Town Employees Finally Win One


Stratford employee to get back job
Staff writer
Updated: 11/19/2008 02:32:34 PM EST

STRATFORD — Leaders of the municipal supervisors’ union are hailing a state Department of Labor decision ordering the town to restore Rosalyn Dupuis to her job as the assistant assessor, saying the order further proves their claims of “union busting” by town officials.

Dupuis, former vice president of the municipal workers’ union, was hired in October 2003 but laid off by the town last January, six months after Pat Naylor and Eileen Murphy, the union’s previous president and vice president, respectively, were given pink slips as a “budget-cutting move” by Mayor James R. Miron.

Miron said the jobs were eliminated after the Town Council drastically reduced his 2007-08 budget recommendation. But leaders of Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents the 35-member supervisors’ union, contend the layoffs were part of an effort by the town to weaken the unions.

A three-member panel of the state Labor Board of Mediation and Arbitration ruled recently in favor of Dupuis, finding in a 2-1 decision the town “did violate the collective-bargaining agreement” by eliminating her job.

“The grievant shall be reinstated and returned to work and granted sufficient time to hone her skills performing field inspections,” the arbitration panel said in its decision.

But Human Resources Director Ed Winterbottom said Tuesday that Dupuis, who reported to work the same day, was sent home because “we haven’t decided whether to re-assign her to another job or appeal the decision.

Does Berchem Moses and Devlin need yet more of our money? You lost, get over it.

“The town intends to take some action, but we haven’t decided what to do yet,” Winterbottom said. “The arbitration panel simply said the town had to reinstate her, but didn’t say what job we had to place her in or when.”

Winterbottom also pointed out that since Dupuis was laid off, the assessor’s office has been reorganized and it is unlikely she can return to the same post.

“There was also no back-pay or back benefits ordered,” he said.

Union officials, however, argue that Dupuis must be returned to her former post and be paid as of Tuesday, when she reported for work.

“The labor board decision clearly states this employee be reinstated to her former job,” said union co-president David Wright. “She was let go for medical reasons that prevented her from doing some things that were not part of her original job description.”

Larry Dorman, the AFSCME representative, said he is pleased with the labor board decision and hopes the town honors it.

Winterbottom (is that really his name?) forgot to mention that Dupuis was fired to give Barbara Gorman (Dick Miron’s girlfriend) a job. Maybe they should transfer Gorman to another department so she can tattle on those poor people.


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  1. 1 1george1

    No back pay?

    Job reinstated.
    But the position has been filled, which is expected.

    Berchem / Burturla may appeal?

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Berchem / Burturla may appeal? Why?”

    Because mayor moron is a psychopathic egomaniac and can’t admit wrongdoing. And Buturla/Berchem Moses & Devlin just LOVE to bill us.

  3. 3 1george1

    Now I understand why the need to “appear” to be anti-union.

    They can hurt people they do not care about.

    While paying huge pensions and assorted kick backs to allies.

    It creates a chinese wall of “appearances” which are meant to deceive,
    when in fact they are paying off anyone who could endanger them or
    are related to someone, or somehow benefit them or be a fraternal?

    Yet having played counter intuitive games for some many years, do you
    honestly think you / they will continue to get away with it?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Here we are more than two weeks after this decision was announced and Miron STILL has not permitted Rosalyn (Sam) Dupuis to return to work. It is almost sad; she shows up every day at Town Hall prepared to work and she is turned away.

    The decision was clear. Miron continues to be in violation.

  5. 5 starlooker

    In todays CT Post…Diane Toolan, who works for City of Bpt with grants, gave up a weeks pay to help out Bridgeport. Not only did we lose a good worker but one with heart.

  6. 6 1george1

    Why have the PRESS not writen about Dupuis?

    Nothing on WTNH, Channel 12, WICC?

    Jeze, I guess you are too shy to ghost Letters to the Editor or have friends
    contact the Media.

    I liked Diane Toolan.

    Did she do a great job for Stratford? No.

    However, she did the BEST she was ALLOWED to DO, because of the Plans
    and controls by the mIRON CURTAIN, bUTTER NUTS, Bad MeDicine, and
    the Clover Shamrock Gangsters.

    If Diane is placed in a position with political support to develop economics
    and communities, I believe she is capable.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    Rosalyn (Sam) Dupuis returned to work on 15 December (a full month after the arbitration decision), but not until Edmund Winterbottom did everything he could to inflict a little suffering. Dupuis reported to Town Hall almost daily for work. Winterbottom would have her wait up to 5 hours at a time before she would be informed there was no “work” for her. It took more action by Dupuis’ attorney to force Miron and Winterbottom to abide by a legal decision.

    All of this only reinforces what we have known for years: There is no limit to how much of a dick Miron can be.

  8. 8 1george1


    It is sad reading about a person reporting to work and being denied.

    This Winterbottom sounds like he came from the mold of your description
    of Mark Haddad. And another soulless attorney?

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “And another soulless attorney?”

    That implies there are attorneys with souls.

  10. 10 1george1


    Google: Wikipedia: Ralph Nader.

    You will find a list of Public Interest / Consumer Protection Laws
    created by Nader’s Raiders.

    – Teasing

    Anybody want to lay odds on Ralph Nader getting a Cabinet level position
    in the OBAMA soon to be “lavender” House.

    Aren’t there attorneys who are persons of color?
    Aren’t persons of color called “soul brothers and soul sisters?”
    So by definition, aren’t attorneys of color, defined as having soul?

    I wonder if OBAMA’S Attorney General will have affect on the
    “COLOR of the LAW?”

    Interesting that ST. AUGUSTINE and ST. THOMAS ACQUINAS, among
    others, who studied PAGAN and PRE-CHRISTIAN cultures and religions
    and were revered for their scholarly christion religious interpretations,
    which were almost like legal opinions, were called
    and not

    Maybe the CHURCH was worried about the FRUIT of the POISONED TREE?

    Note: I have persons of color in my extended family, who I love and value
    far more than some of those I have encountered in this blog.

    While I have met many good people in Town Hall & in politics, and I have
    socialized in a wide range of places, I find their is a greater level of integrity
    among non political people, than MANY people making “political decisions.”

  11. 11 jezebel282

    It just never stops does it?

    Stratford, worker at odds over job status
    Staff writer
    Updated: 12/23/2008 04:47:14 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Former Assistant Assessor Rosalyn Dupuis, who had been vice president of the municipal workers’ union and was laid off by the town last January, is working for the town again after a nearly year-long fight.

    But it’s not in the same supervisory job, and union leaders are unhappy Dupuis has been placed in a lesser post. Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has filed a prohibitive practice complaint with the state Labor Board seeking to have Dupuis restored to a supervisory job.

    A three-member panel of the state Labor Board of Mediation and Arbitration ruled 2-1 in favor of Dupuis that the town “did violate the collective-bargaining agreement” by eliminating her job.

    Dupuis, who reported to work shortly after the mediation panel’s decision Nov. 24 — but was sent home by town officials until they decided to place her in a property appraiser post Dec. 5 — contends, along with the union, that she should be allowed to return to her assistant assessor’s post and receive back pay to the date she reported to work.

    While union leaders have argued the town’s tactics are “union-busting,” officials strongly deny that, countering that Dupuis’ job was eliminated during a “reorganization” of the Assessor’s office.

    “Reorganization”? Like hiring Barbara Gorman, Dick Miron’s girlfriend? Was the “reorganizing” good for her? Did she feel the earth move?

    The state arbitration panel disagreed.

    “The grievant shall be reinstated and returned to work and granted sufficient time to hone her skills performing field inspections,” the arbitration panel stated in its decision.

    Mayor James R. Miron said former union President Pat Naylor and Eileen Murphy’s jobs were eliminated as a “budget-cutting move” after the Town Council reduced his 2007-08 budget recommendation.
    Budget cutting? Really? Mayor Moron is sticking with that one?

    But leaders of Council 4, AFSCME, representing the 35-member supervisors’ union, contend those layoffs were also part of an effort by the town to weaken the unions, and that the order reinstating Dupuis further proves their claims of “union busting” by town officials.

    Human Resources Director Edmund Winterbottom and Assessor Melinda Fonda said, however, the Dupuis case is separate. They said Dupuis was assigned her recent job because it most closely resembles the one she used to do, which no longer exists, and pays the same $59,000 salary.

    “It’s not a supervisory post, but the assistant assessor’s main job was to go out and conduct assessments,” Fonda said. “The department is functioning far better now under the reorganization.”

    Winderbottom, union Co-President Dave Killeen and Dorman said negotiations are “ongoing” about Dupuis’ ultimate job.

    Dave Killeen? Mr. Peter Pan? I just can’t imagine Killeen getting tough. You could get a cavity just shaking his hand. And Killen is going to argue with Edmund “No Soul” Winterbottom?

  12. 12 mikereynolds

    To be honest, I consider myself anti-union. While I have never been in a union nor have I ever been in charge of employees in a union, I have worked at jobs where unions were present.

    My experience with the workers in those unions has been generally negative. I especially despise the whole “we’re union brothers” attitude when things are going well. Then when the company starts laying people off those same union brothers can’t wait to invoke seniority and bump lower seniority people out of a job. What’s even worse is when those senior people bump others out of job when the senior person has NO idea how to do the job of the junior person. Yeah, great move.

    Anyway, despite my negative attitude towards unions, the town of Stratford clearly demonstrates why employees need unions. What a mess.

  13. 13 1george1

    I suspect Ms. Dupuis and some other victims are being used as a cover
    for the real mess that has held Stratford for decades.

    I was a union assistant steward and then steward. We merged with a larger
    branch and it helped improve QL of the workers. As I became one of the
    senior people in the craft, I yielded on seniority for the benefit of others.

    However, National and Regional Unions worked a deal with managment to’
    take Stewards off the Management clock with full time union managers, based on “coercing” small local and smaller merged branches to merge.

    USPS Management and Unions made me aware of NLRB & EEOC purviews.
    It was too obvious that virtually all Irish / Italian / Jewish / Black-minority /
    Women / Gay >

    ….Edited for bigotry by Jezebel….

  14. 14 jezebel282


    That above post was the worst thing you’ve ever typed.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    “My experience with the workers in those unions has been generally negative.”

    Like everything else in life, it is a question of balance. Getting the “right” balance takes a lot of effort. Shareholders, Boards of Directors and CFO’s usually have little difficulty in eliminating positions, reducing benefits or extending workloads. When miners die in dangerous environments, garment workers burn to death or children stand in front of dangerous machinery…you get unions.

    On the other hand, workers who take no risks, receive unlimited OT at time and a half, double time or triple time, and throw up work rules that reinforce their own union swing the pendulum too far.

    If this Town had employment policies that were enforced fairly there would be no need for unions. The Town’s unions are the weakest I’ve ever seen. They have had decades of good times. It made them complacent. I believe they are so compliant that they are nearly useless when confronted with Miron or Winterbottom.

    You have union presidents that have been persecuted, terminated and demoted. No work slow downs, no protests, no sick outs…nothing except contacting a union lawyer and waiting years for resolution.

  16. Mike,
    The mayor rules by fear. Every mayoral action regarding an employee is done to set an example and to remind the others that they could be next. The employees are depressed and afraid. Most of them would rather be working elsewhere. You are right on the money with the union officers. Regardless of the mayor’s tactics, they should show leadership and set an example by standing up to him. Sadly, they do not. It is only going to get much worse.

  17. 17 1george1


    That above post was the worst thing you’ve ever typed.


    There are ANTI SEMITES.
    There are also JEWISH who are ANTI everyone else.

    Fortunately most people are decent.

    I wrote about IRISH / ITALIAN / JEWISH / BLACK / WOMEN / GAY
    which the NEWS reports are the strongest Demographics for the
    Democratic party. I don’t make this stuff up.

    My point was USPS MANAGEMENT INTENTIONALLY created a
    POTEMKIN VILLAGE where they tried to get me and others to


    Because you are NARROW MINDED, you will NEVER ACCEPT that some
    people on YOUR SIDE – regardless of your LOVE for CERTAIN POLICE
    or certain GROUPS of PEOPLE – ALSO intentionally, wilfully, and VERY
    MALCIOUSLY do horrible things to INNOCENT and not so INNOCENT


    I wrote the TRUTH.

    I was 100 % clear that it was MANAGEMENT who created an EEOC PURVIEW
    MATCH in the USPS and the mIRON CURTAIN are using much the SAME
    TACTICS, from the SAME PLAY BOOK that I saw before.

    ================== JEZE to MIKE ==================================

    Like everything else in life, it is a question of balance.

    GEORGE > There was a need for UNIONS from the mid 1800s.
    Some UNIONS became as abusive as Management
    Some UNIONS are Management Tools
    Some UNIONS continue to do GREAT WORK
    Mostly it is a mixture.
    Unions like politicians, work to impress the majority.
    Sometimes they use a Minority of people or person, for their purposes,
    the same way the mIRON CURTAIN does & USPS did to me & mine.
    Same way HITLER did.
    Same way BRITISH COLONIALISM doomed the american indian.

    – – –

    I agree with Jeze and some bloggers about Miron / Burturla.

    Jeze and most bloggers have no respect or empathy for me
    or my family or my support people or Stratford’s General Public.
    They only care about their narrow selfish interest.

    Jeze will not acknowledge that people are set up and used for
    example, where cyclops NAILS it why I can NOT accept what the
    USPS did to me and mine, and MIRONS using SAME TACTICS to you
    and YOURS.

    We are NOT friends.

    However, your enemy is mine enemy, ergo we have common interest.
    I do NOT hate anyone locally, and do not consider anyone an “enemy.”
    Yet, they are willfully in the way of things needed for their own selfish
    reasons. I lost respect for them and feel they are FRONTS for State /
    National people who play them / you / me as fools and treat us as
    puppets / human chess!

    NO BLOGGER has ever refuted connections of
    Kevin Kelly to Blumenthal / Mossman
    John Burturla Homeland Security to Lieberman
    Blumenthal to Lieberman
    DeLauro to Dodd to local party
    Rich Burturla > Berchem to Bridgeport / Stratford & those on his Web

    Because I can preponderantly, clearly, and plainly prove there ARE
    Politcal Alliances, and because my derided economic predictions came
    true and because I VERIFY my FACTS – you can not REBUTT me with

  18. 18 jezebel282


    I will not argue about this with you. I simply won’t tolerate bigoted and racist comments on my blog.

    Go start your own.

  19. 19 1george1


    You are a BIGOT.
    You are CRUEL and INSENSITIVE to many PEOPLE and ISSUES outside your

    You cast STONES.
    You are too COWARDLY to accept CRITICISM and too NARROW MINDED to
    accept that YOU and some of your ALLIES do BAD THINGS.

    You characterize my words and edit me, instead of letting readers judge

    Miron told me he expected you to ban me, as did a couple of his people.
    But that was months ago.
    They don’t like much of my criticism, yet even though they get the bulk
    of my criticism, they recognize I TRY to give HONEST FACTS and criticism!

    Jeze, I knew NOTHING about EEOC stuff, until USPS Robert Brinker, NALC
    (Union) Paul forgot his name, and NLRB Peter Hoffman – each Jewish and
    each in a position of Trust made comments about me directly to my face
    and that I overheard, which were anti – GOY.

    I lived in HELL, because a FEW JEWISH people and MORE non JEWISH PEOPLE
    wanted to use me for their RESPECTIVE AGENDAS.

    I am not ANTI – JEWISH.
    Christ & his family were JEWISH.
    I believe in the 10 Commandments as fitting objectives and generally live
    in JUDEO – CHRISTIAN way of life.
    I treat people as INDIVIDUALS.

    If some people are HAND PICKED to PLAY a ROLE based on EEOC MANDATES
    because the END GAME was ANTI – EEOC and I figured out the true AGENDA
    and if you are TOO STUPID, TOO NARROW MINDED, AND TOO CRASS to know
    the difference – then that is your problems.

    And according to some people on the C.R.C., and also on each Town
    Committee they felt you needed therapy.

    So, Jeze – live down to Jim Miron’s prediction and the criticism of others.
    You can have your own little blog, when you ban me for writing about how
    SOME PEOPLE used OTHER PEOPLE specificly for ANTI – EEOC Mandates and
    how some people being used, had their OWN AGENDA ….

    Eventually your blog will be just you.
    You will find excuses to BAN anyone who doesn’t kiss your butt or
    PHRASE things the way you want or dares to write criticism of you.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    You have not been banned.

    But you indiscriminately accuse entire races of people of conspiracy against you? And that is not bigoted because why? You typed it?

    And I am cruel?

  21. 21 citizenkane1

    George – you really need help. You should re-read your posts. Now the Jews are out to get you too? You are a textbook paranoid and narcissist. You should really go seek professional help. I guess all the studies are correct, people’s mental illness tend to show more around the holidays. George, you are a very intelligent man, however you are allowing your delusions to get the best of you. Maybe speak to your clergyman, they are ready to deal with this sort of stuff around the holidays.

    Peace and mental peace for you my friend.

  22. 22 1george1


    Try to understand that OTHER PEOPLE created the RULES and PLACED the
    GROUPS of PEOPLE they wanted me to SEE and REACT AGAINST, because
    they HAND PICKED pea-brains to act maliciously.

    In WW II – The allies fought Germans, Italians, and Japanese.
    The English and Irish were 800 year enemies.
    There were DEFINITELY ANTI – JEWISH sentiments among certain people.
    My grandfather told me about signs saying (irish/jewish/italian/black/polish)
    ” _______ ” need not apply (for a job)

    My irish catholic uncle married an english episcopalean aunt.
    That went over like a lead balloon.
    Guess what?
    Growing up – I knew NOTHING about IRISH – ENGLISH problems –
    didn’t care then – don’t care now.
    I don’t care about Israel – Palestein problems.
    I don’t care about Iraq – Iran problems.

    My future father was a WW II Combat vet in the Phillippines.
    G -2 “Military Intelligence proctored my father to write a story
    about combat, which was published in the Bridgeport Herald.

    Pre WW II, Bridgeport politics included a socialist mayor and had
    heavy percents of Irish / Italian / Jewish.

    The story that was proctored by G -2 contain many ICONS which
    my father had NO CLUE had double meanings and would attract
    the attention of Irish / Jewish / Italians / Socialists.

    What happened to my father and then later to me, and then to
    Stratford is a continuation of a multi-century military / political
    operation, where names and people are just “plugged in.”

    But you indiscriminately accuse entire races of people of
    conspiracy against you?

    I typed CERTAIN PEOPLE of certain RACES were HAND PICKED
    to HURT ME and my FAMILY and my SUPPORT and my TOWN.

    That is entirely different than typing “entire races,” when I
    type certain HAND PICKED people WITHIN RACES, were picked
    for ANTI – EEOC purposes and for THEIR GAME.

    I did NOT pick the PEOPLE!
    They DID!

    I did NOT set the RULES and parameters of the GAME!
    They DID!

    I did NOT pick the enemies or mistreat people!
    They DID!

    Do I expect you or others to believe me?

    However, while they were keeping Military and other people
    preoccupied with this and other games, the CRIMINALS lived
    out their LIVES in MADOFF fashion of creature comforts!

    I dislike Trump & Bush, among many others.
    Not mention entire races … except when you read what you want to read.


    My favorite newspaper columnist, when I was growing up?
    MAX LEHRNER = Jewish

    Favorite economist

    Raised $ 20,000 for MDA 1982-1984
    JERRY LEWIS = Self described SUPER JEW

    I can not count how many Jewish Movie / TV / Music people
    worthy of RESPECT and ADULATION.
    some who are the antithesis.

    Jeze – If I am ANTI SEMETIC – than you are ANTI -GOYIM!
    And I and so many others are sick of the RACE CARDS / ANTI SEMITE
    CARD / and being pigeon holed / classified / and told what to think /
    how to act / what others decide are Political Correct.

    YES you are CRUEL – MEAN – HONERY – CANTANKEROUS and more.

    You are also passionately loyal to your friends and people you believe in.
    And you have a narrow circle of outrage, within that field yet RARELY
    do you EVER POST about:

    Yeah Jeze – it is your post.
    Why not make a list of SUBJECT LINES.

    I bet the TOP TOPICS are:
    ANTI Jim Miron
    ANTI Dick Miron
    ANTI LoSchiavo
    ANTI J Burturla
    Why not MUCH anti DICK BURTURLA?
    Some Town Charter mostly as it relates to Miron
    Some AVCO as it relates to Mirons
    Some Shakespeare as it relates to Miron
    Some LBW as it relates to Miron
    Some Toxic Waste dump as it relates to Miron
    Some Animal Shelter as it relates to Miron

    Go ahead Jeze make a list.
    Check it twice.
    I bet you concetrate on berating certain you believe naughty
    and you post very little to help the innocents & nice!

    still suck, despite this being Christmas eve and mid Hanukkah.
    I want to stay within the true purview of this blog!! 😉

    I wish everyone a long, happy, healthy, and properous New Year
    and Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah!

  23. 23 1george1


    I post there are good and bad in EVERY GROUP.

    YOU can REREAD my POSTS.
    I know what I wrote.

    Who you write that EVERYONE within ANY GROUP were PERFECT,

    While you were typing, I was trying to clarify my position that
    OTHER PEOPLE picked people of certain backgrounds for their
    GAME – not my game.

    Further certain people made statements to me in person.
    And I overheard what certain persons said.
    And I limited my examples.

    For some people on this BLOG you love calling other people crazy,
    delusional, paranoid, and suggesting people need drugs or The-rapist.

    Everybody but you people are crazy?

    Kane, I respectfully decline your suggestion and disagree with you
    analysis. However, while I will NEVER be able to convey my experience
    (NOT UNLIKE SURVIVORS of WAR or HOLOCAUST) and trauma and damage
    caused by CERTAIN / CERTAIN / CERTAIN / CERTAIN / CERTAIN hand picked
    people – I can speak truth to power and truth to those who do not want
    to know that they aren’t perfect either.

    Jeze – are you perfect?
    Are all of your allies perfect?

    Kane – at least your suggestion was polite.

    My intent was NOT to INSULT but to INFORM.

    Let me put it this way –

    BERNIE MADOFF (or an non Jewish equivalent)
    SOMEONE who protected your INVESTMENTS

    A foot soldier who warned you were being set up for a trap
    A goldbrick who shirked his duty and got many of your friends killed.

    Dec 22 was the 32nd anniversary of my father’s death.
    My words might sting by accident.
    My deeds are intended to protect.
    I made a pledge

  24. George,
    You more than any other person ought to be very thankful that Jezebel has donated so much of his time and his life to continuation of this blog. Where would you and everyone else be without it? As I recall, your beloved friend the playwright abandoned it a very long time ago. You personally owe him a sincere apology.

    All of the people who have been hurt by the miron administration owe him the “purple heart.”

  25. 25 jezebel282



    (Looks down)


  26. 26 starlooker

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm last time I was with Jez she looked VERY female to me….. the only MALE (MAIL) I would see is if she sent out a letter in the US Mail LOL

  27. Him/Her? What difference does it make? He owes it an apology!

  28. 28 1george1


    Jeze, you, and others relentlessly attack everyone who does not agree with you.

    What do you think I owe an apology for?

    MEET me FACE to FACE.
    DEBATE me in person.
    LET me SHOW you 25 AFFADAVITS and ignored sustained harassment grievances.
    > Included are statements about EEOC purview match, on personnel change,
    which was a COVER for bringing in workers at 60 % pay = Thier O.T. =

    I am guilty of stating the political reality that the national Republican strategy
    is to paint the Democrats in a certain way to attract the majority which are
    Whites, and certain other Demographics, while the Democrats allow themselves
    to appear to pander to limited Demographics, placing themselves at such a
    competative disadvantage they had to destroy the economy to win the White
    House and Legislative Branch, while abetting the Republicans GRAND THEFT?

    In Joseph Lieberman’s book about John Moran Bailey the “Power Broker”
    Lieberman states CT. Democratic Party power base was Irish-Jewish-Italian.
    > The Republicans bash Gay & have anti Black policies, to get the White
    and anti Gay Vote! That has been the political reality.

    Because Jeze doesn’t know how to read CERTAIN / CERTAIN / CERTAIN people
    within a Group acted meanly and EDITS ME and BERATES ME and PUTS WORDS
    in MY MOUTH that I NEVER INTENDED – I owe her an apology!

    Because all of you INSULT my MENTAL CAPABILITIES because I write TRUTHS
    I should accept your INSULTS and CONTINUED BIGOTRY towards me,
    towards my family, towards my support, towards School children and seniors
    and Tax Payers and others who YOU IGNORE and who I have aided ….
    > I pounded O’Connell & the Town Councils on less than 1/2 of kids getting
    all day kindergarten for 2 years. It changed.
    > I pounded the Town Council on no Ethics Commission. It got filled. I can now
    prove it was with their ETHICAL SLUTS.
    > I pounded the Town Council on 2 % Cap, which they had ignored. They had
    to create an Administrative Court case, which can now be exposed by pattern.
    > I pounded the Town Committees on item after item and they responded with
    C. R. C. # 1 & # 2, which shall make their perfidity clear, plain, & evident.
    > I pounded the Town Committees & Council about reckless Pensions and the
    abusive Budgetary Grand Theft – Burturla / Miron / Norm / Kelly / Florek et al
    are now exposed to LIE-ability for their treachery, thanks to the MADOFFs and
    BUSH BUDDIES of WALL STREET and Congressional spending sabotage.
    > I pound the Mayor and Council on inequitable senior relief.
    > I have exposed the time table on the AIRPORT / LBW / AVCO / SHAKESPEARE
    whereas people KNOW the Town was screwup, but could not see that it is
    INTENTIONAL and what the (financial) motive was locally.

    That I wrote the truth that certain people harassed my dad and I and others?
    That the people who were placed in position to harm my dad were of Irish
    Catholic descent, because of LEGALESE STRATEGY of matching religious and
    ethnic backgrounds.

    Then when they had their (Haddad / Miron / Burturla / Mossman type)
    minions come after me, they placed people, who besides being Catholic
    Irish, also were Italian / Jewish in leadership positions in management /
    union. And some of those Jewish & the Hartford NLRB made remarks about
    me and my family and my background that were ANTI – GOY.
    > They TAUGHT ME about E.E.O.C. purview of Race – Religion – Creed –
    Sex Orientation – Age – Handicap – Color – Ethnic Origin – etc.
    > They SET UP the PARAMETERS and placed the PERSONNEL – NOT ME.

    Cyclops: This is “an” Internet (very first top of page) definition of BIGOT:

    a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

    Jeze is intolerant of my opinions and edits me.

    Jeze is prejudiced. (none of us is without prejudice)

    Because you and Jeze define BIGOT from EGO CENTRIC / ETHNO CENTRIC
    positions as if I dare to write anything about
    Any “one” Jewish – I am ANTI SEMETIC
    Any “one” of Color – I am a RACIST
    Any “one” who is Gay / Lesbian – I am homophobic or ANTI – GAY
    Any “one” who is Irish / Italian / WASP / etc – I am DISCRIMINATORY.

    Cyclops – because you and Jeze do NOT understand MEANINGS of words
    in terms OTHER than your NARROW LITTLE WORD –

    You decide I owe an apology – yet my use of words (as defined) is correct?

    You bash me relentlessly without remorse or consideration, yet I can NOT
    defend my words or positions.

    You feel I owe you and Jeze and apology for EDUCATING you and others on
    this BLOG about things going on in town, which affect all of you, only to be
    mocked whenever I bring up something not consistent with YOUR BELIEFS?

    In my professional capacity I get paid for generating FEED BACK.
    I do not create the FACTS.
    I report them as an honest messenger.
    Sometimes FACTS are not the DESIRED VIEW.

    In this blog, I post FACTS, OPINIONS, and I STIR the POT.

    I made the Town Council aware of the Playwrite’s blog.
    Many of them read this blog.

    I use this blog to get inside their head and inside your head.


    I want a better life for the people of Stratford; for all of you posters
    and all of you readers; and for the people causing the problems to see

    This summer the Bard published my letter about the Town HS STATE
    Champs, the River assets, and started praising the BRAKETTES as a
    TOWN “BRAND” ASSET, who are more successful in women softball than
    YANKEES = World Championships
    CELTS = NBA Titles
    CANADIANS = NHL Titles
    NFL team

    The next Monday “a little birdie” had Frank DeLuca speak at the Town
    Council about the Brakettes.
    I had already sent e-mails to ESPN – SUBWAY – Mr. Baird – Mr Straton

    You may have read the Town Council will lend $ 25,000 seed money to
    the Brakettes. In the new year, I will speak to Esq. Florek’s Bro-in-law
    and to a few other people on suggestions to raise perpetuating funds.

    I may not beat Town Hall. But, being a pain in the neck and bringing
    ideas forward about better ways to do things causes people to Think.

    When people Think, and are exposed to positions outside their own,
    and then have to defend those positions or change positions – have
    I done them a disservice or a service.

    So Cyclops, I challenge you, Jeze, and others.
    I write (not maliciously) that all of you are BIGOTS under this defintion:

    a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

    Do you:
    1. Conceed?
    2. Call me names?
    3. Debate based on specific facts?

    I have never sought a pound of flesh
    (Shylock was portrayed as Jewish – but no different in his
    demand for vengeance than so called Christians)

    I put up my own money

    I use my own time

    I research everything I write. I document. I have verification,

    When I am wrong I admit it.

    When I believe I am correct – I defend it unless convinced otherwise.

    So cyclops and Jeze – if I owe an apology, I am willing to give it, but
    NOT YET. Prove to me, why one is owed to anyone? Isn’t that REASONABLE?

    Merry Christmas.
    Happy Hanukka.
    Happy / Healthy / Properous New Year

  29. 29 jezebel282

    Cyclops, Star, Kane,

    Thank you so much!


    We both know what you wrote. I edited it. If you want to accuse me of whatever is popping into your head, use the pages I’ve given you.

    This article is about Rosilyn (Sam) Dupuis and her struggle with Miron/Winterbottom/Buturla.

    You do her a disservice by distracting readers with your….writings.

  30. 30 1george1


    Post what you edited, if you dare.

    You have bigoted view points about what I write.
    A few of your blogger friends are also extremely bigoted, as defined!

    No one has to read what I right.
    Instead of being distracted they can simply ignore it.
    Or they can refute it.

    You and your friends are mean spirited in things writen about me and those
    you do not like. I write in kind towards mutual respect or lack thereof.

    You can dish it out but you can not take it.
    Same way you accuse me – am I correct?

    I am still waiting for an answer on DC Promotion History.
    However since you people are ONE WAY – I do not expect an answer!

    I sympathize with Ms. Dupuis and posted as such.
    I do not like actions of Miron / Winterbottom / Burturla / Haddad –
    I posted as such.

    I REPEAT – Miron’s actions / decision come from OUTSIDE PRESSURES
    locally, which get State & National Feed Back to the LOCALS.

    Jim Miron did not want R Burturla as TA.
    He told me early in his term. His body language said he was truthful.
    This was verified by multiple people.

    This has been verified with independent multiple sources, which are Dem,
    Rep, and Ind/Unaff – however:
    2. They are NOT and DO NOT want to be on record.

    It was NOT the Mirons who put John Burturla as Head of Homeland
    (ffatherland) Security!

    It was NOT the Mirons who steered Haddad to Stratford.

    It was NOT the Mirons who steered Winterbottom to Stratford.

    It was not the Mirons who steered Kevin Kelly to work for Blumenthal
    as an investigator.

    It was not the Mirons who steered Millie Kelly to be Mossman and Imbro’s

    It was not the Mirons who use name games for people like
    Gilardi – I GI LARD
    Hava Nagilla = mulligaN reversed / Mulligan = Golf to Walker (Bush) Cup

    It was not the Mirons who chose George Mulligan to work in the White
    House as the DOD – ARMY Liaison to White House, which is in charge of
    the AIRFORCE ONE = HELICOPTER made for decades by SIKORSKY.

    It was not the Mirons who set up CHENEY as CEO of HALLIBURTON, which
    owned Stratford’s Dresser Industry.

    It was not the Mirons who set up the various ASHCROFT connections with
    the BUSH # 41 & # 43.

    It was not the Mirons who caused problems in Southport / Fairfield USPS
    or devastated Brideport / Stratford economics (although they didn’t help)

    Because you are a BIGOT who is INTOLERANT of anyone else’s point of
    / INSULT / ATTACK – I give you a dose of your own medicine.

    Edit me for relevance, as is your style or lack there of …

    Or let your readers judge me on my writings, for trying to make you ALL
    aware of FACT you do NOT want to acknowledge.

    About 1 -2 years ago I spoke to Sue & Tom Sulier. I had quoted US ARMY
    General Omar Bradley about Vietnam and projected it to IRAQ >
    We are in the WRONG WAR
    at the WRONG PLACE
    at the WRONG TIME
    with the WRONG ENEMY

    The exact same thing is true with attacks on Miron monsters, vs. Dupuis.
    Unless and until you learn the SOURCE of POWER – and then find ways to
    short circuit that power, they will just replace one group of USEFUL IDIOTS,
    with another GROUP of USEFUL IDIOTS.

    Want to help Sam Dupuis?

    The find the decision maker who has the power to SAY YES!

    Winterbottom / Burturla / Miron – can only say NO and lengthen problems.

    You got to get over their head. At certain points, there are certain political
    battles they do not want to fight and do not want exposed, since they are
    cowards with very sophisticated toys which they use from their stratifed
    cubby holes in the warrens.

    That is the ultimate service to Sam Dupuis – finding the right people to get
    the problem solved!


  31. 31 1george1

    TOM & SUE told me a relative (son?) of Omar Bradley lived in town.
    I would like to speak to him.
    I have not found a phone number to do so.

  32. 32 jezebel282


    I have already advised you that I will not debate you about this. It is pointless.

    If you do not post your monologues on the pages I have given you they will be deleted.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    Heartfelt congratulations to Mary Tiernan! She has won her arbitration against Mayor Moron and has returned to work.

    Nice job, Mary! Welcome back, we all missed you.

    (How will Winterbottom screw her around has yet to be seen). Hopefully a few Councilmen will keep their eyes on Ms. Tiernan and ensure she is not put through more useless suffering and pain.

  34. 34 1george1


    The completely worthless Charter Revision Commission did NOT create
    ANY changes of mechanisms to prevent or even make the MAYOR – ANY
    MAYOR do anything.

    The only thing the Town Council can do is pass Resolutions and Ordinaces.
    They can investigate, but who compells the Mayor to provide as asked?
    Town Attorney
    Police Chief
    Maybe Town Clerk.

    The CT. Criminal Justice & State Police have some Jurisdiction.
    Oh, who was the CT. STATE POLICE director of FATHERLAND SECURITY?

    The CT. Attorney General and some other departments have some
    oversight, which is basically means over looked.

    Then there are Justice / FBI.
    FBI Bridgeport co-head Don Comers’ dad is Fairfield Police Captain
    and FBI Comers got his first law enforcement job in Stratford Police
    in 1980, just a couple years before KapN Joe Burturla retired in 1985.

    Do Federal Judges Chatigny & Droney cover for Justice Dept with
    Kevin O’Connor / NO RA Daugherty – TwardY – Dooley = worthless
    as John Mitchell or SpyRoe Ag NEW & GO GO Gonzalez, who fired
    almost as many U. S. Attorneys as Miron fired Dept heads.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “The completely worthless Charter Revision Commission did NOT create ANY changes of mechanisms to prevent or even make the MAYOR – ANY MAYOR do anything.”

    Are you sitting? Good. Take a deep breath. Ready? I agree with you completely.

    But that’s what happens when the process is left to the RTC and DTC. Just another gang war protecting turf.

    Nonetheless…it is a bit of good news that Mary Tiernan who is a nice quiet hardworking secretary that never offended anyone and single mom has her job and benefits back. It really sucks being a sacrificial lamb.

  36. 36 1george1


    Are you sitting? Good. Take a deep breath. Ready? I agree with you completely
    ON Jeze’s POST # 35, without QUALIFICATION or RESERVATION. (A 1st) 8)

    But that’s what happens when the process is left to the RTC and DTC. Just another gang war protecting turf.

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