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Deputy Chief Loschiavo (you remember, he’s the one with $75,000 taxpayer-owned teeth?) officially retired on 3 January 2009. Here we are sixty days later (so far) and what do we find? The Deputy Thief is still at his desk and collecting per diem payments instead of a regular paycheck. Of course he is also collecting his retirement pay at the same time.


Safe Harborside


But you remember Mr. Miller don’t you? Former mayoral “aide” and Treasurer of the DTC? The attorney who was disciplined by the CT Bar and required to take accounting classes. Anyone care to guess how he got this particular gig?

You read it in The Fairfield Weekly: Throw the Bums Out! Rep. Andres Ayala of Bridgeport takes another run at passing a bill that would allow citizens to recall town officials Thursday, February 26, 2009 By Daniel D’Ambrosio Many mayors in Connecticut have faced legal trouble. Clockwise from top left: Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, […]

Got Nitrogen?


From the Stratford Police Union Website: The headline read “Education paying off in Stratford”. So what does the Mayor say? It’s the police overtime that is the problem. His solution to the problem is to hire four new officers at a total cost of $400,000 of pay and benefits to save $500,000. Now you […]

According to Mayor Moron, from now on any question by a Councilman must be in writing and submitted to his worship on the Friday prior to the Council Chairman’s deadline to submit items for the inclusion on the agenda. Failure to do so will result in Mayor Moron not answering questions from any Councilman.

Julian laced into the mayor for having eliminated key economic staff positions during his three-year tenure. Longtime Community and Economic Director Dianne Toolan was among six key supervisors Miron laid off in 2007.

One of the best poems we’ve read. Our gratitude to the poet. And now ladies and gentlemen – the Keeper of the keys, the Count of the clink, the master of Murderers Row, Mighty Mayor Miron Ask any of the chickies in my pen They’ll tell you I’m the biggest Mutha….Hen I love them all […]

For a while it was our belief that Mayor Moron was the greatest danger to Stratford. We hadn’t considered the danger at street level. Last night I received this account: I was on my way to St. Joes and I was at the red light on Main waiting to turn on Barnum. I was the […]

What truly matters is that Mayor Moron appoints as many members of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee as he can before he either loses his primary fight against Gavin Forrester or the general election to John Harkins or Jon Best (or anyone else).

longtime state Rep. John Harkins, R-Stratford, the House deputy minority leader and a ranking member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, has set up an exploratory committee for a possible mayoral campaign.