Where Are We?


Summer is a time to relax, read a book, and maybe reflect a bit. It may be appropriate to reflect a bit on our town.

3 1/5 years ago, a bare majority of Stratford voters decided that what this Town needed was a “strong” mayor.

Let’s see how that turned out.

Nearly 2/3 of the experienced staff in Town Hall are gone. Fired, laid off or offered early retirement.
We’re on our third CAO.
We’re on our third HR director.
The expense of the Town Manager’s office has tripled to nearly $500,000 for the Mayor’s office.
Legal expenses are nearly $2 million/year now.
Taxes have increased by more than 21%

And the accomplishments?

Mayor’s Office:
Refurbished for $500,000.
Shakespeare Theater: A developer was chosen that has made no commitment to renovate the theater.
SAEP: Taken away from the Town by the Army and awarded to a developer that is busy suing itself.
Long Beach West: A contract with no guarantees of anything.
The Train Station: Security has deteriorated and no visible improvements have been made.
New Businesses moving into Town: Haven’t heard of any.
Short Beach/Roosevelt Forest: Poorly maintained.
Charter Revision: Hijacked by the Republican and Democratic Town Committees. No significant changes made.
Avalon Bay: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees spent and no resolution.
Democratic Registrar of Voters: Arrested and awaiting trial. Still in office.
Police Department: Town Attorney’s brother is Chief of Police, Mayor hires his own brother as officer, vote of no-confidence by police union.

And what do we see on the horizon? Jon Best, Dom Costello and James Miron. The same three that ran last time.


6 Responses to “Where Are We?”

  1. 1 1george1

    The only constant seem to be

    1) Burturla holding onto the position of Town Attorney or
    Assistant Town Attorney since 1996.

    A) There have been a whole parade of Attorneys getting little pieces
    of the pie.

    2) Norm holding on to Team Stratford # 1, # 2, & # 3, with Willinger
    and certain others being involved.


    While Jeze is right about Department Head Turnover, it actually started
    just before Barnhart, Town Manager and Obernesser, H. R “suddenly left,
    a short time after Ed Gomeau, Finace Director and Pension Bond creator,

    Stratford has had a reputation for misplaced paperwork, which can get
    easier to misplace and replace, when there are vacancies of Dept. Heads.


    Feeney (not Feehan)

    (Amagram combo of Barn/Bran & Ney/Nay) = It’s there!

    mIRON (Curtain)




    Hutzik ?

    Darinda Borer

    ?? Mrs. ??

    Is Stratford a stepping stone or way station for carpet baggers?

    Is there plausible deniability or another reason for this turnover?

    But then, virtually all of the Lawyers in town appear bought off,
    and then we have the matter of a Pension that is 240 % of his
    70 % if Base Pay Cap!

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Absolutely amazing.

    Laura Dobosz never shows up with her pom poms to cheer Miron accomplishments. She only appears when it’s time to bash-a-blogger. Where are you Laura? Where is your list?

  3. 3 1george1


    Some pom poms are nicer than others,
    yet any pom poms are better than no pom poms.

    I bash-a-blogger and
    others bash-a-blogger on me.


    Hey did anyone see 60 minutes tonight?

    Government Witness who killed 20 people for the MA “Whitey Bolger”
    Winter something gang was working with CORRUPT FBI.

    The same time frame the CORRUPT FBI in CT. was helping USPS
    Managment and Union torment myself and coworkers.

    While most police / FBI / Sheriffs are real and upright people,
    even Mike Reynold and PCS have run into some who lacked ……


    However Jeze,

    I will join your challenge to Laura to provide a LIST of Miron moments.

    In another blurb, Laura confess to being bored and came up with a
    blog site about “gruntled.”

    Why do I believe she made a Freudian (unconscious) slip?

    1) She could have simply put in the Google DEFINITION of GRUNTLED

    2) Close to a Majority of the BLOG she posted were about the EVILS
    > Miron, Burturla, Miller, Berchem, Kelly, Florek, Proto, August, Kubek,
    Williams, Bishop, T-Berry, Foreman, Cotter, Gilardi , Alhberg Blando, etc
    are Lawyers, who were involved in Stratford politics, among others.

    3) Laura is a good person who works hard for her elderly family, despite
    the unfortunate pissing contest with my favorite blogger, PCS.

    4) Laura is friends with Amy who is a proclaimed Truman Democrat.
    My grandfather felt Truman was a hose’s rump.
    He had no use for 1 worlders, either, descriing them as N. F. G.
    > So it is unlikely he would like either Bush “Novus Ordem Seculorum”
    or the unnecessary damage done by Trilateral Commission and Military
    Industrial Complex / Scientific Technologic Elite.

    I hope Amy and Laura are real Democrats and not DEMONcrats?

  4. 4 officersean

    How ridiculous would it be for any Miron supporter to come to this site?

    Let alone “defend” the Mayor.

    It would be like supporters of the NAACP trying to defend their position to the KKK.

    Frankly, they would be wasting their time.

    I have been busy and not able to visit this site for a while (I have a life you know) and now I am having a pint and surfing the net and come back here and see the same old whining from the same old tired people.

    My advice: get a life Jezebel and company. Seriously.

    Get a life.

  5. 5 1george1

    Or going to court against police chief mossman and having your henchmen
    rig the proceedings?

  6. 6 1george1


    Why don’t you send you list of anti-accomplishments
    to Letters to the Editor?

    My editting:

    Our Stratford Mayor refurbished his office for $500,000, making a case
    for style over substance?
    And what have two years of a new form of
    government, bought to Stratford, with all of the same old players,
    doing the same old song and dance?

    After two prior failures to develope the Shakespeare Theater, a
    developer was chosen who has made no commitment to renovate
    the theater?
    Where is the leadership of a strong Mayor to get qualified and
    capable candidates to raise the curtain, instead of another beater?

    The AVCO SAEP was taken away from the Town by the Army and awarded
    to a developer that is busy suing itself. Only in Stratford, can such a
    prime asset, become a waste of wealth!

    With Long Beach West, we have an agreement, not a contract, with
    no guarantees.
    Does it our friends, look like Stratford will get any fees?

    Our Train Station’s Security has deteriorated.
    Even protection from the weather, or basic amenities have stagnated.

    Businesses has taken a Exodus from Town,
    as growth of asset and Tax Base opportunities,has been blown.

    From the (Roosevelt) Forest to the (Short and Long Beach) shores,
    are so poorly maintained, even birds and fish don’t go there anymore.

    Sprinkled around Town are Raymark remnants are left in Toxic dumps.
    Empty hearted EPA / DEP / Mayoral antics turned neighbors into grumps!

    We had Charter Revision, hijacked by the Republican and Democratic
    Town Committees, with no significant or beneficial changes made.
    And the Town Attorney claims the Revision way done in such a way,
    the Grandfathered Rights appear to have been procedurally weighlaid!

    Avalon Bay Condos’ legal cost have had hundreds of thousands of dollars
    in legal fees spent and no resolution to date.
    The Attorneys’ Hourly billing meter has been churning, until the question
    of Town Charter will elimate petition and referendum by check mate.

    The Democratic Registrar of Voters was Arrested and awaiting trial.
    He is still in office, causing many to vent with venomous bile.

    Stratford’s Town Attorney’s brother is Chief of Police.
    And he and his friend’s to the Town Treasury, they fleece.

    Our Mayor arranged for his own brother to be hire as an officer of the
    Law, along with sons of PD # 2.
    It caused a vote of no-confidence by police union, which in politics
    is akin to a coup.

    Town Hall personnel practices come straight from Alice in Wonderland.
    Career municipal servants were dismissed, with an oppressive heavy hand.

    Stratford has been a text book example of political spoils systems’ evil.
    Many belief here patronage, nepotism, graft, waste, and cronyism does dwell.

    Taxes go UP! Services go down! A merry go round of party hacks abounds.
    Elected, appointed, hired, contracted, pensioned are ruining the grounds.

    For years our unpaid politicians achievements were badly overpriced.
    We have Peter principle politics, where chances for booty does entice.

    Newspaper headlines and Letters to News Editors outrage a few folk.
    There are many in Town who feel we are made to look like a Joke!

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