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Brothers and sisters, I think that the general public ie..concerned citizens of Stratford need to know the full scope of the matter we are dealing with at the present time. I think that some might think we might not have any validity to our claims. I can assure you, we do.

As you all know, several months ago, Christian Miron, brother of Mayor Moron, applied to be a police officer at the Stratford Police Dept. Why Stratford out of all the Dept. in CT. Well, ill let you guess that one. Anyhow, Christian went through the process like every other candidate which includes a variety of tests to include, background check, credit history, psychological test, polygraph test, and employment history amongst other things.

Now, the men and women of the Stratford PD knew this was going on. We were not surprised and we said nothing. We believed that yes, his brother is the mayor and it doesn’t look right, but hey, if the kid passes all of his tests, what can we say. If a guy is qualified, no matter who his brother is, he deserves to get the job. However, the time came when and his tests were completed, we discovered that his background was not up to standards. He was not qualified to be a police officer. It would become a safety issue for the men and women of the PD as well as the citizens we are sworn to protect. We still said nothing. We would wait to see if he would really get hired.

Soon, the rumor was that Christian Miron, a person that was not qualified to be a police officer, was going to be hired and would be attending the academy soon. It was the talk of the PD, an outrage. How could this kid get hired, and others who did qualify and had an outstanding background get pushed to the side. These people that did qualify were dismissed. What was the reason for their dismissal, who knows. But one can only imagine it wasn’t a valid one.

The way these tests are run, all your tests are combined and you are given a score. With that score, you are placed on a list. Highest score 1st, lowest score last. Remember, we are not talking 5 or 10 people on this list. We are talking maybe 50 -100. The only way a person can score low and get hired before someone who is more qualified, is to dismiss all those that are before him or her on that list. Human resources is in charge of hiring candidates once they are recommended by the Chief for hire.

Christian Miron was given a conditional offer of employment. He was sent to New England Uniform in BPT for his academy uniform and was set to enter an academy. Someone, got wind of this, became concerned for the officers and citizens safety and did what they had to do. Paperwork was released by who, no one knows. The chief thinks he knows, but he doesn’t.

Remember people, some will say, the info wasn’t released in the proper manner. Well, what do you suggest, an FOI request. I can guarantee you, as soon as that FOI request was sent, those papers would have been shredded, edited, or destroyed all together. It has happened in the past, and everyone in the PD knows that . Things tend to get lost when its convenient. Whoever did it, knew how things work and they did what they had to do. This needed to be known. It wasn’t right that this kid who wasn’t qualified was getting a job because of who his brother is. A lot of people would be in jeopardy, including citizens.

When the administration, ie..Miron, Burturla, Loschiavo, found out about this, they were furious. Don’t be fooled, they were not furious because the info was released, there was no crime committed, there was no policy violation. They were furious that they got exposed. Their hiring practices got exposed. They were and are embarrassed. So they set out on this fishing expedition to try and make someone pay for releasing this info.

All of a sudden, it was all over the Post. We are going to find out who did this and make them pay. They took the the focus off of their hiring practices and tried to put the focus on who did this. Its called Damage control ladies and gentlemen.

The Chief hired an outside firm to investigate this at a rate of $300.00 an hr. That firm has been talked about in other posts on this site. The are friends of the Chief. Nothing like making an investigation go the way you want. who knows how much the town spent on this investigation team so far, and where did this money come from. Some one needs to really look into that.

The Chief at first thought that Sean Farmer did this. He was wrong. Farmer left the Dept. and not because of this investigation like so many think. At SPD we all know Farmer was planning to leave way before any of this happened. He had another job that he had been working at 3 yrs prior to this incident while at the same time working at SPD. It is in the Private Sector and he is making well over six figures at that job. He is still working there to this day. Farmer left because he saw exactly where this Dept. was heading, and he was tired of the nonsense. He had a better job, better pay and less stress.

Now the Chief thinks that the current Union President is the one who did this. He is again wrong. He has basically told the Union President that he is guilty of this and can not prove it. When asked how he can say that, he has no answer. When asked what policy or statute he has violated, the Chief again, has no answer. What the Chief does say is listen, If you get rid of the Union website, say Farmer did this, get rid of the no confidence vote, and forget the FOI requests that you are doing regarding me, I will drop this whole investigation. If you don’t, I am going to suspend you long term, and possibly terminate you. Are you kidding me. This Chief is hilarious, what is this the Mob. As a Chief you go around threatening a Captain in your Dept.

First of all Chief, the Union website has nothing to do with this investigation. It is our freedom of speech and is protected under the constitution. And for a man that has never served in the Armed Forces. You really got some balls to tell someone they cant have their freedom of speech. Before you go and make a comment like that, put on a real uniform and go fight in a war. But you never did and would never do that because you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth and you probably believe that is beneath you.

The Captain that the Chief is possibly going to suspend or terminate with no just cause, is THE BEST supervisor in the Dept. He stands up for his men and women and we would follow him to the gates of hell…no question. Chief, we wouldn’t follow you to Longbrook Park. This Captain has done nothing wrong. The Chief is trying to hang someone for this so that he can justify why he spent all this money on an investigation and so that he can open up the lawsuit for Christian Miron.

One thing Chief you are going to cost this town a lot of money if you fire this guy. You have already tried to smear his name its not working. We know who the real leaders are. And Chief, you ain’t it. Maybe you should be more concerned with the condition of your patrol cars, the gas pump that doesn’t work, the exposed electrical wires in the PD, and your duty to your subordinates and the citizens of this town. Maybe cut down on the Homeland security seminars that you give when you should be working. Double dipping its called.

Chief, you have no idea what you are doing. when you threatened to terminate that Capt., you threatened all the men and women of this Dept. You will get a vote of No confidence, the FOI’s will continue, and this website will stay up. WE ARE STRONGER than you, WE ARE MORE DETERMINED THAN YOU. There are more of us than there are of you. You take out one, you have 99 more to go. WE ARE ALL ON BOARD AND WE ARE READY FOR ANYTHING. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE OUR DETERMINATION. YOU WILL BE EXPOSED. THERE IS MORE TO FOLLOW. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINING.



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  1. HOT DAMN! Hard to say much more, except enough is enough. That crap is getting awfully close to that fan.

  2. Gunnery,

    Can private citizens participate in this “no confidence” vote?

  3. 3 jezebel282


    Yes they can! On Tuesday November 3, 2009.

  4. 4 sudds

    I’d prefer citizens NOT vote in this process!!!

    There would be at least one vote for confidence (come one Laura Dobosz… you KNOW it would be you… LOL)… thus ruining a perfect XYZ-to-ZERO vote!!!

  5. 5 1george1

    In the Military, they have the UNIIFORM CODE of MILITARY JUSTICE.
    It is comparable to the CIVILIAN United States CODE.

    A military man is mandated to disobey an order that he believes is
    AND perhaps unethical.

    I am sure FOS or PCS can find it and or the US Code Comparative.
    They might also find it comparable in the CT. GENERAL STATUTES
    They might also find it comparable in the STRATFORD ORDINANCES.

    Because of relationships with WEISEL, the bloggers might get this
    in the CT. POST?

    There are SOOOO MANY ISSUES in Stratford that Private Investigators
    have already disovered (WINK WINK) and that are common knowledge
    to certain long term residence and certain politically connected,
    that this town is kinda like a volcano.

    I have been advised to be very wary of things within the police / fire
    and other departments and agencies.

    One notes the history involving people who had protection or thought
    they had protection?
    * Rowland * Ganim * Newton * Giordano * DeLuca * Sullivan
    * McGreevy * Spitzer * Detroit Mayor * Alaska Governor * R big wig

    So who knows what Stratford has in store?

    I do know NOTHING came out of the Russian Brothel, Fabrizi’s COKE,
    (the deadbeat-so far) + other things which certain people are very aware…

  6. 6 starlooker

    this makes me sick and disgusted beyond means… this needs to stop now. BURTULA is a DISGRACE to the badge and LOSCHIAVO. Honestly something needs to be done and done fast. tired of the BS…. I feel it is us taxpayers that need to do something. Protest, press get total attention from papers and tv media. I still feel this whole thing with Chris Miron was a set up to get the heat off the Loschaivo family….. 2 sons, daughter -in-law, her best friend on Police force and other family members on PW. I say it worked…when this thing about Chris Miron hit, the heat was off Loschiavos. all of us just sit and wait to see the bill from the investigaton on this done by Burtulas Friend….. All will be shocked. when people ask me what town I am from, I say it very nicely… I live in CORRUPTFORD……

  7. 7 citizenkane1

    I have heard from many insiders that the burturla’s and others get a good chuckle at the miron’s seemingly never ending problems. Especially DM’s “not a pot to —- in or a headstone to throw in out at”

  8. 8 1george1

    Latest rumor is that the whole tombstone thing is a crock and meant
    as a distraction for certain other things, due in NOV.

    Once it passes, the whole mess will quietly fade away.

    I don’t believe it, but… just passing it along

  9. 9 officersean

    The real disgrace to the uniform is the out of control officers who think THEY run the department.

    Keep it up knuckle heads and bring public disapproval down on all of us.

    The “union website” is an offensive strategy started by the those officers and their “friends” who screwed up.

  10. 10 nomoreyears

    Dear officerdickhead,

    You’re a disgrace, as are the Burturlas, the Miron’s, and the Loshiavos. Public opinion is on the side of the working officers bone head. Get a freakin clue. But how can you have a clue when your illustrious leader lives in Roxbury? I wonder how many hours Cheif Burturla is actually on the job and not telecommuting or giving speaches on homeland security.

    It’s all crumbling down and the FBI IS watching. What comes around goes around and sooner or later Dick and Jim Miron, the Burturla boys, and their legion of friends will get what’s coming.

    Federal subpoenas + convictions = jailtime and disbarment

    You should be scared instead of shooting your mouth off. The cheif doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on or a complimentary tombstone to be buried under.

  11. 11 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    “The real disgrace to the uniform is the out of control officers who think THEY run the department.”

    I am sure after 2.5 years of this readers will certainly believe you rather than the dedicated officers of the Stratford PD.

  12. 12 officersean

    Ouch. “Officerdickhead”. That hurts. Classic third grade machismo that has led to SOME of us turning bad.
    And you wonder why some members of the public distrust us.
    No, we are NOT all behind this smear campaign.
    No, we are not all in love with or afraid of the McNeil brothers.
    No, we will not let you ruin OUR reputation.

    As for you Jezebel, listen sweetheart, you do not know wht you are talking about. THings are not all bad. In fact, if my brother officers actually paid attention to doing their jobs instead of being political or focusing on how to milk more money from the town things woudl be better and they would not even care who was Chief.

    We understand that you hate the Mayor – I am guessing he used to “date” you or something along those lines (nothing like a scourned lover, eh?).

    But leave the police out of your spat with the Mayor sweetie.

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Officer Sean,

    “Knuckleheads”? You should really come up with other words, Jimmy. And that is the factual accuracy.

    “focusing on how to milk more money from the town things”


    How many officers had Town funded teeth put in for $75,000? Or charged consulting fees while on Town time? Or had all of their close friends and relatives hired by the PD? Or have free cars? Or free yard equipment? Or excessive OT so they could pad their pensions? Or hired golf buddies at $300/hour?

    You know, here’s the thing. I’ll bet any officer that is a Local 407 member could ring any doorbell in Stratford and have every single homeowner or taxpayer sign any petition they had. I’d even offer them a cup of coffee and donuts while they waited for me to sign. ( I hear that’s what officers prefer).

    “We understand that you hate the Mayor – I am guessing he used to “date” you or something along those lines”

    Sorry, I would only date people that could look me in both eyes and had the necessary equipment to finish the job.

  14. 14 helpushelpyou

    OFFICER SEAN,….why do you say the McNeil BROTHERS!!!!? It sounds like a personal vendetta! one brother is the union president being threatened with termination over reviewing a report (and thats all it amounts to regardless of conspiracy theory). There has never been any mention of the other brother. Did you get picked on as a kid.

    Stratford will lose a lot of money in the long run over this. The bruised ego’s running the town can’t stand the fact that they can’t get the union to do what they want. The investigation at the police department has cost to much money not to have someone to hang. It has focused on the union president who happens to be a well liked supervisor named Joe McNeil. He did not mail any part of the mirongate report and had nothing to do with it being mailed. The chief and mayor are planning to fire him…a completely innocent man. They are going to create hardship on a man with three small children for no other reason than THEY CAN. What will be the outcome…$$$$$$$$$$$$. more lawsuits against the town. they are about to give McNeil a lotto ticket supplied by town taxpayers.

  15. 15 helpushelpyou

    Just the mere fact that you choose to name yourself after the ex-union president Sgt Farmer shows that this is a personal issue against the stratford police union and not about right and wrong. Now you attack the current union president and his brother. Is it because you can’t control them like you control the Buturlas? Lets stick to whats right vs wrong. The union is willing to put everything out in the open for all to judge. We want an outside agency to come in and review everything…and we mean everything. We have nothing to hide. What are you afraid of. If the town chooses to apply it’s own twisted sense of justice against the union president it will be a temporary flex of power that will fall flat in the long run. It will show yet another failure among a list of failures during this administration. And after all is said and done history will record that fact that this administration is a corrupt, power hungry ego drivin failure. In other words, it was the MIRON ERA

  16. 16 1george1

    In 1988 the IRON CURTAIN fell.

    Is it time to drop the mIRON CURTAIN?

    I support the good police (rank & file) of which there are many.

  17. 17 nomoreyears

    officersean (aka officerdickhead),

    Your one of the very few who cannot see the corruption that is going on in the Miron and Burturla administrations. Nepotism and political favoritism should never be allowed on any level especially in an agency of public protection. As an officer, detective, or whatever part of law enforcement you are involved in you should know that. Must be a great thing to walk around with rose colored glasses and tunnel vision.

    We shall see what the union says the day the votes are tallied. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t a landslide.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Hint: “Officer Sean” has been here under other names. “Shing Light”, “Korea Boy”…et al. His comments come from the secure bunker. For now he has smartened up a but and is using a variety of proxy servers.

  19. 19 starlooker

    Now now there Jez….. We know that “Linda Lou Who” is teaching him Elementary School computer…….

  20. Helpushelpyou,

    Just want to warn you, Miron will fire the captain just to make an example of him. He is a dictator who rules by fear. He canned all those supervisors including the president and vice president of the union and put the fear of god into them. To this day, he fights them in the labor court and has not awarded their pay raises. Be prepared for it. Be prepared to assist the captain financially and mentally in order to get through this. It might be a while. If he does it, just ask the public for help – we will send checks to keep the captain and his family afloat while this goes through the legal processes.

  21. 21 1george1

    Who was canned?

  22. 22 helpushelpyou

    Details of the “investigation” against the union president are leaking out and it looks more pathetic than anticipated. You have a team organized by the product of a nationwide search, buturtle. who pays two investigators to guide the results into a pre conceived conclusion. Can you imagine if we did all our investigations like this. Don’t worry about where the evidence takes you just patch things together to lead where we feel they should go…
    The investigation was paid for….the two individuals who took 6 months to investigate this bs were known friends of the buturlas. Can anyone say TAINTED. And after all this investigation the only result is a partial policy violation that was implemented before this computer system was online. That is all that can be brought against a decorated veteran… a naval officer with an impeccable military record who also became a captain in less than 13 years who doesn’t have so much as a letter of reprimand in his file!!!! Did you hear that?? sounds like Stratfords Mill rate just went up to pay for this one…heres to early retirment captain! If the chief is the product of a nationwide search I fear for our nation.


  23. 23 jezebel282


    “Who was canned?

    Pay attention, willya?


    Ben Branyan
    Judy Heigel
    Pat Blumstein
    Al Dubois
    Elaine O’Keefe
    Mary Tiernan
    Eileen Murphey
    Diane Toolan
    Pat Naylor
    Sue Nicholson
    Brian Thomas
    John Carroll
    Steven Danzer
    Ken Kellogg
    Beth Stremple
    Patrice Sulik
    Len Buehler
    Kim Correia
    Diane Maurice
    Maureen Kendrick

    Retired (with pot o’ gold)

    Ron Natrass
    Mike Imbro
    Pat Ulatowski
    Mark DeLieto
    David Evans
    Tom Rodia
    Robert Skrutsky
    Richard Yeomans
    Chris Marino

    Mark Haddad
    Marilyn Flores
    Kent Miller (Fired, rehired, quit)
    Angelo Stavola
    Tina Burgett
    Sean Farmer

    Banished from Town Hall

    Gina Connor, Duncan Yetman, Linda Domenic

  24. 24 1george1

    I was referring to the specific police reference about one or a couple fired,
    in one of the above blogs.

    The Angelo Stavola quit reference, was not a PAID, but a political position,
    was it?
    I was stunned Angelo even ran for office, due to the strain of being on the
    Town Council put on his Business.
    Sources indicated Angelo ran, because he is known, popular, and almost a
    sure win for the party. Once in position, quitting to be replaced would be
    easy to have a replacement.
    However, in an elected office, if someone quits before 1/2 term, then there
    is supposed to be an election. If AFTER 1/2 term = party appoints.

    If it is the former and there was no movement towards an election, then it
    would strongly suggest BOTH PARTIES were on board to defeat a non party
    candidate, and then sneak in a replacement?

    Who were Tina Burgett, Gina Conner, and Linda Domenic.
    I think I know but want to be sure.

    Was Duncan Yetma one of Diane Toolan’s people?
    How is Diane doing?

    Unfortunately Economic Development and Planning yield the least ROI of any
    Town positions, most due to political interference and/or incompetence?

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Tina Burgett was the HR Director after Marilyn Flores left with Mark Haddad. She came from New Haven after getting along with the New Haven PD so well. She’s gone now too. Edmund Winterbottom is the HR Director now. He is famous for cutting health insurance for employees at the City of Bridgeport.

    Gina Connor was Miron’s secretary, but…she has been banished to the guard shack at the RR station.

    Linda Domenic was the secretary at the Economic Development Office. Duncan Yetman is a grant writer. They have been banished to Birdseye. I’m not sure where Bruce Allessie is.

    Diane Toolan works for the City of Bridgeport bringing in big $$ for them. But have no fear! We have Heather Siano as acting grant writer now!

  26. 26 officersean

    This “list” is seriously bogus.

  27. 27 jezebel282

    Officer Sean?

    Prove it.

  28. 28 1george1

    I like Diane.

    I will have to call to say hi. Thank you.

    Last summer I went to the (D) fund raiser at Stella’s.
    I sat with 5 or 6 ladies. I loved those odds.

    I had a chance to talk to Chris Niedermeyer who
    ran for Congress back in the 1980s as a (D).

    I was a mailman. I talked to Jill Kelly who was the
    head of the Fairfield R party, or up there, asking
    for the name of a R Law firm, since my problems
    while caused by management seemed to be mostly
    D in the people harming us.
    I think she said “Pullman & Comley?”
    Whoever it was, Chris Neidermeyer had just joined
    them, after losing her Congress bid.

    It was my first lesson in the business practices of Law
    Firms, like Berchem, Moses, & Devlin who cover all bases
    of partisanships, ethnic/religious/business/fraternal/etc.

    Within a week, my aunt was hospitalized at the date of the
    new Bruce Willis movie, which had a theme not dissimilar to
    what has happened on Wall Street.

    I suspect Chris Neidermeyer with be Jim Miron’s replacment,
    waiting in the wings.
    Her brother will be the will-ding chair as the newest Barnum
    Ring Master, for the Big Tent of Bridgeport area (Stratford)

    One of the other ladies at the table was the head of Bridgeport
    Grant writers, who was moving to greener pastures.
    I thought she was HOT!
    While pysically attractive, she had the personality, intelligence,
    and intangibles I found intriguing, while still being a member of
    a political party. (proved she was not perfect!) 😉

    But then, I am FAR FAR from perfection, to pre-empt comments.

  29. 29 bollicks

    Loschiavo, what can you say, dont people get it in this town…….Moron becomes mayor who dislikes IMBRO, in the meantime Loschiavo is trying to get Justin(his son) on a cop but theres one problem, Eileen Murphy(worked in HR with Linda Loschiavo), is causing problems for Justin getting hired due to things in his background, Eileen was upset that for an unknown reason the PD disqualified her nephew( who is now an Orange PD Officer). Now the plan between Loschiavo and Moron, I put you in as DC, you help me to get rid of IMBRO, I will get rid of Eileen Murphy and Justin will be a Stratford cop, Presto……ITS DONE…. As far as Morons brother, Christian, he failed the polygraph, he was brought in the DC/Chiefs office and they went over what he said in the polygraph and they were still going to hire him..The last i knew if you failed a polygraph, that was it, there was no meeting to discuss anything, give me a break…

  30. 30 bollicks

    How can anything be fair in the hiring practice, The DC tells his wife Linda who to hire, who to disqualify etc, Linda oversees all the hiring, I hope the people who got disqualified for the job as police officer all come together and sue this town, this has been going on way too long, JUSTICE must be served………

  31. 31 jezebel282


    Other than Officer Sean, I think you’re going to have a hard time finding anyone to disagree with you.

    If you quickly scan the names of the people who have been fired, “laid off” or offered early retirement, you will find that almost every single one of them practiced the sins of integrity and dedication to the Town.

  32. 32 bollicks

    So now Justin graduates the police academy but when you leave the police academy you have to do the coopers standard test before graduating, well Justin couldnt perform it because of a so called injury to his ankle when he was in the academy, now, you have a certain amount of time to pass the 1.5 mile run to be completely certified as a police officer, in the meantime Justin is working out on the street in stratford as a cop with this ankle injury… so the time limit is coming up and he and his fat trainer captain Popik go to do the run, he fails and fails several times…Now all of a sudden his ankle starts hurting again, he goes on light duty and cant work the street, DC Loschiavo get his an exstension from the academy so he can pass the 1.5 run… In the meantinme fat captain Popik is training with Justin at Bunnell High School track to pass the run while they are both working… How the hell can this happen?? Justin who filed a workmans compensation claim to an injury that occurred at the police acedemy with his ankle, who is on light duty due to the ankle injury but who is training to pass the 1.5 RUN????.. and the only way to be on light duty is to have a doctors note saying you are on light duty due to having a bad ankle BUT YOU CAN TRAIN AND RUN THE 1.5 WHILE ON LIGHT DUTY FOR AN ANKLE INJURY, SOOO CORRUPT, WORKMANS COMP FRAUD????

  33. 33 bollicks

    I cant believe that they are spending all this money on an investigation about Morons brother…Wow, I hear there is a SGT who has been caught twice at the gym while working and getting paid by the Town of Stratford and 1 time he was getting a massage.. This is the same SGT that was sooo sick he couldnt even do the Sikorsky strike when everyone else was ordered…Wow but what a miracle, he gets soo better after the strike, he goes back to kicking down doors… Whens the last time this guy paid for gas, paid for insurance or even paid for a car, oh but i forgot, hes Morons buddy, hes Loschiavo’s little spy……..hes been caught twice at the gym and NOTHING, the town pays for his gas so he can go to the gym in shelton/fairfield etc, he uses this car for everything, what B>S……..BUT THEY SPEND ALL THIS MONEY FOR THIS INVESTIGATION, WE NEED THE FEDS……….

  34. 34 bollicks

    Then I hear two retired guys are still working for the PD….wow, Cratty, Marino??

    Ok Cratty stole so much money from the PBA 30k or something and Marino, what a joke, I hear the town paid 100k to a disptacher that that marino was sexually harassing, someone sould really look into that one, but it was hush hush…

  35. 35 jezebel282

    Editors Note:

    Apparently “Bollicks” is using one of the same IP addresses as “Officer Sean”. This IP address will now be banned.

  36. 36 bollicks

    Hold on sec, I am not Officer Sean

  37. 37 bollicks

    As far as Ive been reading Officer Sean is either Moron or a cop whos in bed with the administration

  38. 38 jezebel282

    Editors Note: Bollicks, you are using the same proxy server as Officer Sean. There is no doubt. Either use a different IP or I will have no choice but to block the IP.

  39. 39 jezebel282

    Rules: Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the same IP address. Irrelevant or profane posts may be edited for content.

  40. 40 1george1

    Interesting co-incidence that both officer sean and bollicks are disgusted
    with the practices of certain officers.
    Yet, bollicks went after Loshiavo sons & the mother.

    So if bollicks was Jim Miron, that would mean Jim Miron is not a fan of the
    LoSchiavo family, IF, IF, IF the things blogged were true.

    —- Jeze or bloggers, please clear up the following

    Who appointed LoSchiavo to D. C.?

    Who appointed and what party was in control of the appointment of

  41. 41 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note: “Bollicks” has been cleared and may post. My apologies. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get past a proxy server.

  42. 42 bollicks


  43. 43 1george1

    Please reply to my request about the Appointments of the Ranking Police.

    Please ask Gavin to reply to my counter points, after he answer (very well)
    the initial 3 points, I raised. Those 3 initial points were intentional softballs.
    The counter points are very pointed fact based debates.

    Hey FOS, from an intellectual level, would you agree or disagree?

  44. DC was appointed by Miron.
    Mossman was appointed by Owens.
    Imbro was appointed by Feeney.
    Can’t help you on political parties except for DC (Rep) controlled the Council.

  45. After reading Bollicks comments – I think that the SPD has nothing on present day Wall Street. I hope someone is going to step in soon – Stratford needs a bail out!

  46. 46 1george1


    Thank you for the FYI.
    It means Imbro was appointed by Feeney / Republicans
    D/C was appointed by James (D)

    Yet Imbro allowed the O. T. the D/C was giving, which
    continued under Miron / Burturla.

    Virtually all of the Jan 2008 retires, who averaged pensions
    of $ 89,900 on base pay of average $ 71,000 have over 22 years.

    Police Capt Joe Burturla retired 1985.

    Bpt FBI co-head Comers was Stratford PD in 1980
    When did Bpt Asst State’s Attorney Joe Harry work for Stfd PD?

    Cyclops – check the hire dates of most of the TOP RETIREES.
    Would there hiring be around / before 1985?
    > Any pattern analysis?

    Note that since 1996, the ONLY ONE making $ 100,000 +
    a year through 2008 is Town Atorney Richard Burturla, with
    John Burturla, as Police Chief.

    Town Managers since 2001 ?
    Finance Directors since 1999 / 2001 ?
    Human Resources since 2001 ?

    Police Chiefs since 2001 ?
    Fire Chiefs since 2001 ?
    Public Work Directors since 2001 ?
    Education Superintendents since 2001 ?
    Town Clerks since 2001 ?

    When was the PENSION BOND?
    When was the GOLDEN PARACHUTE?
    When was the personnel diaspora?

    Cyclops / FOS / PCS / Jeze – is QUID PRO QUO illegal (bribery?)

    Who has experience creating material facts into circumstancial
    evidence which needs:
    MOTIVE – Animus
    MENS RHEA – Mental state
    INTENT – Foreknowledge

    Oh, supposely 407 is in turmoil (I know some are not happy).

    Don’t they have the ability to create a PERP BOARD and build a
    case for PROBABLE CAUSE, to get a WARRANT to create a

    Personally, I wish everyone would PLAY NICE.

  47. 47 jezebel282


    “Oh, supposely 407 is in turmoil (I know some are not happy).”

    Why don’t you ask them?

  48. Bollicks,
    Your reading on the Loshiavo/Murphy saga is accurate. You forgot to mention how the finance director during a review of medical premium invoices discovered that the Mrs. L had been authorizing payments of insurance premiums for her son who was no longer employed by the town at the time. The finance director wanted her dismissed. Instead, a sealed letter was placed in her personnel file. (That letter has long been removed by Mrs. L with all of the turmoil in that department.) She should have been fired. What she did was outright stealing. But, the Loschiavos wear teflon suits.

  49. 49 1george1

    Just being cautious. 😉

    Do you have a compendium of transgressions, per individual,
    which could be converted into a “bill of particulars?”

    If you wore gloves when loading paper into the printer and
    when handling envelopes to be sent to the press…

    Oh.. Careful with finger prints on the stamps.

    Buy self sticking stamps and envelopes.
    DNA can be traced from saliva, as well as finger print tracing.
    The envelopes are likely to have smears from 2 to 4 USPS handlers,
    who pick up envelopes, handle envelopes when sorted to routes,
    subs or carriers case the mail and sometimes someone else delivers.

    Only the parnoid survive! 😉

  50. 50 jezebel282


    “Jeze, Just being cautious.”

    S’matter, George? Chicken?

  51. 51 1george1

    buck, buck, buck, buck? 😉

    Is that the sound of a chicken or the things being stolen from you Jeze?

    I guess I am chicken.
    I use my own name.
    I even have a listed phone.
    I tell people where they can find me.
    I tell the (___________) they are liars and thieves
    (or Traitors / Criminals)

    To fill in the Blank:
    Town / State / Fed Committees
    Town Council / Mayor
    Certain PENSIONERS among POLICE
    State Police and Attorneys
    FBI and U. S. Justice
    White House / Senate / Congress
    DOD – M. I. C.
    Nobility of europe & the levant
    Big Oil / Trialateral
    O. P. E. C.
    Bunker Hunt – back in the 1980s

    Have I missed anyone?
    If you call me NUTS, I have NO DEFENSE. 😦
    Just don’t call me a Conspiracy NUT. 😉

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “I use my own name.
    I even have a listed phone.
    I tell people where they can find me.”

    Congratulations. However, it seems to me that if you have a problem with the Stratford PD or claim to have knowledge of their political will, they have given you a forum. You should use it.

    I’ve noticed “Officer Sean” doesn’t post there very often. Neither does Laura Dobosz who seems strangely silent lately.

  53. 53 jezebel282

    Today, 02:24 AM
    detective hydrocodone

    The council failed
    That is obvious but expected. I finally read the report and responses of the council regarding the mirongate report. Some simply did not respond to the hired gun Tolemeo. BUT FAILED TO ACT. Some responded negatively to the reports release. Expressing a mixed response…using terms like serious breach,strong concern…blah blah blah. YOU FAILED TO ACT.
    Only one of you showed concern and that didn’t last long. You all failed to do what you were elected to do. You all sit silent. I know quite a few that have been questioned in person and claim that you thought the mailed report was a forgery, confidential file, serious breach…bullshit. YOU FAILED TO DO YOUR JOB..your constituents will not forget! Even now you sit silent
    When the final investigation is done,..and not by Stratford ,the truth will be there for all to see.

  54. 54 bollicks

    I hear that Officer Sean name could be Willy, one of Mirons boys, Willy was caught by another officer emailing Moron, how pathetic……..

  55. 55 bollicks

    I hear this vote of no confidence is being held MONDAY? is this for the Chief only or the DC as well?

  56. 56 mikereynolds

    I wonder when the CT Post will publish an article about the dissention in the PD? From the posts here and on their website it seems like the pot is about ready to boil over.

  57. 57 jezebel282


    I believe there is no love lost between the PD and Rich Weizel.

  58. 58 mikereynolds

    That’s too bad. There’s a story there and one that the Stratford taxpayers should know about. A professional journalist would set aside petty differences and report the truth no matter what his personal problems are with a subject.

  59. 59 bollicks

    As far as I have heard Rich Weizel was ticketed by Stratford PD for no registration on his car or something like that, he doesnt write the facts, he writes what the administration wants him to write, start writing the truth……..

  60. 60 jezebel282


    I doubt you can say Rich Weizel is an administration tool. Miron has tried to have him fired many times. Simply scan any article here and you’ll see his byline. You never see Linda Goodman’s, Tristan’s or the new guy at the Star.

    I just don’t think he gets along with the PD very well.

  61. 61 bollicks

    If hes not, Im sure he knows about the stratford police union website and the scheduled vote of no confidence and how much is being spent by the chief on an internal investigation on the leak(how is this internal when outside people were hired to investigate??), and buddies with the CHIEF no doubt< I just dont get it….

  62. 62 bollicks

    Maybe the police union needs to hire an outside agency to investigate hiring practices, nepotism and investigate why some candidates were disqualified and not others, FOI everything…….

  63. 63 1george1


    “I use my own name.
    I even have a listed phone.
    I tell people where they can find me.”

    Congratulations. However, it seems to me that if you have a problem
    with the Stratford PD or claim to have knowledge of their political will,
    they have given you a forum. You should use it.

    I guess you have not paid attention to content of that which you edit.
    Of course, IF you are part of people who hurt other people, editting
    information on methodology using relevance in your “god complex” and
    it’s my blog pretext …

    Much of what I posted was against those who you protest against.
    Some of what I posted connects to your friends.
    I have never doubted you choose selective truth.
    Very often your selective truths are highly relevant and informative.

    Too bad you don’t obey your own posted guidelines.
    I use a single account.
    I set forward facts and opinion.
    People don’t have to read what i post, but I posted at the
    universal rules of the blog, and NOT one aimed at me.

    NO ONE!



  64. 64 1george1

    “I doubt you can say Rich Weizel is an administration tool.
    Miron has tried to have him fired many times. Simply scan
    any article here and you’ll see his byline.”


    You never see Linda Goodman’s, Tristan’s or the new guy at the Star.

    WHY NOT?
    LASKA & BERCHEM are on same Board of Directors.

    I just don’t think he gets along with the PD very well.

    Maybe not with some. But he sure seems to be covering for others?

  65. 65 1george1


    Why don’t your run for town council and fix all of the town problems?

    Why don’t you write letters to the editor with the blog site such as was
    done by norman bender and a few others?

    Interesting concepts from the Debates>

    Obama and a Conservative Senator are setting up a GOOGLE of the BUDGET
    which means complete transparency.
    Something ALL OF YOU FEAR, especially MIRON / BURTURLA in Stratford.
    I asked for several times at Town Council Meetings.

    McCain & Palin want people to resign or put others in jail. Something ALL OF
    YOU should FEAR, especially MIRON / BURTURLA in Stratford.

    Conversely I tried to get you to reform yourselves.
    It never occurs to any of you that the piper has to be paid.
    My time and attempt to help you have almost past.
    What you will learn, in retrospection was I was the best friend
    you had to keep your greed and selfishness from dooming you.

  66. 66 genericscreename

    Et Al,

    This blog reminds me of the town council, name calling and behavior unbecoming of adults.

    With respect to the local media, I have remained silent about them, although now I suspect it is time for me to express my opinions.

    Over the last few years I have had opportunity to speak to Fred Musante, Tristen and Richard Wizel.

    When Fred Musante wrote for the Star, I found his reporting to be acurate and honest.

    I have found Tristan to be open, clear and not controversial

    I have determined that Richard Wizel is incapable of reporting a story with any accuracy or honesty. When speaking to both sides, all of them concure, Rich Wizel is a bad example of a reporter.

  67. 67 freedomofspeach

    I have not engaged in name calling, other than the pols. I have never called George anything derogatory. I may have made insinuations to the tin foil hat brigade, but never called him some of the things that some people have. It was a simple intervention so that George may look at the things he espouses that are incorrect in a different light, and hopefully stop the tirades and continue the things that he does great, without rants. I tried to get it onto Georges pages, but could not find a link and the search at WordPress was not that great.

    If he or others have problems in dealing with facts, as well as opinions, then the internet is not the place for them to be. I agree with jez’s right to edit.

    I totally agree that the purpose of this blog is not to comment on trilateral conspiracies and that’s what I was hoping my little inforgram would help.

    And yes, my comments regarding the PD were made using the national medico-legal standard based on the information on his posts, using the DSM-IV. So I am not simply pulling these comments out of thin air.

  68. 68 helpushelpyou

    JEZ response to #57,..weizel has been contacted but refuses to return he union phone calls to put the story out. We know that he has been in contact with the admin…more than likely he was told to hold off and wait for the big story…the tall tale they will tell. I am going to send you my phone number tomorrow. I have a meeting in the afternoon and want to talk to you about a few things before I go.

    Bollicks #62..It’s being charge.
    george #63..chill!

  69. 69 1george1

    I agree with generic’s assessment of the reporters and the blog in # 66.

    Have I ever?

    1. Told anyone what to do?
    2. Told anyone what to write?
    3. Told anyone what to think?

    Helpus – Why don’t you tell me to “chill” to my face?

    FOS – You are as insulting as I am, and you know it.
    I posted information which answered a couple of your specific questions,
    and Jeze editted it.
    Do you support limiting a DEBATE?
    Do you support limiting mitigational facts and circumstances?
    Do you support limiting contributory facts and circumstances?
    Do you believe in THE WHOLE TRUTH or a RULE OF LAW based on
    trickery, deceipt, imposition, and meanness such as found in the
    MIRON / BURTURLA regime and among “some” bloggers?

  70. 70 1george1

    Is it a BADGE of HONOR, to EDIT dissenting positions?

  71. 71 helpushelpyou

    Jez I sent my phone # to the email address..jezebel.anonymous@gmail(????) let me know if you got it.

  72. 72 jezebel282



    Perhaps you forgot the .com?

  73. 73 1george1

    No good deed goes unpunished:

    My van tire was slashed Saturday night.

    Before Mike, FOS, KANE, and others start cheering, realize that
    if the tire blew while I was driving, it could have caused an
    “accident.” An accident to one or more of YOUR FAMILY or FRIENDS!

    1) I joined the FAC. It would help the Town / Town Council on
    A) Revenue
    B) Transparency
    C) Savings
    D) Pension

    The TOWN COUNCIL assigned us to look at 7 police pensions of Jan 2008.
    It was the TOWN COUNCIL decision, not mine.

    I had a little input. I was blocked from most stuff.
    The findings by the politically desired people are not pretty.
    These are the Town Council’s preferred people, who made the report.
    If I had the information I asked for, I could have made recommendations,
    which could have better protected the Pension POOR FOLIO.
    It was a PORTFOLIO, now it is a POOR FOLIO.
    People with 401 k or a, now have a 201 zzz or a 101 ugh!

    That was even before today’s Stock Market, when your Pension Board
    was performing in the 4th Quartile. Now everything is at 20 % – 40 %.
    Not 20 – 30 % off – Most stocks are 60 + % off, even OIL.

    Where do you put your money? In a failing Bank?
    What happens to your relatives, who are losing their jobs and homes?

    People expect a bounce.

    If it doesn’t bounce, the D. O. W. could slowly hit 8,800 or worse.
    It could stay there a while.
    What was $ 107,000,000 left over from a $ 95,000,000 Bond
    could become $ 60,000,000 or less, with
    $ 16,400,000 obligated annually to the I GOTTA GET MINE CROWD!

    Try refinancing the shortfall!
    Politically doa.
    What Bank of Bonding company will handle it?
    What about every other crooked pension plan which will need to RE-FI?

    Try hiding the necessary increased donation!

    As John D. Rockefeller stated: there is NO FREE LUNCH.

    BIG MONEY stayed on the sidelines 1929 through 1935.

    I pray, this mess is short lived.
    But what is the incentive for the insiders?
    They can live nicely in Monoco or London or the Caribean.

    You can call me a NUT or CONSPIRACY or EDIT ME.
    But I wish I was wrong.

    But then ancient Cassandra was never believed either in her prophecies.

  74. 74 mikereynolds

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that a conspiracy rant about George’s tire being slashed did not follow.

  75. 75 1george1

    If you only knew how to read between the lines …..

  76. 76 bollicks

    WOW, It has come to light that I hear that DB Captain Popik lied in the IA investigation into the release of Christian Mirons background. Popik stated in the the IA that Det.Nilan told him that the background was being sent to the newspaper, Nilan has fired back and stated this to be an absolute lie and wrote a report regarding the statement that was made by the DB Captain Popik, this report was given to Chief, Wow they are all involved, Justice will be served…

  77. 77 jezebel282


    For those of us who are not members of Local 407, can you slow down and explain who these people are and why this is important?

  78. 78 1george1

    What a tangled web we weave, ……

  79. 79 bollicks

    Who would tell the DB Captain to make a statement like that??? to lie??? what purpose???

  80. 80 bollicks

    Popik=DB Captain, Nilan=DB Youth Services I believe

  81. Who would tell the DB Captain to make a statement like than??? to lie??? what purpose???
    Why, I am going to guess the D/C and/or the Chief.

    How am I doing bollicks?

  82. 82 jezebel282


    DB? IA?

    Popik is an administrator or rank & file?


    I’m lost…..I understand EBITDA and G&A.

  83. 83 bollicks

    DB captain would be in charge of all background investigations conducted for new police candidates……….

  84. 84 bollicks

    DB=Detective Bureau

    IA= Internal Investigation

  85. 85 bollicks



  86. 86 jezebel282


  87. 87 1george1

    Further Clarification requested:

    Who is Pro Miron?
    Who is Anti Miron?
    Who is neith Pro, nor Anti, but an honest police officer.

    HONEST ANSWER requested.

  88. 88 mikereynolds

    My guess would be that most are anti-Miron based on this and how the Mayor handled the whole Alvin O’Neal breach of peace incident.

    However, this transcends pro- or anti-Miron. This boils down to right and wrong. Honest versus corrupt government.

    What the Mirons, Burturlas and Loschiavos do or attempt to do is beyond partisan politics.

  89. 89 1george1

    I agree with your sentiments 100 % about M B L & further about BMD
    & Norm’s buddys, who walk in lock step and take phone adversarial
    positions, while vying for pieces of the pie.

    Yet, while I can figure who is on which side, in the above Stratford PD
    latest imbroglio, I would like clarification by the blogger who posted?
    Is that unreasonable to ask?

    In court, FOS would want to qualify a witness?
    PCS could confirm that is natural.
    Since you are involved in Law Enforcement, you undoubtedly know
    the process and reasons behind qualifying witnesses.

    In this blog, can’t we admit our bias as a foundation for truth?

    Part of what Jeze editted last night could have been used with your
    son as a neat experiment. It would obviously be your decision to use
    or not use, but I posted in good faith. You would have had a choice.
    This is a FYI & rebuttal to being editted.

    Why not post your client list and I will post past employers.
    I had a couple of employers that turned slimy and I left ASARP
    R = Realistically

    I supect, as NUTS as I am, my HONOR and INTEGRITY levels exceeds yours.
    This is rebuttal to his post.

  90. 90 genericscreename

    Et Al:

    I have read this post from the begining and just noticed the list (item No 23), made a few more phone calls and was able to learn the following information about some of the people on your list.

    1. Ben Branyon, he knew from the start he was only going to be around temporarily and apparently had the BOE position waiting for him. He wanted out because once the town had a mayor, Ben was no longer effective in the role he was put into, and consequently made a better move for himself.

    2.Pat Blumestien, was the town managers secretary, did a good job at it, but apparently did not get along with the new administration, was ( if the person I spoke to is correct) moved over to the BOE with all the same salaries and perks, then filed a lawsuit.

    3. Al Dobuois, was an exemplary building inspector, even worked for Oxford part time doing the same, when he went over to be in charge of maintenance he was unable to get it together and failed in the new role, inclusive of this new role was a higher salary.

    4. Elaine Okeaf was removed because she could not control her employees, specifically Patrice. ( it is my feeling that it was more than that, from what I hear, Miranda and Angelo (both restaurant owners) had numerous conflicts with the health department.

    5. Eileen Murphy was the HR person responsible for never tracking the disability pensioners who were known to be working elsewhere and never enforced it.

    6. Brian Thomas never could properly control or manage the dispatch center, from what I was told there were numerous instances where ambulances, fire department and police were never dispatched in time, calls were “dropped” and lives were at risk. When certain instances were brought to the towns attention by a one or more councilmen and it was investigated, tapes of the situations listened to, it was clear that there was no proper organization or discipline.

    7. John Carrol wanted out. He was caught between a rock and a hard place because he went from being an electrician to a building inspector ( a very good one I am told) to then the head of public works. Once he was there, he was forced to attempt to discipline the same people he worked his way up in the ranks with. Not a good place to be.

    8. Patrice Sulik quit. She was apparently making life miserable for any new restaurant trying to open up in town. She was making the owners over design the kitchens, refusing to issue permits unless it was her way with out any realistic understanding of what it was they were trying to do.

    9. Len Bucher did not get his employment contract renewed. From all I have been told he cost this town millions in cost over runs, poor judgement and bad workmanship which he accepted. Apparently the town atty’s are in several litigations regarding things he was involved in.

    For the rest of the individuals I was unable to get any information about why or where they are.

  91. 91 1george1

    I have no way of knowing the accuracy of your post or if there are
    political issues or angles.

    What I do know is that Stratford is a very small town of 50,000.
    Many people who work or have worked for the Town, or do business
    with the Town, or are neighbors or relatives of the same, or stay in
    contact from local school days …. all know a piece of the puzzle.

    What has been proven by playwrite, hand, (they were the pioneers)
    jeze, cyclops, kane, fos, on target, pearly whites, sudds, star, pcs
    jimmy, laura, dave, jon, gavin, and others is that it is a NEW WORLD.

    What ever does or does not happen to me, will not change the fact
    that certain people know who does what. Then they hear added
    stuff and they piece things together,

    What is the saying about keeping a secret if 3 or more know it?

  92. 92 jezebel282


    I am not sure who you are or where you are getting your information (although I have a really good idea about that), but almost everything you posted is untrue, inaccurate and, in some cases, libelous.

    I simply don’t have the patience to refute this…garbage. I will leave that for others.

  93. 93 1george1

    Jeze & Generic,

    Often certain people start with truth to create credibility and then
    turn on an agenda.

    Truth is also sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

    As written, I have no way of confirming what Generic wrote, yet I noticed
    a pattern developing, which caused a red flag to go off.

    I take nothing from these blogs at face value, unless I have personally seen
    of heard something or unless I have been told by 2 reliable sources.

    I have learned things from this and playwrite’s blog which I find credible.

    When I write, I expect some people would discredit anything I write
    simply for the purposes of trying to discredit me.
    Further, some things have happened to me that are well outside the
    “norm” of most peoples’ experience and would find dubious anyway.
    So, I do not blame people for doubt some of my experiences, which
    were caused by people who use the Mirons and Burturlas as fronts.

    There are other people in town and elsewhere who are more subtle
    than the smoke and mirror, act the opposite of the mirons / burturlas.

    Their life is about deception and betrayal.
    They love to entrap, and use situations for their own means.

    Often I see it coming.
    Sometimes I do not.

    The next month portends to be bumpier for me … and then … ?

    What is their BOND?
    Is it a political or fraternal RITE?
    Why do they love to entrap and BETRAY?

  94. 94 jezebel282


    Fortunately for me, most of the people I know simply want a better Town. They work hard, they pay their taxes, they vote, they raise families and are, on the whole, honest and truthful people.

    Unfortunately, there are also people in this town I don’t want to know or at least I am reluctant to admit I know.

    I still have enough integrity left to be outraged by lies and deceptions. And what I know about Generic’s last post is that it is both. And to be honest, I don’t trust my temper to respond to it. These are fine people that Generic is lying about. They do not deserve that.

  95. 95 jonbest

    I want a better town.

  96. “2.Pat Blumestien, was the town managers secretary, did a good job at it, but apparently did not get along with the new administration, was ( if the person I spoke to is correct) moved over to the BOE with all the same salaries and perks, then filed a lawsuit.”

    Wow, Generic, are you off base on this one. Whoever your “contact” is at Town Hall really is giving you a snow job. If he/she is that wrong on this one, perhaps all of the others are a little off the mark too.

    Pat Blumstein was the executive secretary to the Town Manager – that is correct. She was the top secretary to the Town’s top executive official – at that time, the Town Manager. She continued in that position when Jim Miron was elected. Perhaps the aromatherapy candles that Jim Miron burns in his office have done something to his memory too.

    He has been very careful about the way people are “terminated” since his reign in Town Hall began. If you really research things – most women over 50 are gone. In Pat Blumstein’s case, she was transferred to the Fire Department – administrative assistant to the fire chief, I believe. One the same day of that transfer – Ashley Haydu began as Jim Miron’s executive assistant. Pat Blumstein – a woman with several years experience who was over 50, was replaced by a barely 21 year old girl with no municpal government experience. Her claim to fame: she was Jim Miron’s legal secretary in his law firm, you know, that solo-practitioner office in Stationhouse Square, above the donut shop.

    Unfortunately for Pat, the fire chief had no place for her, no desk, chair, computer, etc. There wasn’t even a head count position in the budget for her job. So, her next hit was being layed off. Miron’s way of of saying she was “terminated.”

    I know people at the BOE who have frequent contact with Pat Blumstein. There’s not one ill-mannered thing to say about her. Everything I hear is that she is incredible, helpful and knows what she’s doing.

    Before you say it – I don’t know Pat personally. I had the pleasure of meeting her once, very briefly, and met her husband, Dave, at that same time. I have run into Dave a few more times after that initial meeting and have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with him. My impression – both are stand up people.

    “4. Elaine Okeaf was removed because she could not control her employees, specifically Patrice. ( it is my feeling that it was more than that, from what I hear, Miranda and Angelo (both restaurant owners) had numerous conflicts with the health department.”


    “8. Patrice Sulik quit. She was apparently making life miserable for any new restaurant trying to open up in town. She was making the owners over design the kitchens, refusing to issue permits unless it was her way with out any realistic understanding of what it was they were trying to do.”

    So, Elaine O’Keefe was removed because she couldn’t control Patrice Sulik???? And, Patrice Sulik was doing her job?

    I did hear from a restaurant own of a now defunct restaurant, that the health department in Stratford had made it difficult for them to open up and it was Jim Miron who was instrumental in getting them the permits. Apparently, he felt that he was being asked to jump through hoops. I don’t know – if you’re going to go out to dinner, don’t you want to know that the health department did their job?

    I certainly don’t want the health department to be relaxed with the Health Code for any restaurants in our Town. People get hurt when corners are cut – and, in the case of restaurants, people can get sick.

    I’m going to stop for now since this posting has probably gone way over what I wanted it to be – you can chew on this for a little while and maybe I’ll throw you a little more….

  97. 97 1george1

    A certain D told me Elaine O’Keefe was a bit hard on Restaurants.

    I took it as a compliment to the job Elaine did, since who wants food
    that can cause illness and worse?
    I took it as a political jab at Elaine.

    I am more concerned with what Elaine knows about Raymark & AVCO.
    And who guards the guardians?
    Plato’s Republic – far before Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons

  98. 98 1george1

    From jeze:
    And to be honest, I don’t trust my temper to respond to it.
    These are fine people that Generic is lying about.

    I disagree with jeze on editting, many positions, and perceptions.
    I believe our disagreements are based on Honest core beliefs.

    Conversely, I have first hand experience with many people Jeze
    blogs for and blogs against.

    GENERALLY, I AGREE on MANY PEOPLE Jeze is for and against.

    I found many of Generic’s post to be very good, intelligent, well
    writen and even balanced.
    Suddenly something changed.
    Perhaps it was the sources Generic talked to, yet a pettern emerged.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, especially uneditted ones! 😉

    Seriously, I would never expect people to agree on everything or even
    most things, and I find that Healthy.
    I believe credibility is crucial.
    Even my intentionally posting things I know will not be viewed as credible,
    at least puts me into posting honestly, doesn’t it?

    I really wonder about some of Miron’s faction of friends and some on the
    Republican factions, who knowingly lie, and try to rig the record….for
    apparent concurrance.

    It is like I am back in HS. Some of the “A” Students studied, worked hard,
    or were bless with unbelieveable gifts.
    Many of the “A” + “B” Students had to cheat to get their grades.

    I see many of the mironmaniacs, B utternuts, corrupt-icuts, and D.C. comics
    to be cut for the same cloth.
    They do not subscribe to Grantland Rice’s view.
    The appear to graitate to the Pre-dator.

  99. 99 1george1

    almost forgot

    1. Jeze has a temper?

    2. I agree with JON’S simple post about just wanting a good town!

  100. George ~

    One of the main reasons that many of us forge on with this fight is to make our Town better. It’s getting quite exhausting and I’m sure they thought we’d give up long ago…..

    I’m a hard-headed woman and I don’t cave too easy!

  101. 101 genericscreename

    et al:

    The data I listed is what I have been told, I have no way to confirm what I have been told.

    I agree with being tough on restaurants, no excuse there, I rather have two safe clean places to eat then 50 suspect ones and get ill.

    I have no agenda here, therefore if what I have been told relative to my post on certain individuals is ( an from what I have just read) not correct, then I stand corrected.

    I attempt to remain neutral in my posts, and if I have error, I am sorry

  102. 102 jezebel282


    “The data I listed is what I have been told, I have no way to confirm what I have been told.”

    Whoever “told’ you that was lying. You should be careful of agendas in this town. Almost everything you posted was fallacious and mean-spirited. Maybe you should go back and ask them what happened to Mark Haddad and Marilyn Flores? Or Kent Miller? Or Maureen Kendrick? Or Diane Toolan? Or Pat Naylor.

    When the State and Federal Environmental departments write letters begging Miron to reconsider letting Elaine O’Keefe go, that should tell you something. Unfortunately she is doing good things for Yale-New Haven now instead of us.

  103. Hmm, Mark Haddad and Marilyn Flores, now that’s an interesting topic.

  104. 104 jezebel282


    I agree….

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  105. Both divorced, both left Stratford, both moved to Massachusetts… want to fill in the blanks?

    Apparently Mark Haddad is running for Town Manager of a town in MA; and Marilyn Haddad is VP of HR for a charitable foundation, also in MA.

  106. Oops, Freudian slip…. I meant Marilyn Flores (but who knows, soon to be Haddad????)

  107. 107 jezebel282


    Apparently, Mark Haddad lost the job in Groton and is now trying for one in Bellerica, MA.

    Poor Bellerica…..

  108. 108 sudds

    Psst… Mr. Best… “I want a better town.”… seriously?

    That’s it?

    We’re going to need a LOT more out of you if we plan on getting me that high-salaried no-show job… err, I mean get you elected mayor!!!

  109. 109 sudds


    “I’m a hard-headed woman”

    Why the redundancy??? 😆

  110. 110 jezebel282


    Maybe when they haul him in they will let you slap him around a bit if you ask them nicely.

  111. 111 sudds



    If she doesn’t then can I ask nicely for it??? 😎

  112. 112 jezebel282

    Poor Mrs. Sudds….

  113. 113 1george1

    Aren’t you IRISH.
    A good portion of my family History is also, which explains
    my hard headedness, ignorance, and stupidity, according
    to some prejudices.
    I don’t believe in them, since I am so fawning. 😉

    Your are not supposed to type what you think!

    Don’t pick up my bad habbits.
    Oh – I don’t bother to think.

    I believe I posted a possibility that people could feed you information.

    I do not know if it is incorrect or correct.
    Actually could be both, to varying degrees?

    Yet a couple of those I recognized, i would tend to disagree,
    at least in part!

  114. 114 genericscreename

    Et Al,

    I am refraining from further comment on any individual who has been terminated, layed off or quit until I can get to the bottom of the information which was provided to me. Right now I am not a happy person and there is a certain lady in this town who better get her facts correct the next time she and I have a conversation.

  115. 115 1george1

    Generic # 114
    The person who informed you could be:

    1. correct and we could be wrong.

    2. at least partially correct.

    3. telling you what she believes to be the truth.

    4. intentionally lying to you.

    I have no way of knowing.

    Part of what I do is create cold call meetings for salespeople to introduce
    products & services to decision makers with Budgets from $ 500,000 to
    Tens of Millions of Dollars. (Sometimes more.) Those are Introductory
    / Fact Finding Meetings, where foundations are laid to do Business based
    on Solving Problems at mutually beneficial price points, services, and
    other considerations. This is in CT. & in other states.

    I also do Sales support and help get Meetings for Proposals and Closing.

    I am NOT the EXPERT, nor ever on site.
    I do NOT give PRICING.
    I am NOT privy to conversations during the Meetings.
    I create and present BUYING OPPORTUNITY.

    Even with Great Salespeople, they miss HOT BUTTONS and NUANCES or they
    create a reaction which allows me to find those, after Meeting(s).

    I have 2 minutes to create interest.
    > (Right: Jeze – FOS – Kane – Cyclops?)
    Allows me 2 more minutes.

    I make my living by what I hear or read and by being able to project
    into highly intelligent (& some less so) people a cause to want to meet
    and do business.

    1) What will it do for me?
    2) What will it cost?


    An item is a commodity, that equals price.
    VALUE is predicated on Advantages, Features, Benefits, & the KILL sheet.

    SALES / MARKETING & POLITICS have much in common.

    So when generic asks questions of an individual coming from ignorance
    (far different than stupidity) how the question is framed and importantly
    the follow up questions help steer the ANSWERS to be more appropriate.

    My favorite saying is that the BEST LIAR ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH.

    RICH WEISEL – TRIS – JOHN – FRED – LINDA attend a Meeting.
    They take notes of what they heard and saw.
    They interview people.
    The people speaking absolutely believe what they say.
    They report what they believe to be the Truth.

    However, otehr people create and frame the story in such a way
    that all of those attending believe what they relate.

    The REPORTERS propage LIES, but thought it was the TRUTH.
    The INTERVIEWED propage LIES, but thought it was the TRUTH.

    People like Dick Miron or others, are good at creating TRUE LIES

    The woman generic questioned could have been telling what she
    absolutely believed to be true.

    We presently are seeing financial and politcal situations
    where blog readers NEVER BELIEVED possible.

  116. 116 1george1

    M. I. C. E.

  117. 117 jezebel282


    “Right now I am not a happy person and there is a certain lady in this town who better get her facts correct the next time she and I have a conversation.”

    A “certain lady” approaches me quite often with the same trash. A good question to ask her is how many suits she has filed against the Town in her very long and sordid history.

    As a result, you have a long road back to credibility.

  118. “PCS – YOU – YOU are HARD HEADED?
    Aren’t you IRISH.”

    George ~

    Yes, I favor my Irish heritage, but I’ve got a little Hungarian thrown in for good measure. Quite a combination if you ask me. Every once in a while a craving for Szalonnak and fresh rye bread reminds me of the other side. Doesn’t taste too bad with a pint of Guinness.

    And Sudds, you’ll have to stand in line….. I want the first crack!

  119. 119 1george1

    If Jeze is correct about who I think she is referring…..
    You may want multiple sources and then compare?

    PCS –
    For many years I went to Drotos Brothers for their Ham.
    My cousin’s wife is Polish / Hungarian and her family loved the place.
    Her parents moved from LI to her home town for retirement.
    It was a favorite topic of holiday combination, as we ate some of
    those foods combined with others.

    George Drotos had a heart condition and died in his early 40s.
    Wife & 2 youngsters. For years I bowled with his ister in Law.
    Brother Joe, Joe’s son Joe and a son in law manned the place for years.
    I suspect you have been to that hole in the wall building in Fairfield
    (King’s Hwy? – across from a church)

    I have family and extended family from virtually every part of Europe
    & the Levant, Pacific Rim, Caribean, Central & South America.
    USA = Melting POT & SALAD Bowl.
    I think my crew covers most of the religions too.
    And some fraternal organizations. 😉

  120. George ~

    Yes, I am very familiar with both Drotos Brothers (which is still a Hungarian specialty store, but different name) and St. Emery’s – which consisted of mostly Hungarian parisioners. I also used to frequent the Kossuth Club run by a woman named Horvath ages ago.

    Generic ~

    In this Town, it’s very hard to decipher the truth from the BS, everyone has their own version of the truth – but the honest answers take a bit of digging. I’ve said before that Miron is a very good public speaker, most politicians are – they’re words, when so eloquently spoken, are believable. I’m sure he’s got a few outside of his bunker at Town Hall snowed. Snakes can be nothing but snakes.

  121. 121 genericscreename


    I suspect that I know who the individual you are referring to, IE, the long history and civil actions, It is not her, I find her to be a lunatic. My source is employed by the town

  122. 122 jezebel282


    That may be worse. There are so many lawsuits pending that this person may be…never mind. I’m sure FOS can fill you in.

    But…at least you know a lunatic when you see one.

  123. 123 1george1

    PCS –
    I thought you would know the Drotos Market.
    I could not think of ST. Emerys.

    Interesting you should mention Snakes.
    Know why Ireland has no Snake Oil?
    One can thank St. Patrick … 🙂

    But then people like Jimmy kiss the blarney.


    Understood. I’ve seen a certain someone come and
    go from the Registrar’s office.

    One has to understand that in political appointments
    there is always jockeying and jealousy. Your contact
    may be a relative innocent, who believed the wrong
    people. If your contact is wrong.
    I do not know.

  124. 124 jezebel282


    Mayor Moron has decided to prolong the suffering a bit more.

    He has instructed Susan McCauley, the Chief Administrative Officer, to delay the beating of Joe McNeil, the Police Union President, yet another week.

    Apparently, she isn’t “ready” yet. Even after 7 months of very expensive investigation. At our expense of course.

    Miron is such a sweetheart to let McNeil and the members of Local 407 to twist in the breeze for a while longer.

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