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To be fair, since I have given George his own section, Mike Reynolds deserves his own as well. Sadly, I fully understand Mike’s new addiction. I myself am afflicted with the same addiction. Golf is an evil game. I can only deal with the addiction during the winter months by skiing.

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  1. 1 jezebel282


    “Last night at Short Beach GC I witnessed an unconscionable breach of golf etiquette. Two guys playing in front of us were dragging their pull carts across the greens!!!

    When we got to the 9th green one of the golfers in our group had a 3 foot birdie putt. He went to putt and the ball took the wierdest line I’ve ever seen. It practically turn a 90 degree left turn. When we looked closely we could see a cart tire track in the green. Nice going morons.

    I also witnessed a near hole in one on the 7th hole. The golfer put it inside of 3ft to the hole. From 214yds. Impressive.”

    As I have said, the level of play at Short Beach is variable. From beginners to PGA professionals. (Yes, there have been a couple of players with PGA cards). If the players you mentioned had rented pull carts, they were probably unaware that dragging heavy objects onto the green is a definite no-no. If they had their own carts, they should have been immediately shot to protect the rest of society.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    Wow, my own section…I’m overwhelmed with happiness.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    You’re welcome.

    It kind of makes you equal to……George?


  4. 4 sudds

    Speaking of Golf…

    The Sterling Classic (to benefit the Sterling House) is on Monday the 22nd!!!

    I hope that everyone out this is already registered!!! http://sterlinghousecc.org/GolfTournament.htm

    (sponsorship opportunites are also available!!!)

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I don’t think they are going to have much luck registering anyone if they don’t fix the link for “Click here to Down Load Registration Form”

  6. 6 sudds

    yeah… I noticed that too!

    I BELIEVE that you can just call the number and they can e-mail you one.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    How much is the entry fee?

  8. 8 sudds

    Lunch, golf at Mill River, cocktail hour, Dinner & prizes… all for the low, low price of only $180!!! (not that’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one!)

    Tax tip: not that I would ever do this, but… a person less honest than myself could just make the check out to “Sterling House”… and then easily get away with claiming it as a donation on their tax return!!!

  9. 9 sudds

    Oops… should read:

    (NOW that’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one!)

  10. 10 mikereynolds

    I will be leaving very, very early Friday morning for my trip to Disney. My posse and I will be playing at Osprey Ridge at 1pm and Magnolia the following morning. I might squeeze in another round Monday morning before returning. Golf heaven.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    You’re not supposed to rub it in, you know.

  12. 12 1george1

    The Twon Republican party now holds Town Committee meetings at Booth Park.
    The Republican National Committee memo about Country Club image musta
    kicked in, as now they are the Mill River Marauders.

    I wish Mike a save trip, good weather, and luck to stay in the fairways, on the
    greens, and dip into the cup, in as few strokes as possible.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    I just finished 9 at Short Beach. They now have Short Beach hats on sale!

  14. 14 genericscreename

    Being an avid golfer I welcome a golf blog. I have only been playing a few years and clearly understand how a round of golf can be as frustrating as dealing with local political BS.

    Would love to see this section maintained as a golf only related blog, but who knows, I am a new comer to the website anyway.

    Regarding Mill River Marauders, I guess the RTC has finally woken up and decided to meet in a location that has significantly better facilities than Boothe.

    Do they get to play golf when they meet?, might be a good draw to entice more people into their party.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    Golf is an addiction. Think of this page as group therapy. No politics.

    I read in Golf magazine that Hall of Fame baseball player Cal Ripken had taken up golf. When asked why he liked it so much he answered,” It took me 20 years to reach 3,000 hits in baseball. In golf, I can do that in one afternoon.”

  16. 16 1george1


    I meant to type the Town Republican Committee had held meetings
    at Booth Park and now hold them at Mill River Country Club.

    Public Service announcement for Migraine sufferers.
    (Including my readers / critics)

    Tonight Channel 7 is supposed to air a show on elimination of Migraines.

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    If you have the chance to play at Magnolia or Palm at Disney I highly recommend it.

    Total class facilities….gorgeous courses….and oh my God it was hot!

    I shot terribly, my driver and fairway woods abandoning me in my hour of need…but no matter it was wonderful to golf on PGA courses.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    You are really starting to get on my nerves!


  19. 19 mikereynolds

    Visited Orange Hills today for 9 holes after work. Nice course. Weather was gorgeous.

    Shot a 50. 1 putted my last 3 holes and made a par on the par 3 9 hole.

    My best 9 holes ever. Life is good.

    Now if I can get over losing 24% of my 401k.

  20. 20 genericscreename

    I played as a guest the front nine today at Mill River, made par on four of the nine and still only shot a 53. I have to admit I am addicted to the game. My short game needs serious improvement but at least I am not loosing as many balls as I did when I started this obsession.

    It has been said that a bad day of golf is still better then a good day at the office

  21. 21 mikereynolds

    I found playing at Short Beach has done wonders for my short game.

    “It has been said that a bad day of golf is still better then a good day at the office.’

    Days like today makes that statement so true.

  22. 22 genericscreename

    I am playing Great River on Saturday, first time there for me. I understand it is long. Played Oronoque with client a month or so ago, was also first time for me. That course is unforgiving

  23. 23 mikereynolds

    Wow, Great River…..ka ching.

  24. 24 1george1

    Nice to read about simple enjoyments.

    Golf is such an interesting game.
    Hit a ball.
    Then go find it.
    Hit the ball again.
    Then go find it.
    Repeat until you get it in the proper hole.

    Start all over, from a nearby designated area.

    Could have similar exercise walking in a park, with similar scenery.
    Yet that lacks the challenge where it is the person playing against
    his or her short comings.

    Good to read some success in keeping scores ok.
    Better to read a couple of people enjoying themselves.

    With a last name like Mulligan, they don’t let me on the course.
    A cousin did marry a Golf Pro in ST Maartan.

    Eat your hearts out guys.

    Take those views of the places you played, add palm trees, sunny
    80 + degree weather, a caribbean breeze.

    Despite a few trips, I only played nine once there.
    I am terrible.
    But there is always THAT ONE shot …
    Brings a smile to ya.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “Visited Orange Hills today for 9 holes after work. Nice course. Weather was gorgeous.”

    Orange Hills is my favorite Connecticut course. You can walk the front 9 easily. The back 9 is beautiful and challenging. But 16-18 will kill you without a cart.

    “I found playing at Short Beach has done wonders for my short game.”

    If you really want excellent practice, stop using tees on any hole except 7. Your fairway/rough game will improve 100%.


    “My short game needs serious improvement but at least I am not loosing as many balls as I did when I started this obsession.”

    That’s the best way to keep score. If you leave with the same amount of balls, your game has improved.

    “I am playing Great River on Saturday, first time there for me.”

    Is it true they have gold inlaid golf carts there?

  26. 26 genericscreename

    I agree with the ball count!!!! When I finish my game I am happy when I don’t have to purchase another dozen!!!!!!!

    The carts were not inlaid with gold, only platinum. I had one of the best drives of my life on Saturday, and when I stopped staring in amazement ahead, they guy I was with said……….Wow, that has to be the longest drive I have ever seen anyone hit, and Straight too!!, now do it again. Why I asked and he softly said………cause the last one is in the lake that you can not see from here!!!!!!

  27. 27 jezebel282


    Sometimes “far” is not the best thing.

  28. 28 mikereynolds

    That’s hilarious! And I can laugh with you because I’ve hit great drives only to discover that they went so far that they landed in the woods that I didn’t think I would reach.

    On another note I spent an absolutely glorious Saturday afternoon at Whitney Farms. What a day!!! It was perfect except for the 100+ score I posted. I lost a lot of strokes due to my short game. Its always something. Someday I’ll break 100.

    I’ll be at Orange Hills again this week which could be the last 9 holes of the season. (sadness)

    Usually I’m a huge fan of winter…I love a lot snow….but this is the first year I’m a bit sad to see winter coming.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    The way it works is that you hoist your golf bag up on the hook and take your skis down the following week.

    Golf is addicting, but I am so much more addicted to skiing. You are supposed to clear your mind and only keep your mind on the ball in golf. When you ski you have no choice. Admission is supposed to be the first step.

    Luckily for me, I ski much better than I play golf. Otherwise I’d be dead by now.

  30. 30 genericscreename

    I just had a thought………why don’t we all go out and purchase wool over the face hats. The kind that bank robbers wear, so no one can see the face, only eyes and nostrils and lips……….then we meet at a local golf course and play a round. That way we can still blog with out anyone knowing who we are.

  31. 31 1george1

    About 1973, Fairfield’s Driftwood Lounge had a golf tournament at
    Orange Country Club

    Our foursome were all bowlers who never golfed before.
    Our scores were the Highest, 2nd Highest (me), 3rd Highest, and 5th.
    (How’s that guy sneak in there?)

    I know our total was 596.
    Not good for golf.
    Not a bad 3 game bowling score!

    I know we counted everything and didn’t cheat,

    Outta pity, they had us use Golf Carts on the back 9.
    Or else we still might be out there (25 years later)

    I remember a making a 150 foot chip shot.
    for a 9.

    (Mike – this laugh is on me.)

    First hole landed smack in the middle of the fairway.
    Unfortunately it was the fairway for the 3rd hole.

    Second shot, I aimed for the 1st green.
    I went perfectly straight up the
    reverse direction of the 3rd fairway.

    By my 4th shot I was still in the 3rd fairway.
    But I was at least even witht he first green.

    Finally…finally it went straight
    it the direction I was aiming…. Whew …

    Too bad it went OVER the 1st Green.

    I finally got it in the hole.
    For a 12.

    Right then and there …
    I decided …
    NO golf scholarship for me… 😉

  32. 32 jezebel282



    You may have something there. We’d have to check with the pro shop though. I know you can’t wear jeans, cut offs, tube tops, or blouses without collars. I can’t remember any rules about ski masks. (If you need to borrow a ski mask, I have plenty).

    And apparently, if we invite George, we may have to consider wearing helmets too.

  33. 33 1george1

    I thought ski masks were standard issue for Judges and Government Attorneys?

    Hey FOS – I qualified my indictment of Attorneys.

    Yo Jeze,

    I thought you and Mike could have some harmless fun at my expense.
    I agree witht he helmet idea.

  34. 34 jezebel282


    “I thought you and Mike could have some harmless fun at my expense.”

    The way you play golf doesn’t sound “harmless”. It sounds dangerous.

    Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day in the 70’s for a while. I am assuming both Mike’s and Generic’s posts will become much crankier when the temperature stays in the 50’s and below.

  35. 35 genericscreename

    I have to admit, that the minute the temperature drops below seventy I become miserable. My spouse has noticed this and she has suggested that I get the daylight lights in the house and office, hoping it will improve my mood from mid october through the end of march., My kids have suggested that i make a couple million, buy a home in the caribean and just send money home all winter so they can be happy.

    I have no idea how I will survive this winter with out golfing three or four times a week. I took the game up three years ago, but only started playing seriously this year, last two years if i played five times per season it was a lot.

    The sad part is that once you get your swing down, your short game under semi control and you find your self playing bogey golf, it begins to snow. I suspect that I will have to start all over again next spring. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggg

  36. 36 jezebel282


    Take heart. All you have to do is attach two planks to your feet and slide down a slippery steep hill at 50 MPH…with no brakes. It takes your mind off the non-essential things.

    Golf and skiing; the two most expensive sports known to Mankind.

    Golf is good, but skiing is GREAT! Even with (shudder) teenagers. As long as you obey the 50 ft. rule*.

    * The 50 ft Rule: If you are within a 50 foot radius you pretend they are strangers and have never laid eyes on them before. But if you catch them on a chairlift with you, they are YOURS! “How was school?” “Do you still like that boy/girl?” “Wear your helmet!”. It’s usually a 60ft drop, they have no choice.

  37. 37 1george1

    * The 50 ft Rule:

    Isn’t that like “the man’s Laundry rule.”

    screw up the Laundry a couple of times,
    your lady gets frustrated and never lets
    you do the Laundry again!

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “Isn’t that like “the man’s Laundry rule.””

    Not at all. Here’s my theory (you should love it):

    Your child is around 12 years old. He/she is at the playground. Suddenly an alien spaceship descends and sucks your real child up into the spaceship and replaces your child with an alien clone. This happens in less than a second. (Aliens have the technology, you know).

    Amazingly, the alien clone looks just like your real child with the same memories. The differences are unnoticeable to most earthlings. They are polite, they speak normally and clean up well. However, for some reason they become hostile to the earthlings that feed them daily. They become sullen, contrary and generally dismissive.

    You can tell they are clones by certain new movements; the eye roll, the shrugging shoulders and the loss of hearing at commands. The longer they remain on Earth the amount of food and money necessary to sustain them increases exponentially.

    There are tales I’ve heard that when they have spent a sufficient amount of time on Earth (10-15 years) the spaceship returns with your real child. Suddenly, you can have actual conversations with them, they become more or less self sustaining and will occasionally ask how you are doing.

  39. 39 1george1

    So dat’s wat hoppinned to me?

    I can take off my tin foil hat!

    Actually reads like a normal pre-teen/teen.

  40. 40 jezebel282

    My, my..look at that. It’s a sunny day. Temperature at 70F. It only takes about 90 minutes to do 9 holes at Short Beach. Rain tomorrow then colder. And it’s lunchtime….


  41. 41 jezebel282

    There is a new sandtrap/hazard at Short Beach. They used to call it a “parking lot”.

    (let’s hope it will be a repaved parking lot soon)

    Oh…I shot a 33.

  42. 42 mikereynolds

    wow…33? Impressive.

    Did you have to wait long to tee off?

    I’d love to sneak down during lunch but its 25 mins each way to get there and then 90 mins to play not including waiting to tee off. That’s a pretty long lunch. Even I don’t think I can get away with that.

    Tomorrow I’ll be dodging rain drops at Orange Hills.

  43. 43 1george1

    Don’t either of you work during the week?

  44. 44 jezebel282


    “Did you have to wait long to tee off?”

    Nope. Walked from the clubhouse right to the tee box. For some reason Saturdays are not crowded either at Short Beach. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.

    “wow…33? Impressive.”

    I was on a roll. 5 one putts. That’s the wonder of golf. Same clubs, same person, same course…completely different score. The best part was the gentleman I played with. He started out really friendly but then he kept grumbling something that sounded a lot like “Nice par”.


    “Don’t either of you work during the week?”

    I will tell you secret if you promise not to tell anyone else: I can forward my land line to my cell. No one knows I’m on the course (unless a damn seagull flies by squawking).

  45. 45 mikereynolds

    “I will tell you secret if you promise not to tell anyone else: I can forward my land line to my cell.”

    Avaya EC500??

  46. 46 jezebel282


    That’s so 20th century.


  47. 47 mikereynolds

    Don’t be silly.

    EC500 means “extend to cellular”.

    Its running on an Avaya S8400 system which happens to be VOIP.

  48. 48 jezebel282


    This place isn’t that big. We have no requirement for more than 10 extensions.

  49. 49 mikereynolds

    Its looking pretty nice out there today. 🙂

    And I have a half day :):)

  50. 50 jezebel282


    Oh yeah?

    What do you think we should do about that?

  51. 51 mikereynolds

    Well, I don’t know what you’re going to about that but I sure know what I’m doing. 🙂

  52. 52 jezebel282

    Would it involve being on the 1st tee at Short Beach soon?

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    hhhhmmmm…..that’s a distinct possibility

  54. 54 jezebel282

    Then I might see you there.

  55. 55 mikereynolds

    If you find any Titleist DT Solo balls in the trees between 2 and 7 they’re mine.

  56. 56 jezebel282


    Sure thing.

    I’ll give them to you next time I see you.

  57. 57 jezebel282


    Sure thing.

    I’ll give them to you next time I see you.

  58. 58 mikereynolds

    I waved…you didn’t wave back. I was so crestfallen.

  59. 59 jezebel282


    Was that you in the water trap on 7?

    I thought someone was drowning.

  60. 60 mikereynolds

    Don’t be silly. I’m a very good swimmer.

    But wasn’t that George’s tire in the water?

  61. 61 1george1

    Sorry Mike,
    I still have the tire.

    And, instead of things being covered up with me entrapped
    into endorsing a lie, Bob Sammis and I are separated from
    certain positions and have our integrity.

    Some may consider a loss of dignity on my part.
    However, a blown tire could have cost people their lives,
    including your family.
    And it is not the first reprisal in town, but makes it more
    difficult to do so.

    Lastly, the local public is increasingly aware of problems,
    which are cascading. The more locals try to cover it up,
    the worse it gets.

    I can keep most of the locals out of jail and help solve the problems.
    Yet PAR for the COURSE, they prefer OUT of BOUNDS, than the FAIR
    WAY, as a way to get to the GREEN.
    Seems like the PUTTZ are going TRIPLE BOGEY

  62. 62 jezebel282

    Has anyone seen Mike?

    No word from him since the temperature dropped below 60F.

    Is he in rehab for golf-withdrawal?

  63. 63 1george1

    Maybe somebody ate him for Thanksgiving?

  64. 64 jezebel282


    Where is the love? I’m just not feeling it…

  65. 65 1george1

    I was teasing and insinuating, that in my opinion Mike is a Turkey.

    Jeze, from the way you and others write about me and other,
    there is a temptation to get personal, rather than political.

    However, I apologize to Mike.
    As far as your blog in # 64, what I thought about writing was mean
    and would probably hurt you and deeply.

    That is S U C H an O P E N I N G.
    I pass. I will remember that you are loyal to your friends.
    I will remember that even though we have different priorities and
    vieas about what is best for Stratford, we agree on the goodness
    of Marcia Stewart and what Diane Duda do “for this town” and the
    Bad things the Mirons / Burturlas / orther did “to this town.”

    Know what, you and the others can throw sticks, stones, and names.
    When I am directly attacked, I will attack back.

    However, Star has been kind.
    Nnanerak showed decency and intelligence.
    FOS reflected on Nnanerak’s criticsim and stepped up.

    This blog is about the Town Charter.
    It is about the BAD GUYS, who have hurt people.
    It is about improving things.
    And this string is about Mike’s golf game, which together with his son,
    gives him pleasure, so I apologize for the insinuation about being a Turkey.
    He loves his son and his golf game, some there are positive things to blog
    about Mike, just like I blogged positive things about you and others.

    Happy Holidays.

    May the eagle fly on the golf course, along with the birdies and maybe
    a hole in one… 🙂

  66. 66 jezebel282


    “Jeze, from the way you and others write about me and other,”

    The only time I am irritated by you is when you post off topic. You are the only reader with his own personal page.

  67. 67 1george1

    Mike has his page.
    You have ski page.
    I have a different perception about relevancy than you do.
    Are you a “control freak?”

    Truly, what difference does it make. when I post responding to
    topics above what I am responding too?
    If I meander. who cares?
    Just skip it …
    No one forces anyone to read anythings.
    They still read on the other page…

  68. 68 jezebel282


    “If I meander. who cares?”

    I get a LOT of complaints. It is VERY irritating. I have asked you nicely many times to control yourself.

  69. 69 mikereynolds

    I’m still here…just in hibernation till April.

  70. 70 jezebel282



    You know, Wii has a video golf game…if the withdrawal becomes too much.

  71. 71 mikereynolds

    Jez, yes I am aware. Tiger Woods golf game is a present for my son this year…and for me too.

  72. 72 mikereynolds

    I had no idea where to post this so I decided what the hell, why not here?

    If the geniuses at the Stratford Star read this please take note.

    Who was the rocket scientist at Hersam Acorn who decided to stop mailing the Stratford Star to Stratford residents?

    One week I was getting the Star….the next week nothing…and then the next week nothing…etc, etc.

    I finally asked a friend of mine what happened and she told me that they purged their database and if you want the Star you have to go to their website and request it. Did they purge it or did their DBA screw up and oops, the restore from tape didn’t work?

    I’m sure all the businesses who PAY for advertising are thrilled to know that all those eyeballs Hersam Acorn claims in the circulation statement were missing for months.

  73. 73 jezebel282


    On the other hand, the Star could be responding to complaints that people ARE receiving it. I know I canceled my “subscription” a long time ago. It took a few calls to have it finally stopped. Their “news” was so one sided it actually caused a physical reaction when you read it. Even the bird refused to poop on it.

  74. 74 mikereynolds

    I won’t argue that there always a pro Miron spin on it but its always good to know how the enemy thinks.

  75. 75 1george1


    Could it be that you miss my Letters to the Editor at the Star?

    I wasn’t the one who caused the problem.

    Doesn’t miron have the former Editor/Reporter working for him?
    Nah… too logical place to start.

    Miron even tried to hire Weisel.
    Until Weisel had a Mr. Potter moment.

    No matter what Weisel prints or does not print, I always,
    repeat always will admire that perspective!!

    I wish your son and you the merriest of Christmases.
    May all of his dreams come true and be worthy of your
    aspirations for him.

  76. 76 mikereynolds

    As the temperature drops to dangerous levels this week and the snow piles up even more I glance longingly at the calendar and wonder which golf course will be the first to open in April.

    Oh, and I got me a new driver for Christmas!

  77. 77 1george1

    May you never need a Mulligan, with all of your drives, chips, and puts
    to be straight and true.

    May the simple joy of playing the game always be kept in perspective
    in the rare event of an errant shot….

    Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year to you and your family.

  78. 78 jezebel282


    Wear layers and make sure your edges are sharp.

  79. 79 jezebel282

    Editor’s note:

    For all those who are wondering, it is the height of ski season. With 16″ of new powder last week and more coming it is unlikely I will be posting on weekends until oh..say, the end of March. I will have to forgo my weekend pay for editing this site.

    But you know what they say….I’d rather have diamonds. Or double diamonds.

  80. 80 mikereynolds

    Its 58 degrees out…isn’t it time to tee it up?

    Is Short Beach open yet?

  81. 81 jezebel282


    Down boy! You might hit the ball, but it would sink in 3 feet of mud. Try the driving range in Shelton if you can’t stand the withdrawal.

    Besides, I just dropped off my skis on Sunday to be tuned. Plenty more diamonds to conquer yet.

  82. 82 mikereynolds

    lol…I was at Sportscenter on Saturday. All 60! positions were in use with people waiting.

    As much as I love snow the first tee time is just around the corner.

  83. 83 jezebel282

    “lol…I was at Sportscenter on Saturday.”

    They say the first step to recovery is acknowledging the problem….

    I forget what the other steps are.

  84. 84 mikereynolds

    Who said anything about trying to recover? I’m happy where I am.

  85. 85 jezebel282

    Somehow I doubt that “in front of a keyboard” is where you want to be on a sunny, 60f day.

    But that’s OK, I understand. I’ve never made it past the first step either.

  86. 86 jezebel282

    Packed powder, no wind, temps in the upper 20’s, sunshine.

    Skier’s heaven. There are no diamonds left in VT that have not been carved.

  87. 87 jezebel282

    Hmmm…temperature in the mid 60’s, wind at 5-10 MPH out of the west (at your back on the 7th hole), humidity at 43%, not a cloud in the sky….

    Sounds like some people might have to mosey on down to Short Beach today.

  88. 88 mikereynolds

    I would if me and the family weren’t vacationing out west.

  89. 89 jezebel282


    I played in Vegas once. The only problem was that the sand traps on the east side of the course all ended in Nebraska.

  90. 90 mikereynolds

    I played Short Beach twice this weekend with my son.

    The course looks pretty good overall. Althought the green on 9 is beat up.

    The rain on Friday was still evident even on Sunday. The sand traps were hard packed on most of the holes. Saturday some of the sand traps were water hazards.

    Prices are up this year. On weekends: $9.50 for adult resident with card/$8.50 for junior/senior resident with card. Still a pretty good deal.

    My only complaint is that they took away the water station at the 7th hole. That leaves water only on 4. There should be two water stations on the course. How much could it cost to maintain a water cooler with ice and water on a daily basis?

  91. 91 jezebel282


    This is the reason the fees were raised. We can all thank Bob Conolly, Tony Ross, Ted Spivak and Mike Julian.

    In March 2009, an RFP was issued for an operations management contract for the Short Beach Golf Course at the direction of the Short Beach Commission. The intent of the RFP is to outsource the daily management to an experienced contractor to improve the golf course operation and increase the number of golf rounds played per year. The proposed operating budget for the Short Beach
    Golf Course includes an estimate of fees to be charged by an independent contractor for operation management. There is a corresponding increase in revenues to cover the cost of the contractor. The Short Beach Commission will need to recommend to the Town Council increasing the cost per round to generate the additional revenue to cover the contractual arrangement.

    Basically more of our money leaving Town. I wonder who’s friend the “contractor” is?

  92. 92 mikereynolds

    So as of now the course is being run by town employees?

    And eventually they want to turn the management of the course over to a contractor? And in doing so the cost will increase in addition to the increase that’s already been levied?

    I’m curious to see what the increase will be. Even if its costs $10 or $11 a round on the weekend its still a good deal. Beyond that I’m not so sure.

    If I get my water on the 7th teebox for $10 a round, I’ll be happy.

  93. 93 jezebel282


    “So as of now the course is being run by town employees?”

    Since the day it was built.

    “And eventually they want to turn the management of the course over to a contractor?” Yes.

    ” And in doing so the cost will increase in addition to the increase that’s already been levied?” No, not yet.

    The cost has increased due to this “contractor”. Ostensibly the reason used is to increase the number of rounds sold. Raising the price is the first step. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is banning beginners, children, seniors who walk slowly and couples that bicker. Oh wait a minute! That’s most of the paying clientele isn’t it?

  94. 94 sudds

    Jez… you forgot HACKERS who s*ck really badly on your list.

    TRUST ME… I know first-hand that those exist as well!!! 😀

  95. 95 jezebel282

    No I didn’t.

    We have to play somewhere, Sudds.

  96. 96 mikereynolds

    On Sunday we played with a young couple. They were at our level of play.

    We teed off about 18 minutes after our reserved tee time.

    We played at the prescribed pace of play until 7 where things always back up.

    At the 5th tee is the 50 minute marker and we nailed it.

    We finished in 1 hour 40 minutes.

    On a beautiful Sunday with golfers in front of us I thought that was a good pace of play.

    That course is a challenging little gem.

  97. 97 jezebel282


    I can’t argue. It’s a fun little course.

    But this decision is as stupid as moving the 8th tee box.

  98. 98 mikereynolds

    Got down to 40 today! 3 GIR. Getting there.

    Surprised how many people weren’t playing after 1. No backups on any holes. Good place of play. Although I understand before 1 was pretty busy.

  99. 99 mikereynolds

    Oh and they have water back on the 7th hole! Its just a water jug sitting on the bench next to the ladies tees but its progress.

    I wonder if the Mayor will list that as one of his accomplishments?

  100. 100 1george1

    Good to see Mike enjoy summer + Stratford.

    I went to par 3 to collect signatures.
    Almost everyone was from Milford?

  101. 101 jezebel282


    40 is good. It’s a coincidence, but apparently you played about 45 minutes after me.

    I got to play with a couple of men who made it a point to say they usually play at Great River ($125/round) and how I should watch them when they tee’d off. I just smiled….

    Amazing how cranky they got after just 4 holes. (Par, par, birdie, birdie.)

    Golf tip: Don’t brag about how well you play or where. It’ll save embarrassment later. Oh…and sometimes a woman or a 14 year old can clean your clock.

  102. 102 mikereynolds

    Puh-leeze…don’t talk about playing at Great River when you’re at Short Beach.

    That’s so bush league. If you regularly play at Great River then play there, don’t come to Short Beach.

  103. 103 jezebel282


    I remember playing with a guy bragging about his club (I think it was Greenwich) and how women were NEVER allowed to play.

    I could help it. I had to ask him: “So…all of your members are gay?”

  104. 104 1george1


    a guy bragging about his club: women were NEVER allowed to play.
    “So…all of your members are gay?”

  105. 105 jezebel282


    “I already went to Great River last week (shot a 102… not my best round ever… but certainly NOT my worst either)… and have another tee time for this Saturday 1:00!!! :D”

    42F wind at 20mph. Bring hot coffee and gloves.

  106. 106 sudds

    “42F wind at 20mph. Bring hot coffee and gloves.”

    Nah… I wore shorts and just bought plenty of beer (not with me… I ponied-up the $5 they charge for a Coors Light)!!! 😛

  107. 107 jezebel282


    They say the first step to addiction recovery is acknowledging the problem.

    I wonder what the second step is?

  108. 108 1george1

    To recover, there needs to be a committment to act.

    I never committed to lose weight, ergo….

  109. 109 sudds

    Problem??? What problem???

  110. 110 1george1

    Problem (hick) ?
    What problem (hick) ?

    Acknowledging there is a problem?

    I’ll DRINK to that!! 8)

  111. 111 mikereynolds

    Stratford Star reports that fees at Short Beach are going up.


    Golf car fees are now $7 for residents, $8 for non-residents.

    Weekend resident fees are rising from $9.50 to $10.

    Weekend senior and junior rates increase from $8.50 to $9.

  112. 112 1george1


    I read the above as an FYI, rather than a complaint.

    What are comparable rates for regular golfing?
    (Every course has overhead, not directly related to the golfing.)

    What is the Budget for the Short Beach complex and specifically the course?

    What is the Annual Revenue from the Par 3 and the usage?

    How much does a golf cart cost?
    What are the lifetime maintenance cost, including overhead?
    How much revenue does an average cart deliver in the life?

  113. 113 jezebel282


    Impeach the bastards now!

    This is crazy. Residents are paying $30,000 worth of extra fees for a golf pro that stands around and glares at people. That was the excuse last year.

    What’s the excuse this year? Does he need an assistant to get his cart started for him? Or was not a 26% reduction in seasonal staff payroll enough to break even?

    And let me remind Chris Barnaby, who sits on the Short Beach Commission, that this was NOT the campaign promise you made several times.’

    This is just friggin’ ridiculous! Now I’m MAD.

  114. 114 jezebel282


    As usual, it is posted right where anyone can find it:


    But this really ticks me off. Stratford doesn’t have that many attractions. This one is a true benefit to anyone coming to Stratford.

    But who is effected most by this? Senior citizens and children. Anyone who plays at Short Beach knows that, by FAR, the typical player is a senior citizen on a fixed (or diminished) income. The lucky ones (who happen to live close by) bring their grandchildren and great grand children with them to play.

    Dads/Moms bring their kids to play as well.

    Raising fees to Stratford residents after raising their property tax is a genuine slap in the face.

  115. 115 sudds

    I have to agree with Jez on this one!!!

    Raising fees is only going to discourage the young and old from playing… and that’s really who a rat-trap par 3 like Short Beach is for!!!

  116. 116 jezebel282


    Something is seriously wrong with an operation that takes in $386,000, reduces seasonal staff expense by 26% and then raises fees to taxpayers. What is up with that, Mr. Connelly?

    I don’t even want to think what the Town is doing with $345,000 it rakes in from the RR station parking.

  117. 117 1george1


    I will leave computer searches to others. Part of getting information or
    knowing where to look or search. I really have no interest in par 3.
    All I did was to raise points. I defer to subsequent posts.
    – What? George not want to argue? Nah – NO INTEREST!

    I put in time at town hall meetings, and RESEARCH in library, besides work.

    Librarians with Masters Degrees in Library sciences and computer people
    have superior abilities than I.

    Sudds and Jeze appear to have superior TAX / ACCOUNTING expertise than I.

    Chris is acknowledged to have superior knowledge in Shakespeare.

    Gavin has superior abilities in town finance.

    I have some diverse abilities, skills, talents, or knowldge.

    I have done my best.
    The points Jeze + Sudds raised have rattled some cages.

  118. 118 jezebel282


    The link is part of the BUDGET. If you don’t read it, how can you comment on it?

    As for raising the golf fees, there is no justifiable reason for this. It hurts seniors and children, discourages players from surrounding towns and simply looks awful for this Council.

    I am really outraged at this. In the midst of the worst recession in living memory they are raising the fees for an affordable, healthy outdoor activity for residents.

    What are these people thinking and more importantly where does the $345,000 go? You certainly don’t see it at the golf course.

    Council Members
    Christian Barnaby, Chair (R)
    Jason Santi (D)

    Regular Members
    Robert Goodrich (R)
    Richard A. Miron (D)
    Robert Connolly (R)
    Anthony Ross (D)
    Dr. Theodore Spivack (D)

    How many felons serve on other Commissions in town anyway?

  119. 119 jezebel282

    Oh! Almost forgot!

    Secretary: Betsy Ross

    Yes, that would be Anthony Ross’s wife. At $100 per meeting.

  120. 120 mikereynolds

    Had a wonderful round at Tashua Glen yesterday with my son and another father and son. What a nice 9 hole course they have in Trumbull. The course was in great shape for mid April. The greens were smooth and unmarked. They were working on the tee boxes as we were playing but the grounds crew were friendly and did not interfere with play.

    Thursday before 11am special…2 players with cart…$30.
    Even the everyday Adult/junior special is only $40.

    That’s a well run and very well maintained town owned course.

    Stratford could learn a few lessons.

  121. 121 1george1

    Thank you for the FYI.
    (I had requested comparative prices to par 3)

    Glad you and your son had a nice time.

    I would bet you would be more thrilled for your son’s first
    HOLE IN ONE – than one for yourself!

  122. 122 mikereynolds

    Its unfortunate that management at Short Beach can’t get their online tee time scheduler working. Its been down for weeks. They can’t afford a few hundred dollars of consulting time to get that working?

  123. 123 jezebel282


    Relax, they can’t get their schedule right when you call them either.

    Good thing there is a golf pro there, huh?

  124. 124 mikereynolds

    I don’t think the golf pro is there for daily management/operations.

    My son has had lessons with Don at Sportscenter and will be taking advantage of 7 weeks of lessons for $35 starting next Wednesday. He’s a very good teacher. I’ve got no complaints with him.

  125. 125 jezebel282


    “will be taking advantage of 7 weeks of lessons for $35 starting next Wednesday.”

    The lessons will be excellent. They were conducted by Mike Gaffney for years unless that has changed too.

    “I’ve got no complaints with him.”

    I have a problem with a 25% reduction in seasonal staff and a guy who either rides around in a cart all day or stands around glaring at people in the office. If he doesn’t get involved in daily management/operations what the hell does he do? Is he related to someone?

  126. 126 1george1

    $ 35 for 7 weeks of lessons?
    $ 5 a week for golf lessons?

    How many days a week?
    How many minutes or hours per weekly lessons?
    What is the weekly pay of the golf pro?

    If the lessons were only 5 minutes long and once a week,
    that is still only $ 60 an hour.

    If the lessons were only 10 minutes long and once a week,
    that is still only $ 30 an hour.

    If the lessons were only 15 minutes long and once a week,
    that is still only $ 20 an hour.

    If the lessons were only 30 minutes long and once a week,
    that is still only $ 10 an hour.

    Those are only if there were FULL SCHEDULES

    What do golf pros get paid at county clubs or even at Rec DEPT?

    I am not being a scrouge.
    I believe REC should be cost effective and keep kids out of trouble.

    Am I the only one who looks at this as probably VERY underpriced?

    Mike if golf was not your love
    and this is no reflection on you or your son,
    but a question of fair pricing.

    There are Seniors whose only meal of the day is at Baldwin.
    There are kids who come to school hungry.
    There are families who lost jobs or income and lost or are losing homes.

    Can you get skiing lessons for $ 5 a week?

    Can you get anything beyond 1 beer or a Subway sandwich for $ 5?

    I am against privatizing PW, POLICE, FIRE, and many Town Services.

    $ 5 a week for golf lessons is a SUPER BARGAIN.
    QUICK everyone do it.

    I spoke to one of Stratford’s finest.
    He has a ways to go before retiring.
    The greedy ruined retirement for the younger workers,
    who know there will be a back lash.

  127. 127 jezebel282


    “How many days a week?” One
    “How many minutes or hours per weekly lessons?” 1 hour
    “What is the weekly pay of the golf pro?” $576. But it is not certain he is the one giving the lessons. As I said, Mike Gaffney has been doing it for years at that price. He doesn’t work for the Town on the payroll.

    “$ 5 a week for golf lessons is a SUPER BARGAIN.
    QUICK everyone do it.”
    You are absolutely correct. It is the best deal in golf I have ever seen. A lot of wives sign up to be able to go out on a real course with the husband and kids.

    “There are Seniors whose only meal of the day is at Baldwin.”
    There are other seniors who depend on the golf course for their only outdoor activity.
    BUT, if there are seniors whose only meal of the day is at the Baldwin Center they should call 1-800-994-9422 IMMEDIATELY. Assistance is available through Southwestern CT Area Agency on Aging. But I am sure that anyone at Baldwin Center can simply ask Diane Puterski or Lisa Stone.

    Can you get skiing lessons for $ 5 a week?”
    That depends on how many drinks you buy me. (I’m a certified instructor)

  128. 128 1george1

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the fine answers and FYI.

    If you and Jeze did not know each other before, as a certified
    SKIING INSTRUCTOR, you might become BFF to her and her family. 🙂

    Mike, why don’t YOU make it known thru the press about

    There are Seniors whose only meal of the day is at Baldwin.”

    BUT, if there are seniors whose only meal of the day is at the
    Baldwin Center they should call 1-800-994-9422 IMMEDIATELY.
    Assistance is available through Southwestern CT Area Agency
    on Aging.

    But I am sure that anyone at Baldwin Center can simply ask
    Diane Puterski or Lisa Stone.


    There should be ways to tell people about specific health and
    basic needs assistance, that many people are unaware of.

    Mayor Harkins, Danny D, Councilors all have the right to Frank MAIL
    AND there should be coverage in the PRESS, every few months.

    Good Job, Mike.

    Oh, why not ask Diane or Lisa about whether or not I am correct?
    I suspect you would be greatly saddened by the answer.

  129. 129 jezebel282


    It is doubtful the State will spend money on better outreach. But the information and assistance IS there. It only takes a phone call to get it started:


    Department of Social Services
    Aging Services Division 25 Sigourney Street, 10th Floor
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Phone (860) 424-5274
    Toll Free (in State) 1-866-218-6631
    Fax (860) 424-5301


  130. 130 jezebel282

    Good Works:

    Despite Buturla and all that involves, Local 407 continues to step up and serve the community:

    Stratford Police Union First Annual Golf Outing

    Oronoque Country Club

    (Monday?) July 19, 2010

    Shotgun Start at 13:00 hours (1 PM for civilians)

    $175pp/$165 with foursome

    $700 Tee Sponsorship, foursome included

    Lunch included, dinner with open bar

    Proceeds donated to Stratford Police Union Youth Initiative

    Contact Jamie Rivera 203-650-1148 or jamiejavier@gmail.com

    (Mike Reynolds & Sudds, I expect you both to be signing up.)

  131. 131 jezebel282

    And not to be outdone, our firefighters thought of it first

    Golf Tournament

  132. 132 mikereynolds

    Um…all deserving organizations…but $175 and $160 there? Um…no.

  133. 133 jezebel282


    “but $175 and $160 there? Um…no.”

    Pick one.

  134. 134 ronmoreau


    Perhaps we can take up a collection for Mike?

  135. 135 mikereynolds

    I’d really like to go to one of them but unfortunately I don’t have $175 or $160 to go golfing.

  136. 136 sudds

    Besides… everyone should be saving their funds for the Sterling House golf Tournament on September 20th… right?!?!?!? 😀

  137. 137 jezebel282


    Really? Screw those burn victims and kids?

  138. 138 sudds

    It’s not like the Sterling Classic money is going in my pocket… 100% of the proceeds go to the community crisis center!!!!

  139. 139 jezebel282


    “It’s not like the Sterling Classic money is going in my pocket”

    Oh…you mean it’s not like Mayor Moron’s golf tournaments?

    I’m just saying that you shouldn’t diss other golf tournaments/fund raisers. I’ll be glad to post an announcement of Sterling House’s tournament when you are ready.

  140. 140 sudds

    I’m not “dissin” other tourneys!!! Heck, I might even play in the Police one (unfortunately, I’m already playing in a different tourney on the 14th)!!!

    I’m just making certain that if people are only going to choose one…

    …that they choose the one that I am on the committee of!!! 😛

  141. 141 1george1

    Good information on aging services.
    It would be appropriate for Star, Post, WICC, and FRANKED MAIL.
    Some people give me info, where they need to be anonymous.
    I do not like posting info as my own, when it is not.

    Good to see Police and Fire having their own Golf Tournaments.
    Helps them stay in shape, unlike me.
    Oronoque CC ?
    Whitney Farms CC ?

    Least they could do is KICK BACK some business to Oronoque CC.

    Shotgun start?

    Fees of $ 160 + $ 175?
    That is about 1 hour fees for Burturla / Berchem, Kelly, & Florek.
    Isn’t that about 3 hours OT for most police / fire?

    I wonder if Police and Fire will have subcontractors covering for them?
    So they can frolic in the sun?

    I wonder how many people will be made homeless in stratford due to
    the grand theft of the last 20 years?

    Like the soviet union where only members of the communist party had
    the perks of private ownership ….. maybe only the usa inner parties will
    be able to own homes.

    It is a shame to see some many in the political injustice system use the
    Constitution and the American Flag as toilet paper while certain people
    defecate on working people often without
    Health Care
    Unemployment Insurance
    Matching unemployment
    Matching SS / FICA / MEDICAID
    Sick leave
    Retirement Savings

    In GAVIN’S MEETING with BoE, Branyan made a presentation showing
    savings from not paying Unemployment nor Net Healthcare was 60%
    of the specific base pay.

    Business owners, Independent Contractors, and unemployed do NOT
    HAVE any BENEFIT PACKAGES, which tends to make them envious, or
    unhappy, and eventually probably react ….
    But why should people who do not live in Stratford care about Stratford
    Is it true 70 % of Teachers and Fire live OUT of Town = PAY NO TAXES?
    Is it true 50 % of Police + Management live OUT of Town = PAY NO TAXES?

    BoE Teachers + Police + Fire + Administrators have BENEFIT PACKAGES equal
    to or above their BASE PAY, and costing Tax Payers $ 120,000 to $ 200,000.

    The pipes, the pipes are callin ….
    from glen to glen ….

    The piper needs to be paid ….

    A mercinary does not care who pays him nor her, same as a hooker.

    When there is a political changing of the guard …..
    Those on the inside can find themselves on the outside …..
    when their political patrons are ousted or
    no longer need them … 😉

  142. 142 sudds

    “Good to see Police and Fire having their own Golf Tournaments.
    Helps them stay in shape”


    A lunch, followed by riding a golf cart to “golf” (these are usually a best-ball scramble)… while drinking beer, followed by an open-bar, app hour and dinner gets one “into shape”??? SIGN ME UP!!! (heck, Mrs. Sudds would pay double) If it does then I should have the body of a God!!

    (hmm… if only Buddha were a God… I’d already be all set!!!!) 😛

  143. 143 jezebel282

    Golf exercise plan:

    Put Buturla and McNeil in one cart and Murray and Cavanaugh in another.

    Whoever makes it back to the clubhouse alive wins!

  144. 144 1george1

    With Linda McMahan as the next posible governor,
    you have interesting tag team match ups.

    Who would you suggest to oppose
    Darth DeCilio

  145. 145 rex525

    Jez, “Put Buturla and McNeil in one cart and Murray and Cavanaugh in another.
    Whoever makes it back to the clubhouse alive wins!”

    I’d bet Murray and McNeil and give you 1000 to 1 odds!

  146. 146 1george1

    Betting is illegal

  147. 147 rex525

    I believe that would depend on ones geographic location at the time the bet was placed.

  148. 148 jezebel282


    “I’d bet Murray and McNeil and give you 1000 to 1 odds!”

    At least give me 500 to 1 on the Buturla/McNeil matchup. Buturla has the weight advantage on McNeil.

  149. 149 1george1

    I could believe that McNeil would be like the fair fighter
    and Burturla would use every dirty trick …..

    – other topic, related to overall town / state

    Sylvia would be sick to see so many of her favorite people
    appearing to be in Burturlas / Mirons’ pockets.

  150. 150 jezebel282


    “I could believe that McNeil would be like the fair fighter”

    I’m not sure how much hand to hand training sailors get.

    On the other hand, you are allowed 14 clubs in the bag.

    Note to Tom Murray: A Ka-Bar is NOT a club.

  151. 151 mikereynolds

    So greens fees are going up at Short Beach…a lot.


    Last year to play on the weekend my son and I paid $17…now we’ll have to pay $23. That’s a big jump.

    Seems like there are two big issues: number of rounds are down and does the course need a golf pro at $35k/year.

    I have no problem with Don Samultuski (sp?). I know Jeze does. He has taught my son both at Sportscenter and at Short Beach. I think he’s a decent instructor and good with kids. He’s not Mr. Personality but he’s ok.

    As for increasing the number of rounds raising the greens fees that much isn’t going to help. Adding a little technology to the course wouldn’t hurt. Like making the Short Beach website more up to date and getting the online tee time feature working.

    I think the course is pretty well maintained and I like the practice area so I don’t think cosmetic improvements aren’t going to get more people there. With Short Beach I think it comes down to price. Increasing the price is not going to offset the further reduction in rounds played.

  152. 152 jezebel282


    “I have no problem with Don Samultuski (sp?). I know Jeze does.”

    The biggest problem I have is that you have to ask, “who’s that guy sitting in the cart?” All you get is a shrug and a mumble,” He’s supposed to be the golf pro”. He doesn’t work the counter, he doesn’t work as a starter and he doesn’t work as a ranger. He doesn’t even say “Hi”.
    Lord knows there are enough beginners at Short Beach where you can walk up to almost anyone and say, “keep you left arm straight and your head down.”

    “As for increasing the number of rounds raising the greens fees that much isn’t going to help.”
    You are correct. Raising the fees will not increase the number of rounds played. A more efficient tee time registration would. Especially for singles.

    More significantly, with unemployment at 9+%, no increase in Social Security (again), a rise in property tax and $3.75/gallon around the corner (gas goes up $0.15 / gallon in March just because of the Summer “blend”) the biggest demographic at Short Beach will be staying away in droves: Seniors.

  153. 153 jezebel282


    Increase of Golf fees:
    ID fees
    from: $5.00 to $10.00

    Resident Weekdays from $10.00 to $12.00
    Resident Weekends from $12.00 to $15.00
    Out-of-town weekdays from $6.50 to $10.00
    Out-of-town weekends from $8.50 to $12.00

    Really? DOUBLE the cost for a resident ID? You don’t even get a new one. They just mark you as “paid”!

    And we “need” a golf pro why?

  154. 154 mikereynolds

    Are you sure about those rates?

    Why would residents have to pay more than out of towners?

  155. 155 1george1

    Hi Mike,

    I have copied your post and sent it to the town council
    to adjust the prices?

    Perhaps someone is dyslexic?
    Person posting the pricing?

    Considering the rumors of so many past Town Councilors
    and Town Committee members living out of Town as well
    as BoE and Town employees, maybe it was a Freudean slip?

  156. 156 jezebel282


    “Are you sure about those rates?”

    Hell no. But it was copied from the Council agenda: Sec 5.2.9 A.

    Yet another reason to move out of Stratford.

  157. 157 mikereynolds

    It must be a mistake…otherwise what’s the point of paying for a $10 resident card just to pay a higher rate?

  158. 158 jezebel282


    “It must be a mistake”

    In this Town you just never know.

    In terms of making sense….why would you pay a “pro” $35,000/year? Even at the highest proposed rate, you are giving away over 2,300 rounds of golf. Especially when the stated goal is generating more (not less) rounds. It’s..well..stupid.

  159. 159 1george1

    In terms of making sense….why would you pay a “pro” $35,000/year? Even at the highest proposed rate, you are giving away over 2,300 rounds of golf. Especially when the stated goal is generating more (not less) rounds. It’s..well..stupid.

    It looks like PHIN may be making an ISSUE about COUNTRY CLUB Welfare?
    > At least the Pro is likely to be in shape?

    I am somewhat surprized JEZE has never taken ISSUE with the REGISTRARS
    who are 20 hour a week employees with FULL BENEFIT PACKAGE and paid
    over $ 26,000 a year.

    Not nearly as good as Mike Imbro’s welfare low show job of $ 35,000 a year
    for about 40 weeks of 20 hours a week?

    Dick Miron is no longer a Registrar, but his bowling buddy Darth and also
    Jim Miron / Dick Burturla friend (decent guy) Rick Marcone is Registrar.

    > Darth is nephew to a town lawyer.
    > Imbro is bro-in-law to Tom Moore, exState Trooper (decent guy)

    Yo PHIN – None of dem are Niggras, so I be a guessin de are not welfare

    Wit da fall of Tiger Woods, the stars n bars can agin fly over “the MASTERS!”

  160. 160 jezebel282


    “At least the Pro is likely to be in shape?”

    Obviously you have not seen the “pro”.

    “am somewhat surprized JEZE has never taken ISSUE with the REGISTRARS”

    Some things are just too obvious. Those positions are gifts given to RTC/DTC loyal members. $51,000 (for 2) is peanuts compared to some positions. What I am shocked about is that there is no registrar who is an independent since they make up the majority of voters.

  161. 161 1george1

    JEZE: What I am shocked about is that there is no registrar
    who is an independent
    since they make up the majority of voters.

    GEORGE: Jeze, I hope your tongue was deeply embedded in your
    cheek, when you wrote the above political parody ….
    Otherwise your tongue got in front of your EYETEETH and you could
    NOT SEE what you were typing?

    It did inspire memories of a great quote from Casa Blanca, which
    upon further review, was filled with insightful repartee.

    GEO: Casablanca quotes – appropriate to Stratford or indians casino,
    and CORUPTicut?


    Senor Ferrari: As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca,
    I am an influential and respected man.


    Ugarte: You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca,
    but somehow, just because you despise me,
    you are the only one I trust.


    Captain Renault:
    I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
    > [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.
    Captain Renault: Everybody out at once!


    Captain Louis Renault (Claude Rains)

    Round up the usual suspects.
    (We have another election coming.)


    Claude Rains(Captain Louis Renault):
    Rick, there are many exit visas sold in this café,
    but we know that you’ve never sold one.
    That is the reason we permit you to remain open.

    Humphrey Bogart (Rick Blaine):
    Oh? I thought it was because I let you win at roulette.
    Claude Rains(Louis): That is another reason.


    Captain Renault: My dear Ricky, you overestimate the influence
    of the Gestapo.
    I don’t interfere with them and they don’t interfere with me.
    In Casablanca I am master of my fate!
    I am……..
    Police Officer: Major Strasser is here, sir!

    Rick: You were saying?

    Captain Renault: Excuse me.


    Rick: I’m on their blacklist – their roll of honor!

    Major Strasser: What is your nationality?

    Rick: I’m a drunkard.

    Captain Renault: That makes Rick a citizen of the world.
    [all laugh]


    [about Rick]
    Major Strasser: You give him credit for too much cleverness.
    My impression was that he’s just another blundering American.

    Captain Renault: We musn’t underestimate “American blundering”.
    I was with them when they “blundered” into Berlin in 1918.


    [Rick and Renault discussing Victor Laszlo’s chances of escaping Casablanca]
    Captain Renault: This is the end of the chase.
    Rick: Twenty thousand francs says it isn’t.

    Captain Renault: Is that a serious offer?
    Rick: I just paid out twenty. I’d like to get it back.
    Captain Renault: Make it ten. I’m only a poor corrupt official.

  162. 162 mikereynolds

    Hey, get this garbage about registrars off my golf page.

    George you have your own page to spout your nonsense. Don’t do it on mine.

  163. 163 phineast

    Country Club Welfare? what the heck is that?
    yo George- anyone ebber tel ya yo racial slurs ar stupid???
    For cripes sakes George, just because I don’t want to spend my entire life(been working since I was 10-yes 10years old-that is what happens when you have a family business) to pay for people that are lazy-I don’t give a rat’s azz what color or denomination they are-to stay home and do nothin’ or what ever they please-at MY expense-you have the balls to call me prejudice?????????? Well let me tell ya something you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. I have no problem helping out for the SHORT term or for the frail/elderly/babies-but not when it is going to swallow a third of my paycheck!!!!
    Why the hell should I work???? for that matter-why the hell should you?????if you even do….why the hell should anyone work if someone else is gonna foot the bill—-they are running out of the “someone”s that will be footin the bills…so it is time for people to get up off their backsides and take care of themselves and the kids they had while you and I were paying for them to stay home and procreate!
    Can you tell I had a LONG, LATE, HARD day at..you got it…WORK!!!!!????!!!!!

  164. 164 1george1

    Hey, get this garbage about registrars off my golf page.
    George you have your own page to spout your nonsense.
    Don’t do it on mine.

    Mike, after all the tin foil cap remarks from you,
    it made my night to see your gripe …. 🙂

    Although – I did send your concerns to the Town Council,
    to correct the unusual pricing.
    Maybe you could sign up by 6:45 pm March 14 and speak
    to it yourself. 😉

    Mike, after this post … I will kinda respect your string…. 8)


    PHIN: Country Club Welfare? what the heck is that?

    > If your Town Property Tax is causing you to PAY 40 % too much
    it was caused by them and certain DTC leaders, wasn’t it? 😦
    > FOLLOW the MONEY, PHIN, or are your FORENSIC ACCOUNTING skills,
    limited by your placing a BLIND FOLD over your political/social allies? 8)

    PHIN: yo George- anyone ebber tel ya yo racial slurs ar stupid???

    GEO: Got your attention, didn’t it?
    What you see as slurs, I use as political parody to make a point.
    > Minstral shows used BLACK FACE.
    the JE-KILL & HIDE meglomaniacs who are the real problems.
    > I have tried to emulate ED (BEEFY) HARGUS who told me SENIORS can
    not get out nights or are too frail to attend political meetings.
    > I have tried to speak about issues of the middle and upper class who
    own homes and are being TAXED out of HOMES, along with GAS / OIL
    PRICES – Jeze could attest BIG OIL + DRUGS + WAR has been my focus.
    > I tried to speak about issues of FIXED + LOW INCOME people who have
    hardships caused by shifting priorities from services and allowing or
    causing problems, which make their lives harder.
    > I tried to speak to REAL ISSUES and LEGITIMATE ISSUES of Government
    workers to have proper Vehicles, Equipment, and Building (repairs) needs
    filled, while not seeing the Treasury stolen by rigged BIDS/AWARDS/CHANGE
    – CALL me a RACIST, but maybe that is the POT calling the kettle …. 😉

    PHIN: For cripes sakes George, just because I don’t want to spend my
    entire life

    GEO: Whose LIFE could you (otherwise) spend?

    PHIN: (been working since I was 10 – yes 10 years old
    – that is what happens when you have a family business)

    GEO: Sometimes this blog is good for therapy or catharsis?

    PHIN: to pay for people that are lazy
    – I don’t give a rat’s azz what color or denomination they are
    – to stay home and do nothin’ or what ever they please
    – at MY expense – you have the balls to call me prejudice??????????

    GEO: YEP! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck?

    PHIN: Well let me tell ya something you are barking up the
    wrong tree on this one.

    GEO: Maybe.

    PHIN: I have no problem helping out for the SHORT term

    GEO: Give a man a fish … teach a man to fish …

    PHIN: or for the frail/elderly/babies –

    GEO: There is the PHIN we like and admire!!

    PHIN: but not when it is going to swallow a third of my paycheck!!!!

    GEO: Phin I get the impression you know how to add and subtract
    and also do relatively quick and simple research.
    Likely you can do even deep and complicated research.
    I will even do some of the research for you.
    You can do the STATE BUDGET … 😉

    WIKIPEDIA: Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2009 are $2.7 trillion (+7.1%).

    $1.21 trillion – Individual income tax
    $949.4 billion – Social Security and other payroll taxes
    $339.2 billion – Corporate income tax
    $68.9 billion – Excise taxes
    $29.1 billion – Customs duties
    $26.3 billion – Estate and gift taxes
    $47.9 billion – Other

    Mandatory spending: $1.89 trillion (+6.2%)
    $644 billion – Social Security
    $408 billion – Medicare
    $224 billion – Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
    $360 billion – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
    $260 billion – Interest on National Debt

    Discretionary spending: $1.21 trillion (+4.9%)
    $515.4 billion – United States Department of Defense
    $145.2 billion(2008*) – Global War on Terror
    $70.4 billion – United States Department of Health and Human Services
    $68.2 billion – United States Department of Transportation
    $45.4 billion – United States Department of Education
    $44.8 billion – United States Department of Veterans Affairs
    $38.5 billion – United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
    $38.3 billion – State and Other International Programs
    $37.6 billion – United States Department of Homeland Security
    $25.0 billion – United States Department of Energy
    $20.8 billion – United States Department of Agriculture
    $20.3 billion – United States Department of Justice
    $17.6 billion – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    $12.5 billion – United States Department of the Treasury
    $10.6 billion – United States Department of the Interior
    $10.5 billion – United States Department of Labor
    $8.4 billion – Social Security Administration
    $7.1 billion – United States Environmental Protection Agency
    $6.9 billion – National Science Foundation
    $6.3 billion – Judicial branch (United States federal courts)
    $4.7 billion – Legislative branch (United States Congress)
    $4.7 billion – United States Army Corps of Engineers
    $0.4 billion – Executive Office of the President
    $0.7 billion – Small Business Administration
    $7.2 billion – Other agencies
    $39.0 billion(2008*) – Other Off-budget Discretionary Spending

    The financial cost of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan
    are not part of the defense budget; they are appropriations.

    DeficitWith projected receipts less than projected outlays,
    the budget proposed by President Bush predicts a net deficit
    of approximately $400 billion dollars, adding to a United States
    governmental debt of about $11.4 trillion.
    Actual tax receipts totaled approximately $2.1 trillion
    – significantly less than the $2.7 trillion expected.
    The actual deficit in 2009 was $1.4 trillion.


    Here is the challenge:

    1. What percent of your pay check goes to:
    > Your boogey man complex of the lazy, who don’t work?
    > welfare vampires

    2. War Budget
    > welfare vampires

    3. Big Oil
    > welfare vampires

    4. Wall Street / Finance
    > welfare vampires

    5. Political Justice / Drug-Rehab Empire
    > welfare vampires

    or anyone else to prove welfare / social services spending,
    is anything close to 1/3th Y O U R pay check.

    Small favor requested of PHIN …. Please R E P L Y on a different string,
    out of respect …. for Mike R. Good night!

  165. 166 jezebel282


    You are correct. Golf only please.

    It sounds like some people need to take a break anyway.

  166. 167 mikereynolds

    Don Samultuski, golf pro at Short Beach, has announced the start up of the Junior Golf Academy at Short Beach. Classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning May 10th for seven weeks ending with a golf tournament for boys and girls divided into divisions of 10 years and under and 11 years and up. The winners in each division will receive a trophy as well as other prizes to be announced.

    Now there’s a good way of getting kids involved in golf so and providing the golf course with a long term source of revenue.

    Go ahead Jeze, fire away at don.

  167. 168 jezebel282


    “Go ahead Jeze, fire away at don.”

    Why bother? It’s just another patronage job for a relative. SOP in Stratford.

  168. 169 mikereynolds

    Really? Who’s his connection?

  169. 170 mikereynolds

    From Stratford Patch…Sounds like some positive things happening at Short Beach.

    Positive energy is everywhere down at the local golf course. New management has created excitement down at the course. Don Smultuski is the new general manager. Don has already initiated a Loyalty Program ( buy 5 rounds get one free, buy ten and get three rounds free). Always have a round in your pocket.

    If you have been down to Short Beach you have noticed new walls, new paint and soon a new snack bar and pro shop. Don has reestablished the Short Beach Golf School for both Adults and Junior golfers. New leagues a mixed and a junior league. When the weather clears new cart paths and a practicr bunker will be added.

  170. 171 1george1

    This is par for the course in the Republican / rich Democrat Time Table.
    > They can shoot for the “green” completely avoiding “the FAIR WAY!”
    > In RTC / DTC leader mind set: “The FAIR WAY” is for suckers!

    The above improvements at the Golf Course are simple things which
    should have been in place for years or decades.
    > I ran a coed bowling league for 15 years which averaged 26 teams of
    5 people per team, in Fairfield’s Circle Lanes’ 32 lanes.
    > Simple marketing promotions combined with nice presentation of
    assets including fresh paint & accoutrements, does wonders.
    > North End, Mill River Country Club golfers identify with golf and do
    not care about a relatively inexpensive South End water slide since
    many North End Homes have swimming pools or their “clubs” have
    swimming pools. Not everyone has air conditioning, believe it or not?

    In show business, the comedy clubs use 3 comics.
    The first is good, not great and acts as the MC.
    The second is OK, but normally not as good as the MC or Headliner.
    The Headliner normally is the best performer and benefits by comparison.

    Think of Jim Miron as the middle act clown or comic. One might think of
    a Putter or Putz? One can see the Golf club “iron” within mIRON. His
    “forrest to the shore” could refer to “woods” and “water traps?”
    Comic venues need the down comic to create illusions for improvements,

    This is analogous to the above changes which could have happened years
    or decades ago. However, the “19th hole” can help create some distortions
    of reality, especially when chemically enhanced.

    Diane Toolan was competent in the Economic Development position.
    However the political parties, Town Councils, and Managers tied her hands.
    She was figuretively stuck in a political “sand trap” or in the “rough?”

    Maybe the ideas relative to placing buoys at the Town Beaches low tide
    markers and replacing the sand DUE to GRANTS will finally be implemented
    to DRESS UP the BEACHES for Economic / Tourist reasons?

    While practice bunkers are nice …. wouldn’t it be better for DEBUNKERS
    to be Practiced in creating loyalty programs consistent with equality?

    Meanwhile Bridgeport’s airport crew are plying SKEET GOLF ….
    They shoot BIRDIES and EAGLES to protect the (grounded) airplanes.

    The entire party lines, cover stories, and Town Charter are full of BOOGIES!

    This town’s politics, business, economics, and social venues, “needs a Mulligan.”

    Yo Mike …. I kept the theme about GOLF related to Town Charter and
    politics, the FOCUS of YOUR string and JEZE’S BLOG, didn’t I?

    I had fun. I hope most readers enjoy. If some people see I was too close
    to describing them ….. well the object is to hit the “HOLES,” isn’t it?

  171. 172 mikereynolds

    I’m really concerned about Short Beach. I have been there most of the week and except for Thursday there is hardly anyone there. I was there today, a Saturday, and it was deserted. Granted the greens aren’t in good shape but the course otherwise looks good and at $10 for residents its a steal!

    I believe rounds played last year were down significantly and I’m sure rounds played will be down again this year. It’s a shame.

  172. Perhaps the newly approved $110k will help.

  173. 174 jezebel282

    “Perhaps the newly approved $110k will help.”
    Plus interest. It’s a bond you know.

    “Granted the greens aren’t in good shape ”
    Of course. That’s why they need $110K to expand the tee boxes.

    “I believe rounds played last year were down significantly”
    That must be classified information since there were absolutely no revenue numbers in the Town Budget report. None. Why would you need to know how many rounds were played or how much it cost taxpayers? Not even Councilmen were able to get them. No telling how much they lost there. But hey wait! Let’s borrow another $110K! Oh, and why isn’t Harkins charging an enterprise fund like SBGC a “land use fee” like EMS or the WPCA have to pay? Or is SBGC on the auction list?

    Here’s what might help: Make it easier to play and try to be nice to customers. Maybe even look like you’re glad to see them. Some of the staff can be downright surly to customers.

  174. 175 mikereynolds

    “Make it easier to play and try to be nice to customers. Maybe even look like you’re glad to see them.”

    Maybe its you but I was there 5 days this week and I thought everyone I dealt with was plenty nice.

  175. 176 1george1

    Glad you enjoyed your July 4th week at low cost recreation.

  176. 177 jezebel282


    “Maybe its you”

    I doubt it. I don’t wear my scarves when I play golf. I didn’t mean to say everyone was surly. Some are exceptionally nice. One or two behave as though they are doing you a huge personal favor by taking your money and (gasp!) letting you play. Whatever talents they have would be better utilized out of the presence of paying customers.

    As for the light attendance the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed the excessive heat and humidity. Not much shade on a links-style course, you know.

    I am much more concerned about the lack of disclosure by Harkins & Sue Collier when it comes to the revenue and expense of the golf course. It makes you wonder what is going on, doesn’t it?

  177. 178 1george1

    JEZE: I am much more concerned about the lack of disclosure
    by Harkins & Sue Collier when it comes to the revenue and
    expense of the golf course.
    It makes you wonder what is going on, doesn’t it?

    1) Why should that be any different than everything else?

    2) Ever notice GOLF is FLOG spelled backwards?

    3) Q. Do you know the difference between PUTTS & PUTZ
    A. The latter usually does the former.

    4) Q Do you know the difference between PUTTS, PUTS/CALLS,
    and PUTZ.
    A. The latter usually does the former.

    5) Q. Why do they call part of the Golf Course a FAIR WAY?

    6) Q. Why do they call part of the Golf Course a GREEN?
    A. It’s an INSIDER JOKE & where MONEY is MADE, sometimes
    letting your potential client win a private bet.

    7) Q. Why do Mulligans exist in casual golf?
    A. WIKIPEDIA: in casual play, mulligans speed play by reducing
    the time spent searching for a lost ball, and reduce frustration
    and increase enjoyment of the game, as a player can “shake off”
    a bad shot more easily with their second chance.

    8) Q. Why does Stratford sponsor a Mayor’s Golf Tounament?
    A. See answer to # 6

    9) Q. Why doesn’t Stratford sponsor Mayor’s Tournaments in: Football,
    Baseball-Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA,
    A. Can you see any member of the RTC & DTC involved in a CONTACT
    SPORT, which actually takes skill and where cheating is prohibited
    and easily seen, by everyone?

  178. 179 1george1

    Care to play the BACK NINE?

  179. 180 mikereynolds

    I spent most of the week at the course. Still terrible attendance. Never more than 4 or 5 twosomes or threesomes on the course at any time. Parking lot nearly empty. If possible I hope we can see the number of rounds played at the end of the year. Great for my son and I. We can show up whenever we want, get on the course, and take our time. $18 during the week and $20 on the weekend. Still a steal.

  180. 181 1george1

    Still a steal.

  181. 182 mikereynolds

    My beloved Short Beach Golf Course has been badly damaged thanks to Sandy.


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