Looks Like a Cheap Suit


So much to write, so little space….

I have linked the entire Summons and Complaint here. It is in a PDF format.

Mayor’s brother sues over records flap
Christian Miron claims defamation by Stratford leaders
Staff writer
Article Last Updated: 12/17/2008 12:22:16 AM EST

STRATFORD — Christian Miron, the brother of Mayor James R. Miron, is seeking monetary damages in a defamation lawsuit filed this week against the Stratford police union, current and former union leaders and Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, over what he contends was the improper release of his personnel records when he applied to become a police officer in March.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants committed “civil conspiracy” and violated Miron’s “right to privacy” under state statutes by publicly releasing his background file to the media and council members.

The defamation lawsuit was filed at Bridgeport Superior Court by Milford lawyer Anthony J. Pantuso against Stratford Police Local 407, Council 15, AFSCME; union President Joseph McNeil; Shawn Farmer, a former officer who previously was the union president, and Henrick.

“What happened to Mr. Miron shouldn’t happen to anybody,” said Pantuso. “This is small town politics at its worst and ugliest, with Mr. Miron targeted simply for being the mayor’s brother.”

The lawsuit claims “Miron has suffered lost wages and benefits, damage to his reputation, and mental and emotional distress and anguish.”

The lawsuit alleges defamation, invasion of privacy, civil conspiracy and interference with business relations. It follows the October demotion of McNeil from captain to sergeant by Chief Administrative Officer Suzanne McCauley, and a 60-day suspension for “acting together” earlier this year with Farmer over the release of Miron’s personnel file.

A conditional offer to hire Miron as a police officer was issued in March, even though the information leaked from his application raised questions as to whether he might not be fit for police work, officials said. The background file showed he scored well on the written and oral exams, and that a psychologist who interviewed him recommended he be hired, while expressing “strong reservations” about whether he is emotionally fit for the job.

McNeil and Farmer strongly deny wrongdoing.

“Capt. McNeil and former Sgt. Shawn Farmer deny violating any Connecticut law, invading the privacy of Christian Miron, conspiring with anyone to do anything regarding Miron, or interfering with any purported business relationship between Miron and the Town of Stratford,” Milford lawyer Clayton Quinn, who represents both men, said in a statement Tuesday.

“The background investigations of prospective police officers for the Stratford Police Department have been treated as publicly accessible for years,” Quinn states. “The only thing unique about Christian Miron’s prospective employment was his relationship with the mayor of Stratford and the substance of his background investigation.”

The lawsuit contends that both accessing and releasing Miron’s background file went far beyond routine departmental practices and “were taken with malicious and or improper intent.”

“McNeil and Farmer, acting in their capacities as officers of the union, accessed Miron’s background report, including [his] psychological evaluation on a computer in the Stratford Police Department’s record room and printed one or more copies to the media and to several members of the Stratford Town Council, including Henrick,” the lawsuit contends.

A disciplinary report issued last month by McCauley was made public two days after McNeil was demoted to sergeant and suspended without pay for three months.

It concludes that McNeil made copies of Christian Miron’s nine-page background file, and Farmer, the former union president who resigned in May, sent them to several Town Council members and the media, in violation of numerous departmental policies.

The report does not speculate on the officers’ motives for releasing the files, but some in the department have said they believe Miron was not qualified and was being fast-tracked for a job because he is the mayor’s brother.

“By releasing Miron’s background report and giving statements to the media, [the] defendants gave publicity to facts concerning Miron’s private life, this invading his privacy,” according to the lawsuit. “As a result, Miron was subjected to public ridicule, embarrassment and humiliation, and the offer of employment with the [department] was withdrawn.”

Among the facts listed in Miron’s background check include that he admitted smoking marijuana fewer than 10 times in the past decade; that he showed deception on a polygraph test when asked about driving after consuming alcohol; and doubts were raised by a psychologist about “a somewhat unstable work and academic history.

Concerning Henrick, the lawsuit contends the council chairman made “various false and defamatory statements regarding Miron, including that ‘this is just another example of how this mayor gives relatives jobs that they are not qualified to do,’ and ‘If [Miron] became a Stratford police officer, he could put someone’s life in danger.’

Henrick said he was “shocked” to be named in the lawsuit.

Town Attorney Richard Buturla said he is considering whether the town can or will provide legal defense for any or all of the defendants. This is my personal favorite. “Considering”? Consider this, Rich; This is the mayor’s brother, remember? You serve at the pleasure of the mayor. Your brother John hired Tolomeo to conduct the persecution of McNeil. What do you think you have to consider? Withdrawing Town support from an elected official and two employees and let them bear the legal expense on their own? Or perhaps you are considering how you are going to make a buck from this mess? Here is something to consider: RECUSAL.

36 Responses to “Looks Like a Cheap Suit”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    I hear they’re putting up a Christmas tree in the lobby of the courthouse so that on Christmas morning the Miron family can gather around and open their lawsuits together.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    This thing has conflict of interest plastered all over it.

    So the guy who is supposed to be the Town Attorney, who is actually the Mayor’s attorney, is going to decide whether or not the town is going to represent town employees and a councilman in a lawsuit brought against them by the Mayor’s brother?

    Are you kidding me?

    Instead of saying that he is considering whether the town can or will provide legal defense for any or all defendants, the first word out of his mouth should have been RECSUAL.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope in November everyone remembers the messes Miron and his cronies brought to this town.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “I hope in November everyone remembers the messes Miron and his cronies brought to this town.”

    That’s why we’re here.

  4. 4 1george1

    I think it was Jeze who first suggested the reason Christian applied to
    Stratford Police was for the mIRON CURTAIN to create a Lawsuit to

    No self respecting or logical person would imagine or concur with the
    logic of such an action, which can take place in executive session and
    under seal.

    However: “This is Stratford.”

    For once it was Jeze who dreamed up the potential conspiracy.

    Lawsuit being filed about the time the father is supposed to meet his fate
    in Criminal Court?

    To Miron supporters, they can claim they are victims of co-ordinated
    harassment, and not be completely wrong…

    Yet what if they were the ones causing and coordinating. …. ?

    Convenient, Henrick and the Town Council are dragged into this …

    I do not like the B – UTTER – NUTS nor the mIRON CURTAIN or BAD
    1. (Norm’s crew related to Team Stratford / Shakespeare mess)
    2. (Miron’s inner supporters, seem sleasey.)
    3. (B MD – Berchump sucks)

    It is a case where I can root against both sides.

    Yet I suspect McNeil and/or Farmer either did the RIGHT THING or
    are INNOCENT, or both…. or were SUCKERED and it becomes prove
    able that they were ENTRAPPED.

    It is VERY likely they could have been lured to do the right thing

    As Fredette has coined …
    1 – “Hey,…this IS Stratford…”
    2 – “All attorneys are wh–es, and they know it….”
    3 – “They’re all puppets ….” (including us)

    It is hard for me to be sympatheric to Henrick for what he, Crudo,
    and their group did to ED HARGUS, patron saint to Senior Citizens.

    Arresting Ed for a stupid remark at Public Forum that NO ONE ever
    thought was a real threat, just a stupid warning about potential
    situation compared to what has happened elsewhere.

    Ed did more for this town than everyone in both parties combined.
    Ed may be the only person who has done more than Marcia Stewart
    or Diane Buda / Eleanor Burke.

    I feel sorry for Christian and Brook. They are basically kids and used
    by Dicks & Jim. Too bad they … role models ….even Jim … role ..

  5. 5 jezebel282


    “I feel sorry for Christian and Brook.”

    No one forced Christian to be Democratic Campaign Coordinator or apply to the PD.

    No one forced Brooke to embezzle $28,000 from Outback Steakhouse.

    No one forced Dick Miron to cheat dozens of bereaved families of an average of $2,000 each.

    No one forced Jim Miron to fire 39 talented and hardworking employees. (this list is too long to reprint)

    It’s kinda like feeling sorry for a convicted felon while serving out his sentence.

  6. 6 1george1

    I feel sorry for a lot of people, for a wide variety of reasons.

    I even pity some people who harmed me and others.

    What Dick and Jim did was worse than what Christian did, to be a campaign
    coordinator or apply for a job, having political connections.
    > We have suspicions about the gaming or scenarios.

    Yes Brook has donated and been involved with party politics, and IF she is
    guilty of embezzling $ 28,000 – then it is a shame, and someone had to make
    good for those losses.
    Betrayal of trust of employer and affects on coworkers are serious issues.

    However, without lessing whatever others choose to believe about all of
    them, Jim cost people their livelihoods, towards what end?

    Dick cost many people significant heartache and suffering.

    Both Dick and Jim were in positions of power and a definitely public figures,
    and it appears they abused that power.

    I have no problem insulting either Dick or Jim.
    Their actions and Public Figure, persons of power are different than Brook
    and Christian, analogous to the difference between a felony and misdemeanor.

    Yes I know $ 28,000 is a felony.

    I am not making excuses or sticking up for the younger ones.
    I am pointing out there are differences in degrees.

    – – –

    When I was in court about 12 times, due to mossman, I saw mostly young
    kids in court, who are caught in cycles of stupidity.

    Collectively, they have done less damage that Bush or Cheney or Madoff
    or many of the others, who can’t get by having Millions and need Billions?

    90 % of felons have alcohol and/or drug abuse history.

    They are mostly HS Dropouts.

    Combine DUMB with MENTAL impairment ….

    What is Burturla or Kelly or Florek excuse?
    NONE are DUMB (though probably not as smart as they think they are?)

    What is the excuse of soooo many BUMS in Stratford political system and
    within positions of Trust?

    There are truly BAD PEOPLE who cause MURDER for PLEASURE.

    They make locals look like cub scouts!

  7. 7 nnanerak

    Honest to Pete Jez, you have not yet missed your true calling….you should be writing a book……….I’ll be the 1st in line to get one signed!

    Mike-if he doesn’t recuse himself I think that there will be many many complaints to the state bar association, if their haven’t been already.

    George-there are good people in society and there are bad ones too–Stratford sadly has had the misfortune of getting all the bad ones in the secure bunker along with that extended family–like a cancer it has tenticles that reach into other areas—Our job is to perform surgery in November and cut that sucker off permanently from sucking the life out of Stratford and all it’s residents—I’m talking about the good ones, so sharpen the scapels people and keep complaining to the feds, to the bar association, and to anyone who will listen to help achieve the goal of getting corruption out of our town. Like a from of chemo we need to burn the ba$tards so bad they won’t come back……

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “Jez, …you should be writing a book..”

    I did! But the publishers keeping rejecting it. They say no one would believe it’s non-fiction.

  9. 9 nnanerak

    Mentioned in one of the above posts is that Chris and Brooke are just kids—–wrong wrong wrong—they are full grown adults that have had ample opportunity to learn right from wrong, just like other people in the world. It is completely their own fault for making the decisiions that they have and it is the fault of the parents in this particular situation for being such horrible role models. There is NO EXCUSE for how any of the members of this family behave, yes that includes Jim-especially Jim. It is interesting that he is a democrat when he exhibits a behavior and attitude that is like Richard Nixon(in the Watergate days), you know what I mean I’m sure.(If he does it he isn’t breaking the law but if anyone else does they are). Look at where that behavior landed Nixon-in this case I hope it lands this guy behind a set of bars along with his whole fam damily.(letter reversal intentional)

  10. 10 1george1

    Nnanerak and others.

    My examples were poor.

    However, Jim and Dick have inflicted damage on people,
    from positions of political power, personally held.

    That is the focus of this blog, abuse of political power.

    I will agree Chris and Brook, are public figures.
    But they are far less public figure wh personally do not weild
    political power and have not oppressed people via political

    Nnanerak, I do not back down from positions often.
    However my examples were poor.
    I prefer the focus be on Dick and Jim and Burturla / Norm’s crew
    who have been scewing up the town.
    And THEIR PATRONS in Town, around the state, and outside the state.

    I believe I made a case that the Burturlas and others appear to have
    political backing of the Lieberman / Blumental – Dodd / DeLauro crews
    and have assets in place in FBI & CT Prosecutors (former Stfd Police)

    – – –

    I do NOT buy the NIXON stuff….

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy (sigh…and you were doing so well, George.)….

  11. Ohmygoodness. Just looking at the first page I’ve got to chuckle. This law firm doesn’t even know how to properly fill out a Summons form

    The court address is wrong. It’s 1061 Main Street, NOT 1051.
    and the address of The Pantuso Firm is not included. I guess you get what you pay for.

    A simple form – screwed up. If there’s errors such as that, I can only imagine what one could find in reading the actual complaint!

  12. 12 jezebel282


    Where’s the face?

    What do we all have to look forward to now without the face?


  13. Jeze ~

    Anytime you want to see my face, you know where to find me….. :>D I figured Sage could keep an eye on you gals and guys while I’m in the end of year securities law hell.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    At the train station at 06:50 in the rain and snow?

    It’s a nice face, but…..

  15. 15 1george1

    Edited by Jezebel for relevancy (sigh…and you were doing so well, George.)….

    That Goebbels guy loved editting.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Da rules is da rules.

  17. 17 1george1

    What was da salutation?

    SIG HI – EL

    or was it?

    HE – IL

    maybe it was?

    HE – ILL

    and backwards, is SIG

    and does the “G”
    stand for “PE?”

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Get over it.

    Then get used to it.

  19. 19 1george1

    Dominatrix ?
    Always so pleasant and accommodating …
    Although, you a re legitimately extremely reactive.

    Of all the personalities in Stratford, you would be most likely
    to give me the best debate.

    Others may be smarter, more capable, more knowledgeable,
    more experienced, and / or have better vocabulary or may
    “appear” more presentable than either of us Jeze….

    However, you and I would argue EVERY POINT AD NAUSEUM.

    My reply to your post is just as obnoxious as you, in kind:

    Get over it.

    Then get used to it.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    Get over it.

    Then get used to it.

    Thankfully, I have the Adminstrator username and password for this site.

  21. 21 1george1

    “Thankfully, I have the Adminstrator username and password for this site.”

    Is that all you have to be thankful for?
    My gosh, I am desvastated.
    But I am sooo happy that you have your little switch so you can imitate … ūüėČ

  22. 22 1george1

    What was the name of that Gregory Peck movie ….?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    Pssst…it’s Hannukah now.

  24. 24 jezebel282

    Here is a real shocker:

    Mayor Moron and Rich Buturla (you know Rich, the Police Chief’s brother don’t you?) have decided that neither Shawn Farmer nor Joe McNeil (the former and current Police Union presidents) are entitled to legal coverage from Christian Miron’s frivolous suit.

    Let’s see if we can tally the score here:

    After the whole Gugliatti mess Miron made…Mike Imbro gets a pot of gold and retires.
    Miron thinks he can get his brother on the force but is thwarted by his brother’s shortcomings. Suddenly the Union president, Shawn Farmer resigns, The Playwright goes into hiding and Captain McNeil is persecuted, demoted and suspended. Then, Christian files his little lawsuit against Farmer, McNeil and for good measure…Henrick.

    In the meantime, Miron isn’t done. There’s another Officer he can kick while he’s down. Officer O’Meara who was injured in the line of duty. He is now without a job, without pay and in pain…STILL.

    But wait! We need to make sure the record is straight don’t we? So Miron puts Linda Goodman (one of many young female mayoral “aides”) in the PD as Records Manager. As Stalin said, “Those who control history control the future”.

  25. 25 1george1

    And Historian George Satayana:
    Those who forget History are doomed to repeat it.

    Good post Jeze …
    Drat . I will be editted for relevancy? 8)

    Good post Nnan … About the Jurisprudence door ….

    Interesting N Y Times story forwarded to me….
    State Trooper from 2005 file Law suit about Blumenthal lack of protection
    and Lawyer from his office releasing information to Trooper Brass.
    Hmmm > J. B. been chief for about 2006?
    He spent 1 – 2 years in New Haven, learning how to become Police Chief?
    Were any of those complaints related to J. B.? Was it ALLEDGED HE ABUSED?

  26. 26 jezebel282


    As a service, we can all follow along with Christian Miron’s little drama at:


  27. 27 1george1

    What ever happened to DEAD BEAT DICK?

  28. 28 jezebel282


    It looks like John Florek (ex town attorney) lucked out again and gets to defend Mike Henrick against Christian Miron.

    No word yet on Joe McNeil or Shawn Farmer’s attorney.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Christian Miron is now suing his brother!


    56 D

    57 D

    58 D

    59 D


  30. 30 1george1

    Christian Miron is now suing his brother!


    56 D

    57 D

    58 D


    If Christian Miron sues the Mayor, Police Chief, Police D/C,
    Police Captain, in their official capacity

    1 – Does the PUBLIC or the DEFENDANTS oay for the settlement

    2 – If the Mayor, Police Chief, Police D/C, Police Captain, in their
    official capacity have NO LIABILITY, what incentive ….


    I ain’t LOL

    This looks like legalized grand theft?


    If the SETTLEMENT / AWARD is between $ 100,000 and $ 1,000,000
    couldn’t it be used to help a certain DEAD BEAT?


    Can or can not a SETTLEMENT be under Seal and kept from the PUBLIC,
    but have to be reviewed IN SECRET by the Town Council Executive


    And this is just the BEGINNING!

    Thanks to the Revised Town Charter.

  31. 31 jezebel282


    Thankfully, it is in Civil Court. By the time the case gets around to trial the Mirons and Buturla boys will be long gone. I doubt Henrick, Farmer or McNeil would be willing to settle anything with Christian Miron. In a court.

  32. 32 nnanerak

    George this could have been done without any revisions-much is governed by the court itself as well as state regs. The charter is a worthless document that cannot be enforced-unless the council shuts off all money to the mayor’s office and holds it hostage for receipts.

  33. 33 1george1

    From your key pad to G-d’s eyes.

    Today, I caught another “actor” knowingly doing the wrong thing.
    Related to Elections.
    Time after time they play games, get caught, and demean themselves.

    Who else wrote in past about self respect?

    Intelligent & knowledgeable people wilfully doing wrong in their specialty.

  34. 34 1george1


  35. 36 1george1

    Thank you.
    Will check tonight.

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