Officer Down…And STILL Down


On Feb 25, 07 Officer Doug O’Meara, while covering a call for Justin Loschiavo, was arresting a domestic violence subject on Nichols Ave. For whatever reason, the party (also known in NYC as “poip”) decided to fight with Officer O’Meara. During the altercation Officer O’Meara landed hard on his left hip/back. After Officer O’Meara struggled with the “client” and completed the arrest, he returned to duty. Two days later he went to his own doctor complaining of back and hip pain. The doctor recommended a few days rest. Officer O’Meara receives a call then from town’s insurer (Webster Risk Management)) who states if the fees are to be covered covered by workman’s compensation it is necessary to go to either MedNow or to a hospital to have it examined. March 12, 07 Officer O’Meara goes to St.Vincent’s emergency room, they examine it and tell Officer O’Meara to follow up with an orthopedic specialist in the morning. Officer O’Meara makes yet another appointment with OSG (an orthopedic specialty group). On 3-19-07, the doctor says it is a bruised hip, and physical therapy is required. The doctor also advises Officer O’Meara not to return to duty while physical therapy is pursued. Physical therapy is not received because the physical therapist is awaiting approval from the Town. The approval is never given. On 4-19-07. Officer O’Meara contacts the medical group to follow up. Upon arrival at the group’s office Officer O’Meara learns he has been denied medical care by the town.

In Oct 07 Officer O’Meara contracts life-threatening meningitis and was hospitalized for a week. As a result Officer O’Meara’s doctor and cardiologist keeps him from returning to duty due to the meningitis and uncontrolled high blood pressure. The high blood pressure being due to pain, and pressure exerted by…wait for it…Deputy Thief Loschiavio. Finally in February 08 the orthopedic surgeon advises that the hip is full of arthritis from the injury and within a few years a hip replacement will be required and that Officer O’Meara is no longer fit for full duty police officer.

But wait! There’s more!

At no time was Officer O’Meara paid any workman’s compensation benefits for being out with a hip injury. Deputy Thief Loschiavo told the administration (Loschiavo’s wife Linda?) to change the “injury on duty” to “sick time”. In addition, Loschiavo kept canceling the disability review meeting after becoming aware that Officer O’Meara put in his retirement papers. Loschiavo was aware (maybe his wife Linda told him?) if the Town continued to prolong disability hearing while the contract with Local 407 permitted “sick time” of 1 yr and 1 day, Officer O’Meara would be denied pay at the expiration of “sick time”. *

What does this mean? It means that an Officer can become injured on duty and simply because Miron wants retribution the Officer’s entire career, disability and pension are sacrificed.

No Virginia, in Stratford there is no Santa Clause if Miron is out to get you.

* Posted with permission


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  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Those worthless, no good, mf’ers. Why isn’t the union screaming about this? They should be all over this like a cheap suit. Get this info into the papers.

    Isn’t there any kind of civilian overview of the department? Doesn’t the council have a public safety committee or anything like that?

    I really am shocked that things like this go on in the police department.

  2. 2 starlooker

    I am in shock here…..How many times has Justin Loschiavo been on Comp? Quite a few from what I understand and this Police Officer comes in as Justin’s backup, gets injured like this and gets nothing from the Town he served? This Loschiavo thing it totally out of hand and all these things need to get exposed before he retires. I can’t believe this poor officer has been living this way, no comp., it being changed to sick time (I guess Linda authorized that one) and now that the year is up he is out in the cold? DC Loschiavo is a disgrace to the badge….he is NOT with the brotherhood. I hope this officer gets things cleared up in his favor and that Loschiavo gets what is due to him…. a Big fat $$$$$ZERO. That is truly what he deserves…

  3. 3 1george1

    I agree 100 % with Mike R & Jeze’s post. Where there have very likely been
    Disability abuses with about 35 % of all Pensioners out on Disability, this
    preson seems to have been deprived of due process.
    Although due process is criminal, there are labor protections within the
    NLRB and Grievance Arbitration procedures, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN
    IMPLEMENTED and expedited.

    There seems to be 2 classes of employees/management.
    Those that kiss butt and get rewarded…
    Those that are are not among the chosen …. and are USED to be made
    an example of to others …. and can be USED for POLITICAL POSTURING.

    This should go to Weisel of the Post and Kovach of the Star.

    I omitted the BARD, since it is about to close shop. . . .
    DeRoma is a class act as a decent person and fine reporter.

    – –

    Any truth to the rumor that a certain former Mayoral candidate has been
    offered the Fire Chief position?

    Hey, Weisel turned down the Mayor when he was between jobs and years
    later the Mayor hired a certain reporter / editor …

    There is to be a nationwide search for a new DC.
    Could it be true that Haddad is coming back? 😦 (kidding!)

    – –

    Shaws is closing.
    Walmart will be expanding.

    I wonder if they will take over Stratford’s Home Depot,
    which reminds me of a ghost town?

    – –

    Dianon System moved to Shelton with 300 jobs

    Mobil Chemical closed with 250 jobs. H R Director told me they had the
    HIGHEST TAXES of any MOBIL SITE, in the World!

    – –

    O’Meara can’t get paid for 1 year.
    He can not get worker’s comp treatment?
    He can not get timely medical examination?
    He can not get an answer, JUST AN ANSWER on Disability or denial
    of Disability for a year?

    I guess putting 1 person through problems will offset all of stratford’s
    other abuses and lost revenues and extravagant costs, like extra 403b
    for managment personnel on top of Defined Benefit Program.

    It reads to me like O’Meara is being abused and scapegoated.

    However, watching how Winterbottom (mostly) and Burturla have shown
    nominal concern for the individual and processing his claim – I have
    developed a dislike for Winterbottom.
    EVEN IF IT TURNED OUT O’MEARA’S claim was phony – his treatment by those
    who are suppose to act in a timely manner has been SICKENING and in my

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Just one correction. O’Meara wasn’t Justin Loschiavo’s backup. He was there INSTEAD of Justin who was out “sick”.

  5. 5 starlooker


    thank you for clearing that up. I would love to see how many days Justin actually worked. This O’Meara went on a call, got the guy but got hurt in the process. Medical reports it is a legit injury caused on the job. what the heck is going on here. If someone can get comp. for leaning over a garbage dumpster one can’t keep comp. for catching someone and getting hurt? I just hope this Officer keeps at this and fights to the end… This is NOT FAIR at all.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “what the heck is going on here. ”


    Mayor Moron is getting even for Christian and John Buturla is getting even for the No-Confidence vote. They both get to scare the rest of the cops and Town employees.

  7. 7 1george1

    I do not doubt the word of Jeze or others.
    I have not heard the other side of this situation.

    However, I have been to the last 4 (not 1 but 4) Pension Board Meetings,
    and I see / hear the issue being raised by Union Reps and Councilors.
    Then I see / hear Winterbottom, and his reaction and statements.

    Without knowing FACT on whether the officer deserves pension or not,

  8. 8 jezebel282


    Because of the “inaction” by Loschiavo, Winterbottom and Buturla Officer O’meara will be spending his Christmas holiday with no money, no job and plenty of pain.

  9. 9 starlooker


    It breaks my heart to hear about an Officer who got hurt while working and is going through all of this. Again it sounds like Loschiavo got caught again red handed. I hope something gets done about this and gets corrected FAST…… Seems to me the DC and Wifey are at it again……

  10. 10 nnanerak

    Would it shock you to find out that Justin just may have equal amounts of time worked, sick time, and comp days used??????? George, that is something you can foi…
    He singlehandedly holds the dept. record for I.O.D. complaints since he was hired. Anyone else that had the amount of IOD’s has been on the job for many more years than this kid. It goes to show you that 1) he is not capable of performing his job properly. 2) he never should have gotten the job to begin with due to his medical history.
    Now the question is are his injuries legitimate????? He was at the McNeil fundraiser while out on comp, seen by hundreds of people and drinking to boot…does that legitimately qualify as being injured????? If an injury is legit–that is one thing but this kid is unbelievable. Someone should have shoved his sorry a$$ into the dumpster and let him try to figure out how to get out. Just wait until daddy is no longer on the job to cover his a$$–hopefully he will be discharged quickly from our town–maybe the mall security team will hire him-lol-probably not if they look at his work record.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “Would it shock you to find out that Justin… ”

    Nothing would shock us (anymore) about the Loschiavos.

    But this isn’t really about the Loschiavos. It’s not even about O’Meara.

    This is pure revenge for Christian Miron and 89% of Stratford Officers voting no-confidence in John Buturla. (And apparently rightly so.) If this stands, citizens should not be shocked when officers refuse to duke it out with perps. They will resort to other methods.

  12. 12 starlooker


    After hearing this story if I was a police officer I would be worried also but you know what? they took an oath to protect and this is what they get? I can see many of them going “Hey if we get hurt we can end up just like O’Meara”. This Officer protected this women, went after the guy and caught him and this is what he gets? No wonder the vote was 89% No confidence, Also what message is this for women who are stuck in a domestic problem, do they have to worry about the Police being a bit nervous about coming out on a call because if they should get hurt their status would be changed NOT BY A DR. but a DC from Comp to sick time? I am sorry this Officer got hurt protecting. He deserves the respect of Administration for doing his job. I also do hope whoever this women is that she comes foward and states that Officer O’Meara made her safe and protected her from getting hurt. Loschiavo has done many things but to one of their own? that is horrible , sorry let me change that,,,, will come to protect sonny boys but not the men on the force who are NOT related to him.

  13. 13 1george1

    It is interesting to actually SEE the dynamics of the SPOILS SYSTEM,
    where there is not even an attempt to make sure there are qualfied,,,

  14. 14 jezebel282


    To show you what a nice guy this particular perp is he was arrested for:

    1) Criminal violation of protective order, 2) unlawful restraint, 3) threatening 2nd, 4) possession of explosive devices, 5) possession of controlled substance(steroids) and of course 6) resisting arrest,

    This is what Officer O’Meara walked into.

  15. 15 1george1


    Why don’t you and your police allies create and document probable cause
    for issuance of Warrants against the Mayor / Town Attorney / Police Chief
    / DC / Members of present and past Town Councils?

    You don’t have the courage to do it, do you?

    Or is it because they have as much on you and your allies as you have on
    them and their allies, and if the truth was laid out in the Public, then all
    of you might actually get the Justice you crave and the innocent people
    of Stratford might get good government?

    You asked for information about Officer O”Meara?
    I gave you information about what happened at the Pension Board

    Other people ask information – they get it.

    I asked for a promotion history and where to get it on the DC, who is
    supposed to be your arch enemy – I GET NOTHING.

    You want me to help do your dirty work and you won’t give me the
    tools to help you achieve your objectives.
    But then, we have different end games, don’t we? 8)

  16. 16 1george1

    Officer O’Meara’s situation should be resolved in 10 days.

    Pension Board met last Monday.
    The Doctor recommended an approval, except for one thing, he questioned.
    Burtula had to research the issue?
    (Probably take more time to turn the billing machine on & off than actual research?)
    Burturla would “TRY” to have an answer in one week.
    Pension Board scheduled a tentative Meeting the first Monday in January @ 6:00.
    I believe it is open to Public (except anything necessary for executive session.)
    I believe the VOTE is open to the Public by law.

    If Burturla rules one way, the pension is ratified, from the demeanor of the Board.

    If Burtural rules another way, Officer O’Meara may have to do X or Y to get the Disability Pension OR possibly come back to work. The decision will be his.

    Or the Pension Board could vote approval regardless of Burturla’s opinion.
    (NOT likely)

    Or, the Pension Board might reject the Disability Retirement on merit or
    lack of merit of the application, facts, and situations? (NOT likely)

    Regardless of which way the vote goes Jan 5:
    1) The Town HR Department appears to have lacked a sense of urgency
    or compassion towards Officer O’Meara.

    2) I believe there were 3 different H. R. Directors during this saga.
    One quit with about 2 weeks into the job? Perhaps hired to rifle files?

    3) This situation is likelty to have an approved Disability Pension, although
    there may be a condition which needs to be met?

    As a certain local R lawyer and FOS usually post …
    “I have no dog in this hunt ….”

    As a courtesy to the blog readers I am posting this as an FYI, so that
    anyone (like brother/sister police officers or brother/sister union
    people or bloggers/readers) could take 15 minutes out of their lives
    to lend support to someone who appears to have mistreated by the

    I can support a Disability Pension, while still believing the moneys
    granted in the existing format are excessive and THIEVERY by the
    people who arranged for the negotiations and computations in 1999,
    which I believe were FRAUDULENT and CONSPITATORIAL.

    Regardless of what I believe, it will eventually become a Public Issue,
    and like the lawsuits involving the Madoff moneys, there may become
    restitutional issues.

    I am hoping it shall adversely affect the MALPRACTICE INSURANCE RATES
    of several local LAWYERS, who probably should be disbarred and jailed.

    Ultimately, I am the witness who has mitigating circumstances on behalf
    of all of the THIEVES in the D. B. P. It would be a mistake for Jeze to
    edit or link these last 4 paragraph because I believe several blog readers
    would like to know that I am their defense from Jail & disbarment… 😦

  17. 17 jezebel282


    I am still not understanding why Rich Buturla was even allowed at the meetings. He serves at the pleasure of the mayor and his brother is Chief of Police. With the expense the town incurred hiring Tolomeo (John Buturla), the lawsuit brought by Christain Miron (how many Mirons has Buturla defended?) and Officer O’Meara’s participation in the no-confidence vote for John Buturla, it is astounding that recusal was not immediate.

    Any one of the above would cause an ethical attorney (OK that one is a hypothetical) to recuse himself. All together they should constitute a grievance to the CT Bar Association.

  18. 18 nnanerak

    Jez, I agree with you to a certain extent. Complaints to the bar are definately in order, and several should have been made long ago. Recusal would make Bururla a puppet masterfor another attorney and give us or anyone else direct accountability–so there are 2 sides of the issue. Either way BMD keeps getting more and more billable hours.
    George, You made a request for a history the week of the holidays as well as end of year for many at work….you want instant results call the pd or hr they can look it up, otherwise you will just have to wait until someone has some time….

  19. George, You have so much information on everything and everyone obtained from all kinds of sources – why don’t you see out the info you want regarding the D/C utilitizing those very same tools. Why are you asking someone else to do it? For God sakes, call hr and speak to his wife – she knows his history.

  20. 20 1george1

    According to the Revised NEW Town Charter and the NEW Revised Revised
    NEW Town Charter – the Town Attorney is the EXCLUSIVE and FINAL decision
    maker on ALL LEGAL MATTERS for the TOWN.

    The Town Charter Revision Commission choose NOT to address such issues as:
    1 – Who becomes MAYOR if he DIES or goes to JAIL?

    2 – If the TOWN ATTORNEY is INDICTED, who is the ARBITOR for Town Decisions?
    (I suspect the Mayor can suspend him or appoint someone else?)

    3 – Making the TOWN ATTORNEY into a FULL TIME POSITION at $ 175,000
    with 1 or 2 or 3 pt assistants at combination set pay / stipend? others @ hourly?

    I asked specific and simple information about the promotion history of
    the DC, because certain people seem to know everything else about him
    and the PD department, any reasonable person would expect they would
    be glad to provide information that might be used against people they
    claim they do not like.

    Yes – I can probably get that information from H. R. by FOI.

    I could call the DC wife. However, I try to keep this about political and
    NOT personal issues. I do NOT want to talk to the DC wife about anything!
    I e-mail rather than call the office…

    I might be able to get it from other sources, including outside town hall.

    However, I wanted YOU PEOPLE to step forward with simple reqested
    information, as I was testing each of YOU.

    Readers, can see and read my positions and your/their positions.

    Recently I was intentionally excessively obnoxious to prove a couple points.

    Nnanerak – fine post.

    However I made the initial request about the DC promotion history about
    3 weeks ago, then let it lie then, then bought it up a few times since.
    I suspect at least 2 of the bloggers have instant access to people with 30
    years history on the police force, and would KNOW the answer without
    having to ask anyone at Town Hall.

    I know Jim and others still peek at this website.

    I also know Jim tries to limit information to me from Town Hall, because
    when I get printed with accurate information, it makes his opponents
    look bad, but makes him look worse.

    Last Monday, Esq, Kubec was being interviewed by Weizel.
    Joe stopped. Joe barked a 30 second screed at me about existing contracts,
    and then turned to finish talking to Weizel.

    However, I succinctly replied (about any contract’s validity) UNLESS THERE

    Joe paused, facing Weizel, I could see he INTERNALIZED and UNDERSTOOD my
    point about FRAUD or CONSPIRACY, since I intentionally used the words in the
    Star letter to Editor “Phoney Political Controversies.”
    1. “I believe”
    2. “Collusion”

    Look up the definitions of collusion and conspiracy.


    I am trying to get the Town Council and Unions to ACT pre-emptively to make
    ROLL BACKS and necessary changes, before other peopkle do it for them.

    Whereas I do it with writen and verbal words.

    Other people can cause disbarment, fines, and imprisonment.


    On Bloomberg TV Channel they intrviewed Fairfield’s Ken Flatto
    and other day Arthur Levitt.

    Levitt was very, very specific on PENSION ABUSE and PAY to PLAY.


    The FEDS and STATE know everything going on.
    Bridgeport was wire tapped by FBI.
    AVCO area 51 looked by FBI.

    These DARN FOOLS on the PENSION BOARD have not put 2 + 2 together.

    I am glad I had ZERO to do with the AWARDS.

    I can lead a horse, mule or elephant to water …..


    Yet, because the Jezinistas bustem on me and call me names, I decided to
    nail them back to show them how it feels and also call them out on information
    requests, to prove a point that they are ONE WAY and do NOT CARE about

    They care about who has the POWER and protecting their friends JOBS,
    and they defend $ 50,000 to $ 95,000 a year pensions. 8)

    They care about those WRONGS committed against ONLY their FRIENDS and
    NOTHING about WRONGS committed about General Population or my people.

    Jeze does pull in some Weizel columns about LBW / AVCO / SHAKESPEARE /
    ANIMAL SHELTER / DUMP SITE – other things – yet read the remarks and the
    extremely limited focus toward anti ……

  21. 21 starlooker


    I shall try not to RAMBLE ON…… I have no connections to the Stratford Police Department. The person who could of gotten me the information passed away 4 years ago. I have been very busy to FOI. With the holiday and having to get ready for a family member who lives out of State my plate has been very full. During this season my family comes first, second comes toys for Tots and Merton House for me. If I can get the information at a late date I will pass it on to you

  22. 22 1george1

    Stratford Libray has the Harryhausen films
    * 7th Voyage of Sinbad
    * Jason and the Argonauts
    * Clash of the Titans

    They bought the first 2 just because I inquired and the
    Clash of the Titans was out, on Library Card.

    I think I will call them about the other 2 Sinbad movies.
    I have many of the Harryhausen characters.

    This is an FYI because your Avatar is the Sinbad Cyclops.
    (I understand your barb about Jim, but I think that is tasteless.)
    (I conseed some things I type are tasteless but not aimed at
    physical characteristics and I try to stay political except when
    I am directly attacked.)

  23. 23 nnanerak

    I have asked a couple of people to check the dates for me, no one remembers them off the top of their head as most of them weren’t on the dept at that time.(is there anyone left that was??) When I hear back I will let you know.
    You know there is really no need to test most of us as we are of a like mind in that we all are of the opinion that Miron and his bunker crew have to go.
    I went back and re read the new version of the charter to check for what you stated above. You are incorrect. If we are lucky enough that this jerk goes to jail the council chair takes over. Same thing if he dies, is incapacitated, unreachable, under the influence or deemed psychologically incompetent( supposedly runs in his fam.,council should pursue that one) etc..
    The mayor has the sole authority to replace the town attorney when ever he wants for whatever reason or for no reason. The attorney serves at the pleasure of the mayor. Having one on staff and still having to farm out most of the work, in this town currently would be a greater expense to the taxpayers with the current political climate. Though if you read it carefully the mayor actually can appoint an in house attorney which is similar to what we have—there is nothing stopping him except the council’s willingness to foot the bill for salary and stipend. This is another area where the mayor can do whatever the f@#k he wants because he’s the mayor.
    Maybe you should reread the charter again, what you brought up is addressed-not necessarily as deeply as it should be but it is addressed.

  24. 24 jezebel282

    Sigh…you can’t ski in fog. No warning lights on the trees.

    “Yet, because the Jezinistas bustem on me and call me names, I decided to nail them back…”


    Like I have any authority whatsoever.

    George, you are the one who calls people names.

  25. 25 1george1

    I intentionally raise the succession issue, which I knew the CRC # 2 DID COVER,
    knowing in advance that it would give an opening for someone to prove me wrong.

    I liked the way you answered those questions.
    Instead of me raising points, I suspect you have more respect or responsiveness
    from certain readers than I do.

    > Jim Miron did tell me he was “pressured” into picking Burturla.
    Not Jim Miron’s preference.
    Jim could always make a change.

    However, who “happens” to be defending a certain person?
    Does that give leverage, for continued … ?
    Will there be political considerations in:
    > Selection of Judge?
    > Docketing?
    > Issues framed
    > Jury (if any) selection
    > Plea bargain / sentence (conditional AR or probation / fines?)
    > Evidence allowed
    > Testimony (steered by political considerations ….?)
    > Verdict / Sentence (if any)

    I do & have called people names.
    You did not protest when I was coining nicknames for the anti-mirons.

    However, are / were my attacks strictly based on political decisions and
    situations as related to the Mirons / Burturlas – BMD (Never spoke to B)
    & Norm?



    “Yet, because the Jezinistas bustem on me and call me names,
    I decided to nail them back…”

    YOUR and YOUR GROUPIES attacked me PERSONALLY & sometimes about
    > NO problem attacking my POLITICAL POSITIONS, which I LOVE to DEBATE.
    However, just as the Miron supporter can not list achievements, NONE of
    YOUR GROUPIES will debate me point by point on POLITICAL ISSUES.

    I exempt Nnanerak, who above proved my positions either incomplete
    or wrong.
    I am DELIGHTED to conceed to superior position or alternative positions
    to be considered, in the POLITICAL ARENA.

    I exempt STAR who tries to see both sides of a position or tends not to be
    mean, unless she feels actions warrant certain results…



    JEZE – I achieved my desired result of putting you on the defensive,
    and having you feel what you inflict on others.

    I VALUE the FACT that you have MANY GOOD POINTS and want certain
    results, I consider good for Stratford.

    Conversely, we have different priorities and perceptions of Public
    Interest, SOME of which I find NOT desireable.

    Further, I want readers to understand and relate they are either part
    of the problem or part of the solution. If they are taking donations from
    certain PARTY PEOPLE for ANY ELECTED POSITION …in the next election…
    I want them to know and relate that if they don’t have anything to hide
    and have very thick skin than go for it.

    My ideal situation would be for NO ONE to want to run as a Democrat
    or Republican for any elected position, and more importantly NOT BE
    secretly surrogates for the same scum…….


    Either you are for ALL of the PEOPLE for the “Just concent of the governed,”
    or you are a SCUM BAG who can not be trusted to feather nests…..

    So JEZE as far as your protest, I have ONE WORD for you and YOUR GROUPIES,
    Mirons’ crew, BMD, B UTTER NUTS, cLOVER SHAMrocks …

    I think the word for the legitimacy of your (COLLECTIVE) positions is:


    (DEFINITION: Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My A– Off)

  26. 26 1george1


    I think FOS would post that I conceeded points on LAW, and some other
    issues, while arguing other.

    I think PCS would post I conceeded some points to her superior research
    and expertise in certain issues.

    I think Kane & Cyclops might recall that occasionally i would give them props
    or respect to certain points.

    I think I have occasionally conceeded points to Jeze.

    I try to correct myself when wrong.

    I have posted that I will (& do) post things to GET REACTION!

    I do NOT have an obsession to be dominate, ANAL, or always right, like JEZE.

    I do have an obsession NOT to post incorrect FACTS, but will be less
    obsessive on OPINIONS seeking FACTS – not easy to define, definitively.
    > (I try to NOT lie on FACTS. In areas open to opinion – I will phish.)


    I have NEVER attacked Richard Burturla’s WIFE (Teacher) or DAUGHTER
    (who worked for ETHICS COMMISSIONER (Robert Chaloux)

    I believe those FACTS are as material and relevant as is a FACT that a
    certain POLICE OFFICER dates Burturla’s Daughter or that Christian
    Miron appied to become a Stratford Police Officer.

    I respect privacy LAWS regarding personnel files and I respect the
    – I am in NO position to Judge merit, except based on History.

    Jim – Dick – Dick – Berchem – Norm – others are political figures who make
    political decisions affecting everyones taxes.

    Interesting Movie in 2009 “The International” Google:

    Everybody pays, and Sony Pictures wisely paid for a generic and yet brandable domain name. Namely, Sony is using the domain to promote its action-thriller movie The International, which is set to be released in 2009. I don’t know why they chose this particular domain name, but I definitely like it. Maybe Sony doesn’t use because that domain is owned by a golf club…

    Anyway, is a good domain name for Sony’s marketing campaign because it is generic, easy to remember and it already implies some of the movie’s sensational action. It is easy to recall for those who see it at the end of the movie trailer and commercials. Secondly, it makes absolute sense for the story. Well-done.

  27. 27 nnanerak

    Sometimes there are unintended consequenses of statements that are made-like when you make statements that aren’t true on purpose just to try to challenge people. Well, believe it or not some people might take what you are saying seriously which is how much misinformation gets perpetuated…As you know many people never check out what they read and believe all of it-I happen to check out as much as I can when I have the time but the average person is not as motivated as I am. My motivation is very simple: I want to live in a community that is free of corruption, where the taxes are fair, the jobs performed are well done and the people who perform the jobs respect the taxpayers and leaders and they are treated fairly and with respect in return by leaders and the public. I do not believe that this is unattainable, though in this town it will be somewhat harder to achieve with the political climate being the blood sport that it is, and the general laziness of the public or maybe it is apathy–those that are corrupt are most responsible for the pathetic state of this town and those that are lazy/apathetic are equally responsible.
    In order to motivate people you have to hand them the correct information and make it easy for them to understand and relate to–if they can’t relate they won’t care. Every single taxpayer has been negatively effected by the current administration. It starts in the wallet and progresses to the quality of life and value of their investments in this town. Our investments plummeted when Miron took office and began his antics and have spiraled in a continuous decline. He can spout what ever he want about the state of town affairs–but until it translates into the tangibles that each and every taxpayers can see and comprehend the mayor is a complete and utter failure. The fact that the mayor and his admin. have acted in such outrageous , corrupt(my opinion) and self servingly nepotistic manner is unforgivable and most definately unforgettable. I know that I will keep reminding everyone what a horrible job has been done by this clown and hope and pray that a candidate will rise from the ashes that is honest has integrity and a shred of intelligence. That would be a home run since it is everything that we lack right now.
    I would ask a favor- in the future can you preface your information that is incorrect by saying “this is a test” or something-to prevent the misinformation…it is a royal pain in the a$$ to keep having to re explain to people that you either don’t know what you are talking about or are trying to provoke…they just want the facts. Thanks for your help in advance.

  28. 28 1george1

    Sometimes there are unintended consequenses of statements that are made-like when you make statements that aren’t true on purpose just to try to challenge people.

    LEGITMATE POINT which I had not considered.

    The PENSION & INSURANCE problems are the fault of the past and present:
    PENSION BOARDS = oversight
    TOWN ATTORNEYS = oversight
    H. R. MANAGMENT = oversight
    FINANCE MANAGEMENT = oversight
    TOWN COUNCILS = oversight
    TOWN COMMITTEES = Real power are those who control Local, with State / Feds
    TOWN MANAGERS / MAYOR = oversight
    BOARD of EDUCATION = oversight
    other MANAGEMENT

    Nnanerak > you can go to
    or watch / listen to Anton Scalia @ Federalist Society (c-span)
    or watch / liston to (EX-sec Chair) Art Leavitt @ Bloomberg TV
    or review certain Federalist Papers # 26 for schemes to subvert …

    What happened in Stratford preceeds Jim Miron.
    No question his decisions have been political, bad, and worsened situation.

    Local giveaways took place in 1999.
    Guess who was Town Attorney?
    Guess results of 1998 Pension Bond?
    Guess who won AVCO preferred developer in 1998?
    Guess what went on at Shakespeare?

    Want to blame the DICKS? They were involved.

    In out of print book by Dickenson: “Death of a Republic” Caesar broke down
    the Republic to create an empire by making everything unworkable.

    Sound familiar?

    Do Bush / Cheney / Senate – Congress > have anything to fear because they
    Fund or Appoint everyone who has Criminal Investigatory Power and official
    Prosecutorial / Judicial / Military Rank = Power?

    Burturlas / Mirons / B UTTER NUTS / Others have protection of the Criminal
    enterprize which runs the political parties and staff keep elected, funded,
    and appointed / promoted personnel.
    Many people who preceeded them = same thing.

    If someone will LIE FOR YOU – Are they likely or unlikely to LIE against you?

    If someone will BETRAY HIS/HER OATH of OFFICE – Are they likely or unlikely
    to be deserving of your TRUST?

    If someone will DEAL with the DEVIL – Are they likely or unlikely to LIE to
    be willing to face the TRUTH and do the RIGHT THINGS?

    The USA / ALLIES conquored and set up G – 7 / G – 20, under the Marshall
    Plan and made Germany & Japan to be # 2 & # 3 economies in the World.

    Since the TRILATERAL COMMISSION has been offshoring USA JOBS / BENEFITS
    and raising the standards of living to people of CHINA – INDIA – BRAZIL – RUSSIA,
    narrowing costs of business, in the largest and most populous nations of the
    world, after concentration on prior Colonial Powers – ALMOST no one on this
    blog is intelligent enough to understand everything is on a Time Table.

    Nnanerak YOU – FOS – PCS have the intellectual ability to see / understand
    the patterns,
    however it goes against YOUR BELIEFS and WHAT YOU READ / SEE / HEAR /
    Your lives are too busy to review certain stuff.

    Jeze and the others look at the government trough as inexhaustable for their
    friends and enemies to shovel the pork.

    Jeze’s economic theory was the price of GAS hits $ 60 a barrel and all is well.

    Jeze and friends are NO DIFFERENT than BLAGOJEVICH and MADOFF.
    – In the former, the incestuous nature of politics is exposed.
    – In the later, the incestuous nature of doing business for or against within
    your ethnic group is exposed.
    The SUNDAY NY POST had a story about CRIMES & Reinforcing Circle of BENEFITS
    tend to be within ethnic Groups,
    – I got all over FOS who blogged about his fraternity brothers helping each other.
    It is not against FOS personally.

    else, and supposedly within the CONSTITUTION.

    – However since LAWYERS are practiced at fabricating OPINIONS to SUIT their

    – Since LAWYERS never ask a question where they don’t know the answer, isn’t
    it logical they would want to control the whole circle of POLICE / JUDGES /
    JURY / and WORK with each other ….. FEEDING CASES and BUSINESS.


    SUNDAY CT. POST story was more pap about part time PENSION BOARDS and

    The real FAILURE was the GIVE AWAYS to family, friends, and allies who could
    cause problems for their politicsl parties.

    The entire CORPORATE CIRCLE is in DENIAL.

    While it is sad about the INNOCENTS hurt by MADOFF and the BANKS / FIANACE
    and the guy who had committed Suicide, perhaps there will be a silver lining in
    Forensic Auditing to find the Sources of Wealth?


    Stratford is LOOKING at $ 3,000,000,000 (three billion dollars to 2000 people +)
    transfer of wealth, and the lawyers will try to set up the UNIONS to be fall guys!

    Maybe what went around, will come around ….?

  29. 29 1george1

    I am not SMART enough to credibly explain what I try to explain.

    For reasons I can only suspect, somepeople taught me things about
    Macro-economics, including having 2 to 4 separate agents trying to
    educate me, discreetly and covertly in 1980s, when I was harassed.

    Regardlless of possible good intents, if I know I am being harassed
    and tutored, why would I trust those who proctored me?

  30. 30 jezebel282


    The Pension Review Board hearing for Officer O’Meara scheduled for January 5th, 2009 has been canceled. No new date has been set.

    Officer O’Meara remains without a job, without pay and without much hope.

    The question becomes how can the council and Miron allow one of of Stratford’s Finest to twist in the wind since October 2008?

    If there is money to allow Miron to move Linda Goodman over to the PD, why can’t Officer O’Meara be assigned this task? Surely he has done more for Stratford than this…person.

  31. 31 nnanerak

    Did he apply for the job? Maybe he can permanently work light duty….if he is smart he should push that aspect. If the town can allow Justin Loschiavo to take a certification test while on light duty then certainly O’meara can push papers…the question is does he want to?
    Knowing Officer O’Meara, he would gladly do what he can to honestly draw a paycheck, unlike (in my opinion) the Loschiavo kid. If Officer O’meara reads this blog he should use certain issues to his benefit as much as possible, especially if it gives him a job with bene’s.

  32. 32 jezebel282

    Well, once he put in his disability pension papers he is not allowed to do light duty, it’s in the contract. Tactically, once he put in his papers, the only pay he was receiving was sick time pay. Remember? Loschiavo switched it to sick time. In Oct 08 he would be out 1 yr and 1 day of sick time. “Sick time” expired for O’Meara on 21 October 2008. By canceling/rescheduling the disability board meetings Miron is effectively leaving O’Meara with no job, no pay and pain.

  33. 33 1george1

    Apparently Burturla could not finish his research in one week,
    like he thought he could do.
    I guess it will take him longer @ $ 150 per hour?

    The following Monday is the regular Town Council Meeting.
    They can schedule an Executive Session Meeting about O’Meara.
    They can also request the Mayor to make some sort of good faith release
    of funds, if there is a consensus that a Pension would be granted OR that
    Workers Comp would grant the claim.
    > It would be extraordinary action, but it can be 4 figures to low 5 figures,
    as a temporary “loan” or whatever.
    > Meanwhile – Just as there was a FUND RAISER for Capt/Sgt McNeil, I do not
    know why one (or more) has not been scheduled for O’Meara?
    I would donate same fee as for McNeil + raffle tickets.
    FUND RAISERS are NOT allowed at the VFW, according to a source and there
    was a minor issue raised in the McNeil case.

  34. 34 nnanerak

    fundraisers can be held there but must be under the umbrella of an organization such as the pba or the union. tickets cannot be sold at the door but donations are allowed. You are absolutely correct – the pba and the union should be stepping up to help O’meara-and they should be getting the word out to the media-especially the tv networks-between this and the Mcneil debacle it would make national headlines that would totally screw moron’s re-election attempts. That alone is worth the negative publicity we would have to once again endure due to having a$$holes in the top spots in the town. Maybe if the media grabs ahold of it, we will not have to hear the cha-ching going in the BMD treasury.

  35. 35 1george1


    You are a good writer.
    I feel you are among the more objective bloggers.

    I have had to back off (or conceed) more to you than others, because
    you can make lucid and valid points rather than name calling insults,
    and I want to be debated and proven wrong, if I am incorrect!

    The Stratford Star has published me about 7 times in the last 12 weeks.
    Sometimes, I have given documentation to the Reporter / Editor, so he
    absolutely has verifyable proof of my facts.

    Sometimes he prints my opinions.

    Occasionally I get printed by the CT. POST. Normally when Winters is on
    vacation. 🙂

    I will never get the same subjects printed by the Post that I have had in
    the Star.

    — Bottom line —

    Send in letters to the Editor to the Star, Post, & N. H Register.

    You have the ability I do not have. Short and sweetly poisoned penned.

    I take up the 498 to 500 words.
    I suspect you have the ability to have a deadly focused 100 words and
    become a regular contributor in the CT. POST (big compliment to you)
    and the Star.


    I do NOT believe Burturla / Mirons / B utter nuts / and some of the
    blogger choices (Jon or Dom) will yield Good Government.

    (Note: I like Jon as a person. I respect Dom’s willingness to go door to door
    and do for the sign industry, what Bush did for a BOOT Company.) 8)

  36. 36 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    This blog has never endorsed any candidate for the office of mayor.

  37. 37 1george1

    This blog has never endorsed any candidate for the office of mayor.

    GM > Not YET.
    However, bloggers have boosted Jon or Dom.
    And Jim & Mr. Pearly Whites (PW’ s Blog) endorsed ….


  38. 38 nnanerak

    for the record I wasn’t endorsing anyone or anything…just stating what I was told as well as my own opinion…way too soon for any endorsements….though it is never too soon to declare a non endorsement of the current regine. It would take a bonafide miracle for that to happen.

  39. 39 nnanerak

    for me to to endorse the current regime–is what I meant–

  40. 40 1george1

    # 34 appears pretty much on the mark, from my view.

    There do not appear to be Miron fans here so no worries about 38 & 39,
    being misconstrued.

    I ain’t drinkin the koolaid on Miron – Feehan.
    Cybart may or may not be an innocent pawn.
    I suspect he will get a hefty pension / 403 b and benefits.

    Where is the union support for Officer O’Meara?

    I suspect Officer O’Meara would trade pay / pension / health
    packages with Chief Cybart at a drop of the hat?

    I would not mind getting the package he will be getting,
    and still be able to work elsewhere?
    or choose to stay retired …

    Some things do not pass the smell test, on many things in town.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    Sadly, there is no update.

    Officer O’Meara continues without a job, without pay and with plenty of pain.

    This is simply unconscionable.

    Let us hope in 11 months that James R. Miron, the Buturla brothers, Edmund Winterbottom and Susan McCauley never again damage Stratford’s citizens and those sworn to protect and serve them.

    It is quite apparent that those who are supposed to prevent this type of manipulation (including the Attorney General, the State Attorney, The U.S. District Attorney and the FBI) are willing to sit on their hands and wait for Miron’s term to expire.

    That leaves the solution to us, the voters.

  42. 42 mikereynolds

    It continues to amaze me that this story has received ZERO press attention.

  43. 43 1george1

    I have been in contact with Officer O’Meara, and Town Councilors on the
    Pension Board. Gavin & Tom Moore (among others) have spoke up about
    expediting and facilitating this issue.

    On Dec 22, P B Meeting, Esq. Burturla had to investigate (hypothetical) a
    situation about whether someone was injured or disabled and whether
    the town could force an injured person to have an operation?
    Esq. Burturla thought his “research” would take about 1 week.
    Based on that P B Chairman Kubic scheduled a tentative P B Special Meeting
    for Mon Jan 5. It was cancelled.
    I suspect Esq. Burturla still has the BILLING MACHINE going, regardless IF his
    research was done or NOT?

    Next Monday is the regular Town Council Meeting. It would be almost zero inconvenience to the Town Councilors to schedule an Executive Session
    Meeting in the Agenda OR to set a 6:00 pm or 6:15 Special Meeting BEFORE
    the 6:45 pm Public Forum – as a way to address the O’Meara situation.

    The Town Council P B Members, Jeze, Officer O’Meara, and a few others
    have a Letter to the Editor which I prepared, but held back from sending,
    1. I did NOT want to mess up or tick off Voters on the compensation.
    2. I did NOT have verification on certain facts.
    3. Miron – Winterbottom – Burturla and Berchimps MON KEYS are “connected”
    to the suing system, whereas I would be reckless to write about things which
    I could NOT verify.

    By Monday night, I shall / should have complete verification.
    That would be too late for my Letter to Editor for the Stratford Star.
    “Officer Down: Equal Protection or Cruel and Unusual?”

    However, I sent a Letter to the Editor as a counterpoint to Jimbo’s Letter
    about the Cybart situation to the CT. POST, where I’m not drinking Koolaid.
    > It is rumored, that the Cybart Public flogging has been postponed.
    > It is rumored, from one of my sources that after the CT. POST Editorial
    Board saw my Letter vs. Esq. Miron’s (& others) positions and my request
    to have it published as a counter point on thursday – my source claims
    a phone call and copy of my Letter to the Editor, somehow went to a
    certain Milford Office & then back to Town Hall, which postponed …. >
    “Stratford’s Literary Genre: Political Science Fiction”

    There is a posibility that the Honorable Mayor’s Letter and my Letter may
    appear on the same page, in Thursday’s Stratford Star.
    One may note that while I mention Cybart directly and indirectly, for
    some reason i felt compelled to refocus the issue and differentiate
    between “TRUE STATEMENTS” and the “WHOLE TRUTH?”

    I look at certain FACTS within the allegations, and certain FACTS that are
    NOT in the allegations, but placed in CONTEXT, just might explain the
    “smoke and mirrors” of what I BELIEVE is “Political Science Fiction.”

    People have discretion in office. Some people might opine there is ABUSE?
    People have discretion in beliefs?
    > Sometimes what one person believes is relevant …. 🙂

  44. 44 jezebel282


    Once again, there is no update on the status of Officer O’Meara.

    Tonight the Council meets for their regular Public Forum and Council Meeting. A short executive session to approve Officer O’Meara’s disability would take one vote in executive session. It should last about 10 minutes. Problem solved.

    The next Pension Board meeting is scheduled for 26 January, 2009. In the meantime O’Meara twists in the wind.

    Anyone care to place bets on whether or not the Council stands up to Miron/Buturla tonight? Or will they allow this to drag on indefinitely? (And by the way, why is Buturla involved? His brother is Chief of Police. Sounds like a conflict to me.)

  45. Jeze ~

    I was told that O’Meara’s records were requested so that the TC can review, but being that this comes out of HR, you know how that game is played. Whether or not the information that is passed on is complete remains to be seen.

    What is being done to him is inexcusable. Being a police officer is thankless job – no doubt injuries – minor or not -happen more often in this job than any other. That’s what worker’s compensation is for and what the way the Town has treated him obscene.

  46. A little more info from a call I just got ~ the TC cannot go in to executive session on this and make any decision. It’s got to go through the Pension Board and they’ve been given more than 70 pages worth of documents which they must review before any decision can be made by them.

  47. 47 jezebel282

    The Pension Board has had this since Oct 08. Officer O’Meara cannot get any doctor to certify him as well enough to return to duty.

    It simply begs the question of why the delay.

    It also makes you wonder why Officer O’Meara’s status was changed from injury in the line of duty to “sick time”.

  48. Jeze ~ it sounded like they had no information on any of this. I’m not sure where the hold up was – but probably in HR. As you know, there’s been some turnaround in that department and I’m sure the DC’s wife wasn’t going to put a file together for them to review before she was told she had to.

    I think this has been more mishandled by the HR department (Winterbottom and LoSchiavo) and the PD (LoSchiavo) since they should’ve been getting a package together for the people who need to make the pension decision.

  49. 49 1george1

    From PCS:
    A little more info from a call I just got ~ the TC cannot go in to executive session on this and make any decision. It’s got to go through the Pension Board and they’ve been given more than 70 pages worth of documents which they must review before any decision can be made by them.

    Jeze ~ it sounded like they had no information on any of this. I’m not sure where the hold up was – but probably in HR. As you know, there’s been some turnaround in that department and I’m sure the DC’s wife wasn’t going to put a file together for them to review before she was told she had to.

    I think this has been more mishandled by the HR department (Winterbottom and LoSchiavo) and the PD (LoSchiavo) since they should’ve been getting a package together for the people who need to make the pension decision.


    From George:

    As previously blogged: There was a complication in the O’Meara situation,
    whereas the Doctor “CONDITIONALLY” recommended approval, however
    there was a supposedly unique “twist.”
    Burturla had to research and opine.
    From what I have learned, alledgely there is a question about disability
    or injury.

    I hate giving Burturla or Winterbottom any credit, and I would like to see
    Officer O’Meara with Revenue …..
    However IF there is an INJURY and NOT a DISABILITY – Does that set a
    PRECEDENT, where every INJURY could cause a DISABILITY APPROVAL?

    Jeze, what are the financial ramifications if every one of the 450 Town
    Workers and 800 Education workers could be INJURED and get 66 % of
    their PAY as Disability?
    > And then work elsewhere, once INJURY is healed?

    The Town Council has been questioning IF some people who were once
    disabled, yet appear to have healed, could be called back to work, since
    their Pension is based on being Disabled, yet IF they are NO LONGER

    Am I heartless about Officer O’Meara? NO.

    I am outraged at lack of Union Fund Raiser and Protection.
    I am outraged at the apparent obduration and apparent lack of empathy by
    Winterbottom and Burturlas / LoSchiavos / Mirons.

    This information could have been expedited so a Meeting could be today.
    Chairman Kubic has the right to call a special Meeting, with only a few days
    notice, to match FOI Legal Mandate. So a vote might take place before 1/26?

    PCS – FOS (Yoo hoo?) – Nnan – What are your positions.

  50. George ~

    Perhaps if O’Meara had been treated correctly and not jerked around, his injuries may not have turned into a disability. If I’m hearing correct, he was denied worker’s comp, denied therapy, just a long series of denials. Had he had proper treatment, maybe he would not be disabled….. now, that the Town has screwed this up (royally), the taxpayers will be the ones to pay. It should come out of Miron’s pocket, not the taxpayers, but we know how that goes.

    Everything Miron has screwed up (all the things that have yet to come to light) will be paid for by the taxpayers for years to come, the O’Meara situation included.

  51. 51 1george1

    You use the same term that bothers me:

    “If I’m hearing correct,”

    I do NOT have any physical proof of the alleged facts.

    I have had a similar path to what suppossedly happened to that certain
    person, who just e-mailed me.

    If everything is true as writen and blogged – his UNION and ATTORNEY
    should be making BIG NOISE.

    I feel that if they continue to jerk him around, he may have to file
    a R. I. C. O. Lawsuit against people in person.

    Those people are lawyers.

    They know the law and they know the facts.

    They know the town will initially pick up the costs.

    With the right lawyer and right situation, if everything writen is true,
    he wins a R. I. C. O. suit and owns everything they own.

    Every day, week, month, year, which they act Malfeasantly causes
    an increase in hardship and probable punitive damages.

    Does that pay his bills?
    NO and YES.

    NO – If they do as expected.
    YES – If they look at the FACTS and LAW, and determine that IF WE LOSE
    we lose everything we OWN – they would be wise to act legally, ethically,
    morally, constitutionally, and decently.

    Axiom for success:
    Pound the FACTS
    Pound the LAW
    Pound the TABLE

    If you have the FACTS – Use them.
    If you do or do not have the FACTS, but have the LAW – Use it.
    If DO or DO not you have the FACTS and/or do or do NOT have the LAW
    – Use Public Opinion.

    This is the age of the Internet and transparency, where a completely
    corrupt system is exposed to a candid world.

    I appealed to Mossman / Mirons / Burturlas / LoSchiavos / Kelly
    and many others to look into a series of DEATHS.
    > FAMILY

    For all I know the person e-mailing me as the victim, may in fact be
    one of any of other people looking to entrap me into a situation.

    I was at the Town Council Meeting and spoke at Public Forum about
    an un-named police officer, who the bloggers claim to support.
    – I could not take a stronger position, than to mention certain things
    I absolutely know to be true, because I heard them and Weizel was
    present when he and I heard them, but who knows if Weizel would
    step forward?
    – Without hard evidence, PCS – FOS – JEZE – Others – > what more could
    I do?
    – And where were each of you, if you care so much about the man?

    NO ONE else spoke at Town Council Public Forum about the Police Officer.

    – Not even Jeze ….


  52. 52 1george1

    Oh –
    I do not even have proof that Mossman is really dead.

    The Excel spread sheet shows his widow gets 1/2 of what Mossman
    would have gotten if he was still alive…. and since the only thing
    many of these people care about is money …..

    if the Excel spread sheet is true … m is probably dead.

    “Hey…this IS Stratford!”

  53. George ~

    Believe me, I do care. It’s disgusting the way some of the people have been treated in this Town. Unfortunately, right now, I have to prioritize my time, and attending the TC meetings aren’t a priority. My inability to attend and personally speak out certainly should not be construed as a lack of caring or willingness to work to see that the wrongs are righted.

  54. 54 1george1

    I understand priorities.
    There are reasons.
    There are excuses.
    At least you blogged your reasons.

    # 1 Blog was from Mike Reynolds:
    Those worthless, no good, mf’ers. Why isn’t the union screaming
    about this? They should be all over this like a cheap suit.
    Get this info into the papers.

    Isn’t there any kind of civilian overview of the department?
    Doesn’t the council have a public safety committee or anything like that?

    I really am shocked that things like this go on in the police department.


    I do not have to go and repost everything posted, yet anonymous
    people can claim anything on a blog.

    PCS – You use your name. I met you a few times. Nice lady whose
    bubbly personality does not come across on the blog, the same way
    I let OGRE take over on the blog for GEORGE, as self defense mechanism,
    from frustrations of dealing with cold people.

    You have been published, as has Dave Blumstein, Jon, and Gavin.
    Since I know Pat Blumstein I can prove he exists.
    Jon and Gavin are public figures, who write well.

    FOS & OnTarget disappeared from blogs. 😦
    Kane and Cyclops have become as rare as a unicorn.
    Star pops by as often as a shooting star.

    Nnan actually seems to have a Healthy life. 🙂
    Sudds may not have recovered from New Years Eve? 😉

    Playwrite and Hand ….

  55. George ~

    My next live letter may have to be done in segments. Having been quite so long, I sure do have lots to say! :>D

  56. Oops….quiet. Believe me, I’ve been reading, taking it all in, sitting tight…… I think I’m really waiting too for the Miron to publicly announce his bid for re-election. That’s when the real fun will begin!

  57. 57 1george1

    Your avatar looks like the all seeing eye or CBS symbol.

    Maybe you can compile your notes for a 60 minutes segment?

    Naaaah – not believeable!

  58. George, as always, you’re confusing me…… :>D

  59. 59 1george1

    PCS –

    60 MINUTES is the Andy Rooney TV NEWS Show Sunday
    about 7:00 pm channel 2 = CBS
    Had Dan Rather – Leslie Stahl – Harry Reasoner etc.

    The symbol of CBS is an EYE.
    Same eye as found on the Dollar Bill.
    It is similar to the Eye of RA and symbol of Masonry
    and Symbol of the British ROYAL EMPIRE.

    Also a symbol of the Vatican Holy SEE.

    You – PCS – have a new AVATAR.
    It looks more like the eye of RA than the CBS symbol.
    But pretty close ….


    You can google those terms.

    Much of the British and French symbolism goes back to the Pharoahs
    and the Royal families want to portray themselves as decendents of
    same for convoluted logic of having DIVINE RIGHTS over every SLAVE
    RACE…. or so I suspect.

    Oh … Didn’t the Pharoahs rule the tribes which built the Pyramids?
    Certain ancient orders all try to create the delusion of decendency..

  60. 60 jezebel282


    Don’t encourage him….

  61. 61 1george1


    NOW you are TELLING PCS what to do? 😦

    I Googled “control freak”
    I saw your avatar! 8)

  62. 62 jezebel282


    While you’re at it, go Google the difference between “request” and “demand”. Maybe it’s only a definition problem you have.

  63. 63 1george1


    I write “TELL”

    Jeze – You write
    “difference between “request” and “demand”.”

    Perhaps you have a reading and comprehension disorder?

    “Jeze – You write”
    “Maybe it’s only a definition problem you have.”

    Should we post the definitions of:

    8) 🙂 😉

  64. 64 jezebel282


    After much delay and twisting in the breeze, the public hearing for Officer O’Meara is scheduled for tonight in Town Hall at 7PM.

    We understand that it will be cold, dark and fairly difficult to drag yourself out of a nice warm home. However, this Officer had no problem keeping us safe in our warm homes in the middle of the night.

    I urge you to make the effort and attend the hearing.

    Especially you members of Local 407.

  65. 65 1george1

    Bring your video cameras and tape recorders.

  66. 66 jezebel282

    Further Update:

    Correction: Tonight is a scheduled Disability Review. Since most of what will be covered will be medical records covered by HIPA law. Which means that the majority of the discussion will be private and the public will be barred from hearing medical testimony.

    However, the results will be provided to the Pension Board on Monday January 26, 2009 in room 213 of Town Hall at 7PM.

    This meeting should be attended. I apologize for the confusion.

  67. 67 bollicks


  68. 68 1george1

    If they deny his Disability, I do not believe he would have any basis for
    Retirement, since I believe he would be too young and not enough
    years of service.

    Would I go, despite knowing most of the time, the doors would be closed?
    Sometimes doing something decent can be a little inconvenient.

  69. 69 1george1

    Don’t know why there was not a post.

    I do not believe Officer O’Meara has the age or service years to get
    regular retirement. If “NO” to disability … I doubt he gets a vote jan 26.

    Why should I goto tonight’s closed door meeting?
    Sometimes doing the right thing or the decent thing is inconvenient?

  70. 70 1george1

    Jan 21, 2009

    Officer O’Meara with his lady, 3 supporters/observers
    (Gavin-Angelo Stravola and Ron Monro) and I showed up
    for the Disability Review Meeting tonight.

    His application was forwarded to the Jan 26, th Pension
    Board Meeting as was Fire Chief Cybart’s application for
    Disability Pension.

    It appears one of the two Doctors on the Disability Review
    Board and the Attorney (Tom Cotter) who had worked at
    Town Attorney Burturla’s firm of Berchem had BOTH been
    involved in opinions as Doctor and Attorney on a Worker’s
    Comp issue for Fire Chief Cybart and had to recuse
    themselves from voting.

    Since there are only THREE members of the Disability Ability
    Review Board and TWO could NOT VOTE, the sole final Doctor
    did NOTconstitute a QUORUM. (1 person)

    Esquire Burturla “happened” to be present.

    He had presented a VERY LONG opinion (CaCHING) in advance
    of the meeting. It seems Fire Chief CYBART’S application will
    go to the Pension Board for approval or (unlikely) disapproval
    on Jan 26th.

    Since Fire Chief CYBARTS HEARING is scheduled on FEB 2,
    I strongly suspect:
    1) O’Meara’s Disability Pension will be approved Jan 26th
    2) Cybart’s Disability Pension will be approved Jan 26th
    3) The Feb 2 Employee Hearing about Cybart will be cancelled,
    …. because he will be retired / pensioned and NO longer under
    …. jurisdiction of a Hearing, wasting about (GUESS) $ 40,000
    …. probably spent an the Cybart circus and prior schedule Hearing.

    Time will tell.

    Years ago, someone wrote the only difference between actors
    and politicians/lawyers, is that the actors/actresses tend to be
    better looking.

    I did get a chance to tell Tom Cotter to Google “The Monkey’s Paw.”
    Several years ago he picked up on something I said or wrote about
    being careful what you wish for, and it appears the saying’s genesis
    is either from a couple of Aesop’s Fables or “The Monkey’s Paw?”

    News flash that Caroline Kennedy does not want to be a Senator.
    Now there are contrary claims.
    My prediction is that after various a couple of more Cabinet and
    Ambassadrial appointments, we will have 3 to 4 Black Senators and
    a few more Black Congressmen?
    Shame about Bill (Hispanic) Richardson, who appears to be competent.

    I was impressed with NEW Education Secretary and Energy Secretary
    with Senate C-Span and PBS Story on California Energy.

  71. 71 1george1

    I forget the FIRE UNION rep’s name.
    He seemed unhappy with the cybart mess.
    He left early, before the decision.
    He was there early and did his due diligence to make sure
    certain information was made available to the Reviewers.
    If I was a member of his union, I would appreciate his service!

    After he left, Winterbottom wandered by with some information
    for Burturla / Review Board.

    I asked him for the names of the Fire, PW Union reps, which he knew.
    He could not remember the names of the other 4?

    I asked:
    – Where else do you work? Nowhere – this is full time.
    – How long have you been here? May 2009

    The H. R. Director has been on the job for 8 months.
    He can’t name the Union Reps on the Pension Board?

    GOOGLE: “Of thee I sing.”
    Winterbottom … Wintergreen …
    Still Satire

  72. 72 jezebel282


    Thank you for the report. Congratulations to both O’Meara and Cybart.

    Hopefully, O’meara’s pension will be granted retroactively to October ’08.

    Note: Due to bronchitis I was denied permission to leave my premises. Although sharing the illness with Buturla and Winterbottom would have been a service to the community.

  73. 73 1george1

    I hope you get well soon.

    I googled bronchitis, as I had a couple cases a couple years ago,
    when I was taking very HOT BATHS and HEATED Bathroom, before
    going into much colder ambiant air, coming from the bath.

    It was my cause, for the illness – so it is a heads up.

    However, CIGARETTE SMOKING also has a major part in bronchitis.
    I was stunned to see how often, and I have mentioned to friends /
    family, without pushing the issue. (I do NOT SMOKE)

    This is simply an FYI, to hopefully prevent you from getting sick
    again with Bronchitis ….

    Oh – If anyone has a sore throat, I found 2 squirts for CHLOROSEPTIC
    SPRAY gets rid of PAIN within seconds.

    If it lingers beyond then, I found 100 % of the time I had STREP.
    May be different for others.

    Sudds – please not crude remarks about sore throats.
    No one would believe you …

  74. 74 1george1

    In Stratford, I have NO IDEA what is the truth involving personnel,
    since there are so many games, and the information is controlled
    by people who I believe to be liars, cheats, thieves and worse.

    So, I wish nothing but the best and what people fairly deserve
    for all of our friends.

    Yet looking at both of these cases, Burturla’s Billing meter may
    be smoking hot from working O.T. and running outta INK?

  75. 75 1george1

    As expected, Officer O’Meara and Fire Chief Cybart
    got their Disability Pensions.

    My condolences go to the family of Town Councilor
    William Stroomer over the death of his mom.

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