Can I Get a Witness?


We are posting this…material… because, quite frankly, it is simply unbelievable. We of course invite Chief Cybart, any member of the FD and even James Feehan to refute any or all of this.

Getting fat on taxpayer dollars?

Getting fat on taxpayer dollars?

Stratford criticism not based on facts
Connecticut Post Staff
Updated: 01/02/2009 04:15:37 PM EST

As mayor of the town of Stratford, I encourage input from residents whether at my open-door meetings, at meetings in the community or from e-mails, telephone calls, letters and even letters to the editor.

I infrequently write letters to the editor in response to someone’s letter, unless the letter is so off-point and inaccurate that a response is required.

This is the case with John Hartington’s letter to the editor that appeared recently in this newspaper.

Hartington’s letter is grossly inaccurate and its conclusions and accusations are completely false and without any basis in reality or fact.

First, the fire chief, and only the fire chief, appointed the committee that put the bid specifications together and ultimately selected the fire truck. This responsibility is something the fire chief would normally handle in the course of his duties. The chief handled his responsibility without consultation or input from other members, including myself, of the town’s administration.

Second, with respect to the bidding process used for the fire truck, it was members of my administration that discovered irregularities in the bidding process, conducted an internal investigation and halted the process at my direction.

As a result of my administration’s swift action, the bid results were thrown out.

Now, counseling and/or discipline is being handled internally by the town administration and it would be inappropriate for me to comment any further at this point on any internal personnel matters, as all town employees have privacy rights and the right to a fair and impartial hearing. If appropriate, I will be making statements at the conclusion of all internal counseling and/or disciplinary hearings on this matter.

Hartington ought to get his facts straight before he writes a letter to the editor attacking a person’s integrity. I respect that Hartington is not a supporter of mine. What I do not respect is criticism hurled at me or my administration that is not based on fact.

James R. Miron



14 Responses to “Can I Get a Witness?”

  1. 1 mikereynolds

    I wonder how much it cost the town for someone in the Berchem, Moses, and Devlin office to write this.

  2. 2 justanotherreader

    I hope Cybart got the license plate number of the bus that he was just thrown under! Miron’s lack of leadership skills are just glaring from this piece of garbage letter. And “fair and impartial hearing” – give me a break. He just tried and convicted the guy in his own letter.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “I wonder how much it cost the town for someone in the Berchem, Moses, and Devlin”


  4. 4 nnanerak

    Cybart never stood a chance of having a fair or impartial hearing and it has now been publicly declared.
    Mr. Mayor if your read this blog(and we know that you do) the next time you decide to speak or even write make sure you are wearing your special shirt that reads on the front(though on you it is on the back) “BRAIN NOT IN GEAR WHEN MOUTH IS IN MOTION”…

  5. 5 1george1

    What is the name and Website of the assistant whose site states
    she writes letters to the Editor?

    I wonder if former Stratford Star Editor reporter could have helped?

    Anyone know where we can find each paid legal settlement?
    Feehan alledgedly asked for $ 41,000 legal fees?

    I understand, most of Feehan’s were supposed to go to Riccio of Bridgeport?
    Is he related to the Riccio involved in the Airport & Ferry?
    A reliable source told me some was supposed to go to DAY, BERRY, which is
    the Law Firm of U. S. Attorneys Kevin O’Connor (now # 3 in D.C.) AND his
    acting replacement Nora Daugherty.
    Formerly power Emil Frankel was of the same firm.

    Does $ 41,000 seem appropriate for Legal fees involving purportedly bids
    on a Fire Truck, exposed by Kronenberg about 1999?
    Is there any padding, like for a table of 10 for a certain Fund Raiser?

    Could this whole Cybart thing be a “creation” to appear to put distance
    between Miron / Burturla and the guy who went to the CRC # 2 and asked
    them to create a mechanism for giving (any) Mayor a raise in the Town

    Here is a former Council Chairman & Republican, going in front of C.R.C.
    Republican Lawyer Chairman to ask for a raise for a Democratic Mayor,
    on whose payroll the C.R.C. # 2 Chair happens to serve at the pleasure as
    the Town Attorney.

    Or, maybe the Mayor is just an ingrate or IN GREAT?
    Jeze will surely jump at this.
    However, it was Jeze who first suggested a certain person’s application
    to the Stratford Police Department was to gain a settlement, to cover
    a certain DEAD BEAT?

    Stratford has created a unique literary genre: Political Science Fiction!

  6. The fire chief’s attorney should be able to handle the mayor and his very public comments. That is what the fire chief pays him to do. Remember, the mayor is king, he can do whatever he wants; he answers to no one!

  7. 7 starlooker


    this is what the Mayor thinks but in reality he NEEDS to get a grip on, he feels he can do whatever he wants but where does his paycheck come from……US TAXPAYERS…..he may not like it but he needs to answer to us but we all know how that turns out. I just hope that both Chief Cybert and Officer O’Meara gets the justice they deserve. Enough people have been played with,. I feel….Enough is enough. He needs to be held accountable for what he does. He is just a small time first time Mayor in a small Town. thats it. He has not done a really great job at that at all. His attitude gets to me…I am the *%^&* Mayor I can do whatever the (^&%&* I want instead of saying “what can I do to make this town thrive. this town is sinking. When people ask me where I live now I say a Town in Fairfield County…why? because I am tired of hearing “Whoooooa, your Town has Major issues”. People who speak up get knocked by the few loyals (who have primo jobs in the Town).

  8. 8 1george1

    Hartington’s letter is grossly inaccurate and its conclusions and accusations are completely false and without any basis in reality or fact.

    In today’s CT POST Mr. Hartington stated that he will recheck his facts.
    Then he slammed how the Mayor makes the Town look.
    It is too bad Mr. Hartington, did not back up just 2 items that he claimed
    to be facts, and note where and how they could be verified…..

    I had to hld off a Letter of support for Officer O’Meara, because I could
    NOT get verification of facts, in a way that allowed me and other to verify.

    I am looking forward to today’s Star, if Mayor Miron and my Letters are
    both published.
    I state facts.
    I have excel and other attachments and files to verify what is written.
    I wrote how other can verify, what I wrote.

    The changes in records departments and the fact that Town Attorney
    opinions are not kept in Town Hall PCs…. Very interesting!

  9. George ~

    I suspect that things are not kept very well at Town Hall and important items tend to get lost or tossed – depending on what needs covering up! It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds once the Miron group is out of Town Hall.

    I feel very bad for Doug O’Meara. Being a police officer is a difficult job right off the cuff, and it’s also a job that from which one can easily get injured. It’s not a white collar, paper-cut type of job. Why this guy is being tossed under the bus by Miron, et al. is beyond me.

  10. 10 jezebel282


    I’m thinking Officer O’Meara was one of the 89% of officers who voted no-confidence in Buturla.

    This is payback for one in particular (O’Meara) and an example for all the others. You know, like the Romans used to nail people to crosses they didn’t like and display them on roads coming into the city?

  11. 11 nnanerak

    PCS- I agree with you–It should be real interesting…..

  12. 13 jezebel282


    Chief Cybart’s disability was approved by the Disability Review Board. It will now be voted on by the Pension Review Board on Monday 26 January 2009. It should win easy approval.

    It makes Miron’s public hanging hearing moot. The result being a net loss to the Town of Stratford in legal fees, equipment and talent. Yet again, Mayor Moron not only wasted additional taxpayer money and induced suffering, but deprived us of highly trained, skilled and dedicated leadership.

    (Let us hope that Cybart does not initiate litigation against the Town for defamation as Mayor Moron’s brother did.)

    In the same way he has removed Chief of Police Imbro and Town Clerk Ulatowski he has removed Cybart.

    Time to go Jimmy….

  13. 14 1george1

    Didn’t I predict this?

    They wasted probably $ 40,000 or more in Lawyer fees, stenographer,
    and other stuff.

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