Flower Power!


Cops: Florist was no shrinking violet
Staff writer
Updated: 11/21/2008 11:17:00 PM EST

STRATFORD — An elderly florist should have tried saying it with flowers.

Instead, Edward Dillon, 70, was arrested after police said he punched an officer during a dispute over parking.

Dillon, the owner of Dillon’s Florist Shop on Main Street, was charged Thursday with assault on a police officer, interfering with an officer, breach of peace and improper parking.

He was released on a promise to appear in court, pending arraignment next Friday in Superior Court.

According to police, an officer saw Dillon pull up in front of his shop in a van Thursday morning and begin to unload flowers. When the officer told Dillon it was a no-parking spot, police said he replied, “You’re a real … buster aren’t you?”

Dillon also allegedly refused to turn over to the officer a driver’s license and registration, and instead spun around and punched the officer in the left shoulder. The officer stumbled from the impact, then radioed for assistance, according to the report.

Police said Dillon fought with officers before they could handcuff him.

So let’s see if we can get this straight; if you’re caught trimming your hedges, committing skunkicide or representing a union you’re going to be persecuted (correct spelling) to the fullest extent of the law. If you are friends with Loschiavo, Buturla or Miron you can assault a police officer and be home in time for dinner. Don’t you just love it here?


23 Responses to “Flower Power!”

  1. 1 nnanerak

    can anyone smell scamarama donation?

  2. 2 starlooker

    Just when I read it all now this? Yikes!! what is this Town coming to. Eddie has always been gruff but he really crossed the line and so did Loschiavo. Plain and simple he broke the law, now if I did something like that I wonder what I would get….. would I get off easier if I gave some money for the DC’s Charity?

  3. 3 1george1

    “..would I get off easier if I gave some money for the DC’s Charity?”

    A cynic might suggest that charity begins (& ends) at HOME?

    Brown Paper bags with pieces of green paper inside were a “norm.”
    They did not even have to be BIODEGRADEABLE…. 😉

    However, the mIRON CURTAIL appears to gravitate to FERTILE LIES-ERS?

    Is this an original?
    May I use it?


  4. 4 nnanerak

    Scamarama=a certain “foundation” that is headed up by non other than the thief.
    Much of the solicitation for this is done in uniform if you catch my drift.
    Just ask the guy at the flower shop.
    There is much more about this that has earned it it’s nickname. I won’t go into detail on this site, but rest assured, if I want to be sure that my $$$$$ is being used as I intended it to be, I’ll be sending it directly to the research hospitals and not via a travel agent.

  5. 5 1george1

    Some wish for Change
    Some wish for Reform
    I believe a political enema is needed.

    1902 short story:
    The monkey’s paw.

    A talisman can grant 3 wished.
    However the wishes become curses.
    Political people in Stratford got what they wished for.
    Same is true in the USA.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “Some wish for Change
    Some wish for Reform”

    I wish for a lifetime membership at Ka’anapali Course, Maui…oh and rent free Condo nearby.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    This whole case (assaulting an officer) will be quietly dropped. It seems Rich Buturla’s daughter is dating the officer who Ed Dillon punched out. Her uncle (John Buturla) had Maida (the officer) in his office for quite some time applying just the right amount of pressure. It looks like Joe Maida will be getting some turkey and desert after all on Thanksgiving…..

  8. 8 1george1


    I wish for a lifetime membership at Ka’anapali Course, Maui…
    oh and rent free Condo nearby.

    Is it Tsunami proof?

    East Hampton LI Taxes went up 24 %

    Depending on Pension Portfolio (expected to be $ 81 – 85 m tonight
    for Oct month end) with a Stock Bounce, and expected another reduction
    and then hopefully back up by June 31, Actuary close, 24 % maybe chump
    change for Tax increase to payoff Burturla’s buddies.

    Interesting how quickly Jeze went from supporting our police (initially)
    to blasting Burturla boyfriend. 😉

    Was that “Thanksgiving desert” or “just deserts?” 🙂

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Is it Tsunami proof?”

    Who cares? I can think of worse ways to go…..

    “Interesting how quickly Jeze went from supporting our police (initially) to blasting Burturla boyfriend.”

    Not at all. I still believe it is illegal to assault an officer. But I’m not the one who had the officer in my office to explain the “facts of life” to him.

  10. OK ~ WTF! This just isn’t right!

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Ya think?

  12. The way this is going to be dealt with is just wrong on so many levels. It’s another way things get dealt with if you’re in the “good ole’ boys network.”

    And we wonder why the children of all these flunkies feel entitled, and why everything else in our down is going down the toilet!

  13. So, does this officer have to go and apologize to Ed Dillon for legally arresting him? So, that gives another civilian power to do wrong AND get away with it – nice message.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    The only disconnect here are the accents. Other than that, we are run like a small backwoods southern town. Given the nature of the Mirons, Buturlas and Loschiavos, if you are in government the chances are that you are married to your sister, brother or first cousin.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    Now that I think about it, I wonder if Buturla made Maida “squeal like a pig”…..

  16. Jeze ~

    Why did you do that – I heard the music and everything! Not really the road I wanted to be on……

  17. 17 jezebel282


    You gotta wonder about Loschiavo’s teeth now…Do the bottoms make it look like…oh, never mind.

  18. 18 1george1

    Why not contact your boy in the CT POST with much of this guut stuf?

  19. 19 jezebel282


    “Why not contact your boy in the CT POST with much of this guut stuf?”

    Are you talking to me?

    Rich Weizel writes nice things about you, George. I thought he was YOUR boy.

    Besides, if Joe Maida wants to date Susan Buturla…well, you know what they say; you gotta take da good wit da bad or youse can fuggedaboudit.

  20. 20 1george1


    To my knowledge Rich has mentioned my name 4 times.
    1) Tire.
    2) Pension
    3) Twice when I ran for Town Council.

    I guess you may consider “gadfly” as nice, compared to other
    things written by bloggers.

    None of those people seem to question my issues and concerns
    for the last month or two, since the market tanked. Have they?

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “To my knowledge Rich has mentioned my name 4 times.

    See? He’s never mentioned “Jezebel” once.

  22. 22 1george1

    See? He’s never mentioned “Jezebel” once.

    Maybe Jeze is Rich Weisel?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “Maybe Jeze is Rich Weisel?”

    It’s possible…but Jezebel writes better and and is more factual.

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