Let the Pandering Begin!


We are going to be extra lucky this year. It’s budget time and an election year. We can hardly wait!

For the first six months we will get to watch Mayor Moron point his finger and blame almost everyone for three years of tax increases (an increase of a whopping 24.6% since he took office). Then we will hear all about his “zero” budget increase this year. We will be told what it is like to have lived in an alternate universe for the last 3 years.

When does it all begin, you ask? Apparently, right now.

You read it in the Post:

Leaders want same funding, fewer mandates
By Ken Dixon
Posted: 01/15/2009 06:58:25 PM EST

HARTFORD — Stratford Mayor James R. Miron joined leaders from Connecticut’s mid-size communities on Thursday, asking state lawmakers to retain levels of local funding, even though the economy is in a downward spiral.
They also called for fewer state rules and regulations that foist costs on municipalities, such as in-school suspensions of troubled students who create greater costs for boards of education….

Miron, who plans to recommend a zero tax-increase budget this year, said that 60 percent of his $175 million budget goes to education and state-mandated special education programming costs about $40,000 per child.
“I can’t stress enough how important the education side of the house is in Stratford,” Miron told reporters. “We have 7,500-plus children in the system with the average cost of $10,000 a child.” About $23 million of the town’s $90 million school budget comes from the state.

Like that is different from any other Town anywhere? It’s called “unfunded mandates”, Jimmy. See: No Child Left Behind, Scheff v O’Neil . Note to Irene Cornish: According to Jim it’s all YOUR fault.

He said the last six months have been a drastic change, with rising unemployment causing between 50 to 100 foreclosures in the town’s 20,000-unit housing stock, ranking it in the top 20 most-threatened communities statewide.
“One home foreclosure is bad enough for the family, but the consequences from our tax-collection rate and our revenue rate and the conveyance tax and so forth is pretty significant,” Miron said…

Really? You think the property taxes you raised made life a tad harder, do you?

…, stressing that he has been negotiating with city unions for contract concessions.

Concessions? Have you run out of union presidents to fire? The only concession Mayor Moron is interested in is an increase in the daily genuflection requirement. It is a good thing that Mayor Moron gets along so well with our unions. We are sure they will do the right thing and give the mayor whatever he wants.

“Frankly, there’s not a great willingness to do that,” he said of the unions. “We’re actually talking about potential layoffs this fiscal year to make sure we run a balanced budget.”…

Have you run out of union presidents to fire? Maybe if you reduced the amount you pay Berchem Moses & Devlin and the other “outside” attorneys you hire to cover your persecutions that might save a couple of million $ this year.

…”There is a broad consensus among mayors and first selectmen about the inflexibility of the collective-bargaining process in terms of appeals, binding arbitration and workers’ compensation requirements,” Flatto said….
You should asked Mayor Moron about that. He has LOTS of experience.

It only gets better from here.


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  1. 1 1george1

    C-SPAN had the Hearings on New Education Secretary.
    Naturally from Chicago.
    Nationwide the Congress funds 14 % of a Mandate that is supposed to be
    a 40 % funding. What does that mean to Stratford?
    Just between that and the money not received from ECS, stratford could
    have ZERO DEBT for Capital Budgets, which is now about $ 160 Million.
    I believe DEBT PAYMENT is about $ 15 Million or 3.2 Mils.

    If the Pensions were properly run, Tax Payers would not be on hook for
    3.22 Mils.

    If Health Insurance was comparable to the best Private Sector Funds,
    instead of Rolls Royce coverage, it could save almost 2 Mils.

    Jimbo has contributed to this mess, along with Dead Beat Dick / Norm /
    Burturlas / and others behind the Tormenters….
    (with an “er” not an “or”)

    Then if AVCO & SHAKESPEARE were properly Transitioned ….
    Higher Tax Base = lower Taxes = lower Mil Rate

    Instead of heading toward a Mil Rate towards 40, we could have had
    Mil Rate under 24 and maybe 20, which are things I wrote about for

    If we had a Mil Rate around 20 instead of 32, whould we have lost:
    – Dianon systems
    – Mobil Chemical
    – Coke
    – Bargain News
    – soooo many more

    In Jimbo’s 1st Budget, he claimed to be seeking a raise of about 8 %.
    However looking at the existing total Budget and what he was asking,
    any moron could see it was OVER 10 %.
    He was actually asking for a 12 + % increase.

    The Press missed it.
    The Town Council said nothing.
    Guess who brought it up at Council Public Forums and Budget Hearing.
    Hint – It was not Jeze …
    It was a FAT GADFLY!

    When the kids in Town were subject to a lottery about all day Kindergarten
    with only 1/2 getting full time and 1/2 getting 1/2 day.
    The Press missed it.
    The Town Council said nothing.
    Guess who brought it up at Council Public Forums and Budget Hearing.
    Hint – It was not Jeze …
    It was a FAT GADFLY!

    When I discovered the Board of Ed had NEVER done a PRINTED FINAL BUDGET
    The Press missed it.
    The Town Council said nothing.
    Guess who brought it up at Council Public Forums and Budget Hearing.
    Hint – It was not Jeze …
    It was a FAT GADFLY!

    When PYE had the Meeting at ST. JOSEPH about transferring Long Beach
    West to a TRUST, instead of directly to Fish and Wildlife, guess who was
    the one who pointed out all of the past failings of past agreements and
    raised issues about PRETEXT and SUBTERFUGE?
    The Press missed it.
    The Town Council said nothing.
    Guess who brought it up at Council Public Forums and the PYE Hearing.
    Hint – It was not Jeze …
    It was a FAT GADFLY!

    But then Jeze only cares about KITED PENSIONS & JOBS for POLICE and the
    “FRIENDS of JEZE.”

    Not much unlike the MAYOR …

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Isn’t it amazing how an ordinary taxpayer like myself can get blamed for all of this?

    But we shall see.

    According to Susuan McCauley’s memo of 14 January 2009 all departments must come up with a Doomsday budget. It should be well thought out and researched. So Mayor Moron has given them all until next Friday 23 January 2009. Miron has specifically stated that under no circumstance should their indidual budgets contain any increase. Zero. So if a union contract, or one of those “at-will” contracts Miron likes so much contains a schedule increase, then a service, piece of equipment, fee, expense, rent or something else must be cut by that amount.

    What does this mean? It means that Mayor Moron will campaign on a “zero increase” and we will have services cut. I sure wouldn’t want to be a member of Local 407.

  3. 3 1george1

    You dish it out, but you can not take it.

    Same is true with you blog groupies.

    You address only issues about Police and former ranking Managers, who though
    they might have been doing a great job and are great people, sat silently about
    the compounding stratford problems, happening under their watch, while they
    benefitted, like most of the world did during the Nazi rise.

    Jeze, you want to blame everything on Jimbo – I can not agree.
    If you started including Jim / Dick / Dick / many others – and started writing
    the WHOLE TRUTH, then I would agree with you!

    I pound the others whenever possible, when they do something I believe is
    wrong. I give them credit when they dudley doright!

    Same with other bloggers here.

    I have deferred a few times to Nnan superior position or even FOS who does
    have the legal knowledge,

    I defer and rarely criticise PCS, because she is FACT BASED.

    I credit KANE and CYCLOPS when they have FACTS. I defer if they are right?

    When ANY ATTACK me – I attack back.
    It is good practice for coming debates, which you may want a front row seat?
    I only hope I don’t hurt anyone too badly – however they do NOTHING while
    MY LIFE and LIVES of OTHERS have been THREATENED and in some CASES have
    been TAKEN by their PATRONS – which I believe 100 %.

    One can not ALLOW MURDERERS and TERRORISTS a free hand.
    Although I don’t like what is going on is GAZA and feel there is a better way,
    and do not support certain USA / ISRAEL Territory positions – if people are
    killing INNOCENTS – they deserve what they get.

    I believe in the 10 commandments.
    However there is self defense.
    There is the need to cease those who cause gross harm.


    My past experience with police is that they can defend themselves.
    RAY V was adept and not over playing his hand.
    Sometimes, regardless of the threat, there can never be success.
    Stratford is a small town of 50,000.

    It is too bad there are so many cowards and criminals within past and
    present groups, who can’t go after the Burturlas, because they own
    your souls and know too much…

  4. 4 nnanerak

    Interesting that mayoral “flunky” Suzanne gave the depts. until the end of February. Especially since the mayor has a shorter time span now in which he must send the budget to council. It probaly means that everyone will be hoodwinked again with minimal budget workshops if any at all, to gain a clear understanding of each dept.’s budget requests.
    If the mayor cuts any services OR any positions in REAL departments that are necessary the enitre town should revolt! The first place cuts should happen is in his own staff…they don’t follow through with anything at all, if they ever show up at all. I can think of some ways that council can save some $$$$$start with an across the board hiring freeze-to include internal transfers. If council is smart they will enact that BEFORE the budget process even starts. The savings they will see will be immediate.
    George- you complain that people didn’t take action–as you know swimming up strean alone in a river stocked with piranahs is a challenge even on the best of days. Some of the workers just did their jobs as honestly as they could and to the best of their ability, I’m sure, as situations like this can be paralyzing to some people. Not everyone is a “risk” taker like you. Especially those who have families. It really is an ethical struggle which everyone knows this mayor and his royal court have failed miserably at. Actually by everyone, I mean People beyond the borders of Stratford as we have had the grave misfortune(no pun intended) of having the mever ending saga of the Miron Family scandals hit papers country wide. Sounds like a title for a book….Jez you game to write it?????

  5. 5 jezebel282


    Just one correction. McCauley only gave the department heads until next Friday.

    McCauley’s Memo

    “Sounds like a title for a book….Jez you game to write it”

    I’m trying! But my publisher keeps rejecting it as non-fiction.

  6. 6 1george1


    If you and Jeze think Miron is bad, what if they were put in their positions
    by the people who murdered my family, friends and support?

    I started atttending Town Council Meeting Jan 1998.

    Later in year 1998 they got around to the Pension Bond and AVCO preferred vender
    award to Team Stratford.

    Pretty convenient to have mO.S.S.man’s Secretary’s son waiting in the wings for
    plausible deniabilty, to become Town Attorney and cover things up for Burturlas
    /mIRONS etc?

    If you read my Letter to the Editor in the Stratford Star, Tribute to MLK Jr.,
    it was wholly about him and his life, from



  7. 7 thegenuinephyllis

    George with no disrespect intended-Huh? Have I missed something? Murder of family?
    This lot of marauders have murdered our entire town by means character assassination(town is looking like buffoon ville-great reputation to date) and economic destruction.

  8. 8 thegenuinephyllis

    George …must say I agree with most of your #3 post here
    Especially the part “It is too bad there are so many cowards and criminals within past and
    present groups, who can’t go after the Burturlas, because they own
    your souls and know too much…”
    But also what about the cowards that B*** & moan under bogus names, yet do nothing other than? The point is we are where we are today because “certain folks” knew they could,and SO THEY DID & CONTINUE TO DO>>>>>Why does not all disgusted with this situation get together and get Exposure like the current alleged ATTY did wrong on WTNH….Now that was just one person doing a NO NO ….The story of Stratford would make a great miniseries -LOL No seriously why are all concerned not notifying all local cable stations,newspapers & such as the folks that were supposedly wronged by one single attorney?? Yet a town of 50,0000 residents & only a handful are aware of “Some detrimentally serious happenings??” Brought to light in only the past 10 months or so..hello I am sure you will agree something is not right here,something is not adding up! Would really appreciate any answers?THNX-TGP

  9. 9 1george1

    I can only do so much in Letters to the Editor and Public Forums,
    except stir the pot.

    The ONLY REASON I started going to Town Council Meetings in 1998,
    was to try to get INVESTIGATIONS into a SERIES of 16 “apparent”
    NATURAL DEATHS, in 18 months 1992 – 1994 after CIA denied my
    FOI appeal for certain “harmless” information.

    Except they are smart enough to understand I was looking for DOTS
    to connect.

    Later in 1998, there was the Team Stratford Award of AVCO and the
    PENSION BOND, which allowed the 1999 Town Attorney / Manager /
    Council to BRIBE … I mean recalculate PENSIONS, as a means to
    ENTRAP STRATFORD RANKING POLICE to be accessories after the FACT
    to MURDER…… if I am correct.

    The reason the POLICE and COURTS have been BRIBED NATION WIDE
    respective FINDINGS.

    If ALL of the

    allow themselves to become ENTRAPPED in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY,
    they they can NOT ARREST and PROSECUTE the TRAITORS who
    O P I A T E D the ENTIRE U. S. A., prior to turning Mafia CASH
    COWS into STATES FUNDING, prior to the BUSH / CHENEY transfer
    of the ENTIRE WEALTH of the USA to CUTOUTS and SHELLs in
    RUSSIA /
    O.P.E.C. /

    The foundation and History was PROHIBITION.

    The POST MAN always RINGS TWICE.

    I suspect the MILITARY OBJECTIVE after TWO WORLD WARS was to
    SUCKER those who caused world problems, manipulating others.

    Within every Race, Religion, Ethnic Origin, Nationality, Creed, etc..
    there are the equivalent of MENSCH & PUTZ.

    There are people in the World, whose entire life revolves around
    planning Wars, Crime, Death, and Distruction, so they can be the


    Well you would understand political science fiction of Mach i a evil lie

  10. Having just watched Obama take his oath of office, and watch his speech, one line stuck in my mind. I think the gist of it was that there would be a better working relationship between the people and government if government officials worked with the people with an open hand, rather than a closed fist. I couldn’t help but to think of the past 3+ years that Miron has been Stratford’s mayor and all the harm that has been done. It didn’t have to be that way.

    If he’s talking about layoffs of town employees, he should be looking in his own office. The loyalty to the Miron family and friend network needs to stop. Salary freezes and maybe even pay cuts in order to make it work. Mayor Finch in Bridgeport has ended the perk of City-supplied vehicles. That’s a big nut too. The cost of the vehicle, maintenance, insurance, etc., etc. Come on, Mr. Miron – get creative!

    There’s wasteful spending that needs to be curbed. Every family is tightening their purse strings, so must Jim Miron, especially when it comes to our money.

    Are there employees who are supplied with Town-paid cell phones, blackberries, beepers? Why?

    What’s the deal with tuition reimbursement? Is it a fact that Ashley Heydu has been going to school on our dollar and our time to gain a degree required for the position she holds in Town Hall? If so, was it really necessary to hire HER and not someone with the required degree? If so, how much has it cost the taxpayers?

    There needs to be better control over the legal spending in Town. Are we involved in lawsuits that could’ve been settled for “nuisance value” rather than the exorbitant legal fees paid to BMD to defend?

    Our Town Government needs to get back to basics and forget all the frivolity. For the potential 2009 mayoral candidates, please take notice…..

  11. The exact quote from President Obama’s speach which made me think of our mayor:

    “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

  12. 12 nnanerak

    PCS-excellent post….you nailed it. Are you sure you aren’t gonna run for mayor? I’m thinking you have what it takes–in not mayor how about a council seat? We need people like you to challenge the good ole boys.

  13. 13 nnanerak

    if not in–typo, sorry guys and gals

  14. nnanerak ~

    I would certainly not rule out a run for a council seat at some point in the future.

  15. 15 1george1

    PCS – What District?

    I agree with many of your post.
    I disagree with some, and some of your probable positions.
    However, I believe you are honest and probably open minded and probably
    NOT willing to be COMPROMISED.

    I do not care if people agree or disagree with whatever position I might hold.
    Show me reasons to change my mind or my vote, legitimate reasons, and I would
    conceed to superior fact and logic, or even emotion.

    If people of principle ran for office, who wanted to do what is best for the Public
    at large, and for the Town – NOT FOR A FEW SPOILED BRAT CLICK MANAGERS –
    then I could support that person. Even if extremely critical of my position.

    I admire JEZE for loyalty to friends and responsiveness to postings.
    However, I do NOT believe JEZE is OPEN MINDED, nor good for the PUBLIC!
    However, I do believe those in POWER who JEZE criticizes, are BAD for the

    Everything I blogged about is POLITICALLY related.
    I am sure you are a fine (great?) parent, friend, spouse, citizen .. more.

  16. 16 1george1

    Yo JEZE,

    That last sentence was me pandering to you.
    However I was being honest.

    Maybe I pandered to PCS.

    Maybe I pandered to others AS PEOPLE, but NOT as POLITICAL ACTORS.

    I also did not want to be editted for ….. “relevance,”
    since my posts are usually the antithesis of pandering. 8)

    You SUDDS – I have missed your irreverence?
    Still hung over from the Holidays?
    Sorry – no way for me to tease the sole blogger who voted for me…
    I gots to improve my pandering … 😦

  17. 17 1george1


    PLEASE DEFINE your INTENT about “PANDERING” from the 2 Wikipedia choices?:

    Pandering may refer to:

    1) In politics, portrayal of one’s views to fit in line with a certain crowd of voters the candidate is attempting to impress.

    2) In the law, the advertising and sale of obscene or hot pornographic material. The Supreme Court of the United States defined pandering as “the business of purveying textual or graphic matter openly advertised to appeal to the erotic interest of their customers.” Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957)

    I feel like such a failure on both counts, and more …

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “1) In politics, portrayal of one’s views to fit in line with a certain crowd of voters the candidate is attempting to impress. ”

    This one works just fine. Mayor Moron believes we are silly enough to believe that his “zero” increase will mean a status quo. It will necessarily lose services we receive from the Town. While Seniors may enjoy their tax relief, they will find less services at Baldwin Center as well as cutbacks in EMS, Fire and Police. In the meantime, Money will continue to flow to his “aides” and Berchem Moses & Devlin.

    He may also save a minuscule amount with his silly Road Ordinance, but that is simply to punish cops for their no-confidence vote and his brother.

  19. George, as of right now, I’m in the 1st district.

  20. 20 1george1

    # 18 was a fine post, in that you actually mention seniors and tax relief,
    and the Baldwin Center.

    Couldn’t you stop there?
    Couldn’t you bring in Police / Fire / EMS & silly road ordinance, in another post?

    Silly Road Ordinace > “Please splain Lucy …”

    PCS – YOU live in LORDSHIP wit al dos Rich white folks, who dun like to
    * hear cannons / shotguns / jet noice
    * see tins like toxins in Marshes or River or ground water
    * think bout movin a stupid state road
    * pay kited Taxes, while NORM & BURTURLA live on inland plantations
    paying lower Taxes, despite having more land and more House?

    An all you can blog bout is Train Station?

    PCS – when I become Mayor … 🙂

  21. George,

    I am in District 1, but not in Lordship. That occurred when the redistricting occured a few years ago. The area I live in was once known as “Floral Park.” I wish it was redesignated as that again. It’s a quiet, pretty little area. Especially since the neighbors got together and fought hard to get rid of problems that existed a few years back.

    My parents do live in Lordship, as did my grandparents. My grandfather was a mail carrier there, and my grandmother, an office worker at Shakespeare Theatre (which is why I’m such a sentimentalist when it comes to the theatre).

    The jet noise today is nothing like the noise when I was a kid. I remember not even being able to hear myself think.

    Lordship, in its beginning, wasn’t the “elite” community it has become (since, of course, it was built on swamps). As a child, I loved Lordship. It was isolated and near the beach. As a teenager, I hated Lordship, it was isolated and unless you drove, no escape. Now, as an adult, I’d love to be back in Lordship, but it’s just unaffordable for the blue collar workers these days. The taxes astronomical and the air full of pretentious attitudes (most from residents who didn’t know the “old” Lordship). I don’t agree with some of the complaints from Lordshippers, and do agree with others.

    As for my blogging about the train station – I commute out of it on a daily basis – it affects me every day, and has for 12 years. Yes, it’s a subject that is extremely important to not only me, but many, many other residents, and out-of-town neighbors.

  22. 22 1george1

    PCS –
    Per usual, a thoughtful and well presented blog.
    I hope you understood I was teasing you.

    Born in Bridgeport, and living behind “rocky Voccola’s tire store” while I was
    an infant, my parents moved to the woodend homes projects, until my mom
    died when I was 9 years old, in 1961 – day after ST. Patrick’s day.

    Back then the ball field by the marsh had huge swarms of mosquitos and flocks
    of birds, which appear to have gone the way of the Buffalo?

    …Edited by Jezebel for relevancy….

  23. 23 1george1

    Rumor is that Thursday night Harkins announced at
    Republican Town Committee Meeting, that he would
    run for Mayor.

    R – Harkins – Best – Tom Moore (maybe Buda)
    I – Costello – T Carroll
    D – Miron – Forrester

    Shades of Casa Blanca –

    ” round up the usual suspects…” 😦

    From the eyes and body language of John Harkins at the McNeil
    Fund Raiser, he enjoys my company about as much as Jim Miron does.

    Most of the above people, I like as people.
    As politicians and political decisions ….

    The MUD PIT just got bigger and added thickening ingredients.


    SIKORSKY STRIKE looming,
    Certain changes expected

    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT held back by the usual suspects …
    SHAKESPEARE = definite
    CONTRACT PLATING = new site by K KELLY Help
    AVCO – real player will be announced in not too distance future,
    who has always been on back burner.
    AIRPORT – will be bought
    LBW – I expect a double cross, probably on use of the money.
    RAYMARK – EXIT 33 – area residents will be GALVANIZED – GAVINIZED

    Let the pandering begin and the lies perpetuate…

  24. George ~

    I know you’re not a fan, but, if it’s true….and Harkins did say he’d run, I am so on that bandwagon and I URGE the RTC to back him 100% HARKINS FOR MAYOR ’09!

    There are only a few people I would trust and support and he’s one of them.

  25. 25 1george1

    I look ar most as having guilt by association.

    Eisenhower warned of certain things / but not our normal enemies.
    Nixon proved everything Eisenhower warned about.

    Despite press, history, and Frost/Nixon, it was Nixon who installed
    the Tape Recorders and he KNEW he was being recorded.
    Others, who were being recorded did not, know or suspect their
    boss was counting on their treason and criminality and/or being
    set up by outside forces who control personnel.

    DC adage: “Personnel is policy.”

    Miron and others prove the rule.

    This IL Governor Blagojevich is precious!
    He is the rule rather than the exception.
    He was kicked out in a show trial.
    If he goes to Criminal Trial, he gets Free Discovery.
    If he is found NOT GUILTY of CRIME, will he sue to get job back.
    He had no evidence. No Witnesses.
    Reminds me of Mossman trial.

    If Cybart does NOT sue, it says volumes about him and supporters.

    Delays in dead beat Dick case, starting to have Mayoral ramifications.

    AXIOM: In court, he who controls docketing has leg up in framing
    issues, because a friendly judge can affect jury selection and all
    of the subordinate issues.


    Harkins and Danny D have image and some plausible deniability
    from Town Politics among Mayor / Council / Education / Attorney
    / Zoning / Personnel.

    However they are among Town / State Committee leaders who select
    and support the candid ates. (personnel is policy)

    My political opinion, Harkins is just another guy – a usual suspect.

    PCS – If someone was gradually dumping stuff in your back yard,
    but you didn’t know, your would not care.
    However, if you knew what certain people were dumping on others
    over the years ……

    Silence IS concent!

    Constitution preamble is a mandate = purview.

    “Just concent of the Governed…”

    If Nader’s concept of consumer protection extended to politics….

    Right now watching rerun of new TV Show – “LIE to ME.”
    If they based it in Stratford, they would never run out of material…

  26. 26 mikereynolds

    As I scroll quickly past George’s posts I keep thinking the same think…

    Never has so much been written and so little been said.

  27. 27 1george1


    Sorry I can not post in crayon and use words with more than
    two sillybles. 🙂

  28. 28 mikereynolds

    I’m betting you’ll wind up in a place where all they’ll allow you to have is crayons.

  29. 29 1george1


    Nazis, Marxists, and Police State sychophants love using the
    “mental’ card to disparage people who expose their amoral,
    unethical, illegitimate, inhumane, and selfish thieving agendas?

    Which ones match you?

  30. 30 jezebel282

    Now, now boys….

    Take it to George’s page.

  31. 31 jezebel282

    More pandering (in case you need it):

    Miron urges schools to freeze spending
    By Richard Weizel
    Updated: 01/29/2009 10:30:21 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Just a week after putting a municipal hiring and spending freeze into effect for the rest of the fiscal year, Mayor James R. Miron is now calling on Supt. of Schools Irene Cornish to take the same action in the school district.

    Miron sent an e-mail to Cornish late Thursday afternoon, catching the superintendent off guard by requesting “that you implement similar measures for the Board of Education effective immediately.”

    Cornish said the mayor’s directive may not be possible, however, especially so late in the fiscal year.

    Municipal government and the school district are “run entirely different,” Cornish said, “and I don’t see how this would be possible so late in the school year. It’s not like we can stop paying our bills to the bus company, or not pay for textbooks, or ask teachers to stop teaching.”

    Cornish also said when she met with Miron in November about budgetary matters, he urged the school board to approve a zero-percent increase in its 2009-10 budget. Instead, she recommended an education budget with a spending increase of 2.87 percent for the next fiscal year, a proposal she called “very lean” and said may be lowered “even further.”

    “But [the mayor] never mentioned anything about a hiring or spending freeze,” she said. “If we had known earlier about this, it might have been possible, but to come so suddenly this late, I can’t see how it would be realistic.”

    In his request to Cornish, however, Miron said: “As you know, the national and state economy is in a fragile place. The town anticipates that the current fiscal condition of the national and state economy will have a significant impact on all future revenue sources to the town of Stratford.

    “Accordingly, I have instituted a spending freeze for the rest of this fiscal year for all municipal discretionary spending, including non-essential overtime, all travel and all education, and have frozen all new hires, including the filling of vacant positions, until at least the end of this fiscal year,” Miron said. “In order to protect the taxpayers of the town of Stratford, as well as to maintain the fiscal integrity of our municipal and education budgets, I respectfully request that you implement similar measures for the Board of Education.”

    The superintendent said she plans to speak with the school district’s chief operating officer, Ben Branyan, on Friday about “any possible place” in the current budget where a spending freeze could be put into effect, but added, “I seriously doubt that will be possible.”

    “We have to follow state mandates and never know when another special education placement will be needed,” Cornish said. “As it is, we have a very lean budget, and obviously we’re not doing a lot of wild spending. But we are pretty much booked into this year’s budget.”

  32. 32 jezebel282

    On the other hand, how many books could we have bought for $20,000?

    Festival overrun creates drama
    Written by John Kovach
    Friday, January 30, 2009

    There were as many reasons as there were questions when the Town Council asked the Arts Commission Monday why the Summer Theatre Festival exceeded its approved budget.

    Donations didn’t materialize. Tickets weren’t sold. Four of nine performances at one venue were rained out. Unexpected expenses arose in a contract.

    Mayor James R. Miron, with Law at the podium in front of the council, defended the Arts Commission members as volunteers, and said the council “gave $25,000 to the Brakettes on a handshake and $3.1 million” to Hanney toward the theater “on a handshake.”

    “We haven’t given anything to the Brakettes,” Gavin Forrester (D-3) angrily interjected, saying the council was still waiting for loan documents from Town Attorney Richard Buturla.

    Council member Amy Wanamaker (D-6), saying she was disappointed by the overage, said the result of the meeting should be a path toward avoiding such issues in the future.

    than anticipated because requests were submitted at the end of most giving cycles.

    The bills most likely were paid with money from other, under-spent accounts, Forrester explained in response to a question from Joseph Kubic (R-9).

    The Arts Commission presented its budget for the 2008 festival to the Town Council last March, and will try to have the discussion earlier this year. Miron said that might help land more corporate donations, although the economy is cutting into those.

  33. 33 jezebel282

    But then again, how much did we pay Laske? Or Tolomeo? Enough to hire a teacher maybe?

    Fire chief gets disability pension

    John Cybart was granted a disability pension Monday night and thus retires from his job as fire chief before disciplinary hearings can continue.

    Mayor James R. Miron said Tuesday that a hearing, continued from Jan. 7, is most likely moot in that Cybart is no longer a town employee.

    According to Laske’s report, Cybart told Laske the process involved simplifying and updating language from a previous bid.

    Laske concludes there is no evidence that anyone in the Fire Department stood to gain from the outcome, and that responsibility fell with Cybart.

  34. 34 jezebel282

    To quote a famous political in Town:

    “Now maybe if we didn’t waste $170 K on the B & L report, $ 21 + K to investigate McNeil, $??? to investigate Cybart, $13 K on holiday lights in the Center and Green which didn’t work all the time, and junkets to Washington we might end up with a surplus?”

  35. 35 1george1

    Jeze – don’t faint – good posts.
    Far better than the krayon kid.

    Did you readers know the Bored of Edukation HSA set aside $ 2,000,000 of
    Tax Payer money to give
    $ 2,200 to Teacher w Family plan
    $ 1,200 to Teacher w Individual plan

    Normally $ 5,000 Tax Deductible into HSA comes from individuals into HSA.

    However, as another famous Stratford politician states …

    “HEY…this IS Stratford!”

    The above is part of the Public Record.

    Due to Economic climate and nature of 1 year hidden pay raise, there
    is room for saving $ 2,000,000, minimum in B o E Budget, from that single
    source and NOT create any hardships, since the individuals have HIGH
    PAY / BENEFITS / SECURITY, due to flagrant give away, inconsistant with

    However, the real villians are the D. C. Players, who intentionally caused
    this mess:
    wrong war – wrong place
    > Invade Panama Invade Iraq > No air cover on 9 / 11?
    >>>> V. P. Cheney & Rumsfeld both former Sec Defense
    >>>> Sec State Powell ex-Chair, Joint Chiefs
    >>>> Papa Bush, ex-CIA Head, before Alrich Ames / Robert Hannson

    oil pricing
    Russia / O.P.E.C / IRAQ / North Sea / Pemex / Brazil / Brit Empire < GAIN
    PRE-presidential conventions Stratford New Obligation > $ 225 Million
    > Stratford Dec 31 portfolio > $ 82 Million*
    > Stratford present underfund > $ 142 Million

    * Finance manuever – $ 1.4 million paid to pensioners credited from new
    $ 5.67 million shortfall deposit – increased by over $ 200 k because actuary

    > New Short fall Payment Jan 2010 = $ 7.2 million based on Portfolio of
    $ 110,000,000 as of July 1, 2008
    > add Stratford Property $ 700,000 + for every $ 10,000,000 the Portfolio
    decreases as “an average,” to July 1, 2009
    > With about $ 16.8 million annual obligation and 5 months to pay that,
    and $ 1.4 m already out of $ 6.7 m Shortfall payment … and new retirees.
    >> 1/2 of $ 17 m = $ 8.4 average to pay Jan 1 to July 1, 2009
    >> $ 6.7 m for Jan 2009 = $ 1.7 m short

    If portfolio does not lose or does not gain anything until July 1, and taking
    into account 1 month obligation was paid already to create $ 82 m balance
    then the portfolio may END at $ 78 m.
    > THE AVERAGE – July 1, 2008 to July 1, 2009 will be lower than the mid point
    between $ 110 m as of July 1, 2008 and the $ 78 m

    > Post Mayoral election Pension shortfall payment will add about $ 1.3 m
    to the $ 7.2 m of Jan 2009 = $ 8.5 m

    Add Pension Bond Repayment of $ 9.1 m

    Just to defined Benefit Pensioners = Budget cost $ 17.6

    The value of a Mil should drop 10 % from $ 4.5 million to about $ 4 million,
    due to the 10 % + property devaluation.

    Just 600 Defined Benefit Pensioner cost each Tax Payer between 4 and 5
    Mils, before adding in Health Care, Annuities, and the people in Plan B
    and with 401s.

    You know what?
    Many people know far more about this than I do.
    I have been trying to get people to stop running over the cliff.

    I believe it was all entrapment and greed.

  36. 36 jezebel282


    “You know what? Many people know far more about this than I do.”

    You are absolutely correct. Far more people know more about this than you do.

    “Did you readers know the Bored of Edukation HSA set aside $ 2,000,000 of Tax Payer money to give $ 2,200 to Teacher w Family plan $ 1,200 to Teacher w Individual plan”

    And yet, Stratford taxpayers still save money because the premiums are less than the $2 million for a comparable plan. It took quite a while to research and negotiate this plan. BOE employees benefit and taxpayers benefit. What is the problem? You should be asking why the Town side (Town Hall employees, DPW, FD and PD) are not participating in a plan like this?

  37. 37 jezebel282

    This took a little longer than expected, it was hardly worth the wait.

    Stratford tax relief debate heated
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 02/23/2009 11:34:30 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Tempers flared Monday night between Democratic Mayor James R. Miron and Town Council Republicans, as the mayor accused the GOP of engaging in “the worst example of politically motivated obstructionism I have ever seen” after the Republican-controlled body killed a proposal to expand the town’s tax relief program for the poorest elderly homeowners.

    Really? The “worst”? How about that memo last week where you insisted all questions to the Mayor be in writing? That wasn’t “politically motivated obstructionism”?

    Despite arguments by the mayor and council Democrats that it would “only cost an additional $40,000,” or a few dollars per household to add more people to the program and prevent others from losing eligibility, the council, acting in its capacity as the Ordinance Committee, voted 5-4 to defeat the plan….

    Only $40,000? Why, that’s less than one mayoral aide per year! Perhaps about the same amount Miron spent on Tolomeo to persecute McNeil and Farmer.

    Or maybe it’s not about the money at all? Could it be that Mayor Moron believes seniors are ignorant and think he’ll actually do something for them?

    We are so lucky that Mayor Moron has approached his office in a bipartisan way and has such a good working relationship with the Council. It’s so nice to see everyone working together.

    Note to Candidates: How much easier can Miron make it for you?

  38. 38 jezebel282

    We debated whether to give this a new heading, but eventually decided it was just more pandering.

    Miron vows no tax increase in Stratford
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 03/03/2009 06:15:05 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Stalled for more than a decade, two of the town’s biggest economic development projects — the sale of the 78-acre former Army engine plant on Main Street and a final deal to reopen the long-shuttered Shakespeare Theater — will likely move forward by the end of the month, Mayor James R. Miron said Tuesday.

    Miron, addressing 100 business and community leaders gathered for the annual Chamber of Commerce/Rotary Club luncheon, also vowed — in this election year for both him and the Town Council — that there will no local tax increase.

    A real shocker. Any bets that if there is a tax increase that he blames the Council?

    “We are excited because over the next 10 to 21 days we expect to have a closing on the sale of the Army engine plant to [development team] Hollywood East, which will turn the property into a digital media and film production complex,” Miron said. “We also expect to know within the next few weeks where we stand on plans to move the Shakespeare Theater forward, as we continue to negotiate with Bill Hanney, who runs a small theater in Rhode Island and was selected to renovate and operate the theater.”

    Umm, Jim? Didn’t we already decide to plunk $3.5 MILLION of borrowed money into that Theater? You wouldn’t happen to have a schedule on you would you when real work will start on SAEP?

    The venue for this year’s gathering was rather unique, as it was held in Town Hall’s Town Council chambers for the first time. The long, hard wooden benches were moved out and replaced by round tables with tablecloths and silverware that transformed the often politically charged chamber into a congenial dining room — at least for one afternoon.

    Nice work DPW! Who got that bill? No wait, let me guess…..us!

    “We thought it would be a good idea this year to have the luncheon here in the hub of Stratford, at Town Hall,” said Tom Dillon, the new Chamber of Commerce president. “It’s a very historic place and has an intimate feel to it, so we decided to cater the event and give people another opportunity to come to Town Hall.”

    Intimate? No, no…that stuff goes on in the mayor’s office.

    The luncheon, traditionally held at local restaurants, was a precursor to Miron’s annual State of the Town address, which he is scheduled to deliver at 7 p.m. March 18 in Town Hall.

    Remember all questions must be in writing and submitted the Friday before the deadline…..

    During the talk, Miron assured the business figures that despite the national and state economic downturn, the town is “thriving” in some key areas, such as economic development, and has maintained a balanced budget in the current fiscal year.

    What town does this guy live in? It’s easy to balance a budget when you raise taxes three years in a row.

    Miron also unveiled the town’s new “Economic Development Guide,” created by the Economic Development Commission to draw new business to town and keep the 2,700 businesses already here. He said while the impact of the national economic crisis has hit Stratford hard, there are encouraging signs.

    “We know people are out of jobs, are losing their homes and that the unemployment rate has hit record highs,” Miron said. “But we have managed to maintain small surpluses in our budget for two consecutive years.”

    No matter how many people I wanted had to fire.

  39. 39 jezebel282


    Miron unveils budget with no tax hike
    By Richard Weizel
    Staff writer

    Really? Zero, huh? We are shocked. Shocked I tell you.

    We have not seen this proposed budget yet and look forward to examining it.

  40. 40 sudds

    Gotta LOVE election years!!!

  41. 41 jezebel282

    “McNeil said his 112-member bargaining unit will not consider a wage freeze at the current time. “As long as the mayor is not being responsible in his own spending practices, with well over $1 million spent in town attorney fees and other highly questionable spending practices, we cannot agree to a wage freeze,” he said.

    “He never even requested a meeting with us on the issue.”

    McNeil added that he would be willing to talk to the mayor about concessions, but doubts the union membership will go along with a wage freeze until the mayor “shows fiscal responsibility first.””

    Mayor Moron demands wage freezes without even calling the unions on the phone? And isn’t McNeil the same Officer that mayor moron suspended and demoted to get even for his brother’s mess? That negotiation should go well.

    But, according to the mayor, our police, firemen and teachers are all “employees on the public dole”.

    Does anyone have any duct tape? Can’t we shut this guy up?

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