The Sounds of Silence


Here we are 21 days after Local 407 crowded Town Hall in support of their union president and we have yet to have one single word from any elected official (except Mayor Moron) about the destruction of morale in our police department.

Nice going Clowncil. When will you come out from under your beds? How about you Mr. Costello? Has that hairpiece fallen down to your eyes and ears? Mr. Best? Nothing? You have no problem opposing the sale of LBW on television. Nothing to say about the men and women who show up next to your ambulance? Et tu, Mr Forrester?

Just more Republican and Democratic Town Committee concern for voters, huh? Nothing from you either. How much damage will Miron do before all of you who think you are qualified to lead this town finally say something?


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  1. 1 1george1

    We have the Clowncil.

    How can we abreviate “circle jerks?”

    I gotta give this to Jeze – Se or he actually seems to think
    there are people in the system with integrity.

    From 1984 to 1988 – I fought within the system’s Administrative labrynth.
    I walked away.

    1992, I tried going over everyone’s head.

    By 1995, I ceased being in denial, but still did not understand, so I could
    not explain, credibly.

    1998, I was still appealing within the system! Mistake!

    By early 2000s, I had a pretty good understanding of
    W / W/ W / W / W/ H.

    Now I understand the local matrix.
    I see the interrelations, from experience I could not know in the 1980s.

    People sold their souls to be part of the club.
    Mafia has Omerta
    Police has Blue Wall
    Lawyers have …. Lawyer’s ethics
    Politics & Business has M. I. C. E.
    Court House Gang has secure insecurities.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “I gotta give this to Jeze – Se or he actually seems to think
    there are people in the system with integrity.”

    There ARE people in this town with integrity. This is OUR town. It is not Miron’s Town or Buturla’s or Aldrich’s or Loschiavo’s.

    If you want our town then take it from us. But you are not getting it without a little blood and broken limbs.

  3. 3 genericscreename

    Et al:

    It has been a while since my last post, and for some that may have been a blessing. Lets look at why none of the elected officials have made any public statement and include in that list those who are hoping to be elected officials.

    With respect to the town council, what everyone is failing to recognize is the fact that the same situation is applicable in their silence as it was a few years back when the mayor suspended a police officer while an investigation was conducted relative to Alvin vs police department. From what I am hearing from the inside, the council was advised to remain silent as they were the first time, to limit the liability they would face should litigation ensue. As it so happened, the council and affiliated administration were in fact sued, and the council who remained silent through out the entire ordeal ( which in fact was not a council matter), then limited themselves from the litigation, and minimized their liability. In the case which we are all watching unfold, I honestly believe that the same principal applies here too.

    Now with respect to Mr. Best, Costello and any other individual who may cast their name into the ring, it makes no political sense in my humble opinion to voice an opinion until the matters have been resolved and ALL the facts have been presented.

    For example, if Mr. Best were to voice an opinion other than what is beneficial to the administration, it is pretty clear that his wife would most likely be subject to further scrutiny, and with preparing to retire, while increasing her overtime very quietly, then both the candidate and his spouse would then fall victim to the media and public opinion would not be beneficial to his run for office.

    If Elvis Costello were to voice his opinions, #1 he would not be capable of presenting any credible and logical argument whether in favor or in opposition to the circumstances, plus his past life as a police officer most likely will then be made public and he would be spending considerable time doing damage control.

    Now in response to Jeze #2, I agree with you as for this town not being Buturla or Miron, but what does Aldrich or Loschavo have to do with this?, I am a bit confused.

    Loschavo is an administration puppet and most likely will be the first to fall should the Feds come into town and start digging. ( which reminds me, how come no one did anything several years ago when the mayor had an officer named Pinto promoted to sargent over several others who were in line for the position), and Aldrich has not been on the council for 4 years I think, and Team Stratford is non-existant?

    I would be more concerned with those who are still active behind the scenes such as Kevin Kelly, Kevin Williams, Ben Proto, Tony Schrillo, Richard Bresselin. Paul Joy and Bill Defederico, who is a Costello puppet yet still acts as a member of the RTC and is actively supporting costello.

  4. 4 1george1

    Aldrich was with Aaron Hochman in Team Stratford # 1
    and Montiposilico in # 2.

    Esq. Willinger
    1 – represents a party in AREA 51,

    2 – hired the Court Stenographer for the ex-Army Judge Advocate
    presentation to the Feehan Town Council when the Army took back
    AVCO from Team Stratford # 2

    3 – was allegedly involved with Team Stratford # 1

    4 – is involved in Steal Point. Or is it Steel Point, Bridgeport.


    Interesting partial list of the behind the scenes cast.

    How many are (/ were) on the payrole of the State &/or Berchem.

    Who is related to whom both in town and among state powers?
    (Including some of the unlisted?) 😉


    This blog was always posting about Dick Miron.

    Dick was supposed to go to court in the recent past.

    Nada coverage anywhere on this blog or in the media.

    It appears to be buried, without a marker? 😉

  5. 5 genericscreename


    In all due respect you are rambling. have made no sense and scare me. This is the first time I have been critical of any posters here, however George, please make some sense

  6. 6 nnanerak

    your insight in the first paragraph will be enlightening to some bloggers, but it still doesn’t answer the question why hasn’t council DONE anything. You can do things to mitigate further damage without becoming involved directly with the hot potatoe.
    Council should find a way to address some of the issues that repeatedly come up over and over via an ordinance–Council can also sensure members of the administration and have said action put in personnel files if mrs. thief doesn’t shred them. These actions let the administration know that council is publicly denouncing their actions and behaviors. This action also doesn’t interfere with anything in the charter. I still agree with my commuter buddy that council has the power to fire someone, because that is not interefering with the hiring process and apears to be deliberately left out. If council wants everyone to believe that their lack of action is because the can’t administratively interfere, then they better becareful, because even the purse strings can be deemed administrative in one form or another. Council needs to show the public that they aren’t powerless and that they care about what happens. If they don’t they’ll be out too, but I can only assume that therre will be many more skeletons coming out and some may very well be their own.

  7. 7 jonbest

    Just to keep the record straight my wife is a salaried employee and does not recieve overtime. When she was promoted to chief she gave up her right to overtime and essentially reduced any potential large retirement benefits. She is a commited public servant and she loves the town she has lived in all her life.

  8. 8 1george1

    Generic –

    Response related to post # 4
    It appears Aldrich and Willinger have been involved in
    Team Stratford # 1, # 2, & # 3.

    – –

    Response related to Post # 1.
    A) I was a politically uninvolved young man who worked for the USPS.

    B) People targeted me and others, harming us and costing careers, not
    unlike what happened in Stratford. It was so common the environment
    was called “GOING POSTAL.” (I worked to make the system work instead)

    C) I appealed locally, Section, State, Region, & Nationally within the
    Grievance / Arbitration matrix and to ALL appropriate Local / State
    / Fed Agencies, and Elected officials.
    > Each appeal was funneled back to the harassing agency which took
    reprisal and consistently lied in writing and accessed the POLITICALLY
    APPOINTED LEADERS in each Agency / Department / elected office.
    > Each political party or group decided to use me and coworkers for
    their own agenda.
    > Predicated on what happened there is little difference between the
    Military / Government politically appointees, than the KGB.

    What is far MORE SCARY then some short handed RAMBLING, is to
    realize how completely and totally corrupt and heartless most of
    the politically appointed people who command each level of each
    agency or department.

    I believe Mirons / Burturlas / Norms are simply greedy for power or money.
    People that they and others front for, are DEADLY and have systematically
    LOOTED the entire USA.

  9. 9 1george1


    The Town Council meets / communicates before Town Council meetings.
    Each take direction from respective political leaders and party attorneys.

    Some of the nonsense and failings are intentionally staged as diversions
    from the issues they do not what the public or the press to address.

    While everyone had separate priorities, there are timetables and plans
    which work hand in hand with each other against the non affiliated.
    It is kinda like a BIG FAMILY, which constantly has in-laws and in-family
    fighting amongst themselves. However if outsider try to help, they get
    turned on because they want control of the pie.

    What ever praise people get for things that do get accomplished and
    there are things which due to liability should not gain public comment,
    there are also MANY, MANY ISSUES which float quietly along because
    each Town Councilor, Administration person and Party Person has made

    Relating local issues to a series of commentaries by Lou Dobbs of CNN
    about Paulson shoveling money to his former firm Goldman Sacks and
    to other allied people in other Wall street firms or places where their
    allies have control of major companies.
    The Democrats let the Republicans do it because they are getting their
    cut, and the reverse is true.
    Think of the Mayor / Town Council or Senate / Congress / White House
    as each being 2nd cousins and in-laws.
    y putting up a show of supposedly fighting, it covers up the pockets
    being picked in the excitement = FAGAN – omics

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Let’s get the housekeeping details out of the way first. You are using the identical IP address as OfficerSean. This is your first warning.

    “Anonymity will be maintained unless there are multiple usernames from the same IP address.”

    Now back to our program:

    “From what I am hearing from the inside, the council was advised to remain silent as they were the first time, to limit the liability they would face should litigation ensue.”

    And are they getting this advice from the Rich Buturla the Town Attorney? And won’t Atty Buturla have to recuse himself and Berchem Moses and Devlin during any action against his brother, John Buturla the Chief of Police?

    “In the case which we are all watching unfold, I honestly believe that the same principal applies here too.”

    Nothing whatsoever prevents any councilman or candidate from expressing an opinion in support of Local 407 and the honest men and women of our Police Department. It is certainly not accepting any liability to say “I support Local 407 in their No-Confidence Vote”. It is also not making any statement pro or con to contribute $25 on November 7th for wine, beer, refreshments and a DJ.

    “it makes no political sense in my humble opinion to voice an opinion until the matters have been resolved and ALL the facts have been presented.”

    Apparently enough “facts” have been presented to take 3 months pay from Joe McNeil’s family, demote him two grades and reduce his pay by 1/3. Certainly, someone can have an opinion on THAT.

    “If Elvis Costello were to voice his opinions, #1 he would not be capable of presenting any credible and logical argument whether in favor or in opposition to the circumstances, plus his past life as a police officer most likely will then be made public and he would be spending considerable time doing damage control.”

    Costello’s ability to express any credible opinion is something you and I can discuss at length. However, for anyone that intends to LEAD this town out of the abyss we are in, their opinion is extremely important. Are you listening Mr. Best and Mr. Forrester?
    Generic, I do not understand what you mean about Costello doing “damage control”.

    “I agree with you as for this town not being Buturla or Miron, but what does Aldrich or Loschavo have to do with this?, I am a bit confused.”

    Please. Do not have me go into the backgrounds of these two. Let’s just say the entire Loschiavo family has prospered on the backs of taxpayers. As for Aldrich…the Shakespeare Theater sits idle still due to Aldrich’s maneuvering.

    I will repeat what I said earlier. The Stratford PD is being torn apart by Miron/Buturla. By more than 8 to 1, the police officers have expressed “no-confidence” in the administration of the PD. This is not a case of a single officer restraining an out of control councilman. This is the entire PD. It becomes a question of Public Safety. Do you not think that the safety of Stratford residents is a Council issue? Ask “OfficerSean” since he seems to be very close to you.

  11. 11 genericscreename


    You are mistaken, please check that internet address, as I am not who you think I am, I am using the same computer each and every time I post, the only think that changes is the location of the internet access which I transmit from, as I do such typically from home, the office or Starbucks. If there is a way I can demonstrate to you who I am with out my identity being disclosed I will

  12. 12 genericscreename

    Et al:

    Ok, when it comes to the PD and the facts as I had posted, I strongly believe that ( and I said something similar to this a few weeks back), that the administration in my opinion would not suspend and demote any officer in light of the current atmosphere with out enough facts to risk litigation.

    Now, sadly as I had also stated once before, whether the information provided to the public is accurate or not, and in that, an officer potentially ( i am paraphrasing now from an earlier post several weeks back) risked his career in order to make public a matter which affects all those in the department, a crrime has been committed. Sadly a good man has had his reputation tarnished in the short term.

    Now with this entire mess being a personnel matter, then the file with all the “facts”
    is not available to the public, and if one wanted to read it , they would have to FOI it and hope that the officer does not dispute having the file released. If he does, and it is only a matter of signing a document stating that he does not want his file public, the only other recourse one would have to gain access to that file would be to then go to the state, ask for a hearing and then after the state reviews all the data, they will then either release a redacted file or close the matter and say there is no merit to release the file, case closed.

    As far as the theater is concerned, please explain how Aldrich comes into play here?, in all that I have heard, read etc, he has nothing do with that venue?, Team Stratford never had anything to do with it either? I do know that the last council tried to make a deal with KKP and that fell apart, now the new council is attempting to do the same with another potential operator, and for all I can see, there is no link between the old guard and the new guard.

    Bottom line is this people, either we have a new regime next November, clean house of the current sitting members of the council, or nothing in my opinion will change, only the names.

    I will wait for Jeze to check his IP address and compare such, as I will not waste my time or yours when you suspect I am someone other than who I am.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    Housekeeping first:

    “I will wait for Jeze to check his IP address and compare such, as I will not waste my time or yours when you suspect I am someone other than who I am.”

    I did not say that you were OfficerSean. I said that you posted from the same computer. You do the math.

    “would not suspend and demote any officer in light of the current atmosphere with out enough facts to risk litigation.”

    Have you met Mayor Moron? He fired 6 members of the Supervisor’s Union including their president and vice president.

    “If he does, and it is only a matter of signing a document stating that he does not want his file public,”

    Who is “he”?

    “Bottom line is this people, either we have a new regime next November, clean house of the current sitting members of the council, or nothing in my opinion will change, only the names.”

    I agree. At least the next Council will have to convince us they are not infected by the RTC or DTC.

  14. 14 1george1

    If generic and officer sean are the same people,

    which generic denies –

    1 – covering for aldrich and D / C makes sense.

    2 – further sense can be made about people alluded to among
    behind the scenes people in local (D) & (R).

    might be starting to catch on that changing of the guards in front
    of the castle, does not affect the residents of the Castle’s KEEP.

  15. 15 genericscreename


    “he” would be the individual whose file is being FOI’d.

    I doubt that either the Democrats or the Republicans will lose any strength in that there are not enough independent candidates to run for council who can either afford to fund their own campaign or are willing to get behind Costello.

    Now the perplexing question is, what do you we do?, how do we change the system to make it functional, non partisan?

    I dont have that answer does someone else?

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “If generic and officer sean are the same people,”

    I NEVER said that. I said they were using the same IP. I doubt they are one and the same person because Generic can obviously string three or four intelligent sentences together. Miron/Officersean does not have that particular ability.


    ““he” would be the individual whose file is being FOI’d.”

    Sorry, I’m a little slow today. The pronouns still confuse me. “He” would be Christian Miron or Captain McNeil?

    “Now the perplexing question is, what do you we do?, how do we change the system to make it functional, non partisan?”

    3,200+ registered voters tried to implement checks and balances in our government so that one person cannot destroy this Town singlehandedly . Unfortunately the DTC and RTC did not follow through. So now we are in the same position as Blanche DuBois, depending upon the kindness of strangers.

    Both Committees have squandered their credibility. The next election should be a doozy.

  17. 17 genericscreename


    Thank you for the compliment about my ability to communicate. I was referring to McNeil about the FOI, actually had not thought about Christian. Since he is not an employee, I doubt that one could get his file via FOI.

    Your right the elections next November will be quite interesting. I suspect that when all is said and done, we will still have the same promises and the same lack of results.

    Look at the field out there, starting with the town council.

    1. Julian, Integrity, no BS, should be reelected
    2. Oneil, Term limit, he is history, he will run for senate
    3. Forrester, Term limit, may run for mayor
    4. Dont know anything about her
    5. Dempsy, Idiot, no integrity, only won by a couple votes, I hope Barker comes back and slams him, Dempsy is a Costello clone
    6. Dont know anything about her
    7.Stroomer, good guy, does exactly what the party asks with out question, very loyal republican
    8 Moore, Integrity, quiet, should run for mayor , but probobly wont
    9 Kubic, intelligent but too arrogant, has his own agenda and too controversial, may get beat by a democrat
    10.Henrick, Term limit, who knows district up for grabs, only won by 12 votes this time.

    No use in discussing mayoral candidates, all of them suck. I would love to see Julian or a woman run for office. I believe we need someone new. How do we get the independants to come forward?, No one with any brain matter would follow Costello, unless they are drinking his Kool Aid.

    So, why no one of the posters on this blog?, ( sorry George, but you dont have a chance).

    I know I will wont run for office, I dont have the patients or temper for it. ok so who can we find?

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Good question. Most of the bloggers and normal people that I know are honest and ethical people. They would make crappy politicians.

    And by the way, Amy Wanamaker has an MBA, you know.

    (Yes George, you are honest and ethical too. But there is that focus problem. Doesn’t matter does it? You’ll run anyway.)

  19. 19 1george1

    Jeze quote:
    3,200+ registered voters tried to implement checks and balances in our government so that one person cannot destroy this Town singlehandedly . Unfortunately the DTC and RTC did not follow through. So now we are in the same position as Blanche DuBois, depending upon the kindness of strangers.

    Interesting that NONE of the BLOGGERS, esepcially jeze point out:
    1) Burturla ignored the Petition as did that Town Council
    > Thanks to the Petitioners, Burturla has PRECEDENT to ignore PETITIONS.

    2) Burturla opined Stratford NO LONGER has RECALL or Grandfathered rights,
    to his assistant Town (Housing) Attorney, and the butt kissing C. R. C. # 2.
    > Then it appears everyone on C. R. C. # 1 Aand the Town Council were either
    MALFEASANT in secretly giving away Grandfathered Rights OR
    MALFEASANT in their ignorance, which considering the 7 Town Attorneys of
    Kevin Kelly’s gang and those before and after, and those Town Councilors who
    are Attorneys and those State Attorneys and ALL incompetent.
    (not completely far fetched)

    3) The C. R. C. / Town Council / Town Attorney / Mayor created the Town
    Charter Referendum questions, and as part of the Referendum listed CT.
    GENERAL STATUTE SS 7 -191, as basis for Referendum.
    > FOS went ballastics as FOS knows that is INTENTIONAL and place the Town
    Charter under the “HOME RULE ACT.”
    > Stratford is/was only 1 of 5 CT Towns under “SPECIAL ACT CHARTERS.”
    > The Referendums are meant to decietfully reinforce Burturla’s Opinion,
    which the Mayor confirmed Monday night in a brief person to person
    conversation about that question deferring to the Town Attorney’s opinion.
    – Perfect lawyerese – a DENIAL by non-DENIAL, deferring the decision to his
    (Jim Miron’s) SUBORDINATE (Dick Burturla).

    Any insults from the bloggers don’t bother me, since several are selfish
    thieves who disgrace their oaths of office by accepting status quo and
    preferential treatment for their circles.
    > I do NOT refer to those people who HONESTLY put their career on the
    LINE consistent with the HIGHEST MORAL and ETHICAL PRINCIPALS under the:
    U. S. CODE,
    LEGAL RULES and REGULATIONS, of their respective Departments.

    In Stratford, surrounding Towns/cities, in CT. & across the USA I have
    found many political people who probably cheat playing solitaire and lack
    the courage to post their real names and positions of possible conflict of
    interest, with a willingness to disparage honest discourse and debate.

    If Christian Miron’s report was outed for the right reasons (endangerment to
    the public) then Captain McNeil deserves great support and highest praise.
    If things were done for political reasons with laws and rights wilfully violated,
    then the contrary is true.

    I have friends who know McNeil and speak highly of him.
    I appreciate the Stratford Police FILE and much fof the RANK.
    Unfortunately I am not in a position to know the whole truthand frankly
    I have found many lies on this website, by a variety of posters.
    > Yet I also recognize that what I KNOW to be a LIE or BELIEVE to be a LIE,
    may in FACT, be what the POSTER BELIEVES to be the TRUTH.

    (As for the need for some to stay anonymous, I ACCEPT exception for those
    who have legitimate basis for fear of Reprisal under the Color of the Law, as
    I have experienced it first hand by the patrons and factions of Burturlas /
    Mirons / Kelly – Williams – Kubec – Bishop / Costelli / Norm / Proto / Florek /
    Gilardi / Ahlberg / T-berry / Cotter – Holcomb – LeClerc – Dougiello > ad nauseum.)

  20. 20 nnanerak

    Generic-Who do we get to run for office? I’d like to start with a Stratford resident for one-not someone who pretends to live here. People don’t realize how very closely their neighbors pay attention to their not being there-except when the pony arrives.
    Next how could you not know anything about the 6th-AMY???? She spouts about her attributes and qualifications at every single meeting. Must be the MBA. I understand why no one knows much about the 4th-absentee-ism will do that.
    I can only think of one woman who might think of running(since pcs won’t do it)-she is somewhat contraversial and a bit over the top with the boe, but would probably do a good job. She certainly knows all the players on both sides of the fence though I don’t think that even she can bring them together to get anything done.
    As far as what to do to change the pattern? How about an intelligent political coup to get rid of the leadership in both parties? 🙂 You know flood the membership and force a vote for new party leaders on both sides–risky business…..but fun to think about. Really, I’m just kidding. Honest. 😉

  21. 21 jezebel282


    Honest to goodness, sometimes you simply astound me.

    “> Thanks to the Petitioners, Burturla has PRECEDENT to ignore PETITIONS.”

    It is the petitioners fault?

    “lack the courage to post their real names and positions of possible conflict of interest, with a willingness to disparage honest discourse and debate.”

    I will not, repeat not, require anyone to post their real name or other clues that might identify themselves in order to satisfy anyone’s curiosity. Even yours, George. We have seen over and over again how psychotic and vindictive Miron can be. It is not necessary to put your career and family’s welfare on the line to express an opinion or post a fact.

    Let me repeat that one more time: Unless you are James R. Miron, no one will be identified on this blog. If you wish to post your identity that is your choice. End of discussion, George.

  22. nnanerak ~

    Thanks for the confidence and you’re right – not even remotely close to a time I’d even consider throwing my hat in. If ever that were to be considered (by me), I’d have to really have dug my feet into the trenches first – go for a council seat and really get into the nuts and bolts of the Town. There are politicians who are more honest than others, but they still skate very close to the edge.

    Generic’s opinions are pretty interesting:

    As a resident of the Julian’s district, having watched him at the meetings I have been able to attend, I completely agree.

    Having watched O’Neal at those same meetings, I certainly hope you’re wrong.

    I think Gavin Forrester has been a good addition to the Town Council – I think he’s got the best interests of the Town, and his district, right up front. Will he ever consider running for mayor – who knows. Probably one of the better democratic choices though.

    I’ve got to agree with nnanerak, Amy Wannamaker has been very vocal about her “credentials” – almost too vocal. I almost fell asleep at one of her long-winded diatribes at a meeting I was able to attend. Her “credentials,” of course, include that MBA that has been mentioned to the point of almost gagging people with it.

    Don’t know too much about Stroomer. He does seem like a good guy. But, maybe your right, not the person to shake up his party.

    I do like Tom Moore. I’ve had many conversations with him and find him to be more honest than most I’ve met. He’s always been straight with me, and that has meant a great deal. It’s obvious to me he, like Gavin, has the best interest of the Town and residents at heart. I don’t live in his district, but believe he was the best choice. The republican party should take a good look at him as their candidate of choice.

    I don’t know enough about Kubic to form any opinion and Henrick, as you said, can’t run again. Henrick has, though, been good at being a thorn in Miron’s side.

    Mayoral candidates – like I said

    Although he probably won’t jump on the wagon, Gavin would probably make a good democratic choice and with the respect he has gained blow Miron’s re-election bid out of the water;

    Dom Costello who is vowing again to run, this time as an independent. Not much more to say on that. I don’t personally know him, but he does scare me a bit;

    Jon Best – who would love the republican nomination. I like Jon, he’s got great ideas and truly seems to have the best interests of the Town in clear sight. He’s been very vocal and in the trenches on most of the Town’s issues; and

    Tom Moore – if he does think about and decide to put his name in the ring again – could be a great republican choice, but he really needs to get out there and introduce himself to the people. I think, last time, there were too many unknowns and unfamiliar names. I think, what’s going to be important if he does, and if he can get the republican nomination, is that he gets out there so more people can get to know him and what he’s about.

    There’s my 2 cents, for all it’s worth.

    More residents know the names of Forrester, Costello, Best and Miron. The Miron name has been a “well-known” name in Stratford politics for years – maybe far too long – it’s time for something fresh and new.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “More residents know the names of Forrester, Costello, Best and Miron.”

    I believe that is more of a negative than a positive. Having your name known around this Town is dangerous. It seems that the only deals made here are backroom deals.

    The current round of silence from any elected official or candidate says it all.

  24. Jeze ~

    I think my point is that if the names are “familiar” to the people, they may just vote one way or another simply on the basis of hearing a particular name often enough. I agree, it can be more of a negative than a positive – especially if the name is, well, you know.

  25. 25 nnanerak

    I think your 2 cents is worth at least a quarter.
    I do agree with much of what you said, though before I give my support to any candidate, I do believe each and every one bears a much more through looking into. Each one of the ones that you mentioned have some deep ties that are not readily visible. With regard to the 2 that have already run once, you need to look closely at whose didn’t live in Stratford that worked in Stratford that campaigned for him and now has prostituted himself, sort of, to land a top spot in town. This candidate is very silent about this issue and some other issues that have recently hit the fan.
    Elvis on the other hand, his financials need MUCH closer scrutiny as well as his “ties” in general…this guy has had three years to show the town what he really is about and he has done absolutely nothing, passing out coffee and donuts don’t count. He is perhaps 2nd worse candidate, Miron of course being the worst. The candidate that lost the primary also needs to be looked at and reviewed, as well as the potential dem. interest that might run. The concern with each and every candidate is are they of the “spoils” mentality, or having so much political debt to pay back that there is going to be another problem? It is up to them to demonstrate to the voters that they will not be political or nepotistic in their hiring practices. I do believe that the 2 members of council that MAY consider running, that they have at least demonstrated that they care about the town as has Best–now they all have more than a year to teach the public what they are about and who they really are. I hope that they get to it if they are serious.

  26. 26 nnanerak

    Jez- post #21 extremely well said!

  27. 27 jezebel282


    I am just surprised that about once a month I have to repeat it.

  28. Jeze ~

    BTW – no messages, no surprise.

  29. 29 genericscreename


    Very well said. I suspect that should someone with time on their hands begin to look at the sources of financing that Elvis received in the last election, the results would be shocking. Also, one may want to inquire and attempt to confirm that Patty Ulitowski ever fined Elvis for failing to properly report his campaign financing.

    A little bit of investigation will demonstrate that he received almost 70% of his funding sources from people with Bridgeport and other addresses outside of Stratford.

    When you refer to those who campaigned and landed top jobs, it is no secret that the deputy chief of police worked heavily for Best. Best has remained silent and will do so until challenged in a public forum. He will not risk responding until such time as he has no choice. He is very good at playing the system, remaining quiet when others are speaking out. He is choosing his battle quite carefully in order to limit and damage control he may have to do later.

    The reality is that the current mayor is one and done. The only way he has a chance is if in fact he successfully wins the renomination from his party. I do not have a clue in my head if he will be successful or not in attaining it. However, should he get the nod from his party, then all bets are off relative to who will win the election next year.

    I suspect that Costello will obtain about 2500 votes and no more than that unless something drastic happens on both sides of the parties and then he will gather more support.

    I have heard that Best is running into road blocks with in the republican party and is quietly working through the back door so to speak to attempt to mend fences and develop support and unity among ranks. It is said that he held a “victory brunch” fund raiser recently and only 30 or so people showed up for it, where as another republican held a pasta night a month or so ago and had almost 100 people attend and raised considerable funds for the republicans. ( I have not been able to verify this, but that is the current chatter coming out of town hall and the surroundings)

    Given that, I suspect that the republicans will be divided once again next year unless they can come together and present a viable candidate who will be acceptable to the inner circles of the party and the public.

  30. 30 nnanerak

    GOD help the taxpayers of Stratford.
    We need some divine intervention to turn this around, and not in the form of Rev. Al.

  31. 31 jezebel282

    I think it’s a bit early to look for candidates yet. The timing is just not right. No one would pay attention with a general election 5 days away and the economy more or less tanking.

    I would start looking for movement after January. You can probably write off any Democratic primary challenge to Miron. He has flooded the committee with people who depend on him for their paychecks or “other” income. Any democratic primary challenge would be a fistfight with the committee. Even if Miron lost, as vindictive as he is, whoever the candidate is would not get a thimble full of support.

  32. Generic ~

    I pray daily that the current mayor is one and done, and I know I’m not alone.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    Pat Ulatowski did fine Costello AND Miron. They turned in their financial reports late. To Costello’s credit, he paid the fine immediately and turned his in. Miron, of course, responded “can’t we just forget about it?” If you have ever met, worked with or corresponded with Pat Ulatowski, you would know that “forgetting about it” is not something she does. Ever.

    And wouldn’t you know that because he couldn’t fire her and get her out of the Town Clerk’s Office, he offered her a pot of our gold to get her to leave. Just like Imbro.

    There is also that little matter of Richard Miron/Lakeview Monument making donations to Miron’s campaign in excess of the legal limit. Gee? I wonder where Lakeview Monument got $2,500?

  34. 34 1george1


    The Republican Town Committee is set up in 10 Districts.
    One would have to control at least 6 Districts to oust the rascals.
    Control of each district could also oust members of that District.
    That is how to oust the Town Republicans.

    The Democratic Town Committee would actually be easier to oust.
    Not set up by District, but by whole Town.
    1 – Lordship could be galvanized by Airport issue to take over a party.
    2 + 4 Or if people of Color ALL attended and banded together. They are no longer
    the majority in the second, but significant minority in the 2nd & 4th
    3 – District has Shakespeare/Historic District – Raymark 250 acre Ground water –
    Long Brook Park & area to / near Walgreens. Pretty fractured.
    5 – The Voccolas still have connections in the 5th
    6 – Schirillo (D) – Cabrol (R) and a few others too strong.
    7 – Very, very interesting mix of past Councilors.
    8 + 9 If everyone in Oronoque became a Democrat, there are numbers to
    oust every key players. They no longer are the majority in the 8th, but
    large minority, with condo associations & near Sikorsky for 8th & 9th.
    10 – People in Broadbridge Avenue are still ticked by the drag stripping or
    the trees and disregard for 1500 signed petioners.

    Yes Nnanerak, Jeze may be well written in your eyes, however Jeze, you,
    and the other bloggers will NEVER conceed Burturla and Miron played the
    petitioners like ms. pacman.
    Went around gobbling up the bread crums, and helped them open the doors
    to eliminate rights of the general public, on grandfathered rights, which Jeze
    does NOT believe the people of Stratford should retain.

    Jeze is correct about Miron, Burturla, and others.
    Jeze appreciates Marcia Stewart, who is ticked about the Mayor’s games!
    Marcia knows she was played, but hopes for the best.
    Jeze acknowledges what Diane Buda did for Stratford, yet everything those
    26,000 signators of 1991 petitions, is being stolen thanks to CRC # 1 & # 2,
    and the Town Committee leaders / Town Councilors who selected them.

    But would Jeze and her/his faction be for the people or for themselves?

    All I read about on this blog are peoples lost town jobs and police fighting
    for position (even though I favor factions over others), GOLF, RR Station,
    sometimes AVCO or Shakespeare, to attack Miron / Council (both deservedly).

    What about
    RELIEF for SENIORS – Property Tax / Heat / Utilities / Food ?
    RELIEF for LOW INCOME – Property Tax / Heat / Utilities / Food ?
    IMPROVED EDUCATION beyond Test Scores = Quality of Life?
    REALISTIC PENSIONS / BENEFITS – while reducing Tax Payer cost, improve
    package to get more for less?
    TOXIC DUMPSITE REMEDIATION completed for utilization?
    UNFUNDED MANDATE recovered?
    MEETINGS WEBCAST – TRANSPARENCY to everyone with a computer not # 79?
    needs while improving safe working conditions?
    MODERNIZE EDUCATION – lowering Staff needs / cost – via normal attrition,
    not miron-ization?
    WAYS to IMPROVE Services to Business & Residents?
    EMS Building and improvement (bone to Gavin, Calzone, & Jon=good for 100 %)
    FOOD DRIVE – Steling House & elsewhere!!!!
    Better / more FOOD/NUTRICIAN for Baldwin Center and other Seniors!
    Better / more FOOD/NUTRICIAN for School Children! (Improves: learning;
    grades; conduct/deportment; mental/physical health; esteem)

    Hey Nnanerak & PCS, what are the top 10 issues your fellow commuters have
    besides getting decent shelter for RR Commuters (legit issue)

    I could continue, but instead of praise for caring about others and my
    identifying unselfish issues, I know no one will give me a “well written”
    of “well said.”

    Know what? I don’t care.

    Vote Ralph Nader or Diane Buda or George Mulligan for Mayor 2009

    Ralph’s people have a proven track record for consumers.

    Diane’s people have a proven track record for Tax Payers.

    George speaks/writes only for George’s opinion.
    I prefer to be a Guard Dog than a lap dog or a “bull” dog, in a
    town filled with wolves and sheep.

    You people remind me of an OSTRICH with DICK CHENEY & SHOTGUN
    coming up your rear with JIMBO Quick Draw McGraw as a sidekick.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “Jeze, you, and the other bloggers will NEVER conceed Burturla and Miron played the
    petitioners like ms. pacman.”

    We did not anticipate the docility of the Council. To accept without argument Buturla’s “opinion” was a shock. Nonetheless, within less than 90 days a group of loosely organized regular citizens obtained 3,200+ signatures of registered voters. That is not an insignificant achievement. Any politician will tell you that when more than 10% of the registered voters demand a change of government in that amount of time, someone is in serious trouble.

    You do not understand that those who signed the petition did not have the resources of the Town of Stratford and Berchem Moses & Devlin as Miron & Buturla did. I do not recall you foreseeing this either, George. In fact you brought a handful of petition forms with you to Mr. P’s signing up whoever walked by you. At least those who signed all of the others were sober.

    “I know no one will give me a “well written” of “well said.”

    Mostly because it is not. We struggle to understand your points and oblique references to things you “know”.

    “You people remind me of an OSTRICH with DICK CHENEY & SHOTGUN coming up your rear with JIMBO Quick Draw McGraw as a sidekick.”

    Thank you, George. We always appreciate a well placed compliment. It helps us to appreciate your prose ever so much more.

  36. 36 1george1

    Mike Henrick, with Gavin standing next to him, stated to Alvin about
    Charter Revision
    “We do not care what the petitioners want.”
    “We have things that have to be changed.”

    There was more.

    You were played like Ms. Pacman.

    You don’t know the rules.
    You don’t have realistic views of some of the players.
    You could care less about the General Public.

    I give compliments when you or others deserve it.
    I don’t care about appreciation, because if you read my letters
    in the Stratford Star, the only Christmas cards I will get may be
    The public is frustrated, apathetic, or confused by the outright
    lies published in the CT POST whose Editorial Board appears to be
    in Berchimp’s pocket?
    But then Laska and Berchump are on the same Boards of Directors.

    I used to wonder how this country ever was over run by DRUGS?
    Not after learning about CORRUPTICUT and the D. C. CARTELs,
    besides seeing the party animals in Stratford.

  37. 37 nnanerak

    The top 10 commuter issues from my stand point are(remember I am only speaking for me):
    1. More cars for the train.
    2. Clean cars for the train.
    3. Maybe an additional rush hour train or even 2!
    4. Free parking.
    5. More comfortable seats.
    6. A place to secure bikes on the train so you don’t have to stand.
    7. While we are waiting for the parking garage, a shuttle from another parking area would be a great help.
    8. A better discount policy for commuters.
    9. Shields or a new location for the ticket machines to block the sun glare for the poors souls who don’t have the multiday tickets.
    10. A well lit posted train schedule low enough so people can read it or schedules available in or near the concession or ticket machines.

    The things I listed are things that I have noticed people look for or talk about waiting for the trains, or when we are on the train. There are 2 things that are selfishly for me, 6 & 8.
    With regard to your writing ability, George, I feel I must comment. On occassion, when I have excessive time I read your postings. Unfortunately, most are so long and disconnected that I have a tendency to scroll on by. On occassion you do have a pearl of wisdom that I might miss in my scrolling past so if I have missed any I’m sorry. When I said well written to Jez, I meant it. It was thoughtful, to the point and completely hit the mark. This forum is kindly moderated by Jez. You can start your own forum with your own rules.
    In the meantime, if I read or scroll is strictly determined by my time availability, and the validity of what is there to the topic. Please don’t take offense, that is not how it was intended, but rather a reminder that we all have the right in this forum to choose how we identify ourselves, and many have reasons for their choices. I have to respect that and you should too.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    It is my pleasure to work on this blog. It is also a civic duty. Hopefully, someday I won’t have to. However, I must admit, reading and editing George makes it seem like work sometimes.

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