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It’s time to get out your shovels. Let’s all determine who in this Town has the least amount of credibility. The rules are simple, just select the people you believe the least and the most. Note to readers who are afraid to post: You don’t have to log in to vote. Just click the link […]

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In my travels throughout Stratford, I have heard much about blogs. Some of it was even good. There was one thing that disturbed me, however, that I feel needs to be addressed here. That is the reluctance of people to log in and post their opinion. WordPress, our wonderful host, requires that you create a […]

Many residents and taxpayers are unaware that in the Town of Stratford there are things called “Enterprise Funds”. Those are operations that actually make money (believe it or not). Among them are: Water Pollution Control, Short Beach Golf Course and Stratford Railroad Station. These operations are also called ATM’s for the mayor and council. Water […]

There seems to be trouble over at the “Stratford Observer”. Apparently the editor is dismayed at the lack of readership. “Does Stratford Need A Blog? Let’s face it: maybe Stratford just isn’t an internet kind of town. I was shocked to discover there were no blogs about Stratford when I looked last year.” Apparently the […]

The Stratford Mayor’s 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament will take place on Monday, August 18, 2008. Please make checks payable to: Stratford Mayor’s Charity Events, Inc. Mail check with Sponsorship/Donation Form to: Mayor James R. Miron Stratford Town Hall 2725 Main Street Stratford, CT 06615 This is your chance, Mike. If you meet Mayor Moron […]

Miron vetoes Long Beach West referendum RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 08/12/2008 12:38:11 AM EDT STRATFORD — Just when it looked like there would finally be a decision Monday night over whether Stratford should sell the 35-acre Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mayor James R. Miron vetoed a Town Council decision […]

Aye, There’s the Rub: Would the Bard Pay? Thomas McDonald for The New York Times Stratford hopes to reopen the Stratford Shakespeare theater. STRATFORD Thomas McDonald for The New York Times The theater is modeled on Shakespeare’s original Globe theater. HERE is, as Shakespeare said in another context, a tale told by an idiot full […]

I ran across this in the CT Post Message Boards. I must admit, I have heard nothing regarding this (so stop asking me). justiceforall Stratford, CT emeral: because this has to do with potential criminal charges/discipline/firing, it may go into executive session–even if it does, this is so big that they won’t be able to […]

This just gets funnier every day. You read it in the Post: Parking lot dispute hits beach sale BILL CUMMINGS and RICHARD WEIZEL Article Last Updated: 08/01/2008 01:27:23 AM EDT A dispute over who owns a parking lot adjacent to Long Beach West in Stratford threatens to derail plans to create a nature preserve encompassing […]