Et Tu, CT Post?


You read it in the Post:

Panel’s proposals will help Stratford
Article Last Updated: 05/30/2008 06:50:42 PM EDT

Stratford’s Charter Revision Commission last week finished its work and recommended a list of charter changes that, if eventually adopted, will strengthen the town’s fledgling strong mayor/town council form of government.

The recommendations now go to the Stratford Town Council, which has the option of approving the package as it is and placing it on the ballot in November for citizen approval or making suggested changes and returning the recommendations to the Charter Revision Commission for reconsideration.

We urge council members to thoroughly vet the proposals but not send them back with a laundry list of dramatic alterations.

The Charter Revision Commission, under the pressure of a four-month deadline, performed a commendable job of developing proposals that do not radically alter Stratford’s new form of government but, rather, strengthen the checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches.

Most important, the commission recommended a clear line of succession in the mayor’s absence or unavailability, gave the council a super-majority veto over appointment of a town attorney and stripped the mayor’s authority to veto council resolutions but not proposed ordinances.

The panel’s recommendations are sensible but probably will not satisfy all Stratford voters. There are some who would like a return to the previous town manager form of government, while still others want greater restrictions placed on the office and powers of mayor.

The Charter Revision Commission properly has taken a long view of the charter’s (and town’s) future, putting aside the short-term notoriety and controversy surrounding present officeholders.

One area of further discussion by the Town Council is bound to be a proposal to give the legislative body super-majority veto power over all top mayoral appointments such as department heads.

The Charter Revision Commission wisely rejected that plan twice and council members should not endorse it, as tempting as it may seem. In a strong mayor form of government, a mayor needs and must have the right to choose his own closest advisers and department heads.


12 Responses to “Et Tu, CT Post?”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    I humbly disagree with the wise editor’s of the Post. By not establishing some practice of legitimate hiring and firing the citizens and taxpayers are subject to political appointments in crucial operational areas.

    A strong mayor persuades and leads the Town. It is not accomplished by hiring political friends and relatives and firing qualified employees.

    The same is true for the Town Attorney. The Town Attorney cannot serve at the pleasure of a mayor while all of the citizens pay his fee.

    The least important section was line of succession. Only the Connecticut Post feels the need for this change.

    This Commission had the chance to remove politics (played as a blood sport in Stratford) from the operational portion of government. They blew it. It is now back in the hands of the Council to protect the voters from substandard government.

  2. 2 1george1

    “It is now back in the hands of the Council to protect the voters
    from substandard government.”

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    The Town Council HAND PICKED the C. R. C.

    Julian named 3 REPUBLICANS.
    The 2 ladies tried to add BARRY KNOTT.
    Julians 3 won easily.

    Gavin named 3 DEMOCRATS
    They WON, uncontested.

    MOORE named 3 supposed UNAFFILIATED.
    They WON, uncontested.


    On March 3, the CT. POST published my scathing Letter to the
    Editor about the SELECTION PROCESS, by the Town Council of
    the HAND PICKED C. R. C.

    Like the characters in Gulliver’s Travels, the C. R. C. argued about
    the stuff THEY & the PARTY PATRONS care about, NOT things
    beneficial to the PEOPLE.

    Further, those THINGS left unsaid and the solicitations of opinions
    of the Town Attorney and the content thereof, SHALL “HAUNT.”



    First you had confidence in the C. R. C.

    NOW you have confidence in the Town Council?



    Jim Miron is a puppet.

    Dick Miron is a puppet.

    They work with Burturla, Schirillo, and a few others in the D party,
    who work with Norm/Camillo, DeCilio/Cabrol, Hoydic/Moore/Harkins
    /Miller, and a few others.

    Those people are interactive to other area towns and state reps.
    Some more than others.

    Those people are interactive to other area states/towns and Fed reps.
    Some more than others.


    As proven with the Bush / Gonzales firings of U. S. ATTORNEYS, every
    FEDERAL Department / Agency gets marching orders from the Politically
    appointed, not dissimilar to the KGB.

    All Military Academy graduates are Political Appointments to enter, not
    unlike the KGB or the IMPERIAL / COLONIAL Powers.


    Personnel is policy.

    When you see POLICE / FIRE / other personnel flowing in / out of
    SIKORSKY / AVCO / GE, with huge numbers of very highly paid people
    who kick back donations and contracts individually + to / as companies,
    they influence local CONTRACTS, PENSIONS, and POLITICS.

    ON SITE, for DAILY communications to local / state police and political
    entities, including the Town Committees.

    The CHAIN of COMMAND follows ORDERS, gives FEED BACK, and works
    interactively with D. C., Arlington, MacClean, Langley, Quantico, Hague,
    London/Greenwich, and other parts of Europe and the Levant.

    Military Detachments have a level of autonomy, but work with the local,
    state, national: bureaucrats/apparatchiks/nomenklatura, elected, appointed, political, corporate, & private entities decision makers.

    Everything is

    The scheisskopt in stratford actually think they make the decisions.
    They make some.
    Others are passed along.
    Others are created are implemented for the counter intuitive process
    which MARX called REACTIONARY. Although back then, it was the Grand
    Capitalists who were reactionary, now the PUBLIC are REACTIONARY,

    Even the Scott McClellan bombshells were planned for purpose!

    A PBS show with experienced Press, made a big deal about the Sandra
    Day O’Connor retirement. Why? Because they felt it was one of the few
    times that even the ESTABLISHMENT was caught off guard?

    Who are the ESTABLISHMENT?
    What team do the GLOBE TROTTERS play against?

    Can the ESTABLISHMENT be surprized?
    They were stunned in 1987, by certain factions in the INTELLIGENCE
    Community, influenced by Europe and the Levant.


    Oh, this posting will be viewed by people outside stratford.
    I have interactive knowledge this is true, regardless of tin fOIL.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    Are you suggesting that we lay back and try to enjoy it?

    Now, pardon me while I look for my fulcrum. I know it’s around here somewhere…

  4. 4 1george1

    No chance would I suggest that one accepts tyranny.

    Just open your eyes to reality that those in powers are unaware of what
    they want to achieve, and there are people willing to go along amd others
    willing to use them for their own reasons.

    Can’t solve a problem, until one knows it exists.

    Yet why contunually act like Custer, charging into superior numbers and
    superior position? In the entire Western campaigns, only 1,000 Military
    were lost. And the indian victory was pyhricc.

    Yet when confronted by superior forces and positions, constantly probe.
    SUN TSU.

    WAR is a continuation of POLITICS, by other means.

    The PEN is mightier than the WORD.

    However, the WORD must be effectively delivered.

  5. 5 1george1

    Last week I asked Rich Weisel, why he quotes anyone / evryone except me?
    He said to give him a break, he had a 12 hour day. OK.

    Yet, I speak at every Town Council Public Forum, Budget Hearing, C. R. C. Hearing,
    LBW Hearing, and a couple of Zoning Hearings.

    At almost every forum, I have prepared handouts, which I give to the Government
    and to the Press.

    I attended fewer C. R. C. than Mr/Ms Runkunis, Madelyn, Jon, and maybe Palermo,
    but more than most other people.

    I was the ONLY person to attend all of the Budget Workshops, other than the Town
    Councilors, and employees / management of the Town.


    The CT. POST has an editorial policy to only make editorial comment on those
    things reported.

    If I get ZERO COVERAGE and if WEISEL refuses to mention the REAL ISSUES, the
    CT. POST Editorial staff never addresses the real stories of what is relevant to
    the future of Stratford.

    While some feast on the anti-Miron stuff, there is a changing of the guard in
    Fairfield, Bridgeport, and Stratford which benefit the real enemy of those who
    think the Mirons were completely to blame.
    It is not that they are completely blameless.

  6. 6 mikereynolds

    Maybe he’s just tired of listening to you?

  7. 7 1george1

    Maybe Mike you are right?
    The same way I feel about you and your minimal contributions.

  8. 8 sudds

    Point to Mulligan!

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    I’m sure you are tired of me and my snarkiness towards you. If so all the better.

    However I wasn’t aware that people who visit and post here were being held to any kind of standard as far as how much they post or what they post.

    If your diatribes are an example of this so called standard then I am happy to fail to meet that standard.

  10. Jeze ~

    I agree. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t some back and forth at the last meeting to try and work on making Ben Proto’s suggestion a little “toothier” since it seemed that Commissioners Florek and Rodia were leaning a bit in his direction, but weren’t feeling the bite.

    Also, I am also very disappointed about the Town Attorney situation. The citizens should have a Town Attorney who works for them and in their bests interests. A “corporation counsel” type of position would most definitely save the taxpayers a ton of money. The day-to-day matters which end up being handled (and probably overcharged) by BMD would be handled in-house. We wouldn’t have to pay outside counsel for employee agreements, contracts or even the research and preparation of legal oinions. There are also other routine items that can probably be absorbed by an in-house general counsel. While I agree that there may be times that outside counsel is required – it happens in all major corporations – the uncomplicated, routine matters that arise can be handled in-house for a fraction of the cost.

    I was at the final CRC meeting and recognized the fact that Rich Buturla was not there. I asked Dave Blumstein, who was also present, if the attorney there was a BMD guy and he thought he was. Don’t we, the taxpayers, pay him a monthly stipend to be at these and other Town meetings that the Town Attorney’s presence is required? If so, are we being double-billed because Rich Buturla was not available or does the monthly stipend cover his colleague’s coverage for him?

  11. 11 sudds

    Mike… If you read George’s post… he REALLY does care about Startford and her citizens!! Granted I sometimes wish that I could get the “Cliff’s Notes” versions of his postings, but at the heart of each is REALLY good information (and a few ramblings)!

    One key point though is that I did personally see him hand out supporting materials after his time on the mike at the last CRC2 public forum… so how the P-(make the M for Miron)-whipped little worm from the paper could only tell one side of the story just PROVES that our press has once again let us down!

    If you’re reading this Mr. Weisel… our Country’s Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves because of how you bastardize the freedom of press that they fought so hard for!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!

    Lastly to George… stay true to yourself Georgie-Boy… no one ever caused real change by sitting in the corner and being subservient!!!

  12. 12 1george1

    I raised the issue to Esq. Brian LeClerk of BMD, to ask if he was being paid
    $ 150 per hour OR if it was covered by Stipend?

    He turned his back on me. I smiled.

    I FOI to Burturla & Gail. I got some info.
    They claim they do not have a program to do summary?
    I have a couple of specific entries about what was paid to Florek about
    a case involving someone readers would recognize.
    I had to tell that person, who is not happy about that (can’t comment more)

    C. A. O. McCauley told me 2 months ago, she got daily reports from each
    Department and it sounded like she had the format I requested.

    She and I will talk in mid June, now that Budgets are over.
    Further, I have a new recourse, but I don’t want to shake that boat, yet.

    Burturla was adamant about certain things during Budget Work shop.
    They let him off very easy.
    I held back from pursuing / pressuring the Town Attorney information thru
    F. O. I., which can cost money at 50 cents per page.

    Meanwhile Jim Miron and Dick Burturla are not happy with me.
    Since I believe they protect murderers within the Feds / State, I don’t care
    about pleasing them.



    Thank you for the vote of confidence and endorsement that I care about
    the people and town of Stratford.

    I am so stupid, while busting em on Burturla & Miron, I have also given them
    praise when deserved (despite cause to be bitter) and tried to protect their
    loved ones and innocents.

    And Sudds, due to my well rounded shape…
    I can’t fit in the corner…

    And Sudds, Rich has health issues for his son and major distractions. I was
    happy for him to go from being a stringer, to working for the Bard/Register,
    to working for the Post. Family comes first. Gotta protect the innocent and
    those who count on you.

    I talk to Rich and limit my bustin on him.

    Several years ago Father Kopka was head of the Ethics Commission and he
    sqashed my 7 complaints against Burturla / Miron / Mossman.
    However I know people in his parish.
    I knew he had people whose family were still behind the IRON CURTAIN
    and others who did not have a GREEN CARD, to be in the USA.
    Here I am trying to protect my family and friends, AND I knew he had the
    EXACT same pressures on him.

    Dick Miron is of Russian extraction and certain ones in the Democratic Party
    are Marxist / Socialists, regardless of ethnicity.

    At a certain level, peoples’ lives mean nothing to certain people.


    I can never give up.

    Even if I wanted to….

    I don’t often win….
    I have made a difference that NO one will ever know about
    and others like my buddy mike would only mock,

    Maybe it is almost time to post in George’s?

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