Heave Ho for Loschiavo


Deputy Police Chief Joe “the Tooth Fairy” Loschiavo is leaving the Stratford Police Department. Some say he is retiring, others say he was fired. Between the unregistered car, speeding down the Merritt, stealing Town equipment, hiring anyone named “Loschiavo” or “Miron”, or shilling for Buturla while Buturla collects his consulting fees on Town time it added up to…too much.

You know, it only seems like a couple of months ago that Mayor Moron was praising Loschiavo.

Oh wait…It WAS a couple of months ago!

Article Last Updated: 10/09/2008 12:10:06 AM EDT
…”We live in a time when there aren’t many people who stay in one job or company very long, let alone 25 years or more,” Miron said. “I commend each and every member of the administration that we honor here today for their dedication and commitment to the Stratford community.”

I suppose none of that matters during an election year, does it, Joe? I’m sure all the members of Local 407 will give you a great going away party.

Now…who’s next for Deputy Thief? Did I hear that Buturla’s golf buddy, Robert Tolomeo, was up for the position? After all, he did such a great job (at taxpayer expense) persecuting Joe McNeil, the PD Union President. That ought to boost morale.

36 Responses to “Heave Ho for Loschiavo”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Note to members of Local 407:

    Sometimes the Devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

    It is hard to believe that the next DC will be that dumb.

  2. 2 nnanerak

    I heard the party was the day after he leaves, only union members…….and maybe a special invite or two–I hope the outgoing isn’t holding his breath for an invite-it seems that there are only 2 members of the dept that care that he is leaving…who will clean up the messes now?????? Mommy is all the way across the street, though you know she’s gonna try….
    Unless of course she is the next one on the hit list of of the swinging door in town hall…..wouldn’t that be a Merry Christmas gift.(to the taxpayers)
    A note to the mayor–sorry buddy it is too late to try to fix the disaster that you have heaped on the town before election day. You can try to extort $$$ for your dinner from scared employees, but in the end it is gonna bite you, no one is gonna forget what a terrible job you have done and what the cost continues to be to this community.

  3. I just heard on the radio that the Illinois Attorney General has petitioned the Illinois Supreme Court to remove the governor on the grounds that “he is unfit to serve.” Do you think we can get the Connecticut Attorney General to consider doing the same for Stratford?

  4. 4 1george1

    Kevin Kelly was an investigator for Blumenthal,
    who succeeded LIEberman, and is his boy toy.

    LIEberman is Head of Senate Home Land Security.
    John Burturla was CT STATE TROOPER Director of
    Home Land Security, while LIEberman was Chairman
    of Senate H L S Committee.

    RoSADeLauro was D.O.D.D’s chief of Staff.
    DeLauro replaced Bruce Morrison, a sitting Congressman,
    the election after I HANDED HIM a packet of INFORMATION

    Knapp Commission
    Frank Church Commission
    Watergate Commission

    Once said about the corruption within the Catholic Church
    about the FISH stinking from Mouth to Fin Tip, the USA
    Eagle has been relegated to that of a Vulture or Condor,
    in the Greatest Criminal Enterprise in History.

    There is a reason all those SECRET SOCIETIES need to stay SECRET.
    They are run by CRIMINALS and TRAITORS.
    ALL EGO.

    Too bad Jeze did not place the entire story.
    I wanted to comment on –
    John Burturla’s quote:
    Jim Miron’s quote:

    Only reason CT. does NOT top IL. in CORRUPTION is because BUSH’S # 3
    in the D.C. Justice Department Kevin O’Conner has his sucka– still in
    control of FBI / JUSTICE in CT.

    > Former Joe Burturla Stratford Police, Don Comers is Bridgeport
    FBI cohead. My comment to the FBI INTAKE clown, gave him a new
    orafice. I decided to speak to him personally later in the day.
    He went home sick with a massive migraine.
    I guess my reminding him about EQUAL PROTECTION of the LAW;
    OATH of OFFICE, 1st, 9th, 13th Amendments; U. S. CODE ss;
    Pledge of Alligance; and quoting directly from the US ETHICS CODE,
    may have remided him what he was supposed to stand for and stand
    against …..

    Later, I may post my Letter to the Editor from the Stratford Star of
    Dec 11, 2008. The Play write would appreciate it and I have a whole
    HATE me for writing FACTS.

    I had NO idea LoSchiavo would be leaving.
    I had NO idea FEEhan would be begging for $ 41,000
    I had NO idea mIRON CURTAIN would dump CybART / FEEhan.
    However, for those of you who know the players and their roles,
    you should understand, who the FOCUS should be on.
    Repeat SHOULD.

    I am PRO UNION.
    However, the abuses are going to hurt legitimate rank and file.
    There are good cops, teachers/boe, pw, fire, etc.
    Then there are political appointees. (some of them are very good)
    Others? 😦

    This country does NOT need change or reform.

    It needs a POLITICAL ENEMA!

  5. 5 1george1

    I know Joe LoSchiavo was a Sargeant in 1999.

    Does any one know or would any post his Rank History,
    including starting month/year and respective promotions.

    I know that Capt Rodia was bypassed.

    I have read others have been fast tracked.
    I am curious on the history of the DC’s promotions?

  6. 6 1george1

    No response about my request on DC promotion History.

    I was at the Pension Board Meeting – > Fund down from $ 85.5m to $ 80.56 m.
    My guess was $ 82.6. For a change my guess was high side!

    There will be an informative meeting or pony about the D.C.
    It seems the DC will get a bonus from the Town, by applying for a 401 C?
    The 1999 contract allows for FREEZING the D. B. P.
    Then without a 5 year probation, a retiree can get into the 401 C.
    Depending on the Union, a retiree can put up to 8 % of Base Pay
    and the Town will match that pension deposit.

    Winterbottom tried, WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, to claim this would save
    the Town money from the Defined Benefit Plan?
    Since the FREEZE starts Jan 2 and the retirement is March, and the 2
    years included all the following year Sick/Vacation/Holiday/Cop Pay –
    O.T. and uniform allowance, I am unsure if (or how long it would take for)
    2 months can add up to $ 6,500?

    A source claimed in the past, the Police Chief and Deputy Chief are the
    ONLY two positions which does NOT get O. T.
    Ergo, nothing added to PENSION.
    Again making Winterbottom’s point.

    Winterbottom & Burturla sat back pretty smugly all night.

    They have the power to say NO.
    A police officer went out on Disability a year ago and yet to get pension.
    I have been in the similar position of being someone’s pawn.

    Winterbottom and Burturla would not be so smug, if the Town Council
    used its’ power to say YES, ….. and used its’ power to say NO!

    However ….

    The Town Council is either unwilling to make changes …
    Or it can not see / think / act / speak / legislate outside the BOX …

    Readers and bloggers … which do you think it is?

    I have given you information.
    Please provide me with my request.
    Fair trade?


  7. 7 jezebel282


    “It seems the DC will get a bonus from the Town, by applying for a 401 C?”

    “A police officer went out on Disability a year ago and yet to get pension.”

    Did I read this right?

    Loschiavo gets to skate away with more of our money but an officer who was injured in the line of duty gets punished?

    How did the pension board vote on O’Meara’s pension?

  8. 8 1george1

    If O’Meara is the officer who applied about 1 year ago for Disability,
    then there will be a special meeting MON JAN 5, because the Doctor
    raised an issue that Burturla has to research and said might take 1 week.

    Burturla said it was a unique issue. He gave a HYPOTHETICAL:
    Suppose Jeze broke her arm on duty and applied for a Disability Pension?
    The Doctor felt that if the arm was set and HEALED, then the Disability
    would be INAPPLICABLE.
    However, Jeze told the Doctor that she did NOT WANT to have the ARM
    SET. So the Doctor could not render a decision on Disability or NOT?

    Soooo, Esq. Burturla went into his office across the hall, turned on the
    Billing Machine, which looks oddly like a Devil shaped slot machine, and
    came back giggling that he might / should have an answer next week.
    Except about an answer next week, for the Police Disability person.
    Gavin & the Fire / PW guys were pushing to get this done.
    I am unsure which Union guy is which?

    Winterbottom sits there with a REALLY SMUG look on his face and every’
    answer drips with sleeze, from my unjaded perspective. He made it sound
    as though the DC was doing the TOWN a FAVOR and was costing the Town
    LESS, by going to the 403 C.
    Julian raised questions about that.
    I have to give HENRICK props that he didn’t drink the KOOL AID and NAILED
    exactly what was happening (in a question form). Gavin was watching me
    shake my head NO when Winterbottom was shoveling the …. And then
    when HENRICK started his position, until HENRICK switched gears and then
    NAILED IT. I pulled my ARM down, like I was pulling a SLOT Machine and
    GAVIN nodded that the DC is … (not doing this for charity)

    One of my most interesting sources raised an issue about (COMP TIME)
    ability to VERIFY or CHALLENGE?

    JEZE = Potential GRIEVANCE by Sargeant McNeil?


    If O’Meara was another Disability pension issue, I believe that one was

    I did not remember the names, nor do I want to get into personalities,
    nor bring in certain issues


    In the pony was an EXCEL of all of the PENSIONERS on DISABILTY.
    I believe it was about 35 % of the 573 in the Defined Benefit Plan.


    I found it very interesting that while Burturla and Winterbottom were
    obdurious and unempathetic to the police officer without pension for
    1 year, they both pointed out that what the DC is doing, has been done
    many times in the past. Three of the various union people cited the 1999
    contract allowing (mostly ranking) people to FREEZE there Defined Benefit
    Plan and get into a 403 B PROGRAM, where UNLIKE a NEW EMPLOYEE, the
    SENIOR PERSON did NOT have to put in 5 YEARS in Order to be VESTED.

    Let’s see.
    1997-1999, Debbie Rose, was Town Council Chairperson.
    She was elected as a Republican, turned Unaffiliated, and December 1998
    became a Democrat replacing GI – LARD – I with
    Burturla (amagram: U R Brutal) as Town Attorney.

    January 1998, I started going to Town Council Meetings.
    1998 – Team Stratford awarded preferred developer.
    1998 – Pension Bonded $ 95,000,000

    1999 – Police & Fire Contract renegotiated with giveaways.
    1999 – Senior personnel could get 403 C, added to Defined Benefit

    Who was Town Attorney?
    Same guy who made $ 530,000 – $ 581,000 – $ 712,000 in 2006/7/8?

    But wait, it was the Republicans who dominated CRC # 1.

    Kevin Kelly’s Brother in law was Majority Leader on CRC, to Gavin’s
    CRC Chairmanship.
    Kevin Kelly is protege of Blumenthal.
    Kevin Kelly’s mommy was the Secretary to mO.S.S.man & imbroG-LIO.

    I actually spoke to her hours before Mossman had me arrested, when
    I called looking to place nice and for help.

    IT was Schirillo who was behind Kevin Kelly’s appointment.
    Yet Councilman Schirillo was a CT STATE TROOPER, as was JOHN BURTURLA,
    and apparent protege of LIP LOCK LIEberman (Homeland inSecurity)
    Schirillo became Dick Miron’s replacement as Dem Town Committee chair.
    Schirillo picks up $ 40,000 a year extra as Stratford’s liaison to CT. STATE

    Wasn’t one of the 1991 Referendum (became a town ordinance)

    No wonder the ETHICS COMMISSION was left VACANT.
    No wonder the Democrats and Republicans
    filled the ETHICS COMMISSION with
    * employer of Burturla’s Daughter,
    * Relative of Goodrich/friend of Berchem,
    * former member of State Dept + C. I. A.
    * STERLING HOUSE worker – resume mostly politcal places for jobs
    * head of a CHURCH / STATE combine
    * 3/4th of lifetime friend of Dick Miron = his HS Councilor
    * Assistant State Prosecutor = Political appointment.
    * former creater / head = Fairfield Chamber Commerce = political
    son teaches at West Point. (I hope it is not ETHICS) 😦

    As Fredette says:
    “HEY! This IS Stratford!”

    INCREASINGLY Stratford politicians look less like the ONION FIELDS
    of Southport, whereas peeling back layers causes tearing / crying,
    the key players look more like what is found in a ROLL of USED

    If the SHOE FITS ….

    And the people in positions of Trust and Profit do not go Public, yet
    they or allies or surrogates seek me out with information because they
    tell me they want change and are sick of status quo ….

    Stratford’s abuses are NOT union actual workers.
    The abuses are political, much like the KGB.
    They make Detroit Pensions look conservative.
    They wheel & deal like MADOFF & BLAGOJEVICH.

    I am going to have to move this to George’s

  9. 9 jezebel282


    It’s time to go double dipping.

    Deputy Thief Loschiavo will be hired by the Darien Police Department to work on their “accreditation”. After he starts collecting his pension from us, of course.

    Which raises the question about James Nardozzi (the consultant hired by John Buturla to “help” get Stratford’s PD accredited too). How much do we pay Nardozzi? And did Loschiavo realize that the good times in Stratford were over for the Loschiavo clan?

    Someone should call the Darien PD and tell them to change the locks on their yard equipment.

    (This should drive George crazy).

  10. 10 1george1

    LoSchiavo actually changed my first court date from the anniversay
    of my father’s death, to the next day.
    Then he was the key person who testified.
    However, IF the lawyer the bad guys slipped into my Law firm did
    even a half decent job or even tried for me … Joe’s testimoney
    would have been have been impeached.

    Whoever decided to have me arrested and go to court on the
    “22nd” anniversary of my dad’s death, and whoever arranged for
    the trial vertdict to be entered on the “7th” anniversary of my
    uncle / godfather / role model / best friend’s death.

    I suspect only Star and Nnan, would acknoledge that whomever
    would co-ordiante such things are worse than Mirons / Burturlas.
    The “DICKS” went along with their masters, as did DC.

    If the entire system is corrupt, as is suggested by the blog

    then ….

  11. 11 nnanerak

    Interesting…..hard to believe that Darien would hire someone like him especially in light of all the Stratford connections that work in that dept…..you would think that it would sink his chances, but then again when does the admin ever ask rank and fole for information that is pertinent? Darien will find out soon enough that they need to have a surveillance camera on this one, not to mention a vault around anything that could potentially access funds to him…his leaving Stratford is what is important, not if he would just take wifey and one son with him.

  12. 12 starlooker

    I am totally speechless. I have to keep on reading it over and over and pinching myself here. Whats next, Linda being in charge of HR there? I guess Darien does not read the Post….. They will find out soon enough what kind of a prize they are getting…. I believe it is called a Booby Prize.

  13. 13 1george1

    April 1995 – I contacted Mossman, U. S. Justice, and a couple of other
    Police Depts about the series of 16 Deaths in 18 Months.

    One police office and I developed a relationship which helped me get
    some insight into problems they had as to why they could not open a
    case (Mostly since I could NOT UNDERSTAND a bunch of things, I could
    NOT explain it, and until years later …..)

    Anyway, a couple years ago when LoSchiavo was promoted to D/C
    (I am still waiting for his promotion History – from one wayers on Blog)
    My friend told me LoSchiavo was NATIONALLY KNOWN for his work in
    Traffic Control ….

    I had a couple problems with that, since I had already caused a few
    Stop signs to be placed.

    My relationship changed with that police officer.
    He lost credibility.

  14. Jeze ~

    I had a message over the weekend, but haven’t been able to get the complete story, but LoSchiavo is not being hired by the Darien PD. He apparently is part of a panel of chiefs/deputy chiefs which deals with items such as this.

    I’ll provide a follow-up post as soon as I have a minute to return the phone call and get the story.

  15. 15 jezebel282


    Loschiavo doing something for someone else? For FREE?

    That’s hard to believe….

  16. Jeze ~

    I know – for him, unfathomable, but again, I don’t have the complete story, but it sounds more like a “committee” of area chiefs/deputy chiefs. I’ll give you the lowdown as soon as I can…..

  17. So, the story….

    The Darien Police Department contracted with the Connecticut Chiefs of Police to get a committee together – not on payroll, but perhaps getting a stipend – to look at the accreditation matter. DC LoSchiavo, probably as a member of CPCA, was one of the committee appointments and apparently will be down there this week (Wed/Thurs).

    I’ve been told the Darien PD is on the cutting edge – technology wise. Stratford might be behind the 8-ball a little on this. Perhaps DC LoSchiavo could get some tips to bring Stratford PD’s technology into the 2000s while he’s down there!

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Oh..that makes more sense. It’s more Loschiavo-like. He goes to Darien to help them and the Town of Stratford pays for his time.

    (Maybe we could be more cutting edge if John Buturla wasn’t so paranoid and let officers actually use the computers we pay for.)

  19. Not sure if he’d be getting paid by Stratford for the time he’d be off, but Darien would be paying the CPCA, who, in turn, would provide the stipends. Maybe like a “jury duty” kind of thing. He has to be there….

  20. 20 1george1

    New avatar!
    What happened to the “doo?”

    I wonder if this Darien lead came to Berchem from their contact in the
    Westport “merged” branch?
    And people wonder about the term Corrupt-icut?

  21. 21 jezebel282


    And let us bid a good riddance fond farewell to Heather Habelka who’s last day on the Town payroll will be March 6. She is going back to her PR company HBH inc.

    I wonder who will be given a no-bid contract as the Town’s new PR firm? (She offers more from forest to shore, you know.)

  22. 22 1george1

    No special blog line or HEADline for hEATher?

    Was that Forrester on the shore?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    “No special blog line or HEADline for hEATher?”

    I didn’t think it was worth it. In all probability she will just be switching from a W2 to a 1099. Until Dec 09, that is.

  24. 24 sudds

    Hmm… the Mayor wants to introduced an Economic Development Commission… and his alledged g/f suddenly goes back to running her own PR firm… and George does NOT alledge espionage? WTF? No CIA references… no links to aliens and their anal probes… nothing about how this is why his family was killed… nothing!!!

    George… you’re letting us all down!!!

  25. 25 jezebel282


    Geeze! Like he needs encouragement?

  26. 26 1george1

    You lack of empathy and compassion would be more expected of some
    of the other pundit perveyors of perversity.

    I volunteered for the Economic Development Commission to Niel Sherman
    in front of the entire Commission, including his honor who for some reason
    will not appoint me?
    I saw Niel Monday night. He has been sick. He promised to contact me, as
    I had called his home twice, the week after the EDC Meeting, the night after
    the Town Council Meeting.

    His honor and Jason Santi accuse the Republican Town Councilors as been
    sabotuers and delayers of Economic Development.
    Can’t say or write I disagree.

    Neither the Democrats nor Republican seem to care about America or
    Stratford, only redirecting the booty.

    Sudds, what if it was your wife, parents, nieces, friends, support, and
    families of those who died on certain dates which are iconic to YOU?

    And what if Dick Miron and Tony Schirillo was to testify against you in
    a rigged civil court case, with Dick Burturla’s firm getting the action,
    with the former Bridgeport City Attorney’s nephew (mis) representing
    DOCUMENTS and INSULTED you on the Close.

    1 – Oh the witnesses against you – Sgt. Joe LoSchiavo, who was not
    present during the alleged crime.
    2 – Mark Barnhart, hired by the Town Committee who was in power
    for torturing YOUR FATHER and then YOU!

    If Jeze had a sense of fairness and compassion, Jeze would allow my
    response to show the SUDDS is just another shameless hack…

  27. 27 jezebel282


    “If Jeze had a sense of fairness and compassion, Jeze would allow my response to show the SUDDS is just another shameless hack…”

    Sigh…it’s still there, isn’t it George?

    It might have been better if you just ignored Sudds. He would go back to pulling the wings off of butterflies.

  28. 28 jezebel282


    “and his alledged g/f suddenly goes back to running her own PR firm…”

    Here’s a little conspiracy theory for you. Mayor Moron knew that there was no way he could get both Heather and Ashley’s salaries past the Council in the upcoming budget. So…presto chango…Heather no longer works for the Town. Instead, she will “run” his re-election campaign and “consult” for the Town. Since that will be a “service” a Councilman would have to FOI the contract and disbursements of cash. Remember Tolomeo and Laske? How much did that cost us?

    Heather will probably make more than ever now.

  29. 29 sudds

    George… my grandmother died on my birthday… so the Mirons MUST have been envolved, right???

  30. 30 jezebel282


    Did you run out of butterflies again?

  31. 31 sudds

    Jez… I just found out that the Mirons killed my grandmother… I highly doubt that this is the time for your humor!!!

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “I highly doubt that this is the time for your humor!!!”

    There, there. It will be OK. Would you like me to give you your own page?

  33. 33 1george1

    If I knew who you were, I would punch you in the mouth, if I was inclined
    to violence, and am writing hypothically because of FCC Laws!
    Stay anonymous you weaselly, insensitive, drunken, pot/coke head coward.

    – This was NOT an isolated instance of a single death, this was a series that
    formed a pattern, which people in certain police departments tell me exist.
    However they can not expose their family and friends to deadly reprisal!
    Nice country!

    Try looking up:
    Knapp Commission for the true color of the law.
    Frank Church Committee findings for Traitors and Criminals running
    “Black Ops” around the world, making Halliburton and Blackwater
    look tame and decent.

    But then typing from a stupor, you enjoy being “opiated” and I guess
    wish that to be the future of your children and other peoples kids –

    I NEVER claimed Miron / Burturla were involved.
    However I do claim they front for some people.
    Some very good. Some very bad.
    I have also given them documentation, where my opinions (backed by
    various documents) appear to be credible for publication.
    They chose to suppress!

    – Jeze – You have the CHATZPUTZ to EDIT ME – when you let this scum
    JOKE about MURDER?

    Maybe we should do KNOCK KNOCK jokes about the HOLOCAUST,
    as you have blogged, English was not your first language!

    Sudds = scum.

    Joking about deaths of peoples loved ones.

    Sudds – What happens if next month one of your parents’ or other
    relatives passes away?
    Will you blame me?
    And I don’t know who you are?

  34. 34 sudds

    “Stay anonymous you weaselly, insensitive, drunken, pot/coke head coward.”

    Newsflash Georgie-boy… I’ve NEVER used pot and/or coke in my life!!!

    “But then typing from a stupor, you enjoy being “opiated” ”

    Sorry again George… I haven’t even had a beer in I don’t know how long!!!

    As for the rest of your diatribe… hmm… I can’t seem to argue against it!!! 😛

  35. 35 sudds

    PS… George… I am NOT joking about people’s deaths… I am joking about your assine attempts to tie said deaths to corruption, espionage, alien-visitations, etc!!!

  36. 36 jezebel282


    Soon Miron will deny even knowing anyone named “Loschiavo” and blame the whole Justin Loschiavo fiasco on……….Ben Branyan.

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