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Connecticut Post Staff
Article Last Updated: 11/10/2008 05:15:30 PM EST

The Sikorsky Memorial Airport Advisory Committee has completed its third and final meeting regarding the expansion of the airport runways. I attended the meeting and it was an eye-opener, to say the least.

The advisory committee won’t use the word “expansion” because members feel “safety areas” is more appropriate. Whatever terminology is used, the idea is to extend and pave the runways to put the safety material on top. The committee cannot guarantee that the safety areas will remain and never be changed to accommodate larger aircraft.

With or without safety areas, the hangers have been approved and the airport’s terminal is being replaced. If they are true to their word and if the safety areas remain, residents will never be able to use the airport for commercial jet flights. If for some reason the safety areas are removed to accommodate larger aircraft, the noise and pollution will be unbearable.

This is a no-win situation for Stratford. According the committee’s brochure, “The airport will develop as a general aviation airport, serving both business jets and single and twin engine aircraft.” With the plan, Bridgeport will receive paved runways that are currently in poor condition, compliments of the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to the runways being paved, the moving of Main Street will be paid for by the state. That’s a great deal for Bridgeport and the corporate airlines. Once again, what’s in it for Stratford?

The advisory committee used the word “assumptions” in their brochure and presentation. One is the expansion of Runway 24 by 400 feet and moving Main Street. Another assumption is to lengthen Runway 29 by 600 feet. They say Runway 29 will be completed at a later date. Will that be years, months or days? Once again, the runways have to be extended and paved to put the safety material at each end.

The advisory committee should get its priorities in order and install radar, which is long overdue, along with repaving the existing runways. If safety is such a concern, why are the Gulfstream IV’s flying in and out of Sikorsky now, without radar or safety areas and poor runways?

The advisory committee announced there will be a public hearing in December. Concerned residents should attend and ask about what changes are in the best interest of Stratford. You can decide for yourself about assumptions and reality.

I urge the Town Council to reject this proposal and demand that the existing runways be paved and radar be installed before the expansion/safety areas are discussed. This is a serious safety problem and should be addressed now! Progress is good as long as it profits Stratford and not just Bridgeport and corporate airline owners.

When I moved to Lordship, it was a small airport serving the area with single and twin engine aircraft. U.S. Airlines Turboprops provided a relatively quiet commercial service to Philadelphia. Then the corporate jets arrived, bringing noise and pollution. Did the Lordship residents expect this when they moved here? I doubt it!

Charles Bitzer



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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Quick! Someone send out a Bat-Signal for our heroine, Marcia Stewart!

  2. 2 1george1

    See, I wrote Jeze was very responsive. Put in Airport stuff quickly!

    I NOW KNOW WHAT JEZE did for a living many years ago.
    Writer for TV’s Batman!

    Jeze speciallizes in the ZAP! POW! (comments) 8) 🙂

    I had honor to meet and become casual friends with Frank Gorshim
    and his wife Chris.
    I met comic genius Stan Lee many times and I forget the comic strip
    artist for superman.
    Westport CT. had an Art School that had many alumni whose works
    are very recognizable.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    The only ones to act quickly on the airport are the taxpayers. For 50 years Bridgeport has been trying to steal this land from Stratford.

    Every politician that has ever run in Stratford has opposed this expansion. My fear is that yet again, this might happen while Miron is still mayor. He couldn’t care less about taxpayers.

  4. 4 1george1


    Burturla has had the Airport purchase on the Town Council Agenda for
    over 1 year, almost 2 years. It came off the table and went into executive
    (oymoron) session at least once, just after the AVOC SAEP BID went to the
    latest Team Stratford (# 3) Area 51 (space cadets under FBI scrutiny).

    What I suspect will happen is the Airport will be Traded to Stratford after
    it fails to be conveyed to the “Trust” for F & W.

    The real developer will emergy with grand plans for the airport and AVCO,
    including moving the runway to have a street which will be too high to flood
    and will put Radar on the Airport, by installing 2 T-1 LINES and Radar consoles
    from the Air Traffic Controler subcontractor’s NY RADAR.

    The CT. POST will back Miron / Burturla as visionaries because they are in
    the back poctet of area Business Corporate People (GE – SUBWAY – more)
    and state / federal politicians.

    The CT. POST will show a change in heart about the way Miron has grown
    on the job and makes the hard decisions to benefit the town and region
    despite a few Luddites.

    To the Miron faction, they do not even try to answer anything here, since

    Never from Burturla or Norm.
    Dom claimed shut down his internet last year. I am sure he is part of the

    Some are just more equal than others.
    Yet –
    “Hey, this is Stratford!”
    They all work together.

    Someone called claiming Shelton is stealing Stratford’s nefarity?

    Every once in a while, they arrest a patsy, to make it “appear” there is
    INTEGRITY in the system.
    The October or November before an elections they raid Strip clubs
    and find prostitution.
    At least prostitutes can releave stress and give satisfaction unlike the
    Stratford Democratic and Republican Town Committees, who contort
    different limbs and do sadistic and sick things to tax payers.

  5. 5 1george1

    I thought I posted an answer to # 3?

    For about 2 years Burturla has the Airport Purchase on the Town Council
    Agenda, and took it off the table for executive (oxymon) session not more
    than twice. After AVCO BID went to AREA 51 (Team Stratford # 3)

    Now the Charter Revision Vote is over, and the Miron / Burturla / Norm
    factions have everything they want, I expect the Airport will be traded
    to Bridgeport for LBW.

    Once Stratford owns the land, Miron / Burturla will come out with a pretext
    to expand the runway and move the road citing a flood related accident on
    Main Street as pretext and a way to steer money to some honey?

    The real developer will become known for the combination of the Airport and
    AVCO, which absolutely needs to have the Street moved.
    Because of Stratford desperate ecomomic situation, this is the savior and the
    CT. POST, in the pocket of Corporations and Federal / State / local politicos,
    will praise Miron / Burturla for their vision in solving the problem.

    And neglecting to mention who caused the problems and dealys… 😦

  6. 6 genericscreename

    George, Et al:

    I have blogged before regarding the airport, and find myself in the minority with my position regarding the expansion. We can debate the pro’s and con’s of expansion, noise pollution vs economic stimulus and tax benefits vs no income etc. We could debate the piping plovers vs paved parking lots, but in the end the bottom line is economic infusion of tax and related revenue to Stratford.

    I have already expanded in earlier posts about certain impacts and effects of the airport, how one area suffers in the short term, but compared it to the long term, big picture overall benefits the town would gain. I once again remind everyone reading this blog to go back and read my posts about how our town is dying a slow economic death, and that the changes necessary are not new economic development, but new economic re-development, wherein I expanded on the amount of areas vacant and developed and the areas which require re-development.

    Where am I heading you ask as you read this prose once again……………… I am heading back to the concept of understanding the reality of our towns grave situation economically and hoping I can clearly make my point understood with out being antagonistic in my views about the expansion and long term economic benefits concurrent with redevelopment of the second district, and the enhanced industrial development which could possibly be a substantial benefit economically to the town should the airport ever be expanded enough to allow cargo and other related flights from its base. ( remember I already had clarified that take off and landing times would be a regulated product of Zoning approvals, therefore the impacts of sound pollution can be minimized, the cost of the infrastructure expansion would be a portion if not a substantial portion of the approvals to those who wish to develop the areas surrounding the airport, etc)
    I have family and friends who live in Lordship who are directly adjacent to the path of the pattern as it currently is laid out for take offs. ( and when a plane takes make no mistake, there is no way to not hear the noise) The landings (weather and wind conditions permitting) are over the marsh and industrial section and the only noise impact in reality is to those sleeping on the beach and the plovers who are nesting.

    So once again we find ourselves debating the political negatives and bashing of those currently in power, but no where have I heard, read etc in this blog other suggestions which will generate the additional tax revenue and economic redevelopment necessary to save our town. I once read “Stratford by Sea”, by Knapp. This town was once a leader in industry, a premier community with growth and leadership, an international shipping center ( 1600, 1700 and 1800’s) and yes, we had lawyers back then who made the deals and negotiated everything. ( the deals they write about make the stuff we read about today almost amateurish.)

    My point is, people, lets expand our minds, open our thoughts up to new ideas and concepts, lets not argue over who is causing or has not caused, but look toward making Stratford grow economically. Understand that with growth comes certain impacts, but lets find solutions for those impacts and minimize them looking forward to the big picture and long term financial economic gain for the town as a whole.

    Buy the way George, what does Norm have to do with all this stuff, you constantly reference the guy, but he is done, Team Stratford is history?

  7. 7 jezebel282


    I have a feeling we are going to be debating this a very long time.

    “the expansion and long term economic benefits concurrent with redevelopment of the second district, and the enhanced industrial development which could possibly be a substantial benefit economically to the town should the airport ever be expanded enough to allow cargo and other related flights from its base.”

    First, I am going to take a wild guess and say that your home is nowhere near the airport. You seem extremely willing to sacrifice the homes of 2,000 families in favor of freight forwarding companies, warehouses, jet A storage facilities and semi-trucks.

    Second, your idea sounds very similar to the Theater proponents; if you build it they will come. Nothing, absolutely nothing, suggests that an expanded airport will do any of the things you suggest.

    Third, the competitive environment does not require yet another “transportation” hub. Take a look around New Haven Harbor. Shipping, rail, interstate and now…an expanded airport. 20 miles away.

    Fourth, the Feds are at least a Trillion dollars in debt and growing. There will be no federal money in the foreseeable future to expand anything. Even worse, as the economy improves (we hope) oil prices will be subject to the same commodity markets that brought us $147/barrel oil.

    Stratford is a small New England town of 50,000 souls. 95% of the available land is already developed. Sacrificing 2,000 homes for a little used airport simply does not make much sense. Unless, of course, you are a commercial builder or an attorney that negotiates the deal.

  8. 8 genericscreename


    I am in no way shape or form proposing that we bulldoze down 2000 homes and build industrial facilities. In my earlier posts I presented the concept of concurrent economic redevelopment which would stimulate real estate prices in those areas which are depressed. In regard to the second district I honestly believe that some portions of the area would be impacted as well as improved, and the same would apply to Lordship. I also hoped in those posts weeks back that I made a clear argument that with any type of economic redevelopment, people will become displaced and that in order for Stratford to improve, there will be certain instances where some people are either relocated by the re-development process and or by choice too. I was attempting to press the point that we can no longer maintain our stagnation as a town with out making certain economic decisions which unfortunately will impact some and benefit others.

    In an earlier post I explained the FBO concept relative to maintenance costs and regional expenses and thought I had clearly stated the reasons for doing such. New Haven is currently being looked at for a similar facility(s) by the airlines and I suspect they will choose the first location which benefits them and welcomes that development the most.

    When one discusses transportation hubs, unless we are proposing a complex intermodal facility, the only thing that would be different would be in consolidation of the different modes of transport, and in the case of Stratford, there is no realistic place, access etc for a combined modern facility which will encompass rail, truck, ocean and airport in one location. Although that is the trend nationally and internationally, there are no viable locations in CT to construct such a facility, even with out an airport nearby. Southern California has one of the most modern facilities as I have just described in the port of Long Beach, but the magnitude of such a complex would in reality end up with its own zip code.

    I had used the example of the proximity of FedEx and UPS as one example of regional hubs based on shear volume and distribution based on current conditions. Other factors could apply once there is some form of activity and final outcome of the SAEP too!!!.

    I would suspect that the concepts proposed relative to construction would be of such magnitude that none of the local contractors would have any opportunity based on the shear size and time frame necessary to design and build such projects, SAEP included, and that historically those venues end up with the big 10 or so who are based in NYC or Boston, ie, Turner, Whiting-Turner, Tishmen, Gilbane, Perrini, Bovis, Etc. As far as the attorneys are concerned, one would suspect that the developers, most if not all of which are out of state would bring in their own corporate council to handle negotiation, and that the locals would be limited to zoning issues and possible real estate closings on the sellers behalf. ( I have no real clue on how that aspect would work, I hate law

  9. 9 genericscreename

    yers and the entire court system.

  10. 10 nomoreyears

    I frequently read but rarely post to this forum. My background. I’m from Milford formerly of Stratford and love to watch the political goings on across the river. I am amused by the antics of the town council and the Mirons/Burtulas, and cops. By the way I live right on the river and look out at the lovely Shakespeare Theater.

    Generic sounds like he truly wants to develop and expand an airport that like the Mirons needs to just go away. Your friends across the river, some with multi-million dollar beach front homes will make a stand against any further airport expansion. That I can guarantee. I swear on days when the flight path changes the corporate jet pilots dip their wings for a look see into the swimming pools. It’s annoying to say the least that since we moved here corporate air traffic has increased ten fold. What economic development does the CEO of GE bring to Stratford when he flies into Sikorsky Memorial? Maybe a stop at Wendy’s for a frosty? Doubtful that the CEO of any company around here stops by in any of Stratford’s businesses except Sikorsky A/C.

    Longbeach California is one of the largest deep water ports in the world. It’s huge. Do you plan on dredging Long Island Sound and the Housatonic river to accommodate the immense cargo ships that visit Longbeach everyday?

    The Lordship section probably contains some of the most expensive homes in all of Stratford. Why would you want to expand the airport and drive the good citizens of Lordship’s property values down and drive these fine people out of their homes? Oh, that’s right, Stratford is selling beach front property in Lordship for 1/4 of its normal economic value. Let’s sell some more beach front property for dirt cheap, take over some homes via eminent domain, and turn Lordship (Stratford’s Gem) into a giant industrial park.

    Here’s a suggestion why not close Sikorsky Memorial and rebuild the airport in Rich Burtulas’s neighborhood? Maybe Sikorsky A/C would start using the facilities at the new airport on top of Warner Hill like they used to in its hey day?

    The airport needs to just go away. Tweed New Haven will be going through an expansion soon enough. The region just doesn’t need two large regional/commercial airports.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Sometimes your arguments simply defy logic.

    “I honestly believe that some portions of the area would be impacted as well as improved, and the same would apply to Lordship.”

    Can you in anyway describe these “improvements”? Unless homes for sale and lower property values are what you consider “improvements”.

    “I was attempting to press the point that we can no longer maintain our stagnation as a town with out making certain economic decisions which unfortunately will impact some and benefit others.”

    Impacting everyone in the First and Second Districts and benefiting those in, say, the Eighth or Ninth Districts? It still doesn’t answer the point that Stratford is 95% developed and the only way to “industrialize” this town is to move residents out.

    “New Haven is currently being looked at for a similar facility(s) by the airlines and I suspect they will choose the first location which benefits them and welcomes that development the most.”

    And why shouldn’t they? Most of the infrastructure is already there. If I were in the transportation business and looking for facilities between Boston, New York and Hartford I would be salivating over New Haven. There is huge opposition (except for you) to airport expansion here and our “leadership” is arguably the most corrupt and inept in Connecticut.

    “encompass rail, truck, ocean and airport in one location. Although that is the trend nationally and internationally, there are no viable locations in CT to construct such a facility, even with out an airport nearby.”

    Did you just make my point for me?

    “Other factors could apply once there is some form of activity and final outcome of the SAEP too!!!.”

    Really? Do you know something we don’t? In typical Miron fashion, the “deal” for SAEP has fallen into the black hole of the Natera’s.

    “I would suspect that the concepts proposed relative to construction would be of such magnitude that none of the local contractors would have any opportunity based on the shear size and time frame necessary to design and build such projects”

    Amazing. Have you seen the plans already? How do you know this? Does it take Turner Construction to build a freight forwarding warehouse? What does it take to build a holding area for semi trucks? Gilbane?

    “As far as the attorneys are concerned, one would suspect that the developers, most if not all of which are out of state would bring in their own corporate council to handle negotiation,”

    Corporate Counsels will retain local firms to deal with local issues. Like say a firm that handles all the business for the town. Who would that be? Can you say “Berchem, Moses and Devlin”, “Kevin Kelly” or “John Florek”?

    I have yet to hear any viable discussion or real numbers to support any expansion of this airport. Only dreams of a very very few and nightmares of very many.

  12. Jezebel: Here Here! Generic: let me guess – you are a developer right? You don’t live near the airport or anywhere close . . . right? You are in love with Richard Buturla . . . right? You have a very sincere fondness for Jim Miron . . . right? In fact, I’m willing to bet that Richard Buturla is your personal attorney . . . right? And, that you have actually worked with Jim Miron, up close and personal . . . right? How am I doing?

  13. 13 genericscreename

    Jeze & Cyclops:

    I am not a developer. I do not live next to or near the airport.

    I have been using the airport, SAEP etc as a basis of an example of options the town might consider to stimulate our dying economy, nothing more, nothing less. I am retiring in several years an moving out of Stratford as soon as my children finish college,( to a place with low taxes and warm weather) therefore I would argue that all my concepts if they ever moved forward would be long after I am out of town, and I would not experience the long term benefits as a taxpayer.

    What no one from what I have seen and read, and please correct me if I am wrong, has brought forth an economic stimulus plan for Stratford that would generate tax revenue and create jobs. All I am offering are suggestions for ways that I have thought of which may be used to generate revenue to the town.

    The bottom line is someone somewhere needs to comprise a plan which will solve our economic shortfall. All I can think of is re-development and new business opportunities that would develop by such a plan.

    I am open to any suggestion that will save the town. Instead of jumping down my throat and being nasty, come up with a viable solution and use that energy for creative thinking and present them. I am open to listen to any suggestions.

    Our mayor, town council(S), economic development department etc so far have not provided any sort of plan which will work.

    Someone, somewhere out there must have an idea which will help the town and make everyone happy.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    I don’t recall jumping down anyone’s throat.

    “I am open to any suggestion that will save the town.”

    With the exception of Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford is primarily a residential town. The vast majority of revenue to the Town comes from private property taxes (again, with the exception of Sikorksy Aircraft). That means Stratford is essentially a bedroom community. People live here and work somewhere else.

    That means that economic development must be focused on making Stratford a better place to live and increasing property values. In other words, better commuting options, better schools, better recreation facilities and better town services. A “For Sale” sign’s life expectancy should be measured in hours not months.

  15. Generic, You are thinned skinned. I know that construction is very slow – but you are not the only one suffering – you are not the only one with a lot of time on his hands. You could not help this community when you had the “official capacity” to do so – what makes you think you can do so now?

  16. 16 1george1


    You found a HOT BUTTON from other bloggers.

    In answer to your question about NORM & area 51.
    Norm was definitiely involved with Team Stratford # 1 & 2.
    I suspect he is involved in # 3. I am unsure.

    However Willinger was involved in all 3 and Steel Point.

    If it smells like a skunk, there might be a skunk around?

  17. 17 1george1

    I am going to faint in what I read within Jeze & Cyclops.
    I agree with many of their points.

    Not trying to be a polician, but Generic ahs raised legitimate points too.

    One point though. Stratford would not be in dire straits if the R & T
    Town Committees cared about Stratford and not themselves – where
    I agree with Jeze and Cyclops.

    Lieberman, Dodd, Rell and others were on top of the New London
    Base Closing (for 10,000 jobs according to WTNH – Politicians claimed
    30,000 Jobs)

    At their repective peaks in different decades ESTIMATES the # of good jobs:
    SIKORSKY – 14,000
    CHANCE VAUGH -> became AVCO – 12,000
    RAYMARK – 4,000 to 6,000
    DICTAPHONE – 1,400
    DRESSER – 1,200
    DIANON – 500
    BARGAIN NEWS – 400
    COKE – 300
    U S BAIRD – 300

    I am not sure of the accuracy of the most people at a site.
    I am sure there were good pay and benefits

  18. George,
    The skunk was killed – the murderer was arrested. He’ll probably be shot tomorrow at high noon by the SPD administration.

  19. 19 freedomofspeach

    The reason companies leave Stratford, and Connecticut as a whole is due to the high taxes on the state and local level, and as far as the loss of good jobs that manufacturing brought to the area, extensive environmental regulations have killed them. Connecticut’s Clean Air regulations are almost as stringent as California,

    Also add shake down by public officials. Just look at Bayer in West Haven, they left because the local and state politicians demanded that Bayer double its work force within 5 years, with some good jobs for a chosen few connected people. They could not guarantee it, and the politicians said they would not give any tax breaks nor invest in any additional infrastructure until they did. They told the politicians that they would not be shaken down and the pols said to them “what are you going to do pack up and leave?” They said yes, and did. Guess what? The state and the city and towns it was in get next to nothing in tax revenue now. They sold it to Yale, a zero tax entity. Let’s see, from the largest taxpayer to zero, because of the greedy backroom deals.

    Just so you know, I am not saying that the regulations are good or bad, but if they can move to Research Triangle with all the upgrades that are there, at much less taxes and 200 days of nice weather, why not.

    As for Bayer, they moved to NJ, just to get out of CT, and were welcome with open arms.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    You have very valid points.

    My parent moved to a southern state. She purchased a 10 (count em, 10!) room house with water, gas and sewer lines. They pick up her garbage 4 times per week. The city supplies her with a 75 gallon garbage can with baby carriage wheels. And they still pick it up 4 times per week! One visit, I watched them pick it up. A truck with a single driver stopped. He didn’t get out of the truck. Instead, an arm extended through the brackets of the City supplied can, lifted it, dumped it in the truck, placed it back on the curb and he drove off to the next house. ONE guy. And he never left the truck.

    Her property tax per year? $452 (not a mistake, that is per YEAR). Her electricity? 1/4 of what I pay per month for a house 1/2 the size. I will not even mention what she pays for car insurance.

    The downside? The skiing sucks there. On the other hand, there is a golf course every 1/4 mile.

    But you have to ask why it is that the Boston area is growing while Connecticut’s population is shrinking…..

  21. 21 freedomofspeach

    The Northeast is losing population to better run and taxed states. Boston has an influx in the suburbs, but overall in the last 5 plus years, Massachusetts has a net loss of population and business to other states.

    But losing Bayer to NJ to avoid the taxes, corruption and greed in CT? NJ, the place that would rather have toxic waste sites than attorneys. NJ had first choice so it was an easy one it seems.

    Stratford can be the jewel of the county, but, first you have to get corruption out of town hall and the TC, find a Mayor who does not have a hand out to some crook or law firm, and get transparency back to the government.

  22. 22 1george1


    Thank you for your insight.
    It appears you know more than just law terms.

    As some may note, I predicted Oil to be $ 50 by election day.
    Everyone called me nuts. (Not that I am not)
    It made it to $ 60s. Wednesday it hit $ 55s.

    I predicted a huge issue with Pension Portfolio & DOW, which
    is off 50 %, with secondary stocks down 95 %

    There appears no reason for a bounce, yet it is before 8:00 am
    and I am predicting TODAY will either be the LOW or if it gets
    past 7,770 – It may go PAST 5,000

    The $ 98 m in the pension portfolio Sept 30,
    may be $ 83 m as of Oct 31,
    and unless the DOW bounces,
    may be in the $ 60 m as of Nov 30.

    Now there is a runaway runway.
    Economic necessity is the pretext I have often stated for the

  23. 23 jezebel282

    What’s another $9 million or so of our money?

    Sikorsky Airport plans upgrades to boost business

    Associated Press
    December 28, 2008

    STRATFORD, Conn. – Connecticut development officials say plans are under way for a new aircraft hangar, fueling facility and other improvements at Sikorsky Airport in Stratford.

    Gov. M. Jodi Rell says the Connecticut Development Authority will issue $9 million in bonds for the upgrades, which are intended to attract more business aviation clients and create jobs.

    The city of Bridgeport owns the airport, which has housed corporate jets since losing commercial service more than a decade ago.

    Its long-vacant 1960s-era terminal will be torn down and replaced with a new hangar, one of several changes intended to boost business.

    A bonds will be issued to a company that won a 2005 contract to upgrade the airport, and will be repaid by the company over 30 years.

    My favorite part is when supporters call Stratford residents (especially ones who live in Lordship) “Elitist”. As if we own corporate jets and live in Fairfield or Darien. This is yet another project driven by the the owners of corporate jets to shave off an hour or so from a trip to play golf.

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Nice letter in the Post, by the way. No mention of the Trilateral Commission or the CIA at all.

  25. 25 1george1

    Oh man….

    The editted the best part … 😉

  26. 26 1george1


    Thanks for the compliment.
    I rarely get the paper in the am.
    So I had to check out the CT. POST, due to your comment.

    They did some minor editting:
    * I did write one paragraph about supertankers and smaller ships
    delivering to smaller harbors, which is an appropriate analogy to
    the larger vs smaller aircraft.
    * Further I mentioned, by name, USPS – UPS – FEDEX – DHL….
    I guess they did not want to give FREE Publicity … 8) ?

    The uneditted version may be in the Star …

  27. 27 nnanerak

    You now know what is going to happen to the airport, with or without the town’s consent…..if she is willing to put 9 million into it in a year that the state is in financial crisis speaks volumes.

  28. 28 1george1

    Per other post – thank you for the reciprocal best wishes.

    Per this post, refering to my Dec 30 CT. Post Letter to the Editor’s
    last paragraph, the purchase of the Airport is now, has been, and
    will be a done deal on a Time Table, per my on going blog posts.

    The politicians like to use the Holidays to slip through notices when
    people are preoccupied with the Holidays, Shopping, Parties, Family,

    Rell and Hartford friends had their local Republicans create the
    CRC # 1, to set up the NEW Town Charter, and give Burturla / Miron
    plausible deniability that it was NOT ONE, but TWO Town Councils
    and Charter Revision Commissions create NEW Town Charters.

    Burturla and the Town Councils post limited documentation that
    the Town Charters were UNDER the “HOME RULE ACT.”
    (NOT Special Act)

    Burturla then can opine we have Term Limits and Grandfather Rights.
    However, once it gets in front of a JUDGE, when the people try to
    stop the Airport …. the Judge will rule there are NO Grandfathered
    rights, and the people should have known what they were voting for.

    Guarenteed there will be statute of limitations issue to protect the
    SCUM who are all working together. ….

    And some of those will be double dipping to 6 figure pensions and
    fees from their circles of parasites.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Stratford sues Bridgeport over airport plans

    Written by John Kovach
    Wednesday, 10 March 2010 13:45

    Stratford is seeking a temporary injunction in Connecticut Superior Court preventing the City of Bridgeport from moving forward with plans to alter the runway at Sikorsky Airport.

    Stratford will argue that plans, approved last week in U.S. District Court, violate a 1978 contractual agreement preventing unilateral action by the Bridgeport to expand the airport’s runways.

    The runway alterations require rerouting of Main Street in Stratford, and the taking of an additional acre of land that had been proposed to return to the town’s grand list as part of the redevelopment of the Stratford Army Engine Plant.

    “The City of Bridgeport cut Stratford out of the picture in attempting to make the proposed changes to the runway at Sikorsky Airport,” Stratford Mayor John A. Harkins said in a press release. “The city is attempting to seize an acre of land that was slated to be restored to the town’s grand list and reroute Main Street without any involvement from Stratford residents or officials. This directly violates the 1978 Agreement requiring Stratford’s approval of changes to the runways, and leaves Stratford no choice but to seek relief in court.”

    Go John Go!

  30. 30 1george1

    Jeze complimenting John Kovach?

    Ooooops – John Harkins.

    Kelly or Burturla will merrily file for relief caused by Berchem client, Bridgeport.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    I never had a real problem with Kovach. Fred Musante and the ownership of Hersam Acorn, you betcha!

    But this particular story is so obvious. On one side you have Finch (didn’t he just hire Winterbottom and Berchem Moses & Devlin?), Willinger, Kaolian and the Nateras and on the other side….us.

    Marcia Stewart may yet have an opportunity to resurrect her reputation after Miron gave it a beat down.

  32. 32 1george1

    Morgan and a couple other people had a problem with some of Marcia’s facts.

    I have to conceed Marcia is biased and would give away town property for PYE.

    HOWEVER, unlike Bridgeport, Stratford, BMD, friends of the AIRPORT, & AVCO
    I am willing to accept a pro bono overly enthusiastic advocate’s BIAS over PROFESSIONAL and CALCULATING cascades of LIES, MISREPRESENTATIONS, + DIVERSIONS.

    I had issues with Musante.

    However his integrity caused a manager to leave Hersham and opened
    doors of Letters to the Editor, upon which I used 3 years of 60 letters
    to the Editor create name recognition and credibility, in order to run
    for political office, in order to nakedly protect family + friends while
    trying to inform the public about many of the positions we share.

    I started with Jack Terceno who took the time to explain the process
    and procedure. I did not have a problem until a certain manager told lies
    to Musante and others.
    I explained to Musante. He checked situations.
    I started getting published. the manager left her position., went to the
    CT POST for awhile

    Also Miron hired Linda Goodwin.

    Tris DeRoma was my favorite. His intellect was subtle and his writing
    reflected a gentle soul.

    – Sylvia loved Weizel.
    She thought he was the best reporter ever.
    I like Rich as a person.
    Weizel told me of discussion with Jim Miron who offered him a job, when
    Weizel was barely hanging on and has a family ….
    Weizel described it as his “MR. POTTER MOMENT” (It’s a wonder ful life)

    While Weizel fails in certain areas in my opinion, I gotta respect that

    John Kovach approached Tris in terms of fairness and ability.

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