STOP READING! Go Vote, Then Come Back.


When you are done voting, lean towards the monitor so I can see your “I voted today!” sticker. Then you can keep reading.


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  1. 1 nnanerak

    been there, done that, got a sticker. ; )

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Can you lean closer to the monitor so I can see?

  3. 15 minutes – in and out…..

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “15 minutes – in and out…..”


    Way too much information!

  5. Jeze, let’s keep it clean…. ;>D

    I was actually surprised since there was the beginnings of a good line at the Baldwin Center. Nice to see John Mackback at his usual post handing out “I Voted Today” stickers!

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Personally I like the old machines better. The feeling of the levers and the big arm…it just seemed more like voting.

    When I slid the ballot in, I kind of expected a boarding pass to come out.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    As of 8:15am there were 382 votes counted at Stratford High School.

    I thought the ballot was cluttered with all the questions. I could see how some senior citizens will be confused.

    I find those I Voted Today stickers lame. Just me.

    I also find the people who stand at the 75ft line obnoxious and useless. But again, that’s me.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    The good part is that now you can go down to Short Beach and get a quick 9 in today.

  9. 9 mikereynolds

    I wish Jez. The kids may be off but not me. Golf season is on its last gasp.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    Here, practice this:

    “Sorry I’m late…you wouldn’t believe how slow the lines were!”

  11. 11 mikereynolds


  12. 12 mikereynolds

    Oh by the way since I have no problem telling people who I voted for:


    Q1 no
    Q2 yes
    Q3 yes
    Q4 yes
    Q5 no
    Q6 yes
    Q7 no

    I don’t normally vote the whole GOP ticket but I did this year.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “I don’t normally vote the whole GOP ticket but I did this year.”

    Because they did such a great job the last 8 years?

  14. 14 1george1


    Green candidate vs DeLauro


    except 18 year olds

    Write in each of the others.
    (So what?)

  15. 15 mikereynolds

    No because I won’t vote for a socialst and someone from the “cut and run party” for President.

    I won’t vote for Delauro because of her half hearted effort to stop the EPA from putting hazardous waste in my neighborhood.

    Dan Debicella isn’t a b*tch like Janice.

    John Harkins is a stand up guy.

    And I’m certainly not going to vote for a guy put up by this town’s DTC.

  16. 16 jezebel282


    I’m going to agree to disagree with you. Mostly because the national debate is over today.

    I must admit though, it is very difficult to vote for anyone that has the backing of either the Republican or Democratic Town Committees. They are both down to just about zero credibility.

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    Fine by me…I wasn’t looking for a debate, just sharing my vote with the masses.

    If the polls are right it will be interesting to see how Obama does.

    If he winds up like Jimmy Carter, does that mean I can say, “nah nah nah na na, I told you so?” lol 🙂

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “If he winds up like Jimmy Carter,”

    You mean as President?

    I had to vote for intellect and competence this time. Arrogance and incompetence wasn’t working for me.

    (Ok…I’m stopping now.)

  19. 19 mikereynolds

    lol…you can’t help yourself can you?

    Debating must be in your genetic makeup.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    I think it comes from having a teenager.

  21. 21 MichaelPatterson

    How long has this blog about Stratford politics been up?

  22. Michael ~

    Since Miron was elected…… and it most likely will continue until he’s voted out!

  23. Sorry, actually, the original (the Stratford Political Theatre) started shortly after Miron was elected. It was shut down when Christian Miron’s report was leaked because all Town computers were under attack by the administration; this started up to take over where SPT left off…thankfully by Jezebel, our awesome blogmaster.

  24. 24 mikereynolds

    Wouldn’t she be our blogmistress?

  25. Yes, I guess that would be the proper term….. having met her, she definitely fits the “mistress” category….. ;>D

  26. 26 jezebel282

    Grr…the Mistress shot a 39 at Short Beach. I shoulda just stayed here.

  27. 27 mikereynolds

    Wow…was just out for lunch….wishing Election day was a national holiday.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    You didn’t miss anything. It clouded up and got as nasty as my putting.

  29. 29 1george1

    Was that mistress or distressed? 😉

    Atention: Jeze – This blog stream is about voting and I want to educate
    my buddy Mike, who does not understand the meaning of words like
    cut & run or socialist. 🙂

    Yo Mike,
    If you vote against socialists, then why back Bush / Republicans?

    1) Weicker instituted the “progressive/socialist” CT. Income Tax.
    Weicker, from Greenwich like the Bush family, was part of the Bush /
    Rockefeller gangsters, like Shays, who gets truck loads of money with
    one phone call to C.R.E.E.P., instead of fund raising.
    (Can not verify all $ 100 bills have Columbian Coke on them)

    2) Wasn’t it the BUSH / CHENEY / PAULSON crew which Nationalized BANKS?
    Hint MIKE = Nationalism is N.A.Z.I. Police State Socialism.

    3) Wasn’t it Bush Cheney who gave $ 700 Billion Corporate welfare.
    MIKE > I am willing to BET not a penny was earmarked for you – so it is
    good to know you favor socialism for the rich and not your self.

    Hey MIKE – FACTS never got in your way before, but why NOT type
    Wikipedia: Ralph Nader in your GOOGLE?

    Once there, look at all of the CONSUMER PROTECTION LEGISLATION
    for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, created by NADER’S RAIDERS.


    1) Copy and paste every bit of LEGISLATION by NADER’S RAIDERS on MS WORD.

    2) Then copy and paste every bit of LEGISLATION by on separate MS WORD:
    A) McCain
    B) Obama
    C) Biden
    D) Palin

    Then combine McCain, Palin, & Obama comparing their total to NADER.

    Then compare Biden to NADER’S RAIDERS.

    Then add it Biden’s to McCain, Pali, & Obama to NADER’S RAIDERS.

    What you call a cut and run socialist MIKE, is a guy who spent 40 + year
    fighting uphill battles against people who look at other people’s money
    and other peoples children as their CHATTLE.

    If you can find other people who CUT and RUN like that, I would name:
    Ed Hargus
    Diane Buda
    Marcia Stewart
    Eleanor Burke

    I would be proud to be seen with them, unlike the Clowncil.

    And is Consumer Protection is socialism, what would you call Laizze Fair
    deregulation? DARWINISM?

    Mike what is a REPUBLIC without LAWS earning “just consent of the governed?”
    or a DEMOCRACY with HOBBSON choices of party hacks?

  30. 30 jezebel282

    Oh no….

  31. 31 mikereynolds

    Don’t worry Jez….I skipped over his whole post once I saw my name.

  32. 32 1george1

    Oh yes!

    Miron isn’t the only moron in town!

    Stratford HS about 11:30 am 696 votes.

    I wrote in Diane Buda, Ed Hargus, and someone who was
    backstabbed by certain people in the Registrar’s office.

    I trust Dick more than I trust Louie.
    I do NOT trust Dick at all!

  33. 33 jezebel282


  34. 34 1george1

    Yo MIKE,

    You picture is in the dictionary, next to the word ignorance.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    Be nice.

  36. 36 MichaelPatterson

    Wait… Stratford High School… 3rd District… 1george1… is that George Mulligan, the guy who always runs against Gavin Forrester?

    I’m with you on the Nader stuff… I saw an “Unreasonable Man” a couple months ago and was amazed at all the things Nader has done for this country regarding consumer protection. I haven’t voted yet… I’m torn between Obama and Nader.

    Oh and why is Janice Wood a b*&%$… I never got that impression from her. Although, I don’t think Dan Debicella is such a demon for what he said about abortions/rape.

    This is a great blog!

  37. Michael ~

    I believe Dan Debicella to be a real stand-up kind of guy. Both he and John Harkins work extremely hard for Stratford citizens. I’ve seen it first hand (just as some food for thought).

  38. 38 jezebel282


    Correct. That is our George.

    Who is Janice Wood? Janice Anderson is the DTC candidate. Way too close to Miron and the Mironistas to trust.

    I don’t mind you being torn between Obama and Nader, but after what Nader did in Florida to Al Gore (How many lives would have been saved in Iraq?) I wouldn’t throw my vote away again.

  39. I heard there was a problem at Stratford High with placement of the dems campaign placards. Apparently the Dems placed the signs closer than 75 feet. Dave Mooney was called by Ashley Haydu. Apparently they needed a little reminder about campaigning at the polls……

  40. 40 jezebel282


    Why isn’t Ashley in school were she belongs? We’re paying good money for her to be there! Oh right! No school on election day…never mind.

  41. 41 MichaelPatterson

    Janice Andersen is who I meant… I think her name used to be Janice Wood. She’s served on the board of education for the last couple of years (when I was still in high school) and I’ve always seen her work extremely hard for the children of Stratford– usually all the BOE member do!

    Obama’s going to win CT regardless so I wouldn’t be throwing any vote away.

    Also, I don’t know why you’d associate Nader with Gore losing… Gore won the election, remember? Plus Gore was a crappy candidate, he couldn’t win Tennessee (his home state) and when it came time to recount the votes in Florida… he only wanted a recount in the districts where he thought he was over the top (he got greedy) and the republicans pounced on him for only wanting to recount in heavily democratic areas.

    How are we ever supposed to put an end to the corrupt two party system in this country if 3rd party candidates like Ralph Nader aren’t out there encouraging ordinary people to run for elected office. He knows he’ll lose, but he wants to inspire people to run/ get involved. I’ve seen him speak… he’s really intelligent. And if you say he draws votes away from democratic candidates… tell the Dems to stop sucking so bad.

    Your beef in 2000 shouldn’t be with Nader… it should be with 5 people who wear black robes.

  42. 42 jezebel282


    Welcome to the blog. You’re gonna love it here.

    (You young whippersnapper, you.)

  43. I like that concept – ordinary people running for office. Good idea for the next mayoral election in Stratford. Ordinary people…..

  44. 44 MichaelPatterson

    Haha! Thanks Jezebel! This is great!

    P.S. I’ve been at college for a while now…

    who’s declared they are running so far (for mayor)?

  45. 45 jezebel282


    Just what I need…another college kid. (Mine is at Eastern. How do you get an “A” in advanced physics but still can’t return change from a $20?)

    The only “announced” candidates are Jon Best, Dom Costello and of course James R. Miron.

    Some choice, huh?

  46. 46 MichaelPatterson

    uh oh… I can’t answer that question because it sounds too much like something my dad would ask of me…haha.

    As for the candidates: I don’t know that much about any of them anymore. It’s been a while. I don’t think I hate Miron as much as everyone else does, but you’ll have to convince me.

    Dom Costello doesn’t strike me as the most intelligent person out there and Jon Best lacks a certain charisma I feel you need to be an elected official.

    Nobody new? Haven’t the republicans learned anything from ’05? If the town doesn’t change the charter to say there must be a mandate to win Mayor… Miron’s going to win because the Republican vote will be split.

  47. 47 jezebel282


    Believe it or not our glorious Town Attorney, Rich Buturla (appointed by Miron), has decided that run-off elections are illegal in Stratford.

    By the way, as you read further, you will see that Miron also appointed John Buturla as Chief of Police.

    If you read yet further* you will see that Miron has fired 38 Town Employees and just recently suspended the President of the Police Union and demoted him two grades for not hiring the mayor’s brother Christian Miron.

    *There will be an essay test as well as a 1,000 word paper due on Friday.

  48. P.S. He also claims everyone elses ideas as his own.

  49. Please, don’t get me started….. when a friend of mine mentioned my names to one of the members of the DTC this a.m., her comment was “boy does she hate Jimmy.” I don’t HATE him, I just don’t like him as mayor of Stratford.

  50. 50 jezebel282


    Quick. Get that paper bag!

  51. 51 mikereynolds

    Florida and Ohio could decide this race as of 8:48pm. Florida leaning towards Obama. This could be over soon.

  52. 52 mikereynolds

    I miss Tim Russert and his whiteboard.

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    Ohio looks like it just drove a stake through McCain’s heart.

    Looks like there will be no Constitutional Covention in CT.

    But at least 17 year olds can vote in primaries.

  54. 54 mikereynolds

    Any word on Question 7????? Haven’t been able to find anything as of 10:41pm.

  55. 55 mikereynolds reports that the unofficial results of Question 7 are 64 percent in favor of the sale.

    5 more years of broken promises and run arounds.

  56. 56 jezebel282


    No results yet as of 5 hours ago.

    …Oh, Mike?

    “I can say, “nah nah nah na na, I told you so?” lol :)”

  57. 57 jezebel282



    Question 1
    Yes 9575
    No 12386

    Question 2
    Yes 14280
    No 7590


    Question 3
    Yes 13865
    No 7375

    Question 4
    Yes 15933
    No 6260

    Question 5
    Yes 6065
    No 16342

    Question 6
    Yes 17709
    No 4424

    Question 7
    Yes 14090
    No 8783

    McCain/Palin (R) 10067
    Obama/Biden (D) 14231
    Nader/Gonzalez (I) 257

    Bo Itshaky (R) 4998
    Rosa L. DeLauro (D) 16524
    Ralph A Ferrucci (GR) 387
    Rosa L. DeLauro (WF) 1074

    Dan Debicella (R) 9602
    Janice Andersen (D) 9952*
    Janice Andersen (WF) 603

    *Results not final

    Milton Johnson (R) 373
    Edwin A. Gomes (D) 2315
    Edwin A. Gomes (WF) 115

    John A. Harkins (R) 5890
    Scott Potter (D) 4754

    DISTRICT 121
    Terry Backer (D) 7322

    DISTRICT 122
    Lawrence G. Miller (R) 1941
    Cheryl Jansen (D) 1510

    Louis A. DeCilio (R) 8683*
    Richard T. Marcone (D) 12828*

    *why bother to vote on this?

  58. 58 mikereynolds

    I agree why did we have to vote for Registrar?

    I did a double take when I looked at the ballot.

  59. I’m a tad annoyed. I heard that pro-sale people were chasing people from their cars.

    Daddy Miron stated in today’s paper that this is a “major political win” for his son, the Mayor. The problem is that he’ll be gone when the crap hits the fan and this sale doesn’t occur.

    Ain’t no feather in his cap as far as I’m concerned. It’s not over until the money’s in the bank, and he’ll be long gone by the time that doesn’t happen.

  60. 60 jezebel282

    The most significant thing about this election was that I was able to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone.

    It has been a very, very long time since I have been able to do that. It felt great!

  61. 61 1george1

    Michael Patterson:
    1) Identified me as running against Gavin.
    However, if you ask Gavin or Chuck Devan, and go to the tapes
    aimed at MIRONS / BURTURLAS / certain Republicans.

    Besides getting a couple points with bloggers / readers here, it is the
    TRUTH, and although I disagree with many of Gavin’s positions and have
    asked him some questions which gets him a little awkward, I respect
    Gavin’s intelligence and ability far more than most of the others in Town.
    > If only I could convert Gavin on certain (many) issues.
    > I have gotten Gavin to laugh and he has shown a sense of humor.

    Michael Patterson had nice things to say about Nader and the movie
    “an unreasonalble man.”

    I would encourage everyone to see (Library / Buy / Rent) the 2006
    movie documentary with Ralph Nader, T. Hanks (Tom), Mel Gibson,
    & James (ex-cia) Woolsey – – – > “Who killed the electric car?”

    In 1996 – the 2 door coup could rive OVER 100 M. P. H.
    get over 100 MILES per 8 HOUR Charge.

    By 2000 – New Battery allowed 200 MILES per 8 HOUR Charge with
    80 % in 3 hours.

    Average person drive 27 miles a day.

    MSN Web Homepage had a tiny car that ran on “AIR.”

    The true Market to greatly reduce OIL, is turning the Tractor Trailer
    fleet into DIESEL FREE VEHICLES with a COMBINATION of ENERGY to bulked
    1 – Solar Power (Using the roofs / sides of the Trailers for surface)
    2 – Power from 18 Wheels turning (as it moves)
    3 – Power from Shock absorbers on 5 Axels (as it moves)
    4 – Power from AIR – RESISTANCE (DRAG) (as it moves)

    A significant amount of the 67 % of OIL used in the USA for Transportation
    is used by BIG RIGS and then COMMERCIAL FLEETS, including BUS – TRAIN –
    AIRPLANES (2001 G. M. C. E. O. Roger Smith claimed by 2010 Airplanes would
    be fueled by Solar Power on the tops of the Bidy & Wings, as they flew
    OVER the CLOUDS.)


    Jeze –
    Ralph Nader’s e-mail has an open letter to President Obama.
    Where can I post it?

  62. 62 jezebel282


    Would you PLEASE bookmark it this time?:

    That way the other 256 people in Stratford that voted for Nader can read it too.

  63. 63 1george1

    McCain/Palin (R) 10067
    Obama/Biden (D) 14231
    Nader/Gonzalez (I) 257

    In the past Month, 3 of my Stratford Star Letters, 1 CT. POST Letter,
    and 1 Bard Letter backed Nader for President or Stratford Mayor.

    Of 24,555 Stratford Votes cast for President, Nader got over 1 % with 257.

    I wonder how that compares throughout CT or the USA when they had
    teams actively working the phones and the field and staged events?

    Among reasons I mentioned voting for Nader for Stratford Mayor in my
    Letters to the Editor:

    1) Just get his name mentioned. People might vote for him for President.

    2) Stratford Mayor’s popularity or lack thereof? If people want Obama as
    President (NO real accomplishments), they would love Nader as Stratford

    3) Tick off the vampires and parasites in both political parties. I support
    (FDR: “Organizaed money is more dangerous than Organized Crime.”)

    4) Remind people that there are choices besides BOSS TWEEDle DUMB
    and BOSS TWEEDle DUMBER candidates.

  64. 64 1george1

    How do I book mark?
    Maybe it is the term?

    I know how to save favorites?

  65. 65 jezebel282


    Same thing. That’s what AOHell calls it.

  66. 66 mikereynolds

    I am convinced that I am living in a surreal world.

    First, last night this country elected a black man with a Muslim name and roots as president.

    Second, Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, is only 571 votes behind Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate Race. Its a mandatory recount. That he’s even that close is mind boggling.

    What is this world coming to??????

  67. 67 jezebel282


    “What is this world coming to??????”

    I believe they call it “sanity”.

  68. 68 mikereynolds

    Yeah right. Al Franken is THE biggest loon and a**shole on the planet.

    He is the poster boy for left wing lunacy. He is such a nut job that he will get nothing done for his state and will be one and done. But its one too many.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    It’s Minnesota. They need the jokes for the winter. C’mon, Mall of America is their main attraction. He can’t be any worse than Jesse Ventura or Arnold Shwarzenegger.

  70. 70 sudds

    Hola amigos, otra margarita por favor!?!?!?

    Oh sorry… forgot that I’m back in the real world!!! 😦

    So… who missed me the most? And what did I miss while I was gone? (anything “good”?)

  71. 71 jezebel282


    You were gone?

  72. 72 sudds

    I’m always “gone”… but paaaaa-lease… you KNOW ya missed me!!!

  73. 73 1george1

    I missed ya.

    But I wasn’t really aiming….

  74. Sudds ~

    Ya’ know, I did kind of miss our daily tête-à-tête…..

    Welcome back…..

  75. 75 sudds

    Full disclosure…

    I had never heard the term “tête-à-tête” before… and having looked it up I am now quite disappointed in its meaning!!

    Oh well… MLK’s dream came true yesterday (at least partially)… maybe mine will some day too!! 😆

  76. 76 sudds

    Oops… that 😆 should have been a 😛

  77. 77 jezebel282


    “maybe mine will some day too!!”

    Hopefully, none of us will be around anymore on that day.

  78. 78 sudds

    Hmmm… interesting… Mrs. Sudds often says those same exact words!!!

  79. George ~

    As is evident on this forum – opinions abound.

    While I’m a registered republican (as I was reminded by something I believe to be Kent Miller today), I’m not a member of the RTC. I was as a registered democrat up until a couple years ago, but never a member of the DTC.

    I’ve always spoken up about what I think is right or wrong. I’ll give credit where credit is due if I agree with the outcome.

    Not sure where I’m going with this, but that’s who I am. I also believe I am a good judge of character based on the people I’ve encountered in my 48 years on this earth and I’d have never jumped on the Miron bandwagon when he announced he was running for mayor. Now, we’re nearing the corner for the second mayoral election and there’s a couple others that I don’t believe can get this Town back on track. I do, however, believe in John Harkins and, if ever does choose to throw his hat in the ring – will be doing backflips right alongside several other people I know.

    Your opinion is always appreciated, but I don’t agree.

    Sudds ~

    I can only imagine what you were hoping it meant….. ;>D

  80. 80 1george1

    PCS –

    Rumors abounded a few months ago that Harkins would not run for Mayor
    unless it paid $ 125,000.

    All of a sudden, Henrich was throwing $ 125,000 around as a Mayor Pay.

    Miron – Jon – Dom all grandstanded about they would never want that much pay.
    I am 100 % sure Miron & Jon knew, 90 % sure Henrich knew & 75 % sure Dom did
    NOT know, there was NO PLACE in the existing Town Charter to give the Mayor
    a raise.

    They can NOW.

    Per my suggestion, which the way they pretended was already in the Time Table
    the Town Council can now create a new 4 year pay scale in the LAST YEAR of the

    Like MAGIC, today is the first day of the LAST YEAR of the MAYOR’S LAST YEAR
    of his FIRST TERM.

    Henrich and the Republicans will push the HIGHER pay to entice BETTER CANDIDATES for MAYOR. But the result will be a HIGHER PAY for MAYOR MIRON in 2009, unless
    I have something to affect that situation, like getting into the DEBATE as an ATTACK DOG and a GUARD DOG against the LAP DOGS.

    Everything the political parties do is like a MATING DANCE fo PEACOCKS.
    Much puffing / huffing and feather (bedding) tossing.

    With AVCO and the AIRPORT and re-evaluation all on the horizon, plus whatever
    will happen in Bridgeport, will HARKINS give up his APPRAISAL BUSINESS?

    Can HARKINS match the VOTES of 572 retired Town Employees, 450 existing Town
    Employees, 1450 Education Employees and 700 retired Education people and all of
    their families, IF they LIVE in TOWN?

    Considering the REGISTRAR CRUD, one wonders if out of towners can still vote
    in Stratford elections?

    Dan Brown’s angels & demons copied Plato’s Republic >

    Who guards the guardians?

    as in

    Who monitors O. T. of certain Police Captains, LT., Sgts. Detectives
    Who monitors the Registrars who oversee the election counts and
    legitimacy of the votes?

    As mentioned, I trust Dick M more than I trust Louie.
    And I don’t trust Dick at all.

    While Rick Marcone seems sincere, all I need to know is that Dick
    Burturla seconded the former Republican to become Democratic
    Registrar of Voters, to replace Deadbeat Dick, the registrar of the
    vanishing or invisible Tombstones, which were the cornerstone and
    touchstone of his power base!

    Makes even the KKK branch of Masonry look bad.
    Whereas most Masons are Pillars and Rocks of the Community

  81. 81 mikereynolds

    So I was doing some number checking and discovered that Dan Debicella lost Stratford. If it wasn’t for Shelton he would have lost his seat.

    I guess that’s Stratford’s way of saying, “Hey Dan, even though you helped pass legislation to help stop the EPA from dumping hazardous waste in our neighborhoods, we’re going to vote against you as our way of saying thanks.”

    Way to go Stratford. Stick it to the guy who helps you. Fabulous. Maybe the Mayor shouldn’t be the only one labeled moron.

  82. 82 nnanerak

    Mike- Dan didn’t lose by much in Stratford so many of us did vote for him. You have to think of the voting demographics in this town, we had 3k people dumb enough to vote for jimbo(sorry jez) in party blindness.
    Unfortunately for Dan, Janice exploited his abortion comments ad nauseum-he may need to re-think a few things. Dan is a gracious man, so he didn’t capitalize of the personal flaws that have plagued Janice and her family and that is MUCH to his credit as there is much to chatter about.
    My message to Dan is keep up the good work, re-think some of the issues that need re-evaluation and take action. Keep protecting this community from the toxic waste issues that are environmental and maybe you can find a way to help us deal with the toxic waste in town hall. There are many issues that Stratford needs your help on.

  83. 83 jezebel282


    As much as I like Debicella (yes, I voted for him), I think he essentially blew it during the debates.

    Debicella has some bizarre solutions for healthcare. Excepting his opinion on women’s right to choose (a whole ‘nother debate), he stated during the first debate that the most serious issue in healthcare is state mandates for insurance companies. Absolutely astounding. It also shows a stunning lack of understanding about the healthcare industry. It was actually pretty scary.

    In his opinion, all mandates of coverage by insurance companies should be withdrawn which would reduce premiums. Aside from the fact that there is no proof or evidence that insurance companies would lower premiums, it would remove basic coverage for everyone in Connecticut. We would go back to “drive thru” births, reductions in preventive care, elimination of screening exams…etc.

    The best analogy would be cable TV. Cablevision has repeatedly reduced the programs they provide yet raised their monthly subscription fees. Less for more.

    We would see insurance companies doing the same. The RNC idea for allowing insurance companies to sell policies across state lines is a ploy to reduce mandated coverage. For example, an interest rate on an unsecured loan of 30% is called “usury” in this state and is illegal. However, Congress allows credit card companies to provide their cards across state lines. 30% interest is not a crime in Delaware and North Dakota. And where are the credit card companies located? Delaware and North Dakota you say? Correct!

    The same tactic would be used by health insurance companies. They would select the State with the least amount of legal coverage required and they would ALL relocate there. Less for more.

    The basic evidence of a broken healthcare system is evident every time you walk into a doctor’s office. There are more staff dealing with the insurance companies trying to get approvals and reimbursements than there are APRN’s or doctors. Something is wrong with that.

    Soap Box: We are the ONLY industrialized country without a national system of healthcare. We rank 28th, 28th!, in infant mortality rate yet we have the highest per capita expense on the planet. Something needs to change. Why should small companies bear a greater percentage of healthcare premiums than large companies? If you work at Sikorksy are you healthier than someone that works at Rotary Ski?

    Healthcare, in my liberal opinion, is a constitution right and Congress has a mandate to provide for such:
    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  84. 84 jezebel282


    “we had 3k people dumb enough to vote for jimbo(sorry jez) in party blindness.”

    I admit I was a newbie. Just a regular citizen. I had no idea that Miron would look you in the eye, shake your hand and absolutely lie to you. TWICE! It just never occurred to me that someone would do that. We can also blame Terry Backer who said that Miron was a man of his word.

    I suppose that is the trouble with serial killers and pychopaths….they look so normal.

  85. 85 nnanerak

    Just goes to show you, never ever believe a politician. Though I would challenge you on what constitutes normal in Stratford’s case. I can’t get the visual out of my head when someone brings up Backer’s name of the TV run of one of the meetings and there was Backer, head nodding and drool running onto his shirt. I don’t know the guy, but he has a lot of work to do to get rid of that visual and as far as I’m concerned he hasn’t even gotten his feet out of the water to really do positive work for us. There is land and people in Stratford ya know.

  86. 86 sudds


    I would agree with everything you say EXCEPT that vote in Stratford for Debicella in Stratford was based on the debates. (heck, I like to think that I stay at least as informed about affairs as my neighbors… and I knew nothing about what was sad in the debates)

    I think this vote (as well as most other votes in the state) was close due to the “anti-bush” factor! Talking to my neighbors I know a lot of them were choosing a total Democratic ticket just because they were p/o’d at Bush!!

    Let’s just be glad that this year wasn’t the mayoral election too… or else Jimbo might have slipped in for a second term!!!

  87. 87 1george1

    Jeze – “A self proclaimed Liberal?”

    Careful, Sara Palin and Dick Cheney may be in your neighborhood with
    their shotgun and skinning knife.

    Rumor is that DEALS were cut regarding NO ONE running against Terry Backer
    and a weak candidate running (in the past) against Harkins. However no one
    told DaPonte, who made a move against Harkins.

    Think about it. Lordship is an enclave of Republicans, yet NO ONE could be
    found for TOKEN resistance against Terry Backer?
    – Mike Singh dropped out of his primary with 1 day to go?
    – NO neither the Democrats NOR Republicans work together.

    For YEARS the Republicans NEVER ran a Candidate in the 2nd District.
    It was primarily a BLACK DISTRICT and heavily Democratic, so whoever won
    was likely to be both BLACK and a Democrat.
    – If a Republican ran for office, there would be a greater turnout for a
    – So if more BLACK Democrats voted, it COULD AFFECT the VOTE for the

    – I wonder how having NO ONE to run against BACKER, affected the Voter
    turnout of Republicans in LORDSHIP, who are NOT enthusiastic about BUSH
    – Maybe a DEAL was cut to TRY to get DANNY D in the DUMPSTER and for
    another TEACHER to be in HARTFORD?
    (Esq Burturla’s wife is a Teacher. And beth DaPonte’s job is a …, besides
    being Housing Authority Lawyer / Charter Revision Chair Florek’s neighbor?)

    No there are NO DEALS in STARTFORD!

    Oh, the 2nd District was turned into the 2nd & 4th Districts by Louie and Do-he?
    Republican Candidates were run in the 2nd & 4th against Miron.
    Councilors O’Neil & Brooks are BLACK and Democrats.

    Is it more or less likely that people in the 2nd & 4th Districts voted straight
    Democrat (INCLUDING for MIRON) OR split their Ticket?

    Hey Jeze and everyone else who thinks there are 2 parties in Stratford, does it
    look like all co-incidence?

    Incidently, what was the 2001 Vote for Making DICK MIRON to be REGISTRAR
    and PAID $ 27,000 a year, PLUS $ 18,000 a year in BENEFITS, including a PENSION,
    for a 20 hour a week – no show job?

    Recently DERBY just raised their PAY for REGISTRARS from $ 6,000 a YEAR to
    $ 10,000 a YEAR.

    Was a certain (now) Republican Registrar an out spoken critic of the deal for
    that gave the REGISTRAR that type of COMPENSATION. Yet, I guess most people
    have their price and someone appears to have decided that IF you CAN’T BEAT
    EM – JOIN em?

    – – –

    RUMOR is the WHOLE TEAM STRATFORD COMPLEX has possibility of imploding,
    in the not too distant future.

    RUMOR is that certain people DOUBLE CROSSED other people. Whoever goes

    RUMOR is that the whole STING was to RAISE the MIRONS / BURTURLAS and
    to destroy the COMPETITION.


    DEMOCRATS already TARGETING RELL (not a bad thing) and ALL of the STATE
    (not a good think for one crime family to control everything. But that’s the
    spoils system, this is CORRUPT-ICUT, and as Freddette has been quoted
    (and he hates it when I attribute it to him, making him look like source) 🙂
    “Hey!” “This is Stratford.”

    …Edited for relevance by Jezebel…

  88. 88 1george1


    I Am The Captain Of My Soul

    …Edited for relevance by Jezebel…

  89. 89 1george1

    I salute the people like John McCain,

    …Edited for relevance by Jezebel….

  90. 90 sudds

    Ahh George… if only you had stopped mid-way through the first posting (right BEFORE the whole WW’s/Nazi diatribe)… you could have actually looked like a rationale man!!!

    Seriously George… I like ya… (heck, I’m even one of like 14 people who voted for ya)… but you have GOT to learn to stay focused!!! And ALWAYS remember… your audience does NOT subscribe to the conspiracy theories that you do… lose those and it’ll help you gain an audience!!!

    PS… this is your second free lesson from “SUDDSy’s Political Consulting”… your next lesson will cost ya!!! 😛

  91. 91 jezebel282


    “Let’s just be glad that this year wasn’t the mayoral election too… or else Jimbo might have slipped in for a second term!!!”

    Perhaps. Maybe going to debates are not such a good idea. I tend to listen too much.

    Ms. Andersen seemed to be far more articulate, thoughtful and more intelligent that Mr. Debicella. I was extremely torn over that vote. It was her relationship to the DTC and Miron that swayed me.

  92. 92 1george1

    Sudds –
    There are other people who read this website who understand exactly what I mean.

    There are also times where you are one of the few people who can relate to what I

    No offense, but one size does not fit all.

    I do not try to please anyone on this website. I learn and I try to educate. Sometimes,
    I find I am wrong. Sometimes I use different bait to catch different fish or animals.

    However, Suddsie, at least you seem to care, as one of my 38 voters for District and I
    got 2 votes for Mayor last time, with more coming in 2009.

  93. 93 jezebel282


    “I do not try to please anyone on this website.”

    It is certainly working, George.

  94. “However, Suddsie, at least you seem to care, as one of my 38 voters for District and I got 2 votes for Mayor last time, with more coming in 2009”

    See, now here is the serious problem – we’re going to dilute the 2009 ballot with another dozen candidates and you know what, if Miron wants in – diluting the pool will probably make that happen again.

    Can’t anyone be serious about this?????

    George, while I appreciate your love for this Town and sometimes the knowledge you offer, can’t you just back someone so the pool isn’t flooded again? As it is, we’re going to have Miron, Best, Costello and God knows who else! Unfortunately, like it or not, you’re going to help dilute the pool and put a moron back at the helm.

  95. 95 sudds

    Hey Jez… I can think of one additional (PCS) candidate I would like to “dilute the pool” with… how about you???

  96. 96 sudds

    PCS… I wouldn’t really lose too much sleep over George “diluting the pool”. Sorry George, but… even if he quadruples his vote count he’ll still be in single digits!!!

    The Republicans splitting their vote onthe other hand… not THAT is a potential poison pill!!!

  97. 97 jezebel282


    “Hey Jez… I can think of one additional (PCS) candidate I would like to “dilute the pool” with… how about you???”

    Without a doubt it would make the pool more attractive. It would probably smell better too.

  98. 98 sudds

    “No offense, but one size does not fit all”

    It’s called relevancy George… look it up…

    …the citizens of Stratford do NOT want a mayor who keeps rambling on about gestapos, clandestine operations and space aliens!!!

    SUDDSy’s Political Consulting – Aiming to DOUBLE Goerge’s vote count!!! (inquiry about how… for a large fee… I can assist your camapaign too)

  99. “The Republicans splitting their vote onthe other hand… not THAT is a potential poison pill!!!”

    Sudds ~ I agree 110%. I hope that all of the egos on the RTC can be deflated enough to make them more sensible. They’ve got to pool their resources and put egos aside for one solid candidate!

    My friend introduced herself to a woman named Beth Daponte on Tuesday. Apparently Beth knows me because of my live letters. Her comment was that I hate “Jimmy.” I don’t hate “Jimmy,” I hate the mayor. I don’t know “Jimmy.” My point everyone has friends and those friends will always be supportive. Unfortunately, mistakes are made when things aren’t looked at REALISTICALLY and all of those people who supported Miron in his bid for election in the first place had blinders on.

    The DTC and RTC need to be cleaned out and freshed up. There’s too much baggage and political games in both. They both need airing out and freshening up.

  100. 100 mikereynolds

    From the CT Post:

    “Because of the Stratford situation, Bysiewicz said she intends to “strongly urge”
    registrars of voters never to use the same optical scanning machine for two different districts.

    “Every polling place has to have two machines,” she said. “I don’t know why they did this.”

    As a result people were given the wrong ballots and voted for the wrong state legislators.

    “We believe the machine accepted 50 to 75 of these ballots,” said Bysiewicz. “But the margins of victory were such that it didn’t impact any of these elections.” Stratford”s registrars of voters could not be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon. As a result it could not be determined where this took place.”

    So…who is going to step up and take the heat for this? I know our two registrars don’t like each other but could I can’t imagine that one did this without the other’s knowledge.

    I hope Mr. Miron wasn’t too pre-occupied with his legal defense.

  101. 101 jezebel282

    Tell me again what the qualifications are for Registrars of Voters?

  102. 102 mikereynolds

    I think one of the qualifications are absolute allegiance to your respective town committee.

  103. 103 sudds

    I hear that the ability to grabs one’s own ankles helps too!!!

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