“Doctor, it hurts when I do this….”


Sometimes you open your Sunday paper and you end up spitting your coffee all over it.

You read it in the Post, after it dried:

Stratford candidate begins walking tour
Staff writer
Article Last Updated: 09/20/2008 11:06:57 PM EDT

STRATFORD — The town’s mayoral election is still more than a year away, but Domenic Costello is not just making an early run for Stratford’s highest elected office….

…”Hi,” I’m Dom Costello and I’m running for mayor because we need an independent voice who will fight to keep your taxes low and get the politics out of town government,” Costello repeated…

As if anyone else on planet Earth would wear a hairpiece like that. He’s running for a political office but wants to keep politics out? Isn’t this the same man that bullied the RTC and forced Best to run as an independent?

…”I ran as a Republican three years ago, but in all good conscience I’ve seen how things have gone with a Democratic mayor [James R. Miron] and Republican controlled Town Council, and it hasn’t been a pretty sight with all the political battles that leave taxpayers out in the cold,” Costello said. “That’s also what I’m hearing out here from the people.”…

Is that why you refused to sign the Charter Revision petition, Dom? You have been awfully silent the last couple of years except for when it came to raising the mayor’s salary. Could it be the RTC just didn’t want to back a proven loser? You lost to MIRON of all people, Dom.

But wait! There’s more! If you order in the next 10 minutes we’ll include two additional opinions!

…Best said he does plan to start visiting people in their homes after his exploratory committee completes its work and he makes his campaign official early next year…

Oh no! More politicians ringing my bell? Exploratory committee? Exploring what? Are they lost?

But wait! I saved the best for last (this is the part where the coffee went flying):

…”I work 14-hour days and I’m just focused on all the important town projects and issues we are facing,” Miron said. “Anybody can walk to people’s homes and start their campaign, except the mayor whose job it is to be in this office.”…

Unless, of course, he closes the entire office for a picnic, or to get his picture taken with Cybll Sheppard, or to play golf, or to sleep it off, or to take a vacation at Town expense.


22 Responses to ““Doctor, it hurts when I do this….””

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Sadly, Dom does have one point that’s valid.

    For at least 15 years we residents have been the victims of the RTC/DTC gang wars. Nothing matters in this battle except who wins. Casualties are simply not counted.

    Unless someone from outside the RTC/DTC circles can primary Miron and win, the voters must elect an Independent candidate. (Not Costello)

    We cannot suffer another 4 years of this. It is not “gridlock” that must be fixed. It is honesty and integrity that must be restored. Be very wary of candidates promising tax cuts. Tax cuts mean reduced services. In this economy, services may have to be cut anyway. You can’t just cut taxes. That is called “pandering”.

    And make no mistake, Mayor Moron still thinks the voters love him and he will run again. Sue Collier has already scheduled fund raising events for Mayor Moron. Unfortunately for Sue, it is the same 5 or 6 people that keep showing up. I imagine soon there will be an email to all Town employees strongly suggesting if they want to keep their jobs and benefits, they had better get out their checkbooks.

  2. 2 1george1

    Now I know why a certain meember of the press has mentioned me twice
    in four to six years of covering Town Council Meetings.

    While he declined to be on Miron’s payroll ….. ?

  3. Jez,

    How can anyone be worse than what we have now? I am beginning to relent and say anyone else will be better, even Dom.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Should we order more bumper stickers? Maybe lawn signs?

    I am not giving up hope yet. I think it is way too early for anyone to announce a candidacy. The economy is dominating the headlines, the general election is a a little over a month away and people are not thinking about Nov 09 elections. Except Jimmy, Dom, and Jon. (But they have been thinking about it for years now)

    I hope there is a voter somewhere in Stratford that will step up and give us the kind of leadership and integrity we deserve. Especially someone not tainted by past “experience” with the RTC or DTC.

  5. 5 1george1

    I just can’t wait for who Jeze will deem a “Savior?”

    I definitely agree with Jeze on many things BAD for STRATFORD.

    I posted positions towards a “Mayoral” platform, with an eye on the Town
    workers, which is the priority of this website.
    My list would / is more comprehensive toward Public Interest.

    Jeze, if YOU ran for MAYOR – What would you do for Stratford?

    Cyclops – PCS – Kane – Star – FOS >
    What are your priorities, since you specialize in knocking others …
    I give you targets on my issues …
    Why not “put up” targets / priorities, so you would have to think out
    you positions, as to how the GENERAL PUBLIC would react?

    I am different for the other candidates, in that I know I have no chance
    of winning and do not care about winning.

  6. 6 starlooker

    EXCUSE ME? knocking others? Ummm George do you want a well runningPolice and Fire Department here in Town? God Forbid you had an emergency….. would you want a delay due to the fact a truck broke down? Have you ever called the Town Hall asking for a person to be told they are no longer there? If I complain as you state it is for a just reason…. I am the Most passive person you would ever meet. AND YOU KNOW THAT……. I only have one line to say to you “TORN LACE CURTAINS” Think about it George and walk a mile in my shoes. I work 2 jobs and I go to school, if taxes goes up due to lawsuits I will struggle and so will many more of us in Stratford. If I complain it is for a reason. I want this Town to run like it should be….. We feel we have the best Fire and Police Departments. Our elected officials looking out for our best interests. A mayor who would give up everything to have this Town placed on the map as one of the best….not laughing stock due to all the stories in the press. You want to state I do nothing but complain? God Bless you but your the BIGGEST complainer on here…Lets call a spade a spade. I am INSULTED by your remark and someday soon I will personally talk to you……

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “Jeze, if YOU ran for MAYOR – What would you do for Stratford?”

    I am not a politician. I doubt I have the ego it requires.

    However, integrity and credibility must be restored. There must be no hint of backroom deals or business as usual. “Good enough for government work” is not good enough.

    The morale of town employees must be restored. They must have an environment of excellence without the fear and intimidation. People know how to do their jobs if you enable them to do them.

    Citizens must know that every single dollar is spent wisely and efficiently. They must have a responsive government that is not dependent on friends of friends or who you might be related too. They must know that their concerns and issues are taken seriously.

    Town government has two and only two objectives: To serve the citizens of the Town and to educate the children of the Town.

  8. 8 starlooker

    AMEN to that Jez….thank you…. Let me tell you right now I am busting by the seams. To call me a complainer? I have the RIGHT due to my taxes to say what I want for Stratford…. I want my family safe….. I want to know we have a Govern that it right where it should be…FOR ALL OF US….. I have personally have heard from people who have dealings with the Town complaining and want to DROP them because of what is going on. I want to know I can live in a Town I feel secure with, that my children casn live here knowing they are safe…..I have to sit here and wonder if there is an emergency situation at my home do I call 911 with the fear of they break down or just drive them to the hospital….. should a person have to feel this way? NO WAY..George do you really feel I am a complainer? You fear the FBI and the CIA…I feel for my family’s safety…..I apy my taxes, I get involved with things….. I have always thought of you as a kind hearted person….I have also been involved in politics and guess what….the past few years I don’t. I am totally disgusted. George you need to do some real soul searching and if you decide to continue to tell me all I do is complain then trust me here I ONLY complain about due right. I have always respected you. Now I see you as a bully.

  9. 9 starlooker

    George I am DONE with you. I do not need this negative in my life. I wish you well but always remember……. NEVER label someone unless you have spoken to them

    Starlooker is now signing off because I have had it…. Fragile? Ummmm me thinks not… I stand up for my rights. I am vocal….. not for me but MY FAMILY…………. I asm much stronger than you think.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Come back. The rest of us need you.

  11. 11 genericscreename

    Et al:

    lets take a look at the candidates who will run, attempt to run and who will win.

    1. Democratic:
    Gavin Forrester who is a viable candidate
    Bob Calzone is a candidate, his viability is yet to be decided
    There is another female, whose name escapes me, however she has expressed her consideration to possibly primary the mayor.
    Jim Miron, viable candidate, incumbent.

    2. Republican:

    Jon Best, a candidate who is yet to recieve any endorsement from the republican party.

    At this point there has been nothing in the news or “gossip” or “whispers” around town about any other possible republican names.

    3. Independant:

    Bill Obrien, viable, honest, integrity, but no experience and can not gain the support of enough of the two parties to carry a win.

    Dominic Costello: I am predicting no more that 3000 votes, provided he can get the same finances from Bridgeport as he did in the last campaign to fund him. He will not have the support of the republican party, however he does have control over Dempsy in the 5th, and it is obvious that Dempsy is his puppet., although Dempsy only won by 13 votes. Now remove those original republicans who supported Costello originally in that he was the endorsed candidate from a party who didnt want him in the first place and what is left? 1500 votes in my humble opinion.

    Now lets see what we have for a race, broken down by who gets the nod from each respective party.

    If Miron wins his primary (something which I am not sure will happen, but for sake of argument lets assume he does) then it is the incumbent vs someone

    In this scenario the incument gets 5000 votes, the republican gets 5000 and costello 1500 to 2000 ( he will get those democrats and republicans who dont want either of the nominated candidates) and it is a horse race for mayor.

    If Best gets the nod and Miron does not, and Forrester wins the primary, experience and integrity will prevail and Forrester will be the next mayor. Costello gets 1500 votes.

    In my opinion if Forrester ends up with the democratic nod, I dont believe there is anyone who can beat him.

    What the people shoule be asking these days is who will run, who will endorse and who is funding the campaign. People, just look at the dog and pony show that Costello put on last time, with the majority of his money coming out of Bridgeport. ( that alone tells you who is controlling him)

    So, I ask you, all readers of this blog, who will you endorse and who will you vote for, in my case, either Forrester or none other until the republicans put up a viable candidate.

  12. 12 1george1

    Star looker,

    This blog is like the gunfight at the OK corral. While you were peeping
    from your torn lace curtain, you apparently think things directed specifically
    at some others are ALL ABOUT YOU.

    I am not sure how I can be a bully, to type which people have a choice
    not to read?

    Yet, what are the positive things anyone has posted on this blog?

    Starlooker, what positive things have you posted on this blog on how to
    improve Quality of Life for people you DO NOT KNOW? Have you done so?

    It is ok for other people like you, to insult me anonymously, yet not
    ok for me to defend myself?
    – I do feel badly for your fagile mind set, in that threatening me with the
    possibility that you “may” confront me personally, when you never realize
    how many times I have had my life threatened and the COST I have BORNE
    to try to protect people like you, from predatory and inhumane beings?

    It is ok for other people to post wild accusations which have never
    seen the light of day, yet I am a conspiracy nut to post detailed names
    and information which are VERIFIABLE?

    And I show YOU and others how to VERIFY or ask me where to VERIFY.
    Ask me a specific question.
    Have I avoided any issue?
    Have I avoided any challenge?
    Have I told any lies?
    Have I offered praise when deserved, even to those who harm me?
    Have I offered suggestions, without request for compensation or
    commission, which others would scurry to get?
    Have I spent my own time and money to try to protect other’s interests?

    Have I criticize far too freely?

    Yet I have caused people to change their minds on some things and
    other to change some methodologies.

    One can never stop problems, but can one slow them down?

    Without people like Ed Hargus, Marcia Stewart, Diane Buda/Eleanor,
    Hank Ciecuk, Walt & Mrs Rimcunis, and others like myself, do you
    think the town would be worse off or better off?

    I have no idea about TORN LACE CURTAINS…

    Everyone has a right to complain.
    This blog is a great vehicle for it.
    Everyone pays taxes.
    No one on this website is happy about the politics.
    We all have passion to improve QL.

    I set out a challenge for people to set forward AFFIRMATION POSITIONS,
    that IF THEY WERE MAYOR … This would be their platform.

    As far as fearing the CIA, FBI, or anyone else, whatever happens / happens.

    I have been insulting the embedded bad ones for 20 years. Yet THEY FEAR
    APPEALS, which someone might just turn over their rock and crush them
    before they get a chance to slither away from their cubicle.

    I am attempting to expose people to the real world, which some of the
    bloggers know about and some are underlings, while others refuse to get
    their head out of .. the sand.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Good thoughtful post. Mr. Forrester carries some baggage with him so I wouldn’t necessarily agree that he is a shoe in for a primary victory.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    You are not the only human in Stratford that thinks. To suggest otherwise indicates a high degree of narcissism.

  15. “Cyclops – PCS – Kane – Star – FOS >
    What are your priorities, since you specialize in knocking others …”

    George ~

    If there were nothing to “knock” I certainly wouldn’t. If there were more things to “praise” I certainly would. I think the above comment is rather unfair and food for the fire of others who would like to believe that’s all I, Cyclops, Kane, Star and FOS are here for!

    You, yourself, have said that I do my best at trying to research everything before I post. I certainly wouldn’t consider my postings mere complaining. I completely hate what’s happening in our Town. It’s ready to implode. It has been for years – just because there’s somebody playing “mayor” at the helm hasn’t changed that one iota.

    You also have a great deal of criticism and “knocking” for the system as you see it. You have a right to your opinion, as I do mine. Trust me, I am a “biatch,” and I wear it LOUD AND PROUD! I am the first one my friends will call when they need help no matter what the situation. They know if I’m in the fight with them, I won’t let up until the end. It’s who I am and it’s what I believe in. I have been one of the “screwed” little guys for way too long and sat back for far to long as the political bully machines have steamrolled right over the little guys. It’s sickening.

    I’ve watched for the last several years as the taxes have gone so high that my senior citizen parents, along with many other of our senior citizen residents, have to make difficult choices about “robbing peter to pay paul.” We’re all faced with overtightening of our purse strings – especially now. I try, but there’s only so much I can do to ease my parents’ burden.

    A very deep and thorough forensic audit of Town needs to take place. There’s no doubt there’s a ton of hidden spending that needs to be unearthed. Believe me, there’s a great deal buried in the basements of Town Hall, besides what I heard from a reliable person was found there (used, no less). The wasteful spending needs to be unearthed and dug up by the roots. Everyone has an opinion and Jim Miron has been no exception to that. Had Jim Miron gone in to office and kept his word about what he “wouldn’t” do, this blog probably wouldn’t exist. For many, he seemed like the best candidate. My first impression of him – which wasn’t a good one – continues to this day and fortunately, I never thought he was the best candidate so didn’t vote for him and, should he be in the race again, won’t vote for him in 2009. It’s very hard to defend a man who – while a member of the original CRC, pretty much outlined for us his agenda. He’s spoken out of both sides of his face so often I can almost see his head spinning around like Linda Blair’s in the original Exorcist! His priorities are a little upside down.

    Wasteful spending! I’ve looked around for a list of the vehicles the Town owns/leases and to whom they are given. I understand there are a few who SHOULD have vehicles, a few may be completely unnecessary.

    Wasteful spending! Was our new marketing slogan necessary?
    Did we ever find out how much that cost the taxpayers?

    It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $100,000 – if it doesn’t need to be spent, it shouldn’t be. So, George, not that my name is there to run for anything at this point in my life, the first thing on my agenda, George would be a complete and thorough forensic audit of the last 4 years to eliminate all of the wasteful spending. I’m sure there’s a ton right at the top that could be chopped right off…..

    There, I’m done with my “knocking” for the day!

  16. P.S. George, want to know how I REALLY feel?????

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “George, want to know how I REALLY feel?”

    Yes, but I’m afraid the spam filter will catch it first.

  18. 18 1george1


    As usual, your post was thoughtful and excellent about some important issues.

    Yet, if you were running for Mayor, specifically what are some solutions that you
    would like to see take place in areas of:
    1) Transparency
    2) Budget Savings
    3) Adding Revenues
    4) Improved Services
    5) Necessary Changes
    6) Economic Development.

    PCS, I know if any good suggestions are post here, Jim Miron and
    friends will steal the idea and take credit for it.
    Happened to me many times.
    About 1/4 of Dom’s platforms were my ideas which his brain trust
    got from me.

    Jeze – that is not narcistic – it is historic fact.
    I have some old letters to the editor and newspaper items about
    J. M. & D. C. to verify, both contentions.

    I know I am not the only one in Stratford who thinks.
    Heck, if the people who have been stealing from the Town for the last
    50 years were as innovative in thinking about economic development
    instead of siphoning the Public Treasury, this town would be the envy
    of the USA.

    What I asked all of you to do was to post POSTITIVE and AFFIRMATIVE
    IDEAS about good things you can suggest to improve Stratford.

    PCS area is the Train Station. That is a POSITIVE.
    List the NEGATIVES, is necessary, to lay foundation for justification for
    those POSITIVES.

    I do the same thing. And I am as guilty or more so than the rest of your
    about gripin.

    I barely realize STAR is a poster, yet STAR though the NEGATIVE was
    completely about her?
    STAR comingled the great things she does for her family and for her
    community and missed the point of my post.
    YOU WANT ACCOMPLISHED for the TOWN, if you were MAYOR.

    While Generic did not address that within his / her post ..
    I give props to Generic for LISTING areas he / she believes are the prime
    or only places for Development or Redevelopment, and some of their
    issues, which have many hidden political traps, besides what we know!

    I was waiting for the GREAT FOS to post all of the SOLUTIONS to the
    Economic & Political problems of Stratford.

    Sadly, Jeze chooses to wise crack, instead of creating s platform of
    affirmative and positive substance of a variety of ways to improve the

    Oh, Jim Miron is NOT doing nearly as good a job as he thinks he is doing.
    I think Jim Miron is doing many disservice to the Public Interest.

    ANY BODY know the DOCKET # for DICK MIRON?

    ANY BODY know the PROPER TERM for DICK MIRON’S situation.

    Is it appropriate that someone who is “UNDER INDICTMENT” or may
    be a CONVICTED FELON would be in charge of the Referendum Votes?

    While I tick off some anti-Mirons early in the post, they will be pleased
    with the last part & visa versa.
    Bottom line: A rising tide, lifts all boats

  19. 19 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note: I’m not really sure this applies to an announced candidate, but it certainly applies to the Stratford PD.


    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Posts: 22
    Talking Joe Loschiavo The Sandwich King
    The current DC of the Stratford Police Dept., Joe Loschiavo, Came to Stratford after being a member of the Bridgeport Police Dept. some years ago.

    It is my understanding that Loschiavo was once a partner with another Bridgeport Officer in a Sandwich Shop. Apparently, some money was missing from the business and Joe’s partner discovered it. Joe’s partner confronted him about it to which he denied taking the money. Joe;s partner then went to the Admin at the Bridgeport PD and advised them of the situation. Joe was ultimately given a choice of either being fired or resigning. Joe chose to resign and then became employed with the Stratford Police Dept. I am currently in talks with some old timers from the Bridgeport PD who are leading me in the right direction, and soon I will have further details of this incident. I will post this info when I receive it.

    Apparently nothing has changed with Joe, who’s known throughout the Dept. as LT. Larceny. Joe, stop steering contracts for car radios to your friend over at Utility. You know those contracts are going out to bid. The real question is, what is your friend at Utility doing for you for steering contracts his way? Maybe a donation to the Schleroderma fund by way of a friend?

  20. George ~

    Perhaps one of the first things that needs to be done it Town Hall is to determine the necessity of some of the jobs that were added over the last few years (e.g., those hired in the Mayor’s office). It’s not like he’s the president or anything. He’s simply the mayor of a municipality with a population of 50,000. Come on…. We need a Mayor, executive assistant to mayor, two or three mayoral aides, a CAO, assistant to the CAO…… Talk about top heavy!

    Like I said….a complete and thorough audit of Town Hall – starting at the top.

  21. 21 1george1

    In the book, the “Rockerfeller Syndrome” there is a term
    “The Court House Gang”

    It refers to police, prosecutors, judges, politicians, reporters,
    who know EVERYTHING that is going on in a Geographic Area.

    In Stratford, years ago, I asked someone who absolutely could
    have ended a certain Lawyer’s career, Why didn’t he expose the
    The reprisal would be 10 times worse.

    In Stratford, a few years ago, a certain Councilman came out about a
    past personal issue. I believe the press reported something about
    someone trying to use that issue against him?
    I am unsure.
    To my knowledge, no police charges were filed, so there was no known
    investigation about what may have been attempted black mail?

    In Stratford, a few years ago, a certain Councilman had certain
    information which could have benefited the Town. Instead it was
    used to benefit his faction.





    What is the most amazing things, are the things which are accepted
    and/or considered acceptable.

    Truly, the only social things worse that what I see going on in stratford
    and generally in politics can be found on the Jerry Spring show.

    The WWE is more credible, and less violent !

  22. 22 1george1


    Excellent post about an AUDIT.
    It is a favorite topic about a few people.

    Truthfully, I am unsure:
    1 > If an HONEST AUDIT would or could be done?
    2 > If there are enough available Jail cells?

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