Is There a Family Discount?


You read it in the Council Agenda for 9 June 2008:


Sponsor: Hon. Joseph A. Kubic, Ninth District Councilman

WHEREAS, Richard Miron has long served and continues to serve as the Town of Stratford’’s Democratic Registrar of Voters, and

WHEREAS, The Position of Registrar of Voters requires the utmost integrity given that a Registrar’s duties include maintaining and updating voter lists, organizing and overseeing primaries and elections, and interpreting election law; and

WHEREAS, a Registrar is required to interact directly on a daily basis with the citizens of the Town of Stratford (the “Town”) as to their voting rights and privileges as a citizen of the Town, the State of Connecticut and the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, any appearance of impropriety by a Registrar greatly diminishes the respect and faith the public has in the Office of the Registrar of Voters and may seriously compromise the effectiveness of such Registrar and further have a negative impact on public opinion and faith in the honesty and integrity as to the government of the Town as a whole; and

WHEREAS, Richard Miron has admitted that he has taken money from scores of bereaved people who came to him seeking a marker for their loved one’s final resting place; and

WHEREAS, Richard Miron has admitted that, in many cases, the money he received from those people was used by him for other expenses, and that he did not order nor did he tell his customers that he did not order, the items that they had purchased; and

WHEREAS, as a result of these actions, Richard Miron has been charged by state law enforcement authorities with a violation of the criminal laws of the state of Connecticut; and

WHEREAS, the actions of Richard Miron involve serious criminal acts any one of which, if true, greatly diminishes his effectiveness as Registrar and has created and continues to cause great negative public perception of the Town of Stratford as a whole, and calls into question the integrity and honesty of the Office of the Registrar of Voters; and

WHEREAS, Richard Miron’s failure to resign his position as Registrar has harmed and continues to harm the reputation of our Town, the Office of Registrar of Voters and the citizens of the Town;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Council, for and in the best interests of the Town of Stratford, insists and demands that Richard Miron resign immediately as Registrar of Voters of the Town of Stratford.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Can’t we add:

    WHEREAS: James R. Miron accepted donations to his campaign from Richard Miron and Lakeview Monument.

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Council, for and in the best interests of the Town of Stratford, insists and demands that Richard Miron and James R. Miron resign immediately as Registrar of Voters and Mayor of the Town of Stratford.

  2. 2 1george1

    Joe Kubic’s resolution looks more like a Bill of Particulars or an Indictment.

    As bad as this is, it is only a tip of the iceberg on things in town, in the area,
    and in the country.

    Sad. 😦 Truly sad.

    Again, I feel more for the victims
    (at each level, but especially for the deprived tombstoners.)

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Anyone care to set the under/over on three votes against the resolution?

    Alvin O’Neal, Emma Brooks and Amy Wanamaker. I can’t wait to hear them defend Dick Miron.

  4. 4 mikereynolds

    Their defense of voting against the resolution will be innocent until proven guilty.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Although I can’t imagine the trial taking very long.

    Prosecutor: Did you take the money?
    Miron: Yes.
    Prosecutor: Did you provide the headstones?
    Miron: No.
    Prosecutor: The Prosecution rests, your honor.

  6. Kudos to the Joe Kubic for putting forth the best interests of the taxpaying citizens of this town. The upcoming presidential election makes it all that more important that Richard Miron step down.

    If Dick Miron intended to continue, until the end of his term, then there was no need for the “letter” which he submitted; however, once arrested, he submitted a “letter of resignation” which I have no doubt was an indication form him that he intended to resign immediately. His son – you know him, the Mayor – chose to further disrespect the taxpayers of Stratford and stated that his “interpretation” was that his father would not be seeking re-election, not that his resignation was effective immediately.

    Innocent until proven guilty is a tough one on this since he was the owner/operator of the company that didn’t provide the goods. It’s not like there were any employees doing the ordering.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    I can’t imagine this going to trial.

    What lawyer would want to take and open and shut case like this?

    Plus, I don’t think all the negative publicity generated by a trial would do the Miron’s any good.

    If this doesn’t get plead out I’ll be shocked.

  8. Good work Joe Kubic. Unfortunately, as an elected official, you cannot make him resign, he can only do this on his own. But, the more public pressure, the better.
    I think he can be placed on paid administrative leave which would at least keep him out of the office and away from the important responsibilities associated with that position. Heck, from what I hear, hasn’t he been on paid administrative leave for most of his career? Again, Good work Joe!

  9. Mike Reynolds,

    What do you think their defense would be about placing him on paid administrative leave?

  10. 10 mikereynolds

    I think their defense would be that’s what the Mayor wants them to do so his father can get paid without doing any work.

  11. 11 jezebel282

    In the end it is merely a gesture.

    Unless the Council sends the draft charter back to the CRC to create an independent Town Attorney and establish hiring/firing guidelines this exercise is purely show.

    Are there any Councilmen brave enough to stand up to politics as usual in this Town?

  12. Well, my fingers are crossed that members of the TC request CRC2 to look a little more at an independent Town Attorney. If everything is “at the pleasure of” the Mayor, then every decision made will always be what the Mayor wants it to be. Nothing will change – everything done will be in the best interests of someone else’s agenda, not the people of Stratford.

    I would certainly hope that all members of the town council think of the people who put them there and work in their best interests.

  13. 13 1george1

    I know I will catch flack for this, however there are people on the Republican
    Town Committee who are worse than Jim and Dick Miron. Repeat W O R S E !!

    I am not a member of the J & D Miron fan club.
    The Tombstone deal is very LOW.
    There are also FEDS, who ………


    Anybody who believes anyone on the Town Council act in a completely
    non political manner is a fool.

    It is just a matter of degrees.

  14. 14 freedomofspeach

    89 families that were cheated, looks like more than $100,000.00 taken from bereaved families by Dick Miron. How someone does that to people and does not hold their head in shame I dont know. How much of that did the Mayor get?

    You read it in the Post

    Finally, resting in peace
    Article Last Updated: 06/07/2008 11:40:07 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — More than two dozen people braved the sweltering heat Saturday afternoon to gather in Lakeview Cemetery to honor former Bridgeport Police Capt. Nelson P. Kearney.

    Although Kearney died Dec. 15, 2006, it wasn’t until nearly two years later that his family was able to place a stone to mark his final resting place. A first stone, purchased through headstone dealer Richard R. Miron, was never delivered although the family paid nearly $3,000 for it. Miron, the father of Stratford’s mayor James Miron, is facing criminal charges for allegedly defrauding the Kearney family.

    In the meantime, the family, specifically his widow, Police Officer Verna Kearney, had to raise funds for a new stone.

    The gleaming ebony monument, bearing the likeness of the couple’s wedding photograph, was unveiled during the brief ceremony in the cemetery.

    The Rev. Vernon Thompson, of Philadelphia, who had married the couple in 1996, presided over the service.

    “He was part of the process to get minorities into the Police Department,” he said of Kearney.

    “The current chief owes his job to Nelson.”

    The Rev. Michael Cummings, of the East End Baptist Tabernacle Church, sang the hymn, “God Has Smiled On Me.”

    Following the ceremony Verna Kearney introduced Mary Malash, of Trumbull, and Elizabeth Achilles, of Bridgeport, who she said, also did not receive headstones from Miron’s defunct Lakeview Monument Co.

    Both woman said they had ordered and paid Miron for headstones
    for their late husbands but never received them. Both said they has filed complaints with police.

    And Kearney said she knows of 89 other people who she said have been victimized by Miron.

  15. 15 freedomofspeach

    I have been reading the comments on the CT Post regarding the Lakeview, Fire truck, and other Stratford stories. I seem to see a common thread, and that is it has been posted that Miron and his team are anonymously commenting in a distractive, arrogant, condensing, and almost psychotic way. Are these just assumptions that it’s him and his minions, or is there pervasive truth to it? I know he has posted under pseudonyms and can tell his writing style and by his comments, but it is very strange and clearly pathological.

    If it is, and it can be proven, it shows he is in serious need of professional help and is unfit to continue as the Mayor. And if he is using town hall computers, well that speaks for itself. Is he on medication?

    Add the tourettes like outbursts, the paranoid carrying of multiple guns, weapons allegedly carried in his town vehicle, the inability to hold personal relationships, the dysfunctional family, and his proclamations on what his Father really meant in is resignation letter, I think you will find that this is truly a mental health issue. TC cant you guys look into this? Well we still haven’t heard anything on the B & L report, so I guess not.

  16. 16 lauradobosz

    it has been posted that Miron and his team are anonymously commenting in a distractive, arrogant, condensing, and almost psychotic way. Are these just assumptions that it’s him and his minions, or is there pervasive truth to it? I

    Posting where?


    Am I to assume that Dave (er. crap..that’s right), Jezebel, is providing accurate IP information? pfft! Come on now. He/She would pretend to identify and count IP# as long as he/she felt it benefited his/her agenda. Playwright, if nothing else, at least had the integrity to not expose posters in that manner.

    As much as bloggers here like to speak about Mironistas, puppets, Miron bias, etc. etc. You all must know that the anti-Miron posters are JUST as biased if not more so. Actually, I am leaning toward the more so.

    I have read and posted here. Unlike Dave (crap! I always forget!) er, Jezebel, I use my own name and I own my own words. I have seen Pat Sperling post things that I personally know are 100% untrue, (Train Station funding, Richard Miron’s letter of Resignation, to name but a few issues she has lied about) but I have not engaged here because I know that no matter what fact is presented, the posters on this site will alter it and present it in a completely false manner. It seems to me, that is what you NEED to do. I am not quite sure why you have this need, but I know it is not a need that benefits the town of Stratford in any constructive way.

    My question to the ‘regular’ posters on this blog would be such:

    When are you going to stop wasting precious time in your day bitching and moaning about personal issues that you know nothing about and focus on actual town issues that you CAN influence, change and work on? We have had a Mayor for the first time in our town history for but two+ years. Are you all seriously telling me that our tax situation is solely to be blamed on our first Mayor? That nothing from our past town management has carried over? That mismanagement of funds and/or staffing never existed? Good Grief! How absurd is that! I am sorry that toes got stepped on, but maybe they needed to be stepped on.

    I am also sorry that certain members of our town clearly do not understand how government works. What do you think about the Presidential Cabinet? If Hillary Clinton were to win the Presidency, do you not suppose that Bill would be appointed somewhere? Please. This happens at the National level, the State level and the Town. I can only say, Grow up. Learn the political process and then get involved if you are so angered about it, but don’t sit safely at home with a fake login and assume that you are making a difference. You are most certainly not.

  17. 17 1george1


    I definitely agree that everyone has a political bent.
    I agree and disagree with some of your positions and I do the same with some of
    the bloggers.

    I was the ONLY person who was not a Town Councilor or Employee who attended
    all 3 of the Budget Work shops, which only Emma missed 2 ?
    They lasted over 10 hours.
    I thought the questions could have been better, there was posturing, and some
    disinformation, but overall worthwhile.

    I attended all 3 C. R. C. Public Forums and several of the Meetings. With the early
    elimination of certain issues, I was not going to waste my time with micro issues,
    when the big stuff … if you read the Star or Bard this week ,,, >
    Walter and Mrs. Runkunis had perfect attendance
    Madelyn Neupert (D loyalist, mostly) made the Thursday Meetings
    Jon Best attended many / all.
    Linda Palermo attended many.
    Sue Sulier had excellent attendance.
    Tom from the Star attended most and despite what Jeze writes, did a pretty
    good job reporting what he saw and heard, but as my Letter to the Editor
    notes MISSED the HUGE ISSUE, and there were others.
    > Jeze has his / her issues.

    I could continue…

    My point?
    Not many from the pro-miron or anti-miron camp pay their dues.

    I give credit to Jon, Gavin and the Town Councilors, as well as the C. R. C.
    people for attendance and effort, which they have a right to their opinions,
    while I think they are far too often political S.N.A.F.U.s

    But then we look ar the Insider Traders / Traitors in the White House,
    Congress, Judicial, Military, and Bureaucracy seeing 9/11 allowed and
    intentional, repeat intentional acts involving OIL / GAS – Credit Cards –
    Banruptcy – Housing – Jail / Education – Crime / War.
    Laura, the Clintons & Bush are Rockefeller Trilateralists and Obama went
    to Harvard, like a couple Rockefellers and their University of Chicago.

    They are ALL the same person, with different facades.

    Why not check WIKIPEDIA what Ralph Nader has done for the Consumers
    and protections? He is the MLK Jr. of that venue!

    Oh, why was Jason Santi rapidly rubbing his hands together at the approved
    Budget, like a kid who knows his gift under the Christmas tree.
    > Is it true his letters are Ghost Writen by a certain Mayoral staffer on Tax
    Payer time?
    > I wish we had some positive publicity?

    What are the Miron achievements?
    1) Added Senior of $ 150,000 when the top PENSION is $ 134,000?
    2) Budget up under 2 %? But is there 30 % too much spending and costs
    due to a variety of factors?

  18. 18 freedomofspeach

    Good evening Laura: In responding to your posts point-by-point, it gets wordy, my apologies. As far as owing you a tissue, I am sure we will never meet, unless your in the western US.

    “so I simply forwarded your quotes that you got off of an internet translation site”

    Wrong again. I use a LingVoSoft type program. But I guess facts really don’t mean much to you.

    “Your point. You seriously think that a Russian prostitutes ring is running through town hall?”

    No, not what I said, and not even close. What I said was there appears to be information out there that someone from the town hall or on a town phone has made calls to the brothel. Frankly, the type of crimes that are run out of town hall, are from the gang that cant shoot straight, so it could not be them, as the prostitution ring was very profitable.

    “Jezebel, sudds and yourself. I find it ironic that posters who are seeking supposed justice are afraid to show their own face, all the while claiming (with ZERO proof) that they have “IP Addresses” that all supposedly come out of town hall, or other “Miron puppet” homes. What a joke.”

    I don’t post my identity because as I have said I have no dog in this fight, I don’t live there, never have, just following the train wreck that is Stratford Politics. I am a professional who is interested in Fairfield County Politics, been interested for years. Why should I have to deal with the fall out when I will never benefit from the risk? Others, their preference, but I am sure based on your comments you think you know who these people are and each is entitled to their freedom of speech, and as some of the framers used pseudonyms to protect themselves, I have no problem with it. Since most of the discussions here are from posts in newspapers, it makes it more valid and desirable to protect their identify. Also as you know the town put out a bid for IP tracking and logging software in 2007, so anyone from IP clearly has their messages tracked or they are deleted by an administrator.

    “I most certainly do believe in free press.”

    Me too, I fought to protect and defend it, and you’re welcome. Your comments on what your problems are with the local newspapers and their alleged spin are your opinions. Others don’t feel the same way. I don’t think the post has enough testicular fortitude to do the right thing, and that bothers me. As far as editorials, those are opinions of the writer, and nothing more.

    “Free press also means that when you see a documented, printed statement, that you do not alter it for your own agenda.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. How about you give me a clear example where a reporter from the Post altered a document, not a press release from the Mayor, but a document, and altered it for their agenda in a news report? I look forward to your presentation of facts. If a document has been altered, I would be the first one to comment.

    “I have posted many viable opinions on this site. Just because I care not to engage in Mayor bashing does not make me a fraud or unwilling. Our Mayor has done a great deal for our town. Have you seen Stratford Center? We have had progress made in properties that have lied dormant for decades. Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford.”

    Please point out one of the posts that have outlined his accomplishments?
    Property that has been dormant for years were under revitalization prior to the change in form of government, that’s a fact. What ones are you referring to that he has had involvement in?

    Mayor Miron orchestrated Point Stratford? You’re kidding right? First, that is not true in any stretch of the imagination. Second, he apparently has been meeting with a figurehead and none of the real owners for over a year. That’s poor management, a Chief Executive officer not meeting with a decision maker. If you truly feel that he has had a substantial involvement, other than meeting with people who weld no power in the organization, then I would enjoy hearing about it.

    “Do you think that the US Army was so eager to deal with a small town’s issue, during our national current time of war? Probably not so much, eh? Our Mayor fought for it and got results.”

    Need to do your homework on this one. The Army took it away from Stratford because they hoped that the change in government would have a positive effect, however when they saw no hope in it happening, they exercised their right and removed the town and the LRA from the process. If Miron was capable, knowledgeable, had the political connections and support, and “fought for it”, he would have never lost the right for early transfer and resale. His actions, or should I say inactions, lost the town a substantial amount of cash that will never be recovered, about $12 million, and lost about 10 plus years of work.

    “The same goes for Long Beach West. Again, the government was perhaps not so willing to look at a small stretch of land on the coast of Connecticut and yet here they are. Mayor Miron put that in motion. It is a sound decision and we need to follow up and sell that land.”

    And what about the Stakeholders? Don’t they have a say? Just because Miron wants to sell land and there seems to be some accountability issues regarding the money and where it will go, does that mean that the town should go forward without the taxpayers approval? What makes it a sound decision?

    And since you opened the door about his abilities, who/what are B & L Systems? They don’t seem to be registered as an A & E firm, or with the Secretary of the State, yet they consulted by contract directly to the Mayor on the structural integrity and renovation costs of the Stratford Shakespeare Theater. Does that seem like a wise decision on his part? Why won’t he release the report to the town council? Don’t you think that a report from a paid consultant to the town that is unlicensed might cause some legal issues?

    “Learn the political process and then get involved if you are so angered about it, but don’t sit safely at home with a fake login and assume that you are making a difference. You are most certainly not.”

    I guess your not commenting about me.

    I have extensive knowledge and experience in local, state, and federal political processes. I have served as both an elected and appointed public official, have military experience with the US Army, as well as been employed by the government as an advisor and as an employee.

    And as I have said before, it’s Mr., and you may call me Freedom.

  19. 19 jezebel282

    Freedom, George:

    I would like to apologize. The spam filter catches multiple IP addresses and other things. I’m sorry for the delay in releasing your posts. In order to release them I need to be near a computer which I was not.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “Am I to assume that Dave (er. crap..that’s right), Jezebel, is providing accurate IP information?”

    Again, I am merely an attractive avatar. Identical IP addresses using different names are blocked. I have not blocked anything you have posted nor have I identified any spammer. The Playwright and Hand did identify Miron when he was spamming from Chicago.

    “I have not engaged here because I know that no matter what fact is presented, the posters on this site will alter it and present it in a completely false manner.”

    I find that extremely hard to believe, Laura. I have asked you repeated to dispute ANY of the information here or better yet, post the great things you think Miron has accomplished. I make every attempt to post either a primary source, docket information or CT Statute.

    “I have seen Pat Sperling post things that I personally know are 100% untrue, (Train Station funding, Richard Miron’s letter of Resignation, to name but a few issues she has lied about)”.

    Ms. Sperling lied about Train Station funding? Really? Perhaps you can tell us where $294,000 went from parking fees generated by the Train Station? Certainly not to maintenance.

    Are you saying Richard Miron didn’t resign?

    “When are you going to stop wasting precious time in your day bitching and moaning about personal issues that you know nothing about and focus on actual town issues that you CAN influence, change and work on?”

    You mean like Charter Revision? The Shakespeare Theater? SAEP? Felons in Town Hall, The Budget? Elections? Wasted taxpayer dollars? What have we missed?

    “I am sorry that toes got stepped on, but maybe they needed to be stepped on.”

    Remind me to call you the next time my toes need stepping on. I’m sure you would be very good at it. I’m a taxpayer, I’m used to my toes being stepped on in this town.

    “but don’t sit safely at home with a fake login and assume that you are making a difference. You are most certainly not.”

    Really? You certainly seem to read this blog.

  21. Laura ~

    WOW! Are you snowed or what?

    I doubt very much if you have followed or have as much of an interest in the train station as the many commuters, of which I am one. Since 2001 I have read and listened to what would be happening. I read as Diane Toolan was quoted in the Stratford Star as saying we had the grant money to begin renovations to the Station. The parking garage still doesn’t exist. While I realize that it’s not all the Town’s fault and the DOT dropped the ball a bit, there’s been no follow-through by OUR powers that be. BTW, you may want to mention to Bonnie Reynolds that her website should be updated – the train station garage won’t be built for another couple years.

    As for Dick Miron’s letter of resignation. If he had intended on just not running for re-election, why the letter? I believe – and it’s just my opinion – that his intention was to resign immediately; however, with his health issues, the loss of medical insurance would probably be financially detrimental to him.

    WOW – Stratford Center is one of Mayor Moron’s accomplishments? This was all in the works back in 2001. Jeze is totally correct – Mike Feeney and Ben Branyan started that ball rolling. The only thing Miron did was show up for a ribbon cutting ceremony to announce the completion, but it wasn’t even complete yet.

    Point Stratford? I think FOS and Jeze have really said it all on that. One thing I’ll add – I wonder who leaked it to the paper back before the auction was even closed. If Jim Miron had been meeting with Allen Christopher – long before the bidding was over, hmmm……

    Laura, I don’t lie, I call ’em as I see ’em……

  22. Laura, for your reading pleasure, there’s more, but we’ll start with this:

    FROM THE Stratford Star, January 3, 2002

    “Renovating the center

    Last month, the state approved a $350,000 grant to Stratford for the renovation and improvement of Main Street at the train station, part of a three-phase renovation planned for Stratford Center.
    The plan calls for installing traffic lights at the railroad station’s entrances, improving pedestrian crossings and creating streetscapes throughout the center.
    Improvements to drainage in the area also are being researched and likely will be included in the renovation project.
    Barnhart said the plan is still in the design stage, and throughout 2002 the town will continue to seek funding sources for the estimated $1 million-plus project.
    He said construction on the first phase at the railroad station may begin before the end of 2002, but more likely will begin early in 2003.”

    MORE, from the Stratford Star, March 24, 2004

    “Work crews broke ground on the Town Center improvements yesterday. According to area business leaders, it’s not a day too soon.

    “People came by [Tuesday] to tell me it was going to start,” said Mary Kravec of the White Lilac Tea Room. “We’ve been here three years, and the town finally got moving on it.”
    The improvements, which should take about six months, include new brick sidewalks, decorative lighting and changes to the traffic pattern in the area.

    “The construction zone signs went up March 15 when the work started on the utilities in the area,” said Bruce Alessie, the town’s economic and community development special projects director. “People don’t realize the amount of work there is even in moving the sidewalk because of the fire hydrants, catch basins, telephone lines and things like that.

    The sidewalk on the west side of the street, which crews will work on first, will be moved out 26 feet. Café-style seating areas will replace the existing parking spots.

    Alessie said the merchants already are looking forward to the improvements.

    “The Reality Café already petitioned the town to put in outdoor dining areas,” he said. “Everyone is really energized.”

    On the opposite side, workers will add a median strip in front of Colonial Square and change the timing of the traffic lights so pedestrians can walk across the street more easily. The parking spots will stay

    “Our customers are a little older than the ones that go to Acapulco’s,” Kravec said. “They would rather have the parking.”

    In addition, she said the new streetlights, sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere can only help businesses.

    “People can get off the train and walk right to one of the restaurants,” she said. “The more people there are walking around, the better it is for us.”

    The expanded sidewalks will mean a slight reduction in parking at Town Center, but Alessie said plans already are in the works to fix that.

    “We always want to have our cake and then eat it,” he said. “A few years ago, people said there was no foot traffic in the area.”

    Now, on Friday and Saturday nights, people stroll back and forth from Acapulco’s to Reality Café and across the street to Stephen’s Pub & Grill, Alessie said. Also, patrons at the Square One Theatre have dinner in town and can walk to one of the cafés after performances end.

    In the future, another phase of improvements may include a 600-car garage next to the train station. The town already is planning improvements for the benefit of rail commuters.

    Plans are underway to lengthen the northbound platform. Currently, commuters can only enter and exit trains from four cars. On longer trains, riders must scramble to designated cars to get off in Stratford.

    Councilman-At-Large Joseph Crudo summed up the feelings of everyone involved.

    “This is just great for the businesses in the area and for the entire town,” he said. “It’s long overdue and it only bodes well for the future of that section of the town.”

    The best part, he said, is that it helps local businesses help each other.

    “It just gives people an incentive to stay in town and improves our all-around quality of life,” he said. ”

    AND YET MORE FROM THE Stratford Star, October 28, 2004

    “After seven months of enduring construction outside their establishments, many town center business owners feel the improvements were worth the hassle.

    The Main Street Improvements Project has been a joint effort between the town and the state to renovate Stratford Center.
    Enhancements included esplanade lighting, landscaping and tree planting, sidewalk widening for café dining and pedestrian safety improvements, including lighting and sidewalk access under Interstate 95.

    The improvements were implemented from East Broadway to just north of Broadbridge Avenue.

    The project is part of an overall plan for Stratford Center. The Department of Transportation is overseeing the construction of a parking garage at the train station and an expansion of the New Haven-bound train station platform.

    Stephen Antignani, owner of Stephen’s Pub & Grille, said this past summer was tough for business but thinks that overall the improvements will boost his establishment.

    “I think this is definitely an asset for Stratford,” he said. “When I first came here, there was almost nothing across the street, but now there are a lot of new businesses. That’s good to see. It brings more people to the downtown area.”

    While Antignani is celebrating his business’ third year, across the street the owners of Art’s Restaurant are marking their opening week.

    Partners Elizabeth Dattilo and Mary Santo said they had their eyes on this location for a long time.

    “We really love Stratford Center,” Santo said. “We’re very excited about being part of the community here.”

    Both women agreed that the parking garage will be an asset to their business once it is built.

    Dattilo said the cross walk also was a great addition. “That used to be one of the hardest streets to ever cross,” she said.

    Vy To, owner of Beautiful Nails, said she lost business during the seven months of construction but is pleased with the results.

    “I am happy with the parking,” she said. “Now it is easier for customers to come in than before.”

    The Stratford Office of Community and Economic Development and Stratford Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the improvements.

    Representatives from the state, town and Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday at the town center flagpole for the ceremony.

    State Rep. John Harkins, Councilman-at-Large Joseph Crudo, Town Manger Benjamin Branyan, Councilman Angelo Stavola and Director of Community and Economic Development Diane Toolan spoke at the gathering.

    Each speaker thanked the business owners for their patience during construction.

    Toolan said the center is now “an attractive, pedestrian-friendly destination.”

    Branyan said it was a proud day for the town. “This was a complex project that took a lot of patience and cooperation,” he said.

    Crudo said the center “is symbolic of the growth and vitality of the town.”

    Stavola said that he looks forward to seeing the improvements benefit the people and merchants.

    Harkins said it represents a “new moment” for Stratford. “We’ve created a gateway we can all be proud of,” he said.

    Bruce Alessie, special projects coordinator for the Office of Economic and Community Development, said he has been getting a lot of calls for available space.

    “The improvements brighten the whole spirit and image of this area,” he said. “I hope it catches on to the rest of the community.”

    Stratford-based STV designed the improvements, and C. J. Fucci of New Haven was the contractor. “

  23. Jeze ~

    Sorry everyone for the long postings, but it’s just all so annoying. I’m sure Laura will find a way to tell me and other bloggers here that I lie….LOL

  24. Jez and Pat have been a positive force for the town of Stratford by their participation and diligence to this blog and should be commended for their efforts.


    With the exception of praising the Mayor, (sometimes for projects he had nothing to do with) what have you done lately for the town of Stratford? I know you ran for office. That was one positive initiative. But, what boards and commissions do you serve on? What volunteer roles have you been involved in? Do you attend and participate at any of the town meetings? I am going to assume you are a member of the town committee? That is worth taking credit for. What do you do for the town committee? Are you a district leader? Do you have regular meetings? I am curious – since you have so much to say about the efforts of others. I hope you will not say you lack the time because of employment. Everyone who is truly interested in community and public service find the time to intertwine both.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Well, there you go. I guess that proves it. Miron is the one who is responsible for all the good things that happened before he became mayor.


    Aww shucks….(blushing).

  26. Jeze ~

    If anyone can find a lie in there, I guess Laura will. It will, of course, be my lie.

    Cyclops ~

    I ditto what Jeze said…. Thanks much! I may not be involved or appear at meetings often, but my heart is in this Town and in making a difference.

  27. 27 1george1


    No need to apologize for not sitting by your computer 24/7, in order to release
    my blog. It got released and posted. I lost many blogs on the

  28. 28 1george1

    PW’s site. Yet that site may have saved my life and the lives of others, due to
    certain things in Town.

    Because of my involvement in Town politics involving BIG MONEY of AVCO /
    AIRPORT / LBW / Shakespeare / STEAL Point and various nefarious, there
    are new rumors and ill omens.

    Because of my knowledge of the Budgets and Pensions. Ditto.

    I have had my life threatened before, as have others. Many believe certain
    people do not do “collateral damage.” Yet it is becoming increasingly know
    as a M. O. and technology has greatly improved.

    PCS & Freedom are taking on Laura, who at least tries to state opposition,
    which is a good think.

    I have seen Laura at the DEM Town Committee Meeting which I crashed and
    which she is a Member.

    Laura did run for Town Council, and was part of the ST. JOSEPH’S debate,
    which Dave Mooney video taped and gave me a copy of the Debate.

    PCS had to rebut being called a liar.
    And I am familiar with the BEACH FRONT issues of the Center of Town thanks
    to a certain AUGUST FLOOD, because drainage pump was not activated.
    Thanks to Barnhart, dozens of people lost anywhere from high 5 figures to
    7 figures in their businesses on Main Street. Only the MASONS had FLOOD
    So, I guess by comparison to Barnhart’s incompetetence, Jim Miron gets an

    FREEDOM is a confusing entity, since it appears he/she was in NY / DC / FL &
    now Western USA, from prior blogs.

    I am infavor of asking 4 times the amount for LBW and then giving it to the 10
    to 24 leading people in each of the Straford Republican and Democratic parties
    if they move out of the State.

    If only we could put all of the National and State elected officials and super
    graders in JAIL or North Dakota, we might end crime and war?

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “Thanks to Barnhart, dozens of people lost anywhere from high 5 figures to
    7 figures in their businesses on Main Street. Only the MASONS had FLOOD

    I’m not entirely certain Barnhart deserves all the blame. I do know it was Feeney/Branyan that got the flooding fixed.

    On the other hand, Miron is spectacular at putting up signs (at our expense). I don’t think there is a new Town sign without his name on it somewhere. (Sometimes on both sides).

  30. Jeze ~

    Let’s not forget all those mayoral “proclamations”! Every week it’s a new one.

  31. 31 1george1

    “On the other hand, Miron is spectacular at putting up signs (at our expense).
    I don’t think there is a new Town sign without his name on it somewhere.
    (Sometimes on both sides).”

    Even the signs are two faced?


    “Let’s not forget all those mayoral “proclamations”!
    Every week it’s a new one.”

    I wonder who ghost writes them and the cost per word?


    From me?
    Oh, why was Jason Santi rapidly rubbing his hands together at the approved
    Budget, like a kid who knows his gift under the Christmas tree.
    > Is it true his letters are Ghost Writen by a certain Mayoral staffer on Tax
    Payer time?
    > I wish we had some positive publicity?

  32. 32 starlooker

    As for the flooding at the Stratford Center, the Pump Station NEVER went off. When that thing gets fired up you know right away it has worked because the force of the water is like a mini Niagra Falls and all the rocks etc are washed away. Everything was intact. I brought a couple of people over there to show them.. Towm claims it did go off. Trust me it never works at all. It also makes a very large noise and white smoke comes out of the top. It is being put to good use right now, they leave the door of it opened and kids go in there to hang out…..

  33. 33 freedomofspeach

    1 george1

    “FREEDOM is a confusing entity, since it appears he/she was in NY / DC / FL &
    now Western USA, from prior blogs.”

    Not really, never said I was in NY/DC/FL, I am not sure what gave you that idea. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I may have been traveling there when I blogged but dont think I mentioned it. I have lived and worked in all those places, but never said I was there that I know of. I have been here for over a year in the same place. And I believe I said this before, I am a he.

  34. George ~

    There is a certain public relations company, run by a certain mayoral aide, whose website states that her “team successfully connects clients with their target audiences including new customers, donors, members, voters or employees.”

    That website also lists some of the things that the company offers assistance with, which includes “Public Relations & Government Relations Message Development.” Some of the items listed under that section include “press conferences, press releases, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, white papers, speeches, crisis communication and media training.”

    They also list “grant writing” as one of the services offered.

    I wonder how much extra we pay for the op-eds, letters to the editor, Miron’s speeches, etc.

    I think most of us know that when there is a letter pro-Miron that it’s not authored by the person whose name it was submitted under.

  35. 35 jezebel282

    Grant writing?

    Hmmm…I wonder if this website has an example of a grant that has been written and awarded?

    Maybe when she writes her first one…..

  36. 36 1george1


    The PUMP is behind RON MASSEY’S Home.
    Ron was home the night of the FLOOD.
    Ron decidely can hear when the pump works.
    The PUMP did not turn on.

    Paul Rohaley, Charlie Perez, Ron Massey and others fought the EPA/DEP
    for years on Raymark and Dump sites. They played by the rules.
    Paul and Charlie, especially, taught me a lot, which allowed me to ask
    those embarassing GROUND WATER / VOC issues which caused EPA to
    install over 100 Basement Alarms and Vents to me and my neighbors.
    > I later found they helped convince the EPA to do so.

    Tom Smith and friends took things to the next level and have made some
    progress with the EPA, RELL, DIBICELLA, and others.
    They use technology and don’t stick to imposed guidelines/rules.

    My former accross the street neighbors the Patrikos family was involved
    in Raymark, prior it becoming a SUPERFUND SITE. EPA was highly sexist in
    the way it dealt with them.
    As usual,
    1) the ladies were correct’
    2) the EPA was wrong


    You are a male. We have that uneqivicably?
    I do not have time to check all of your past blogs. Let us agree
    that perhaps you were travelling, which led a series of blog crumbs.


    I am shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED, that you came to the conclusion
    that someone who posts they write letters to the Editor, yet I have
    never seen any BY that person, is or could be Ghosting letters for
    the Mayor and/or supporters, on company time.
    > Disclaimers
    1) I came to the same conclusion.
    2) I e-mailed and told CT POST’S reporter Rich Weizel
    3) I e-mailed and told CT POST’S Editor James Smith
    4) I e-mailed and told CT POST’S Letter to the Editor, head, Steve Winters
    5) I e-mailed and told CT POST’S Letter to the Editor, assitant head, Hugh
    6) I blogged this conclusion many times .


    The Mayor stated in the Budget Workshop that the former Grant Writer,
    (whose ability created the Bridgeport Grant Writing position, which our
    Grant writer then filled???)
    had created GRANTS totaling over $ 500,000, including one for a new police
    boat where Stratford puts up $ 75,000 and we get $ 225,000.

    The Grant writer started in October and left in April.

    There were 27 Grants pending.

    No idea how much those Grant can total.
    No idea of the specifics of each Grant.
    If we get 25 of those Grants and they total $ 1,000,000 ….

    Hey PCS, who will get the credit?


    As mentioned, I missed the Town Council Meeting.
    I had a business issue which kept me from preparation.

    @ 8:30, during the Meeting, I got a call from Christian Miron.

    Christian Miron:
    noticed I missed the meeting, which was not usual.
    mentioned it was a HOT & HUMID night.
    called because he was concerned about my Health.
    when I started to explain, he politely stated he was not trying
    to pry into my business.

    I am no fan of Jim or Dick, as I have discussed with Christian and blogs.
    I did ask PW bloggers to back off pounding Brook Miron.
    I did blog Christian’s rights were violated on the police mess and I was
    NOT one sided, but noted this is not just a Miron patronage issue but
    a long term pattern in Stratford and across the USA.

    This will make the bloggers gag,
    1) but I completely believe Christian was sincere in his concern about my
    health, with no political motive, and is something that is uncommon, generally.
    2) I told him his courtesy and kindness was a compliment to him and his parents.

    There is a difference between political decisions and personal conduct.
    There is a difference between business decisions and personal conduct.
    Often lines are crossed
    Sometimes lines are CRUSHED.
    There are some lines where basic human decency should transcend others.
    > I think Christian…. lived up to his first name….

    Shakespearean projections:
    The pound of flesh ….
    The quality of mercy ….

  37. 37 jezebel282

    Did anyone stay up late enough to know what happened to Joe Kubic’s resolution?

  38. 38 sudds

    I heard on the radio this morning that it was approved!! (8-2???)

    Which of course means that now our town council will have a lawsuit brought against it… and guess who will make $100k+ defending them???

  39. 39 jezebel282


    Did your girlfriend Amy vote against it?


    “the actions of Richard Miron involve serious criminal acts any one of which, if true, greatly diminishes his effectiveness as Registrar”

  40. 40 sudds

    I honestly do not know… but I doubt you’ll be able to find it on !!!

    But how could they call for him to step down based on “if true”… when the one key aspect of our judicial system is the entire “innocent until proven guilty” part??? Let’s face it… we’re @#$%ed!!!

  41. 41 jezebel282


    I think it’s called “symbolic”.

    It would be interesting to know which two councilmen think Richard Miron is a fine upstanding citizen.

  42. 42 sudds

    I think it’s called “politics”!!!

    Why did our Council even waste time on such a foolish thing? And then they wonder why I think they’re mostly a bunch of morons??? Perhaps they could have used this time on something a little more useful… like… oh I don’t know… reviewing the cost requirements for the Shakespeare theatre!!! (didn’t I read something about a cart and a horse?)

    I’m sorry folks, but as much as I (and many of you) think that he should be strung up by his short-and-curlies for what he’s done… in our court system (and thank god for it, and not one like in the middle east) he is innocent until proven guilty… so for our Council to pass a “symbolic” (cough, bull$hit, cough, cough) resolution is grotesquely UNAMERICAN!!!

    What if the Council were to pass a resolution stating that all of those on “the list” were awful employees who deserved to be terminated… even though they are still defending themselves otherwise??? How would you feel about that???

  43. 43 jezebel282


    The next thing you’ll know is that you’ll be asking the Council for an Independent Town Attorney or getting politics out of operational government. Maybe even passing a resolution prohibiting no-show jobs.

    Whaddya think?

  44. 44 1george1

    Town Charter Questions for the November Ballot as phrased by the Town Council July 15, 2008
    Added to their 4 questions are questions I would like added and posed to Tax payers





    George Mulligan’s preferred Questions to the Electorate, often contrary to Town Council!

    Such as Retaining Term Limits, RIGHT to Initiative; Right to Referendum; Right to Legislate;

    1) TOWN BUDGET with ability to line item individual Departments

    2) EDUCATION BUDGET with ability to line item individual Departments or Schools
    3) TOWN BONDING with ability to line item mayor expenditure

    SHALL THE TOWN ATTORNEY be a FULL TIME TOWN EMPLOYEE with a CONTRACTED TERM, with SET SALARY; SET Assistants; SET Paralegals; SET Support Staff Secretaries, which each can come from pools and subcontracting with Budgets and within Stipends. Shall all billing of the Town Attorney office be justified and validated by the C.A.O and posted on the Internet in a Timely monthly fashion with all other approved Monthly Departmental expenses?


    Jeze, about here you can add your “at will” issues and your verbage on Town
    Attorney and fiends, Ooops I mean friends.

    Last night I told Dick Burturla I believed he is a LIAR and a THIEF.
    He seemed to not appreciate it?
    He suggested I need mental help?

    Maybe we are both right?

  45. 45 jezebel282


    At this point, I must admit that I have no idea what it would take to get Stratford Town government out of the hands of the Republican and Democratic Town Committees.

    It seems we have no choice but to pay for a Town Attorney who’s only client is the mayor and whatever political hacks the next mayor feels like appointing. The citizens and taxpayers of Stratford have been ignored and will continue to be abused for generations.

  46. I agree that our judicial system affords everyone the opportunity to defend themselves and they are innocent until proven guilty. I can’t wait for the day that the other counts come down against Dick Miron because he needs to be held accountable.

    The Town Council cannot force his resignation – he would have to be convicted. I think the resolution was proposed as a way to not so subtle way to nudge him to do the right thing. Step down now before the other warrants are issued in order to lessen the embarrassment to the Town and its people. Haven’t we had more than our fair share of bad publicity in the last three years? I think Dick Miron had every intention to step down immediately but Jim Miron probably told him he wasn’t accepting it as a letter of resignation and instead, he should finish out his term (he does need the money and medical bennies, right).

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