November 4th, 2008 (In case you forgot)


In Connecticut you may register to vote, if you have not yet, up to 14 days prior to the election (Oct 20th). If you have not registered you can print out the form and mail it in:

If you (or a relative) are unable to get to the polls on election day, you must apply for an absentee ballot. You can download the form and fax it back to the Town Clerk (you must mail it too).

No matter what, it is important to vote.

15 Responses to “November 4th, 2008 (In case you forgot)”

  1. 1 1george1

    I will vote for Nader.

    Wasted Vote?

    I ain’t votin D or R.
    Those are wasted votes = more of the same.

    I will be votin

  2. 2 rocki4mayor

    Remember folks… it’s Rocki with i!!!

    ROCK-i the vote!!!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    What office are you running for?

    (Mayoral elections are next year, remember?)

  4. 4 1george1

    Actually we need a Mouser now, to CATch certain

    ROCK ON wit ROCK I

    We need to change the kitty litter contents in that which was Town Hall

  5. 5 rocki4mayor

    Jez, my umm… dear???

    I know you’re busy trying to shut down the airport, bulldoze the Shakespeare theatre, lynch our mayor by his genitals, etc… but please try to keep up with my campaign as well…

  6. 6 rocki4mayor

    George… your lame attempt at humor is NOT appreciated!

    Besides… do YOU really want to get into verbal sparring over physical characteristics???

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Sorry, Rocki.

    The whole 4mayor thing threw me. But I suppose it’s just as clear as the referendum questions.

    I hadn’t thought about lynching. I was kind of leaning towards tar & feather. But I like it!

  8. 8 genericscreename

    Remember, in a democracy it’s your vote that counts, but in feudalism its your count that votes!!!!!

  9. 9 1george1

    “George… your lame attempt at humor is NOT appreciated!”

    I thought I was insulting the Miron / Burturla faction?

    Besides… do YOU really want to get into verbal sparring over
    physical characteristics???

    Which physical characteristics did I refer to Rocki?
    That Rocki is a cat and perhaps a good mouser to catch RATS?
    That cats use Kitty Litter and some people in Town Hall remind
    me of what is found in Town Hall.

    If Rocki is a cat, what part of the Rocki’s physical character did
    I insult? I like calico & white coloring, like a family member’s cat.
    Did I comment about Rocki’s face or body, which are physucal

    Rocki has hair on end?
    Temper – Temper.

    What to attack my obesity?
    Go ahead.

    At least I put myself publicly in the arena, and I am a public figure.

    Yet, do I make my comments based on political rather than personal
    or physical attributes?

    Perhaps you are a Democrat, who was offended by the term

    I respect the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans.
    …Edited for relevancy by Jezebel….
    If someone needs to insult my body, they have a HUGE TARGET!

    (George, I was going to ask if you ever got TIRED…but I got my answer.)

  10. 10 freedomofspeach

    I went over to the website and found this angry post. I wondered why the CT Audubon Society was praising the sell the beach effort publicly, now we know where our donations go. Boycott the Connecticut Audubon Society!!! Rights for Plover and Turns, but not people.


    “Milan Bull Thursday, 10/23/08, 6:33 AM

    This is the most unfortunate, misleading, and biased site on the internet. The sad part is that those who wrote it KNOW it is nonsense but are only trying to preserve their own self interests… cottage owners who still think they will someday rebuild (and restore their own private beach and NO Trespassing signs) and former airport officials who see a wildlife refuge at the foot of the airport as an impediment to future airport expansion. Unfortunately, this kind of misinformation really hurts the public and the opportunity for future generations to enjoy our great coastal resources. Only in America.


    Yes, only in America, where everyone gets Freedom of Speech, not just self proclaimed intellectuals like you who know what “the right thing is for me”. The nice thing I can also vote on your comments with my wallet, I will cancel every Audubon related thing I do and stop donating to any group that supports your agenda. Last year it was over $3 grand to environmental groups such as yours. NO MORE.

    And you allow camping at your site on Black Rock Turnpike right? And fishing?? Looks like your recent “article” on the lest turns was planed and promotes the sell the beach agenda. Close to election day. Maybe your society, a non profit, wants to “manage” LBW property after USF & W gets it, if they ever do. Or is this a scam to hold out until you bilk enough people out of the money so you could by it at a discount and be self proclaimed enviro heros?

    What great pictures on site, and everyone should take heed, wildlife areas are closed to the public. Nesting areas are closed forever, harassing or coming too close to one of these “protected” birds is a crime, they arrest you. Just ask boaters in Florida who were feeding the Manatees lettuce while boating on the intracoastal waterway, and got a ticket for “harassing a marine mammal”. Try walking on some of the sand dunes out on the cape and you will end up getting a ticket from some ranger because your “bothering the nesting birds”.

    Heres a little something from the NYT archive:

    “The Village of Westhampton Dunes won a $78 million settlement in its lawsuit against the Federal Government. This settlement was reached by consensus after protracted negotiations. While the settlement requires the Federal Government to rebuild the beach, it also requires the Village of Westhampton Dunes to protect endangered and threatened species. Thus, endangered species protection is not an ”obstacle” to beach reconstruction, as mentioned in the article, but is the basis for the settlement agreement and beach reconstruction. In the Village of Westhampton Dunes, the settlement agreement and the Endangered Species Act protect the second largest and most productive colony of piping plovers as well as the most diverse assemblage of endangered coastal plants on Long Island.”

    $78 million and a formal requirement that the town protect the birds. A great settlement all with taxpayer money. Wonder if BM&D was the towns attorney. Worth a couple million in fees. Maybe that’s what Miron read in “Ambulance Chaser Monthly, ideas for scumbag lawyers” and hatched up this plot in the bunker while having a Coke.

    The fantasy that this deal will give better access for the taxpayers, when Hartford is looking at bridge options for Bridgeport is just BS. Something is fishy in the bunker.

    Keep the beach, its yours, not theirs. I am sure you can get some corporate sponsors to help defray the costs of the cottages and access, but that will happen only after you get Mayor who is not deranged crook.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    I actually agree that LBW should be kept undeveloped and for the use of wildlife AND humans.

    But this is not the “deal” that will do it. Voting “yes” on this option will only delay everything for 5 years while we cross our fingers and hope for the best. If we’ve learned anything from the Shakespeare Theater, SAEP and Raymark it’s that crossing our fingers and wishing real hard doesn’t work.

  12. 12 1george1

    As stated previously:

    I believe the way the Referendums are written

    1) LBW will fail to sell to the “Trust.”

    A) the vote to sell and the town’s Financial needs will justify a trade of
    LBW for the AIRPORT.

    B) The airport and the REAL DEVELOPER of AVCO (waiting in the wings)
    will put in 2000 condos in AVCO – LORDSHIP Boulevard, expand buildings
    on the Airport property and extend the Runway.

    2) The CT. General Statutes SS 9 – 171 of the Refereendum vote will
    be used to reinforce Burturla’s / Miron’s claims about NO Grandfathered
    Rights to initiative / petition / refendum / recall under the “HOME RULE
    ACT” and nt the SPECIAL ACT CHARTER.”

    A) Mayor will DICTATE

    B) Town Attorney and Police will enforce / intimidate

    C) Town Council will spend CRAZY to BUDDIES

    D) ZONING will complete change to Scinto-ize / Avalon Bay certain areas.

    E) Board of Ed will be re-organized, consolidating with the Town, to “control”

    I was not able to reach Dr. Fanslow, to find out what “handbook” he was
    referring to, about certain “rights / money / benefits being given and then
    gradually taken away. 😦

    Smart man!

  13. 13 mikereynolds

    To put Bob Scinto into the same category as Avalon Bay is a huge disservice to Bob Scinto.

    Avalon Bay bullies communities in order to build their overblown developments.

    Other communities court Bob Scinto to develop in their area.

    Ansonia is on its knees thanking Bob Scinto for coming in to develop Fountain Lake.

    Where would Shelton be without Bob Scinto and his millions of dollars of office buildings?

    Too bad Bob Scinto didn’t bid on Avco.

  14. 14 1george1


    I wish Scinto bid on AVCO and the AIRPORT.

    I agree about Scinto and what he could do for Stratford. I have dealt
    on a business level with him and his family. Nice people. Back before
    2,000 I tried to get Scinto or Stew Leonard’s to be interested in Town Fair.

    Shelton has a much lower Tax Rate, in no small part, due to Bob Scinto.
    I have good friends in key positions with him and talked many times to
    his very nice daughters, involved professionally.

    Scinto told me he would NEVER do business in Stratford. (I didn’t ask Y?)

    A certain Stratford political person, subsequently claimed Stratford has
    better Builders than Scinto. His building are mostly fascade and do not
    have the Quality of Stratford’s Builders. (I wonder who / where??) 😦

    C. F. O. of Stew Leonard’s was ok with the Town Fair stand alone property,
    right off of I – 95, however they already owned Orange site.
    They had demographic reasons for wanting to be in Orange.
    (close to New Haven / Valley / I – 95)
    He said Stratford was too close to the Norwalk store, and it would lose
    shopper from Bridgeport & to the East and North of Bridgeport.

    What Scinto did for Shelton is not much different that the increase of
    value of property in Manhattan, where density and infrastructure are
    different than Stratford.

    Shelton had open space and hills to block towers obstruction of views.
    NYC has limited space and a culture/mind set to build skyward.

    Stratford people like a Colonial / Historic concept in many cases and
    want to have land around their houses. Then there are some McCastles
    in Lordship, the North End, and one on my street.

    The raising the Zoning height from 4 stories to 6 or 8 was part of my
    Mayoral platform in the first race, which no one but the bad guys
    read or saw. I was teasing but flat out honest when I told people at
    the ST. JOSEPH’S DEBATE / MEET Council Candidates to take copies of
    my platfor, so they would know the origin of Miron’s newest ideas!

    However, as I got more involved in listening to people’s priorities, I learned
    that people in Stratford are different and like the lack certain types of
    developments (Yuppy Stores / Condos) and lack of obstruction of views.

    To a degree, I regret bringing up the idea, because it will be perverted
    and BAD STAR IZED, like everything else the B UTTER NUTS and BAD
    MEDICINE touches.

  15. 15 nnanerak

    Mike, well said.

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