Let’s Revaluate (not a typo) Our Position


It’s that time again. The Town of Stratford will decide how much your property is worth.

Revaluation RFQ

Does anyone think their house is worth more than it was 5 years ago? Tried to get a mortgage lately? How about you Lordship residents? Your homes (and taxes) more than doubled last time.

And, of course, the real question: Does anyone, anyone at all, believe their taxes will go down as a result of losing 20-30% of the value of your home?

12 Responses to “Let’s Revaluate (not a typo) Our Position”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Sure will make the budgeting process for next year interesting.

  2. 2 1george1

    Already blogged this issue, weeks ago.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    You forgot to include the RFQ.

  4. 4 1george1


    RFQ must have gotten lost in the mail.

    Does Q stand for Quid pro Quo?

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I can’t even imagine the deals to be made on this one.

  6. I was speaking with someone about the revaluation process this past weekend. Can’t blame this on Miron. We are required, by law, to have “physical” revaluations every 10 years. The revaluation in 2004 wasn’t physical, it was statistical. This one isn’t his fault…. Although I was almost sure it was his way of screwing us one last time before he’s voted out.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    I didn’t intend to blame Miron for this one. This RFP is just a distant murmur of thunder. The Council will have some very, very unpalatable decisions to make. The market value on every home will drop thus reducing the Grand List. On other other hand, keeping children warm in schools, police cars patrolling, firetrucks and ambulances responding and DPW trucks rolling is going to be an exponentially higher number.

    In the meantime, households struggle with their own fuel, heating, electric, food and healthcare costs. No one is getting any huge raises to make up this difference (except Gail Nobili, Linda Goodman and Carol Cabral).

    Simply raising the mill rate and our taxes won’t cut it. The household budget is stretched too thin. A $100 or $200 increase in the monthly mortgage payment might be the straw that breaks a lot of backs in this Town.

  8. Jeze ~

    I was unaware of the legal requirement for the revaluation until this weekend. My first reaction was the voice screaming in my head that it had to be the final screw put to the taxpayers after a horrendous four years of blood draining behavior in Town Hall by Miron. Admittedly, I jumped to that conclusion immediately, until I was corrected this weekend. See, I do listen to other voices besides my own….LOL

    The statute is 12-62(b)(1) and reads as follows:

    “Commencing October 1, 2006, each town shall implement a revaluation not later than the first day of October that follows, by five years, the October first assessment date on which the town’s previous revaluation became effective, provided, a town that opted to defer a revaluation, pursuant to section 12-62l, shall implement a revaluation not later than the first day of October that follows, by five years, the October first assessment date on which the town’s deferred revaluation became effective. The town shall use assessments derived from each such revaluation for the purpose of levying property taxes for the assessment year in which such revaluation is effective and for each assessment year that follows until the ensuing revaluation becomes effective.”

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “See, I do listen to other voices besides my own….LOL”

    What else do the “voices” tell you?

  10. 10 1george1

    The new Budget has a mil increase of .13 OR about 1/8th of a MIL.

    Anyone else wonder how this can be done with past increases in the
    6 – 8 % ranges?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    The first increase of Mayor Moron’s term was 9% the second increase was 11%. Together that totals a 21% increase. Does that answer your question?

  12. Jeze ~

    I could tell you what the voices say, but then…. oh, you know the rest.

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