Longbrook Park About to Sink!

Political Prize

Political Prize

With the terms of Longbrook Park Commissioners James McGuire and Joseph Sorrentino about to expire, Mayor Moron has taken decisive action and appointed two political cronies to replace them. It makes no difference that both Sorrentino and McGuire have dedicated countless hours and manual labor to this town. Nor does it matter that they are willing and desire another term.

What truly matters is that Mayor Moron appoints as many members of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee as he can before he either loses his primary fight against Gavin Forrester or the general election to John Harkins or Jon Best (or anyone else).

That is why he has informed both of these dedicated commissioners that their services are no longer required and he is nominating Janice Anderson (currently on the BOE and loser against DeBicella) and Ann Baker (who would just love to be 3rd District Councilperson).

Obviously, if your name is not listed below don’t bother applying for any appointment.

Bruce Alessie, Janice Andersen, Terry Backer, Robert Baird, Ann Baker, Ray Barker, Frank Bevecqua, Robert Bradley, Dennis Broedlin, Emma Brooks, Richard Brown, Edward Buckmir, Michael Buckmir, Sr., Richard Buturla, Robert Calzone, Frank Chipman, Virginia Chittem, Robert Cody, Jean Collier, Susan Collier, James Connolly, Ann Coonley, Fred Cotter, Beth Daponte, Deserie Darden, Robert David, Laura Dobosz, Matt Dominguez, Vincent Faggella, Larry Farrell, Maria Ferrera, Thomas Fiorella, Gavin Forrester*, Richard Fredette, Dave Fuller, Robert Galello, Olivia Gombar, Laurie Goodsell, Robyn Greenspan, Heather Habelka, Judy Hampel, Danielle Hawthorne, Ashley Haydu, Ronald Hojdich, Lloyd Johnson, Jr., Howard Johnson, Ralph Jowers, Irene Kostzewski, Flo Langdon, John Sib Law, Rick Marcone, Edward McDonald, Dan Milewski, Kent M. Miller, Richard Miron, James Miron, Edward Monroe, Dave Mooney, David Morgan, Denise Nelson, Heidi Nelson, Mary Northcott, Gerald O’Leary, Alvin O’Neal, Dan Pato, Stephanie Philips, Jennifer Planker, Joan Pruzinsky, Mary Ray, Bonnie Reynolds, Betsy Ross, Anthony Ross, Juan Carlos Ruiz, Peggy Russ, Judy Scala, Anna Scala, Anthony Schirillo, III, J. Roger Shull, Patricia Slauson, John Sober, Pat Sorrentino-Galello, Helen Tashjian, Laura Vigliotti, Joseph Walker, Robin Walker, Amy Wanamaker, Greg Wanamaker, Robert Wannagot,
Tara Wexler, Eileen Wilson.

Let us hope that the Council stands up to these clearly political appointments.

* Wouldn’t be appointed as flycatcher by Miron.

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  1. 1 jezebel282

    We are forced to wonder if Ms. Anderson and Ms. Baker were at Biagio’s and, if so, how big their checks were.

  2. 2 sudds

    Not that I am for political appointees (until I score my cushy no-show job that is), but can these two do any worse???

    Longbrook Pond has gotten progressively WORSE (with the exception being that foreign weed that was erradicated) in the 8+ years I’ve lived near it!!!

  3. 3 jezebel282


    I wonder how bad it would be now if you were on the Commission.

  4. 4 sudds

    I have no doubt that it would be the best* park in the town!!!

    *ok, maybe not the best… but it would DEFINITELY be better than it is now!

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I am not at all sure that draining the pond, refilling it with beer and planting blondes around the perimeter would please everyone.

  6. 6 sudds

    I was thinking more along the lines of dredging and landscaping… but I DO like your idea too!!!

  7. 7 lauradobosz

    I am not an elected official in the town of Stratford, nor do I work for the town. I am a private citizen. Kindly refrain from using/listing my name on this blog.

    Thank you.

  8. 8 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    Welcome back. I would be happy to abide with your request. Have you left the Stratford Democratic Town Committee where your name is posted as well? Or is Committee membership now a secret?


  9. 9 lauradobosz

    Of course I haven’t. I am proud to be a member. I just don’t want my name associated with a bitter, hate filled website anymore. I am sure that is understandable.


  10. 10 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    “I just don’t want my name associated with a bitter, hate filled website anymore. I am sure that is understandable.”

    Actually, no. It is difficult to understand since you are still a member of the Stratford DTC.

    But, membership on the Committee is public domain. Merely listing your name as a member is not illegal or defamatory in any way.

  11. 11 lauradobosz

    Never said it was illegal. Just requested you not do it. You are a grown up. Honor a simple request.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Ms. Dobosz,

    No one has singled you out for anything. I am certainly not going to take the time to consider which of 92 names may or may not like this blog.

    I suggest you consider that in the universe your name is not quite as important as you might think.

    However…I certainly will refrain from using your name in the future unless you decide to put it out in the public arena again.

  13. 13 1george1

    I agree with your comment about Longbrook Park.

    Paul Joy had done some things towards trying to improve.
    It got blocked.
    Some ideas were plagarized, then forgotten about, after elections.

    Despite being in my District, I didn’t know much about park or Penders
    Field or some of the run down facilites and assets.
    Still not my stong points.

    I think Jeze hit onto something in touching upon Blonds and Beer,
    as Park enhancements? 🙂

    Hate to agree with Jeze.

    List of Dem Town Committee members is public information.

    As to your posting:
    ” I am proud to be a member. I just don’t want my name associated with

    a bitter, hate filled

    website anymore. I am sure that is understandable.”

    I consider the leaders of the Democratic and Republican party,
    with certain of their sychophantic, parasitic followers
    to be the ENEMIES of the AMERICAN DREAM.

    Look around at the ECONOMY – SOCIETY – CULTURE

    This crew of socalled leaders are self serving pimps and courtesans
    of culture – likened to werewolves whose true nature is moonlit,
    societal frankenstenish dregs,
    economic vampires.
    zommbiesque / ghoulish beneficiaries of Voodoo economics on War
    and Drugs / Crime.

    There are NO DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS in leadership positions

    And you are proud to be a FOLLOWER?

  14. 14 nnanerak

    Have to say Ms. Doboz appears to really enjoy putting her own name out there…no one pays her the slighest attention until she does something stupid (as above).

  15. 15 ronmoreau

    Ms. Dobosz,

    Point of interest. If you are a member of the Democratic town committee, you are an elected official of the town of Stratford.

  16. 16 ronmoreau


    I take offence to your statement “There are NO DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS in leadership positions

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    Don’t get too bent out of shape. George probably didn’t take his meds today. Its a common problem.

  18. 18 1george1


    I did not realize you were a LEADER among D & R? 🙂
    I didn’t list you specifically. Locally I referred more toward the LEADERS
    like Town Attorneys, Mayor, controllers of Town Parties Committees,
    and the State / Federal Government.

    Are you defending NO AIR COVER on 9/11….

    …edited for relevancy by Jezebel….

  19. 19 1george1

    July 13 2007: Gerber recalled Organic Rice Cereal and Organic Oatmeal Cereal after a Tampa, Florida parent…

    …edited for relevancy by Jezebel….

  20. 20 1george1


    Anyone held responsible for 9/11?

    ….Sigh…same reason….

  21. 21 nnanerak

    George-stick to the topic –you ever hear of too much personal information??? sheesh! enough already. get a glass of water, take your pills and go to bed, sleep well.

  22. 22 1george1

    There was a delay in posting. = accidental repost.

    Who guards the guardians?

    …one more time…

    Ron – No suggestion you are a Traitor and I know nothing if you … 8)

  23. 23 jezebel282

    Editor’s note:

    Will someone please remember to take George’s keyboard before you lock up for the night?

  24. 24 jezebel282


    I apologize. Somehow George got out….

  25. 25 ronmoreau


    No need to apologize. I got a chance to read Georges disertation before you edited it. He does go on doesn’t he. George is really not a bad guy. He needs to learn to focus.


    There are a lot of great people on both the RTC and the DTC. They are the Political leaders representing their respective districts. I think it’s unfair for you to put us all in the same catagory. Most of us want what’s best for our community. There are some bad apples, with them, it’s all about money. We, for the most part ,try to keep these people in check. That can’t happen from the outside. With the wrong people in charge they will take as much of the taxpayers money they can get their hands on. I respect you for speaking out. I think you should be a little more focused at what goes on at the local and state level. Till next time…..

  26. 26 1george1


    1. There are certain people who CONTROL Local, State, Fed parties.

    2. Other people may be involved in some leadership type positions
    and often are very nice people. Yet often political decisions are for
    the benefit of certain people in the parties.

    3. Some people truly do not care about Stratford, CT., USA.

    4. Federal and State affect local decision, which you know as ex-T. C.

    A) 26 % of BoE Funds come from State and Feds.

    B) Special is is 14 % Fed Funded – By law it is supposed to be 40 % Fed Funded.
    Since beginning of No Child left behind/other mandates: May be $ 100 + million

    NOTE: Town Debt is about $ 160 Million, and interest is over 2 Mils.

    C) ECS – Education Cost Sharing – Stratford $ 60 MILLION UNDERFUNDED

    D) OVER 20,000 FACTORY / JOBS with BENEFITS lost to Stratford people and
    TAX BASE since WW II, but mostly since end of Vietnam and Cold War

    1 – Downsized:
    – SIKORSKY (Peak 14,00 > low 6,000) > now maybe 8,000?)
    – DRESSER/ASHCROFT (Peak 1,200 > low 450 > now maybe 650)
    – factory across from Town Fair

    2 – GONE:
    – Chance Vaught (12,000 in WW II) / AVCO (9,000)
    – RAYMARK (4,000 to 5,000)
    – DICTAPHONE (1,100) (1/2 filled by Sikorsky)
    – BARGAIN NEWS (300)
    – MOBIL CHEMICAL (300)
    – DIANON (300)
    – COKE (150) replaced by PEPSI
    – AMERICAN FROZEN FOOD (120 – now Milford about 40)
    – TILO (100 +?)
    – How many machine shops?

    3 – VACANT for at least year:
    – BRADLEYS (now BJs)
    – SHAWS (Walmart will take over new store)
    – OFFICE DEPOT closing (former SHAWS site)
    – KB TOYS
    – STRATFORD INN (now nursing home)
    – HOME DEPOT – I expect will close

    Ron, as a former Town Councilor, you know the effect and affect of
    Federal and State government on Town Economics and Budget.

    I can agree and disagree with legitimate political views, however to ignore
    the affect of Federal and State decision is OSTRICH like.
    – Ron
    – Have a PORTFOLIO?
    – Have a RETIREMENT?

    Like the idea that OVER 3 Mils goes to just 600 people, when it should be zero?

    Like the idea there are another 3 Mils waste in the Budget?

    Like the idea the FEDS and State are MORE RESPONSIBLE for Stratford’s
    stuff than the Mirons / Burturlas / RTC + DTC combined?

    Like the idea Ron Massey’s neighbors can not eat GARDEN LETTUCE due

    Like the idea that besides RAYMARK, the AVCO SAEP is BIGGER / BADDER
    and CLOSER to SHORT BEACH, which “should be” a JEWEL!

    Like the idea that 1 in 10 stratford residents may see jobs lost, leading to
    lost of homes….?


    Because they political justice system has been COMPLETELY CORRUPTED
    and NO ONE can go after the ones causing the problems due to leverage
    of being CORRUPT – BOUGHT and PAID for –


    POST whatever you want.

    Same with anyone else.

    I would NEVER EVER consider telling you what to write or think!
    You can take or leave whatever I post
    – I have no problem, unless there is name calling. Then I react!

    If I think you or anyone, including Dick are correct – I will note.

    If I disagree …. I gotta get away from being so shy ….

    right who ever that Karen was that Mike R blogged to? 🙂

  27. 27 1george1

    Contract plating was supposed to be 3,000 – which I found hard to believe.

  28. 28 ronmoreau

    Do yo want to know what the real problem is?

    People just DO NOT VOTE. A very small percentage of people (160)control what happens in their town,state and country because of this.

    For example, Population of the town of Stratford approx 50,000
    Registered voters approx.27,000
    Unafilliate voters approx…14,000
    Registered Republicans approx 6,000
    Registered Democrats appox….7,000

    The voter turnout in the best elections is 50%. In a councilmanic election it’s much less than that.

    50% of 27,000 is 13,500.

    If you add up the registered Republicans and registered Democrats what does that equal? ………………………………………………………………..13,000

    There is not much difference between the amount of party affiliated people and the amount of people voting in the best voter turn out elections.

    This is the reason there is NO CHANGE.

    It was this way 20 years ago and it’s pretty much the same thing today.

    It is much worst at town committee elections. Most people have no clue about town committee elections.

    For example.
    Republican Town Committee elections.
    RTC elected members 80*
    *8 representing each of 10 districts

    In Stratford……Approx. 6,000 Republicans
    That’s 80 people representing approx. 6,000 Republicans.

    These 80 people decide who runs for political office in Stratford.

    At town committee elections, which is open to all registered Republicans,is usually attended at the most by 200 people.

    Think about it …….approx 200 out of Approx 6,000 Registered Republicans vote for 80 persons who endorse candidates for town elections.

    It’s almost the same for the Stratford Democratic Party.

    It will be business as usual unless the voters in Stratford get off their dead arses and get involved. VOTE.

    Side note. If Mr Costello is banking on those 14,000 unaffiliated voters coming out for him. History proves that they won’t.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Stratford mayor reverses appointments
    By Richard Weizel
    Posted: 02/11/2009 04:50:58 PM EST

    STRATFORD — Two women, active in the Democratic Town Committee, were nominated by Mayor James R. Miron to replace two longtime members of the Longbrook Park Commission, but the mayor abruptly withdrew their names this week after being accused of trying to make “politically motivated” appointments in an election year

    Politically motivated? In an election year? Mayor Moron? You think?

  30. 30 jezebel282


    “People just DO NOT VOTE. A very small percentage of people (160)control what happens in their town,state and country because of this.”

    You are absolutely correct. We have suffered through the consequences.

    Most voters do not realize that the axiom is as true as ever: All politics are local.

    While they may turn out for presidential or senatorial elections, the politicians with the most control over their monthly mortgage payments are their councilman, mayor and board of education. One vote of the council can raise your mortgage payment by $100 or more per month. We have seen that with Miron’s first three budgets which raised property taxes by 24+%.

    This year I am sure we will see a whole lot of political grandstanding about property tax cuts in order to get re-elected. We probably won’t hear a word about service cuts, elimination of full day kindergarten programs, increased class sizes, reduced fire & police personnel.

    When people make their little circles next to a candidate’s name they also tend to look for the “D” or “R”. However, here in Stratford, there is no “Republican” or “Democratic” party affiliations. Just a couple of street gangs battling over turf. The taxpayers and voters are the victims of their drive by shootings.

  31. 31 sudds

    “Two women, active in the Democratic Town Committee, were nominated by Mayor James R. Miron to replace two longtime members of the Longbrook Park Commission, but the mayor abruptly withdrew their names this week after being accused of trying to make “politically motivated” appointments in an election year”


  32. 32 1george1


    Do yo want to know what the real problem is? People just DO NOT VOTE.
    A very small percentage of people (160)control what happens in their
    town, state and country because of this.


    Ron, between retirees and active workers of Town and Board of Ed, we
    have about 3,200 people.
    Maybe 40 % live out of town = close to 2,000 potential voters.

    Of these 2,000 potential Town / Education payrolled Voter about 90 %
    are maried with an average of about 2 children
    Maybe that means there might be 5,000 people of Voting age who get
    direct or family income from the Town or Board of Ed

    Maybe there are 1000 Adults, who are children of the above and are
    married – meaning there are about 6,000 potential Voters with VESTED
    interest in perpetuating their situation.

    Add in neighbors, distant family, and businesses dependent on
    government contracts and by keeping the overall turnout down

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  33. 33 ronmoreau

    Jez and George,

    There is more……Current RTC bylaws.

    RTC membership…..80

    Required quorum to conduct buisness….32

    Minimum members required to endorse candidates for political office………..41

    Minimum members required to change RTC bylaws…54

    Certain RTC leaders are proposing changes to RTC bylaws.

    Proposed changes…

    RTC membership….80(no change)

    Proposed required quorum to conduct buisness….20

    Proposed minimum members required to endorse candidates for political office………..11

    Proposed minimum members to change bylaws……11.

    What’s wrong with picture?

    Basically 11 members out of 6000 registered Republicans can endorse candidates for political office instead of 41.

    Future bylaws can be also changed by a vote of 11 members instead of 54.

    As a former town councilman,former 3rd district leader on the RTC and current chairman of the Stratford BZA. I find these change absurd.

    I do not believe the 54 votes are there to change these by laws. However these same leaders can call a town wide Republican caucus to overturn RTC rejection of these changes.

    This caucus is the same type of caucus that is held for RTC elections.( The RTC elections are conducted in January following a councilmanic election.)

    Why do I bring this issue up?

    1-It is important that the electorate understand how the process works.

    2-I think it is wrong for 11 individuals make important political decisions for 6000 of my fellow Statford Republicans.(41 RTC members making these decisions is bad enough.)

    I would hope that my fellow Republicans will heed the call to get involved in any way they can for the good of our town of Stratford.

    Thank you for allowing me to post here even thought it is not relevant to the Longbrook park issue.

  34. 34 1george1

    Ron look how they systematically took apart the USA

    The Chicago Mercantile exchange …

    …edited by Jezebel for relevancy…

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “There is more……Current RTC bylaws.”

    As opposed to the current DTC bylaws?

    A. Whatever Miron wants.
    B. Whatever Rich Buturla can bill for.

  36. 36 jasorrentino

    I have just found this site and was very happy to read the opinions and the concerns expressed by several posting members.

    My name is Joseph A. Sorrentino and I along with Mr. James V. McGuire were the Longbrook Park Commission members that Mayor Miron attempted to remove.

    As a member of the Longbrook Park Commission both Mr. McGuire and I have worked very hard for the betterment of Longbrook Park. Not for any political party, not for any one person or group but for Longbrook Park and the people of the Town of Stratford at large.

    I do understand most if not all of the concerns that have been expressed here on this site as well as those expressed in the News Papers and Town Hall meetings alike.

    I would like to personally address the concern that several members hit upon. The condition of Longbrook Park and that in their opinion nothing has been made better outside of the Elodea infestation that occurred a number of years ago.

    As a matter of fact, the members of the LBP commission worked countless hours for free to help eradicate that particular problem. What many people do not realize is this, we have also pushed forward and were the main force behind having trash receptacles placed on both the upper and lower sections of the park. Forcing the issue with the town to create a regular pick up of garbage as well as a regular Grass cutting schedule. Neither of these were in place prior to the creation of the LBP Commission of which I was a founding member and one of the driving forces to its initial creation.

    I have personally for years gone to the upper and lower section of the park and collected trash and disposed of it myself. Often when the Town of Stratford Public Works can not find it in their job description to keep the park clean, both Mr. McGuire and I do a good deal of cleaning up for everyone’s enjoyment potential of the Longbrook Park.

    As for the amount of proposals that Mr. Paul Joy a one time member of the Longbrook Park Commissions assistance and input might have been overstated by one of his fans here.

    I have been personally involved with many of the Clean up days at Longbrook Park but do not remember for the life of me remember meeting any of those people who say that the park is not being maintained, or nothing has been done etc. etc.

    Now for the dredging issue brought up by a posting member here, might I suggest that you come to one of the Longbrook Park meetings. Honestly we would love to hear both the good and the bad opinions. Then we would have been able to explain that we have actually been working for 5 years to secure funds to do these very projects. Conducted and presided in overseeing studies on how best to proceed with these projects and then actually the implementation of these projects which will be starting sometime in June of 2009.

    It actually has taken this long because of DEP clearances and application processes. We would have loved to have dredged the park several years ago but our hands were tied to do this until all permits were properly submitted and then approved by the state of Connecticut which they finally have.

    Keep your eyes open as I believe you will see a major change to the park in a very good way. It has taken almost 6 years of hard work on the part of many people to have brought this to fruition.

    I really hope that the people of Stratford will enjoy it. That is why I have given so much of my time. For it to be once again the Gem that it should always have been.

  37. 37 sudds

    Mr. Sorrentino (and McGuire)

    As the member of this site who is probably the closest resident to Longbrook Park I have only one thing to say to you…

    THANK YOU!!!

  38. 38 sudds

    PS… “might I suggest that you come to one of the Longbrook Park meetings”

    I have lived less than a stone’s throw from the park/pond for over eight years and I have NO idea when/where you fine folks meet! Please take this opportunity to shed a little light on how shmucks like me can get involved/help-out!?!?!?

  39. 39 jezebel282


    Nice to have you here.

    While you are at it, do you have any knowledge of the effort, if any, to renovate Pender’s Field?

  40. 40 jasorrentino

    Hello to Sudds and jezebel282,

    Thank you for your kind welcome. First let me say that he Longbrook Park Commision meets at the Stratford Town Hall on the Third Floor every third Wednesday of the month for our regularly scheduled meetings.

    There is a scheduled clean up along with the town clean up effort by the citizens of Stratford on Saturday May 3rd. This should be posted on the town web site as well as being posted in the Stratford Star.

    Now for who lives closest, I do not know but my house faces directly on Brewsters Pond from the opening to the park of Brightwood Avenue while Mr. McGuire lives directly on the park itself in the last house ever built on the park itself. His house is the beautiful Colonial in natural cedar shakes on the far end of Brewsters pond itself.

    Hope to see you at the Clean Ups and or the LBP Commission meetings.

  41. 41 jasorrentino

    OOPS Sorry, I meant to say we meet on the second floor of town hall not the third. That is what I get for typing as I am getting ready for bed.

  42. 42 jasorrentino

    I will try to get into the most recent Penders Field topic when I am more awake on Wednesday. We had some very lengthy discussions with Mr. Handy and the gentleman who has taken over Bill McCaans position. Also in attendance was the director of the Baseball program for the Stratford High. It was very informative as well as being a very heated discussion.

  43. 44 jezebel282


    Err…Sudds also favored refilling the pond with beer and planting blondes around the perimeter.

  44. 45 sudds

    That is NOT true!!!

    What good would blondes be if they were planted???

  45. 46 sudds

    “my house faces directly on Brewsters Pond from the opening to the park of Brightwood Avenue”

    Hello neighbor!!!

  46. 47 jezebel282


    We have to ask: Have you seen a woman with a halo going in and out of a house on Brightwood Ave? That would be Mrs. Sudds.

  47. 48 sudds

    I hear Mrs. Sudds’ halo is one of the only things on earth large enough to be clearly distinguishable from space!!

  48. 49 jezebel282


    The scientific theory is that the halo will continue to grow larger the longer she lives with you.

  49. 50 sudds

    So the size of her halo is inversely proportionate to the strength of PCS’s marriage??? 😉

  50. 51 jezebel282


    “So the size of her halo is inversely proportionate to the strength of PCS’s marriage??”

    I’m just going to theorize that her halo will get bigger. In fact, I think I heard it get bigger just now.

  51. 52 1george1

    I met Mr. Sorentino at a recent meeting on Longbrook Park.
    I blogged about him and Bill Baird, as well as other people items.

    Jeze may have moved my post to another column.
    Or it is likely that I piggybacked these issues to another Topic
    blog – however, to find what was writen simply trace back to
    the date of the last LBPC Meeting and morning after, to find
    the fresh comments

    Mr. Sorrentino appears to be well intended and intelligent.
    He showed significant knowledge and concern on the issues.
    I expect he will both add to content and get frustrated by …

    Gavin ceased commenting here, but I have reason to believe he
    still peaks at the blog.

    The blog does unearth some information about other parts of town.
    While it has limited bloggers, the target market of viewers and the
    gossip pot stirring that is causes among the inner parties can be
    useful to educate them – influence them – and cause them to think.

  52. 53 sudds

    “Mr. Sorrentino appears to be well intended and intelligent”

    All of the well-intended and intelligent people live on Brightwood Avenue!!!

  53. 54 1george1

    “Mr. Sorrentino appears to be well intended and intelligent”

    All of the well-intended and intelligent people live on Brightwood Avenue!!!”

    Since Sudds voted for me ….
    and since great minds think alike ….
    It must be that tasty Raymark groundwater ….


    Last few years I suggested to Town council to give the Library
    extra money to hire 2 Research Librarians with Masters Degree.
    1 – Cover staffing positions at Research Desk
    2 – Find GRANTS for Library + Town + Board of Ed
    3 – Give Library 10 % bump of money Granted to Town + BoE
    —- It is called INCENTIVE / COMMISSION since they have to FUND
    —- their OWN PENSION and get certain other FUNDING

    GRANTS are Tax Payer Money, but from the State & Feds.
    25 % of Board of Ed Budget is from GRANTS
    10 % – 15 % of Town Budget has been from GRANTS

    As of this week the NEW GRANT WRITER
    1 – Has $ 3.5 Million in Approved “new” GRANTS for the TOWN
    2 – Has $ 63+ Million in written GRANTS pending YES or NO!

    STUNNING! – – $ 63 MILLION in written potential grants.
    Even if they get 10 % …

    JULIAN did double take and asked for clarification.
    Almost on cue, the Mayor apoligized.
    He was wrong.
    He forgot about the “NEW” $ 1.5 Million in approved GRANTS
    they just found out about.
    It increased TOWN “NEW” GRANTS to
    $ 5.3 Million APPROVED 🙂
    $ 61.5 Million PENDING WRITTEN GRANTS for YES or NO? 8)

    $ 5.3 Million APPROVED A MIL is $ 4.5 Million
    $ 5.3 Million more is LIKELY A MIL is $ 4.5 Million
    $ 5.3 Million addd to it is possible A MIL is $ 4.5 Million

    HOW could this be?
    It seems many of the GRANTS are part of theSTIMULUS
    PACKAGE, which will be legislative earmarks in Election
    Year where Democrat want to INCREASE HOUSE and the
    > Those “earmarks” do NOT have “matching funds,” unlike
    many other GRANTS, like the POLICE BOAT where Town
    has to put up $ 3 to get $ 1

    Many of these GRANTS will do little to releave real Taxes
    built into the BUDGET.
    But they will go into Infrastructure and services.

    I want the Berchems out, but they are running circles around
    the Republicans.
    Maybe my Letters to the editors, like today’s STAR can help
    get “real people” to run for office.
    Actually I like people like Moore, Best, Harkins, Emma, Julian,
    Dempsey, Amy, JR, & others as people. But I think Emma may
    be the only one so disillusioned that she won’t play.
    I know from talking to Tom Moore, he can not believe some
    things in State & Town.
    But until people cut ties with the likes of the BUTTERNUTS
    & BERCHEM …. Diane Buda is my girl & Ralph Nader is my boy
    as my ideal candidates for Mayor.

    I heard later that MIRON was doubly pleased HIS GRANT WRITER

    Is that PAT…. PAT … I forgot her name.
    Worked for the Town?

  54. 55 jasorrentino

    Sorry I was not able to get on last night. Things have been a little busy here of late.

    Jumping back to the topic re: Penders Field, The Town of Stratford had Mr. Phil Handy introduce a makeshift cost proposal for improvements at Penders Field. Having spoken with Mr. Handy after the meeting, it was clear from what he said that this proposal was created in less than a few hours at the request of the Mayors Office.

    The LBP Commision headed by Gavin Forrester III, asked many very pointed questions about the actual needs and proposed repairs to the field. Some of the areas of repair were clearly founded in some fact while others seem to me to be nothing more than a simple case of trying to keep up with the Jone’s. I am sorry, I have never found the fever to have to have the fanciest house on the street or the newest car. Yes it is nice when I have a nice shiny new car but I am realistic. Once I have owned it for at least one day, there is going to be someone out there with a newer one than I have. So I find I am very happy with what I have and not worried about what I do not.

    Personally, the proposal of the need of a completely brand new fence around the entire field to the tune of $40K boggles my mind. It should not have to be a black coated fence does it? It does not need to be the newest and best money could afford. Come on already, it is one thing to need something and then there it is another to want something.

    The need to fix the drainage issues on the road adjacent to Penders Field in my humble opinion is a very worthwhile and necessary repair. The need to remove all of the Clay that was put on the field but a short time back is in my opinion absurd. Yes could the field drain better with a better mixture? Sure but honestly the field is used for a short period of time by actually a relatively small amount of people from the Town of Stratford that I can hardly see how it is of such major need to be done at this time of dire financial need Worldwide!

    The director for the Baseball program was at the most recent LBP meeting, he brought up some very impressive concerns but also caused as many as he answered. He had no idea of whether the town owns a roller to flatten the surface of the field or not, but then in the next breath he stated that we needed a completely new surface because the field was uneven and causes bad ball bounces and that it is an Orthodontists dream waiting to happen.

    He also expressed that he had recently been to another towns brand new facilities that were so large that they could not even use all of them.. Well, that must have been money well spent, don’t you think? Back again to my original thought about the Jone’s. There is always going to be someone who has bigger, better, faster, more expensive. That does not mean that we can made due with a smile on our faces with what we have already invested tens of thousands of dollars into. I say get our moneys worth out of something before it is replaced. Replace what actually needs to be replaced, not just what will keep those visiting parents and teams from saying OOOOH your facility is not nice.. Have they never heard of the phrase sticks and stones may break my bones but the Tax Man can take my Money Away!! The people of the Town of Stratford as a whole should not be subjected to added bills in the mail. Come on already. Let us fix Longbrook Park and those places that truly NEED to be fixed because they are in actual need of repair. Not just some individuals misguided belief that constantly improving will make everyone happy. Nothing in life can make Everyone Happy.

    By the way, I am not computer savvy at all. Actually I consider my self a complete computer illiterate. I can not figure out where the comments re: the last Longbrook Park meeting is located.

    Also Hi Neighbors!

  55. 56 ronmoreau

    Mr.Sorrentino, First I’d like to thank you for all the good work you and the LBP commission are doing. Your dedication is to be commended. I am perticularly impressed with your comments concerning Not “keeping up with the Jone’s”. It would be nice if our elected officials adopted that philosophy. To many times they make a mountain out a mole hill to perhaps,further their political carriers, or redirect taxpayer money to further their interest. They treat the taxpayer as an endless source of income for their buisness interests. In these difficult times everyone must tighten their belts. It would be nice if individuals like yourself were to run for council. Unfortunately some of these elected positions require lots of time and most people will not get involved at that level.
    My apologies for getting on that ‘soap box’. I look forward to meeting you Satuday at the park cleanup. What time does it start and where does everyone meet?

  56. 57 jasorrentino


    Thank you so very much for your kind words. I honestly do believe that there are tons of people in the Town of Stratford that think as I do but feel that if they stick their necks out they will eventually have it chopped like the Thanksgiving Turkey.. I for one almost became one of those fine feathered fouls when the present Mr. Miron chose to not continue my seat on the Longbrook Park Commision in favor of one of two woman who I believe could very well be extremely capable but never showed enough interest until their potential appointments by Mr. Miron to actually come and attend one of the Monthy Meetings of the LBPC.

    I actually spoke privately via telephone with both of the defunct nominees and they both expressed that Mr. Miron had actually approached them and asked if they would like to be on the LBPC. He also supposedly informed both that Mr. McGuire and I were unable to stay on the commision due to Term Limits. As far as I know there are no such things as Term Limits on the Longbrook Park Commision. Just time periods for each appointment. My first was for 3 years and my second for some odd reason was for 2 years. These numbers were made by the Mr. Mirons office.

    Oh I do like soap boxes. It means that people are keeping themselves clean. A dirty fighter will only get his or her mouth washed out with soap from that box in the long run.

    By the way, I am not sure who exactly is Mrs. Sudds but I have a fairly good amount of wonderful neighbors on Brightwood Avenue. We may not all be on first name familiarity but I truly do love the neighborhood and I am proud to have owned this home here for the past 21 years. Now if I could just forget about the neighbor behind me I could be living in Shangri La

  57. 58 jasorrentino

    Longbrook Park Clean up starts at the same time advertised for the Project Greensweep for the rest of the Town of Stratford. Volunteers can meet at the suggested Greensweep meeting place or go directly to Longbrook Park where members of the Longbrook Park Commission will be on hand and getting their own hands dirty to help improve the condition of the park.

    Unfortunately, I will not be personally in attendance on the actual day due to the fact that I am the Skating Director for the Milford Ice Pavilion Learn to Skate Program and as such, I have to be there and work all Saturday Morning. I will be at the park when I get out of work on Saturday Afternoon and I will also be there for several hours on Friday. If you happen to see a big guy walking around with a cane and a bag of garbage, no he is not looking for his next meal, that would be me! Stop and say hi. I do not bite (too hard).

  58. 59 1george1

    I was at the same meeting as Mr. Sorrentino & Stratford HS Director
    Bob Baird, who reminised about days past and compared the present.

    My sense was there was a desperate need to
    1) replace the Baseball infield clay base and pack it in with a roller,
    which could be a DAY RENT or borrow from a business, State, or Town.
    2) parts of the outfield may have erosion, which needs leveling and
    reseeding, but I did not get the sense he wanted whole new SOD.

    Playing sports requires a flat surface, with maintenance.
    Otherwise there are unique bounces and opportunities to twist a
    knee or do a variety of damages to back, leg, foot, etc.

    Besides the humanity issue, proper maintenance MIGHT cost less than
    LAWSUITS from personal damage.

    I did not get the sense Mr. Baird needed to compete with the Jones.’
    I did get the sense Mr. Baird is frustrated that Stratford can not do
    the required basic Maintenance, that placed and kept Penders field
    in tip – top shape, which made it THE BEST in the State.

    He even discussed fields that were not used / not needing work.
    If he would looking to unrealistically keep up with Jones,’ he would
    have wanted ASTROTURF, and perhaps STADIUM enhancements
    short of a DOME? 😉

    I suspect it is a matter of perspective and priority.

    Mr. Sorrentino made a great case for oxygenizing the POND, and
    running PUMPS 24/7/365. That cost money.

    Mr. Sorrentino made a great case that the cost for keeping the PUMP
    putting in OXYGEN, who save MONEY used to CLEAN ALGAE, DEAD FISH,
    and GEESE POOP – due to the effects of Healthier Pond Water.

    He and others pointed out wasted electric bill money for running
    lights 5:30 pm to midnight whether anyone was on the field or not.

    They have to spend $ 25,000 or $ 50,000 to replace the LIGHTS.
    Some are out.
    GAVIN pointed out that is NORMAL MAINTENANCE and not BONDABLE.
    It would be a BUDGET ITEM.



    2 – Timers and Remote on / off switch can keep LIGHTS OFF when NOT
    in need. That SAVES MONEY.

    3 – There is LIMITED ELECTRIC SERVICE. A one time CAPITAL (bondable)
    EXPENSE can UPGRADE ELECTRICITY at the FIELD, which can create a

    4 – If the PUMP to keep Oxygen in the POND SAVED MONEY from CLEAN
    UP of DEAD FISH, ALGAE, & GEESE POOP, then the combination of those
    factors should COST JUSTIFY redirecting THOSE SAVINGS into PAYING
    for the ELECTRICITY for the PUMP 24/7/365.


    1 – There MAY be GRANTS available for FREE CLAY for the INFIELD.

    2 – There MAY be GRANTS available for FREE SAND for the INFIELD

    3 – There MAY be GRANTS available for FREE SOD/GRSS for the

    4 – PENDERS FIELD has people who would Voulunteer free Landscape
    Time and work to supplement Town Cost for work on the FIELD
    JOCKS who like excuses to work out and use other RECREATION FIELDS.

    5 – Stratford Day is June 6 and the BRAKETTES and SCHOOL SYSTEM are
    great Marketing opportunities to draw interest in help & support.

  59. 60 sudds


    Anyone interesting in meeting yours truly (PCS????? 😉 ) can do so tomorrow morning at Longbrook Park… as I WILL be there for the clean-up this year!!!

    PS… does anyone know the answer to the following question: if someone were to climb partially into the pond (where the reeds are near the waterfall) to remove debris… would the water in the pond water actually make my flesh melt??? 😛

  60. 61 sudds

    “As of this week the NEW GRANT WRITER
    1 – Has $ 3.5 Million in Approved “new” GRANTS for the TOWN
    2 – Has $ 63+ Million in written GRANTS pending YES or NO!”

    Anyone else thinking that we should change our mayoral process to elections every two years? Imagine how much better off we’d be if our mayor tried this hard every other year versus every fourth year!?!?!?

  61. 62 sudds

    One last question:

    How “aggressive” can we be in our park/pond cleaning tomorrow? I.e. can we actually take big branches/logs and other misc cr*p out of the pond, or is it some sort of “protected” area?

  62. 63 jezebel282

    “Imagine how much better off we’d be if our mayor tried this hard every”

    Maybe we can kidnap Mrs. Sudds and move her around town so that Sudds would care what goes on in other places too.

  63. 64 sudds

    Ummm…. if you kidnap Mrs. Sudds I will be doing a LOT of things while someone (any volunteers?) is out looking for her… but using my highly refined MBA skills to correct the bad decisions being made in Districts other than the 3rd is probably NOT one of them!!!

  64. 65 jezebel282



    We’ll kidnap her and then threaten to bring her back.

  65. 66 sudds

    Ok… ok… what District do you want me to start in???

  66. 67 jezebel282


    You’re choice you can start in the First and work your way up or the Tenth and work you’re way down.

    And remember! If you don’t do a good job, we’ll send her back even crankier than usual.

  67. 68 sudds

    Ok… ok… have mercy! Geesh… you do NOT play fair!!!

    So, how about if I start with the easiest and work my way up???

    Second District… easy… we’re just going to need about 4 tons of napalm and a match!!!

    Who’s next?

  68. 69 jezebel282

    Fair? In Stratford?

    Don’t be silly.

  69. 70 1george1

    Sudds – Why not clean up the districts where Burtula and Norm live?

    Sudds – I favor 2 years terms AND recall.

    Sudds – Mr. Sorrentino is not shy about sharing information about the pond.

    Sudds – I suspect Gavin would welcome speaking to you,

    Gavin always has 1 foot out the door or session is about to start when I try
    to speak to him, as promised after April 15 – although Tax season ended
    now Budget workshops are here, then Hearings, then Budget Vote –

    Julian – Gavin – Tom Moore asked many of the questions (not all) of Burturla
    about Attorney Billing I have been seeking from the Town Attorney office
    since late 2007.
    It seems Esq Burturla will provide information they request, whereas he &
    Gail claimed they were NOT in any available format. Pinocchio lives! 😦

  70. “So the size of her halo is inversely proportionate to the strength of PCS’s marriage???”

    Yes, my husband qualifies for sainthood and reminds me of that EVERY DAY! He also realizes that he’s in big trouble since he’s living with two very strong-minded females (my 5 y/o daughter is a very quick learner)!

    “Anyone interesting in meeting yours truly (PCS????? ) can do so tomorrow morning at Longbrook Park… as I WILL be there for the clean-up this year!!!”

    LOL….and how will I know you? Will you be earing a t-shirt that says “I’M SUDDS” or “I HAVE AN MBA TOO!”

    You never know where I’ll turn up…….

  71. 72 jasorrentino

    “How “aggressive” can we be in our park/pond cleaning tomorrow? I.e. can we actually take big branches/logs and other misc cr*p out of the pond, or is it some sort of “protected” area?”

    No these are not considered protected areas in regards to cleaning the ponds and waterways of debris and branches. As a matter of fact, I have personally already pulled some of the larger branches out of the waterways and have left them by the side of the banks. Some other people have obviously done this as well because there are some very large limbs on the banks that I would not have been capable of removing by myself. To those wonderful Garden Gnomes I say Thank You and please come again!

    A walk through of the upper and lower portions of the park were performed by Dave Kaleen, John Feehan and myself as well as Mr. Robert Nuttall. We were supposed to have been met by a representative from the State of Ct. regarding the processing of information to assist in our attempts of getting first State and then National Historical Recognition for Longbrook Park as a major WPA Project. If anyone has any pictures, information, written etc. regarding the History of Longbrook Park we are always looking for such material to help bolster our case to the Historical Designation voting board.

    Back to the question of whether we can go into the water to retrieve materials, Yes, but be sure to wash off as soon as you get home and promptly wash your clothing. The water is after all rain and road drainage run off. This is so often contaminated by mindless people who work on vehicles and or put lawn pesticides into the system by washing it into the streets which in turn run into the pond system.

    How foolish are these people who then in turn complain that the pond is not crystal clear! Well Mr. & Mrs. Bubblehead (people who live in their own little bubbles and do not think about the long term affects of what they do upon the world as a whole), maybe if you and your neighbors would stop or greatly reduce the amount of Lawn care products that you use, which for the most part are heavily Nitrogen formed, then maybe we could have Clear Water again. It is actually the recent boon of Grass Products available at stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and even our own Cloughs that creates the biggest problem with the Algae and the cloudy water. As the algae blooms die off, they settle to the bottom of the pond, thus decaying and creating even more Nitrogen which in turn causes more plant life and micro organism die off, thus creating this viscous cycle of what appears to be dirty water. It is not dirty as most think, it is actually an aggressively sped up natural process of regeneration and decay.

    Ooops I guess I have a real big soap box of my own! And as was stated previously by another observant poster, I am not shy to share information re; Longbrook Park or pretty much anything that I am truly care about..

  72. 73 sudds

    “LOL….and how will I know you? Will you be earing a t-shirt that says “I’M SUDDS” or “I HAVE AN MBA TOO!””

    You’re a smart woman… if you meet someone who appears dumb enough to be friends with Booth… THAT’S ME!!! 😛

  73. 74 sudds

    “Back to the question of whether we can go into the water to retrieve materials, Yes, but be sure to wash off as soon as you get home and promptly wash your clothing.”

    That’s it? I was thinking more along th lines of bleaching my skin and burning my clothes!!!

  74. 75 ronmoreau

    Mr. Sorrentino, Please call me. 377-0189

  75. 76 jasorrentino

    I have just returned from about 3 hours of picking up trash on the upper section of LBP and I can tell you that I filled 2 bags full of garbage and cigarette butts and broken glass and cans and it must have weighed well over 40 pounds for both bags combined and I only got around 2/3 of the park and could not even get down into the Duck Weed area which is extremely polluted with debris and garbage (I have had 5 hip replacements in 4 years and am limitted to how much I can physically do.

    I just got off the phone with Mr. Moreau, a very pleasant call it was too. I asked him what I am going to ask anyone who may be attending the clean up on Saturday, if any of you or anyone you know happens to have a long handled net such as those used for fishing or even a extended handled swimming pool skimmer I believe you will be the envy of the entire Parks attendance. There are areas that appear to only be able to be reached via extended handled devices or a foolhardy yet brave individual with a pair of Fishing Hip Waders.

    Since I will not be there in the morning, but have been performing some clean ups on my own all week and will continue when I get home this weekend, may I say thank you in advance to each and everyone of you that may, might or even will show up for the LBP Clean Up.

  76. 77 jasorrentino

    “That’s it? I was thinking more along th lines of bleaching my skin and burning my clothes!!!”

    Now that is what I call prevention! That would be akin to like those who are excessively fearing the swine flu and over-reacting, walking around with a Garbage Bag over their head. Next thing we will have to be listening to CNN, MSNBC, and maybe even FOX NEWS covering the epidemic of thousands of individuals who have “ACCIDENTALLY OFFED THEMSELVES” via Trash Bag induced suffocation.

  77. 78 1george1

    My back and general health will not allow me to participate in the
    clean up.
    I moved out of Stratford when I was 9 years old when my mom died,
    in 1961. I moved back into Stratford in 1978, 1 1/2 years after my dad
    died. My point is I did not go to HS or Jr. HS in Stratford.

    Until I ran for Town Councilor, I did not know where Penders Field was.
    The complex, as seen from the road, while driving around trying to plant
    road signs for election (where they would be seen by district voters and
    where a certain Registrar’s gnome would not eat them), had me see a
    nice rustic setting with some great masonry on the walls and bridge.

    I learned a little bit about the Park from Paul Joy and a little bit from some
    of Gavin’s stuff and from Town Hall / Town Council.

    It is good Mr. Sorrentino is so involved and passionate.
    Not dissimilar to Marcia Stewart & others of PYE
    Tom Smith & friends for Save Stratford
    Paul Rohaley, Charley Perez, or Ron Mazey of RAC
    Gavin / Calzone / Best for EMS
    PCS for the Commuter Parking
    The LATE – G R E A T – Ed “Beefy Hargus for Seniors
    The G R E A T Diane Buda for controlling TAXES.
    and many other people for various causes.
    Even Norm & Burturla do good things…. 😦

    The point being … I am not going to BS anyone about priorities
    and doing great thngs. If I can see or hear something that gives
    me an idea on how to help a worthy cause … there are some
    things I can and will do, with my limited resources and facilites,
    including my tin foil hat …. I have to work Saturday on other
    priorities and within my career.
    I would enjoy seeing PCS, Mr. Sorrentino, and Sudds (easy to ID)

    Sudds will have the trash bag filled with empty Bud cans. 😉 🙂 8)
    Sudds will likely wear a DEAD HEAD T-shirt and baseball cap backwards.

  78. 79 sudds

    “There are areas that appear to only be able to be reached via extended handled devices or a foolhardy yet brave individual with a pair of Fishing Hip Waders.”

    Foolhardy yet brave? I hear some stupid idiot was (up to) waist deep wearing nothing other than shorts and sneakers!!!

    “Sudds will likely wear a DEAD HEAD T-shirt and baseball cap backwards”

    Actually it was a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville t-shirt! (and I forgot the baseball hat)

  79. “Actually it was a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville t-shirt! (and I forgot the baseball hat)”

    My kinda guy….. sorry I missed it, had all intentions, but had other priorities I had to deal with after working almost ’round the clock for most of last week! Sleep being one of them!

    I do, howevever, plan on being at Wednesday’s budget meeting at Stratford High……

  80. 81 sudds

    “My kinda guy… sorry I missed it”

    CLEAR! *whap* Ok… heartbeat has been restored!!!

  81. 82 1george1

    Did John Elway or Fran Lynch (Ludlowe HS – Floyd Little’s FB) make it
    to Longbrook Park cleanup?

    Interesting name for a HEAD COACH, who can alienate the QB? 😉

  82. 83 sudds

    George… I have NO idea what you are talking about!!!

    However, as a Denver Broncos fan… I WISH John Elway had showed up!!!

  83. 84 1george1

    Because I know and Jeze knows you are a Bronco fan,
    I was playing an inside joke / prank on you.

    Had I wanted to out you prior to the Long brook cleanup,
    I could have suggested the blue / orange theme.

    Fran Lynch went to Ludlowe HS Fairfield in the early 1960s.
    He was running back teamed with Floyd Little in AFL days,
    for the Broncos.

    Sorry there were not obtuse codes, just ibscure facts. 😉

  84. 85 jezebel282


    “Because I know and Jeze knows you are a Bronco fan,”

    I think I just heard Mrs. Sudds halo getting bigger.

    Broncos? Sheesh…

  85. 86 1george1

    If Shanahan stayed with coaching and let scouts do their job…

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