Economic Development?


Does anyone know if we can FOI those tapes? If Town employees or our elected officials are on them they should get the same break as Eliot Spitzer.

You read it in the Fairfield Weekly:

County Fair: A Not So Happy Ending
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Thursday, June 05, 2008
By FCW Editorial

Last week, a 45-year-old Ukrainian immigrant was sentenced to 67 months in federal prison for operating several brothels in Stratford, Norwalk and Stamford.

The feds say Aleksander Dubogryzov, also known as Sasha Soposhnik, ran the New Age Management in Stratford, the Norwalk Health Center in Norwalk and the Red Square in Stamford, which posed as either “spas,” “health centers” or “holistic health centers,” but in reality were prostitution dens. He ran similar spas in New York and New Jersey.

According to the Connecticut Post, “Men paid a $60 entrance fee in Stratford and $70 in Norwalk for a back rub. Dubogryzov charged the women $40 to transport them from Brooklyn, to the spas and then $5 for each customer they serviced.”

Tom Carson, public information officer for the U.S. Attorney, District of Connecticut, says the investigation revealed that Dubogryzov installed cameras in smoke detectors at the Stratford and Norwalk locations that caught “acts of prostitution” on tape. The videos, Carson says, were seized from Dubogryzov’s New York home.

Dubogryzov, the feds say, advertised the brothels on the internet and in several adult sections of newspapers. He also solicited women to work at the brothels by advertising in the Russian language newspaper known as Russkaya Reklama.

Carson says Dubogryzov was arrested at a Westport Lexus car dealership by authorities in September 2006. The feds say Dubogryzov never paid taxes on any of his brothels and on September 25, 2007, a grand jury found him guilty of transporting for immoral purposes, conspiracy to transport for immoral purposes, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is also subject to deportation.

Besides the 67-month prison sentence, he will be given three years of supervised release and was ordered to forfeit to the government $104,830.11 in cash that was seized and an additional $200,000 in proceeds from the future sale of property that he owns in New York.

Our only question is this: If the punishment should fit the crime, why didn’t the judge sentence him to 69 months?

“Our only question is this: If the punishment should fit the crime, why didn’t the judge sentence him to 69 months?”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, One reason may be the 50 plus calls that were made from the Mayor of Stratford’s office to the brothel, didn’t want to open up that can of worms!!!!
Posted by LEROY on 6.3.08 at 19.53

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  1. Where is our list of names??? I’m sure many will be recognizable members of our community!

  2. 2 sudds

    I swear my back really did hurt!!!!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    Did your health insurance cover it?

  4. 4 sudds

    I… ahhhh… never thought about submitting it to insurance!!! Yeah, that’s it!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

  5. 5 starlooker

    In the Fairfield Weekly someone posted that 100 calls were made from the Town Hall. I keep telling people if I wrote a Soap Opera “As Stratford Turns” nobody would EVER believe the story line…… If they only knew we are living it. Just in a week alone we find out about the Jewish women from the VFW being insulted and now the calls made from the Town Hall to Massage parlor….What is NEXT….Afraid to ask

  6. 6 1george1

    1) Below is part of an E-mail sent today, without having seen the CT. POST.

    2) I had just posted on another string, using “As Stratford Turns” myself, without
    having seen starlooker’s post.

    3) I really do have a bad back. It has been many years since I used “professional
    help” of doctors’ therapy and other sources, which are less expensive and more
    comprehensive. 😉


    I believe people in the 2 parties in Stratford and surrounding Towns & the State of CT caused intentional delays, in order to make a huge financial killing in Bridgeport / Stratford about 2010 & later while they rotated work & development to other
    parts of the state = MOTIVE to ELIMINATE Checks & Balances in the Stratford Town Charter, among other motives

    The Purchase of the Airport has been on Stratford Town Council Agenda over 1 year.
    It had been Tabled every month until last month.
    Last Month the Airport purchase item went into executive session.

    I believe:

    1) The airport has intentionally been run into the ground.

    2) The east side of Bridgeport from the coast to GE Boston Avenue has intentionally been run into the ground and left vacant.

    3) Steel Point manipulations and legal entanglements are intentional delays.

    4) I – 95 through Bridgeport is finally finished with parts of Fairfield, Stratford, Milford coming soon. Bridge next to Sikorsky on I – 15 intentionally done first and BIG WIDER.

    5) AVCO /SAEP intentionally delayed

    6) Shakespeare intentionally delayed

    7) EPA / DEP Toxic dumpsites intentionally delayed

    8) Long Beach West Sale TIMING = intentional

    When the people of a certain Law firm and certain political parties have all of their ducks lined up, then and only then will there be economic development in Stratford and Bridgeport.

  7. 7 freedomofspeach

    It’s pretty much confirmed that there is a list of calls from Stratford, some from the town hall or town phones apparently, and there is a video tape of the customers. The Feds are not going to release any of it without a fight.

    The TC has a right and a responsibility to investigate these claims, if they don’t, then maybe the issue is with them also. I wonder how many Счастливые законцовки (happy endings) holders of elected town positions have received. Does the Mayor have a town AMEX Card? Maybe need to look at that account.

    News People and Taxpayers, you must demand the information from the US Attorneys Office, the guy has pled, wont hurt him a bit. But each day that this psychotic, depraved, and dishonest family continues to rain their evil over the town, the farther it sinks into oblivion.

    Hey Mr. Mayor remember the phrase “вы принимаете американца курьерского”.

    Джимми, скоро правда о вас будет известно

  8. 8 lauradobosz


    Excellent usage of an internet “translation” site, FOS. Are Kudos in order? I think not.

    Unfortunately, your attempt to use Russian to make some sort of point (not sure what point that might have been..) was inaccurate. Your spelling was atrociously off, so that alone gave you away. If the “truth” is to be “known” about anyone in our Town Government, I would hope it would start with the cowardly posters here finally identifying themselves, showing up at town meetings and actually participating in moving our town forward. The CT Post actually reporting facts rather than altered, misquoted, drama-attracting, paper selling baloney would also be helpful.

    Rich Weizel should apply for a job at the Enquirer. That is where his skill level apparently lies.

  9. 9 freedomofspeach

    Ms. Dobosz: No need to be rude to me, you don’t know me, I don’t know you, and I am sure we travel in different social circles. My comments are my opinions, and I don’t live in Stratford, so other than a passing interest in the train wreck, your personal issues mean nothing to me. The un-spun facts are what matters and holds my interest.

    My translation is from a program on my computer, not on the internet. But the translation can only be what words they understand, and since it works in translations for most business transactions, it was more than good enough for this blog. My spelling in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet) are what the program gave me, and since the Russians I deal with seem to be able to understand my emails, and I have dealt with a lot of them over the years, I guess its pretty close.

    You also state you not sure of my point, well let me clear it up. Reports are that someone in town hall was possibly a customer of a brothel run by a Russian who has pled guilty and made numerous calls from town owned phones. There are also tapes that the AUSA has. Don’t you support if that’s a claim that’s being made that an investigation into it be made? Patronizing a prostitute and failing to file proper tax documents for what you pay them is a crime. Or should this not be even discussed out of respect for the Mayor. Even if it was not him, he’s the Mayor, and its his responsibility.

    As far as for cowardly posters you mention, do you mean Miron and his people at town hall who post things under assumed names (but with town IP addresses) or those who are afraid for their jobs, as Mr. Miron tends to fire anyone who won’t support his views? I know you don’t mean me as I don’t, never have, and never will, work for the town, so you must mean the employees that have to worry about his unethical, arbitrary, and capricious behavior toward anyone who won’t tow his line.

    I am more confused about your Connecticut Post comment, I guess you believe a free press who reports about crimes and criminals should be silenced out of respect for Mayor Miron. Sorry, not going to happen, in fact, it’s going to get much worse over the next few months as the 80 plus people file criminal charges against Dick Miron, and the information comes out on how much he put into the Mayors campaign, off the back of the bereaved. I am also confused that you lack comments on the facts of the cases, but just try to assassinate the character of the reporter. Yet I don’t hear you calling for his removal as the party chief after he has admitted he did it, and the AG has the evidence.

    All your posts praise the Mayor, yet none of them say exactly what he has done to deserve your accolades. Since you have been unwilling or unable to provide anything to debate on the matter, I have to assume your just another one toting the line. I am sure people will respect you more when you can come forward with something to have a healthy, spirited debate on, rather than just exchanging oxygen and wasting bandwith.

  10. 10 lauradobosz

    Wow. I really pushed your buttons there, FOS, didn’t I? lol
    I’ll have to break your extensive post down.

    1 and 2. I do not believe I was being rude. At all. I was simply responding in kind, to the general posting nature of this particular site. As far as your translation program and who you do business with, I really do not care. I know a fair share of Russian myself and have family members who are fluent, so I simply forwarded your quotes that you got off of an internet translation site on to them and reached my conclusion. No worries. People have used those sites to try to sound important before. You are not unique.

    3. Your point. You seriously think that a Russian prostitutes ring is running through town hall? Be more creative. This one made me snort my water through my nose. If I ever meet you in person and you ever own up to who you are, you owe me a tissue.

    4. No. I mean Jezebel, sudds and yourself. I find it ironic that posters who are seeking supposed justice are afraid to show their own face, all the while claiming (with ZERO proof) that they have “IP Addresses” that all supposedly come out of town hall, or other “Miron puppet” homes. What a joke.

    5. I most certainly do believe in free press. Free press means that all sides of every story are reported. Free press means that if you interview an individual, you directly quote them when you use these little buggers – ” “. Free press also means that when you see a documented, printed statement, that you do not alter it for your own agenda. The concept of Freedom of Speech was created to defend people who wanted to express themselves without fear of retaliation. It was not founded so people could alter the words of the people they were interviewing, nor alter daily events to sell newspapers. Freedom of speech works for the people being interviewed. Not the publishing industry or the reporter.

    6. I have posted many viable opinions on this site. Just because I care not to engage in Mayor bashing does not make me a fraud or unwilling. Our Mayor has done a great deal for our town. Have you seen Stratford Center? We have had progress made in properties that have lied dormant for decades. Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford. Do you think that the US Army was so eager to deal with a small town’s issue, during our national current time of war? Probably not so much, eh? Our Mayor fought for it and got results.

    The same goes for Long Beach West. Again, the government was perhaps not so willing to look at a small stretch of land on the coast of Connecticut and yet here they are. Mayor Miron put that in motion. It is a sound decision and we need to follow up and sell that land.

    I am clear (crystal) that posters here hate the Mayor for personal reasons that you all somehow feel you are justified in having. I am just saying that it is to the detriment of our Town for you to constantly ignore the progress we are making, simply to serve some falsely driven personal vendetta.

  11. 11 lauradobosz


    I was not polite.

    You called me Ms. Dobosz.

    Should I have called you Mr. F.O.S?

    Or Ms?

    You do know that I am resisting the strong urge to refer to your “F.O.S” in the more obvious manner… 😉

    P.S I’m cool with you calling me Laura. I have used my own name from the get go and I can’t change it now that Dave (crud!! again!) er, Jezebel identifies IPs. I have no other option, right? 😉

  12. 12 freedomofspeach

    Good evening Laura, I answered your post point by point, so it gets wordy. As far as owing you a tissue I am sure you and I will never meet, unless you get to the west coast, so I guess your going to have to supply your own.

    “so I simply forwarded your quotes that you got off of an internet translation site”

    Wrong again. I use a LingVoSoft type program, not the internet. But I guess facts really don’t mean much to you.

    “Your point. You seriously think that a Russian prostitutes ring is running through town hall?”

    No, not what I said, and not even close. What I said was there appears to be information out there that someone from the town hall or on a town phone has made calls to the brothel. Frankly, the type of crimes that are run out of town hall, are from the gang that cant shoot straight, so it could not be them running it, as the prostitution ring was very profitable.

    “Jezebel, sudds and yourself. I find it ironic that posters who are seeking supposed justice are afraid to show their own face, all the while claiming (with ZERO proof) that they have “IP Addresses” that all supposedly come out of town hall, or other “Miron puppet” homes. What a joke.”

    I don’t post my identity because as I have said I have no dog in this fight, I don’t live there, never have, just following the train wreck that is Stratford Politics. I am a professional who is interested in Fairfield County Politics, been interested for years. Why should I have to deal with the fall out when I will never benefit from the risk? Others, their preference, but I am sure based on your comments you think you know who these people are and each is entitled to their freedom of speech, and as some of the framers used pseudonyms to protect themselves, I have no problem with it. Since most of the discussions here are from posts in newspapers, it makes it more valid and desirable to protect their identify. Also as you know the town put out a bid for IP tracking and logging software in 2007, so anyone from IP clearly has their messages tracked or they are deleted by an administrator.

    “I most certainly do believe in free press.”

    Me too, I fought to protect and defend it, and you’re welcome. Your comments on what your problems are with the local newspapers and their alleged spin are your opinions. Others don’t feel the same way. I don’t think the post has enough testicular fortitude to do the right thing, and that bothers me. As far as editorials, those are opinions of the writer, and nothing more.

    “Free press also means that when you see a documented, printed statement, that you do not alter it for your own agenda.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. How about you give me a clear example where a reporter from the Post altered a document, not a press release from the Mayor, but a document, and altered it for their agenda in a news report? I look forward to your presentation of facts. If a document has been altered, I would be the first one to comment.

    “I have posted many viable opinions on this site. Just because I care not to engage in Mayor bashing does not make me a fraud or unwilling. Our Mayor has done a great deal for our town. Have you seen Stratford Center? We have had progress made in properties that have lied dormant for decades. Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford.”

    Please point out one of the posts that have outlined his accomplishments?
    Property that has been dormant for years were under revitalization prior to the change in form of government, that’s a fact. What ones are you referring to that he has had involvement in?

    Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford? You’re kidding right? First, that is not true in any stretch of the imagination. Second, he apparently has been meeting with a figurehead and none of the real owners for over a year. That’s poor management, a Chief Executive officer not meeting with a decision maker is a waste of time. If you truly feel that he has had a substantial involvement, other than meeting with people who weld no power in the organization, then I would enjoy hearing about it.

    “Do you think that the US Army was so eager to deal with a small town’s issue, during our national current time of war? Probably not so much, eh? Our Mayor fought for it and got results.”

    Need to do your homework on this one. The Army took it away from Stratford because they hoped that the change in government would have a positive effect, however when they saw no hope in it happening, they exercised their right and removed the town and the LRA from the process. If Miron was capable, knowledgeable, had the political connections and support, and “fought for it”, he would have never lost the right for early transfer and resale. His actions, or should I say inactions, lost the town a substantial amount of cash that will never be recovered, about $12 million, and lost about 10 plus years of work.

    “The same goes for Long Beach West. Again, the government was perhaps not so willing to look at a small stretch of land on the coast of Connecticut and yet here they are. Mayor Miron put that in motion. It is a sound decision and we need to follow up and sell that land.”

    And what about the Stakeholders? Don’t they have a say? Just because Miron wants to sell land and there seems to be some accountability issues regarding the money and where it will go, does that mean that the town should go forward without the taxpayers approval? What makes it a sound decision?

    And since you opened the door about his abilities, who/what are B & L Systems? They don’t seem to be registered as an A & E firm, or with the Secretary of the State, yet they consulted by contract directly to the Mayor on the structural integrity and renovation costs of the Stratford Shakespeare Theater. Does that seem like a wise decision on his part? Why won’t he release the report to the town council? Dont you think the town will have some liablity from a report that was produced for the town by a consultant that is not properly licensed?

    And as I have said before, it’s Mr., and you may call me Freedom.

  13. 13 1george1

    I do not know if anyone notices that Mr. Weisel quotes many different people
    at Town Council and special Meetings, yet has only once quoted me.

    Yet, who is better prepared among the Public, with printed positions?
    Who is more knowledgeable, among the Public about a diversity of Town Issues?
    Who has done more research among the Public, and shared it?


    Laura’s family speaks Russian?
    Dick Miron is of Russian decent?
    Freedom of Speech does business with Russians?

    The Cheney Oil and War FOREIGN POLICY looks like it was scripted by KGB:
    1) High Oil & Gas Prices prop up economy.

    2) Our forces kill off those in Afghanistan who killed their people.

    3) They can sell weapons to the Middle East, paid by high Oil / Gas prices,
    and to Korea.

    4) BP & Exxon / Mobil are building up their Oil Fields in the Black Sea, the
    “Stans,” and Sakhalin – 1 & Sakhalin – 2: Huge Russian Oil Fields, north of Japan.

    5) The cheap dollar will allow Russia to buy USA companies.
    > I find it unusual the American Military and Internationalists are propping up
    Socialist Countries, where the workers have Socialized Medicine and far more
    time off and benefits, while they BREAK the REAL UNIONS in the U.S.A.
    > I don’t consider the PENSION ABUSES of Stratford Management people to
    be real UNION people, just thieves, who are willing to let others steal the
    prime assets of the Town and people!

    Laura, were you aware the Town was offered $ 40,000,000 for LBW and would

    Laura, are you favoring another subsidized Shakespeare, instead of Property
    Tax Paying, licensed partnerships, with economic engine to Town tourism?

    Laura, I know you are no fan of a certain person and a certain cc!
    Looks like AVCO has Team Stratford # 3, since Willinger reps the anti Allen
    Christopher, and Willinger was involved with Team Stratford # 2, and there
    was a common bond / person between Team Stratford # 2 & # 1.

    It appears that Willinger was cleared of any charges in Steal Point?
    But we know courts never limit evidence, frame issues, and have never
    had ability to steer juries, because this is the Russian versian of the USA,
    just ask Aldridge Ames and Robert Hannsen

    Oh, when Councilman Camillo gave his farewell, he noted 2 people first:
    1) N Aldrich
    2) R Burturla

    When Monti Posillico gave a presentation to the Feehan Council, it was by
    an ex-Army Judge Advocate?
    Recently Berchem’s firm merged with a smaller Westport firm, which has on
    its’ staff… an ex-Army Judge Advocate?


    I have family & friends of Polish and Eastern Europe extraction, which probably
    have Mongol and Russian ancestors, because the USA is mutt centrial.
    I have NOTHING again ANY Race, Color, Creed, Religion, Ethnic, etc ……

    And what happened to me in my earlier life has roots in History.

    And I have a rumor that I am being set up on the Pensions and Avco for locals,
    when orders and games are planned beyond them.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Glad to see you are back. Maybe a little nastier than I recall, but back nonetheless.

    I am also glad to see you finally posted 3 things you think Mayor Moron did for this town. In more than two years I knew there had to be something. Sadly, you chose three things in which he had almost no involvement.

    “Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford.”

    The way my college kid “orchestrates” the music in “Guitar Hero III”?

    Here is an excerpt from a letter to Mayor Moron from the entire CT congressional delegation telling him to butt out:

    “However, we must regretfully decline the Town Council’s request for legislation which would restrict the Army from seeking buyers for the surplus lands surrounding the plant and obligate the government to spend $150 million in remediation efforts without being able to seek a private firm willing to assume the financial burden of cleaning the site pursuant to developing the land for reuse.”

    You can read the whole letter here:

    “The same goes for Long Beach West.”

    What deal has been made? I didn’t hear that any contract has been signed. A couple of cottages have burned down, but other than that….is he taking credit for the arson too? Have payment terms been finalized? Access? Usage? Anything?

    “Have you seen Stratford Center?”

    Have you seen it? There is less parking than before (not that parking is important near the train station). Oh wait, I forgot, the money to make that silly traffic island and plant those trees came from money from the train station. But wait! You must mean that the businesses haven’t been flooded out like they used to be. We should send a thank you note to Mike Feeney and Ben Branyan for finally fixing that.

    “I am just saying that it is to the detriment of our Town for you to constantly ignore the progress we are making, simply to serve some falsely driven personal vendetta.”

    Laura, Laura, Laura….the mistakes, missteps, threats, intimidations, squandering of monies, vulgarities..well the list is just too long to reprint here.

    When progress (you know, the real kind?) is made it is posted here as soon as it is known.

    But I glad you’re back.

  15. 15 1george1


    To be fair to Laura, this site brings out the sarcasm in me and in yourself too.

    And, I like having real debates and having people expose their positions, which
    everytime a Miron supporter blogs on, gets really blasted
    (not without cause in too many cases)

    If we all we a bit less confrontational, we might each learn:
    A) what kind of real jerks each of us REALLY is?
    B) weakness in our position or reasoning?
    C) why each of us is so darned correct and the others are darned fools!

    I vote for “C.”

  16. 16 jezebel282


    I have been nothing but fair to Laura. I have never called her a name or accused her of lying. I simply asked her to list Miron’s accomplishments. Repeatedly.

    The first year it was “give him a chance”. We’re into our third year and any “chances” have expired.

    Laura is more than welcome to discuss anything she wants here. So is Miron for that matter. I don’t recall anyone being abused that wrote seriously. Gavin Forrester, Jon Best, Allen Christopher even Amy Wanamaker (she has an MBA, you know).

    If someone would read this to Dom Costello, even he could post here. (See Dom, it’s like a series of tubes….)

  17. 17 1george1


    I think you post is mostly appropriate to Laura and others.

    Both PCS and Freedom addressed issues Laura appeared to address to them,
    so it is not ganging up on Laura from my perspective.

    I would love to read more post from Laura, Jason, Jim, (and the ghost wrier)
    Of that crew, I give Dave Mooney the most credibility with Laura having
    merit on what we discussed late last year, and “some” of her blogs.

    I welcome diversity of perspectives!!
    I especially like to see facts and figures to support positions and opinons

    It has been months since I spoke to Dom.
    He turned off his computer & e-mail.
    I believe he blew his chance to become Mayor by not challenging the C.R.C.
    and affiliated issues. (pun intended)
    (I don’t understand the reference about series of tubes)

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Google Ted Stevens, U.S. Senator from Alaska.

    “Ten movies streaming across that, that Internet, and what happens to your own personal Internet? I just the other day got… an Internet was sent by my staff at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday, I got it yesterday [Tuesday]. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the Internet commercially.

    […] They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the Internet. And again, the Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It’s not a big truck. It’s a series of tubes. And if you don’t understand, those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and it’s going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.”

  19. George ~

    I found Laura’s postings to be very insulting and lacking in substance. She’ll post here, every once in a while, and sling mud. Each and every time – she’s offered nothing to back up her praise for Jim Miron. I’ll say it again – I don’t hate the man. I don’t think he was the right guy for the job. I didn’t vote for him, so I was standing in the same place when I went into the voting booth for the mayoral election. I was sick to my stomach that he was elected with only 33% of the votes. I knew then that Stratford was going to be in trouble for at least the next four years.

    Question: Is Laura Dobosz a property-owning taxpaying citizen or is she another, like Amy Wanamaker, with a MBA who still lives at home with her parents? Paying tax on a motor vehicle isn’t the same, as far as I am concerned. Is she a parent who is affected by what happens at the Board of Education? I have a vested interest in this Town. I chose to live here, to raise my daughter here. I’ve owned my home for almost 20 years and my hard-earned tax dollars have gone to the salaries of the people in Town Hall. I’ve lived here for well over 35 years and spent most of my life when I wasn’t here. As far as I’m concerned – her words and insults mean very little. My conscious is clear.

  20. Oops, typo, conscience….LOL

  21. 21 1george1


    A little Freudian … ?
    Gargling with the White Out again?
    Using the CAPNIP paper?

    PCS we gotta get you outta your shell and have you articulate your position
    with some passion instead of staid commentary.

    Even though “her words and insults mean little” you rebutted them,
    And, as you know… “Silence is concent.”


    From what I can see, Laura has been challenged to a blog duel, by PCS?

    Perhaps Jeze will create a “cat-fite-site” with contestants exclusive to 2 people.
    Rocki can be the ring side judge for “scoring.”

    Jeze can make up the point’s system, which might include, Claws, Bites, Fur
    Balls, Kitty Litter, RR Station Cat House, Mousing, Catnips & Catnaps.
    > since I never owned a cat, I don’t know the Cat terms.
    (Looks like I lost the cat owner Vote?)


    Kidding aside, perhaps we could have dueling blogs where the Mirons and
    the McCoys would meet on a neutral site….


    Lastly, as I wrote and stated in the past, Jim Miron is just the latest
    flavor of the year from American, CT., & Stratford, politics.
    > There are far, far worse.
    > There are many, many better.

    I don’t hate Jimmy either.
    I do hate many of the political decisions of his party and other parties,
    including many that Jim stands behind.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    Ms. Sperling v. Ms. Dobosz?

    To make it fair, you’d have to tie 9 of Pat Sperling’s fingers together.

  23. George ~

    I always tried to be fair and always promised to listen to whatever anyone wants to put forth – all sides. I’ve said before I was willing to listen to whatever positive opinions and reasons for supporting Miron. If you think I’m uninformed, then inform me! I don’t think Laura was fair in calling me a “liar.” I’ve searched the names on the tax assessor’s database – if current, hers doesn’t appear that she is taxpaying property owner.

    You know that I dig as deep and far as I can before I fight for something. The first time you met me was at the library – a commuter meeting. I do my homework and then open my mouth; not the other way around. If I’m wrong, then give me the information to prove me wrong. If you don’t have the information, then go pound. Want to know how I really feel? And this is in no way directed at you – it’s just generalized.

    She called me a liar, but didn’t give any information to refute anything I said. All fluff, no substance.

    I can get just as “catty” as the next female. I tend to try and fight a little less dirty than that though. Basically, I just had my hair pulled….LOL If you don’t agree with what I say, that’s your right, but come on, put a little substance behind it. Name calling is for sissies.

  24. 24 1george1


    I have repeatedly praised you as my favorite blogger.

    1) Very pleasant personality at the Library meeting.

    2) Excellent researcher.

    3) I even offered you a “shadow” slot. Let em wonder?

    4) I got “catty” with Mike Reynolds and Jason Sante when one would
    use name calling and no substance and the other must be smoking
    the white out when he picks up his letters to the editors. (Kidding)

    Someone gave a heads up from the PW blog to Ron Massey (or Mazzey?)
    (I am not that close to Ron & misspell his name) and Paul Rohaly that
    someone was blogging bad information about the RAC.
    BOTH Ron & Paul spotted Jason’s style, even under a PEN (Blog) NAME.
    Ron blasted the Jason blog with a blog.
    Paul, who is an engineer, posted a classic fact based info blog which
    GLOWED with CREDIBILITY and made Jason’s blurb smell like reeeek!
    I met, but can not remember Mike Sinnott, whose CT POST Letter to
    the Editor took apart Jason’s Sante’s LBW blather, paragraph by paragraph.

    Point is PCS and bloggers, some stuff gets our hair to stand on end, and
    want to correct the our right (Instead of LIES, I will call them) positions.

    Even though I put my name to my blogs, I am a different person (as is PCS)
    they the way I read what I write on the blog.

    I have NO problem with disagreement.
    I love honest debate.
    Jeze, Hand, Playwrite, and even PCS have been upset with me being some
    one who challenges everything.

    Some respond with verifiable facts.

    Some…. 😦

    Which is whom?

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