Stratford’s Finest Get Fired Up!


$75,000 for those teeth? The other question is how many times does he have to fold the check before it fits in his wallet?

It has taken a while, but it seems that members of the Stratford Police Union Local 407 have finally had enough. A little over a week ago, a new website appeared for this union. What is unique about this is that it is not your typical Union site. There is no talk of contracts, hours, benefits, work rules or most of the things you’d find on a union local site.

What is there? There is plenty of talk about Chief Buturla and Deputy Chief Loschiavo. The Loschiavos (at last count there were 6 of them) have made out extremely well here in Stratford. From free dental work to promotions to town cars, free gas, yard and maintenance equipment, overtime pay..the list goes on.

It is also interesting to find out that Chief Buturla spends a large portion of his time away from Stratford collecting Homeland Security consulting fees while he collects a $97,000/year salary from us.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I urge you to take a look at this site.

And before “Officer Sean” pipes in, let me reveal my bias:

I am not a Police Officer. No one I know is a Police Officer. But the Stratford Police Department is supposed to protect me and you. In my humble opinion, you cannot pay police officers enough considering what we ask them to do. To destroy their morale, change the rules of the game, reward those who kiss it enough, and ask them to turn a blind eye* to corruption, nepotism, and double dipping is just wrong.

What’s next? A Fire Department blog?

*No reference to the mayor intended.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Apparently the term “stonewalling” has a different meaning in the Stratford PD. There is some question about the timing of funds from the D.A.R.E. program and a new stone wall at Loschiavo’s house.

    Where’s a detective when you need one?

  2. 2 sudds

    Dang… I need a job like this!!

    Psst… Mr. Best when is your first campaign meeting???? 😉

  3. 3 1george1

    The message on police cars is

    “To protect and serve….”

    That is an exact quote.

    It does NOT SAY:

    “To protect and serve the PUBLIC”
    < >
    “To protect and serve the POLITICAL PARTIES”
    “To protect and serve Jim Miron”
    “To protect and serve Rich Burturla”
    “To protect and serve the POLICE UNION”
    “To protect and serve the U. S. Constitution”
    “To protect and serve the Judges, Justice/FBI, State police like
    Tony Schirillo or John Burturla’s former Managers, or Blumenthal,
    former boss of Kevin Kelly, or CT States’ Attorneys like ex-stfd pd
    Joe Harry or Bridgeport FBI co-head, comers”

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Are you sure you’re not related to a Miron, Buturla or Loschiavo? That seems to be the only qualification.

  5. 5 1george1

    Oh – The majority of Stratford Police are great guys in an uphill
    political battle.

    Obviously, there is discontent about issues.

    They know there is / was a double standard when it came to Pensions.

    They know who will cause too much attention for the Pensions to be
    vaiable and it will likely cost all of them, which I am / have been trying
    to protect a good and fair pension for the entire membership.

    Police and Fire deserve good pay and benefits, as do teachers and others.
    Everyone deserves some “social” security knowing you can survive hard times.

    A few bad eggs, have to spoil the receipt.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “They know who will cause too much attention for the Pensions to be
    vaiable and it will likely cost all of them,”

    I give them much more credit than that. At this rate, if I were a police officer with expensive training from the State of Connecticut my favorite site would be Careerbuilder. Atlanta is paying top dollar for qualified officers. So is almost every municipality in Florida. And the food in New Orleans is delicious.

    I think the website was started by officers who still believe in right & wrong. I am happy they are here. There was a day when you could call the Stratford PD and let them know you were on vacation and your house would be empty. Now, you might come home to find your lawnmower, snowblower or powerwasher gone.

  7. 7 sudds

    “The message on police cars is

    “To protect and serve….”

    That is an exact quote.”

    GOOD point Georgy! Anyone know who I need to contact to have an officer stop by and serve me beer during tonight’s football game???

    Ooooh… ooohh… ooooohhhh… and I’d like them to SERVE me Buffalo wings too!!!

  8. 8 sudds

    “Are you sure you’re not related to a Miron, Buturla or Loschiavo? ”

    If I were then why would I be lobby Best for a job once he’s mayor??? Wouldn’t I have one already??? Or at least be on the payroll somehow???

    BEST FOR MAYOR 2009!!!

  9. 9 thegenuinephyllis

    We are the laughing stock of the USA..went to NYC 2 wks ago for a conference people were intrigued as to the almost weekly “soap opera” ocurring in Stratford,CT. Much of what goes on here is so bizzare it makes google news, AP news etc…Police matter over clearing a shrub?? Fire engines???Mayor that straps 2 guns…Madonna what do you say when people ask if all is so they look at you as though you live in a crazytown…???

  10. 10 1george1

    Where could someone FOI the CONSULTING FEES for HOMELAND SECURITY
    alleged in a BLOG?

    Precisely when did this purported activity take place? Were the day and
    dates and time concurrent to other duties on another payroll?

    Should some make a suggestion to certain people on where to investigate
    and how to investigate?

  11. 11 nnanerak

    I is called the “whistleblower statute” is actually is on the books in CGS.

    I do believe that it is time to start using it.
    If that doesn’t work I’m sure the IRS would love some info about unreported perks…..and a scamarama or two. While the cops couldn’t get Al Capone the IRS did…..

    There is a pattern to the grant $$$ issues that go back several(few) years ago where a certain lt. now dc gave himself a 12k$$$$ pay raise through a S.U.D.D.s grant. That money should have gone to the kids, in Stratford or somewhere else. It is my understanding there was no need for the grant to cover OT as the individual involved could have flexed his hours to prevent OT. I was given this info just recently by someone that has seen this in action through their own involvement with the SUDDS group and has been very upset about it for a long time. I don’t blame them for being upset. The things that keep getting revealed make me so disgusted and angry.

    I think that the word discontent is an understatement. I believe I would call it Volcanic Discontent.

  12. 12 nnanerak

    It is my understanding, from local heresay, that usually the big purchases follow the big fundraiser.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    “dc gave himself a 12k$$$$ pay raise through a S.U.D.D.s grant.”

    Sudds? I knew he must be involved somehow!

  14. 14 1george1

    The whistle blower statute is political same as the various Ethics
    Commissions at local and state levels.

    In 1985, I was turned on to Senator Charles Grassley and tried to
    go that avenue with him and others.

    When you contact your (or a) Senator or Congressperson, one of
    the Staff takes and processes the complaint. It is then sent to the
    appropriate Department or Agency, who is statutorially mandated
    to have control of the issue.

    Analygous – Complain to the Town Council about Trees or a pot hole
    or damage done by a Fire Truck, Police car, or being wise mouthed
    by someone in the Schools or Town hall and the complaint goes to
    A) Department Head
    B) Mayor

    All that happened with my whistleblower complaints were that the
    people in my area USPS, were asked what was happening and why?
    1) They replied with LIES
    2) They were embarassed and ticked, especially with names named!
    3) They used underlings to increase harassment of me and fellow
    A) The more people they could force out from a 13 person office,
    which became a 20 person office at no Budget cost due to hiring
    people at 60 % of the senior pay, the more hand picked minions
    they could replace.
    4) The used political assets in the area for outside harassment,
    since I was a threat to their power = livelhoods.

    One of them told me the CONTRACT and CONSTITUTION were not
    worth the paper it was printed on. They were correct.

    There are about 30 % of Democrats and Republican who could work
    and NEVER worry about the inhumanity or ethics/morality of their actions.

    What does dc – stand for?
    LoSchiavo title?

    If I wrote SPO, people in the USPS would know the term.
    I suspect dc is a police term?
    I suspect people on the blog are a few ex-police or related to same.
    It is not like I am outing anyone, since Jim Miron pretty much knows
    who his allies are and who his critics are.

    This blog is still very contained with limited circulation, to certain people
    who mostly reinforce each other’s positions.
    I agree with much.
    I dis agree with much, especially what is NOT covered.

  15. 15 jezebel282

    DC = Deputy Chief

  16. The whole residency thing just bugs me….. I think that the Chief and Deputy Chief should be residents of the Town they were hired to serve. How can you serve people you don’t live among, don’t know them. What’s wrong with our Town that they can’t be a part of it – e.g., live here. They’re just here to collect a paycheck!

    In a conversation I had with a fellow town resident recently, the walking beat cop topic came up. With gas prices as high as they are, cops should be getting out of their cars and walking the areas they patrol a little. Get to know the residents, get familiar with the people. There’s much more that can be done rather than sitting in a cruiser waiting for the shift to end.

    Wasn’t there a time when there was a residency requirement? Couldn’t that be required again?

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “With gas prices as high as they are, cops should be getting out of their cars and walking the areas they patrol a little.”

    Interesting idea, but aside from Paradise Green and Stratford Center, where would they walk? (and don’t say up and down the train platform and parking lot)

    I must say, there were certainly enough officers in Stratford Center this week. Imagine if one of them were there say from 06:00 – 08:30 and from 16:00 – 18:00. I’ll bet you could cross Main Street without fearing for your life.

  18. 18 1george1

    ACLU would jump all over the Residency, as would the unions.

    Esq. Burturla does not need excuses to turn on his Billing machine.

    The issue of cars and gas is minor compared with bigger ticket
    items, yet cummulatively it all adds up.

    Perhaps motorcycles and bikes, make more sense for patrol in parts
    of Town, for fuel savings. Yet they are not all weather, not as safe,
    not do they have advantages of a patrol car or patrol van.

    I think a mixture of all of the above is logical, especially small cars
    which combine fuel efficiency with certain necessities / amenities.

    I do not believe Stratford has the density appropriate to Beat walkers.

    Thank for DC explanation.

  19. George ~

    One of the biggest problems I see with our society is all of these “do gooder” people – e.g., the ACLU, CCLU and so on.

    I got badgered years ago by relatives in the mid-West because I was reading Harry Potter – the various religious sects that were hell bent on believing it was a book promoting satanism. Give me a break. It was the best thing that could’ve happened – it helped bring books back into kids lives! Fiction and fantasy.

    We need people working for the people of Stratford, not a Chief and DC who are so outside the Town, living on American dream cul-de-sacs with home values that I can only dream about right now.

    There are bicycle cops in the south end – McFadden Drive area. There could be bicycle cops in Lordship, a couple in Paradise Green – maybe walking during peak/high traffic hours in specific areas, like the Seawall, Paradise Green, Stratford Center – and it’s not just about the train station. It was great to see the cops when they were at Stop & Shop. Now, it’s all private security in cars and I certainly don’t feel all that secure in those shopping areas.

  20. Further to my posts above about a residency requirement, I found a great article written by Bob Nash of the National FOP Research Section. In it, there are a few Federal cases cited. It said that “generally, residency requirements have been upheld and deemed to be constitutional by the Federal Courts so long as the employing jurisdiction has demonstrated some ‘rational’ basis for the provision.” Rational basis was defined by the court including “such things as having employees available for emergency calls, employees having a stake in the community, enhancing the tax base, improving community attitudes and cooperation, increasing loyalty to the community, and reducing absenteeism.” In one of the cases, in particular, the court said that “[t]his kind of ordinance is not irrational.” It said that the “high court found such requirements to be lawful conditions of employment on th basis that there is no fundamental right to goverment employment and they do not unconsutionally impinge on the right to travel.”

    I can provide the case citations.

  21. 21 jezebel282

    Who gave Pat the Lexis Nexis password?

  22. Jeze ~

    I would say that “increasing loyalty to the community” is an important item. I would also venture to be that it was improve the attitudes of residents knowning that the people paid to protect them live among them.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    I would agree with you when it comes to making policy for this Town. It seems ludicrous to me that the CAO, Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief and who knows who else do not live in this town or pay taxes here.

    I’m not sure I would require every Town employee to live here although most do.

  24. Jeze ~

    I believe it’s extremely important for top administrative positions – especially the ones you mentioned – but I also think it’s even more important in the police department, for patrol officers. That would almost mean that every neighborhood would have a cop or two around them. If they live and work around the people they protect, the people would have a higher respect and better feeling about the department. I know it was a requirement at one time, and have no clue when that changed.

  25. P.S. ~ no vested interest, why would they care what happens?????

  26. 26 jezebel282


    Well for one thing, if you weren’t stuck here already would YOU move here now? I know I wouldn’t.

    Having officers live here is not a bad idea, but in a town of 50,000 would it be a noticeable difference? How many officers are there? 150? 200?

    If a police officer hesitates or simply doesn’t do his job is it a question of where he lives?

    I have had extremely little contact with the Stratford PD (I suppose that is a good thing). The once or twice I have, I have been very impressed. I remember once during a blizzard at approximately 10PM an officer rang my doorbell. He had to trudge from his nice warm cruiser 100ft through 3 ft of snow to do that. He rang my bell to tell me I should really move my car or he’d have to issue a ticket. You just have to respect that. But did that have anything to do with him living in Stratford?

    “why would they care what happens?????”

    Because they are Police Officers. The same way doctors care, teachers care, firemen care, EMT’s care, legal secretaries care….

    People (well Officer Sean) always accuse me of never giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. They are wrong. I believe in the rank and file of the Stratford PD.

  27. Jeze ~

    The “why would they care” was meant for the other administrators you mentioned, not patrol officers, or the department generally. I have known and do know many Stratford police officers ranging from patrol officers up to sargeants, etc. I’ve never had a problem with them either and have the utmost respect for them and the job they do in our Town.

  28. 28 jezebel282



    Okie Dokie.

  29. 29 nnanerak

    Jez and Pat,

    What an interesting discussion, so I did some checking around about the walking cops, I seem to remember them in the center and the green when I was a little kid. Fortunately for me just down the road is a real old timer from the force that worked during those days, so I asked him about it. He said the walking cops were a budgetary cut that happened about 20-25 years ago. He said the force was not being fully staffed at that time so they no longer had the “riders” that were used for the walking beats in the center and green. He also said that the department has to his knowledge never been up to full compliment since then. He seemed to think there were about 105 slots for officers but was only staffed in the 90-95 range back then, he said now it is up to about 112 slots that are supposed to be filled and thinks that with all the Loschiavo’s family on staff it should bring them to almost a full compliment. He said when you take into consideration the rotation of days on, plus the “brass” it covers each district and provided 2 floater cars back then.
    He also said yes there was a residency clause when he was on the job but it was ruled unconstitutional to force people to live in the community that they worked in unless they received a wage that made it so they could eat and pay their mortgage.Apparently at that time police officers in Stratford were paid below the poverty level for a family of four. He said the requirement was changed to living in towns touching the perimeter of Stratford because officers are on call 24/7 the NEED to be able to rapidly respond if they are called in. He said he was unsure if that was still what is the law for residency but he seemed to think the whole thing was thrown to the wind, which in his opinion was a disservice to the residents they are sworn to serve. I happen to agree with him.
    I also happen to agree that walking beats are probably one of the most effective tools of community policing. They get to know the business owners, the residents and customers of the area they serve. They know who the troublemakers are and where they hang out. It also works as a communication tool/bridge with and for the community. Good idea? Yes. As a mandatory “beat” no. Yes it should have the train station as part of the walking beat as well as a patrolled beat.
    Jez- if a police officer hesitates does it have anything to do with where he lives? It could. It definately effects the top 2 dogs in this fight. If there was a true emergency that was sudden and spontaneous and top dog was 45 minutes away and dirty dog is out in Orange say 20 minutes away and Tony S. was working his real job. Where does that leave the Stratford residents? Leaves us S.O.L.
    While the other officers and brass can handle somethings in times of true emergency is when you need the calming influence of knowing that those that are supposed to be in charge will show up. Then again, in Stratford the lack of qualifications in dirty dog makes it safer to leave him in Orange. The hesitation I refer to is in leadership. It is more like absentee-ism. If the leadership lived in town it reduces that hesitation time down dramatically. We provide certain positions cars 24/7 right? Well, living that far away does not give the taxpayers a 24/7 benefit/return on their investment.
    The discussion leaves all of us with the same frustrations that have been plaguing the town. It seems that we need a fearless visionary with ethical balls of kryptonite to break the hold that is strangling the life out of Stratford.
    Thank you for the whislter blower info. Some of what you said is correct. Some is not. Most people that have a case to use the whislteblower statute have actual documentation of incidents on paper, on tape, on video. It doesn’t hold h2o with heresay. It appears that the police union website has some basic documentation in the form of grievances, but I bet if you investigated further on the OT issue you would find a deliberate pattern of intent, which would support the claim if the whislteblower tried to show deliberate intent to defraud by the person who caused the grievance and the person who in the supervisory capacity signed off on it. You see it is a supervisors job to know if their subordinates aren’t following the rules and guidelines. This is true in the business world, not just the town.

    I know that I am not alone when I say KUDOS to the officers that have enough integrity to stand up to the corrupt management and shenanigans in their department.(that does not include officer sean) They have my utmost respect and support. I wish there were more like them. Hang in there guys(and gals) there is only 13 months to go, less if we get lucky. If things keep going the way that they are going in T.H.(town hall-for George) you may just be arresting the beast that resides in the palace after all.

  30. 30 genericscreename

    Et al,

    Reading the string of posts reminds me of my youth, when walking through the green as a child or riding my bike there. I do not recall the name of the officer who walked the beat in the summer, but I do remember getting told once to get off of my bike on the sidewalk and walk along side it, which I did. What happend next in todays world would cause a lawsuit, however back then it was justified……………… I demounted my bike, walked over to Vic’s went inside bought the usual candy, came out, hopped on my bike and began to head back in the direction which I came from when all of a sudden I felt a whack in the backside on the portion of my rear end above the bike seat. I stopped looked around and there was the same cop who five minutes earlier told me to walk. I walked it.

    Today if a cop gives us a friendly reminder to behave, they will get sued.

    Scarry huh

  31. 31 helpushelpyou

    We are trying to get the word out about the internal corruption. See for yourself. Get some of the Questionable reports…they are all public documents and available under Freedom Of Information. Connecticut General Statutes 1-210 and 1-214 allow you to view reports concerning MIRONgate. As well as other questionable hires which bypassed some well qualified candidates for employment. Also google Lewis vs Voccola City of Shelton… The publics interest and need to know outways confidentiality rules in regards to public safety…but the reports “leaked out of stratford were public documents not secret files. the SHELTON Union president wrote about the chiefs son(voccola) on their union web site and was suspended and threatened with termination…he ended up with hundreds of thousands in a civil suit. Now the Stratford chief is trying to hang someone for exposing a corrupt hiring process and is threatening termination on individuals merely suspected of involvement! He hired friends of his to conduct an internal investigation. Seems like its being guided to where they want it to go. This is one issue in our little toilet…there are so many and so little time…ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE….look up the answers for yourself

  32. 32 thegenuinephyllis

    Helpus:You are totally correct Knowledge is power..we must unite!

  33. 33 officersean

    The word around town is that one or more ranking current or former police officers may be facing adminstrative and/or criminal accountability in the near future.

    Does anyone think the timing of the new union allegations on the new union website are maybe an example of the old saying: “the best defense is a good offense”?

    Jezebel, you can speak to that, right dear?

  34. 34 officersean

    The good officers are not part of this website nonsense.

    Some are being bullied by a certain faction of ranking officers.


  35. 35 nnanerak

    Sounds like you have something much larger than a little toilet. What other issues are happeneing that have not already been discussed here? Who are the other hires? And who is on the invesitgationg team that has a conflict of interest and what is the conflict? Share the basics and we will do the rest. Sometimes when the shi##er is full you have to give it a flush, we will gladly help pull the golden handle in it will get rid of the stench.

  36. 36 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    “Jezebel, you can speak to that, right dear?”

    No. I can’t, Honey.

    Remember: “I am not a Police Officer. No one I know is a Police Officer.”

    But Sean, Honey, I have an idea. Why don’t you post what you just said on and see what response you get.

    Let us know, will you?

  37. Jeze, sweetie – never in a million years…. ;>D

    Nnanerak ~ the caselaw I found seems to dismiss the unconstitutionality of a residency requirement. I do know that there are several officers who do live here in Town. They are a part of our community. Some of what I read stated that some cities/towns across the nation implemented a requirement that the officers could not live farther than 5 miles outside the Town/City perimeter, or something like that.

    I’m not saying that we need to have “beat” cops all the time, but it would certainly give these officers a better sense of our community. It’s something that should be considered. I see patrol cars parked in parking lots waiting for a call. They wear a radio on their uniform. Rather than sitting in the patrol car, it would certainly be time better spent – taking a walk along the seawall, Stratford Center, Paradise Green, or other areas where their visibility might be welcomed. If they walked up East Main Street a few blocks, people might actually start slowing down.

    This morning, I saw a woman blatantly blow a red light and take a left turn into the train station parking lot. She stopped, but then just decided she didn’t want to wait for the green light. There is such a lack of respect for rules – and we’ve ALL become a little more relaxed at following them. Although that time of the morning wouldn’t warrant police presence, if one had been there, it wouldn’t have happened. Visibility – on foot, bikes, cars – and not sitting in the back of parking lots – could, and probably would, make a huge difference. It’s a start.

  38. 38 1george1

    Good series of informative post.

    I generally agree with most of the positions posted. “generally” “most”
    don’t faint!

    The Harry Potter and Dan Brown books are generally anti-Catholic doctrine,
    from my limited memory, from my formative years.
    I am not anti-any religion. I feel the Judeo/Christian/Catholic ethic are good.

    I stopped going to church late in teen years, as my dad went through hell
    with physical problems, and the Theology class at Sacred Heart was filled
    with obvious contradictions.
    My family includes Catholics, several denominatons of Protestant, Jewish
    and more, with varying degrees of observance.
    My extended family includes masons and various ancient orders.

    As a hobby, I collect Harryhausen figures (Cyclops avatar) and other Myth /
    ancient Gods and characters. I also have Judeo / Catholic / Christain stuff.

    My point PCS:
    The people who complained about HARRY POTTER were correct about the
    substance within the book.
    Yet I disagree with ANYONE abridging your rights or trying to EDIT whatever
    you choose to read?

    There are many brilliant people, who have been exposed to BLACK MAGIC
    and FORCES of EVIL, only to embrace the Judeo / Christian / Catholic
    structures, for various reasons.

    My opinion:
    To know evil, is to be able to recognize good…
    I too “have been to the mountaintop” and seen the world the devil rules …

  39. 39 helpushelpyou

    The internal external investigation (said to be a mere fact finding investigation by the chief with the threat of termination) is being conducted by an ex trooper golf buddy of the chief(an ex trooper as well), Bob Tolemeo and an attorney that works/worked for Buturla’s town attorney brother at his Law offices,..John Kelly. The whole process seems orchestrated and the outcome is a lawsuit hand delivered to Christian Miron. They are going after individuals for printed the report even though the actual act of mailing the report is the alleged “crime”.
    The crime as they call it is the mailing of a public document( a police report) which falls under the Freedom of Information Guidelines making it available to the public.
    The publics right to know who will be carrying a gun among them seems like a safety issue to me

  40. George ~

    Sorry, I completely disagree and will continue to disagree with the midwestern “thumpers” on that one.

  41. 41 helpushelpyou

    officer sean,….I am a good officer,..I am friends with 90% of my fellow good officers and we are sick and tired of the bs that has been going on in this town. We know alot of dark little secrets about many council members and administration. That knowledge goes with our job(like girlfriends,party habits and in some cases fetishes) but that is not what we are fed up about….we are fed up with the corruption. I have watched this corrupt hiring process being manipulated to employ unqualified sons and brothers of town members why isn’t that looked at why the attention on who exposed the corruption. Why are we paying two outsiders $300.00 and hour to conduct a witch hunt when the real issue is how the top administration in the police department manipulated the hiring standards….of course the chief is going to try and punish someone regardless of the truth,..he is spending to much money not to show something for it. Find me the violation…what is the statute number for the crime!
    what is the town policy violation!….and how in gods name are the investigators going to determine who mailed a letter that so many had access to.

  42. 42 jezebel282


    “is being conducted by an ex trooper golf buddy of the chief(an ex trooper as well), Bob Tolemeo and an attorney that works/worked for Buturla’s town attorney brother at his Law offices,..John Kelly.”

    Wait a minute. Your saying that the investigation of “leaking” information from the mayor’s brother’s personnel file is being conducted by the Town Attorney’s (who serves at the pleasure of the mayor) law firm and that the Chief of Police (the Town Attorney’s brother) is the one directing the investigation?

    And this is supposed to be fair? Nobody has filed a complaint with the Bar Association about this conflict?

    What happened to the State Attorney? Did he disappear? And why are we spending taxpayer money for something that hasn’t been determined to be a crime yet? We can arrest a guy for cutting hedges but spend thousands building a case for a plaintiff against the town in a lawsuit?

  43. 43 genericscreename

    et al:

    Not being current on the overall situation with regard to the leaking of the documents to the public regarding Christian Miron, the issues around the hiring of the DC sons, Brother in law of the Mayor ( quasi), etc I ask a few basic questions

    1. With all the press coverage, the electronic media, the questionable spending…….where is the FBI?

    2. what if anything is occurring via the Internal Affairs section of the PD? for all this non-sense?

    3. What if any are the options available to the general public, the officers etc to get these issues resolved in a legal and expedient manner?

    4. How much of what is being alleged is in fact truth?, how much is gossip and rumor?

    5. Should litigation arise as a result, who will be the plaintiff, the town, or those who had their personal information released or both?

    6. What happens should the investigation still be ongoing after the next election and a new administration is in place?

    7. Don’t we have an ethics commission which also has some investigative powers?

    8. Whose side is the Police Union on, and what are they doing about all this?

    9. At what point will this affect our ability to provide an effective and efficient police department?

    10. At which time will it all blow up and then the town has to start all over again?

  44. 44 jezebel282


    1. Great Question!
    2. Apparently and according to Helpus, the whole thing has been outsourced to Berchem Moses & Devlin. Again.
    3. Few and none. It is highly doubtful an average citizen can walk into the PD and ask “what’s going on?”.
    4. It is a fact the the CT Post published a story about Christian Miron’s qualifications. Beyond that, everything else is rumor.
    5. It depends on whether a crime was committed. So far there has been no credible evidence of that. Miron the Younger can file a civil suit against the somebody in the Town if he can prove libel or defamation of character. He would also have to prove that the information was false and disseminated with malicious intent.
    6. Probably nothing. It is doubtful that Miron the Younger would file any civil action against the Town if his brother really thinks he has a snowball’s chance of getting re-elected.
    7. Sure, but you know who they have to utilize for legal opinions? Wait for it…..Richard Buturla.
    8. Ask them: or go to their “No Confidence” vote on the 29th of Sept.
    9. It has probably already demoralized more than a few police officers and shaken their faith in the leadership.
    10 I’m surprised no one in Town Hall has been hauled off in cuffs yet.

  45. 45 helpushelpyou

    genericscreenname, a quick post now,..I will post more when I can.
    The externalized internal was not given to the police internal affairs. Kelly has his own practice but has worked for the stratford town attorney’s private office. The chief hired his friendsso it would go the way he wants it to . The union has generated alot of information on our chief and thats why he is attacking it at the top. Freedom of information has revealed things such as an accident the chief was involved in resulting in approximately $5,000.00 worth of damage….no report filed with the state police or town and the human rescources cut a check no questions asked to get it repaired….He is required to report such an accident. Now that is one small blemish on our chief. He already spoke to the union attorney an said he would hold disciplinary action against the union members he feels are responsible if the union takes down the web site and gets rid of the FReedon Of Information reports gathered on him. He fears bad publicity. We have made contacts to outside agencies, FBI,.but it the average citizen has more of a voice. The Stratford Union wants outside help…we want someone to come in …we DO NOT FEAR THE TRUTH….but it seems they(chief, miron,deputy) do. Talk to you soon,….I hear slithering coming down the hall

  46. 46 freedomofspeach

    As I previously said, there appears to be no criminal act regarding the release of the information. As I have said in the past, show me the statute.

    The courts have clearly said that the violation of someone’s privacy is outweighed by the publics right to safety. That’s why some personnel records have been release at the state level by the FOIC because the public has a right to know about things that affect their public safety are legitimate matters of public concern and can legally be released.. I previously posted those decisions and cases.

    Also, there cannot be a defamation of character lawsuit by CM. The courts have ruled that you have to have a character to defend. Not being eligible or the best pick for a job, having the record clearly state that he has issues and most likely lied on his polygraph, and yet the chief recommending him, makes this a public safety issue, a legitimate matter of public concern, and someone of public interest.

    Finally the forth amendment does not cover acts of private persons who act on good faith, and I don’t really remember seeing any codified privacy acts in CT (but haven’t looked really hard) so if someone has some information I would appreciate the cite.

    Any information you want to share off list my email is

  47. 47 jezebel282


    Car accident? The $42,000 car we paid for? And then instead of filing insurance we paid another $5,000 to fix it? Was this on Town business? If not, shouldn’t Buturla have paid for the damages himself?

    It also occurred to me that the Feds may be reluctant to investigate anything if they are the ones paying Buturla’s consulting fees while he collects our paycheck.

  48. 48 1george1

    “What happened to the State Attorney? Did he disappear?
    And why are we spending taxpayer money for something
    that hasn’t been determined to be a crime yet?”

    I last spoke to DOM about the time of the C. R. C. formation.
    When he would not get involved to protect Grandfathered Rights,
    and the reasons he gave, I lost all respect for him.
    > Dom had told me that “the BURTURLAS’ were protected.”
    Dom did not elaborate.

    However, if anyone read relationships between the Burturlas and the
    > CT State police
    > CT State proscutors’ office
    > CT Attorney General
    > CT Judges
    > CT Political Parties
    > FBI
    > Justice Dept U. S. Attorneys
    > Federal Judges
    > CT reps to National Political Parties
    > O’conner to # 3 in D. C. Justice

    HELP and you NUMB NUTS are gripin against the wind!

    PCS –
    I did not make it clear.
    I AGREE with YOU on your RIGHT to read, think, believe, write what you
    want and DISAGREE with the THUMPERS.

    I disagree with you and agree with the THUMPERS that the Harry Pottter
    stuff is antithetical to certain Religious CANONS.
    SO WHAT?

    I believe in the division of church and state.
    They can be correct about their opinion, while you can also be correct on
    doing your choices.


    Appears to be a good post, per usual, when it comes to LAW.
    But that is your apparent expertise, I do not claim it to be mine.
    I do have an active knowledge about certain players.

  49. 49 jezebel282


    “Dom had told me that “the BURTURLAS’ were protected.”
    Dom did not elaborate.”

    There are those of us, however naive, that still believe people with honesty and integrity serve the public. Maybe they are becoming outnumbered, but there are still some left. Even in the FBI.

    The Buturlas and even Berchem Moses and Devlin do not rule the whole country. They may rule Stratford, but not the rest of the U.S. Rich Buturla may know where the bodies are buried, but that leverage only works if you have buried bodies. If you have never buried a body, he has no power.

  50. 50 jezebel282

    Is it true that Stratford taxpayers are now paying the salaries of two more Loschiavos? The wives of the Loschiavo boys were made police officers too?!!!?

    Let’s hope neither of them gets pregnant soon. How many more Loschiavos can we afford?

  51. If they do they go out on paid maternity leave for 9 weeks.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    You mean all 6 of them?

  53. 53 1george1

    “The Buturlas and even Berchem Moses and Devlin do not rule the whole country. They may rule Stratford, but not the rest of the U.S. Rich Buturla may know where the bodies are buried, but that leverage only works if you have buried bodies. If you have never buried a body, he has no power.”

    Kevin O’Connor was handed information, by me, when he was doing a news
    conference about Ernie Newton in front of the Lafayette Federal Building.

    I handed similar information to Michael Daly of the CT. POST, Erin Cox of WTNH
    and Mark Davis was staring at his shoe laces when I handed my package about
    Burturla and Buddies to the sartorially respledid O’Conner, who had a nice row
    of 6 or 7 Justice Attorneys standing behind him, with the Federal Building in
    the backdrop.

    The D. C. Insider Traders WHO caused the meltdown of the economy do
    back Burturla / Berchem / AND others.

    The OIL COMPANIES nad their OPEC / RUSSIA / IRAN allies are flush with
    CASH while COMPANIES go Banrupt
    > GAS > Pacific Oil & Gas
    > BANKING >
    > FINANCE > Lehman – Bear Sterns

    Sunday’s CT POST indicates the state of CT. has money in some of these.
    even if Stratford Pension is not invested directly, the entire Market is pushed
    down and I suspect every viewer owns a few stocks or has Pensions which
    are invested, or have 401 k or a, WHCH ARE now 101 zzzzzS.

    I took a hit today, and I had taken precaustions, as I knew it was coming!
    And I knew when it was coming!

  54. 54 1george1

    Sept 17 – stock market actions and affects on people and politics, based
    on projecting the empirics of historic quotes, where the big picture does
    and will have influence on Stratford politics and economics….

    Edited for relevancy by Jezebel
    Proverbs 16:18 The Message:
    First pride, then the crash – the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.

  55. 55 gforrester

    “Are you sure you’re not related to a Miron, Buturla or Loschiavo? ”

    If I were then why would I be lobby Best for a job once he’s mayor??? Wouldn’t I have one already??? Or at least be on the payroll somehow???

    BEST FOR MAYOR 2009!!!

    Sudds don’t be so hasty – there is pleanty of time for more candidates to declare after Jan 1 – who knows – you might be able to latch on to a job with them lol.

  56. 56 jezebel282

    Mr. Forrester,

    Do you think with the kind of grip Miron/Buturla have on the DTC that any honest democrat stands a chance in a primary?

    And by the way, is the Town of Stratford really paying Robert Tolomeo $300 an hour to investigate this whole Christian Miron mess? Isn’t that the job of the State’s Attorney?

  57. 57 1george1

    I knew Jeze would never dare leave my post about the Stock Market mess.

    I wonder if the portfolio of the Pension plan is under $ 100,000,000.
    Since the annual obligation is about $ 16,400,000 …

    If there was no returns on investment and if the town stopped contributing,
    in under 6 years the pension trough would dry up.

    I know none of those are going to happen.
    I am making a point.
    > There are Bonds, which yeild returns
    > There are Stocks, which yeild returns
    > There is cash, which yeild returns
    > Stock Values go up – they go down. In a universe of 100 performing stock
    managements, Stratford is consistantly in the LOWEST QUARTER for most of
    5 years. Still money making money, per intent of the PENSION BOND.
    However, it is not making anywhere close to the break even point, which is
    necessary, just to pay PENSION OBLIGATIONS – never mind repay the BOND,
    under which the concept was adopted. (I wonder if that is FRAUD?)

    What if the DOW goes to and stays at 9,000?
    The Pension assets could become worth $ 60,000,000

    GAVIN – You have been on the Pension Board over 5 years and you are a
    financial expert in your professional capacity.
    Where am I incorrect?

    Do we cover up the problem?

    Do we identify the problems, address them, and make this thing solvent
    for viable and fair long term pensions?

  58. 58 1george1

    I will be very, very impressed if GAVIN or anyone (JON?) who is an electted or appointed person in a position of profit or trust goes anywhere near the above

    I am almost disappointed the Stock Market rebounded, today.

    It appears they are dragging out the inevitiable, which only makes things worse.
    The other stocks have pulled back and do not return to level which existed
    prior to very bad days. This leaves them at even lower levels.

    Somebody is going to make a ton of money, IF the Markets ever correct.
    Manwhile, the low and fixed income people are getting into effectual
    debtor prison, to be without credit or bad credit.

    Consumer spending is a core of Adam Smith economics.

    The powers that are transferred the ability of the US A working poor, to their
    3rd world emerging nations, for their own political and financial interest.
    they could care less about YOU or the GREATEST GENERATION.
    (May G-d bless the Soul of Ed Hargus, THE VOICE and CONSCIENCE for the

    Not that any BLOGGER ever mentions those people!

  59. 59 sudds

    BEST FOR MAYOR 2009!!!

    Sudds don’t be so hasty – there is pleanty of time for more candidates to declare after Jan 1 – who knows – you might be able to latch on to a job with them lol.

    Gavin/All… no worries… my loyalty is completely dictated by poll numbers (which dictate my chance of getting a kooshy no-work town job)!!! 😀

  60. 60 jezebel282


    Don’t waste time with politicians. Apparently what you want to do is change whatever name you are going under nowadays to Loschiavo. That way you can have all the overtime you want (without being there of course), a town car, you get to harass people who live next door to ex-politicians, and you can get all your teeth capped for $75,000 at town expense. You don’t even have to pass any exams or physicals.

  61. 61 sudds

    “Don’t waste time with politicians.”

    But would any of the budgetary raping/pillaging be possible without Miron?? I go straight to the top baby!!!

    “Apparently what you want to do is change whatever name you are going under nowadays to Loschiavo.”

    Ummmm… NO!

    “That way you can have all the overtime you want (without being there of course)”

    But I’m lobbying for that Kooshy no-show job at the train station… wy would I want a job that requires actual work???

    “You don’t even have to pass any exams or physicals.”

    So you mean if I was wishy-washy about the job, lied about my family’s history of breaking the law, possibly drove drunk in the past and confessed to using drugs… I could still get the job? NO… that would NEVER happen!!! Oh wait…

    BEST (or whomever leads in the polls) FOR MAYOR!!!


    Before the $75,000 smile could become a reality (at taxpayer’s expense) guess who had to approve the claim? I’m going to let you guess – when someone correctly identifies the approval person – I’ll let you know.

    The power washer did indeed disappear. However, when the Chief went to the video tape – Loschiavo had his reply ready. He just took it home for repairs. When the snowblower disappeared the Chief ordered in investigation. Mysteriously a snow blower reappeared, albeit a different brand and mower????????

  63. 63 1george1

    Would that certain approval person work in the finance department,
    and be the wife of the person putting in a claim?

    $ 75,000 for Dental Work?
    I know medical and dental expenses can be a little high, but $ 75,000
    Is the DENTIST also a BOOKIE or a DRUG DEALER?


    I believe the Firehouse was approved for under $ 2,000,000 by the Town
    Council, which ignored Chris Sylhavy’s recommendation for a R. I. BID.
    > Approved maybe Oct 2003 and up about $ 1 m by Jan 2004, which
    DeCilio openly commented on, before he went DARTH.

    I believe I heard James Feehan state in shock that the Fire House, still
    needing change orders, was well past $ 6,000,000.

    Cyclops, test for you and you contacts to come up with
    1. date and amount of original approval for Fire House.
    2. amount spent to date on new Fire House and what change orders
    are pending.
    3. Where to get documentation for same.

    Let me offer the same challenge to GAVIN (Town Councilor/EMS)
    and JON (EMS-Volunteer & hubby of # 1)

    Hey SUDDS

    I will bet a coca cola against a package of catnip, that no one responds
    to the challenge. 😉

    Or, to comply with laws, I would switch to whatever is legally licensed
    and approved for under $ 5. 8)

  64. George,

    You win the prize. The claim was arroved by Mrs. Loschiavo who sits in the HR Department. For your challenge to 1.2.& 3. – see your buddy John Norko. All of that information should be on file in the finance department.

  65. 65 sudds

    Would that certain approval person work in the finance department, and be the wife of the person putting in a claim?

    You win the prize. The claim was arroved by Mrs. Loschiavo who sits in the HR Department.

    GREAT… now I gotta lobby to get Mrs. Sudds a job too???

    Hmmm… maybe that’s not such a bad idea… I could claim to have hypertension and then put my greens fees through as “anti-stress therapy”!!!

    PS… whatever happened to that anti-nepotism legislation???

  66. 66 jezebel282


    You know who the Ethics Commission has to go to for legal advice?

  67. George,
    The new $75,000 smile was costly because every single tooth was replaced with new ones. Either caps, or implants and new procelain crowns and all of the other procedures that fit into the plan to end up with the the $75M smile.

  68. 68 jezebel282

    I guess the background check Miron did on Chief Buturla was as good as the one he did on Mark Haddad:

    CSPAAA News
    Buturla was disciplined before being named acting director
    Associated Press
    HARTFORD, Conn. – On the same day he learned he would be the interim director of the state’s Homeland Security Division, Maj. John Buturla was reprimanded for buying a car from outgoing Director Vincent DeRosa.
    DeRosa retired this week after reports of his violating state police ethics regulations by having a used car dealership.
    Public Safety Commissioner Arthur Spada verbally reprimanded Buturla on Feb. 27 and placed a letter in his personnel file about the purchase of the car and Buturla’s delay in telling him about it, The Hartford Courant reported.
    In a Feb. 26 interview, Spada denied that anyone in the Public Safety Department had bought a vehicle from DeRosa. Hours later, Buturla told Spada that he bought a 1995 Honda Accord from DeRosa’s garage for $5,200.
    The next day, Spada reprimanded Buturla, who also learned that day that he would be the interim Homeland Security director. Buturla was later named permanently to the post.
    Buturla said Thursday that he planned to tell Spada about the car purchase in a meeting they had scheduled on Feb. 27 to talk about his new position.
    Buturla said he was aware of the rule in the state police administrative and operations manual that prohibits troopers from owning car dealerships, a conflict of interest, but wrongly assumed DeRosa had been given special permission.
    Spada is now reviewing and calling for better monitoring of the system that allows troopers to engage in outside employment, state police officials said Thursday.
    Mark Wallack, president of the state police union, said the system works fine, and should not be changed because of DeRosa.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    Mark Haddad (ex CAO) is now divorced and in Massachusetts.

    Marylin Flores (Ex HR Director) is now divorced and in Massachusetts.

  70. 70 1george1


    I respect NORKO. He obeys the FOI LAW.
    I do not push the envelope with him.

    I suspect knowing what he knows about paper trails … 😉

    $ 75,000 for a smile?
    You sure the Dentist was not also selling DRUGS and collect BOOKIE BETS?

    I have bad teeth, I cringe at how MUCH PAIN the POOR GUY musta FELT.
    But then one has to have feelings, doesn’t one?

    Hey Cyclops, do I get any POINTS or CREDS with being the FIRST and ONLY
    CORRECT ANSWER, for separating the wheat from the chaff?


    Didn’t Mark Haddad’s wife come out backing him in the newspaper?
    Was she related to John Edward’s wife or Cindy McGreevy?

    John Burturla was THE DIRECTOR of Homeland Security??
    Is that a political appointment?
    If it is a political appointment, would someone need pull with
    1) the State of CT.
    2) the FEDS.

    NO – I did not mention the “C” word…. 🙂
    All those blogs and references to conections to
    State Troopers, Attorney General, State Prosecutors, State Judges
    FBI Bridgeport co-head, U. S. Attorneys, Fed Judges.
    > Even though I got all of their names right – I was dreamin …

    At least SOME of them can be traced directly back to Straford’s
    Dick Burturla
    Dick Miron
    Jim Miron
    Tony Schirillo
    John Burturla

    Jeze Sudds,
    The head of the Ethics Commission (ex-GE & OWNER OF A DAYCARE)
    Robert Chaloux has to turn to Dick Burturla as the exclusive legal
    authority for Stratford, according to
    Town Charter
    Blumenthol’s office
    Bysewicz office
    Kane’s office
    FBI office
    Justice office
    When Chaloux does talk to Dickie, he can ask how the daughter is doing?
    You know, the one he had employed a little prior to getting on the ETHICS
    COMMISSION, which was causal to recusing himself from a charge against
    DICKIE by Fredette & Proto….

    I think this weekend, I will go to George’s letters and post the Aug 17 and
    Sept 18 letters published by the Star and the Sept 5 letter by the Bard.

    Any objections,, Jeze ?

  71. 71 mikereynolds

    Not only is Mark Haddad in Massachusettes, he’s in the running for Town Manager of Groton, MA.

    “The names were submitted to the Board of Selectmen on Monday night by members of the Town Manager Screening Committee, who had spent the last few months formulating an interview process, sifting through a total of 59 applications, and finally conducting their own interviews of the 12 most promising candidates.

    The town manager finalists are Mark Haddad, of Fairfield, Conn.; Timothy McInerney, of Rehoboth; John Murray, of Acton; Owen Quinn, of Torrington, Conn.; and Robert Whalen, of Lynnfield.”

    Here’s the link….

    There is no mention of his problems in Cohasset or Stratford. Do you wonder if Groton’s Board of Selectmen are doing their due diligence?

  72. 72 jezebel282



    They will now.

    You should be getting a phone call real soon, Mr. Henrick.

    Bridgeport, CT

    1 min ago

    You people had better make a phone call to the Town of Stratford. Ask for Mike Henrick the Council Chairman Michael F. Henrick Haddad was Chief Administration Officer here. He didn’t last very long.
    Better yet, call the Town of Cohasset MA. They had to settle a couple of sexual harassment suits for him. “

  73. 73 1george1

    I suspect someone on this blog would know the legal term for Dick Miron’s

    Is he “under INDICTMENT?”

    Is he simply an “alleged criminal?”

    Did he go before a Grand Jury?

    Was he arrested under Warrant?
    Who issued the Warrant?
    What constituted “probable cause?”

    Generally I know the background, but am not into the specifics.

    My preference is that full restitution would be made to those who
    did not get what was paid for, so they could honor their loved ones.

    The only reason I ask, is that we have what could become a CONVICTED
    FELON, in charge of the INTEGRITY of the VOTING MACHINES, for a Town
    Wide Referredum, which the Burturla / Norm / J Miron-Feehan-Henrick
    / Williams-Kelly-Florek-Proto-Kubic factions “appear” towant to STEAL
    the GRAND FATHERED RIGHTS, thinking it would protect them from the
    PUBLIC’S RIGHTS to create LAW & INHIBIT what I believe is GRAND THEFT?

    So far, the political connections have kept the lid on the issues.
    It appears they believe they can do damage control in the courts.
    You know the State Courts and the Federal Courts, where local police
    (run by John Burturla) state police (HLS formerly run by John Burturla)
    and federal FBI ((run by John Burturla’s dad’s hire Comers, in Bridgeport)
    or Grand Jury Indictments, arrests, convictions, and sentencing.

    I have no interest in a pound of flesh.

    I have interest in good government, protecting and serving innocent people.

  74. 74 jezebel282



    It has come to my attention that the chief wanted the Capt. to implicate Councilman Michael Henrick among others in this issue. How he would expect him to implicate someone in something he had nothing to do with is unknown to me but it seems that this is has become a political witch hunt at its finest.

    If I’m not mistaken, we are a law enforcement agency that has taken an oath to protect and serve the citizens of this town. Not to be political and take sides with certain members of government. To do so would be an injustice. If that were the case, and police officers took political sides, a tremendous amount of criminal behavior would go without punishment. Just look at CT in the past 5 yrs. The list of names does not end but only becomes longer. Just imagine if a police officer was political and favored a certain member of government. Lets say a mayor, or senator gets into a car accident after a night out of boozing. Innocent motorists are injured in that accident. It is a police officers duty to figure out the facts and report them. If the officer favors this mayor or senator, i would imagine that the other vehicle operator would be found at fault and there would be no mention of this mayor or senator being drunk. A TOTAL INJUSTICE.

    We as police officers have a duty to uphold the law. We have a duty to be fair no matter who may be involved in an incident. For the Chief to attempt to implicate Councilman Michael Henrick shows that the mayor is the one pulling the strings. It is no secret that the mayor and Councilman Henrick don’t eat over each others house very often. The chief is bringing the political arena into the police dept. which taints the reputation of the officers and any means of objectivity. The Chief should be ashamed of himself, but then again he didn’t seem to be ashamed when he got caught buying used cars from his buddy in the state police which was a clear violation of CSP policy….

    …This is the Stratford Police Dept., NOT THE STATE POLICE. SOME OF US do things by the book and according to written law. With the exception of the few in your clan at the PD. Whats right is Right and whats wrong is YOU. Some of us still have MORALS, OBVIOUSLY YOUR NOT ONE OF THEM. Most of us will be here long after your gone and we will not let you ruin this PD.

  75. 75 ofclincolnhawks

    The nonsense needs to stop. We all have a job to do. Politics has no place in police work. There are more guns, more drugs, more gangs and more violence on the street. Stratford is becoming increasingly violent. Shell casings and shootings are on the rise. The drug trade is out of control. Officers cannot be distracted by the politics. One misstep, one miscalucation can cost someone there life:
    Patrolman William F. Schreiber
    Stratford Police Department
    End of Watch: Wednesday, July 31, 1946

    Biographical Info
    Age: Not available
    Tour of Duty: Not available
    Badge Number: Not available

    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Gunfire
    Date of Incident: Wednesday, July 31, 1946
    Weapon Used: Gun; Unknown type
    Suspect Info: Shot and killed

    Patrolman Schreiber was shot and killed while investigating a burglary in progress at a restaurant on Boston Avenue. He was shot as he checked an open door to the establishment.

    A suspect was identified by never charged due to a lack of evidence. However, the suspect was shot and killed 5 weeks later during another burglary.

    Patrolman Brian A. Aselton
    East Hartford Police Department
    End of Watch: Saturday, January 23, 1999

    Biographical Info
    Age: 26
    Tour of Duty: 2 years
    Badge Number: 251

    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Gunfire
    Date of Incident: Saturday, January 23, 1999
    Weapon Used: Handgun
    Suspect Info: Charged with capital murder

    Patrolman Brian Aselton was shot and killed after responding to a noise complaint in an apartment building. After he and his backup officer checked the outside of the building but did not find any violations. The backup officer cleared the scene and Patrolman Aselton went inside to make contact with the complainant on the second floor. While making his way to the apartment he observed a male, covered in blood, exit another apartment.

    Patrolman Aselton grabbed the subject who began to struggle. During the struggle the man produced a handgun that he had just stolen from the apartment and fired over his shoulder, striking Patrolman Aselton in the forehead. The suspect and a female subject then fled the scene.

    The two had been involved in a home invasion robbery in which the tenant had been bound and severely beaten. Patrolman Aselton’s interruption of the robbery is credited with saving the victim’s life.

    The male suspect who shot Patrolman Aselton was arrested three days later after a patrolman received a tip during a routine traffic stop. Three other suspects were also arrested a short time later and charged in connection with his murder. The shooter was charged with capital murder.

    Patrolman Aselton had served with the agency for 2 years. He was survived by his parents, brother and twin sister.

    Patrolman Aselton’s cousin, Patrolman Michael Aselton, of the Barnstable, Massachusetts, Police Department, was killed in the line of duty on March 29, 1983, during a vehicle pursuit.

    Master Police Officer Peter J. Lavery
    Newington Police Department
    End of Watch: Thursday, December 30, 2004

    Biographical Info
    Age: 47
    Tour of Duty: 22 years
    Badge Number: 2523

    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Gunfire
    Date of Incident: Thursday, December 30, 2004
    Weapon Used: Rifle
    Suspect Info: Committed suicide

    MPO Lavery was shot and killed when he responded to a domestic disturbance call. During the initial confrontation, Patrolman Lavery was shot as he entered the home’s basement, where the suspect was located. MPO Lavery’s partner was able to take the suspect’s wife to safety while under fire from the suspect, who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

    The Newington SWAT team, with the assistance of other area SWAT teams, responded to the home and attempted to negotiate with the suspect who remained in the basement. After several attempts by the SWAT team to remove the suspect, the man committed suicide.

    MPO Lavery was a veteran of the Connecticut National Guard. He had served with the Newington Police Department for 17 years and had previously served 5 years with the Berlin Police Department. He is survived by his wife, son, daughter, two sisters, and two brothers, both of whom are retired Newington police officer.

    In 2006 a section of New Britain Avenue was renamed Officer Peter Lavery Highway in his honor.

  76. 76 jezebel282


    I agree that officers should not be subject to the kind of politics and pressures they are apparently undergoing.

    We are aware (or should be) of the dangers officers face every time. May I ask you in your next post to keep the cutting and pasting to a minimum?

    As I have explained (and pleaded, begged, threatened and cajoled) to George, shorter posts are more likely to be read and understood.

  77. 77 mikereynolds

    I knew Pete Lavery from the Guard…heck of a guy.

  78. 78 1george1

    Officer Lavery had tremendous positive publicity about his community
    service and his position as a police officer.

    During 9/11 …. Our Police and Fire ran towards the Twin Towers.
    When the Pentagon was hit, out Military ran towards the damage.

    On a daily basis they put their lives on the line.

    Then there are the political appointees,
    who endanger them, and the Public.

    The vast majority of people in government, military, and private sector
    are decent people workig hard to provide for their families and improve
    Quality of Life for everyone.

    I include most of the bloggers in that group, even with the gripin OR
    ESPECIALLY because of the GRIPIN.

    The opposite of LOVE is NOT HATE, it is APATHY.

    Bloggers here, even pro Miron, are not apathetic.

  79. 79 jezebel282

    I am going to assume most of the readers of this blog are familiar with the recent arrest of Mr. Reut by the Stratford PD for the crime of trimming hedges.

    The wonderful thing about the new police website is that you can actually get an answer there. I have heard complaints that their website is difficult to read and follow. What can I say? They are cops, not webmasters.

    What follows is the question and answer for everyone’s convenience:

    Junior Member

    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Posts: 28
    Default Mr. Reut
    Who was the arresting officer? Does he have a new one ripped by the State’s Attorney? Who approved his arrest and how much commission will he get from Berchem Moses & Devlin when Mr. Reut files his civil suit against the town?…f-d0c409b2952e

    I think there is a legal term for this: Oy vey!

    Boy this makes the whole department look stupid.

    detective hydrocodone detective

    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Posts: 18
    Is this that shrub case? if it is you can blame our illustrious leader who gave the order….

    Yes it is I just looked it up. See what we are dealing with. Right and wrong are thrown out the window. If you are a friend of the mayor you get special treatment. We have several in our department who can do no wrong…..get take home cars 10-15 hours of overtime a week…for years. There will be more about them later. Look up MURVIN vs STRATFORD. the two individuals found to be lying in that case cost the town $500,000.00 and still get treated like royalty.

    Don’t blame the officers for making the arrest….we have no choice when ordered. Look how they went after the individuals they THINK exposed the corrupt hiring practice. thats life in MIRONBUTURLALOSCHIAVOVILLE !

  80. 80 1george1

    About false arrest.

    I had similar situation in my law suit vs. Mossman.
    I directed my attorney to go after Mossman personally.
    He choose to go after Mossman and the arresting officers.
    I had given him control of the Criminal and Civil Case.

    (In the Criminal case one of his flunkies lied to me in a definition,
    where I accepted Nolle. Later the guy was suspended for 1 year
    on another issue.)

    So by the time the civil case rolls around, we are in Hartford,
    not Bridgeport or New Haven as requested. We are in the
    Chambers next to Judge Christopher Droney who was a U. S.
    Attorney I approached the first time I approached Mossman in
    April 1995 about investigating a series of “apparent natural” deaths.
    No Audio or Video recording device as requested.
    I objected to the date as the following THURS is the 7th Anniversary
    of my uncle’s death, which was basis for disagreement of Mossman,
    which he used for UNWARRANTED / NON-EXIGENT ARREST, where
    NONE of the people he listed in the police report came forward
    to testify against me in the Unwarranted Disorderly Conduct arrest.

    1. The Complaintant
    2. The Arresting Officer of record – 3 uniformed handed misdemeanor
    summons 14 hours later after i made a phone call to Mossman and 11
    hours after I handed a complaint against Mossman to Town Manager
    Mark Barnhart = reprisal + color of the law.
    3. The investigating officer
    4. The director of all subordinants involved
    5. Author of the police citizen’s complaint format and ethics. Police and
    State’s Attorneys withhild police report 72 days and 4 court appearances.
    6. Decider on citizen’s complaint and ethics. I forced decision to Barnhart
    through Andy Knapp. When Barnhart reversed his written demeanor of letter
    of Feb 17, 1999 – with backing Mossman in May, I filed complaints against
    Barnhart and Burturla, by certified letter / rr – to Council Chair Cabrol.
    (One of Williams lawyers said I had a great case of civil rights violations
    against Mossman, and also a different case against Barnhart & Burturla.)

    3 police, including Loschiavo in uniform, as Defendants, which I
    had not wanted. Mossman wass now dead.
    Burturla’s firm kept the case from Kevin Kelly. Holcolm is their rep.
    My Attorney from John Williams firm is there for Jury Selection.
    Judge gives my Attorney instructions about certain information due
    by Trial date. That was a Thursday.

    Saturday night I go to meet my Attorney.
    Williams changed my attorney to Joe Merly, new to his firm, and unknown
    to me the nephew of Larry Merly, who was Bpt City Attorney 1986-1989,
    at a time I was being harassed in the USPS by political people and at a
    time Burturla was Town Council Chair 1987-1989.
    Joe Merly graduated Fairfield Univ one year ahead of Robert Berchem.

    We go to court.
    Joe Merly did not file documents as requested by the Judge.
    The Judge drops charges against LoSchiavo, Evans and
    Only now, becasue they appeared in uniform to the JURY which was
    picked, it had poisoned the Jury and it allowed Stratford to pay for
    Mossman’s defense, which Mossman would have had to pay for, if my
    case was originally against him alone, as requested by me.

    Merly refused to enter any of the documents I had in front of me
    for Foundational evidence, so I could have witnesses I requested.
    He wanted to have other people I didn’t want.
    He refused to use what I had to impeach Barnhart’s testimony.
    He would not introduce what needed to impeach LoSchiavo.
    The bailiff came over when I was dissatisfied with Merly.
    I told the Bailiff I wanted to go Pro Se.

    Holcolm heard me and told the Judge he closed his case, despite
    Dick Miron and Tony Schirillo on his list to testify.
    Joe Merly immediately closed my case over my objection.
    Judge recessed to the next day.

    The next day I was prepped to go pro se.
    The Judge would not allow me to reopen my case, nor go pro se.
    Merly acted more like he was for them.
    Naturally the jury found for them.

    The next day, I talked to Steve Winters, who asked who my attorney
    was. he laughed when I said Joe Merly, thinking it was Larry, but then
    knew Joe was Larry’s nephew.

    The next day they entered the untrue verdict on the 7th Anniversary of
    my paternal uncle’s death. My god father and best friend.
    It turned out his death in ST. Vincent’s was caused by a treatment as if
    he has 2 working kidneys, when one had a problem, which had not ever
    had a History of Kidney issues.

    I talked to every trial lawyer in Fairfield and New Haven County about a
    malpractice suit. Everyone of them had worked with Berchem’s firm or
    William’s firm and claimed “conflict of interest?”
    Yet Merly never mentioned his relationships, nor had Williams.

    Recently Williams worked with a Tow Truck operator against Stratford
    and is involved in area 51.

    They all have a curse upon their souls, based on a December 1998 pledge
    to my deceased father and to my God, to do NO physical violence.

    Had I choose to be violent, Rambo, could have looked like a amateur.
    At that time – none of the Stratford clowns were involved and most of
    the perpetrators at the time, are already in H-ll or wormbait, by now

  81. 81 1george1

    3rd officer was Capossi, in handing a disorderly conduct summons,
    14 hours after disagreement & 11 hours after written complaint to
    Barnhart vs. Mossman.

    NONE of the officers treated me with disrespect.
    I had not wanted to file against them.

    NONE of the officers did a full. unbiased, intensive investigation, which
    I believe they are mandated by law to do.

    Last thing.
    LoSchiavo handed me the summons. It was Dec 22, 1998.
    My dad died Dec 22, 1976.
    I protested. LoSchiavo honestly had no idea and changed the date
    to Dec 23. It was decent of LoSchiavo.

    Somebody OUTSIDE of LoSchiavo and Mossman, knows my case file.
    It was no coincidence:
    Arrest Dec 22 – Anniversary of my dad’s death – first day of winter.
    Verdict Sept 22 – Anniversary of my uncle’s death – first day of fall.

    Just two of a series of deaths on personal important dates.

    I know there are police and lawyers who read this.
    I know bloggers like to discount certain things unless it is against
    Miron / Burturla.
    Dick Miron & Schirillo were scheduled to testify.
    Burturla’s firm handled Mossman vs. Mulligan
    LoSciavo testified. Any decent lawyer would have torn Joe up.
    Barnhart testified. He now works in Fairfield, where multiple political
    people were involved in harassing me and my dad in the USPS, which
    were political appointees in Management of Post Master & SPO.

    They had to lie and cheat and rig the game to beat me.
    I have no problem losing fair and square.

    I have a problem with people who protect bad people who hurt people.
    I have a problem with bad people who hurt people.

    So, while a bust em on Jeze, I know where Jeze and others come from.
    I agree with the core situations, as far as who the bad guys are.

    But, the powers outside Stratford sure have an endless pool of …..

  82. 82 helpushelpyou

    The case of the torn shrubbery was originally viewed by patrol officers as a civil case. Pressure from the chief filtered down to the DB Captain, to detectives and ends up with the result of a taxpayer without political influence getting arrested. Patrol officers end up getting viewed as the bad guys. They are ordered to carry out such nonsense while the ones pulling the strings sit back and pat themselves on the back at such a triumph of justice,…good conquers evil. I’m sure Buturla went home to Roxbury and he told his wife and friends about how he stopped the barbarians at the gates. They in turn sat in awe of such a brave man ,then went to sleep in peace knowing that this guy is involved in homeland security.

  83. 83 jezebel282


    As I had mentioned, what is ESPECIALLY troubling about this case is that any Miron crony can call Buturla and have any citizen arrested. From that day forward on any job application that asks “have you ever been arrested?” the citizen must answer “yes”.

    What is next? Buturla will make the Stratford PD wear Gestapo dienstrock? Will he change the oath of office to: “Ich war nur folgende Aufträge.”

    We now have the real answer why people who post must remain anonymous.

  84. 84 helpushelpyou

    The sad thing about Buturla is how big of a disappointment he turned out to be even though he looked good on paper. ( his resume i mean…quick google reveals the DeRosa scam) . This case involving the shrubs and the issue of corrupt hiring process reveal Buturla’s character. He is not about right and wrong.
    He is the chief of police. He should act like one! How hard would it have been to tell the mayor that hiring his brother is not a good idea. How hard would it have been to smooth over the shrub case. Making it a matter of an arrest!!! He does not care about people and their lives, the inconvenience, the embarrassment. What happened to the oath he took for the state police which reads in part ” …TO UPHOLD THE HONOR OF THE DEPARTMENT” Where is the honor(common sense) in this arrest.
    What happened to the taxpayer. I pay $7,500 on my CAPE! My dollars bring in people like this! Long ago we would have stormed the castle already.

  85. 85 jezebel282


    Welcome to the fight. You must remember that Chief Buturla, Loschiavo, Rich Buturla, and all the other Mironistas are there because of one reason and one reason alone. James R. Miron.

    It only rolls downhill, you know.

  86. Helpushelpyou,

    Often the devil you know (Imbro) is better than the devil you don’t know (Buturla).
    Where were you guys when all of that was going down? Where were you guys during the charter revision vote? You sat silently by and figured it can’t hurt me – if anything, it will help me! Sadly, it has hurt everyone!

  87. 87 helpushelpyou

    Given the choice most would go back to mossman.
    Most of the guys do not live in town. They have no say in town matters requiring you to be a town resident. There are maybe 15 cops living in town. Maybe.

  88. 88 jezebel282


    “Most of the guys do not live in town.”

    And you’re complaining that Buturla lives in Roxbury and Loschiavo lives in Orange?

    Gee, why don’t you tell us who else doesn’t live in town? Maybe a councilman or councilwoman?

  89. 89 1george1

    Given a choice of Mossman, Imbro, and Burturla,
    I would reluctantly go with Imbro.

    While Mossman was the chief, I had my life discreetly threatened
    in casual conversation. If I mentioned the name 100 % of the police
    would recognize the name.
    It was one on one. I talked to someone. The person who threatened
    me moved out of state.

    During Mossman’s tenure, I was constantly under surviellance and
    members of the police softball team gained a new sponsor.

    Over the years I met over 1/2 of Stratford police force as well as
    members of the other police in the area. I also grew up with some
    who became police in several towns.

    Since I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not do drugs, I do not cause
    trouble, and I try to work by the book, I was told I gained respect from
    many of the rank and file. I also came forward about pay raises for the
    lower police to narrow the pay range, and pointed out Lawyer fees,
    to the cheers of police assembled at that Town Council.
    > Intelligent and good unions try to keep pay scale ranges narrow, due
    to empirics.
    > I also latter publicly offset a remark about certain people/place.

    When Imbro was police chief, there appearred to be a cessation of the
    blatant Surveillance.
    I was also followed for about 3 miles (TWICE) by a B & W.
    I told Imbro. I was not followed again until recently (NO surprize)

    I have issues with Imbro about the lack of investigation(s) and the kangaroo
    court, but I recognize the reality of the political justice mutual coverups,
    which Jeze & helpus blog.

    I last saw Schirillo at a DTC meeting. Very discreetly I told him what I thought
    about him and the mess. Tony looked down and said “everytime I see you, you
    make me feel sad.” (exact quote – Tony is not a bad guy – but…)

    In 1998, Tony did not believe my issues with Feds / State or that they were to
    blamse for some of Stratford’s financial woes. By the end of his Council Term,
    Tony was actively decrying UNFUNDED MANDATES and subsequently … fillin blanks

    Mossman was all COCKY in 1998 & early 1999.
    Until I bought in my Video camera one Town Council Meeting and started
    filming him and State Trooper Captain or LT whose last name began with OT…
    Funny line. His first (hispanic) name ended in LO.
    So adding LO + OT
    Waht a perfect tag name…
    Check it out…

    Anyway, I brought out the camera and Mossman and the Trooper immitated
    cock roaches when the lights go on ….. scurry / scatter.

    ONCE I filed the 7 citizen’s complaints with ANDY KNAPP, MOSSMAN could
    never LOOK me in the EYE again.
    He was ASHAMED.
    Regardless of anything else, he knew EVERYTHING he thought he stood for
    was a LIE and he LACKED the COURAGE to correct it.

    I admired that when we disagreed on Dec 13, 1998, despite that fact that
    I dwarf him on height and weight, he was not a COWARD, physically.

    If anyone wants to watch Burturla at Town Council Meetings, as well as
    LeClerc, they cover their eyes from looking at me, when I move to be able
    to hear better, and place myself in their periphery.

    Burturla will put his left hand with his finger tip next to his left Temple,
    to avoid looking at me, and avoid my stare.
    Hey I don’t hear well, so I have to either watch closely or close my eyes
    to hear better.
    Amazing how often I will feel a Town Councilor, Mayor, or other intently
    staring at me, when I suddenly open my eyes and catch them, suddenly
    avert their staring. (It is an animal instinct within us to feel those stares,
    and I know first hand women are more aware than men of this ability.)

    Schirillo, Mossman, & Burturla all knew they did wrong by me.
    I own their souls. I don’t want their souls.
    They will never live up to their intrinsic values, which is their loss.

    Dick Miron was similarly uncomfortable with his part.
    With time, Dick slithered out of his comfort level.

    Jim Miron can look me in the eye. He was not part of this mess.
    Jim and I have political disagreements, in which he, Kent, and others do
    not seem to truly understand the type of people they front for.

    Lastly, I once told Kevin Kelly HE did NOT KNOW the type of people he
    was dealing with. Kevin replied “YES, I DO.”

    Back then, I thought it was a negative about Mirons / Burturlas / Norms.
    Subsequently ….. I wonder.

    I never warmed up to Kevin Williams.
    He always seemed to be cute and evasive to questions.
    Yet unequivical in his stated beliefs.

    I got along with Kent, who is an anal knit picker, which is needed as a lawyer.
    Other people have issues or support some of the above.

    All I can write is what my experience was and what I believe to be true.
    Not that I often get credit, but it does happen, on item centric issues.

  90. 90 helpushelpyou

    Imbro had many opportunities to fire Loschiavo. He failed to do so and it bit him in the end. Then Imbro stayed on to long. Causing the present administration to hold power. I said given the choice..I’d rather have someone competent
    I think the mayor isn’t even in town anymore,…I beleive he is shacking up,..uh ,er ,I mean staying elsewhere.

    Guys live elsewhere because its more afordable. Not all of us get the overtime like Deleito….and now several others who playball with the chief. I myself will probably move….I just can’t afford it. The chief lives in a 700,000 home and drives a 45,000 dollar vehicle on free gas.

  91. 91 helpushelpyou


    sorry buddy but your post are tooooo long. Koledge wuz a whyle ago….
    I will give your full post more attention when I can. I will read it all I promise.

  92. 92 jezebel282


    A cop followed me for 5 miles on Monday. At first I thought it was my “Anyone But Miron!” bumper sticker.

    Then I realized I was going north on Main Street and the Officer made a right on Longbrook. I guess he was going back to the station.

    “I was constantly under surviellance and members of the police softball team gained a new sponsor.”

    I’m not sure about that mysterious connection but, George, you are hard to miss.

    “If anyone wants to watch Burturla at Town Council Meetings”

    I always wonder how many hours he billed us in order to buy those snazzy suits.

    “Jim Miron can look me in the eye.”

    Only one at a time, George. One at a time.

    “I got along with Kent, who is an anal knit picker,”

    That is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Kent Miller.

  93. Well, if it is true and Miron is “shacking up” elsewhere (e.g., Trumbull) then perhaps he should just pack it in in Stratford.

  94. 94 genericscreename

    Et al,

    In the last council that sat, it was constantly alleged that Alvin Oneil and John Miranda lived out of town. I did some checking and confirmed it was as alleged. However both councilmen had addresses and a structure they said they resided in in Stratford. The point being, even the council had its moments. I suspect that the reason neither side did anything about it was because each side was guilty!!!!

  95. However, if they’re not “residing” in the Town, what stake do they have in it to ensure that they make the best decisions for their constituents – who, if the allegations are true, are from Trumbull, Bridgeport, Easton and who knows where else. Everywhere but Stratford!

  96. Helpus,

    If the mayor is not living in town anymore – you have the skills to prove and expose it. For the sake of your Captain who is about to take this fall and for the entire police department and the town – do it and do it NOW!

  97. 97 helpushelpyou

    He still has an address in town. If his mail gets sent there thats enough to establish residency. I just said he is ” shacking up” elswhere. Meaning he is spending alot of time at someone else’s house. As gebericscreename said we are aware of individuals living out of town but here in mironville who do you go to? Look what happened when someone sent the christian miron report to the council…nothin. All that happened is an attack against the union president to try and get him to stop the vote of no confidence and the release of FOI request that have revealed information on the chief.
    All this makes nice reading and someday a nice 60 minutes storyline.

  98. 98 jezebel282


    “but here in mironville who do you go to?”

    The answer to the residency question is Susan Bysiewicz, Secretary of the State (860) 509-6200. That would constitute election fraud.

    And I know Sudds will be upset, but there is the same rumor about Ms. Wanamaker.

    If you have evidence (don’t police do that?), then that’s all you need.

  99. 99 helpushelpyou

    Thanks for the number. I’ll see what I can do.

  100. 100 nnanerak

    After reading your post I went and looked up the “legal” definaition of residence/reside. You are incorrect in stating that they only have to recieve mail there. There are very specific terms that must be met, and I suggest you look it up. If you have the certified documentation(ie: court approved PI) you need to present it to the State of CT Election officer Susan Bysiewicz. That in turn launches an investigation. If it is found the the mayor or any other elected official is not “residing” in Stratford the are removed from their office. They can move back to town but they will probably still lose their office, due to fraud. This now becomes a criminal issue: ie: accepting compensation under false pretenses blah balh…(Like father Like Son????)This information comes from the state. Check it out yourself. I for one would be willing to endure the headlines if it gets the corruption out of our town.

  101. 101 nnanerak

    One more thing–if you want help from the Feds. you have to be willing to file a complaint, it can be done anonamously. Once they recieve enough complaints they will investigate. The complaints have to be based in fact. So pick up the phone and start dialing every office in CT and beyond. Call more than once, site each incident separately. They will pay attention.

  102. 102 jezebel282


    “There are very specific terms that must be met, and I suggest you look it up.”

    Maybe you can post links? If I were a member of Local 407, I wouldn’t want to be at a keyboard very long.

  103. 103 1george1

    To Helpus:
    I do have problems with Imbro, as noted.
    But, I had obvious problems with Mossman and his integrity / job he didn’t do.
    I have same misgivings about John Burturla you do, and more, despite resume.
    Numbers of “deaths” cut way back, once Imbro replaced Mossman.
    While we have issues with Imbro. Of the 3 choices …..

    Sorry about very long post. But you have an almost complete picture.
    I believe it will add to your disgust with certain people.
    I would appreciate feed back.

    I spoke to Alvin, who said if he lived out of town, how was it that he was
    present to get the TC PONY when police delivered it?

    I spoke to J. Miranda, who pays over $ 50 k in town property taxes. He said
    he could have sold the Broadbridge Av house but stayed there for residency.
    He has a daughter less than 3 years old and wife who I am 99 % sure live in

    I have my beliefs. I do NOT know the truth one way or the other.

    * I have direct knowledge from certain police as to what they did.
    * The police softball team went from being sponsored by Johnny’s to a “joint”
    sponsorship. I have direct knowledge from certain police who at least know
    people on the softball team about what was going on.
    * I know many people in Town. Some have relatives who work for Police, Fire,
    PW, Town Hall, BoE, & others. Many workers are close to other workers.
    There is a lot of common knowledge, about police surviellence.
    * Many people were busted by police over the years. Sometimes by people
    they grew up with and party with. It was funny to be told that guy over
    there is Bpt under cover and the girl with him is a strpper. That other guy
    is Trumbull undercover. Other times it was Milford or Fairfield or the Valley.
    * Oct 1998 a certain place had a RAID with warrant on a KNOWN SNITCH.
    It involve LOCAL POLICE (Mossman’s people), STATE POLICE (Schirillo knew them)
    and DEA (I know US Attorney Appleton was involved as I talked to him the week
    before – about Rowland / Kinnelly Marriott luncheon)
    * Some guy was sitting with a friend. I joined the table. He started quizzing me.
    I said > “What are YOU, a COP?”
    He replied surprized: “NO, but my brother in law is a Stratford Police Capt.”
    * The guy who discreetly threatened my life, was directly related to someone
    anyone on the Stratford Police Dept 10 years ago would reconize.
    * The owner of a certain place dated someone for many years and is still very
    close to the family, employing her brother. Their cousin was a Stratford Police
    * In the 1980s in Westport the son of the Sectional Center USPS and members
    of his staff pretended to befriend me and spied on me. Years later I found out
    who they were and their relationship.
    * In Stephen’s Pub, I ran into several Westport and Fairfield people who had
    arranged to briefly get close to me.
    * The place I took lunch in the USPS was bought by the Fairfield Police Comm.
    He was a top Dem power broker. His daughter recently died as # 2 in Ffld.
    * I, my family, and friends grew up with multiple police. Things get back to me.
    * There are a lot of “good” police who are disgusted by politics and the things
    they know have been allowed to happen for 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 years. “snort”
    * At Republican and Democratic Fund Raisers, it was amazing to to see how many
    people I knew from similar past experiences and unique situations.

    Jeze, it was all my imagination.

    I agree.

    The FEDS know exactly what is going on.
    ONLY when things GO PUBLIC, will they be forced to act, and try to divert
    the issues. Most things in the press has basis in “partial” truth.

  104. 104 jezebel282


    While all of that is fascinating it is hard to get worked up about
    “Many workers are close to other workers.”
    “Many people were busted by police over the years.”
    “That other guy is Trumbull undercover.”
    “The owner of a certain place dated someone”
    “Years later I found out who they were and their relationship.”

    Honestly, George, we have no idea what you are talking about.

    “Jeze, it was all my imagination.”

    If you say so…

  105. 105 officersean

    I hear Miron lives in Fairfield, not Trumbull.

  106. 106 sudds

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble… but I drove to work last week and I got on the highway (I-95 at exit 32) right behind Miron.

    I could be wrong, but somehow I doubt he went from Trumbull/Fairfield early enough to hit his office/house and still get back on the highway at 7:30 am!!!

  107. 107 jezebel282


    I find that hard to believe.

    Miron was awake at 07:30?

  108. 108 sudds

    I was shocked too… I had to pass him to make sure someone hadn’t stolen his car!!!

  109. 109 sudds

    Oh fudge… maybe (although I hope not) he was heading to Wanamaker’s place in Black Rock!?!?!

  110. 110 jezebel282


    Uh oh! Edged out by a democrat again?

  111. 111 1george1


    While all of that is fascinating it is hard to get worked up about
    “Many workers are close to other workers.”
    “Many people were busted by police over the years.”
    “That other guy is Trumbull undercover.”
    “The owner of a certain place dated someone”
    “Years later I found out who they were and their relationship.”

    Honestly, George, we have no idea what you are talking about.

    “Jeze, it was all my imagination.”


    A cop followed me for 5 miles on Monday. At first I thought it was my “Anyone But Miron!” bumper sticker.

    Then I realized I was going north on Main Street and the Officer made a right on Longbrook. I guess he was going back to the station.

    “I was constantly under surviellance and members of the police softball team gained a new sponsor.”

    I’m not sure about that mysterious connection but, George, you are hard to miss.


    My reply to Jeze is that I believed I was being doubted as to
    being under surviellence by surrogates of Others and Mossman.

    If you read the things Jeze quoted in their CONTEXT, it will be
    obvious that I was listing instances of being under surviellance.

    My points can be denied by people who choose not to believe
    me, or do not understand what I post, or have motive to try to
    discredit me to peers – yet, there are others who will know
    exactly what I mean…

  112. 112 helpushelpyou

    I spoke to an FBI agent yesterday and may meet with him today. In any event what I was told was that the unit that looks into matters like screwed up town officials has bee “revamped”. He said that the unit responsible seemed to have “dropped the ball in the northeast” so they will be more willing to look into our situation. They want a complainant though,…which isn’t a problem anymore. The last time they were contacted about mirongate they said anonymous complainants were all that was needed but look where that got us. Paperwork was given to lawyers and meetings never took place. We have a pile of stuff to go over with them and will see what they are really interested in. I won’t post to much info about the progress here but will get an e-mail address,..maybe from JEZ? later . I don’t work at a computer all day so there will be some delay.

  113. 113 1george1

    I handed a packet to Kevin O’Conner and the CT Post.

    I handed packets to the FBI and to the U. S. Attorneys
    Kari Dooley
    Chris Droney
    Stan Twardy

    and to respective FBI, during each of those terms.

    I could wall paper 200 homes with paperwork given to elected
    and appointed officials and various law enfocement people.


    I mean everything.

    Best alternative > U TUBE!

  114. 114 jezebel282


    “I won’t post to much info about the progress here but will get an e-mail address,..maybe from JEZ? later .”

    While I remember:
    The other day I walked up to a young (are they ALL that young?) Stratford officer and asked him if he was in Local 407. I was greeted with a stony stare tinged with a bit of fear. Until I said “Great job! You guys keep blogging, we’re behind you!”

    What a great smile this officer had.

    The next time you see a SPD patrol car or police officer, give them a thumbs up. Let them know that citizens want a clean department!

    That’s all it takes. Anyone can do it. It would also work better if officers gave the thumbs up in return.

  115. 115 nnanerak


    I hope you do meet with the FBI, actually I hope that more than one of you does. Without your first hand knowledge and experiences it is just heresay, they do still take anonom. complaints but are not as weighty and you need many more of them. Keep up the good work. Just out of curiousity, I know that they are gunning for your union man(and we residents are behind him), but exactly what is being done about the confidentiality/security breech that the deputy thief(excuse me, I mean chief) committed with regard to this investigation???? He compromised the investigation, so they had to hire one of John’s golf buddies?????? It would seem to me that that security breech is actually much more grave an offense and should be dealt with even harsher than a policy infraction. Maybe the union would like to pursue that angle??????

  116. 116 freedomofspeach

    George, I like your U TUBE idea. Great idea.

    And since it’s not illegal to follow or take pictures of public officials from public roadways maybe someone can get over to the location in Trumbull and get some film of Stratford 1 being pulled into the garage, or use some of the ones I hear already exist. That would make a great video Jez could link to.

    Also, $300 per hour is outside of any normal billing rate for professional investigative services, and if he is an attorney, why do we need one, especially from the blue and gold fraternity, to do that scope of work? Even the town attorney rate for this work is cheaper. A highly trained and court qualified Private Investigator runs about $80-150 per hour in CT, and since most of them have LEO experience (its a requirement in most states) why would we need another legal beagle eating out of the towns trough?

    Heck you can get a forensic audit from a CFE with an accounting and law degree for that rate.

  117. 117 helpushelpyou

    could you clarify the issue regarding the deputy chief’s breach regarding this investigation. There are so many issues regarding him it’s tough to keep track.
    We spoke to the FBI this afternoon. A meeting is being set up with the necessary individuals. The mirongate scandal with get us going with them for starters and then it will snowball from there.

    Jez, That officer mentioned the interaction and told the guys, helps a lot thanks.

    As far as the union president goes they are having a difficult time trying to find something to charge him with. I think the last violation (it changes and changes) is the improper disposal of a report!!!…you can’t spend a lot of money without coming up with something. It’s all just a pre-packaged investigation so christian can sue the town,…there is no way of knowning if miron had someone like the 75,000 smile send out the letter to allow the mirons to sue,..they do need the money for bail.

    Rumor has said that the envelopes are at a lab getting tested for DNA and fingerprints. If thats true someone pulled alot of strings to get it up there with rape and murder evidence…..A perceived stratford policy violation….makes me so proud

  118. 118 nnanerak

    The leak occurred according to 3 separate people that work in the dept., none of whom are being investigated by the way, the dc was downstairs in the break area and had a discussion with individual(s) with regard to the ia investigation. Supposedly the individual(s) reported the incident to on high. The dc is an idiot, you never know who is listening especially in an area like that. The individual(s) never repeated to an outside source what was said only that it was the ultimate in a breech, are much too ethical to do that. If people tell me this stuff, you should be able to ask around on the day shift and you’ll get your answer.
    Just curious, who was the envelope sent to?
    Can you tell us who authorized the indepentents? and where/who are they being paid from/by?

  119. 119 helpushelpyou

    The only recollection I have is that priorto when the white haired devil was going to do the IA he was bragging about how he was the “KING” and how past chiefs have tried to get him but he has outlasted them all. He said he was going to “get” farmer before the IA began!,..the prior union president because he fealt he was responsible for the mirongate release. The chief was notified of this. Some time later beavis and butthead were hired by the chief. He authorised it. We are paying for it. The money is most likely coming from the police budget. That is known but to god,…or buturla, they are on equal plain lately .
    The envelope was supposedly sent to a lab in Rocky Hill. There is no confirmation of this but I do not doubt that they would go to such a degree to save face and take the light off the real issue. The hiring process was and is corrupt.

  120. 120 helpushelpyou

    I wonder who the deputy will back this year. It seems like only yesterday that he was wearing a “BEST” t-shirt. (sigh) They grow up so fast.

  121. 121 jezebel282


    That is CERTAINLY bad news for Jon Best.

  122. 122 1george1

    FOS, bloggers, & 407

    FOS, thank you for the compliment. I admire your post on legal issues
    and not personal attacks. So if we stay to legal and to political ,,,,

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

    CAVEAT: Be aware of background.
    There are method for voice analysis.
    There are programs for facial reconstruction and recognition.


    Over the years, TV has shown (and verified at library and google research)
    that by analysing background nuances,

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  123. 123 helpushelpyou

    It would be bad news for anybody. He changes allegiance to whomever or whatever is going to get him some kind of profit.
    I feel bad that scleroderma affects his family but the foundation he is president of…I can only imagine what is going on with those donations. He had his hands in eeeeverything, sudds grants,department overtime(to closed out cases), bids…if there was a way to proifit he was in. Do you think he is gonna stop now.
    Evertime he got caught he became like a submissive child…Oh gosh chief Imbro I owed my son hours so I punched his time card for him( for the past few weeks). He is a large part of the problem and I could write a book about him but it’s the top who allows it. Deleito left with a $2,000.00 a week pension!…who allowed that…DC and the chief. They were the only two who could stop him. I bet Deleito made a donation to scleroderma so he could get away with it.

  124. 124 1george1

    Delieto was the person I called after the arrest by Mossman.
    Our conversation was on tape. I wonder? Nah….

    I have no animus vs. DeLieto, LoSchiavo, Capossi, or Evans.

    My issue was with Mossman who was the front for the Disorderly
    Conduct arrest based on an animated conversation at Town Hall,
    which was NOT REPORTED by the POST, REGISTAR, STAR, or BARD.

    My issue was with Burturla who KNOWS the MERLY FAMILY and
    pushed a case which should have been dropped according to the
    CT. PRACTICE BOOK, U. S. CODES, and various CODE(s) of ETHICS.

    My issue was with Barnhart who changed from being sympathetic to
    lying, after, AFTER, police civilian complaints were dumped in his lap.

    My issue was with Miron / Schirillo, waiting in the wings to testify.

    My issue was with Proto / Torre / Kelly & K Williams, who were using
    Miron / Burturla to do dirty work that people above them wanted
    done. I like JON, but when one lies down with DOGS ….

    The local powers, only stay in power at the pleasure of the state and
    federal powers who pull the puppet strings. THIS is the ISSUE that the
    bloggers confuse with the “c” word. Most of the locals are manipulated,
    by appealing to M. I. C. E. – Look up the terms

    My issues was with John Williams firm, who …. “appeared to represent
    someone other than my interests…..

    My issue was with U. S. Attorneys Droney, Dooley, Twardy, O’Conner,
    and the scum in Bpt FBI of the Reagan GHW Bush years.

    My issue was with the polical people behind the USPS / NALC debacle
    who created a “going postal” environment, using methodology analygous
    to those found in the Frank Church Committee on FBI CoIntel, CIA Family
    Jewels, and NSC Cryptofascists.

    Local yokels are just part of the problem.

    As Fredette has been quoted
    “They are all PUPPETS.”
    “I tell T-Berry and other lawyers to their face, they are all alike.”
    “Hey, this is Stratford.”

    Fredette, like Joy and Gavin are in my district, and I have had reasons
    to try to access various assistance. I like Joy the most.
    Each brings certain assets and abilities to the table.
    I do not talk to each very often.

    On various times I have conversed with 100 % of Town Councilors since
    1998, and a wide range of lawyers and Committee members.
    Frankly everyone knows a piece of the puzzle and most are disgusted.

    How Norm / Burturla and friends keep in position is a surprize based on
    the virtual hatred they engender?
    Yet Norm / Burturla “control” a certain core of Town Committee members
    in part due to significant influence on the Treasury, hiring, contracts, fees,
    change orders, etc.

  125. Helpus,
    Yes, it was only yesterday when Mrs. DC was wandering the town hall halls urging the employees to vote for BEST and not to support MIRON. She was really involved in it – worked at his HQ and went to his rallys with the DC. Told employees if MIRON won – the whole place would become political. Amazing isn’t it? Think about how slick the MR & MRS DC are though. Quickly, they jumped on the slime, rat-fink Miron boat because they saw themselves when they looked at him and saw an opening. We can really make out – all we have to do is what we do best – CHEAT!
    Your comment about the scleroderma fund has me wondering. An employee said a check she had written to the fund during one of the millons of fundraisers they have conducted was cashed by Mrs. DC. Really has me wondering if your insinuations are correct. FBI- where are you – look into that foundation. The affected daughter drives a fairly new automobile. Has me wondering!!!!
    Maybe Delito is donating some of his pension bonanza to the DC and to the Mayor – after all – this all happened on the mayor’s watch.

  126. 126 jezebel282


    Just for clarity…Mr.s DC is Linda Loschiavo in Human Resources in Town Hall, correct? The one who handles personnel files, applications for employment, disability claims, pension funds and that sort of thing?

  127. Jez,

    Yes, she is the one who performs all of the above. Including approving payments for health insurance premiums for her children who were no longer employed by the town
    at the time – she is the one!

  128. It’s just all sickening. Where the heck is the oversight!!! This is one of the major reasons for a more strict anti-nepotism policy in Town. It seems to have been this way for far too long.

    If I were in an administrative position and had to oversee something for anything where a family member was involved, I’d have to remove myself. It certainly wouldn’t be ethically correct. Judges do it, I’ve seen members of the TC do it, WTF!!!

    I certainly hope the Feds take a great deal seriously and turn up the heat. I can hear the shredder running now!

  129. 129 jezebel282

    PCS, Cyclops:

    You should understand the Newtonian Laws of Physics that govern Stratford:

    It only rolls downhill.

  130. 130 1george1

    PCS / Cyclops / Jeze and will welcome FOS / Sudds

    Welcome to my “conspiracy theory club.”

    You have connected some of the local dots.

    You have also noted John Burturla’s contacts with State Police Homeland
    who deals DIRECTLY with FEDS / FBI.
    > I handed you FBI Comers
    > I handed you Joe Harry, Ct asst state’s atty
    > I handed you Blumenthal was Kevin Kelly’s boss.
    > FOS / PCS can attest to lawyers knowledge of each other for Fed/State
    issues and they obviously know Judges / US – State’s Attorneys.
    > I handed you relationships of past U. S. Attorneys

    You have contacts of your own, including in 407

    where do you go from here?

  131. 131 jezebel282


    I don’t think we qualify for the Tin Hat Award yet.

    I have already suggested to Local 407 that they put together a request for a federal investigation and then put the signature list in every deli in Stratford. 1 or 2 thousand signatures may get the FBI’s attention.


    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  132. 132 1george1

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Been there.
    Done that.
    Then 16 people died in 18 months 1992 -1994, in a narrow circle
    of people I know. Those were beyond family, they were support,
    and family of coworkers.
    > 8 were under 52 years old
    > 8 were over 52 years old

    Fourteen died of “apparent natural deaths.”
    Mostly Heart attacks, cancer, & kidney.
    Your police bloggers know pathology and toxins which are organic
    & non organic pathogens, cargigens and accelorators, which are
    virtually untraceable, as the do damage, and then are flushed from
    the system. If family believes the deaths are natural, there is NO NEED
    for an autopsy, which is normally done by GOVERNMENT / POLITICALLY

    Two of the deaths were unrelated murders.
    One was working with the Fairfield Police, and appeared to be set up.

    The other took in a couple. The couple were involved in drugs.

    Both of the murdered were moderate drinkers and not drug users.
    Both would be considered either genteel or proximate.

  133. 133 1george1

    Then there were a series of deaths before and during my USPS harasment.
    Most were on PERSONAL ICONIC days, designed to affect me, if I am correct.

    Because NO ONE expects “apparent natural deaths” to be murder and
    because NO ONE considers people view civilians as pawns in a CONTROL
    AGENT or HANDLING AGENT mentality, it is completely alien / unexpected

    (break out the tin foil)

    April 1995 I contacted Mossman by phone, U. S. Atorney Droney by official
    complaint at his office and have letters from him in April 1995 & Nov (?) 1996,
    and a police sgt in another town, about the 16 deaths and other deaths.

    Feb 2000, I sent Register Letter to CT. Chief Supeme Court Justice
    Sullivan (kicked out on Ethics 1 -2 years ago) listing the above and other
    deaths after 1999, plus all of those monthly “rear ended” accidents.

    Isn’t it amazing I can list verifiable names and dates, where I could porduce
    not the SYSTEM that has OPIATED 60 % of the CITIZENRY and robbed all of
    us, with the greatest transfer of wealth in History…?

    But then according to History George Santayana

    “He who ignores history is doomed to repeat it.”

    So for someone, who has


    Good luck tilting wind mills.

  134. 134 bollicks

    Serious, How can Justin and Joe Loschiavo take a police test that their mother Linda Loschiavo has full control over, GOD< I mean what more evidence does anyone need….

  135. 135 bollicks

    About this investigation into Mirons brother Christian, THE LEAK,,,,,,mmmm, should someone go and ask the police chief of EASTON PD why they didnt hire Christian????????? Simple, he would never hire him( But that was off the record), maybe someone should ask the detective in Stratford PD that did Christians background, ask him what his suggestion was to his Captain about hiring him was??………but it didnt matter…….To all of those candidates that failed to get hired, I hope you all come forward and find out why, get your attorneys, come one, come all……………..

  136. 136 jezebel282


    You seem….upset. Are you saying there is a lack of…ethics in Town Hall?

  137. 137 bollicks

    Ethics in the Town was lost a long time ago, especially in Town Hall

  138. 138 bollicks

    I see on the Stratfordpoliceunion website that a snowblower was taken from the PD garage years ago and then when people were looking for it an older snowblower appeared in its place, then i hear that like 2 years ago, someone was looking for the PD power washer, wow what a coincidence, after they say they were gonna look into this, cameras etc, DC Loschiavo comes forward and says ” I TOOK IT HOME TO FIX IT”, as everyone should know, this power washer has never been returned……I didnt know he worked for Public Works……

  139. 139 bollicks

    What a mistake, Two men that were qualified and respected Aurelia and Rodia but we end up with LT.Larceny as D/C

  140. 140 bollicks

    I also hear that the CHIEF was involved in a car accident and it was never reported, r u kidding me???, Let me guess where was the car fixed??? It must be Stratford Collision, Loschiavo’s choice of course, I hope they FOI that info……..

  141. 141 helpushelpyou

    Thats why they are attacking the union president,..because of his FOI request which revealed things such as the accident. ANYONE can go and make such a rquest and if it is denie

    Freedom of Information Commission 18-20 Trinity Street Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Telephone: (860) 566-5682; TOLL-FREE (CT ONLY): (866) 374-3617
    d you can file with the FOI commission. They have a website.

  142. 142 helpushelpyou cut and past was a bit off,..rushed it but you get the point

  143. 143 helpushelpyou

    A taxpayer would go to the police department records window and make the request for a report. The request goes to the records Lt. who gives it to the chief who sends it to the Town attorney. The town attorney then sends you a response in the mail…in stratford it would probably be denied for some technical legal speak. Then you file with the FOI commission who straighten out the bs and get the report for you.
    Public documents are public property and available to you. The public has a right to know. These officials leading this town forget who they work for. The cops don’t fear your access …why do the officials?

    Wrongdoing by those in a special position of trust. The term is commonly applied to self-benefiting conduct by public officials and others dedicated to public service.

  144. 144 1george1

    Here is an e-mail address for FOI which was good as of March.

    tom hennick ,

    You can ask questions or make a complaint.

    In 1998, I went to Mossman’s record window who claimed my police
    report was sent to the court clerk.
    When I sought it from the court clerk, they claimed the CT. State’s
    Attorneys had the police report.
    When I appeared in court, the judge claimed it was up to the State
    Attorney’s discretion to provide the police report.
    Then my case went to a different Judge.
    I got the police report on 4th Court appearance
    (16 scheduled – 10/11 appearances) and “72 days after incident.”

    The Stratford Police Citizen’s and Ethics Complaint process has 60 day limit.

    I started the clock from the date I became aware of what I believed
    were causes for complaint.
    I filed 7 complaints against Mossman.
    Besides numerous lies in police report, I counted 22 procedural or
    ethical potential violations.
    * NO ON SPOT ARREST by Mossman
    * NO ATTEMPT TO RESTRAIN me from LEAVING after brief disagreement.
    * NO ARREST ON MY RETURN SAME NIGHT – I left for 1 hour – reported in
    * NO B & W PURSUIT
    * NO PERSONS NAMED in the REPORT came forward as WITNESSES in
    the DISORDERLY CONDUCT CHARGES, based on Verbal Remonstrance
    they were “apparently by natural cause” or were serial murders, with NO
    after disagreement, and 10 HOURS prior to ARREST summons.
    MOSSMAN was
    – Complainant
    – Sole witness
    – Arresting Officer – No warrant – No exigent
    – Commander of all subordinates
    – Author of Police Rules and Regulations
    > Includes Citizens’ Complaint
    + Arbiter of Citizens’ Complaint
    > Includes Ethics
    + Arbiter of Ethics

    NO ETHICS “especially” in Town Hall?
    Try “corrupticut”
    Try the USA “Cocaine Republic,” “spOILs system,” and greatest criminal
    enterprize ever created, which even Hitler had a chapter devoted to
    “behind the Mask of Federalism.”

    In old English “F” and “S” look similar.
    To some Federalism can look like Seder-alism.

    In number / letter substitution code:
    18 th letter of alphabet = R / 1 st = A / 2nd = B
    So War of 1812 = R. A. B. (bi or ee) to entrap jewish

    To capture intelligence type, who are cryptographic code types,
    INDO CHINA became SO. VIET-nam or SO. VIET-man, after deaths of JFK
    and Cuba missile crisis, to entrap military.

    Such are samples of the way the PRETENDERS entrap
    various culture’s intellectuals

  145. 145 freedomofspeach

    George, I really get tired of your rants based on incomplete knowledge of the law. I just thought I would chime in and then go back to what I was doing. After this if you can cut out the incorrect BS in your post on this matter it would be great, as it not factual nor legally correct, based on the “fact” patterns in your posts.


    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  146. 146 genericscreename

    Not knowing the players personally ib this blog, but from what I have just read, may I offer that we limit the number of words per post, offer psycological advice to those who clearly need medication, and attempt to keep george on topic and logical?

  147. 147 genericscreename

    I have only been observing and contributing to this blog for a few weeks now. Having been an observer of town politics for a few years, and listening/reading posts and to public forums I have concluded that I am moving out of town, selling my realestate holdings here and changing my name and starting all over as a virgin in someplace new.

  148. 148 mikereynolds

    We have been trying for at least a year to keep George on point but alas our efforts have failed.
    A few have suggested psychiatic counseling or medication but until George admits that he has a problem he will continue these rants.

  149. 149 1george1


    Thank you for the FYI.

    While you point out my ignorance, I NOTE that your NEVER CONDEND

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  150. 150 1george1

    I got copies of 2 State of CT. Criminal appearance transcripts, which
    were alltered.

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  151. 151 1george1

    Still the same lack of compassionate type as FOS.

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy..

  152. 152 1george1

    Generic and Mike,

    Are either of you a doctor?
    Do you use and / or sell Drugs?

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  153. 153 mikereynolds

    Let’s get this straight George…

    I’m heartless and without compassion due to my criticism of you. Fine.

    However, FOS is not heartless and not without compassion because he debunks alot of what you rant about.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  154. 154 genericscreename

    Et Al,

    Consider these few observations:

    There are some who have posted here who take a personal approach to the critisims and attacks on who ever it is which they are commenting on. This in my opinion is wrong. All posters should consider only posting observation and fact, personal attacks and nasty remarks about people do not promote progress. I admit I did refer to Jim Mihaley as an idiot in a previous post, and professionally I should have kept personal opinon to my self and stayed focused, as in reality we already know who the idiots are and there is no reason to rub salt in wounds.

    Try and only focus on offering productive, positive suggestions and formulate a plan, which if you all work together and team up together, you can take to the press, town hall or other venue to get your concepts heard.

    Most already have recognized the fact that the administration has inept people and some good people. Consider this, had the republican nominee won (costello), what would you be saying?, I am confident he would have done similar things, filled town hall with his own people and potentially violated the same laws etc which you feel the current mayor and administration has.

    Accept this as fact, that any administration no matter which party is in control will make changes, some good, some bad. The town of Stratford is experiencing change, some good and some bad. People who held positions who in some instances thought were protected, no matter HOW INCOMPETENT they were, were replaced by the new administration. Some for political reasons and some for managment reasons.

    Webmaster, please save this post and put it in a tickler file and reference it one year after the next administration takes control. I predict that there will be similar critisims and complaints and issues from those who were replaced, those policies which were implemented and the change brought forth by the new regime.

    I have been observing the “political” arena in this town for three years now, and have interacted with numerous town departments and agencies for the last 18 years. What I have seen over the years is complacency in employement. I have observed people who are in positions which are protected by unions ( I am pro-union) and have used the union to their advantage and have screwed the town in the process. I have observed secretaries who could not take proper messages, type letters and basically do nothing all day, yet watch and see how they filed grievances for no legitamate reasons. I have observed public works employee’s sleeping on the job, firemen who are out on disability pensions working as carpenters, police officers sleeping behind the hill at st. johns cemetary on nichols avenue, school prinicipals who are so incompetent and yet were protected by the union. A filthy and grimy grammer school and a head custodian who read the newspaper all day. ( i am happy to report both principal and custodian have left our system), an engineering/building department which has had such incompetence leading the helm, that our town attornies are quietly resolving lawsuits due to shoddy workmenship by both the designers and installers and supervisors who didnt even understand what they were inspecting.

    I was speaking recently to one of our councilmen and he informed me that last year the new public works director had had enough BS with the union and went out and contracted with a private tree service to remove trees which were a hazard. He told me that even though the union screamed and threatened lawsuits etc, he went ahead and directed them for ( if in fact this is true and I believe it to be so) $20,000.00 to remove and stump trees for a two week period. In that two weeks, the identical size crew which the parks department had out in the streets doing the same tasks, removed as many trees and stumps in two weeks that the parks department had removed in one full year. When the results were presented to the union, they backed down.

    The examples I have just posted are in my humble opinon typical of most municipalities. They are most obvious because prior to having a mayor, this town was just coasting along with out any signifcant change. It is clear that a lot of what we are hearing are all a direct result of the change in the form of governement. People, keep this in mind, we are evolving for the better in the long run, this is our first mayor, and unless there is another charter revision comission which changes the form of government again, there will be another, and another and another mayor. Get used to it.

    I looked into some of the comments in the blog about the monies collected at the “enterprise accounts” short beach and Boothe.

    Short Beach’s budget, ( go speak to Tony Ross, Bob Connely and Mike Julian) is supplimented by the general fund, and in fact the revenue which is collected only covers 80% of the operating expenses. Fact, not fiction people. Just go check it out.

    Speaking to Members of the Boothe Park Commission, (Stephanie Phillips, Joan Brazil, Bessie Burton), they informed me that the revenue recieved from the Estate Trust, approximately 60K a year does go directly into the general fund because they park does not generate enough revenue to cover the operating expenses on its own, and that the costs are considerable. The told me that the prior councilman in the 8th was successfull in getting the town council to fund 500k and that he was able to get an additional matching grant from the state for improvements. They are now hoping the current councilmen in the 8th will make the improvements move faster.

    I did make a few phone calls to some police officers I know, and can verify that the place is in turmoil. What I have been told is that the new chief is actually very good, and that the main conflicts are due to the deputy chief and his relationship with the mayor. Thats all they would tell me.

    All I can suggest is for those who are posting to get political, join a party and be heard. Unless you can form “the party of independants”, gain the majority and win an election, nothing will change except the names of the players.

    anyway these are just my thoughts, im sure others will dissagree!!!!

  155. 155 freedomofspeach

    I wanted to move this all to Georges page, but am not savvy enough to find it when its not in recent posts.

    “Why do you offer medication as your percieved solution?”

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  156. 156 1george1

    I appreciate your honesty, in that we do not like each other and you
    have no empathy for me.

    Yet, this issue I rasied to you is about people dying.

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy….

  157. 157 1george1

    I put in generic’s name in the last post,
    when it should not have been there.

    generic hit on a lot of good and legit points.

  158. 158 1george1

    * NO PERSONS NAMED in the REPORT came forward as WITNESSES in

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  159. 159 1george1

    Google result for: nondiscernible biotoxin

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  160. 160 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    FOS, Mike, Generic:

    Tsk, tsk…you should know better.


    This is not your blog. You have been warned innumerable times.

  161. 161 1george1


    Your timing and choice of issues to edit are such as to make me wonder
    IF you are part of the gang perpetrating events?

  162. 162 helpushelpyou

    genericscreename post #154, nice post. I do disagree with the part about the chief however. He is supposed to be in charge and could have stopped most of this nonsense long ago. The DC is a huge problem but who lets him? The chief.
    Who let Deleito run his overtime up
    who let the hiring process get corrupted and controlled by the Loschiavos.(etc,etc..)
    The chief has lied to our faces many times. He puts things in writing, signs it and then denies it.
    Believe me. I have many years on and I am friends with old and new. There is a small group that likes the chief and that is because they are rewarded with overtime for “being in the fold” as he says.
    I have had enough writing and listening. I am doing something about it. We will see how it goes.

    George #161….chill!

  163. 163 1george1

    Help us.

    It is clear that there is questionable levels of integrity among various
    factions in Stratford.

    Tell me to chill to my face.

    Do I tell YOU or ANYONE
    What to do?
    What to write?
    What to think?

    Yet fascists try to control my input?

    How do you grow when you only accept positions you agree with?
    Do you never learn from debate?
    Or do you want to impose your world on everyone else?

    Jeze is very responsive and blogger make excellent points, Yet
    YOUR CREDIBILITY is a stake to any reader!

  164. 164 jezebel282


    I wanted to comment on a few of your points before we got a bit…sidetracked.

    “Try and only focus on offering productive, positive suggestions and formulate a plan, which if you all work together and team up together, you can take to the press, town hall or other venue to get your concepts heard.”

    It seems to me there are some basic flaws in the way this Town is governed. This point was extensively discussed previously, but it boils down to a lack of checks and balances.

    A year ago, 3,200+ registered voters thought so too. Their opinion was brushed aside by Rich Buturla. It is not like citizens haven’t tried.

    “Consider this, had the republican nominee won (costello), what would you be saying?, I am confident he would have done similar things, filled town hall with his own people and potentially violated the same laws etc which you feel the current mayor and administration has.”

    Perhaps. We’ll never know. I do not think that Costello has a large following on these pages. But you may be correct. Even if you are, I doubt anyone other than Miron could have done what he has done in such a mean-spirited, vindictive way. But we would still have been left with the political street gangs we currently have.

    “People who held positions who in some instances thought were protected, no matter HOW INCOMPETENT they were, were replaced by the new administration. Some for political reasons and some for managment reasons.”

    I doubt anyone was replaced for incompetence. That is proven by what they are doing now. For example, Ben Branyan, Eileen Tiernan, Diane Toolan, Pat Ulatowksi, Pat Naylor etc. Of the 38 people in about as many months that have been dismissed by Miron, I doubt you can find a single one terminated for cause.

    “Webmaster, please save this post and put it in a tickler file and reference it one year after the next administration takes control”

    I truly hope that is not necessary. There is nothing about this that I enjoy.

    “The examples I have just posted are in my humble opinon typical of most municipalities.”

    They are probably true as well of any commercial operation with a revenue of $172 Million. I would say that Lehman Brothers wasn’t run well either.

    “People, keep this in mind, we are evolving for the better in the long run, this is our first mayor, and unless there is another charter revision comission which changes the form of government again, there will be another, and another and another mayor. Get used to it.”

    Get used to it? I don’t think so.

    “this town was just coasting along with out any signifcant change.”

    And what significant changes have we enjoyed over, say, the past 2.5 years?

    “Short Beach’s budget, ( go speak to Tony Ross, Bob Connely and Mike Julian)”

    Now there are 3 reliable sources! Isn’t Bob Connolly the one who arbitrarily moved the 8th Tee at a huge cost simply to keep golf balls from hitting his relatives house? Tony Ross? Mr. Miron-Can-Do-No-Wrong? And Mike Julian who just takes their word for it.

    “and in fact the revenue which is collected only covers 80% of the operating expenses. Fact, not fiction people. Just go check it out.”

    I did. You are wrong.

    “anyway these are just my thoughts, im sure others will dissagree!!!!”

    Me too.

  165. 165 genericscreename

    Jeze, Et al:

    I agree, there should be a system of checks and balances in place. Possibly having the council develop them? Not sure myself what a good format would be. I do no that councilman Moore has established a financial review board which in theory is in place to monitor spending. I have no information whether it is working or not.

    I am perplexed with respect to “Political Street Gangs”, I am percieving (with the exception of the obvious nepotism) that what is taking place is basic grass roots politics in that the current group in charge is placing all their people in key positions. I honestly believe the same thing will continue to happen if and when the next elections elect someone other than the incumbent. I dont beleive anyone here would expect a new mayor to keep the old regime in place, and that mayor would replace those individuals with those who the new mayor wants in place. This is a cycle which will continue unless the charter is revised again to prevent it from happening.

    In regards to dismissals for cause you are probobly correct, however I have been told that the employee who worked for John Casey performing oversight and inspection and town representation on construction and design was terminated for incompetence. I have nothing to verify. Word has it that they just did not renew his employement agreement. The balance of those listed by you most likely were political.

    If in fact then the operating expenses of short beach are not as disclosed then we do have a problem. I do not believe Mike Julian accepts all information at face value. This is the first I hear about relocating a tee box. hmm could that be cheaper than constantly replacing windows?

  166. 166 jezebel282


    I understand that you have only recently begun posting. Many of these items have been discussed over and over and I am hesitant to rehash them. The Council had it’s chance when they appointed CRC #2. You can almost see the strings being pulled when certain members opened their mouths. Rather than do what was necessary, they chose instead to focus one grammatical errors and the font.

    A simple solution would have been to appoint a full time Town attorney that is under a contract. Having a Town attorney that serves at the pleasure of the mayor is akin to putting purchasing in charge of receiving. You are just asking for trouble. The same can be said of other sensitive position in Town. Such as the Police Chief. There is nothing wrong with seeking the advice and consent of the Council for such an appointment.

    “I am perplexed with respect to “Political Street Gangs”, I am percieving (with the exception of the obvious nepotism) that what is taking place is basic grass roots politics in that the current group in charge is placing all their people in key positions.”

    That would be a small example. Being a republican or a democrat does not make one qualified or unqualified. However, for the past 20 years neither committee in this Town has worked for the benefit of its citizens. If we were to have a major housecleaning that would be a great place to start. It is why absolutely nothing gets done in this Town. The current members of both political committees have no interest other than defeating each other on any topic. It would be wonderful if the National committee de-certified both the RTC and DTC and started over. It won’t happen…but I can dream.

    “I have been told that the employee who worked for John Casey performing oversight and inspection and town representation on construction and design was terminated for incompetence.”

    One? In all these years? And that is based on hearsay? And you wonder why morale among Town employees, what is the word I’m looking for?, sucks?

    “If in fact then the operating expenses of short beach are not as disclosed then we do have a problem.”

    We’ve got way more problem than that. The “budget” seems to be a murky hole that our money seems to just vanish in.

    “This is the first I hear about relocating a tee box. hmm could that be cheaper than constantly replacing windows?”

    It might be if they had only moved the tee box. But then they had to put up 30ft high chain link fences to protect the people standing on the 8th tee box from the people on the 7th tee box. A couple of trees would have stopped balls from hitting those precious windows. It is an example of what one man’s ego can cost this Town.

  167. 167 1george1

    Generic = excellent post.

    Jeze = one of the best sets of responses you have given.
    I concur 100 % with each!

  168. 168 bollicks

    I really hope that someone looks in to what Captain Deleito got for a pension, $2,000 a week, are you kidding me……………….who approved all this overtime????

  169. 169 jezebel282


    “who approved all this overtime????”

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say Either Joe Loschiavo or John Buturla.

  170. 170 1george1

    Rich Weisel has had this information since March.

    Wonder why none of the newspapers prints pension information
    about the same time they print highest municipal earners?
    In Stratford pensions
    5 over $ 100 k
    1 over $ 90 k
    12 over $ 80 k
    7 over $ 70 k
    24 over $ 60 k
    35 over $ 50 k

    more in $ 40 k
    more in $ 30 k

    Boeing 30 year pension who earns $ 65,000 year = $ 26,000 pension
    Sikorsky 30 year pension who earns $ 65,000 year = $ 21,000 pension

    Who believes that this bubble will never burst?

    Hey if the stock market keeps going straight up, and the pensions
    pay for themselves 100 % – g-d bless em,

    despite protests of the blog and Jeze, the ROI from INVESTMENTS
    were supposed to repay the PENSION BOND and ALL RETIREMENTS.

    If it did, I could care less.


    Oh, If someone slashed the tire of your family car, and your husband,
    wife or teen, young adult was driving on I – 95 and the tire blew
    killing them and other vehicles ….

    Would you consider a TIRE SLASH as a THREAT on YOUR LIFE?

    Would you consider a TIRE SLASH as a THREAT on YOUR Family’s LIFE?

  171. 171 rocki4mayor

    Would you consider a TIRE SLASH as a THREAT on YOUR LIFE?

    Would you consider a TIRE SLASH as a THREAT on YOUR Family’s LIFE?

    Only if you and your family are tires!!! :LOL:

    As for the pension thing Georgey boy… give it up already! We lose.. .end of story! This folks are looking at golden parachutes lined with diamonds… why would they even consider give-backs? Partisan Politics in the past has scr*wed this town over for years to come!!! All we can do now is prevent it from happening again by tossing out the yes-men (and women) we have elected now!

    ROCK-i the vote!!!

  172. 172 thegenuinephyllis

    If any #407 LOCAL members would like things posted on TOPIX STRATFORD,PLEASE EMAIL ME @ GENUINEPHYLLIS@LIVE.COM
    I had spoken with Rich Weizel Mon PM-he is very interested in a story and is proactive on reporting a story /articles. He is NOT against in any way the STPD.
    As for the FBI -my source(FBI) told me that SPD officers must file in person complaints as they are some already lodged..they are viewing your sight(407) as well as this sight.
    The question STILL becomes how can six or so people hold so much power when the STPD and taxpayers outnumber these alleged corrupt perps??
    Someone once said in some post this is somewhat like the actions of Hitler…the power of few intimidating the majority! Why the has this activity been allowed to get so out of control for far too long? Since my posting as editor for STRFD TOPIX I have been ridiculed,harassed,threatened,followed by certain shall we say friends on your police force(perhaps the 10% in his corner) that did not like what I posted. Perhaps Mr. Weizel experienced far more harrassment,ridicle and threats than I have?TOO BAD! I am NOT the least bit intimidated and will continue to exercise my right to freedom of speech and have on record, should I get any further flack from that group there will be consequences. I am a hardworking,taxpaying, civic minded,law abiding citizen,a good samaritan. I care about our town & have the utmost repect and consideration for our police force, fire dept personnel-I post/speak the TRUTH. I will not tolerate another incident- I have lodged complaints with the proper federal authorities &channels so to speak and will pursue legal/federal action necessary should this continue….I refuse to roll over and play dead-I am just one person with guts & integrity. Where are the rest of you? IT IS THOSE OF YOU THAT DO LITTLE MORE THAN COMPLAIN ON A WEBSITE. WE need MORE Proactive people NOW! YOU ALL GAVE THESE PEOPLE THE POWER NOW RECLAIM IT! Take back “our” Stratford make it shine once more!-Phyllis

  173. 173 jezebel282


    Welcome back.

    A little good news for citizens first. Effective today; “in response to a number of high-profile political corruption cases, state courts will now be able to revoke or reduce the pensions of state or municipal officials convicted of bribery, theft, embezzlement of public money or otherwise using their position to gain money or advantage, thanks to legislation introduced by state Rep. Christopher Caruso of Bridgeport.

    “I am very happy that it passed because this law sends a message to public officials and public employees that they do the people’s business and if they conduct themselves in a corrupt way, that they will be held accountable and they may lose their pension,” Caruso said. “We were very careful in crafting this legislation to put this matter into the hands of an impartial body, a judge, to make the decision whether to revoke a pension.”

    If my name were Loschiavo, I’d be a bit more worried today.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


    You cannot blame citizens. The citizens have tried. 3,200+ registered voters signed a petition to change our government. They were denied by Rich Buturla and party members of CRC#2.

    “The question STILL becomes how can six or so people hold so much power when the STPD and taxpayers outnumber these alleged corrupt perps??”

    In Germany the phrase is “Nacht und Nebel”. Translated in English, “Night and Fog”. Like cockroaches, these people operate best in the dark. The best example of this is Police Chief John Buturla’s threat to bring disciplinary action/dismissal against Joe McNeil (the PBA president) unless McNeil somehow 1. Implicates Shawn Farmer in the Mirongate mess, 2. Withdraws his FOI requests. 3. Eliminates the Local 407 website.

    Clearly these are violations of Mr. McNeil’s civil rights. As of today, they are threats. After today they may be crimes.

    BUT, if citizens aren’t aware of these threats by the top law enforcement official in Stratford then they will happen without repercussion. Nacht und Nebel.

  174. 174 bollicks

    Well thats a good thing now, I guess thats why Loschiavo Ive heard tried to block all information regarding Deleito’s overtime to the union and then they got it through FOI, why would Loschiavo try to block that information? UNREAL

  175. 175 bollicks

    But then again, the Loschiavo’s, Deleito, Chief Buturla, what do they have to lose?? THEY ARE NOT TAXPAYERS, The DC Loschiavo has been milking Stratford for years, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, Ive heard the following,

    1)While he was the training LT, using old case numbers and attaching overtime to them, he was caught, nothing done

    2)70K that tax payers paid for his teeth cuz he said he grinded them due to the stress of the job, now how did that get approved?? Oh I forgot DC wife Linda handles all insurance claims In Human Resources.

    3)Punching in his son when he used to work in the SPD garage when he wasnt even there, caught, nothing done.

    4) Missing powerwasher, until they start to investigate, all of a sudden he says I took it home to fix it and it has never been returned..The Ansonia cop got arrested for taking a garden house.

    5)The biggest one, the DC and Chief taking care of Delieto with the biggest pension this town has ever handed out, This will all come back to the DC……

  176. 176 1george1

    Genuine, Jeze, and Bollicks,

    Would you consider 2 slash marks on your tire within 24 hours before
    you were invited to speak at the Town Council at intimidation or as

    (Council Chairman decided to limit to 2 speakers, cutting out 2/3rd
    of the 3 person work group)

    I filed police report with a prepared statement and what I turned in
    on Sept 8th to the town council.

    I also e-mailed in PDF. to Mayor / Chief / Attorney / Council

    The probable perp, based on hearsay of someone who claimed he saw
    “that dude slashed a tire” was related to a now deceased very active
    member of the united Democrats.

    I do not appreciate the Town Council’s decision to have us look at
    7 Police Pensions which set me up as a target and set up those people
    as “possible suspects” related to affiliation with the tire slash.

    It was a Town Council decision to select me to the FAC.

    It was a Town Council decision to select review of 7 POLICE to the FAC.

    It was a Town Council decision to ONLY assign 1 job to the FAC, when
    there are other issues like: REVENUE – TRANSPARENCY – BUDGET.

    If I was 407, I would be wondering if there is a decision to make them
    the FALL GUYS and SCAPE GOATS for other peoples decisions who benefit
    far more than the present RANK and FILE.

    If I was 407, I would be wondering if there is a decision to make them look
    like perps or related to the perp, when it is likely OTHER politcal people
    want to have cause to take back things under pretext.

    I am pro union.


    Some RANKING people abused things. They are not union people.

    Who among the readers would turn down a $ 36,000 a year Pension
    based on 60 % Cap of Base Pay of $ 60,000?
    > That was the pre 1998 computation.

    Who among the readers would turn down a $ 24,000 a year Pension
    based on 40 % Cap of Base Pay of $ 60,000?
    > Boeing people making $ 65,000 a year Base get $ 26,000 after 30 years.
    > Sikorsky people making $ 65,000 a year Base get $ 21,000 after 30 years.
    > Most Social Security is $ 10,000 to $ 13,000 a year.

    I believe Police and Fire start around $ 40,000 +
    Police and Fire, with 30 years easily make $ 60,000 Base

    I respect the work they do. 9/11 Police & Fire RAN towards the WTC
    Military ran towards the burning Pntagon. They are heroes.

    I have no problem with the pay of Police and Fire or Teacher Pay.
    Teachers work 184 days a year, but have schooling Time and expense
    to get necessary degrees.

    There are politcal motives to make unions look greedy with abuses of
    Benefits like Pensions and Insurance.

    Hey I wish everyone had the deals they have, including me.
    But is it affordable and politically realistic?

    I want to raise the losest Pensions.
    Only way to do that is to lower, volunteerily & negotiated, the highest.

    That hurts the most dependant Pensioners the most.
    The ones who play by the rules.

    Like Phyllis – I play by the rules.
    I do my civic duty.

    My tire was slashed.
    I have the tire.
    I have the AAA call / tow
    I have the Firestone bill for $ 149.64 for tire and balancing for safety.

    My tire was slashed.
    If my tire BLEW and caused me to hit YOUR CAR KILLING YOUR FAMILY,
    how would you feel?

    My fault for doing what the USA is supposed to be about?
    My fault for trying to help and protect people?

  177. 177 citizenkane1

    let’s get that tire shipped down to the FBI lab in VA.
    A mass-spectometer examination of the cuts to the outer wall of the tire and inner fiber fray analisis may yeild some important clues to the tools used for the incident. Tools could lead to the MO’s of certian operatives and could lead to a phsyc. profile to track down the perp’s.

    or it could have just been random vandals or even the
    that rascally rabit.

  178. 178 1george1

    It could have been Roger Rabbit.

    OR, it could have been someone with motive.
    Been going to Mr P’s for 12 years.
    1st ever vandalism, there.

    A tire blow out could cause an accident which could
    KILL other PEOPLE, like your family or friends,,,,

    The silence on this blog has been self evident of peoples
    lack of concern about other people….

    While I have reason to believe it is attempted murder or
    at least attempted intimidation … who cares?

    Yet, NO ONE CAN DISPUTE, not even FOS, that a BLOWN TIRE

    You people don’t even care about endangering your own families
    or completely ramdon and innocent people, do you?

    Have any of you ever looked in your eyes in the mirror?

    Last night I felt the stare, from a certain individual at PYE.
    I stared back.
    He held his stare for about 1 minute.
    After that, he couldn’t look me in the eye.
    Not the rest of the night, either.

    I won’t say who he is, except a retired Stfd pd.

    I respect the vast majority of Stfd PD.
    They are real people. Decent. Hard Working. Courageous.

    And then there are the political people who like Genuine wrote,
    slither from under their rocks…..

    No e-mail reply from my Monday e-mails to
    Jim Miron
    John Burturla
    Rich Burturla

    I wonder, if they were setting up the 7 Pensioners, due to the Town
    Council FAC Cover Letter and Report?

    No e-mail reply from my Monday e-mails to
    Tom Moore
    Carol for the rest of the Council.

    I wonder, if they were setting up the 7 Pensioners, due to the Town
    Council FAC Cover Letter and Report?

    I just had a silent call from a wireless caller.
    Hey I am home.
    It bought a smile to me knowing if they lack courage to speak….

  179. 179 1george1

    And before “Officer Sean” pipes in, let me reveal my bias:

    I am not a Police Officer. No one I know is a Police Officer. But the Stratford Police Department is supposed to protect me and you. In my humble opinion, you cannot pay police officers enough considering what we ask them to do. To destroy their morale, change the rules of the game, reward those who kiss it enough, and ask them to turn a blind eye* to corruption, nepotism, and double dipping is just wrong.

    The above was from Jeze, who is remarkably responsive under normal instances:

    Jeze’s quote / not mine:
    “But the Stratford Police Department is supposed to protect me and you.”

    Would you consider a SLASHED TIRE to be a PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT or NOT?

  180. 180 jezebel282


    I would called it “vandalism”.

  181. 181 starlooker


    Sorry to hear about your tires. Here is a fact for you. A business on Ferry Blvd had tires slashed and window broken, a home on Housatonic Ave had tires slashes (besides yours) and another car on Housatonic had the pins taken out of their tires so their tires were flat. You were not alone. It all stems from a group of 4 that the poice have been looking for, they are about 15-17 years old. they strike after midnight.

  182. 182 sudds

    Good try Starlooker!

    Next, are you going to try to tell us that the aliens do NOT have tracking probes in George’s anal cavity???

  183. 183 1george1

    Star & Jeze,

    This happened, directly in front of the front door of a place with 50 to 200
    people comin and going. Many people stand in front to grab a smoke. Some
    times one of the bouncers is outside.

    I also called it vandalism. Yet do vandal strike in well lit areas where people
    can see them from the window, or walk out the door or be walking up from
    behind them from parking across the street.

    Your bias betrays both of you to try to discredit any possibility that any
    of your friends could have motive to be involved. And I even pointed out
    NO REPLIES from either Burturla nor Miron?

    Normally you would jump all over those, claiming they personally were
    responsible for Global warming.



    You got me?

    While mocking me, your backhand of other bloggers’ perspective about
    me, intentional or unintentional is worthy of a wow?

    You have a unique sense of humor.


    Yet, if any of you were trying to help the Town as Jeze has credited me
    in the past, and someone Vandalized your tire in close VERY proximity to
    ACTIVE TRAFFIC, which is not the norm for Vandals (is it?), and if it led
    to an accident where a certain champion Guitar hero was seriously hurt,
    would you be suspicious and TICKED?

    Jeze, you have passion.
    You attack my credibility.
    But if it happened to you, based on your acrimonious blog, and need for
    both you and STAR to feel the NEED to be anonymous….

    Not even a maybe?
    Not even an outrage about endangering other people.
    Even Star’s attempt to minimize just make’s note of instances and NO
    PASSION or OUTRAGES for potential victims of those places or the the
    potentially harmed by an “accident” or a “vandalism.”

    Star has been passionate before. At least there I some empathy
    Reread the post.

  184. Sorry guys, I’ve got to interject here. This tire slashing thing is absolutely ridiculous. George, I’ve got to agree, this is vandalism, pure and simple. And yes, it could happen with several people in the direct vicinity. People are pick-pocketed, etc., every day in front of the masses in NYC, what makes you think that it can’t happen with a few (perhaps somewhat intoxicated) smokers sitting outside Mr. P’s?

    For the entire month of September, a number of cars along Linden Avenue and throughout the train station have had their windows smashed. I’ve heard that the month of September – when school begins – is a big “hazing” month and vandalism occurs with increased frequency.

  185. 185 jezebel282


    “Jeze, you have passion.
    You attack my credibility.
    But if it happened to you, based on your acrimonious blog, and need for
    both you and STAR to feel the NEED to be anonymous….”

    Not to belabor this point, but 2 months ago the rear window of my car was smashed. Under a street light, with traffic going by. When I woke up the next day and discovered it, I did NOT suspect Miron or the PD. Even I don’t think he is guilty of EVERYTHING. Most things, yes. Everything, no.

    I did what you should have done. I called the PD, got my report # then called my insurance agent.

  186. 186 sudds

    Jez… and when was it that you searched your rectom for alien probes??? 😆

  187. 187 jezebel282


    No need. The baseball in my back seat kinda gave it away.

  188. 188 starlooker

    TRust me I am not making light of what had happened. Trust me if someone did that to my car I would be pretty wild. All I was stating that in the past few weeks this has been going on. I even forgot until Jez mentioned it that Sat. night my neighbor across the street had their back window of their car smashed in. ALL I WAS TRYING TO POINT OUT TO GEORGE was that in the area of Housatonic, and Ferry Blvd and surronding streets this has been happening.

  189. 189 1george1


    I went home after having the tire repaired.
    I prepared a writen statement, knowing how police reports work.
    I went to the station.
    An officer was called from the road.
    We talked. I handed him my statement, copy of the Bill, and back up
    information. I asked that he include everything in the report as I was
    going to file with Town Finance and Claims.
    Sat / Sun / Mon records are closed.

    Tuesday I picked up the report.
    As expected, no mention that I handed him anything, just that I showed
    him the bill. It is a partial truth in that when giving him the bill and the
    other information, including the name of the suspect, I showed it to him
    as well.
    Because the suspect’s family is politically active and because my information
    included the relationship between the FAC Commission and Timing of the
    incident, I NEVER expected it to show up attached to the report.

    As you know Police have investigatory discretion.
    It is rare when they will partially, officially, out their own.

    I call Tuesday night and spoke to him about a supplemental report.
    He was pretty sure of himself until I pointed out that I did
    NOT APPRECIATE the TOWN COUNCIL making me into a TARGET,
    of the POLICE & POLITCAL RESPRISAL, since it was the TOWN COUNCIL
    who surprizingly choose me.

    I signed up for
    REVENUE ENHANCEMENT – My Forte as well as Bob’s.
    BUDGET Transparency – Miron / Burturla / Henrich et al – don’t want.
    PENSION Options – The Chairman was hand picked & report slanted,
    yet the 7 Police and others should be unhappy with what was exposed,
    while BOB and I were adamant it was not the workers fault to take
    advantage of what was thrown at them, although they know better.
    It was all the political people and appointees who caused it to happen.

    So the Town Council made me and the 7 POLICE a TARGET.

    The Police should picket the Town Council as well as the Mayor,
    and Burturla(s) although they are all of the same!

    Once the Officer knew where I was coming from and that he and
    the police are being played, he got nervous (stopped being sure)
    and said he would have to talk to me later.
    (normal to check with others – same with the Committees & Councilors.)

    What the Town Council did with their hand picked C. R. C. 1 & 2,
    is exactly what the President / Vice President / Congress has done
    to the USA!

    What is that?

    They have broken Capitalism, Democracy, Republic rule of Law,
    Representative Government and the Constitutions / Town Charter.

    They did it intentionally.

    They are causing pain to force changes.

    They think they control the coming change and they will benefit from
    it because they control the money, the media, and political appointees
    in every level of government.

    What NONE of the people in government who betray the public trust
    understand, is they will be betrayed once their usefulness is done.

    Star – you alone showed empathy, of all of the bloggers.
    As in the past, I mentioned you are more sensitive than the others.

    I had an incident to a van 10 years ago, when we had a drug addict
    neighbor who broke in to the van to steal things he could hock.

    Things can happen and do happen everywhere. Yet, my van was
    20 feet from directly in front of the front door, with 4 windows
    where people can look outside, a constant flow of people who
    are coming and going, and especially unlikely for a vandal to do
    anything stupid because the cigarette smokers are almost always
    out side and normally within fee of the curb / parked cars.

    Random Vandalism historically happens to multiple locations, whereas
    NO ONE else was Vandalized or had a TIRE SLASH?

    When you read about a smashed window or broken mail box, they
    almost alway happen to several places in a general area.

    Since there are a number of police / relatives / friends on this blog
    they can verify or deny my contention.

    When there is a single incident, I suspect it was either intentional and
    a target or a stupid mistake / accident.
    2 slashes on a tire and inch apart was no mistake.
    An act of vandalism where people can plainly see you from a window
    or walk outside to smoke or leave, or someone can walk up from
    behind you from parking across the street, or see you from across
    the street ….
    I have additional information, but why expose others to danger, when
    the police would not do an honest job?

    Jeze – $ 150 is not worth an insurance claim.

    Finance and claims will deny it. Yet it becomes part of a cumulative record
    of progressive actions and incidents. The most intelligent thing the officer
    and police could have done would have accepted my information, speak to
    the suspect and file a summary action, which they could still do.

    Unless the suspect confessed, there is insufficient evidence to arrest, yet
    enough cause to speak to him. If he did it, he would not try it again. If he
    didn’t do it, then there is a distinct possibility he was being set up?

    If the police covered all of their bases, it makes them look better, which is
    what I want, because I believe they are BEING SET UP to be the FALL GUYS.

    Counter intuitive defined:
    A counterintuitive proposition is one that does not seem likely
    to be true when assessed using intuition or gut feelings.

    Please remember – Miron / Burturla / Berchem’s firm / Miller / Florek /
    Kelly / Williams / Kubec / Proto / August / Cotter / Bishop / Ahlberg /
    Gilardi / Foreman / T-Berry / Blando / Naples / LeClerc / Holcolm /
    Willinger / Bucci / William – Pattis / Meehan / Merly – Merly / O’Conner
    / Dooley / Droney / Twardy / Appleton / DeJoseph / Harry / Kennedy
    and more are all Lawyers.

    Lawyers ethics to to “priviledged clients and themselves.”
    They study political science and emulate:
    Niesche, Freude, Marx, Machiavelli, Plato’s Republic, Blackstone,
    Ham-mu-rabbi, Clauswicz, Richeliu, More, Locke, HOBBS
    and others.

    Their lives revolve around deceipt, much like military science.

    All of them know and understand the term HONOR.
    They consider most people as FOOLS and TOOLS.

    I disagree with SHAKESPEARE’S perscription on what to do with Lawyers,
    although, they might make good fertilizer? 😉

    Last thing

    The Miron DEMONcrats are extremely aware of everything going on.
    They have been briefing their people well.

    Since they react to information I disseminate or issues I raise,
    it is easier for me to identify their acting, than for others.

  190. 190 1george1

    Personal discovery on cryptography and etymology which is not relevant

    …edited for relevancy by Jezebel…

  191. 191 thegenuinephyllis

    All I can say is Maddona Me…can’t help but to chuckle (anal probe,aliens)…Lord Have mercy George! I cannot count over the past 2-3 years, tire slash,car gouged…Sad but truethe world we live in has that kinda garb from time to time. Also not to be rude, more than one person I know had “Happenings” over the past 4 yrs(car keyed,window smashed etc)@ that location of your “mishap”despite outside buzzed smokers/bouncer &onlookers. Kinda goes with the territory..bars draw:booze,partying, brawls…fuzzy diminished capacity? S*** happens to all of us from time to time lighten up!

  192. 192 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    I’d like to thank Bollicks for the photo.

  193. 193 1george1

    To any blogger.

    You know much that I do not know. The reverse is true.
    You believe what you choose to believe. The reverse is true.

    I have been Published 40 times in 3 local papers. There have been local
    and non local issues Published in the Post, Star, and Bard.
    Only PC Sperling and an reputed ally of the bloggers David Blumstein
    have been Published.
    Because FOS is more intelligent than I (like Gavin), writes very well, and
    does know the LAW, I would conceed FOS has probably been Published.

    Playwrite, Hand, and Jeze are capable of being Published.

    I am published because I can write factually and interestingly on a
    variety of issues. As FOS & PCS might conceed people can look at the
    same set of FACTS, and come to different conclusions.


    Have any of you come up with a solution to the PENSION mess?

    I set forth an extremely unlikely scenario to SUE BERCHEM under the
    R.I.C.O. Act, to make the PENSIONS about solvent while allowing
    PENSIONS better than SIKORSKY and BOEING.

    Improve on my suggestion which is aimed at:
    1 – Burturla & friends who caused the problems
    2 – Protecting the future of the Pensioners, with minimal harm to 85%.
    3 – In my proposal the top 15 % would not get the portion of PENSIONS
    OVER 60 % HARD CAP, but they still get 3 to 4 times Social Security and
    nearly TWICE the PENSION of SIKORSKY.

    The POLICE have GOVERNMENT ALLIES to proceed.
    The POLICE have Motive towards GOOD GOVERNMENT and by ridding
    the town of the bipartisan esquirearchy and pickpockets, don’t they
    “protect and serve? > Public – Themselves – Rule of Law

    The POLICE have motive to ACT in a CONTROLLED MANNER since NOT
    all of them have the SAME LEVEL of INTEGRITY (wink D/C – wink more)
    and the INTERNAL MECHANISMS are stacked against them, as they are
    stacked against the PUBLIC, whose support they need!

  194. 194 jezebel282


    “Have any of you come up with a solution to the PENSION mess?”


    An Independent candidate runs for mayor (not Costello). Voters are so fed up with their taxes, corruption in Town Hall, “deals” and egos that they actually ignore the “D”, “R” or “I” after a candidates name. Here’s where it gets strange; a person with integrity, ethics and NO involvement in previous Town government actually gets elected.

    The day after the election he/she notifies the mayor’s “staff” that they should have their resumes ready because in December ‘09 they will be unemployed. In December he calls the Town attorney and hands him a letter stating that his services and those of Berchem Moses and Devlin are no longer required and to please turn over all legal files and communications, documents and other current work product to the Town Clerk within 30 days.

    The new Mayor then appoints a full time Attorney at a salary to represent the Town. The new Mayor then requests the funding of a forensic audit of the previous administration including the former Town attorney, HR, former mayoral “aides”, the PD, the FD and EMS. Once prosecutions have begun, the new mayor can start fresh and begin a working relationship with the Council and the Citizens of Stratford.

    Other than that, I cannot imagine a scenario under which any of the last 20 years of abuses could be remedied.

  195. 195 1george1


    I think your “plan” is consistent with many of the issues which I post.
    Except you have your own verbage and priorities.
    Except you seek a pound of flesh and I do not.

    We do not need political reform or change, we need a political enema.
    You and I tend to agree on Prime local culprets.


    One very strange inconsistancy to your ORIGINAL POSITIONS about firing
    outstanding department heads like Pat Naylor / Diane Toolan / Ben / etc.

    The day after the election he/she notifies the mayor’s “staff” that they
    should have their resumes ready because in December ‘09 they will be

    Are you or are you not (now) arguing those same replacements for the people
    you admire (and in many/not all cases, I admire) be fired?


    To the people with connections to Local 407.

    I went on to the Police Union Website.
    1. Add e-mail addresses to reach union people in any spot where their
    e-mail address ends with

    A) Those belong to the Town / Public, not to the Union work.

    B) Miron / R. Burturla / J. Burturla / D/C have a LEGAL RIGHT to see what
    is inside a Town e-mail Address.

    C) Management can access the Town e-mail addresses and contort the
    contents towards progressive disciplinary actions towards suspension and

    C – 1 – Discipline is supposed to be corrective, not punitive in nature.

    C – 2 – Discipline is supposed to be progressive and educational.

    As a former UNION STEWARD, in FEDERAL EMPLOY, I respectfully request
    local 407 learn from what has happened to me.

    2) Have an UNBIASED Attorney and Marketer look at Local 407 content.


    A) Management will use your words and positions against you.

    B) The REPUBLICAN & DEMOCRATIC parties have their own Agendas and
    will look at issues differently than the Local 407.

    C) The National and Regional Police Unions may or may not support the
    positions of the Local 407. (That happened to me and my Local)

    D) Big Labor and Management Councils, the the BRBC & Chamber may have
    different views than what you post and can actively harm you and join your
    enemies, for their own reasons and agendas. They manipulate Public Opinion.

    E) PUBLIC looks at things differently than the POLITICAL Parties, Management,
    Labor, National/Regional/Local.

    1 – I am PRO – UNION. POLICE and FIRE have a PUBLIC RELATIONS mess, based
    on what I know, not on what Weisel published and Henrick glossed over.

    2 – Blog:
    Stratford problems are systemic abuses and draconian backlash appears to be
    inevitable, based on current trends and the FINANCIAL realities.

  196. 196 jezebel282


    Are you or are you not (now) arguing those same replacements for the people
    you admire (and in many/not all cases, I admire) be fired?”

    Can you tell me what it is they do? It simply seems that nearly $500,000/year is a bit much for a mayor’s office.

    “Except you seek a pound of flesh and I do not.”


    Hardly. However, those political appointees that have not or cannot display ethics and integrity should be working on their resumes. Sometimes, George, ethics and integrity count more than simply meeting your numbers. If the numbers are dishonest to begin it becomes something to disguise. If the numbers are honest, anyone can see them.

  197. 197 1george1


    I agree with much of your sentiment.

    I can suggest numbers which are FAR easier to qualify
    ethics and integrity.

    Miron supporters claim Republican and United Democrats have
    BAD ethics and integrity.

    Then each group makes their claims.

    NO ONE is 100 % WRONG, NOR 100 % RIGHT, all of the time.

    Except maybe FOS ….
    NO, NO, NO I am teasing my TUTOR on LAW! 😉

    And Jeze,
    We do NOT share “EXACTLY” the same opinion on EVERYONE.

    Nor do we agree on what is relevant, per EDITTING. 8)

  198. 198 jezebel282


    “And Jeze,
    We do NOT share “EXACTLY” the same opinion on EVERYONE.”


    “Nor do we agree on what is relevant, per EDITTING.”

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. 😉

  199. 199 phineast

    gotta love today’s stratford star page , upper left side. stupid is as stupid does…

  200. 200 phineast

    page one..

  201. 201 1george1

    “And Jeze, We do NOT share “EXACTLY” the same
    opinion on EVERYONE.” Whew!


    “Nor do we agree on what is relevant, per EDITTING.”
    It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.


  202. 202 1george1
  203. 203 jezebel282


    “gotta love today’s stratford star page”

    That story is a little longer and much more disgusting in terms of his behavior.

    On another note, there was a story recently of ex Stratford cop, William Jennings (of Lexus and threatening fame) losing a drug case against a local family doctor.

    The best news in this case was that the doctor was able to complete the rectal exam on Jennings before the “investigation” was concluded.

  204. 204 1george1

    My empathy & condolences to the families & friends in Colorado

  205. 205 sudds

    “The best news in this case was that the doctor was able to complete the rectal exam on Jennings before the “investigation” was concluded.”


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