The Happy Zone


You have to wonder if Councilmen realize that somebody writes this stuff down.

You read it in the Star (which is good at criticizing the Council):

Despite vote, Shakespeare tale spins on

Written by John Kovach
Thursday, July 17, 2008
…“What I’m trying to do is move this forward,” Julian added. In terms of getting the theater reopened and returning Shakespeare to its stage, he said Hanney was the best choice.

“We’re not in a danger zone here,” Julian said. “We’re in a happy zone.”

So let’s see what makes Mr. Julian so happy:

1. This theater has been quietly decaying for 20 years
2. We’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollar on a “study” that no one believes.
3. Mayor Moron had essentially kept the study a secret until Mr. Forrester demanded to see it.
4. The Council still has no idea how much it will cost.
5. The Council (don’t bother us with facts) selects a developer anyway.
6. The developer has no business plan, no financial statements, has made no commitment, hasn’t even been to a Shakespeare play.



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  1. 1 1george1

    Shakespeare Theater, scripted failures:

    1) S. F. T. > Lou Burke & friends

    2) K. K. P. > Negotiated 9 months to get 3 month window & raised NO $

    3) HANNEY >
    … A) Failed at prior Shakespeare venue.
    … B) NON EQUITY = Will all of the BIG NAMES PICKET / Sympathy Strike.


    AVCO, scripted failures
    Team Stratford # 1, # 2, & now # 3


    Toxic dumpsites, scripted failures
    Cleaned up Raymark, with plenty of money spent on dump trucks and
    asphalt. (too much) Money in super fund squandered on salaries OVER
    20 years, which could have been used to eliminate all / most of the


    Please read Thurs CT. POST letters to the Editor about Shakespeare
    supporters opinion of actions of Town Council.
    Then please read my Letter to the Editor, in the CT. POST.
    Then please read my Letter to the Editor, in the Stratford Star.

    They actually published my e-mail and not my attached Letter?
    It turned out better because in Straford 2 + 2 =

    3 for the Tax Payers and Residents of Stratford
    5 or 6 for the Lawyers and Heads of the Party Town Committees.

    New Letter, follow up being submitted, below.

  2. 2 1george1

    July 18, 2008

    Legal recourse preempted on questionable economic development?

    Letter to the Editor:

    In Late 2006, there was an attempt to place 630 condos, in 6 floors, and very densely packed, on Lordship Boulevard.

    Both Mayor Miron and the Lawyer for the Proposal quoted the Conference of Mayors about condos being highest and best use of property. The lawyer for the condo proposal rents space at the Stratford Town Attorney’s firm and told me that he would not be surprised if the winning bid for AVCO would want to place condos there! In the newspaper, Mayor Miron also suggested Stratford should grow the population.

    Will Avalon Bay, or a similar company, develop upscale, super priced CONDOS @: Shakespeare, AVCO Army Engine Plant; Airport (buying from Bridgeport), Lordship Boulevard; Long Beach West, Pleasure Beach, Steel Point, Remington office park, GE Boston Av, Bridgeport’s East end; Cut Spring Road; Harbor side Disco, and Remington Woods?

    If the Stratford Town Charter is ruled as new, rather than a Revised Town Charter, and if a court rules that there are NO Grandfathered RIGHTS of:

    1) Recall Councilors; 2) Initiative; 3) Petition; 4) Referendum; 5) Creating Legislation from Referendum

    But then, who cares what the Communities want and does not want, including displacing them, when there is BIG, BIG MONEY to be made by politically connected people, instead of Public Interest, which is rejected?

    Just look at a map, and take a tour of blighted properties, so near Long Island Sound?

    Every Condo increases density of properties and every Condo Sale requires 2 Lawyers for closing sales?

    Increased Condo population can have what kind of results on school population and Town Budgets?

    Lastly, I wonder how the poorest members of the Greatest Generation have survived, or if they did, while the political schemers crushed the American Dreamers, with cunctation, obduration, and obfuscation?

    George Mulligan

  3. 3 sudds

    I’m in a “Happy Zone” because everytime one of these elected idiots opens their mouth my* “Yale plan” looks better and better!!!

    * any mayoral candidate is free to steal this idea… all I ask in return is the no-show job at the train station once you’re elected!!!

  4. 4 1george1


    Why don’t you submit your HAPPY ZONE as a LETTER to the Editor?

    Only suggestion, is they prefer paragraphs and not numbered points or
    points in format other than sentence form.

    They also combine single sentence paragraphs into small paragraph to
    save Printing Space.

    Same suggestion to you about your YALE idea. My suggestion is GE.
    GE owns NBC TV, so Shakespeare is a natural tie in.

    Disney owns ABC TV. Another natural tie in.

    Fox TV owns Channel 5 & CT # 61. Rupert Murdock is an Aussie who
    owns media all over the British Empire, especially here in the USA
    and the NY Tammany Hall / N Y POST.

    Shakespeare was an inspiration to COLONIAL British Empire, as it came
    about immediately after Columbus.

    Englishman John Breakspeare is the ONLY British Roman Catholic Pope!
    It took the name Pope Adrian. It was named after the
    1) Adrianic Mountain Ranges which exist in BOTH Italy and Britain
    (Hadrian’s Wall > Scot rite)
    2) Adriatic Sea, which separates and connects the Roman empire to the
    Greek predecessors, who gave the world Philosophy and the story of the

    The ancient poets and philosophers were like Shakespeare in that that
    transformed ORAL traditions, stories, and legends into writing!

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “Why don’t you submit your HAPPY ZONE as a LETTER to the Editor?”

    It could be that the readership is larger here. If you’re talking about the Star or Bard, that is.


    If someone actually follows up on you’re suggestion, I’d go with “Customer Service” at the theater. The train station is nowhere near as pretty and somebody might notice if you’re there or not.

  6. 6 1george1


    Many of your readers are the local inner party.
    None post.

    So I believe sending letters to the POST, STAR, and BARD are both an ISSUE of

    You are FAR more responsive than PW.
    However, PW was the superior writer and intellect with a more open mind.
    That is meant as a compliment to PW, and not an insult to you!

    Your intellect, fairness, and open minded ness FAR exceeds those I and you
    criticize. You concentrate on Miron and mention Burturla and Norm’s crew
    (of B Utter Nuts – money maniacs)

    I try to stress outside influences causing their rise and the CORRUPTicuts!
    Mirons, Burturlas, and Norms are the symptoms of the disease and only a
    partial (but significant) local cause.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Thank you.

    I think.

    As I have posted before, when PW passed the torch I was uncertain there would be enough to post.

    Miron has alleviated that concern.

  8. 8 sudds

    “The train station is nowhere near as pretty and somebody might notice if you’re there or not.”

    LOL… who’s at the train station between 8:30 and 4:00 (except for theifs steal catalitic converters???)

  9. 9 jezebel282


    More people than there are at the theater.

  10. 10 1george1

    You are welcomed.
    At least YOU think!

    Today’s CT. POST had the Stratford Chamber book.
    Notice that picture of the Shell Station at the RR?
    What is that word? Chatputz?
    Or is it just putz?
    I don’t mean the golf term!

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    I figured this was the best place to put this since we’re talking “Happy Zones”…

    I made my first visit to Short Beach Golf Course today. I started golfing last year and never got around to going. It was also my 10 year old son’s first visit to a golf course. I got him his own set of clubs this year and have been workingn with him at Sportscenter.

    I shot a crowd pleasing 46. But aside from the score it was great to take my son golfing for the first time and see how happy he was golfing for the first time.

    It was quite crowded and the pace of play was about 2 hours. At one point there were 10 of us stacked up on the tee box at 7 waiting for the group ahead of us to clear. They were not the fastest of players.

    Anyway, the only negative comment on the whole experience is the woman in the club house behind the counter. A bit surly if you ask me. But the guys in the starter cart were not the curmudgeonly old farts that I have come to expect when visiting a golf course.

    Anyway kudos to Stratford for having that little gem by the beach.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    A 46?

    Put the club down and step slowly away from the bag……


    Even though Mike Julian raised the greens fee, it is a wonderful links type course. Having seen the abuse taken by the people behind the counter they should be congratulated for not leaping over the counter and throttling someone at random.

    My favorite are the men who think they are playing at a TPC. They want to start within +/- 1 minute of their tee time even though they showed up 5 minutes before. They refuse to play with women and complain mightily if anyone at all is on the green if they are ready to tee off. After all, they paid $8!

    But you are correct, it is a wonderful place for beginners (did you know they have the best deal on lessons in CT? $35 for 5 1 hour lessons), kids and even “pros” who can practice their short game.

  13. 13 mikereynolds

    “Put the club down and step slowly away from the bag……”

    Hey give me a break I’ve been golfing for 15 months.

    I’ll never step away from the bag I’m hooked.

    Now if only I can control my wedge better; that’s where I’m losing strokes.

    Its too bad people go there expecting a TPC. This is definately a more laid back course. I have a feeling I’ll be down there a lot.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    Golf is a game of opposites. You hit DOWN on the ball to make it go up and you swing SLOWER to make it go farther. (Put the ball back in your stance to get it up with a wedge and only use a half stroke.) Whenever my ego is too big I rush down to a golf correct it.

    Whenever a man refuses to play with women, I just tell him “No problem. Being gay is not a choice.”

  15. 15 mikereynolds

    Wow, political discussion and golf tips…does it get any better? 🙂

  16. 16 1george1

    Yo Mike,

    If you swing and miss on your first attempt on the first hole, or hit
    a really bad shot – You are allowed a “Mulligan.”

    Free do over, where the first try did not count.

    Yes Julian sponsored the fee increase.
    However, a retired constituent, who golfs recommended the increase.
    The fees do not cover the costs of golfing.

    More money goes to out rageous pensions than Senior Tax Relief.
    I favor very good Pensions, but???
    9 Police / Fire in Jan 2008 AVERAGED almost $ 84,000
    ALL 36 PENSIONS of 2007 AVERAGED almost $ 44,000
    Before Burturla’s Town Council on 1987, Pensions never passed $ 20,000.
    > I believe Burturla and Norm bribed their ways to better income, by
    buying the senior managment and staff of Stratford Town & BoE.

    The cost of electricity has gone up. The price of night softball can
    expect a price increase, too.
    Further, there are questions about costs to run DeLuca Field and the
    subsidizing of private organizations, like the Brakettes.

    I believe with ESPN 1, 2, etc. the need for content should make some of
    the VENUES like BRAKETTES and SHAKESPEARE Theater as Revenue sources.

    Is it fair for Tax money of the average citizen to over subsidize reasonable
    pensions and reasonable costs for services?

    For some people, there is a free lunch.
    But someone is picking up the tab.

    And yes, stratford has many gems.
    Great Town.
    Great people.
    Wonderful natural assets.
    Best basket of Public Services in state, performed by pros.

    (I have NO problem with legit=good: pay / O. T. / benefits /pensions)

    Who favors ABUSES?

  17. 17 citizenkane1

    I thought a “mulligan” was when you hit ball and then try to figure how the FBI and CIA conspired with the FCC and PGA to use black opps to wet work your ball into the woods.
    Or I could be wrong, im no sportsman.


  18. 18 jezebel282



    (Sorry, George, couldn’t help it)

  19. 19 mikereynolds

    I believe Kane just hit a hole in one on that one!!

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “The fees do not cover the costs of golfing.”

    Do you really expect us to believe that it costs more than $363,000/year? That’s how much revenue was taken in last year. Just from the golf course.

    Perhaps if Bob Connolly didn’t decide the move the 8th tee away from his relative’s house so it wouldn’t be hit by a golf ball (go figure, you live across the street from a golf course and a golf ball hits your house!) we may have even made more money. Or maybe if he put that giant fence along the street instead of around the new 8th tee to protect golfers from getting hit by players on the 7th tee…..But hey, this is Stratford, since when was taxpayer money more important than ego?

  21. 21 mikereynolds

    Holy crap that’s true?? The two guys we played with said that and I took it with a grain of salt.

    If that house didn’t belong to a relative (I heard daughter) would the 8th tee have been moved?

  22. 22 1george1


    Good one.
    And I did not even mention acronym items, in this reply.

    And in reference to the HOLE in ONE.
    I will even call myself an A–HOLE! 😉


    Nothing surprizes me in Stratford anymore.
    I believe your story is likely true about the House of a relative.

    Do you really believe that it cost less than $ 363,000 to maintain
    Shrot Beach, including the Golf Course?
    Or even just the Golf Course?

    > No cost for grass, manure, equipment?
    > No cost for grounds keeping LABOR?
    If there are 6 groundkeeping workers at $ 40,000 + FICA / SS etc +
    Benefits of $ 13,000 per year Health = that exceeds $ 363,000
    > No cost for utilities, like water to keep the grass green, gas to run
    the equipment, and electricity?
    > No cost for Administrators and staff at the Golf Club?

    In almost any Business, LABOR is almost always the biggest expense.
    Again, I am in favor of good pay / benefits / pensions.

    However I favor fiscal responsibility and fiscal REALITY.

    What about each of you?
    Do you favor FREE RIDES, which you pay for the ABUSES of others?
    They enable the existance of MIRONS / BURTURLAS and acronyms,
    don’t they?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Yes, it is true. And yes, daughter. And how much do you think Bob Connolly spent of your money to close down the 8th tee, construct a whole new one and put up that 30ft high fence (after a couple of golfers got hit)?


    LOL! Really? Angel is really the only grounds keeper. They also use people sentenced to community service. So far as I can tell there are NO full time employees there so that eliminates your health insurance number.

    It’s the same as the RR Station. $294,000/year in revenue. Do you see $294,000/year worth of services at the RR Station? Both the RR Station and Short Beach are just ATM’s for the Council and Mayor. They always have been.

  24. 24 1george1


    If true, and I am not saying different, then Angel must be all over the place.
    I would think they have to cut the grass more than once or twice a week.
    9 Holes is a lot of territory, with different level of cutting and maintenance.

    Are you keeping a list of all of the ATMs in Town?

    I believe our taxes should be 30 – 40 % lower and still have better pay / benefits
    / pensions than most of the private sector.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    First of all, it’s a par 3 and is just not that big. Second, Angel IS all over the place. Considering how many rounds of golf get played there, and by whom, it’s not in bad shape. There just isn’t that much mowing required, especially with the numerous water hazards. (Remember the water hazards, Mike?)

    And as for electricity…Golf is a biofueled game. There is no night golf, George. Unless your foursome includes Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano and Governor Patterson.

  26. 26 mikereynolds

    “(Remember the water hazards, Mike?)”

    I’ll have you know that not one of my balls ended up in the water. So there!

  27. 27 jezebel282


    47 strokes with the same ball? Amazing!


  28. 28 sudds

    “I’ll have you know that not one of my balls ended up in the water. So there!”

    I more than make up for Mike’s lack of balls getting wet!!!

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Was that you last week playing in fins and a mask?

  30. 30 starlooker

    All my kids play. I never took it up because I was considered armed and dangerous just playing mini golf. My son at age 12 got a hole in one at the Par 3. Was in papers and received a plaque from Golf Digest. Next time he is home he will be there faithfully daily….. Maybe one of you can hook up with him for a game.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    I hate to say it this way, but I am a golf slut. I will play with anyone. Even snooty men who don’t like playing with women or children.

    I hear the first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction.

  32. 32 1george1

    I dunno know

    I never broke 50 on any hole….
    If gold was like bowling, where the higher score the better….

    I think steve wonder, jose feliciano, and governor paterson
    would each be giving me shots …

    Actually I played in 1 gold tournament MANY YEARS AGO.
    Our 4 some came in LAST, 2nd to LAST (me), 3rd to LAST,
    and 5th to LAST (Who snuck in as 4th worst?)

    I do remember we had a 592 for 18 holes regulation at
    Orange CC.

    I had a PAR once. I chipped one in from about 150 yards.
    Star – your son did somethin I never did, nor will come close
    to doing, with that ACE.

    Not being nosey but I thought you were supposed to be a woman?
    I knew you were not a children because of your guitar hero teen.
    Just a FYI to make you aware of profilers…. 😉

  33. 33 jezebel282


    I already said I was a GOLF slut (Watch it, Sudds!). I’ll have you know that, according to the USGA, women comprise 23% of golfers. And that number is growing.

    It’s only a matter of time until Augusta….never mind. That’s a whole nother discussion.

    Snooty men who think they belong in the PGA are fun. “Oh dear, that can’t be MY ball. My ball is much closer to the green.”

    Now, stealing money from the golf course and then raising the greens fee is just outrageous. If you venture down there on any given day you will find that seniors, women and children make up most of the golfers.

  34. 34 starlooker

    LOL Jez:

    Ummm her was 12 when he got the hole in one. He is almost 21 now….. Loves the game…. Started swinging the club at 3 and his Grandfather kept at it with him because he said this little kid had potential…..

    Maybe someday I will try it out.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    ANY time you are ready, you just let me know!

  36. 36 starlooker

    Just make sure my golf ball has trainig wheels and people there have crash helmuts on (including birds) and a margarita at each hole and U got a deal LOL

  37. 37 jezebel282


    Hmmm, the best I can do is a very short plastic club (you may have to adjust your stance to “kneeling”), a whiffle golf ball and my backyard. But we’re good on the margarita!

  38. Jeze, you offering golf lessons with margies? I may have to add my name to THAT list. I’ve been limited to the balls hit on a felt green with a chalked stick – shots and beers instead of margies. I’m still waiting for my game date with Sudds…..LOL

  39. 39 jezebel282


    If your taking lessons too I’ll have to buy a couple of more pitchers.

    Think of golf just like billiards but you have a REALLY big table and you only have to worry about the white ball. After the margaritas you won’t even worry about that one.

  40. 40 1george1

    cute exchanges. 🙂

    maybe Laura and Officer Sean would like to have match play
    with PCS and Jeze? 8)

    Golf, Pool, Darts 😉

  41. 41 sudds

    I call dibs on getting to wear the cheerleader outfit for the PCS/Jez team!!!

  42. 42 jezebel282


    I’m not sure about that. Obviously, PCS has a stronger stomach than me.

  43. 43 1george1


    Wearing the Cheerleader outfit?
    I know there are male cheerleaders.
    But 1st impression? Ugh.
    Not as bad as Miron shower. 😦 quadruple Ugh!

  44. 44 sudds

    “PCS has a stronger stomach than me.”

    After 1 or 2 of her margaritas I’ll look just fine in my cheerleader outfit!!!

  45. 45 sudds

    Oops… that should have read…

    After 1 or 2 DOZEN of her margaritas I’ll look just fine in my cheerleader outfit!!!

  46. 46 jezebel282


    Are you sure your wife is OK with other women seeing you in your outfit?

  47. 47 lauradobosz

    I am good at golf, pool AND darts. I want nothing to do with cheerleaders. I was a member of the IHTC in the Bunnell class of 88. We had the best banner going for Homecoming. Too bad the administration at the time did not have that large of a sense of humor. 😉

  48. 48 1george1

    I am fully appreciative of Home coming. 🙂

    Although golf is normally outdoors and pool indoors, they both
    have greens on the way to the hole. Darts, Pool, and a short
    Golf put need a keen eye and steady hand.
    I just can not conjure a mixed game called Garts, Dool, Polf?

    Normally I appreciate cheerleaders. However I have no desire
    to see Sudds, nor high schoolers, as cheerleaders.

    Some people consider the present Town Hall Administration
    to be something of a BAD JOKE.

  49. 49 jezebel282

    Well, it seems we are all in agreement (finally!). Everyone will play if Sudds doesn’t show up in a cheerleader outfit.

    As for darts…I will play if Officer Sean is the target.

  50. 50 starlooker


    I was in a dart league….. so between all Officer Sean is in Big trouble. Laura so glad to see this side of you. I bet the sign was a hoot. Pool I am okay, golf I have to work on….Like in my backyard with no victims around, human or animal.

  51. Star ~ everything gets easier after a few shots of tequila! ;>D I shouldn’t say that, I don’t drink much anymore and am more limited to wine and microbrews. Margaritas once in a while. Don’t want anyone to think I’m a lush.

    Sorry, I’m limited to the green on a pool table. Darts, probably after a few beers. I can wrench Harley though, does that count? Might not be a sport, but sure is fun….LOL

    I could probably throw a good dart if OfficerSean was the target.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    You may find that hitting a little white ball further and straighter than a lawyer or doctor has a certain degree of satisfaction in it. Of course, you can only do that on Wednesdays after you tried to make an appointment. I’m not sure what course they took in Medical or Law school that makes them think they are just as good on a tee box as they are at billing. But the look on their faces is priceless.

  53. 53 1george1


    This is a nice, mellow, blog post.

    Soooothing – Sooooothing – Think good thoughts. Sooooothing.

    Relax. Be mellow.

    This blog string is a nice place to unwind from the other strings….

    Jeze, good job.

    PCS & Laura = playing nice 🙂

    Mike with some relaxed posts.

    Star with comfortable post.

    Sooooothing. Play nice.

  54. Jeze ~ I’m sure I could get the hang of it once I’ve got a club in my hand.

    George ~ don’t get used to it, I’m certain it’s shortlived, but playing nice is OK for now.

    I think I’ll make that lunch or coffee appointment when I get back from a much needed vacation.

  55. 55 mikereynolds

    Moving to another topic….

    I’ve been here 10 years an I haven’t figured this out ….

    When driving west on Barnum Ave between Nichols and Randolph are there two lanes on the westbound side or just one? There are no white lines on the road and it leads to confusion as to whether or not two cars can travel abreast.

    Any thoughts?

  56. 56 jezebel282


    If the car in front of you is doing 10 miles per hour with the right blinker on, a case of Depends in the rear window and no apparent driver it is officially a two lane road.

  57. 57 mikereynolds

    Wow what insight!

    What I’m really getting at is there seems to be confusion amongst drivers as to whether or not the road is designed to handle two cars abreast. Its certainly wide enough but with no white dash lines down the middle of the westbound lane it seems like people get confused.

  58. 58 jezebel282


    Legally, if there is no broken white line indicating two lanes of traffic proceeding in the same direction it is, by default, a single lane regardless of the width.

  59. 59 mikereynolds

    Yes I agree…However I don’t think many drivers in Stratford follow that line of thought.

    I don’t know about you but people are always driving two across and if you stay in the middle of the lane you’ll get a dirty look.

  60. 60 starlooker


    From that point on cars are allowed to park at the curb so it makes it quite difficult to do 2 lanes. Right before Nichols it is 2 lanes but once you pass Nichols it becomes impossible due to all the cars that park on Barnum. Then I believe once you get to the point of Mary Avenue they can’t park on Barnum so it becomes 2 again. I hope this helps…. Trust me it gets confusing. The only way you will have the 2 lanes without a problem is Sunday Morning about 7:00 am. Oh and early morning and when school gets out (Franklin School) parents will park on Barnum but only that short time. Now did I make it more confusing for you? Sorry.

  61. 61 sudds

    LOL… Mike said aBREAST!!! 😛

  62. 62 starlooker

    ( 0 ) just one?…. Okay I now promise to behave..Been a long week……LOL

  63. 63 jezebel282

    Sigh…Mrs. Sudds is a shoe-in for sainthood.

  64. 64 sudds

    Amen to that!!! 😈

  65. 65 jezebel282


    Err…if a car is parked where? And then it becomes how many? And only if the parents are dropping off what?

    (Flipping through CT driver’s manual…Let’s see…Barnum ave, parking, schools….)

  66. 66 1george1

    Maybe someone could call D.O.T. or Public works or the Police,
    and ask them to solve the issue.

    It goes on record. In case there is an accident, there is increased
    liability, if they were aware of a problem and did not address solving
    the problem.

    If it is a Public Works issue, I believe they could put out a work order
    and have the line painted pretty quickly, while th weather is HOT &
    the Paint would dry quickly.

    If it is a State or Federal D. O. T. issue, then an e-mail and letter to the
    appropriate Senator and Rep, would generate an inquiry to the Federal
    or State Agency, who would have to respond to the elected person in
    writing. Every Federal and State Department and Agency has a liaison for
    communications with elected persons, for repsonses to constituents.

    I know I went the route for several years, whereas (officially) the elected
    people defer to the professional Civil and Municipal Servants or Military,
    who have specific mandates, jurisdictions, and duties.
    All compartmentalized! Lends to red tape and who is on first? catch 22?

    Even beter than a single constituent inquiry of complaint, is to have a few
    people file a joint complaint or inquiry to the Federal or State Reps.

    Actually Miron is also fairly responsive on certain PUBLIC SAFETY issues,
    so it would not hurt to CC him and Public Works.

    If nothing happens, then you can bash Miron.
    If it gets corrected, then you can praise Miron.
    (Not holding my breath) 😉
    If the issue does not get addressed and someone gets killed or hurt …. 😦

    Then there are Administrative and possibly personal liability issues?

  67. 67 starlooker

    1. Cars are allowed to park on the curb on Barnum Avenue from Nichols Avenue up to Mary Avenue. When that happens it is impossible for it to be 2 lanes unles you have a small skinny car.

    2. From Mary Avenue up to Holy Name you will see parents parked there when the drop off their children and again when they pick up there childre,

    3. Now I am confused LOL

  68. 68 jezebel282


    There is actually a committee for what you want.


    Suzanne Ryan McCauley, Chairwoman (Mayor’s Designee)
    Lt. Celeste Robitaille (Chief of Police’s Designee)
    Maurice McCarthy, Jr. (Director of Public Works)

    Secretary: Ashley Haydu

    If we see broken white lines, we’ll know it was you.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    Umm….thanks for clearing that up.

  70. 70 1george1


    A couple of years ago they repave my street.

    Most families park cars in from of their homes,
    partially on the planting strip.

    They narrow the street on repaving.
    They put in curbs between the road and planting strip.

    What was a 2 lane cud-d-sac, becomes one lane,
    or two VERY narrow lanes….
    when cars are parked on both sides of the street.


    They saved money on asphalt, making the road narrower.
    They keep cars off the planting strip making it look prettier.
    Due to being a side street, cul-d-sac, with considerate and
    reasonably intelligent residents, there is nominal speeding
    or reckless driving.
    Not many kids play in the street. (A few do on side streets.)

    I am not really sure if this was the most intelligent decision
    to narrow streets and clog parking?

    As Fredette says: “Hey, this is Stratford!”

  71. 71 mikereynolds

    I went to Short Beach again on Sunday and am happy to report that the staff was in a much better mood than last week. The woman who took my tee time was very nice and the gentlemen who checked my son and I in at the counter was nice too.

    I must have caught them on a bad day last week.

    And since I’m sure you’re all dying to know I shot a 41. And no Jez not with the same ball this time. I put one in the water at 6 and one at 7. But I managed two greens in regulation on 8 and 9 for pars.

    I’m getting there.

  72. 72 jezebel282


    Good to know.

    Eddie was nice? Wow! You did catch a rare day!

    Just keep your head down and slow down your swing. You’ll get better and better.

  73. 73 jezebel282

    More Happy News!

    Theater producer happy with venue

    Touring the facilities with a team of consultants, Hanney said he found nothing to suggest he is wrong about his estimate that it would likely cost between $2.5 million and $3 million to renovate and reopen the theater. “The stage is magnificent, it’s large enough to contain my entire Rhode Island theater,” Hanney said, referring to the Theater by the Sea in Matunuck.

    ….Hanney, along with several Town Council leaders, dismiss a 1,000-page report recently submitted to Mayor James R. Miron and the council by BL Cos. of Meriden, indicating it could cost between $3.6 million and $19.2 million to renovate the theater.

    The report includes six options for the project, but the one closest to what Hanney envisions would cost more than twice as much as his $3 million preliminary estimate.

    “When you have a price range from $3.6 [million] to $19 million, that’s an awfully wide range,” Hanney said Wednesday, sitting in the balcony and taking in an expansive view of the theater….

    …”I see they are putting on Shakespeare here tonight, maybe I should stay and see it so I can say I’ve seen a Shakespeare play,” joked Hanney, who previously said he’s never seen one before.”

    I gotta ask; Did anyone check to see if Hanney has a High School Diploma? He’s never seen a Shakespeare play? How do you make it through high school without seeing…oh never mind. I am supposing he’s also never seen a play by Oscar Wilde, Lanford Wilson, Eugene O’Neil, Tennessee Williams, Moss Hart…

    I am imagining he is really counting on $2.5 million from the taxpayers of Stratford. I’m dying to see his business plan where he anticipates paying us back.

    I dunno….I am just not as happy about this as Mike Julian and Hanney appear to be.

  74. 74 freedomofspeach

    When the TC has in its hands, an estimate and report stamped by a Connecticut licensed architect or engineer as they are the only ones allowed by law to provide it, you cant rely on anything else and cant do any work on the building without their drawings, a business plan from anyone other than someone like Norm, and a bond for the full amount, then they can make a decision. The state are the ones who have to approve the renovation plans as well as the local fire marshal. Cant sneak this by them.

    Until then this is Team Stratford #4. Who’s their lawyer? Another one who rents space in Milford?

    TC if you accept anything else, then its incompetence at the least and outright corruption at the most.

    Also, I thought the asbestos and lead work was thought to be around $1 million years ago. What happend, did the stuff just go away?

  75. 75 jezebel282


    Norm who?

  76. 76 freedomofspeach

    Aldritch (SP) the former TC member who had the SEC go after him for some accounting issues with public companies. The one who was on the TC and was the consultant for Team Stratford 1 at the same time, and later maybe with TS 2

  77. 77 jezebel282


    Oh…THAT Norm!


  78. 78 mikereynolds

    Getting back to golf….

    I was at Short Beach today and the starter had a petition. It appears the “commissioners” (I assume that means the knuckleheads who run the Rec dept) want to go back to NO tee times. They have obviously lost their freakin minds. The petition is going to be sent to the commissioners and the Mayor to urge them to leave tee times in place. As of noon today they had 300 signatures.

    Now since this is my first year golfing at Short Beach I don’t know what it was like before having tee times there. I have heard that people end up waiting an hour or more just to get off the first tee. Everyone other golf course has tee times, why not Short Beach?

    Is the problem that the golf course is run by the “old boy network”? That they feel like they are masters of their own little universe?

  79. 79 jezebel282


    Back in the day, tee times were only required on Sundays. You could make a tee time whenever you wanted but it was required on Sundays.

    Some Saturdays were very busy and yes, you could wait two hours before you got out. So tee times were required every day. Of course, all you have to do is call (203) 381-2070 and find out what tee times are available. Usually any day but Sunday (I can’t explain why Sundays are always busier than Saturdays) you can get out immediately.

    Speed of play is another factor. You have, shall we say, a variety of levels playing at Short Beach. You have snooty guys who will complain if they see a woman anywhere on the golf course. You have seniors that tend to walk slowly (when I’m 90, I should be able to play golf like them!). Children learning to play (parents: it’s a sand trap, not a sand box. Please don’t let them play in there). First timers that have never held a golf club before (try to keep it down to 7 or 8 Mulligans).

    But, all decisions are made by the Short Beach Commission. Like the expensive decision to close the 8th tee box and move it 30 yards to the South. An errant golf ball found it’s way across the street to Bob Connollys relative’s house. That cost the taxpayers big time and ruined the 8th hole. I believe they call the reason for the move “Ego”.

    Short Beach Commission:

    Robert Goodrich (R) January 3, 2006 January 2, 2009
    Richard A. Miron (D) January 3, 2006 January 2, 2009
    Dr. Theodore Spivack (D) January 3, 2006 January 2, 2009
    Robert Connolly (R) January 3, 2007 January 2, 2010
    Anthony Ross (D) January 3, 2007 January 2, 2010

    Secretary: Betsy Ross

    Notice any familiar names? And yes, Tony and Betsy are married. Care to guess who appointed them?

  80. 80 1george1

    I miss FOS. The above post was a good one.
    I guess my “punking” him/her hurt pride and we can add that and NO
    sense of humor to his/her attributes.

    However, my intent was NOT to chase away FOS, who had some valuable
    insights and writings… Hopefully he / she is just vacationing…
    Although making the BIG BUCKS, he/she should have a LAPTOP…8)

    I can understand Dick > Tony > Betsy
    But Connolly + Goodrich on the same Committee?
    Oh, supposedly different parties?

    Who is DR. Spy-vack? (teasin) 😉

  81. 81 jezebel282


    Theodore Spivak, DDS. One of the nicest guys in Stratford, but unfortunately, believes Mayor Moron is an actual Democrat.

  82. 82 jezebel282

    Ooops, I’m going to be late for my tee time! See you all later.

  83. 83 mikereynolds

    I hope you signed the petition Jez.

  84. 84 jezebel282



    You should know me by now. If a petition is liable to piss off someone Miron appointed…..

  85. 85 mikereynolds

    Silly me….

    I would love to know what the motivation is to do away with tee times. What’s the rationale? Aren’t things much better organized and flow better with tee times? I know Stratford is in some kind of wormhole where logic and common sense doesn’t exist but come on.

  86. 86 1george1

    OK on DDS.
    Thank you for the FYI.
    Maybe got too close to the gas?

    Motivation, logic, common sense – In Stratford?

    Normally money, money, and none…

  87. 87 jezebel282


    I suppose for the same reason as moving the 8th Tee box….because they can. It’s their kingdom and they rule it.

    A lot of people forget it’s a public course. It’s a beautiful little par 3 with no trees and spectacular views of the Sound. You cannot find a better place to learn how to play golf. For $35 you can get five (count ’em, 5!) lessons. The instructor, Mike Gaffney, begins from scratch (“You hold the club with the big part closer to the ground”).

    Eliminating Tee times, especially on weekends, will cause more anger and frustration than putting a dozen balls in the water. It’s kind of like taking the train to work, but there are no parking spaces. Oh wait a minute….

  88. 88 mikereynolds

    Last night at Short Beach GC I witnessed an unconscionable breach of golf etiquette. Two guys playing in front of us were dragging their pull carts across the greens!!!

    When we got to the 9th green one of the golfers in our group had a 3 foot birdie putt. He went to putt and the ball took the wierdest line I’ve ever seen. It practically turn a 90 degree left turn. When we looked closely we could see a cart tire track in the green. Nice going morons.

    I also witnessed a near hole in one on the 7th hole. The golfer put it inside of 3ft to the hole. From 214yds. Impressive.

  89. 89 jezebel282

    More Happy Zone News (unless you’re a Taxpayer):

    More money needed for theater, fire truck
    Staff writer
    Article Launched: 11/14/2008 10:07:36 AM EST

    STRATFORD — The Town Council has tentatively approved $750,000 in new bonding to cover increased costs of renovating the long-shuttered Shakespeare Theater, as well as more money to buy a new fire truck.

    About $600,000 in funds would be added to the $2.5 million allocation to renovate the theater, and $150,000 more for a new fire truck that fire officials originally estimated would cost $450,000, but now say has risen to $600,000, according to Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10. The council reviewed the plans for extra spending at its meeting earlier this week.

    Henrick said the new bonding will be formally considered by the Ordinance Committee at its meeting at 7 p.m. Nov. 24 in Town Hall.

    The producer trying to reopen the former Shakespeare Theater is finding the projected cost of renovations has increased.

    While Bill Hanney, producer and operator of Theater by the Sea in Matunik, R.I., continues to negotiate a long-term lease agreement to renovate and operate that theater, he now estimates it will cost about $600,000 above the $2.5 million the town allocated for the project.

    That’s because Hanney was not aware, and neither was the Town Council, that the state’s prevailing-wage statute requires contractors such as electricians, roofers and painters be paid a minimum amount for any work undertaken using state or municipal funds. That is expected to raise the overall cost about 25 percent.

    “I still think Hanney should pay for the increase, as he promised to do if the project cost went above $2.5 million, but if not, it looks like we’re going to have to add it to the bonding,” Henrick said.

    The council chairman is also displeased that fire officials underestimated the cost of the new truck.

    “They came to us with a figure of $450,000, and now it suddenly rises another $150,000,” Henrick said. “What I would like to know is whether they requested funds for the fire truck they need … but are now seeking the fire truck they want.”

    Of course if you read the papers, watch TV, listen to the radio or surf the net you will know that there is a little credit problem going on in the world right now. Banks and investment firms (those still open) aren’t real eager to put money out there. But what the Hell! Let’s borrow MORE money and charge it to the Taxpayers. What is the matter with Hanney’s credit card? Has he maxed it out?

    When the Feds lend money under the TARP at least they get preferred stock. What are we getting? Did anyone one else see this coming?

    Err…Mr Julian? Are you still in the Happy Zone?

  90. 90 jezebel282

    After carefully studying the business plan from Mr Hanney, the Council voted 8-2 to throw another $600,000 of our money into the black hole.

    I have linked the ENTIRE business plan Mr. Hanney had submitted for $3.1 MILLION of our money. It should only take you a minute to read it.

    Link to “Plan”

    If you notice that certain numbers are missing like G&A, Balance Sheet, P&L, Operating expense, ROI, EBIDTA that’s because they are not there. Our Clowncil voted to spend $3.1 Million on this.

    Hey wait a minute! I have PowerPoint, maybe I can get a couple of million dollars if….

  91. 91 1george1

    The word being used more and more often in the world wide mess is

    Imagine if all of the MEETINGS were WEBCAST LIVE & UNEDITTED, with good
    AUDIO / VIDEO streams and accessable on the Website for rewebcast?

    Maybe that is why Feehan / Henrick / Miron want to keep delayed – editted
    broad cast on channel 79?

    What about it Jeze, want to jump on that Bandwagon?

  92. 92 jezebel282


    “What about it Jeze, want to jump on that Bandwagon?”

    I would, but I don’t get Channel 79. Like many others, I finally pulled the plug on Cablevision after the last increase.

    Do you think your tire would show up well on camera?

  93. 93 1george1


    You don’t get Channel 79.
    I don’t get Channel 79,
    Oronoque Village doesn’t get Channel 79,
    Unless you have Cable Vision ….

    MIRON controls the TAPING, the EDITTING, the DELAY, the BROADCAST
    of the content of what people SEE and HEAR and can not SEE and HEAR,
    even if they get Channel 79.

    Several people, besides David Wright, were trained on using the camera
    and editting, according to Soundview Communications Tom Castelot,
    who is the # 1 guy for Soundview.
    Some of those people have names like Heather and Kent and ….
    There is a new young police officer named Laurn Castelot.
    I wonder?
    Naaah. I doubt anyone would appoint someone to the Stratford Police
    Force for political reasons.
    Especially whose relative was a critic and not an ally of those in power?
    And since David Wright and Tom Castelot are Republicans, who are
    supposedly the critics of Miron / Burturla, and fight over the spoils ….
    But then … Are Tom & Lauren related? Who knows?
    (Maybe Kane or Phsyclops or police lovin Jeze?)
    As Imbro might say > “May be a co-incidences?”
    As Freddette says > ” Hey … this IS Stratford!”

    But then because you and the bloggers love Miron and want him to get
    re-elected, I know you have NO INTEREST in jumpin on a (BROAD) BAND
    WAGON of one of his PRO-PAGAN-DA mechanisms……

    That Hitler guy had his Goebbels…..
    Miron has a former reporter / editor GOODwin & hEATher …
    > one knows Letters to the Editor format.
    > the other is reputed to have ghosted a few …

    I am waiting for Miron to host a howdy doo dee show with Henrick
    and Feehan on his lap, with his hand up their a—-s, and working their
    mouths …

    I can’t wait to FOI the SEALED settlement for a certain lawsuit …
    Oh, I gotta find out if SEALED settlements are covered under FOI,
    or are they just FREE MONEY to …
    (pay off … what was Jeze’s conspiracy theory, which I agreed with?)

    I have had a tire around my waist all my life, so what difference does it
    make for me to put it around my neck?

    The action got a lot of laughs at my expense.

    However, it also got the desired publicity about:
    1. Someone made an attempt on my life.

    2. Aforesaid attempt was a Public endangerment. INNOCENTS could have died!

    3. It appears to have been REPRISAL and attempt at INTIMIDATION according to
    dozens of people who read the story.

    4. It blew up the attempt to claim there was NO WRONG DOING, and put me
    OUT of a position where Miron could claim I voted along with a Commission
    that was going to have a prearranged decision.

    5. It bought attention to Pension abuses.

    6. It laid foundation for people to be aware of a serious issue, that unless it
    is addressed, while blow up on many people.


  94. 94 jezebel282


    You read it in The Star (if anyone reads the Star):

    Theater in 2009?
    Written by John Kovach
    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    A contract between the town and the producer chosen to renovate and possibly (Possibly? Is that in the contract? “Possibly”?) operate the Shakespeare Theatre could be ready in the next two weeks, and actors could take the stage in the long-dark venue before year’s end.

    William Hanney, owner and operator of Theatre-by-the-Sea in Rhode Island, and his local attorney, Barry Knott, updated the Town Council Monday on the status of the negotiations.

    Once the venue is renovated, Hanney foresees a gala reopening with full productions later in the year.

    The council selected Hanney to restore the landmark theater. Knott said he and Hanney have negotiated with Mayor James R. Miron and Town Attorney Richard Buturla, and could have an agreement in two weeks.

    Two weeks? To negotiate an agreement with Miron & Buturla? It’ll take two weeks just for Buturla to explain it to Mayor Moron. And that’s only if Ashley Haydu thinks it’s important enough to tell Mayor Moron about it.

    But…we can wait two weeks and see what kind of deal gets done. It has been 25+ years and Mayor Moron has only ten more months to claim he did something. Hmmm, we wonder how us taxpayers will make out.

  95. 95 nnanerak

    This where the deal will sink. Deliberately.
    It is a matter of public record that the mayor doesn’t want Hanney as the developer/operator. This is his chance to screw the deal, which in turn, will make the “theater supporters” happy because they don’t want him either.
    What the mayor doesn’t realize is that the theater supporters don’t want him in office -but he’s thinking about votes and about what types of gains are in it for him-which I beleve is how he approaches everything he does, which is why he accomplished a big fat ZERO in three years.
    I think that a new approach needs to be looked at. The developer and the operator are 2 very separate entities, unless of course you are an oscar winning actor or actress with millions in spare change hanging around. So we need to treat them very separately.
    In the venue of development it is time that the Town take the stand that if it is not projected financially in the bid then the cost over run should be sucked up by the developer. Peroid. Then and only then will we begin to get realistic cost analysis contracts.
    Then of course we need intelligent life to FOLLOW THROUGH on the terms of the contracts. In Stratford, some of the town’s greatests net losses are in the fact that NO ONE follows through regarding these types of contracts. We have lost tons of money, project enhancements and land due to this negligience. Ususally the attorneys involved put the ball down deliberately to save their clients money….and the town’s legal department isn’t followng through to make sure that all terms are met…(do we get refunds of legal fees for these large screw ups???)
    As far as the operation of the theater-there are many rock solid models to emulate-and we have people in town that are intelligent and artistically talented enough to provide support in this area without, yes without, financial compensation–ever hear of the arts commission? For the most part a very good group of people who have more basic knowledge and skill in this area that the council and administration put together…why not use such a valuable resource???? Why? Because it’s free….no one has a financial gain maybe?????
    Less than 10 months(who’s counting?!!!…other than everyone) and maybe we will finally get a person in office that will stop turning Stratford into Bridgeport…..I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to live in Bridgeport, I would have bought a house there….If we as citizens have learned nothing else in the last several years, Bridgeport government is NOT something our town should emulate……..

  96. 96 jezebel282


    I tend to agree with you. However Mayor Moron is desperate for something, anything, he can point to after four years. He may just be desperate enough to sign the taxpayer’s purse away forever.

    The only thing that has been accomplished in 3+ years is the loss of talent. No theater, no SAEP sale, no sale of LBW (just a roll of dice in 5 or 6 years), no train station parking, no canopy, no initiatives, no morale, and no trust.

  97. 97 1george1

    Will there be a Burturla or Miron to run the Fire Department and Shakespeare?

    Barry Knott and Burturla have do extensive negotiations based on the Monday
    night presentation. I wonder if they were on the gold course.
    The longer the negotiations, the longer the billing machines can be on, unless
    there is a retainer or…..

    I spoke to an e-mailed Barry about ideas to Benefit his client and the town.

  98. 98 jezebel282


    Shakespeare theater plan dead again
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 03/30/2009 11:57:27 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Like a character in a long-running tragedy, a plan by a Rhode Island developer to revive the Shakespeare Theater appears to be dead, the latest in a serious of failed attempts over 21 years to re-open the Elm Street showcase.

    Town Attorney Richard Buturla recommended Monday night to the Town Council that it reject what he called theater producer Bill Hanney’s “final contract offer” changed at the last minute by Hanney to exclude key provisions that protects the town, and adds language that puts the town at serious financial risk.

    “There are serious changes in what Mr. Hanney and Mr. Knott (attorney for Hanney Barry Knott) indicate is their final contract proposal that would put the town in great jeopardy.”

    While the council did not vote on the recommendation, Mayor James R. Miron said the 11th hour changes by the developer are “completely unacceptable,” and that “you could put a gun to my head and I will never sign this contract.

    OK, Fine. Forget the contract.

    Does this mean Louie Burke is back? I know! Maybe Christopher (the Arts Commission guy) will be in “charge” now?

  99. 99 sudds

    Why are me messages being “discarded”???

  100. 101 jezebel282


    Nothing in the spam filter.

  101. 102 1george1

    I have had a couple of Discarded too.
    Not recently days – save Jeze from looking.

    How is it the Christ Church people knew and printed there was a 40 year
    deal on their handout Monday night, when none of the Town Council knew
    the contents of the “final offer,” which Burturla held back until the beginning
    of the Meeting?
    Was there a leak from Miron / Burturla or from Republicans?

    The Council choose the bidder, HANNEY, who is NON UNION.
    HANNEY choose Republican Lawyer, Barry Knott.
    If what Burturla portrayed is true …..???
    Then it appears the Republican chosen BIDDER, using Republican
    Attorney in town, intentionally BLEW UP the BID.

    Then it gets to what is the truth?
    Was it planned all along – Burturla & Knott will be paid.
    Excuse for a new Billing cycle?

    Why wasn’t there a forfiture Bond for all BIDDDER, like AVCO,
    where the losers get their money back, and the winner has
    to BID in Good Faith or lose money (supposedly)?

    I wonder how much each project has go to Town Attorneys billing,
    per year since 1996?

    1. AVCO


    3. AIRPORT


    5. RAYMARK




    9. Board of Education RESEARCH & OPINIONS

    10. Mayor / Administration RESEARCH & OPINIONS

    11. Town Council related RESEARCH & OPINIONS

    12. Zoning Commission RESEARCH & OPINIONS

    13. Various Commission RESEARCH & OPINIONS, like Pension, Pension
    Review, Buildings and Claims, Water Pollution Control.

    14. Bonding

    15. Any suggestions for rounding out top 20 or 25? Who has a good
    relationship (PCS?) with Town Councilors who could get this for Free?

  102. 103 jezebel282

    Update (again):

    Shakespeare theater drama continues
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 04/20/2009 11:30:21 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — The plot continues to play out two decades after it closed but far away from the stage of the long-shuttered Shakespeare theater, which had its last performance in 1989.

    Rather, the ending to this real-life drama to revive the once legendary Elm Street showcase is unfolding in the offices of Mayor James R. Miron, Town Attorney Richard Buturla and Town Council chambers.

    “I still truly believe Mr. Hanney is the right person for this job and that we will reach agreement,” said Julian. “We have made significant progress, and I am still confident we can salvage this deal,” said Hanney, producer of Theater by The Sea in Matunuk, R.I. “I hope we can because it would be in both the best interests of the town and myself as I have already spent considerable time and money in this effort, and I believe people will be happy when we reopen the theater.”

    Apparently not nearly as much as you want us to spend.

    Miron, who two weeks ago said “you could put a gun to my head and I will never sign this contract,”

    Is that a request? There will be plenty of volunteers. We will announce the lottery winners next week.

    The revised contract would still eliminate payments in lieu of taxes and renewal fees for the first 10 years of a proposed 40-year deal. But Hanney has now agreed to pay the town $100,000 annually starting in the 11th year, though still proposing only 30 shows a year, with no requirement for a Shakespeare show or summer festival, no educational components and no ticket surcharge revenue for the town, as recommended by Buturla.

    So we might see our money back in a brief 42 YEARS?

    But Knott said Monday Hanney is also now willing to pay the town back $2.5 million of the $3.1 it has allocated to renovate the theater over the life of the contract, in lieu of taxes and fees over the next decade.

    Err…that’s still a bit short, Barry. I think you are leaving out $600K plus all that interest.

    “What a nightmare,” Forrester said. “This is like that movie ‘Ground Hog Day,’ where the guy keeps reliving the same day over and over again.”

    Compared to SAEP or LBW I’d say it is moving right along. At least no one is suing anyone….yet.

  103. 104 sudds

    ATTENTION RETARDS… umm, I mean mentally challenged… err, I mean Mr. Mayor & our distinguished Councilmember (even those of you without MBA’s)…

    …WAKE THE @#$% UP!!!

    Good lord, I hope that misters Hanney and Knot at least have the courtesy to give you a reach-around as they are….

    Anyway… once again here is my two cents (although I don’t know why I bother since you all seem to enjoy making really STUPID decisions):

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  104. 105 sudds

    PS… no tax revenue, $600k in expenses and the theatre run by a for-profit company…

    …or just no tax revenue and the theatre run by a multi-billion dollar non-profit university…

    …suddenly my plan isn’t sounding so bad, now is it??? IS IT???

  105. 106 jezebel282


    Stratford council approves theater deal; Miron says he won’t sign it
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 06/29/2009 11:49:18 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — More than 20 years after the stage went dark, the curtain will rise again at the long-shuttered Shakespeare Theater. The Town Council on Monday approved entering into a 40-year contract with Rhode Island theater developer William Hanney to renovate and operate the once-legendary Elm Street showcase.

    Or is it, yet again, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

    The council voted 7-2 vote during a special meeting in Town Hall after hours of heated debate and despite the strong opposition of Mayor James R. Miron and Town Attorney Richard Buturla.

    Miron, in fact, warned the council not to approve the deal with Cinema Designs Group Inc. and American Shakespeare Theatre LLC, both Hanney entities, saying it violates state statutes and vowing he will “never sign this contract.” Hanney is currently producer and operator of Theatre by The Sea in Matunuck, R.I.

    Under the contract, Hanney would pay the town back $2.5 million of the $3.1 million it has allocated to renovate the theater over the life of the contract, in lieu of taxes and fees over the next decade. He would also use his own money to cover any costs above $3.5 million under the contract.

    “I’m very happy the council has approved the deal, but who knows what happens now that the mayor has so strongly stated he won’t sign it?” Hanney said.

    Barry Knott, Hanney’s attorney, said: “We’re in uncharted waters. This has never happened before.”

    Critics of the agreement, including Miron and Councilwoman Amy Wanamaker, D-6, say they oppose the deal because it doesn’t include an educational component or enough guaranteed Shakespeare performances, nor does it provide the town with any revenue from ticket surcharges or other sales. Wanamaker and Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, cast the lone votes against the proposal.

    “I am shocked this council would ever enter into this contract for about 400 different reasons,” Miron said. “But my main objection is that it violates state law by not including the posting of a performance bond by the developer. Simply put, the contract violates state law and I won’t sign anything against the advice of the town attorney.”

    Under the new town charter, the mayor can only veto ordinances.

    In a June 26 memo to council members, Buturla says that after a year of negotiations and numerous changes, “I still have significant reservations concerning the proposed agreement, and few, if any of my prior concerns have been adequately addressed by CDG. In the present form, I strongly recommend that the town not enter into this contract with AST and CDG, as it is legally deficient and will impose financial and other burdens on the town for generations to come.”

    Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, and Knott challenged Buturla’s legal opinion, and Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, who represents the district where the theater is located, became engaged in a shouting match with the mayor during the meeting. Both O’Neal and Julian insisted the contract is valid and that the developer does not have to post a performance bond.

    “Everything that will be done by the developer has to be approved by the town or he isn’t reimbursed,” O’Neal said.

    Julian, after a brief but loud exchange with Miron, said: “This is a good deal for the town. In fact, if it were offered to me and I was in Mr. Hanney’s shoes, I wouldn’t even do it.”

    Miron confronted Hanney after the meeting, shouting, “No matter what the council has done tonight, not one penny will go to you. … as long as I’m the mayor!”

    That must have really worried Hanney since you only have 5 months left, Jim.

    Make no mistake…the legal term for this contract is “sucks”. But there is a complete lack of credibility (it may even be in the negative range) between this mayor and this Town Attorney and, well, the rest of the planet.

  106. 107 jezebel282

    Honestly…we are very tired of this story.


    Is Shakespeare deal really done?
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 07/05/2009 01:03:39 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — This Shakespearean drama seems to have no end.

    For 20 years the stage at the Shakespeare Theater here has been dark, with one failed attempt after another to revive the once-legendary Elm Street showcase after its final performance in 1989.

    In the latest subplot, the Town Council last week approved a 40-year agreement with Rhode Island theater producer and developer William Hanney to renovate and operate the theater — Hanney’s Cinema Design Group LLC would renovate the building and his American Shakespeare Theater LLC would operate the theater.

    But before Hanney and his lawyer, Barry Knott, could even start celebrating the council’s approval, Mayor James R. Miron vowed he would not sign the contract — though he has no veto power because the mayor can only veto ordinances, not operating or contract agreements.

    The mayor warned the council during the meeting he would not sign the contract. Afterward, Hanney and witnesses said they were stunned when Miron approached the theater operator sitting in the front row in Council Chambers, and shouted he would not sign the deal.

    “No matter what the council has done tonight, not one penny will go to you … as long as I’m the mayor!” Hanney and several town council members quoted Miron as telling the producer of Theater by the Sea in Matunuck, R.I. “Even if I am elected to a third term it will never happen,” the mayor vowed.

    Miron, the town’s first mayor, has not yet announced if he will seek a second term in November.

    Hanney said, while he expects the mayor may change his mind, he nonetheless is willing to wait out the November election, if necessary, in the hope another mayor could be elected who supports the deal.

    Or, he said, he would hope the council would take the matter to court to force Miron to do what he feels is required under the town charter.

    “I was pretty shocked at how upset he [Miron] was in coming down off the podium and yelling at me with so much venom in his voice,” Hanney said. “I don’t know why he’s so angry and what he has against me. I just want to renovate the theater and get it up and running again. It was the council that approved the agreement.”

    The vote was 7-2, with council members Amy Wannamaker, D-6, and Gavin Forrester, D-3, casting the lone negative votes.

    Miron said he has many objections to the deal, but particularly a clause that waives the posting of a performance bond by Hanney. Miron and Town Attorney Richard Buturla, maintain the bond is required by state statute.

    But Knott, representing Hanney, said the contract is a “hybrid” agreement — in which Hanney’s CDG group is providing contractual services as construction manager, and AST would operate it — meaning a performance bond is not required.

    Under the pact, Hanney said he would pay back to the town up to $3.1 million it has allocated for renovations through an escalating fee arrangement in which he will shell out $60,000 in the second year, which escalates by $10,000 a year until year 11 when he starts paying $100,000 annually.

    Miron and other opponents argue the deal is a bad one because it doesn’t include an educational component or enough guaranteed Shakespeare performances, nor does it provide the town with any revenue from ticket surcharges or other sales. They also oppose a proposed restaurant on the site, and the use of some facilities for staff to live. “We believe this is the best deal for the town, and I would like to see the mayor apologize to Mr. Hanney for one of the most unprofessional displays of hostility after the meeting I have ever witnessed,” said Town Council Chairman Mike Henrick, R-10.

    Councilman Michael Julian, R-1, whose district includes the theater, said he was “shocked” by Miron’s outburst at Hanney following the meeting. “Why would he be so mad at Mr. Hanney?” Julian asked. Miron “can be upset with us if he wants, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when he went after Mr. Hanney.”

    Council Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9, said he expects the mayor to change his mind and sign the agreement.

    “I’m sure in the end he will do what is required of him under law and the charter,” Kubic said. “If not we [the council] will do everything available to us under the law to ensure that he does.”

  107. 108 sudds

    “Councilman Michael Julian, R-1, whose district includes the theater, said he was “shocked” by Miron’s outburst at Hanney following the meeting.”

    Seriously? WTF? Has ANY Councilmember been paying attention to what has been happening in this town over the last three-plus years???

  108. 109 jezebel282


    There is so much that’s actually funny in this piece of theater (pun intended).

    “We believe this is the best deal for the town, and I would like to see the mayor apologize to Mr. Hanney for one of the most unprofessional displays of hostility after the meeting I have ever witnessed,” said Town Council Chairman Mike Henrick, R-10.”

    LOL! That is from Chairman Pow.

    “Council Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9, said he expects the mayor to change his mind and sign the agreement.”

    HAHAHA! The same lawyer and Parliamentarian that couldn’t figure out the deadline for a mayoral raise?

    “Miron said he has many objections to the deal, but particularly a clause that waives the posting of a performance bond by Hanney.”

    ROTFLMAO! Performance bond? How about a stinking business plan for $3.5 MILLION in capital?

    I gotta stop…they’re killin’ me.

  109. 110 1george1


    Are you sitting?

    Have your seat belt on?

    I agree with you 100%

    Chairman POW?
    How about suck punched & then pummeled.
    Got Black Eye, same as he has given to the town…..

    Julian …. Gavin … Kubic teased him during council last summer.
    I hear the scene was out of a Buster Keaton / Charlie Chaplin
    slapstick silent movie with people trying to pull BOOMER off
    Henrick and winding up flying backwards into the swimming pool.

    Yes – literally flying backwards with arms swirling trying to keep
    balance and stay outta da pool? 🙂

    HAHAHA! The same lawyer and Parliamentarian that couldn’t
    figure out the deadline for a mayoral raise?

    Are we gonna lose a blogger?

    Heard of the old lawyer trick?
    Sudds will like this one.
    1 finger of one hand in the air to find which way wind blows
    1 finger of other hand up client’s butt.

    If the client can’t pay or the wind switches direction
    Switch hands….

    — Jeze – I can not believe you missed this softball LOB?

    “Miron said he has many objections to the deal, but particularly a
    clause that waives the posting of a performance bond by Hanney.”

    ROTFLMAO! Performance bond? How about a stinking business plan
    for $3.5 MILLION in capital?


    Should it be part of the Town charter for LAWYERS and MAYORS
    to have a PERFORMANCE BOND?

  110. 111 sudds

    “Jez… Iagree with you 100%”

    Umm Jez…

  111. 112 jezebel282



    Thanks! Do you have a better site? There doesn’t seem to be any in Stratford.

    Anyone that doesn’t live here would think I was crazy before I even tell them about George agreeing with me.

  112. 113 sudds

    The Mayor’s stance (per


    Why I cannot sign the Shakespeare Theater Contract

    The Stratford Town Council approved a contract on June 29th that, in essence, gives the Town’s Shakespeare Theatre, and millions of the taxpayer’s dollars, to Mr. Bill Hanney for 40 years.

    I will not sign this contract or release any taxpayer funds to Mr. Hanney under this contract.

    Let me explain my reasons.

    I believe the Shakespeare Theatre can be an arts cornerstone in the State of Connecticut and an economic engine for our Town and region. To that end, I have worked with the Town Council since taking office as Stratford’s first Mayor in 2005 to find a way to wisely and properly redevelop the Shakespeare Theatre. Like many of us in Town I want to see the curtain rise again at the Shakespeare Theatre. However, I will not let that desire lead me to making a bad decision.

    Unfortunately, the contract the Town Council approved is a bad decision that neither properly nor wisely advances the interests of the taxpayers of this Town. As Mayor, I have an obligation to the people of Stratford to not sign the contract or release any of the taxpayers dollars allocated to this project under the terms and conditions contained in this ill conceived contract.

    In coming to my decision to not sign the contract or release any taxpayer dollars I relied, in large part, on the advice of the Town Attorney, the Town’s Chief legal advisor who has stated, in writing to the Town Council and myself, that he has “significant reservations” concerning the contract and “strongly recommends that the Town not enter into this contract…as it is legally deficient and will impose financial and other burdens on the Town for generations to come.”

    As Mayor I am obligated to follow the Town Attorney’s advice. Frankly, I am shocked that the Town Council ignored the Town Attorney’s advice, which was explained in a 19 point, seven-page memorandum.

    In addition to the Town Attorney’s concerns and advice the Stratford Arts Commission, dozens of others have brought their concerns to my attention regarding the current contract.

    The public’s input on this matter has significantly shaped my position on this contract.

    The contract approved by the Town Council eliminates from Mr. Hanney his obligation to purchase and maintain certain types of insurance in compliance with state law. I will not sign a contract that violates the law.

    The state law requires the Town to require Mr. Hanney to provide a labor and material payment bond as well as a performance bond. The decision by the Town Council to ignore the law and waive the bond requirements is unfathomable, irresponsible and ignores the law. I cannot support such an action.

    There are many other terms of the contract that are bad for Stratford’s taxpayers and for the Shakespeare Theatre including:

    · The Town receives little real revenue from this agreement, if any, for many years.

    · The Town receives no taxes.

    · The Town receives no payments in lieu of taxes.

    · The Town will receive no significant rent, if any.

    · The repayment of the money the taxpayers are, in essence loaning to Mr. Hanney, interest free, will not be completed for decades.

    · There is no ticket surcharge.

    · There is no enforceable educational component.

    · There is no meaningful Shakespeare component.

    · Other than “regulatory approvals” there is no Town say over whether a restaurant, bar or residential component is added to the Shakespeare property.

    · There is no requirement to “professionally” renovate the Theatre and the Town has no meaningful say on how it is renovated.

    · There are no personal or performance guarantees by Mr. Hanney.

    I encourage you to read the Town Attorney’s entire memorandum detailing all of his, and my, concerns at There are literally dozens of other concerns that are both technical and legal that I have not included here due to space constraints.

    As Mayor, I will always act in the best interest of the people of Stratford. I will always fight for what is right and act accordingly from my heart.

    This contract is all wrong.

    It is ill conceived.

    It is, in part, illegal.

    Simply put, it is bad for Stratford.

    That is why I will not sign it.

    Mayor Jim Miron
    Town of Stratford


    God forgive me, but some of his points actually make sense!!!

  113. 114 jezebel282


    Don’t worry…even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    (Come to think of it…that’s way better performance than Miron)

    It is kind of weird that even his opposition is not his idea but Rich Buturla’s. The man is an attorney, he can’t read a contract for himself?

    “As Mayor I am obligated to follow the Town Attorney’s advice.”

    Say, who’s in charge here?

    “In addition to the Town Attorney’s concerns and advice the Stratford Arts Commission, dozens of others have brought their concerns to my attention regarding the current contract.”

    Did he just find out? It doesn’t take very long at all to read Hanney’s business plan.

    Who wouldn’t just leap to throw $3.5 MILLION into this deal?

  114. 115 sudds

    THAT is his business plan???

    I’ve used better documents to wipe… oh forget it!!!

  115. 116 sudds

    PS… you can find just as much information in my “Give it to Yale” plan… which is just that… four words!!!

  116. 117 jezebel282


    That’s it. It gets worse too.

    Theatre-By-The-Sea is now a nonprofit

    By PBN Staff
    THE THEATER – now a nonprofit for the first time in its 75-year history – is planning four blockbuster musicals this summer, starting with “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” then continuing with “George M!,” “Evita” and finally “The Producers.”

    SOUTH KINGSTOWN – The Theatre-By-The-Sea in Matunuck is now operating as a nonprofit for the first time in its 75-year history. Owner and producer Bill Hanney announced this weekend that Ocean State Theatre Company Inc., the entity formed last summer to operate the facility, has been designated a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

    Gee, that’s what we need! A charity in Stratford!

  117. 118 jezebel282


    Remind me, since it’s been a few…umm….err…months since I’ve been in business school:

    How much do charities pay in property taxes?

  118. 119 ronmoreau

    This deal is getting worst by the minute.

  119. 120 jezebel282


    Don’t feel bad….it could be worse (a little). It could be Louie Burke.

  120. 121 1george1

    The deal is assignable.

    I wonder who inserted that part?

    I wonder what the END GAME IS?

  121. 122 jezebel282


    You mean assigning the rights to someone for a BIG fee?

  122. 123 1george1

    Who negotiated with Hanney and KKP on Shakespeare?

    Who is involved in AVCO negotiations

    Who has been briefing the Council about BUYING the AIRPORT
    in Executive Session?
    Whose firm has Bridgeport and Stratford as clients, yet was
    NOT a Party to the Bridgeport – FAA

    Who negotiated LBW?

    Who negotiates with EPA and was at the last meeting?

    Who has been a Town Attorney while PENSIONS went WILD?

    Who has been a Town Attorney during 2 Charter Revisions
    and opines we have WHOLE NEW GOVERNMENT?

    When a supreme court justice looks at the WHOLE picture.
    he is called a GESTAULTIST.

    When citizens or poor people look at the WHOLE picture
    they are called CONSPIRACY NUTS.

    A certain retired Stratford police officer has made a new
    home to do his drinking.

    It seems that when I wander into the establishment a
    ohone call or text message is made, and a couple friends
    join him. Not often the same ones.

    Considering the content of my website, it is overdue for
    some people who have motive to be ticked at me to gather.

    Yet, despite the foolish act I always expected, I am their
    mitigational factor. While there have been discretion abuses,
    aforesaid abuses were allowed by those mandated with over
    site, at local, state, and federal level.

    A certain person loved to say about stratford actors, that
    “they are all puppets.”

    If people are manipulated and entrapped… it mitigates
    their actions.

    However, all some people know is a perceived danger to
    them and their money….

    The Rubiconn was crossed with the past actions decades ago.
    It was necessary for them to corrupt the entire system, and
    then NO ONE had LEGITIMACY to go after them.

  123. 124 jezebel282


    This one just doesn’t deserve a new headline. Although we thought “Romeo & Julian” would make a good one.

    Harkins: Theater contract is illegal

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 20 January 2010 20:57

    The approved but yet-unsigned contract with William Hanney to renovate and reopen the Shakespeare Theatre is illegal and will return to the Town Council for review, Mayor John Harkins has told The Stratford Star.

    In a column on Page 5A of today’s Star, Harkins said he will abide by any decision the council makes regarding the current deal.

    Town Attorney Tim Bishop said the lack of a performance bond, omitted last year at the request of the developer, violates Connecticut General Statutes.

    Really? A performance bond? That is the least of the issues. We could never understand Michael Julian’s (R- 1st District) enthusiasm for giving away $3.5 million of money we borrowed to someone with no business plan or commitment to repay within our lifetime.

  124. 125 cstratct

    So this one doesn’t deserve a new headline, despite the fact that many of us were attacked relentlessly for continuing to put pressure on those supporting the deal at the time?

    And remember that it wasn’t just Julian. It was Julian, Henrick, Kubic, O’Neal, Dempsey, Moore and Stroomer. They ALL dug their heels in on this one. The primary question is why?

    Perhaps a mute point now (hopefully the Council kills this contract in its entirety), but according to the article in the Star, we’re still not free of Mr. Hanney just yet.

    “Harkins said there have not been any meetings with Hanney since he took office Dec. 15, but that he hoped to meet soon with the Rhode Island theater developer and his attorney, Barry Knott.

    Hanney could further negotiate on the performance bond issue, Harkins said.”

    Let’s hope for the good of the town Mr. Hanney walks away and/or that the town council puts an end to the agreement and negotiations with Mr. Hanney once and for all.

  125. 126 jezebel282


    I thought about it…but one headline a day seemed sufficient.

    “despite the fact that many of us were attacked relentlessly for continuing to put pressure on those supporting the deal at the time?”

    Both you and I get attacked all the time. I’m kinda used to it.

    We both agree, although probably for different reasons, that this developer is not the correct choice for the Town of Stratford. What the cause of the previous Council’s infatuation with Mr. Hanney was can only be guessed. It certainly wasn’t due to his business plan.

  126. 127 cstratct

    Wow, your last sentence is probably the understatement of the year, and it’s only January.

    I think you probably should have put business plan in quotes, because no one I know or work with would ever consider calling that document a business plan.

    As for the attacks, I couldn’t care less about them. My primary goal has always been to see that this revitalization, restoration (whatever people want to call it) was done the right way. That wasn’t happening. If I pissed some people off in the process so be it.

    What those involved failed to understand was that this wasn’t personal. People such as Henrick and Julian made it personal, but it was never about them. I want what is best for the town, the venue and the surrounding property. I was certainly not the only one who could clearly see that Mr. Hanney’s “plan” was not the best for any of those concerns. I may have taken a public role in it, but I wasn’t alone.

    What I am hoping is that the new Town Council ends this infatuation with Mr. Hanney and moves on to a more thoughtful, well-designed and sustainable plan to bring the theatre back to prominence.

  127. 128 jezebel282



    No argument from me.

  128. 129 1george1

    It is me (most will say it is) or does anyone see a pattern of lopsided deals?

    Some are more equal than others?
    Liberty and Justice …. for some?

    1 – 1995 Council Barnhart/Dunne – Defined Benefit Plan
    2 – 1996 Burturla Town attorney
    3 – 1998 Burturla Town Council Pension Bond
    4 – 1998 Town Council Preferred Vended Team Stratford
    5 – 2000-2001 Barnhart/Burturla Memo of understanding with
    Team Stratford # 1 Hockman
    6 – Town Council / Burturla – BMD – Team Stratford # 2 Montyposillico
    7 – Avco > Army – Team Stratford # 3 Natera
    8 – Doc/Debicella/Council – SFT Louie Burke = SHAKESPEARE
    9 – Burturla 9 month negtiations for 90 day window KKP raise $ 1 million
    Failed, but found an angel in 120 days = SHAKESPEARE
    10 – Burturla-Knott 14 negotions – HANNEY CONTRACT = SHAKESPEARE
    NOTE: Miron / Burturla protested contract. NEVER proposed alternative
    11 – FIRE TRUCK with NO BID to a Company owned by froemr Town Councilor
    almost 9 years out of 10 years
    12 – Town Council Chair given to husband of Council Clerk
    12-A – Town Council Chair arranges for 110 % raise to Town Attorneys
    13 – 600 car parking garage within 200 yard of brother of Endorsed RTC
    election former Employer and close family member’s business.
    14 – Sikorsky Strike, whereas one branch or a union caused OT + higher
    pensions for another branch of a union.
    15 – Health Benefit Insurance cost $ 19,000 a Town / BoE worker, with
    $ 12,000 comparative price nationally + to employer 65 workers.
    15 – A – Private industry higher deductable and less coverage- workers pay
    40 % Premium > Public Sector Stratford pay 11 %- 13 % Premium – deductable
    fully or partially covered or much lower than Private.

    I wish all Americans had these types of deals and affluence!

  129. 130 jezebel282

    “It is me (most will say it is) or does anyone see a pattern of lopsided deals?”

    It’s you, George.

  130. 131 mayor2013

    It is long past time to put the Theatre to sleep. Since the late 60’s to the present, this theatre cannot rebuild. It must be taken down and other arrangements for the property must be explored. Isn’t that what the Economic Development Department should be exploring? Speaking of economic development, what is happening along those lines? Who is in charge of that department? Do we still have one?

    Mayor Harkins, have one of your aides take a snap-shot of you at your desk and replace that horrible childlike cut out on the website. Don’t you know how important “first” impressions are? You may feel very confident about your landslide victory – but there are many folks who have never heard of you. That picture is a disgrace and it is an embarassment to the town.

  131. 132 mayor2013

    Everyone, and I mean everyone from the mayor right on down the line to the attorneys have made enough of dough on the revitalization of the Shakespeare Theatre – turn the page already – enough is enough!!!!!

  132. 133 jezebel282


    “Speaking of economic development, what is happening along those lines? ”


    “Who is in charge of that department?”

    No one.

    “Do we still have one?”

    No. Miron disemboweled it. There is a DTC committee member, Bruce Alessie, that seems to be involved somehow. Kind of like the real estate listing agent for the Town.

  133. 134 cstratct


    Obviously you don’t know a lot about the arts industry or you would know that arts and cultural activity can be every bit the economic development tool as any other industry.

    Here’s a website that can shed some light on the subject:

    Just because you don’t see the potential economic benefits doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

    Poor management practices in the past doesn’t mean that the theatre cannot be successful today. What is needed right now is an accurate assessment of the potential for the venue and grounds followed by proper financial planning (and by that I DON’T necessarily mean local public funds).

    Look at the good fortune that just came to the Stratford Ontario festival:

  134. 135 1george1



    1 – DISNEY recently paid $ 4 BILLION for 5,000 Characters of MARVEL COMICS.

    2 – A Mickey Mouse cartoon (among others) spawned a multi BILLION DOLLAR
    empire, which includes ABC TV and ESPN

    3 – Shakespeare’s writings and variations, along with the Torah, Bibles, and
    Classics, are the basis (for better and worse) of much of Western Civilizations,
    including the diversity of all curiculae, upon which all economies were built.

    4 – The Stratford Shakespeare Theater Building is a complete mess.
    So what……………. !!!!!!!
    The Stratford Shakespeare Theater is a core symbol of a BRAND, with
    tremdous potential, if only we did not have the LIARS, THIEVES, SCUM,
    and RAT BADSTARS …. who should curse the day/night they were born.

    Like soul less vampires, they can not see themselves in the mirror.

    Even in it’s present form, The Stratford Shakespeare Theater has great
    value, as is …
    and it is a simple business expense to repair and/or replace.

    Anyone who denies this is a fool or a liar or … more likely … both!

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