Monday Night Raw!


I had 7-2 odds on Forrester before the ref called time out!

You read it in the Post (never in the Star):

Havoc at Council Meeting on Shakespeare Theater
By RICHARD WEIZEL Staff writer
Article Last Updated: 09/09/2008 12:40:03 AM EDT

STRATFORD — Bill Hanney, the latest theater operator and producer chosen by the Town Council to try to renovate and reopen the long-shuttered Shakespeare theater, said he’s never experienced more of a spectacle, even during a dramatic performance at his Rhode Island “Theater By The Sea” — than during Monday night’s council meeting at Town Hall.

After Hanney made an offer to the Town Council to temporarily pay about $150,000 for a new roof and paint job as part of a plan to reopen the once prestigious Elm Street showcase by next spring, Mayor James R. Miron and Councilman Gavin Forrester, D-3, became embroiled in a shouting and shoving match as other council members and Town Attorney Richard Buturla also heatedly debated the merits of Hanney’s plan.

Hanney told the council, as he predicted two months ago, that it won’t cost more than between $2.5 million and $3 million to renovate the theater and have it up and running by next spring.

Forrester then grilled Hanney about his proposal, asking at one point “where is your business plan why is it that another contractor has told us that it will cost between $2 million and $3 million just to meet the federal codes required to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act?”

Business plan? Where have we heard that? Oh yeah…here.

After several heated exchanges among council members, however, the meeting spiraled out of control.

“Stop waving your fingers in my face, you’re a nut,” Forrester screamed at Miron moments after Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, called a recess just as the mayor asked to speak on the issue, which had sparked fierce debate among council members and Town Attorney Richard Buturla.

Can’t fault Forrester on that premise. Miron is a nut.

“You can’t have 10 council members negotiating a contract,” Buturla said angrily, responding to questions by council members regarding the process. “The mayor’s office is the one that negotiates the contract, then you vote on it.”

Umm….Rich? What has the Council been doing with LBW? Sounds like they’ve been negotiating. Maybe they just don’t trust Miron to negotiate anything for the benefit of someone besides Miron?

Despite Buturla’s shouts to Henrick that the council chairman had to allow the mayor to speak before calling a recess, Henrick loudly banged his gavel and called for the recess.

But that was just the start of what appeared to be complete havoc on the council floor.

It wasn’t clear why Forrester, who had been grilling Hanney about why his estimate was so much lower than contractor BL Co.’s of Meriden, which indicated in a report presented last month that it would cost between $3.6 million and $19 million to renovate the theater, became engaged in what nearly turned into a fist fight with Miron.

And how much did we spend on that report? Perhaps Forrester saw the envelope that Hanney scratched his “estimate” on?

“Calm down,” Miron said to Forrester, as he pointed a finger at Forrester while approaching the councilman. “Just calm down.”

Mayor Moron telling someone else to calm down? Forrester is a councilman. He can do whatever the f**k he wants!

Forrester responded “I don’t have to calm down. I’m just doing my job asking questions. Get out of my face.”

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Emma Brooks, D-4, stormed out of the room, saying “this is disgusting, just a disgusting display.”

Later in the meeting Brooks apologized to Hanney and residents who were present.

“We made quite a spectacle and on behalf of the council. I would like to apologize to Mr. Hanney and the citizens here tonight,” Brooks said. “If I didn’t, then you would all think I condone what happened here, and I don’t condone it.”

Neither did some of the residents.

“You are sitting up there to set and example, you’ve got to stop this,” shouted Greg Wannamaker, vice-chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Wannamaker, who is the father of Councilwoman Amy Wannmaker, D-6, said he couldn’t believe what had transpired.

Does he have an MBA too?

“These are people elected to serve and set an example, and they let their debate deteriorate into the most open display of hostility I have seen,” Wannamker said.

Hanney said he was also stunned by the drama.

“I know there’s nothing I can do to ever top this, even up on the stage when we reopen the theater,” he said. “But I understand this is an issue that has sparked tremendous passion among the people and the council because they have been burned before with other operators. But if they just give me a chance I will prove to them they made the right decision in choosing me for this project.”

Earlier, Hanney told the council “I walked through the theater with between 10 and 15 contractors on Aug. 13, and there was nothing I found to change my initial estimate that the theater could be renovated for under $3 million. But I would like to replace the roof and paint the theater before winter and am willing to put the money upfront as long as the town is willing to reimburse me later on.”

Hanney also said he’s still willing to pay as much as a half-million dollars out of his own pocket above the $2.5 million allocated by the council to renovate the theater. He said he’s also in negotiation with three “very well known” Shakespearean theater companies who would perform Bard plays.

“I just want to reopen the theater and put on as many plays as we can for as long as we can, even 50 years,” Hanney said.

Both Buturla and Hanney’s attorney, Barry Knott, said are engaged in negotiations to work out a plan that would allow the developer to pay for the roof and paint job before winter, and have the town reimburse him later.

“More than anyone, I really want you to succeed,” Miron told Hanney. “But we have to do our due diligence and ensure that the proper process is followed regarding specifically what needs to be done at the theater, including the roof.”

Henrick asked Hanney when he could present a final business plan to the council, and the developer said by next month’s council meeting. “I believe we can even have a contract drawn up at that time,” Hanney said.

Henrick told Hanney he shared the mayor’s comments regarding “the hope that you are the one who ends up reopening this theater.

“We just need to know what’s going on and see the actual details. I think it’s important that we improve the flow of communications about what is going on involving the negotiations.”

Henrick also added “let’s hope that in the future we can put all this drama on the stage …not the council chambers.”


48 Responses to “Monday Night Raw!”

  1. 1 officersean

    Sounds like something is going on we do not know about.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    “Sounds like something is going on we do not know about.

    In this Town with this mayor? Nah…couldn’t be.

  3. 3 1george1

    At the Sept 8, 2008 Town Council Meeting

    Councilman O’Neal broke up the audience when he suggested Mr.
    Hanney (Bidder on Shakespeare) should give the “Town Council
    Players” the first production of the Theater.

    So far it has been a “comedy (tragety) of errors,” whereas everyone has
    hoped it would be “alls well that ends well.”

    While the Councilors were falling all over themselves about Mr. Hanney’s
    “generous offer,” the article failed to mention that past protesters of
    the PRO-SHAKESPEARE Factor noted that Mr. Hanney’s existing sites in
    NOT UNION and would encounter resistance from the SCREEN ACTORS
    GUILD (S.A.G.) and their Allies.

    I sincerely doubt any contractors hired by Mr. Hanney, to fix the
    Shakespeare Theater would be paid Union scale, with Union (or any)
    benefits. While this can lop off as much as ONE HALF of Construction

    I can see the Headlines coming!

    The town has Public Works people who could fix the roof and paint the
    Theater, and the town is presently in negotiation with the union on a
    new contract. One can imagine how this idea will float with Public Works,
    and the other brother and sister Town Unions of Police, Fire, Education, Administration, and Town Supervisors.

    I believe it is illegal for Municipal employees to strike. And certainly the
    history of the “Stratford Political Players’ artful dodgers” has given away
    the store when it comes to politically connected town and education
    personnel getting superior “compensation” of pay and benefits.

    I can just envision this scenario:
    A crew of illegal aliens dangling from the roof and walls of the Shakespeare
    Theater tossing roofing tiles and spilling paint on union picketers who are
    tossing eggs and tomatoes at swaying targets on scaffolds.
    CBS, NBC, ABC, and ESPN capture Stratford’s newest parttime.

    Police will get involved, arresting people and some people get hurt, which
    may include a couple of police who get hurt and retire at 35 on Disability
    with a $ 60,000 pension (for the next 40 years).

    The Public Works union files a grievance over the $ 2,500,000 spent by the
    Town, for all of the work done and wins the grievance getting the money
    paid in a 2 year window to be evenly split by 75 Public Works employees for
    and added $ 31,000 for NOT WORKING. This doubles the cost to Tax Payers.

    Immediately 20 Public Works employees will retire, with the $ 31,000 wind
    fall to their Base Pay and overtime, in the 2 years, and all get Pensions of
    $ 50,000 to $ 70,000.

    Meanwhile the Attorney Billing meter swings into overtime and instead of
    the $ 725,000 in attorney fees so fat this year and the $ 1.6 million kited
    Attorney Budget, we see the Legal cost to Tax payers make them double.

    Bob Sammis and I (George Mulligan) made Public Forum presentations on
    related Budget Issues where 9 Pensioners in Jan 2008 retired at $89,000
    on $ 71,000 Base Pay AVERAGES and 36 retiress in 2007 averaged $ 42,990.
    The cost in just PENSIONS is over 3 Mils and Insurance is over 4 Mils when
    Town and Education Insurance cost are combined or about 24 % of Town
    Taxes. Revenues, Cost, and Transparency are a mess.

    The GRANDFATHERED RIGHTS in the TOWN CHARTER, which the Town
    Attorney, Mayor, Town Council, and political parties are trying to take
    from the people, give the People a Referendum option to CHECK and
    BALANCE chicanery disguised as buffoonery.

    However, the citizens are inattentive and press editorials are either
    ignorant or complicit in the “plot” of a tangled web.

    I urge Stratford tax payers to VOTE against the Town Charter Changes,
    and to become involved in curtailing the parties very expensive ACTS.

  4. 4 gforrester

    Mr. Weizel’s Narrative of the events is so false and misleading it’s pathetic. There was NEVER and I repeat NEVER any physical contact between myself and the Mayor and to report such is false and misleading. The Mayor left his seat after a recess and approached Democratic members of the Council who were still in their seats and began to complain of the treatment he was receiving from the Town Council Chair. He started pointing his finger (not fingers as reported by Mr. Weizel) in my face at which time I asked him to stop. Some heated words were exchanged but to portray that there was any physical contact is totally absurd as is to portray that this exchange occurred during the meeting and that my line of questioning prompted it. The Mayor had no problem with my line of questioning and on the record actually agreed that there should be a written business plan in place (something Mr. Hanney agreed to once the meeting resumed) but rather was upset at a comment made by the Town Council Chairman regarding a lack of communication between the Administration and the Council over the issue of the Shakespeare Theater. This type of sensationalism in journalism is not something that is new for Mr. Weizel and it is disappointing that the Editors of the Ct Post condone this in an effort to sell newspapers.

  5. 5 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    So you didn’t say, “I don’t have to calm down. I’m just doing my job asking questions. Get out of my face.” to Miron?

  6. Mr. Forrester,
    I am waiting for your response to jezebel. Did you or did you not say what the paper says you said?

  7. 7 gforrester

    Oh no I did say that – and I did call him a “nut” for reasons I am sure he is aware of, and I didn’t appreciate him pointing his finger in my face like some hired hand, but there was no physical contact or shoving and unfortunately the camera’s are turned off during a recess so we can’t go to the video tape lol. The argument was clearly between himself and the Council Chairman and was over in a matter of seconds when the Chairman called a recess. Here I am sitting in my chair minding my own business and the Mayor was clearly upset but from my standpoint he was upset with the wrong person and I don’t appreciate a finger inches from my face, I doubt if anyone would. Anyway it ended quickly enought.

  8. 8 freedomofspeach

    I feel the love. Party unity!!!! And you wonder why I thought it might be prudent to ban weapons at TC meetings.

    Gavin, did you call him a nut beacuse he likes them on his ice cream, or is it because he is under treatment for something?

    I am sure there were others at the meeting, and we all know you have to take the media with a grain of salt. But lets face it, when your as loved as Mayor Miron anything, including being called a liar by your own party, is possible.

    As far as the roof. The town should do the temporary fix, by bid to the lowest qualified bidder. But before that, and as required by state and federal law, there has to be an asbestos survey by a state licensed inspector. This should have been done a part of the BL report, because how can you put a number to repair something unless you do what’s required by law? I think you will find the roof has asbestos shingles, mastic and tar used for flashing, and in the felt and paper. If I remember correctly it did 15 years ago. So unless this disappeared, then the number to fix the roof is about double to do it as required, unless your just going to put a tarp on it.

    Of course a negative finding in the BL report would be enough to do the work, if it was done by a licensed inspector. Wonder if in the 1,000 or so pages its there. Did anyone ever find out what the report cost the town? Maybe what the specifications were?

  9. 9 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    I still would have given 7-2 odds on a Forrester-Miron Smackdown if the ref hadn’t blown the whistle (or gavel). It’s not like Miron can control himself.

    “unfortunately the camera’s are turned off during a recess so we can’t go to the video tape lol.”

    What!!??? You mean it won’t be on pay-per-view? We could have lowered the rate by 2 or 3 mils just with that revenue alone!

    Would you please tell us how much was spent (of our money) on that B&L report?

  10. 10 sudds

    “You are sitting up there to set and example, you’ve got to stop this,” shouted Greg Wannamaker, vice-chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

    This guy is as lame as his daughter… I was personally hoping for a WWE style throwdown!!!

    Hmm… Momma Wanamaker seems REALLY nice… she must not have the MBA that turns people into pompous bastids!!! (oh wait a second…)

    PS… Jez you’re nuts taking Gavin at 7-2! My money would be on Miron pulling a Tony Montana (“say hello to my lit-el friend”) and “bustin’ a cap” in Gavin’s a$$!!! (LOL)

  11. 11 sudds

    Oh yeah…

    Hey Gavin… you probably don’t hear this nearly enough, so please allow me to say it here in “public”…

    THANK YOU!!!

    It’s about time some asked for a business plan and didn’t just rubber-stamp things along political lines!!!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I was assuming a smackdown…not a gundown.

    Oooh!…maybe tag team! Henrick can be in Gavin’s corner and Wanamaker could be in Miron’s.

  13. 13 gforrester

    The final bill has not yet been submitted by B & L but so far the best guess as presented by the Mayor last evening was about $140 K for the report. I asked the Town Attorney to review the contract and see if B & L did anything within the scope of the agreement. It was reported last evening that they never spoke to any Town Department (Building – Planning – Economic Development – Health) yet determined that there are about $2.5 Million dollars in ADA requirements that have to be met but Mr. Haney did speak to Town officals and was told that the building is compliant with some minor modifications (bathrooms). Mr. Hanney indicated that he could get the building completely renovated for about $3 Million in total.

  14. 14 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    You’ll have to excuse me while I look for my defibrillator and nitro pills……

  15. 15 gforrester

    You can always dial 9-1-1 and there is a good chance I will be volunteering on the ambulance that comes to your aid lol.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    No need. I have nightmares that some night I’d need 911 and both you and Jon Best would respond. After bickering over my body for 20 minutes about who has the best plan…..

    So I went out and bought my own defibrillator.

    $140,000? And that was Miron’s guess? Then it must be more like $180,000. OMG!

    That’s three new teachers! Or 3 more school buses! Or 40,000 gal of heating oil! Or most of the cost of a canopy at the train station! Or even 1 mayor and 1 CAO!

    And they came up with $3-19 Million?


  17. 17 gforrester

    LOL – no Jon and I leave politics aside when we are together volunteering to help the sick and injured – believe it or not we can put the patient first.

  18. 18 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    Just to wrap up, you think Miron is a nut and Mr. O’Neal thinks he’s a liar. That leaves Brooks and Wanamaker as the only democrats that still believe Mayor Moron?

  19. 19 1george1

    The Rich Weisel Story goes well with the Tangled Web prop
    and my anti Town Charter subterfuge campaign, while capturing
    and referring to the story about the wannabee WWE (WWF) + MMA
    + UFC + anti – SAG actors.

    WWF = World Wrestling Federation
    WWE = World Wrestling Entertainment
    MMA = Mixed Martial Arts
    UFC = Ultimate Fighting ??
    SAG = Screen Actors guild

    Rich Weisel’s story in the CT. POST today may be correct or maybe
    Gavin is more correct.
    (Gavin usually speaks what he believes as true and I do agree with his
    post about JON & he in EMS. I have some political disagreements with
    Gavin = which is fine)

    I did NOT SEE any PUSHING. (Point for Gavin) However, I walked to the
    bathroom, when Miron approached Gavin. By the time I came back they
    were sitting and playing nice.

    Rich Weisel and Tris DeRoma were transfixed standing at the base of
    the Center Aisle as if they were standing at RINGSIDE SEATS.

    It seemed like a TAG TEAM

    And ALVIN O’NEAL came across with the BEST LINE.

    Past escapades include:

    Last summer HENRICK had a BLACK EYE from a MIKE JULIAN (Lordship)
    And VERY FEW Towns people attend these STAGED EVENTS which could
    hire Kevin Kelly (former WWE Announcer, not ex-Town Attorney) to do
    the PLAY by PLAY.


    However, the VOLUNTEER, unpaid TOWN OFFICIALS have made living in
    Stratford too expensive for far too many people!

    I wonder if the whole thing was a STAFED ACT as a
    deversion from the FAC REPORT, LBW (paragraaph 31)
    and TOWN CHARTER hidden agenda within the 4 Town
    Referendum questions?

    I wonder if Gavin has made his appointement with Town Attorney
    Burturla’s IMPERIAL OFFICE?
    (Oh, oooops, that’s the street address in Westport’s merged FIRM.)

    By having 10 Town Councilors get separate Briefings with the $ 150 per
    hour meter running, instead of the $ 675 a month Stipend for Executive
    Session, no wonder Town Attorney Burturla was upset…

    According to the report handed to the Town Council, so far Attorney
    Fees have PASSED $ 725,000 and Town Attorney BUDGET has PASSED
    $ 1,650,000 soooo faaaaar, this year. Poor Rich Burturla and Berchem
    had to make due with 1099 for 2006 and 2007, each over $ 500,000 or
    about $ 1,100,000 combined.
    > Can that help BUY a lot of VOTES and CANDIDATES to expand the empire?

    Will the Town Attorney office in Town Hall be painted purple to go
    with a color befitting an Emperor?

  20. 20 gforrester

    They are both much more reserved than Mr. O’Neal and I are and would never resort to public outbursts like we have so I can’t say how they feel.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “According to the report handed to the Town Council, so far Attorney
    Fees have PASSED $ 725,000 and Town Attorney BUDGET has PASSED
    $ 1,650,000 soooo faaaaar, this year.”

    Does it mention which departments had their funds transferred out? Apparently the Council thinks that Buturla and Berchem Moses & Devlin are worth every penny. Why else would they approve the transfers?

    Right, Mr. Forrester?

  22. 22 1george1

    Both Emma Brooks and Amy Wannamaker displayed proper decorum and
    commentary on the lack of dignity shown by our representative government.

    Gavin was sharp with Burturla.
    Burturla was sharp with Gavin.

    Burturla told the Town Councilors to READ the CHARTER.
    Since the Town Council no long appoints the Town Attorney he must
    have revelled in telling them WHAT TO DO!

    Henrich was sharp with Burturla.
    Burturla was sharp with Henrick.

    Burturla told off Henrich and that he and the MAYOR are the MEN.
    Henrich was sharp with Burturla.
    Miron was sharp with Henrick.
    Henrich was sharp with Miron and would not yield the floor.

    Burturla was sharp with Henrick, claiming, by the Town Charter,
    Henrick HAD to YIELD to the MAYOR.

    Henrick, took his ball and walked away, calling a recess.

    Julian and Kubic were in room 217 kissing Haney’s butt.
    I went to the bathroom.
    Henrick joined Julian and Kubic were in room 217 kissing Haney’s butt.

    When I came back Weisel and DeRoma had notebooks in hand and Gavin
    was sitting nicely and talking nicely with Miron and a couple other of
    the True believers like Jason Santi and Dave Mooney.

    The lead headline in the paper was not about the FAC, which Chairman
    Ed Rodriguez was supposed to address the Town Council about all of
    the things going on, while giving exculpation, despite a vote on 3 words.

    Bob Sammis was masterful in presenting possible repudiation of pensions,
    which are actively taking place in other states…. Just a matter of time.
    I and Bob are offering only advice and trying to point substantive problems
    of the past, which need to be identified, in order to be addressed and to
    be solved.

    Being an ostrich and hoping that a REPORT can cover actions of others is,
    foolish for anyone to want to believe.

    Honest mistakes happen.
    People without expertise fail to project unintended consequences.
    Discretion is used and abused.

    And the DARN FOOLS in the TOWN COUNCIL are actively working to
    oppress the very checks and balances, which
    1. Can keep some of them out of Jail
    2. Can keep some from being disbarred
    3. Can keep the Pensions from being repudiated
    4. Can keep them from compounding and cascading their mistakes.

    For those who DO have a DOG in the HUNT, it might be wise to understand
    that those under protection today, may not enjoy such proection in the
    future, as guards change.

    At one time my father and uncle’s childhood neighbor was JUDGE ROBERT
    TESTO, (NOT Mario Testa) a former Bridgeport Democratic Power House.
    Ella Grasso was a friend of my uncle’s as well.

    Who guards the guardians? (Plato’s Republic & Dan Brown’s Angels / Demons)

    What happened when there is a changing of the guards?

  23. 23 1george1

    “there was no physical contact or shoving and unfortunately
    the camera’s are turned off during a recess
    so we can’t go to the video tape lol.”

    Have there been Cameras mounted on the back and front walls?

    I KNOW there was NO Camera inside the Town Attorney BULL PEN,
    in front of Public Forum Speakers.

    I do NOT remember seeing a CAMERA in back?
    I do remember, David Wright (cameraman) was at least briefly in the
    Town Council Chambers,

    But then, I used the bathroom in 217 or 1717 / pe pe,
    INSTEAD of the one by the Mayor’s office.

  24. 24 1george1

    Gavin’s post apparently refers to Emma and Amy, even though his post
    is ahead of mine?

    Gavin has displayed a sense of humor in the last year +.

    Gavin has displayed a sense of outrage.

    Passion is good. I love passion, even from FOS, Mike R, O-Sean, and
    especially Jeze.

    Everyone writes and states stupid stuff – ALL BLOGGERS = LOB

    Not in my power, yet, if GAVIN really really, really thought it out,
    I would think he would oppose the FAHAN proposed and ratified
    position in the TOWN CHARTER on BUDGET REFERENDUM.

    I, too believe in representative government.
    However I beleve in representing PUBLIC (not party) INTERESTS.

    That is a POLITICAL – NOT personal – shot at GAVIN specifically,
    as well as
    MOORE and more

  25. 25 gforrester

    NO transfers were approved last night – in fact I asked what happens if the Council does not approve of the transfers and the response was that it could effect our bond rating. The amount for the Town Attorney’s budget is $1,608104.11 BUT IT INCLUDES court costs of $228.851 and Liability Claims paid out by the Town to the tune of $528,194.02. Actual Legal Fees paid to a variety of firms, not just BMD, is $775,360.57. Included in that figure is BJK (Bishop Jackson & Kelly) and Attorney Florek for case work.

  26. 26 gforrester

    George Camera’s have been mounted in at least 3 locations that I can recall and I believe that one is mounted to see the speakers at the public forum.

  27. 27 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    Holy Mackerel! $750,000+ in court costs and liability claims? And the fiscal year is only 3 months old? You guys ever hear of the word “settle”?

    Another $775,000 for Buturla, Florek and Kelly? (Sure would like to see the details of that number.) So, Mayor Moron, 3 mayoral assistants, one CAO and a secretary @ $500,000 is cheaper than these three guys?

    And none of you people on the Council thought that a full time Town Attorney and a couple of paralegals was worth voting for? It’s more “efficient” to pay a private firm? (And by “private” I of course mean a firm with members on the RTC or DTC).

    Where is that switch?


  28. 28 sudds

    “You guys ever hear of the word “settle”?”

    Please tell me that I didn’t just read this???

    Jez… if you are who people claim you are… should you REALLY be writing things like THIS???

    Note to the Town Lawyer… (sorry Jez… but I am a taxpayer) maybe this should be looked into?!?!? If true the Town could be settling for $0!!!

  29. 29 1george1

    GAVIN asks some of the dangest questions and raises the dangist issues.

    NO transfers were approved last night –
    in fact I asked what happens if the Council does not approve of the transfers



    and the response was that it could effect our bond rating.



    The amount for the Town Attorney’s budget is $1,608104.11
    BUT IT INCLUDES court costs of $228.851 and
    Liability Claims paid out by the Town to the tune of $528,194.02.

    Actual Legal Fees paid to a variety of firms, not just BMD,
    is $775,360.57.

    Checking the Website Budget for 2007, the total fees were
    $ 666,— +

    Past research into the 1998 BUDGET was total Attorney fees
    $ 222.— +
    or 33 % of the 2007 fees.


    Included in that figure is BJK (Bishop Jackson & Kelly) and

    You mean the Kevin Kelly,
    1. brother in law to C.R.C. # 1, Esq. Kevin Wiliams
    2. Town Attorney July 2001 who lorded over a JULY 4th Week
    Special Meeting with NO PUBLIC FORUM SPEAKERS where
    A) Attorney Fees went from $ 60 to $ 125 per hour
    (subsequently to $ 150 per hour)

    B) Did ZERO with information from TIPS about the Bored of Edukation
    paying Burturla $ 125 per hour, WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION of the Town

    C) Allowed Carol Cabrol to stay as Council Clerk, while Bill Cabrol was
    a Town Councilor, in conflict exflagrante with the Town Charter of
    people being PAID by the TOWN, when serving as a Town Councilor.

    D) Did NOT advise against the Attorney Fee increase because 110 % increase
    violated the 2 % Budget Cap, which was an existing Town (law) Ordinance.

    E) Did NOT advise against the Attorney Fee increase because 110 % increase
    violated the Prohibition of Financial Self Interest, which was an existing
    Town (law) Ordinance, caused by the 3 REFERENDUMS OF 1991, which Mr.
    Forester’s protege John (pearly whites – I am jealous – I have poor teeth)
    Fahan went after in C. R. C. # 2 and which is part of the clean up language
    /recommended changes CATCH ALL to be voted upon, in NOV.

    F) Allowed Burturla’s firm to keep the Mossman Civil Trial – admitted there
    were conflicts – yet stayed clammed up.

    G) Worked for Blue menthol, LIEberman’s (Bush tongue swapper/McCANE
    arse kisser) protoge, allowing TOXINS to drift under peoples’ homes and
    businesses, including Gavin’s home and my home…

    H) Was allowed to keep Avalon Bay, which is a 6 figure account for what
    amounts to QUID PRO QUO – when looking at the records and past.

    I) Was silent on the PENSION ISSUES, like BURTURLA, and various Town
    Councilors about effectual GRAND THEFT to political appointees, NOT
    dissimilar to the Great OIL / GAS / MONEY Transfer from USA Citizens

    J) Built a practice along with Bishop and Jackson, in no small part due
    to benefits of political largess and connections …


    Attorney Florek for case work.

    Hmmm – You mean THE Attorney Florek who was:

    1. Town Attorney in 1991, when the 3 Referendums took place.

    2. Was on C. R. C. # 2, despite being on PAYROLL of the TOWN
    and serving at the PLEASURE of Mayor Miron and Town Attorney
    Richard Burturla?

    3. Served as the Chairman – STEER MASTER of the C. R. C. # 2, whereas
    Gavin was the Chairman of C. R. C. # 1, in which Esq. Miron, Kubic, and
    Williams, helped create a BAD STAR IZATION of CHARTER DUMB – – –


    Gavin – care to add kindling?

    FOS – is licking his wounds. 😉
    I stil think FOS is PROTO = JON’S Campaign Manager,
    but really do NOT care – but JON & GAVIN do not
    have a personal lovefest, despite EMS empathy.

    Gavin – You are among the most intelligent and capable people
    on the past 5 Town Councils, and yur Community Service goes
    without question – which brings me to PLEAD hat you come back

    Retreat from the STALINIZATION / mIRON CURTAIN of the Town Charter.

    Strike the colors of the Jolly Roger, and raise the Red White & Blue
    Stars and Stripes.

    Curtail the Party debauchery
    (Archaic Seduction from morality, allegiance, or duty.),
    (Having no regard for accepted rules or standards),
    and favors.

    I know Gavin and Burturla KNOW better than to continue on the PATH.

    Like the listeners of ancient Cassandra’s prophecies which were far too
    precient, they were not believed, yet came true, I pray that my entreat
    ments will not be looked at with regret as the better course not taken.

  30. 30 gforrester

    Mr. Forrester,
    Jez those are Last Years Numbers and they include settlements – The Town gets sued for EVERYTHING and we actually won a few.

    Yea I think Corporate Council is the way to go but there were not enought votes on the council to get that thru. Maybe the next Mayor will set aside part of the budget and hire

    Holy Mackerel! $750,000+ in court costs and liability claims? And the fiscal year is only 3 months old? You guys ever hear of the word “settle”?

    Another $775,000 for Buturla, Florek and Kelly? (Sure would like to see the details of that number.) So, Mayor Moron, 3 mayoral assistants, one CAO and a secretary @ $500,000 is cheaper than these three guys?

    And none of you people on the Council thought that a full time Town Attorney and a couple of paralegals was worth voting for? It’s more “efficient” to pay a private firm? (And by “private” I of course mean a firm with members on the RTC or DTC).

    Where is that switch?

  31. 31 1george1

    I gree with and notate on >


    Another $775,000 for Buturla, Florek and Kelly?
    (Sure would like to see the details of that number.)

    I asked for details in Q4 2007 from Burturla in an FOI.
    I repeated F.O.I. just before C. R. C. # 2 Applications were due.
    The Town Council and bloggers have seen the EXCEL for all Attorney
    Fees for 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007. (I can e-mail again to Jeze+Gavin)

    Mayor Miron volunteerily provided requeted EXCEL information on
    1998, 1999, 2000, & 2001. Also got PART of 2003.

    Still waiting for 2002 & 2003 in EXCEL.
    FINANCE can NOT FIND Burturla’s 1099 for 2003.
    CAN NOT FIND IT!! ??
    I don’t make this stuff up.

    I have e-mail documentation into Burturla’s Office, Finance, Mayor,
    and C.A.O. on this and other issues on Transparency, Budget, Income,
    Pension, and LIVE WEB CASTING….
    The longer they hold back information which I requested and document
    my requests, the stronger the case comes for CT. FOI.

    In fairness to the Administration or more appropriately the good people
    in government who obey the purview and spirit of the rule of law:
    Norko, Pawluk, and Carol Cabrol have acted properly and responsibly
    within F. O. I. – I hope that does not get them fired.
    Like some who were fired, and many who still work in Government, there
    are mostly good people in Police, Fire, Public Works, Town Hall, Education,
    and Supervision.

    So, Mayor MIron, 3 mayoral assistants, one CAO and a secretary
    @ $500,000 is cheaper than these three guys?

    It looks like JEZE coached Gavin on this one. 😉


    And none of you people on the Council thought that a full time
    Town Attorney and a couple of paralegals was worth voting for?
    It’s more “efficient” to pay a private firm?

    It looks like George coached Gavin on this one. 😉
    Jeze has been a Burturla critic.
    Too bad Gavin couldn’t get Mr. Fahan, Mr. Fredette, and a few
    of the C. R. C. to bring up or Vote for this !!!
    OPENING for GAVIN to correct me = FAIR is FAIR!


    (And by “private” I of course mean a firm with members on the
    RTC or DTC).

    OUCH! That STINGS!
    How deliciously sarcastic and sardonic?
    It looks like George coached Gavin on this one. 😉

    I got a giggle outta Gavin Monday when I told him I changed my
    unofficial title from GADFLY to MAVERIC.
    Gavin did conceed PALIN is better lookin than I and I concurred.

    Based on Burturla mouthin off to GAVIN & HENRICK, maybe we need
    a couple of more items on the referendum about the Town Charter?

    I am still beggin Gavin to change his mind about Grandfather clauses.
    Get those back, and I would consider GAVIN to be my # 3 choice for
    Mayor. This would make the order.

    1 Ralph Nader (or his designee, IF not a PLANT!)

    2 Diane Buda

    3 Gavin Forester (conditional to Grandfather Rights & a couple other issues-
    where we have some fund-a-mental political differences.)

    4 Somebody like Bob Sammis, who is trustworthy and despite believing in the
    Republican party, is for the Public Interests.

    5 George Mulligan (Would appoint Ralph Nader or designee as Town Atty.)

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “Jez… if you are who people claim you are… should you REALLY be writing things like THIS???”

    You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Consider your sources.

    If you ask any judge, the next to last thing you want is to have the word “defendant” after your name. The absolute last thing you want is to have the word “plaintiff” after your name.

    But if you bill by the hour and there is absolutely no cap on billable hours, guess what? You bill a LOT of hours. This is why most people negotiate settlements.

    A salaried attorney (not billing by the hour) is incented to reduce caseload not increase it. If most criminal and civil cases weren’t settled beforehand the court system would grind to a halt. That is why most legal departments in corporations and insurance companies always attempt a settlement first.

  33. Mr. Forrester,
    Thank you for your response. Are you the only councilor upset with all this nonsense? Does anyone come to your defense? I feel like you are the only one representing the public on this issue. Am I correct?

  34. 34 1george1

    I came to Gavin’s defense on this blog.

    Gavin is more than capable of dishing it out and taking it
    from Burturla, Miron, or anyone else.

    Yet, with Alvin, Gavin, Emmy, Amy, Jimmy and Dick all makin a fuss,
    didn’t they grab the headlines, away from the FAC presentation,
    which was aborted anyway?

  35. 35 jezebel282


    I was giving 7-2 odds that Gavin could take Miron!

    That’s real support!

  36. 36 gforrester

    Cyclops – I just think that we need some solid answers / business plan / construction estimates before we start counting ticket sales. While I hope the theatre is revived we need to go back in our memories and remember that we had some infructure issues when it was a vibrant entity and we need to think about the big picture beyond hammer/nails/and paint.

    As for being defended – i’m a big boy and George is right – I can dish it as well as receive it. Sometimes I admit I let my Scottish temper flare more than I should and maybe I should less be passionate and more comatose as some others have been.

  37. Gavin ~

    Can the next mayor create a position of “corporate counsel” within the Town rather than have an an appointed Town Attorney who utilizes the services of several outside firms like we currently have?

    It certainly would be more cost-efficient for the Town to have an in-house attorney, paralegal and legal secretary who deal with the day-to-day things that arise rather than billed an hourly fee (billed in six minute increments).

  38. Pat,
    No, he cannot – not without having a charter revision. The town attorney has his job all locked in by the Charter.

  39. Mr. Forrester, I’m with you on this issue!

  40. 40 1george1


    You have taken my compliments and my inquiries in a way
    that earned my respect. Further you represent the interest
    of constituents by arranging for meetings and activities such

    You even have given compliments back (it took awhile)
    You have caused Budget Workshops to be held after I made
    an issue and after I discovered and made it know there was
    NEVER a PRINTED Approved Bored of Education Budget, you
    helped make sure it got done.

    Like you, I believe in Representative Government.
    However, I believe Stratford politicians abused that.
    Your protoge, John Fahan proposed eliminating the Budget
    Referendum as an option, which had never been used, yet
    with the PENSION and other BUDGET COST, and with less
    Responsive REVENUE a distinct possibity –

    W H Y have you Publicly supported the anti BUDGET REFERENDUM
    aspect in the Town Charter, last month.
    Just as you were surprized agreeing with Mayor Miron on the issue,
    it was (UNFORTUNATELY) the most elegant speach he ever gave in
    defense of representative government.

    I raised the exact same issues, which you and PCS are discussing to
    the Town Council, before and during C. R. C. # 2 and to the C. R. C. #2,

    I appreciate passion.

    I appreciate temper, whether scotch, italian, irish, or whatever –
    we are all human, wanting the best “for our people and other people.”

    Gavin, PCS, & JON are among the best / fact based bloggers.
    Jeze & I have our moments.
    There are several others too.

  41. Did I confuse this post of Gavin’s? Everything seems to be getting juggled together…..

    “Yea I think Corporate Council is the way to go but there were not enought votes on the council to get that thru. Maybe the next Mayor will set aside part of the budget and hire.”

    Since the mayor is in charge of the Town Attorney appointment, does it have to be the way it is now? Couldn’t he/she create an in-house position to allow for the handling of day-to-day matters? The only time outside counsel should/could be used would be for complex items/matters that arise. It would just make more sense, cost wise.

  42. 42 sudds

    LOL… you think cost will be the motivating factor?

    We ARE talking about Stratford still, right???

  43. 43 jezebel282


    It couldn’t cost anymore than, say, having three mayoral assistants….and the Council approved THAT!

  44. 44 1george1

    Sudds hit the nail on the head.

    PCS is not unlike many people who go to the Town Council
    and speak at Public Forums.
    Each makes the same mistake of projecting of what they think
    is the logical course(s) of action and that the T. C. will respond.

    A Town Councilor of a couple years ago divided people on the
    Town Committees into 3 Groups

    1/3rd want power and money
    1/3rd want to do what they think is the right think
    1/3rd want something to do and join. The powers that are know
    which buttons to push with each in order to find malleable people.
    Espionage motivators are M. I. C. E.

    Compromise normally refers to people who are vulnerable to
    Biographical leverage, like a NO – NO in the past.

    All the people who think the gravy train will last forever, never
    take into account other people who thought the same thing:
    Alaska leaders
    Detroit Mayor
    L. A. police violated the R. I. C. O act

    The guard changes. Retired people are especially vulnerable,
    since they no longer control their Turf. They lost leverage,
    in that what they KNOW on certain people, those people died or
    retired. And people out of the area, like Hartford or Greenwich
    let all of the squirrel collect their nuts and bees collect honey.

    At the last minute – WHOOSH – everything is gone – EVERY THING!

    But, don’t take my advise, since I am not SANE, even though I am
    trying to help those who hurt me.

  45. 45 freedomofspeach

    OK is this guy even in the state? Is he a reporter? If he is he needs to stop smoking his own dope and get the facts straight.

    The reason is clear. Developers and actors without checkbooks and a corrupt Mayors office

    Why does Shakespeare Theater farce play on?

    Connecticut Post Staff
    Article Last Updated: 10/16/2008 07:21:06 PM EDT

    Forty-five months have passed since the state gave the town of Stratford control of the Shakespeare Theater. As we approach this four-year anniversary of failed progress, I am left with a few questions.

    The Stratford Town Council is providing $2.5 million to their chosen operator — but where is it? And if this is true, why are they not making essential repairs to the holes in the roof to prevent further damage from the rain leaking in?

    Additionally, in two RFPs for a theater operator, why has the town chosen groups with insufficient funding — not once, but now twice?

    In 2006, after stating publicly that they had no plan, no vision and no money, the council chose the KKP group. Why? That group failed within a year. Now in 2008 the town has chosen Bill Hanney as its new theater operator, who stated in the Connecticut Post that he could perhaps contribute $500,000 to help reopen the theater. However, his recent offer to “lend” the town $150,000 to repair the roof (if reimbursed) has me questioning his original $500,000 figure.

    If the town and Hanney put their unproven funding together for a combined sum of $3 million, we know more money is needed. In the report commissioned by the council, the VNL group quoted refurbishing costs from $6 million to $19.2 million. Do they believe their combined $3 million sufficient? Why do the report? It cost taxpayers $169,000, and was quoted by Councilman Michael Julian as “not worth the paper it was printed on!”

    Has anyone considered who is to pay for staffing, producing and advertising the shows once the Shakespeare Theater’s doors reopen? Hanney admitted to not having seen a Shakespeare production, has no wish to do so, and believes, misguidedly, that the Bard does not make money. One hundred twenty-five Shakespeare festivals across America may just prove him wrong!

    By choosing him as operator for the theater, the Stratford Town Council has proven yet again its compete incompetence for the task. When will the state intervene? Take the drama out of the Town Council meetings and put it on stage where it belongs.

    James Sadowski

  46. 46 1george1

    For someone who is out of State, you seem to have access to the
    CT. POST and Stratford Star letters to the Editor.

    Are they putting them on-line now?

    Not that I disagree with your positions.

  47. 47 freedomofspeach

    Yes I could not cut and paste them if they were not online. Go to message board, there was one comment.

  48. 48 1george1

    I believe the CRC vote is setting up the legal opinion and visa versa.

    I believe LBW is set up to fail, so there will be airport trade.


    Gut instinct or experience?
    I got a big gut.

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