Bag Men at Biagio’s

Your Donation Here

Your Donation Here

It’s that time again. Miron needs more money. A fund raiser for his re-election will be held at Biagio’s Osteria in Ryder’s Lane, Stratford. The price? $375 per person. No checks! Those can be traced. Just make your donation in small unmarked bills (making sure the serial numbers are not in sequence). Place your “donation” in plain #10 envelopes. Ashley (the girl wearing the latex gloves) will take the envelope from you. Sadly, Lakeview Monument or Outback Restaurant of Wilton will not be making donations this year on advice of their attorneys.

But, if you usually bet on red AND black, you may want to consider making the “donation” early. Especially if you want to keep that commission chairmanship…or your job.

Who has reservations for the shakedown gala event already? The Buturla Boys, the Loschiavos, Heather Habelka, Ashley Heydu, Linda Goodman, Tony Ross, Bob Connally…quite a gathering. (Will Bob Camillo show up with a couple of subways?)

Note: If I were a member of 407 or any town union, Biagio’s on Dec 11th would seem to be a great place for a poster or two.


18 Responses to “Bag Men at Biagio’s”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    The basic question is can enough money make the voters stupid enough?

  2. Jezebel,
    Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.”

  3. 3 jezebel282


    I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.

  4. 4 1george1

    Saturday’s CT. POST has Jim Miron listing what the Town Council
    (and he) could have done, that I raised as issues at Town Council
    Public Forums, and published in the Star & Bard.

    Same guy who was against the Mayor form of Government, listed
    potential Mayoral abuses in the C. R. C. Minority report, and then
    did exactly what he warned against.

    Recently he is anti-union, anti – abusive Pensions, yet it was his
    allies and Burturla’s and norm’s in management which has caused
    all of the local problems.

    …Edited for relevancy by Jezebel….

  5. 5 1george1

    When I was a teenager, my father set me up as a Mason’s helper,
    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Miron’s campaign platform; Blame everyone else (especially Mike Henrick):

    Keep Stratford focus where it matters
    Connecticut Post Staff
    Updated: 11/28/2008 06:43:05 PM EST

    The recent signing ceremony for the Long Beach West contract was open to the public and was held to recognize those members of the community who publicly worked to advocate the sale of Long Beach West to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    If only it were really a sale….

    For Councilman Michael Henrick, the chairman of the Stratford Town Council, to cry foul that the council was not part of the public signing ceremony makes no sense given the council’s action, as a legislative body, regarding Long Beach West.

    Whatever happened to that “backstabber” Forrester?

    I would be remiss if I did not point out that the Town Council refused to make a decision on the issue and only public pressure forced the council to send the Long Beach West sale to referendum rather than to terminate negotiations, as was the stated intention of a special meeting called by the Town Council chairman.

    You mean “public pressure” like using Town funds to promote your agenda?

    The Town Council’s decision to send Long Beach West to referendum broke longstanding precedent on the legislative body to make the very decisions each member was elected to make.

    I seem to remember other referendums….

    There are no shortages of examples to support the Town Council’s normal decision-making process that does not use referendum for important decisions.

    For example:

    Did the Town Council send to referendum the question of whether to spend millions of dollars of the public’s money on the renovation of the Shakespeare Theater?

    Errr…wasn’t that your idea, Jimmy? It think I remember it was you, Norko, et al who took the helicopter to Manhattan (trains are so pedestrian aren’t they?) to make the presentation.

    Did the Town Council send to referendum the selection of the developer of the Shakespeare Theater?

    What developer? Has anyone seen a check yet?

    Did the Town Council support charter revision that included a referendum on the municipal and education budgets?

    This is my personal favorite. You opposed every effort to revise the charter, Jimbo. You even hired consultants to persecute Pat Naylor.

    Does the Town Council send to referendum whether to borrow (bonding) money for capital projects?

    If they did, people might want to look at your budget transfers too, Jim. You should thank the council for this one.

    Is the Town Council going to send to referendum a question of whether to donate public tax dollars to private enterprises as they are contemplating now?

    Like who? Berchem Moses and Devlin?

    Did the Town Council send to referendum whether the town should spend millions of taxpayer dollars on an artificial turf field?

    Wasn’t that your buddy Bob Camillo who pushed that, Jimmy? Or aren’t you on speaking terms with him anymore?

    No. They have not. The Town Council chairman will claim that the Stratford Town Council is elected to make those decisions.

    However, in the case of Long Beach West, the Town Council, under the leadership of Henrick, abrogated their responsibility to vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on Long Beach West and refused to make a decision.

    And yet, you continued to misrepresent this “deal“.

    Now, after 65 percent of the voters joined me and the many others who publicly were in favor of the sale and worked tirelessly for its passage, the Town Council chairman is upset because the council was not invited to a ceremonial signing ceremony and photo opportunity?

    Perhaps if you worded the question accurately, the vote might have been different.

    As Stratford’s mayor I would suggest to the Town Council chairman not to focus on a ceremonial signing ceremony and photo opportunity or next year’s mayoral election but rather to keep focused on the real and important issues that our constituents have elected us to work on.

    Like funneling more money to Berchem, Moses and Devlin or firing anyone who will not genuflecute to Miron?

    That is where my focus will continue to be.

    Try it with the good eye open this time, Jim.

    Mayor Jim Miron (For one more year)


  7. 7 nnanerak

    Jez, I too have a response to the mayor’s absurd letter.

    I feel the Council acted responsibly when the put the LBW issue to a public vote. The key difference between this issue and all the others that YOU wrote about is, unlike the other issues, this was about removing LBW from the assets of the entire Town FOREVER. Understandably most of people in town wanted to protect the beach area and that is a very good thing. The true issue was the quality of the contract, whoever wrote that thing was grossly overpaid, as the townspeople recieved the quality of protection that a first year law student could have written better. I still object to the language of the terms of the sale. The only good thing the contract does is it ties any action on the beach up for at least five years, so Doc won’t be getting his dream after all. When the council put this to referendum they were able to truly get a handle on what the public wanted, which was to protect the beach forever.
    While you say that the signing was a public event, the fact that you issued invitations to people and did not send it to council shows that not only do you have no class at all but you are completely lacking in the ability to work in a team fashion for the good of the town. You know as well as everyone else that what it really boils down to is you didn’t want anyone else in your photo op, or being quoted or taking any credit which would be “stealing” your thunder-it would have ruined the only thing you think you have done to get re-elected with. The irony of the situation is to date there is NOTHING to take credit for but a piece of paper, and the expenditure of thousand of dollars in attorney fees that gave a contract that just may rape the taxpayer in 5 years. While I actually hope that is not the case, this IS Stratford and you know what can happen. Just wait for soil tests, I’m betting that is where we are going to get nailed. Just remember if council doesn’t invite you to something, it is not bad form, it is because they will admit they just didn’t want you there, simple and plain.
    I have some questions for you Jim.
    Did you ever bring to council or the public the fact that you wanted to remove all the workers with any sort of knowledge about how the town is run and hand it owver to your friends and family? If you did, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the public would have told you no. I believe you will get the same answer next November-
    Did you ask the council or the public if we wanted to pay for assistants to the assistants and your new (campaign) PR person?
    Did you ever ask the public or the council for a consensus of all the contract voilations you have committed which have cost us thousands of dollars in attorney fees on cases in which YOU and your lack of credibility have(judge’s words not mine) clearly lost???
    How about how you handled that whole Titasheen fiasco and the lawsuits that resulted from that? We taxpayers stand to lose our shirts over that act of poor judgement on your part. Did you ever ask if we wanted to have that type of liability? Or pay for the classes you mandated? I certainly hope you were the first to take them and learn something after your VFW problem.
    Did you ever ask the public if we wanted to purchace the ford escapes or the Smart cars? We would have much rather spent the $$$ on fire and public works trucks as well as town building repairs, the public doesn’t want ANY town employees to have take home vehicles. PEROID. Especially not the police dept or you for that matter. All the admin in town is paid enough to haul their own behinds to work, and the next time you think about taking a helicopter or a limo anywhere it better be coming out of your SALARY and not tax dollars. You are not royality and you are certainly not a successful businessman and neither are they, so you can hoof it like the rest of the population-Lenox Ave. is within walking distance to town hall-but that’s right Shelton is MUCH further, so is Roxbury and Orange………..
    Did you ever ask the public if we want to become national laughing stocks because of your actions?
    Did you ever ask council and the public if you and your staff could use the phones in town hall to set up “Massage” appointments?
    Did you ever ask the public or the council if we wanted to pay top dollar to people who aren’t qualified to have their jobs? Again we would have told you no. Just like Ben did.
    Did you ever ask if we want you to violate a order of the court about reinstating an employee to her position, which will ultimately send more fees to the town attorneys office and waste money in settlements-you know that the public would say that you should move your dad’s friend and if she kick’s him out is shouldn’t matter he should be in jail anyway-either way he’s leaching off the taxpayers.
    Did you ever ask if the public wanted to fund the “private” internal investigation in the PD? Did you ever ask if council wanted to accept the fianacial liability for the actions of Ms. Mccauley on your behalf?(don’t EVEN try to say you recused yourself as you were quoted multiple times that someone WAS going to pay…) Ms. Mccauley wanted to keep her job so she knows how to bend over for you.
    Did you ever ask the council and public if we wanted the unions to be “busted”?
    There are so very many questions I could continue to throw at you many that would create even more of an embarrassment, and if I have to ask them I will…..
    I will remind you, that town hall IS a public building, and NOT your personal boudoir, or room to host superbowl parties. It is a place to conduct business of the Town, not personal business or pleasures.
    Now I know that your come back will be that all this is administrative-but actually there is a blurry line here–when it effects the money in town it opens the doors for council input. I realize that this may just be beyond your scope of abilities but try to get people to work as a team in town for the best quality of life we can have for EVERYONE in the community, not just YOUR family and friends…you’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished.
    Here’s a news flash for you Jim, the people in Stratford are sick to death of the corruption they feel comes from your office and those appointed by YOU. The people are taking notice of what both you and your admin have cost this town and have take notice of what council has failed to do to stop it. If council won’t stop you the people will.
    Just 11 months and 4 days left Jim, you better start packing now-and I’m not talking about a gun.

  8. 8 nnanerak

    I forgot one thing-Jim,
    This came up at Thanksgiving dinner from some out of State family members.
    Are you aware that college professors that teach ethics classes use Stratford as an example of “corrupt small town” since this institution of the mayoral form of government. NOW THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN RUN ON IN THE FALL……aren’t you proud to have that as YOUR legacy to the town? I know I was disgusted.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Are you aware that college professors that teach ethics classes use Stratford as an example”

    Does that mean that this blog is required reading? Should I be expecting some royalty checks soon?

  10. 10 jezebel282


    I forgot to mention…great posts!

  11. 11 1george1


    If you could consolidate to 500 words, it could be published by the
    CT. POST, STAR, or BARD.

    Like Jeze, I agreed with virtually everything written about Miron’s
    machinations. Well written.

    Either you pay attention to town comings and goings or you are a political
    insider, or talk with several.
    My experience verifies many of those listed which are fact based.
    In these areas, we share opinions, for the most part.

  12. 12 nnanerak

    Jez, Thank you.

    George, Thank you, and yes I pay close attention and no I am not a political insider-definately not. Though when you pay attention, sometimes you know who to ask what. Sometimes the questions are good questions and get interesting answers.
    If you want to have a shot at consolidating and sending it in, I say go for it. It was a definate catharsis writing it once-not sure it would have the same effect if I had to do it again.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    You’re welcome.

    “and yes I pay close attention”

    In this town, sometimes paying close attention is like driving slowly by a terrible accident. You want to look away but…..

  14. 14 nnanerak

    so true, so very very true

  15. 15 1george1

    I have Letters to the Editor in back up position.
    The Newspapers prefer to have different people published,
    although there are some pets in the CT. POST.

    The Bard gets less circulation, and I suspect less submissions.
    Tris DeRoma is a very nice person and he is experienced, astute,
    and well balanced. Good reporter. Open minded. Looks to show
    as many sides of the coin as possible.

    The Star was closed to me until Fred told me about lies told to him
    by a former higher up, now working for the Post.
    New Reporter / Editor John Kovach has published me pretty often.
    He definitely want various view points.

    The Post tends to publish my less pointed political letters with the
    exception of my blasting the Town Council on the Charter Revision
    Commission selection process.
    > I did Publicity for the WW II Commission and they Published 8 – 10
    :etters on that.
    > I was able to get 2 Letters to the Editor a year published in the
    early 2000s about observations on Stratford Politics.
    > Just after Fahrenheit 911, my geopolitic Letter contained the quote
    from General Omar Bradley about SO VIETnam, but appropriate to IRAQ >
    “We are in the WRONG WAR, at the WRONG TIME, in the WRONG PLACE,
    with the WRONG ENEMY.”
    – A couple months later Yale / Skull & Bones ALUMNI / PRESIDENTIAL
    CANDIDATES “W” & KERRY debated and that quote was used by both of
    them almost as often as “JOE the PLUMBER.”
    (NIXON & MCCAIN seemed to have an affinity for PLUMBERS) ­čśë
    (What was RAY’S chosen field?)
    > I have also have some scientific related letters Published.

    However since ROBERT LASKA and ROBERT BERCHEM are on UNIV BPT
    Board of Directors, it seems possibly causally related to why certain
    letters never get published and certain facts do not become known.

    Nanaerak, many of the issues you wrote, I have also written about.
    However we have different styles of writing.
    Our listings of priorities are undoubtedly different.

    You would have to put your real name and contact information in case
    the newspapers want to confirm that you were a real person and NOT
    a GHOST WRITER. The Star actually checked a few people.

    – LBW – Sale Terms – delayed compensation – Questionable Contract?

    – Miron poltical grandstanding, photo op, & selective invitations.

    – Patronage – Spoils System – Steering – Featherbedding – Graft – coverup

    – Public’s assets and new political personnel for political ends

    – Generalized statement about administration corruption & opinion of
    Town’s population’s concensus, without detailed substanciation.
    > Any town wide poll?
    > Differenticate between corruption and political discretion.
    > Define and substanciate “corruption” in objective terms.
    > Preponderant, clear, plain, and evident facts and circumstances.
    > Jurisdictional violations of law for corruption.

    Despite whatever your sources have told you about the EXCEL and
    other submissions, I have and can list general and specific multi-
    jurisdictional situations for various deaths, accidents, situations,
    and more.

    However, Law Enforcement has complete investigative autonomy
    regardless of statute, for investigatory disgression. Unless or until
    a more powerful authority forces the issue.

    Since the 1980s, I have ventured to every venue, only to find there
    are political influences and powers which BLOCK unbiased redress.

    While FOS and others will call me paranoid and crazy, (perhaps I am-
    yet still be generally accurate) they have yet to see the system use
    its’ powers to protect itself from exposure, investigation, prosecution,
    indictment, conviction, and incarceration or appropriate.

    Almost everybody has a price.
    Especially when in government with career control by superiors and
    peer pressures.

    Yet, in a well writen “opinion about your beliefs” people can expose
    Miron / Burturla / Butternuts / others about usurpation of Liberty,
    Justice, and Good Government

  16. 16 jezebel282


    Obviously you’ve lost this link:

  17. Nnanerak,
    You made some very good arguments regarding the take home vehicles. I now agree with you – no one – not even the mayor should be driving a town vehicle to and from work. That alone, will save thousands of dollars.
    What award did he violate? The most recent one regarding the return of the Asst. Tax Assessor? How is he getting away with not honoring it?
    He was arrogant and vindictive not to invite the council to the beach signing ceremony. Those people represent “us” the taxpayers. So by ignoring them, he ignored all of us. Even the federal government invites all the congress members to such events. He is a person with absolutely “no class” or manners.
    Who is the mayor’s p.r. person? Is it the latest adm.asst.from the newspaper?

    He is so bold and so certain of himself.

  18. 18 nnanerak

    the most recent one–good question–but he’s the mayor he can do what ever the f#$k he wants remember? and we taxpayers get left paying for his never ending errors in judgement. I wouln’t call him bold and certain, more like cocky and deviant.

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