Say No to Miron, Support Our PD!


On Friday November 7th the Stratford PD will be holding a benefit for their Union President whom Miron had suspended and demoted.

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McNeil is the latest casualty in Miron’s reign of corruption. 38 hardworking, talented and dedicated employees have been fired, “laid off” or terminated since Miron took office.

I urge citizens and business owners to attend and contribute. The Stratford PD is offering us a chance to say, “Enough!”. Let’s make sure this act of Miron’s vendetta does not stand.

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7 Responses to “Say No to Miron, Support Our PD!”

  1. 1 sudds

    Question… going on the assumption that all votes are cast in favor of “no competence”… can anything happen/be done, or is this just something else to make our town look like crap on various news channels throught the state???

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “is this just something else to make our town look like crap on various news channels throught the state???”

    I think Miron handles that part just fine.

  3. 3 1george1

    Will the media be in attendence?

    Has anyone thought to invite them?

    Ethical Government = Stratford = oxymoron

    I have had very good treatment by the rank and file of the police.
    I have heard stories about the past ….
    I had problems with Mossman, who couldn’t look me in the eye,
    after I filed Citizens complaints against him using HIS REGULATIONS,
    that he was a HYPOCRITES.

    I have NO USE for certain people in either political party, locally
    and beyond. Unless and until the local police and supporters are
    willing to face reality that we need to change a corrupt system –
    you will be shoveling…. against the tide.

    as mentioned, we don’t need change we can believe in or reform
    from straight talkers, we need an enema in Town Hall, in Hartford,
    in D.C. / suburbs – in NYC – Chicago – Hollywood.

    The enablers of the cocaine Republic and insider Traders / Traders
    should be tied naked to crosses for the world to see the emperors
    are pitiless cowardly men and women whose world revolves around
    hurting people and being destructive, when constructive is the way
    of progress and a more perfect union.

    Empty the Jails and put the MORONS / MIRONS / BURTURLAS

  4. 4 justanotherreader

    I thoroughly disagree with the action taken against McNeil. The main point we can’t lose sight of is that someone, McNeil or otherwise, was blowing the whistle on corrupt government. He will be back at work in 3 months and still earn a decent living. There are others that were the victims of the morons wrath who are suffering terribly. Lets not forget them. Perhaps a bit of the benefit might go to help others who no longer have a job.


  5. 5 jezebel282


    I don’t want to ignore your comment. You are absolutely correct. Miron has caused real grief to many of the 38 he fired. Mary Tiernan and Elaine O’Keefe come to mind immediately. I have personally witnessed real tears and hardships among the people he fired.

    Consider the six union supervisors he “laid off” for “budgetary” reasons. He had the nerve to declare a surplus that year. Were any called back? That’s what is supposed to happen when you are “laid off’. The correct answer would be “no”.

    Unless half the Town shows up at the 407 benefit, I doubt there will be enough generated to help those still under or unemployed. But you are correct in another way; these people were laid off without health benefits or warning. Just “Beat it”. At least the McNeil family won’t lose their health benefits.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    So what did it cost us taxpayers to have Captain McNeil demoted and suspended?

    Approximately $20,000 ($19,325.00 if you want to be picky). What’s next? More legal fees for Berchem Moses and Devlin, of course. Captain McNeil will be filing grievances and arbitration for the demotion and suspension. Any guess who will represent the Town?

  7. 7 nnanerak

    What do you mean will be? he already has…

    Let’s get a new bumper sticker out there–Stratford Voters Against Corruption and Nepostim Unite! Or—- Vote Against Stratford’s Corruption and Nepotism in November ’09………

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