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On Feb 25, 07 Officer Doug O’Meara, while covering a call for Justin Loschiavo, was arresting a domestic violence subject on Nichols Ave. For whatever reason, the party (also known in NYC as “poip”) decided to fight with Officer O’Meara. During the altercation Officer O’Meara landed hard on his left hip/back. After Officer O’Meara struggled […]

Let’s see if Berchem Moses and Devlin are willing to take a cut in hours or their hourly billing rate. Or perhaps a few less “assistants” in the mayor’s office? Maybe the council might have something to say about the budget? Nah…what do they know?

Christian Miron, the brother of Mayor James R. Miron, is seeking monetary damages in a defamation lawsuit filed this week against the Stratford police union, current and former union leaders and Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick

We are going to take a moment and review a couple of ideas that are supposed to make this country a democracy and a republic. This is a remedial lesson for James R. Miron and John Buturla. The rest of you can sit patiently while we provide this tutorial to the slow students in the class:

Deputy Police Chief Joe “the Tooth Fairy” Loschiavo is leaving the Stratford Police Department. Some say he is retiring, others say he was fired. Between the unregistered car, speeding down the Merritt, stealing Town equipment, hiring anyone named “Loschiavo” or “Miron”, or shilling for Buturla while Buturla collects his consulting fees on Town time it added up to…too much.

hearing-fd-termination Chief Cybart started his career as a Volunteer Firefighter in the City of Shelton over thirty years ago. His service to the City of Shelton also involved a six year term as the Emergency Management Director and twenty five years as a part-time police officer. Chief Cybart joined the Stratford Fire Department in September […]