Q & A With The Mayor


At times you find yourself wondering what Town we actually live in. The Town of Stratford that is filled with nepotism, incompetence, waste, and backdoor deals? Or the Town of Stratford we read about in the Bard or Star?

You read it in the Bard:

Mayor looking to implement conference lessons
By: Tristram DeRoma, Bard Editor

Mayor James Miron recently came back from the “75th Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors,” a group he became a member of when he became Stratford’s first mayor three years ago. During each of the ones he’s attended, he said, he’s learned much about how to lobby more effectively for federal funds as well as change in how the federal government distributes funds to states as well as cities.

According to its Web site, the U.S. Conference of Mayors is a nonpartisan organization made up of mayors who lead towns with populations of 30,000 people or more. The USCM has a five-point mission statement, and that is to promote sound national policy for towns and cities, strengthen relations with the federal government, make sure the federal government is attentive to the goals of city and town governments, guide mayors towards becoming better managers and providing a forum where mayors can share information and ideas.

While the mayor said he accomplished much at the conference, the item he was most excited about was a 10-point plan of priorities directed at the federal government on how it could help them do their jobs more effectively.

Points included in the plan included how the federal government can help municipalities better promote tourism and the arts, fight crime, revitalize infrastructure, create a competitive workforce. In this article, Miron talks a little about what he learned at conference, and how it affect Stratford.

I have a different list of questions for Mayor Moron:

1. How many rounds of golf did you get to play?
2. How many vendors took you to dinner or did Stratford taxpayers foot the bill?
3. How much did this little trip cost us?

You are invited to post your own questions. Let’s see if we can get Tristan to ask them in his next Q & A with Jimmy.

2 Responses to “Q & A With The Mayor”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    I have a few questions:

    1. Who paid for the giant signs at Short Beach? I hope it was Berchem Moses & Devlin, because their name is writ large on them.
    2. When will they come down? I hope by Thanksgiving. Or did we promise Berchem Moses and Devlin free advertising for a year?
    3. Was it really necessary to have VIP Tents, tables and viewing areas that the general public was not allowed near?
    4. How much longer will it be before we dip into any emergency funds we have to pay for the fuel used by the DPW, PD and FD? At $4.25/gallon and nearly $5/gallon for diesel it shouldn’t be long should it?
    5. Wouldn’t Linda Goodman’s salary have purchased about 15,000 gallons of gas?

  2. 2 1george1

    I spoke to Attorney Anthony Avallone who has an office in the Berchem
    playboy mansion and their e-address, but was adamant that he was NOT
    a member of the firm.

    The time was almost a year ago, when he was the advocate for 630 condos
    on Lordship Boulevard. I asked him about the AVCO property and condos.
    Esq AVALLONE told me he went to the U.S. Conference of Mayors and said
    they advocate CONDOS as one of the HIGHER and BETTER USES of Property.

    So, after the new Town Charter is passed and Burturla / Miron / Norm,
    pull out the bag of Tricks, Taxes, new Cost, and suddenly we find there
    is no longer the right to initiative or referendum all of a sudden the true
    nature of the acts of the last 20 years will become apparent.

    We have had police, fire, PW, Town Hall, Town Commtter & more who sold
    out their neighbors, family and friends.

    In front of me is a letter from the Secretary of State.

    My office has a purely ministerial function with regard to election and
    legislative documents and cannot render any legal opinion on this matter.
    Attorney Kozik recommend that you address your inquiry to the Town


    You people CAUSED the TOWN to LOSE GRANDFATHERED RIGHTS which you
    will NEVER be able to GET BACK for you pieces of SILVER of PENSIONS.

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