“You’re lying, mayor, stop lying, stop lying,”


We’re shocked! Jim Miron is lying? Say it isn’t so, Alvin!

You read it in the Post:

Boardwalk question could sink beach sale
Article Last Updated: 07/16/2008 12:51:50 AM EDT

STRATFORD — The sudden accusation Tuesday by Democratic Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, that Mayor James R. Miron has lied to council members and the public was even more striking in that it came during what had been just another public session about the proposed sale of Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

But then tempers flared during the last half-hour, and the session ended so dramatically that it appeared to place the entire proposal in jeopardy, council leaders said.

O’Neal accused Miron of lying about some aspects of the proposed contract to sell the 35-acre peninsula for $10 million, a plan that will go before the Town Council for a vote July 24 during a public hearing at 6 p.m. in Town Hall.

“You’re lying, mayor, stop lying, stop lying,” O’Neal shouted repeatedly from the rear of the Stratford High School auditorium after Miron dismissed the councilman’s accusations that he had misled council members and the public that there “definitely would be a boardwalk” included in any agreement to sell Long Beach West to the federal agency.

But Miron insisted there is language in the contract to improve access to Long Beach West, “including the construction of a boardwalk — though it would be contingent on receiving the proper regulatory approvals.”

“The councilman is clearly against the project, and he hasn’t read it very closely,” Miron said after O’Neal questioned why the mayor had repeatedly stated a boardwalk would be built by U.S. Fish and Wildlife to improve access to the peninsula.

Ever since a fire destroyed a bridge to both adjoining Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport and Long Beach West more than a decade ago, access from the mainland has been limited to by boat or a mile-long walk along rocky terrain.

The exchange between Miron and O’Neal was the result of a presentation made during the session by the Trust For Public Land, a national nonprofit group with offices in New Haven that is acting as an intermediary on the proposed sale.

During the presentation, Melissa Spear, director of the group’s Connecticut office, outlined key aspects of the pending proposal that she supported as “being good for Stratford and the environment.”

Those include the sale of the property for at least $10 million, to be paid over a five-year period; the removal of 41 vacant and deteriorated beach cottages by her agency, and at least “minimum access” to Long Beach West.

But after questions were raised by residents about whether there were specific plans for the boardwalk, Spear said the contract language reads that “improved access” is included, but approval for a boardwalk would have to be sought after the contract is signed.

A visibly angry O’Neal then challenged Miron and Spear. “We have been told the boardwalk would be included in the actual contract, not that it would be pending the approvals of regulatory agencies afterward,” he said.

O’Neal said he was also upset that, under the contract, the town would still retain responsibility and legal liability for the peninsula until the land is turned over officially to the federal government in about five years.

There’s a lot of things coming out about this agreement that are of a major concern,” O’Neal said.

That’s what both longtime former state Sen. George “Doc” Gunther and Morgan Kaolian, who were among about 20 residents who spoke against the proposed sale again Tuesday, have been saying for months.

“After all these months, we still don’t know anything about the specifics of this proposal,” said Kaolian, director of Long Island Sound America Inc., who proposed having the issue go before the voters in a town referendum in November.

But ardent local supporters, such as Marcia Stewart, president of Stratford Protect Our Environment, believe the sale would ensure conservation and protection of wildlife forever, without the town having to manage the property.

Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, said Tuesday’s disclosures indicate the sale may not be a good idea and that the proposal “appears to be crumbling.

“It looks like the truth is getting in the way of the mayor’s plans,” said Henrick, a longtime Miron foe who has had doubts about the proposal all along. “If even half of what I have heard about what was disclosed during Tuesday night’s session is true, I can’t see how we can go forward,” Henrick said.

So let’s see if we have this straight. after 2 1/2 years of voting with Miron on every single issue, Alvin O’Neal has finally had enough?

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    I feel bad for Marcia Stewart. She has spent decades fighting to protect the citizens of Stratford. She has always done it on her own with precious little support from any Town Manager, Council or Mayor.

    But this time she made a mistake. She believed Miron. It has cost her her credibility. She will be labeled as a “tree hugger” more concerned about animals than people. If you know Ms. Stewart, you also know that it is not true.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    With no guaranteed access for anything that walks upright and has opposeable thumbs, this sale for a paltry $10 Million should not be approved.

    It is amazing that it would even be considered if easy access was not guaranteed. I am not convinced yet that Marcia Stewart knew this already, but I am certain that Miron & Buturla knew it. I am also certain that Miron was desperate for this deal to close just so he could point to something next year when he is running for re-election. As of now he can’t point to the Theater, SAEP, or LBW. In fact, aside from some new signs with his name on it, I can’t think of anything positive he has accomplished.

  3. 3 sudds

    “In fact, aside from some new signs with his name on it, I can’t think of anything positive he has accomplished.”

    You’re forgetting about my stump!!! 😉

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Oh right.

    And cutting off Sudds’ little stump.

  5. 5 mikereynolds

    ******BREAKING NEWS*********

    Stratford EMS and Fire Department have been dispatched to Town Hall. Apparently Mayor Miron suffered extensive burns to his legs when it was discovered that his pants were on fire.

  6. 6 jezebel282


  7. 7 starlooker


    I Really needed that today mike…Can’t stop laughing here…. This has to be the quote of the year roflmao

  8. 8 1george1

    Ya got a smile from me.

    Marcia is a tree hugger and very proud of it.

    Public Forum, I stated I believed Marcia would just as soon give the property
    to F & W. Later we spoke. she agreed. Nothing wrong with her priorities.
    She is also one of the most caring and sensitive people in Town with ETHICS,
    MORALITY, and a superb sense of HUMANITY.
    Marcia has a unique sense of fairness and compassion, which it appears that
    you are well aware.
    Unlike others, Marcia was willing to allow me to be in the MAYOR debate,
    despite being only a WRITE IN. Unfortunately, I did not know that and was
    a bit late, having an appointment in NYC.


    I am not completely surprized by ALVIN’S outburst.

    ALVIN has pulled more than one surprize in Town Council and in the vote
    for Registrar where Gavin nominated Fredette and Alvin seconded the
    Fredette nomination.
    Fredette got 7 Votes
    Marcone got 53 Votes
    Alvin voted for Marcone.

    Part of me looks at this as classic Dick Miron / Dick Burturla double cross.

    Build up hope.
    Drag things out.
    Keep controversy goind on what should be a relatively simple issue.
    Keep Town Attorney Billing opportunies.
    Keep the reporters preoccupied with staged incidents and keep them
    distracted from reporting on the really important issues, like the TOWN

    Make no mistake, the GANDFATHERED RIGHTS were not “LOST.”
    They were “STOLEN.”

    Sooner or later, there is going to be some huge, huge reaction that
    Miron, Burturla, Henrick, Norm, Feehan Cabrol, Gavin and others are
    not going to be able to suppress.

    If people go to jail and get disbarred and lose PENSIONS and see the
    PENSION agreement vacated because of Conspiracy, Fraud, and GRAND
    Theft, please don’t blame me.

    I tried to stop it.
    I predict a double cross.
    Con men are the easiest to con.
    Double crossers are the easiest to double cross.

    As mentioned in the Pirates of the Carribean
    “You can ALWAYS count on a dishonest man to act dishonestly!”

    And even if they get away with the con and double cross,
    they will always look over their shoulders.

    And as death approachs with old age, regrets grow.

    Even the old KKK, old MAFIA, and old SOLDIERS have regrets and
    would do anything to reverse what they did.


    Reminds me of a line from literature, which I simply can not place….

    “Forgive them father…..they knowest NOT … what they do.”

  9. 9 1george1

    The latest Jesse Jackson revealed language about Obama
    made me think about Alvin and Miron.

    More semantics and diversions?

    I find it interesting that the Democratic Convention was
    planned years in advance to be in Colorado.
    For those steeped in symbolism it can be read as


    ADO = bye bye.

    As far as McCain?
    Some bible readers relate more to CAIN than ABLE

    Kinda like who put the DEVIL in sEVILle?

    Lookin at the cartoon, Jim might actually use it to attract votes? 😉

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Do you think Mayor Moron will have Alvin’s name scratched off the honor roll now?

  11. 11 1george1


    I think they may cheat playing solitaire.
    Birds of a feather?

    I don’t believe henrick’s posturing.
    I don’t believe alvin’s

  12. 12 jezebel282


    It would be interesting if very soon we hear allegations that Alvin doesn’t pick up his mail in Stratford.

  13. 13 1george1

    All news on residency rumors.

    I asked Alvin last year about it.
    Alvin looked me in the eye and asked me if I checked with the Police who
    deliver the Town Council “packages” called PONIES, to each Councilor?

    First time, I just noticed.
    rhymes with and looks a lot like

    Maybe like the former Stipend was $ 666 a month?
    Or Town attorney expenses to all Attorneys was $ 666,??? in 2007.

    Or that a White Wolf is a Pooka
    And that Pookas are defined as mischievious, dishonest, and Celt
    based lore, and that was an issue for a certain “irish descended
    Town Councilman” and others?

    Or that stratford police local is 407, which in simple number letter
    substitution spells D. O. G.
    It is the same way ALL Hells Angels (H. A. have the # 8 1 = same code)
    In Plato’s Republic, he describes Soldiers as being similar to a D O G.
    The serve those who feed & condition them. Police are quasi Military!

    I deeply respect our Military and the vast percent of Police.
    I am deeply suspicious of the POLITICAL APPOINTEES place at the top
    of the Rank and File.
    Almost as if solid foundations had tips made of dung?
    Yet, do they tend to have a different view of Government than many others?

  14. 14 1george1

    meant OLD news

  15. 15 jezebel282


    The police, for some strange reason, deliver “ponies”* to the Councilman’s homes. Nothing says the councilman has to sign for them or be there. They aren’t subpoenas.

    *Ponies: Packets of printed material such as memo’s, reports, notices, budgets, agendas, etc distributed to each Councilman.

  16. 16 1george1


    I thought
    1) You would enjoy the FYI
    2) You would deride the FYI
    3) You and Cyclops, Mike, Sudds, et at could use your contacts to see
    if any police have even handed a PONY or PONIES to ALVIN at the Stratford
    4) Same goes to John Miranda, who I thought was better intended than some..
    Jus bein even handed an ethical

  17. 17 jezebel282


    No derision intended.

    Given who the Democratic Registrar of Voters is I’m actually surprised any democrat lives within a 50 mile radius.

  18. I was told, by someone I trust, that when he delivered “ponies” to O’Neal’s supposed residence he wasn’t there and the mail in the mailbox was almost falling out. I know that I posted this on Playwright’s blog ago.

  19. 19 1george1


    Looks like I accidently stirred the pot and elicted interesting response.

    I had a heads up this am from a person well known to some bloggers that
    my letter to the editor was published. It was in the CT. POST.
    And if people read the comments of Shakespeare supporters immediately
    above my Letter blasting both political parties, I thought is was a perfect
    lead in, and it may illuminate some people?

    Later another source who also e-mailed about the CT. POST noted I hit
    the daily double with the Star publishing a different Letter.

    The published my e-mail, which was attached to the same Letter??

    But boy oh boy, when one reads them back to back …

    That pinnochio may be the new symbol for Stratford politics….

    Just look at Bridgeport from the Harbor to GE Boston Avenue,
    which includes Pleasure Beach, which abutts the Airport, which
    abutts AVCO, which is about 1 mile from Shakespeare and less than
    a mile from Short Beach, as well as the Long Beach Boulevard spot
    where they may intend to build 630 CONDOS, after they eliminate

    AVCO alone can be over One Billion fully & properly Developed,
    perhaps ALSO as CONDOS.

    Maybe someone aut to tell JULIAN, KELLY, PYE, and LORDSHIP the
    possible ramifications of cunctatation, obfustication, obduration
    and GRAND THEFT of their RIGHT to INITIATE PETITIONS and cause

    However, to try to coordiante a multiple decade plan would have
    to cause massive payoffs (like Pensions) and having key people in
    the Government, as well as turnover for plausible deniability.

    Still think Alvin and Miron were not “acting?”
    Miron will veto a $ 35,000 raise, when the net total for 4 years
    could be used for a loan to pay off his father’s debts?
    Is that logical?
    Or does that go th counterintuitive pattern show in the C.R.C. Minority
    report, which was instituted once he “happened” to be elected.

    Oh, hat’s off to Jon Best, who blogged in the past that the sale of LBW
    could increase Bridgeport’s value of Pleasure Beach.

    Oh, as nice as Marcia Steward is, I do not think she will appreciate the
    games the politicians played on Long Beach West, like the Shakespeare
    supporters, when both were used as smoke and mirror distractions for
    the 4 QUESTIONS of the C. R. C. Vote?

    With each LIE, the KNOWS grows!!!

  20. 20 1george1


  21. 21 freedomofspeach

    Dr. Hedrick says to Nurse O’Neal, Call Doc G, LBW is dead. Lets keep it plugged in on life support until tomorrow…so we can harvest the organs..

    Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful Departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    Glorified and sanctified be God’s great name throughout the world which He has created according to His will. May He establish His kingdom in your lifetime and during your days, and within the life of the entire House of Israel, speedily and soon; and say, Amen.

    Its in the Post….Already Dead, or Dead Man Walking?

    Long Beach sale could die Monday
    Article Last Updated: 07/20/2008 01:45:27 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — After months of heated debate over whether the town should sell Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for $10 million, the Town Council will consider killing the proposed deal Monday.

    Possible cancellation of the pending sale comes a day before the final public information session on the issue scheduled by the non-profit Trust For Public Land, which has been acting as an intermediary in the negotiations. The council had also planned a Thursday public hearing on the issue.

    Supporters of the proposal, including Mayor James R. Miron and Marcia Stewart, president of Stratford Protect Your Environment, are outraged about tonight’s potential council vote.

    They say the council must at least wait until the public hearing takes place at 6 p.m. Thursday in Town Hall before making any decision.

    “To shut down such an important town issue to the public before they even have had a chance to speak is wrong and unfathomable,” Miron said. “It is unbelievable that they [council members] are even considering that.”

    Miron, who was accused last week during a public meeting of “lying” to council members and the public by a council leader in his own party, Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, about some aspects of the proposed sale, strongly refuted the claim.
    “I never lied about anything. Council members have had a month to look over the contract and ask any questions they want,” Miron said. “The real issue here is that the public has a right to be heard and I encourage council members who believe in open government to allow the process to continue.”

    Miron said some Republicans, who control the council, are trying to kill the project for “political reasons” to prevent his administration from accomplishing a long-standing town goal to resolve the future of Long Beach West.

    But Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, who for months has questioned whether the town should sell the 35-acre peninsula, placed the item on an already scheduled special council meeting today, and believes there could be enough support to terminate negotiations with the federal agency. The session gets under way at 6:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

    “There are a lot of facts coming out about the conditions of this sale that are making me and other council members wonder if we should even bother to continue negotiating with the federal government to sell the land,” he said.

    Henrick said he has learned from the Trust For Public Land that despite Miron’s strong assertion that Long Beach West cannot legally be developed, the abandoned cottages could be sold to a developer and renovated as condos because they would be have a “grandfathered” exemption to any future restrictions.

    “The existing structures are grandfathered and could be renovated as prime beachfront condos,” Henrick said.

    Miron said as long as he’s mayor “that will only happen over my dead body. It’s just not in the best interests of the residents of Stratford.”

    Supporters of the proposed sales deal to the federal agency say it means $10 million would be paid to the town over a five-year period. The transaction, they say, would include removal of 41 vacant and deteriorated beach cottages; construction of a boardwalk to improve access, and relieve the town of its liability and obligation to maintain the land and habitat for endangered bird species.

    Opponents, however, led by Morgan Kaolian, director of Long Island Sound America, and former state Sen. George Gunther, want the proposed sale to go before the voters in a town referendum in November.

    “If we sell it to the federal government access will be more limited because they are more concerned about birds than people,” Kaolian said.

    But environmentalists insist the federal agency will enhance Long Beach West, and that the town “may be losing its last chance to sell the property if it doesn’t act now.
    “We have a petition with hundreds of signatures by people who support the sale,” Stewart said. “If we don’t do it now the federal government may not have the money ever again to buy the land.”

  22. 22 freedomofspeach

    “Miron said as long as he’s mayor “that will only happen over my dead body. It’s just not in the best interests of the residents of Stratford.” ”

    Do we get to vote on this???? I will move back!!!!!!!

    When did Lord Miron ever care about anything other than Lord Miron? Whats in this deal for him, a position at some Federal Agency????

    Is it his hopes of stealing the money to balance the budget and claim victory?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Who is a citizen to believe?

    Mayor Moron/Buturla who has wreaked havoc on this Town for 2.5 years?

    The Council who enabled him?

    Morgan Kaolian who would love to see LaGuardia transplanted to Stratford?

    Marcia Stewart who has lost much of her credibility when Miron supports her?

    And who are the usual victims in this gang war?

    Of course, it’s us.

  24. 24 1george1

    This is my lucid and focused post for the day

    Here I (mostly) agree with FOS & JEZE
    (except NO VIOLENCE = better for Miron to move out of Town!)

    In DEC 1998 > JCS Wm Crowe was in Time Magazine article quoting
    cartoonist Walt Kelly’s P O G O
    “We have met the enemy…He is us!”


    Sunday a bemused spectator of Stratford politics commented that
    Norm / Burturla & friends are busy, busy, busy trying to manipulate
    the situation with an obsession.

    They are completely blind to any deviation to their objectives.
    > They have a plan and objectives.
    > They may get very rich.
    > They may fail.
    > Someone else may take it over.
    > They may go to jail.
    > They do not care about the Town or Anyone else.
    > they will try to BUY OFF everyone they need to do, with OPM.

    He gives them credit for their single minded persistence, while he
    attends to his own business and family.

    He is no fan. He is seeing what is plainly there, but not in view of most
    of the people who do not know the players, history, dynamics, or motives.


  25. 25 jezebel282

    At this point, we can’t tell who is lying or why. But we know somebody is.

    The only vote the Council should take is to table this decision for, let’s say, 17 months?

  26. 26 1george1

    You were closer to the truth the first time, when you lumped the Council
    and the Mayor and the Lawyers and the Department heads / Supervisors.

    Marcia tells simple truths, which are classic.

    Diane tells harsh truths, born from empirics.

    Morgan tells flighty truths, seen from another perpective.

    I could go on.

  27. 27 jezebel282

    By Marcia Stewart in the CT Post:

    Those who say not to sell Long Beach West in Stratford because land is not being made anymore realize how precious Long Beach West is and why Protect Your Environment and many town residents want it to be protected forever. As early as 1987, Connecticut environmental teams recommended preservation of Long Beach West. Long Beach West is not just another coastline for expensive condominium development with firm, solid land behind it. Long Beach West is unique because it is a system of water flow from Long Island Sound inland through Lewis Gut and the Great Meadows Marsh. It’s water in front, water in back and water up to and beyond Lordship Boulevard. Although some tidal wetlands have been paved over, the water still flows with the tide under fill that would not be allowed today. Over a period of 21 to 23 years, members of the Stratford Town Council have unanimously moved to approve PYE’s resolution to “protect, preserve and conserve the Great Meadows Marsh.” The current Stratford Town Council also approved the resolution sponsored by both political parties. Where is there a national, state or local organization that can guarantee future protection of Long Beach West like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which manages more than 545 refuges and has 100 years-plus of experience? The mission of the wildlife service is to protect, preserve and conserve special, unique natural environmental resources. Think, and remember Long Beach West, Lewis Gut and the Great Meadows Marsh were here before us. It is our responsibility to make sure it is here for future generations. I urged the council to vote to sell Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Marcia Stewart

    Marcia (bless her heart) is correct again about the environmental necessity of protecting LBW. However, are we to donate it or sell it?

    If we are to sell it, then we need a contract of sale with terms, conditions and price. We do not have that now.

    I have read that it is the Council’s fault because they have not come up with an alternative. That argument is specious.

    It is not the council’s job to negotiate contracts. It is their job to approve them. As we have heard over and over and over again, the voters in this Town wanted a strong mayor. It is the mayor’s job as the chief executive officer of the Town to negotiate contracts. The current “best efforts” agreement on the table is unacceptable.

    The “strong” mayor needs to go back and negotiate a contract that provides citizens with guarantees of easy access, ensuring that those 41 parcels of land not be redeveloped and resold at huge profits and proving that we actually own what we are selling.

    Once that is done, we should elect Marcia Stewart as mayor to make sure it happens.

  28. 28 jezebel282

    For those that weren’t aware, there is a sure method to use to determine if Mayor Moron is lying: check to see if his lips are moving.

    “I’m not against sending the question to the voters, I just want to be sure the referendum vote is binding and that the council will sell Long Beach West if that’s what the voters decide,” Miron said Monday.”

    And who’s signature was that on last week’s veto?

    “I vetoed the resolution last time because the council still wanted to have the control to work out the contract and even reject selling the beach, even if the voters supported it.”

    Really? Then who said this:

    “We have four Charter Revision questions currently on the ballot and two other questions, and this would be the seventh,” Miron said. “I don’t think we would get a true vote count of the people who will come out strongly to vote for president but not for this kind of referendum question.”

    Is there an evil Miron twin in Town Hall that sneaks in and says these things?

  29. Jeze ~

    It’s typical politician double-talk ~ Miron’s no different than the rest of the politicians. I think all politicians need to take a class in it, and then ongoing refresher courses.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    Maybe they should begin a regimen of Gingko Biloba so they can remember the lies they told last week?

  31. 31 sudds

    Considering that the average age in town (at least whenever I attempt to get from Paradise Green to the Sterling House… and it takes me 25 minutes) appears to be somewhere in the range of 837… maybe he’s just assuming that 80+% of the population will never remember what he said yesterday.

    Heck, right now most can’t even remember what they had for breakfast this morning!!!

  32. 32 jezebel282


    That’s because you young whippersnappers insist on driving like maniacs at 35 miles per hour…what was the other question?

  33. 33 jezebel282


    Request for funds to raze cottages raises eyebrows
    Written by John Kovach
    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    For years, members of the Town Council disagreed sharply regarding the sale of Long Beach West.

    Monday night, an item in a list of “shovel-ready” jobs for which stimulus funds are requested forged consensus, and led members of both political parties to accuse Mayor James R. Miron of not being honest with the federal government…

    …Miron said that would not happen, and that if the money was received in addition to the Trust for Public Land meeting its obligation with regard to demolishing the cottages, the money would be declined when the Town Council approves projects.

    “The whole pretense was they were gong to raise $10 million,” Council member Joseph Kubic (R-9) said.

    “Respectfully, I disagree,” Miron said.

    “That’s not truthful,” Kubic replied.

    “I thought we had an agreement with the Trust for Public Land that they were going to handle that,” Moore said.

    “If they don’t do it, who owns the beach? We do,” Miron said. “This is a Plan B scenario.”

    Amy Wanamaker (R-6) said she had previously been told there was no Plan B regarding the deal.

    “Plan B is now going to happen,” she said.

    Moore said the request looks questionable since federal funds are involved in both the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service purchase of Long Beach West and the stimulus package request.

    “Am I in Bizzarro World right now?” Wanamaker exclaimed.

    “There is a look of impropriety,” Council member Emma Brooks (D-4) said to Miron.

    Miron said members of the Town Council were “putting the cart before the horse” in raising the questions.

    “We’ll deal with this issue if this issue arises,” Miron said.

    Could it be that the whole list of “shovel ready” projects was just a thin excuse for Miron’s 6 day taxpayer paid junket to Washington for the inauguration. Maybe nothing on that list is real?

    Miron not truthful? Pshaw!

  34. 34 1george1

    If you read today’s Stratford Star,
    which has been pending for about 5 weeks,
    with some changes 5 and 4 weeks ago after
    his honor the Mayor was published related to

    – Hartington – Cybart – Feehan

    and then about

    The Airport and the honorable Mayor’s plans and committments …

    I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you about these quotes:

    —————— (D) Mayor James Miron & (R) Joseph Kubic —————————

    “The whole pretense was they were gong to raise $10 million,” Council member Joseph Kubic (R-9) said.

    “Respectfully, I disagree,” Miron said.

    “That’s not truthful,” Kubic replied.

    “I thought we had an agreement with the Trust for Public Land that they were going to handle that,” Moore said.

    “If they don’t do it, who owns the beach? We do,” Miron said. “This is a Plan B scenario.”

    ———— (R) Tom Moore & (D) Amy Wannamaker ? ———

    Amy Wanamaker (R-6) said she had previously been told there was no Plan B regarding the deal.

    “Plan B is now going to happen,” she said.

    Moore said the request looks questionable since federal funds are involved in both the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service purchase of Long Beach West and the stimulus package request.

    “Am I in Bizzarro World right now?” Wanamaker exclaimed.

    ———– (D) Emma Brooks ——————–

    “There is a look of impropriety,” Council member Emma Brooks (D-4) said to Miron.

    —-No Quotes from (D) Gavin or (D) Alvin or (R) Henrick or (R) Julian? ———-

    —- Jr. Stroomer and John Dempsey rarely talk
    – Mr. Dempsey was out sick – get well John

    5 weeks ago I wrote and it was Published today in the Star:

    Stratford Literary Genre, Political Science Fiction:

    Mayor Miron’s recent Editors’ Letters involved Mr. Hartington,
    Fire Chief Cybart and ex-Town Councilor Feehan.

    I believe the honorable Mayor, like many Government Lawyers/Leaders,
    can write true statements but “with-out the whole truth,” and
    politically (but not faithfully) executes his/their office(s).

    I believe this is more Stratford:
    pretextual justifications; election posturing; cover stories;
    costly choreographed canards; plausible deniability;
    smoke and mirrors; flatulence; and political science fiction!


    The bloggers have nailed Emma and Amy, who I have praised.

    I have praised Tom Moore as a person and looking for the Town,
    best interest.

    I have been less kind to Kubic’s political views.

    * Anyone notice their quotes and who said what?
    * Anyone notice who was NOT quoted?


    I still have significant reservation about some of various people’s
    supporters (as in Jon’s case, among others)

    Yet – it appears that Joe + Tom + Amy + Emma have more in common
    with my perspective of our honorable mayor and the bloggers’ view
    of our honorable Mayor, than some of the people they support ???

    8) – I guess I can be allowed “just” ONE –
    T O L D
    Y O U
    S O !!

  35. 35 1george1

    PLAN “B”

    I believe this is more Stratford:

    pretextual justifications;

    election posturing;

    cover stories;

    costly choreographed canards;

    plausible deniability;

    smoke and mirrors;

    flatulence; … (If it smells like a DUCK…. 🙂 )


    political science fiction!

  36. 36 jonbest

    Just to set the record straight I warned people both on the council and the public this would happen. The proposed deal for Long Beach West was not what they said it was. I was on Channel 12 warning people to look closely at this issue. Transparent government brings truth to the process.

  37. 37 jonbest

    look at my website for the video of my Channel 12 interview regarding the beach.

  38. 38 jezebel282

    Mr. Best,

    Ahem, you were not alone in your warnings. In fact, anyone who actually read the “deal” would have quickly realized it was not a sale but merely a five year exclusive option to purchase or not. The only obligation was a one thousand dollar down payment on a $10 MILLION (at minimum) property.

    It only took some clever wording of the referendum.

  39. 39 1george1

    Hi Jon,

    I do not doubt you have advanced misgivings about the LBW deal.

    I was at the PYE MEETING about LBW at ST. JOSEPH, where there
    was the announcement about the TRUST and LBW. Channel # 12
    was present, yet it is unlikely they showed my Question about the
    History of Stratford related to preferred venders.

    That was several months ago. Subsequently, I have mentioned the
    issue in Letters to the Editor.

    Even before the “deal as announced” I had a letter to the Editor,
    which led to an Alvin O’Neal / Mike Julian Town Council Public
    Hearing on Long Beach West, where PYE and Morgan Kaolian /
    Cottage owners squared off in a very interesting scenario.


    The NEXT DAY there was a BIG FIRE at one or two Cottages.

    It bought back memories to some when one Town Councilor’s
    Car was fire bombed and the next night a different Town
    Councilor’s Barn was burned down and pool liner slashed.

    One EXTREMELY INTERESTING POINT, bought up by the woman
    from the TRUST, is that with the cottages functioning the
    VALUATION of LBW could be $ 40 – $ 80 Million.

    However, once the cottages are torn down, just as LAND, the
    VALUATION of LBW could be $ 10 – $ 15 Million.

    Or about the amount estimated to BUY SIKORSKY AIRPORT.

    YO ->
    AMY (6) + EMMA (4) + TOM (8) + JOE (9) + GAVIN (3) +
    MIKE H (10) + MIKE J (1) + JR (7) + JOHN (5) + ALVIN (2)

    Do you want to be CLUED into the REAL PLAN B, as if you did

    PLAN B?: Once the cottages are torn down, just as LAND, the
    VALUATION of LBW could be $ 10 – $ 15 Million.
    Or about the amount estimated to BUY SIKORSKY AIRPORT.

  40. There are many people who spoke out about LBW and how what we were being told was not the reality of the situation – I even recall being slammed here by Laura Dobosz in her usual fashion.

    Really, the request for funds is a big surprise? Not to those who opposed the LBW transaction. I think the writing was on the wall for those who read the deal docs.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    I don’t think his list of “shovel ready” projects means anything at all. I believe it was just a busy work list he had Heather or Ashley type up to justify travel and expense for 6 days at the inauguration.

  42. 42 mikereynolds

    Ok so I’m not adverse to admitting when I don’t know something. So I’ll admit I don’t fully understand what all the fuss is about our wonderful Mayor requesting the funds to remove the cottages.

    We’ve always complained that this deal doesn’t guarantee us any money. That if TPL doesn’t come up with the money we’re back to square one and the cottages are still on the beach.

    If we get this stimulus money to remove the cottages then when (or if) TPL comes up with the minimum $10 million within 5 years, the cottages are already gone and no money comes out of our end to remove cottages that aren’t there any more.

    Your comments are welcome…if I’m wrong so be it.

  43. 43 ronmoreau

    Where do you think the stimulus money comes from? Or the 10 million for that matter?

  44. 44 mikereynolds

    I don’t know Ron. Where did TPL say they would get the $10+ million from? USFW? Dept of the Interior? Privately raised funds?

    I actually think this is a good plan B. If we can get the money to remove the cottages that removes them from the equation. If TPL doesn’t get the money to complete the sale, the beach reverts back to us and the cottages are gone. If TPL does get the money then it all comes to Stratford with none going to defray the costs of removing the cottages.

  45. 45 nnanerak

    Mikey-does the term fraud or double dipping mean anything to you??
    I want the cottages gone just as much as the next person, BUT, when you are UNDER CONTRACT for a sale the situation becomes very different. I wonder of the US government has anything to say about what can and can not be applied for when you are already under contract……usually when things look too good to be true, they are. In this case if it stinks like a dead fish it probably is…..I have grave concerns about the legality of the entire thing, but then again if it isn’t legal you and i aren’t the ones that will be in jail it will be the one who authorized the sending in of the application. Now that could actually be a windfall for us.. 🙂

  46. 46 mikereynolds

    I don’t think its fraud or double dipping. Isn’t that “contract” Mayor Miron signed an agreement. The sale of the beach only closes when TPL gives us the money. What happens if they don’t get the money, then 5 years are wasted and we’re stuck with all those cottages and the cost to remove them.

    Also, the money from the stimulus package is applied for by the Town of Stratford. TPL is the middleman between the town and whoever the source or sources of the money are, thus TPL is the organization applying for the funds. So therefore its not double dipping. Geeze I sound like a lawyer.

  47. 47 ronmoreau

    Here’s a novel idea.

    How about the town apply for the stimulus money. and write all the taxpayers in town a check and let us decide how to spend it. I can see the wheels in town hall spinning already.

  48. 48 ronmoreau

    The stumulus money comes from the federal taxes we have already paid or will pay. I think we should get it back directly to offset our proprety taxes.

  49. 49 mikereynolds

    Frankly I think the government should NOT give us rebates or stimulus checks. We’re in debt enough as it is. Use that money to pay down the debt or put it to use creating jobs. Just giving me a check just to pay off credit card bills or stick it in my 1% interest savings account isn’t going to stimulate anything in the long term.

    Where is that money they want to give us coming from anyways? We’re either printing it which, in the long term, will cause deflation or we’re just borrowing it from foreign banks.

  50. 50 jezebel282

    Again it is a question of credibility. We have a contract to grant an exclusive option to purchase with the Trust for Public Land.

    “During the presentation, Melissa Spear, director of the group’s Connecticut office, outlined key aspects of the pending proposal that she supported as “being good for Stratford and the environment.”

    Those include the sale of the property for at least $10 million, to be paid over a five-year period; the removal of 41 vacant and deteriorated beach cottages by her agency, and at least “minimum access” to Long Beach West.”

    Obviously, if there was such a request for funds from the Stimulus Bill, the price to the Trust for Public Land should go up.

    On the other hand, the list provided by Mayor Moron (did anyone in our Congressional delegation or the Obama Administration actually see it?) looks a lot like a wish list.

    I doubt will will see anything at all from this list, other than it being stapled to the back of Mayor Moron’s expense report for his 6 day trip to the Inauguration with Heather Habelka.

  51. 51 1george1

    Mike R.
    Ok so I’m not adverse to admitting when I don’t know something.
    So I’ll admit I don’t fully understand what all the fuss is about our
    wonderful Mayor requesting the funds to remove the cottages.

    George M.
    If one asked the Cottage owners how much they would have paid for
    the 40 % of LBW, the numbers start at $ 40 million.
    And we could have still gotten $ 5 to $ 10 from F & W
    And we could have still gotten property taxes,

    However, there are LIE-ABILITY issues which partially offset….

    The woman from the TRUST stated the VALUE of the LAND + the
    COTTAGES was possibly $ 60,000,000 to $ 80,000,000.
    Whereas the LAND alone is worth about $ 10,000,000

    or about the proposed cost of BUYINF the AIRPORT from BPT.

    The DAY AFTER the LBW Town Council Public Hearing, there was
    a FIRE taking out a couple of Cottages.

    Mike – Who takes $ 40 to $ 80 million and turns it into $ 10 million?
    Mike – Can you or any of the others, clue me into this scenario.

    I have my guesses, and they involve graft and steering,
    which we know never, ever would happen under our
    honorable system and personnel ….. right? 😦

  52. 52 1george1

    About 1988 or 1989, Milton Friedman wrote there is NO TRADE DEFICIT.


    …Edited for relevancy by Jezebel….

  53. 53 1george1


    …edited for relevancy by Jezebel…

  54. 54 mikereynolds

    Uh oh, someone didn’t make it CVS today.

  55. 55 1george1

    One loves to repress comments, even 3 line posts.

    Another always turns to drugs?

    If it wasn’t for reacting to my posts, what would you do with yourselves?

  56. 56 jezebel282


    Anyone with an opinion is entitled and invited to post here. Rules: Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the same IP address. Irrelevant or profane posts may be edited for content. If you wish to contact the editor privately you may do so at: jezebel.anonymous@gmail.com

  57. 57 mikereynolds

    Oh please…get over yourself.

  58. 58 jezebel282


    “Oh please…get over yourself.”

    Have you ever met George? Getting over him is not a very easy thing to do. Around, might be better.

  59. 59 1george1

    Maybe mike was telling you to get over yourself?

    And Jeze, having not “officially” ever met you, isn’t it typical cowardice
    on your part to take swipes at a person physicality, rather than in

    However, whether getting over, around, or through a person’s political
    positions is completely relevant – throwing CHEAP SHOTS from COWARDLY
    ANONIMITY, seems entirely consistant with REPRESSIVE DOMINATRIX of

    Oh, I am OBESE or FAT. No issue with the truth.
    I have a TON of other faults and physical and mental and emotional
    defects, too.
    However, do I do I not stay focused on PUBLIC POLITICAL DEMEANOR
    / OPINIONS / FACT / etc, even though I choose to see gestahltism
    on inter-relatedness of Local + State + Federal + International
    political / socio / economic / justice / historic / etc ussues?

    Hey Mike and Jeze.
    I am FAT.


    Does not make me incorrect on Charter + Stratford + Political and
    what i believe are related issues, does it?

    I do not expect an apology.

    Although it would elevate the way the readers view each of you,
    wouldn’t it – since I never insulted your looks, have I?

    But then, that would be outsite the scope of political discussion! 8)
    Wouldn’t it? 🙂

    I love it when you have to resort to low blows.
    It proves, to me, you lack an ability to prove your beliefs and to debunk
    my beliefs.

    Many reader ask me about the relevancy issues deleted, too.
    It again proves Jeze has an inferiority complex about her grasp of the
    political issues and there interrelatedness! 😦
    Doesn’t it Jeze? 😉

  60. 60 1george1

    Mud sling?
    Does Jeze
    rhyme with sleeze?

  61. 61 jezebel282


    That was gentle kidding. If you are offended I apologize.

    (But I am not going to stop deleting irrelevant content)

  62. 62 jonbest


    The election of the next mayor of Stratford is fast approaching. The past four years have proven to be painful for our young mayoral system and community. There have been many missteps, and missed opportunities.

    In thinking about the issues that would be discussed in the coming election, I quickly realized that the issues of 2009 are the same issues that we discussed in 2005, which, interestingly enough, are the same issues we have been discussing in Stratford for almost a generation. The army engine plant, Shakespeare Theatre, educational funding and test scores, senior tax relief, the animal control facility, the underfunding of our pension plan; these are perennial campaign issues. We have talked about the same problems for the last 20 years but have actually addressed very few of them.

    What is it then that Stratford’s next mayor must bring to the office? Obviously, the next mayor must be someone who has the ability to manage the bureaucracy that is town government. They must be well versed in municipal government and have an understanding of running the business of government.

    But beyond simply being a “good manager”, the next mayor must be someone who has the ability to create an environment in Stratford that brings the people of the town together. The next mayor must be someone who sees, not the problems of the past, but the hope and optimism of the future.

    Our next mayor must be someone who believes in the greatness of Stratford. The next mayor must be totally focused on the future, and they must bring to work, every day, the belief that today, Stratford can be better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be even better.

    There are issues in Stratford that we disagree about, however, those disagreements must not divide us. If we are not careful we will become a town filled with single mindedness rather than a diverse community of 50,000 people working together towards a common goal.

    Frequently we choose to blame others for the problems we face, and have taken little responsibility for our own actions as members of this community. Past responses to problems have been knee jerk and involve little to no consideration of the impact other than the short term feelings of power and instant gratification.

    We as a community are better than that. Stratford needs a Mayor who is prepared to stand up and lead our Town. However, one man or woman can not do it by themselves. We live in a community, and as a community it is incumbent upon all of us to work together to make our community a better place.

    The yelling and screaming, the name calling, the personal attacks that many in Stratford call ‘discussion”, must stop. We must be respectful of each other’s opinions and beliefs, we must listen to our neighbors, and, when we do disagree, we need not do so in a disagreeable manner.

    We can choose to blame the mayor, or the town council, or the political parties or any single group of people for the problems we have been dealing with, but the reality is we all share some of the blame.

    We can continue down the path that has led us to the same place we have been for twenty years, or we can decide to make a change. We can choose to participate in our town government or we can stay home and complain and do nothing. We can choose to get involved in a positive and meaningful way, or we can continue to call people names and attack them and their families personally when we disagree with them. We can choose to positively impact Stratford’s future or we can choose to be naysayers and pessimists.

    I choose to be involved because I believe we can do better. I choose to believe that Stratford, and the people who live here, are good, decent hard working people who want a better community for themselves and their children.

    We have much so going for us, but we accomplish so very little. Our strength lies in the diversity and beauty of our citizenry, but we are weakened by the fact that we too often choose to belittle and berate our neighbors.

    Stratford has a choice this year, we can choose to continue to act in the way that has gotten us to where we are, or we can choose to unite and walk together into a future that is bright and full of possibilities.

    In November of 2009 the choice is yours Stratford.

    Jonathan Best

  63. 63 nnanerak

    Very well written, Jon. Very well written.
    While we impatiently wait for November we need to unite and continue to spotlight all the current issues and ineptness so we don’t have to endure another 4 years of what we currently have.
    Many of us appreciate your sentiments and beliefs and look forward to hearing more definative information from you as well as others.
    Who ever is selected in November has a BIG mess to work on. Some of it new and some of it old and most of it made worse with the new. Stratford is desperately looking for good leadership—all throughout the government.
    We thank you for you dedication.

  64. 64 1george1

    I was not offended by your gentle teasing.
    It gave me the opportunity to make a couple of points on relevance.
    I am more than FAT. I am morbidly obese and it is related to a back
    problem, causing a handicap. which might exist if I was model thin….
    I am impressed that you choose to apologize.
    Good job…

    Nnan, I agree that Jon writes very well.
    Further, I have blogged I like Jon as a person and admire his EMS stuff.
    Last week, I pointed out areas I have heard people have objections to,
    related to Jon’s running for Mayor.
    Impressively, Jon has taken the high road!
    I have to tease Jon that his company’s name “DISASTER BY DESIGN”
    appears to be the MOTTO and THEME of both political parties in
    Stratford, Corrupt-icut, and the Drug / Oil Cartel of Dist of Columbia.

    OOOps got to be careful about my view of connective relevance
    and Jeze’s

  65. 65 nnanerak

    Thank you for your restraint, George.

  66. 66 jezebel282


    You are a good person. Your motivation is the betterment of others. If Stratford were populated by citizens like yourself we would be a shining example to the rest of the country. I do not mean to offend you or hurt your feelings and if I did, I apologize.

    (I am STILL going to delete the irrelevant portions of your posts. Let’s not get carried away.)

  67. 67 mikereynolds

    Ok can we stop now?

    George will be back to insulting you, Jez, as soon as you edit one of his ridiculous, never ending posts. You owe him no apologies.

    He should be falling over thanking you for giving him a forum to spout his insane conspiracy theories.

  68. 68 jezebel282


    “George will be back to insulting you, Jez”

    I know. But it doesn’t cost extra to be nice.

  69. 69 1george1


    “George will be back to insulting you, Jez”

    I know. But it doesn’t cost extra to be nice.

    Except for this blog and stratford politics, this is normally correct:


    You are a good person. Your motivation is the betterment of
    others. If Stratford were populated by citizens like yourself
    we would be a shining example to the rest of the country.


    You put up with my attacks, which differenticiates yourself from
    people, that neither us respect in the political venue.
    You are ultra responsive.
    You are passionate.
    You are loyal.

    We have disagreements on political priorities, and neither of is
    shy about posting our prorities.

    There were and to a much smaller degree vicious people on the
    blog. This is almost no holds barred venue to trade insults.

    I reply in kind. Although my pen and keyboard can be and has been
    mean – meaner than I normally would be – the selfishness and lies in
    the political forum from local to beyond …. are beyond restraining!

    It is good to read that Mike is considerate of your feelings, in the
    same ways he proudly posted about his son, and in the fond ways
    he posts about Golf and Jeze posts about Skiing.

    I believe that Mirons / Burturlas are fronts and could not exist without
    outside support.
    Jeze and others believe the Mirons are devils incarnate.

    We have a degree of common ground and focus towards eliminating the

    There will always be a healthy variety on priorities!

  70. 70 jezebel282

    Speaking of skiing…the higher elevations in VT got 8″ of new snow Wednesday. The big ski clock on the wall says it’s almost time to go.

    I expect you all to behave yourselves while I indulge my addiction.

  71. 71 jezebel282


    New question arises on removal of cottages
    Town commission at odds with federal agency over who leads

    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 12/27/2009 10:45:36 PM EST

    STRATFORD — A power struggle has emerged between a little-known local commission and a giant federal agency over which has lead authority in overseeing removal of long-vacated cottages, outbuildings and docks on the Long Beach West peninsula.

    A meeting late last week between Mayor John A. Harkins and Sharon Marino, project leader for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southern New England-New York Coastal Program Office, in Charlestown, R.I., did little to resolve the issue.

    While Marino told Harkins the Wildlife Service believes it is the lead agency and intends to begin demolition and removal of the cottages as soon as next month, the town’s Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission has advised the new mayor it has the authority to assume the role of lead agency because of an act by the state Legislature and Town Council in 1957 that established it to oversee all matters concerning the town’s waterfront.

    “Frankly, we aren’t certain who is right at the present time,” Harkins said, after a one-hour meeting in his Town Hall office last week. “I have directed our legal staff to research the issue and give us their opinion on whether the commission or Wildlife Service is the lead agency.”

    Whew! This is an easy one for a change.

    The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serve has NO STANDING in this case. They merely have an exclusive option to purchase the land at some point in the next 5 years IF they can come up with $10 Million. Until then, they can busy themselves with finding $10 million.

    Mayor Harkins should thank them for the input and do what is best for Stratford.

  72. 72 1george1

    Since the Meeting at ST. Joseph’s where we first found out about
    the TRUST then trasfer to F + W, I have stated and written, this deal
    is set up to FAIL.

    Burturla for once would be better off NOT being a TOWN ATTORNEY.

    He can take over Kevin Kelly’s AVALLON BAY deal and use it for 3,000

    Because Tim Bishop is Town Attorney and partners with Kevin Kelly,
    I strongly suspect BERCHEM set up KELLY to REP the TOWN and for
    BERCHEM to rape the TOWN with
    LBW in exchange for the AIRPORT
    Develope the EXPANDED AIRPORT
    Develope AVCO as MIXED use with Commercial / retail and parking on
    an elevated ground floor.
    Develope SHAKESPEARE and FERRY Boulevard to PAY OFF certain families
    who work to protect the interests of BERCHEM’S clients.
    Add RAMPS to I – 95 new MOSES WHEELER BRIDGE with damn the residents
    and some pretense about economics. Just like the phoney “Emergency”
    Finish cleaning up RAYMARK, with contracts STEERED.

  73. 73 mikereynolds

    From the know-it-all editors at the CT Post:

    Former Stratford Mayor James R. Miron is taking a lot of abuse these days, and deservedly so. But his accomplishments were real and should not be forgotten.

    His most substantial achievement might have been the agreement to sell Long Beach West to the federal government and allow the peninsula to become part of a larger wildlife refuge stretching up the Connecticut coastline. A large majority of town voters approved the plan when it was brought to a referendum.

    But, as always in Stratford, it’s not that simple. As work to clear the land of abandoned cottages approaches, a turf war of sorts has broken out between the federal government and a local agency. The rift threatens to further delay progress.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to begin cottage removal as soon as next month. The town’s Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission, though, says it has jurisdiction over all matters concerning the town’s waterfront. Its leaders say they have concerns over the federal agency’s plans.

    That’s all well and good, but this is a process that has been in motion for years now. The time to assert authority, if any, was soon after the town approved the plan to sell the beach.

    Mayor John Harkins, who has plenty of other pressing issues on his plate, says the matter of jurisdiction is unclear, but that his preference is to maintain home rule. He has instructed the town attorney to look into making that possible.

    It’s a mistake. The town agreed to hand over the land to the federal government, via the Trust for Public Land, in return for $10 million. That means handing over jurisdiction.

    The benefits are manifold. The town will be rid of the abandoned homes, which pose a continuing hazard to any visitors. The land will be remediated and kept in as close to a natural state as possible, creating recreation opportunities the town could never provide on its own.

    The town should of course keep a close eye on the work as it proceeds, and ensure it is completed with minimal disruption to local residents. But full jurisdiction has been signed away.

    The deal is complete and work is ready to begin. The town needs to step aside and let it happen.

    These people at the Post are unbelievable. Don’t they do any freaking research before they open their mouths? Why are they always so ready to give away Stratford land to either Bridgeport or the Federal government?

    Someone should remind the geniuses at the CT Post that Stratford still owns Long Beach West. We haven’t sold anything. The referendum was the approval of voters to enter into an agreement with TPL to sell them LBW.

    ” The town agreed to hand over the land to the federal government, via the Trust for Public Land, in return for $10 million. That means handing over jurisdiction.”

    When TPL gives John Harkins a check for $10 million then USF&W can do whatever they want with the cottages. Until then Stratford owns the land and the cottages and should have a say, if not be the lead, in the removal of the cottages and the restoration of the beach.

    How the idiots at the Post can so easily overlook the basic tenets of an agreement is beyond me. Its this simple…show us the money and then you can have jurisdiction.

  74. 74 1george1

    I agree with your hostility to the CT. POST giving away Stratford.

    I do not believe the property will ever go to F & W

    I believe the deal was set up with an intermediary to FAIL and
    to SWAP the LAND to BRIDGEPORT for the AIRPORT, so Bridgeport
    can have their CASINO and Burturla / Berchem can make more money
    on the whole deal including AIRPORT + AVCO + SHAKESPEARE + RAYMARK

    The HAVE to BRIBE the POLICE + FIRE + PW + Attorneys in Town
    + poloticos at State and Federal region + big / small construction
    companies and a variety of financial people and contractors.

    I note LOUIE + NORM are FINANCIAL WHIZES who appeared to have
    helped Stratford get into a mess where there can be a COVER STORY
    for Economic Development?

    The CT POST knowingly used the term HOME RULE, linking it to
    Mayor Harkins, which I made them aware of HOME RULE ACT and

    This confirms the POST is working with the RTC + BURTURLA,
    because that is the cornerstone of the legal machinations to
    leaders of DTC + RTC and State / Federal / area parasites.

    The questions are when will the KEY UNION PEOPLE take a STAND
    to benefit STRATFORD?

    Or will they be bought, like good slaves?

  75. 75 jezebel282


    Is another referendum needed on Long Beach West?

    Written by John Kovach
    Tuesday, 19 January 2010 13:52

    Voters might again be asked to decide the fate of Long Beach West.

    Mayor John Harkins said another referendum might be needed because the value used to set the price was never certified by the federal government, among other issues surrounding the sale of the property to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service through the Trust for Public Land.

    Therefore, according to Harkins, there is no $10 million offer in place.

  76. 76 mikereynolds

    holy crap.

  77. 77 jezebel282


    “holy crap.”

    You’re surprised?

    There was never a $10 million offer in place. There is an exclusive option to buy that’s got four more years to run. IF The Trust for Public Land can raise $10 Million and IF the cottages are removed, the Trust for Public Land MAY purchase the land. Or not.

    If they don’t, they are only out $1,000 (no mistake..one thousand dollars).

  78. 78 mikereynolds

    No I’m not surprised. Just another Miron legacy.

    By the way, CT Post is reporting the our old buddy Mr. Winterbottom is back on the Bridgeport payroll.

  79. 79 jezebel282


    “CT Post is reporting the our old buddy Mr. Winterbottom is back on the Bridgeport payroll.”


    OK..Now this is funny!

    Personnel ‘consultant’ in second City Hall gig
    By Keila Torres, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 03:27 p.m., Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    “Winterbottom’s payout from Stratford was $42,446 after 18 months in the post.

    According to the contract Winterbottom signed with Bridgeport for his limited-term consultant’s post, he will be paid $125 an hour for the gig, which ends March 31. The contract states that Winterbottom could make up to $24,000 over that time. He also receives a Bridgeport pension for his earlier post with the city, although Ficarra could not provide that amount Tuesday afternoon.

    But wait…it gets even funnier:

    Former Bridgeport Personnel Director Ralph Jacobs said he was surprised that Winterbottom was assigned to do the task he was told the law firm Berchem, Moses and Devlin were hired for in April 2009.

    In an e-mail obtained by the Connecticut Post, which was sent last April by Chief Administrative Officer Andrew Nunn to Jacobs, the law firm was hired to serve as outside counsel on two projects — the inter-district magnet high school and “a review of the Civil Service process and procedures.”

    Berchem Moses and Devlin? Now where have we heard that name before? You have to wonder how many people are laughing at Mike Feeney and Bill Finch this afternoon.

  80. 80 1george1

    I do not know why it is funny (ha-ha) that Winterbottom and Berchem
    are making money?
    It wasn’t funny what they did to O’Meara and others!

    Lost nothing on LBW?

    The Cottage owners offered almost $ 40,000,000 for less than 1/2 the
    total land of LBW, which got its’ value fom the LAND.

    It look like SHARKINS and Adam “Jack” Bauer’s buddies are setting things
    up to swap LBW for the AIRPORT?

    More Stratford follies

    “FIRE TRUCKS for FEEHAN” to the tune “springtime for hitler”

    “Rail Road parking garage for Hoydic” sung to “the vatican rag”

    “Condos at AVCO” sung to “sun rise … sun set”

    “Raymark remediation” sung to “the battle hymn of the Republic?”

    “Shakespeare for Christopher” sung to “impossible dream” for the
    heroic new town council.

    Even Weisel might catch on to what is really goin on ….

  81. 81 1george1

    Ocean State Job Lot had Grolier collectible christmas decoration

    I managed to find a couple pf pinocchios.
    Reminds me of Mayoral Debate on News 12.

    Harkins had to turn away and Dom almost fell off his seat ….
    John Dempsey teased me a few times .. he loved it …

    I spoke to the Mayor about his debate assertions …

    Jimmy, if you were pinocchio .. right now … your nose …
    would be bigger … than my stomach … 🙂

    As most people know …
    Pinocchi was a puppet ..

    He wanted to be a real boy ..

    Hat’s off to Jeze on the Art work, at the top of this blog string 😉

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