The Spirit of Taking


You read it in the Post:

Towns look for ways to cut expenses
Municipalities around the area look for least painful solutions
Staff writer

“…In Stratford, Mayor James Miron said tax collections were running a bit ahead of the projected rate, though he’s not sure what will happen come January. But he is already focused on next year, asking unions for concessions. “We’re asking our employees to be our partners on holding down expenses,” saying it could avoid other cutbacks.

“Our preference is not to have anyone lose a job as part of this economy,” he said…”

No…he’d rather fire them himself.

Is this Mayor Moron’s campaign slogan? “It’s not me, it’s the greedy unions!” Let’s see, he fired almost all of employees in the Supervisor’s Union in Town Hall including the president and vice president, he suspended and demoted the Police Union president and forced the former one out. We can’t wait to see what he does to the Fire Chief. We can almost gaurantee that Deputy Thief Loschiavo’s pension will sail right through.

Let’s see if Berchem Moses and Devlin are willing to take a cut in hours or their hourly billing rate. Or perhaps a few less “assistants” in the mayor’s office? Maybe the council might have something to say about the budget? Nah…what do they know?


6 Responses to “The Spirit of Taking”

  1. 1 1george1

    Why not have Town Attorney work actually done in Town Hall,
    using Gail and the Mayor’s staff to work for their pay?

    We could see Burturla fee go from (fiscal year ending)
    $ 712,000 in 2008′
    $ 581,000 in 2007
    $ 530,000 in 2006
    $ 171,000 in 2005

    If Esq Burturla was content with ONLY $ 150 – $200,000 average
    from 1996 to 2006, it is not like I am asking him to become a pauper.

    If he took $ 150,000 a YEAR (CRC blew Set FEE!)
    – Would the blogers mind seeing

    1. Printing and Stationary gor from $ 500 a year to $ 5,000?

    2. Pay Gail $ 10,000 in O. T.

    3. Pay Heather, Linda, and others in Mayor’s office $ 5,000 O. T.
    for actually doing work, and saving tax payer $ 500,000 or 1/10 of 1 Mil.

    Jeze – What do ya think?

    Mike – PCS – FOS – KANE – Phsyclops – Star – Pearly Whites ? / Gavin
    – Jon / Ben – Sudds – OnTarget(Florek)

    Who could be against saving 1/10 th of a Mil, cutting Berchump’s Booty,
    and giving a “little” to the mayor’s minions?

  2. 2 jezebel282


    I think we should give each Councilman a 10% commission on every dollar they cut. We will have the lowest taxes in the U.S. on the next budget.

  3. 3 1george1


    WHY would they and their patrons take a PAY CUT?
    Someone does NOT have to get DIRECT COMPENSATION in order to get
    BENEFIT from Voting certain ways ….
    > Some people get sweetfart pensions
    > Some people get contracts steered to them, directly from Stratford or
    MORE likely from companies who deal with other cut outs.
    Example: A connected LAW FIRM might
    1. Subcontract and outsource legal business?
    2. Have an Insurance Company win a rigged bid. Then give subcontract work…
    3. Have a factory get a State, Federal, or Local contract and have certain
    people hired or be in management, or further subcontract?
    4. Have a C. P. A. or accounting firm get business from Pensioners, Towns,
    Business clients?
    5. Have a Client use a Remodeling Company to get work at or above scale?
    6. Arrange for an EQUIPMENT BID to go to a Town / State / Fed Dept?
    7. Arrange for Road Construction work to be steered …?
    8. Arrange for Welding and Fabrication work to be steered.
    9. Arrange for a Major Tax payer to give promotion and extra money to some
    one who might help cut property taxes of the major player or / and help hire
    steer people into Security / Fire / Production / subcontractor / etc
    10. Jeze – any suggestions as to how FREE VOLUNTEERS could actually be
    SUBCONTRACTORS and / or EMPLOYEES / OWNERS of benefitting businesses?

    We have an unpaid volunteer elected crew on Town Council, Zoning,
    Board of Ed., etc. – Could it be that they are OVER PAID already!

    By intentionally messing up, they create a public desire to have a full
    time professional running the government.
    (Like I would mess up doing the Laundry so my lady took it away from me.)

    We got a Mayor now thanks to Republican dominated CRC (surrogates).

    (R) Feehan wanted a mechanism to give a pay raise.
    (R) Henrick wanted the pay to be $ 135,000, knowing it had no ability to
    implement it and did not even try to create an Ordinance or Resolution.

    (Certain people are trying to get at me though friends & their contacts.)

    Both the D & the R know exactly what they have done and are doing.
    They are FURIOUS with me.

    I have been obliquely warned to TONE IT DOWN.

    FOLKS – Look in the MIRROR.

    If you make decisions which would embarass YOU, your PARENTS, your SPOUSE,
    your KIDS, your NEIGHBORS, your CO-WORKERS

    And I am the one embarassing YOU to FLY RIGHT ….
    1. out of JAIL …
    2. from continuing a mistake filled path
    3. from being DISBARRED
    4. from getting embarrassed worse, because worse stuff happens.

    I do NOT mind being the BAD COP
    or the EQUIVALENT of a Whistle Blower
    or the EQUIVALENT of a Gadfly who IMPROVES the PROCESS

    In the words of our sensitive leader …

    Get over it.

    Get used to it.

    APPRECIATE me later (if ever).

    Ed Hargus called me “his son.”
    That was my reward, earning the respect of a real CIVIC person
    (like Marcia & Diane and quite a few others)

    Outside of politics – most of the people are nice and pillars.
    However, what happened with MAD O. S. S. (Madoff) and
    BLAGART BLAGOJEVITCH is pretty much S. O. P. in Stratford,
    in CORRUPTicut, and in BUSH / CHENEY spOILs System, abetted
    by the “economy stupid” crowd!

    Just imagine what this country and this world could be, if there
    was less time spent sabotaging things and hurting people for the
    personal and political gain, and actually SOLVING PROBLEMS?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    What is absolutely amazing is that every union in this town as well as voters who are union members elsewhere remain completely silent while Mayor Moron violates every collective bargaining agreement the Town has made.

    It’s just sad that unions have no problem collecting dues, but when it come to members’ welfare…….

  5. 5 1george1


    I do not believe it.

    We are in complete agreement on paragraph 1.

    I would add that the unions and Town Council and other people
    in positions of Trust and Profit, also DO NOT GO PUBLIC with the
    various ABUSES, rampant through Stratford.

    However, I suspect it is part of the I GOT MINE mentality?

    I believe part of the Union’s obligation is not to get a DEAL that
    is SOOO GOOD, that it will ADVERSELY AFFECT the MAJORITY …

  6. 6 1george1

    I wonder if bloggers remember some past issues …..

    which … ground hog day?

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