Sperling Does It!


Let’s hope this money doesn’t disappear into the Secure Bunker, never to be seen again.

Bond funding for canopy design at two Metro-North stations announced

By Governor Rell’s office

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that $400,000 for the design of long-awaited canopies at the Metro-North rail commuter stations in Stratford and Springdale is expected to be approved when the state Bond Commission meets August 4.

“Hundreds of commuters are in and out of these stations twice a day, to and from work, and they deserve every amenity we can afford,” Governor Rell said. “These canopies will provide at least some degree of comfort and shelter during the summer heat and rain and the winter cold and snow. Our Stratford and Springdale commuters have been patiently waiting for these canopies and I am pleased that we can make this new investment in funding available now and further enhance the quality of rail service.

“I have often said that we must make every effort to improve the quality of alternatives if we are going to entice more people to get out of their cars and onto the train – whether they are traveling for work or pleasure,” the Governor said. “This is one more step toward that end.”

Each station will have 400 feet of canopy on the westbound (New York City-bound) platforms. The Springdale station is in north Stamford and is part of the New Canaan Branch. The Stratford Station is on the main New Haven Line.

Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joseph F. Marie said the canopies will be designed to blend with local architecture and estimated the design process would take about six months to eight months. He said that the construction phase – expected to cost about $1 million for each station – will take another year. The canopies should be completed in 2010.

Yay, Pat! Way to go, girl!


16 Responses to “Sperling Does It!”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    I think there should be a plaque too.

    “Welcome to Stratford. Your head is dry courtesy of Pat Sperling.”

  2. LOL ~

    I certainly wish I could take credit, but I’m certainly not the only one making noise. There’s a few people at C-DOT, John Harkins, Dan Debicella, Lisa Donnelly, Paul Simons, Roger Salls, and a few other commuters pushing really hard….. Now, let’s see, what can we get next.

    Well, the ground is supposed to be broken for the garage sometime in 2009 with a completion date of early 2011. Hmm, push, push, nudge, nudge…..wiggle of the nose…..anything happening yet?

  3. 3 jezebel282


    It’ll start as soon as you are inaugurated mayor.

  4. 4 1george1

    Seeing is believing.
    Wait… this is Stratford!

    Is there an election coming up?
    > Rell signs a bill about Raymark toxins
    > Rell announces Bonding for RR can of pee

    Headline & picture this sunday.
    Jim Miron touring the Rail Road station and pointing where
    the canopies will go for protecting the commuters, thanks
    to his tireless efforts (spin – spin)

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “Is there an election coming up?”

    Actually, there is…on Aug 12th.

    Democratic primary. Although you wouldn’t know it if you went to the Democratic Town Committee website. They only list endorsed candidates, not the ones in primary challenges. And not a single mention of the upcoming primary.

    Sounds fair right?

    Look who runs the show:

    * Chairman: Dave Mooney
    * Vice Chairman: Sue Collier
    * Treasurer: Dave Fuller
    * Deputy Treasurer: Kent M. Miller
    * Secretary: Beth Daponte
    * State Central Members: Richard Buturla and Eileen Wilson

    Michael Singh (of all people) is challenging Terry Backer.

  6. 6 1george1

    I have an OK relationship with Terry Backer.

    I have a good relationship with Mike Singh!

    Despite the citizenship fiasco, Singh probably has the most
    knowledge about politics and the way it is suppose to work
    of anyone in either party.

    When Mike and I talk about Stratford politics, we do not need
    a laugh track.

    I always tease him about being the second most capable person at
    the ST. Joseph’s Debate, Modoesty forbids naming the most capable.

    Actually Gavin and Burturla brothers are among the most knowledge
    able in their fields and among the locals, and very connected and
    protected. John B is far more formidable in his field than Dick.

    While the rest of the people in both parties are (mostly) no dummies
    and probably smarter and more accomplished than I am, they lack
    imagination and ability to see the invisible and beyond their horizons.

    Danny D has the best resume and could be the same type as was
    portrayed as the D. A. in the new Batman movey.

    While everyone is singing the praises of the Keath Ledger character
    and portrayal of the Joker, I recognize the truth within the writing
    and the dialogs. The illogic of the character fits a certain section of
    society which I call the PROSERPINE or PASSOVER COMPLEX.

    My labels are NOT
    anti-pagan classic greek;
    anti-graven image christian;
    anti-caesar roma;
    or what many would assume.

    There is a WAR COLLEGE mentality which controls Western Civilization.

    It expelled the Western European’s noble challengers, as set forth in
    Utopia, and personified Milton’s Paradise lost and the perverse readings
    and literature of all classical literature,

    Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Caesar, and all of the great warriors and their
    armies had the blood lust and sensitivityof the JOKER.

    A pathological killer in WHITE FACE?
    No minstal show, from D. C. Comics, but a stunning commentary on the
    Washington Generals and their GLOBE trotters. (And their patrons!)

    (I met Stan White a few times.)
    (Frank and Chris Gorshin were casual friends/acquaintances)

    And having a permanent smile ….
    normally a smile has a different perception about what causes joy.

    those with schadenfreude have a different perception as to what

    pursuit of happiness…


    When the Stealth Bomber was first unveiled, it was about the time
    of the first Batman movie, whose Bat signal kinda resembled it.

    However, some among those COLD WARRIORS (on every side) made
    the JOKER look like the soul of empathy and kindness.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    First of all, it’s “Heath” not “Keath”.

    Second of all, cut it out! “Batman”, “Passover”, “War College”?

  8. 8 1george1

    Bottom line,

    There are people who enabled Miron, who is worse than Miron will ever be.

    Burturla and others are on the Parties State Committees.

    Other people are on the National Committees
    > Fred Biebel was head of CT. for Ron Reagan
    > Ed Goodrich was head of CT. for Pat Buchanon

    The U.S.A. is a completely verticle and compartmentalized organization with
    divisions of labor and jurisdictions.
    3 Branchs > Executive – Judicial – Legislative
    3 Levels > Federal – State (regional or county in some places) – Local
    3 Sectors > Private – Civil Service – Military

    If you understood the Wealth of Nations and the Federalist Papers,
    you would be less fixated on 2 bit players and address the real issues.

    The powers that are lie to every subordinate group, and buy them off or
    scare them off, using their cultures and beliefs against them. per a book
    last year about people in the USA & world working against their own interests!

    They also use SCAPE GOATS of individuals or GROUPS like
    – USA Indians
    – Slaves
    – Immigrants
    – In NAZI Germany – Jewish / Gypsie / Catholic / Protestant
    – Now using former allies to prop up O.P.E.C and dicatators in 2nd & 3rd
    World with cheif beneficiaries of HIGH OIL PRICES
    1 – Russia = former enemy, supplier of weapons
    2 – O.P.E.C.
    A) Saudi = 9 /11 pilots
    B) Iran = stirring pot in Iraq

    You remind me of the guy who led the charge of the Light Brigade
    who hung the scout who told him of the TRAP!

  9. FYI ~

    There’s another commuter meeting set – Thursday, September 18, I believe at 6:30, but will confirm the time. The meeting is scheduled to take place in the Lovell Room at the Stratford Public Library. Representatives from the Connecticut DOT will be there.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Give ’em Hell, Sweetie!

  11. 11 sudds

    Uggh… I can’t make it that day… any chance you can reschedule for me??? 😛

  12. Sudds ~

    Don’t you worry, I will make your voice heard loud and clear – you want blinking lights! Anything else you want voiced?

  13. 13 sudds

    All I had to do was ask… and you’ll do it???

    Dangit… if only I had known… lord knows I wouldn’t have wasted my pick on blinking lights!!! 😯

  14. So, here we go again, just a note to those commuters who may read this blog. There will be an open meeting for any and all commuters out of the Stratford station on Thursday, September 18, 2008, 6:30 p.m. in the Lovell Room of the Stratford Public Library.

    The hot topic of the meeting will be the parking garage which we have been promised and representatives from C-DOT will be attending.

    There have been some minor improvements occurring around the Stratford Railroad Station and I’m wondering if that’s just to pacify the frustration which is building in most commuters.

    The buildings are being painted (battleship gray), the yellow safety stripe has been painted on both the east and westbound platforms, another bike rack has been installed and the building formerly known as the guard shack (purpose yet to be determined) has been rebuilt.

    We’ve still got many issues to go…. extended platforms (to accommodate 8 cars), canopies (to keep us dry and protected), relocation of the ticket machines (before someone falls on the tracks and is seriously hurt), and, did I mention parking?

    Unfortunately, some of the issues need to be dealt with by the Town – e.g., security, traffic and congestion problems inside the parking lots. I haven’t seen a visible security guard in months (although we know they exist). Also, I’ve been doing a little due diligence and have been unable to find any evidence that SSC, Inc. – the security company – is a corporate entity registered to do business in Connecticut. It may not mean a whole heck of a lot to most of us, but they’re generating income from us here in the State and their website claims that the Shelton office is their “corporate headquarters”. That being said, they should be properly registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State!

    I hear SSC isn’t too happy with the Town since they were told that the building formerly known as a security shack isn’t going to be available for the security guards’ use – as they were originally told. It’s apparently going to be where a town employee is going to sit, for 8 yours at day (non-peak commuter hours, of course) dealing with the many complex issues of the commuters (while, of course, the commuters are at work)…. I’m just soooooo amused!

  15. 15 1george1

    How come the shack person has an 8 hour day
    and everyone else is 7.5 hours a day.
    Except the teachers….
    I am not sure of their hours in a 180 day work year?
    Some in BoE work 220 day work year.

    I know teachers take home work.
    Yet I do not know how many free periods they have a day?

    If the average teacher has 45 or 50 minute classes
    and has 4 or 5 classes a day at 5 days a week,
    and like a PE Teacher, has no homework to review
    or Tests to score ….

    50 x 5 = 250 x 5 = 1250 divided by 60 minutes = 21 hour
    work week x 180 days a year or 36 work weeks =
    756 hours worked a year or the equiv in a 40 hour week =
    20 weeks.
    Paid $ 50,000 – $ 70,000 + per year
    Full Benefits, including $ 1,100 or $ 2,200 a year donated to
    their HSA by Town Contract.

    We have to PAY them MORE to WORK LESS.

    Actually … It cost $ 12,000 a year to educate a child and / or
    $ 50,000 a year to keep someone in Jail.

    Jailed people are sometimes victims of circumstance.
    I am not sure who are bigger criminals – Gambinos or Congress?

    I favor Educating the children = KIDS FIRST
    of the permanent underclass.

    There I go again.
    Mixing Stratford issues, with the systemic situations.
    Bad George 😦

  16. George, I certainly could be mistaken and it could be 35 hours a week (e.g., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). In any event, the last peak hour train leaves Stratford before 9:00 a.m. and the first peak train arrives just after 5:00 p.m., so…. I doubt very much that that employee will be subject to the disgruntled commuters, just the catalytic converter and gas thieves and other miscellaneous train station vandals.

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