Chief of Firing Goes After Fire Chief



Chief Cybart

Chief Cybart

Chief Cybart started his career as a Volunteer Firefighter in the City of Shelton over thirty years ago. His service to the City of Shelton also involved a six year term as the Emergency Management Director and twenty five years as a part-time police officer. Chief Cybart joined the Stratford Fire Department in September of 1994 having come from the Sikorsky Fire Department, where he held the Rank of Chief. He has held the rank of Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, and now Chief in the Stratford Fire Department. He was awarded the professional designation of “Chief Fire Officer” (CFO) by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and is also finishing the Executive Fire Officer program at the National Fire Academy. Chief Cybart graduated from the University of New Haven with an Associates Degree in Fire and Occupational Safety, a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration, and a Masters Degree in Labor Relations.

There will be more posted about this soon. Right now, we can only shake our heads in wonder. How bad does it have to get in this town before it finally stops? Can Mayor Moron destroy any more departments?

Update: Chief Cybart’s hanging hearing has been postponed due to medical leave. Let us hope Jay gets well by Dec 12……2009.

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  1. Now he is firing department heads that he himself appointed. The mayor promoted Chief Cybart to Chief in 2006. If this person is re-elected in November he will feel vindication from the taxpayers. And, every single employee remaining on the muncipal payroll will be systematically removed and replaced with his political affiliates. You can take that to the bank! He wants every employee to be dependent on him for their jobs, and in exchange for your job – well you can imagine what will be expected. The sky is the limit. You can take that to the bank! Wake up employees, come out of your cocoons and take him on before it is too late for those of you who remain – time is running out for you and for the town.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “and in exchange for your job – well you can imagine what will be expected.”

    The first thing that is expected is that every Miron hire will contribute a minimum of $375 before Dec 11th to his re-election campaign….or else.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Do the Buturla’s or Loschiavos have any more relatives that need a job?

  4. Jezebel,
    Would he be calling this meeting if he thought he did not have the votes to sustain the termination? If I were the Chief – I’d be hiring the best damn labor attorney in the world and quickly!

  5. 5 jezebel282


    You may be correct….although I cannot imagine what he might accuse Cybart of (not) doing. Leaking Christian Miron’s personnel file?

    If the Council votes to terminate Jay Cybart, there is no hope in this town for any rational decision. We now have a completely demoralized police department and soon a completely demoralized fire department. The laughter and smiles have disappeared in Town Hall long ago.

    Although I am pretty happy right now I don’t live at 75 or 79 Lenox Ave. By the time they put the fire out at 77 Lenox Ave…..

  6. 7-302: “Hearing prior to dismissal of fire department head. Appeal. No active head of any fire department of any town, city or borough shall be dismissed unless he has been given notice in writing of the specific grounds for such dismissal and an opportunity to be heard in his own defense, personally or by counsel, at a public hearing before the authority having the power of dismissa. Such public hearing, unless otherwise specified by charter, shall be held not less than five nor more than ten days after such notice. Any person so dismissed may appeal within thirty days following such dismissal to the superior court for the judicial district in which such town, city or borough is located. Service shall be made as in civil process. Said court shall review the record of such hearing, and, if it appears upon the hearing upon the appeal that testimony is necessary for an equitable disposition of the appeal, it may take evidence or appoint a referee or a committee to take such evidence as it directs and report the same to the court with his or its findings of fact, which report shall constitute a part of the proceedings upon which the determination of the court shall be made. The court, upon such appeal, and after a hearing thereon, may affirm the action of such authority, or may set the same aside if it finds that such authority acted illegally or arbitrarily, or in the abuse of its discretion, or with bad faith or malice.”

    Merry Christmas Chief Cybart.

    Now, does anyone know what the specific grounds for his dismissal are? Certainly, the Chief should have been informed pursuant to statute.

  7. 7 jezebel282


  8. Monday, 12/8 at 10 a.m. – it is not before the Town Council – it’s only in front of the mayor. From what I read in the statute, he does not need the vote of the council. He can have the hearing, dismiss him and then the Chief can appeal to the superior court.
    Employees, take note – all of you are going to have your turn unless you rise up.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “Employees, take note – all of you are going to have your turn unless you rise up.”

    Are there any non-Miron hires left? I doubt the cops will say a word, they have been effectively silenced.

    Perhaps some of Stratford’s Bravest will demonstrate some bravery?

  10. 10 starlooker

    Just when I heard it all now this……. Who is next? At some point this HAS to be addressed…. I am tired of hearing from a cousin in Az. about Stratford. she will tell me….. MOVE….. we are dealing with a MADMAN…No morals, his way or no way. Our Town was running fine until this. Personally I am sick and tired of Stratford getting bad press….. well it shall continue… iN REALITY DO ALL THIS LOYAL WHO HAVE JOBS TRULY THINK WHEN A NEW ADMINISTRATION COMES IN THEY WILL STILL BE THERE? Do they feel a new Mayor they will still be there? Most important….. can we all survive the past few years? Layoffs, lawsuits etc. If he expeacts to run again can someone tell him reality? I struggle daily with 2 jobs and going to school…why> our taxes and I feel one the suits come in my taxes will be sky high. Stratford is the laughing stock of the USA… trust me I know many who lived here and moved and they hear. this Chief better not get let go and I give him 100% credit for fighting…… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. He is now starting in on the ones he hired with Chief Cybart. And, yes, Jezebel, there are lots of positions out there for him to start picking off.

  12. 12 jezebel282


    It may be the only thing Miron does well. Lord knows, he’s had enough practice firing people without cause:


    Ben Branyan
    Judy Heigel
    Pat Blumstein
    Al Dubois
    Rosalyn (Sam) Dupuis
    Elaine O’Keefe
    Mary Tiernan
    Eileen Murphey
    Diane Toolan
    Pat Naylor
    Sue Nicholson
    Brian Thomas
    John Carroll
    Steven Danzer
    Len Buehler
    Kim Correia
    Diane Maurice
    Maureen Kendrick

    Retired (with pot o’ gold)

    Ron Natrass
    Mike Imbro
    Pat Ulatowski
    Mark DeLieto
    David Evans
    Tom Rodia
    Robert Skrutsky
    Richard Yeomans
    Chris Marino

    Patrice Sulik
    Beth Stremple
    Ken Kellogg
    Mark Haddad
    Marilyn Flores
    Kent Miller (Fired, rehired, quit)
    Angelo Stavola
    Tina Burgett
    Shawn Farmer

    Banished from Town Hall
    Gina Connor, Duncan Yetman, Linda Domenic

    Demoted and Suspended:
    Joe McNeil

    Head on Chopping Block:
    John Cybart

  13. 13 1george1

    How long has Cybart been with the Stratford Fire Dept?

  14. 14 mikereynolds

    Has anyone found out what Mayor Moron’s reasoning is to terminate the chief?

  15. 15 1george1

    13-14 years.
    In the blog stream.

    Will he get defined benefit and 401 a, like certain other people?

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “Has anyone found out what Mayor Moron’s reasoning is to terminate the chief?”

    I’m not sure how you define “reasoning” when you are speaking of Miron.

    Cybart’s Big Crime: Answering questions from Councilwoman Amy Wanamaker without asking Miron’s permission.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “Will he get defined benefit and 401 a, like certain other people?”

    Chief Cybart is only 54 years old.

    Unlike John Buturla, the Police Chief, or Joe Loschiavo, the Deputy Police Chief, Mr. Cybart invested in Stratford after he became Chief and bought a house here. He pays taxes here like the rest of us. Bad move, Jay.

    Anyone named “Buturla” or “Loschiavo” just suck the Town dry.

  18. Mike ~

    In the last 3+ years, has Jim Miron needed a reason to do anything? We’ve all heard the words echoing throughout Town Hall: “[He’s] the mayor and can do whatever the [expletive removed] he wants.”

    I recently heard that LoSchiavo is still there because he’s Miron’s boy – he needs someone in the PD to keep an eye on things for him.

    I’ve heard horror stories about the way Miron’s “girlz” treat other – specifically female – administrative employees in Town Hall too. I’m hoping one of these days before Miron is voted out (and he will be voted out, despite a $375 a plate fundraiser at Biagio’s) someone goes to the Department of Labor with a “hostile work environment” complaint.

    I’ve got to wonder if Suzanne McCauley realizes now what she’s gotten herself into. I don’t think she ever realized how little say she actually would have.

  19. 19 1george1

    Just looking to claify one of your arguments.

    Doesn’t Burturla own a North Stratford Mansion.
    FRED referred to Town Attorney fees as paying for another Wing.

    I thought LoSchiavos lived in Stratford?

    Jeze, You indicated Cybart owning a Stratford home as a positive.
    I tend to agree with certain (most) other positions of the political personnel.

    Can you come up with political verbage for the acronym: S.K.A.N.K.S.
    Google: skank in urbandictionay. I LOL.

    Interesting that Amy getting Firemen involved in need for new Fire’
    Truck was used by Miron & Henrick to posture for a NEW & USED
    (relatively NEW) Fire Truck.
    Coincidentally, ex-Chairman went before the C.R.C. 2 to ask for a
    Raise of Miron.
    Miron went to C. R. C. # 2 the next month for a mechanism in the
    Town Charter, to create pay raise for the Mayor.

    Know anybody who sells preowned Fire Trucks?

    Know why Henrich would seek $ 135,000 pay level for Mayor, when
    he – Miron – Feehan – Best/Proto – knew they couldn’t give any raise
    until they changed the Town Charter, to allow that change?

    Why $ 90,000 to $ 135,000?
    50 % increase.
    Anyone want to bet that before the year is out, there will be a 2 to
    4 step increase in pay, topping out around $ 117,000?

    Is Cybart a victim or part of the series of games?

    Imbro has
    1) 401 a of probably $ 40,000 Town Money for 5 years,
    2) $ 65,000 a year pension.
    3) 2 % cola kicks in at 65
    4) $ 36,000 low show job with Board of Ed (until cola?)
    5) CHANCE TO JOIN Branyan, Pat Blumstein, & Pat Naylor in BoE.
    (I like Ben & Pat)

    I wonder if Miron’s plans will have Cybart so ill treated?

    Or I wonder if Cybart was unjustly treated.

    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man?
    The Shadow do!

    As Fredette says:
    “Hey, this IS Stratford!”

  20. 20 1george1


    I believe McCauley is a bad influence on Norko.
    Norko was more open in the past.
    Even under Haddad.

    Miron / Burturla have Finance Dept in lock down,
    from McCauley, Sue(I like as a person) & a certain
    other person who is known to have relatives in …

    Follow the money…

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “Doesn’t Burturla own a North Stratford Mansion.”

    JOHN Buturla, the Chief of Police, lives in Roxbury, CT.

    “I thought LoSchiavos lived in Stratford?”

    Nope. Orange, CT. Taxes are lower there.

    “Know why Henrich would seek $ 135,000 pay level for Mayor”

    My guess: To get John Harkins interested in running for mayor.

    “Is Cybart a victim or part of the series of games?”

    Just another victim.

    “1) 401 a of probably $ 40,000 Town Money for 5 years,
    2) $ 65,000 a year pension.
    3) 2 % cola kicks in at 65
    4) $ 36,000 low show job with Board of Ed (until cola?)
    5) CHANCE TO JOIN Branyan, Pat Blumstein, & Pat Naylor in BoE.
    (I like Ben & Pat)”

    Remember, you would not be talking about Imbro’s pension, 2% escalator clause or his part time job if it wasn’t for Miron.

  22. The moron is sending out tickets to his fundraiser to all of the town department heads. The insinuation is “buy” or else! And he means that! At his department head gatherings he tells them that you must support me financially and politically – because if I lose re-election you all lose your jobs too.

    Finally, a word of truth from the madman. All of the department heads or (cabinet) members (ha ha ha)as he refers to them will lose their jobs when he is defeated. That is the administration he built and that is the way it is. I feel no remorse for any of them. All of them came under his leadership-so you get what you signed on for.

    I hear through the town hall grape vine that one of them is seriously thinking about jumping ship. This is not what “she” signed up for and “she” has come to despise him.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “This is not what “she” signed up for and “she” has come to despise him.”

    All of us have.

    “The insinuation is “buy” or else! And he means that!”

    Who the hell else would contribute to his re-election?

    Oh wait…Laura Dobosz.

  24. These tickets have been mailed to everyone on the town committee and every attorney who has received compensation from the town for whatever job and every other consultant who has been retained by the town and all other agencies, boards, commissions etc who are Democrats.

    $375/ticket – each person has received a minimum of 2 tickets. Whether you attend or not, it is expected that the tickets will be purchased.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “Whether you attend or not, it is expected that the tickets will be purchased.”

    I’m trying to remember the nomenclature. I’m sure there is a term for that. Hang on, it’s coming to me….Got it!


  26. 26 1george1

    I compliment you for claifying the home town and related issues,
    I compliment you on some clever tag lines for your topics.
    I compliment you on your (almost) instant responsiveness.
    I compliment you on your choise of certain people we feel are politically bad.

    Since you and others call me crazy, and since so many blog viewers tell me
    they think you need therapy, maybe we could apply for group rates?
    Oh I forgot. You are covered by the Town Insurance. 😉

    This just in. Miron claims the operational word is exhortion,
    NOT extortion … 😉

    If certain people decide to “jump ship,” will there be lifeboats available?
    Especially for witness protection plan?

    It seems to me that if all of the fired and dissatisfied people had one to
    two honest lawyers to turn to and workwith, there are enough people
    who have enough dirt on a lot of people.
    However, I strongly suspect, there are many doors JEZE’S friends prefer
    not to be opened to Public Scrutiny, as some anti-Mirons are also …..

    Will the cLOVER SHAMrock GANGsters buy a Table?

    How about the b UTTER NUTS?

    Bad MeDicine has 20 + Lawyers?
    Jimmy can put the arm on the entire firm and spouses = 50 x $ 375.
    One could almost buy a lot of Tombstones for$ 18,000.

    The mIRON CURTAIN does seem to have some political SKANKS and

  27. 27 starlooker

    this is the way I see things. I work very hard at what I do… I give my job 100%…. when I do this my boss asks no questions but trusts me. If I had to work a job to please my boss and kiss up then I am in reality NOT doing my job. Personally I am tired of hearing of people losing their jobs due to not kissing up. Do all these people who have done this realize in less than a year they may not have a job? It seems funny that this Fire Chief has had no complaints and now he is being Axed? I guess he was a loyal employee and not a kisser. I do hope he fights this to the end. We are losing to many good people. It is hard to hear that he is on comp. due to an injury at work and this is what he gets? Justin Loschiavo is again on Comp. for his 4th or 5th time and still employed…. where is the justice on this…..

  28. 28 nnanerak

    Star-you are right, not only has he been out on comp multiple times-more than most officers have in their entire careers(and the only officer to go out on comp at the academy)-but recently he was seen at the fundraiser by a couple of hundred people boozing it up while he was out on comp, I asked around and was told that yes he was at the benefit, yes he was drinking and yes he was out on comp that day, he returned to work the monday after the shindig. Now mind you this guy is also the one that has the “medical” issue where you aren’t supposed to mix the alcohol with the medicine-not only did he do that but from what others have said he drove himself–I wonder what the MADD people would be saying about that. So here we are again as a community, losing probably one of the only people that the mayor appointed that had met the criteria for the job but we get to keep a police officer with family ties that is out more than he is in, and has also from what I’m told had more than 50, yes I said 50, write ups from superior officers for failure to do his job correctly. You can bet your sweet bippy that the union and their attorney is keeping track of all this bs for the multiple court cases that are pending on several levels. You are right this town has lost toooooooo many good people, and sadly we are paying through the nose for what the mayor tries to pass off as administrators. At least the BOE has quality workers coming on board, but the rest of the town is screwed. The thing that makes me laugh is that most of these admin’s will be gone in less than 11 months. There are only a couple of deptartments that haven’t been raped an pillaged by this admin and they are probably the only ones that will be keeping their jobs after election day.
    As far as Chief Cybart goes, he is a good man-he is being screwed by the mayor’s sociopathic rage and the town is who loses. COUNCIL—–ARE YOU LISTENING YET???????? Would you like some hearing aids for Christmas?????
    IF any of you are considering running for mayor in the next election, now is the time to step up to the plate and start taking some action to stop the ruination of this town. If you don’t come out against all of this–you won’t stand a chance in the election, as it is called guilt by association and lack of action. Come on guys- Stratford cannot take one more minute of this sociopathic lack in leadership.

  29. 29 1george1

    I basically agree with Star and Nnanerak.

    However, we need a clean slate of candidates for Town Council and Mayor.
    I intend to run and be an attack dog against the lap dogs and the mad dogs.

    I could care less about winning for myself.
    My victory would be to bump the courtesans and get good government.
    FOS – My knowledge of dirty little secrets being fed to me and confirmed
    by multiple sources who are sick of bad government, makes me qualified
    to help the “good shepherds” and shoo away the “bad wolves.”
    I do not need to be qualified for Mayor, not do I need a lot of money to
    be effective, since I have more patience than JOB.

    The parties have people capable of doing the job as Mayor.
    However, please explain why anyone should trust ANY of THEM?

  30. 30 starlooker

    Everything is so quiet right now as to who is running it is a bit scary. This time I will make sure who I vote for is very qualified… Old Irish Expression “As you slide down the bannister of life may the splinters never face the wrong way” last thing I need in life is splinters LOL…. Next person to run I feel we need a complete resume….. complete detail….. they need to truly love the Town of Stratford and have faith in the Town. To make good solid decisions. Every 3 months send out a letter to households with a questionaire on how am I doing and read each and every one of them. If they are married, single or divorced to let us know what Stratford means to them. If there were qualified people within would they hire them in a higher position or look elsewhere if that does not apply. Not only to treat the employees with respect but the citizens….. To know that the people of Stratford are good and not to strap on 2 guns on them at all times esp. with a HS within reach (what message is that sending). Last but MOST important when you make a mistake ADMIT to it, people will respect you more for it. Not to hire family and friends but hire people who are qualified and you know they will do a great job which in the long run makes you look good. Being in charge of a Town or city is not easy but it can work quite well with honesty, humility, and caring. Value the employees you have that they are giving their all…. If by chace (God forbid) a tragedy happens to a family in your Town be there asap to let them know you care. Never go for someone who says I am the (*^$^**( Mayor I can do whatever the (&*^$%&() I want. That is a HUGE red flag right there. Just don’t have one open session a week, be there for whenever someone needs you to talk and get back to them. I feel so bad for the people who are employed and are afraid to speak out cause they do not want to get the axe. What is wrong with Unions? What were they targeted? Because they did their job and people trusted them? I have made many mistakes in my life and admitted to them and you know what? people respected me for it and trusted me for it. I am not perfect and I will never be perfect. My main concern right now is this Police Chief…… why was this done to him? What did he do to have this happen to him? I have never heard of any wrong doing by him….. A Mayor needs to place themselves in the shoes of others, to feel their pain, to help them out…… Not to be selfish and place yourself on a pedistal…. We are only human, we all make mistakes but when one makes amistake and ignores it cause theyn feel they are above all there is a problem…..I have been in his office, it is perfect, If I was Mayor I would not need that at all. Just give mre a phone and computer and open comminication to the people of Stratford that is all I need. My Main concern is what the people think. Is there someone out there that feels this way????????????????????????????

  31. 31 nnanerak

    Star- I agree with what you said except it is the Fire Chief NOT the Chief that 9 out of 10 officers have no confidence in. There is a story behind what is happening and it has a lot to do with bids and political payback and the FC is the sacrificial lamb being taken to slaughter. It is going to amount to is another slam dunk for the BMD boys club, and a royal screwing for the FC and the taxpayers.

    Can anyone confirm for me that the “hearing” on Monday is cancelled????????

    George- a note for you to take under advisement….I do believe you would be much more effective and affective not “running” but acting as the never ending political thorn in ALL the candidates sides. Someone has to keep the candidates feet in the fire before, during and after the election. Running would just create a greater distraction in the already dirty pool that we are currently certain is going to run for office. I am hoping that in January we hear a declaration from someone who has some degree of honesty and intergity and has a demonstrated dedication to the community. The 2 candidates (incumbent, and elvis)that have indicated they are running totally lack in this. If you needed to run on how you could most benefit yourself and your family we already know who has that category sewn up hands down. Please find a candidate that is a legitimate one and rally support for them and help to educate them to the true needs of this community-that would be much more constructive.—And don’t forget to plaster the” vote no to miron” bumper sitckers all over town where it is allowed…..give it to friends family, buy a bill board………

    for now miron better not need the fire dept to put out any fires–they are all so pissed off they’d probably use accelerant instead of water—and who can blame them????

  32. 32 1george1

    I agree with your sentiments

    It took putting a tire around my neck for Weisel to mention me in the
    CT. POST. I wound up getting a full column and noteriety.

    However, it also blew up the pretextual agenda of the Town Council FAC
    to cover over the 7 Police Pensions of January 2008.
    Same month, there were 2 Fire Pensions. One was over $ 100,000.
    There was a specific Republican Agenda related to those Pensions where
    “WRONG DOING” was found in the computations and oversight.

    I also blew up the attempt to put me in the box of being on the FAC
    and backing those Pensions, as the FAC did.
    > Three of the five FAC members will always vote as politically directed,
    assuring control of recommendation by the partisans.
    > Those FAC members did do good work regarding moving Town Money
    from a BANK (Berchem client) TD BANK NORTH, to a higher interest
    rate, and gained better protection for Town Capital, from Bank Failure.
    > Last Meeting they adopted one of my concerns and two issues raised
    by Bob Sammis, related to going forward.
    > These are not bad people. I honestly believe they want to help the
    Town. Bob Sammis and I confronted the political aspects of the FAC
    Commission. It would be foolish of them to be partisan. Yet …..

    Monthly Weisel ignores my handouts and my Public Forum positions in favor
    of others. It is not like I do not address multiple issues,
    So by putting the tire around my head, it cost me looking foolish.
    However people read the story and the causal issues, including my Real Estate
    / General aspect Attorney.
    Feed Back from that Story, the FAGANOMICS letter and attack by PEDOTO,
    and the Letters comparing Stratford politics to Mel Brooks / other parodies,
    and the mocking the Shakespeare Hanney move 2 months before the T C
    had to address the Law on Wages, each gained Publicity and Credibility.

    I want into the Mayor debate.

    I am putting everybody on notice that I will be an attack dog.
    I will gladly be WING MAN to Diane Buda and/or decent / non political

    I like JON & GAVIN, who appear to not like each other.

    Those in Stratford politics know I do my research and I am ruthless in
    exposing what I believe to be against the PUBLIC INTEREST.


    Jeze and everyone who mocks me and tried to control or direct me,
    UNDERSTAND THIS ….. IN A DEBATE including JIM MIRON, neither he
    NOR any of the other CANDIDATES will be able to CONTROL ME !!!!!

    I believe their patrons MURDERED my FAMILY and hold a sword of
    DAMACLES over the surviving members and the GENERAL PUBLIC.

    I may not be able to stop the RE-ELECTION of JIM MIRON, but I shall
    FEROCITY, that I pray they do NOT committ suicide!

    People across the USA hate BUSH / CHENEY / CONGRESS.
    They increasingly HATE and DISTRUCT the GOVERNMENT.
    I am against VIOLENCE, and NEVER advocate same.

    However, I strongly suspect there will be increasing Violoence against
    political bosses, elected, and appointed including State and Federal
    personnle. I have done what I could to pre-empt this.
    They will reap what they have sown.
    Google: “The Monkey’s Paw.” 1902 WW Jacobs short story.

    Oh. As the nice STAR blogged.
    Happy Hannuka; Merry Christmas; Happy, Healthy and Prosperous
    (Increasingly unlikely) New Year.

    May the peace of the season strengthen your emotions and spirit.

    While this may appear wildly inconsistent with my above positions,
    Town Councilors read my posts, know my history on research and
    dissemination of information harmful to Public Interest and they
    also know I honestly want them to reform (convert) themselves
    to be the people they are outside of political maleability.

    I serve as a sounding board for their doubts about circles of peer
    pressure and reinforcing very bad ideas of their leadership,

    While lowering direct communications from them, I am getting a lot
    more back door information from honest people willing to use me to
    get reform. Those people know, eventually, I will find motives and
    work against bad directions, and I am a LOOSE CANNON.

    Because a majority of people in both parties are good people who
    really do not like what has happened and been happening, I become
    a RESOURCE for BLOCKING or at least exposing MALFEASANCE, which
    will and has affected them (emotionally and spiritually),while their
    wallets and bank accounts are dependent on parties.

    At some point, people (like Weisel had vs. Jim Miron) have a Mr. Potter
    moment and just can not bring themselves to lower themselves further.

    The worse things get nationally, the more local politicians can see the
    effects and affects of the selfishness and malfeasance.

    Where do they turn when the State Government is more corrupt than
    the Local Government and the Federal Government is even more corrupt?

    While they control and controlled police, what happens when police turn
    on them? Like the Biblical Jezebel was eaten by her guard dog ??

  33. 33 mikereynolds

    Any news on what happened this morning?

  34. 34 starlooker

    I have not heard a thing on the Fire Chief but I did hear that DC Loschiavo put in papers to retire…… Dear Lord what is next… I need a score card here…..

  35. 35 nnanerak

    Mike- It was cancelled.

    Starlooker- If your info is correct, that means the federal investigation is finally underway and going full throttle!!!!! He is gonna collect that pension while he can because under the new state law he is going to lose it…..

  36. 36 1george1

    Based on things happening at Town Council Meeting tonight
    I learned about more Federal / State / Local incest.

    Paradise lost ………. “Abandon all …

  37. 37 nnanerak

    Based on today’s CT post article, no hearing is needed. The village idiot has made his decision BEFORE hearing both sides of the story.
    On thing missing form that story is the names of the other committee members–all would be interested to find out it is the son of a Miron “butt” buddy, long lime dem., who Miron owes big time. The fact that all the names of the players aren’t listed smacks of “political maneuvering” once again.
    Chief Cybart-good luck in your lawsuit that I am sure is coming down the pike-just remember the royal suite and it’s bed buddies set a bidding precedent when they failed to send all the logo and stationary stuff out to bid and it went directly to Heather’s people–the mayor has no problem violating the regulation as long as it suits HIM. There are several more instances of things of this nature from the mayor’s office/staff-if you want to look around for it…..use it to your advantage.

  38. 38 nnanerak

    Sorry about the spelling errors, I don’t know what happened!!!

  39. 39 jezebel282


    What spelling errors? 😉

  40. 40 jezebel282

    Q. What is the difference between Miron and Rod Blagojevich (Gov of Illinois)?

    A. Blagojevich doesn’t carry a gun.
    B. Blagojevich has two eyes.
    C. Blagojevich charges more than $375
    D. Miron hasn’t been arrested…yet.
    E. All of the above

  41. 41 mikereynolds

    Far be it from me to ever agree with Mayor Moron….

    However, based on the article in the CT Post the bidding process sounds flawed to say the least.

    The cost of the new truck going up that much is certainly an eye opener and certainly needs explanation.

    The appointing of Lt. Spiegel to the bid review committee is highly questionable due to the fact that he’s employed by a company bidding on the truck. What the hell was the chief thinking? There wasn’t ANYONE else in the Stratford Fire Dept. qualified to sit on the committee besides Lt. Spiegel?

    I see another attorney friend of the Mayor got to do the investigation. I wonder how much that cost?

  42. 42 jezebel282


    There will be more to this story. You think Cybart appointed Spiegel to the committee in defiance of Miron? You think Miron didn’t know?

    Honestly, you should be used to this by now, Mike.

  43. 43 mikereynolds

    But that doesn’t make sense…yeah I know this is Stratford.

    Was it common knowledge that Spiegel works for Feehan?

    Why would the Mayor have any input into who sits on the bid review board?

    Based on what we know now the only thing the Mayor is guilty of is appointing Cybart.

  44. 44 jezebel282


    “All I know is I had nothing to do with this and believe the fire chief is the one culpable for appointing one of my mechanics to the bidding selection committee,” Feehan said Tuesday. “But [Spiegel] told me he advised the fire chief and the town he also worked part time for my company, and they appointed him to the committee anyway.”

    And who would comprise “and the Town”? And who approves all committee and commission appointments? And who initiated the bonding? And who pissed off Miron by tattling to Amy Wanamaker? And how would Cybart benefit? You think Feehan would write him a check?

    When you have a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration, and a Masters degree in Labor Relations you probably know better unless you are ordered to do it.
    Just a few questions that need answering…..

    Or maybe it just comes down to this: Who would you believe to be more ethical? Miron or Cybart?

  45. 45 jezebel282

    On the other hand, why would Mayor Moron offer Chief Cybart’s job to James Cavanaugh (the ex-fire chief of Waterbury) if he couldn’t get rid of Cybart first?

    Stratford must be very popular with Waterbury employees. After they start collecting pensions from Waterbury, Miron hires them here. Just like Maurice McCarthy, Stratford’s Public Works Director.

  46. 46 1george1

    Isn’t it interesting that many of our Mayor’s appointments come from:
    New Haven

    What kind of reputations to those Municipalities have related to


    You are correct about the FIRE TRUCK COSTS being EYE OPENING.

    However, maybe Jeze, Cyclops, or Kane will post about the FIRE HOUSE:
    1) What was the cost projected when SILHAVEY’s choice was rejected.
    2) What is the cost to date?

    I do NOT have PROOF, however a couple FIREMEN told me they already
    have TWO FEEHAN Fire Trucks, yet a former Councilman, not in my district,
    told me the Town NEVER bought FEEHAN Fire Trucks?
    Which is True?
    1 – No Feehan Fire Trucks
    2 – One Feehan Fire Trucks
    3 – Two Feehan Fire Trucks
    4 – Three or more Feehan Fire Trucks

    Feehan was stunned on the Town Council when the Democrats asked to
    convert the OLD FIRE HOUSE to an EMS center.
    I believe the Original estimate is $ 2.5 Million.

    Am I correct?

    Yesterday, I gave someone bloggers do not like, a going away present,
    and will be interested to see the reactions ….
    (Blow Back)

  47. 47 jezebel282


    “Yesterday, I gave someone bloggers do not like, a going away present, and will be interested to see the reactions ….”


  48. 48 1george1


  49. 49 jezebel282


    Thanks for clearing that up.

  50. 50 jezebel282

    This whole “case” is irrelevant. Cybart didn’t do a single thing without the mayor’s knowledge. There was no committee. There was no bid rigging. Cybart was barely involved at all. Asst Chief Ross (hmmm…isn’t he Democratic party member Tony Ross’ kid?) was put in charge of the bids. If an assistant fire chief can’t handle a simple RFQ, should he really be an assistant fire chief?

    This whole thing has been created by Mayor Moron for one simple reason. He wants Cybart gone. Just like the other 39 employees he’s fired. He couldn’t just fire the former Town Clerk or Police Chief so he bought them off.

    He can’t just fire the Fire Chief (damn those State Statutes!) for the same reason. So he has to create a “reason”. It’s so much easier when you create the reason yourself. None of those nasty facts to deal with.

    So once again, Stratford has a dedicated, trained, educated and professional employee that will be lost to Moron’s whim.

    (And I’m sure that the PD is thrilled that Moron is moving Linda Goodman to Records). She is SUCH a pleasure….

  51. 51 1george1


    I agree that Linda G does not smile much.
    I had to throw a few compliments about a new hairdo, when she was a “star.”

    Tony Ross has done a GREAT JOB with the W W II Memorial.
    Unfortunately, it became political when done.
    Tony stated Dick Miron is a GOOD FRIEND.
    Tony was not at the Vote for Dick’s replacement for Registrar.
    Neither was Dick.
    Jim voted for Marcone, the converted Republican who almost beat Kubek.
    Burturla seconded Marcone.

    I have had an itch to ask a question about the 39 fired / forced out / changed
    after you accused me of anti-semitism / rascism / anti-gay, when I was trying to
    show how the Management specifically chose people and created “issues.”

    Of your list.
    1) How many are people of color?
    2) How many are jewish?
    3) How many are gay / lesbian?

    The answer can cut both ways.
    It might be able to be shown to go to pattern to help a class action suit?
    It might also show the rainbow composition of those forced out?
    EXAMPLE – If everyone forced out was Jewish and/or Methodist or Catholic or
    whatever, then there becomes a possible EEOC purview match…..
    Or if everyone was Irish and Polish ….whatever …

    Personally, I do not care.
    Yet, if there is reverse discrimination, it matches what happened to me and my
    coworkers, even though I believe THAT was a MANAGEMENT COVER STORY to
    replace LOWER PAID – POLITICAL SUPPORTERS from Senior people who had a
    different set of prior Political Patrons.

    Or there might be an E.E.O.C. purview match.

    Because there was replacement of women, by other women, Miron has mooted
    the SEX aspect of EEOC.
    However, because OLDER people (over 50) were replaced by younger, than that
    EEOC PURVIEW match gains some traction.
    However, under EEOC the purview MUST be PRETTY close to EXCLUSIVE REASONS,
    and I am pretty sure this was about politics rather than
    Ethic Origin
    Sexual orientation,
    and I am sure I missed a couple, off the top of my head.

    Before I was 29 years old – I knew NOTHING about most of this carp.
    Management placed Irish / Italian / Jewish / Black / Gay and certain
    others into a position to “CREATE” the illusion of “affirmative action.”
    as one of their “COVER STORIES.”

    Government lawyers and managers tend to have 3rd rate intellect
    and are generally amoral. They tend to have “SHARK EYES,” which
    look at everyone as PREY.

    I have NOTHING for or against CYBART.
    I believe he is another of the people who pension from SIKORSKY and others.
    Yet even TRIPLE DIPPERS could be wronged….

    “Hey! This IS Stratford!”

    Good to get 2008 out of the way. Happy New Year.

    I just hope I am wrong about
    2 = B
    0 = O
    0 = O
    9 = I

    It could translate to:

    1 – “I “license to kill” Bee”

    2 – “I BOO!” (scary year)


    2001 translated to J O B as in “Book of Job.”

    10 = J
    0 = O
    2 = B

    We know what 9/11 is.

    I would rather have Cybart than John Burturla in Homeland Security issues.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    “1) How many are people of color?
    2) How many are jewish?
    3) How many are gay / lesbian?”

    1. One
    2. Zero
    3. One

    However, every woman fired was 50 years old or older.

  53. 53 jezebel282


    Fire chief faces termination hearing
    Cybart faces termination hearing in Stratford
    By Richard Weizel
    Staff writer
    Updated: 01/05/2009 01:30:11 AM EST

    STRATFORD — The public can get a front-row seat Wednesday when Fire Chief John J. Cybart faces termination at a disciplinary hearing scheduled by officials investigating the fallout from what they say is a tainted bidding process for a new firetruck…

    …The town administration will be represented at the hearing by John Bohannon, a lawyer hired for the proceedings, because Buturla said he has to be available to advise Mayor James R. Miron, the presiding official. Miron said he will make a decision on Cybart’s fate following the completion of the hearing, which began last month.

    “Most town employees have the right to decide whether or not their termination hearing is held openly or behind closed doors, but with fire and police chiefs and a few other officials that is not the case,” said Buturla, the brother of Stratford Police Chief John Buturla.

    “It’s rare for town employees not to have the option of a closed hearing,” he added.”

    Option? Most are just fired and have about 15 minutes to leave. Mayor Moron just can’t do it the usual way this time.

    Any of you who can get to Town Hall at 2PM on 7 Jan 2009 should do so. It would be interesting to see how this mayor manipulates, intimidates and spends our tax money on personal vendettas.

  54. 54 1george1

    Having a 2:00 pm Public Hearing might stack the audience?

    How many people CAN or WANT TO take time off from WORK for a KANGAROO

    Meanwhile, minions could take a Late Lunch and stage SHOCK, SHOCK, just
    like the French Inspector in Casa Blanca.

    I wonder if HAND or PLAY WRITE could or would want to POST on this blog?
    I miss the intelligence, wit, and open mindedness!! 8)

    Excepting Nnanerak, PCS, and occasionally / partially FOS. 🙂

    (Star still comes across as nice, despite protests over unfair treatment.)

  55. 55 jezebel282


    103,580 views since April. Somebody besides you is reading this blog. Maybe in spite of you?

  56. 56 1george1

    103,580 views since April. Somebody besides you is reading this blog.
    Maybe in spite of you?

    Or MAYBE it is because of ME and our exchanges where we pound each other
    and also nail others. Your people hate Mirons. I am an equal opportunity critic.
    If it moves the wrong way > pop it!
    If it moves the right way > compliment it!
    If it criticizes me, either conceed to thoughtful criticism like Nnanerak or superior
    legal expertise like FOS, or polite positions of Star, or usually agree with PCS.

    And Jeze, although your word smithing has improved, if it were not for Play
    write and hand laying the ground work, you could not have done this blog.

    And although 107,000 might be a big number, you and I each post 10 times a day
    and you view everthing, while I actually post about 1/2 a time, so in nine months
    or 250 days, you and I account for about 25,000 hits at 100 a day between us.

    Add about another 100 hits a day for people who actually post = 25,000 more.

    Then Jim has to check this 200 times a day = 50,000 hits 8)

    What is the big deal? 😉

    What is the pssssssst sound?

    Jeze’s ego deflating?

    Actually, if it were not for relevance editing and some past exchanges,
    you have done a fine job, and I appreciate that we will NEVER AGREE on
    MANY THINGS, except a couple / few people are not in Stratford’s best

    The Star is expected to post Miron’s letter about Cybart / Feehan.
    Jimbo has a possible surprize coming …. 8)

  57. 57 jezebel282


    “Jeze’s ego deflating?”

    Nope. Mine isn’t counted by WordPress.

    But maybe it IS all you.

  58. 58 nnanerak

    What would that surprize be? Could the public be lucky enough to see an arrest warrant coming for him?????

  59. 59 1george1

    I suspect my hits contribute quite a bit to word press.

    I suspect there have been some people who like what I write,
    based on personal comments, e-mails, and phone calls from several
    different people. Some jus love my clashes with Jeze n supporters.
    Most of these people are NOT Miron supporters, but they question
    the types of SOME of the attacks on the clan…

  60. 60 jezebel282


    Jay Cybart’s public hanging hearing has been postponed for at least one month.

    The best explanation comes from CT Post Topix:

    Stratford, CT

    My source is extremely good and I was told Miron postponed the hearing so that pension board will approve Cybart’s pension and no hearing will be needed. This saves Miron from holding a hearing he is unprepared for and would lose, but now Miron can blame the weather and the pension board.

    Cybart gets a pension but he leaves under a cloud and Miron picks his own man for chief. Laske makes out too because he gets paid for a report that was not needed for a investigation that could have been performed by police at no extra cost to the town for Miron’s friends.

    Watch and see

    Makes sense to us.

  61. 61 nnanerak

    Jez, a caveat to the above from a legal source in town is the mayor wrote the letter to the editor denies Cybart a fair hearing which without a doubt would lead to another lawsuit. That is what pushed the strategy toward the disability retirement vs. the firing. Once again the mayor is an idiot-all the way around on this one. I was also told that Cybart had ALL the documentation to dispute Miron’s claims he had no knowledge or no involvement in any job or committee assignments in town. That’s what happens when you are the memo man. To Cybart’s benefit he will probably be allowed to retire though without the opportunity to clear his name-but I will bet dollars to donuts that there will be a defamation lawsuit coming down the pike due to the mayor’s very public remarks that will clear Cybart’s name and give him a much more comfortable retirement.

  62. 62 jezebel282


    You are probably correct, as usual. But this is not a “win” for Chief Cybart and it is definitely not a “win” for Stratford.

    Chief Cybart had no intention whatsoever of retiring. Once again, thanks to Mayor Moron, the Town of Stratford continues to hemorrhage talent and dedication. We will lose a dedicated, intelligent, talented and experienced Fire Chief simply because Miron’s ego couldn’t handle it.

    Let us also note that after 20+ years of dedicated service and study, Chief Cybart was falsely accused of bid rigging and threatened with termination. This, of course, after Chief Cybart sold his home and moved to Stratford to be closer to his command and community. This went on for months causing unnecessary stress to both Chief Cybart and his family. We also note that the same torture is currently being applied to Officer Doug O’Meara.

    Thus we have damage to reputation, income, health, morale and the safety of Stratford citizens.

    The cause?

    James R. Miron

  63. 63 1george1

    In a parallel post, I hypothesize alternative causation and timing
    related to the Cybart and O’Meara issues.

    It would be especially interesting if the Stratford Star published
    the Honorable Mayor Letter to the Editor, seen in the CT. POST
    and my reBUTTal – side by side?

    We know it would be impolite to call anyone a LIAR….
    Especially if he / she told things that were “technically true” or were
    “true statements.”
    Yet, what if the “Whole Truth” might be found in “CONTEXT and MOTIVES?”

    My Title: “Stratford’s Literary Genre: Political Science Fiction.”

    For reasons noted, I held back another Letter to the Editor about
    Officer O’Meara:
    “Officer Down: Equal Protection, or Cruel and Unusual?”

    – – –

    I have NEVER doubted Chief Cybart would get his Pension ….

    Maybe we can have a Miron or Burturla, as a Fire Dept. Chief?

    Stratford might develop a reputation where it is safer NOT to call
    the POLICE or FIRE DEPT?
    (Been there – done that – Thanks KELLY/BUTTurla)

    What is NEXT?

  64. 64 jezebel282



    Contact: Mayor James R. Miron, 203.385.4001

    Mayor Miron Announces Interim Fire Chief

    Stratford, Connecticut (January 23, 2009) – Mayor James R. Miron announced today that James J. Cavanaugh has been appointed to serve as the Town’s interim Fire Chief pending a nationwide search for the position.

    “Jim Cavanaugh brings almost 30 years of experience to the Town of Stratford – with the majority of his time in Waterbury’s Fire Department on the line as a firefighter and fire officer and serving as Chief,” said Mayor James R. Miron.

    Yet another pensioned employee of Waterbury. $97,000/year plus his existing pension. Not bad. He should do whatever Mayor Moron tells him for that kind of money. Any guesses on how “intense” this nationwide search will be?

    That makes No one in the top ranks of Miron’s administration that live in Stratford. The Chief of Police is a Roxbury resident, the Fire Chief a Waterbury resident and the CAO an Easton resident. This Town just hemorrhages cash.

  65. 65 1george1

    Is it my imagination, or do most of Miron’s staff come from those
    bastions of integrity:
    New Haven

    I guess things go better with COKE?

  66. 66 jezebel282


    Fire chief quits, rather than be fired
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 01/26/2009 11:43:58 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Another top town official is gone, as those who have been forced out or who have quit during the three-year tenure of Mayor James R. Miron grew longer.

    Fire Chief John J. Cybart, who was facing termination for his involvement in a bidding process for a firetruck, was unanimously granted a disability pension Monday night by the town’s Pension Board — a week before officials were to ask for his dismissal during a disciplinary hearing.

    Town Attorney John Buturla said the hearing will not take place. “The fire chief is now officially retired and the hearing would be moot,” he said.

    Two more to add to the Honor Roll:


    Ben Branyan
    Judy Heigel
    Pat Blumstein
    Al Dubois
    Rosalyn (Sam) Dupuis
    Elaine O’Keefe
    Mary Tiernan
    Eileen Murphey
    Diane Toolan
    Pat Naylor
    Sue Nicholson
    Brian Thomas
    John Carroll
    Steven Danzer
    Ken Kellogg
    Beth Stremple
    Len Buehler
    Kim Correia
    Diane Maurice
    Maureen Kendrick

    Retired (with pot o’ gold)

    Ron Natrass
    Mike Imbro
    Pat Ulatowski
    Mark DeLieto
    David Evans
    Tom Rodia
    Robert Skrutsky
    Richard Yeomans
    Chris Marino

    Patrice Sulik
    Mark Haddad
    Marilyn Flores
    Kent Miller (Fired, rehired, quit)
    Angelo Stavola
    Tina Burgett
    Shawn Farmer
    Jay Cybart
    Doug O’Meara

    Banished from Town Hall

    Gina Connor, Duncan Yetman, Linda Domenic

    Demoted and Suspended:
    Joe McNeil

  67. 67 nnanerak

    Interesting how no one can ever keep the town attorney’s name straight. John Buturla is the police chief, albeight through his brother the town attorney Richard Butlurla……It is such a blurry line…just like the fuzzy math that allows Miron a 6 day all expenses paid trip for a one day set of meetings. Amazing…maybe we should get a pair of those glasses.

  68. 68 jezebel282

    Honorable mention:

    I would like to take a moment and publicly thank Gavin Forrester III. Without his support, Cybart would have been fired and subject to expensive legal fees. O’Meara would have continued in pain while struggling to survive.

    It was the right thing to do and he did it.

    Thank you, Mr. Forrester.

  69. 69 1george1

    Interesting how no one can ever keep the town attorney’s name straight.
    John Buturla is the police chief, albeight through his brother the town attorney Richard Butlurla……It is such a blurry line…

    I thought the Constitution forbid: titles; a hereditary monarchy;
    and corruption of the blood?

    I am starting to think we should rename Roosevelt Forrest?
    For some reason I am reminded of Nottingham and Sherwood Forrest?

    I would like to take a moment and publicly thank Gavin Forrester III.
    Without his support, Cybart would have been fired and subject to
    expensive legal fees.
    O’Meara would have continued in pain while struggling to survive.

    Tom Moore, Joe Kubic, and Mike Henrick as well as Gavin pushed
    for decisions and expediting, among others.
    Fire Union Rep Murray and PW Union Rep Dave were also outspoken
    in their support during the Pension Board Meetings.
    Depending on perspective they too, should share the credit or blame?
    Fire & PW Union Reps appear to be the most competent of their counter-
    parts and from appearances have done a strong job on Pension Issues.
    Except for the irregularities in these issues, which make me highly
    suspicious, they would deserve my praise.
    – During the Actuary’s presentation about their role and definitions, her
    veiled comments should have awakened and concerned everyone at the
    Pension Board Meeting, for those intelligent enough to understand.
    Ladies like the Actuary representative can NOT speak the PLAIN TRUTH,
    but have to couch their words, since they are hired hands and can be
    > I could see the embarassment of most of the people at the table as she
    defined roles, and explained why the Actuary had to make substancial
    changes in computations, because of factors they were unaware.
    (between the lines = you people are STEALING = NO ONE has this DEAL)
    > My opinion Kubic and Murray are either ignorant or shameless in the way
    they shrugged it off and desire for business as usual. They are NOT DUMB.
    > There comes a time for the free lunch to have a BILL and to PAY the
    Piper, which are in full force at Police events and funerals.
    – It would be a shame, a huge shame to adversely impact the good, decent,
    and honest people in public service …. but the pipes, the pipes are calling…

    Cybart now has a cloud around his name.
    * It appears he has something to hide?
    * I do not know if he does or does not? It is what it is and as it appears.
    * I predicted this outcome a couple weeks ago.
    * Stratford has more MUD on its’ face.
    * Miron and Burturla got what they want – their own Fire Chief / Police
    Chief and an “appearance” they were on the right side.
    (Be careful what you ask for) = Once again the Monkey’s Paw strikes….

    Because of confidentiality of Medical Records, no one can know the
    Truth about the O’Meara situation?
    > If it is exactly as he and his supporters claim (and some supporters are
    in the same class as Mirons / Burturlas, meaning NONE) THEN he appears
    to have been wronged and should follow legal remedy (CONTINGUENCY).
    > Winterbottom and Burturlas / DC came out with MUD all over them in
    the way it “appears” to have been played out.

    Since this is Stratford, and I don’t believe anything going on involving the
    Mirons / Burturlas and their confederates, for all I know Officer O’Meara
    was getting paid all along and needed retirement Pension to go to college
    or something and move to get married or something.
    I honestly can not know.
    I have many RED FLAGS about this mess, including:
    + NO CREDIBLE EFFORT of SELF HELP – Show up at prior Pension Meetings
    + NO VISIBLE SUPPORT from supposed fans, excluding Gavin, Angelo, Monro.

    If Officer O’Meara is deserving = one set of issues
    If Officer O’Meara is NOT deserving of Disability it creates precedents and
    it puts a cloud over Gavin, Angelo, Munro, Jeze, and others, because their
    appears to be a FEAR about TRUTH being exposed in Cybart and O’Meara?

  70. 70 1george1

    I did not mean to demean Gavin, Angelo, Munro, and certain others who
    supported Officer O’Meara, who I have to take at his word that things are

    However, as Fredette says: “Hey…. this IS Stratford.”

    From what I know of Gavin and Angelo, and I would not write this about
    everyone who served on the council, while they have political bents,
    I think of them as decent and honorable.

    Or at least as decent and honorable as Stratford politics allows people
    who stay silent on a lot of issues can be…….

    As mentioned, I praise Gavin, Calzone, and Best for their EMS volunteering.
    I could not do that type of work.
    It is a credit to their humanity, decency, and empathy, to try to save
    lives and limit suffering.

    – –

    Over the past couple years, my keyboard has gone toe to toe with
    many bloggers. Gavin and Jon among a few others have the self
    respect (nothing against people with legitimate fear of reprisal-
    which I believe exists) of using their own names.

    One of the disadvantages of teleconferences advocated by Nnanerak
    and the advantages of being in personal meetings, isreading the BODY

    DON QUIXOTE, the Man of LaMancha, and the impossible dream, was
    the man of sorrowful countinance.
    It is a look of good people, who recognize they have made mistakes,
    and their demeanor changes, their brows and eyes are affected, their
    back pains them from nerves, they hunch over, they hide their eyes
    (like Esq, Burtura puts his hand next to his temple to avoid my gaze)
    it takes many forms …..

    However, it is also a signature of the beginning of redemption and
    resurrection of their self image, when they make the committment
    to become the man or woman they know in their heart they are.

    Politics, warps and entraps people.
    Money is necessary.
    There are reasons for the term guilded cage…

    I believe we are starting to see the stirring of a revival which I hope
    would make Ed Hargus Proud. Feb 22 is the anniversay of his death.
    Ed Hargus was the soul of Stratford.
    May his spirit ….

  71. 71 nnanerak

    You are right to thank the individuals that stepped up to the plate to do what was right. It is a very foreign concept in this community most of the time.
    The only time anyone worked in Washington last week was Monday(during the time the mayor was there). Taxpayers should not have to pay for six days of expenses for 1 day of work. No exceptions. Miron could have taken the train to DC had his meetings and been back in Stratford in less than 48 hours. How do I know this? Because I have clients that do it on a regular basis. George- multimillion dollar deals are conducted and finalized through conference calls and teleconferences all the time. What I was trying to impress was there was no need for the extended expense for the taxpayers. We paid for the expenses of a 5 day vacation-only one day is justifiable. There is no reason we have to pay for anyone other than the mayor, either. So what we really paid for was a Spitzer style vacation. Unacceptable. Peroid.

  72. 72 jezebel282


    “The only time anyone worked in Washington last week was Monday(during the time the mayor was there).”

    I think you may be wrong about that. Monday was MLK Day, a Federal Holiday. I think Wednesday was the only day anyone was back at work.

    The gall of Mayor Moron was heightened a bit with his memo declaring that no further trips will be authorized for anyone else for the balance of this fiscal year. Right after he and Heather Habelka got back from their 6 day vacation (on us).

  73. 73 1george1

    Per usual, you make excellent points.
    I made counter points.
    You followed with valid counter points.

    Interesting observation.
    You have a future as a private dick or writer for national enquirer.
    Some of their stories are more credible that some of local antics,
    and I suspect your perspective is probable relatively on target…

    Don’t faint that I agreed and didn’t insult you.
    It keeps you off balance and confused. 8) teasing

  74. 74 jezebel282


    That’s OK. Sometimes I’m nice to you too.


    “Daniel in Hobbs wrote:
    George Mulligan for mayor…”


    At least George cares about Stratford and its citizens.

  75. 75 nnanerak

    Jez-I know it was a holiday on Monday–I was using extreme sarcasm….and Pretending to give the mayor pay for one day of supposed “work”. As far as I am concerned, this mayor should be paying every taxpayer in Stratford–the quality of work has been beyond awful and we want a refund……

  76. 76 1george1

    Thank you Jeze and Daniel.

    Hobbs is just too deliciously appropriate,
    as in the Hobbesian philosophy about Life.

    I have read that he regarded LIFE as short and BRUTISH.

    I wonder what Shakespeare, Dickens, and others could have done
    with writing about Stratford?
    Closest thing I saw were a couple of early pieces by “the Playwrite.”
    While the playwrite would not claim to be a “master” he/she had
    a spirit, cleverness, and word spinning, which ….

    Thomas Hobbes (5 April 1588 – 4 December 1679) was an English
    philosopher, remembered today for his work on political philosophy.

    His 1651 book Leviathan established the foundation for most of
    Western political philosophy from the perspective of
    “social contract theory.”

    Hobbes also contributed to a diverse array of fields, including history,
    geometry, physics of gases, theology, ethics, general philosophy,
    and political science.

    His account of human nature as self-interested cooperation has
    proved to be an enduring theory in the field of philosophical


    Elsewhere on the NET:
    In The Radical Academy

    Books by and about Thomas Hobbes
    Essay: State and Soverignty, by Thomas Hobbes
    Thomas Hobbes on The Nature and Necessity of the Family
    Thomas Hobbes on The Nature and Origin of Tyranny
    Thomas Hobbes on The State of War and the State of Nature

  77. 77 1george1

    From MY POST # 70:
    One of the disadvantages of teleconferences advocated by Nnanerak
    and the advantages of being in personal meetings, isreading the BODY

    DON QUIXOTE, the Man of LaMancha, and the impossible dream, was
    the man of sorrowful countinance.
    It is a look of good people, who recognize they have made mistakes,
    and their demeanor changes, their brows and eyes are affected, their
    back pains them from nerves, they hunch over, they hide their eyes
    (like Esq, Burtura puts his hand next to his temple to avoid my gaze)
    it takes many forms …..


    There are certain “tells” in facial expressions which appear to be
    ingrained and can be read by experts.
    Especially experts in the government and private industry security.
    For those who play “POKER,” a “tell” is a facial twitch, hand move-
    ment, eye movement, or body shift….
    As pointed out in today’s TV Show, the question is not IF someone
    is lying, but why and when?

    When I was working for the USPS, I would spend some time after
    work at nice bars, where invariably I would have people hired to
    test and question me, under cover.
    One couple, undoubtledly FBI was so startled at my lack of lying,
    the woman accidently blurted out about a highly complimentary

    My philosophy in life is to lie as infrequently as possible.
    The BEST LIAR always tells the truth.
    There is only ONE TRUTH.
    New facts can change the truth.
    People can repeat what they believe is the truth, but if someone
    like a Miron or their Patron stages “an event” presenting it as the
    Truth, then what is a LIE, is REPORTED TRUTHFULLY, as the TRUTH.

    Uncle Ron Reagan was particularly adept at telling “TRUE LIES.”

    If he was BRIEFED by LIARS, CRIMINALS, and TRAITORS, but if he
    honestly believed he was being told the TRUTH by LEGAL PATRIOTS,
    he would be able to look people in the eye and be credible.

    In Marketing and Sales, I have met several GREAT SALESPEOPLE.

    One of the BEST could LOOK YOU in the EYE – tell you things
    about yourself that you absolutely KNEW were LIES and YOU
    would be convinced by his persuasiveness that maye you did,
    what you know you did not do!

    Fortunately, Miron and Burturla are very bad liars and very
    tissuous and heavy handed in the way they act.

    They have made many enemies, however they have extremely
    powerful backing, which appear to have a highly counter
    intuitive objectives …..

    I was expecting a turn around sooner than later.
    No longer ….

    We have met the true enemy …

    Our leaders’ patrons ARE the EVIL EMPIRE~

  78. 78 jezebel282


    You barely got a pass on those last two. My finger was hovering over the “Delete” key for ever so long.

  79. 79 1george1

    You are learning… 🙂

  80. 80 jezebel282


    Here we are a month later and Chief Cybart is no closer to receiving his pension. In fact, he has not received one dime from the Town.

    The excuses so far from Edmund Winterbottom are vacations and paperwork. It seems Mr. Winterbottom, despite his legal education, has difficulty processing standard forms. He had the same difficulty with Sam Dupuis and Mary Tiernan. Somehow I doubt he will have any difficulty at all processing Loschiavo’s retirement.

    Or…could it be that Mayor Moron told Winterbottom to delay Cybart’s pension as long as possible?

  81. 81 1george1

    Maybe ex-fire chief Cybart can get a pt job with
    ex-Councilman Feehan’s company?

    – While this post is partially tongue in cheek, it is not like he would
    be a worse fit (value) than some people the mayor has hired?

    Has anyone contacted the reporters of the Star or Post?
    Anyone writen to Letters to Editor?

    Has Mr. Cybart filed with the CT. LABOR DEPT for unemployment in lieu of
    Pensions and/or with WAGES & CLAIMS UNIT, for an AUDIT into failure
    for PAYMENT?

    Has Mr. Cybart filed with the NLRB for unfair Labor Practices?

    Has Mr. Cybart filed with Attorney General Blumenthal for purview
    match or with Criminal Justice Commission or CT States’ Chief Criminal
    Attorney Kane?

    Has Mr. Cybart filed with the FBI – like cohead Don Comers who started
    as Stratford Police Officer in 1980 ….
    or with U. S. Attorney NO RA Daugherty, formerly with the same firm as
    Kevin O’Connor and Frankel?

    Has Mr. Cybart called Channel 12 or WTNH TV # 8 or Channel # 9?
    Has Mr. Cybart called WICC or WEBE.

    The blog has a hook up with the ADVOCATE rag.

    Maybe T-BERRY and friends could use a WICC topix?

    If he is successful in any suggested venue, please advise me, as I have
    tried them all, in our FASCIST (with some exceptions) MEDIA

  82. 82 jezebel282


    My guess would be that the Town of Stratford is going to lose yet another arbitration case and Berchem Moses & Devlin will be paid more of our money to lose it. This is yet another example of how expensive Miron’s ego is to us.

    I am sure the other candidates are laughing their butts off.

  83. 83 jezebel282

    More Update:

    You can add Officer O’Meara to the list of people that Winterbottom is jerking around.

    Although both Cybart and O’Meara’s pensions were approved over a month ago neither has received a dime. What does that mean? That means two men who risked their lives for us every time they went to work have not received a single cent of income for the last 30 days. How long can you go without any income?

    This is simply disgusting. If I were on the pension board or a councilman I’d be outraged.

  84. 84 1george1

    If the court case involving either one came up before November,
    it could be devastating to “his honor,” who would try to spin it.

    You have not mentioned pending litigation by McNeill.

    Monday, I handed information to a few Town Councilors of both
    parties, including Gavin. I gave a copy to John Burturla.
    (Jim Miron and Rich Burturla refused copies)
    Later I gave copies to McNiel and another officer.
    I had given copies to other officers.

    Some issues are jurisdiction.
    Some issues are Home Land Security “oriented.”

    John Burturla was surprized and disturbed when I handed info to
    Sgt McNeil. The Police chief had forwarded other info to the FBI,
    which effectively buries it, protecting mutual patrons.

    His reaction gave McNeil added credibility, since I attended the VFW
    COP HOP for raising funds for him (why not O’Meara?) and both of the
    McNeil brothers and many of the others could look me in the EYE!

    As blogged: Dick Burturla shields his eyes from my stare, with his LEFT
    HAND, when he is in the Attorney’s BULL PEN.

    Dick Burturla had a LOOK of TERROR in his EYES when FREDETTE/PROTO
    bought counter ETHICS CHARGES against him, ONCE the COMMISSION
    was reconstitutioned with changed qualifications for membership.

    If FREDETTE / PROTO went after Burturla, with what I know they KNEW
    it would have ended Dick carreer, in my opinion.

    However, I have very strong reason to believe there was a fear about
    REPRISAL and the exercize was about balancing political power.

  85. 85 jezebel282


    “You have not mentioned pending litigation by McNeill.”

    It is already well documented on

    “since I attended the VFW COP HOP for raising funds for him (why not O’Meara?)”

    Interesting question. I have no answer for that. Perhaps the President of Local 407 would like to explain that as well as what steps the union is taking to help O’Meara fight Winterbottom/Miron.

    I am a little disappointed that the Fire Department has remained completely silent about Cybart too.

  86. 86 jezebel282



    Joe McNeil won his appeal against the Town last week at the Department of Labor. He filed for unemployment when he was suspended and was denied by the Town. The DOL found in his favor stating that the Town was wrong in that they had no proof that McNeil had done anything illegal. They also stated that McNeil had every right to access Little Miron’s file.

    Next round will be reinstatement.

    One for the Good guys.

  87. 87 1george1


    I saw concern in the eyes of John Burturla when I handed info to Sgt. McNiel.
    That bodes well for Sgt. McNiel’s credibility.

    At the VFW COP HOP, I looked into the eyes of the McNiels when I spoke to
    each of them. I saw no evasiveness. Their body language was SOLID. The tonal
    inflections in their voice were even and consistent with honest conversation.

    Monday, John Burturla reluctantly took information from me.
    Richard Burturla refused simulatenous offering.
    James Miron refused a prior offering and a reoffer of information.

    Now Jeze – despite our disagreements, would you suspect that I tend
    to (more) support your allies or your targets?

    We have a family affair.
    Does not the Constitution cite something about dangers of hereditary
    contol of political entities?
    I wonder if there is any danger from inbreeding?

    Side note, I asked if Bunnell AD Dave (?) Johnson was a Burturla.
    He looks more like Dick and John than they do?

  88. 88 nnanerak

    Were you aware that the former fire chief has not yet received his pension check and is in a deliberate limbo kindness of Winterbottom and Miron? This stunt is going to cost the taxpayers more $$$$$ in legal fees and reimbursement costs at the labor board–anyone gotta a match they’d care to light under Winterbottom’s “bottom” to save the taxpayers some money??? I’m beginning to believe that this is all about how the administration can help the town attorney and his firm make the most $$$$before Nov. and they are out.

    As far as O’meara, the guys in the dept did help him out financially–I wonder if he has received and $$ yet from his pension. He is going after Loschiavo for changing his status you can bet dollars to donuts–as he acted beyond the scope of his authority.

  89. 89 jezebel282


    “Were you aware that the former fire chief has not yet received his pension check and is in a deliberate limbo kindness of Winterbottom and Miron?”

    See Post #83

  90. 90 nnanerak

    sorry I missed it-must have sped by it in the scroll past an earlier post…..unfortunately I have to do that to long ones sometimes, and occassionally I miss another in the process……………………….

  91. 91 jezebel282


    “sorry I missed it-must have sped by it in the scroll past an earlier post”

    I hear that a lot. Some posts are really long and confusing to read. Right, George? 😉

  92. Post #86 –
    Well done Joe McNeil – soon to be Capt. McNeil and then onto Deputy Chief!

  93. 93 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    The following post appear in the message boards of the CT Post. I am republishing it here because it is a particularly poignant and well written response to an obviously mean spirited post.
    ones wife

    Weston, CT

    “Cod Fisher wrote:
    Everyday is a picnic and parade for Stratford’s firefighters – at the taxpayers expense!”

    Guess neither of you whiners have a loved one who does this for a living….Long nights thinking he may not come home, days spent wondering the same.
    You say he sits around, well there are times he does, he says so himself.
    Usually after training, or maybe some time after a call.
    Try a day in his shoes, not as a volunteer,whom he respects, but as a professional.(That’s right,he is a professional, with a NEGOTIATED contract, that has; OH MY; benefits, none of which provide nearly enough for the stress this job puts on him or us.(Especially when we see thoughtless posts like yours.)
    I see a volunteer able to go when he/she wants. Then drink beer afterward and say how hard it was. Not my husband, he goes when he’s called no matter what.Then he goes right back out and does it again and again until the end of his shift.And between calls keeps everything in order so he can have it ready for the next time.
    Too bad he can’t tell what your
    view is before he risks his life to help you. “It wouldn’t matter anyway”, he says when I talk about these attacks on him. Can you sit there and say the same? I doubt it.
    I’ve seen him after a long night, get on a bus with our son for a field trip, only to fall asleep because he needs it. Yet there he is with us. Maybe you could do the same, once maybe twice, but I doubt it.
    Do you think it’s fair that I judge you without meeting you? Yet you can judge him having never met him.
    Do need to take aspirin just to get your joints moving before you go to work. Yes he works when he’s sore and tired after a rough fire. Ever tried working with 30 lbs strapped to your back? I doubt it.(that would be the air backpack he carries)
    Let me ask you this; could you get people you know, to follow you into a building or down a basement stairwell,OH YEAH….AND IT”S ON FIRE… because you are their LT and you’ve earned their respect? I doubt it
    So next time you lash out at these guys, how about putting the face of someone you love in that position, and if that makes you think twice, then you may just(and I mean JUST) be worth my husband risking his life for yours……..but I doubt it.

    as a post script, feel free to plug in police Officer and Soldier anywhere in this post……all of which are in my family……..could you be 1/3 the person these guys are?

  94. 94 1george1

    9 / 11 –

    all RAN TOWARDS, not WALKED,


    A relative was FIRE CHIEF of a Volunteer Fire Department.

    They have a GREAT ORGANIZATION, and SET UP, but they have LIMITS
    on their ability to respond to a FIRE in a timely way. (Have to WORK)


    – I would rather throw same easy high pay work to POLICE, like
    the FLAGMAN DUTY than to have them tempted to TAKE DRUG

    – Some people claim ……

    – However, who deserves a BLANK CHECK?
    Especially those who are politically appointed and not necessarily
    qualified to do the JOB?
    Can anyone think of recent candidates / hires?

    – However, who deserves a BLANK CHECK?

    Do ANY BLOGGERS feel we should give BLANK CHECKS to POLICE,
    FIRE, or anyone else?

    I would like to see ALL PENSIONS INDEXED, to be more equal,
    regardless of when people retired.
    > I believe SS should be doubled.
    > I believe PENSIONS should be higher than SS, but no where near
    is the work of friends of ……

  95. 95 jezebel282

    All’s well that ends?

    Yet again, we lose a qualified professional and pay the price. Another Miron Adventure in Revenge.

    Stratford council pays ex-chief’s legal bills
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 10/14/2009 04:56:00 PM EDT

    STRATFORD — Former Fire Chief John J. Cybart, who retired in January at age 54 while facing termination by Mayor James R. Miron for overseeing a bidding process for a new fire truck that sparked controversy, has won Town Council support to pay some of his legal bills.

    Cybart, who strongly denies wrongdoing in the bidding that some officials allege was tainted, requested the council reimburse him nearly $4,000 in legal fees he said he was forced to pay when a dismissal hearing was scheduled early in the year. The hearing, however, never took place after Cybart decided to retire after 14 years in the department, serving as chief since 2007.

    After a long debate over the reimbursement request at Tuesday night’s council meeting, the council approved paying half of Cybart’s legal fees even though Miron contended it would be a “dangerous precedent.”

    “These bogus charges were nothing more than another avenue of harassment and abuse that Mayor Miron directed at me in hopes that I would quit,” Cybart told the council. “He was successful in pushing my medical problems to a point where my doctors ordered me to rest and explore the idea of retirement. I even tried to explain my concerns with the mayor and [Human Resources Director Ned] Winterbottom, but things only got worse. I was seeing my doctor for cardiac related problems, including a previous heart attack, way back in May 2008.”

    Cybart said he was advised by Winterbottom to hire a lawyer because he would
    be facing a termination hearing. The legal fees for which Cybart sought reimbursement totaled $3,981.30.

    “Winterbottom and others even told me the mayor wanted to get rid of me long before this matter,” Cybart told the council. “And for the record, again, I did nothing wrong. When issues and problems arose, I contacted the CAO [Suzanne McCauley] and Finance Director [John Norko] and set up a meeting. I never recommended any vendor, despite what was being suggested at the time. The next thing that I knew, I was being brought up on charges. To make matters worse, Winterbottom hired an old co-worker/friend to conduct an investigation to see if there was any wrongdoing. So much for being impartial. In the end, I, along with other supervisors, am gone.”

    Some council members in both parties agreed Cybart was treated unfairly and that questions about the controversy were never answered, but debated whether it would set a precedent if they approved paying the former chief’s legal fees. Miron said Cybart could have gone forward with the termination hearing instead of retiring and seeking a disability pension, which was granted by the Pension Board.

    “Once Chief Cybart retired and sought the pension, there was no need for a termination hearing,” Miron said. “That was his choice. But he decided to hire and attorney and the town should not even consider paying for his personal legal costs.”

    Council Majority Leader Michael Julian, R-1, said he would rarely support such a request, but added, “We must judge these matters on a case-by-case basis, and in this case, I believe we should fully reimburse the former chief. That doesn’t mean there is any precedent.”

    Council Parliamentarian Joseph Kubic, R-9, called Cybart’s treatment by the mayor and town officials “despicable,” but said he was “on the fence about whether we could be paying for these legal fees.” Councilwoman Amy Wanamaker, D-6, also agreed Cybart was treated unfairly, but couldn’t decide on a solution.

    After a recess, the council approved paying nearly $2,000 of the legal fees.

    “It’s not everything I asked for, but in light of everything that has happened to me, I’m glad somebody finally listened,” Cybart said. “This was the right thing to do. Just being able to address the council and gaining approval for some of my legal fees shows they believe the mayor and his minions acted hastily and inappropriately.”

  96. 96 phineast

    Isn’t there statutory direction regarding if a termination hearing can proceed when the person is on medical ? Wasn’t that cited by the town attorney??? If that is the case then the mayor looks even more stupid blaming Cybart for the lack of a hearing. The mayor looks like a bigger fool every day that goes by. Less than 3 weeks left until the mayor is kicked to the curb. I suggest that members of the opposing party put videos on all the voting booths to prevent any democratic hanky panky with the numbers. As long as there is an accused felon on the loose that can touch those machines or influence those that do, they should be watched and recorded.
    I hope Jim is packed and ready to leave. I hear the locksmith is already booked for election night, as is the computer people to block passwords. Smart move to $top thing$ from di$appearing. I hear the parting gift is a roll of t.p. so he can clean up after himself.

  97. 97 jezebel282


    Sec. 7-283. Employment of private detectives. No municipal corporation shall employ private detectives in the investigation or detection of crime at an expense of more than five hundred dollars unless a specific appropriation therefor has been made, nor unless the authorities thereof have first applied to the state police for assistance in such investigation and waited a reasonable time for said state police to act. Any municipal official who violates any provision of this section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars and shall be liable to such municipality in a civil action for the amount expended in excess of such sum as has been appropriated for such investigation.

    Let us recall that Miron hired Arthur Laske to “investigate” Chief Cybart. How much did that cost the Town? Certainly more than the $3,900 Chief Cybart had to pay his own attorney.

    Does the name Arthur Laske ring a bell? It should.

    You read it in the Post:

    Army Engine Plant sale gets green light
    By Michael P. Mayko
    Updated: 10/05/2009 10:44:34 PM EDT

    …Deputy Bridgeport City Attorney Arthur Laske convinced Haight that once a case is withdrawn and no timely request for intervention was filed, the motion should not be granted.

    Laske also pointed out that it was up to Stratford, and not the WPCA on its own, to file the intervention request…

    and let’s note the other legal players in the same article:

    “…Following the session, Charles J. Willinger Jr., who with Thomas W. Bucci Sr. represents Hollywood East/Area 51, met with lawyers for the U.S. Army and Bridgeport Air Services for about two and a half hours. The session ended around 6:15 p.m. with no closing papers signed. Hollywood East/Area 51 proposes to build a movie production center and digital imaging studio on the site….”

  98. 98 1george1



    Are you keeping a tab?

  99. 99 phineast

    Jez-sounds like the citizen sor financial responsibility shoud go after mieon of this one and the mc neil case. Sounds like a personal liability may come in on this…anyone want a house on Lenox ave?

  100. 100 phineast

    good grief-I made a typographical mess….sorry

  101. 101 jezebel282



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