Miron Tries to Get Union Vote

Shawn Farmer stole the strawberries!

Shawn Farmer stole the strawberries!

For those of you who don’t remember, Mayor Moron fired 6 members of the Town Of Stratford’s Surpervisor’s Union including it’s president and vice president. He then hired a consultant to conduct a punitive audit of the union president’s previous 25+ years of work. He then held a press conference declaring that there were handwritten reminders in margins of accounts. The result? Not a penny was missing.

Then he has the Police Union President suspended without pay for 90 days and demoted two ranks. Similarly he hired another consultant to “investigate” the conduct of this 17 year veteran. The result? He was “standoffish”.

Is anybody sensing a pattern? Could it be that Pat Naylor was organizing the Charter revision Petition? Or could it be that Joe McNeil was uncovering pension abuses, fraud, theft and nepotism?

For all those Stratford voters that are a member of a union, please remember these things when James R. Miron looks you in the eye and tells you he supports unions.

You read it in the Post:

Police chief accused of ‘anti-union campaign’
Staff writer
Article Launched: 11/03/2008 12:44:37 AM EST

STRATFORD — There was a dramatic confrontation Sunday in the most unlikeliest of places — the Stratford Library — between the brother of a police captain demoted last week to sergeant and suspended for three months without pay, and Police Chief John Buturla.

It was Buturla’s first public appearance since Stratford Police Union Local 407 AFSCME voted 83-10 last Monday to issue the department’s first-ever vote of no confidence in its police chief.

The union cited Buturla’s “anti-union campaign” that has included leading a “politically motivated” internal investigation that resulted last week in the demotion and suspension of Capt. Joseph McNeil, but also because of what it claims has been the chief’s violation of union agreements and contracts.

On Sunday it was McNeil’s brother, Hamden Police Lt. Mike McNeil, who challenged the chief publicly about the way the Stratford department’s internal investigation was conducted, insisting the chief had taken part in a “politically motivated campaign by Mayor James Miron” to discredit his brother.

The Sunday confrontation came near the end of a presentation Buturla was making to about 30 people on how the 112-member department works.

Mike McNeil questioned Buturla about Stratford’s decision to demote and suspend his brother for his alleged involvement in the leaking of the personnel file earlier this year of former police applicant Christian Miron, the brother of the Stratford mayor.

“You made a lot about the way [Christian] Miron’s personnel file was released, but all you have is circumstantial evidence that Joseph McNeil was involved in any way,” Mike McNeil told the chief. “Then you turn around and publicly release all the information to the press on the internal investigation of Capt. McNeil. How do you explain that if it wasn’t political pressure by the mayor?”

Buturla said the mayor “had no involvement in the disciplinary process,” having recused himself, and that the release of McNeil’s report came only after the media had made a Freedom of Information request to obtain the findings.

“We had no choice but to release that information once the media requested it under the state’s FOI statute,” Buturla said.

However, when it was pointed out to the chief by a reporter that it was the media who was contacted by the town to pick up more than 150 pages of reports ready for distribution — and subsequently asked by town officials to sign an FOI request — he declined further comment.

“There is still a criminal investigation being conducted by the chief state’s attorney’s office and I don’t believe it would be appropriate to comment any further,” Buturla said.

A woman who refused to identify herself said “it is unfair and inappropriate for the chief to be asked these questions today.”

Stratford police union leaders who were present, however, said afterward they were stunned the chief had “apparently lied” publicly about how and when McNeil’s disciplinary report was released by the town.

“This is what he’s been doing in dealing with the union all along, but for him to say the McNeil report was made public only because the media asked for it when the town had it all ready to distribute, that’s kind of shocking,” said Sgt. Victor Velez, who serves on the union’s executive board.

Police Detective Ariel Leon, also a member of the union’s executive board, said afterward he was disappointed the chief didn’t address the department’s “nearly complete loss of confidence in his leadership.

“How can he lead this department when 83 out of 93 officers voted against him?” Leon said. “Is he going to start demoting and suspending every one of us who speaks out?

Buturla and other town officials concluded in its report that McNeil and former union president Sgt. Shawn Farmer, who resigned in May, acted together earlier this year in releasing to council members and the media the personal background file of former police applicant Christian Miron.

While the town report issued by Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley does not speculate on the officers’ motives for releasing the files, some in the department have said they believe Miron was not qualified and was being fast-tracked for a job because he was the mayor’s brother.

9 Responses to “Miron Tries to Get Union Vote”

  1. OK, now this really, really bothers me, and I think it should bother members of the Town Council as well. Is it standard procedure to notify the media that packages (which I assume contain the reports of the findings from the Garrity and Loudermill hearings) were available?

    I don’t want to get thrown under a buss, but if there’s no “railroading” going on, shouldn’t the horse come before the cart and release of the reports prepared only upon receipt of a properly timed request?

    Seems to me that notifying the media was putting the cart first and the horse second by asking them when they were picking up the prepared packages to sign the FOI request. Is this REALLY proper procedure??????

    Based on what I’ve heard from people who have submitted FOI requests to the Town, it could take MONTHS for the request to be responded to.

    I guess there’s transparency only when it’s good for Jim Miron and friends.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    The more disturbing feature was when John Buturla stated that he would not speak about the suspension and demotion of McNeil because there was still an ongoing investigation by the State Attorney.

    If that were the case, why release the Gerrity and Laudermill reports, why hire an outside investigator (at our expense) if the State Attorney’s investigation was not complete and, of course, why take action against McNeil?

  3. 3 genericscreename

    Can you say WATERGATE, ?
    Can you say Stratfordgate ?

    This entire debacle is out of control and I suspect that at some point the entire kingdom will come tumbling down.

    sooner than later I suspect the truth will come out. At some point someone is going to be singing like a canary, most likely it will be someone who is quietly grabbed by the feds and makes a deal to save their own skin.

    Stratford Connecticut has turned into the Payton Place of politics

  4. 4 1george1

    No one suggesting there are conspiracies among the Mirons / Burturlas
    and others are you?

    Any blogger or reader actually believe the Clowncil will comment or act
    against the Town Attorney (who protects them from litigation at Town $$?)

    Any blogger or reader believe the police chief will be rebuked by the Town
    Attorney or the Mayor who appointed both of them?

    From PCS
    Is it standard procedure to notify the media that packages (which I assume contain the reports of the findings from the Garrity and Loudermill hearings) were available?

    What, specifically, are
    Garrity hearings?
    Loudermill hearings?

    Are they available under FOI or are they “personnel issues” (= exempt)?

    Is there limited immunity granted, as long as the officer tells the truth?

    Were there inconsistancies in either or both Garrity and Loudermill hearings,
    which a reasonable person would believe that someone lied or was confused?

    Grapevine claims McNeil did release information and failed hearings, especially
    as it relates to causal situations, which could affect Whistleblower.

    However, grapevines are a tangled web.

    Sometimes rumors are true in whole or in part?
    Sometimes rumors are untrue?

    I know I do not trust most lawyers.
    I know most of the stratford pd, have treated me with respect.
    I am hoping McNeil has the White Hat, as people I trust told me?
    Other people I trust, tell me the opposite?

    The shadow knows ….

  5. 5 nnanerak

    George- Mirongate is the more appropriate term. The town is struggling enough we should put the responsibility where it belongs.

  6. 6 nnanerak

    Sorry George, I meant to address Generic.

  7. 7 1george1

    I almost fainted.
    An apology to moi, on this blog?
    Jeze occasionally gives me praise.
    Even FOS gave me a couple of pats on the head.

    It is too late to look for my blog and take up a space, sooooo

    Vote NADER!
    Instead of not voting, Vote NADER!
    Instead of settling for the lesser of two evils, Vote NADER!
    Why Vote for people acting against your best interest and why not Vote
    for the one person whose resume of legislative accomplishments for YOU,
    the American Consumer dwarf the DEMON crats and republiCONNartists –
    Vote NADER!

    An amagram of nader almost spells dream.
    OK it spells drean.

    But it is a lot closer to dream than PALINdrome
    or reversing the initials of Barak Obama Joe Biden
    whereas Biden Joe Obama Barak becomes B. J.O.B.,
    like Book of JOB

    Gotta watch out for those undefeated TITANS – GOG & MAGOG,
    who watch over London and their parade is the day of the new
    James Bond film.

    Those who are Masons, might catch my drift.
    Others, will not have a clue. …

    Good night – Vote NADER! ­čÖé

  8. 8 genericscreename

    George, been to the East have yah?

  9. 9 1george1


    Care to look up the definition of: Ouroboros

    Except when dealing with politics, tail is spelled tale.

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