Tomorrow: Miron Discovers Long Island Sound!


You read it in the Post (Maybe in the’s pretty self serving for Miron)

Stratford picks new animal shelter site
Article Last Updated: 05/21/2008 12:34:05 AM EDT

STRATFORD — A newly discovered, one-acre town-owned property on Access Road has been chosen as the site for the town’s new animal-control shelter under a plan unveiled by Mayor James R. Miron.

The announcement was welcome news to local animal-rights activists who have waged a decade-long fight to replace the outdated, 50-year-old facility on Frog Pond Lane, which has little space and has been closed down numerous times over the years for violating state codes.

“Frankly, I don’t know how this site fell under the radar when we were searching for an alternate shelter location,” Miron said Tuesday, standing in the middle of the parcel abutting Meadow View Avenue, near Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

“But I was driving by here recently and noticed the parcel, and I realized this could be a perfect spot for the shelter,” he said. Umm…Mr. Forrester? What about that land swap request from Burns Construction? Could James R. Miron be lying here? Again?

Miron said because plans have already been drawn for a 7,500-square-foot shelter, three times the size of the current facility, it wouldn’t take long to get the project moving.

The shelter is estimated to cost between $1.5 million and $2 million, town officials said. About $700,000 has already been bonded, with $1.3 million in bonds that must be approved. Miron presented his proposal to the Town Council’s Building Needs Committee, recommending a new shelter be built at the L-shaped parcel of well-groomed, green grass. The panel unanimously approved forwarding the plan to the Planning Commission.

“This looks like it could work very well there,” said Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, a member of the Building Needs Committee and its former chairman.

“I don’t understand how this site was overlooked the past two years when we were desperately trying to find a good location,” Henrick said. “But this appears to be easily accessible from [Interstate 95] and Main Street, and has plenty of space.”

But Councilman Alvin O’Neal,D-2, said because the parcel is in his district, he wants to elicit reaction from his constituents before committing his support. He also said several homeowners who live near the site must also have the chance to express their views. Alvin, how much time should we give you to figure out what it’s going to cost us to get you to vote this time? Another plaque?

Animal rights advocates, dogged by numerous delays over the years, said Tuesday they have renewed hope a new shelter will finally be built.

A new shelter was supposed to be built at the current location, but last year toxic Raymark waste was found where the new building was planned, resulting in that site being scrapped.

“We’re extremely excited because this looks like a perfect spot for a new shelter,” said Marjean O’Malley, president of the Stratford Animal Rescue Society. “This time I think we can truly believe that after all these years, construction will begin on this much-needed, new animal-control facility,” she said.

Nancy Cummings, president of SARAH-RESCUE, a rescue operation for sick, injured and dying dogs, said as soon as all the town approvals are complete, she plans to be there to help launch construction.

“Just give me a shovel,” Cummings said Tuesday. “It’s very exciting to hear of a proposed new location that could finally result in a very long overdue new animal shelter that Stratford can be proud of. It’s about time.”

Miron said the property might be large enough to include a town dog run proposed last year by Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3.


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  1. 1 mikereynolds

    I think it was last year, maybe 18 months ago, when someone on the TC recommended using land in Roosevelt Forest for the shelter the animal rights moonbats objected because it wasn’t central enough.

    The last time I checked Access Rd. was in Lordship. How is that “central”?

  2. 2 gforrester

    Mike it’s not really central but it’s easier to access in terms of visability – roads etc. You woulod be surprised how many town residents don’t know where the forest is but they all know where the airport and lordship is so it’s easy to tell them to drive to the dunkin donuts on s.main street amd take a right – you can’t miss it lol.

    I expect opposition to this plan as well.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    So which is true? Miron “found” the land while inspecting Stratford or Burns Construction brought it up?

  4. 4 gforrester

    There was a land swap offered by Burns construction at a site located further down Access Road and while the Mayor was going to look at it he drove by the lot that is now proposed. It’s a nice piece to develop so I guess the Mayor asked engineering about it and poof – turns out we own it – so I guess you could say the “find” would not have happened if Burns didn’t offer a land swap so they both get some credit.

  5. 5 sudds

    “the animal rights moonbats objected because it wasn’t central enough”

    Is Stratford really that big that the shelter needs to be centralized? I mean seriously people… get a grip please!!!


    “Alvin, how much time should we give you to figure out what it’s going to cost us to get you to vote this time? Another plaque?”

    All I can say is praise the lord (sorry Gavin) for term limits!!!


    “Frankly, I don’t know how this site fell under the radar when we were searching for an alternate shelter location”

    I don’t know Mr. Mayor… could it be because the people just didn’t look hard enough??? DUH!!!


    Forget about finding Long Island Sound… we’d be much better off if he spent his time looking for his conscience!!!

  6. Don’t fret all of you – the citizens have already begun a petition drive. They don’t want the dog pound next to them. Looks like Alvin will be clashing with the mayor. Wonder which one will have the biggest balls? I think I know……..

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Alvin and Mayor Moron clash? Hard to imagine. You think Alvin is getting tired of stroking?

  8. Alvin is a very lost soul – it will be interesting to see what he will be doing as his time is coming to a conclusion on the council.

  9. 9 1george1

    I blogged this issue on another string, wondering if one of those
    “CAPITAL ONE” RED PUSH PINS came outta da sky with a SIGN saying
    OWNED by the TOWN of STRATORD?

    If one is driving by, how does one know what vacant lot is owned by whom?

    cyclops and mike,
    good to see you,

    Is the present Burns site appropriate for an animal shelter?
    Is it as good, better or even OK, than the access road spot?

    You know the one they wanted to swap for the Town property
    Jim discovered, right next to Burns?

    1. If so, why not put the animal shelter there?
    2. Pick up 5 figures for Town petty cash?
    3. Pick up property Tax, since Burn might improve the property
    right next to their property?
    4. Not tick off Burns!
    5. Pick up a potential donator / supporter / voter in Burns for the Dems?

    I was at / spoke at the Avallone Bay special hearing for Zoning.


    Affordable housing near Roosevelt Forrest?

    While I favor economic development, things like this and the 630 Condos
    in 5 stories over by AVCO, just make me wonder?

    While the people of Stratford seem to be obstructionists when it comes
    to Development, it retains qualities unlike
    > YUPPIE dumb in Westport & Fairfeld centers
    > Bumper to Bumber US # 1 Traffic in Milford

    i think i shall never see
    a poem as lovely, as a tree…..

    i am no tree hugger, like marcia stewart, who AGREED, she would
    just as soon give away LBW to the FEDS

    but as a kid, flocks of birds filled the skies…
    but then, then indians claimed the buffalo covered the horizon….

  10. 10 jezebel282


    We all know that Burns called Town Hall (or sent someone down) to look at property lines. SOMEONE in Town Hall (Bruce Alessie?) knew enough to suggest it to Mayor Moron.

  11. 11 gforrester

    All I can say is praise the lord (sorry Gavin) for term limits!!!

    That’s ok Sudds – maybe I will run for something else like Zoning Appeals – Board of Ed – Czar of Russia – ooops – not available lol

  12. 12 jezebel282


  13. 13 sudds

    Oops… this should have gone here…


    Mr. Forrester… are you SURE that you don’t want to run for mayor???

    How about if I beg???

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Begging doesn’t seem to work. You’ve been begging Sperling for months.

    I know! Challenge either one to a round of golf. If you lose they have to run. It’ll guarantee that both will run.

  15. 15 sudds

    Jez… I’ve spent 20+ years begging women for things… and I’ll sadly admit that my win-lose record is NOT impressive!!! 😛

    But that IS a good idea though… hopefully at least one of them can score better than an 87 😯 at Short Beach!!!

  16. 16 jezebel282


    Your choice: You can challenge them to a begging contest or a round of golf. Your skills at both seem equal.

  17. 17 1george1


    The C-zar had RASputin
    The KGB / OSS / MI-5 has VLADIMIR putin

    You may still have a chance to be put in!

  18. Sudds ~

    Sorry, I don’t play golf, I do shoot pool, however. LOL

  19. 19 sudds

    Pool??? You’re on!!! I win you sign the form… you win, and I ?????

    (Psst… Jez… we’re golden… I even have a pool table in my basement to practice on) 😉

  20. 20 jezebel282

    “A newly discovered, one-acre town-owned property on Access Road has been chosen as the site for the town’s new animal-control shelter under a plan unveiled by Mayor James R. Miron.”

    “Frankly, I don’t know how this site fell under the radar when we were searching for an alternate shelter location,” Miron said Tuesday, standing in the middle of the parcel abutting Meadow View Avenue, near Sikorsky Memorial Airport.

    “But I was driving by here recently and noticed the parcel, and I realized this could be a perfect spot for the shelter,” he said.”

    I guess Miron doesn’t think it’s a good idea anymore.

  21. 21 1george1

    The idea surfaced, as Gavin and others pointed out, when a local company
    wanted to swap a piece of land they owned, for this property, owned by
    the town, which abutts their property.

    It appears our Mayor jumped at the opportunity presented.

    It appears our Mayor was not expecting Alvin to hold a Hearing which gave
    his constituents a chance to NIMBY!

    Alvin disrupted the Mayor’s plan.

    Amy had the Fire Department raise Fire Truck issue of new vs. used (local vender?)

    What will Emma do?

    It appears that on some things the mayor is better off with the
    Republican support?
    Ohhh! There’s the henrick nepotism plan?

    Sitting on the sidelines, counting their money are Burturla and Norm…

    Need an opinion? Ca ching..

    Need an investor in Town Assets? Ca ching..

    Solve a problem and eliminate the billing? Not a chance!

  22. 22 jezebel282


    Another Miron deal bites the dust.

    Stratford council pulls plug on $3M animal shelter
    By Richard Weizel, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 11:53 p.m., Monday, February 8, 2010

    STRATFORD — Despite strong objections Monday night from animal advocates — who thought they had won a more than decade-long fight for a new shelter approved by the previous Town Council last year — it now appears the $3 million project could go to the dogs.

    But even the dogs might not be happy with new plans being considered for the shelter, as it is likely to mean a significantly smaller facility than the 10,000-square-foot one previously approved, with fewer kennels and elimination of a planned community room for education, vaccinations and other programs.

    Now, the goal is to reduce costs by as much as $600,000 and scale back the shelter that is to be built on town-owned property behind Frank DeLuca Hall of Fame Field on Main Street, not far from the Water Treatment Control Facility, according to Adam Bauer, chief of staff for Mayor John A. Harkins.

    Harkins said that means even if the project moves ahead, it is likely to be delayed for months.

    “With the tough economic times we are facing, the mayor doesn’t believe we can afford a $3 million animal shelter,” Bauer said. “We’re not saying to scrap the new shelter, we’re just saying it needs to cost a lot less if at all possible.”

    The Town Council on Monday, acting on a recommendation by Harkins, unanimously approved rescinding the previous council’s action and remanded the plans back to the council’s Building Needs Committee “to determine how best to redesign the project to lower overall costs.”

    But nearly 50 animal advocates from several groups, including about 40 from Stratford Animal Rescue Society (STARS), showed up to the council meeting in Town Hall Monday in a show of support for the planned shelter to move forward as approved. More than a dozen speakers urging the council to allow the shelter to be built with the 30 kennels in the current plans.

    The advocates have been fighting for more than a decade to replace the cramped 56-year-old facility on Frog Pond Lane that has been cited repeatedly for not meeting state standards.

    “Whatever you do, don’t scale down the animal shelter,” shouted long-time resident and animal advocate Jim Mihaley. “This is a one-time cost that will have a positive impact for years to come on the quality of life for these animals that have been ignored in our town for too long. What we should be scaling back on are the outrageous pensions given to our police and fire retirees, not on a shelter to save the lives of dogs and cats.”

    Jim, buddy, maybe it’s the yelling part where your message gets lost.

    Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira said cracks and holes in the concrete have made cleaning the shelter tougher, and more difficult to eliminate the current outbreak of parvovirus, a gastrointestinal virus that has already sickened some dogs there and can be fatal. The virus has resulted in a quarantine at the shelter.

    “The current facility is 56 years old and in deplorable condition,” said Sarah Nielsen, a member of STARS. “This project cannot afford to be delayed any further. See it with your own eyes. Speak to the staff. The walls are crumbling, the roof has large holes in it and the floor is filled with cracks. The current facility fails inspection by the Department of Agriculture every year.”

    Marjean O’Malley, president of STARS, urged the council not to drastically change the plans.

    “Though some minor changes can possibly be made, we ask that any modifications be minimal,” O’Malley said. “It is important that the number of dog runs remain as close as possible to the prior approval total of 30. It is also important that the community room remain. Numerous requests are made yearly regarding educational programs for school children, scouts, seniors and families.”

    While the project was put out to bid last year, there were problems with the low bidder, officials said. The second-lowest bidder, Olympus Construction, of Bridgeport, was selected. But the company is not likely to agree to significant cost reductions and the work may have to be put back out to bid, said Councilman Jack Dempsey, R-5, chairman of the Building Needs Committee, and the only council member who served on the previous council.

    “We are going to have an emergency meeting of the committee Monday night in Town Hall and bring all the parties together to consider how to reduce the costs, and still expedite the process of getting a new shelter built that will ensure the care of lost, abused and abandoned animals,” Dempsey said.

    Peggy Barnish, former co-president of the Stratford Cat Coalition, told the council that any further delays would endanger the lives of cats and dogs. “We have been waiting too long for this shelter,” Barnish said. “Don’t do anything to delay its construction or scale it back after all the years we have been trying to get it built.”

    While the need for a new animal shelter is understandable and even desirable, it is unfortunate that the same concern isn’t shown for families who face foreclosure and possible homelessness. Everything that can be done to maintain or reduce residents monthly mortgage and rent payments must be done this year. I agree with Mayor Harkins and Adam Bauer (whoever he is) that this project must be delayed.

  23. 23 sudds

    $3 million for an animal shelter???

    HOLY SH*T!!! 😯

    Thank you Mayor Harkins!!!

  24. 24 cstratct


    Your comment that “it is unfortunate that the same concern isn’t shown for families who face foreclosure and possible homelessness” is completely false. No one who supports building a shelter (myself included) lacks compassion or concern for families. I’m willing to bet that most (if not all) of the people speaking out are homeowners who face the same concerns. It is not a choice between helping families or helping animals. That is an overly simplistic and erroneous observation.

    Let’s face one undeniable fact: There are a lot of empty homes in Stratford at the moment. The Grand List has contracted and it is likely that taxes will increase. It is simply a matter of time before that announcement is made.

    As for an animal control facility, animal control is a RESPONSIBILITY of the town. It is a public safety issue as well as an issue of compassion. Perhaps if people started talking about it as a public safety issue more people would take it seriously.

    Have you been to the current facility (and I use the term loosely) recently? It is beyond deplorable, yet the animal control officers and volunteers who try to operate out of the facility are doing everything they can to hold it together and keep it operational.

    $3 million is less than 2% of the total town budget of $176,829,578. Are you willing to spend less than 2% of the total budget on a public safety issue?

    This should have been completed years ago, but make no mistake, it needs to get done as soon as possible.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    We are going to agree to disagree on this one. $3 Million is $3 Million. Whether it is 2% or 10% is irrelevant.

    It represents 50 cops or 50 teachers or 50 firefighters or 50 PW workers or a whole new HVAC system for a couple of schools or added services for seniors or reducing the Town debt or (God forbid) giving it back to the tax payers.

  26. 26 sudds

    February 9, 2010 – 11:07 am EST

    Make note of this time folks… it just might be the first (and only time) that Jaz and I agree 150,000%!!!

  27. 27 sudds

    Oops… Jez, not Jaz!

  28. 28 cstratct

    So I assume what you’re also saying is that you don’t believe it is a public safety issue?

    The point I was making is that as a public safety issue it is a small percentage of the overall budget. Are you willing to ignore the obvious public safety aspects of this issue?

    But if you want to talk about what it represents, how about fewer than 30 school administrators who make over $4 million a year ($4.149 to be more precise), each of which make more than $100k a year.

    We could go a couple of rounds comparing and contrasting salaries and necessary projects, but this IS a public safety issue and should be dealt with as such.

    Advocates for the new facility ARE NOT simply supporting this because they care for animals more than people. They recognize, along with many others, that public safety is also a primary component.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “it just might be the first (and only time)”

    Not quite true. We both agree that PCS is attractive and intelligent (or, using your term, “hot”). We just don’t agree that you have any chance whatsoever.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “So I assume what you’re also saying is that you don’t believe it is a public safety ”

    There are many public safety issues in this town. A Fire Chief that lies, a Police Chief that persecutes honest officers, an EMS Chief who punishes volunteers…

    How many YEARS did it take to get two lousy firetrucks? This is not the only instance where this blog has pointed out safety issues plaguing the Town. Stray cats and dogs are a problem, but 7 people died in Stratford fires last year.

  31. 31 sudds

    First of all, I think that calling this a public safety issue is a joke!

    Secondly, I’ll agree that we DO need a new shelter… but seriously…


    I honestly thought that this was a joke when I first read it! Do you have any idea as to how many carpenters are struggling to find jobs right now? I’d say $1 million TOPS!!!

    PS… 10,000 square feet? WTF is up with that???

    PPS… “community room for education, vaccinations and other programs” Stratford already has a couple of these… it’s called a Veterinarian’s office/Petco… if you can’t afford the proper care of an animal, you shouldn’t be getting him/her!!!

  32. 32 cstratct

    And you’re saying that the fire truck situation was directly responsible for those deaths? Can you prove that to be the case?

    And it’s not just that stray cats and dogs are a “problem.” Over population of animals can lead to disease outbreaks, including increased instances of rabies and other communicable diseases. Over population can lead to accidents where humans are injured or killed.

    This is my point. It’s not just about a stray dog or cat being rescued and/or boarded. Over population has many consequences.

    By the way, the continued shots at public safety officials may make you feel better, but I disagree that the personal issues you raised in your post have a detrimental effect on public safety. As you have pointed out time and again, our public safety officials are professional and skilled and succeed in their jobs despite administrative machinations and blog outrage.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “that the personal issues you raised in your post ”

    I don’t recall raising any personal issues. I have plenty, but no one would really care.

    “And you’re saying that the fire truck situation was directly responsible for those deaths? Can you prove that to be the case?”

    I also don’t recall that that it was causative. Therefore, I don’t have to “prove” it. It just doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to realize that when the fire equipment can’t make it out of the driveway that there is a problem. It doesn’t take a whole lot more to realize that it is a more severe problem than animals on the loose.

  34. 34 1george1

    $3 million for an animal shelter???
    HOLY SH*T!!!
    Thank you Mayor Harkins!!!

    Sudds, Maybe if the Fire House cost under $ 2 million as originally approved,
    instead of approaching $ 7 million ….
    Gavin, I wonder who sold those rounded bricks?
    Gavin, You were involved in Stratford’s Fire House, weren’t you?


    How many YEARS did it take to get two lousy firetrucks?

    Jeze, if Stamford Fireman James Feehan (New Englend Fire apparatus)
    cared so much about Public Safety, why didn’t Stratford Bond / Buy
    at least 1 NEWISH Fire Trucks, in any of the 9 years he was on the
    Town Council over a 10 year period, prior to the last 2 years?
    Oh, as Town Council Chairman, doesn’t he lead and set the Agenda?

    Care to answer, Jeze?



    We are going to agree to disagree on this one. $3 Million is $3 Million.
    Whether it is 2% or 10% is irrelevant.

    It represents 50 cops or 50 teachers or 50 firefighters or 50 PW workers
    or a whole new HVAC system for a couple of schools or added services
    for seniors or reducing the Town debt or (God forbid) giving it back to
    the tax payers.

    I think I am gonna faint.
    Jeze equating School HVAC or senior services or Town Debt or Tax
    cuts – rebate to Town Workers ….. who I believe has always been
    her priority. …..
    I think I am gonna faint.
    Could Jeze really be an FDR Democrat, after all?

    In my hand out, I did not mention the Animal Shelter.
    HOWEVER, In my Public Forum presentation, I DID mention the Animal
    Shelter,replacing Stratford HS, funds for Library showcase for Gods/Myth
    creatures or any collection to be loaned or given to Library.
    Truthfully, I care more about sheltering people, and seniors / low income
    being able to heat homes, have decent food/medicine, pay utilities and
    other extravagances, than Animal Shelter, to which I am not unsympathic.

    However, if the pensions were a defined contribution plan;
    if AVCO was transitioned 1992 – 1995
    if SHAKESPEARE was revitalized 1983- 1987
    if RAYMARK sites were properly completely cleaned up 2000
    if Lawyers didn’t BILL for never solving problems
    if unfunded mandates ….
    if contracts, awards, bid, change orders, buying, acquisitions …
    if Economics were developed, rather than exodus
    if we did not have to bond and borrow unnecessarily ….

    Then maybe we wouldn’t be paying 50 % too much taxes and the rates
    would go down, and more money could be spent on Educating kids and
    re-education wrokers, giving better senior services, lower veteran,
    family, business costs, and have a nice (yet affordable) animal shelter….

    Chris do you believe the same Town Council you blasted on te Hanney
    deal ….. didn’t pad the animal shelter deal ….? Just curious?


    Hey Jeze,
    As long as you bought up Mihaley, you are in a position to know if he
    was correct (maybe I have the percents reversed)
    70 % of FIRE PERSONNEL

    Hey Jeze, Sudds, Phin, Mayor 2013 how do you feel about paying
    PENSIONS where the total contribution, either does not quite or
    is just over the total contribution for 27 years or 32 years service?

    Examples – not picking on individuals – below is Public Information.
    I had advised Finance, years ago they sent me birthdates, which I
    deleted and they made sure to adjust

    $ 149,107.79 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    DeLieto paid into the Pension in 27 years, 8 months
    $ 135,525.28 Annual Pension for DeLieto.
    $ 84,850 Base Pay

    $ 131,692.21 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    Rodia paid into the Pension in 32 years, 4 months
    $ 98,368.44 Annual Pension for Rodia
    $ 81,588.00 Base Pay

    $ 97,526.32 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    Evans paid into the Pension in 25 years, 7 months
    $ 84,683.28 Annual Pension for Evans
    $ 63,711.00 Base Pay

    $ 108,437.23 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    Skrutsky paid into the Pension in 25 years, 7 months
    $ 83,784.96 Annual Pension for Skrutsky
    $ 63,711.00 Base Pay

    $ 109,696.55 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    Marino paid into the Pension in 27 years, 3 months
    $ 81,701.28 Annual Pension for Marino
    $ 81,588.00 Base Pay

    $ 105,837.64 was the TOTAL AMOUNT
    Yeomans paid into the Pension in 27 years, 8 months
    $ 76,646.88 Annual Pension for Yeomans
    $ 63,711.00 Base Pay

    In every instance more money was paid into the Pension Plan
    than the annual pensions they received.
    In no instance was the contribution twice even 1.5 times the
    annual pension.

    In defined contribution program, there would be
    – matching town funds
    – interest earned on contributions by workers + town

    Here is proof that people who are retired over 4 or 5 years,
    are getting free money from defined benefit plan as compared
    to defined contribution plan.

    LAWYERS FEES up 569 % since 1998
    Police / Fire / PW = GRAND THEFT = up 429 % obligation since 1995
    State Police + Teachers have STATE GRAND THEFT
    Senators, Congress, Presidents, Judges, Governors = FREE expenses

    How is this differnet than the perks given to Russian + Chinese
    Communist Party officials and government management?

    Oh – I support out troops, but question most Wars as CREATED
    for political and profit of the parties.

    Oh – Months before GE had the TAG LINE – I pointed out POLICE – FIRE –

    Oh – For years I support Education, questioning priorities, as I point out
    it cost $ 9 – 11,000 to educate each Stratford child, but $ 60,000 to Jail

    Lastly – I favor raising the Private sector to the pay, benefits, pensions,
    that public center have, rather than taking away – got that Phin – others?

    However, the people, including Gavin, who have been silent and the people
    who caused the problems …. and benefited from costing projected $ 1 billion
    over 60 year window of unnecessary costs and lost revenues…..
    It all parallels Burturla – Berchem
    It all is subsequent to Eisenhower speach. 😉

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “I think I am gonna faint.
    Could Jeze really be an FDR Democrat, after all?”

    I keep my (expired) Teamster Union card right here next to my ACLU and Amnesty International membership cards.

  36. 36 1george1

    Were you a hippie or late bloomer?

    Glad to see you finally post some of those things I would
    expect a social liberal to post ….

    Don’t know where you went … when you became pro police state?
    Or at least prioritize police / fire / PW over Public Insterests 😉

  37. 37 cstratct

    “It just doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to realize that when the fire equipment can’t make it out of the driveway that there is a problem. It doesn’t take a whole lot more to realize that it is a more severe problem than animals on the loose.”

    The fire equipment issues have been an ongoing mess for years, not just the last 4. Thankfully it has been addressed, but this town should have had a schedule for replacing the safety equipment going back many, many years. The issue didn’t just pop up one day. The fire truck issue has had a long incubation period. And it is being dealt with accordingly with funds that were allocated for that purpose.

    Funds were also allocated for an animal control facility, which should be a priority.

    Obviously we’re going to disagree here, because you appear to dismiss the issue as being a simple problem of “animals on the loose.” It appears you don’t see it as a public safety issue, despite the fact that animal control is under the purview of the PD.

    And no George, I don’t believe it was “padded.” You’ve got a dilapidated building that is constantly cited by the state for failing to meet state standards and a need for a facility that can operate properly for a town this size. $3 million seems reasonable given the size of our town and the responsibilities of animal control.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “The fire equipment issues have been an ongoing mess for years, not just the last 4.”

    Again, I don’t recall saying it was only the last 4 years. Kinda touchy, ain’tcha? I do resent being lied to about the condition of the firetrucks though. Perhaps it was one of the last of many lies.

    Funds are allocated for lots of things and funds are taken away all the time. Especially the last four years. Just ask any department head…if you can find one.

  39. 39 jezebel282


    “Don’t know where you went … when you became pro police state?”

    Geeze, George! Police state? Have you met any Stratford cops (I mean other than Buturla and his circle of boys)?

    And when did Firefighters and EMS staff become part of a police state?

  40. 40 1george1

    Stratford political people are either incompetent or liars.

    I do not BUY any of the cover stories …. none!

    The Animal Shelter, Shakespeare, Raymark, Fire Trucks, AVCO,
    and anything else could have and should have been done 15-20
    years ago. Virtually everybody is being paid off, to procrastinate.

    As one former councilor said….
    xxx made $ 6,000 a year 30 years ago, and he pensioned at WHAT????

    Feehan got the Fire Trucks???

    Why sell shoreline????

    xxx company got the yyy deal???

    $ 2 million fire house $ 7 million???

    Berchem / Burturla / Kelly made how much ????
    Doing what???
    Were theyDouble Billing???
    Did they continually cause / negotiate failures??

    AVCO is serious, serious money… people could get killed over that!

    The term police state describes a state in which the government
    exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic
    and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits
    elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually
    little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political
    power by the executive.
    (Gavin / Moore / Kubec / Miron / Burturla / Florek / Proto C.R.C. 1-2)

    The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their
    mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political
    or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement.

    Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force
    which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a
    constitutional state.

    Tammany Hall (Founded May 12, 1789 as the Tammany Society, and
    also known as the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany,
    or the Columbian Order), (District of Columbia DRUG CARTEL)
    was the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role
    in controlling New York City politics and helping immigrants
    (most notably the Irish)
    rise up in American politics from the 1790s to the 1960s.
    It usually controlled Democratic Party nominations and patronage


    The “Hall” serving as the Society’s headquarters was built in 1830
    on East 14th Street, marking an era when Tammany Hall became
    the city affiliate of the Democratic Party, controlling most of the
    New York City elections afterwards.

    The Society expanded its political control even further by earning
    the loyalty of the city’s ever-expanding immigrant community, which
    functioned as a base of political capital. The Tammany Hall “ward boss”
    (“wards” were the city’s smallest political units from 1686–1938)
    (london has 32 wards – government is 33 = mason degree slaves to …)

    served as the local vote gatherer and provider of patronage.

    Mirons/Burturlas-Kelly/B UTTER NUTS

    1980s someone described the Reagan Republicans as ex-Democrats
    who got rich.
    The Harriman / Bush / Rockefeller crew changed parties almost as
    often as Gavin …..

  41. 41 phineast

    CT Strat-I know you were listening Monday night-Did you not hear the comment about how the bonds that were issued have not sold? I am drawing a blank if it was project specific, because usually when they bond it is done in a package. If the bonds don’t sell-there is no money to build or renovate ANYTHING, not just the pound. So while the bond funds have been allocated, it is dependent on their sale is it not???

  42. 42 omeara128


    Chris, you talking about Public Safety now, now thats odd. Also maybe you should call your buddy Miron and his cronies to give back the money they took so they could help pay for the shelter.

  43. 43 jezebel282


    Be careful. ctstrat gets pretty touchy if anyone uses the “M” word.

  44. 44 omeara128

    Dont really care. He supported him all the time, bottom line..He is an intelligent person and knows about the theater and arts but to comment on Public Safety I beleive thats not his field as I would never comment on the theater or arts because I know nothing about it.

    One thing I do know as I sat here and read Chris’s posts time and time again, he supported his buddy Miron when it was in black and white that he was totally wrong MADE ME SICK.

  45. 45 phineast

    Omeara-there are still a few people that support miron-not i for sure–they are the one’s incapable of learning from past mistakes. Keep the faith, justice IS coming.

  46. 46 1george1

    Jeze to Cstratct,

    “The fire equipment issues have been an ongoing mess for years,
    not just the last 4.”

    GEORGE > Stamford Fireman / N. E. Fire Apparatus James Feehan
    was 6 year Town Councilor, then took over most of Jameson’s Scott’s
    final year, then 2 year Town Councilor + Chairman > WHY NO FIRE TRUCKS BOUGHT / BONDED except for that little mess Kronenberg created and
    got chased off Council – out of Town?

    Jeze > Again, I don’t recall saying it was only the last 4 years.
    Kinda touchy, ain’tcha?

    GEORGE > FINALLY, an admission all Stratford’s problems didn’t start
    with James Miron, being Mayor!

    Can we agree James Miron / Dick Burturla P R O F I T E D from
    Gavin’s Charter Revision Commission # 1 and
    Florek’s Charter Revision Commission # 2?

    Can we agree James Miron was involved in Stratford politics before
    Gavin’s Charter Revision Commission # 1 and people in BOTH PARTIES
    and IN GOVERNMENT may appear to have more interests in self benefit
    than the Town?

    Can we agree Stratford has been harmed by DICK MIRON + DICK BURTURLA
    since 1987 (Burturla Town Council Chairman) who worked with R party
    and people like Florek in 1989 who have devastated the recievables and
    crushed / steered the assets?

    Jeze > I do resent being lied to about the condition of the firetrucks though.
    Perhaps it was one of the last of many lies.

    George > I am unsure who told the LIES?
    CYBART? MIRON’S appointment?
    FEEHAN? Council Chairman who didn’t BOND / BUY Fire Trucks, but sold them?
    BURTURLA? Stratford’s sole legal authority for 4 years?

    FIREMEN – Public Works ?
    In position to sabotage Fire Trucks from proper usage
    Delayed making an issue, until Feehan almost able to sell Fire Trucks

    Was the delay in exchange for O T – Pensions,
    proposed Budget by MIRON,
    passed Budget by Feehan-Gavin
    Gavin was a leader in Town Council and 6 years of PENSION BOARDS
    adding $ 7 million in Gavin’s time on the Pension board,
    where the ENTIRE PENSION was $ 10 Million
    prior to Gavin being on Town Council
    and has grown over 425 % since 1995 when Harkins and Moore
    were Town Councilors, among others,
    and 1996 when Burturla first started sucking blood from Town Treasury?

    Here is something to chew on, where I have been posting that the
    outrageous PENSIONS were intentionally done to destroy unions:

    Most U.S. Union Members Are Working for the Government, New Data Shows
    N Y TIMES – By STEVEN GREENHOUSE Published: January 22, 2010

    For the first time in American history, a majority of union members
    are government workers rather than private-sector employees,
    the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday.

    In its annual report on union membership, the bureau undercut
    the longstanding notion that union members are overwhelmingly
    blue-collar factory workers.
    It found that membership fell so fast in the private sector in 2009
    that the 7.9 million unionized public-sector workers easily out
    numbered those in the private sector, where labor’s ranks shrank
    to 7.4 million, from 8.2 million in 2008. ………..

    According to the labor bureau, median weekly earnings for full-time
    unionized workers were $908 last year,
    compared with $710 for workers not represented by unions.
    The bureau attributed this difference not just to unionization
    but also to variations by occupation, industry and company size.


    “At the same time the country is being squeezed, public-sector
    unions are a rising political force in the Democratic Party,” he said.
    “They depend on extra money for the public sector, and that puts
    the Democrats in a difficult position.
    In four big states — New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California —
    the public-sector unions have largely been untouched
    by the economic downturn.
    In those states, you have an “impeding clash” between the
    “public-sector unions” and “the public at large.”

    I told Tom Murray to get affadvavits about what Burturla stated as
    far as who controls pension calculations ….
    Mayor / Manager
    Town Attorney
    Human Resouces
    Town Councils ratifies/ratified Contracts
    Town Committees select, support, and fund Candidates.

    Is there colusion / conspriacy among many and include union
    leaders and membership?
    A truly unbiased FORENSIC AUDIT of American Civics and politics
    would likely find that REASONABLE PERSONS would conclude …

    === finally =====

    “Unions have less strength when they represent a lower
    percentage of workers,” she said. “Nonetheless, unions
    have strength in those sectors of the economy where
    they are organized. Workers who are in the entertainment i
    ndustry, workers who are on the docks of the Port of
    New York and New Jersey still have the strength of their
    labor organizations.”

    Noting that union members generally have higher earnings,
    Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said in a statement:
    “As workers across the country have seen their
    real and nominal wages decline as a result of the recession,
    these numbers show a need for Congress to pass legislation
    to level the playing field to enable more American workers
    to access the benefits of union membership.
    This report makes clear why the administration supports
    the Employee Free Choice Act,” a bill that would make
    it easier to unionize.” (Increasing Business costs)

    But J. Justin Wilson, managing director of the Center for
    Union Facts (REPUBLICAN-NAZI), a corporate-backed group
    opposing that legislation, had a different response to the report.

    “Labor union membership is an outdated concept for most
    working Americans,” he said. “It is a relic of Depression-era
    labor-management relations.”

    the TERRORIST ATTACK caused the DJIA to TEST or PASS the
    DJIA bottom last year?
    Market Technicians look for a BOTTOM TEST. to prime a

    O.P.E.C. + INDIA + BRAZIL + EUROPE, due to USA DEBT as
    the ONE WORLDERS want interactive INVESTMENTS.

    If you think Miron / Burturla – Bush / Cheney – Pelosi / Reid
    were bad wait until you see PUTIN + friends in action…


  47. 47 cstratct

    Knock it off Jezebel. I’ve been very open about where I stand with the payouts and Miron. There are issues on which I agree with Miron and there are issues where I have disagreed. I couldn’t care less what you think about Miron, that’s your prerogative. There’s only so much a Mayor in any municipality can do. The Mayor in this and any other town is not omnipotent. All I’m pointing out is that no one person bears all the responsibility when things go wrong or gets all the accolades when things go right.

    Perhaps had everyone done their job (Mayor, Council, Fire Chief, et al) we would have had new trucks long ago. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

  48. 48 cstratct

    Officer O’Meara,

    Although I may not be a law enforcement officer I have just as much right to comment on any subject as you. You have a right to express your opinion on theatre and we can agree to disagree on any subject.

    With that said, are you suggesting that animal control is NOT a public safety issue? Do you disagree with my position?

    I’ve been nothing but respectful to you on these forums despite your repeated insults and accusations. I’ve made clear my position on the payouts, but what on earth makes you think I have any personal connection to Miron, Burturla or anyone else connected to this issue?

    Perhaps if you weren’t so eager to paint everyone with such broad brushstrokes you would see that while I may have a different opinion then you, it is just that, an opinion. I don’t take marching orders from anyone and I come to my own conclusions based on my interpretation of each situation. I have no “inside knowledge” or friendships and I’m certainly not privy to any information that is not in the public domain.

  49. 49 cstratct


    I was listening just as you were Monday evening. It did not appear that the bonding was the problem, otherwise they would have postponed the entire project instead of sending it back to the building needs committee.

    I’m not saying the building has to be built exactly as it was spec’d out last year. Perhaps they could find a way to build only that portion of the building that is most important to reduce the costs but leave room for expansion if or when it is feasible. Break the construction into phases if need be. Perhaps they could find an alternate location to hold the community sessions they had planned for the community room that people seem so intent on attacking.

    But killing the project altogether I believe would be short-sighted and foolish. I believe further delays should be avoided if at all possible, they should be able to come up with way to move forward building the most vital portions of the new facility which would hopefully reduce the cost but still move the project toward completion.

  50. 50 phineast

    CT-I agree this should move forward as expeditiously as possible-but I also believe that the cost is a huge factor-especially with the way contractors run wild with change orders. We absolutely need to quickly find a compromise and get this done so the animals don’t die due to the poor conditions at the current facility. With the quarantine order in place it literally halts all good things at the shelter-even adoptions. So everyone should be showing up to the building needs meeting on Monday to say their piece or forward it to the committee via email or letter.

  51. 51 1george1

    I have supported Doug O’Meara on this blog and to others,
    to the limited extent of my knowledge and ability.
    Not that it meant anything to benefit him.

    I have supported Chris C as being well intended and apparently
    honest in my perception that his focus is more towards the
    Shakespeare – Hanney deal where Chris + Miron + Matt Cattalano
    had positions opposite to the Republican majority of the last
    Town Council related to Hanney.

    I defer to specific expertise and first hand knowledge of Police.
    Fire, EMS, Finance, H. R., P.W., ETC.
    However when one is down wind of Stratford yellow dog issues,
    my Bovine Scatology detector goes off, and I offer opinions.

    This is the USA.
    Ibelieve everyone should be free to think, speak, write, opine
    or whatever, because taking positions allows others to educate
    the position holder, and/or educate themselves.

    Repairing the Shakespeare Theater is a cost of doing business
    and is a relatively small write of to a mid budget movie or series
    of movies or staged events which can be amotized or direct tax
    write off for a private business venture.

    Hey MATT + Chris + Phin:
    “How about INDIANA JONES and the QUEST to reopen the
    Stratford Shakespeare Theater?”
    We can hire the guy who is leading Laura + Paul’s steering
    committee for the Rail Road Development Center and Parking

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “Knock it off Jezebel.”

    So…you’re not touchy?

  53. 53 cstratct

    No Jezebel, I’m not. Here’s a fact I’m not sure you’re aware of: Not everything is about Miron. I was making a point about how the political machinations of all parties led to an inability to get things done. I even complimented the current Mayor and Town Council on what appears to be a much more productive environment.

    Here’s a thought: How about trying to look ahead for once instead of looking back. It’s one thing to be opposed to something, it’s quite another to simply echo a tired refrain.

  54. 54 phineast

    Ct-you are correct that everything isn’t about miron-but everyone has such a bad taste left over from him it is hard not to equate bad things to him-because in at least my humble opinion, he is a bad person and a failure as a human being. It was very easy to see going back to your post why it was interpreted the way it was, for a long time much of what you wrote on other blogs made you appear as a miron apologist-even if you say you weren’t that is how it came across. It appears that Jez may have been poking fun/sarcasm at you in that vein or maybe not. That is how it looked to me. Try not to take it so personal, unless of course it is.

  55. 55 jezebel282


    “It appears that Jez may have been poking fun/sarcasm”


    No one has ever accused Christopher of being funny or having a sense of humor. Now we know why.

  56. 56 mayor2013

    The homeless animals of Stratford deserve a decent location – and I hope that is not lost on all of this. I agree 3 million dollars is a great deal of money; but, animals cannot take care of themselves – especially homeless animals. I think we should show some heart here and some compassion. Scale it down maybe – but do not discard it.

  57. 57 phineast

    You can build 5 single family four bedroom homes for less than half of what is proposed and that would include paying for the land. In this circumstance the land is already owned and not included in the cost to the town. Maybe one of our citizens in town would volunteer their services to act as a general contractor-at no charge what so ever-to get the services for less. Seems to me the day of a construction firm tripling their prices for a municipality are long past–may a private contractor would be willing to at least spec out the pricing to see how large of a difference it would be. Again restricting cost over runs and change orders. Lots of people in the building industry live in town and need work. Might just be a good way to provide it as long as you have someone honest at the helm.

  58. 58 mayor2013


    If I’m elected in 2013 -I want you for my CAO or Chief of Staff – still not certain where that position falls within the Mayor’s table of organization – since no one has had the courage to reveal it and since it isn’t at this time in the table of organization. However, I would like to work with you.

    Again, I’m not familiar with the Dog Pound plans. I am very familiar with the present location – and that is no longer suitable – there is no debate on that one. Perhaps it was a slight bit overscale and needs to be reviewed – but it must be built and NOW!

  59. 59 cstratct


    Why are you caught up in a title? Miron had assistants, Harkins has a chief of staff. You have raised several legitimate questions over the past few weeks, but this just seems like a non-starter.

    I’m sure Chief of Staff will look much better on a resume then mayoral assistant. Unless there’s a salary issue, why do you care?

  60. 60 cstratct

    “CT-I agree this should move forward as expeditiously as possible-but I also believe that the cost is a huge factor-especially with the way contractors run wild with change orders. We absolutely need to quickly find a compromise and get this done so the animals don’t die due to the poor conditions at the current facility. With the quarantine order in place it literally halts all good things at the shelter-even adoptions. So everyone should be showing up to the building needs meeting on Monday to say their piece or forward it to the committee via email or letter.”

    Phin, I agree with everything you stated here. If there’s unnecessary expenditures in the current plan, get rid of them. I think the number of kennels and boarding space should remain the same, but perhaps they can find existing facilities that can be used for educational programs and other activities. They should also see if it is possible to break the construction into phases.

    You also make a very good point about the adoptions. Parvo is a horrible and highly contagious virus. I don’t believe the current facility even has a quarantine area, which makes the officer’s jobs even more difficult.

  61. 61 jezebel282


    I think 2013 cares because there is no such thing as “Chief of Staff” delineated in the Charter. That power is only held by the Council:

    The Council by ordinance may create, change, and abolish offices, departments and agencies, other than the offices, departments and agencies established by this Charter. The Council by ordinance may assign additional functions or duties to offices, departments or agencies established by this Charter, but may not discontinue or assign to any other office, department or agency any function or duty assigned by this Charter to a particular office, department or agency.

    In addition there are certain qualifications for a CAO that must be met:

    [Amended 11-4-2008]
    The CAO shall be appointed and may be removed or suspended, with or without pay, by the Mayor. The qualifications of the CAO shall be a Master of Business Administration degree, Master of Public Administration degree, or such other education, general executive and administrative experience and ability as are necessary to perform the duties of the office. The CAO shall be appointed on the basis of such factors including, but not limited to, education, municipal and public experience, professional training, and executive and administrative qualifications, and shall be considered an “at will” employee.


    5.1.3 Conflicts of Interests.
    The CAO shall devote his or her entire time and business interest to the management of the town’s affairs and shall not, during his or her term of office, be an employee of or perform any executive duty for any person, firm, corporation or institution other than the Town of Stratford.

    2013 raises valid points, especially for an Administration that seems to be tiptoeing around the Letter of the law.

    I certainly don’t know what a Chief of Staff is supposed to do. Even if we did, it is highly questionable whether or not anything he orders people to do is, in fact, legal.

    I don’t really care what his title would be, but it should be grounded in something. Especially if we are paying him.

  62. 62 mayor2013

    cstrat – I care for all of the reasons stated above and because the mayor does not have the authority to create a new position without council approval. If he is a mayoral assistant – that is just fine – and his salary should be according to the salary schedule. If he isn’t – and he has a job description I have a right to know about it, know how it was created i.e. what authority and more than anything else I have a right to know what the salary is????

    And, while we are on the subject of pay raises and budget deficits. I have another suggestion for the mayor and his administrations – ERASE all of those huge payraises granted to his so called”cabinet” department heads last year. Some of them are gone, Finance Director, HR Director, CAO and aides – but the rest of them remain on board. Police and Fire Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Tax Assessor, Asst. Finance Director, Town Clerk – Jez you have the list if I missed any. All of those salries should be rolled back. No one at that time was receiving those kinds of raises unless you worked on Wall Street. And, then again, I guess they did – didn’ they?

  63. 63 cstratct

    Agreed mayor2013. I think the question is what are the duties for the person whose title is Chief of Staff. If he’s getting paid what the mayoral assistants were getting paid under Miron, then the only thing Mayor Harkins has done is given a new title to the same job.

    If that is the case then it doesn’t appear Mayor Harkins has created, changed or abolished any offices, departments or agencies.

    There are a lot of important issues right now, I just don’t know that giving someone a title should create this much hand-wringing. If it turns out that Mayor Harkins has created a new office, then that is another issue entirely.

    But I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt, at least for now.

  64. 64 phineast

    2013-thank you for the compliment.

    CT- I agree with you, and it is not ever really cold outside 😉

    Jez, a rose by any other name is still a rose…it’s ok to verify as a blind won’t know it is a rose unless he gets to smell it( no thanks)or pricked by one of it’s thorns. Stratford has been “pricked by enough thorns” (actually the other way around :P) that we all want to be clear that everything is above board and thornless so I it is wise to verify.

  65. 65 phineast

    CT even not ever–whoops.

  66. 66 1george1

    It is good to see you playing nicer and making legitimate points
    of give and take.

    If a 2 story firehouse 3 bays was supposed to cost under $ 2 million
    as originally SPEC-ed, I simply doubted the $ 3 million animal shelter
    cost, as proposed by NEVER CORRECT HENRICK.

    The DTC + RTC love creating phony controversy to keep certain people
    and groups stirred up, galvanized and grab headlines, to keep their

    It is going to be a horrible 2010 for too many people.

    Unions greed and hubris will take it on the chin, and it is hurting me,
    because unions could be an effective force to counter the REALLY

    Until Democrats and Republicans decide to be AMERICANS FIRST;
    Until Unions RANK and FILE decide to be AMERICANS FIRST;
    Until Business Owners and rich decide to be AMERICANS FIRST;
    there will be hell to pay!

    I can not get over the ANAGRAM GENIUS on relation to inferences
    Moved to by request

  67. 67 jezebel282


    “It is good to see you playing nicer and making legitimate points
    of give and take.”

    And yet you only post more anagrams.

  68. 68 phineast

    Much more appropriate on George’s page…sheesh.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    “we all want to be clear that everything is above board and thornless so I it is wise to verify.”

    Having never met nor spoken with Adam Bauer, I have no opinion at all of his experience, qualities, effectiveness, honesty, or foresight. I am sure that holds true for many residents as well.

    I think the point is that his title seems to only appear in the newspapers. “Chief of Staff” seems to imply some authority over staff. If I were a (ugh) lawyer, I’d have a field day with the liability issues for a position with no legal authority giving orders to Town employees and making decisions involving tax dollars.

    My suggestion would be to name him CAO or slide “Chief of Staff” by the Council and see if they buy it. If he’s good, let’s keep him.

  70. 70 jezebel282


    “Much more appropriate on George’s page…sheesh.”

    Whew! I thought it was just me.

  71. 71 phineast

    Adam is a good guy-he is very smart and masters things quickly. He is chief of the mayor’s staff aka his assistant-and he does sort of over see a staff-Ricki that answers the phones. Harkins doesn’t require the type of hand holding and butt wiping miron did, needing a boat load of people on the payroll for his personal needs. You are correct-that if the name of the position is going to be changed it should be run by council to keep with the Charter. It is easy enough to do, it is just a title to be matched with a job description(I don’t think he has the qualifications of a CAO)-you can check the salary level through the HR dept. I am certain it is less than what we paid for Heather and Ashley, and less than the banger boys as well. He is an efficient worker that appears to be very well organized and actually follows through. It is a very welcome change from what we had. Ricki that answers the phones is very polite and handles the phones well though on occasion he has vocalized his previous loyalty with little comments that are passed that he may not be aware people pay attention to. That will not serve him well, which is too bad, because he does have good phone manners and for the most part he directs calls to the appropriate places–a far cry from Ashley’s days.

    It’s not just you Jez…………………………………………

  72. 72 1george1

    8) 8) 🙂 8) 8)

  73. 73 jezebel282


    “Adam is a good guy-he is very smart and masters things quickly.”

    He may be as good as Jack Bauer, but after the last four years Harkins should know better. Mayor Moron had 2 “aides”, a CAO, 2 secretaries, and usually a temp (until they made her cry) and Lord knows how many “consultants”. All to “manage” an office that was run by a single Town Manager and one secretary.

    We certainly don’t need shadow employees. We need clarity.

  74. 74 1george1

    “Adam is a good guy-he is very smart and masters things quickly.”

    JEZE are you related to Adam? 😉

    “He may be as good as Jack Bauer,”

    JEZE you are NOT suggesting VIOLENCE against mIRON CURTAIN terrorists, I hope!
    The FCC could jump on you…..
    You remember, J Burturla still has FATHER LAND … oooops Homeland Security …

    In Stratford’s case, if hiring people by their names, I hope the C.A.O.
    is NOT named BOESKY, PONZI, or MADOFF …. or P A N D O R A !!

    Maybe HIRE someone whose last name was …..S O L O M O N ?? 😉

    We need someone WISE with PILLARS of COURAGE …. 8)

    We need someone to rebuild solid FOUNDATIONS ..

    Hey GAVIN know anyone who can offer a SQUARE DEAL?
    I wonder the direct Stratford would take if GAVIN was the Mayor?
    I believe he has the ability.
    As noted, I criticize certain political decisions / directions.
    But I also praise & acknowledge MANY of the GOOD THINGS.

    GAVIN – what is your solution to PENSIONS and HEALTH INSURANCE
    costs – transfer of wealth from Tax Payers …

    GAVIN – what could we do about ECONOMIC EXODUS, loss of MANDATED
    MONIES (unfunded)

    GAVIN – what could we do about COST OVER RUNS.
    I am OK with EMS building if NOT over priced with cost over runs,
    despite the FACT that Chairman James Feehan said during Council
    “I thought we had to tear down that building and bonded to BUY
    a NEW FIRE HOUSE ….”

    YES GAVIN there were good accomplishments you named couple days
    ago, and in a far more legitimate manner, than Mayor Jim Miron’s
    “so called accomplishments…”

    GAVIN for MAYOR in 2013 – “Stratford’s Savior”


  75. 75 1george1

    For the record.
    I like Gavin (despite appearances)
    I respect Gavin’s efforts, intellect, ability, skills, and talents.
    I acknowledge Gavin has done many good things.
    I recognize there are limits to ….

    Some political decision
    Silence on things I believe Gavin has to know are wrong.

    Hey Jeze, how about a BLOG STRING for GAVIN?
    Doesn’t he deserve one?

    Hey Jeze, how about a BLOG STRING for JIM MIRON?
    Doesn’t he deserve one? (for different reasons?)
    Careful .. throwing eggs or tomatos can damage your monitor..

    I have fun 🙂

  76. 76 jezebel282


    I read in absolute and utter amazement the story in the Feb. 26 Connecticut Post where the Town Council claims a “hidden” or “secret’ contract was entered into by me for a construction manager to oversee the building of the Stratford animal control facility.

    The construction manager for the animal control facility was hired as part of a mayoral initiative to enhance efficiencies and eliminate waste in managing public facility construction projects.

    The construction manager was hired through an open, transparent and public process that was common knowledge to the Town Council and the Connecticut Post.

    There were multiple public meetings that were televised where the construction manager made presentations to the Town Council, and a vigorous debate was conducted about the merits of hiring a construction manager. I believe the Connecticut Post even covered the story.

    All I can say after reading this story is what my grade school niece says: OMG! (Oh my God!).

    I am amazed that Councilman John Dempsey and former Councilman Alvin O’Neal were “stunned” to find this out as they were actually at, and participated in, these meetings. It makes me wonder what goes on in the head of the Stratford’s Town Council members at meetings. Either these two have the worst memories in town or they continue to do a disservice to Stratford’s citizens by engaging in wrong and mudslinging attacks against me long after I have left office. The Town Council chairman, Tom Malloy, also needs to do his homework before opening his mouth and inserting his foot into it.

    The Republican-controlled Town Council is obviously working with the Republican mayor in Stratford to undo all of the progress made during my term of office. Killing the animal control facility and blaming it on me follows their pattern of blame to distract.

    We were told during the election that this Town Council was going to be different and better than the ones in the past. Obviously, like the lies they told about the hiring of the construction manager, they lied to us about that. Same Stratford Town Council. How sad.

    James R. Miron


    Let’s see, who should we believe? Miron? Or anyone else on the planet?

  77. 77 phineast

    Jimmyboy, there was only regression during your term of office, not progress. You engaged (and continue to engage in) the 4th grade behavior of “it’s not my fault, I didn’t do it, it’s all their fault”. Another one of the behaviors you engaged in during your term was to misrepresent(lie) information to the public-which includes the council and when the high beam illuminates the truth you go back to the 4th grade behavior again. Your above letter is my case and point. The world just may come to a standstill the day you actually take responsibility for your actions. Take the LBW issue that you claim that Harkins went against the public-your claim is interesting because it appears that you didn’t even read what the people voted on. It was to sell for a minimum of $10 million-even then you only did part of the job-you failed to complete the process-my guess is it was because your ego was soooo big that no one would ever question your price tag–or your holier than thou attitude all the details were someone else’s responsibility-when in fact it was your responsibility to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and YOU FAILED IN YOUR DUTY…AGAIN.
    My guess is that you may have “accidentally” on purpose omitted certain facts that were “inconvenient” if anyone knew about them…kinda like those “raises” you gave out or “firing” people in town hall as part of your “transition” plan. Do I believe you or Alvin and John? I’m thinking that while they are far far from perfect they are not as big of a “misrepresent-er” as you are…. k apish?….Rest assured Jimmyboy the Stratford’s finest wouldn’t respond to putting the fire out on your pants…no matter who the chief is.

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