Another One Bites the Dust


Let’s wish Maureen Kendrick better luck in her next job. Maureen was the legal secretary in Miron’s office till he fired her. Apparently Maureen had the unmitigated gall to think that a legal secretary with dozens of years of experience shouldn’t be the one to sit all day in the new “customer service” center at the railroad station.

If there are any legal secretaries out there (you listening Pat Sperling?) that don’t mind sitting in a hot little brick building all day, there’s a position available with the Town.

Umm…Sudds? Does this count as “cause”?


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  1. 1 sudds

    I’m going to guess that her job description (like every other one every written) had that little adage about “other tasks assigned by management”… ergo… yes… insubordination would count as cause!!!

    Granted it’s a stretch… but unfortunately Miron’s got you (and unfortunately Maureen) on this one!

    Hey… I don’t write the law… I just follow it!!!

    PS… does Miron really need a legal secretary when he’s allowing his friend to bill the town over $1,000,000 a year???

  2. 2 jezebel282


    I suppose it’s just as reasonable to ask her to help out on the sanitation trucks too?

    Miron doesn’t have me at all. Maureen was hired as an at will employee. I wonder if she “is fine with that” now? At will seems to be a great policy…if you are the mayor.

    “PS… does Miron really need a legal secretary when he’s allowing his friend to bill the town over $1,000,000 a year???”

    Actually, Maureen’s previous job was at ….. wait for it… Berchem, Moses & Devlin.

    I just wondered how much sympathy you had for anyone. Not much, I see. Glad I don’t work in your office.

  3. 3 sudds

    I have plenty of sympathy for lots of people… but not much for those who get a position through politcal connections… and then find themselves out on their a$$!!!

    PS… I’ll still stand by my position… it’s not the “at will” policy that is flawed… it’s the individual that we have in charge of the policy who is!!!

  4. Maureen Kendrick also served as the Administrative Assistant to the CAO. Maureen performed a myriad of tasks and always helped out everywhere she was asked. She was called upon too many times to mention on the blog. Why he wanted to place her at the customer service center station located at the rail road station is a mystery. She was highly competent, computer literate and very loyal to her organization.

    Buturla has his own legal secretary who is paid a handsome salary by the taxpayers and is stationed at Town Hall. Her name is Gail Nobili. Now, I would really like to see Miron tell Gail to go to the rail road station.

    Maureen was Buturla’s longtime, trusted, legal secretary at the law firm. She was the office manager and highy respected by the law firm.

    I know of this matters to Sudds, because what the heck, she was insubordinate and fired for “just cause.” I just wanted the readers to know a little bit of personal information about her.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    You asked for an example and Miron provided one. I can tell you that his “cause” was not much different for the others who were not at-will.

    “it’s not the “at will” policy that is flawed”

    Please explain how this benefits the Citizens.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    I wonder if since Maureen was fired “for cause” if she is now not entitled to unemployment benefits or even COBRA.

  7. Jez,

    She is entitled to both. She would not be entitled if she left voluntarily.

  8. 8 jezebel282



    I can almost read the pink slip; Failure to genuflect.

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    I agree with Sudds. Its not the at-will policy that’s the problem. Its the idiot who’s in charge that’s the problem.

    Out of curiousity Jez was this something that was announced or info obtained from an inside source at Town Hall?

  10. 10 1george1

    Perhaps Jim has been reading this blog, looked at what has happened to his
    family, seen all the failures in the town, which “could be” from sabotage.

    Since Maureen was Burturla’s former secretary, perhaps Jim figured out there
    was a possibility, repeat possibility of dual loyalty??

    Hey Sudds, if you were the type to do so, and you wanted to plant a SPY into
    your boss’s office, could you think of any better place than as his Secretary.

    My view, Sargeants run the Army, Secretaries run the Businesses.


    Maureen may be the most Ethical and capable person on the planet.

    However, there may be cause for suspicion or cause for termination?

    Hmmmm, if Maureen is the lady over 50 who I met before my Mossman
    Trial, she is certainly capable.

    I wonder if Burturla will have to defend the Town against an EEEOC AGE
    or SEX Discrimination Lawsuit against the Town of Stratford?
    > Can we start a lottery on the representing Firm?
    > In sequence, I suspect the potential lawyers may be
    John Williams or Norm Pattis or Larry Merly
    Tom Cotter, Ben Proto, or John Florek
    Jackson, Kelly, & Bishop
    Pullman & Comley
    What was the firm Kelly came from?
    Kent Miller of Berchem, Moses…

    I wonder if there will be a settlement offer?
    Will it be much higher than others?
    Will it be sealed?
    Is it a going away present (BONUS, paid by Tax Payers) for years of

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Rule by intimidation, fear and vulgarity does not inspire loyalty. There are many birds that will sing at Town Hall. It may come out in some publication, but it is hard to disguise an empty chair (unless you are the Democratic Registrar of Voters). It is fascinating that Miron continually forgets that most Town employees live in Stratford. They all have neighbors, friends and relatives here too.

    “Its not the at-will policy that’s the problem. Its the idiot who’s in charge that’s the problem.”

    Make your point, Mike. How do us citizens benefit by “at will”? I am willing to be convinced. So far I haven’t seen much evidence.

  12. 12 mikereynolds

    I’m not going to try to convince you…I’m not going to waste my time or yours.

    The state is an “at-will” state. Call Terry, John, and Dan and have them try to get that changed during the next legislative session.

    The company I work for subscribes to the at-will policy and specifically states so in the employee handbook. But they are cognizant of the fact that if they let someone go without any cause the company is subject to legal action.

    There have been hires at the management/executive level over the last 5 years to specifically reduce turnover at my company. Those efforts have succeeded to the stated pleasure of the board of directors.

    So its not so much the policy as it is the person who administers the policy.

    In the case of Stratford, the at-will policy is clearly being abused. The only way to fix it is to vote out the person abusing it. Unfortunately, 34% of voting population made a big mistake and we have to wait until next year to fix it.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Unfortunately, this Town does not have a very good history of effective action. My problem with at will in public employment is that corrective action can only be taken once every four years. In the private sector, action is taken every time someone runs the P&L.

  14. 14 mikereynolds

    Point taken.

  15. So, it’s my understanding that the newly constructed (former guard shack) isn’t going to be a “customer service center” any longer. It’s now being called a Stratford “welcome center.” He’s the confusing thing, we already have a Stratford “welcome center” manned by volunteers at The Perry House.

    That being the case, I’m really wondering why the salary and costs associated with this “welcome center” at the Stratford Railroad Station is tacked on to the railroad portion of the budget.

    It’s all a bunch of Miron rambling and double-talk as far as I am concerned. We don’t need a customer service person who knows absolutely nothing about the woes of the daily commuter to deal with the complex issues of the few weekly “day trippers” who can’t figure out how to use the ticket machine or parking meter. Where they going to direct them – our forest and shore or the more in between.

    Hey, what do I know, I’m just a commuter and a taxpaying town resident.

  16. Jeze ~

    Maybe she just turned 50….. We know Miron doesn’t like women over 50 and appears to prefer tatoos and piercings. Wow, that’ll a great look for the “welcome center” personnel….. LOL

  17. Pat,
    This is his MO. When he fired Diane Toolan he had the CAO offer her the grant writing position, (a new position approved by the council at the mayor’s recommendation) in lieu of firing all the others – as a peace offering I assume. Of course, Diane was not and did not want to be a permanent grant writer. She had guided the town through 15 years of turbulent economic times and was a respected leader among her colleagues and peers in the business.

    It is not a surprise that he has tired or wants someone else to take over for Maureen and so he offers her this little treat (railroad station) so that he can testify to this fact at the surely to be scheduled labor board hearing. He is just so slick. He doesn’t give a damm about anyone. He doesn’t care. Turning people’s lives upside down is how he gets his kicks. And, if any remaining employees think they are exempt from his knife, they are only kidding themselves. Karma is coming. And, it won’t be pretty.

  18. 18 sudds

    “Karma is coming. And, it won’t be pretty.”

    But if Jez has her way, and “at will” is eliminated from the Charter… we’ll be stuck with these employees until they feel like quitting!!! (yeah… not that would be a REAL good benefit for he town!!!)


    “Hey Sudds, if you were the type to do so, and you wanted to plant a SPY into your boss’s office, could you think of any better place than as his Secretary.”

    Could it be that THIS is really why Ms. Kendrick got the axe??? And what about the former CAO??? Perhaps (instead of a blood-thirtsy mayor) it was just a simple case whereby these women were “spies” for the Republican Party in town??? If so, would anyone blame Miron for firing them for betraying the trust of the office???

    I knew I loved ya Georgie-boy!!! 😀


    Ok, ok… before everyone freaks out… especially you Jez… I’m not saying that they were… or that they weren’t… I’m just offering up another entry in the “we do NOT know what really happened” file!!!

  19. Cyclops ~

    It does sound VERY familiar. If my understanding is correct, he moved Pat Blumstein to the firehouse and then got rid of her from there by eliminating the position or something like that. And then, along came Ashley.

    If I were Maureen, I’d make sure I scream loud and clear everything I knew about the goings on in Town Hall. The louder the better – this way, everyone will know what’s really going on.

    I don’t believe the shack at the RR station has a bathroom so the person who mans the “customer service” or “welcome” center, or whatever the name du jour is would have to walk all the way over the coffee shop every time they needed relief.

    I’m not sure any woman would be comfortable sitting by myself in a building slightly large than a jail cell with no toilet or security every day. Unless, of course, Miron will allow them to “pack heat.”

  20. Pat,
    As I stated previously, his MO is the same. It is the one area that he remains consistent. And, yes you are correct, he telephoned Mrs. Blumstein one afternoon and told her she would be reporting to the Fire department for an unspecified period of time and that she should take all of her personal belongings with her. Once she arrived, the Fire Chief, out of sympathy for her, and because the mayor had him do the dirty work, told her that her days were numbered and she would probably be terminated shortly, as he did not have the money in his budget to retain her services. That same day, Ashley relocated to Pat’s work station and assumed her title. In a few weeks, Pat was summoned by the HR Director and told her fate. The mayor never faced her. He is a coward!

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “But if Jez has her way, and “at will” is eliminated from the Charter… we’ll be stuck with these employees until they feel like quitting!!! (yeah… not that would be a REAL good benefit for he town!!!)”

    That is misstating my position entirely. And worse, you know it. I never favored positions for life. I have repeatedly said employees may be fired for cause; incompetence, insubordination, absenteeism, etc. It would be even better if the council had at least some oversight such as defining those conditions and making sure they are met.
    It’s called “fair”.

    “I’m just offering up another entry in the “we do NOT know what really happened” file!!!”

    Easy enough to find out don’t you think, Sudds?

    “he moved Pat Blumstein to the firehouse and then got rid of her from there by eliminating the position or something like that. And then, along came Ashley.”

    As Cyclops will remember, in this case he ordered her to sit in the fire house (no desk, no chair) until the HR Director came back from vacation. In the meantime, he moved 20 year old Ashley Heydu to her vacated desk the very same day.

    That is, of course after 15 years or so of dedicated service. So, “I’m not sure any woman would be comfortable sitting by myself in a building slightly large than a jail cell with no toilet or security every day.”, is typical Miron. Nice guy.

    I think a better idea would be placing the Democratic Registrar of Voters in the shack to make voter registration easier.

  22. How can anyone think that there’s not something right about these actions? The guy is just deranged.

    Sudds, come on, it’s not all a bit fishy to you? Come on, in the real business world, turnovers like that?

    Ashley or Heather must have a friend who needs a job or there must be someone near and dear to him who just lost their job and needs another.

  23. 23 1george1

    Why not move the entire Registrar office, now that we have 2 Republicans
    and no Democrat?

    Better yet, why not defund it?

    Why should the unaffiliated pay for Party Plunder?
    But then, there would be fewer jobs, with lower pay and less benefits, which
    would be more in line with what has been happening in the private sector.

    What percent of government employees have benefits?
    What percent of private sector people do not have benefits?

    I agree with Jeze about for cause.
    I am ambivalent about “at will”
    My experience is that a significant percent of political appointees s-ck!
    Most tend to be qualified, making it more frustrting to deal with people
    who had to (or willingly) sell their soul.
    > I forgot – there are viewers who are devil worshipers, and soul selling
    is desired hobby and habit, for certain viewers.

  24. 24 jezebel282


    “My experience is that a significant percent of political appointees s-ck!”

    That’s their job. In Miron’s office you even have to bring your own kneepads.

  25. George, 2 Republicans? please explain.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    I think George is referring to the fact that Marcone was a Republican in a previous incarnation.

    George does have a valid point. $60,000 for party representatives? Who registers independents?

    I think the shack would be a GREAT place to register voters. It even has a drive up window. You can just show your cell phone bill (after you’ve changed it to your parent’s address) and Voila! Democratic candidate!

  27. 27 sudds

    PCS… “Sudds, come on, it’s not all a bit fishy to you? Come on, in the real business world, turnovers like that?”

    You’re 100% right… turnover like this does not exist in the real world because business leaders learn to value their personel assets! Our Mayor on the other hand… LOL!!! However, I just still do NOT think that the removal of “at will” is the way to go… I think that choosing a better mayor is the way to go!!!

    Anyway… didn’t the Council approve the CRC2’s proposal? Ergo… I guess this issue is dead for now, right? A tip of the hat to all that tried to (for whatever their motivations might be) get things in the charter changed (regardless wether they were changed or not)!!! It truly is people like all of you that make this country what it is… GREAT!!!

  28. 28 sudds

    PS… what’s up with the stairs at the train being blocked off for over three weeks now? Did someone get a great deal on the world’s slowest drying concrete or what???

  29. 29 sudds

    “You can just show your cell phone bill (after you’ve changed it to your parent’s address) and Voila! Democratic candidate!”

    Now Jez… who would possibly do that???? 😛

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “I just still do NOT think that the removal of “at will” is the way to go… I think that choosing a better mayor is the way to go!!!”

    It’s a mystery to me why your wife thinks you are stubborn.

  31. Sudds ~

    I hope and pray that we choose a better mayor next time around. I think it’s going to be extremely important to really get involved in order to make sure it happens. It has to be loud and clear that Miron should not be re-elected.

    The concrete stairs – not sure. I guess they’ll be back in operation one of these years.

    So, being a fellow commuter, do YOU really think we need to pay someone to sit in that shack from 8:30 to 4:00, Monday through Friday, to deal with the “complex” issues that arise on a day-to-day basis at the Railroad Station? And, if it’s going to be the “welcome center” of Stratford, exactly what are people being “welcomed” to?

    It was always there for the security guard, but since we hardly have any visibility of a security guard, I guess a new use is needed.

  32. 32 sudds

    Since I’m still like 17 years from getting a parking pass (dang that Booth for losing the election… LOL) anything to do with the parking lot (if you ask me) is a complete waste of time/money!!!

    Oh wait… 8:30 to 4:00? Hmm… let’s see… I get on the train at 8:27 and off at 5:35… odds are I’ll never even see the person!!!

    Lastly… you’re right… last I knew there was a “welcome center” in the Baldwin Center!!!

  33. 33 sudds

    “It’s a mystery to me why your wife thinks you are stubborn.”

    Hello Pot… my name is Kettle!!! 😛

  34. Well, now that Maureen is gone, I guess my number will probably change. I’m glad I saved her last e-mail on what number I am on the list. I think I’m still 4-5 years out though.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    I think you are Number 1 on Miron’s list.

    Oh wait! You meant the parking list, didn’t you?

  36. 36 sudds


    I think you are Number 1 on Miron’s list.”

    HUH??? 😯 Am I missing something “good” here??? 😛

  37. 37 sudds

    “Well, now that Maureen is gone, I guess my number will probably change.”

    Hmmm… do any democrats owe me any favors??? ❓ ❓ ❓

    Hey Gavin… wanna make a supporter (for whatever office you run for)???? 😉

  38. 38 1george1

    Jeze is correct in that I was referring to the fact that Marcone was a life time Republican until he changed affiliation to run against Kubic, who he almost beat! Kubic did not even want to run and I heard the campaign crew had much in fighting! I guess by changing parties and running for the Town Council, Marcone picked up chips. He seemed like a nice guy. I was frank in that I told him I knew Fredette a long time and if I was a Dem, I would have voted for Fredette. apparently he did not appreciate my teasing, even though I could not vote.


    Maybe Jim kept staring at the names and decided since he could not get rid
    of Hendrick, whose resolution was made much worse by his changes….?

    We have cement stairs at the train station and they have been blocked for
    a month? I think it was Jeze, who said Dick’s political party was knowing where
    the bodies were buried. Maybe they moved Jimmy Hoffa from Giants stadium?

    Rail Road station is a great place to collect signatures?
    I did that for my Mayor run.
    I got about 1/2 from neighbors and friends
    I got about 1/2 from rr station.
    I had 20 % over the Minimum.
    Patty U disqualifed 25 %

    I also got bad sunburn.
    Patty U had vacation for her & others coming up.

    I made the mistake of trusting LOU DeCilio to get the info to compare
    the signatures.
    He held back info for about 6 weeks.
    I got it the DAY AFTER the CUT OFF.
    It was on CD.
    It was in PDF.
    It was set up by voter ID # and not by last name or Street
    Since was PDF & by voter ID and 1 day LATE.

    Lou and fiends kept me out of the Debates.
    Had I gotten into the Debates, Jim Miron would NOT have been Mayor,
    because of what I would have brought out about the DICKS & NORM.

    Virtually the entire town knows what is really going on.

    The place is like a POWDER KEG.
    But they have NO where to turn.

    Each group is worse than the next!

    And while I liked Ray V., the mistakes that were made by everyone in
    all parties and continue to be made …. head shaking.

    Enlightened self interest?
    Liberty, Fraternity, Equality
    Liberty and Justice for all, All, ALL
    Home of the Free
    Land of the Brave
    Hope is my god.
    Universality of belief
    My Lord and Savior
    oh, so, social
    blue wall
    court house gang
    officer of the court
    swear to uphold and defend the Constitution
    against enemies:
    * foreign
    * domestic

    In the movie Godfather Part 3 the future pope spoke to the
    future godfather in a garden. In a bird feeder was filled with
    water and a rock completely covered the water.

    The future pope stated that christianity was much like the
    water and the rock was much like most of the people who
    were catholics or christians and like the rock in that water
    did not absorb the water, just as – many christians never
    absorbed the true spirit of christianity and catholicism.

    I guess the same can be said for “many” people who use the
    Koran or Torah as touchstones…

    However, i believe the MENSCH and their equivilents
    “will inherit the earth.”
    and i believe those are the people who made things possible.

    Who was it that said he stood on the shoulders of giants?

  39. 39 jezebel282


    The ONLY one who controls the parking permits is…James R. Miron.

    Maybe if you keep saying all these people were fired for cause you might get a nice spot.

  40. Yup, I certainly have worked very hard to be number one….LOL I wonder how that dart board with my photo on it is looking these days.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    You just let me know when you’re drunk enough. I’ll rush right over with those campaign papers for you to sign.

  42. 42 1george1

    I don’t know what this world is coming to ….

    We have a married man SUDDS …
    and Jeze, a parent of a bright college student who has a female blog name,
    but may be a man, and possibly married at that …

    Each is trying to seduce a Married woman and mother into getting drunk …
    so they can get her to … run for Mayor … ?


    The last 2 friday nights and this coming friday night, instead of chasing women,
    I will be going to a meeting chasing tales of number trails, which is an entirely
    different tail than I would prefer to be studying ….

    The world has certainly changed since my teen and young adult years…

    From 1970 – 1984, I ran coed’s & men’s bowling & softball leagues & teams,
    mens’ rec basketball program.
    We raised money for MDA & other charities.
    I ran 3 and started my 4th HS Class reunion.
    My social functions caused at least 10 marriages and thousands of great

    Summer Bowling League with:
    1) Trip to Yankee game. 1 year it was $ 15 for
    Yankee Tickets, Bus, Beer/Soda/Sandwiches
    2) July 4th week pot luck buffet where dues paid for cold cuts / breads
    and beer / beverages. Each team supplied Dessert or Side or Salad
    3) completely catered picnic with Beer / Soda. Trophies.
    4) Beach Party a la cart – Lobster Bake / Steak / Prime Rib.
    5) Bus Trip to Riverside Amusement park > Park, Bus, Beer/Soda, Sandwich
    included in the price.
    6) Group of tables to the Cabaret.
    7) I bought & resold at cost 100 tickets to parade of champions
    8) Charity Bowling Tournament.
    9) Air conditioned comfort when it was rare to have them at home!
    10) We also bowled for under $ 5 a week, which also paid for portions of
    much of the above, as well as the 3 bowling games.

    Good, clean fun.

    Every year I would have 1 – 2 jerks trying to ruin it for me / others.
    I tried to help them, but realized they are always going to try to bring
    me and others down. I had a core of close to 100 people coming back
    to bowl and socialize every year.
    People took on projects noted above.
    I didn’t touch the money.
    I made sure NO project failed OR cost money out of peoples pockets,
    although people being people, they would often spring for extra and
    did extra work to help people have fun, out of simple self respect.

    That was in Fairfield. 🙂

    Sooooo many people in Stratford are the same way. 8)
    In fact, Stratford people are more social than the gold coast!

    How did such a great town, with such great people,
    get stuck with ….. scheiszkopt 😦

    Jeze can correct my german – it aint yiddish, but I suspect there
    are more appropriate yiddish words … 😦

  43. 43 jezebel282


    “Jeze can correct my german”

    Sheissekopf. Although arschloch would work just as well. Alles klar?

    “Each is trying to seduce a Married woman and mother into getting drunk …
    so they can get her to … run for Mayor … ?”

    Those were conditions set by Ms. Sperling. Drunk or sober, she would make a better mayor than any of the “suggested” candidates. Even Rocki.

  44. 44 1george1

    My german is very poor, but I have a prettty good idea of the meanings. 🙂

    “I will drink to Jeze’s last post!” 8)

    (No alcohol, though)

  45. 45 jezebel282

    You will notice that not even Laura Dobosz can defend this firing.

  46. Jez,

    Simply put, she was needed for a time, she served her purpose above and beyond the call of duty,(and I witnessed this day in and day out) and now she must go. He knew perfectly well she would never agree to the railroad position, but he needed some cushion, after all, he still has to face Buturla – at least I think he has to face him. But, never doubt the fact that Buturla has his number and has had it for a very long time. When this guy has his collapse, it will be a mighty thump and a lonely one. No one has it coming more than him.

  47. 47 jezebel282


    That is certainly put simply.

    I can’t wait to see who the replacement will be.

    Wanted: Secretary, no knowledge of Word required, must be recent high school grad (or at least old enough to drive to Starbucks), tattoos a big plus, must pretend to be impressed by Miron’s big gun, must have own kneepads.

  48. Ladies and Gentlemen ~

    If you may recall, I even gave up on the “drunk” part and there was a pool game challenge. If I lose, I sign; if Sudds loses…he’ll have to resort to getting me drunk….LOL

    In speaking to a friend on the way to the train station yesterday, she even agreed that the “at will” should be dealt with. Employees should not be fired or eliminated merely because the czar doesn’t like them or has a friend who needs a job. Granted, Sudds is correct that the jobs are still being done, but the methods by which the changes were made if not illegal borders on illegal and unethical. But, when have we known Jim Miron to do anything ethical?

    If an employee is fired, it should be “for cause” not because the head honcho feels like it. If there is downsizing, or the employee is not performing his/her job to the expected ability, or other valid reasons. Most of the time, if it’s a performance issue, an employee will be talked to by HR – sort of a preliminary warning – and memos kept in the personnel file (which you can request to see at any time).

    I know it’s beating a dead horse, but in our current administration, people were moved/shifted to other departments, only to be terminated. The replacements – friends or family of Jim Miron. I can’t wait to finally hear about all of them in the papers – it’s probably quiet right now because the cases are pending. Jim Miron is going to cost the taxpayers quite a bit of money because of his antics in Town Hall.

    Get serious – Ashley began working as the Mayor’s executive secretary – the top secretary in Town Hall – which very little experience. She’s been there for 2.5 years +/- and has already been “promoted” to mayoral aide. The job requirements for the aide position required either a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience. I certainly don’t think the short time she was the top secretary in Town Hall qualifies as relevant experience to be a mayoral aide.

    If true, that Maureen was terminated/fired because she stood up to him and refused to sit in a 12 X 8 shack, with no toilet facilities, probably no air conditioning or heat, for 37.5 hours a week, there is most definitely a problem and I would hope she’s talking to an employment lawyer. The shack is a guard shack. It always was and should continue to be that. It was there for the security guard to have a place to stay warm in the winter, and stay dry during bad weather. The guard was always given a key and allowed to use the bathroom facilities at the railroad station coffee shop. I doubt that Jim Miron’s intention was to change the use of the building, rather, it was a way to throw money into an area that wouldn’t be questioned. Unfortunately, for him, the taxpaying commuters of Stratford are finally seeing what he’s trying to do too. Additional salaries and costs placed in the railroad budget so that that he could eventually move the unused funds without a great deal of notice.

    I’m going to sound like George on this one – but maybe it’s the hidden money for Ashley’s education…..LOL

  49. 49 1george1

    Hey PCS,
    I resemble that!

    I hope my phone calls to C. A. O. McCauley and conversations with Maureen
    Kendrick (secretary to Mrs. McCauley) over the last couple of months regarding Transparency of the Town Attorney’s billings and the Monthly Departmental
    approved expensives of all of the Town Departments on the Internet, did not
    play a role in Ms. Kendrick’s loss of a job?

    In Q4 2007 I had an FOI to the Town Attorney’s office.
    I was promised information in January. I backed off.
    Early Feb., it was not available.
    A relevant issue arose.
    Using pressure of a cc to FOI, I was able to get some info on Town Attorney
    office and billings, but not what ALL of WHAT I wanted, not the way I wanted
    in certain summary form.
    I made copies available to the Town Council about the time of the C. R. C.
    appointments also to the blog, and then to members of the C. R. C.
    > It caused a stir to see how much Kevin Kelly was paid and that Florek was
    on the payroll of Burturla and Miron.
    > I later found Florek was the Town Attorney during the 1991 REFERENDUMS.

    With revelations from the LBW meeting, it looks like we are on a 5 year time
    table for massave DEVELOPMENT of BRIDGEPORT & STRATFORD.

    A Key part of that will be to BOND added money to the GRAND THEFT PENSIONS.

    A Key part of that is to BLOCK a VOTER REFERENDUM capable of blocking

    ANIMUS = MOTIVE = BIG MONEY and ability to PAY BRIBES.
    TIMING > Cunctatorial tactics – Billable hours and Pensions collects

    Back to work

  50. 50 lauradobosz

    Good Morning, Jeze.

    “Laura Dobosz” does not know anything about the circumstances behind this, nor any other “firing” at Town Hall. Rather than join the speculation here, I choose to respond to only those topics where I feel I have actual knowledge of, or at least enough information to form an opinion on. I’m not one to pretend that I work in the HR department at Town Hall nor am I one to spread rumors, solely to take a stab at any indiviual of our Town Government whom I may not like.

  51. 51 sudds

    Wow… well said Miss/Ms/Mrs Dobosz!!!


    Does anyone think that when PCS is mayor that having employees be “at will” will still be an issue???

    If your answer is no… then maybe (can I at least get a maybe Jez???) we can start to take a look at the fact that the issue is NOT with the policy but with the person in charge???

  52. 52 sudds

    “Each is trying to seduce a Married woman and mother into getting drunk …
    so they can get her to … run for Mayor … ?”

    Why do you think no action has been taken Georgie-Boy??? Why waste good alcohol on getting a woman to… sign papers?!?!?!

    (caveat… this does NOT apply if said papers are divorce papers!!!)

  53. 53 lauradobosz

    lol. Thanks, sudds. I’m really not that formal, I have said before you can all just call me Laura.

    To be frank, if I was one to post solely for the purpose of taking shots at a member of our Government whom I did not like, I would be posting about Mike Henrick all day.


  54. 54 sudds

    I’d post about Wanamaker… but that’s just because of the s*xual tension between her and I!!! 😎

  55. Sudds ~

    I’d take experience and knowledge over the friendship any day. While I have friends who have a wealth of experience and I could’ve submitted many resumes on their behalf, I would never want to jeopardize my friendship with them by working with them. Personal and professional lives should always be kept apart. I’ve seen first hand the problems that could be caused by working with friends and/or family. Hypothetically, of course, I would get rid of the people who knew all the ins and outs and could help me and provide insight and knowledge from all the years they had in Town Hall. It would certainly make the learning curve much shorter, right?

    It should never be about who you know that moves you in the door or up the ladder, but what you know. Unfortunately, more than not, it is about who you know and what you can do for them that does the trick. In politics and Town Hall, it’s all about who washes your back better, right?

  56. Oops, a serious typo – I would NOT get rid of the people who know all the ins and outs…..

  57. 57 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    “To be frank, if I was one to post solely for the purpose of taking shots at a member of our Government whom I did not like, ”

    I have given you a whole section to post positive things about Miron. It is pretty empty, waiting for someone to fill it up.

    (Except for Sudds and his stump)


    “Does anyone think that when PCS is mayor that having employees be “at will” will still be an issue???”

    I’m guessing that if Ms. Sperling is mayor, people would be hired based upon qualifications and fired as a last resort. That does not mean, however, that mayors after Ms. Sperling cannot do the very same thing Miron is doing. It’s about the future of Stratford, Sudds, not about Miron. He is only a bad example.

    You know, Sudds, there were only about 50 people that worked in Town Hall. 28 of them are no longer there. I’ll bet Burger King has less turnover.

    But you stick to your guns, Sudds. If you believe that Miron is right there may be a Town job for you yet.

    “Why do you think no action has been taken Georgie-Boy??? Why waste good alcohol on getting a woman to… sign papers?!?!?!”

    Could this be THE most sexist thing ever posted on this blog?

  58. 58 sudds

    How is that sexist??? A bit perverse maybe… but not sexist!!!

    PS… I don’t want a job in town hall… but if anyone reading this can hook me up with a train parking pass… feel free to e-mail me at!!! 😈

  59. 59 sudds


    “Could this be THE most sexist thing ever posted on this blog?”

    THANKS!!! 😀

  60. Sudds / Jeze ~

    Yes, I’ll go with perverse. I certainly have a few comments, but before I could even think about allowing the words to leave my mouth, I would need at least three shots of tequila…..

    Sudds, don’t worry, there will be a parking garage which will add 500 +/- spaces in 2011.

  61. 61 sudds

    “Sudds, don’t worry, there will be a parking garage which will add 500 +/- spaces in 2011.”

    Sweet… too bad I’m probably number 837 on the list!!!

  62. 62 sudds

    PS… PCS… I apologize if I crossed any lines… but I swear I was just joking around!!!

    (besides… everyone knows that my heart belongs to my precious little Amy!!!)

  63. Sudds ~

    I absolutely know you’re joking around. That’s the wonderful part of this forum…. And I do have some CHOICE comments to throw right back at you….. LOL

  64. 64 sudds

    REALLY??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl!!! 😛

  65. 65 sudds

    Who the @#$% was in charge of the PR for the Town’s fireworks??? Seriously… Landfill? WTF???


    Just received as part of a WEBE108 e-mail:

    WEBE108 welcomes you to some of the best area fireworks celebrations – look for the WEBE108 “Duchess Restaurants” Cash & Prize Mustang!

    6/27 Fri BRIDGEPORT-Seaside Park (Barnum Festival) rain: 6/29

    6/28 Sat DANBURY-Candlewood Lake
    rain: 7/5

    6/28 Sat TRUMBULL-Hillcrest Middle
    School (Trumbull day)
    rain: 6/29

    6/29 Sun EAST HAVEN-Town Beach
    rain: 6/30

    7/2 Wed MILFORD-Behind Ct Post Mall

    7/2 Wed OXFORD-Quaker Farms
    (Fireman’s carnival) rain: 7/3

    7/2 Wed SHELTON-Riverwalk
    rain: 7/3

    7/2 Wed ORANGE-High Plains Community Center
    rain: 7/3

    7/3 Thu DARIEN-Woodway country club
    rain: 7/5

    7/3 Thu GREENWICH-Round Hill Club
    rain: 7/6

    7/3 Thu NORWALK-Calf Pasture Beach
    rain: 7/5

    7/3 Thu STAMFORD-Cummings Beach
    rain: 7/5

    7/3 Thu STRATFORD-Landfill
    rain: 7/5

    7/3 Thu WESTPORT-Compo Beach
    rain: 7/7

    7/3 Thu WEST HAVEN-Savin Rock

    7/4 Fri BRIDGEWATER-Copper Road
    rain: 7/5

    7/4 Fri FAIRFIELD-Jennings Beach
    rain: 7/5

    7/4 Fri GREENWICH-Country Club
    rain: 7/11

  66. 66 jezebel282


    “Who the @#$% was in charge of the PR for the Town’s fireworks??? ”

    Umm..that would be Heather Habelka.

  67. 67 mikereynolds

    Not sure where WEBE-108 got that from. WTNH’s website says the fireworks are at Short Beach.

  68. 68 1george1

    Why not build the animal shelter at the Landfill site, near short beach?
    More than enough room to make it non proximate to Residential / Business.

    I am glad PCS, JEZE, & SUDDS had a little fun with my making fun of the waste
    of good alcohol.

    Laura recognizes the point of this blog, yet can not understand the reason.
    I triple dare Laura to write about Henrick and Norm or other Repubs?
    Both are Public figures?
    Keep the positions political and not personal?
    Stick to your beliefs!

  69. 69 lauradobosz

    Hi George;

    I am not sure, but aren’t there toxin issues with that landfill? The last thing we need is to hit the New York Times with a story on how Stratford placed abandoned animals on a toxic/potentially toxic location.

    As for your triple dare. I already have stated in other posts here my feelings on Mr. Henrick and his tactics. I have no dog in the fight with Norm at this point. As for Republicans, I actually quite like Tom Moore.

    Trust me, if the situation warrents it, you will hear from me and you will not have to dare me to do it. 🙂

  70. 70 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    “I already have stated in other posts here my feelings on Mr. Henrick and his tactics.”

    Really? I couldn’t find any. Just your defense of Officer Sean.

    Except for his recent silly amendment to the nepotism ordinance, he has proven to be an effective leader and has been able to generate majorities when necessary. And wasn’t it his idea to put whatever money we may get from the sale of LBW into a trust fund?

    “The last thing we need is to hit the New York Times with a story on how Stratford placed abandoned animals on a toxic/potentially toxic location.”

    Maybe just the stray cats?

    It would show progress wouldn’t it? Usually we want to put it in schoolyards, soccer fields and residents’ back yards.

  71. 71 1george1

    There are toxins in a dumpsite directly across from the airport runway! 🙂
    I am quite pleased knowing that fact.

    Closer to the entrance to short beach, there is a land fill area, where
    leaves and trees were taken. I believe if you check with Dave / Bonney,
    they can check with Jim and get a definitive answer on whether there
    are toxins in the land fill area OR in the area directly across from the
    runway, which the FAA and the state would like to expand.

    Please blog the answer.

    If I am correct, please ask Esq. Burturla to make that fact known to EPA / DEP
    / FAA and the State, so we can put to bed any question about expansion of the
    runway, forever since to dig up those asbestos toxins to become airborne, so
    close to the beach and rlatively close to the Knapps landing / condos and all of
    Lordship, might (just might) cause some hearty protest from Save Stratford and
    our NIMBY friends in Lordship.

    Laura, one of the major concerns I have with the loss of Elaine O’Keefe is
    the fact there are soooo many toxins, and far worse toxins in AVCO than
    Raymark. Esq. Burturla told me so himself, because the AVCO site is soooo
    much bigger than the Raymark site, and I say the LEGENDS of the toxins in
    the RAYMARK and AVCO sites, and as Esq. Burturla & Manager Barnhart told
    me and others at an AVCO on site MEETING the AVCO STUFF is far, far, far
    more dangerous than RAYMARK.

    I also wonder what Elaine O’Keefe would have to say about the $ 800,000 a year
    fines that Stratford has been paying for nitrates being dumped into the River?

    I gotta give the Council an attaboy about a $ 32,000 “clarifer” which according
    to Gavin would bring our annual fines down to $ 350,000 from $ 800,000.

    Yet, according to Councilman Julian, the $ 800,000 fine was supposed to go
    to zero and then provide Statford with potential credits?

    I sent an e-mail to John Casey, for clarification about the clarifer?

    I sent another e-mail to Suzanne McCauley (Mrs. Kendrick’s ex boss) about
    all of the unreturned phone calls and messages to Mrs. Kendricks and Voice
    Mails to Mrs. McCauley and the e-mails sent to her and to Mr Norko.

    Today’s e-mail to C. A. O. McCauley also went to his honor.

    So, I will blog about how responsive his honor and his subordinates are about
    replying to requests about WEB SITE Transparency of
    1) The Town Attorney’s office.
    2) Departmental approved monthly Departmental expenditures.

    Laura, the Town Attorney ducked my F. O. I. from Q4 2007 with a request
    for me to wait until January. When February came and it was obvious the
    C. R. C. was going to have attorneys, I forced enough of an issue to get
    information which stunned the Town Council.

    His honor later arrange for added information from 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
    and 1/2 of 2003, to go along with the fees paid to Town Attorneys in 2004,
    2005, 2006, and 2007.

    Still missing 2002, and first half of 2003, which renders second half useless.
    Still missing is the 1099 for Richard Burtula for …. let me let you guess the
    year the finance department can not find a 1099…. 🙂

    Now that there is a printed approved Board of Education Budget for 2007-08,
    there are also verifiable numbers going back 3 years for thing like what was
    paid to the Education Attorney
    2006 – 2007
    2005 – 2006
    2004 – 2005

    Under the Ray O’Connell years, it was claimed NO final documents were sent
    to IRS, CT. REV, or Berchem on what was paid annually by the Board of Ed.
    They only had a print out of what was supposedly paid every 2 weeks.
    A print out is not a legal & binding tax document about complete payment.

    As Shakespeare’s character in Julius Caesar states sarcastic words to the effect
    “and we know xxx is an honorable man.”

    (Oppps I used xxx triple ex, must be a freudian slip)

    Laura I quadruple dare you to follow up an the above.

    Maybe we can trade stories about a sucker punch at a fun raiser, where
    the sucker puncher wound up with a shiner….

    Or maybe we can praise Ed Hargus, who certain people stuck the police
    on for a remark NO REASONABLE person would seriously consider a threat?


    As great as Marcia Stewart is, Ed Hargus did more for more people and
    the town, than virtually any body in Stratford.

    So Laura, I look forward to you blogs in the future.

  72. 72 1george1

    Minor correction.

    I saw the LEGENDS of the underground of AVCO, where different toxins
    were buried.

    I had a typo for “say” when it was supposed to be “saw.”



    If I am correct about the diffence between the toxic dumpsite
    and the organic landfill of leaves and tree parts, will we still get
    that story from the NY TIMES about non toxic location?

    Oh, when his honor verifies this information and calls a press
    conference about his newest discover for an animal shelter ….. 🙂



    Do youremember my comment from the Oct ST. Joseph debates,
    for people to pick up copies of my economic platforms?

    As I suggested then, when his honor came up with these great ideas,
    the holders of these platforms could see the real originator!

  73. 73 jezebel282

    Just in case anyone is still wondering how Jimmy got elected.

    You read it in the NY Times Dec 7 2003.

    ”I never said I was against the idea of a mayor,” Mr. Miron said. ”What I have maintained all along was that I was opposed to this particular charter revision proposal because it gives the mayor extraordinary control and power, such as being able to hire and fire people including department heads and that the four-year term is too long.”

    Mr. Miron has an answer for those who would find it strange that he would run to be the town’s first mayor after being the system’s most outspoken opponent.

    ”Who better than someone who recognizes the potential dangers of the far-too powerful authority being given to the mayor to assume the position to ensure those powers aren’t abused,” he said.

    Now let’s all remember this next year when he starts lying to us again.

  74. 74 1george1

    HE starts LYING:

    LBW was a LIE

    Both parties are LYING to slip through the 4 changes for VOTE,
    on CHARTER where they did the CHANGES the WAY Burturla
    suggested and DID NOT address the LEGALITY ISSUE of the WAY
    it had been done.

    Their SILENCE is deafening and sets them up for plausible deniability
    about grandfathered rights and then forced & steered changes in
    the economics of Stratord WITHOUT RECOURSE.

    Jeze you are NOT STUPID!!

    When are you going to RECOGNIZE the END GAME?

    Or, are the OVER PENSIONED PUTZ simply intending to take their booty
    out of TOWN and retire placing burdens on others, for their 30 pieces
    of silver?

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