Toxic Assets


That animal shelter location near the SAEP is looking better and better.

You read it in the Post:

Wife won’t get $300,000 — yet
Staff writer
Article Last Updated: 09/29/2008 11:15:40 PM EDT

MILFORD — Would-be Stratford developer Hector Natera doesn’t have to pay immediately the more than $300,000 he owes his ex-wife, because she failed to prove he has the money to do so, a judge ruled Monday.

Although Christine Bonito and her New Haven attorney, Joe Tobin, asserted that Natera is a shady businessman who hides assets in numerous limited-liability companies and pretends not to have cash while driving a Mercedes, Judge Trial Referee John C. Flanagan said Bonito’s testimony wasn’t credible.

Too much was unsure or based on hearsay, he said, adding that the nearly four-hour hearing in Milford Superior Court yielded only “sheer speculation” on Natera’s financial situation.

Natera and his attorney, Matthew Newman, claimed that he doesn’t have the money now to pay Bonito, but will gain some through his anticipated closing Oct. 14 on the former Army engine plant in Stratford, which he plans to turn into a film and multi-media production studio.

Bonito initially claimed that the $1 million that Natera’s company, Hollywood East, put down on the deal was his, but later couldn’t say for sure. Natera said he is raising the additional $8.6 million needed to close through investments from others — some of which are pledged and others still in negotiations…”

Kinda makes you wish you were an investor, doesn’t it? “You’re going to take $300,000 of my investment and pay off your ex-wife with it? Sure! No problem, Hector, ole buddy!”

I sure hope his $1 Million deposit check clears. The Feds can use the money just about now. Maybe when they put it up for bid again they can take a glance at the wall in the post office and see if any of the bidders have their picture up there.


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  1. 1 rocki4mayor

    Further proof as to why we need a fresh start in our town!!!

    If this had been handled correctly in the first place we would never be at this point… but instead we have just another example how partisan politics have scr*wed our town!!!

    Rock-i the vote!!!

  2. 2 1george1

    Considering John Burturla was former Director of Home Land
    Security, which worked directly with the FEDS, who out there
    believes all of these mess ups are not intentional?

    If you do, please call me, as I have a bridge and swamp land to
    sell you.

    NO, not LBW & the Pleasure Beach Bridge. Yet, ….?

    If ROCKI is a MOUSER, I know some democRATS ….

  3. 3 1george1


    1998 – TEAM STRATFORD was voted the right to AVCO.
    Willinger & Norm involved in # 1 + # 2
    Willinger is attorney of record in law suit involving natera over BID

    …edited for relevancy by Jezebel….

  4. 4 jezebel282

    You have to wonder if there is any possible way Mayor Moron can shut up about this disaster?

    You read it in the Post:

    …”Mayor James R. Miron said Wednesday he has been assured by Army officials that if a contract is signed with Hollywood East, Hector Natera — the subject of several state and federal probes — will have no involvement.

    “With all of his [Hector Natera’s] legal issues, his involvement would certainly leave a cloud over the deal,” Miron said. “But I have been assured he won’t have any involvement.”


    …”U.S. Army spokesman David Foster said Wednesday the Army would not comment on “any personal court or business matter” involving Hector Natera, but that it is still “moving ahead” to close on the deal with Hollywood East/Area 51 on Oct. 14.”

    Sounds like the Army couldn’t care less about what Mayor Moron thinks. When Foster says “close the deal” I wonder if he means cashing the $1 million check and reopening the bidding?

  5. 5 freedomofspeach

    Right now my sources are telling me that the entity that was started by Hector Natera is planning on closing in October, and that this entity never had Allen Christopher as a member. There are no positions as “President” in a Limited Liability Company, its only used for show, like a bank VP is not really a true corporate officer, and only those who are members, managing members, or managers have the authority to execute offers for the company. At the time of the offer and bid, Natera was, according to state records, the only authorized person to bid on the company’s behalf. It also seems the court in his divorce case states that he is the one who put up the $1 million cash for the deposit. Christopher could have solved the question of his involvement by showing his cancelled check.

    Jimmy, as a lawyer, you should know that absent an operating agreement, the state filing rules. And since it has been proven in court no signed operating agreement existed between Natera and Christopher or the court would have ruled on a motion by Williams that a partnership exists and there would be no question on who owns what, but that’s just not so is it? The state filing clearly shows that Natera, not Christopher, is the true authorized person and owner and with that the Army is moving forward.

    And Jimmy, unless you want a multi million dollar lawsuit from Chucky “sue ya” Willinger for tortuous interference with a valid contract on real estate, you better remember your contract law classes and keep your mouth shut and be happy someone is willing to talk to you from Nateras side. Because from what I have seen in many state filings, they have the ability to close, and if the town wants to have any say or control, you better lighten up.

    Remember the STATE has signed off on this already to move forward, all they need is to show up with a check to the army and they own the most important piece of real estate in Stratford’s history. Don’t screw it up by siding with the wrong party. You have no say on what goes on or who owns this property.

  6. 6 genericscreename

    Et Al,

    With regard to the SAEP, nothwithstanding the specifics of the current or pending litigation between the “current” potential developers of the site, “Hollywood East”, I ask all of you to think about the fact that throughout the entire life span of the development of the project there seems to be one common link…….Charles Willinger, esquire.

    Now do you think this is coincidence?, do you think he put the Hollywood East team together?

    I do not know that answer, but what I do think about the entire concept scares me for several reasons.

    1. Chuck Willinger was one of the attorneys who was investigated and who had his files siezed in a raid as part of the entire Ganim investigation.
    2. Chuch Willinger represented Team Stratford, who subsequently had the plug pulled in the 11th hour, just as the Stratford Town Council was about to approve the added partner to Team Stratford.( I will go into that aspect shortly or in a later post)
    3. Chuck Willinger through out all of what has occured has come out un scathed.

    Ok, now while we all think about the three reasons which I have just listed, lets look at some facts:

    1. SAEP is highly contaminated
    2. The cost of the clean up will be from a low of $50,000,000.00 to as high as $130,000,000.00
    3. The level of clean up is commensurate with the “end use” of the site.
    4. The developer can not realistically prepare a final concept (end use), and therefore true cost estimate until the developer presents its plan to the Town of Stratford Planning and Zoning Commission.

    Ok, so lets say the developer decides to develop it as a manufacturing facility. That would most likely be the most cost effective avenue to persue when considering the cost of the clean up. Light Industrial usage would allow for the lowest level of clean up possible.

    Should the developer decide to go with “mixed use”, then the cost and level of the clean up required will escalate considerably to as much as the 130M, commensurate with the “final” combinations of the mixed use.

    All this I am confident that everyone is aware of, however the reason I present this in this manner is as follows:

    How many people realize that the the final use of the site hinges on those who are members of the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission and most likely at some point Board of Zoning Appeals.

    With the current members of all those boards, specifically the current Zoning Commission, take a look at their voting record and you will see that they have not been developer friendly.

    So here now is the catch 22. How is it that any developer, Team Stratford, Hollywood East, Area 51 or Micky Mouse can realistically attempt to develop the parcel of land, enter into any type of agreement etc, with out being able to fully amortize out the cost to develop with out any understanding of what the town itself will approve there?

    This to me makes absolutely no sense. I am not here professing that Team Stratford or any other developer is the right or wrong team chosen, I am asking for all of us to take a realistic look and see where things truly are.

    It is rumored that ex-councilman Feehan and the mayor were working together initially quietly behind the scenes to have Team Stratford dropped by the Army. I have no way to prove this allegation, therefore it is strictly rumor.

    But sitting back and thinking about the current conditions, reading the newspapers and chatting with local officials, it is begining to make some sense at least to me that there is more going on that then met, and now currently meets the eye, so to speak.

    Allegedly Team Stratford had partnered up with the Monty-Possillico group and they claimed to have the resources to immediatly move forward. They presented financial data to the then sitting council, (which I have never seen), however in chatting with a few councilmen after they reviewed the information, they were confident that they were the real deal.

    When the Army went and pulled the plug on the same day the town council was scheduled to approve the addition of M-P seems to be too coincidental of a time frame. Especially when it is noted that from what I am told, the letter was addressed to Councilman Feehan and not the mayor, yet the letter was faxed to town hall late that day of the meeting.

    I have been told that none of the members of the then sitting town council had any contact with any government officials prior to that evening. Councilman Feehan stated he had no communication with anyone, yet the Army sent the letter to him. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Ok, so one can say it was protocol for them to send it to him, yet, how did they know that a plan was in place with council approval if in fact no one was in communication with the army?

    Now with all those points I have just raised, now take a look at where we are, where it was predicted we may have been based on time frames and I think overal the town of Stratford just got screwed from within.

    I would love to hear your comments.

  7. 7 1george1

    FOS & Generic,
    Had I not been editted above, part of generic’s questions been answered.

    1. Norm was the common link between Team Stratford # 1 & # 2, besides
    So far, NORM has not been visibily …..
    The ex-Army Judge Advocate who presented to the Feehan Town Council
    is not the same ex-Army Judge Advocate in the Westport firm, which did
    merge with BMD. Hmmmmmmm.
    The court stenographer during that presentation for Monti Posillico told
    be she was hired by Willinger & Bucci.
    Norm was all around that night, like a humming bird and very nervous.

    JON told me confirmed by other people from previous conversations that
    Willinger threatened him with some sort of letter and replied “BRING IT ON.”
    JON told me he knows people who know Bill O’Brien very well.
    JON contended he knew for a fact that the MIRONS got O’Brien involved to
    take the Sterling House vote out of the picture.
    People in the Costello and Goodrich camps, as well as various Democrats all
    claim that they have solid information JON was also involved in the election
    by the Miron camp to further split the vote.
    I asked Kevin Kelly how / why Goodrich could win the R Nomination and they
    let Costello win the Primary? Kelly contended that Goodrich’s strength was in
    the same area as the Democrats and could have won the Mayor race.
    The more time has passed and the more things converge, the more it looks
    like Kelly & Williams are linked to Burturlas & Mirons.
    Williams is Kelly’s Brother in Law,
    Kelly, who worked for Blumenthal, became Town Attorney letting Burturla
    off the hook on TIPS catching Burturla on pay increase from $ 60 to $ 125
    by the Board of Ed, which had not been authorized by the Town Council
    until July 2001 voted the change.
    Kelly and Burturla allow each other to keep cases, including my LAW SUIT
    vs. MOSSMAN LETTERS to the EDITOR by JON & DOM and stuff by HENRICH & MIRON
    about $ 135,000 Mayor pay, could legally NOT be implemented and I know
    Miron knew it and HENRICK / JON had to know it since PROTO (JON’S boy)
    were on the C. R. C. I suspect DOM was ignorant and posturing = worse.

    NORM’s faction controls the Stratford R Town Committee, which could
    front for Burturla and Willinger.
    JON had worked for ex-Bpt Mayor Bucci & knows the players & History.
    Which way people view JON, and his supporters, depends on …..

    2. I can believe Jim / Dick Miron want Norm out.
    I do not believe Feehan would try to oust Norm.
    I believe Burturla has both sides covered.
    I can easily believe Jim / Dick have relationships with Bpt politics any posture
    publicly as smoke screen on the whole thing.

    The ZEROES who cause the problems want to position themselves as the
    HEROES who solve the problems. More importantly to them, they want to
    have ALL of the LAW and PERSONNEL in place to STEER & STEAL everything.

    3. I believe there is a direct link between the 1998 PENSION BOND and the
    1998 TEAM STRATFORD Award, and the changes in PENSION COMPUTATIONS.

    > IF, IF I am correct in this belief, then both PARTIES POWERS have vested

    4. I have always believed everything was / is on a TIME TABLE.
    A) I – 95 in Bridgeport is wider and set for more traffic.
    B) Sikorsky Bridge has been widened and can handle detours from I – 95.
    C) Sikorsky Bridge has been widened and can handle extra traffic inland.
    D) I-95 Moses Wheeler Bridge is about to start construction to widen it
    so the traffic can be greater.
    The DOT plans do NOT show additions to EXIT # 33 + ENTRANCE # 33.
    The DOT plans DO show ROOM for additions to EXIT # 33 + ENTRANCE # 33.
    E) There are plans to widen / improve I – 95 in both sides of New Haven
    F) There are plans to widen / improve parts of Route 8 in both sides.

    G) There has been major work by the Gas company on US # 1 & elsewhere.
    H) The Water company changed hands a couple years ago.
    I) There have been multiple projects inland by UI

    Government planning always, always requires INFRASTRUCTURE in place,
    prior to Development. Before Bridgeport & Stratford can be developed,
    there is a need to have the traffic and utility INFRASTRUCTURE in place.

    5. Milford’s State Rep / Governor candidate James Amman called AREA 51
    a HOME RUN. He has NEVER been a friend of Stratford. He is reputed to
    be the candidate for a certain Milford Law Firm BMD, which is a MAJOR
    contributor to party politics and lists among clients
    A) Stratford
    B) Bridgeport
    C) Derby
    D) 33 CT. Boards of Education – which has 169 municiplites and fewer BoEs.

    If / when AMMAN is Governor, is it likely he would steer contracts to friends
    and contributors / friends of contributors?
    Would AMMAN / LEGISLATURE likely help friends / clients of BMD?

  8. 8 1george1

    Part of the lower part of # 1 was deleted by word press, because I went
    back and added information to that part.

    1 other point.

    Proto was all around Esq. Anthony Avallone, who is a player in state politics,
    as was/is Proto, on the 630 CONDO presentation for Lordship Boulevard.

    Avallone rents space from Berchem / Moses / Devlin / Burturla.
    Avallone is NOT a member of that firm.

    The company Avallone represented is a TOP 5 Stratford TAX PAYER.

    When Avallone gave me his business card, which has the BMD e-mail
    address, he told me that he had been to the “COUNCIL OF MAYORS”
    (Convention or get together?)

    They believe CONDOS are highest and best use of LAND.

    (Coincidentally, CONDOS mean a lot more closings for LAWYERS since
    there are more properties on land than BUSINESS or HOUSES.
    Every closing needs 2 different LAWYERS.
    LAWYERS for Developers often buy on SPEC and / or get to REP the


    Avallone told me that he believed whoever WON the BID for AVCO SAEP
    would likely want to have CONDOS.


    Avallone told me that he believed whoever WON the BID for AVCO SAEP
    would likely want to have CONDOS.


    Avallone is major player in State politics & rents from BERCHEM.

    Proto was somehow involved.

    Barry Knott was less involved but briefly around
    Barry’s daughter is married to Mike Feeney.
    Mike once rented Marge Voccola’s home.
    Barry is close to Fabrizzi, golfing with him regularly.

    At the time of the 630 Condo presentation, MAYOR MIRON publicly
    question IF Stratford should grow, bacause it has been so static.
    – Yo Jim, maybe if your dad / Burturla / Norm had not been screwing
    economic development up for 20 years, for your time table…..

    Are there DOTS to connect?
    Are they all just rendom incidents?

  9. 9 1george1


    PYE is well aware that Property directly across 1 runway across
    Main Street, which the FAA wants to move, has RAYMARK WASTE.

    They are focus on areas other than acoss the street of the Airport.


    Effective end of NOVEMBER, DIANON SYSTEMS moves their 300 JOBS
    to SHELTON. RTC Tom Torre & Eleanor Burke, worked there.

    Great JOB Mr Mayor! Another TOXIC ASSET of 300 LOST JOBS


    Last YEAR or YEAR before, MOBIL CHEMICAL closed their 200 JOBS
    on Lordship Boulevard.

    I do business development.

    A few years before, I spoke to MOBIL’S H. R. Director.
    any MOBIL Chemical facility in the W O R L D !!!!


    HIGHEST TOWN PROPERTY TAXES of any MOBIL Chemical facility in the W O R L D !!!!


    Could the extra “3.34” Mils for the PENSION be hurting TAXES?

    Could the AVCO SAEP property, former # 2 Town Employer and TAX PAYER,
    closed since 1992 and the lost of a cumulative “2 Mils” hurt the Mil Rate?

    Could the extra “1-2 + Mils” for extra O. T., bigger Budgets and generous
    Benefits to Town / Teachers-BoE hurt the Mil Rate?

    Could the “1 – 2 Mils” lost for 10 – 12 years due to ECS
    (Education Cost Sharing) hurt the Mil Rate?
    > ECS was eliminated this year. TAXES went up 1.3 % did NOT go UP
    over a MIL, like they would have without the lifted ECS.

    Could the Estimated “2 + Mils” per year, by Finace Director Norko,
    of UNFUNDED MANDATES, hurt the Mil Rate?
    > JIM – get those UNFUNDED MANDATES & lower TAXES 2 MILS.

    Could the Estimated “3 + Mils” per year, by Finace Director Norko,
    of UNFUNDED MANDATES, culmulative DEBT of an estimated $ 150 to
    $ 200,000,000 over the past 10 -12 years, have hurt the Mil Rate?
    Have the State and FEDS repay it or take on the DEBT, and it could
    LOWER the MIL RATE by eliminating ALL TOWN DEBT of $ 160 m.

    The PENSION INVESTMENTS are in the BOTTOM QUARTILE for a number
    of years, amd there were golden parachutes and recalulations because
    people are not staisfied with PENSIONS of $ 25 – $ 40,000, with paid Health
    and need to break the bank with PENSIONS of $ 60 – $ 134,000,

    Meanwhile the average FAMILY INCOME in Stratford is $ 55,000 year
    and at least 1/3 do NOT have HEALTH INSURANCE.
    > Many are working multiple JOBS
    > Many have at least 2 Household members working.
    > Most work O. T. and certainly more than 37.5 Hour work weeks of
    Town Workers and more than 184 – 226 work days of Board of Education.

    STAR – I am in NO WAY disparaging work Teachers do, nor do I diminish
    Police / Fire / Public Work or others.
    But in this economy, are certain people OVER PAID and OVER BENEFITTED
    compared to the General Public?

    Oh – rather than take things away, I prefer they keep what they have and
    have the General Public Worked and Business people get the same…



    Have made Stratford ASSETS TOXIC for their REASONS.


    Jeze if you edit ANY of this for relevance – then you are a HYPOCRIT
    and a LIAR!

  10. 10 jezebel282


    “Jeze if you edit ANY of this for relevance – then you are a HYPOCRIT
    and a LIAR!”

    Edit you, George? Why ever would you say that?

  11. 11 1george1


    Thank you for not editting the above.
    I spent a few hours trying to get information to people so that this
    local reign of terror can be impacted.

    Unfortunately, people do not want to believe there are connections
    between local / state / Federals at political / governmental / private
    sector levels – and other Towns, despite customer lists on BMD WEBSITE.

    Unfortunately with the DOW under 10,000, as I have warned about for
    over 1 year, this can cause HUGE, HUGE, HUGE problems and pain for
    many people, INCLUDING PENSIONERS.

    Normally a BIG DROP become capitulation and then a big bounce.

    Huge rule changes are the UPTICK and NO SHORT SELLING.

    If DOW breaks 8800 AND STAYS BELOW for a COUPLE MONTHS, or even
    until after ELECTION, the effect on the LOCAL / NATIONAL ECONOMY
    will be devastating.

    What generic wrote about TAX PAYER revolt will come to fruition.

    I feel local & other union people were entrapped by greed.
    They will become targets and mess things up for people’s legit needs!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    I only edit irrelevant items.

    The market has lost well over a Trillion dollars in value in the last week. It is simply…gone.

    Anyone who has their current pension fund in the market will NOT be going out to dinner tonight. If you aren’t going to retire for another 10 years or more, take a breath. These companies (most of them anyway) have not disappeared. There is simply a crisis of faith.

    Oil (your favorite, George) has dropped to $88.89/barrel. IF the price of gas and home heating oil drop to below $3/gallon, consumers will start spending again. That means more factory orders and more jobs.

  13. 13 genericscreename


    I made a phone call and was told (after I read your post) that the SA was involved due to questions regarding subcontractors and local invoicing. Thats all the person I spoke to would tell me, and I was lucky to get that answer.

    I suspect that the investigation went quite deep as from what I have been told, the FBI and the IRS held separate raids on numerous suppliers, subcontractors and consultants offices, took file cabinets away filled with documents from everyone who worked there and for others they just requested certain documents to justify expenses.

    what surprises me is when you mentioned that this is not the first time a politican set up a company for no bid work. How brain dead am I, but I honestly never considered that concept here. Do you have any suspicions which one that may have been?

  14. 14 1george1

    Oil (your favorite, George) has dropped to $88.89/barrel. IF the price of gas
    and home heating oil drop to below $3/gallon, consumers will start spending
    again. That means more factory orders and more jobs.

    FACTORIES ?? What world are you living in?

    Nice theory. Point of fact is that a significant number of people have lived
    on credit cards, which have very high rates and are getting deeper in debt.
    Congress allowed higher interest rates and made Bankrupcy very difficult.
    Home foreclosures are extraordinarily high.
    People are behind on their mortgages.
    In OHIO, Businesses with excellect credit saw credit lines shut down.
    Banks and lenders are scrambling to cause adjustments due to low cash.

    Y2K did significant damage to people with portfolios steep in TECH.
    Stocks once over $ 100 a share, hit below $ 1, if they stayed alive.
    ENRON = Worthless
    MCI – WORLD COM = Worthless
    United Airlines AESOP = Worthless
    K-mart = Worthless
    Adelphia = Worthless

    Country side Lending –
    FANNY MAE / FREDDY MACK held $ 3 Trillion in paper & $ 200 m in assets
    Merrill Lynch

    Warret Buffet stole pieces of GE & GOLDMAN SACKS
    Wachovia – Bid War

    Factories have offshored. I worked a 10 year old list to save a customer
    money on potential clients. The list was companies with employees:
    50 to 99; 100 to 199; and 200 +
    30 % of those LARGE companies no longer have the good phone #.

    In 1990, after Oct 17, 1987 Stock Market crash, 30 % of Industrials
    closed down and, like now, housing had higher mortgages than book
    value, if owned under 3 years.

    I also worked North Jersey. 40 % of the Pharmaceutical, in a CURRENT
    LIST – 1 year old list, were either closed or closing.
    Shades of Bayer / West Haven?

    A few years ago I worked a specialty machine shop, partnered by
    2 Engineers. What ever they designed could be scanned and copied
    by shops in India / China / etc. Then computer generated programs
    could machine better than the most skilled CNC Operators.

    Where local shops had a few machines of a few different types, when
    they went off shore to visit plants to gain certain mass produced items
    for resale, they went to machine shops which covered ACRES and with
    the LATEST Equipment.

    Oh, last thing Jeze,
    The price of OIL per bbl bottomed @ $ 10.58 in 12/1998.
    It passed the Historic High of about $ 44 about 2003.
    By 6/ 2008 it was $ 100 about the historic high.

    Between the BIG OIL partnership with the Russians, Iran, OPEC, NORTH
    SEA, PEMEX, parts of the Common weath … including natural Gas, that
    is a ton of money.

    Then add in the Balance of Trade to the Marshall Plan and Trilateral
    Commission countries, all working under the direction of whoever
    controls the U. S. Military.

    Then add the money held by the Institutions, Pensions, and other
    entities which are regulated by Congress.

    Jeze, the price of OIL had better be under $ 50 for most middle class
    to get through the winter, as they will use 1200 – 1800 Gallons or more
    of OIL and Gas equivalent, per 1700 sq ft home.

    Many low & middle income are maxed out on credit cards & savings.
    Where will they find $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 for Heat which cost $ 1 – 2,000,
    just 3 years ago?

    Since natural gas is supposed to be 40 % cheaper than $ 100 bbl Oil,
    if Market forces were true, that would suggest the real value of OIL
    is $ 60 a barrel.

    It seems most people took the $ 600 BUSH STIMULUS and used it
    to pay part of his DADDY’S partners BILLS for OIL / GAS.

  15. 15 1george1

    From Jeze,
    The market has lost well over a Trillion dollars in value in the last week.
    It is simply…gone.

    From George:
    What is gone are the UP TICK RULE and SHORT SELLING, which allowed
    people to hedge to make money on lower prices.
    The cover story is what you can GOOGLE as a BEAR RAID.

    However, the VALUE is in place where there is Value.
    It NEVER went any place.
    That is why Warren Buffet can INVEST in GE & GOLDMAN.

    Businesses and Economics are cyclical of boom and bust.
    Too high prices and too low prices.

    Buffet things the Recession will drag out to 9 months instead
    of 6 months. Maybe shorter. Maybe longer.

    However, with companies which have tangible and intangible
    assets and solid foundations, stock price is transitory. That is
    why people can pay pennies or even dimes for a dollar value.

    From Jeze,
    The market has lost well over a Trillion dollars in value in the last week.
    It is simply…gone.

    From George:
    Gone today
    Back tomorrow.
    Maybe a month, or a year.
    Yet the future should be brighter, with the cost of OIL / GAS being
    eliminated from Transportation and Housing in the near future.

    New technologies are in the pipeline and yet to be discovered.

    In 1810, there were less than 20 indoor toilets in Paris.
    In 1880s – 1890s most of the highly utilitarian inventions occurred,
    brought about the existance of GE (today would NOT hire T. Edison)

    The internet is a quantum leap over the phone / fax,
    the same way moveable type exponentially increased
    knowledge to the masses from the quill.

    Yet the leaders are technological giants
    and ethical infants.

  16. 16 freedomofspeach

    Interesting little rumor I heard today, and it apparently confirms something George has said in the past about condos and testing the waters for development at Avco,

    The Anastasios of Harborside fame appear to be Allen Christopher’s partners in his version of the Hollywood East development. The same Anastasios who the New Haven Register reported are the one of the most delinquent taxpayers in New Haven. I hope the PD remembers all the issues with them at Harborside, as they were such a good neighbor.

    Maybe that’s why Miron is backing Christopher. Seems they got through zoning pretty fast for condos in the past.

  17. 17 1george1


    Thank you for the props.

    However, what is new to you, is OLD NEWS to me.

    Did you know:

    1. Stratford Police worked the DOOR for the Harborside Disco.

    2. Ben Proto is the Lawyer for turning the Disco into 5 story condos.

    A) Stratford Zoning has been 4 stories

    B) Part of my platform for runnig for Mayor was to raise Zoning from
    4 stories to a peak of 5, 6, or 8 stories, to less obtrusively do for
    Stratford, what Scinto did for Shelton. ie
    increase value of commercial land and increase property taxation, via density!

    3. Yes, that same Ben Proto who worked for the State.

    4. Yes, that same Ben Proto who was the R Town Committee Chairman,

    5. Yes, that same Ben Proto who represented Fredette vs. Ethics claim by
    one of Gavin’s EMS people and counter filed against Burturla, where Robt.
    Chaloux had to recuse himself from Burturla case because Burturla’s daughter
    worked for Chaloux’s wife’s daycare, of which he is a share holder or officer?

    6. Yes, that same Ben Proto who was JON’s Campaign Manager,

    7. Yes, that same Ben Proto who was appointed by the R Town Council to
    the C.R.C. # 2.

    8. Yes, that same Ben Proto who who buzzed around with Esq. Avallone at the
    Zoning Hearing for trying to get 630 Condos in 5 stories on Lordship Blvd.

    A) The same Esq. Anthony Avallone who is a power in CT. State politics
    (Ben held a State party position) and RENTS SPACE from BERCHEM,
    even having the BMD e-mail address.


    Freedom I am not insinuating anything bad about Ben Proto.
    Lawyers have all kinds of clients, as you know.
    Even those thought to be highly respectable (McGrievy / Rowland / Ganim
    Enron / Worldcom / Lehman / Countryside / Fannie / Freddie / MORE)

    Freedom – I thought you were Ben – but not after your above disclosure
    or suggestive post.

    I know for a fact that FBI / JUSTICE – State Troopers / Criminal-AG- Atty
    / Local Police – Town Attorneys ARE WELL AWARE of various relationships.

    Please just do not ask me to prove it.
    Not the right venue / forum.

    Everything locally and in the state pales to the destruction and take over
    process of the financial system and publicly traded companies, which are
    the unofficial 3rd leg of the Military / Civil/Municipal Service.

    All that is left, is a vulnerable / leveraged / dependent – Private Sector.

  18. 18 1george1

    Stratford is a small town of 50,000.

    Many families go back many generations and are spread throughout town
    and parts of the country.

    Stuff I have heard and I knod would stun people. Even people who regard
    themselves a BAD PEOPLE and TOUGH GUYS.

    Good friends parents moved to CT. to put distance from relatives who ran the
    Gambino family.

    I worked with family members of the Anastasios, and other family names
    any of you would recognize.

    I met William Shea (Shea Stadium – Tammany Hall – Bush/Walker family)
    I met William Casey.
    I met several times George McGovern, who pointedly knows who I am.
    I met Dodd, Lieberman, Weicker, Morrison, DeLauro, Shays, Neidermeyer,
    and others.
    My dad’s childhood next door neighbor / best friend was Judge Robert Testo.

    Balzac quote:
    “All great fortunes come from Great Crimes.”

    Beware of a quite dog and still water.
    Where something is thin,that’s where it tears.
    We do not care of what we have, but we cry when it is lost.
    Do not dig a hole for somebody else; you yourself will fall into it.
    There is no evil without good.

    “The value of the water is only seen when the well runs dry.”

    “Peasants, Serfs, Villeins, Peons, Sharecroppers, and laborers
    create the food and do the work, upon which nobles and
    elites depend.”

    “LABOR creates VALUE!”

  19. 19 freedomofspeach

    “Freedom – I thought you were Ben – but not after your above disclosure
    or suggestive post.”

    Sorry George, wrong ethnicity. And I am much better looking.

    Lawyers work for people, everyone deserves to have an advocate. That’s all I will say on choices some make on who they choose to represent. Not sure anyone can judge until you walk a mile in their shoes.

    But the information is interesting.

    So whats really going on?

  20. 20 1george1

    Lawyers have all kinds of clients, as you know.

    I have been hired by people and companies, where it took months
    to learn what the company was really like. Whenever I found I was
    working for people who were not ethical, I would find alternatives.

    It is not just lawyers, but all kinds of people who find themselves in
    a situation analygous to
    “Pelican Brief,”
    “Enemy of the State,”
    “3 Days of the Condor / All the President’s men => Follow the money.”

    In some ways, government was more honest before the Serpico/Knapp
    Commission, when the Mafia controlled Police and Judges.

    FOS –
    Comparing my limited experience with Mafia, FBI / JUSTICE -Government
    Lawyers / Appointees / apparatchiks – The Mafia had a sense of HONOR.

    The old Mafia, protected poor in the neighborhoods, back in the day of
    my (all irish decesndant) grandfather, whose bakery hired and fed people
    of all ethnic backgrounds in the pre & depression era Bridgeport Hollow!

    Only time I EVER heard him swear, was describing ONE WORLDERS.
    Unfortunately, he never explained. I was too young and dumb to ask.
    Nw I am no longer young.

    I know honest lawyers, police, Democrats, Republicans, Business people,
    and government workers / managers. We are prey.

  21. 21 freedomofspeach

    Interesting, Mayor Miron said he was subpoenaed in the case. Fact is he is a DEFENDANT, another lawsuit against him and the town.

    Keep up the great work Jimmy.

    BROTHERS SIX LLC- 51 D . Y .
    Attorney: WILLINGER WILLINGER & BUCCI PC (Juris No. 023585)
    BRIDGEPORT , CT 06604
    AREA 51 PARTNERS LLC 53 D . Y .
    HECTOR NATERA 54 D . Y .

  22. 22 1george1

    FOS – Question


    Is that about the HOME RULE ACT

    and not the


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