent or handling agent,
    actually and secretly directing actions of the Administration?
    > They are given objectives. Then they have operational latitude.

    Just as certain people mean nothing to Miron / Winterbottom / Burturla,
    they would mean even less to other people, who not only don’t know
    them but also never deal with them one on one or see them?
    (just human chess pieces)

    The Dr. in the New Haven Sectional Center was named “Winterbottom.”
    Supposedly, he had a malpractice issue and took the job for the USPS
    to be their in house QUACK.
    I wonder if he is related to …. ?


    I worked with a Dave Haddad many years and know a Peter Haddad from my
    business adventures. I am told Haddad is Lebanese and as common as Smith
    or Jones. So much for the Word of George according to GOSPELls of
    Dave (symbolic jewish)
    Peter (symbolic catholic)
    Mark (symbolic marx)

    I an still waiting for PAUL
    (Cathedrals are symbolic >
    Peter – Rome
    Paul – London
    Patrick – NYC
    Mark – Venice (Marco Polo))

    Such is the Word of George to the “A” men.

  206. 207 1george1

    Jim Miron did NOT want Burturla as Town Attorney.
    It was party pressure which caused it.

    The party steers their selections to them.
    I know it from several sources in both parties.
    They, like Jeze & some others, prefer NOT to be on record or be ID!

    Note to Nnanerak – I do NOT often go “Phishing with disinformation” in order
    to elicit information.

    However, I do not consider ANY READER / BLOGGER to be an ALLY!!!

    I do consider there are many basically good people in both parties, and they
    are sick over political decisions.
    However, there are often FINANCIAL and other PRESSURES which they have
    VERY, VERY, VERY good cause to be concerned about.
    FEDERALIST # 79 >
    Control a man’s means of subsistenance, and you control his will!

    There are a “few” people who are being used as “object” lessons, beyond
    those who are those Jeze backs ….

  207. 208 jezebel282


    “What if there is a control agent or handling agent, actually and secretly directing actions of the Administration?”

    Then I would need better meds.

  208. 209 1george1

    So YOU ADMIT to being ON DRUGS?

    Are you addicted?

    It could explain your compulsive, obsessive, and anal nature?

    If you are on meds while you post, does that mean you are admitting that
    your are NOT in your right mind?

    Going against Mossman I found it ultra ironic that the Judge would ask
    prisoners and also defendants to swear that they were not on any meds?
    > Asking that question seemed strange to people whose crime was most
    often related to alcohol or drug use.

    I was able to keep from being forced into a decision I did not want to
    make, because I had a severe cold / minor pneumonia and was under
    cough & cold medication. The judge had told me I was coming back &
    retain a certain lawyer who I consulted with, but did not want to
    represent me.
    This was after he had a parade of CONS and DEFENDANTS who had to
    swear they were not on MEDS and had a clear mind.

    I told the Judge that I was on mild over the counter medication and
    had no way of knowing IF it affected my decision making. Since I had
    a fever and chills, I would be leaving the court room for a WARM BED.

    The Judge was taken aback. He smiled. He recognized that I legitimately
    avoided the trap the prosecutors set for me (that time).
    With 300 witnesses, he did the only decent and legal thing he could do.
    He continued my case and wished me a speedy recovery.
    Of all the government lawyers and judges I met, only Judge Kaplan actually
    protected my Constitutional Rights, even though he made it clear who he
    worked for, and advised me of my rights in a relatively fair manner!

  209. 210 jezebel282



    “So YOU ADMIT to being ON DRUGS?”

    One of the signs you’re getting old is when your drug of choice is Lipitor.

  210. 211 1george1

    Jeze – I finally got you to laugh! 🙂

    May everyone’s new year be better.
    And every succeeding one, improve upon the last.

  211. 212 nnanerak

    Thank you George, same to you.

  212. 213 1george1

    Over Christmas, I was able to see old movies made by Harryhausen, like:
    * Clash of the Titans
    * Sinbad – 7th voyage
    * Jason & Argonauts.

    The Library only owned “Titans.”
    They bought the others due to my inquiries and because of interest of others.

    The avatar of blogger Cyclops is a Harryhausen creation.

    I called about a couple of other Harryhausen movies.
    They ordered another sinbad movie.
    I was called today that the movie would be held for a day for me.
    They also said the other movie I ordered about the Holocaust was in, too.

    I had not ordered anything about the Holocaust.
    Those pictures are sickening and repulsive.
    One of my favorite film makers is Frank Capra, who as an Army photographer
    captured many of those tragic film stories.

    It is probably why he created escapist idealist movies like:
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

    – –

    I blogged about the other movies, because I thought Cyclops and others
    might enjoy the Harryhausen movies available at the Library.

    Instead some very sick M—– F—— had to add an obscene movie under my
    name, as being ordered by the Library.

    – –

    My dad was a WW II Combat Vet.
    He saw attrocities committed by Japanese and by American / Allies.
    It was not one way.
    He respected Japanese as people who believed in their system and rulers
    the same way Americans love America.
    Yet my dad and other WW II Combat Vets were mistreated in the USPS by
    political animal gold brick, worthless scum bags, who would fit right in with
    Nazis and the lowest of the dregs of humanity.

    Whichever scumbag blogger or viewer decided to add this under my name
    thinking it is funny is a demented M—– F—— with ZERO humanity.

    YOU have earn my complete disdain, contempt, and pity for your soul less
    view of values of humanity and life! SICK! PATHETIC! SADIST! SCHADENFREUDE!

  213. 214 1george1

    Stratford Literary Genre: Political Science Fiction:

    Mayor Miron wrote a Letter to the Editor partially about Fire Chief Cybart and ex-Town Councilor Feehan (with almost 9 years experience-despite the 3 term 1992 Ordinance, from the 1991 Referendum).
    I believe the honorable Mayor has the ability to write true statements, yet “NOT” tell “the whole truth.”
    I believe this is more Stratford: smoke and mirrors; plausible deniability; and political science fiction!

    Now that Stratford has a NEW, not revised Town Charter, as opined by Stratford Town Attorney and created by bipartisan politically: elected Town Councils; and appointed Charter Revision Commissions;
    which eliminate grand fathered rights under the “Special Act charter” and steered to the “Home Rule act,”
    > will Airport expansion; return of Tolls; condo towers on AVCO; pretextual, non-transparent/ opaque Budgets; and Gomorrah-izing of Stratford and Bridgeport be far behind, due to Connecticut’s counterintuitive politics of the four monkeys? (See NO, Hear NO, Say NO, > but DO Evil)

    Mr. Feehan was Town Council Chairman 2005 – 2007. His campaign manager (CT. State Attorney) was the 1991 Town Council Chairman and first Town Charter Revision Commission, which created a NEW TOWN CHARTER and Mayoral form of Government.
    Mayor Miron was also on C.R.C. # 1 and the Mayor was against a Mayoral form of Government. Mayor Miron’s Town Housing Authority Attorney, was 1991 Town Attorney and head of the 2008 Town Charter Revision Commission. Each has acted against 1991 Referendums, with 26,000 voter petition signatories.

    The Honorable: Mayor; former Town Councilor / Chairman; and Fire Chief; all are entitled to political beliefs and have discretion within their official duties. Everything each could write or state could be “technically true.” Yet why in the world would they savage each other in public?
    See the Town Website, or research Budgets, like 2007 Mayor / Council Fire Dept. Budget: $ 5.5 million Straight Time and $ 1.5 million PLANNED O. T., one might find cause (motive) for people to want to “appear” as “not working together”. (Legally or illegally?)
    The 1998 Pension Bond of $ 95,000,000, and subsequent negotiation where a GENEROUS 60 % of Base Pay HARD CAP was negotiated to a SOFT CAP 70 % of Base Pay, whereas PENSION of mostly ranking and senior Department Managers and Workers come near, match, or “exceed” their “Base Pay,”
    predicated on last 2 years earnings?

    I wonder if FRAUD or CONSPIRACY were existing and provable by (approximate 1999) Town: Labor Negotiator, Town Attorney, H. R. Director, Town Manager and Town Pension Boards/Town Councils, Police Chiefs, and Mayor, or “whoever made these decisions?”
    Should that draw your fury?
    What were motivations towards “dispensing Tax Payers’ Treasury?”
    Was there “Quid pro Quo” or “Play for Pay?”
    I don’t have authority or purview to clearly, plainly, or preponderantly say!
    However, I don’t lack for reviewing facts, and having “my opinions.”
    You can blog to view similar dominions.

    YOU can get Freedom of Information at 50 cents a page.
    FOI is FREE, if in preexisting computer attachment.

  214. 215 1george1

    Looks like my Letter did not make the star cut.
    Can not expect to see my letters there every week.
    I wonder how much the Cybart Circus cost the Tax Payers?
    > I suspect a minimum of $ 10,000 so far. Ca-ching!

    If they called it off they might not have have to pay minimum
    hours to various people like hired attorneys and stenographer?

    – I put this information about Officer O’Meara under his site.
    Because I never know when Jeze has the urge to edit and type
    relevance – I will move it over here too.

    I honestly want to help.
    But either some people do not want help, or something smells.
    In either case I would be reckless if I could not prove facts or
    have reasonable belief the fact I had were true and verifiable.

    The following is mostly opinion based on some facts, experience,
    and projections of what I think the Law is, which PCS and FOS
    may disagree. I am not a Lawyer.

    From PCS:
    I suspect that things are not kept very well at Town Hall and important items tend to get lost or tossed – depending on what needs covering up! It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds once the Miron group is out of Town Hall.

    From George
    In the 70s – 80s, a buddy dated a woman who took over the Stratford tax office.
    She told both of us that there were loads of missing records. Not hearsay!
    She was in charge. She told both of us directly.

    I raised issue to someone, who offered a counterpoint on the Berchem PCs
    holding the T. A. Records that they are contractors. Would I expect any
    other contractorto have their PC FILES in Town Hall? Legitimate thought.

    > My counter points are:
    1) These are Public Records, paid for by Public Funds, including the work
    product, research, and other items. They belong to the Public.

    2) The Town clerks is charged with maintaining Public Records, yet only
    has hard copies and nothing in her PCs, nor does the T. A. Secretary?

    A) Space is at premium and if there were PC memory, the hard copies
    could be kept off site, with multiple options to store/protect records.

    B) Regardless of filing systems, which is faster, easier, cheaper, more
    efficient and productive – finding hard copy records in a vault or looking
    in PC, with proper filing?

    C) The computer has a time log. Could raise issues on Billing Machine.

    D) What if someone at Berchem wanted to access private Town Records,
    1 – since the Firm represents Mayor vs. Council vs. Education vs. Housing;
    2 – since the Firm represents Stratford vs. Bridgeport vs. Milford vs. Shelton;
    3 – since the Firm has leasee who represented 630 Lordship Blvd Condo vs.
    T. P. Z.;
    4 – since the Firm represents Town vs. various businesses including Insurance
    Construction, products, finance, etc

    D) What if someone at Berchem was doing or did something ILLEGAL in Town
    Records – STRICTLY HYPOTHETICALLY – in LAW, aren’t original documents the
    BEST EVIDENCE? If there “happened to be “alterations” to certain records, who
    would know, or even turn in the tampered inforation?
    – A police Captain retired at $ 125,000 (there are none) on $ 80,000 Base Pay.


    From PCS
    I feel very bad for Doug O’Meara. Being a police officer is a difficult job right off the cuff, and it’s also a job that from which one can easily get injured. It’s not a white collar, paper-cut type of job. Why this guy is being tossed under the bus by Miron, et al. is beyond me.

    From George:
    1. Because the Mayor, by Town Charter, is in charge of all Day to Day Operations.
    2. Because the Town Attorney, by Town Charter, serves at the pleasure of
    the Mayor, and according to Blumenthal’s Office is the EXCLUSIVE in charge
    of all Town LEGAL OPINIONS.
    3. Because the Police Chief, by Town Charter, serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, and is charged with overseeing all Departmental operations.
    4. Because the Human Resources Director, by Town Charter, serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, and is charged with overseeing all Departmental operations.
    5. Because the Union has NOT staged a FUND RAISER or RALLY or gone Public to
    support Officer O’Meara.
    6. Because the Media has NOT covered the story and made it Public, which is
    the fault of Officer O’Meara, his family, his friends, and his coworkers.

    I tried to help.
    1) I needed simple verifiable information that Officer O’Meara even exists, and
    A) I told that to the person e-mailing me that it was him.

    2) I needed simple verifiable documents like a police report showing
    something about the incident would lead a reasonable person to believe
    the man was hurt or had a chance to be hurt while involved in an arrest!

    3) I needed simple verifiable documents like a time sheet showing officer
    O’Meara was out for a couple days after an incident would lead a reason
    able person to believe the man was hurt or had a chance to be hurt while
    involved in an arrest!

    4) I needed simple verifiable documents like a police Workers Compensation
    form which is supposed to be filed immediately after an injury or shortly
    later in a reasonable time showing something about the incident would lead
    a reasonable person to believe the man was hurt or had a chance to be hurt
    while involved in an arrest!

    5) I needed simple verifiable documents like a doctor’s report showing
    something about the injury would lead a reasonable person to believe
    the man was hurt or had a chance to be hurt while involved in an arrest!

    A) Documents of the Town Medical people’s report would have to concur
    or dispute existance of the injury and/or whether there could be causal
    relationships, if an injury was sustained on the job. Regardless which way
    they rule, they have to mention injury and possible causation, or they do
    NOT get PAID by the TOWN, ordering Officer O’Meara to Town MD.

    Even 4th rate lawyers (wink – wink) understand process, evidence, and
    Where the H— his Union is …..?
    If his claim is legitimate, either the union should back him, or they would
    be liable to NLRB Labor Practice Charges, which gives Officer O’Meara FREE
    DISCOVERY, and it gives him STANDING in FEDERAL COURT.

    The NLRB is mandated to do a full, intensive and unbiased investigation
    which even if it was just against the union, certain town records would
    have to be made available for FREE. (But the NLRB controls INVESTIGATION)

    If there is DOCUMENTATION found whereas there was Probable Cause of
    CRIMINALITY and of CIVIL RIGHTS Violations and/or the U. S. CODE, then
    the U. S. Justice Department or F.B.I. might find they have standing?
    Again FREE DISCOVERY. However the F.I.B. (OOOPS) & Justice control the

    If it can be proven that two or more people acted together with intent
    to Violate Federal or State or Local Law, any and all of those people may
    be charged with something called “C….”

    A few years ago a Federal Judge found the LOS ANGELOS POLICE DEPT.
    violated the R. I. C. O. Act. It has interesting possibilities.

    If someone knowing helped two or more people committ a crime, that
    person could become an ACCESSORY AFTER the FACT to ALL of the CRIMES
    committed by his fellow actors …..

    There are interesting legal precedents involving conspiracy and a very low
    threshold to prove existance of same, even if certain people were not
    completely aware of many of the aspects of those things which came to be.

    Stupidity is not illegal or unconstitutional.
    Intent is a major factor in proving an act was criminal or not
    Mens Rhea (mental state) is a major factor in proving an act was criminal or not
    Animus (Motive) is a major factor in proving an act was criminal or not

    There is more.

    If I was Officer O’Meara’s Lawyer, and if I had the documentation laid out,
    my worker’s comp claim, or disability pension claim, or grievance decisions,
    or arbitration decision, or unfair labor practice complaint, the cumulative
    effect of DISCOVERY should lead to a nice verdict.

    Under certain conditions, if the Town does not want to represent some
    one to protect them for legal recourse or if certain things are proven,
    then Town Officers like a Mayor, Town Attorney, H. R. Director, Police
    Chief/DC/Ranking Officers-Union, and or others might be sued Civilly?

    Gosh – I just realized – there are 2 or more people who may have been’
    acting “in concert.” Darn what was that word?
    But drat, they have discretion of office, which pays for protection.
    Yet, if there was proveable abuse of discretion and if certain other….

    But I can not even get verifiableproof the Officer O’Meara exists? sigh .. 😦

  215. 216 jezebel282


    “You dish it out, but you can not take it. Same is true with you blog groupies.”

    I have taken plenty from you, sir.

    I am simply not responsible for 25 years of mismanagement by the RTC and DTC.

    An honest, ethical and dedicated mayor would have had the power to stop these abuses and expose those he/she couldn’t stop. So, yes. I do think it is Miron’s fault.

  216. 217 jezebel282


    Writing of flaming.
    I am predicting an upset on American Idol with Kris Allen
    winning over Adam Lambert.

    The AI show that ran late and Adam got raves from Cowell,
    cause me and many others to look for it on the interent.
    > Lambert turned out more gay than Seacrest….
    > Lambert clearly has a superior talent. But back lash.

    > K Allen has talent.
    > AI “accidently” released down loads of top 10 a few weeks ago.
    Lambert had the highest and most.
    Gokey made the list.
    But K Allen made the list more often than Gokey.

    > K Allen comes across as very humble and “apple pie” with a
    wholesome family – cute lil blond wife.

    > BIGGEST REASON – K Allen is from ARKANSAS. Most of past
    AI winners and vote getters are Southerners.

    – The BEST SELLING American Idol winners are COUNTRY or
    Southerners. Not that the producers of American Idol are
    in it for the money… It all adds up to a SHOCKING END.

    Speaking of predictions…. With 3 big DOW down days in a row
    (Including GE down from about 15 to 12) after I suggested to
    SUDDS to take the money and run.

    I wanna be wrong. But OIL hit $ 60 a barrel – with no reason.
    GM will close plants 9 Weeks
    CHRYSLER will cut loose 8,000 CAR DEALERSHIPS

    In the 50s and 60s – Auto Industry was 40 % of GNP.

    That was before the Rockefeller / Military Trilateral Commission
    shipped Auto Industry to Pacific Rim and Europe, and many IT /
    Customer Service jobs through out the British Empire.


    They set up the RUSSIAN ECONOMY (# 1 World Exporter Oil + Gas)
    (# 2 World Exporter of Weapons + Munitions)

    Meanwhile – every business decision maker I market to tells me
    they have NEVER – EVER seen the economy this bad – NEVER.

    Yet the USA is still # 1 World Exporter of Weapons + Munitions
    and # 1 World Importer of OIL, GAS, + Cocaine.


    – Jeze please move – I don’t know where – don’t erase.
    After I talk to Business owners and Executive who are TORN
    APART about shutting down or laying off they people who
    depend on them for a good living – it tears me UP!


  217. 218 jezebel282

    From 1george1:

    I believe the french word for bread is “PAIN.”

    It gives a different perception to the lord’s prayer,
    when viewed by the bilingual Norman conquerors?

    One of the B – OUR – BON / English Houses called themselves
    the “Plantagenet.”

    Simple english reading soldiers could easily mistake that name
    (if it WERE unintentional and not carefully crafted) as
    PLAN – T – AGE – NET

    Some people love GOLD.
    Some love land and BIG HOUSES, which cost much GOLD.
    They live in C – HATE – AU.

    Some feel wine can help the “love process.”
    Some feel too much wine adversely affects MALE blood
    flow and performance, might explain C – HARD – ON – NAY.

    Some feel the Palace at VERSAILLES personifies the DIVINE
    RIGHT of kings, when reading the local right to left becomes
    SELL – I – AS – REV
    So much for the AVIGNON CAPTIVITY or the ME DICI?

    But then the English royal residence was owned by
    GeorgE VIL-liers B u c KING ham.

    A peasant, surf, peon, is some countries is a VILLein in another.
    Interesting class view that villeins are also villains.

    Lenin changed his name to V I LEnin (com poop)

    Most interesting omen name for person raised to british world
    stage paralle to the rise of hitler was neville chamberlain.

    His name became a nomen clature predictor for the rise of Hitler:


    Not even an extra letter?

  218. 219 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Even then there were more VETS HOSPITALIZED due to ALCOHOL, TOBACCCO,
    and starting to LOAD UP on DRUGS.

    Compare the tiny TAX RELIEF Stratford provided under CT. LAW with what
    I believe are BRIBES to certain friends of certain people ….
    Could they the Government do that ratio? NO
    Should Stratford do that ratio? ??

    The GI BILL was one of the best things the government ever did?
    Was it a handout? YES and NO.
    The VETS earned help to get back into the system, even if it was NOT
    AVAILABLE to non-vets?
    It was the BEST INVESTMENT in the VETS that the goverrnment could do
    to benefit society, as these men and women were able to get training
    and education they could NEVER AFFORD otherwise, and became very
    productive members of society, increasing their income and helping to

    Not everyone in GOVERNMENT is GOOD.
    Not everyone in GOVERNMENT is BAD.

    I STRONGLY SUGGEST everyone to get the book Documentary History of
    the United States” by Heffner (PBS Host – among other things)

    In it are the MARSHALL PLAN and EISENHOWER’S FAREWELL – The 1961
    mysterious warning about

    1 – The Military Industrial (congress) Complex, with influence into every
    HOME, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT Agency / Dept (WAR-CRIME Profiteers)

    2 – Scientific Technollogical Elite, which controls Public opinion.

    Those were EISENHOWER’S WORDS.

    with influence into every HOME, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT Agency / Dept

    which controls Public opinion.


    with influence into every HOME, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT Agency / Dept

    which controls Public opinion.


    NOW LOOK at what happened after and ask if tere was a COUP, against
    the AMERICAN PEOPLE (Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust or their allies?)

    JFK + MLK + RFK + McNamara QUIT SO. VIETnam War he escalated +
    LBJ QUIT SO. VIETnam War he escalated + Mcgovern / Eagleton +
    Muskie dirty tricks +
    WATERGATE (unnecessary = sucked in NIXON who installed TAPING



    Look up the FRANK CHURCH COMMITTEE FINDINGS > “Family Jewels,”
    “Dirty Tricks,” “Assassinations,” “CoIntel” & more, mostly by VETS and

    who imported the DRUGS, the POLICE DISTRIBUTED or ALLOWED.
    100 % of NYC “GOLD SHIELDS and JUDGES were on MAFIA PAYROLL.

    Then EVERY President after them except REAGAN was ROCKEFELLER
    Trilateral Commissioner and most top advisers. It is in NY – look it up
    and their members & alumni.

    Then LOOK at last 10 years:
    OIL bottomed $ 10.58 barrel 12/98
    STOCK MARKET PEAKED with Y2K – then DOTCOM went to 1 %
    9/11 ALLOWED, with NO AIRCOVER over NYC or DC????????
    Cycles of DOW – NASDAQ – others hit 1 % to 15 % of highs, except OIL
    & DADDY WARBUCKS Stocks, whose cash could buy up rest …

    RUSSIA + IRAN + IRAQ + OPEC + NORTH SEA + British Empire + BIG OIL
    all benefitted, while US peoples savings & wealth were ATTACKED

    WHOLE INDUSTRIES offshored to EUROPE / PACIFIC RIM with major
    beneficiaries as the largest and most populous nations:

    OIL went to $ 147 a BARREL (June 08)about $ 100 more than REAGAN
    peak after CARTER’S issues / OPEC caused rise from under
    $ 20 to over $ 40 a Barrel –
    TRANSPORTATION DEVASTATED where Trucking passes along costs,
    increasing prices of EVERYTHING.
    AIRLINES went CHAPT 11
    Whole series of PENSIONS stolen
    CREDIT unsecuritized, setting up BANK FAILURES
    as the EXXON of WALL STREET

    Chrysler GONE. GM & FORD less than 1 % of peaks.

    Michael Moore’s CAPITALISM movie trailer is right about 1 thing (so far)
    It does look like a MILITARY OPERATION.

  219. 220 1george1

    I honestly though my post was answering RON!

    Now, I suspect you will be moving 2 of 3 other posts?

  220. 221 1george1

    Posted in CT. POST topix # 24?

    George reply to Stratford Resident:
    1. Burturla/Berchem billed over $ 5 million
    just from Town side since 1996.
    We believe it could total 3 times that
    amount if we had access to all records.

    2. Burturla was town council chairman 87-89.
    Pensions started going up.
    1989 was Tax Payer Revolt. Minibudget.
    1991 Town referendums caused by Minibudget
    > 2 % Budget Cap
    > Term Limits – aimed at Voccola
    > Prohibit Financial Self Interest. 😦

    3. Budget Books prove annual AVERAGE PENSION
    obligation was under $ 3 million 1990 – 1996.
    Then 1995 barnhart / dunn gave away Balloon
    last 2 year gig.
    Then 1996 Burturla began over $ 100,000 +
    every year since and NOT LESS than $ 1/2
    million a year since Miron elected.

    Remember this number: $ 17.4 MILLION
    Aug 2009 PENSION OBLIGATION and growing
    from the $ 3 million average early 1990s.

    4. If AVCO was redeveloped in 1992 it is
    likely to have added 10,000 jobs and 1 Mil
    in property taxes from 92 to 09.
    Probably $ 50 million in lost Taxes.

    5. ECS (Education Cost Sharing) $ 60 million
    not paid Stratford while Burturla/Berchem
    now have 23 Boards of Ed as clients and while
    Harkins has been in Hartford

    $ 50 m + $ 60 m = $ 110 million

    6. Pension Bond in 1998 for $ 95,000,000.
    It was supposed to pay $ 3 million annual
    obligation + repay bond + pay interest.
    That lasted 3 year @ 9.1 million per year.
    then obligation to Tax payers of $ 9.1 m
    or $ 73 Million over 8 years since + pension shortfall deposit of $ 36 million todate =
    $ 109 Million, borne by Tax Payers since 2002.

    $ 110 Million from # 5 + 109 Million = $ 219 m

    AVCO, ECS shortage, over 15 years, stratford
    had to pay extra $ 2 million/year – $ 30 m

    Add $ 30 m to $ 219 m = about $ 250 million
    all ue to Burturla and friends, in my opinion.

    8. Mobil Chemical paid highest property tax
    in the WORLD to Stratford, for 350 workers.
    Downsized to 120 & closed 2007.
    Dianon took 350 jobs to Shelton 2008.
    * Bradleys closed for couple years before BJ.
    * Shaws moved/vacant replaced by Office Depot
    & vacant.
    * COKE moved out. Vacant. Pepsi moved in.
    * Bargain News took 200 – 300 Jobs to Trumbull
    due to Taxes.

    Just to round off numbers, let’s guess HIGH
    TAXES caused companies to move out and space
    to stay open losing estimated $ 50 m/15 years

    Add $ 50 million to $ 250 m = $ 300 million
    Berchem Moses Burturla cost Stratford.

    There are 600 pensioners obligated $ 17 m
    estimated average life x 20 years or
    $ 340 million

    There are over 100 fire + 40 police + about
    260 others all still on Defined Benefit Plan
    or about 400 more yet to retire for 30 year
    span = 12,000 with projected average pension
    of $ 70,000 or $ 840,000,000

    Add $ 340 m to $ 840 m = $ 1.18 Billion.

    Add an average $ 20 million a year Health
    Benefit for last 15 years = $ 300 million,

    add an average $ 40 million a year Health
    Benefit for NEXT 30 year = $ 1.2 Billion

    cost 30 % less than the $ 1.5 Billion or
    $ 1/2 Billion extra cost NOT AVOIDED.

    That means Berchem cost Stratford $800 million,
    in extra obligation and cost.

    Plus there is an estimated $ 10 million a year
    the last 15 years in unfunded mandates.
    or $ 150 million lost or equal to Town Debt.

    Then over the next 30 years x 15 million ave
    projected = $ 450 million not recieved.

    Then there are all the things I missed.

  221. 222 jezebel282

    When George has a point, he really has a good one.

    (Kinda like golf…that ONE good shot brings you back for another round)

  222. 223 1george1

    When George has a point, he really has a good one.

    Throw enough Mirons/Burturlas history against the wall. 😉
    Something sticks.
    Something sticking … needs cleaning. 8)

    Gotta give props: the Burturlas have GREAT RESUMES …

    but then …

    a couple of the best resumes:

    G H W Bush
    Dick Nixon

    Something about people who call themselves Dick?

  223. 224 1george1

    Yo Jeze,

    Have I or have I not blogged that politicians “cheat” at solitaire?

    Is there any way you can post that picture on the front page of
    the SEPT 1 CT. POST, from the CT. General Assembly?

    if, so, can you zoom in on the computer screen and the people
    playing cards on their computers, while debating the Budgets?

    I am curious:
    1 – who the distinguished “gentleman” and lady are? 8)
    2 – if those cards are for games or some sort of Power Point? 😉
    3 – if there is any cheatin’ agoin on? 🙂

    I am teasin about politics, since they are on the government
    legislation, and NOT insinuating anyther personally …. 8)

  224. 225 jezebel282

    From 1George1:


    Besides it being MY NAME
    One result is US ARMY liaison to Bush White House.
    Duties included Helicopter(s) Air Force 1
    Made many years by “Stratford’s” Sikorsky.

    NOTE: V. P. Cheney was Halliburton V. P. which owned
    in 2000, Stratford’s Dresser > Ashcroft.
    NOTE: G H W Bush first job was for Dresser, selling ASHCROFT line,
    and named his son NEIL MALLON BUSH after Dresser C.E.O.
    (Yale Skull & Bones, 64 high street, is 14.4 to 15.5 miles from my
    Stratford home, via BPR or I-95)

    2) Carey Mulligan
    Starring role in Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps.
    Plays daughter of Gordon (michael douglas) Gekko, who in movie.
    got outta jail from 1987 crash era.

    1988 – Carey was Congressman Morrison aid’s name who lied about
    private conversation costing my USPS Career.

    Sept 1987, after Iran – Contra & George McGovern Parade magazine
    article and before Oct 1987 release of movie Wall Street 2 weeks
    before Stock Market crash and when “I” GEORGE MULLIGAN first spoke
    to Congressman Morrison at USPS – NALC $ 3,000 Honorarium – Meriden
    in front of 200 + union people & Morrison had me work with his AID,
    by the last name of CAREY (like former NY Governor)

    “I” provided 12 Senate offices with over 20 affadavits from fellow USPS
    workers and Southport citizens, who witnessed harassment of others
    and myself in “GOING POSTAL” environment.

    “I” proved mathematically, entire OIL EXPORTS from OPEC creation in
    Baghdad Sept 11, 1960 to early Sept 1987, exceeded the EXISTING
    VALUE of the DJIA.
    – RUN THE NUMBERS – just OIL EXPORTS at $ 20 a barrel x 50 million day
    or $ 25 a barrel x 40 million day
    > $ 1 Billion a day “times” 365 1/4 days per year “times” 27 years.

    – Excludes ANY other ENERGY products
    – Excludes ANY other PUBLIC STOCK MARKET than DOW JONES.

    What if countries from EUROPE, RUSSIA, or LEVANT created OPEC?
    Could “they” BUY “all USA STOCKS?

    NOW look at the prices of OIL / GAS / COAL and all BANKRUPCIES
    in the 20 years a BUSH has been in the “WHITE House?”


    RUN the $$ NUMBERS, before you choose to call me crazy.

    RUN the NUMBERS.



    RUN the $$ NUMBERS!

  225. 226 jezebel282

    From 1George1:


    The USA is Constitutionally a vertical organization.
    It is also much like a pyramid with interlocking “stones” and passages.
    It is also like a CASTLE and mideval WARSHIP with loop holes and portals
    from which those inside can defend with protections.
    However … the Constitution has unique properties, where the
    “lost symbol” may actually be reified and transformed into reality.

    ADAM was the first man of the Bible.
    The USA economics was founded on ADAM SMITH “Wealth of Nations”
    However, in his day, his book on political philosophy was more popular.

    A SEDER is important in Judeo / Catholic / Christian / Mason tradition.
    In old English the “f” or “S” look very much alike: Certain brains see:
    FEDERALISM become

    Alex De Tocqueevil is undoubtedly a PEN NAME. Watch the transformation
    A – LEX – DETOC – QUE – EVIL

    The Buckingham Palace was owned by George Villiers Buckingham
    Watch the transformation
    GEO – R – G – EVIL – LIERS – – B – U – C – KING – HAM

    The Plantagenets transform into
    PLAN – T – AGE – NET

    NAPOLEON transforms into

    Key GENERALS from Britain’s ORDER of the BATH
    WASH – ING – TON
    WELL – ING – TON
    WATER – LOO (Toilet or Privy of the Privy Council)
    PRIVateers – BUCK ineers


    BREAKSPEAR Papal name = Pope ADRIAN

    ROMA = real creators of MA SONS
    CURIA = home of Catholic papacy / ancient Roman Empire Senate
    CURIA spelled ackwards = AIR – U – C

    POPE speaks ex-CatHEDRA

    PERESTROIKA = “new thinking OR brothers 3?”

    STALIN asked how many DIVISIONS doe the POPE have?
    > Military – Political basic = DIVIDE + CONQUOR.
    > He should have asked WHO CREATED the ALPHABETS and
    NUMBER SYSTEMS which controls ALL of the TRANSLATIONS?

    Scholars of
    * HEBREW * GREEK * LATIN * more


    23 1george1 on November 11, 2009 said:

    Looked at the picture.
    Uniforms were very sharp – excellent presentation.

    Background molding is similar to my home and camera makes it look
    like Mrs. Murray + Office were standing in a FUN HOUSE.
    Actually the Town Council Chambers acts resemble insane assylum
    and “house of games.”

    Somewhat fruedian? No Smoking was cut off to just read KING.

    Here is where Jeze & I differentiate.
    The CONSTITUTION has writing to prohibit ROYAL TITLES and starts
    with “WE the PEOPLE”
    The entire concept is antithetical to a POLICE STATE.

    From Jeze’s writings, it appears Jeze has crowned POLICE, FIRE, and
    others DEPARTMENTAL people as KINGS and ROYALTY deserving of
    (I am putting words in mouth or on blog)

    In MLK Jr day, civil servants / government personnel lacked pay of
    the private sector yet had great benefits, which they retained,
    while dramatically growing PAY + PENSION, while PRIVATE SECTOR
    became static and reversed.

    Many TEACHERS on government personnel have extra education,
    whereas they consider themselves professional class on par with
    the Medical profession and I will not insult Education or Medical
    by stating LAWYERS are worthy to be mentioned in their class,
    except they do get post grad training and certification, as well
    as Business bean counters.

    It is human nature that the foxes guarding the hen houses steer
    the perks and pay of position to their Allies.
    Because 100 % of the Elected and Ranking appointed benefit from
    + OIL / GAS + LABOR + FINANCE + etc.

    At some point the Patriotism of the REAL people within those RANKS
    and the leading intelligencia of the USA is going to want an end to
    the cascading situation. I am against violence.
    I predict a minimum of 2 Senators, a few congresspeople, and at least
    one ex-President/V.P. will be violently killed, which I am against.
    Actually I would feel badly for his family, when Cheney, Rumsfled, and
    people in key Intelligence/ Military rejoins their father (Satan) in eternity.

    Sharp uniforms in the picture.
    I appreciate real public servants, military, and good people in public and
    private sector, where making things work are more difficult than destroying.

  226. 227 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    I make no claims about being exceptionally intelligent,
    exceptionally skilled or talented.
    I have a far different life experience than ANYONE.
    I have experienced unique situations in a 25 year battle
    I did not cause and worked to protect livlihoods, lives,
    and quality of life,beyond those I love, including those
    I do not highly respect.

    I have macro & micro economic insights and plans that are
    unique and empirically prescient.
    (intentional oxymoron)

    However being able to disseminate information in a format that
    is desirable, viable, and credible appears to beyond my means,
    so far.

    Not much good to have great ideas and no way for them to be
    implemented. Especially, when the world is run by thieves and

    Jeze: just for the hack of it:
    1 – Google Iraq Oil = Over 10 % of world oil/gas in Iraq
    2 – Google Brookings Institute, Iraq Oil
    3 – Watch the movie “3 days of the Condor”
    4 – Google June 30 AP report IRAQ contracts BIG 6 OIL to develope…

    Iraq, right now, could completely replace ALL, repeat ALL
    SAUDI + RUSSIA + KUWAIT OIL + GAS production for 20 years.

    Since the OIL FIELDS are mostly Virgin and near the surface,
    extraction costs are minimal.

    IRAQ has
    1 – Existing port and loading capacity to transport OIL / GAS / GOODS
    2 – Significant miles of paved roads to transport OIL / GAS / GOODS
    3 – Significant miles of rail roads to transport OIL / GAS / GOODS
    4 – Significant miles of pipelines to transport OIL / GAS
    5 – Significant miles of river to transport OIL / GAS / GOODS
    6 – Multiple large and expandable airfields for TRANSPORT + DELIVERY
    of OIL RIGS, PIPELINES, PAVING & RAIL MATERIAL, and more, which can
    be delivered by Helicopter, Truck, Ships, and Rail
    7 – Huge reserves of money / cash to pay for economic development
    beyond OIL INDUSTRY, to improve Q L for entire population.
    8 – capability to completely kick start the world economic engine,
    while off the shelf and new technologies can be implemented, with
    managed energy pricing.

    “I have a plan and far greater insight on economics than any
    one on this blog, or in stratford, or CT. or the USA.”

    My plan includes the end of War, completely, with massive reduction
    in world and USA crime, since economics-politics-society are driven
    by viable and sustainable profit motive and desire to perpetuate control.

  227. 228 jezebel282

    From 1George1

    and perhaps to
    masonry? I do not know. It also has a place of honor in Hebrew tradition.
    Tom did not mention if the badge # was assigned or chosen?

    What has been assigned was the Police Department Union # 407

    In simple # letter substitution code A=1, B=2, C=3
    So 4 = D, 0 = O, 7 = G

    This can translate to:
    1 > do “G” (symbol in from of Mason lodge)

    2 > DOG = From Plato’s Republic “Dogs and soldiers are much alike,
    in that they obey their Master = those who feed and trained them.

    3 > DOG = GOD spelled backward. You can interpret a few ways.

    For those who know Hell’s Angels, every jacket has the # 81
    8 = H
    1 = A

    Many Hells Angels and Police are ex-Military.
    Military are all versed, to different degrees in Codes.

    This is to explain why Tom made a reference to me related to “13″
    and my reply to extrapolate and project military and historic codes
    into Stratford Fire / Police

    Tom – thank you for the opening.

    4 bonus code notes, for fans of DAN BROWN.

    = – = # 1 > 1492

    1492 translates to: “I am a servant of our lord Jesus Christ!”
    with a loose translation
    1 = A
    4 = D
    A.D. = Abbreviation in latin for “Our Lord”

    9 = I
    2 = B
    I. B. = I am or I am a B as in MacaBee
    (very loose tanslation)

    = – = # 2 > Prometheus

    WIKIPEDIA: The Chi Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram,
    and is used by Christians. It is formed by superimposing the first two
    letters in the Greek alphabet.
    Although not technically a cross, the Chi Rho invokes the crucifixion
    of Jesus as well as symbolizing his status as the Christ.

    The CHI RHO is the connected P + X on priest vestment.
    The Military uses PX for psychological bond
    MICRO SOFT uses XP for psychological bond

    WIKIPEDIA PROMETHEUS: In Greek mythology, Prometheus (Ancient Greek: Προμηθεύς, “forethought”)[1] is a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Themis,
    He was a champion of human-kind known for his wily intelligence, who
    stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals.[2] Zeus then punished him
    for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his
    liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day.
    His myth has been treated by a number of ancient sources, in which
    Prometheus is credited with – or blamed for – playing a pivotal role in
    the early history of humankind.


    P – ROME – THE – U. S.


    PRO + ME + THEUS
    For + my + God

    = – = # 3 > MASON MOTTO in LATIN = in ENGLISH

    Hope + is + my + God

    = – = # 4 > DIOGENES are Vatican’s people

    Diogenes of Sinope also known as Diogenes the cynic was a Greek
    philosopher, (Greek: Διογένης ὁ Σινωπεύς Diogenes ho Sinopeus),
    Diogenes lived in extrreme poverty and walked through the streets
    carrying a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an honest
    Believing that virtue was better revealed in action and not theory,
    his life was a relentless campaign to debunk the social values and
    institutions of what he saw as a corrupt society.
    Many anecdotes of Diogenes refer to his dog-like behavior, and his
    praise of a dog’s virtues. It is not known whether Diogenes was insulted
    with the epithet “doggish” and made a virtue of it, or whether he first
    took up the dog theme himself. The modern terms cynic and cynical
    derive from the Greek word kynikos, the adjective form of kyon,
    meaning dog.[39] Diogenes believed human beings live artificially and
    hypocritically and would do well to study the dog. Besides performing
    natural bodily functions in public without unease, a dog will eat any
    thing, and make no fuss about where to sleep. Dogs live in the present
    without anxiety, and have no use for the pretensions of abstract
    philosophy. In addition to these virtues, dogs are thought to know
    instinctively who is friend and who is foe. Unlike human beings who
    either dupe others or are duped, dogs will give an honest bark at the
    truth. Diogenes was called the DOG POET.


  228. 229 jezebel282

    More paranoia from 1George1:

    USPS Bruce DuBay – oblique reference to oil rich country Dubai.
    USPS William Henry – reference to Prince of Orange before 1702
    NRLB Doug Peary – Camp Peary is a CIA training camp.
    USPS NE Postmaster John G Mulligan – happen to have same last name.
    USPS Rose Petrini & Marion Lappos – Cryptic Rock references.
    USPS Boots Gilleran – James Bond’s “M” Judith Densch could be her twin.
    MOVIE “House of Games” – License Plate 1 number different than mine.
    Berchem is a Belgium town near Antwerp, and Berchesgarten = nazi.
    Milford Berchem Castle is next to a Mason Lodge and estport Glynn’s Cafe
    was across the street from a Mason Lodge.
    > I had more than my share of looney tune supposed Masons, Catholics,
    Jews, Protestants, Irish, Italians, Mafia, Tradesmen, Corp people, Lawyers,
    Business people, Blacks, Gays/Lesbians, Union, Management, Theatricals,
    Democrats, Republicans, Police, Elected, Appointed, Fed. State. Locals
    & others which made my ability to identify my amorphous antagonists
    very difficult and expanded my being in denial.

    Westport is an Artsie Town, with not only actual Movie / TV / Theater
    people, but also many young (or older) actors and actresses who might
    pass for hollywood doubles.

    The overwhelming diversity of personnel thrown in front of me kept me
    from easily identifying the personnel truly causal to mischief, which are

    People are unaware that prior to the 1971 POSTAL REORGANIZATION ACT
    the USPO was a Cabinet Position and member of the U. S. Intelligence
    Communnity, which is the largest collections of miscreants, deviants, ghouls,
    vampire, and inutiles ever assembled, west of the peter principle.

    The USPS still had the worst of ALL worlds when changed FROM the USPO,
    eager to hurt people their Puppet masters selected, to keep the HACKS
    busy causing problems for underlings, INSTEAD of CAUSING PROBLEMS for
    their MASTERS.

    and COWARDICE, because it involves getting others to do the dirty work,
    while hiding behind the Stage’s tormentOrs (Check dictionary meaning of
    this spelling) by he Tormenters!

    I raised a question about a possible reason the ex-D/C was a
    NO CALL Constable and IF, IF, IF, the reason the ex-D/C want the
    position was about O. T. or related to the SPECIAL DUTY RATE?
    Dave mine were questions.
    However, I discounted that, as a prime reason, because a KEY to the
    POLICE HQ appears to be a PRIME POINT of CONTENTION?

  229. 230 1george1


    What if that which you call paranoia was comparable to the brewing
    clouds of pre Nazi Germany?

    Are you in denial that I could be correct and you are like those who
    could not concieve there are people so cruel and savage that it defies
    the imagination of the more gentrified or civilized people?

    I gave you and you friends a compliment? 😉

    Which paranoid Federal Paper # can the quote be found:
    “People are ALWAYS in the MOST DANGER, from those they are
    least suspicious?”

  230. 231 1george1


    it would afford too strong a temptation and too great a facility
    to them to make enterprises upon, and finally to subvert, the
    constitutional authority of the Union.
    On the other hand, the liberty of
    the people would be less safe in this state of things than in that
    which left the national forces in the hands of the national government.

    As far as an army may be considered as a dangerous weapon of power,
    it had better be in those hands of which
    the people are most likely to be jealous

    than in those of which they are least likely to be jealous.
    For it is a truth, which the experience of ages has attested,
    that the people are always most in danger when the means of
    injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they
    entertain the least suspicion.

  231. 232 1george1

    Federalist # 25

    They would each choose to have some counterpoise, and
    pretenses could easily be contrived.

    In this situation, military establishments, nourished by mutual
    jealousy, would be apt to swell beyond their natural or proper
    size; and being at the separate disposal of the members, they
    would be engines for the abridgment
    or demolition of the national authority.


    The supposed utility of a provision of this kind can only be
    founded on the supposed probability, or at least possibility,
    of a combination between the executive and the legislative,
    in some scheme of usurpation.

    (Hmmm? Military + Industrial + Congressional Complex?
    Hmmm? Scientific + Technological Elites?)

    Should this at any time happen, how easy would it be to
    fabricate pretenses of approaching danger!
    …… would always be at hand.
    Provocations to produce the desired
    appearances might even be given to some foreign power,
    appeased again by timely concessions.


    the presence of an enemy within our territories must be waited for,
    as the legal warrant to the government to begin its levies of men
    for the protection of the State.

    We must receive the blow,
    before we could even prepare to return it.
    All that kind of policy by which nations anticipate distant danger,
    and meet the gathering storm, must be abstained from,
    as contrary to the genuine maxims of a free government.

    We must expose our property and liberty to the
    mercy of foreign invaders, and
    invite them by our weakness to seize the naked
    and defenseless prey,

    KOREAN WAR >>> Galvanize West Europe / Pacific Rim / USA
    factories and FREE WORLD MILITARY to join a WORLD FORCE
    of UNITED NATIONS, after USSR walk out of UN Security Council
    BERLIN BLOCKADE >>> Turned RAF & USAF from angels of death
    to angels of mercy for food and medicine
    PEARL HARBOR >>> Self evident
    LUSITANIA >>> Maybe Brits sunk it?
    The MAINE >>> Hearst newspapers (owns ct post?) 😉
    FORT SUMPTER >>> A fort in a harber under seige
    Little Big Horn >>> End of Reservations about genocide
    The ALAMO >>> TEXICAN Galvanization
    Ocean Impressment >>> who can prove it happened or not?
    LEXington helped create need for WASHington and later WELLington

    1776 YEAR of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and American Revolution?

    If we can reasonably presume such a combination to have
    been formed, and that the enterprise is warranted by a
    sufficient prospect of success, the army, when once raised,
    from of the project.

  232. 233 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Mother – Elizabth McGuire Mulligan

    Father – WW II Combat Veteran Thomas F. Mulligan

    Maternal Grand Mother Helen Green McGuire

    Paternal Grand Father George F. Mulligan Sr.

    Maternal Uncle Thomas McGuire, who died on birthdate of my
    Paternal uncle, Oct 12 – Columbus day

    Maternal Niece Rene Podrybau – relentlessly Harassed in 101st
    Airborne and murdered by husband, head of the national VFW!

    Union President – Russ Pleasic – Sutton Place Stratford

    Union Steward – Joe “Tarzan” Rietano – Korean War Vet

    Paternal Uncle/Best Friend/Godfather Geo F. Mulligan Jr.

    34 year old Doctor (wife + 2 baby girls) and 20 year friend Larry
    Lorrencz, who graduate with OVER 4.0 from PREP, FAIRFIELD UNIV.,
    and his MD COLLEGE (in Boston area)

    C. P. A. and Friend of several years Rich Lofgren

    20+ year friend Bruce Bullard who worked next to my Fairfield Home
    – His family lived on my USPS Route, decendent of Bullard factory

    25+ year friend Gus Herring whose wife helped me run HS Class Reunions.
    His father in law and he were partners in Heating Oil Business, and the
    USPS gangsters mistakenly thought he was the one who tutored me on
    Heating Oil and Pricing, which the political parties suck the USA.

    Several year close friend who I helped run Westport Co-ed Softball
    League – Doug Combis, who gave me letter of support.

    Evelyn O’Sullivan – Stfd HS Gym teacher – wife of Arbitration witness
    who saved my career when he and then I broke down crying in
    Arbitation about the U N – F R E A P P I N G – R E L E N T L E S S
    USPS going postal Environment of Harassment / Screaming / Insults
    false discipline / Abuse – Evelyn’s husband John saved my career and
    probably my life – from scum bags, who make the mirons look kind!

    30 + YEAR Friend Anthony Mazzarese – Yale Street Stratford who was
    very helpful to my bowling league charity work and gave me letter of
    support to use vs. USPS.

    Brief supervisor Dennis Coleman, who BEGGED our Post Master to tell
    him what she wanted him to do? – Rumor was he was murdered after
    he tried to get USPS Inspection to investigate our Management a couple
    years after he was able to get transferred from our office?

    There were others.

    In the South, the KKK members, proudly call themselves GHOULS and are
    members of Southern Jurisdiction Masonry, the same way there are LAW
    – However, there are many GOOD > GREAT MASONS.
    – The POWERS can tap into deviants of any religion (Jewish/Christian/Catholic),
    Ethnic Background (Irish / Italian / English / Spanish / Levant / other) & more!

    So when Jezebel list her ROLL OF HONOR of what she believes are GOOD
    PEOPLE (and I know MANY are GOOD PEOPLE) I too have a list of people
    who have:

    1 – Lost LIVES timing related to a manipulative plant

    2 – Lost LIVES related to APPEAL RIGHTS

    3 – Lost JOBS + CAREERS in a SYSTEM where “GOING POSTAL” is a JOKE
    about some NUT going crazy, when the truth is he/she was a OFTEN a
    TARGET and RELENTLESSLY HARASSED, only to be covered up by USPS
    “Postal Inspectors” appointed by political people even worse than Dick
    Miron! (I trust Louie less than I trust Dick – I do NOT TRUST Dick at all!!)

    4 – Were targets of REAR – END ACCIDENTS on I – 91 / 95 / 84 / state roads
    in 7 successive months in 1999, after I field complaints vs. BURTURLA +
    BARNHART to Cabrol.

    I wish some people werre NEVER BORN ……..
    nor raised by creatures which make a she wolf look kind!

    40 + year friend Willie Phillips. One of the few blacks who lived in Fairfield
    and played in Rec Softball leagues. We were friends since I was a teen and
    later we bowled on same team for decades.

    There were more ….

    So Dave, when you write on the blog and see Jeze’s list and then write:

    my god let it go
    some of that stuff happened before I was born……
    Ha ha ha

    It is unlikely Jeze will let it go.
    It is unlikely Holocaust victims will let it go.
    It is unlikely some people in various groups (indians/blacks/gay/whatever)
    will let it go.
    And Dave, since I have an ONGOING SITUATION …..would YOU let it go?

  233. 234 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    If you do not care,
    why reply?
    why move posts?
    why be insensitive to posts about Public Safety of Stratford residents,
    who are not Fire or Police, but residents?

    “Apparent natural deaths”
    Tony Mazzarese, Yale Street
    Russell Pleasic, Sutton
    Eve O’Sullivan, Wakelea
    Amy Knott McDonald
    Alex Kozak
    Ed Fennell – condo
    Fred Bednar – daughters live in Stratford
    George Cole – sons live in Stratford

    No knock on Fire or Police, whether they are residents or not?

    Yo Phin …
    Do you think Jeze will answer?
    Do you think Jeze will move this post?
    Or just stew in her juices?

    If Jeze was a soup, what kinda soup would she be?

    Incidently Jeze, since you wrote that you wrote and spoke
    German / Yiddish before you spoke / Wrote English, aren’t
    the Jewish of Germany and Eastern Europe AshkeNAZI?
    Not SePHARdic?

    If you are AshkeNAZIm, does that make you a NAZI?

    A friend who is also a friend of the blog had writtten to me that
    there were JEWS who helped the rise of HITLER.
    I believe part of that is that the people who created Hitler, Hess,
    and all the other MONSTERS, knew how to manipulate the graven
    image and the psychological icons the Jewish, Catholic, Christian,
    and other groups identified with … like the ancient Jewish symbol,
    the HAKEN KRUZ, which became known as the SWASTIKA!

    I have a 1950s family dictionary with that definition.
    However the revisionists have scrubbed the internet and books.

    See my post about people being in the most danger from the
    people they least suspect….
    I suspect some people have expected te unexpected?

  234. 235 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Why don’t you check all the ****** names you have called me
    and ALL of the INSULTS you have thrown at me?

    YES YOU!

    I guess it does not count for you to insult people, call them names,
    disparage their families, mock their issues, does it?

    Yes we agree on some stuff…
    And we disagree on some stuff …

    Yes, I have gotten praise from you (and my own pages)
    Yes, I have given you praise too

    But look in the mirror and go back 1 year and read what you
    and others wrote about me, my beliefs, my family, my mental
    capacity, telling me to become a drug addict and take meds.

    If you are of german or eastern european jewish decent then
    you are of ASHKEnazi decent.

    There are people who pretend to be allies and take names like
    NAZI and suckered the AshkeNAZIm into thinking they were not
    what they were…. It is called pyschological bonding
    They did it in Germany.
    They did it in Europe.
    They do it in the USA.

    It is also done by wordsmiths of each culture / religion….
    Want examples on what people of different cultures will see,
    when people of other cultures see something different?

    Yes I called Sudds names – precisely to get him off infantile pap,
    of name calling, and back to issues.
    Which is what you picked up on.

    are you?

    I really am not harmed by the nonsense, but after months of
    turning the other cheek, I started getting just as nasty to those
    who were nasty to me. Bullies run away as cowards.


    I can give you examples of how people are manipulated:

    Sometimes it is very subtle like having words embedded in words
    like television, radio, federalism, capitalism, communism, & nazi
    among many others.

    I like Mel Brook turning nazi into: z a n i
    Spielberg’s S I T H LORD
    which can become amagram of S I T H

  235. 236 phineast

    will Jez, answer? Yes-believe it or not silence can be an answer.

  236. 237 jezebel282


    Jez has answered already.

  237. 238 1george1


    Note Jeze has become a diety speaking of herself in the 3rd person.

    Jeze has no need to defend her name calling and insults about:
    Mirons – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)
    Burturlas – – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)
    BE – utter – NUTS – – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)
    D / C – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)
    OTHERS – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)
    myself – many readers would agree (I too am guilty)

    GAVIN went crazy last year when I wrote (to the effect) many political and
    other people would fit in with being NAZIs.
    Later he came to understand that I was exaggerating (in some cases) to
    make a point.

    Who’s the UNFAIREST of us ALL?

    Who is the most INSULTING with NAME CALLS?
    Yet when hit back with a (inSINuATE NAZI) word, rolls into a BAWL?

    HINT: The bond of an AVATAR is of a shameless figure, with a SHAWL
    is the cartoonish self image she portrays to us is GALL.

    Gloat some may about a tyranical mIRON CURTAIN FALL
    Will the future, with shadow backers, cast a far worse PALL?

    The miracle of lights has helped humanity from caves to great halls.
    Time for consecration and dedication for the sabotaging to FALL.

    Dominus vodiscum + Liberty, Fraternity, & Equality + Shalom

  238. 239 jezebel282

    Submitted on 2009/11/23 at 12:11pm by 1George1

    Yeah your group and circle of friends along with Proto’s would fit right
    in with the Nazi Party, along with your friends’ Miron wing, which was an
    ACT, except for against a few chosen victims.
    You and you blooger bloggers happily go along with the POLICE STATE,
    who can do NO wrong, don’t you?

    Follow the money to the same groups of attorneys, political people, and scabs, that caused problems for McNeil, because of his grievance vs. DeLieto.

    Only way I would believe otherwise if Harkins files against Kelly / Burturla /
    Florek for stolen Attorney pay and lost town Revenue & waste = fiduciary!

    You are all in in together, to steal as much as you can from the Public and do

  239. 240 1george1

    What do some different people see in a word, based on their education,
    culture, and alphabet?

    Te – LEVI – ZION

    RA – DEUS

    SEDER – AL

    CAP – ITALYsm


    Common Wealth
    COMMUNIST Manifesto
    WEALTH of Nations


    Amo, amas, amat – to Love
    Rica = WOLF

    Romulus + Remus were raised by a she wolf
    They WERE WOLFs
    Their hieratage


    FRANK – in – STEIN
    “S” – RANK – in – STEIN

    “V” – am – “P” – ire

    Jekyll and Hyde
    “JE” – KILL and HYDE

    V. I. Lenin
    VILE – NIN


    Francisco Franco
    FRANK is FRANK co.


    HI – RO – HIT – O (Rho = 17)

    Neville Chamberlain
    nEVIL -LECH – amber – lain
    an – EVIL – LECH am BERLIN

    C – HUR – CHILL

    Charles DeGall
    DeGall = GAUL = Roman name for France

    The “Prince”
    “P” – “rinse”

    Order of the “BATH”

    WASH – ing – TON

    WELL – ing – TON

    WATER – LOO (Loo = Bath Room)

    Privy Council
    Privy = Bathroom

    PRIV – a – tears

    William Shakespeare
    English Pope Adrian – John Breakspear

    Abraham – father of Israel
    Abraham Lincoln – Greatest USA president


    EX – KAL – I BER
    T – iber River of Rome

    “P” – ROME -THE – U. S.
    PRO – ME – THEUS (Theos = God)

    Vatican (Hill)
    Vatic = Poet
    Canus = Dog

    Diogenes was the cynic = know as the DOG POET
    DEUS = GOD
    GENES = People or Tribe

    PE – GAS – U.S.

    O.S.S. E = (E = energy)


    I – M – BROGLIO

    B – U – R – TURLA
    Amagram – U R BRUTAL

    FEE – han
    FEE – ney
    BRAN – yan
    Bran – hart (ford) (hart = stag = deer)


    HAR – KIN
    sep – HAR – dic

    Vedoq Society

    Knapp family – police + historian
    Knapp Commission – What was their report about # 4. 0. 7.?
    D. = 4
    O. = 0
    G. = 7

    G2 = GG or PE – PE = 17 17 or Grand Lodge founding.
    SPES EST ME DEUS = Latin = Royalties control anti-Royals
    Hope is my G-D

    C. I. A. + O. S. S. = Ciao SS or “S” + “S” highest of the HIGH


    Reagan = Regan of KING LEAR + REGAN of the EXORCIST

    BUSH = Burning Bush
    b U.S. h
    rush limbaugh
    Tom Moore
    ST. Thomas Moore
    author of “UTOPIA”

    Wikipedia: “FICTIONAL ISLAND … ”
    “seemingly perfect socio-politico-legal system”
    “dystopia” (This IS Stratford!)
    “Moore used Utopia as an allegory”

    “evils of society are all removed… poverty, misery, (war, drugs, cry me)”
    “has few laws … no lawyers … and rarely sends citizens to war ..”
    “hires mercenarieries (mercy nary)”
    “encourages tolerance of all religions”
    “sends those who compete for power to conquor other lands …”

    Some of the readers will be too ignorant to understand that words
    have been very carefully constructed over the years and that WAR
    get people to BOND to them.

    Conversely, people have been identified with names (like mine+others)
    which can be used for the purposes of someone else’s game.

    We are all conditioned to dance to the PIPER’S TOON and PUPPET

    Jeze … Thanks for saving me the time to find my page ….. 🙂 😉

  240. 241 1george1

    Hi Jeze,

    Was post # 239 a CONFESSION on your PART?

    Have you been invited to the POLICE CHIEF’S PROMOTION CEREMONEY

    Which is more likely?

    Harkins Town Attorney Tim Bishop:
    1 – Suing Burturla/Berchem + Kelly/Florek + Proto for Malfeasance + Malpractice?
    2 – Throwing business to Burturla/Berchem + Kelly/Florek + Proto/Kubec/August?
    3 – Suing Miron? (never happen = has too much dirt on everyone, right Jeze?)

  241. 242 1george1

    Further reasons NOT to worship the (en) gravened image AND
    a correction, from Wikipedia:

    Pope Adrian IV (c. 1100–1 September 1159),[1] born Nicholas Breakspear
    or Breakspeare, was Pope from 1154 to 1159.

    Adrian IV is the only Englishman who has occupied the papal chair.[2][3]
    It is generally believed that Nicholas Breakspear was born at Breakspear
    Farm[4][5][6][7] in the parish of Abbots Langley
    in Hertfordshire and received his early education at the
    Abbey School, St Albans (St Albans School).

    — hmmm Langley?
    Seems that own in the USA is some how familiar?

    Gospel of John 8:32 (King James Version)

    32. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


    I wonder WHY our Government (in .. that … town) organization SKIPS
    the prior Verse?

    John 8:31 (King James Version)

    31Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him,
    If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;


    More crafted Anglish, including PALIN drones and amagrams:
    Adam or MADa or aDAM
    Eve or (Ooooopps) evE
    Moses or Muses
    Christ or Cries “T”
    Jerusalem or Jesus ale m – or – Jesus male – or –
    Tel aviv or VIVA – LE – “T”
    Levi or Evil or Live
    Devil or Lived
    Plato or Pluto
    Zeus or Suez
    Eros or Sore
    Caesar or RA – SEA – C
    Genesis or GEN – ISIS

    Proserpine or PRO SERPINE
    Paris or Sir a “P”
    Pagan or Nag a “P”
    P X or Chi Rho, Catholic Symbol of Christ on Priest Vestment
    P X or Post eXchange – place military shop
    X P or a MIcro Soft program
    Passover or “P” – ASS – OVER
    Operation OVER LORD = LORD over all LORDS
    ISIS or Mississippi

    Plantagenet or PLANT – AGE – NET or PLAN – “T” – AGE – NET
    Tudor or ROD – U – “T”
    Stuart or STU – ART
    York or Y – or – K
    Hanover or – OVER

    Capet or Cape “T”
    Bourbon or B – OUR – BON
    George Villiers Buckingham
    Geo – “R” – “G” – EVIL – LIERS …. “B” – “U” – “C” – “KING” – “HAM”

    Battle of Lyete Gulf – Viva Le T = Tel Aviv
    Obama or AM – BOA
    Palin or PALINdrone(Y)
    KARI Dooley of I R A K


    IRAQ or RA – IQ
    IRAN or NARI or RA – IN
    IN = Jesus Nazareth

    Children’s Crusade or INFATADA
    HAMAS or HAMAN (Mas is latin for “man”)
    PLO or PLOw shares

    Mossad or MAD OSS
    Madoff or MAD OSS
    SAD DAM hUSSein
    anWAR SADa”t”
    RABIN or RABIn
    Menachem Begin or MEN ACHE BEGIN

    Scot Rite = Dred Scot
    SCOTUS = Supreme Court Of The United States

    LIBERTY and JUSTICE for …. s o m e

    Judges = Black Robes
    KKK = White Robes
    KKK members call self Ghouls + a form or Masonry after 1900
    j – f – K
    m – l – K
    r – f – K

    Adnan Kashhoggi = A. D. – CASH HOG GI
    His relative impregnated Princess Diana making Arms Merchant’s
    grandson an heir to British Crown
    Neil Kashkari (created the T.A.R.P.) CASH CARRY

    McCain or
    Cocaine = Caine CO.
    Columbia or District of Columbia
    Pharmacy or PharmaC.I.A.
    Noriega or IRON AGE
    Osama Bin Laden or Barak Hussein Obama = ??
    Osama or Obama difference = B. S.

    British Generals or American leaders:
    General WELLingTON or WASHingTON
    General Douglas Haig or Alexander Haig (HAIG = 8197 = 1987)
    General Horatio Gates or Robert (or Bill) Gates
    General Sir Henry Clinton or Bill Clinton

    Palace of VERSAILLES or SELL – I – AS – REV

    WW II Conferences > Stalin + Churchill + Roosevelt

    Casa Blanca = White House
    Potsdam = M a d . s t o P
    Yalta = Atlas
    Tehran = Thea RN or Threat? or Earth “N” (nuclear?)



    – bellum contraho: sol solis tsu , professio of bellum

    “indulgeo lemma abbas pro they teneo non quis they operor.”

    filius of abraham et filius su , scientia philosophy , monastica ,
    quod professio of pacis

  242. 243 1george1

    O S A M A – B I N – L A D E N



    B A R A C K – H U S S E I N – O B A M A

    A A A A
    B B
    M N

    To be continued – Challenge to all bloggers and readers,
    especially people in the police dept, who believe they
    have detective competence or do times crossword ??

  243. 244 jezebel282

    , Obama is getting JUSTLY slammed for latest T. A. R. P. and Socialized
    However, in the last 10 years, according to Dick Durban, the average Health Care
    insurance increased from $ 6000 a year to $ 12,000 a year.

    During that time, Lieberman accepted over $ 1 million from Insurance Lobby.
    Insurance Lobby has much pull in Hartford as the major employer.
    Lieberman’s Biography about John Moran Bailey – “the power broker” notes
    how Bailey built his political empire on Insurance.
    (Then 1961 – 1968 as DNC Chairman, taught both parties how to destroy the
    employer provided Health Insurance.

    In Stratford Health Insurance averaged $ 19,000 with 11 % premium.
    Sticking Tax Payers with $ 17,000 per worker retiree.

    At $ 12,000 with 40 % premium = companies pay $ 7,200 per worker.

    There are about 3,300 workers / retirees in BoE + Town costing Tax
    Payers $ 33,000,000 in extra Health Insurance Cost, with most going to
    FEES of people like Attorneys and B utter nuts and accomplices.

    With this type buying power, insurance could cost $ 10,000 or less if
    we did not have WAR MONGERS like LIP LOCK LIEBERMAN protecing
    there Contributors from competition like Cinergy.

    11 % of $ 19,000 = $ 2,900 Present premium
    30 % of $ 10,000 = $ 3,000 Possible premium, but higher deductable &
    less bells and whistles.
    However, if there were honest competition, who knows if coverage
    could be comparable and Policy cost were less?

    Forensic audit?

    Arthur Anderson of CT. was the ENRON Auditor.
    Arthur Anderson of CT. was completely dismantled due to ENRON.
    After everything was done, Arthur Anderson of CT. was found to do
    minimal things wrong.
    ENRON held back DOCUMENTS.
    Just like the experience I had with the FAC, with garbage info provided
    by the Miron / Burturlas & the Republican “controlled Commission.”

    See slashed tire as an attempt to intimidate or kill me.

    At Stratford HS, they have “PILLARS of CHARACTER.”
    I have yet to see the KEY political, legal, and business people have
    HONEST Character?

    The people in government know exactly ….

    It would be appropriate for Linda McMahon to become governor,
    so we can change the state motto to
    We Lie… We Cheat … We Steal like one of her recently deceased
    steroid wrestlers …..

    The White House has been flying the Jolly Roger of Skull and Bones
    and the Pentagon, NSC, CIA, Congress, and Judicial has been flying
    the Stars and Bars.

  244. 245 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    I favor a properly regulated capitalism, whereas humanity and the
    USA are analygous to human bodies, which need healthy circulation
    of blood (money + credit = blood) and healthy logic, emotions, and
    activity (meaning honest government and private sectors).
    Capitalism is a kinda form of socialism, where money is a convenience
    to be obtained, in exchange for people getting material and other
    needs and desires ….. Money is not a g-d.

    I favor a Constitutional Democratic Republic, whereas the Inalienable
    is willingly partially surrendered for enlightened self interest and the
    JUST CONCENT of the governed is JUSTLY EARNED, without abuses of
    positions TRUST, nor PROFIT, with elections of truly representative
    people (not party or government HACKS) who act under a nation,
    state, and town of LAWS, rules, and regulations which are
    and in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

    Yet as former Town Councilor Blake stunned me by asking:
    But whose ETHICS?

    That same question applies to all the other “standards” or “ideals”
    which I posted above, because each of us comes with different
    life and cultural experiences.

    I have no children.

    However I want no children, nor adults to be:
    FODDER for WAR
    COKE WHORES (mail or female – not just in SEXUAL sense)
    METH – Controlled substance users = absers

    With my weight …. “A waist is a terrible thing to mind.”

    However, looking at too many people,
    “A mind IS a terrible thing to WASTE!”

    We only get so much temporal equity …. all of us!

    All of us are born from our mother’s womb and father’s seed.
    The process may undergo changes in the future, by mensa morons.

    Yet, why should we have our INALIENABLE RIGHTS crushed by others,
    when we do not want those INALIENABLE RIGHTS, nor LEGAL RIGHTS
    of CRIMINAL, CIVIL, or ETHICAL nature to be ABRIDGED?

    May I recommend:
    “A Documentary History of the United States” (Heffner)


    The USA deeds may match the words …


    Every USA official “may” FAITHFULLY EXECUTE ……

    Jeze, as my STAR TREK friends would say …..
    “May you live long … and prosper.”

    Oh … Shatner + Nimoy = AshkeNAZIm.

    In my teen young adult years, my favorite newspaper columnist
    … NY POST Max Lehner = AshkeNAZIm.

    My favorite economist … Milton Friedman … AshkeNAZIm

    One of my favorite local political people (despite her liking Lou)
    Sylvia … AshkeNAZIm
    (Syl e-mailed me and I agree, some rich german jews helped Hitler to power,
    however I believe they and others were psychologically manipulated)

    There are many, many more … but to make a point …

    Conversely scheizekopf (misspelled?) USPS + Gov + legal) tormentors:
    NALC regional union = Paul Daniels
    USPS managerment = Robert Brinker
    NLRB Labor = Peter Hoffman
    ARBITRATOR = Grossman
    NALC national union law firm NYC = Simon, COHEN, & Weiss
    Lawyer = John Williams (vs. Mossman)
    Lawyer = Marcia Belman Moses (BMD)
    Senator = Lieberman
    Attorney General = Blumenthal
    Husband of DeLaro = Greensomething

    ALL were / are AshkeNAZIm …..


    However as Arbitrator Grossman wrote … “separate Wheat from Chaff.”

    There are people who have cultural, religious, and political beliefs
    who can turn out GREAT or HORRIBLE or mostly in between.

    I want nothing but everyone to

    (be happy)

  245. 246 1george1


    What do you believe in?


  246. 247 1george1

    Who and what do you believe in?

  247. 248 jezebel282

    I believe in Clark Kent and Truth, Justice and the American Way.

  248. 249 phineast

    Clark Kent-the greatest unsung hero……

    Truth, Justice and the American Way are without a doubt the best way.

  249. 250 ronmoreau

    Truth and Justice doesn’t seem to be the American way anymore.

  250. 251 jezebel282


    “Truth and Justice doesn’t seem to be the American way anymore.”

    This looks like a job for…umm….errr…..

    Uh oh.

  251. 252 1george1

    Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Schuster created superman in 1932.

    In the 1970s – 1980s, I hung around Westport, where the famous artists school was once located, and met artists for spider man, superman, and dagwood.
    I can only remember Stan Lee’s name.
    I met and tolked often with the Superman Artist.

    I found out the Superman tag line was a parody:

    As in … there is the AMERICAN WAY….
    there is TRUTH and JUSTICE.

    Incidently, the GREEN LANTERN’S comic book alter ego identity was


    He preceded the CABLE TV Comic – Social Commentator by many decades.

    GREEN LATERNS were chosen by an Alien Race and their motto was:
    In brightest day,
    in blackest night
    no evil shall escape my sight.
    Let thos who worship evil’s might, (Stratford + USA politics)
    beware my power–Green Latern’s light!”

    Green Latern had a weakness against the color yellow,
    which is the traditional color ascribed to … cowards.

  252. 253 1george1

    My understanding that the BUND, I mean the RTC will revise the TC
    Pledge of Alligance to Liberty and Justice for ….. some.

    Any truth?

  253. 254 1george1

    I nominate Jeze for Stratford Super heroine …

    Wonder Woman
    Lasso of truth = instead of EMS whip!
    Indestructable bracelets = wants to cuff the Mirons / Burturla
    Invisible airplane = invisible blog presence
    Amazon were women warriors = Jeze is …
    Wonder woman was against evil = Jeze is …
    Member of Justice Society + Justice League = ardent support of men in uniform ..
    Feminist icon = within the blog … a legend in her own mind 😉
    Has a heroine name = has a blog name
    Artsie figure = Avatar

    Of all the bloggers, no one has more staying power and will power
    than Jeze (compliment) We disagree on priorities (understatement)
    We ruffle feathers (bigger understatement) Many people support &
    decry positions we take, including questioning our sanity! 8)

    Come on Jeze … change your avatar to your true heroine … 🙂

  254. 255 jezebel282


    Thank you.

    “Come on Jeze … change your avatar to your true heroine”

    There is nothing special about what I do. There is nothing unique about the positions I take. They are only what any ordinary citizen would do and think.

  255. 256 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Reads as though they would like you?: “Tar & Feathers, Lashing,
    Stockade in Paradise Green, Keel Hauling and the Rack.”

    Do you got the black leather to go wit da whip?
    I know PCS had her HARLEY DAYS?
    SUDDS … knock that off … that’s disgusting … 😉

    “Ogres are often depicted in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on
    human beings, and have appeared in many classic works of literature.”

    Sounds like DEMONcrats and RepubliCONNartists?
    Or the Bar Association.
    Or Louie – Norm – Kelly – Mirons – U R Brutal – BMD
    But if rumors are true about certain prominent RTC / DTC and
    GAY BARS along with others for Russian Brothel… maybe the
    FAIRY TAILS or FAIRY TALES are Town Committees Appropriate?

    “In art, ogres are often depicted with a large head, abundant hair
    and beard,”

    GOT ME so far …. except haircut last week and will probably shave
    by march…
    I do have a large head …
    Wanna know a SECRET: My XXX BELLY is not really my stomach but
    is a XXX …. 😉
    Come on … what’s life wit out a dream? 8)

    “a voracious appetite, and a strong body.”

    Neither are what they used to be. 😦 Yet … 🙂

    “The term is often applied in a metaphorical sense to disgusting persons ”

    In my case it is a literal sense ….
    I wear my lunch and supper well, on my shirt.
    As well as from the past couple weeks ….
    Getting clothes to be extra clean is wo-man’s work! 😉
    My mythological hero is DIOGENES the DOG POET …

    “who exploit, brutalize or devour their victims.”

    Sounds like DEMONcrats and RepubliCONNartists?

    Yakoff Smirnoff – Russian Ashkenazim comic I knew in 1980s,
    from the westport treehouse comedy club:

    Capitalism is exploitation of man …. by man
    Communism .. is … other way around

    —- dumb question>

    “slam dunk for Blumenthal after this conviction.”

    What will Blue Manthol get convicted over?

  256. 257 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    UNsocialist one worlder fabian society
    TRIAL LATER Trilateralists liquidity vampires
    Mafia fiatists
    Congress Progressives
    Judicial dishonorables
    Executive “Touchables”

    The NAZIs were not hypocritical ….
    Nor were some of the old Mafia, and most of the former local
    protective organizations.

    Locally, unlike the present crew, there isn’t a RAY V who would
    look you in the eye and tell you the (limited=reasonable) truth.

    I never understood how the USA was over run by DRUGS + CORRUPTION
    back in my younger days and even when I started foing to Town Council
    Meetings in 1998.

    CHAOS has been made from ORDER
    Foreclosures and Business job losses making USA head toward Haiti-ism,
    with a majority of Americans becoming lower class economically




    looking to become:

    relinquo totus spes ye quisnam penetro hic


    relinquo totus spes ye per american somnium

    What pitiful excuses for human beings ….

    Not sure how some people can look themselves in the eye, in the mirror?

    Not sure what some people were taught as children.
    We can identify at least one definite example….
    The coke dope and the dupe duce

  257. 258 jezebel282

    From 1George1


    Membership Benefits or Selection Effects?
    Why Former Communist Party Members Do Better in Post-Soviet Russia*

    Theodore P. Gerber1

    Department of Sociology, University of Arizona

    Available online 16 April 2002.

    The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) served as an
    important social stratification mechanism.

    With the collapse of the Soviet state and the transition from
    state socialism in Russia, the institutional basis for former CPSU
    members’ advantages disappeared.

    Thus, if former members still enjoy higher earnings than nonmembers,
    their advantages must stem from their superior human capital,
    social capital, or the unmeasured attributes that helped them
    join the Party in the first place.

    Using the Russian component of the multinational survey,
    “Social Stratification in Eastern Europe after 1989:
    General Population Survey,”
    I model the effects of Party membership on the personal incomes
    of Russian adults in summer 1993, 1.5 years after the Soviet collapse.
    OLS regressions indicate that former Party members enjoy an income
    advantage after the collapse of Communism, net of other variables.

    Endogenous switching regressions reveal that this advantage stems
    entirely from selection into the Party on the basis of unobserved

    Net of the selection effect, there is no residual return to Party
    membership. The findings imply that institutional change in formerly
    Communist systems does not fully account for who gets ahead:
    some individuals can adapt to changed institutional contexts
    so as to preserve their advantages.


    Gosh – the study appears to contradict the point I was making …

    Or does the foundational premise absolutely make my point?
    51 1george1 on February 5, 2010 said:

    which I believe has been robbing stratford for decades:

    Traditional Chinese Communist Bureaucrats

    The traditional Communist bureaucracy operates under a command
    system of specified ranks called nomenklatura in which everyone knew
    his place, his role, and what he was supposed to do, think and say.

    Bureaucrats have traditionally been resistant to changes because in
    many cases change would make them “obsolete and unnecessary.”
    (Stratford – be prepared for the double cross)

    Common terms used to describe Communist members included
    appartchik, a petty bureaucrat; (Imbro-Burturla-Cybart?)
    cadre, a group or a member of a group of Communist loyalists; (rtc-dtc?)
    and commissar, a personnel officer responsible for morale and discipline.
    (Registrars – State Reps – Lawyers -> funders & steering recients?))

    Describing a typical Communist official, Rudolph Cheleminski wrote in Smithsonian, “Bright, confident, well-spoken
    but still bearing that indefinable air of defensiveness when…
    encountering Westerners.
    Milling, ironical, circumlocuting with practiced
    rhetorical skill,
    rebutting when there was no call for rebuttal,
    answering questions with questions,
    he fenced more than he participated in an interview.”

    Economic policy and other important policies are still largely shaped
    by the government’s central planning agency, (DNC-DTC/RNC-RTC?)
    the National Development and Reform Commission. (OPEC-Texas RR Commis)
    Many think that policy could be shaped more effectively and efficiently
    if the agency was stripped of some of its responsibilities,


    Isn’t it ironic all those flag wavers are really flag waivers ….?
    All those Flag wearers, disgrace uniforms by the BLUE WALL ….?
    52 1george1 on February 5, 2010 said:

    RUSSIA # 1 in world in OIL + GAS EXPORTS are twice 1980s record prices
    # 2 in Weapons EXPORTS

    OIL + GAS + WEAPONS PRICING has RUSSIA economy … campared to USA

    CHINA # 1 in world in economic growth and holding AMERICAN CAPITAL

    Hey SUDDS,

    1) How is it the COMMUNISTS are now the BIGGEST CAPITALISTS and holders
    of DOLLARS and USA DEBT?

    2) If KEYNESIAN and FEDERAL RESERVE MONEY SUPPLY theory are so meaning
    less, than what is your theory as to the reason the USA economy has record
    (since the depression)
    Debt – Government
    Debt – Personal
    Credit Card Rates

    SUDDS – you claim to have a masters degree, but have you ever shown
    us your suggested solutions to macro economics or stratford faginomics?

    I wonder how police and fire feel knowing they support traitors who have
    never shown reluctance to double cross people when no longer needed.

    Triators, incidently, who cause wars which wasps / masons / catholics /
    jews / protestand die for the elites …

    Cause / allow cocaine, meth, pot, alcohol, tobacco.

    Hey JEZE … before you move this …. didn’t many of these type things
    happen in PRE – NAZI GERMANY??

    Many of you mock others for drinking the KOOL AID …..’
    yet you N E V E R stop and think …
    It is always easier to con a CONNman …
    Greed …!

  258. 259 1george1


    Nomenclature alternatives are psychological bonding by using
    Tag names, Pen Names, War Names, Royal Names and more.
    The below is not sequenced. There are simple numerological codes which supplement these and appear to be extremely carefully cultivated, by word smiths from royal academies to curia to beyond.
    1. I have far more to add to these.
    2. There are ways to group better than seen below. This is an effectual draft.

    B A R A C K . H U S S E I N . O B A M A .> message/role > A . BUM . RAISE . BANK . CHOAS

    G E O R G E . B U S H > message/role > H .E . S O . B U G G E R

    G E O R G E . H E R B E R T . W A L K E R . B U S H
    H E . R E G R E T ., B U G . B R O K E . H E R . L A W S

    O S A M A .B I N . L A D E N
    A . B A D . M A N . S O N . L I E (s)

    G E O R G E . W A L K E R . B U S H
    O K . B U G G E R . L A W S ,. H E R E

    N I X O N = NO “X” “IN”
    “X” = 10 Roman numeral, as in 10 Commandments
    IN = Iesus Nazareth, as in Jesus. IN was used because Roman alphabet had NO “J”

    W H I T E . H O U S E . S T O P . M A D . A T L A S . T H R E A T W H I T E . H O U S E . S T O P . M A D A N Y . A L . T H R E A T

    Television or Te – LEVI – ZION
    Radio or RA + DEUS
    Federal or SEDER + AL
    Capitalism or CAP + “ITALYS” – “M”
    – Communist – Manifesto
    – Wealth – of Nations
    pharmacy or Pharmacia or “P” – harm – a – C. I. A.
    Werewolf or WERE – WOLF (Rome founders Romulus + Remus)
    /\ Remus reversed = Sumer
    /\ Rome claimed descended from Troy – “T “roy”
    America – (Amo, amas, amat = to LOVE (RICA = WOLF)
    Hieroglyphic or HIRE + UGLY + PIC
    Vampire or V – am – “P” – IRE
    Frankenstein or FRANK – in – STEIN or “F” + RANK – in – STONE
    Rapunzel or RA – PUNS – EL
    Rasputin or RAs – PUT – IN or (KGB) V – ladi – mir – PUT – IN
    Jekyll and Hyde or JE KILL and HIDE
    V I Lenin or VILE – NINcompoop
    Ho chi min or HO + CHI (10) + MEN
    Khomeini or I + kin + HOME
    Ben Franklyn or Ben (son of) + Franklyn (French Land Holder)
    Stalin or (anagram) for LATINS
    Charles De Gaulle – or Charles leed GAUL (Roman France)
    Francisco Franco – FRANC is FRANC co.
    Churchill or CHURCH + ILL or C + HUR + chill
    Neville Chamberlain or n – EVIL – LECH –amber – lain or
    An – EVIL – LECH – am – BERLIN
    Hitler or HIT – ler
    Hirohito or Hiro – HIT – o
    (Machiavelli’s:) The Prince or the – “P” rinse
    Order of the Bath or O. B. E.
    Washington or WASH – ing – TON
    Wellington or WELL – ing – TON
    Napoleon or NAP – OLEON or NAP – Orleans
    Waterloo or Water – LOO (Toilet)
    Privy Council
    Priva tears
    Thomas Jefferson or TH. IEFferson
    Hamilton or HA – MILTON (Paradise lost/regained)
    Madison or MAD – I – SON
    Marbury or MAD – I – SON vs. MAR BURY
    (Hessian: MARgraves + LANDgraves)
    PE o r PAY
    William Shakespeare – John Breakspeare
    Excalibur or Excaliber or ExKaliber
    Prometheus or P – Rome – the – U. S. or PRO – ME – THEUS (God)
    Pegasus or PE – GAS – U. S.
    Esso or O.S.S. Energy
    Vatican or Vatic Canus
    Diogenes or Deus Genes
    Plato or Pluto
    Moses or Muses
    Roman – Jury -> white pebble
    English – Law book -> Black Stone
    Mid-East Palestine or Palestein or Palestone
    <. Stratford CT
    Knapp Commission on Police (Stfd Police + Historian
    Stratford Police UNION: 4. 0. 7. = D. O. G.
    Mossman or m O.S.S. man
    Imbro or Imbro – glio
    Burturla – (anagram) -> U R BRUTAL
    Vedock or Vidoq Society
    Miron or mIRON
    Malloy or mALLOY
    Harkins or sep – HAR – dic
    Utopia or DYSTOPIA
    Pied Piper
    Pinocchio – Puppet strings / nose

    • U. S. Justice Dept.
    StanleY TwardY
    Judge Robert ChatigneY
    Christopher DroneY
    Kari (Irak) DooleY
    Nora (NO – RA) DaughertY

    DOW = Department Of War or DOW JONES Industrial
    C. I. A. + O. S. S. = “CIAO” “SS”
    Reagan or nag – aer (star wars) or (daughters) King Lear or Exorcist
    Bush – Burning bush or bUSh or rush (Limbaugh)

    Neil Kashkari (creator of T. A. R. P.) or CASH CARRY
    Adnan Khashhoggi or A.D. – nan – CASH – HOG – G.I.
    – Billionaire Turkish – Saudi WEAPONS TRADER –
    – contacts with: CIA officers James H. Critchfield and
    – Kim Roosevelt and US businessman Bebe Rebozo,
    – a close associate of US President Richard Nixon.
    – Involved in diamond mining in Central African Empire,
    – with the dictator Bokassa
    – built the Triad Center in Salt Lake City, Utah
    – Adnan Khashoggi’s sister Samira Khashoggi Fayed:
    mother of Dodi Fayed, impregnated (?) princess Diane,
    whose child would be related to future King

    SCOTUS > Supreme Court Of The United States
    KKK = White Robes
    J. F. K.
    M. L. K.
    R. F. K.

    P OPE
    D OPE
    H OPE
    C OPE – M OPE – N OPE – S.O.P.
    Eu R OPE
    IRAQ or RA . IQ
    IRAN or RA . IN

    Adam or a – DAM or MAD – a
    Christ or Cries “T”
    Jerusalem or JESUS – ALE –“M”
    Tel Aviv – VIVA – LE – T
    Levi or Evil or Live
    Devil or Lived
    Moses or Muses
    Plato or Pluto
    Zeus or Suez
    Eros or Sore
    Caesar or RA – SEA – C
    Genesis or Gen – Isis

    British Generals and American Generals-Leaders:
    General WELLingTON – General WASHingTON
    General Douglas (WWI) Haig – General Alex Haig
    HAIG = 1987 =(8197) HAIG = Hague homonym
    General Horatio Gates or Bill Gates or CIA-DOD Rob Gates
    General Sir Henry Clinton or President Clinton

    Palace of VERSAILLES (reversed =) SELL – I – AS – REV
    WHITE HOUSE = USA President
    WHITE HALL = UK Prime Minister

    WW II Conferences: Stalin + Churchill + Roosevelt
    POTSDAM reversed = STOP MAD

    Operation OVER LORD – Lord over all Lords
    War of Roses: YORK (White) + LANCASTER (Red) Tudor
    King James of Scotland or SCOT RITE
    New York – House of YORK or YORK RITE
    New Orleans – House of Olean
    House of Bourbon – B our BON
    House of Lancaster = England and France

    George Villiers Buckingham
    Geo “R” – “G” – EVIL – LIERS + “B” – “U” – “C” – KING – HAM

    Plantagenet or Plant – age – net or Plan – “T” – age – net
    Tudor or Rod – u – “T”
    Capet or Cape – “T” (French)
    House of Stuart or STEW + ART
    House of Hanover or HAN + OVER
    House of Windsor (OR = AU in Heraldry) GOLD + WIND

    War of Roses: YORK (White) + LANCASTER (Red) Tudor
    ROSEBUD – “Gather thee ROSEBUDs, while YE MAY”



    Isis > Mississippi

    The times or (spelling reversed) SEMIT Eht
    Passover or P – ass – over or P – a – SS – over
    HAMAS = HAMAN (MAS is Latin for man)
    PLO or PLOw Shares
    Palestine or PALE STONE
    Children’s Crusade or INFATADA
    Mossad or MAD OFF
    Madoff or MAD OSS
    Menachem Begin or MEN – ACHE – BEGIN
    Rabin or RABIn
    AnWAR SAD at
    Saddam Hussein or SAD DAM hUSSein
    Proserpine or PRO – SERPINE
    Paris or sir – a – P
    Pagan or nag – a – P
    P X – VESTMENT on PRIEST – Chi Rho (Christ Symbol)
    P X – Post eXchange – Place MILITARY shop
    X P – Microsoft Program

    IRAQ or RA IQ
    IRAN or RA IN
    IN = Iesus Nazareth (crucified)
    (crucified) Barabbis or BA – RABBIs
    McCAINE and ABEL or CAIN
    CoCaine or CAIN CO.
    Columbia or District of Columbia

    Palin or PALINDRONE or Palin + drone

    O S A M A – B I N – L A D E N – (anagram)

  259. 260 jezebel282

    From 1George1

    InfraGard is an information sharing and analysis effort serving the
    interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of
    members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between
    the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector.
    InfraGard is an association of businesses, academic institutions,
    state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants
    dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to
    prevent hostile acts against the United States. (POLICE STATE)
    InfraGard Chapters are geographically linked with FBI Field Office )

    (COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a
    series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the
    United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (or is it FIB)
    aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations
    within the United States. The FBI used covert operations from its
    inception, however formal COINTELPRO …. 1956- 1975
    According to FBI records, 85% of COINTELPRO resources were
    expended on infiltrating, disrupting, marginalizing, and/or subverting
    groups suspected of being subversive,such as
    communist and socialist organizations; (Stratford RTC + DTC?) 🙂
    the women’s rights movement; (SUDDS: Barefoot + preggers)
    militant black nationalist groups,
    and non-violent civil rights movement, (NON VIOLENCE = Against the LAW?)
    including individuals
    such as Martin Luther King, Jr. (NATIONAL HOLIDAY guy?) 😉
    and others associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference,
    the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,
    the Congress of Racial Equality,
    the American Indian Movement, (Didn’t they have RESERVATIONS?) 😉 🙂
    and other civil rights groups;
    a broad range of organizations labeled “New Left”,
    including Students for a Democratic Society,
    the National Lawyers Guild, (Anything like ACLU?) 😦
    the Weathermen, (lotta SNOW TODAY) 😦
    almost all groups protesting the Vietnam War, (Were they wrong)
    and even individual student demonstrators with no group affiliation;
    (LIKE this BLOG)
    and nationalist groups such as those
    “seeking independence for Puerto Rico.”

    (The other 15% of COINTELPRO resources were expended to
    marginalize and subvert “white hate groups,”
    (interesting prioritization)
    including the Ku Klux Klan and
    National States’ Rights Party.
    Bush – Cheney – Rumsfeld – McCain – Palin)

  260. 261 1george1

    Almost all of the above were mine

    An anagram takes ALL of the LETTERS from a NAME or PHRASE
    and uses ALL of the LETTERS to form a “NEW” NAME or PHRASE

    Here are some from WEBSITE ANAGRAM GENIUS.
    Simply type in anagram and famous person:

    ‘jim miron’ anagrams to ‘Minor Jim.’
    ‘james miron’ anagrams to ‘Major sin me.’
    ‘james miron’ > Sin me ‘Major.’
    ‘kent miller’ anagrams to ‘Let Kremlin.’ (mIRON CURTAIN)

    ‘richard miron’ anagrams to ‘Arch rid minor.’
    ‘richard miron’ > ‘rich iron dram.’
    ‘richard burturla’ anagrams to “ultra rich bard u r
    ‘dick burturla anagrams to ‘Curb ultra kid.’
    ‘dick miron’ anagrams to ‘in dim rock.’

    ‘norman aldrich’ anagrams to ‘Ran rich old man.’ / “Old man-ran rich”
    ‘norm aldrich’ > ran rich mold
    ‘norm aldrich’ > old harm in car
    ‘louis decilio’anagrams to ‘Delicious (snake) oil.’
    ‘lou decilio’ anagrams to ‘Oi ! Could lie.’
    Decilio spelled backwards > oil iced
    Arlio spelled backwards > oil ra
    ‘michael henrick’ anagrams to ‘Milk chancier he.’
    ‘mark barnhart’ anagrams to ‘Harm rank brat.’
    ‘ben branyan’ anagrams to ‘Barbe Nanny.’
    ‘irene cornish’ anagrams to ‘Heroic sinner.’
    ‘michael feeney’ anagrams to ‘Hey! Nice female.’
    ‘kevin kelly’ anagrams to ‘Kinky level.’
    ‘john a florek’ anagrams to ‘On half joker.
    ‘john a florek’ > “jerk of lo HAN”
    ‘robert berchem’ anagrams to Me cher T robber”
    ‘robert berchem’> Robber met cher
    ‘george mulligan’ anagrams to ‘Gruelling omega.’
    ‘george mulligan’ > go rage ill UN game
    ‘Gavin Forrester’ anagrams to ‘Star or fevering.’ (Hot temper?) 😉
    ‘thomas moore’ anagrams to ‘Homo maestro.’ ???
    ‘thomas angelo anagrams to ‘Loathsome nag.’ (sorry tom-it’s what came out)
    ‘arthur stengel’ anagrams to ‘Rent slaughter.’
    ‘robert sammis’anagrams to ‘I’m sober smart.'(or wink?)
    ‘russell hayden’anagrams to ‘Surely handles.’
    ‘john harkins’ anagrams to ‘Shh! Rank join.’
    ‘thomas malloy’ anagrams to ‘Mostly halo am.’
    ‘matthew cattalano’anagrams to ‘Attachment to a law.'(I misspelled-added a t)
    ‘matthew catalano’ anagrams to ‘Wotcha! Am a talent.’
    ‘matt catalano’ anagrams to ‘A total act man.’
    paul joy = (st.) paul joy
    Edward Goodrich = Rich ward god doe
    ‘jason santi’ anagrams to ‘Joins Satan. (This is gettin too appro)’
    ‘alvin oneal’ anagrams to ‘no anal evil.’
    ‘daniel ross’ anagrams to ‘darn oss lie’
    ‘joseph mcneil’ anagrams to ‘Jim opens lech.’
    ‘thomas murray’ anagrams to ‘You harm smart.
    ‘sylvia guberman’ anagrams to ‘Brave amusingly.’

    I only rearranged a couple words, and lacked middle names/initials.
    I also disregarded a few above, which made even less sense.
    It passed the day.
    Below are better known names and a few anagrams I selected

    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Be a slain nomad.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Bad as Lenin, Mao.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Banal aims done.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Is a banal demon.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Bold, mean, Asian.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Mad noble Asian.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > A bad man lies on!
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > A mad, inane slob.
    ‘Osama Bin Laden’ > Bad also in name.

    “george bush dick cheney” -> “Sick ego, greedy bunch, eh!”
    “George W. Bush and Dick Cheyney” -> “He’s working by huge decadency.”
    ‘George Bush with Dick Cheney’ > He yes: be right wing duo.”
    “Richard Bruce Cheney” -> “Behead rich currency.”

    ‘Vice President Dick Cheney’ > Tricky: I deceived CNN sheep!
    ‘Vice President Dick Cheney’ > Ted Kennedy’s: “Hi, civic creep!”

    ‘Bush doctrine’ > Curbed no shit.
    “President Bush of the USA” -> “Dupe UN! (That’s if he’s sober…)”
    “President Bush of the USA” -> “Phase of untested hubris.”
    “President Bush of the USA” -> “Hothead usurps benefits.”
    “USA President George Bush” -> “Huge, depressing saboteur.”
    “USA President George Bush” -> “Ass…one stupid bugger here!”
    “George Bush Signs Patriot Act” -> “Bugger’s phoniest castigator.”
    “Donald Henry Rumsfeld” -> “Fondly handles murder.”
    “Defense Secretary D. Rumsfeld” -> “Messy, self-centred defrauder.”
    ‘No-bid defense contracts’ > Neocons tried bend facts.
    ‘No-bid defense contracts’ > Neocon stir bended facts.
    ‘George Walker Bush’ > Lush keg, be war ogre.
    ‘George Walker Bush’ > Lush beer keg, go war.
    ‘George Walker Bush’ > Leak: “Buggers whore!”
    ‘George Walker Bush’ > Huge law go berserk.
    “The Administration of President Bush” -> “Muttonheaded shit-for-brains is inept.”
    ‘Most Americans say Bush not honest’ > He is most nasty one, obscurant, sham.
    “America Revolts Against Bush” -> “”Evil” charge, as it’s Obama’s turn.”
    “America Revolts Against Bush” -> “Maniac’s abortive slaughters.”
    “Democrat choice: Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton” ->
    “Our so clever black man (sic) or hot American lady (a bitch)”

    ‘William Jefferson Clinton’ > Jilts nice women. In for fall.
    “William Clintons autobiography “My life”” ->
    “A habit to lie of Monica slurping my “willy”.”
    “The Presidential Cigar” -> “A cheap girl inserted it”
    ‘Bill Clinton President of the USA’ > Not published cretin fellations
    ‘Bill Clinton President of the USA’ > I top NATO – find Serb lies, then cull.
    ‘Bill Clinton President of the USA’ > Pontificate on slender bullshit.

    ‘Albert Arnold Gore’ > Groaned, “Ballot err!”
    ‘Albert Arnold Gore’ > Dante: Global error!
    ‘Albert Arnold Gore’ > Tag: Nobel error, lad!
    ‘Albert Arnold Gore’ > Ran great bordello!
    ‘Vice President Al Gore’ > Second-rate privilege
    ‘Vice President Al Gore’ > Re: Second-rate evil pig.
    “Albert Gore” -> “Re: Globe rat.”
    “Possible President Gore” -> “Sobering, prideless poet.”
    “Possible President Gore” -> “Prideless O.B.E poet Ring.”
    “Senator Joseph Lieberman” -> “He is a permanent job loser.”
    “Senator Joseph Lieberman” -> “Permanent job: He is a loser.”
    “Senators and Congressmen” -> “Ensnared grossest con man.”

  261. 262 1george1

    The above is the FLIP WILSON DEFENSE”
    “The devil made me do it.”

    I have seen many times where people are manipulated
    into positions because of psychological ploys.

  262. 263 jezebel282

    From 1George1

    on relation to inferences
    about James Miron and others in stratford:
    Favorites: Jason Santi, Joseph McNiel, Dick Miron too APPROPO

    jim miron’ anagrams to ‘Minor Jim.’
    ‘james miron’ anagrams to ‘Major sin me.’
    ‘james miron’ > Sin me ‘Major.’
    ‘kent miller’ anagrams to ‘Let Kremlin.’ (mIRON CURTAIN)

    ‘richard miron’ anagrams to ‘Arch rid minor.’
    ‘richard miron’ > ‘rich iron dram.’

    burturla anagrams to “u r brutal”

    ‘richard burturla’ anagrams to “ultra rich bard u r
    ‘dick burturla anagrams to ‘Curb ultra kid.’
    ‘dick miron’ anagrams to ‘in dim rock.’
    > (dim = dark = cemetary tombstones)

    ‘norman aldrich’ anagrams to ‘Ran rich old man.’ / “Old man-ran rich”
    ‘norm aldrich’ > ran rich mold
    ‘norm aldrich’ > old harm in car

    ‘louis decilio’anagrams to ‘Delicious (snake) oil.’
    ‘lou decilio’ anagrams to ‘Oi ! Could lie.’
    Decilio spelled backwards > oil iced
    Arlio spelled backwards > oil ra

    ‘michael henrick’ anagrams to ‘Milk chancier he.’
    ‘mark barnhart’ anagrams to ‘Harm rank brat.’
    ‘ben branyan’ anagrams to ‘Barbe Nanny.’
    ‘irene cornish’ anagrams to ‘Heroic sinner.’
    ‘michael feeney’ anagrams to ‘Hey! Nice female.’

    ‘kevin kelly’ anagrams to ‘Kinky level.’
    ‘john a florek’ anagrams to ‘On half joker.
    ‘john a florek’ > “jerk of lo HAN”
    ‘robert berchem’ anagrams to Me cher T robber”
    ‘robert berchem’> Robber met cher

    ‘george mulligan’ anagrams to ‘Gruelling omega.’
    ‘george mulligan’ > “go rage ill UN game”
    “george mulligan” > “Mulling ogre age”
    Mulligan = golf term
    Mulligan backwards looks like Jewish song Hava Nagill a > Nagill um
    George Mulligan > Geo Mul > Mulgeo = Latin “to milk”
    My initials > GEM = JEW EL
    My street address where I lived and places I worked had
    cryptographic allusion messages

    ‘Gavin Forrester’ anagrams to ‘Star or fevering.’ (Hot temper?)
    ‘thomas moore’ anagrams to ‘Homo maestro.’ ???
    (Same name as Saint Thomas Moore)
    ‘thomas angelo anagrams to ‘Loathsome nag.’ (sorry tom-it’s what came out)
    ‘arthur stengel’ anagrams to ‘Rent slaughter.’
    ‘robert sammis’anagrams to ‘I’m sober smart.’(or wink?)
    ‘russell hayden’anagrams to ‘Surely handles.’

    ‘john harkins’ anagrams to ‘Shh! Rank join.’
    ‘thomas malloy’ anagrams to ‘Mostly halo am.’

    ‘matthew cattalano’anagrams to ‘Attachment to a law.’(I misspelled-added a t)
    ‘matthew catalano’ anagrams to ‘Wotcha! Am a talent.’
    ‘matt catalano’ anagrams to ‘A total act man.’
    paul joy = (st.) paul joy
    Edward Goodrich = Rich ward god doe

    ‘jason santi’ anagrams to ‘Joins Satan. (This is gettin too appro)’
    ‘alvin oneal’ anagrams to ‘no anal evil.’

    ‘daniel ross’ anagrams to ‘darn oss lie’ O.S.S. as in
    ‘joseph mcneil’ anagrams to ‘Jim opens lech.’
    ‘thomas murray’ anagrams to ‘You harm smart.
    ’sylvia guberman’ anagrams to ‘Brave amusingly.’

    I only rearranged a couple words, and lacked middle names/initials.
    I also disregarded a few above, which made even less sense.

  263. 264 1george1

    george mulligan = G. G. rule / mail gone

    How do you catch a predator?
    create a trap with bait the predator wants.

  264. 265 1george1

    No one on the blog commented on ANY of the anagrams?

    No offense to JASON SANTI but his name spells “JOINS SATAN”

    With all of the venom toward Jimmy … for sure I thought
    even Jezebel would comment about a few of these like
    the Joseph McNeil anagram …

  265. 266 1george1

    I still can not believe that someone did not do the anagram
    and then get JASON SANTI to “JOINS SATAN” for the MIRONS.

    Absolutely no offense to Jason ….. 😦

    I made sure many of my name’s anagrams were posted.
    rearranging letters to make other words …. is just a fact !!
    I didn’t even use my decoder ring 😉

  266. 267 jezebel282


    “No one on the blog commented on ANY of the anagrams?”

    It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

  267. 268 1george1

    “It’s a conspiracy I tell you.”

    Confession is good for the soul. 😉

  268. 269 jezebel282

    From 1George1


    Cher – Gypsies,Tramps and Thieves Lyrics

    Send “Gypsies,Tramps and Thieves” Ringtone to Your Cell

    I was born in the wagon of a travellin’ show
    My mama used to dance for the money they’d throw
    Papa would do whatever he could
    Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of Doctor Good

    Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    But every night all the men would come around
    And lay their money down

    Picked up a boy just south of Mobile
    Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal
    I was sixteen, he was twenty-one
    Rode with us to Memphis
    And papa woulda shot him if he knew what he’d done

    Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    But every night all the men would come around
    And lay their money down

    I never had schoolin’ but he taught me well
    With his smooth southern style
    Three months later I’m a gal in trouble
    And I haven’t seen him for a while, uh-huh
    I haven’t seen him for a while, uh-huh

    She was born in the wagon of a travellin’ show
    Her mama had to dance for the money they’d throw
    Grandpa’d do whatever he could
    Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of Doctor Good
    (Snake Oil)

    Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
    But every night all the men would come around
    And lay their money down


    I can’t get no satisfaction
    I can’t get no satisfaction
    ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
    I can’t get no, I can’t get no

    When I’m drivin’ in my car
    And a man comes on the radio
    He’s tellin’ me more and more
    About some useless information
    Supposed to fire my imagination
    I can’t get no, oh no no no
    Hey hey hey, that’s what I say

    I can’t get no satisfaction
    I can’t get no satisfaction
    ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
    I can’t get no, I can’t get no

    When I’m watchin’ my TV
    And a man comes on to tell me
    How white my shirts can be
    But he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke
    The same cigarrettes as me
    I can’t get no, oh no no no
    Hey hey hey, that’s what I say

    I can’t get no satisfaction
    I can’t get no girl reaction
    ‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
    I can’t get no, I can’t get no

    When I’m ridin’ round the world
    And I’m a doin’ this and I’m signing that
    And I’m tryin’ to make some girl
    Who tells me baby better come back later next week
    ‘Cause you see I’m on a losing streak
    I can’t get no, oh no no no
    Hey hey hey, that’s what I say

    I can’t get no, I can’t get no
    I can’t get no satisfaction
    No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction
    6 1george1 on February 22, 2010 said:

    MSN Slate:

    The Chemist’s War
    The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned
    alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.
    By Deborah Blum

    I am NOT ADVOCATING but wondering
    what if they poisoned cocaine, meth, cigarettes, pot, alcohol
    would more people or less …..

    I wonder if they moved people from prisons to the military….

    I wonder if they emptied all the prisons and put in all government
    lawyers and ranking …..

  269. 270 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    the god of wine, identified
    with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, and Liber, the Roman god of wine.

    The son of Zeus (Jupiter), Bacchus is usually characterized in two ways.
    One is that of the god of vegetation, specifically of the fruit of the trees,
    who is often represented on Attic vases with a drinking horn and vine

    As he came to be the popular national Greek god of wine and cheer,
    wine miracles were reputedly performed at certain of his festivals.

    The second characterization of the god, that of a deity whose mysteries
    inspired ecstatic, orgiastic worship, is exemplified by the Maenads, or Bacchantes.

    This group of female devotees left their homes to to roam the wilderness
    in ecstatic devotion to the god.
    They wore fawn skins and were believed to possess occult powers.

    The name Bacchus came into use in ancient Greece during the 5th
    century bc . It refers to the loud cries with which he was worshiped
    at the Bacchanalia, frenetic celebrations in his honor.
    These events, which supposedly originated in spring nature festivals,
    became occasions for licentiousness and intoxication, at which the
    celebrants danced, drank, and generally debauched themselves.

    The Bacchanalia became more and more extreme and were prohibited
    by the Roman Senate in 186 bc . In the first century ad , however,
    the Dionysiac mysteries were still popular, as evidenced by
    representations of them found on Greek sarcophagi.

  270. 271 jezebel282

    From 1George1

    If the people who control the USA INTELLIGENCE and MILITARY committed
    TREASON and then used money from DRUGS, GAMBLING, WEAPONS, OIL, GAS,
    and INSIDER TRADING to FUND all NATIONAL + STATE elected officials, who
    tapped into ETHICAL GIANTS like Be UTTER NUTS and BMD to subvert local
    communities and BRIBE POLICE + FIRE + TEACHERS + PW and others ……

    WHO would have the BALLS to STAND UP for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and for
    THEMSELVES and their families / parents / children / relatives / neighbors /

    OK I had to ask the rhettorical question …..
    Jeze …. I’m a baaaaaad boy.

    Yet my intent is honorable …..
    And my pot stirring does not make me friends with people who know
    they did wrong or want to keep outrageous to necessary pensions &
    too good of deals on benefits, like health care …. I understand them’and empathize with working women / men / business owners / public sector.

    I would like Americans to do the things that they would not be ashamed
    to tell their children and act in ways they want their children and society
    to act, like providing honest oversight ….

    What if the FDA allowed poisoned meat and produce and cereals and
    pastas and perscription drugs, for bribes?

    What if auto makers and products put out cars that would not stop
    and tires that exploded?

    What if Banks and BIG OIL worked with KGB, ROYAL MILITARIES, PETRO


    Conspiracy NUT STUFF!

  271. 272 jezebel282


    within the last six months.
    He is the only person that I met related to the movies:

    1 -Who killed the electric car
    2 – Erin Brocovich
    3 – 3 Days of the Condor
    4 – Grisham, Clancy, Ludlum, (fleming) Bond, Puzom & other
    books > movies

    # 1 is a documentary movie with Nader, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson,
    & ex-CIA Woolsey

    # 2 was based on a real situation, I am sure with liberties.

    The others were authored or created by people with specific
    knowledge about or within certain fields, which, although fiction,
    have many facts, technologies, methods, and other attributes
    which can be projected into reality and/or become inspiration
    for real events.

    Actual clandestine practices use media to assist preparing the
    general public for events, such as using actors or characters
    with the names of people to be elected to high office or which
    eirily parallel real events.

    example: MOVIES DIE HARD 1 + 2 + 3

    # 1 Blow up NakATOMi Tower
    # 2 Have Airplanes crash at an airport

    9/11 Airplanes crash into Towers of WTC + PenTAGon

    # 1 Destruction of the TOWER for ROBBERY – $ 100 million
    # 3 Use technology to destroy – distract police – ROB GOLD from
    place like the WTC

    9/11 was a follow up to Y2K crashing the stock markets at the
    front end of Bush Cheney, while SEPT 2008, finished the job,
    with carry over into the next presidency.
    Analogous to retiring Jack Walsh the week before 9/11 keeping
    his reputation intact and having IMMELT inherit all of problems
    from moves made by Jack Walsh

    The use of technology in those movies and the Heath Ledger
    BATMAN is extremely analogous to those use on WALL STREET
    using ultra sophisticate MATH trading used my HEDGE FUNDS,
    which literally can turn on a dime and devastated day traders
    and ordinary stock market investment.
    Add that to INSIDER TRADING by FIRMS and then ADD INSIDER
    TRADING by GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, who know what legislative
    ACT will affect a company or INDUSTRY and what TRILATERAL
    decision will affect markets.

    The husband of a CA Senator owns an investment company
    which bought major position in Dianon, after a legislative
    act, hit the stock for a double digit very quick loss.
    MONTHS later the legislation was reversed.
    The stock jumped double digit
    Later the company was acquired.

    Nov 2008 Dianon + 350 jobs moved from stratford to Shelton.

    Phin do you believe there are people in the government,
    who have not allowed or caused americans to die

    so they can make money.

    One more movie, which you may have seen as a child.
    “The courts marshall of Billy Mitchell.”

    1924-1925 Army General Billy Mitchell predicted JAPAN
    would sneak attack Pearl Harbor.
    Further he angered NAVY brass by sinking mothball warships.

    The furture Japanese Admiral, Yamamoto, was a student
    at UCLA at the time.

    In the Japanese – Russian War the Japanese had sneak attacked
    Russia’s port Arthur.

    The japanese have more than 1 alphabet
    1 alphabet is cuniform.

    Subsequent to Japan’s sneak attack on “Port Arthur.”
    the USA assigned to the phillipines, General “MacArthur.”

    People who study CODES are susceptible to manipulation
    by subliminal psychological bonding of graven images.

    Actually all of are, to a degree.
    I can cite and have cited, in the past – many examples:

  272. 273 jezebel282


    CRC = Charter Revision Commission

    CRC # 2 LAWYER Jon August represents th lightning rod epilectic Stratford
    police officer and other pension persons in Bridgeport + Stratford.

    CRC # 2 LAWYER Ben Proto was Jon Best campaign manager;
    former head of the RTC;
    Assisted Anthony Avallone (Leased @ Berchem) w 630 Lordship Boulevard;
    has been paid from Stratford Ethics repping Fredette – pensions;
    former attorney for state of CT,;

    CRC # 2 LAWYER John Florek was chairman appointed by Republican Town Council
    while Miron – Burturla’s Housing Authority Attorney
    Was 1991 Town Attorney.

    CRC # 1 LAWYER James Miron was against Mayor form government.
    Naturally he became the MAYOR.
    Pretended to be against a bunch of stuff, his department heads caused.
    He + RTC caused 42 % pension obligation increase in his 1st 43 months.
    Son of Tombstone Dick, who was Registrar like Louie.

    CRC # 1 LAWYER Joe Kubic was 1989 – 1991 Town Councilor like Kevin
    Williams. Their Town Attorney was John Florek.
    LAWYER Joe Kibic was 2007 – 2009 Town Councilor which created CRC # 2
    appointing Town Housing Authority Attorney John Florek to be chair
    of CRC # 2, with the Town Council

    CRC # 1 LAWYER Kevin William was 1989 – 1991 Town Councilor Chairman
    Their Town Attorney was John Florek. His Bro-in-law is Kevin Kelly, who
    became Town Attorney.

    Kevin Kelly was Town Attorney Kevin Kelly at time of CRC # 1 and TIPS
    information about BoE + Burturla Billing.

    Berchem + Labor Negotiator David Dunn list Stratford + Bridgeport as
    clients. Both are Pension Portfolios are underfunded with high pensions,
    Compare revenue to them + Kelly + Pension increases and economic
    lack of development, in concurrent time frames.

    Barry Knott + Dick Burturla were involved in Marshalls and Walmart sites
    and Raymark property – poisoned ground water. Hanney connection?
    Barry’s daughter is married to Mike Feeney, ex-Town Manager, who
    had rented Marge-Ray Voccola’s house, before raising from assistant.
    Barry golfed regularly and was/is friends of Fabrizi.
    I privately suggested to Barry to include licensing partnership in the
    Town Hanney deal – EXCEPT MY INTENT was to get better deal for the
    TAX PAYERS and I was F U R I O U S at the perversions of the Republican
    Town Council – Miron – Burturla plan related to SHAKESPEARE,

    GAVIN was CHAIR of CRC # 1 and 2007-2009 Town Councilor appointing
    CRC # 2 with Florek as Chair, new Republican Town Committee member
    Rich Fredette and ex-Gavin campaign manager John Fahan appointed
    to CRC # 2 along with Orlowe, whose former company retained Berchem
    and Florek’s neighbor along with Proto, who repped Rich (D) Fredette in
    1st Ethics Complaint from (?) John Rich (?)

    We have Miron’s department heads and Feehan Town Councils’ Pensions
    and then the pretext relating to Fire Trucks as an Emergency despite
    the fact Town Councils could have BONDED adn bought Fire Trucks
    almost 9 of 10 years Councilor Feehan was on Town Council?

    Then there is the under $ 2 million Fire House, costing almost $ 7 million?

    Then there are AVCO + SHAKESPEARES BIDDING and delays related RAYMARK,

    Then there are PENSION FAILINGS (Intentional?) whereas if the PENSION
    was more than FULLY FUNDED there was no way to have obscene pensions,
    nor to use Tax Payer money to be used for political steering to
    Attorneys, Contactors, Pensioners, Architects, Insurance, Accounting,
    Venders, Labor Negotiators, Job Hires, Benefits, Pay, Fees, Referals,
    Pension Management, Banking, Political Donations, Out sourced jobs,
    more …

    Theb there are political connections to other towns like Norwalk, Wesport,
    Fairfield, Bridgeport, Weston, Easton, Trumbull, Shelton, Derby, Milford,
    Stratford, New Haven, Hartford, etc (see Berchem Website)

    Then there are conections to TwardY, DroneY, DooleY Dannehy, O’Conner,
    Ashcroft, Gonzalez, FIEN D-avid and the FBI, with John Burturla-Schirillo-
    Moore connections in CT. STATE TROOPERS.

    If Sylvia Guberman and Hugh Catalano were alive is it possible they have
    political contacts that could have affected

    Maybe Alvin should not have sung the Mickey Mouse club song?

    Maybe more appropriate is “it’s a small world … after all!”

    The interesting thing is that Sylvia passionatedly hated some of the
    above and passionately liked and loved some of the above ….

    As our friend Rich Fredette coined the phrase ” HEY this IS Stratford!”

    I can prove people were entrapped and manipulated, to a degree.
    IGNORANCE is PREPONDERANT, systemic and evident.
    GREED is PREPONDERANT, systemic and evident.

    Anyone else see 60 MINUTE March 14 and see erie parallels between
    Wall street rewarding those people who caused failures …

    to Stratford political schemers modus operendi?

    Who knows who knew what?
    Does it or does it not appear …. someone was pulling the strings?

  273. 274 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    1 – Rockefellers controlled 100 % of U. S. Refineries in 1880 = BIG OIL.
    Rockefellers + Harriman main parties in Standard Oil Trust + Grandpa
    of George Pratt (& Whitney) Schultz = BIG OIL

    2 – Mafia was created on the Rockefeller model.
    This includes seed money from Liquor.
    A) Rockefeller sold rot gut to Union Civil War.
    B) Mafia was made by prohibition.
    C) Mafia Tammany Grand Sachem Carmine Desapio credited with
    Harriman (D-NY) Governor
    D) Alleged Tammany Grand Sachem Gerry Finkelstein claimed
    credit for Nelson (R-NY) Governor

    3 – Rockefeller unelected VP Nelson Rockefeller to unelected
    President (Warren Commissioner) Gerald Ford.
    – Likely their allies in military / big oil killed JFK, MLK, RFK.

    4 – David Rockefeller Trilateral Commssion offshored who industries,
    including to China, Russia, India, Brazil, pacific rim europe, + levant.

    5 – Rockefeller Drug laws filled jails and created USA to be largest
    jailer / parole / probation / rehab / DCF reversing the MLK jr strategy
    of overwhelming the jails.

    6 – Rockefeller BIG OIL had Russian economy on ropes in 1998 as the
    USA Stock Market was running crazy. Barrel OIl $ 10 58 Dec 1998.
    By June 2008 Oil $ 147 Barrel
    Rockefeller > Harriman > Bush > Cheney > Schultz

    7 – Rockfeller CHASE BANK + Brown Brother Harriman Wall street
    banker + Goldman GRAND Sach(em)s used BIG OIL and RUSSIA +
    OPEC allies to crush american profits.
    Rockefeller allies controled political parties who created laws
    and economy to create lack of securitization to desroy the USA.

    By bribing all politicians, elected, appointed, police, prosecution,
    judges, investigation and corporations there is no one with legal
    standings to prosecute and jail the traitors in the intelligence
    community and murderers running war colleges.

    Liberty, Fraternaty, and Equality while a nice slogan never truely
    existed and now is in process of moving farther from reality and’we are moving closer to world slavery!

  274. 275 1george1

    I can understand moving # 2 of these recent posts

    However, # 1 is almost completely about CHARTER REVISION personel
    and also career moves.

  275. 276 jezebel282


    Perhaps you knew what you intended to say, but to the rest of us…..

  276. 277 jezebel282

    According to the BOOK “The Robber Barons” the Rockefellers owned
    100 % of all USA REFINERIES in the USA by 1880s.
    Ted Roosevelt Sherman Anti Trust Act was aimed at Rockefellers who
    partnered with George Pratt (& Whitney) Shultz grandfather and
    Ed Harriman, whose sons “W” AveRELL + Ro(w)land were partners with
    Prescott Bush (appointed Senator same time Carmine (mob) DeSapio
    helped W Averill to be (D-NY) Governor, immediately prior to (R-NY)

    unelected V. P. NELSON ROCKEFELLER to unelected Pres G. FORD
    Warren Commissioner (covered up JFK?
    (Chase Bank – Trilateral Commission) off shore USA industries.

    Prescott Bush Jr. was head of USA Chamber Commerce to China
    in 1990s
    WALMART is China’s # 1 Customer
    Arkansas had Rockefeller Governor
    G H W Bush was ambassidor to CHINA + UN
    G H W Bush was Director of CIA years before Aldrich Ames/Rob Hanssen.
    Aldrich is a Family name of people Rockefellers married into.
    G H W Bush 1st job was for Dresser, selling Ashcroft line
    W Bush Attorney General was named “Ashcroft.”
    “W” nick name is honor of W Averill Harriman Skull Bones
    G H W Bush son Neil Mallon Bush named for Skull Bones Neil Mallon,
    President of Dresser, who gave G H W Bush his first job.

    Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, which in 2000 owned
    Dresser (now Ashcroft) which made parts for the ROCKEFELLER OIL
    Industry’s SEVEN SISTERS including where ALLEN CHRISTOPHER’S
    Dogstar DMG.

    The ROCKEFELLERS were called WRECK A FELLERS because they had
    NO BUSINESS SCRUPLES and were business KING of the HILL in WINNER

    RUSSIA KGB MURDERERS have stable economy due to ROCKEFELLER Oil
    Pricing, taking IRAN / IRAQ off World Oil/Gas Market.
    Communist turned Petro Capitalists.

    CHINA Dictators MURDERERS own people & Tibet have expanding
    economy due to TRILATERAL TREASON.
    Communist turned Petro Capitalists.

    WW II enemy GERMANY had world’s # 2 economy.
    Fascists turned Marshall Plan Capitalists.
    Set up by Royal Families and WAR LORDS.

    WW II enemy JAPAN had world’s # 3 economy.
    WAR LORD Empire Fascists turned Marshall Plan Capitalists.

    USA # 1 Weapons Sales + RUSSIA # 2 Weapons Sales, in BED with every
    MURDERING DICTATOR in the world, who traffic Cocaine, Oil, Heroin,
    Gas, Jewels, Coal, Slavery, Raw Material, Slave Labor, Disease.

    The USA WAR COLLEGE, Military Intelligence, ranking Democrats
    and Republicans are the ENEMY of HUMANITY!

  277. 278 1george1

    For Western Civilization student History’s center of the universe moved from
    Egypt – Babylonia
    Persia / Greece / Macedonia
    Greenwich, England
    DC / NYC / LA / Chicago / Atlanta

    USA WAR MACHINE set up USA – W Europe – Pacific Rim
    after WW II
    FRANCE + ENGLAND decolonized
    SPAIN + PORTUGAL + DUTCH long neutered
    NORTH SEA KINGDOMS never set up Colonial outposts except in Europe.
    TURKEY lost Empire POST WW I
    GERMANY + ITALY lost Colonies POST WW II
    EHIOPIA emperor gone POST WW II
    JAPAN emperor nuetered POST WW II
    CHINA emperor gone before WW II

    Europe allowed USA control of Western Hemisphere

    British Empire likely controls / controlled USA + USSR
    British Empire Anglo Saxons War Lords wiped out / replaced
    by NORMANS, whose decendants married into every SKANK
    Royal Families of Europe and Levant.

    If Princess Diana married Dodi Fayed his uncle was BILLIONAIRE
    ARMS TRADER, and Turkish / Saudi.
    If they had a child or children, he/she/they could have been
    heirs to the Royal Crown?

    Rudyard Kipling’s White Man’s Burden,
    the Scot Rite Master Race, and
    the invisible empire of the KKK ….. 😦

  278. 279 1george1

    The ‘White Man’s Burden” is a poem by the English poet Rudyard Kipling.

    It was originally published in the popular magazine McClure’s in 1899,
    with the subtitle The United States and the Philippine Islands.

    Although Kipling’s poem mixed exhortation to empire with sober warnings
    of the costs involved, imperialists within the United States latched onto
    the phrase “white man’s burden” as a characterization for imperialism that
    justified the policy as a noble enterprise.! (or was it tongue in cheek?)

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Send forth the best ye breed–
    * Go bind your sons to exile
    * To serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness,
    On fluttered folk and wild–
    * Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
    * Half-devil and half-child.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple,
    An hundred times made plain

    * To seek another’s profit,

    * And work another’s gain.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    * The savage wars of peace– (pre-Orwellian)
    Fill full the mouth of Famine
    And bid the sickness cease;
    And when your goal is nearest
    The end for others sought,
    Watch sloth and heathen Folly
    * Bring all your “hopes” to nought.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    No tawdry rule of kings,
    * But toil of serf and sweeper–
    The tale of common things.
    The ports ye shall not enter,
    The roads ye shall not tread, (nor angels?)

    Go mark them with your living,
    And mark them with your dead.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    And reap his old reward:
    * The blame of those ye better,
    * The hate of those ye guard–
    The cry of hosts ye humour
    (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
    ” Why brought he us from bondage,

    * * Our loved Egyptian night?”

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Ye dare not stoop to less–
    Nor call too loud on Freedom
    To cloke your weariness;
    By all ye cry or whisper,
    By all ye leave or do,

    * The silent, sullen peoples
    Shall weigh your gods and you.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Have done with childish days–
    The lightly proferred laurel,
    The easy, ungrudged praise.
    Comes now, to search your manhood
    Through all the thankless years
    Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,

    The judgment of your peers!

  279. 280 jezebel282

    From 1George1


    The REPUBLICANS are VERY AWARE of repudicating contracts.

    Everywhere PENSIONS have been stolen in the private sector
    and unions have been broken.

    Everywhere PORTFOLIOS were robbed and regulators looked
    the other way.

    OIL / GAS transferred Wealth

    War is great business for some companies.
    How do cocaine dictators, OPEC slave kings, & others buy weapons?
    From Coke + Oil + Gas + South Africa Diamonds / Raw Materials.

    One can look up
    TRIANGLE TRADE (Colonial days of mercantilism)

    Military + Exec + Congress has more in common with Dictators,
    Military Juntas, Royal Slave holders, faux socialist/faux communists
    than working americans and small business owners.

    Maybe we will have Blackwater replacing Stratford Police, due to
    an “incident at Sikorsky?”

    Maybe they will outsource all PW?

    Maybe they intend to have all volunteer Fire Departments.

    Prisons / Jails

    M. I. C. E.
    Money – bribery – til usefullness gone
    Ideology – limited vision?
    Compromised / Blackmailed

  280. 281 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Jeze has e-mails from Sylvia to me, descrribing her belief tha some
    Jews assisted in the rise of Hitler in Germany.

    I read your article on the Judas tree today and have this quote from
    another source in connection with the Judas tree.
    “But every insect–bee or butterfly–that ventures to rest upon the
    edge of its blossom is overcome by a fatal, curious sort of opiate,
    or sleeping-draught which the flower-juice contains, and drops
    dead upon the ground beneath!”
    I was wondering if this is fact. Could you help with this inquiry?

    My Answer:
    Your Judas tree is associated with, and the common name of, many
    world-wide members of the redbud family (Cercis). Our native North
    American redbud or Cercis canadensis is a beautiful tree and a favorite
    food for butterfly larvae. To my knowledge, it is not an opiate and
    does not negatively affect any flora or fauna.

    The specific redbud that is most often labeled Judas tree is Cercis
    siliquastrum and lives in Mediterranean and Asia minor countries.
    That tree is the one most associated as “Judea’s tree” and is supposedly
    the tree Judas Iscariot hanged himself after betraying Christ.


    At times that monster Hitler was praised by Jews, Catholics, Christians,
    & others.

    See the poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity
    of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging
    of their chosen targets, group after group.
    In Niemöller’s first utterance of it, in a January 6, 1946 speech before representatives of the Confessing Church in Frankfurt, it went
    (in German):[1]

    “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists, (< BLOGGERS NOTE)
    and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up."

    I was effectually murdered in 1984 to be used as a goy golem
    by enemies of the Judeo / Christian / Catholic religions and
    the good works of Shriners / Masons /others.

    They never let me have a way out …
    Ask not for whom the bell tolls ….

  281. 282 1george1

    People can be in denial, however there are festering USA situations
    highly analoguous to pre NAZI Germany.

    Some of the rising # of militias (not all) have hate groups within.

    Closed / Downsized businesses to FOREIGN COUNTRIES

    Huge unemployment and under employment

    recalculation of unemployment benefits, due to PT work.

    Stolen portfolios / 401 / IRA / Life Savings

    Pensions stolen and under funded

    High debt

    High Credit Card Rates

    Change in Chapter 11 Laws

    High Foreclosure rates

    Public Sector Taxes / pay / benefits / pensions KITED and now unsustainable

    1 sided Mid East policy NOT in the BEST INTERESTS of PEACE, but favors
    PITTING people against each other to keep OIL PRICES HIGH to pay for
    WEAPONS and affiliated SALES

  282. 283 1george1

    Please go up to post # 9.

    Jeze admits she was wrong and I was right about the CRC.

    I admire people who can do that.
    There have been times Jeze was right on.
    There have been times I was wrong.

    At least we care enough to express ourselves.
    I try to make suggestions to help.
    Sometimes I have had incomplete information.
    Sometimes things can not be done certain ways.

    While we argue with Chris, Jeze, Phin, Mayor 2013, Mike, and others.
    with some spill over – we want a better Stratford.

    And it is healthy to argue ways and means.

  283. 284 jezebel282

    I wonder if that MONSTER CONSPIRACY “60 YEAR WAR” column by former
    Congressman and former antiwar Activist and president of SDS Thomas
    Hayden was published on April Fools?

    I forget his name, but one of my HS classmates became a ranking member
    of the SDS, which was non violent and supported the 1970 Post Office
    Strike. (My dad was a USPO union steward and involved in the illegal
    wildcat strike, which he and other were manipulated into by NY and more,
    and which may have caused management to visciously over react.)

    My dad and others were mostly veterans and hardly radicals. However
    pay was under $ 2.50 an hour or under $ 100 a week in 1970. USPO +
    USPS and others were little better off than Birmingham garbagemen
    which MLK jr, joined to help raise their pay.

    Federal, State, and Municipal workers were generally under the private
    sector pay scale, but it was offset by benefits.

    To digress I spent my teen years and early 20s in Fairfield, where I met
    Ed Fennell who umpired softball games. He was a good person.

    My uncle had a softball team of old timers and they were playing on a
    new softball field complex which had a football field next to it. One of
    my uncle’s players, a Fairfield Fireman whose daughter was in my HS Class,
    had a heart attack and died on that field in the late 1960s, or early 1970s,
    when Tom Hayden was was making a name for himself.

    My uncle and others worked with the town recreation department and
    arranged to have the new softball field renamed after their teammate,
    the Fairfield Fireman, whose name was Thomas Hayden

  284. 285 jezebel282

    From 1George1:

    Various purviews on EEOC:

    Race, Color, Creed, Sex, Ethnic Background, Handicap, Religion.

    The local female Candidate had EEOC purview match.
    Because the EEOC purview was primarily created to help offset
    Racial Labor Discrimination by major employers, the best way to
    block an EEOC purivew complaint by a female potential applicant
    would me to find someone else with EEOC purview protection..

    I have run into this in the past.
    It is the way Lawyers think.

    Racially charge statement removed

    This is an area where Sylvia quickly understood where I came from
    and that I am not ANTI semetic or ANTI anthing, except BAD PEOPLE.

    We also agreed every group had their good and bad, and often
    people were manipulated.
    HOWEVER, I POINT OUT – SYLVIA is not here to validate.
    However, Jason has gone through our e-mails, which I sent a few to
    Jeze. I am comfortable that they could concur of the way Sylvia &
    I corresponded. Jason even thank me about the fact that I wrote
    back toSylvia that I knew she was telling the truth when so many of
    her e-mails were completely redundant with no VARIATIONS!

    People who lie, are not capable of repeating stories without some
    (occasional) variations.
    The truth is always eaier to remember and repeat.
    People who were traumatized and tell or write the truth have a
    heightened sense of memory.

    Sylvia’s childhood and my USPS experienced heightened our memories
    od certain events and situations. She lost family to Holocaust.
    I lost family to FEDS’ puppets.

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