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It’s that time again. The Town of Stratford will decide how much your property is worth. Revaluation RFQ Does anyone think their house is worth more than it was 5 years ago? Tried to get a mortgage lately? How about you Lordship residents? Your homes (and taxes) more than doubled last time. And, of course, […]

Could it be that there are other people in this State that think people are smarter than politicians? You read it in the Post: Group seeks to win right to petition KEN DIXONArticle Last Updated: 06/26/2008 11:50:45 PM EDT HARTFORD — Connecticut’s form of government should be changed to allow direct referendum and initiative similar to […]

Let’s wish Maureen Kendrick better luck in her next job. Maureen was the legal secretary in Miron’s office till he fired her. Apparently Maureen had the unmitigated gall to think that a legal secretary with dozens of years of experience shouldn’t be the one to sit all day in the new “customer service” center at […]

Toga! Toga!


The Hell with the facts! Let’s just spend some money! Hey, who was supposed to bring the keg? You read it in the Post: Shakespeare developer choice on hold STRATFORD — When Ed Goodrich ran for mayor nearly three years ago, the lifelong Stratford resident vowed to restore the long-vacant Shakespeare theater to prominence as […]

You read it in the Post Mayor James R. Miron said he had not heard about problems at the three fields. He added that if concerned parents want to see these fields get more attention, they should urge town officials to increase funding for the Parks Department and create a division solely responsible for maintenance […]

Chasing Tails


“Study Circles”? Is that like crop circles? Is it possible that 100 people divided into 10 groups can delay this for at least 18 months? You know, in time for Miron to run again? Gee, you’d think this location wasn’t Miron’s “idea” in the first place. You read it in the Post: Study circles part […]

Executive Assistant to the Mayor This is a highly responsible administrative position involving the performance of a variety of administrative duties in support of the Mayor of the Town of Stratford. The Executive Assistant is the principal secretary for the Office of the Mayor. Work involves serving as primary secretary and office manager for the […]

1 Mayor @ $ 90,000 2 Assistants to the Mayor @ $ 110,000 1 Secretary to the Mayor @ 36,033 1 Legal Secretary @ $ 58,808 1 Chief Administrative Officer @ $ 90,000 1 Grant Writer @ $ 66,917 1 Administrative Analyst @ $ 55,863 Plus Health Insurance, Tuition, 401K contribution, Company Car, vacation, sick […]

Is there any part of Stratford that the City of Bridgeport won’t try and steal? I understand that Mr. Kaolian would just love to see a busy mid-sized airport spring up in the middle of Lordship. Sadly, for Mr. Kaolian, the hard part will not be stealing more land, it will be $160/barrel and more […]

Maybe Laura Dobosz was right. I have dedicated this post to all the positive things Miron has accomplished since December of 2005. Knock yourselves out…