Fool Prices Rise!


Incredibly, you read it in the Post:

Salary jump proposal raises eyebrows
Article Last Updated: 07/17/2008 12:28:24 AM EDT

STRATFORD — More than a few heads turned when Republican Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, a staunch fiscal conservative, proposed this week raising the mayor’s salary from $90,000 to $125,000….Henrick, however, said he strongly believes the mayor’s salary must be higher to attract “the kind of high-caliber candidates we want to run for the highest elected office in our town and the job skills required.

Maybe if the “high caliber” candidates weren’t shut out by the Democratic and Republican Town Committees…

“Stratford may not be as large as some of the cities, but does our mayor work fewer hours or not as hard?” Henrick asked

Yes to both, Mike. You of all people should know that. How about this Mike; Let’s make it a base salary plus commission system. For every dollar a mayor saves from the budget, he/she gets a 10% commission. Makes more sense than your idea.


2 Responses to “Fool Prices Rise!”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Let’s see…$35,000 would currently buy about 8,000 gallons of heating oil for the schools to keep children warm. Or maybe another PW employee.

    Does anyone else besides Mike think that $90,000 isn’t enough for a mayor with a CAO, three assistants, a clerk typist and another somebody or other to type for the CAO?

  2. 2 1george1

    Maybe if the “high caliber” candidates weren’t shut out by the
    Democratic and Republican Town Committees…


    I believe Henrich is blowing smoke and actively works with Miron,
    like Feehan did. Notice the Bonding included money for a NEW
    and a USED Fire Truck?

    Interesting how support came out and the timing of such?

    I wonder if there is multilateral QUID pro QUO?
    Or even Hookandladderal QUID pro QUO?

    I ran into a very highly PENSIONED person last night @ Mr. P’s.
    We did not speak.
    Each of us was aware of the other. Very aware.

    Hey, I insult the Patriotism and Crininality of some of the people in
    DOD / CIA / FBI-Justice / NSC / White House / Congress / Judges /

    State Governor – Senate – House – Judicial – Prosecutors – Atty. Gen.
    Sec State – Trial Lawyers – Bar Assoc.

    Local – you name it.

    We live in a COCAINE REPUBLIC, one nation under spOILs System.

    If they let the system work without abusing it, they could steal more,
    and/or have confidence they would get very good benefits, without
    causing rebelion.

    I want Stratford workers to have EXCELLENT PAY, BENEFITS, etc.

    But even the people benefitting know there is a storm rising
    about government employees:

    Like in Iraq and Panama:
    Wrong People being focused on!

    I believe it is the people we blog about at the head of local parties.


    Anybody read today’s letters to the Editor?
    They published me, about the Town Charter and what the parties
    pulled off.

    But the CT. POST edited a bit, with cause.
    Minor > Punctuation, Grammer, and Rephrased.
    Major > Took out a line or two, including names: Blumenthal & Bysiewicz.

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