Toga! Toga!


Toga! Toga!

The Hell with the facts! Let’s just spend some money! Hey, who was supposed to bring the keg?

You read it in the Post:
Shakespeare developer choice on hold

STRATFORD — When Ed Goodrich ran for mayor nearly three years ago, the lifelong Stratford resident vowed to restore the long-vacant Shakespeare theater to prominence as a renowned showcase for classic Bard productions.Goodrich didn’t make it to the mayor’s office.

But he came to Town Hall Monday night, in full Shakespearean garb, playing the role of a far more powerful political leader — Julius Caesar — to convince the Town Council to select a developer who will revitalize and operate the theater with Shakespeare as its main attraction.

Adorned in a white toga, sword and leafed garland head dress, Goodrich led about a dozen protesters, also dressed in Shakespearean costumes and carrying placards, in front of Town Hall prior to a special council meeting.

The meeting was scheduled for the council to select one of three finalists, or a combination of two, to restore the long-shuttered Elm Street theater, which closed in 1989.

“To Be or Not To Be?” one of the signs said, carried by Janet Baxter, dressed in a colorful court jester’s outfit.

“Lack of Planning Will Kill Shakespeare Again,” another placard stated.

Then, just as the meeting was starting, Goodrich led his followers into the council chambers, as startled members of the council and a large gathering of residents stared in amusement, some laughing, others applauding.

“We want the council to unconditionally ensure that a developer will be selected who will provide a real Shakespeare theater again,” Goodrich said, on his way into the meeting. “We are trying to show how important it is that the council doesn’t select a developer not completely devoted to Shakespeare.”But that’s exactly what some council leaders tried to do, leading to heated debate and drama worthy of a Bard play.

Council Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, whose district includes the theater, made a motion for the panel to select William J. Hanney, owner and producer of Theatre By the Sea in Wakefield, R.I., who would produce musicals, modern shows and concerts, but no Shakespearean presentations.

Julian, however, said the contract with Hanney would include a provision that Shakespeare and other classical plays be performed, and that right of first refusal to provide Bard plays at the theater be presented to Frank Tobin Enterprises, of Los Angeles, which would rely heavily on both Shakespeare and other “classical theater.”

Tobin, who is strongly supported by Goodrich and his supporters, has proposed a regular Shakespeare theater festival season from April to November featuring experienced Bard actor Randall Duk Kim.

The plan would also include an academy for actors in training and outreach programs in theater and the arts for local schools.

“I have been to Theater by the Sea and believe that Bill Hanney is the right guy to undertake restoring the Shakespeare Theater, just as he did at a closed-down theater in Rhode Island,” Julian said. “The productions are first-rate and I am convinced this is the right way to go.”

Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, said he also supported approving an agreement with Hanney.

But Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, said the council could not make a decision Monday night because a long-awaited study on the cost estimates to restore the theater prepared by BL Cos., had not yet been presented to council members.

Town Attorney Richard Buturla then advised the council the document — which consists of two volumes of about 1,000 pages — was ready for distribution.

Forrester countered that the panel would “certainly need more time than we have tonight to review the document and make an informed decision.”

Glancing at the document, Forrester said the $2.5 million approved by the council for the theater’s restoration appears to be “significantly less than what it would take to restore the theater.”

In the document, Forrester said, different plans to restore the theater range from $6.8 million to $19 million.

“I think before we even consider whether to agree to a contract, we have to know which plan we are going with, and how much of his own money the developer would be willing to put toward the restoration,” Forrester said.

Councilman Joseph Kubic, R-9, agreed.

“Nobody wants to see this project move forward more than I do,” Kubic said. “But we get this voluminous report dumped in our laps tonight and are expected to take it all in?”

Kubic made a motion to table the selection of a developer for two weeks. The motion passed 7-2 with O’Neal and Councilwoman Emma Brooks, D-4, against.

Meanwhile, Goodrich and his followers were at least happy the vote had been delayed.

“If the motion made tonight had passed there would have been no chance to see accomplished what we believe is in the theater and town’s best interests — that the developer be someone to bring Shakespeare back to the Shakespeare theater,” Goodrich said. “At least now, we still have a chance.”

The other finalist, Koerner, Kronenfeld Partners LLC, failed to raise $1 million for theater repairs by a June 30 deadline a year ago and lost a contract for redeveloping the property.

87 Responses to “Toga! Toga!”

  1. $6.8 to $19 million dollars for restoration of the theatre; $2.5 million total amount currently bonded for restoration of the theatre; I said it before and I’ll say it again,
    What A Town! What A Marvelous Group of Taxpayers! Who cares if we can’t pay for gasoline or heating fuel? Who cares if we can’t afford to pay our utility bills? Who cares if we can’t afford the cost of basic food items? Who cares if we can’t pay our mortgages? Who cares if we have a job or we don’t?

    We know, we just know that we CAN AFFORD to pay the additional tax increase for the restoration of this theatre. How do we know? Because Councilmen Julian and O’Neal says we can. So who cares? Who cares? Does anybody really give a damn in this Town? Does anyone? Is there anyone listening?

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    I’d like Mr. Forrester to make a motion to table any decision on the theater until after hurricane season. If we’re lucky there won’t be anything to vote on after September.

  3. 3 freedomofspeach

    And I can’t wait to see who the people who wrote the report truly are as they have a no bid no qualifications submitted contract. Maybe they consulted to Lakeview.

    Are they registered with the secretary of State, if so in what name, as I can find BL or B & L Systems?

    Also, since this is a licensed profession, and they don’t seem to be, who are these people that the TC is going to rely upon and approve money for a report that may or may not have been performed by qualified professionals? And of course, the asbestos section should have a lic number of the state certifed professionals who did all the testing as well as the test results.

    Now that Gavin has a copy of the report, and it should be signed and have a seal, maybe he can post the name of the company, its address, and the names of who the principals who are registered with the state.

    I cant wait to see this one. I would really like to find its all a mistake and these are a real A & E firm, not some friend of a friend. lets see how this works out. Just like the schools I bet, not very good.

  4. Oh, please tell me this is all a very bad dream and I’m going to awaken to find my town the way it was – just a short while ago. Since that is unlikely to happen, there better be more council officials looking into this besides Mr. Forrester. Mr. Kubic, Mr. Moore, Mr. Henrick, Mr. Stroomer (open up your mouth once in a while and earn your votes) Mr. Dempsey(what’s up with you). If this is allowed to go forward without the reviews it requires – then action must be taken.

    Freedomofspeech asks some very important questions, answer them!

  5. 5 1george1

    Great minds think alike on the Toga, Toga party.

    I like the idea of having a limited range of Shakespearean plays.
    Perhaps the entire month of October, March or April, to have many area
    schools bus in students from HS, Jr. HS, and college for matinee in the am
    and afternoon, with limited evening engagements.

    I enjoyed going to Shakespeare to see Broadway Play road tours.

    The stage and seating capacity is ideal for NAME performers to do comedy,
    concerts of variety of styles, and Public Forums, of prominent speakers.

    Esq. Burturla & his henchm… ah.. Berchump associate Esq. Brian LeClerc
    had these piles of very thick binders sitting off to the side, where Gavin
    could not have seen them.

    In Esq.Barry Knott’s presentation for his client who is willing to rebuild
    the Theater, he told the Council they would know in 60 days what the
    expected cost would be?
    If under $ 2.5 million = a probable go.
    If $ 3 million there would be negotiations and the developer “might” pick
    up the difference.
    If $ 5, 10, 20 million = BIG ISSUE.

    My belief is that AVCO and SHAKESPEARE will be dragged out for a few more
    years, while Burturla’s billable hours are justified.

    My belief is that the State Party will get AMMAN elected in 2009.

    By about 2011, the DOT I-95 Moses Wheeler Bridge will at least have the
    expansion of lanes done, without the Bridge being finalized.

    By about 2013, the economic development in Bridgeport and Stratford will
    have grown, including much increased Tax Bases, to help Milford’s AMMAN
    get reelected.

    For the past 15 + years, Economic development has been retarded in
    Stratford and Bridgeport, with some being steered to other area Towns
    by people who have their finger on the pulse of Economic, like perhaps
    a certain Milford law firm?

    The State takes on certain development projects in an orderly way, if one
    watches how they build up: Casinos; Uconn; Hartford; Stamford; etc.
    The non sense of politics in Stratford and Bridgeport are political smoke
    and mirrors / cover stories for the FEDS and STATE to act elsewhere and
    NOT Act in certain places, in my opinion.

    Meanwhile I believe the plan is to have the City/Town PENSIONS in Bridgeport
    and Stratford have a NEW BOND, with the PENSION SHORT FALL as the COVER.
    The Attorneys, Police, Parties, and Judicial Branches have an ABSOLUTE need
    for the Town Charter Grandfathered Rights to be vacated, so there is NO

    I believe all of the elements of a Crime are shaping up.
    I believe EVERYONE will be double crossed.
    I believe other people will allow things to go so far, then WHAM, W H A M !!

    R. I. C. O. ACT Criminally
    R. I. C. O. ACT Civilly
    PENSIONS completely lost
    PROPERTY conficated

    Guess what?
    George is trying to keep the worse case scenario from happening.
    George has ideas to help the pensioners of the entire union get a better
    overall package, which is viable, fair, and acceptable to the Public.
    George would like AVCO, AIRPORT, SHAKESPEARE be contributors to the
    TAX BASE and Town, State, Federal coffers.
    More and better jobs in Stratford & Bridgeport,
    Toxins cleaned up, properly & expeditiously.
    Good Government for the Dreamers, while the schemers realize there are
    betterways than having to sell their souls in ancient ZERO SUM ECONOMICS.

    Also “poor” yorik, I knew him well….

    To be or not to be …. (doin the right things)

    Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (politics) …

    We pray our “cause be just” …

    The quality of mercy, is not strained …
    … pound of flesh … yet if blood is spilled while getting …

    Be careful what you ask for …

    Law of unintended consequences and Murphy’s law trump
    best laid plans of ….

  6. 6 sudds

    A little FYI to anyone who hopes to run for mayor…

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  7. All ~

    FYI. BL Companies, Inc. and BL Companies Connecticut, Inc. -both domestic Connecticut corporations according to Concord (Connecticut’s corporate database). Web address: Apparently it’s in the top 500 design firms (according to Engineering News).

  8. 8 jezebel282


    One would think Miron could have just told Mr. Forrester about that.

  9. Jez,

    Miron said nothing because (a) He doesn’t know about the fact; or (b) He wants to embarass Mr. Forrester whom he loves dearly. It’s a toss up.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    I think the picture above is a good illustration of why Louie Burke hung around so long on this project.

    I choose all of the above, by the way.

  11. 11 freedomofspeach

    Then why has this been published as BL systems and B & L systems?

    PCS if that is who they are, then of course they meet the requirements of being registered and most likely their firm has A & E who are registered.

    But again, why the mis-naming? Or is this another group. Anyone see the report can and tell us what name is on the report?

  12. 12 freedomofspeach

    I wonder if this is the same BL Companies that is owned by Bob Landino, a former politico who had this little project. Think any of the names are connected? Now I know how he got the job as a no bid deal. BIG DEM….say no more

    “As the city pushes forward a 31-story complex at the Shartenberg site, city officials, developers and skeptics alike have been watching the College Street block as a test of the strength of New Haven’s housing market.

    Landino, a former state representative, hired politically connected zoning attorney Anthony Avallone to shepherd the project (pictured) through the city approvals process. The BZA approved the envelope for the project in September 2006 — over a year ago. While some cringed at the density, city officials praised the proposal for bringing new pedestrian traffic and shoppers to an “under-developed” stretch of downtown.”

    Democrat Enters Connecticut House
    Published: March 1, 1995
    A Democrat, Robert A. Landino, defeated his Republican opponent today in a special election to fill the State House of Representatives seat vacated by the new Environmental Protection Commissioner.
    According to unofficial returns, Mr. Landino defeated a former Selectwoman, Barbara Maynard, by 121 votes in the three-way race for the 35th House District, traditionally a Republican stronghold.
    Mr. Landino received 1,554 votes to 1,433 for Ms. Maynard, unofficial results showed. A third candidate, Betty Ann Avery, received 145 votes.
    The seat was vacated by Sidney J. Holbrook, a Westbrook Republican, who was nominated by Gov. John G. Rowland to be Commissioner of the State Department of Environmental Protection.
    Mr. Landino, 34, a current Old Saybrook Selectman, also runs an architectural firm.

  13. 13 1george1


    Esq. Anthony AVALLONE was the attorney for the 630 condo proposal on
    Lordship Boulevard, on behalf of a top 5 Stratford Tax Payer.

    Jon Best’s campaign manager, Ben Proto, also active on the Charter Revision
    Commission was actively around Anthony AVALLONE, at multiple presentations
    to Zoning.

    As I said, I like Jon Best, personally and feel he has better qualifications for
    Mayor than most others. However, I could not support him at this time, in
    part due to my preference for Diane Buda and intent to run for mayor myself.

    Esq. AVALLALONE’s business card has the e-mail address of Berchem, Moses, and
    Devlin. Town Attorney Burturla is a partner in the firm.

    Esq AVALLONE was adamant that he was NOT a member of the FIRM, he just
    rents space. (Kinda like Norm & Jim rent fro Laura Hoydic).

    Remarkable coincidences:
    1) Burturla has allowed former Town Attorney Kevin Kelly to retain several
    cases or at least one, which is very lucrative. Name? AVALLONE BAY.

    2) During my USPS days of unmerciful harrassment, a member of Congressman
    Bruce Morrison’s staff LIED about a private conversation I had with him.
    It was cause for my termination.
    Investigation USPS Postal Inspector AVALLONE

    3) During the Reagan Presidency, there were some personnel whose names
    were similar to the KING ARTHUR legends, like Marlin Fitzwater’s, name looked
    like Merlin the Magician, and Newt Gingrich’s name is analogous to
    “eye of NEWT.”
    Point: I believe when King Arthur died, he didn’t ascend to heaven but to
    I am unsure. Yet, it can be googgled.

    4) POINT: My contention has always been that there are HANDLING or CONTROL
    AGENTS who hand selected Burturla / Berchem / Merly / Mirons / mOSSman /
    IMBROglio / VocC.O.L.A. / HADDAD & more.
    They WAR GAME.
    They are kept busy hurting people and causing trouble like GREMLINS, by
    moving people around like CHESS PIECES or
    “we are all ACTORS on the World stage”

    As previously blogged SIKORSKY and AVCO have/had presence of MILITARY
    They interface/interfer with local / state police, government officials, and
    contract awards, including to Town Committee Members.

    Unlike the TROOPS in COMBAT, these people are TRAITORS and COWARDLY.
    Most COWARDS are cruel and try to dominate the weak and helpless.

  14. Freedom ~

    A search of filings proved that your thoughts true. Apparently BL Companies is the survivor to a merger with a company called Barakos-Landino Survey, Inc. back at the end of 2004.

  15. 15 1george1

    Slightly different spelling between AVALLONE and AVALON.
    However, it is a definite homonyn, and in CODE CRYPTOGRAPHY, there
    are often misspelling and/or letters dropped from words.

    I will give an example below the WIKIPEDIA AVALON entry:

    According to Geoffrey and much subsequent literature, Avalon is the place where King Arthur was taken after fighting Mordred at the Battle of Camlann. Welsh and Breton tradition claimed that Arthur had never really died, but would inexorably return to lead his people against their enemies, but some later writers were less credulous, and said that Arthur had in fact died there. Geoffrey dealt with Avalon again in his Vita Merlini, in which he describes the character Morgan le Fay as the chief of nine sisters who live on Avalon. Morgan remained associated with the island in later literature, as does Arthur’s mentor, the Lady of the Lake.


    Names of the places where FDR, CHURCHILL, & STALIN met.
    Then number substitution code for the symbolic meanings.

    Casa Blanca

    Amagran CODE sentence: “White House stop mad atlas threat”

    Casa Blanca = Spanish for White House
    In the USA the “White House” is the home of the President & V. P.
    In the UK, “White Hall” is the home of the Prime Minister.

    Potsdam > spelled backwards = MAD STOM

    Yalta > Spelled backwards with a letter substitition > A T L A S

    Tehran > Amagram with a letter substitution > T H R E A T

    The USA & BRITAIN over threw a Democratically elected government
    in Iran, during the 1950s and installed the SHAH or IRAN.
    Since the NIXON years, through REAGAN, through both BUSHES, the
    Rumsfeld / Cheney people have been active in creating WARS with
    IRAQ & IRAN.

    IRAN exported 4,000,000 barrels of OIL a DAY under Saddam.
    Significant GAS was exported through pipelines to SYRIA to Europe and
    out the Gulf by Tankers to India / Japan, as well as OIL.
    If those had been on the market since 2001, what would the price be?

  16. 16 jezebel282

    This story is not quite over yet.

    You read it in the Post:

    Shakespeare theater developer chosen
    Article Last Updated: 07/15/2008 01:26:35 AM EDT

    STRATFORD -Alas, “All’s not well that ends well.”

    At least not if you’re among those who wanted the Shakespeare theater revived by a developer with a passion for the Bard.

    On the night the Town Council finally selected a new developer to revive the long-shuttered Shakespeare Theater, the real drama came from among more than 100 people who packed Town Hall, many in vehement opposition to the choice….

    Now that we can get the Actors Without Checkbooks out of here, one more issue remains. Gavin Forrester III was the ONLY councilman that seemed to have at least a tenuous grasp of reality:

    “We’re putting the cart before the horse because we still have to figure out how much this project is going to cost,’ Forrester said.

    “Forrester said the council still had to hear a presentation by BL Cos., which
    recently submitted an extensive feasibility study with estimates it could cost more than $19 million to revive the theater — though he town has allocated only $2.5 million.”

    It really doesn’t matter who is selected as the developer until we see some CASH. Bravo, Mr. Forrester!

  17. 17 sudds

    “an extensive feasibility study with estimates it could cost more than $19 million to revive the theater — though he town has allocated only $2.5 million.”

    On 12/31/07 Yales endowment totalled $22,530,200,000… I wonder how much Theatre By The Sea has in their checkbook???

    I’m guessing that the laughs at my plan are suddenly not as loud as they were a few months ago, huh??? 😛

  18. 18 jezebel282


    How did that call turn out? Were they interested?

  19. 19 sudds

    I”m not running for office… just throwing out ideas for those who are to steal!!!

    And what’s your plan again??? Oh that’s right… it would violate the terms set out by the state!!!

  20. 20 jezebel282


    I told you, put a piano bar in there for “live performance” and we’re all set.

  21. 21 sudds

    You had better sell a LOT of martinis to recoup $19million!!!

  22. 22 jezebel282



    Nah, we’ll just sell Patron. Sperling will cover the cash flow.

  23. 23 sudds

    Ahh… EXCELLENT idea!!!!

  24. 24 sudds

    ok… on a serious note… WTF???

    “the council voted 8-2 in favor of Hanney. Council members Gavin Forrester, D-3 and Amy Wannamker, D-6, cast the negative votes.”

    (a) I didn’t know that the Bridgeport vote could be split, and (b) how can Wanamaker and O’Neal not be in agreement when Miron tells them both how to vote???

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Maybe she’s just flirting with you?

  26. 26 sudds

    I could only dream of such things!!!

    Sorry PCS… but I’ve got to stick with the original love of my life! 😆

    (there ya go George… nice an teed up for ya)

  27. 27 1george1

    Sorry SUDDS,
    I gots ta take a MULLIGAN.

  28. 28 jezebel282

    You read it in the Post:

    “So far, Mr. Hanney has not indicated exactly how much he would be willing to invest,” Miron said. Miron said he would have preferred a different developer — such as Frank Tobin Enterprises in California, which would have relied heavily on Shakespeare.

    Hanney said in an interview last week he would invest about a half million dollars, but “beyond that, I don’t think I can make any guarantees.”

    Has ANYBODY said how much they’d be willing to invest? Nope.

    Why not? Because nobody, not the Council, not the mayor, nobody has requested a business plan or even a pro forma P&L, marketing plan, operational analysis, balance sheet, cash flow analysis, G&A…nothing.

    All we get are Andy Hardys: “Let’s put on a show!”

  29. 29 sudds

    NO ONE is going to put up $19 million for a building that MIGHT turn a profit after 20 years!!! No that is, except maybe…

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  30. 30 jezebel282


    You know, there are public forums once a month at Council meetings. Every Councilman has an email address. Even (gulp) Mayor Moron.

    If you won’t do it, at least get your buddy Booth to do it.

  31. 31 sudds

    But I know for a fact that AT LEAST five of them read this blog (they keep asking Booth who I am… one actually did it when I was standing right next to them)!!!

    If they’re not bright enough to steal my idea… well then they’re just not bright enough period!!!

  32. 32 sudds

    “Has ANYBODY said how much they’d be willing to invest? Nope.

    Why not? Because nobody, not the Council, not the mayor, nobody has requested a business plan or even a pro forma P&L, marketing plan, operational analysis, balance sheet, cash flow analysis, G&A…nothing.”



    Quick math here…

    Cost to renovate the theatre – $19,000,000
    (divided by) Estimated cost recovery time – 19 years (to keep it simple)
    (equals) Cost per year for renovation- 1,000,000

    (divided by) Seats in the theatre 1,500
    (equals) annual “full houses”
    necessary to finance renovations 667

    And this doesn’t even cover interest, or an expenses to actually run the place (actors, licensing, sets, electricity, employees, advertising, etc, etc, etc…)

    So… keep mocking my Yale idea folks… but just know that I think you’re fools for doing so!!!

  33. 33 jezebel282


    Didn’t you just answer your own question?

  34. 34 sudds

    Oops… had a little problem with my math…

    Cost to renovate the theatre – $19,000,000
    (divided by) Estimated cost recovery time – 10 years
    (equals) Cost per year for renovation- $1,900,000

    (divided by) est cost per ticket – $50
    (equals) ticket sales necessary per year – 38,000

    (divided by) Seats in the theatre 1,500
    (equals) annual “full houses”
    necessary to finance renovations 25

    That’s 25 sold out shows a year (one every other week)… for 10 years… just to pay for renovations!!!!

    Unless, of course, our tax dollars pay for it!!!

  35. 35 sudds

    Jez… the question was rhetorical! 😛

  36. 36 sudds

    Just in case anyone missed it (and yes, this means you Gavin, Best, etc… and if someone could print it out for Dom that would be appreciated):

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  37. 37 jezebel282


    This means you are the only one who has submitted a business plan so far.

  38. 38 freedomofspeach

    “Quick math here…

    Cost to renovate the theatre – $19,000,000
    (divided by) Estimated cost recovery time – 19 years (to keep it simple)
    (equals) Cost per year for renovation- 1,000,000

    (divided by) Seats in the theatre 1,500
    (equals) annual “full houses”
    necessary to finance renovations 667

    And this doesn’t even cover interest, or an expenses to actually run the place (actors, licensing, sets, electricity, employees, advertising, etc, etc, etc…)

    Looks like the post I made a few months ago on ROI on this subject. Also, looks like the E & Y report done ten plus years ago. Seems that the more lucid people have a handle on this…THE MATH DOES NOT WORK. Unless someone in a group SHOWES THE MONEY for the full amount. Put up a tent for some summer stock, and fence around the building. I would even donate for a nice Headstone, I mean marker.

  39. 39 sudds

    Freedom… do you think that a non-profit with $22.5 BILLION to spare just lying around, actors/set designers/lighting-guys/etc who would kill to work for free, and a 200+ year history could make it work???

  40. 40 jezebel282


    I know where you can get one.

    Oh wait….they went out of business.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    “actors/set designers/lighting-guys/etc who would kill to work for free”

    You’d better check this website. I couldn’t find the word “free” in any of their pay scales.

  42. 42 sudds

    Jez… they’re called STUDENTS!!!

    Granted, they wouldn’t ALL be free… but I bet there are more than a few who would work for the experience!!!

  43. 43 sudds

    “I know where you can get one.

    Oh wait….they went out of business.”


  44. 44 jezebel282


    “Jez… they’re called STUDENTS!!!”

    If I wanted to see college kids act, I can just stay home. Some performances (especially when asking for money) are worthy of a Tony.

  45. 45 sudds

    Whatever… we’re geting off point here!

    The bottom line… other than my Yale plan… or the “bulldozer” option… does anyone have a suggestion that would be valid (there goes your idea Jez) and not cost the town’s taxpayers $19 million???

  46. 46 jezebel282



  47. 47 1george1

    I do not believe $ 19,000,000 to get Shakespeare going.

    I also do not believe the only revenue would be from ticket sales.
    I believe ticket sales would be a TINY portion of the REVENUE stream
    or what I believe could be a RIVER or a FLOOD.

    While SUDDS is correct about YALE and their deep pockets, they
    do not pay Taxes.
    A little fact which helps deepen the pockets and extend influence.


    The people which we blog about are NOT a dumb as they are blogged
    about, nor are they as smart as they think they are.

    Conversely, I believe their ignorance and lack of self respect is off the


    Sudds complains no one takes his plan seriously.
    Sudds, do you think the ones who would steal it, would advise you
    about stealing it, especially before they can implement it?

    Sudds, they won’t use Yale.
    They would not be able to steal from it.

  48. 48 freedomofspeach

    Its either $2 million or $20 million

    From the Post

    Estimate due on theater’s reopening
    Article Last Updated: 08/03/2008 01:04:56 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — The drama continues over how much it’s going to cost to renovate the long-shuttered Shakespeare Theater.

    Bill Hanney, the Rhode Island theater operator and producer recently selected by the Town Council to raise the curtain at the legendary Elm Street showcase, believes it can be done for less than $3 million.

    But after surveying the structure — which has not been used since 1989 — the BL Cos. LLC, of Meriden, issued a 1,000-page report to Mayor James R. Miron and the council that says it could cost at least twice that much. And the top price tag for the most comprehensive renovations would cost up to $19.2 million, according to the report.
    The company is expected to detail its report when the Town Council meets in a special session at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Town Hall. Some council leaders are expected to grill BL Cos. officials about what they believe are overly high cost estimates.
    Councilman Mike Julian, R-1, whose district includes the theater, said the estimates by BL are “far too high.” “I have read the report, and I don’t think it’s worth the paper it’s written on,” Julian said. “They [BL] tacked on all kinds of contingency fees that render the report pretty much meaningless.”

    But BL architect Bob Braren, project manager for the Shakespeare study, said the company can justify its numbers. “There is a discrepancy between what we found and the kinds of numbers being provided by Bill Hanney,” Braren said. “But we stand behind our report. “In the end, is it a $19 million job? Probably not,” he said. “But is it a $3 million job like Bill Hanney says? Probably not. It’s probably somewhere in the middle.” Hanney said he’s putting together estimates that he believes will show he can renovate the theater and have it up and running by the spring for under $3 million. The council has allocated $2.5 million for the renovation, and Hanney has said he would likely put about $500,000 into the project.

    Hanney has reopened the historic 500-seat “Theatre By the Sea” in Matunuck, R.I., that had been closed four years after a nearly 75-year run. “I’ve been inside the [Shakespeare Theater] enough to know and truly believe we can renovate it for far less than the kinds of numbers being mentioned in the [BL] report,” Hanney said. “We are doing our due diligence and in about 30 days will show how we can do it.”
    Miron, who met with Hanney last week in Town Hall for the first in a series of negotiating sessions on a contract, said he hopes the Rhode Island theater operator is right.

    “I want the project to cost as little as possible,” Miron said. “But I also don’t want a patchwork job. The renovation has to be done the right way. We don’t want to re-open the theater after all this time on the cheap.”

    Although Hanney, who doesn’t produce Shalespeare plays, was chosen by the council to reopen the theater, Miron said he’s not signing any contract that doesn’t include Shakespeare plays.

    Miron said he’s also not signing a contract without a “specific dollar amount” the developer would invest beyond the $2.5 million the council has authorized to renovate the theater that closed in 1989. Hanney, however, has said he is willing to bring in a producer with Shakespeare expertise to stage some classics by the Bard along with the musicals and comedies he produces.


    I don’t like BL and their political connections that got them the job, but I have to say I trust a professionals opinion (I haven’t read the report maybe someday it will be online if someone could get the executive summary and post it that would be nice) over a developers opinion. You can weed out the contingencies and factors that they used and come up with a number, but there is not $8 million in contingencies in his report.

    I too have been in the place, it’s not a $2 million dollar job, it’s at least double that and that was 8 plus years ago. But if this guy wants to say it can be done for $3 million, then he MUST (are you listening TC?? Gavin???? Mayor????? Taxpayers?????) put up a performance bond for the estimated total cost of renovation as well as any rent money for the term of his lease. His insurance should name the town as additional insured and as primary coverage, and he must personally guarantee the contract. If not let him walk. I have seen too many (and so has Stratford) developers who want to get in and then its ooops, sorry too much money and either leave or they work over the town for more money. In Stratford it’s developed into an art form that attracts these kinds of people to screw the town. If anyone can name one developer who hasn’t screwed the town or has benefited the town, other than lining the pockets of the tribe of thief’s please let me know. I would love to be found wrong. Just look around at TS 1, 2, 3, potentially 4, Louis Burk 1, 2, and most likely 3, and of course my favorite The Trust who is going to make it all better for LBW, in a few years if they can, just sign the paper……

    When this guy submits his report and estimate for repairs and renovation (remember it must by law be from an architect or engineer licensed to practice in CT to be valid) I would love to see a copy. Also remember, all plans must be approved by the fire marshal before construction or renovation, as well as all asbestos removed or encapsulated. My guess code upgrades for this class of building are going to run close to a million. Remember ADA???? State Fire Code???? Life Safety??? All changed since the last time this place had a certificate of occupancy and all work must be to code and all work must upgrade the building as a whole to the currant codes. Is it a historical building? The engineering alone will be $250,000.

    So as the stomach turns in Stratford, here you go again.

  49. 49 jezebel282

    Update (yes another one):

    Shakespeare theater’s future center stage at public hearing
    Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer
    Published: 11:20 p.m., Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    STRATFORD — The future of the Shakespeare theater is on the agenda for Wednesday night at a special public hearing at which the Town Council will take a pulse of public support for a pending project to reopen the long-shuttered stage.

    On the table is about a half-million dollar investment, according to Councilman Matt Catalano. That would buy the expertise of Frank Tobin Associates, an artistic development company with a record of building successful theaters from the ground up, and Arts Consultant Group, an agency with a history of executing massive fundraising schemes for arts groups. The team of award-winning actors, artistic directors and consultants plans to build a year-round, nonprofit festival theater with performances slated to begin next summer.

    The two groups were unanimously recommended to take charge of the project by an appointed special committee. Catalano said he anticipates the council will vote on that recommendation after the hearing, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

    I do not believe there is a more staunch supporter of this Theater than Councilman Catalano. But here is something Mr. Catalano should keep in mind; I essentially write a check to the Town of Stratford in the amount of approximately $700+ per month. I am sure many residents write checks for even greater amounts. (Check your mortgage statements). Although it is not usually a concern for Councilmen or mayors…$700 is a LOT OF MONEY every month. We can’t keep throwing it away on consultant after consultant year after year.

  50. 50 1george1

    There are multiple people supporting Shakespeare Theater for reasons:
    – Economic Development – Tourist Engine for Restaurants
    – BRAND ID for Stratford
    – Quality of Life
    – Positive Press
    – Local Jobs
    – Spending by non local workers
    – Increase property values in area – reflective in tax base
    – Property Taxes on “for Profit” subleasees.
    – CHANCE to RECOUP past Town Investment for cost of
    > Roof
    > Parking Lot
    > Mowing
    > Other costs

    I had not known of this meeting, as yet to get paper – thanx

  51. 51 sudds

    Catalano = $500,000 (+ the $1,5000,000 that was already bonded???) —> for {a} “the expertise of Frank Tobin Associates” (anyone else try to google them… there is NO info on them out there), and {b} “an agency with a history of executing massive fundraising schemes” (SCHEMES??? haven’t we had enough of these related to this project?)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sudds = $0 —> for an open theatre

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  52. 52 1george1

    Will we see sudds to night?

    I will forward infor to sudds about proposal Tobin etc.
    I never heard of them either.

  53. 53 chicken04

    Behold, the power of the interwebz:

    It’s amazing what you can find when you know how to actually use the Google machine.

  54. 54 1george1

    Thank you Mr. Tobin.

  55. 55 jezebel282


    “Thank you Mr. Tobin.”

    Actually, it only took me a couple of seconds to find the same thing and a lot more.

    Maybe Sudds was using Bing or something.

  56. 56 1george1

    My remarks tonight to Stratford Town Council Public Forum,
    SEPT 29, 2010 Public Hearing Shakespeare Theater:

    My name is George Mulligan, 429 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford,
    since 1978.

    Here we are again. Shakespeare, AVCO, Raymark are Stratford’s
    version of “ground hog day” or “waiting for Godot.”
    Hopefully “alls well that ends well.”

    Conditionally I favor getting Shakespeare Theater open.

    I have been Marketing for about 2 decades and responsible for an
    estimated $ 40 million in one time and repeat sales with over $ 300
    million in sales opportunitIes.

    I believe Stratford Shakespeare should be a home run as long as it
    is not Sabotaged or diverted. (This IS Stratford)

    2009 Disney paid $ 4 Billion (with a B) for 5,000 Marvel Comic characters.

    Shakespeare created over 1,000 characters in 37 plays and over 100 other

    Many American plays, TV plots, and Movie plots are Shakespearean
    modernized remakes or derivatives of ACTS or Verse.

    There are successful Shakespeare venues around the world.

    English is spoken, read, and writen by about 20 % of the world population,
    (so there is a market)

    I believe Stratford Shakespeare Theater has hosted or could host:
    * Chorus Line * Cats * Grease * Dracula * Westside Story * Showboat
    * Oklahoma * South Pacific * Comedy * Opera * Dance * Rock * Jazz
    * Blues * Country * local productions

    The Stratford Shakespeare Theater:

    * is a source of local pride!

    * is a Brand – known world wide like Coke, McDonald’s, Disney

    * can draw patrons from the Tri-state and New England

    * Economic Engine – Tourist attractions for Restaurants + Shopping

    * Economic Engine – Jobs for local workers

    * Economic Engine – spending by tour companies + workers to Hotels, etc.

    * Positive publicity and good for Stratford’s image – We certainly need that.

    * Education improvement, inspiring students for Arts, Literature, Theater.

    * Improve property values

    * Improve property tax base, from “for profit” subcontractors to nonprofit.

    and to pay for PAST EXPENSES.


    * property taxes, from “for profit” subcontractors to nonprofit.

    * 24/7/365 potential leasing of the theater to wide variety of clients

    * Licensing Stratford Shakespeare Theater characters and properties.

    MY FAVORITE IDEA relates to creating a Movie about renovating the
    Stratford Shakespeare Theater.
    > As part of venture capital, a business loan for a docu-drama/comedy
    about the renovation of the Stratford Shakespeare Theater, the actual
    renovation is a business expense (just like building a Stage) which can
    be amortized over years for the loan repayment.
    Movie sales to live theaters, DVD (other) Rentals, Cable syndication, can
    not only pay off the loan, but also pay back past expenses like the roof
    and parking lot, and be profitable for producers and the Town!

    * Interior * Exterior * Grounds * Remediation * Operations * Marketing

    * $ 500,000 parking lot * $ 500,000 roof * Landscaping * Interior * Exterior

    Ongoing: pay Operations

    * Licensing * Leasing * Property Taxes * Movie / Media



  57. 57 1george1

    I am sorry Jeze.

    I wrote in paragraph form and with bullets, rather than my
    usual incoherent, hard to follow, style.

    I laid foundation about by backgound in marketing and related my
    experience toward showing that Shakespeare Theater should be

    I articulated a seried of features, advantages, features, and benefits.

    I created a business proposal with foundations for ways to pay back
    any cost for seed money and past expenses.

    I ended with a request for a “show me the money” “business plan,”
    demanding transparency, end of sabotage, and end of subplots,
    requesting a public interest venue.

    I hope it comes out on Cable, the way I wanted it to be perceived?

    I make no pretense about politically correct grammar expertise, yet if
    I choose to, I can write in generally accepted formats.

  58. 58 sudds

    Thanks Chicken!

    Anyway… looking at the bios of the individuals involved… can someone please explain to me why this proposal is being “run” by actors/agents… and not engineers, construction workers, etc???

    Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks that we should work on getting the theatre, what’s the word again, oh yeah… OPEN before we start fighting over who is going to get to run their productions there???

    Maybe we should find an organization that has a 300+ year history of turning out some of the best and brightest minds IN THE WORLD, and see if they’d like to get involved?!?!?

    Hmmm… if only Stratford had a historical relationship with such an organization.

    Oh that’s right… WE DO!!! ( – Now if only our Councilmembers could put 1/100th of the energy they put into getting elected into actually TRYING to get the theatre open… maybe we can do something about it!!!

    Here… I’ll even reduce the effort level to 1/110th:

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  59. 59 1george1


    A few people love my idea for a movie about rebuilding the Theater
    as a way to pay for renovations (amortized business loan – repaid by
    Movie (Arts) Theaters Gates, DVDs, and Syndication.

    It can also repay past investments in roof + paving.

    It can help pay operations.

    It can throw money back to the town and investors, from the profits

    Leasing the Theater can cover operations costs and throw money
    back to the town, from the NON PROFIT.

    Strategic Partnerships from licensing can yield Town Revenue and fair
    profits to Strategic Partnerships.

    Non Profit can lease to FOR PROFIT, who can pay PROPERTY TAXES!
    I learned that angle from blogger “CHRIS C.” PROPS Chris!

    This is STRATFORD.
    Almost ALL USA politcal people are THIEVES.

    Sudds, you actually wonder why Stratford is being BEGGARED / BILKED?

    The difference between Prohibition where Senators, Congress, Judges,
    Police, politically appointed and promotes Department heads at Federal,
    State, and Local levels were run by Mafia Graft, the people who run ALL
    of them are not nearly as NICE as the MAFIA, and they are SMARTER, with
    pretending to be dumber, with intentional failures serving political goals
    and objectives – counter intuitively.

    I call business around the Tri – State / new England areas.
    There is not an ethnic group who stands out as NOT BEING HIT!

    Even NJ appears more honest than CT! (corrupt-i-cut)

  60. 60 sudds

    “A few people love my idea for a movie about rebuilding the Theater
    as a way to pay for renovations”

    Perhaps they can get an auto mechanic, CPA, web designer, etc to Direct it!!!

    Before you laugh… think about the fact that they’re (potentially… hopefully Catalano fails in his bid to “bribe” the other Councilmembers) getting a PR guy to oversee construction/repairs to the theatre!!!

  61. 61 1george1


    I believe Catalano has honest love of the Theater + Stratford.

    Do I like NON PROFIT? Not really.

    Chris C can explain the merits that I can not explain.

    Do I think there are plans in place to steal / steer everything? YES.

    After the election.
    We will have a tough Winter.
    Plans and foundations will take place on take it or leave it.
    Construction Spring through Fall on much.

    I always posted ALL ON TIME TABLES

  62. 62 jezebel282


    “I always posted ALL ON TIME TABLES”

    If you have them on an Excel spreadsheet, a Powerpoint or a Gannt chart, I would be happy to publish it so we can check your accuracy in a couple of months.

    Otherwise, we are all on timetables (usually about 78.44 years).Source: World Bank,

  63. 63 1george1

    Oct 15 FAA Airport Environmental Impact writen comment ends
    Oct 16 EPA Raymark consolidation writen comment ends
    Oct 18 AVCO SAEP “was” end of BID DATE – rescheduled til after election

    March 2, 2010 Harkins replacement election

    May 2010 DOT – Moses Wheel Bridge/US 1 Construction
    June 16, 2010 RR Developmental Center Hearings end
    SEPT 13 Council Regular Meeting – a lot of legislation
    SEPT 13 CT DOT – MAIN STREET Down Town drainage
    SEPT 22 FAA presentation / verbal comments
    SEPT 29 COUNCIL – SHAKESPEARE Public Comments

    PERRY-STROIKA – What ex DTC Chair is of Russian decent
    (not that I have anything against any peaceful groups

    OCT 6 EPA Public Hearing
    OCT 11 Town Council Meeting
    OCT 15 FAA Airport Environmental Impact writen comment ends
    OCT16 EPA Raymark consolidation writen comment ends
    OCT 18 AVCO SAEP “was” end of BID DATE – rescheduled til after election


  64. 64 ronmoreau


    1.5 million bonded (for the theater during the Hanney ‘DEAL’).
    A little less than $500,000 spent to repair the roof on the theater, by our first Mayor.(Way to much money in my opinion and it should have been done years ago.)

    What happened to the balance of $1,000,000 ?

  65. 65 ronmoreau


    Perhaps I should be asking Sudds that question.

    “Catalano = $500,000 (+ the $1,5000,000 that was already bonded???)”

  66. 66 portia1776


    “I believe Stratford Shakespeare Theater has hosted or could host:…” – Why did you leave out one of Jez and my favorites, Fiddler on the Roof?! The American Shakespeare Theater staged a production in the late 70s.

  67. 67 portia1776

    Jez, I would like to move my David Mamet Theatre post here, since it is a more appropriate home.

    portia1776 on September 29, 2010 said:

    In reading a review of Mamet’s latest book, Theatre, I came across this brilliant insight on why government should not intervene in art. Consider the passage in light of some people’s ideas for tax payer subsidies to support Shakespeare theater:

    “The theatre is a magnificent example of the workings of that particular bulwark of democracy, the free-market economy. It is the most democratic of arts, for if the play does not appeal in its immediate presentation to the imagination or understanding of a sufficient constituency, it is replaced. … It is the province not of ideologues (whether in the pay of the state and called commissars, or tax subsidized through the university system and called intellectuals) but of show folk trying to make a living.”

    Government subsidized art is mostly bad art.

    Consider this New Deal WPA propaganda poster:
    At least its Nazi inspired look is consistent with its Nazi sounding text.

    Or this FDR government-sponsored racist war propaganda:
    Wasn’t Perl Harbor enough? Does it really need a sinister caricature of a Japanese solider carrying a whole naked white woman?

    And remember this garbage was being produced at tax payer expense by good “Progressives” like Rockwell Kent, who was subsequently honored by the Soviet Union with the Lenin Prize.

  68. 68 portia1776


    “But here is something Mr. Catalano should keep in mind; I essentially write a check to the Town of Stratford in the amount of approximately $700+ per month. I am sure many residents write checks for even greater amounts. (Check your mortgage statements). Although it is not usually a concern for Councilmen or mayors…$700 is a LOT OF MONEY every month. We can’t keep throwing it away on consultant after consultant year after year.” – As a fellow taxpayer, I fully endorse your sentiment. Mr. Catalano et al. may be well-intentioned but proposing throwing more good taxpayer money after much wasted taxpayer money is ridiculous, especially in this worsening economic climate.

    I also think it disingenuous to posit the following result, when it has not yet been agreed upon: “…plans to build a year-round, nonprofit festival theater with performances slated to begin next summer.” For-profit, non-profit, this spring, next summer, I just want to see the theater open.

    Re-opening the theater has always been within reach: debate and agree on a few very basic principles (e.g., the theater must have “Stratford” and “Shakespeare” in its eventual name), put the property out to bid, select the bid that is most favorable to Stratford taxpayers. Done. And without spending another dime of our money.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    “What happened to the balance of $1,000,000 ?”

    Interesting question. Do you think it is still there?

  70. 70 sudds

    Portia: “Re-opening the theater has always been within reach”


    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  71. 71 sudds


    “What happened to the balance of $1,000,000 ?”

    Interesting question. Do you think it is still there?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Jezzy Babe(?)… what are the prophetic words which I seek? Oh yeah…


  72. 72 sudds

    The bottom line here folks is that the right now people are fighting over who will have the opportunity to put on plays at the theatre (i.e. rake in the dough) once the theatre is open…. it is NOT about getting the theatre open. That part is just a nuisance that these individuals are willing to undertake (at our expense of course) in order to “stake their claim” on OUR theatre!!!

    Anyone who TRULY supports the arts should NOT be supporting these individuals, and instead be focused first and foremost on just getting the damn (can I say damn here?) thing open!!!

    WE (we, being us taxpayers) should NOT be paying $500,000 to “BUY THE EXPERTISE” of a PR guy… when what we really need is an organization with architects (, artists (, actors/directors (, musicians ( and maybe (for good measure) even throw in a skilled labor force (!!!

    Hmmm… too bad no one can think of such an organization!!! 😦

  73. 73 jezebel282


    “Jezzy Babe(?)… what are the prophetic words which I seek? Oh yeah…

    Yeah….I didn’t think so either.

  74. 74 ronmoreau

    “What happened to the balance of $1,000,000 ?”

    “Interesting question. Do you think it is still there?”

    I don’t know. Does anyone know?

    Stratford has bonded over $100,000,000, for several projects, over the years.

    It begs the question.

    Has ANY of these bonded projects EVER been audited?

  75. 75 sudds


    We BARELY got an audit for the $100k in “bonus” payments that Miron gave to himself (and his friends) when he was departing… do you REALLY think that we’re going to get one for $100,000,000??? 👿

  76. 76 ronmoreau

    sudds on October 1, 2010 said:

    “What happened to the balance of $1,000,000 ?”

    Interesting question. Do you think it is still there?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Jezzy Babe(?)… what are the prophetic words which I seek? Oh yeah…


    Fill us in. What happened to the $1,000,000?

  77. 77 1george1


    “I believe Stratford Shakespeare Theater has hosted or could host:…” – Why did you leave out one of Jez and my favorites, Fiddler on the Roof?! The American Shakespeare Theater staged a production in the late 70s.

    PORTIA – It was a simple oversight on my part.
    I too have quoted from fiddler, multiple times here.



    They also went to BID and BONDED $ 900,000 for 2 fire trucks
    $ 570,000 for customed $ 230,000 for non customed – both equipped.

    NEW COUNCIL unanimously / MAYOR decided first act was to spend
    $ 400,000 each for unequipped non customer fire trucks and $ 100 k
    to equip them.

    Conveniently there was NO TOWN ATTORNEY to advise legality of
    creating emergency decision.

    However, Esq Burturla would be the carry over legal council, until
    new Town Attorney was appointed. Wait – new Town Attorney still
    has Esq Burturla in his BULL (Sh**) PEN.
    Looking forward to 2010 – 1099s

    Past Mayor James Miron, also was Attorney.

    Isn’t it interesting how past council all quit, except Dempsey, and
    Miron are out …. yet FIRE TRUCK – SHAKESPEARE Bondings carry over
    for multiple (conspiracy) deniability?

    RON / SUDDS – Could you be blaming the wrong people?
    At least in part?

    Republicans control both this and past Town councils with KEY exception
    of Calzone Town Council. (Calzone + gavin = EMS Allies)

    Why was the Calzone Town Council a KEY in plausible deniability?

  78. 78 sudds

    “Fill us in. What happened to the $1,000,000?”

    I have NO idea… but if it is not readily available… then someone should be IN JAIL!!!

  79. 79 1george1

    Hypothetically: IF, IF, IF there is CRIMINALITY throughout Corrupt-i-cut,
    political justice system:

    IF, IF, IF there is CRIMINALITY .. who does the assignment to investigate, investigating, warrant issuance, arresting, prosecution, judge docketing,
    jury selection, evidence approval/suppression, jury instructions, sentencing?

    Who will arrest people who give extraordinary PENSIONS, OT, BENEFITS?

    Will John B arrest Dick B, who helped get the powerful, mutually protecting position?

    Will CT State Police arrest John B, former head homeland security?

    Will Dodd expose a potential $ 50,000,000 economic development program,
    once retired he can become a consultant, instead of helping Bridgeport, Stratford, and Valley while Senator?

    Will Lieberman expose John B, former head homeland security under
    his senate chairmanship of homeland security?

    Will Blue-menthol expose Kevin K, his former investigator in another dept.

    Will ARMY investigate all of those retired ARMY Judge Advocates?

    Will FBI investigate State / Local police Departments?

    Will CT State prosecutors investigate political powers who get kick backs,
    I mean political donations from firms getting business from Towns Boards
    of education, State / Federal Agencies and their contractors & subs?

    Will U. S. Attorneys investigate political powers who get kick backs,
    I mean political donations from firms getting business from Towns Boards
    of education, State / Federal Agencies and their contractors & subs?

  80. 80 jezebel282


    “Fill us in. What happened to the $1,000,000?”

    You can always ask Adam Bauer.

  81. 81 sudds

    Am I the only one who finds it sad that questions regarding $1,000,000 are directed to someone other than our mayor???

    This town has gone from Joseph Stalin to Jimmy Carter… hopefully our next mayor will take the job a little more seriously!!!

  82. 82 jezebel282


    “sad that questions regarding $1,000,000 are directed to someone other than our mayor???”

    Do you think Harkins actually knows?

    You could always try Sue Collier. She is supposed to be the Finance Director, but I don’t think she has a clue either.

  83. 83 sudds

    “Do you think Harkins actually knows?”

    as the (hypothetical) CEO of our town… HE SHOULD KNOW!!!

    (or, at a minimum, should have already begun an inquiry into it)

  84. 84 sudds

    “You could always try Sue Collier.”

    Don’t even get me started….

  85. 85 1george1

    New Administration:

    Last TOWN COUNCIL was MICKEY MOUSE CLUB according to ALVIN serenade:
    Now’s the time to say to say goodbye.

    I felt our last MAYOR Jim Miron was “PINNOCCHIO”

    Pinnocchio came with strings attached. His nose grew like it had viagra?
    He was made of wood and wanted to be a real boy ….

    Howdy Doody had a hand up his …. back … for mouth / body to work. 😉

  86. 86 1george1

    I wonder if creating the non profit will be able to keep money
    staying towards the Theater and Town Hall, instead of going to
    certain Law firms and country club conmen, among others?

    The points of my presentation to support money for the Stratford
    Shakespeare Theater are:
    1 – Help get it open for Shakespeare and other venues expeditiously.
    2 – Provide funding for all necessary repairs (as part of expenses for
    a movie, and therefore recoup from profits)
    3 – Recover all costs associated with future repairs and then money
    spent for the roof repair and parking lot pavement.
    4 – Create other Revenue for the Town to more than cover operations
    5 – Generate CASH FLOW to the Town from excess profits to the “non-profit”
    to go to the General funds, towards lower Taxes.
    6 – Be completely transparent so the skangs and dregs can’t skim profits.

    I believe Catalano and other people have the best interest of Stratford and
    the Theater at heart.

    I also believe other people want to steal as much as they can, beggar the
    town and turn parts of Stratford into refugee areas from buying up cheap
    Bridgeport land and adding it to a massive East of the River renovation from
    Pleasure Beach to GE Boston Avenue.
    Near Steal (steele) Point a huge area is already vacant.
    The whole area from Remington arms to GE Boston avenue is a slum of old
    underpriced, high tax homes and businesses, as well as Stratford Avenue.

    I bet DODD held back helping stratford and Bridgeport as a Senator so he
    could reap millions as a consultant or slum lord, reselling property to a
    developer, likely lined up 10 – 20 years ago?

    Years ago I spoke to Laura Hoydic about getting Scinto into Stratford?
    Laura replied Scinto’s Buildings were not top quality and “our developers
    build superior Buildings.”

    I asked a few people around town about Scinto vs. “our developers?”

    Unanimously they replied “WE HAVE DEVELOPERS?” 🙂 😉 😦


    I spoke to a friend and broke him up related to OCTOBER Perry House’s
    PERRY-STROIKA, when I referred it to the “HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.” 😉

    Oct 16 – 22 is about the 23rd anniversary of the 1987 crash.

    Oct is the month for the 1917 Russian Revolution which led “V I LEnin”
    to power as “nominally a socialist?”

    But then we have people who call themselves
    Democrats (try to rig elections)
    Republicans (try to rig the rules of Law – like “contract ON America”)

  87. 87 1george1


    Laura Hoydic said “our builders” not “our developers.”
    Unanimous reply: “We have builders?”

    Years ago I spoke to Robert Scinto about building in Stratford,
    especially once “town fair” closed.

    Mr. Scinto replied, without explaining: “I have no interest in building
    in Stratford.”

    I also spoke to Vince Summo (?) Stew Leonard C.F.O. about 1999 -2001
    to build Stew Leonards on Town Fair property.
    – They were looking for building Free Standing building with parking and
    near I – 95.
    – However there demographic showed Stratford was too close to Norwalk
    and would draw customers from their Norwalk store.
    > Fairfield might be equidistant between Stratford and Norwalk?
    > Bridgeport is CT’S most populous city.
    > North of Bridgeport customers might be diverted
    – Stew Leonards wanted to tap into New Haven, West Haven, Orange,
    Milford, Stratford, the Valley, Woodbridge, etc populations.

    – I know this is not relevant to TOGA / Shakespeare.
    But Shakespeare is relevant to Economic development.

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